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The Iraq War - a short pictorial history (nothing graphic other than the LYING Bush Administration)

I loved Rachel's explanantion on Lawrence O'Donnell just now

Here are the survivors. Hope they have a decent life ahead.

Occupy the Boardroom: the 1% have addresses; the 99% have messages.

"It should be your care, therefore, and mine, to elevate the minds of our children and exalt

Soldiers May Be Leaving Iraq, But Contractors Will Remain

Henry Rollins, free 2-hour talk in PDX. (x-posted to Oregon)

"Mission Accomplished." Just damn, and I wish we could have stopped it. Remember.

BANK BUST FRIDAY !!!! (Updated)

OWS - 15 original works

Followup post: Texas leads US in incarceration growth

*Sheila Bair, former FDIC Chair, discussing DoddFrank+ crisis, C-SPAN2.

Tonight's line-up with Bill Maher, HBO 10 pm EST, includes, other than Rachel M

Japan's official agencies are refusing to test for radiation

Gary Bauer: Giffords shooter Loughner would fit in with Occupy Wall St

This is so not good. "Document: Cadaver dog 'hit' at missing baby's home"

Gangs growing, turning to financial crimes: FBI

Heads Up! Rachel Maddow is on Bill Maher's show tonight.

something is happening here But you don't know what it is Do you, Mister Jones?

Texas Prisoners Don’t Get Lunch On Weekends ...

U.S.–Iraq Status of Forces Agreement

White Like Me author made a valid point on TRMS

White Like Me author made a valid point on TRMS

You know what really scares the right about OWS? As the protests grow and

An Amendment for people, not corporations.

St. Paul’s Cathedral closed because of Occupy London Stock Exchange protest

ACTION DIARY: How to Hold Hate Radio Accountable

Paul Ryan to Students- Forget our help, go work three jobs!

Greg Palast Interview!

The Real Agenda Behind Herman Cain's Tax Scheme Besides Boosting His Personal Income

Rum, baby.

Immortal Technique: ‘Occupy Wall Street’ does not support Obama

For those of you concerned about the Libian treatment of Gaddafi's body...

Can someone explain to me why when

If You Missed Naomi Wolf On Olbermann Re: The First Amendment... Go Here:

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!

Bachmann's NH campaign staff pulled a PALIN!!!!!1!1

Did Rupert Murdoch commit a crime in public today?

Just me, I salute our president (no explanation) n/t

Wal-Mart cuts health coverage for some employees

The parallax view

Anyone got a link to that creepy steve doocey video touching that lady on the arm

What kind of President will Mitt Romney be?

BACK TO IRAQ in 2013 !!! Vote Republican !!!

Obama still flush with cash from financial sector despite frosty relations

(fairly old but worth a read) Playboy luxury of the Gaddafis: Seafront villas with booze, jet-skis,

Romney's foreign policy experience is limited to his work as a finance exec shipping jobs overseas

Not So Permanent Bases in Iraq

WDAV to Distribute World of Opera (instead of NPR)

Libya ops to cease Oct. 31

Occupy Oakland says it's not going anywhere

Remember Louis Winthorpe III and his smarmy rich friends in "Trading Places?"

NATO Announces That Operation Unified Protector In Libya Will End On October 31

I hope everyone has a good weekend...

State Sen. Scott White found dead in hotel room

Chavez's former doctor flees Venezuela after scandalous interview

Authorities arrest man for having sex in SC museum

No poll

Poorest place in US? McAllen, Texas, and here's why

Cantor Cancels Speech as Occupy Philly Plans Protest

Iraq rejects US request to maintain bases after troop withdrawal

Occupy Cleveland protesters arrested

Gene Simmons hair resembles a black ShamWow

Illinois among leaders in kids with high lead levels; officials raise awareness of problem

Wisconsin: Court panel keeps alive challenge to state redistricting

Wisconsin: Court panel keeps alive challenge to state redistricting

"W. enters my wife’s schoolboard race"

Not an Employee? Herman Cain Had Mailing and Email Addresses at Koch's Americans For Prosperity HQ

Bronzed Bull...

Pete Seger and Arlo Guthrie occupy Wall Street tonight.

Anybody on the West Coast just hear a big boom?

Dear Congress: The more you block the jobs bills, the more we OWS

Putting your kids in a new school because they have a bad teacher?

