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Dungeon Leader Forced Siblings Into Incest, Prostituton, Brother Claims

Bolivia natives camp at presidential place

Bolivia natives camp at presidential place

If Qaddafi had been banned from DU, then the gravedancing threads would be locked.

S.C. GOP Operative: AP Story Showing Impact Of Voter ID On Blacks ‘Proves EXACTLY’ Why Law Is Needed

S.C. GOP Operative: AP Story Showing Impact Of Voter ID On Blacks ‘Proves EXACTLY’ Why Law Is Needed

Clay Bennett hits another home run with today's cartoon.

I only listened to 1 minute of Savage Wiener

MIT economist: Wall Street created worst recession since WWII

City Won’t Give ‘Occupy Charlotte’ Protesters Porta-Potties

U.S. Median Income Falls To $26,364; Pessimism Reaches 10-Year High; 16,000 New Millionaires

If Obama were a Republican, he'd be on Mount Rushmore right now

Obama awards Presidential Citizens Medal to Roger Kemp, 12 others

I'm amazed - Senate approves Obama's Commerce Secretary - Bryson

We Are the 99 Percent, Just sharing a link if you want to post yours.

To make you smile.

An American Tourist in North Korea

Ezra Klein: Ron Wyden, Senator From Planet Where Congress Works

A Beautiful Lifetime Love - Iowa Couple Married 72 Years Dies Holding Hands, an Hour Apart

US drone fired missile at Gadhafi convoy

Wall Street Worried. (Crying in their champagne)

Shamar Thomas coming up on

The 53% Myth: Working Poor Pay More Of Their Income In State And Local Taxes Than The Rich In 49 Sta

Qaddafi is dead because of something Ronald Reagan did in 1986

Pollster Who Attacked Occupy Wall Street Touts Business Relationship With Citibank

The Other Occupation: How Wall Street Occupies Washington

Hammurabi's Building Code & Bankers -- Nassim Taleb (Video)

Birth control Ilegal

Bank of America Bosses Find Friend in the Fed: Jonathan Weil

New: Lawrence O’Donnell Interviews Marine Who Confronted NYPD Officers At OWS - VIDEO

Marco Rubio has some explainin' to do. Such a shame- caught in his own web.

Dana Loesch Plays the Nazi Card to Attack #OWS - Calls Them 'The Epitome of Greed'

Col Gaddafi killed: convoy bombed by drone flown by pilot in Las Vegas

Killer Politics: How Big Money and Bad Politics Are Destroying the Great American Middle Class

Self-deleted by member

Someone call David Vitter! Diaper fetishist cleared in disability case.

So Rachel Maddow once again invites the Koch brothers to appear on her show...

A Call to Pull Reins on Rapid-Fire Trade

Chavez says Gaddafi is a martyr

If it gets too cold for the OWS we could always move it inside.

WOW! Top climate skeptics admit: Oooops. Climate scientists were right all along.

No surprise that on a big news day (re: Gadhafi) that Sarah Palin woud crawl out from under her rock

Somali women humanitarian workers convicted on ‘terrorism’ charges

Somali women humanitarian workers convicted on ‘terrorism’ charges

Should DU modify the 'alert' feature to include comments which say "Unrec"?

Republicans block another jobs bill

An attractive alternative to the law and justice system

“The poor have been rebels, but they have never been anarchists"

If you're a....

To be a woman is to always be striving for an unattainable ideal of beauty

As OWS grows there is a definite ...disturbance in the force

Senate GOP kills Obama plan to subsidize hiring of teachers, first responders - @AP

Occupy Wall Street: Who Are We ? - TheNewYorker

Thanks, mods!

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

Keeping Libya's promise after Gaddafi's death

Why empathy expanded in the last 300 years: literacy. I'm reading in

The 1% Are Changing The Law To Shut Down Occupy Wall St.

Though boys throw stones at frogs in sport, the frogs do not die in sport, but in earnest.

Occupy Bank of America?

Hey, Mittens.

The only winning move is not to play

The only winning move is not to play

Halloween Decoration Removed From Brooklyn Home After Being Called Racist

So, now Investors Business Daily is basically crying crocodile tears for Gaddafi

an other earthquake in the east bay.

Quick Reminder Of A Great Quake Reporting Service Of The USGS

Man dies after violence mars protest rally

Another Bay Area earthquake moments ago. It felt larger than the earlier one but

For military vets, finding a job after serving no easy task

Who killed Gaddafi? (poll)

FED DESPERATION HITS: Get Ready For The Mother Of All Yield Chases

Libya's Oil Production Could Quadruple In A Year,AP/BI (Good Article about Gahdafi & Oil Interests)

You know you want to knit a sweater for a penguin

"Any movement that protests for a living wage is the epitome of greed"

Republicrats Join Opposition in Blocking Jobs Bill (Again)

How the Arab World is Viewing the Fall of Qaddafi

How the Arab World is Viewing the Fall of Qaddafi

A thought on the earned income tax credit

Seems it was a French plane that strafed Qaddafi's car

America Pleased With Killing of Thing

THIS is the America I love -- we just need to remember what we're all about

"I didn't want my body to be opened..."

Senator Rubio would like you to know that

Turm on Ed Shultz to watch an RW attemped ambush

Wisconsin State AFL-CIO President: A plan to rebuild Wisconsin's middle class

"Honk if you want to indict the banksters."

Louisiana bans using cash in sales of second-hand goods

Occupy Wall Street: Outing The Ringers

Occupy website born in Lincoln (Ne) Occupy Together 1 out of every 2,000 Internet users

Rachel Maddow's Man Cave!!!

BOA has transferred trillions of worthless derivatives to American insured banks

Do you get profit sharing at work?

