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Wisconsin: Why Republicans want to use the new legislative maps in 2012 recall fight

I shouldn't be watching Keith on mute while listening to Rage Against the Machine.

Scott Olsen is being used...

Per Olbermann: Mayor Jean Quan To Address OccupyOakland At 7 p.m. PT

The Study That Shows Why Occupy Wall Street Struck A Nerve - Eugene Robinson/WaPo

NOAA Bombshell-Human-caused climate change a major factor in more frequent Mediterranean droughts

Ed Shultz just said Scott Olsen won't need surgery after all!

Ed Shultz just said Scott Olsen won't need surgery after all!

What will Jean Quan say tonight?

Occupy Denver and the Colorado Progressive Coalition take on Wells Fargo, Tom Donohue

US candidate Rick Perry 'may miss future debates' (BBC)

Have fun DU!

Republican tax plans will make inequality worse

WOW... Oakland Mayor Jean Quan To Address Occupy Oakland General Assembly Tonight !!!

Occupy Houston endures the mosquitos, no-clapping rules and a slow-flow water fountain

Can you help me change my verizon phone?

92.5% support for OWS movement

Woo hoo! Rachel will interview Sarah Silverman tomorrow night!

"$1,000 reward-no questions asked-for name of officer who threw a flashbang at injured Iraqi Vet"

The latest in personal hygiene

In honor of the Sixth Game of the World Series 2011

America's Joyous Future

Mystery of $6.6 billion lost in Iraq solved...Looky Dick we found it!

"15 hand grenades, one mortar shell, one stick grenade ... and a light anti-tank weapon"

What's the deal with this claim about an executive order re: Citizens United?

Got the Oakland GA live feed now!

Milwaukee County to get $19.1M in federal funds for express bus routes

Awesome Occupy Oakland Poster

Literal, defined: Adhering to fact...

Have a laugh-Cutting open a coconut Hawaii vs Trinidad

Ok... So If You Are Curious As To What Oakland Mayor Quan Has To Say... LiveStream Here:

Is there video of anyone throwing stuff at Oakland cops?

Delete - duplicate post.

How long do we have to wait

Something Else On KO With Michael Moore... Anybody Here Remember Tienanmen Square ???

Online interest in Occupy Wall Street surpasses all-time peak of online interest in tea party

it's ok kitteh...

Occupy movement hits Duluth (AFL-CIO Duluth Central Labor Assembly fully supports and endorses it)

HHS Office for Civil Rights Enforces Section 504 and the ADA

It's kind-of disturbing that some Occupy Wall Street supporters were hoping someone got hurt.

When does Mayor is Jean Quan address the Occupy Oakland folks?

Best.line.ever (something I read today)

I attended a Move to Amend Volunteer meeting in KC tonight.

More bubble insanity: Residential visa included if you buy at least $500K in real estate

Right now: live stream from OccupyOakland, awaiting Jean Quan's address to occupiers.

Free Speech Area

Researchers: BP oil spill may have contributed to Gulf of Mexico dolphin deaths

My 99% contribution(Bit blurry)

Oak. Tribune Reporter Mayor Quan Visited Scott Olsen In Hospital, Apologized;

Outraged Marine speaks out on Occupy Oakland attack

Mayor Quan chickens out the back door, lays egg...?

Well I am off for the vigil tonight

"The Whole World Is Watching, The Whole World Is Watching, The Whole World Is Watching... "

Elizabeth Warren - I would almost move to MA to vote for her!

Candlelight Vigil For Scott Olsen At OccupyChicago Tonight (PHOTO)

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

What do you think of my signs

PRWatch on the Franklin Center: How the right wing is now funding state "news" sites

For What It's Worth...

New Video Shows Police Deliberately Aiming At Occupy Oakland Protesters - VIDEO

Daryn J. Moran

Libya's first English radio show launches

Fox News Poll: US Heading Down the Wrong Road

Are the Democrats going to step up and support the Occupy movement or not?

Sacha Baron Cohen's latest character.

The American way of bombing?

Wealth, Income, and Power

Found: Photo of protester firing on police

Maddow is brilliant tonight


OCCUPY TACOMA Honors Scott Olsen

No Brain Surgery For Scott Olsen !!!

Don't tune into Rachel if you have high blood pressure. (good part: she's praising Eliot Spitzer)

Since 2003, Oakland PD Monitored By Feds As Result Of Consent Decree Following Beating Suspects

The right is using ACORN as the OWS boogeyman. Why? RACE! Nothing separates

Poor little overworked congresspeople - 2012, a whopping 109 days.

US-95 in Nevada is nuts (rolling road closure)!

Jon Stewart On Romney, Perry & Cain: ‘In The Race To Be The Craziest, There Can Be Only One’ - VIDEO

Occupy (fill in the blank) -do you realize what this movement is

Hero vs. Zeroes

From the HuffPo Live Blog: Oakland Mayor Reportedly Visits Scott Olsen

Occupy Human Dignity: My Story (Part 1)

Parents Of Slain Giffords Aide Urge Boehner To Allow Tribute For Son

Opening Friday: In Time, "the Occupy Wall Street of science fiction films"

It's a divided nation, there IS NO SOLUTION.

One unimportant question.. dare you read this...

How many members of the Oakland Police Department do you suppose

Made in the U.S.A.

