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Archives: October 26, 2011

Heh. Zakheim snaps at Bremer about Libya

CBC: Six deposed dictators: Where are they now?

CBC: Six deposed dictators: Where are they now?

Hugs available here.

9th Circuit: Corporations Can Be Sued For Human Rights Violations Abroad

9th Circuit: Corporations Can Be Sued For Human Rights Violations Abroad

Cool idea to show just who the 99% is

China Almost Kills Premier U.S. Solar Company

How HR 358, the Let Women Die Act 2011, Violates International Human Rights Standards

Glenn Greenwald: Why Is the Elite Class Protected Under America's Justice System?

New Senior Adviser for Obama Campaign Lobbied for Keystone Pipeline, Comcast Merger by Jon Collins

What in the HELL has happened to DU?

The lover of suicide-or-murder victim Rebeccah Zahau was on the FDA's approval commission

The lover of suicide-or-murder victim Rebeccah Zahau was on the FDA's approval commission

Republican's Score On Job Creation!


On Ari Flesher said with flat tax ideas republicans can run on being the "Change" against

WI Republicans against green jobs.

The explosion of wealth enjoyed by that top 1 percent is really something to behold.

Dont have a good feeling about this Oakland protest

So Pat Buchanan posted an editorial today...

Rachel is chewing up Romney & spitting him out

Rachel Maddow had her final segment on the big US bomb...


Just wanted to share my FB status...

"Pipeline to the Apocalypse" pics

U.S. Expected to Charge Executive Tied to Galleon Case

Just found out on Smartvoter that Maxine Waters will be my Congressperson in a few weeks!

VIDEO: The 9 Craziest Things Herman Cain Has Ever Said

Call for old timers


Will #OccupyWallStreet be Time Magazine's "Person of the Year"?

The Ozone hole was discovered 25 years ago

Piers Morgan Has Michael Moore On And The Show Is Fantastic.....

Religious right group stealing photos from Obama rallies

The police state is moving on Occupy Oakland & Baltimore tonight

Former Goldman Director Expected To Face Criminal Charges, Source Says

Tear gas fired into oakland crowd

Is Occupy reaching critical mass?

Ex-Goldman director Gupta reportedly facing criminal charges

Police moving in Oakland CA Occupy Site - OccupyOakland

National Organization For Marriage STEALS Image From Obama Rally

Last 24 hours to vote on the October photo contest preliminaries.

Meta comment on OWS.

CBO: Top 1% getting exponentially richer

tired of this Charlie Brown?.....try this.....

I know that I should be grateful to be employed, but too many months of stupid hours with no ot pay

Possible study of anthrax vaccine’s effectiveness in children stirs debate

Occupy Oakland collides with police - video

Facebook links for OccupyMarines OccupyNavy OccupyAirforce (they need "likes")

Facebook links for OccupyMarines OccupyNavy OccupyAirforce

It's the corporate corruption, idiots!

It's the corporate corruption, idiots!

It's the corporate corruption, idiots!

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

DUers, Thank you for caring, about every damn thing that

Apparently a sound cannon being deployed in Oakland.

Video of teargassing in Oakland Occupy rally a short time ago from ABC - good quality

Iraq: Lives, Time, And Money

I hope workers in Oakland, CA have a general strike

I'm not saying you must be high to read freerepublic,

police are making their move on Oakland OWS

police are making their move on Oakland OWS

Lovely we just crossed another line

Live aerial view: THOUSANDS on the streets of Oakland. #OccupyOakland

Why Is the CIA Keeping Climate Change Data Secret?

Student loans add to angst at Occupy Wall Street

I thought KochCain went out in the 80's....

People arrested in Atlanta

Nurses Condemn Chicago Mayor Emanuel for Arrest Of Nurses, Medical Volunteers at Occupy Chicago

This photo, woman in wheelchair

Attention peeps there is coordination here

Regarding Occupy ATLANTA

In the meantime in San Diego...

$1 trillion repatriated tax holiday dollars for $67 billion in unemployment benefits

For those thinking of exercising 1st amendment right,

DU PM Funtime

This is the live feed for Oakland you want to be on:

I guess it's kind of a compliment in a sick way. The Rethugs are starting to think

Protesters bloodied in Oakland.

Some recent Oakland Occupy tweets - something big seems about to break

300 Colorado Homeowners Close Their Accounts at Wells Fargo

something a little more lighthearted . . .

Lawyers: Alleged lead Philadelphia kidnapper Linda Weston doesn't understand seriousness of charges

Brazil has thousands working in forced labor: ILO

From Star Wars Episode IV: The emperor dissolves the Congress (video)

Oakland marchers ordered to disperse

Libya and Iraq: Mirror Images in the Grip of Big Oil

Pit Bull Saves Woman With Brain Aneurysm, Given 'Neighbor Of The Year' Award

KGO's helicopter is back over Oakland, after refueling...

Monitoring second local Nile tv imitators.

2025 if...

2025 if...

2025 if...

Oh my local nooz is covering this

Obama to Leno: Libya a recipe for success

15 Major Differences Between Occupy Wall Street And The Tea Party Protests

Ok my hat is now tingling.

Ahmadinejad slams NATO, denounces U.S. pressure in Middle East

New discrepancies arise in Marco Rubio's story....Time to make up a story

Rahm Emanuel wants to cover half of Chicago with photo radar

Shannyn Moore's tweet for help at #occupyOakland

Great t-shirt from Spain proves the struggle is worldwide

Overheard on The Hitler Channel playing in the next room...

Occupy Wall Street protests the result of 'frustration,' Obama tells Jay Leno

WikiLeaks' Brilliant MasterCard Commercial Parody

Anybody remember Perot's "giant sucking sound" of jobs fleeing the US?