Google Boosts Lobbying Spending Amid Probes

Rubio & Jindal Being Targeted By The Birthers

And now....more wisdom from wingnut e-mail

Toon: GOP voting Sticker

Toon: GOP voting Sticker

Question: Do Congresspersons get financial supplements for chairing or working on committees?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr: The Fracking Industry's War On The New York Times -- And The Truth

OWS is holding up a mirror steady and clear.

Greece passes new austerity bill amid riots

Where is a list of the "no" votes from yesterday's job's bill? I want to call them and ask "why?"

I'm getting a Malware Detected Warning from Google Chrome that a thread on here may contain a virus

RW post on FB: The new generation of kids needs to learn how to fail. No, you're kid is not special.

My post on the Busan Aid Effectiveness Conference

When is it "taxation without representation"? When my congresspeople dont vote for what the majority

US Senate GOP to Teachers and First Responders: Fuck You!

“My gosh, [Cain] is certainly one of us, far more so than Barack Obama,” Sowell said,

“My gosh, [Cain] is certainly one of us, far more so than Barack Obama,” Sowell said,

News that Makes you Go ‘Hunh’?

Malware attack poses as bloody photos of Gaddafi's death

Toon: One of the following leads to change....

Toon: One of the following leads to change....

Do you agree with the way the media have published images of Gaddafi's death?

Lindsey Graham is an idiot.......

dear america...there is a jobs bill in congress and the republicans are killing it.

OWS supporter Lupe Fiasco - "Words I Never Said"

Stating the obvious. Somebody has to say it.

What do conservatives REALLY believe in?

Toon: Good Grief, GOP!

How would you dress up like an libertarian for Halloween?

UCB Criminal Fraud Case: Email Warned Bank up for TARP 'Disastrous'

Another ethical hypothetical for the pacifists among us.

Another ethical hypothetical for the pacifists among us.

Marco Rubio himself, is in fact an Anchor Baby

To those expressing outrage/ sorrow at the manner of Gadaffi's killing today, a question:

Call your republican senator* and let them have it

Greek civil servants plan new strikes next week

Two Minutes Hate

Logan Square Sinkhole Has Concerned Resident Demanding Better Street Repair

Warning by States as Tax Revenues Fail to Rebound

Anyone notice that youtube no longer has "most discussed" and "top rated" in news and politics?

"Republicans are against investing in infrastructure unless it's

Jon Bon Jovi's Pay-What-You-Can Eatery

the fake fingernail fire

Hey, all -- Found this on Immoral Minority Website re: OWS -- MUST READ!

Sister of Ohio exotic animal owner who killed self says brother likely overwhelmed financially

Does the media even need to ask the ? Should Obama Get Credit For Gadhafi? Hell No.

FBI Finally Votes to Expand Definition of Rape

Adam Levine: "Dear Fox News. Don't play our music on your evil fucking channel ever again."

Canada's Libya mission to end in 2 weeks

I.R.S. Raises Maximum Annual 401(k) Contribution

Cloud that can hold water for ages

Cloud that can hold water for ages

Herman Cain to scrap minimum wage in poorest areas?

Herman Cain to scrap minimum wage in poorest areas?

Wal-Mart Cuts Some Health Care Benefits

OWS pirate radio a possibility. Their latest tweet:

Toles Rant: Friday Rant: Credit where credit isn’t due edition

They voted against jobs bill for surprises here

Foreign buyers scooping up U.S. homes

Hanford's Nuclear Option (catastrophic mismanagement)

Hanford's Nuclear Option (catastrophic mismanagement)

The teabaggers are all wrong about 2 of the founding fathers if not all of them.

Gay Adoptions Triple Over Last Decade

My wife said this morning.

Russ Feingold and Progressives United want you to give the "super committee" a piece of your mind.

Paul Krugman Blog- Trying To Unwarp The Debate

Unions hail "success" of sixth education strike in Madrid

When the weather gets bad this Winter Romney claims in-state tuition program for illegal immigrants acts as "magnet" but...

Offshore Turbines More Powerful than First Nuclear Plant

Even the History Channel put the Crumbling of America on again...

Marco Rubio is a Whore , attacking Obama for not getting Gaddafi earlier

Fuck the Tea Party.

Fuck the Tea Party.

Japan, 6 months later.

More than one in five people in Spain live below poverty line

10 Key Internet Trends From Mary Meeker

If you really want a no holds barred look at big city politics...

Hermann Cain's "Whine, Whine, Whine" Campaign

Hermann Cain's "Whine, Whine, Whine" Campaign

Has anyone mentioned that "Cain" was a rather unpleasant character in the Bible?

We are the 99.999999923%

How the Austerity Class Rules Washington

"An Unblushing Career of Undressing Women"

Ohio Police Feared Escaped Exotic Animals Might Jump Into GOP Race

The Rude Pundit: Why Wall Street and Everywhere Else Need to Be Occupied

The Rude Pundit: Why Wall Street and Everywhere Else Need to Be Occupied

No longer relevant

Commodity Traders: The trillion dollar club

Reports: Cain spends campaign cash to buy his book

Has anyone read Chomsky or Chalmers Johnson or like authors?

Isn't today the day the Murdoch scumbags face

Voting Records of Ben Nelson and other DINOS

#OccupyLosAngeles: WTF's going on!?

If Obama really wants to fund teachers, police and firefighters, it needs to be longer term.

Meet the Tar Sands PR Wizard

Taxi Workers Become a Union—Officially

LGBT Big Money Bundlers for Obama

The new Detroit model... stimulus that doesn't need Republican votes.

Is the National Security Complex Too Big to Fail?

