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Archives: October 18, 2011

"Regressive Right"

1968 Olympics and Occupy Boston come together...

Campaign grows to oust Murdoch

GOP Tells Occupy Wall Street: Blame the Democrats, Not the Rich

Arizona sheriff meets with GOP White House hopefuls

Governors at odds over Missouri River management

NEW YORK — Two huge California pension funds said Monday they would vote against the reelection of R

Sgt. Shamar Thomas - (1 man vs 30 cops #OWS vid) up soon as guest on Keith

State workers decry imported labor for $15 million project benefiting HCMC

Want to see what the 1% control?

OMFG - turn on Lawrence to see Cain

Why don't the Republicans just admit the military budget is just a jobs program?

Recession made the rich poorer in Canada

*OWS on Rachel show.

We Are The 1%. Part Two.

Rush Limbaugh has totally screwed up.

Here's a LINK to the votes for the "Free Trade" agreements

I had an awful time at...are you ready? Godfathers Pizza..

I am going to paint with plastic paint my yard chairs a bright red, why because I want to.

A question about the figure of 99%

What should the Democratic Party do with these occupations?

AFL-CIO blog -- Block the Vote: How Koch-Backed ALEC Aims to Keep You from Voting

Defend Wall Street not winning campaign for GOP

Defend Wall Street not winning campaign for GOP

Germany dampens euro zone crisis hopes

Thom Hartman just played the message

This is from OccupyPhoenix (according to AmericaBlog)

Is it just me, or are others tired of Tom Hayden ?

Should banks loan money to help people achieve their dreams of politician ownership?

Chicago Ten (Independent Lens)

Chicago Ten (Independent Lens)

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new Kitty gif

Herman Cain is the Republican's Way of saying "I have a Black friend"..

Ways to make extra money during this time of year (ideas?)

Police: Woman who held 4 in cellar may have preyed on dozens

How does increasing inflation help people with mortgages. Is it as simple as

Obama Drops The Hammer On Senate Republicans For Refusing To Create Jobs

Debt crisis enters decisive week as strikes hit Greece

EXCLUSIVE - Memo to Fox Business staff: don't copy Fox News

Seeking to speed up review times for medical devices - more corruption

Herman Cain toons

What's up with Tom Hayden's nose?

Mexican drug cartels recruiting Texas children

Mexican drug cartels recruiting Texas children

Occupy George using graphs of income disparity

State workers decry imported labor for $15 million project benefiting HCMC

State workers decry imported labor for $15 million project benefiting HCMC

Pols of both parties are desperate to define the OWS movement, in order to contain it...

BINGO! (Apologist Bingo, that is):

So, tonight Jesse Jackson linked arms with occupiers and defended the medical tent

3 former Iran hostages to address Occupy Oakland soon

OWS Michigan: Oak Park HS, Waterford BofA, Flint, Detroit. DETNEWS(R)

Awesome video: Marine Corps Silent Drill Team

Comparing OWS signs to Tea Party ones is quite notable

Jon just had a really funny on derailing "movements"

Occupy Tacoma GA Meeting Tonight.

Questions linger over why CIA operative is at NYPD

Questions linger over why CIA operative is at NYPD

We learned over the weekend

Herman Cain Singing Ode to Pizza

Citigroup Plans to Shutter Proprietary Unit After Rout in Equity Trading

Keith Olbermann's interview with OWS's Shamar Thomas - VIDEO

MSNBC Lawrence O'Donnell's REWRITE segment regarding OWS / Sgt Shamar Thomas - VIDEO

The Occupy Times - online newspaper

Herman Cain Spends $100K In Campaign Cash On Herman Cain

Bad Lip Reading Meets Mittens.

Bad Lip Reading Meets Mittens.

Justice minister stripped of powers- Is this Cameron government the most corrupt in British history?

Herman Cain Spends $100K In Campaign Cash On Herman Cain Inc.

Fukushima victims: homeless, desperate and angry

New Yorkers support anti-Wall Street protests: poll

Cain’s Social Security Model Risks Miring U.S. in Deeper Debt

Credit Suisse Sued Over Mortgage Loans by Assured Guaranty

Texas conservatives reject Harper's Canadian crime plan

Ice Speed Chess Set

HuffPo - "Congress Attacks (On Environmental Laws) Breathtaking"

HuffPo - "Congress Attacks (On Environmental Laws) Breathtaking"

Los Angeles, Wooed by Occupy Protest, May Face Higher Debt Costs

Perry Spends Shocking Amount On Private Jets, Outdoes GOP Rivals

Ok, I'll bite, What is the point of the Obama Backward running watch?