Parents Of Slain Giffords Aide Urge Boehner To Allow Tribute For Son

Hurt protester Scott Olsen was 'provoking no one'

"I am America" Herman Cain's & Tea Party anthem 1st stanza lyrics could describe OWS

Fox News is the modern day Der Stürmer. (For you "Conservatives")

Fox News is the modern day Der Stürmer. (For you "Conservatives")

Look what happens when you google "Romney can win"

ITS WORKING! The banks are scared!

What do we do?

What do we do?

Authorities: 3 charged in Philly captives case face additional accusations

The Republican Fascist Party... yes you could be a republican and a fascist

Buisiness investment does not cause economc growth

I haven't been this angry (about Oakland OWS) since Kent State

Dallas-area rapes have sorority asking why

Occupy Nashville Raided; State Troopers Removing Protesters

SiriusXM out to screw over artists, musicians....

Obama lost many donors from '08 presidential race

Juan Cole: Political Pluralism breaks out in Tunisia

Juan Cole: Political Pluralism breaks out in Tunisia

US-South Korea security pledge as Panetta visits Seoul

Georgia seeks to strike down Voting Rights Act

Jan Brewer Heads To Alabama Where She Can Witness Her Cruel Vision for Immigration Control in Action

Harlen County, USA on now

The Racial Gap in Marriage: How the Institution Is Tied to Inequality

Luxury ATM Dispenses Diamond Jewelry, Gold, Silver and Religious Jewelry

Arrests made at Wall St. protest in Nashville

Supercommittee already planning for failure and considering options... such as punting.

When Teh Stoopit grows at a a geometric rate in a certain segment of our population, you get this:

Former U.S. Rep. Ken Hechler, 97, to take part in W.Va. Occupy demonstration

Rochester, N.Y. Board of Education OKs corporate superindentant search

St Paul's to reopen with prayers for protesters

Tell Herman Cain pizza toppings are a choice - being gay isn't (link corrected)

Just stumbled on Hair...and it has an odd feel

"Ex-gay" conservative candidate explains how marijuana is a gateway drug for sex with minors

Senate Candidate Adam Hasner: Occupy Protesters are "Thugs," "Anarchists" and "Anti-Semites"-FL


Why is Cain running?

Remember when the Bush/Cheney administration was making plans to cancel the 2004 elections?

Scumbags and parasites-Thatcher & Blair

LOL !!! - I Just Love Jim Hightower... (On Rachel Right Now)

Durbin Amendment = Redbox Raises DVD Rentals To $1.20 A Night

This may be a clue to what the Occupiers are protesting:

What climate change?

Judge Orders Release of Memo that Justifies Forced State/Local Participation in Obama Deportation Pr

Judge blocks most of San Francisco cellphone warning law

What happens when you lose faith with the voters..?

Occupy demonstrators to march on bank headquarters

William Banzaii- quote of the day

Anonymous Guy Fawkes Mask Global Protest Photos (you cannot arrest an idea)

Arrests Made at Wall St. Protest in Nashville

ACLU sues Chicago over police deployment (slower response time for minority communities)

We at DU want Scott Olson to have a full recovery

Bernie Sanders: The big banks rule the Fed, here's how to fix it

Oakland Police Department Crowd Management/Crowd Control Policy

Scot Ross of One Wisconsin Now appears to have lost his mind

AP Profiles Scott Olsen: Injured Vet Spent Day at Work, Nights at Protest

Fugg you Bush and Perry-go Cardinals

Schools Warn Of Bracelets Used To Smoke Pot

So the US economy grew at an annual rate of 2.5 percent from July to September

First Death of a U.S. Woman Soldier Trying to Win Hearts and Minds of Afghan Women

Being a 99%er is bad for your health, physical and mental.

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Illinois employees pay tax directly to the employers, not the state

Friday's Republican TOONS

Nice frame......

Just received this terrific OWS sign in my email...

Friday Republican Race TOONS, part 1

Let's ask Peter Schiff to meet the Warren Buffet challenge.

US flies drones from Ethiopia to fight Somali militants

Global warming may push seaweeds over the edge (of continental shelf and into extinction)

Obama losing donors

Friday War (is over) TOONS

Call me crazy, but John Edwards would be the perfect candidate to challenge Obama from the Left

Did you vote for Michael Dukakis?

Typical Hourly Wage Went Up Just $1.23 In The Last 36 Years

Self Deleting since this isnt the right info

Election 2000 Redux, or how Republicans institutionalized Bush’s theft so they can do it again, unno

Why, YES, GOP...when it comes to fucking with your agenda, she IS the "Matriarch of Mayhem."

Dow headed for best October ever

Thirty Years of Unleashed Greed

Friday Republican Race TOONS, part 2

Colo. Army post honors soldier, dog killed in Iraq

Colo. Army post honors soldier, dog killed in Iraq

but why change the message?

“He felt you shouldn’t wait until something is affecting you to get out and do something about it.”

Eugene Robinson - Have and Have-Not Nation

Had a conversation with some Occupy Indy folks today

The Worst Generation

Plutocratic Government Tries To Beat Down #Occupy

Americans for Prosperity: The unemployed can go jump off a cliff

This will make you giggle (pic)

Self-deleted by member

Night of the Republican Debate Part X: Death Won't Stop Them From Campaigning!

Inspector: $6.6 billion allegedly stolen in Iraq has been found

The kids today: "frank, forceful and sound."

How the Wounding of a Vet Who Dared to Dissent Has Stirred More Dissent

How the Wounding of a Vet Who Dared to Dissent Has Stirred More Dissent

The mother of all exiles...

