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Archives: October 29, 2011

Wisconsin: Another workforce development official leaves job

Toronto Star: Queen 501 streetcar: the longest, wildest ride

Toronto Star: Queen 501 streetcar: the longest, wildest ride

White House to review Energy Dept. loans after Solyndra scandal

Commuters: Occupy Metro!

NASA Confirms ‘Suspicious Events’ in Satellite Hacking Report

Love you Virgil Bernero

Entrance to Sallie Mae Corporate Headquarters blocked by Occupy DC & students

U.S. Troops Trained Not To Spit Or Urinate Toward Mecca

Brand New To A Union Job With The State

Ed is in his element at 8 pm.

This 99% sign showed up in my email box this morning...

Heather Bresch appointed CEO of drugmaker Mylan Inc.

OWS - I heart you

Simply the best music ever made.... if meditation and prayer are your things, Michael Stearns

Jimmy Fallon slow jams OWS

FOX NEWS: Obama’s Health Care Law Penalizes Marriage, Analysts Say

Bill Clinton and Al Sharpton dial the MSNBC staff from Acela train

Sigh part one million

The super committee,

Oh wow the night commissioner in Nashville REFUSED

What do you believe in--evolution or creationism?

One rule for the rich and right and one rule for the rest

Man convicted of killing cop, wife put to death in Texas

liked this...

Just saw Michael Moore being interviewed by Anderson Cooper on CNN. There was a guy

8-foot-tall Lego Man washes up on Florida beach, held in custody

Money problems?

Night Court commissioner slams state for Occupy Nashville arrests

Moral Dilemma (Cartoon)

Bankers and war profiteers

Vote NO on Mississippi 26!!!

Scott Olsen hit from left side as he stands with Navy man waving flag.


Daily Show Website

Dog survived gas chamber, up for adoption in NJ

Occupy Wall Street is working...big time.

What do you think?

House backs giving federal land to Rio Tinto

Did Oakland Police Throw Second Grenade into Civilians Treating Scott Olsen?

Corporate greed: Whirlpool cuts 1,000 jobs in Ft Smith, Ark while CEO Fetting profits

Friday UPDATE from Scott Olsen's roommate, on Countdown with Keith Olbermann - VIDEO

In the good old days fans used to be allowed to pour onto the field when the team won the WS

Lotsa loud folks in downtown St. Louis tonight. Are the cops in riot gear with tear gas, ...

The Occupy movement is the topsoil. WE are the growth!

#Occupy may need a new Group, to thoroughly, systematically photograph all police in their area.

Cornell West vs. neocon Ron Christie on Real Time tonight

EXCLUSIVE: ES&S Voting MachIne Corp. Attempting To BLOCK INDEPENDENT AUDIT Of Failed Touch-Screens

Cornel West and Ron Christie...

United We Stand; Divided We Fall

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! & Happy

If there were a contest for biggest douchebag in the universe,

Video: Derren Brown demonstrates how mobs form and groupthink takes over

"Buy stock in little black combs and lick them and make a fortune."

Confused about Europe. A must read is Paul Krugman's piece from last year.

An unexpected and total delight: Michael Ware and Cornell West ham it up on Bill Maher's show

GOP’s Eric Cantor and His Band of Merry Men -- toon

Germany finds extra 55bn euros after accounting error (BBC)

Pujols gives a coy answer when asked about free agency

Pujols gives a coy answer when asked about free agency

People in Mississippi do not understand the science of conception?

Occupy wall Street's first financial statement - 454K raised, 50K spent

Occupy MN helped this woman avoid foreclosure!

Do liberals and progressives need to arm themselves?

Why The New European Bailout Will Fail

How was Real Time tonight?

APNewsBreak: US northern border checks scaled back

F. Scott Fitzgerald: "Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me.

Jesus responds...LOL!