I was just thinking that a more accurate description of the wealthy is not Job Creators but

Wisconsin: Need help doing manual ballot recount in District 14 - Clark/Olson election

Texas now allows unlimited corporate spending on candidates

Greece to "purchse" 400 M1A Abrams

Cain Spokesman Lobbied For (ALEC-linked) NonProfit Exposed As Front For Military Contractors

Remember when Bush the Idiot would give his daily speeches?

Hannity Christmas bash for 'Troops' features Ollie North.

Republicans and Foreign Policy

Veterans Thrown Under The Bus By Super Committee

Greece Faces 'Hellish Week' as Debt Crisis Tests Nation

A message from Eugene Debs that is timely today as it was then.

New Report: A Global Citizens Report on the State of GMOs — False Promises, Failed Technologies

Prez Gets In Some Face Time With the Kids

If Families Acted Like Congress

El Paso community advocates criticize Herman Cain's electrified fence joke

Sign at LA City Hall

Women doing all the right things, still lag men in business

"Then they laugh at you..."

Korean scientist claims to have cloned coyotes. What's the point?

Ah yes, this was inevitable: OWS is "anti-Semitic," enjoys support from American Nazi Party, etc.

Herman Cain Wants To Build Electric Fence With Barbed Wire On U.S.-Mexico Border

Ex-WaMu Banker Somehow Manages To Call Ocupados 'Entitled'

Ex-WaMu Banker Somehow Manages To Call Ocupados 'Entitled'

Complete list of bailout recipients

Bachmann, Trump: Countries the U.S. invaded should give up their oil

Extensive list of writers who support the Occupy movement

When parents should get involved in kids' issues

Massachusetts GOP, Elizabeth Warren spar over "hick vote" comment

Las Vegas man with 100-pound scrotum seeks money for surgery

The Electric Tea Bag Fascist Test

Could John Titor be right?

'Retirement Heist' compiles evidence of plundered pensions

Why would thieves steal a bridge?

Axelrod just served Joe Scarborough on the subject of the President's leadership.

Germany: Parliamentary Bailout Committee May Be Unconstitutional

Another example of the rich behaving badly

Drunk dad uses nine-year-old daughter as designated driver

Freeper "The Wizard" pens "An Open Letter To Madam President"

Yikes: B of A has moved derivatives from Merrill Lynch to a subsidiary flush with insured deposits

Cop in the Domestic Violence unit gets arrested...for Domestic Violence

Washington, flush with royals

U.S. politics and those bugnutty Christians

The limitations of the nation-state

Posted without comment

Another reason to legalize dope(and other drugs)

50 horrible sources to get your news

Occupy K Street.

Occupy K Street.

If the EU banks collapse,

If the EU banks collapse,

Poll: Most Republicans hope President Obama's policies fail

Thieves steal truck with President's equipment

Thieves steal truck with President's equipment

Stewart gets evangelicals and Mormons to agree Judaism is a cult

Record-High 50% of Americans Favor Legalizing Marijuana Use

Marine Vet -" It's about a way-of-life" is not always violent

Republicans lay groundwork for healthcare repeal

Dylan Ratigan interviews David Degraw

TeaBagger at public rally with uncased guns = Militant Radical

What If Everyone Knew The Definition Of Fox News?

Texas GOP Latino leader leaves party after Herman Cain 'jokes'

National EAS test scheduled for November 9

WTF? Obama Bus Tour Equipment Stolen In Virginia

Hannity Guest Kevin Sorbo Says He’s "Tired Of The Race Card" Then Suggests Black Voters Are Racist

Alaska voters say no to gold, copper mine

America’s Secret Drone Empire

Socialistic Hitler Fascist Death Panel WMD Terrorist Job Killing Kenyan Muslim Regulation Tyranny

From Orwell's 1984

Bankers respond to Occupy Wall Street (cartoon)

Morning Joe says that we should be protesting "Washington"

Global OccupyWallStreet protests supported by Europe politicians; GOP politicians call it Communism

Do not underestimate the power of saying NO! to things that are wrong.

President's Approval Rating Soars After Punching Wall Street Banker in Face

Jim Hightower -- The GOP Loves the Federal Spending it Hates

Where is a good source for OWS in Washington, DC?