Lost wallet...

School known for anti-bully campaign could use some help. (It's the little school that could)

Devil's music

David Sirota -- TV That Finally Lifts Journalism Back ‘Up’

REPORT: House GOP’s ‘Job Creating’ Spending Cuts Destroyed 370,000 Jobs

in your face - Boehner

Anybody know the name of the judge responsible for this?

Days House Rethugs will work vs days average American will work in 2012

Whirlpool to Cut More Than 5,000 Jobs

How will Fox News* turn the Marines into dirty unpatriotic hippies?

Do many/most kids and adolescents aspire to be rich?

Pocket change

So why the BFD over Cain smoking?

Why are Bicyclists Being Targeted by Congress?

Is Romney's top adviser and Fox News contributor, Walid Phares, tied to a Lebanese death squad?

The Fox News Shareholder Meeting That Got Occupied

Fist-fight among lawmakers

The Occupy Wall Street protesters should hold up "thank you" signs

Little Brother's Watching You

Cain's Cigarette-Puffing Aide Has Checkered Past

Has OWS been mainstreamed...or minimized?

It's Time for Debt Forgiveness, American-Style

BP Plans a Comeback in Gulf of Mexico

This is kind of cool - VR of the Sistine Chapel. **Dial up warning**

Send me your tirPTHW... HEY! Who threw that!?

The Federal Court Tells Florida’s Governor Scott To Go Pee In His Own Cup. Law Found Unconstitutiona

Last of the Friday TOONS

Why The 99% Aren't Content To Take The 1%'s Crap Anymore

Tahrir protesters march for OccupyOakland (Via Boing Boing)

More money scheduled for the MIC shithole:

President Obama taking more steps on own today to help small businesses

Friday Economy TOONS

High school known for anti-bully campaign could use help. (It's the little school that could)

Jon Stewart: Romney is ‘everybody’s first choice for second place’

'Tebowing' Becomes Latest Internet Trend

The handy dandy guide to class warfare

The E-Mails The Feds Say Show Texas Lawmakers Trying To Limit Voting Power Of Hispanics

The E-Mails The Feds Say Show Texas Lawmakers Trying To Limit Voting Power Of Hispanics

Film? Fade to black. ...........R.I.P., the movie camera: 1888-2011

Why Robert Reich Learned To Make Alliances With Other People

I have never seen any pic of Obama smoking

Have you chosen your "Jesus-Ween" costume yet? (more on the War on Halloween)

2012 Republican economic plan - more tax cuts for the rich

Michael Kinsley: Reagan, Not the Left, Started Washington’s Partisan Fires

Quan apologizes to protesters for outcome of Tuesday night

Quan apologizes to protesters for outcome of Tuesday night

Could the Koch brothers' fortune put the radical right in the White House

99% Map

Pat Robertson: Christians should not join ‘Occupy Wall Street’

Just posted on facebook

The Path Not Taken

Why is it "moral hazard" is never mentioned when talking about rich bankers and their ilk?

Progressives in Congress deliver 35,000 signatures to Boehner. Clash!

Progressives in Congress deliver 35,000 signatures to Boehner. Clash!

Melt Steel with Sunshine

Melt Steel with Sunshine

Man Pleads Guilty to Trafficking Kidneys in New Jersey

Chinese abortion death due to birth quota enforcement, family claims

San Diego Police Take Over Occupy San Diego – at least 44 Arrested

Our families last remaining accounts with B of A are now closed

AZ ruling upholds legislation closing Flag abortion clinic

Egyptian anger grows after latest case of death by torture

FBI proposes new broader definition of rape, includes both genders

TSA Possible Suicide Bomber Indicators

Whatever doesn't kill me makes me stronger. When ordinary Americans can identify with the OWS

Atlanta Police arrest over 50 people at Occupy Atlanta including an Occupying Senator

How can one test to determine if "the bank" can find their mortgage?

Every Life is Valuable???

Occupy San Diego protesters ousted after dialogue ended, police say

Occupy San Diego protesters ousted after dialogue ended, police say

My kid on Thom Hartmann

Facts is Facts: Supply Side Economics Has Been an Epic Failure

Occupy Wall Street to march on NY City banks to deliver letters to the 1%

Coalmines And Military Keynesians

Riot Police on Scene of Occupy San Diego; Livestream Cameraman Arrested While Filming (SCREENSHOTS)

Doomsday Group: OK, we give up

3 face new charges in Philadelphia basement-captive case


Europe Resolution Critical to Obama Re-Election

Justine Timberlake movie In Time both is and isn't an allegory for our own widening gap between rich

Justine Timberlake movie In Time both is and isn't an allegory for our own widening gap between rich

When I think of the police attacks on OWS I think of this part of the movie "Gandhi"

Did the Oakland mayor address the Occupy crowd last night?

Fuel retrieval at Fukushima to start in 10 years

Anyone else find this strange - what are the chances of this happening?

"Click to Support Police against OWS" facebook page needs to be DU'ed


"But what do they WANT?" . . .

This clip is over 30 years old & yet it's so real for today: Donahue interviewing Milton Friedman

Professor Noam Chomsky - in interview

Wisconsin: Holiday tour scheduled for governor's mansion

One of the most original 99'er "sign" I've seen...