Fox News Poll Favors Obama’s Job Creation Policies

Breitbart and Right Wing blogosphere SMEAR injured vet Scott Olsen

Good for St. Louis, good for them

Good for St. Louis, good for them

My brother wants to donate to OWS.

The elections staff said we handled the issue correctly!

Protesters arrested in Tenn. after curfew defied

Letter sent to

Filmmaker Michael Moore addresses Oakland protesters

Letter I just sent

Debt reduction committee

A Wonderful Article by Contemporary Artist Charles Gaines in "This Long Century"

Why I Ate The Rich

Many cities leaving Wall Street protesters alone

New Poll, Hillary Clinton Beats The Entire Republican Field Of Presidential Candidates

Angry NY cops jeer the court for indicting 16 cops for ticket fixing for friends & others

OccupyRochester given 15 minutes to vacate

Real Time tonight; one of the best shows ever.

Reports: Courts Throw Out Charges in Occupy Nashville Arrests; Curfew May Be Unconstitutional

There is a God, and his initials are I-R-S!

Industry decides safety of about one-third of food additives, review finds

Combat vets are a different critter...

Abortion in cases of rape and incest....

Dilbert explains the current approach to solving problems (lol)

Obama taking more steps on own to help businesses

Up with Chris Hayes: A Program Title AND Exclamation!

Anybody watching 20/20 and Barbara Walters interviewing

I was recently moved from one team to another. I worked stupid (free) hours for the 1st team

This Is Cool Interactive From UN: 400,000+ To Go Until 7 Billion

China urges resolving Iran nuclear issue through diplomatic negotiations

"From Egypt to Wall St., Don't Afraid, Go Ahead, #OccupyOakland, #OWS"

Russia’s Bolshoi Theater reopens after $700 million reconstruction effort

Gloat over my stupidity--the Democrats on the supercommittee

Why(and how) Steve Jobs Never Had License Plates on His Car

Seven Dem congressional cabinet march on Boehner’s office in support of OccupyWallStreet

Qantas grounded

Suicide attack targets foreign troops in Kabul

President Obama uses CBO report on income gap in argument for jobs bill

Frozen in time-Willard Asylum Suitcase Documentation

Rachel just said it started snowing in her town today. Don't know

Rachel just said it started snowing in her town today. Don't know

Talk of a class war grows louder (exclusive)

Military Recruiting Woes

Police Layoffs Cancelled (toon)

Obama cites income gap to push stalled jobs bill

Up with Chris Hayes -the OWS Olsen-great coverage n/t

My sign for Occupy Fayetteville "Bank Robbery Tour" march today....

Watch your income and how you pay taxes, less can be more

Just Three Corporate Front Groups Spent 13 Times as Much as the Entire Labor Movement to Buy Judicia

Minn. has a nuke plant event

Huge python in Fla. had eaten a deer

How do I response to this crap from Rubio when I confronted him about his NO vote on the 1/2 % tax

Recent major attacks in Afghanistan

UN: Sharp drop in Afghans returning from Pakistan

Occupy Wall Street: The Right's smear machine goes to work

Egyptians march from Tahrir Square to support Occupy Oakland protestors with photo

Senior (Iranian) Cleric Warns White House to Avoid Clampdown on Americans

Everyday is Halloweeen...

The Top Ten Conservative Idiots Feb. 26th 2001

West Sees Opportunity in Postwar Libya for Businesses

People for the American Way Foundation Report: The Right to Vote Under Attack

Navy's Sack-Fest Continues

Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi charged with shoplifting at Neiman Marcus

(((PIC))) Occupy Dallas says "Hey."

Sen. Orrin Hatch, a vocal critic of Solyndra, pushed for more than $20M for a bankrupt energy firm

Bachmann responds to request to resign from presidential run

Occupy London lodges formal complaint with the government against media..