Occupy in Ireland, "I shit on you, I shit on you, I shit on you, and your little dog too"

Magical seashells of fun and horror, By Mark Morford

Push for ‘Personhood’ Amendment Represents New Tack in Abortion Fight

The Unemployed Have the Right to Make Themselves Obnoxiously Visible

Colbert is ripping Cain...

Colbert is ripping Cain...

FYI: Obama on with Jay Leno tonight. n/t

From now on, my name for anchor babies is "Little Rubio's"

From now on, my name for anchor babies is "Little Rubio's"

"It'll take a Sovereign Debt Crisis....."

Anyone have problems donating to OccupyWallSt online?

San Francisco’s unabashed love fest with Obama is over (VIDEO)

Michael Moore on CNN now "The 1% has only 1% of the vote"

Perry says his biggest mistake so far was making an ass out of himself at the GOP debates

Finished Up My Teaching Gig Tuesday

Der Spiegel: Europe Opting For Discredited Tools to Solve Crisis

Contact numbers for Oakland officials?

A Far Right Vision For Our Tax Code

Feds: Perry Signed Redistricting Map That Was Intentionally Discriminatory

Ten years ago today, a day that will live in infamy

Activist list serv hacked. Question for mac users

Activist list serv hacked. Question for mac users

Snakes in the Drain

Cue the teenie weenie violins...Glenn Beck's fittna cry

TPTB and the M$M are kicking themselves right now, they made a major tactical error last Spring..

A quiet anniversary for Prime Minister's questions

Perry had to change the name of his hunting camp, so he brought out the birther issue ...

Bob the Builder Bails on Perry

Political Insiders Disappointed by Your Lack of Interest in Ohio's Union Vote

"It's like Uncle Sam wearing clown shoes."

Photo of rubber bullet wound suffered by Oakland protester.

Employed or not

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan sets up First Amendment cage

CBS/New York Times poll: Two out of three believe U.S. wealth gap unfair

Debunking the OccupyLondon "empty tents" story

Surprise! The Rich Are Still Getting Richer

DU attorneys ask judge for summary judgment against Righthaven

DU attorneys ask judge for summary judgment against Righthaven

Why do we live in a culture where open displays of emotion are equated with weakness?

Moving, Solidarity Statement From Cairo

Most powerful US nuclear bomb dismantled

Not Waiting for Congress, President Obama Offers Relief To Student Loan Borrowers

Toon: GOP and Hispanics

What If The Plutocrats Dressed Like The Extremists They Are?

Auth Toon : Nothing Personal

Supercommittee Hearing Live on CSPAN 2 See Link:

The Powers That Be (PTB) Are Like Dark Matter: Mostly Invisible

Trump on FOX: ‘Not A Major Believer’ In Obama’s Birth Certificate

Megyn Kelly Throws Cain Campaign Manager a Cast Iron Life Preserver

Can we even believe that these were all Oakland PD

Home of the brave...

Smoking is very glamorous...

Civil Society Groups Call for Action to Curb Land Grabbing

Is "Blood-Sucking Scum" One Word or Three?

Helicopter Geithner’s NY Fed $40 Billion Iraq Money Drop

rick perry is polling at SIX PERCENT

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan is reportedly returning home from D.C. immediately

'Should Berlusconi Not Deliver, the Euro Could Fall'

MSNBC's Buchanan Attacks Obama's Mother: "An Alienated Individual" Who Was An "Ethnomasochist"

Afghan store keeper in Bamiyan: "We need the Americans"

Curbing Oligopolies

Killer whales travel from Antarctic home to South America for sun spa

What Did We Expect? When Every Year A Corp Has To Make More $'s Then The Preceding One....

Mike Luckovich CARTOON: Occupy Wall Street & Abandon Main Street

Gossip from the MURDOCH rag: "AMANPOUR back to CNN"?!1

Yemeni women burn their veils to protest crackdown

More NYPD Corruption: Now They're Selling Illegal Guns

DSCC Targets Big Oil Subsidies Supporters

My wife's latest contribution to the Movement:

Chaz Bono Eliminated from DWTS..

What Are The Occupy Oakland Protesters Saying About The Accusations By The Police That....

If You Can't Beat'em - Join'em....

Why Economic Models are ALWAYS Wrong! Scientific American Read

Swedish nuclear reactor closed after fire

Republican led Congress' approval rating down to 9%

KRON San Francisco TV Stream is reporting Occupy Oakland will be back at site today legally

I will hate to see how desperate and ugly Rick Perry will be at the next debate

"Grid Girls", (actually they are women)

Occupy Wall Street protester who was pepper-sprayed finds romance with fellow demonstrator

If Obama had dubbed one of his initiatives the "9-9-9-plan"...

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan condemns killing of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi

GOP bill would let Border Patrol ignore environmental laws in 100-mile-wide zone


Well Herman Cain Has Had His 15 Minutes Of Fame - How Will The Repug Establishment Do Him In?.....

Rick Perry: The Best Little Whore In Texas

(((PICS))) Yesterday at the Occupation in Oakland: Just Plain Wrong

Qoute of the day: "It is better to be a human being dissatisfied than a pig satisfied;

Canada's homicide rate declines to 44-year low

Canada's homicide rate declines to 44-year low

Mr. Taibbi---

The fading middle class

Hector Balderas (NM Dem senate candidate): Why Cain's Electrified Fence Is Not So Shocking

Occupy Oakland clashes – in pictures

US cops tried to erase online evidence of brutality

Who are the 99% ? (toon)

NY Fed's $40 Billion Iraqi Money Trail

Only in America: Las Vegas to open 'ultra gun lounge' where guests are trained by 'gun girls'

Only in America: Las Vegas to open 'ultra gun lounge' where guests are trained by 'gun girls'

Only in America: Las Vegas to open 'ultra gun lounge' where guests are trained by 'gun girls'

Dionne: Perry's Flat Tax Ignores The Deficit -- "Atrocious"

Video: David Letterman - Qaddafi in Hell Top Ten

Twitter's not allowing #OccupyOakland to "trend," but you can check out the posts here:

Canada commits $350M for world's hungry (UN's World Food Program)

SOMETIMES things go a little too far: Yes, That's a Banker Hanging From a Phone Line Along I-95

Demise of Obama long-term care plan leaves serious gap for baby boomers

Grocery Worker Admits To Putting Semen In Yogurt Sample

My hope is that 10 years from now, when my son is 18, and leaving for college,

My hope is that 10 years from now, when my son is 18, and leaving for college,

Poll: Obama Advantage Over Top Three Republican Rivals In Ohio

Libyan rebels rest outside a closed shop on a street in Sirte.