Goldman loses $428 million in third quarter

Jimmy Breslin - People Rise, Cops Blink and a Human Rights Movement Takes Root in a New York Park

Millionaires and Corporations Are Using Tax Breaks to Help Sway Public Opinion

Millionaires and Corporations Are Using Tax Breaks to Help Sway Public Opinion

Reich: Republican politicians aren't conservative. They're worse - regressive.

Occupation and realignment: How a real leftist movement could create a new center by Michael Lind

The Meagerness of the Republican Debates, the Smallness of the President’s Solutions, and the Need f

The Data That the Economy is Not So Hot is Getting Harder to Ignore

Herman Cain is just as much a racist bigot as they come

Herman Cain is just as much a racist bigot as they come

A Must-See Photo: #OccupyWallStreet From The End Of The Earth

22 years ago today,the Loma Prieta earthquake

OWS assault: lawyer demands action on policeman's punch

(((PIC))) Today's Message from the Occupation

Climate Change Causing Smaller Animals

Biden in York: someone making $1 mil would pay $500 more

Fukushima: Immune-destroying radiation sickeness spreads

Teen girl forced to wear armor, fight stepfather with wooden sword

Any read about this story from Philly. The couple that kept 4 people trapped in a basement

Herman Cain acknowledges his electric border fence idea is NOT a joke after all

Ironically hilarious? Or hilariously ironic?

Top CIA Agent Working for NYPD Draws Scrutiny, Few Answers

Parents for Occupy Wall Street

US businessman visits Iran

Politicians – Judge Them By Their Deeds

Toon: Population vs. Resources

Poll: Do you support using nuclear reactors to produce electricity?

Toon: Iran's plot is unacceptable!

Just found this on Facebook: Letter to Investors from Goldman Sachs CEO

Occupy Atlanta granted an extension...

He Made It on Wall St. and Used It to Help Start the Protests

Chafee Joins Christie as Rhode Island Seeks Pension Cuts

Wallets Aweigh: Romney’s Navy Surge Could Cost $40 Billion

Wallets Aweigh: Romney’s Navy Surge Could Cost $40 Billion

Wisconsin AFL-CIO outlines its job agenda

From 37 to 4: The Consolidation of Banks

High radioactivity measured at Tokyo school

this poll needs DU love -- will the Occupy movement change anything?

Floating around facebook

In These Times: "President Obama is promoting the loss of more U.S. jobs to low-wage sites overseas"

Montreal man walks around the world in 11 years

Jam-Packed Comic Con Takes Over New York City

Thirteen Observations made by Lemony Snicket while watching Occupy Wall Street from a Discreet

Interview with Pepper Sprayed Protester Chelsea Elliott

Obama has an opening.

Danziger toon: Made in China

Discovery of 4 disabled people in Philly basement exposes alleged benefit-theft scheme

Bank of America reports $6.2 billion profit for third quarter, but must have your $5

Amtrak hits record 30 million passengers

Trump plays birther card at Bachmann campaign event

We must shine a light on the Invisible Hand of Capitalism

U.S. Army to fly ‘kamikaze’ drones

Poll: Washington to blame more than Wall Street for economy

U.S. deports nearly 400K in a year - a record

Redesign improves energy efficiency of supermarket cold food cases

Reassessing the Greenback and Other Alternative Monetary Systems

Has a petition ever accomplished anything?

Wanna see the Herman Cain plan in action for only $9.99?

How about this for an idea? "The Credit Union of the United States"

I am getting requests for money in my email inbox DAILY from the Obama campaign, and frankly...

U.S. Leads Developed World in Child Abuse Death Rate

Breitbart’s fans spew racism and call for the president to be lynched

The Tea Party is undermining its own influence

This really sums it up well

Enjoy! Ravel's Bolero @ Copenhagen r.r. station

Would it be useful to create a website like DU for #OWS members to share technique

Herman Cain And Mitt Romney Used Campaign Funds To Enrich Themselves And Their Associates

Halloween cartoon from the simplistic right side.

Pitying billionaires as America starves

Just a reminder...Here is the OWS main can donate here.

Felon found with rifle at Westlake Park Where Occupy Seattle Is

ICE deports record number of immigrants in year (400,000)

Pollster Who Attacked Occupy Wall Street Touts Business Relationship With Citibank

Why the food movement should occupy Wall Street

The Meagerness of the Republican Debates, the Smallness of the President’s Solutions, and the Need f

The Meagerness of the Republican Debates, the Smallness of the President’s Solutions, and the Need f

Romney’s housing plan: 'Allow investors to buy up homes' by accelerating foreclosure process

Occupy DU!