Radio ad refuses service to Obama supporters, Muslims

Open letter to OWS

Pakistan’s tribesmen seek revenge for drone attacks: Imran Khan

Some big banks back down from debit-card fee

#OccupyLosAngeles are requesting water and long-term water solutions.

Defending Yourself Against Teargas

Wisconsin: (Republican) Ex-aide pleads guilty in Capitol corruption case

2 trapped at western Kentucky coal mine

The Protestors look silly in costumes

Victoria BC City Council supports Occupy Victoria protesters

This goes out to the 1%.

'Drill, Baby, Drill' Remains Republican Solution Even After Oil Spill

Just found missing autistic boy in VA

QUAKE 6.9 51KM (30 miles) SSW of Ica, Peru

Meanwhile...Occupy Nashville gets a break

A 51st State for Armed Robotic Drones


Feds: Tarek Mehanna was al-Qaeda mouthpiece

Victims' families and activists gather to tell drone stories

'GOP is the new black' claim Texas billboards

Daily Kos: Cantor wants you to believe he's really a nice guy

Barbara Lee blames police for violence at Oakland Occupy Wall St. protest

Huffington Post Bingo

Huffington Post Bingo

Looming derivatives house MF Global failure testimony to Dodd-Frank reform strength

Less than half of Americans know Romney’s a Mormon

Michael D Higgins to become Ireland's next president

GOP hopefuls’ tax plans don’t give average Americans anything to be happy about

Parents beat daughter to death, say she committed suicide

Fox News: Over "three thirds" of polled Americans dissatisfied with direction of country

Big Banks Say No to Debit Fees, Won't Follow Bank of America's Lead

It only takes $26 to hack a voting machine

Bring it on coppers!!! I ain't a scared....

I'd like to share an odd moment at the local occupy

(MN) State GOP faces $533,000 in debt


Where Occupy Wall Street Headlines Come From

A question for all those self-righteous conservatives: OWS -- WWJD?

The real shame of the police crackdown on Occupy protests

Suicide Experts: Drugs chosen by Bernie & Ruth Madoff for alleged "suicide pact" among "the safest"

Cowboy Won’t Teach Gun Safety to Muslims Because They All Want to Kill Him

Crowd jeers and boos Oakland mayor Jean Quan

Conan O'Brien to officiate gay wedding on show

It is NOT a TEA just isn't, and I won't legitimize any of it!

DC Mayor Vincent Gray Proposes 'Popcorn Tax' At Movie Theaters To Raise Funds

Michael Moore responds to ‘hypocrisy’ criticism for supporting ‘Occupy’ protests

Michael Moore responds to ‘hypocrisy’ criticism for supporting ‘Occupy’ protests

Date set for military post office closures in Iraq

Hey, whatever happened to that tea party thingy?

The GOP's Ongoing Lack of Respect

Qatar admits sending hundreds of troops to support Libya rebels

Have you heard the one: Question"What would they say if Obama walked on water?" (cartoon)

Dog survived gas chamber, up for adoption in NJ

What next for OWS? Some suggestions:

GOP candidates blast Obama student loan plan

GOP candidates blast Obama student loan plan

Just How Far Will These Protests Go?

Iraq war's lessons lost on U.S.

When you need a picture to show your extreme incredulity over Republican comments...

27 assault counts for handshake. The attacker of the Gay student who was beaten 0 counts.

Has Mitt Romney ever cut his own lawn?

Is it my imagination or is DU more civil since the OWS movement came along?

Big Grin!!

occupy too big to fail!

Medicare premiums to decrease 16% from 2011 to 2012, twice as much as previously expected.

If you'd like to personally attack me for my get-well card to Scott Olsen, do it here.

Raw-food crackdown went too far, defense attorneys say

WTF? Winter storm warnings for Maine & Boston

Quelle Surprise !!!: Credit Rating companies give best ratings to companies that pay them the most

We wish Scott Olsen well.

Why dentists say kids should gorge on Halloween candy

Doctor apologizes for fat jokes in Outpatient Surgery Magazine column

Carlin On Conservatives: 'If You're Preborn, You're Fine. If You're PreSchool, You're F-cked.'

8 servicemembers file lawsuit seeking benefits for same-sex spouses

Video footage of Oakland's rogue cops attacking peaceful protesters

Pro-Israel Organization Chooses to Honor Anti-Semitic Stereotype Peddler Glenn Beck, While Condemnin

Occupy on the cover of Time Magazine...

We wish Scott Olsen well.

Marco Rubio being served a "Hardball"

Marco Rubio being served a "Hardball"

An Obituary: The $16 Muffin Myth (9/20/11 - 10/28/11) - RIP Muffin Myth

Toronto Star: Eurozone cure could be worse than disease

Restaurants are also prohibited from distributing match books because they promote cigarette smoking

Yet even more video of NYPD police brutality--this time at OWS Oakland Solidarity March

Radio ad refuses service to Obama supporters, Muslims

Radio ad refuses service to Obama supporters, Muslims

Happy Birthday, Lady Liberty! 125 years!

"Important Moments in History With Oakland's Kitty Cop" (LOL to Keep from Crying)

Marijuana Policy Project: The Buck Stops Where?

Marijuana Policy Project: The Buck Stops Where?

Repuklican jobs plan......