Herman Cain changes 999 to 909

Herman Cain changes 999 to 909

The Iraq War Ain’t Over, No Matter What Obama Says

Glenn Greenwald asks the question: Why did the US kill al-Awlaki's son?

9 Essential Geek Books You Must Read Right Now

Yemen Post: After 9 long months of hoping...the UN Security Council has unanimously agreed...

Senators call on job site to prohibit ads that display discrimination against the unemployed

WHY The Marines Are No Longer Allowed to ROLL UP THEIR SLEEVES!

Commodity traders: The trillion dollar club

Remember when ABC reported there were no members of Congress in the DC Madams black book?

What Sen. Durbin said of the republicans and war

That Teabagger Melissa Brookstone that is exhorting small businesses to Go Galt...

Chris Hayes show presents fresh new faces with fresh perspectives. No stale Pat Buchanan,

Seattle Du-ers..I have a question about the Viaduct.

A cheat sheet for Occupy defenders, in time for tonight's party

Wal-mart rolls care for it's workers.

The occupation of Toronto

Occupy Transborder (Detroit-Windsor)

Occupy Transborder (Detroit-Windsor)

Tea party leader: Occupy movement a ‘freak show,’ and Wall Street undeserving of blame for economy

As if further proof were needed that Birtherism=Racism

Steve Jobs told Obama he'd be a one-term president because he was too "anti-business"?

A Port Of Siri Assistant For iPad 2 Is Already In The Pipeline [SCREENSHOT]

UK MP Has Evidence: "There Was A Cover-Up"

State destroyed key records in Kansas Planned Parenthood case

A trip down memory lane: PJ Crowley's "Why We Went In: Version 10.0"

A trip down memory lane: PJ Crowley's "Why We Went In: Version 10.0"

"Occupy Hell"

just wanted to share "beauty" today

OWS Protesters Join Verizon Workers in March Against Corporate Greed

PIPE GRIPE: Roto-Rooter Faces Legal Action For Putting Unlicensed Plumbers to Work

Fall Entrepreneur

Damon's Grill and Sports Bar shuts down four Ohio locations; stiffs workers on final paychecks

Damon's Grill and Sports Bar shuts down four Ohio locations; stiffs workers on final paychecks

Russian Foreign Minister rebuffs McCain’s dig at Putin

Lifting the veil. Obama and the failure of capitalist democracy..full feature film

The Stimulus package should be rejiggered into a private/public partnership this a fearmongering Nostradamus-esque newsroom?

AZ /Brewer's immigration law suit tossed by Federal judge

Koch Brothers stand to reap huge windfall if Keystone pipeline project is approved

"It isn’t the Reverend Wright Scandal (Yet): Herman Cain’s “Liberal” Black Church Problem"

The Neocons Are Coming!

The Neocons Are Coming!

Boy shot at Cabela’s

#OCCUPYMARINES site needs more exposure and Likes and Tweets:

DEA Bans Essential Chemicals In Bath Salts

Mark Sanford To Fox News: Ex-South Carolina Governor Joins Network

Occupy Wall Street: be part of the whyoccupy conversation {w/ video}


Why this keeps happening

Toon: Medals

Mods..please tell me why this video was moved to Sept 11 forum?

I feel no need to cheer Gaddafi's demise or Iraq's troop withdrawal

I feel no need to cheer Gaddafi's demise or Iraq's troop withdrawal

92-year-old Pete Seeger Marches in Support of Occupy Wall Street

Killer Dillon, who hunted outdoorsmen, is dead

State destroyed key records in Kansas Planned Parenthood case Read more:

Answers to the Friday Afternoon Challenge!

They are against jobs of any kind

Perry's tax MASTER PLAN: Flat Tax, raises tax on lower & middle-income, giving breaks to wealthiest

Saudi crown prince Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud has died...

Panhandlers say ban will lead to crime increase

Durn. You bastards are still here.

Occupy Cleveland about to happen....

"TV's Frank" Conniff's take on leaving Iraq

Mitt Romney calls Obama Iraq withdrawal decision an ‘astonishing failure’

group ignorance: GOP presidential field unified in opposition to Iraq withdrawal

91-Year-Old Who Can’t Stand Unable To Get Voter ID In Tennessee

When Iraq descends into total chaos and the RW starts complaining


President Obama Presents the National Medals of Science & National Medals of Technology and Innovati

Ouch !!!