Rating Agency Egan-Jones Downgrades Goldman Sachs

Occupy Alamogordo, New Mexico: Needs your help!

Study Finds Obama Received "Unrelentingly Negative" Media Coverage From A Supposedly Adoring Media

A Proud Moment Destroyed By The Media

Workers Claim Tea Party Patriots Co-Founder Defamed Them Using a Facebook Alias

The New Trick Gas Stations Are Using In My Town..

Wall Street lobbyists rage at Dems for supporting Occupy Wall Street

Trump plays birther card at Bachmann campaign event

Exclusive: Teens record confrontation with officer

Hartman on the msnbc. WOW

Hartman on the msnbc. WOW

Irony primer for all on DU... this is what irony looks like!

Imagine energy research without greed.

Imagine energy research without greed.

Thousands line up outside L.A. sports arena for a chance at free health care

Tea Party Nation Urges Businesses To Stop Hiring In Order To Hurt Obama

The Next Democratic Congressman from Arkansas

A look at the first 'piece' of the jobs bill that Senate Democrats will bring up for a vote

Basically OWS. is saying give the American people a raise, stop the ever increasing profits

GOP Race Heats Up as Candidate in Coma More Appealing Than Rest of Field

Walmart Closing All Four of Its Marketside Stores on Friday (AZ)

Obama on Republicans and jobs bill: 'No we can't'

Awww wittle Dick Santorum's feelings are hurt by SNL portrayal of him

"AHEM" Maybe it's time for the poor of the world to let the ruling class know we outnumber them

I'm guessing Ricky Man-on-Dog missed the White House lawn watermelon & Obama Pimp pics.

Ya Hu? Chinese firm looking to take over Yahoo!

This Land is Your (Occupied) Land

CHA-CHING! Top 5 places Herman Cain dined on contributors’ dimes

Family member went to the hospital will lose job at 11 PM

Now comes the worry about whether Change will be a good thing.

*Ron Reagan coming up on Hardball.

Food Network's Guy Fieri on gays: "Those people weird me out!"

Iran accuses U.S. of attempting to ruin Iran's ties with Arab states

SOA: Is It Finally Time To Shutter America's 'Coup Academy'?

A Film by members of the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture (Re: 99%)

Hedges: ‘Corporations have carried out a coup d’état in my country’

Thom Hartmann: Can Republicans get Elected without Fraud & Treason?

On the R (revolution) word, (needs repeating)

Michael Moore will be on Rev. Al's show tonight.

Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric is Republican Viagra (Daily Refried)

There was a hate crime at NC State today

There was a hate crime at NC State today

Why Andrew Breitbart can’t grasp Occupy Wall Street

Hey 1%ers: The new Neiman Marcus Xmas catalog is out!

Police Worry as Wall Street Protesters Pine for World Series Spotlight

Daily Mail to pay Lady Moore 'substantial' damages over diary story (Roger Moore's wife)

Daily Mail to pay Lady Moore 'substantial' damages over diary story (Roger Moore's wife)

Diners, Drive-ins and Disasters: Foodie TV's Guy Fieri Embroiled in Feud

Right Wing Talker Bill Cunningham Threatens 'Intifada' Against 'Kasich The First'

Look which media outlets uncritically repeated Perry's unrealistic job numbers

Poll: Most Republicans hope President Obama's policies fail

Luke. I am the 99%

To everyone who hopes their favorite Rethug yo-yo wins the nomination:

UK taxi driver becomes first mummy for 3,000 years

Why was the Chinese girl who was run over ignored? Here's why....

Now hiring: companies move away from outsourcing to control their IT destiny

Occupy Design (tools for the 99%)

Emanuel says he consulted on Occupy Chicago arrests

Doonesbury takes up the OWS storyline

Police: 'Satan' peed on house, rang doorbell, exposed self

Use the Force, 99%er

Pizza Douche isn't apologizing for wanting to fry Mexicans. He just didn't want to offend anyone.

'Retirement Heist' Compiles Evidence of Plundered Pensions

The real issue with 9-9-9: It will effectively eliminate Herman Cain's tax liability

Hey I'm a job creator!