To counter the skewed image in the "news" — The OCCUPY WALL STREET RAG

To counter the skewed image in the "news" — The OCCUPY WALL STREET RAG

Occupy Wall Street Struggles to Make ‘the 99%’ Look Like Everybody

The ridiculously frightening world of Japanese spooks

From Egypt to Wall Street:

From Egypt to Wall Street:

Matt Taibbi: Another Weapon for OWS: Pull Your Money Out of BofA

Boxing federation asks female boxers to wear skirts

U.S. denies role in Kenya's Somalia operation

I remember "rubber bullets and teargas fired at protesters" being cited as proof that Venezuela

Manitoba drivers strongly urged to slow down

Chicago traders taunt ‘Occupy Chicago’ protesters with ‘We are Wall Street’ leaflets

I hate these people-

Which one industry would you mostly blame for all of America's woes?

Tonight on Countdown: Michael Moore speaks in Oakland, Scott Olsen's roomate

Owner of failed FL private school facing fraud complaints.. applies to start new charter.

Owner of failed FL private school facing fraud complaints.. applies to start new charter.

A little blast from the past on Oakland PD's brutality against protesters

Regarding the ' I Am America ' song

Uninsured driver? Someone hits you? You can't collect for pain and suffering:

Stupid ass hoodrat beats kid with belt.(warning: controversial material included)

U.S. Atty. Claims Obama Didn't Order Med Marijuana Crackdown (hmmm)

Anyone heard of this? Bill Being Considered Could Shut Down Social Media Sites Crucial To ‘Occupy’

One more thing on OWS.

Strange, I never took Mittens or Mr. Frothy as a smoker.

The Fed Audit

The Great Depression Right Outside Our Doors

Occupy Oakland: As injured Iraq vet recovers, occupiers promise to 'shut the city down'

Scott Olsen 'cannot talk' after injury at Occupy Oakland protest

Rightwing asshat posting "damning evidence" about Scott Olsen

Misplaced Allegiance-- Why Teabaggers Are Republicans... And Why The Rest Of Us Aren't

Rev. Al started his show tonight with "Do the Republicans think Americans are dummies?"

Spied: Latest Santorum campaign tour bus (if you can call it that)

Some people just have no shame...Plagiarism Advertising on Craigslist.

Healthcare reform penalizes married couples

October snowfall records could be broken for numerous cities, including New York City.

New DUer, USMCMustang, donated to Occupy Marines on

New DUer, USMCMustang, donated to Occupy Marines on

Raccoon cooking leads to meth maker’s arrest

My night at Occupy SF -

Have you gone to your local occupy?

send a get well card to scott olsen.

Cain: No Federal Money For College (People aren't entitled to advanced education)

CAIN to slow down, didn't expect all this success, thought he'd be kewl book touring by now

CAIN to slow down, didn't expect all this success, thought he'd be kewl book touring by now

What is it that makes the police want to hurt the 99%?

What is it that makes the police want to hurt the 99%?

The Right Launches A Smear Campaign Against Occupy Oakland’s Scott Olsen

Obama joins Republicans to restrict healthcare law Medicaid eligibility

The Key To Change That The 1% Doesn't Want You To Know

(((PICS))) Last Night in Oakland: A Vigil for Scott Olsen

(AZ) Fewer women seek abortions (in the wake of new laws restricting the procedure)

Strange Bedfellows: Militias Exercise Their Second Amendment Rights To Protect Occupy Phoenix!

IMO without some real action of consequence all this occupy stuff is all for naught.

A Question: Can't Find This Anywhere -- What Service Medals Has Scott Olsen Earned ?

Official current update from occupy San Diego

Occupy the Winter of Our Discontent

Obama takes risky stance against the rich

Corporate fascism has risen to the point of directing policies of The United States of America

On some positions cowardice asks the question is it safe?Expediency asks the question is it politic?

Found this at Wal Mart today support OccupyOakland

Back from 4 days at OWS in NYC

Tonight is move-in day for OccupyRochester

sad, yet true...

sad, yet true...

(((PIC))) Scott Olsen

Pa. boy, 13, ill after smoking synthetic pot, dies

The MSM is spending a lot of time trying to find out what makes Herman Cain tick, while he and

Need healing thoughts, prayers, whatever suits my fellow DUers.

Bette Midler Offers to Buy Occupy Wall St. Protesters…Porta-Potties?

White House: US Drones in Ethiopia

Just need to vent a little

Paul Ryan, Pavlov's dog of the elite, attacks Elizabeth Warren, whines about class warfare

Look twice for kittens

"ExxonMobil is our energy policy. If you have a beef with that, you misunderstand the system."

Opposites attract: The kitten raised by a crow

amazing photo of whales surfacing near kayaker

Want To Defeat The Banks? Stop Participating In The System!

TN Governor Bill Haslam defends actions; Occupy Nashville situation had 'deteriorated'

27 amazing animal rescue photos

CLASSIC - Redbox upping price to $1.20

In the past couple of weeks, the President put a big 'P' on his chest and ran with it

A Very Sad GOP Senator Admits GOP led Congress is Bad

New Bill Being Considered In Congress Could Shut Down Social Media Sites Crucial To ‘Occupy’ Protest

Black Conservative at Cain Event Calls Dems 'Party of KKK', Cornel West a 'gap toothed liar' (video)

Barbara Lee's statement on Occupy Oakland

Ah, yes. Another 'friend' buys into the bullshit...

Cold Fusion: Future of physics or phoney?

Okay, I'm going to say it and take the consequences.

Super Committee Democrats To The Rescue!

Oh man alive you will not believe what’s in the McRib

Is Rush Limpballs still on military radio?