Yet ANOTHER reason why we need a people's movement like OWS if we expect true change!!!

Reich: The Flat-Tax Fraud, and the Necessity of a Truly Progressive Tax

Are regulations killing US jobs?

Mirror, mirror, on my windshield

BP created its own YouTube channel????

Anyone know more of Al Jazeera ties to US Intelligence? Apparently pretty close in recent years

earth to gop: Military families cheer end of Iraq war

Goldman Sachs Hacked?

Cadaver dog ‘hit’ inside house in Lisa Irwin case

Will American Troops Leave Iraq Better Off?

Animal Nuz - Aflac Duck and Geico Gecko caught in a what with W. Bushbaby?

Could you be playing Doom with your brain?

The Numbers Racket

Oxygen Losses Ground Stealth Fighters, Again

Saudi crown prince dies abroad after illness

War is over--Or IS it??

Koch brothers accidentally fund study that proves global warming

Cross-Border Solidarity: Occupy Detroit and Occupy Windsor to join forces Saturday


Facing Budget Cuts, War Contractors Pitch Spy Tech Equipment to Cops, Others for Domestic Use.

Streaming Live: ‘All About ALEC’: Get the scoop Saturday on the corporate machine that runs Scott W

OccupyAtlanta on LIVESTREAM

Letter: Republicans just can't seem to find extremist candidate who fits.

Toon: Bank Calling!

Oath Keepers defendant fights back tears as he whines about the government

EU Talks Yield ‘Limited’ Progress on Banks

BBC: Could a Russia-US rail tunnel be built?

Japanese mothers could use your help in confronting the Japanese "Nuclear Village"

In South Carolina, group backs Anita Hill for 20th year

Help finding that chart of Republican filibuster/cloture abuse that Maddow showed

Ha - Occupy Amsterdam has a DJ! Party on Amsterdam! Here's to you!


Batman movie to film at Occupy Wall Street?

Fast food giant lobbies for food stamps

How to fix congress - President and Congress need to put this into law

Will there be parades for returning Iraq Vets?

Goldman Sachs Runs Away...

posting for the Librarians...

I like how blunt the Brits were on Gaddafi

Are they charging admission to see Khaddafy's frozen body?

Wondering How Drug Cos Feel About the GOP's Life from Conception

Just a little more on a bad Man's death and law

(Dupe; self-delete)

Google Said To Consider Possible Yahoo Bid

Afghanistan to support Pakistan in case of war with U.S.

Work underway on China-ASEAN yuan trade settlement agreement: central bank official

The Guardian/News Blog: News Corporation annual shareholder meeting – as it happened.

BBC: V for Vendetta masks: Who's behind them?

The future of the #Occupy and the 99% Movement(s)

The future of the #Occupy and the 99% Movement(s)

What if John Kerry had won the 2004 election?

Geneva speed demon clocks 325 km/h

A rail tunnel linking Russia and the USA?

In Memoir, Rice Tells of Clashes With Cheney

Paul Krugman: "The Emperor Really Is Naked. All You Have To Do Is Get The People To Look."

Playing the patriotism card for 2012

Another child in China hit repeatedly by truck. Driver's first words are "How much should I pay?"

Shareholders call for News Corp chairman and his sons to resign from the scandal-torn media empire

son was thinking of gays struggle, living among fundamentalists. wrote a poem for them

Any recommendations as to who to read about Europe's financial crisis?

Here is another OWS thought I had. If the movement becomes one with a central leadership

Iraqi PM: US Withdrawal Triggered by Immunity Issue

Letter: On Kochs, Tea Party, Libertarians

Toon: Fat Heads

Republicans demand US sends millions of dollars to Libya

Heard Austan Goolsbee make an interesting statement the other morning on TV

kinda cute, sick, rude - Nixon joke...

Perry: Obama is endangering troops

Bank of America Trying To Stick Taxpayers With A $74 Trillion Bill By...

Anyone shocked to learn General Wes Clark was a close advisor to Obama these last couple years?

The 8 Most Overpaid CEOs In America - BusinessInsider

Iraq By The Numbers: The World’s Costliest Cakewalk

Iraq By The Numbers: The World’s Costliest Cakewalk

John Bolton: Obama Sabotaged Negotiations With Iraq In Order To Withdraw Our Troops

Major news network putting out the word for missing child Jaheysse Shockley

My review of "The Ides of March."