Who's World? Our World!...How it began and ended on Tuesday night in Oaktown

Leonardo DiCaprio Is Playing J Edgar Hoover

600,000 Facebook account logins compromised every day

Transcending our differences - lessons from Sgt. Shamar Thomas and Occupy Oakland

Obama Administration Approves Medi-Cal Cuts in CaliforniaThat Could Restrict Access to Care

Please take a moment and make a few calls to the "Super Committee".

Fukushima towns struggle to store radioactive waste

New Economics Institute featuring OWS in next symposium Nov and news of June conference

We Are All Scott Olsen

Occupy Human Dignity: My Story (Part 2)

Pizza Wars!

India deployed N-capable missiles on border after attack on Parliament: Condoleezza Rice

New Al Jazeera mini-doc on Koch bros/1% stranglehold on Pols

Advice to OWS re free speech

Race and Occupy Wall Street

I hate that fucker woman on CNN right now.

Shitting in your nest can't be cleaned up fools.

Marine Says Oakland Used Crowd Control Methods That Are Prohibited In War Zones

Just what was Sarah Silverman's sub rosa message on Rachel last night?

Religion: Get the *$#% out of my politics

no,no no don't let them share..copyrighted...stuff..

How do I report the hijacking of my email that led to a theft?

Media Banned From Secretive Religious Right Event

Why I joined OWS.

DFP: Challenges don't deter Occupy Detroit protesters from getting out their message

Raccoon Mama Frantic At Window: Couple Saves Her Boarded-Up Babies

Democracy - Leonard Cohen

The “War On Pot” And The Religious Right

We are American citizens. We are unarmed. We are not terrorists. Please do not shoot us.

We are American citizens. We are unarmed. We are not terrorists. Please do not shoot us.

Lawsuit Against NBC News’ ‘Predator’ Can Move Forward

Police chief visits Scott Olsen in hospital


CHART OF THE DAY: Well, We're Finally Back To Where We Were In 2007

Self-delete - video too short

Invitation to discuss what Anarchist in the OWS Movement are wanting to happen.

Would Jesus Occupy? Fountain Street Church says yes and backs movement heartily

Would Jesus Occupy? Fountain Street Church says yes and backs movement heartily

What is the right comeback when someone so obviously misses the sarcasm you're trying to deliver?

We will never win in Afghanistan!

TSA officer faces dismissal over 'get your freak on, girl' note in luggage

Man urges mailing junk if you can't Occupy Wall Street

Umm..., are you aware a major weather disaster is about to hit the Northeast?

Toon: Trick this, kid

Glenn Beck Mocks OWS Marine Shamar Thomas and Keith Olbermann Tears Him A New One - VIDEO

You can't jail the revolution...

If they end up voting to cut spending to help the budget "crisis" and don't raise taxes...

Occupy Oakland protester Shamus Collins shows off the rubber bullet and the bruise it produced

Night Court Magistrate Throws the Book at Haslam, Troopers Over Occupy Nashville Arrests

Night Court Magistrate Throws the Book at Haslam, Troopers Over Occupy Nashville Arrests

To all of my friends here at DU: Can you please listen to my band's music?

Democracy Now! Interview with S. Brian Willson

Democracy Now! Interview with S. Brian Willson

Democracy Now! Interview with S. Brian Willson

Why is all the focus on the one cop who fired the shot?

Cloud computing's real creative destruction may be the IT workforce


The Costs of Wall Street Greed {pretty interesting info}

Great B & W Photos Of #OWS

Bank of America revamping debit card fees

Arrests started at San diego.

We're a culture, not a costume' campaign for Halloween...

OWS gets a noted ally: Dr. David Suzuki endorses the Occupy Movements

Keep Wall St Occupied

Despite Iraq Vet’s Cracked Skull, DoJ Sees No Evil in Occupy Crackdown

Woman charged with pimping teen recruited at Occupy NH rally

OFFICIAL WHITE HOUSE RESPONSE TO Legalize and Regulate Marijuana

Sincerely, The People United...

Republicans' war on science and reason


Just hilarious! Herman Cain gets the Bad Lip Reading treatment....