Libyan rebels rest outside a closed shop on a street in Sirte.

Oakland - Our countries future under a Plutarchy, the 1%.

Steve Jobs: Fox News 'A Destructive Force In Our Society'

How much overtime is this police action costing in the various cities.

Judge Roy Moore considering another run for Alabama chief justice

First they called for Obama to be more agressive and use his executive powers to do some

Mississippi Makes Extremist, Dangerous Move to Call a Fertilized Egg a Person Under the Law

Feds: Rick Perry-Signed Texas Redistricting Plan Reduces Voting Power Of 479,704 Hispanics

Rick Perry: The Best Little Whore In Texas

Romney reverses himself, supports anti-union law in Ohio

Privatizing Police Work in Small MN Town from a Security Company to "Save" Money

Republicans have buried Reagan's 11th Commandment and put a daisy on it...

Who Is He?

Gil Scott-Heron Was Right

Austerity cuts in Greece cause suffering

Yes, Virginia, There Is Income Inequality—Will the Super Committee Admit It? -

Idea for Occupy sign: All Day GOPstopper.

Tech execs send kids to pricey anti-computer school


Camp Territorial Plan Exempts 95% of Offshore Profits From Tax

Thank Gawd, the world is saved I tell ya....Joe Wurlitzwhatever is

Thank Gawd, the world is saved I tell ya....Joe Wurlitzwhatever is

Chimp nabbed after getting out of cage (in Dallas not GWB)

"Liberal" art not welcome in Arizona.

The Paycheck Deduction Racket Every American Should Know About (especially Illinois)

Kathy Lee made BecKKK cry, "They're going to make fun of me again!1"

Three Reasons Why It’s Better for the Economy if the Super-Committee Fails to Get a Deal

Maddow Covers NOM's Photo Fakery

Immigrants face Alabama civil rights backlash

I took an oath...

Elizabeth Warren volunteer meeting: That is what democracy looks like

WHERE is the video evidence of Oakland protesters throwing rocks to provoke OPD?

WHERE is the video evidence of Oakland protesters throwing rocks to provoke OPD?

A few small steps to stop the seemingly unstoppable corruption in our nations and

There should be a forum for people who drink while posting from their smartphones...

re. Oakland Police - flashback from the anti-war protests 8+ years ago

To all of us old time electronics geeks - I recommend "Steve Jobs' Audio books

The Wild Night At Occupy Oakland in Pictures

Edwards Fights Campaign Finance Case

Perry claims he was trying to be funny, then assails the debates as trivial!

"New numbers: Income for top 1 percent skyrocketed over last 30 years" SURPRISE! SUPRISE!

Obama Keeps His Campaign Pledge …Because a Better Option Wasn’t Available

Jon Stewart: Pat Robertson’s Call For GOP To ‘Tone It Down’ Is Just An Election Ploy - VIDEO

Where can I buy my "Freedom of Speech" gasmask?

California lawmaker: Marijuana crackdown will cost millions in lost revenue

So let me get this straight - racist teabagger rallies are okay - but protesting corporations is not

The Occupy movement: A scientific explanation for its cause.

Occupy London: Demo forces St Paul's Cathedral to close

Claire McCaskill sells private plane that caused political headache

With the "coordinated" sacking of OWS encampments I thought I would dig up and old DU thread or ten

Marine veteran injured by non-lethal rounds at Occupy Oakland

Prep football coach resigns after profane rant leaked on YouTube

Krugman: The Truth Has A Well-Known, Well, You Know

Wal-Mart to Close New York Apparel Office

Obama jobs plan vs. GOP proposal: No comparison, really

This made me laugh...

This made me laugh...

The Rude Pundit - Note to the Oakland Police Union: You Could Probably Use the Protesters' Help

Thou shalt not present thy data as circles.

Just Called The White House & This Is The First Time This Happened To Me When Calling .......

Scary New Message from Anonymous!

Anonymous To All, Wear Your Guy Fawkes Mask On November 5th

Police: 2 Nebraska Boys Kept In Wire Dog Kennel

New Interview With The Marine Who Took On 30 Wall Street Cops

More than 2,500 (protesters) have now been arrested across the country

OPD has a history of 'pants on fire' behavior...

Is This Herman Cain Ad For Real?

Former Sen. McGovern hospitalized, 'expected to leave hospital soon'

Juan Cole: The "House of Representatives don’t hold with Amurkins knowin’ ’bout furriners..."

Pioneering black Marines get their badge of courage

More Hope For Obama!

So why Oakland?

U.S. Economy Shows Signs Of Strength

14 "missing" photos of the 1906 San Francisco Great Fire & Earthquake (S.F. Virtual Museum)

Former Goldman Sachs director Rajat Gupta in custody

Oakland Spends Millions in Attack on Occupy Protesters, Closes 5 Schools Next Day

Death of U.S. teenager in drone strike stokes debate

Caption this '53%' pic

One of the Occupy Movement's Accomplishments Already

Why Homelessness Is Becoming an Occupy Wall Street Issue

Remembering Henry Johnson, the Soldier Called “Black Death”

Anwar al-Awlaki family angered by U.S. silence

#OccupyEverywhere is dead, long live the 99% movement!