OMG! I just learned that my sense of humor KILLS FASCISTS!

The Chinese toddler that was run over by two vehicles and left in the street - has died.

Bravo Joe Biden

could you kill someone breaking into your house?

News International to pay $3.2 million to family of murdered schoolgirl whose phone was hacked

"Occupy Obama" Could Turn Up Heat on the Democrats

Occupy London: Demo forces St Paul's Cathedral to close (BBC)

Go to an Occupy Event. Express Yourself Letter to the Editor

Big Rig Crashes Spilling 5,000 Chickens onto Freeway + Marco Rubio

Child run over in China... report on BBC

GA - Over One Thousand Wait for Free Medical Care

Russ Feingold and Progressives United want you to give the "super committee" a piece of your mind.

I wonder... if Obama needed a vote of Congress to bring the troops

Calling All Liberals: It's Time to Fight

The Hawthorne Effect in Journalism: Examples from the Middle East

Live coverage of the Murdoch shareholders meeting

Sen. Sherrod Brown Fights to Create Jobs & Grow the Economy - Gotta love it!

Obama to speak in two minutes on Iraq withdrawal (12:46pm EST)

New York Civil Liberties Union: Stop blanket surveillance of ‘Occupy Wall St.’

Sen. Sanders Gathers Economists for his Planned Fed Overhaul Bill

Damned odd campaign strategy

Thank you President Obama

Great song for OWS

Do you support the killing of 16 year old Denver born American who spoke out against the US?

Riddle me this. Why are banks pushing debit card fees and some financial

Budget Costume Ideas

Budget Costume Ideas

No Democracy For The Womb

President Obama Nominates Thomas Hoenig, Big Bank Critic, To FDIC Board Of Directors

I hear Mitch MConnell and Boehner saying, "Damn!" in response to the President's

Did the rapture rupture?

Alleged ‘Skills Gap’ Takes Spotlight Off Who’s to Blame for Massive Jobs Shortage

Six-figure salaries, but homeless - job seekers heading to North Dakota, sleeping outside

World Leaders React To The Death Of Muammar Gaddafi (Mr. Fish)

Bye Bye Euro? It's Back: FT Deutschland Pronounces Deutsche Mark's Return, Prices Itself At 4.11 DM

Now that the troops in Iraq are coming home, will Syria unbury all of Saddam's WMD's?

Miss me yet?

SEC Doing Collusion Deals With Big Banks over Dodgy CDO Deals? - FDL

SEC Doing Collusion Deals With Big Banks over Dodgy CDO Deals? - FDL

Math Lesson

Ridership on Public Transportation Continues to Rise in 2011

Obama signs three long-delayed trade pacts into law

Do you think, in general, Americans feel we are morally superior?


Peaceful Occupy Melbourne protest brutally evicted

WAR IS OVER, for my sister...

Our Guide to Obama’s Floundering Foreclosure Programs

Should I post this in the Sept. 11th forum?

Do you think the CIA had anything to do with Kaddafi's death?


Will the right ask for credit for Bush for bringing the troops home? They better not!

CNN: U.N. Security Council set to vote on resolution condemning Yemen

Wall St. To Be Bailed Out Again

How Dare John McCain stand in our Capitol and snub the U.S. Military!

Wells Fargo Mails Statements to Wrong Customers

Quelle Surprise !!!: Homeless anti-Semite was around long before Occupy Wall Street

Giffords reads aloud part of her memoir

Mayor Bloomberg Promises To Start Arresting More Occupy Wall Street Protesters - Gothamist

*Big Grin* - "What If Everybody Is Too Busy Occupying Everywhere?"

Parents For Occupy Wall Street...

Car Company Gets U.S. Loan, Builds Cars In Finland (Fisker)

Study links pollutants to a 450 percent increase in risk of birth defects

Cantor cancels Penn visit (found out it was open to the public)

Soliciting Prostitution (RE: NJ Mayor story)

GOP - No Fly Zone

Gov. Jan Brewer (r): Obama 'lectured me'

Turkey, Iran to collaborate against terrorism

French Jet Halted Qaddafi’s Escape From Stronghold

Guatemalan president apologizes to son of Jacobo Arbenz for U.S..-organized 1954 coup

Danziger- You got yore Papers?

Marco Rubio is a big fat liar!!!!

Update on Baby Lisa (tweet)

Update on Baby Lisa (tweet)

Update on Baby Lisa (tweet)

#OccupyBoston on Facebook reporting $4,736.85 paid for bail by #OccupyCincinnati

Cadaver dogs reporting a hit at home of missing baby in MO

Live vote: Was the Iraq war worth the human and financial cost?

Dr. Cornel West and others being arrested now in Harlem OWS Protest by NYPD.....

Bachmann’s N.H. Staff Quits En Masse

Bachmann’s N.H. Staff Quits En Masse

Proposed Format For Next GOP Debate...

YUMMY Scott Tenorman tears UPDATE: "Rupert Murdoch faces angry investors"

Say something once, why say it again?

Graffiti Art on Burger King Billboard near Seattle

The dirty f'in hippies...

Here’s how America got so fucked up

I'm hoping against hope that anyone decrying the manner of Qaddafi's death were against ANY U.S.

In Case You Missed This... 'Message To Occupy Wall Street: You’ve Already Won…'

Our Sacred Duty

Obama: "It's my hope that Libya will have a functioning democracy, and that someday the U.S. will"

Why Does "Gadaffi" Have Different Spellings?

Max Adler Wants More Artists, Less Bullies

Paul Ryan Tells Student He Should Work Three Jobs To Pay For College, Not Use Pell Grants

Math ... My 8 year old son came up with a way to do multiplication that makes it easy to do large #s

Bachmann's New Hampshire Staff: We Quit!