Sign-Carrying Cops Picket Courthouse

Foreign students say visa program abused

To all OWSers and allies regarding photos

Just read that FedEx and UPS...

Magistrate throws the book at Gov. Haslam & TN Reublicans

Almost every day, my email has one or more actions by CREDO, et al to sign on to.

Speaking Of Unemployment - I Am A Serial Job Killer

Anyone Know How The OWSers Are Faring Today?

CNN says it's watching OWSers across the country to see if they will give up due to weather.

Global leaders pledge to fight polio

For those who can/want to help Occupy groups, some facts:

Saturday, Oc. 29 2011: William Shatner's Thought for the Day:

Danziger- The police thank OWS

Occupy Bismarck North Dakota. - great short video link.

When bad gets worse

Texas once passed a resolution praising the Boston Strangler!

USA Paper Dump Continues: Norway's $570 Billion Sovereign Wealth Fund Sells All US MBS Exposure

Mitt Romney Converts

Mitt Romney Converts

Too funny - a bad hunting day in Alaska (photo, not mine)

Gloom Widespread as College Grads Face New Math

Why having no leader, and affiliating with no groups, is making OWS successful

Veteran Star Sir Jimmy Savile Dies Aged 84

We Are The "Bottle Throwers" - Arrest Us

Hickenlooper Replaces Liberal SCJ w/ Republican

Former Facebook President Demands Sympathy for Billionaires

The Neo-liberal model has failed-the data is in

Brazil ex-President Lula diagnosed with throat cancer (BBC)

Occupy Oakland voted today to block the Port of Oakland on November 2!

DAD/99%er - another reason to support OWS

"Bill O'Reilly: Phase Two of the 'Occupy Wall Street' Protests: America the Police State"

So a cop accidentally shoots someone in the head with a tear gas canister is forgivin...

So a cop accidentally shoots someone in the head with a tear gas canister is forgivin...

"The Oakland officer who shot Scott Olsen" ?

How much time do you DU in an average day?

Do you know stories (or websites sharing such stories) of "converted" hardline conservatives?

Do you know stories (or websites sharing such stories) of "converted" hardline conservatives?

Rachel Maddow: That’s enough of Paul Wolfowitz

Fox News, Y U NO understand Global Warming?

Catholic Church Owns Company that Sells Pornography


Capitalism, American Style; Symbol Of Greed, Political Corruption

An early Halloween treat - pics

At Occupy L.A., no lock step or group think

Does marijuana prohibition meet FDA standards?

Big flightless birds Down Under.

We are Everywhere

Oh wonders never cease

Bang For Their Bucks... '$1 Of Lobbying Money Made Banks $500 in Bailout Funds'

It's official, even Bloomberg says so:

Husband of Nevada GOP state senator arrested in Las Vegas on lewdness charge

Shocking! Who ARE these #OWS people? Fordham U. Survey

Shocking! Who ARE these #OWS people? Fordham U. Survey

Inevitable Retreat in Afghanistan

Here's some virtual chicken soup for

How Scalia Shot Scott Olsen in the Head


U.S. Vets, Suffering From Unemployment and Homelessness, Support Occupy Protests

How To Engage This RW Talking Point: Help Please!

Ad for gun training bars Muslims and Obama voters

Poet, politician and activist elected as Ireland's next president

Up with Chris Hayes is really really good

National Boycott ALL COKE PRODUCTS Day: November 12, 2011.

Europe Tries to Lure Chinese Cash to Back Rescue of Euro


found suggestion for Halloween costume

CERN repeats its neutrino experiment

All The Presidents Pigeons

Apocalypse Redux? U.S. Natural Gas Find off Vietnam Could Raise Tensions with China

Apocalypse Redux? U.S. Natural Gas Find off Vietnam Could Raise Tensions with China

CNN Breaking: 13 US Soldiers killed in suicide attack in Kabul

Mortgage Probe May Open New Path for Housing Relief

Prediction about one of Obama's next "We Can't Wait" initiatives

Elder banking

Latest Developments in the Global Occupy Protests - AP/ABCNews

Occupy Gracie (Gracie Mansion, NY)


GOP bill would affirm 'In God We Trust' as national motto


Can I start a "East Coasters Share Your Snow Pics" thread? If so, this is it.