My review of "The Ides of March."

An Insurance Company With An Army

RIGHT NOW on livestream - OCCUPY ORLANDO standoff

Clarence Thomas is not above the law

Clarence Thomas is not above the law

On Iraq, Obama's GOP critics take the political low road

Panetta: Military's Training/Security Role in Iraq after 2011 "remains to be worked out."

Gaddafi Death Political Cartoons

Exotic pets USA: Tigers, big bucks and organised crime

RW sister's email

Another reason to hate Facebook

Warren Buffets Solution......

"Shame on us Chinese." Chinese writer reflects on the lack of response to child run over twice.

Seen any references to "Feds will temporarily cut off all TV ...

Do you think generally speaking that women would make better police officers than men?

Please help me out

How Many DUers knew the music of Edmundo Ros?

Study Shows Connection Between Brain Configuration and Social Networks


DU is more influential than you think.

DU is more influential than you think.

Super Congress to cut SS, Medicare, and Medicaid in order to preserve military industrial complex.

"I work in For-Profit Education. I hate myself for it. AMA."

So what is the right length of time for a war?

All of the right wing discussion accusing the President of withdrawing from Iraq too soon sends me

"The Economist" on climate change: "Little room for the doubters. The world is warming"

Scriverius' Salon Blog: Qaddafi's Killing Should Give US Pause

"Arabs are infiltrating their money into our system."

Occupy your money

Miss Representation is a MASTERPIECE, Please see it immediately.

A detailed step-by-step guide to leaving your big bank and joining a credit union

If everyone's debt is in so much trouble, why don't we just forgive all

Bernie Sanders: America's No1 socialist makes his move into the mainstream

Business The Housing Vs. Unemployment Chart That Should Make You Rethink Everything

Medicare Death Watch

The Atlantic: U.S. Troops Are Leaving Because Iraq Doesn't Want Them There

NYT- "Wall St. Protest Isn’t Like Ours, Tea Party Says"

NYT- "Wall St. Protest Isn’t Like Ours, Tea Party Says"

Did you get a cool idea forwarded to you in email?

As Sweden is changing to an American style economy there is an increasing number of young homeless

Delete - link not working

What were your most memorable moments of the Bush Administrations's reign?

W. enters my wife’s schoolboard race

"...a deepseated racial animus and a desire to suppress black votes..."

President Obama: The Nation We Need To Build Is Our Own.

Was Steve JOBS ever wrong about anything?!1 (told OBAMA he'd be one-term)

Don’t let the apparent ineptitude of the Republicon Party fool you.

'Occupy' camps provide food, shelter for homeless

John Travolta denied reservation at KFC

What is their end game?

"Cookie Monster" Offers Best Explanation Yet for Occupy Wall Street

"Cookie Monster" Offers Best Explanation Yet for Occupy Wall Street


EPA chief tells GOP to STFU

When the next big Teabagger protest happens...

Calvin explains big business!

#OCCUPYMARINES Are Preparing To Occupy America NATIONWIDE

Just a reminder, the GOP didn't actually Filibuster anything to kill the jobs bill says Lech Walesa won't attend OWS

Occupy Wall Street: Undercover Occupation

Republican Crowd Cheers As Tea Party Rep. Labrador Condemns Corporate Tax Dodgers

October 22, 1865, Ansonia, Connecticut: Pierre Lallement introduces the bicycle to America

Sleight of hand: BofA moves dodgy Merrill derivatives to bank

Unable to Get Simeone Fired, NPR Drops "World of Opera"

Christie Blatchford: ‘I would do it again’; court hears horror of alleged honour killing

Name Changers: 285 Indian girls no longer 'unwanted'

Third U.S. Citizen Killed by Obama’s Yemen Drone Strikes was a 16-Year-Old Boy

Colorado Springs first Occupy to get a permit..??

Has "The Rapture" happened?

OCCUPY the Internet

Like Rick Perry, Herman Cain USED to be a Democrat. Then transitioned from independent to Republican

Scientist may have verified "worst fears" of OWS - the capitalist network that runs the world

"Hey Fox & Friends, I Shower Everyday"

nbc nightly news....richard engel...iraq war wasn't worth it. soldiers are telling him this.