Romney, Bachmann blast Obama on Iraq

Tweety on the withdrawal and Rubio - hahahaha

Jon Stewart to Republicans: WTF is wrong with you?

McCain statement re: troop withdrawl from Iraq ("harmful and sad setback ")

All US troops out of Iraq by end of year just reported on CNN.

PHOTO: Michael Lobdell, 2011 Milken Educator Award Winner.

Ron Paul Slept Here: Peeking Inside Politicians' Homes On The Market

Dear Herman,

Meanwhile, in Canada

Steve jobs told Obama he would be a one termer for over-regulating business.

Something I didn't realize regarding OWS/Zuccotti Park

Protest held outside Marco Rubio's Florida office (After his NO vote on jobs bill)

15 things you need to know about the Steve Jobs bio

Remember Billy Carter and Khadafy controversy?

Former Obama National Security Aide Running To Get Lee Hamilton's House Seat Back

Tweet of the Day: Bet a lot of you didn't even know Target sells a painting of a little girl

We bathe, we scent ourselves & dress nicely, BUT

First Mexican truck to enter US interior

Mike Check...Five Guys... in Phoenix ....has offered... their toilie

Rejected Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Flavors

Some Relative Costs of Democratic Administration Military Interventions

Conservative talk Show to OWS tomorrow...

The more ReTHUGS expose Herman KochCain

Paul Ryan agrees with OWS...I Don’t Disparage Anybody Who Wants To Air Their Grievances’

Job Killers

Mitt Romney, Bad Lip Reading..Very Funny.

The Dow History from 1976 to today -

This is how the media does it "Days after Obama visit, NC sees jobless rate inch up"

OOOOH, that's gonna leave a MARK: "Bachmann 2012 Campaign Staffers In New Hampshire Quit"

Senate Dems press ahead with latest piece of jobs bill, investment in infrastructure

Petition on website has 70,000+ signatures

Study finds minority consumers will voluntarily pay more for goods and services to assert status


Steve Jobs ranted, raged against Android as 'grand theft'

Steve Jobs ranted, raged against Android as 'grand theft'

City issues 30-day permit to protesters

Barack Obama has been one of the greatest foreign policy presidents of recent times...

Protests Are A Payday For Security Firms

Sen. Reid: "Serious Concern" About Keystone Pipeline -- "Renewables Instead"

Fawzia Koofi, Afghanistan’s First Female President?


reverend al is showing all the lies bu$hco used to take us to war

The boys and girls will be home for the Holidays

US airstrike apparently kills Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, 16-year old son of Anwar al-Awlaki

Call It Democracy by Bruce Cockburn

Who is on Real Time tonight? (I only get HBO Canada website which does not tell me). Thanks.

7.6 QUAKE--Raoul Island

Lawsuit: Blacks Blatantly Kept Off Alabama Juries

No'Amor Qaddafi - The Daily Show, October 20, 2011

They Make Me Want to Curse!

I wonder how long it'll take for "warmonger" to get used here again...

Chicago Traders Mock Protesters: ‘We Are The 1 Percent Paying For This, You Are Paying For 1 Percent

Student Loan Debt Reaches $1 Trillion

Boeing Dreamliner’s Composite Repairs Questioned by U.S. Agency

Rubio's parents had been here FIFTEEN years before he was born

Officials: US drone fired in Gadhafi strike; administration looking ahead to Libya’s future

The GOP have had the advantage because their followers are in a bubble. Obama

What is the Achilles Heel of the 1%?

Tonight on Countdown: Paul Krugman, Naomi Wolf, Tom Watson, Tim Dickinson

ROVE group WARNS Republicans that Obama's tax message is working

New Republican Trend: Secret Town Halls

I have not posted in a while....

Pics: #OccupyLosAngeles march on FOX studios

Was Iraq War Worth The Costs? Online Poll at MSNBC.COM


Cenk Uygur Launches New Effort To Separate Money And Politics

Oakland orders Occupy protesters to leave plaza

Geez CNBC million dollar portfolio challenge being restarted due to cheating.

The CIA and Walt Disney Co. were used to persuade the Japan public into accepting nuclear power

Marines Forbidden to Roll Up Sleeves

How many ways call you spell KIDAFFY?

It will be a great day in America whenever...

Ohio Gov. John Kasich Denies the Obvious: He Could Have Prevented The Exotic Animal Tragedy

Former Governor (and hiker) Sanford hired by...wait for it...Faux Snooze

President Obama Chooses Democracy Over Short-Term Security Interests In Iraq

Got an older relative in a "red state"? a student? Stumped for a Christmas gift?

Got an older relative in a "red state"? a student? Stumped for a Christmas gift?

Rupert Murdoch and sons reelected to News Corp. board

Primal Propensity for Disgust Shapes Political Positions

Gadhafi body stashed in shopping center freezer

Man charged with assault after licking a woman's scraped knee

So When MA stripped the foreclosure buyer of property, he lands up owner of the mortgage instead.

Rubio plans to correct Senate biography

Woman allegedly beaten with frozen armadillo

Why computer voices are mostly female the troops are going home what?

First Texas Did Away With Last Meals for Prisoners; Now it's Axing Lunch on Weekends

President "Obama announces full American military withdrawal from Iraq"

1%-99% - Kipplinger Calculator - See where you fall based on gross income

AP: 1st Mexican truck scheduled to enter US interior today

I'm damn happy the troops are leaving Iraq...

California Attorney General asks feds for restraint on medical pot

CBD cannabinoid COMPLETELY prevents neuropathic pain from breast cancer chemo

Toon: Are you better off?

actual NY Post "GRAPHIC" cover (not a joke, not the onion)

Toon - Those are the hopes and Dreams of Poor People!