The pro Issue 2 campaign to roll back the Kasich anti-union laws has made a huge blunder...

Cain's smoking chief of staff appears to be a real piece of work

In Time: A Blunt Reminder of Social Darwinism


Now and then...

My friends say I'm crazy. Perhaps I am. What do you think?

I can't believe it is snowing.

Goldman SUCKS: 'Goldman Bullies Teeny Credit Union That #OccupyWallStreet Uses'

Maher: ‘Acid will be the healthiest thing’ your kids eat all day

Why We Occupy: A sad letter from a realtor about banks and foreclosures

Silence Noisy Neighbors by Transmitting Your Music to Their Speakers

Top Foreclosure Firm Threw Homeless-Themed Halloween Bash

Knox sheriff demotes 5 deputies over traffic stop

Insulin pump hack delivers fatal dosage over the air

The 1% is using the super-secret Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction to Steal From the 99%

Bill Maher's Real Time Panel Tears Into Former Cheney Aide Over Support For Iraq War - VIDEO

NYPD Officers Angered by Corruption Probe

Imperial woodpecker -- largest that ever lived -- caught on film

Idea to get OWS more news coverage!!!!

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane, shall we?

A 1%er Halloween Party

I think the main reason Republicans and Fox "News" are freaking out over the OWS protests

Law firm holds Halloween party, mocking foreclosure victims and the homeless

There's something weird happening at Occupy Denver.

"Michael Moore: Occupy movement 'killed apathy'" - Down With Meme Of Inaction!

Ralph Nader's Plan to Primary Obama Hits a Granite Wall

Police Can Also Be Traitors

Report: Foreclosure Firm Threw HOMELESS-THEMED Halloween Party

In Your Opinion: Has Law Enforcement In The US Become Too Paramilitary?

In Your Opinion: Has Law Enforcement In The US Become Too Paramilitary?

In Your Opinion: Has Law Enforcement In The US Become Too Paramilitary?

Yes, That's a Banker Hanging From a Phone Line Along I-95

Occupying the Red States

Ok something is happening and the resistance is high


Here's a link to the radar showing the weather over the NE:

Alan Grayson Compares Rep. Paul Ryan And The GOP To OJ Simpson: ‘They’re The Real Killers’ - VIDEO

Police Clash With Occupy Protesters in Denver - KKTV

Girl Gets $10M Settlement After ER Delay

OFFICIAL WHITE HOUSE RESPONSE TO Legalize and Regulate Marijuana

Creditor Moves to Dismantle Copyright Troll Righthaven

Creditor Moves to Dismantle Copyright Troll Righthaven

Despite contracts, Republican National Convention officials tell hotels they want cheaper rooms

Sheet music for FDR's inauguration composed by

Barack Obama In Your Face

Prosecutors Wait to Spring "Conspiracy" Indictments On Occupy Movement Leaders

Combat vets are a different critter...

Here's a picture of the cop who arrested me tonight, Rochester Police CHIEF James Sheppard

Man urges mailing junk if you can't Occupy Wall Street

Man urges mailing junk if you can't Occupy Wall Street

Your opinion about Obama lumping in OWS with the Tea Party?

I Write This in Anger - bycalifgrrrlFollow

Challenges don't deter Occupy Detroit protesters from getting out their message

True Hispanic voice at (certainly not NAVARRETTE) : Rubio can't help GOP with Latino vote

Trick or treating at the Wisconsin Capitol building we saw chalk messages

The 100%.

(((PICS))) Today @ the Occupation: Let it SNOW! Not Leaving!