Trumka:Dems conceded too much, we will not stand for dismantling the safety net or letting Wall

Paul Ryan sound bite on Tom Ashcroft's "On Point" program

Paul Ryan sound bite on Tom Ashcroft's "On Point" program

Why does ABC News hate electric cars?

Super Committee Democrats and Republicans Form Consensus over Medicare Cuts and Chained CPI

Obama Not Implicated In California Medical Marijuana Crackdown, U.S. Attorney Claims

Wow, being a police officer is a hell of a job in NYC

I like this 99%er's sign

Appreciation thread for the National Lawyers Guild (NLG)



A team of 50 builders is constructing a castle using same techniques/materials used in Middle Ages

John Nichols: How the Wounding of a Vet Who Dared to Dissent Has Stirred More Dissent

Wowza - Doonesbury so went there. Outted a couple of BoA execs too

GRAPHIC: Income growth before and after supply side Reaganomics

GRAPHIC: Income growth before and after supply side Reaganomics

Who threw a flash-bang grenade at the protesters aiding Scott Olsen? Video link...

Why is the State of CA, allowing the City of Fresno to continue to kill off those who are Homeless?

Man gets $25,000 after 10 years in prison (wrongful conviction)

Maddow explains how Wall Street firms defrauded investors

Egyptians march in solidarity with ‘Occupy Oakland’

Doctors: Scott Olsen suffered brain damage and is unable to speak

In their gawd almighty rush to make Obama a one term President....

Our permit to occupy is the First Amendment.

Here's my WTF moment for today. I work for a county government.

Oakland Mayor Quan Prosecute This Cop or Resign: Photo Evidence, Scott Olsen Shooting

A link to who else is on Maher's show other than GROVER NORQUIST and RON CHRISTIE

I am detecting a slight change in MSM, or at least msnbc re OWS.

Facebook Photos Used To Discredit Injury Claims

NYU Professor Jay Rosen Responds To James O'Keefe's Laughable Attempt At 'Sting'

Facebook: Positive or Negative?

OccupyMarines is identifying cops in those stills.

Dennis Kucinich standing up to be counted on OWS...

Why has there been a 70 percent increase in takedown requests to Google by US government or police?

Anyone else being forced to tell your employer how often you have a bowel movement?

Anyone else being forced to tell your employer how often you have a bowel movement?

This is what some folks were cheering last week in Libya

The GOP insanity is mind numbing. On Al Sharpton's show Michael Steele said

Misspelled School Street Sign Upsets Parents

New data on global corporate control confirms Lenin’s...

Civil War Vets Come Alive in Video and Audio Recordings

Are You a One Percenter of ANYTHING?

Those arrested at occupy demonstrations should ask for court appearances..

I know I'm normally out of the loop but this ad from Facebook makes me go HUH?

Wisconsin: Walker is running scared, trying to cripple the recall process.

One last update on the tree, and then I'm done until spring

EXCELLENT: "To sum up: the only two MSM live-feeds switched off at precisely the same time..."



Then They Fight You

Then They Fight You

Ok pointers if you go to your local occupy, and you should

Oakland chief defends officers involved in clash

My wife and I will be attending Occupy Los Angeles tomorrow and

"I'm dreaming of a White Pumpkin"

More of the few "bad apples": Cops protest corruption charges for ticket fixing. "It's a courtesy"

High school known for anti-bully campaign could use help. (It's the little school that could)

TEA group ride a tsunami into Congress...and a year later Congress disintegrates.

Marine: "He was aiming at him-Oakland Used Crowd Control Methods That Are Prohibited In War Zones"

3 day suspension for beating up a gay kid????

Occupy Everett group has a permit to camp in courthouse plaza

Must see video: OWS "occupies" DOE meeting, Bloomberg's henchmen flee.

Why I hate the rich

"How did a cop...accidentally SHOOT someone in the head..? Simple. He was aiming at him."

Rise and shine !

Just a touch

How can my bank say I owe them money?

I'm buzzing pleasantly on two shots of Ouzo and a pint of Irish Death. Ask me anything.

What are you gratefull for today? I'm gratefull that as my mother gets sick she

What do you use google for? I use it most often to spell tough words or proper names I

If you have a Wikipedia entry and it only has your birth date...

I've never played one of these games, but I got a giggle out of this video

Have a laugh-Cutting open a coconut Hawaii vs Trinidad

Friend of a friend posted this picture on Face. I got a kick out of it

Apparently, I'm running for president.

Sounded like it was starting to rain hard, so I walked out for a look-see

I have a question about aquarium fish

My keyboard has gone rogue. Backspace brings up the C: drive

Loungeteers, I think it's about time for us to go have a little fun in GD. Who's with me?

Why is the vinyl version of "Cruisin with Ruben and the Jets" so different than the CD?

do you turn the knife toward the plate or away

The goats and the deep blue sea

Did not know Wanda Sykes had Breast Cancer. Hope she has a speedy Recovery.

anbody here on POF?

White on white

Beautiful time-lapsed footage of Aurora Australis from the space station.

Project Runway--Anybody watching?

Where is MFM? I get nervous when he's not posting outrageous

Fill in the blank: Where is MFM? I get nervous when he's not ____________.

OK - so let's just say you have Audacity. You want to record whatever is going over your speakers.

Can you help me change my verizon phone?

guys... i am suppose to have the answer RIGHT NOW. what do you do when so physically angry

Meet the baby

Two movies that make me feel old

Scott Olsen FB page needs some DU love

Do they really have this type of police force...