People Dancing - I've been watching this at least once a day......

KTVU Reporter: Oakland protesters NOT violent

Bernie Sanders Says Deregulation Of Wall Street Is What Pushed Us Into This Recession

Why no American justice for American terrorist?

CHARTS OF THE DAY: Where’d All The Income Growth Go? To The 1 percent!

Rick Perry Wants You to Stop Asking About That Thing Rick Perry Has Been Talking About

Picture of a sailor in uniform at #occupyOakland

Political Casting Call

Calgary school bans scary, violent Halloween costumes

AC Grayling: These executions have set us back to medieval ways

Police Censor The Media As They Unleash Devastating Force On Occupy Oakland


Rick Perry: 'I Don't Care' If Tax Plan Helps the Rich

UK Daily Mail: Many pics of #OccupyOakland attack, including graphic image of Scott Olsen

NYPD keeps files on Muslims who change their names

The Top 100 Private Contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan, 2004–2006

The Top 100 Private Contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan, 2004–2006

Keith O. tweet. He will have Iraq vet attacked by PD, roommate on his show this pm.

Please check this thread out. If this guy dies---IT'S ON!

I Am Surprised How the Film BOB ROBERTS Has Held Up Today

Another destroyed encampment of peaceful campers:

A positive shout out to the Raleigh Police Department.

The Cost of College

Just Say No To Koch-Cain

Official VFP Statement Regarding Police Assaults in Oakland

"We're down to paid staffers and blood relatives."

US's most powerful nuclear bomb being dismantled

Mailing addresses and phone # for Oakland's Mayor and Chief of Police:

French Billionaire shot dead in 'professional hit'

Man claims prostitute turned to donkey overnight

Occupy Orlando picture of police taking the flag...

Heard in school this week in Madison, Wisconsin

Season's first storm: Thousands left without power, snapped tree limbs, schools closed

A picture from my hometown in Vermont where the teachers are on strike

A picture from my hometown in Vermont where the teachers are on strike

How cool is this?!

Oakland Mayor Takes Heat on Facebook After Police Fire Tear Gas at OWS Protesters

Too late for LBN: Montana Hutterite colony charged in horse deaths

Feds Stonewall Pot Treatments For Traumatized Vets

Tie in Nevada

Ex-Goldman director arrested in trading case

The U.S. is slithering down that poison pit and it will take a long time to get out of it.

Definitely there is a certain, and noticeable disturbance in the force

Progressive candidates deliver 36,000 ‘We stand with the 99%’ petitions to Boehner

Cain is a fake candidate: He's there to move policies right for Koch brothers

Does Herman Cain have a connection to the Franklin Cover Up?? (John DeCamp booK)

Most of my nightmares aren't nearly this frightening

Overhead video of flashbang canister fired at crowd in Oakland.

FUX Noise is claiming ACORN is involved in OWS

FUX Noise is claiming ACORN is involved in OWS

Any videos out there of the Oakland protesters

Retro in TN: Poll Taxes are Back !!!!

Ex-Abramoff lobbyist jailed for 20 months

Joshua Holland: The Stunning Victory That Occupy Wall Street Has Already Achieved

audio...The 1%

OccupyOakland: 6 p.m. general assembly, cops assembling in advance

Another picture that needs to go viral...

Jon Stewart Sees a Pattern in the GOP's Sense of Humor

Rick Scott's buddy Dennis Bakke is building more Imagine Charters in FL

Tonight on Countdown:Robert Reich, Keith Shannon, Sam Seder, Special comment to Quan

Oakland Mayor getting blasted on her facebook page

deregulate and create jobs! Jobs to replace the drilling workers that got killed by BP

Exclusive: Democrats seek up to $3 trillion budget savings

I wonder if a group of citizens couldn't bring a class action suite against Paulson..

PLEASE FORWARD: TODAY 3pm--Oakland City Hall--Vigil for Scott Olsen, US Marine Veteran

Georgia served Cain with lien for failing to pay 2006 income taxes

Jemima Khan donates cameras to tribes to capture US drone damage

Jemima Khan donates cameras to tribes to capture US drone damage

Stop drone attacks to win hearts of Pakistanis: Muqam advises US

democrats bend over for repubs & still get rejected = losers

Protester Brings Occupy Wall Sreet To Super Committee (VIDEO)

Write to Gov, Jerry Brown of CA regarding OccupyOakland.

Stolen Historic St. Mary's church bell found in Oakland Salvage Yard

Any Bay Area DUers going to OccupyOakland tongiht?

Two Miami-Dade charter schools lose funding

The revolution will be livestreamed–at least in Oakland

The US departure from Iraq is an illusion

TAXPAYERS Are Picking Up The TAB For An Alabama Republican's BOOK DEAL

this could be a 'person' in mississippi next month

Africa: U.S. Tightens Military Grip on Africa

Toon - Perry's Flat Tax

Drone strikes on Yemen create hostility for US among Arab countries

Drone strikes on Yemen create hostility for US among Arab countries

Kevin Ring, Author of Scalia Book, Gets 20 Months in Abramoff Scandal

A little something I saw that made me smile inside:

Just In: MoveOn scrambling to put together a rapid response ad/Oakland

Customer Outrage Forces Necco To Put Artificial Ingredients Back Into Wafers

This Oakland pic REALLY pisses me off!

This Herman Cain Ad (not smoking man) is just a jaw dropper.

Letter written to Kamala Harris, California Attorney General

Two stupid dogs

Two stupid dogs

Boy wishes to join Girl Scouts

Video shows police throwing explosive device at protestors rushing to vet's aid.

Courage campaign petition dealing with this police brutality

Real vs Fake Controversies

Was the police crack down of dissent in Oakland the governments way of

The government can already craft an FOIA response that does not confirm records exist

Seif al-Islam Gaddafi in my SPAM box

Seif al-Islam Gaddafi in my SPAM box

Occupy Oakland regrouping & livestream

Militant non-violence is really difficult.