Sybil (70's mulitple personality story) was a complete fabrication (Salon)

Texas Cuts Weekend Inmate Meals to Two Per Day

Oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last...

Poorest place in US? McAllen, Texas, and here's why

"Perhaps the greatest propaganda trick I have seen in my lifetime"

Luckovich Toon - What's with the Stink Eye?

Average American Worker Pay v.s. Average American CEO Pay

I'm sick of people hiding behind the title of "Libertarian" !!...

White sheets may be bad for your sleep.

iPod turns 10: Has convenience and portability made music more disposable?

How Much Damage Can Bad Democrats Really Do? Take The Keystone XL Pipeline For Example

What Would Jesus Protest?

Tony Blair Is Getting Millions From A New Oil Rich Client

This Toon Kind Of Sums It Up... (You Should Read The Article Too, LOL!!!)

GOP would lets us all die if they thought that would get that black man out of the White House

GOP would lets us all die if they thought that would get that black man out of the White House

When Hitler killed himself in his bunker

The Occupy 99'ers need to vote out every incumbent that does not vote in our interests...

NEWS: Scientific analysis reveals financial 'super-entity' that controls global economy

I went to Zuccotti Park last night.

Walmart is trying to come into my town

In Alabama's schoolyards, more reports of bullying since immigration law passed

In Alabama's schoolyards, more reports of bullying since immigration law passed

Buffet's 'Congressional Reform Act.' Pass it on:

How to Piss Off Customers, or... "It's Really Symptomatic of the Whole Deal, isn't it?"

Please Read This... 'Occupy: Understand the Movement and Get Involved in Your Democacy'

2001-2011: What the Top 1-Percent Has Done For Us

Please do not start threads with "genitals" in them

Mopinko! Locking with flair!

If you could go back to a time and a place in history just to live there, not to change history,

Bunny rabbits are believed to be the most jealous mammals in the world.

B-r-r-r-r-r!!!! Just LOOKING at this gives me, um... you know -- cubicles.

Remember that your sweet li'l furball's perspective is different -- MUCH different -- from yours.

MiddleFingerMom has finally figured out why he can never find a pen when he needs one.

When woo and courts mix...


Long Island Ice Teas is what its all about tonight

Who are you? Who-who, who-who?

I'm ready for my closeup!

MSG, try findng chicken broth without it...I did but it had

Any Belle and Sebastian fans out there?

What's the deal with all of the "genital" threads??

She got 'da moves !

Now THAT'S one hell of a rack!

MiddleFingerMom wonders if this happens to others, too.

Lord Have Mercy! Raphael Saadiq Channels Motown!

So, what is everyone doing this early Saturday morning, I am watch the World's Dumbest on tv.

just can't wait to get on the road again

Test your DU intelligence quiz: Question #9

Gene Simmons hair resembles a black ShamWow

If you've recently been to an assisted nursing, or skilled nursing facility, have you ever thought..

Remember, Halloween is for kids so don't drink too much...

It would appear that I didn't get raptured last night.

Be very careful when shopping for seafood.....

Be very careful when shopping for seafood.....

Caturday: "Starting Out Small"

PHOTO: Bill Murray's WORST nightmare from Ghostbusters comes to life (CAUTION: GRAPHIC IMAGE)

PHOTO: "Oh yeah, baby... that's IT... a little to the left... let's see that pretty little pout..."

Just because it is cute - Oolong and the pancake hat...

MFM's first Halloween costume

MFM's first Halloween costume

I think I'm gonna lay off starting threads for a bit

Why kids avoid MFM's house on Halloween night.

Journey - Only the young

Alright - I now know

Why use Caps Lock when you can use this:

She's a superfreak... superfreak... she's superfreak-AYYYYY!!!!!

Time Out

I tried hot water and plunged to hell and back...

Re: graywarrior -- Let us NEVER forget... she is NOT to be trusted alone with a duck!!!

What to do with a grouse tail?

A girl at my kid's school just committed suicide.

A little classic John Sebastian for a quiet evening.

up a tree

Why couldn't David Cameron express remorse about John Travolta being denied a reservation at KFC?

Better looking than the real Snooki?

important science topic for the lounge

Pickapeppa. Thank you.

lol. nothing like... look at me, look at me


Jason Isaacs fans?

The best "Doors" album

Want to know the quickest way to get on my shit list?