Please help with this poll:

The Second Gilded Age: Has America Become an Oligarchy?

Good support for Occupy Tampa.

If you had an emergency occur and you needed $2000, would you have it?

"They" are attempting to discredit the Occupation movement.

Countries must plan for climate refugees

Obama administration announces desert 'solar energy zones'

More than 1 million lose power during rare October storm

VP Biden indicts every Republican Leader in America -Minces few words

Is tonight when we turn the clocks back one hour?


The best thing the Obama Presidency has done for this country

DISGUSTING!!! -Law Firm MOCKS Homeless & OWS With Tasteless Halloween Costumes

Hungary Destroys All Monsanto GMO Corn Fields

Rachel Maddow kind of pissed me off last night

WikiLeaks seeks glasnost (transparency) and the Occupy movement seeks perestroika (restructuring)

Pizza run anyone? (PIC HEAVY)


On GETTING Rove for the theft of Ohio in 2004.

Former Facebook President Demands Sympathy for Billionaires

Show him your BADGE ! LOL

I don't mean to go all "survivalist" on y'all, BUT

Girl forced to eat sandwich from trash

Toon: The White House of Horror

Toon: The White House of Horror

Clint Eastwood comments about Gay Marriage...

St Louis wins World Series

THIS IS HUGE! AFL is urging members to support and JOIN Occupy Wall Street!

I sure do wish the Gov't would police Wall Street as effectively as they police the Occupy movement.

How to Save Money: Stop Buying Meat

I'm not trying to defend that tear gassing cop, but

Success for Andrea Rossi's E-Cat cold fusion system, but mysteries remain

Nancy Pelosi Signals Her Willingness to Cut Medicare and Social Security Benefits

The 99%: Another horrible healthcare experience pic:

Maxine Waters introduces bill to REPEAL SUPERCOMMITTEE | The Nation

Fake Al Qaeda flag on Benghazi Courthouse

Great sign! "I don't mind you being rich, I mind you buying my government!"

Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Chase have decided to roll back their new fees

Did you see snipers?

Marco Rubio's career is in trouble. That will teach Republicans to play ethnic politics.

Anonymous threaten to expose (Mexican drug) cartel's secrets

Please post pics of unreasonable police presence versus an #Occupy camp.

If everyone switches to a credit union.

Descent in to techie hell.

Descent in to techie hell.

I was in the old Army, when any idiot could serve.

Police raise weapons while making arrest during Occupy Denver protest (pics)

this cain ad is really bizarre

The Constitution is our (encampment) permit, it knows no curfew.

Petition to REGULATE ALCOHOL and TOBACCO like marijuana

How to Create a Fake Identity and Stay Anonymous Online

You want oil? We own it. You want gas? We own it. You really need to see this cartoon.

Anybody else here have experience with LSD?

Obama's Student loan deal saves students between $4-$8 a month

National Close Your Account Day: November 5

Heartbreaking and Must be Illegal. City of Fresno tearing down tents and cardboard shacks. Helpless

Michael Ware Tries To Contain Cornel West’s Rage At Former Cheney Aide On Bill Maher Panel - VIDEO

A Second Scalp For NPR Re: #OWS...

OLIVER STONE: "Grab the power..Get these people out of office-Dem/Repub-it makes no difference"

Yay! I finally got it! Just in time for the season opener!

Gud gawd, Bette DAVIS in "Dead Ringer" is totally HOT & dangerous or whatever she is!1 n/t

OMZ, Robert OSBORNE won't be back to work until DECEMBER!1 n/t

Swan Song (for a nation)

OK - So Rolling Stones' 'Black and Blue' - AWESOME album!!!!

All you composers out there, take heed of,"As you sow... so shall you reap."

Normally, MFM believes that one should ALWAYS explore and expand one's personal Universe... but, um.

Well, Well, Well

This promises to be an EXCEPTIONAL winter... if I can only find my nuts.