Oakland cop displaying kindness at Occupy rally

10 years of a diminished America- The Patriot Act is a decade old today

Basic law enforcement in this country is thoroughly, totally militarized.

Crackdown on Oakland’s Protesters Is Felt in Zuccotti Park

Marine veteran who served two Iraq tours in critical condition - Report from KRON 4 TV News

Bernie Sanders and 13 other lawmakers call on President Obama to delay Keystone pipeline decision

Todd’s No-Blow Shows He’s Wise to Ways of Beating DUI

The city of Oakland wants you to tell them how they're doing.

LAT: LAPD sergeant is pepper-sprayed (bear mace), arrested on burglary charge

Alert:Oakland Mayor news conference NOW@.

If you're going to write a letter then go for maximum impact and maximum speed..

When is it okay to kill Americans abroad?

Poll: More agree than disagree with Occupy Wall Street goals

Olver Announces Retirement

Cat lost by American Airlines two months ago at JFK airport is found 'doing well' in customs room

Remember that the Police Force is part of the 99%

Just watched the best Walter Isaacson ("Steve Jobs") interview yet

Cash-Rich Banks Pay Nothing on Deposits, But You Can Fight Back

Police murdered an innocent man 42 years ago in Berkeley - not much has changed

China Wants Bases and an Endless War in Pakistan

Police fire rubber bullets and bean bags at protesters - Nytimes blog


Man Who Helped Bush Steal 2000 Election and Wreck FEMA Now Advises Perry

Time: Why the Real Victim of Overpopulation Will Be the Environment

KO tweet: Iraq vet in critical condition.

So Fox News is trying to say ACORN started OWS.

Perry says he was just kidding in questioning President Obama's citizenship ...

FOX: evil or stupid? (video)

The world's most controversial Lego model

Props to SDPD

Victory in Florida: No Illegal Drug Testing For Welfare

Something's happening here. CBS Nat'l TV News broadcast.

Obama acts to ease burden of student loans. Wants to cap payments.

"Makers Against Takers": Viacom drums up 'Net censorship support with tasty half-muffins

Sharia law and the Arab Spring

Actual headline today: 'Daily Santorum: Taste the flavor'

With a show of hands, how many people here know that Herman Cain

Google: US law enforcement tried to get videos removed from YouTube

Freeper "South40" thinks Cain would make a good President because he poses next to dead rhinos...

Will some one explain why people that are poor keep voting for Republicans?!

Army Ranger Killed on 14th Combat Deployment in Afghanistan with an improvised explosive device

Eric Holder, the Unconstitutional Embargo on Wikileaks Donations and Observing the Obvious

Imagine for a moment that a Teabagger rally had been broken up like OWS Oakland..

Just returned from Albuquerque protest. Many arrested; mostly peaceful & fun

NPR’s Slow Slide to the Right........

Is high unemployment the new normal?

A Question!


We've been here before:

Occupy Winter

OPD didn't use flash bang grenades? My eyes are lying, My eyes are lying

Who gave the orders to attack peaceful protesters?

I'm thinking of posting the Gallup liberal Democratic approval rating next week in secret code.

What can we do to help OWS protesters?

This is what is striking on this action

Oakland Mayor gave order to attack protesters. Police Chief didn't want to.

Liberal Donald Kaul weighs in on Gadhafi: "Taking comfort in a tyrant's killing"

The Occupy Attacks -- why no one should assume these are all normal civilian police forces anymore:

Business leaders pad pay while cheering plight of low-wage earners

Waiting for Rep. Barbara Lee's statement decrying Police Brutality in her District, re OWS Oakland

We knew this was coming... but....

Police Turn Oakland Into War Zone

OMG! Look at this video of extreme police violence against occupiers in Oakland!

KS GOP activist calls state neurological institute a "taxpayer draining piece of garbage"

Top 1% Doubled Share of Nation’s Income, CBO Study Finds

...then they fight you, then you win.

Terry Ronzio = the end stage of the tea party mental illness...and he's running for congress

What did you expect from Obama?

Of course, Obama would not extend the Bush taxcuts again...

VIDEO of the AK-47 guy from Occupy Atlanta.

Van Jones: Eyewitness Says Cops Fired Rubber Bullets, Tear Gas At Women, Children, Disabled, Elderly

Van Jones: Eyewitness Says Cops Fired Rubber Bullets, Tear Gas At Women, Children, Disabled, Elderly

Oakland before and after...

Companies focus on worker health to curb costs

Rikers cons flood Zuccotti for free eats

PETA Suit: SeaWorld Whales Are 'Slaves'

Matt Taibbi's brilliant OWS article should be required reading

Tsunami backdoor trojan ported from Linux to take control of Macs too

Its OFFICIAL. I moved my money out of Wells Fargo today.

So I went to close out a bank account yesterday.

Consumer Reports: top 9 most reliable cars all from Japanese manufacturers

Woman Stands up in the Supercommittee and asks Congress to End War & Tax the Rich

Send a card to the vet injured by Oakland PD last night.

Brain Scans Support Findings That IQ Can Rise or Fall Significantly During Adolescence

Hope this isn't a stupid question. Why are the police attacking peaceful..

This is the kind of shit that's going on...

"Whose world? Our World!" Occupy Oakland right before the attack

Dear OPD and Your Mayor, Does this make you proud?

The job approval rate of Congress has fallen to 9%!! Right-wingers simply have no

Let's vote with our pocketbooks on the movie "Anonymous"

Occupy Wall Street: The Primary the President Never Had?

Homemade protective riot gear and tips when dealing with teargas.

AERIAL VIDEO: Oakland CA Police Use Flash-Bang Grenades Against Peaceful OWS Protesters

The McNixon Burger

The Elizabeth Warren Photo That Should Put Scott Brown On Extreme Notice

Tom THE DANCING BUG: Lucky Ducky and the Houndsville 99% Declare Class Warfare!