Why didn't Gaddafi go into exile in Switzerland?

If you need new computer hard drives, buy ASAP.

Further proof that the upcoming end of Joe Lieberman's political career might be better than sex

Suggestion to all lurking teabaggers

Rethink Breast Cancer Presents: Your Man Reminder

It's Not Just Unemployment -- New Data Shows Working Americans' Pay Is "Awful"

New - tokidoki® Barbie® Doll

heads up = Seattle and King County/free flue shots

U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor cancels Wharton speech (because it was going to be open to the Public)

Cain/Bachmann 2012? (pic)

Live protest in Harlem. Cornell West may be arrested again.

People Are Awesome: This Church Is Divesting Millions from Bank of America

Obama willing to gut Sarbanes-Oxley to get corporate support for jobs bill

Pic of the day: The Queen with WNBA player Elizabeth Cambage

Pic of the day: The Queen with WNBA player Elizabeth Cambage

Toon: It's a Joke!

It's time for the OWS meme to die...

Pic going around Facebook.

How them bosses win...

Um terrível pitbull vs gatinho...

A few thoughts for new folks here.

If you supported the Libyan war on "humanitarian principle" you supported the Iraq war also. Period.

Maybe some people are fated to live under the heel of a boot.

Mike Thompson toon pisses off the GOPers again

How much do they hate Obama?

Occupy" protesters ordered to leave or be fined

I don't get it...why are people supporting taking down Qaddafi but not Saddam Hussein?

#OWS: Sorry for the inconvenience

It Was Gaddafi Who Decided Whether He Would Have A Trial Or Not

Wal-Mart Cuts Health Care Benefits While Increasing Premiums!

Massive study concludes: 'Global warming is real'

For $1 Billion, One Dictator

The True Cost Of Just The FIRST Bank Bailout: $3.5 Trillion- Rising At Over $1 Trillion Every Year

Rednecks planning protest of Scott Walker speech in TN

I'm-a gonna shill fer somebody... AFL-CIO has up its WORKING AMERICA pro-OCCUPY web page, etc.

I'm-a gonna shill fer somebody... AFL-CIO has up its WORKING AMERICA pro-OCCUPY web page, etc.

I'm-a gonna shill fer somebody... AFL-CIO has up its WORKING AMERICA pro-OCCUPY web page, etc.

Obama Has Written Personal Checks To Struggling Americans

Orange man sure backed off fast from the accusation

Here's How To Live Well On $11,000 A Year

NYPD asserts that 2nd DEGREE ASSAULT does not apply to 30-year-man TONY BOLOGNA

Fox Attacks Facebook Jobs Initiative After Tea Party Started Pressuring Businesses Not To Hire

One More SEC/Citigroup Sweetheart Deal - Five Reasons to Be Outraged

stock market investing rule #1

Investigation By Bernie Sanders Finds That Wall Street Runs Our Government

Investigation By Bernie Sanders Finds That Wall Street Runs Our Government

David Sirota: W. enters my wife’s schoolboard race

PHOTO: Firefighters save dog

Ominous Pic Here...

Hamline prof's post on student loan debt goes viral (OWS 99%)

Facebook Building Shadow ProfilesOf Non-Members, Experts Allege | Fox News

The Rude Pundit: A Few Bits of Advice for National Public Radio

Appreciation thread for AlienGirl

Bachmann staff quits en masse...not paid for over 1 month

Out of 37 million compaines 147 companies control 40% of total wealth. Banks? Why YES!

Please DU this poll on Scott Walker recall:

Dylan Ratigan is a douchebag! He and Joe Scarborough must be twins. Interesting


How to Make Banks Really Mad: Occupy Foreclosures

WOW !!! - 'Portuguese Army Joins Protesters' - Economico

UPenn Disputes Cantor’s Explanation For Cancellation, Says Speech Was Always Open

About that Iraq withdrawal...

Poor Parents Go To Prison For Sending Their Kids To A Wealthy School

If globalization is so great, for example, NAFTA/CAFTA, why is our country so

Does Rick Perry really think he's entitled to the presidency

Corporate Welfare Turns BofA into a Fat, Lazy, Extorting Corporate Welfare Queen

NJ GOP Mayor Has ‘No Idea’ How Rentboy Got Sexy Pictures of Him

DU this poll on OWS

DU this poll on OWS

Eric Cantor Runs Away...

Why couldn't Obama express remorse over the way in which Gaddafi was brutalized & executed?



A Gay Wedding Windfall for New York

Bring Back the Glass-Steagall Act

Chávez: Gaddafi will be remembered as a martyr

Free "We Are The 99%" bumper stickers at Democracy For America...

Prop. 8 Supporters Lose Financial Disclosure Case

Open letter from a union in support of Occupy Portland; deeply true words...

My World Atlas says that Libya has the highest standard of living of any country in Africa...

Here is what today's discussion reveal


This place has changed......for the worse

This place has changed......for the worse

Oh Boy... The Right-Wing Does NOT Like This... 'Banker's Wife Joins Occupy Protests' - Newser

"Pentagon Looking Safe from the Super Committee's Cuts" (Dwarfed by SS, Medicare, Medicaid cuts)

Zuccotti Park neighbors furious at OWS

It's bad enough when the IRS fucks up and you have to pay, but then getting hit by a drunk driver...

Free Libya Wrapup

Occupation check-in thread. How is the Occupation doing in your town?...

The Friday Afternoon Challenge returns! Today for all you art detectives: Paintings with a Past

An act we never faced up to. Dropping two atomic bombs on Japan.

What Happens When You Outlive Your Financial Resources?