Just irritating as heck

Goddamn - I saw Coldplay on the Today show this morning, and on last night's Colbert. What shit.

pot of mulligatawney soup simmering on the stove, big bowl of tabbouli in the fridge...

PopMech: 8 Hot Used Cars on Sale for Pennies on the Dollar

Today's College Football Thread

The official Muscle Car fan and discussion thread.

From 'The Zen of MiddleFingerMom Maintenance':

(Cue the theme from "Jaws") We're gonna need a bigger house.

PHOTO: When poutine is outlawed, only outlaws will eat poutine (dial-up warning)

the budster is a big boy :)

What Is Your Catch Phrase?

MFM got in trouble again for passing out the WRONG kind of Halloween treats.

When it comes to Intertubes connection, Kali's ranch is a forbidden zone... an elephant's graveyard.

UN Security Council calls for Yemen’s president to transfer power, immediately end violence

Jobless Rates Fell in Half of US States in September

Occupy Oakland says it's not going anywhere

Raitt suggests economy should be 'essential service'(Canada)

Raitt suggests economy should be 'essential service'(Canada)

Saab's reorganisation will fail, says administrator

Ex-Rep. Stupak says campaign money corrupting U.S. politics

WikiLeaks Honduras: US Linked to Brutal Businessman

Climate study confirms what skeptics scoffed at: global warming is real

Nato to end Libya campaign on 31 October

Iraq rejects US request to maintain bases after troop withdrawal

Appeal expected on disclosure of Prop. 8 donors

A little classic Johann Sebastian for a quiet afternoon

Senate Panel Approves Bill That Rewrites Education Law (NCLB)

Mitt Romney calls Obama Iraq withdrawal decision an ‘astonishing failure’

Fisker, electric carmaker backed by $529 million U.S. loan, balks at Solyndra comparison

Wal-mart rolls care for it's workers.

Koch brothers accidentally fund study that proves global warming

Judge dismisses Ariz. governor’s lawsuit against feds over border enforcement

Despite Difficult Talks, U.S. and Iraq Had Expected Some American Troops to Stay

Disabled people plan nationwide protests against cuts (UK)

Christie Blatchford: ‘I would do it again’; court hears horror of alleged honour killing

D.E.A. Bans Chemicals Used in ‘Bath Salts’

(California) warns 26,000 prison workers of layoffs

Official: EU banks have to raise $140 billion

In South Carolina, group backs Anita Hill for 20th year

Poorest place in US? McAllen, Texas, and here's why

Tony Blair Is Getting Millions From A New Oil Rich Client

Nevada GOP agrees to shift presidential caucuses to Feb. 4, avoid election calendar fight

Federal judge throws out 3 charges in Danziger Bridge case (New Orleans post-Katrina)

In Memoir, Rice Tells of Clashes With Cheney

To make a quick but AWESOME countertop grilled cheese sandwich, just turn your toaster on its side.

Jury Convicts (R) Consultant of Stealing Campaign Money From (NYC mayor) Bloomberg

That's a funny song for an atheist to be singing

Prince Sultan bin Abdel Aziz of Saudi Arabia Dies

Fisker: No misuse of federal loan - Says money spent in US

Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Sultan al Saud has died.

Hillary Clinton chides Central Asians on human rights

BP wins approval to resume drilling in Gulf of Mexico

President Obama praises troops, says time is now to rebuild economy

Iraq PM says failed talks on immunity for US soldiers led to full American military withdrawal

Iraq PM says failed talks on immunity for US soldiers led to full American military withdrawal

State Senator Scott White found dead

Lawmakers open to changes in military benefits

NASA Is Considering Fuel Depots in the Skies

Pete Seeger and Pals Attend (Occupy Wall Street) NYC Protest Action

'Occupy London' start camp in Finsbury Square

Gaddafi's playboy son Saif 'makes bid for freedom across the desert'

Tea Party Halloween costume suggestions needed

Marco Rubio admits wrong dates in Cuban parents 'exile'

Man with knife attacks Occupy N.M. protesters

Afghanistan to back Pakistan if wars with U.S.: Karzai

Population of world 'could grow to 15bn by 2100'

How have depression / anxiety / other mental illnesses affected your life or the lives of others?

The Effects of Surveillance on a Society's Psyche

Too Big to Fail?