Occupy Oakland last night. All about a dumpster and porto potties?

Wisconsin Recall Prospects Dimming

Occupy Atlanta man in the crowd holding a loaded AK-47 rifle

Question for 1960s protesters...

I don't want a liberal media.

KeithOlbermann: Iraq Vet Hit In Police Assault On #OccupyOakland Has Fractured Skull, Friends Say

Denver weather turns wintry; Occupy protesters say they fear they will die

Americans are in peril...

Death penalty: valid yet targeted

Astronomers discover complex organic matter in the universe

Whole Earth Catalog

Supercommittee Democrats Offer Major Capitulation (The Nation)

OK, Explain this to me Like I’m a Complete Idiot, Part VIII: Lowering/Abolishing Minimum Wage.

Michael Moore: Obama first term ‘heartbreaking’

Obama Admin Seeks Permission TO LIE In Response To FOI Requests - Even To The COURTS

Give This MSN Money Presidential Poll Some DU Love

Why has the WH not come out against OWS Violence???

Apple building 171 acre solar panel farm to power NC data center

OK - so toters show up to your protest - what do you do?

"Letter From A Friend: The Morning After the Attack on the Oakland Occupiers"

Rick Santorum advocates assassinations of foreign scientists

Have police forces become like another branch of the military?

Tim Wise | Occupy Movement | Racism |Economic & Social Injustice

A Letter From Your Old Dog

If the picture on the left shocks you more than the one on the right

The Blood on Rick Perry's Hands

Occupy Yourself Movement on Oct 28th 2011

Occupy Yourself Movement on Oct 28th 2011

Incredible (and freaky!) pumpkin carvings

My father was a cop. Riot duty was one of his favorite gigs.

Another $92,293,000 down the shithole.

Another $92,293,000 down the shithole.

When contacted by CBS News,

For the first time in months, I am once again posting drunk

Dirty, sexy money: people saw sex toys, religious symbols on plastic cash

Hugs available here.

*Pain of Depression:Journey through the Darkness

I just "jammed" with my daughter!!!

Black Sabbath. Paranoid. For the daughter. She gets it.

Black Sabbath. Hole in the Sky > Don't Start > Symptom of the Universe. For the daughter.

The Other F-Word. Documentary about punk rockers as Fathers.


Loran's Dance

Has anyone seen "Entourage"? Is it good?

I've got Soul but I'm not a Soldier

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Sequel to Carl Sagan's 'Cosmos' - WTF -- on Fox, produced by Seth MacFarlane???

Exclusive: Tony La Russa bullpen phone mixup linked to Murdoch phone hacking scandal!

King Crimson - Walking on Air

Shit. Trick-or-Treat night is tomorrow and I still don't have any candy.

As I Age, I Sympathize More and More with Mr. Wilson from the "Dennis the Menance" Cartoons

I guess this menu item answers the question if it's chicken breast, thigh or wing...

scary tricks that amazed us as kids explained by science

Our local animal shelter is having a fundraising event.

Grasshopper Quesadilla is a Unique and Crunchy Experience

HELP! I think I'm an snail hoarder.

Six Feet Under fans - Amazon has a one day special going

"Aaaghhhhhh! The little humans, when will they cease?"

The Neutrino Song

What kind of golf club would Jesus drive?


'Fess up!!! How many of you STILL do this (and get the same WIN feeling) when shopping with your SO?


This Sunday, A Christian Will Be Thrown to the Lions

European company makes most expensive RV at $4.8 Million

OK, guys, time to ''fess up about something else.

Best buddies


What kind of computer storage device would Jesus drive?

Gathering at the old watering hole - Egyptian style

Gathering at the old watering hole - Egyptian style

The eyes have it

My neighbor's pet penguin is keeping my up all night

If currency had new faces...

Howlin' for you


I have absolutely no idea

A wedding to remember. Dust in the wind

Is it over for the Cardinals, or do we go seven games???

How many of you refer to this while engaging in social intercourse on DU?

Autumn conversation

Pet Cruelty Rule #1 -- Do not ever (no, NEVER) take your pet to the dump.

Art interpreters, what statement is being made here?

PHOTO: Good GOD, up your money and buy a REAL camera.

This year, MiddleFingerMom's Halloween costume cost him $2.89 at the farmer's market.

How the Joy of Sex was illustrated (BBC) {observing 40th anniversary}

there's some weather coming

cute mountain kitties

cute mountain kitties

Pink wildflowers. Courtesy

My new camera comes tomorrow via QVC, my first ever SLR.

I bet he's got his iPod on......

Owls. Don't trust 'em.

Look at how much 'taste' you can buy at $4.1 million!!

What kind of vehicle would Jesus drive?

Zimbabwean man claims prostitute turned to donkey: report

Stuck in the middle

Epic Hallowe'en light show

Did You Enjoy The Movie "Monty Python's Life of Brian"? Yes? Thank George Harrison.

OK, my orange cat has just committed the ultimate sin. What to do?

HELP! I think I'm an email hoarder.

Swiss couple kidnapped in Pakistan appear in videos

IBM names Rometty to replace Palmisano as CEO

Stanford professor John McCarthy, father of artificial intelligence, dies in Calif. at age 84

Former Goldman Sachs Director Gupta to Face Criminal Charges: Source


(California) Death penalty foes launch initiative drive

Having a barbecue this weekend. Need some good penguin recipes. Come one, come all.

Judge denies county’s request to dismiss Wappo claim

Oakland breaking loose, Cops ready to engage

What was your first music cd?