Hey Republicans, at least show some diginity

5 Common Crime Fighting Tactics (Statistics Say Don't Work)

A sad day for American jobs

Was she "set up" by CBS...or just suffering jet lag....

Is it racist to fire a teacher for antisemitism?

Is it racist to fire a teacher for antisemitism?

Which dictator/leader/asshole will be the next to be tossed out of power due to a peoples uprising?

Chicago's math and science scores worst ever...years of reform not working?

Qaddafi’s People’s Temple

As God as my witness....Can an Atheist say that?--- I will never again fly Southwest Airlines.

I am trying to add more friends.

Men-Ups, Men Posing like Classic Female Pin-Up Models

Late Night Tales Series - your thoughts?

Have you given up on life? Do you wanna eat your slop from a bucket?

Right who's idea was it to do an American Top Gear?

Bjork's dad had to have been the Inuit plummer.

Can you name this tune in less than one note...

The day Mr. Fluffers finally snapped and ate his best friend, Ratso Schizo:

I heart Rooster Sauce

So, what are you going to do for Halloween? Any good ideas for warm costumes?

We interrupt Lounge programming to bring this special (but very odd) report...

A FB share I thought you would like

Misheard lyrics: Want to guess which song this is...

Kali is STILL trying to figure out this whole "texting" thang.

The woman singing on the Lowes commercial

Probably the most famous "rapture" in history -- Dan Aykroyd as "Fred Garvin - Male Prostiture":

The hottest day in recorded history. A/C broken, windows won't roll down. Problem? Not for Tobin.

Don't mess with my babies!

hey...light up or leave me alone

How fall can you get?

I've got something in my eye


Arm yourself when the Frog God smiles.

Rethink Breast Cancer Presents: Your Man Reminder


My precious!

Occupy the World

Do you ever Stink and Post

PHOTO: Further proof, as if you needed it, that for CATS, every command is like a red flag to a bull

edit: dupe

Sophie's Choice on TMC

Dingbat that wanted to enlighten us..thread on GD now locked.

Two Irishmen walk into a bar.

A Priest, a Rabbi, and a Shaman walk into a bar

Um.. about that Rapture? 'Fraid I've got some really bad "news" for all you (hah) Doubting Thomases!

Assembling for the rapture

DU Lounge Check-in: Post here if you haven't been captured yet

Hey, songwriters on DU. Do you write the music first, then the lyrics, or the other way around?

Make up your bloody MIND, you TOSSER! "Liam Gallagher Open to Oasis Reunion"

MFM 18. Death 0.

When it comes to "cool", MiddleFingerMom leaves "the most interesting man in the world" in the DUST!

Money-making idea: make and sell under-branch deodorant for trees

Little peanut butter sandwiches,wrapped in bacon and deep fried.

Hugo Fucking Stiglitz

What kind of work week would you prefer out of these two choices?

A dog's life

In honor of a basketball season that might be gone I present a replacement!

You should NEVER reveal to your pets where you hide the keys to your liquor cabinet.

Rapture and Birthday......Bummer.

50 years of car ownership to get a soft cushion.

I Dreamt That I Saw Obama Walking Down A Street Smoking A Cigarette

Tough Love -- Safely reducing the amount of cattitude your sweet li'l furball gives you:

Weirdest dream you ever had. I once got a phone call in the middle of the night.

Uh-oh!!! Mr Fluffers has just found out MiddleFingerMom has been making fun of him. RUN, MFM, RUN!!!

MiddleFingerMom's bed is evil. Sheer and utter comfy, fluffy evil!!!

This year, Mr Fluffers took 1st Place in the 2011 Most Tenacious Attention-Seeking Kitty Pageant.

How's about a rapture playlist?

"Genitals" is the word for today. Modify a thread title to include "genitals".

Our sun

'Where Eagles Dare'...and again & again...

The flying nun

How to make a Tea Party Cake

One of my fraternity brothers is running for state supreme court justice.

Ever since I hit the big seven-oh I've been taken by fits of musing.

This is going on my wall.

Please do not start threads with the word "genitals" in them

How Kali spent her summer vacation:

You can't handle this! Hot Wheels!

"The only place where success comes before work is a dictionary." - Gore Vidal

Two Irishmen walk out of a bar.

Can dogs really be alcoholic?


MiddleFingerMom is POSITIVE that he's the most optimistic person he knows.

Lindsay Lohan reports for morgue cleanup duty

Check out this beautiful singer/songwriter Marissa Nadler

My eldest is coming home this afternoon to join the party/karate demonstration for the Grand Master.

The view of New Zealand from our home in Milwaukee, WI

In each and every one of us... there are embers that NOTHING can extinguish.

Radiation Therapy Studio Diary Track 7: Poetry (#OWS Edition)

"Pull the two halves apart and approach your throbbing manhood."

I woke up with no clothes on. I think my pajamas were raptured. How do I get them back?

Funniest "good bye" posts on DU....

Compost help

It's 6:48PM in Benton Harbor, MI - Time for another installment of ASK MrSCORPIO

League of Women Voters Files Suit to Block WI's New Polling Place Photo ID Restriction

DU Lounge Check-in: Post here if you haven't been raptured yet

Republicans block popular piece of Obama jobs bill

Col Gaddafi killed: 'Lost secrets’ of Tony Blair’s links

Chavez: Gaddafi will be remembered as a martyr

Obama administration revises Medicare rules for coordinated care

On my way to Best Buy to get a new TV. What should I get?

Senate approves John Bryson, Obama’s nominee to head Commerce Department, after 5-month delay

How much do they hate Obama?