Charlie Brooker's How to Report the News

Occupy Together

Occupy Wall Street Begins Investigation of RW Media Smear of Antisemitism

Herman Cain; Flip Flop More Than IHOP

Weekly Address: Bringing Home Our Troops

Testimony of Libya - Lizzy Phelan

Roseanne Barr appears at Occupy Wall Street protest.

Bernice King.... We Should Never Adjust

O'Reilly: The USA Did Not Intervene When Hitler Rose To Power

Occupy Wall Street Protests And Herman Cain

Second weekend of 'Occupy' protests in Germany

Is Herman Cain Pro-Life?


Hundreds target Wal-Mart chairman outside DC fundraiser

NYPD Violently use horses against Occupy Wall STreet protesters - 10-15-11

"They live, we sleep" the 1% vs the 99%

Herman Cain: Fire BAD, Bread GOOD, Wine GOOD, Homosexuality a sin and a choice people make

drinkingwithbob hates Occupy Wall Street AGAIN...

Fascinating Stuff: 'Eddy, Ex Cop In New York City, On #OWS'

Cenk at Occupy Wall Street - Bank of America Dangerous Derivatives Deal

MC Moneypenny - Tap that A$$et (OWS Rap)

Robert Reich responds to 'How do we Occupy Obama?' at OccupySF

Pete Seeger and Occupy Wall Street Sing 'We Shall Overcome' at Columbus Circle (10/21/11)

Did Australians unmask Sasha Baron Cohen’s latest character?

Did John Bolton Just Admit All These Wars Are For Oil?

Occupy Wall Street, with Paul Krugman - Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Murdoch-Gate, with Tom Watson, MP - Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Pete Seeger Joins Occupy Wall Street Late-Night March Down Broadway (10/21/11)

Young Turks: Fox News/News Corp Tax Breaks & OWS

Naomi Wolf Explains Our Constitutional RIGHT To Peacefully Assemble

Mitt Romney's Housing "Plan"

Sign Of The Times: Arrests In The Wisconsin Assembly Gallery; 10 Cops, Really?

Keiser Report Occupies World! (E200 Special)

Screw Obama! I'm casting my vote for John Clarkson!

There is GOP caused gridlock in Washington. When Americans

NATO Will Cease Operations In Libya On October 31, Exactly 7 Months Since Intervention Began

Weekly Address: Bringing Home Our Troops (VIDEO)

Bill Maher On GOP: They Are All Like The Banks – They Wont’ Give A Black Man Credit - VIDEO

Statement from Sen. Sanders on President Obama's Iraq Withdrawal Announcement

In The War On Terror Predident Obama Is Marshall Matt Dillon, Bush* Was Barney Fife

Tell all your friends and family in Ohio, Michigan, N.C: Obama signed the 3 "free trade" deals Fri

Obama administration wanted to keep troops in Iraq

Obama praises troops, says time is now to rebuild economy

So Marco Rubio's Parents Were Economic And Not Political Refugees

Another loser from PolitiFact: Joe Biden accurately citing accurate crime stats = 'Mostly True'

Washington Post: Herman Cain Plays the Race Card and Plays it his Way

Remember this?

has Michele Bachmann admitted yet that her whole campaign staff quit?

Silicon Valley makes a big investment in Obama's reelection

Should Barack Obama have issued a message of condolences over the death of Muammar Gaddafi?

Michelle Obama & Jill Biden announce new initiative to hire returning veterans & military spouses

I retract my long standing prediction of a Rubio Presidency in 2016.

BTW....The "Status of Forces Agreement" was Bush agreement when Obama Presidency Threatened.

Thank you Michael Moore for your idealism

All U.S. Troops in Iraq are coming home. U.S. Troops are Army, Marines, etc. NOT paid civilians.

Take that Obama!

Obama Must Fire Tim Geithner..............

Iraq Prime Minister: It was Iraq who refused to let U.S. troops remain in Iraq

Herman Cain: Huckster-in-Chief

Military families "delighted" and "ecstatic" at end of Iraq war

I love him

Does Obama deserve Nobel after 'amount of people he has killed'?

Thank you, President Obama, for pulling all troops from Iraq

Compared to Bush, Obama is a slight improvement. Discuss.

Thinking about not supporting Obama in 2012? Check this Common Dreams (2000) column dissing Gore...

Testimony on Libya = by Lizzy Phelan

Glenn Greenwald: About that Iraq withdrawl --- Iraqi government refused to let them stay.