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Oakland Police used tear gas and flash-bang canisters

Live Blog: Police again threaten to deploy tear gas as marchers mass on Broadway (Oakland)

OCDA to seek death penalty against murder convict

Ten fun questions to pass the time away here in the lounge - Answer Now


Novartis to cut 2,000 jobs in Switzerland, US

Pipeline routing law called doable (reroute the controversial Keystone XL oil sand pipeline)

Google faces more government demands for user information

Activist group seeks investigation of NIH deaths

FBI going to court more often to get personal Internet-usage data

County supervisors, law enforcement officials trade accusations over immigration hold policy

Federal officials target Medicare’s poor-performing drug plans

Ultrasound viewing part of NC abortion law blocked

Berlusconi resignation 'denied'

So Chaz was eliminated on DWTS

Is peanut butter good or bad for you?

GOP candidates would cut federal judges' power

Occupy Atlanta | Police arrest protesters

Suit: Pipeline (Keystone XL) would harm wildlife

What's for dinner tonight DU? I had fettucini alfreado with mushrooms

Live Blog: Marchers headed back toward City Hall (Oakland)

Two Democrats might challenge Donna Edwards (Rep, D-MD-4)

Obama Takes Executive Action to Help Veterans Find Work

Deadly Floods Tear Through Italian Riviera

Anyone else have this problem? When I'm even thinking that I might get chewed out

Florida prison inmates still can't smoke, but now correctional officers can

Col. Gaddafi implored Italian PM Berlusconi to intervene in Gaddafi's final months.

Occupy Wall Street protester who was pepper-sprayed finds romance with fellow demonstrator

Poll: 43 percent agree with views of "Occupy Wall Street"

Libya's Mustafa Abdel Jalil asks Nato to stay longer

Steve Jobs: Fox News 'A Destructive Force In Our Society'

Syria opposition strikes as Arab League holds talks

German Parliament Approves Boosting Bailout Fund

Andy Rooney Hospitalized Serious Complications After Surgery

Apple plans solar farm at data center site

Taliban commanders say Pakistan intelligence helps the

Nation of Islam leader slams Gadhafi's death

Police: 2 Nebraska Boys Kept In Wire Dog Kennel

What would you do if no one in your house said

BP wins first drilling permit since spil

Land swap would boost huge Ariz. copper mine

Antioch settles police misconduct suit (for targeting Section 8 housing)

THAT'S IT - I'M CALLING THE COPS - My neighbor is terrorizing my pet penguin

Olympus Chairman Resigns Amid Widening Scandal

Durable goods demand shows economy strengthening

St Paul's Cathedral 'may reopen' despite protest camp

Help! My neighbor called the cops on me

Soldier in Afghanistan killed during 14th deployment(was in Jessica Lynch "rescue")

Occupy Cleveland can demonstrate on Public Square 24 hours a day

Darren Wesley Huff, Georgia Birther, Convicted Of Plot To Take Over Courthouse To Topple Obama

Yemeni women burn veils to protest regime (Pic. Heavy)

Occupy Yourself Movement on Oct 28th 2011

Rikers cons flood Zuccotti for free eats

"Hump" is the word for today. Modify a thread title to include "hump".

Bernard and Ruth Madoff attempted suicide, says Ruth in her first interview

US's most powerful nuclear bomb being dismantled

Ex-Goldman Sachs director Rajat Gupta on fraud charges

Occupy Atlanta Protesters show up at hearings

Eurozone gets ECB boost, summit deal uncertain

Opportunities missed. What are the greatest opportunities missed you can recall?

Scuffles Erupt as Oakland Protesters March (1,000s + Children March; Tear Gas, Sound Cannon Used)

Knife crime teenagers to face mandatory jail sentences - UK

Bipartisan House Group Pushes for Grand Bargain

Former U.S. Congressman Howard Wolpe dies

Former Goldman Sachs director Rajat Gupta in custody

Florida judge: Cuts to state employees' pay violated contract

UMW calls Massey disaster 'industrial homicide'

Lehman's Chapter 11 plan gets creditor support

Exclusive: Met finds secret phone at centre of NI hacking

Protester Brings Occupy Wall Sreet To Super Committee (VIDEO)

Police arrest '(Un)Occupy Albuquerque' protesters

Ford profit down; lackluster outlook disappoints

Gaddafi's son Saif offers to 'hand himself in' to International Criminal Court

Top 1 Percent's Income Grew 275 Percent From 1979 to 2007

Poll: Romney & Cain on top in Arizona (but Obama leads both)

Richmond Tea party says city gives Occupy Richmond preferential treatment (want refund)

Richmond Tea party says city gives Occupy Richmond preferential treatment (want refund)

Occupy Wall Street barrages banks with letters

Herman Cain Hit by Tax Lien in 2008

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New alliance to back Libya, replacing NATO--Qatar

Perry says it was a ‘mistake’ for him to participate in 2012 debates

Can I tell you about my last 2 weeks?

787 Carries First Passengers And Boeing's Hopes

George McGovern hospitalized in South Dakota

Oakland Police Critically Injure Iraq War Vet During Occupy March

Jammed Detroit public school cited as hazard - Fire Dept. issues citation for class with 50plus kids

Occupy Wall Street Protests Result of 'Frustration,' Obama Tells Jay Leno

U.S. defense chief says North Korea "serious threat"

SEC Eases New Hedge Fund Reporting Rules

Lobbyists claim victory against tax rule

Exclusive: Democrats seek up to $3 trillion in budget savings

Beware, Dictatorship can Return (Tunisia voting campaign)

In honor of those arrested in Oakland, Ca tonight

Ed Lee Is...2 LEGIT 2 QUIT [MC Hammer, Brian Wilson,, Ashkon]

Mad as Hell in America--Michael Moore hosts Halloween Party in Portland

Save Oakland!