UN human rights office urges probe into death of Libya’s Gadhafi

ACLU says FBI uses profiling against Muslims, other minorities

Republicans block popular piece of Obama jobs bill

GOP loath to credit Obama for Kadafi's end

Sandoval ready to move Nevada’s GOP caucuses back to February

Oil companies restarting operations in Libya

‘Occupy Melbourne’ Violently Torn Apart by Police

Murdoch confirms Dowlers to receive £2m over hacking

NBA Labor Talks Turn Nasty as Negotiations End

Viagra light switch

Romney in Iowa: I love business

Oakland orders Occupy protesters to leave plaza

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday, October 21, 2011

Marco Rubio slams latest Obama jobs proposal

When you see it......

U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor cancels Wharton speech (because it was going to be open to the Public)

Chávez: Gaddafi will be remembered as a martyr

(British) MP Tom Watson flies to News Corp AGM to make 'fresh revelations'

Funeral picket ban struck down

Former Cop Faces Pro-pot Candidate for Twin Falls Council Seat

DirecTV Might Drop Fox Cable Channels (NOT FOX NEWS THOUGH)

Man faces hate-crime charges in SF attack (on interracial family)

California gives final OK to cap and trade

Private sector employment continues to slide in Wisconsin

New climate study deals blow to skeptics

RPT-UPDATE 3-Gaddafi's death - who pulled the trigger?

GE profit up 18 percent, driven by foreign growth

AP-GfK Poll: 37 percent of public back protests

AP-GfK Poll: 37 percent of public back protests

Protests Are a Payday for Security Firms

Brewer's Case Against Feds Dismissed

UK Police Knew as Early As 2002 of Phone Hacking

Drivers face drug checkpoints on highways near Flint

Obama signs South Korea, Panama, Colombia trade pacts

Ohio Governor John Kasich signs order on exotic animals

Two MORE GOP Primary Debates Coming Up

7.6 earthquake hits South Pacific

Car Company Gets U.S. Loan, Builds Cars In Finland

Nato operation in Libya 'finished', France says

UN rights office urges inquiry into Gaddafi death

Wal-Mart Cuts Some Health Care Benefits

ACLU: Lawsuit alleges 3 immigrant women assaulted while in ICE custody

Irate News Corp. Shareholders to Take Murdoch to the Woodshed

Bolivia cancels controversial Amazon highway

96-year-old Dorothy Cooper finally gets ID to vote

Occupy Melbourne: Riot police drag protesters from City Square

Obama to name Fed dissenter Hoenig as FDIC No. 2

Europe's first Galileo satellites lift off

Foreigners' Sweetener: Buy House, Get a Visa

Louisiana man exonerated of rape crime after 30 years in prison

EXCLUSIVE: All Bachmann NH Staffers Quit

'Occupy' protesters find allies in ranks of the wealthy

Hillary Clinton: US held meeting with Haqqani network

Herman Cain: 'Abortion Should Not Be Legal'

BREAKING — President Obama Will Announce Today Complete Drawdown of US Troops in Iraq to Zero By End

St Paul's Cathedral closed over protest

Muammar Gaddafi's 'trophy' body on show in Misrata meat store

Host fired from NPR show for role in "Occupy DC"

Scariest thing in your state?

GOP Presidential Candidate Rick Perry - He Ruined Texas, He Would Ruin the Nation Too

Show & Tell: Free Trade Agreements

Enhanced eBook preview of Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life with John F.

Young Turks: Unemployed? Blame Yourself! (Herman Cain)

Cenk Uygur at Occupy Wall Street: '$600 Trillion in Bets'

On FOX ? Lockerbie Victims Brother Praises Obama, Bush 43 Was a Disgrace

Countdown: Michael Moore Interview - OWS Has Written New Ending of 'Capitalism: A Love Story'

It Gets Better - In Memory of Jamie Hubley

TDPS: Is there collusion between Herman Cain candidacy and others, possibly Romney's? Lee Fang

The Way It Is

Meet Tammy Duckworth Running for Congress in IL

Papantonio: Women Are Being Crippled With Transvaginal Mesh Implants

Cenk from Occupy Wall Street: Help Wolf-PAC Occupy!

Thom Hartmann: The Global Lost Generation

Bennet Calls for End to Pointless Obstruction of NCLB Commitee Markup

Egyptian Military Stokes Sectarian Conflict

Michael Moore Tonight at Liberty Plaza

SuperCommittee: Hands OFF Our Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

Thom Hartmann: Will Republicans say NO to jobs for teachers, firefighters and cops?

Thom Hartmann explains the 0.5% surtax with Oreo cookies

Immortal Technique on #ows, Obama, 2012 election, Ron Paul, Immigration, Bloomberg

The Unreported Facts About Libya

Pepe Escobar: NATO wanted Gaddafi dead all along


Greece: austerity and anger - no comment

TDPS: Mitt Romney: Hiring Illegal Immigrants Not as Bad If You Aren't Running for Office

Brendon Ayanbadejo is a Marylander for Marriage Equality

Drones, Dictators, Dirty Deals: Gaddafi worth more dead than alive?

Young Turks: Banks 'Livid' at Occupy Wall Street support by Democrats

Philadelphia Protestors Take Over Wharton School, Chant

Papantonio: Obama Keeps His Promise To End Iraq War

Thom Hartmann: Paid sick leave on the chopping block now?

Rachel Maddow Responds to Koch Bros: 'Man Up'

Thom Hartmann: Has OWS blown up the Republican Santa Claus theory?