LynneSin hasn't ALWAYS been so cuckoo for penguin puffs. Eh... what's that? Oh... nevermind.

Absinthe is my muse

Did you watch the new NBC series "Grimm" tonight?

St. Louis Cardinals 2011 World Champions!

I shaved my legs for this?

Oh, duck YEAH, baby!!! DUCKIN' A!!!!!!!!!!

Imagine inheriting millions of dollars ... but there is a little catch involved

Cop Fails to Harass Kid Who Knows The Law (video)

MFM really DID suck as a dancer, yet for much of his life... he was one dancin' fool. The secret?

This global warming thing is worse than I thought.......

Best Couples Advice Ever

[self-deleted test]

Possible cast of the film version of the 2012 Republican primary (pic heavy)

I'm off to travel 120 miles in a snowstorm. Whee!

Just bought the best Bond Car in Forza Motorsport 4....

Just wanted to say thank you the lounge in general for help

Need help from a select few.....

OmZ, watch Ethel Merman & Judy Garland being gracious to uncomfortable young Streisand!1

Food Network's "Sandwich King" has been it cancelled????

I ordered it to snow in Deleware in frickin' October

cool steam

Texas Rangers: the Buffalo Bills of baseball

Stories from the Road: Don't Look Back

It's snowing here in Connecticut

Ok I don't know who here is to blame but I'm going to kick names and take ass!!!

Anyone else interested in AMC's upcoming series "Hell on Wheels"?

This is a real product -- a Tea Rex Teaball/Tea Infuser. Link goes to one of its sites.

HEY!!! Grammar Nazis needs love, too.

Dumb computer question:

How cheap are you?

"Dance to the day when fear it is gone"

What cyborg enhancements do you crave? Faster CPU? Extra memory? Wings? Laser blasters?

Send help!!!

Not only is MFM Fucking Immortal, he's also been immortalized as a Russian nesting doll.

The neighborhood kids aren't allowed to go to MFM's house for playdates anymore.

I just emptied my Ignore list.

Any WIS or wristwatch goons in here?

Fuck you, St. Louis.

Why I Ate The Rich

Anyone else love popsicles? or icepops?

Today's College Football Thread

Fuck me.

our first snow :)

They're right. 2012 IS the end of everything. (Warning: Scream-producing picture)

Deep Purple, Early Whitesnake, David Coverdale, Ian Gillian - all good

Shakesbear in the park:

8-foot-tall Lego Man washes up on Florida beach, held in custody

I'm 50. In my entire life I've NEVER had a headache. Nor have I had heartburn.

What is your favourite dessert? I'm liking fresh berries (blueberries, raspberries and blackberries)

I think Yoko Ono got a raw deal, She didn't break up the Beatles. The Beatles did.

Catnarok is coming...

Latest picture of my two cats...

I wish that I knew what I know now when I was younger.

Raccoon Mama Frantic At Window: Couple Saves Her Boarded-Up Babies

Activists submit nearly 50,000 signatures to repeal San Jose's pot law

U.S. Firm Acknowledges Syria Uses Its Gear to Block Web

Magnitude-6.9 quake shakes Peru's coast

Goldman sued for $1.07 bln over Timberwolf CDO

Paramilitary compensated for massacre he committed: Prosecutors

Sometimes don't you just want to say Phuket?

Syria unrest: Arab League denounces civilian killings

(George Wright) Telling the Story of 41 Years on the Run

Saab escapes bankruptcy as Chinese firms take over

Reporter Arrested in Troopers' (New) Crackdown on Occupy Nashville

Second Scandal in a Week Rocks New York Cops

Decade at War: Army Ranger, 29, killed in Afghanistan on 14th deployment

(UK) Criminals to have weekly benefits docked by up to £25 to pay fines

Authorities Charge 16 Officers in Widespread Inquiry (NYPD)

Tea Party Group to Bachmann: Give Up

U.S. Border Patrol quietly halts routine bus and train checks along Canadian border