Jazz Purists: Yes, I know this will piss you off. Charles Mingus was more talented...

Foster the People - Pumped Up Kicks is a rip off of Peter, Bjorn & John - Young Folks



Just what is this "Planet Green" channel?


Went to look at house #2 today.

"Dear Gross, Over-Sexualized Reality Star Nobody Currently at Mr. Bones’ Pumpkin Patch..."

ICloud located my missing Ipad2

DU remade as a Geocities page

Who is arming the kitties?

You are getting sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy

Match Game Story: "After Libby Lumberjack donated clothing to Goodwill, she ____ a receipt."

The larch...........


When I grow up... (stolen from FB)

Give another DUer a Halloween name

Can someone please provide


Most appropriate description of Mitt Romney


10 inches of heavy wet snow due here in SWNH tomorrow. The

Why doesn't some genius invent a car battery that will warn you before it dies?

HELP! My Crazy neighbor is a dumbass that can't recognize that I am the Walrus

Hot monsters. Post a pic of a hot monster. As a kid I had a thing for:

May I ask a question of our DUers who live in the deep south?

Was it hard to change from an old fashioned keyboard to a laptop?


Judge tells SF to tone down new cell phone law

(1,300) Locked-out sugar workers to vote Nov. 1 on contract offer

Economy Alters How Americans Are Moving

In House testimony, Clinton asks for patience on Afghanistan, Pakistan

State spending on Medicaid up sharply

I just made ten pounds of meatballs! Ask me anything!

Japan nuclear radiation higher than estimated, 40% of Chernobyl: study

Baby Changing Station

Injured Soldier Spurs Veteran Support for "Occupy"

Obama administration approves California Medi-Cal cuts

Nuclear Promotion Dropped in Japan Energy Policy After Fukushima

Gadhafi hometown pays heavy price in Libyan battle

Ohio man's widow not getting surviving exotic pets

Stay off our beach, say flat owners

St Paul's protest: City of London to take legal action

Injured vet spent day at work, nights at protest

Feds tighten belt by cutting agriculture reports

Security forces vehicle hit in northern Kenya, 3 wounded

Kenyan forces in first clash

Wall Street protesters hold vigils for injured vet

Bailout fund chief in Beijing talks

In Japan, Provocative Case for Staying Nuclear

Fukushima Fallout Could Have Been Much Worse, Study Says

Paul Ryan sound bite on Tom Ashcroft's "On Point" program

Quebec battling major measles outbreak

China's foreign trade to surpass $3 trillion mark

Greek protesters call president "traitor", halt parade

Occupy Wall Street: Nashville protesters arrested

Occupy Oakland protester Scott Olsen awake ahead of brain surgery

Cold Fusion: Future of physics or phoney?

German Constitutional Court Halts Special Euro Panel

Most of the old cool guys are gone.

Exxon Mobil profit tops $10 billion on crude oil price surge

Sex offenders found at 39 California foster homes

State Troopers Evict Occupy Nashville Residents from Legislative Plaza

Judge approves settlement for black farmers

Chrysler CEO says two-tier union pay scale will have to end

U.S. drone base in Ethi­o­pia is operational

Feds: Tarek Mehanna was al-Qaeda mouthpiece

Occupy Wall Street Struggles to Make ‘the 99%’ Look Like Everybody

Business as usual: top directors get 49 per cent pay rise (UK)

‘Bundlers’ for Obama Have Active Ties to Lobbying

ICC in ‘informal contact’ with Saif al-Islam Qaddafi over surrender

Nuclear watchdog issues warning on missing Iridium in Abu Dhabi

Doctors: Scott Olsen suffered brain damage and is unable to speak

Bombing Reported in Tibet

Pasadena police probe possible boot camp abuses

U.S. Army officer to be tried for alleged Afghan sport killings

Occupy Atlanta occupies MLK historic site

Two miners killed in accident at Kentucky coal mine

White House to review Energy Department loans

Whirlpool to Eliminate 5,000 Jobs, Lowers Forecast as Charge Is Increased

Night Court commissioner slams state for Occupy Nashville arrests

Japan's Fukushima plant dismantling needs over 30 yrs

2,000 Pakistanis rally against US drones

What things are more expensive if you are female rather than male. I'll start: razors and haircuts.

Time for a Hallowe'en music video thread.

Obama voters, Muslims need not apply for Texas gun course

Magnitude 6.9 Rattles Peru

NYPD Removes Gasoline, Generators From Downtown Protest Site

Girls equal in British throne succession

EXCLUSIVE: ES&S Attempts to Block PA County's Independent Audit of Failed Touch-Screens

Big banks blink on new card fees.

Anonymous downs Oakland police site after violence

Gary Johnson Gets On New Hampshire Ballot

Sarajevo US embassy gunman arrested: police

Occupy San Diego protesters ousted after dialogue ended, police say

Obama lost many donors from '08 presidential race

Madoff Family May Keep $82 Million Under Ruling

Money Floods Ohio as Vote Nears on Law That Limits Union Bargaining Power

Second Public Radio Freelancer Fired for OWS Support

Syria onslaught kills 40 protesters

Key group now backs Obama's Medicare quality plan

Doctors: Scott Olsen Suffered Brain Damage, Unable to Speak

Keep this kicked: list of elected Democrats denouncing Olsen shooting

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday, October 28, 2011

Why is the USS Iowa being turned into a museum that will be berthed in Los Angeles?