Former Financial Regulator William Black Occupy Wall Street A Counter to White-Collar Fraud

Rachel Maddow: Romney, Iowa Town Hall Heroine & Not-Too-Upsetting Guide to Down-There Parts

Marco Rubio: The French And British Led On Libya

Thailand: Authorities fight to save Bangkok

Extra topping on the Herman Cain Abortion Pizza

Cenk Talks To Anti Occupy Wall Street Protester

LA Times:SOS,Hillary Clinton on Kadafi reports: 'Wow' [Video]

help me tell my sister the truth about USA helping Libya $$ to rebuild the country

Sen. McCain Congratulates Obama: The Fact Is This Is Another Success For The Administration - VIDEO

Rachel Maddow let the Koch Brothers have it tonight!!

Al Sharpton: "I wouldn't support Cain if he was running against a white guy"

How much do Republicans hate Obama? They are celebrating the FRENCH for taking out Gaddafi . . .

Ron and Nancy Reagan - On Acid?

Senator John McCain threatens Putin & leaders of China with same fate as Gaddafi

Can you imagine the media if things had been reversed. 9/11

Jon Stewart On GOP Reaction To Gaddafi’s Death: ‘What The F*ck Is Wrong With You?’ - VIDEO

President Obama formally becomes NH primary candidate

Fat ass Luntz tells Romney and Perry to KNOCK IT OFF!!!!

Jeff Winbush: Obama is "Leading From Behind, Coming Out Ahead"

Executive Order: "Disclosure of Political Spending By Government Contractors"

David Ignatius: Obama chose the right course on Libya

Krugman: Party of Pollution

Republicans 1, Teachers and First Responders 0

ProPublica report on Obama/Geithner's failed HAMP: wasted billions, incompetence, maybe worse

EPI: Data on income gains support 99ers’ gripes

Will Obama's Approval rating go up due to the Kaddafi killing?

Memo to media: Republicans are blocking President Obama's jobs bill (and it's okay to say it)

Live stream (10:20 a.m. EDT Friday): Herman Cain in Detroit, and at least 5 people show up.

Lecturer says Obama bypassed War Powers Resolution for Libya conflict

Lecturer says Obama bypassed War Powers Resolution for Libya conflict

Just got a call from an organization apparently run by DeMint

***BREAKING***Obama to speak about Iraq at 12:45pm ET

It's official: Obama on the ballot for reelection...

NYT: Can Obama 2012 Replicate Bush 2004?

Ollie North And Sean Hannity Are Petty, Little Men

The psychological death of the west - Chris Hedges full speech

Jon Stewart Rips GOP, Fox News Reaction To Gaddafi's Death: 'WTF Is Wrong With You People?' (VIDEO)

Geez, Faux got off the Iraq withdrawal story quick.

Herman Cain’s ‘choice’ stance on gays doesn’t ‘wash’

Who Is The Better Anti-Terrorist President?

Reid: Dems will force GOP to continue voting on millionaire surtax

A movement to Explore ways to CHISEL Obamas Face on a Mountain Top for the World to SEE

CHART OF THE DAY: The ‘47 Percent’ Pay Their Fair Share

Obama's potential new label for Romney: "flip-flopping, Massachusetts liberal"

Kerry on Iraq Announcement

Rep Barbara Lee: Huge Victory! Troops Coming Home from Iraq!

Repukes block jobs, again...Gaddafi gone... Iraq War is over...

How long before Florida Republicans recall Rubio?

Romney, Republicans criticize Iraq withdrawal decision

Colbert Nails Rush Limbaugh Over Obama Christian Killing Accusations - VIDEO

Being populist is bad! says Third Way

GOPers Tempted to run CAIN for the a "throwaway" candidate saving others

Rove's American Crossroads: Obama’s ‘Class Warfare’ Message Is Working

You know Obama has done a pretty good job of cleaning up bush's foreign policy mess.

Why does Marc Rubio's Senate bio still tell the lie about his parents?

Obama names critic of large banks to FDIC board

GOP Takes Aim At Companies On Obama’s Jobs Council

Brookstone article has Tea Party Nation in damage control mode

"Romney = Cheney's return. & if your purism demands staying home next year, do not complain when a

Obama on Mt. Rushmore?

Huntsman a disaster just now on Hardball.

A Preview of Obama's Attack on Romney? Plus - Rove warns Republicans Obama's message is working

Obama: GOP Needs To Explain Why Americans Don’t Deserve Jobs

Melody Barnes leaving White House

"Romney's foreign policy experience is limited to his work as a finance executive shipping American

CHART: How Income Inequality Skyrocketed And The 1 Percent Profited From The Decline Of Unions

Dan Savage Challenges Herman Cain To Prove Being Gay Is 'A Choice'... By Performing Oral Sex On Him

GOP rediscovers infrastructure, just not here

Mission Accomplished

Wht's Up With Herman Cain's Campaign Buying His Autobiographies And Then Giving Them Away?

What makes Gaddafi's death any worse than Mussolini's or Ceaușescu's?

Bye Bye Bush Doctrine: Obama Got Gadhafi Without A Single US Ground Troop

This amazing when you think about it: Obama Has Written Personal Checks To Struggling Americans

Global warming study finds no grounds for climate sceptics' concerns

Rachel Maddow just said something about Obama that made me tear up. . .

Gallup Daily Tracking: Obama approval up 3 percent from yesterday.

Gaddafi: Barakeh Obama is a friend: April 2010

Chris Matthews: "This is 'Mission Accomplished' without the banner"

If you can't have Obama's back on going forward with the withdrawal from Iraq...

Why many black Democrats* are uncomfortable w/Herman Cain: He embarrasses us in front of white folks

This worries and pisses me off - if Republicans get rewarded for this type of behavior, America is

Obama announces full withdrawal from Iraq

Biden 2016? VP Says "I'll Make Up My Mind On That Later"

Max Keiser vs. Delusional Economist - Oct. 19