Justice inspector general: Conference muffins weren't $16

Chaplain Resigns from St Paul's as Clergy Blasted for Stance on Protesters (2nd Cleric to Do So)

Qantas grounds its entire worldwide fleet

13 Americans Said to Be Among Killed in Kabul Attack

Despite contracts, GOP Convention officials tell Tampa hotels they want cheaper rooms, higher fees

Iowa Congressman Pushing for More Financial Assistance for “Wounded Warriors”


TSA officer faces dismissal over 'get your freak on, girl' note in luggage

Peru Reopens Probe Of Forced Sterilizations

Record number of Republicans (30) file for New Hampshire primary

Mitt Romney Goes Climate Change Skeptic

London protesters debate leaving cathedral site

China's 'ruthless' Tibet policy to blame for monk deaths, says Dalai Lama

Mortgage Probe May Open New Path for Housing Relief

Actors that we sometimes confuse.

Three Diggers shot dead

Mayan Documentary Will Show Evidence of Alien Contact, Says Mexico (Exclusive)

Congresswoman to live off food stamps budget

Occupy Denver protesters, law enforcement officers face off on steps of state Capitol

Police chief visits Scott Olsen in hospital

Report: Fights erupt among Occupy Wall Street protesters

NBA Cancels All Games Through Nov. 30

My 20 month old granddaughter is in the hospital tonight...

Warrants Against Occupy Nashville Protesters Dismissed After Second Night of Arrests

'Occupy' Demonstrators Battle Wind, Cold as Storm Moves In (OWS Does Not Appear to Be Losing Steam)

(Canada) Immigration minister plans marriage fraud crackdown

Germany finds 55 billion euro after accountancy error

Shelling in Syria Kills 3 After Deadly Day

Occupy Protests Grow, Despite Clashes With Police, Cold Weather

Study: corporations placing own limits on political spending

Obama cites income gap to push stalled jobs bill

'Expendables 2' Accident Kills Stuntman, Injures Another(Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Willis, Norris)

Libyan Islamists urge NTC to stop executions in Iraq

Savings Rate Is Dropping, and Experts Are Puzzled

Righthaven misses deadlines, again faces asset seizure threat

1.7 million lose power in East Coast snowstorm

Gaddafi's son says he is innocent

At least 14 dead in Kabul suicide attack

I'm getting married next Saturday.

Occupy London could be protected by Christian ring of prayer

(Jackie Speier) Congresswoman to live off food stamps budget

Unions Say They Won't Strike with Occupy Oakland

If you could sing like anyone, who would it be?

Exposed: Media Fabricated 'Empty Tents' Story at OccupyLondon

'Job Creators' (poem by Rep. Gwen Moore, D-Milwaukee, Wisc.)

Occupy Oakland Protester admits bottles were thrown at Police BEFORE police responded

Young Turks: Herman Cain's Crazy Commercials!!

Occupy Movement Could Focus on Speculation and Food Prices

OWS Judge Refuses to Book Arrested Protesters Occupy Nashville

Occupy Detroit : Bank of America Protest

MSNBC: Sen. Sanders: Corporate Greed is Running the Country

PBS NewsHour: For Undocumented Workers, It's Not-so-Sweet Home Alabama

Papantonio: The Consequences of Violent Right Wing Rhetoric

A post rapture message from Harold Camping

Less Government, Less Regulations, Less Taxes... Really?

Weekly Address:We Can't Wait to Create Jobs

MSNBC's Karen Finney: Cain Is a Black Man That Knows His Place

AFL-CIO President Trumka Denouces Proposed Cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid

Bank of America's Death Rattle

Cornel West speaks truth to power: "the poor people get left out, they get invisible, disposable"

O'Reilly LIES About Oakland, Smears And Slams Mayor

Michael Savage: "I agree with Obama on regulating banks. They’re out of control."

Michael Savage: "I agree with Obama on regulating banks. They’re out of control."

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