RT America: Police Crack Down on Occupy Oakland

Libya ponders Sharia law

Maddow & Greenwald: Too Big To Jail, With Liberty and Justice...For Some

Koch-Cain Ad Backed By Big Tobacco Industry

Maddow: NY AG Schneiderman Pursues Banksters - "Crisis Created by Regulatory Neglect & Greed"

OccupyOakland Witness: Bleeding, Unconscious Woman Laying on the Ground, Demonstrators Rush to Aid..

Oakland: Up Close Footage of Tear Gas Canisters Exploding


Occupy Oakland video: Riot police fire tear gas, flashbang grenades

Michael Moore & OWS Protesters on Piers Morgan: 'People are Standing Up' PT. 1

The 1% Respond To OWS By Occupying The Dollar Store

Barack Obama on Jay Leno-Republican Debates-Occupy Wall Street

Keiser Report: Fecal Alchemy (E201)

TYT: Wall Street Spies on Protestors in Tax-Funded Center

CrossTalk: Revolt Dot Com


TDPS: Grasshopper & Bugs Replacing Meat Due to World Food Demands?

The Corporate Assault on the Middle Class

Occupy Oakland - Flashbangs USED on protesters OPD LIES

Thom Hartmann: Oakland #OWS...are we now tear gassing babies and children?

Egyptian policemen jailed over activist death

Thom Hartmann: Has the spigot been turned off for Wikileaks?

Icelandic People Said No

The Legal Basis to Reject Odious Debt

Charlie Rose Interviews Chris Hedges & Amy Goodman 1of 2 [ 24.10.11]

The Progresssive Underground

Highlights From Pat Buchanan's Bigotry Tour

Raw Video: Protesters Clash With Oakland Police

Marine Vet wounded, tear gas & flash-bang grenades thrown in downtown Oakland

Bennett, Robertson Fear Matriarchy

In Praise of Lynching: US media cheers Gaddafi killing

TYT: Abortion Killing Herman Cain on Fox News

Thom Hartmann: Imagine a World without Fox News?

Oakland PD Standoff & Brutal Assault on Occupy Oakland

Thom Hartmann: It Wasn't Always This Way...

EA (The Sims / SimCity) parodies Herman Cain's 999 Plan

Daddy's Armored Car, Waaaaaa! #OccupyColumbia

TYT: BBQ Airstrike Kills Son of Anwar al-Awlaki

Iranian pilot averts disaster, lands plane without front landing gear

Sam Seder:First Hand Account from Occupy Oakland Arrestee

CrossTalk: Libya's Execution

TYT: Pat Robertson: Republicans Extreme

TYT: Christian Pregnancy Crisis Clinics Exposed

US Cops Tried To Erase Online Evidence Of Brutality

Veteran Shot in the Face by Oakland PD

Papantonio: The GOP Crazy Train Derails

Mike Luckovich on Occupy Wall Street and the Republican response

Toon - Ever watch a show...

Take note Republicans. Obama Wrote Fewer Rules Than Bush.

Toon: Announce and denounce

Obama jobs plan vs. GOP proposal: No comparison, really

Poll: Obama beats all GOP rivals in the State of Ohio

Here we go! If you missed Leno and Obama tonight - here's a link with FOUR videos - VIDEOS

President Obama picks a worthy enemy

Occupy Oakland Raid: Cops Just Following Orders

Reality ruins another GOP talking point

Every MSNBC host and pundit did a segment on STUPID ASS Perry this evening

Glenn Greenwald on Two-Tiered US Justice System, Obama's Assassination Program, Arab Spring

Perry did some focus on companies paying thousands of dollars on accountants

Oakland Policeman Throws Flash Grenade Into Crowd Trying To Help Injured Protester

A tour of Occupy Tucson

Does anyone collect Presidential Memorabilia - LBJ?

What Would you like to see happen ?

"I'm going to wait until everybody's voted off the island..."

White House Hands GOP Victory In Jobs Bill Shadow Boxing Match

"Obviously Friendly" Audience

NYT/CBS POLL: 43% agree with Occupy Wall Street, only 27% do not. 69% say GOP favors rich.

How the Occupy Wall Street movement could help Democrats

Sometimes I read DU/FU comments about President Obama so outrageous

October 26, 2011 - Remarks by the President on College Affordability in Denver, Colorado

Golly. Looks like Glen Greenwald was right?

Newsflash: If GOP won’t accept tax increases, there won’t be any `grand bargain’

CHART: ‘Life Without Stimulus’ — The U.S. vs. The U.K.

Your Field is Set, Stop Complaining

If the democrats go along with this bullshit they will have no chance taking Congress back

Christie Kreme's endorsement of Romney didn't help Romney it *hurt* Christie (LOL)

Think Progress: Obama recognizes 'deep concern' with Keystone XL Pipeline

Cain - no staff but selling books and making paid speeches.MSM (excuse)asks "Does he need a staff?"

A chart to use against the republican debt bullshit


What is wrong with Paul Ryan?

Paul Ryan’s big speech: Misleading, out of touch, and filled with tired talking points

Steve Jobs was voting for Obama. Wanted to make ads for the President.

House Republicans agree to repeal tax law they enacted, hope to declare mission accomplished on jobs

Ron Paul: Heterosexuals 'Causing More Trouble Than Gays' In The Military

Disappointed Democrats protest Obama's SF visit

Should Obama forcefully speak out against the brutal assault on Occupy Oakland protesters?

CAUGHT & PUNKED: Conservative Blogger Giving Away Bongs for Gotcha Photo-ops at Occupy Wall Street

Fiscal responsibility, Ron Paul style: $1 million on charter flights -- so far

SHIT!! than hit the fan now with police shooting a Iraq veteran during an Occupy Protest

AZ-Pres: President Obama leads Mitt Romney by 5 points

I am hearing rumors of ACORN being behind OWS.

The President was hilarious last night on Jay Leno

Hmmmm I don't think President Obama wanted any US troops to stay in Iraq.

The rise of Newt - now #3 at 12%. Cain leads, Romney falling, Perry at 10% --- FOX NEWS