Statement from Mayor Jean Quan to Occupy Oakland

Open for Questions: Crisis in the Horn of Africa

President Obama Speaks On College Affordability

AP: Some Central Themes of the Occupy Protesters

AP: Occupy Protesters Rally Around Wounded Iraq Vet

'You Did This to My Brother' Marine Speaks Out; Other Marines Show Support

Mike Malloy - We Shall Not Be Moved

David Letterman - Herman Cain Campaign Ad

Occupy Oakland - Vigil for Scott Olsen - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Dylan Ratigan: Greenwald Explains How Elites Use Law to Destroy Equality, Protect Powerful

10/27/11 - Keith Olbermann: Occupy, w/ Sgt. Shamar Thomas (and re: Scott Olsen) - FULL SHOW

United Auto Workers president on PBS NewsHour discussing new Chrysler/GM contracts

Top US nuclear officials burst into laughter over question on deaths of irradiated Fukushima workers

Mike Malloy - Steve Jobs: "Fox News Is A Destructive Force In Our Society"

Mike Malloy - The Republican Party Should Be Destroyed

Amanda Palmer at Occupy Boston - Rebecca Black 'Friday' cover

AFL-CIO President Trumka Visits Zuccotti Park

Thom Hartmann: Injured vet Scott Olson's roommate speaks out

TDPS: Herman Cain'TDPS: Herman Cain's Numerology Obsession with "45" Needs Attention

Occupy DC - David Rovics "When the Dictator Ran Away" - Justice Through Music Project

Young Turks: Global Warming Confirmed By Koch Funded Researchers

Actor David Strathairn: Join the Fight Against Keystone XL

Occupy Wall Street Showers Banks With Letters From 99 Percent

President Michele Bachmann's 2013 Halloween Message to America

Tim OT at Occupy London

Severn Suzuki - Message to the Adults of 1992

Part 2 - Lockup: Wall Street - The Rachel Maddow Show

RT: Has OWS Reached a Turning Point?

Franks: Gay Marriage Threatens Nation's Survival

Liberty Counsel: SPLC Doing To Us Just What Nazis Did To Jews

Pizza Douche: OWS protesters should go home and get a job and get a life

TDPS: "Pregancy Centers" Lying to Women, Tell Jewish Woman Needs to Convert to Christianity

Meet the 0.01 Percent: War Profiteers

Gov Haley: Employee of Major Pharmaceuticals

Occupy Oakland Video: Navyman Holds Constitution Amidst Tear Gas

MUST-VIEW Rachel Maddow: Why Occupy Wall St? Here's Why - Wall St's Corruption & Eliot Spitzer

Olbermann: 'Igloos In Zucotti Park' EXCELLENT Michael Moore Interview PT. 1

Police Beating at OccupyWallStreet Oakland Solidarity March - NYC Oct. 26

Thom Hartmann: Have Democrats not learned their lesson yet?

Footage of Scott Olsen Being SHOT By POLICE At Occupy Oakland

Kimmel Kartoon - Charlie Brown and the Republican Debate

Why Occupy?

Meet the 1%


Young Turks: Bully Attacks Gay Student at High School

Olbermann: Michael Moore Interview - 'It's A Rigged Game Right Now' PT. 2

Obama administration approves massive Medicaid cuts requested by California

Presidential Campaign TV ads/videos from 1952

Eugene Robinson: Have and Have-Not Nation

Mike Luckovich on 'Mission Accomplished'

RNC discovers the safety net

What ‘giving up’ on governing looks like

Obama and DNC show their anti-gay hatred again

White House turns the screws on Congress over 9 percent approval

Anonymous message to Scott Olson of Occupy Oakland

Teabaggers are the cause for delaying economic recovery.

Quinnipiac Poll: Obama gains ground against GOP candidates in Ohio

Big Banks Blink on New Card Fees

I need some help with presidential quotes, and my fellow DUers are the best

Obama voters, Muslims need not apply for Texas gun course

Marketwatch: 'Tax the Rich' Gets the Nod From the Wealthy

I think if Obama could he might like to come outright and say

Republicans Cry Uncle On Spending ... When Cuts Hit Home (updated)

Will on Mitt: "Has conservatism come so settle, at a moment of economic crisis, for THIS?"

Raffle winners dine with President Obama

Jonathan Alter: The Obama Miracle, a White House Free of Scandal

Can anyone here imagine what would happen if!

WVU to Big 12 - Mitch is not nearly as good at blocking WVU as he is at blocking jobs.

Part 1-Lockup: Wall Street - The Rachel Maddow Show

I Envy The Rich for One Thing

I Envy The Rich for One Thing

Michael Moore Says Something Very Peculiar... And Perhaps Prescient

Obama and DNC show their anti-gay hatred again

If you can't Occupy Wall St., you can keep Wall St. occupied.

President Obama op-ed: A firewall to stop Europe’s crisis spreading

David Brooks’s Awful Advice to Obama

Don’t Let Dems Cut Medicare, Social Security for the 99%

Progressives clash with Boehner over the 99%!

Obama's Got This Formula.

Ralph Nader's Plan to Primary Obama Hits a Granite Wall - won't make dealine in NH.

Obama has a Dem opponent in NH--Darcy Richardson of FL

Boehner and Obama's Defense Secretery reject deeper defense cuts