Congressional Supercommittee focuses on cutting food stamps when they are crucial to so many:

Major Study : Cain's 9-9-9 Plan Would Cut Taxes For Millionaires; Raise Them For Poor

Keith just posted on FaceBook (Keith Olbermann @KeithOlbermann)

Haliburton: Huge conflict of interest and ethical scandal.

Infrastructure...of a revolution

Hedges: ‘Corporations have carried out a coup d’état in my country’

‘Cassette tape’ kicked out of ‘Oxford English Dictionary’ edition. I STILL HAVE THOSE!

Does anyone know where the GOP debate will be streamed?

Epic cat vs dog standoff. Guess who blinks?

State's medical marijuana workers unionizing

Freed hikers speak at Occupy Oakland protest

Questions linger over why CIA operative is at NYPD

OWS vs Tea Party - Inclusion vs Exclusion

A Fair Tax on Millionaires

One of the girls in the pepper-spray videos speaks out

We Are The 1%. Part Three.

San Francisco plan would offer tax break for hiring felons

3 Guys & a Cup: Cain "very proud of relationship with Koch brothers"

Obama unrepentant

Despite Protests, Democratic Governor Cuomo Says He Will Not Extend a Tax Surcharge on Millionaires

'Remind them of what’s at stake here. Remind them that “no, we can’t” is no way to face tough times'

Cain: ‘I’m Very Proud Of The Relationship That I Have With The Koch Brothers’

US Army unveils "Switchblade' - new tiny kamikaze drones

*Del. A.G. Beau Biden coming up on Ratigan/MSNBC.

Salon: Voting, not OWS, will Change America

"Marijuana – more popular than the President, and 5 times as popular as Congress."

The Tax Policy Center has the distributional analysis of 9-9-9. It’s awesome:

The Tax Policy Center has the distributional analysis of 9-9-9. It’s awesome:

Vacuous--vac·u·ous (adj)

California faces its own 'Great Depression"

N. J. Democrats' tax-cut bill touted - and claimed - by GOP and Christie

Recalled Wisconsin Republican arrested for driving drunk

Occupy Chicago After Arrests: We Will Re-Occupy

MOCK the 53%

A brilliant summation of our market driven life.

Spain's stolen babies and the families who lived a lie

‘Occupy Cleveland’ Protester Alleges She Was Raped

No TV for Children Under 2, Doctors’ Group Urges

It's on again, 2 hrs of comedy, the R debate, 8PM EDT CNN, staring the pizza man! n/t

The Health Insurance Industry’s Unnecessary Expenses

Thieves steal 2,000 pounds of food from Salvation Army

Ex-WaMu board member lambastes 'Occupy' protesters

Corporations have increased productivity. Sometimes they disallow


And the freepers can't figure out why people say they are racist?

Life In Prison For Man Who Raped Mentally Impaired Teen

Harrisburg on Verge of Losing Control of Finance

Today, I experienced an awe inspiring thing.

McCain whines about Obama using AF1...

Steven Colbert not too bad tonite.

Herman Cain Claimed That A ‘Liberal Court’ Killed Jesus

Republican Party demands President Obama stop talking about his jobs bill

Michele Bachmann, to man with no teeth: The free market will save you [VIDEO]

France and Germany ready to agree €2tn euro rescue fund

France and Germany ready to agree €2tn euro rescue fund

Thanks to all in advance for listening & Thanks to DU!

When Will the FBI Get Involved In A Murder Case

Occupy ALEC!!!!

Mervyn King: time 'running out' to solve world economy crisis

I hate when that happens

Men are making high heels their own

Dear Sgt. Shamar Thomas:

So I'm exiting the highway and the traffic signal is red at the end of the ramp.

"Cain: a maniac"

Steve Jobs...Another Point Of View on His Death..

Oh my! Man With 100-Pound Scrotum Can’t Afford $1 Million Surgery

It's so easy to topple the 1%

OCCUPY WALL STREET -- from Boston & New York here's the basic Who-What-How-Where info sign

Yale Conservative Students - "occupy" Occupy New Haven

Alabama immigration law shakes up mobile home parks (

2012 Snoozeroo

If the 99% would have voted in 2008....

Got asked about my D, and my democraticunderground bumper sticker today

Republicans will do anything to defeat Barack Obama...

More on the KC baby - I live here.

Toon: Lacking a message?

Harley-Davidson closing in Center Valley (PA)

The Fraud At The Heart Of Student Lending Exposed - The One Sentence Everyone Should Read

Key US Hawks Behind Iraq War Rally for Strikes Against Iran

Rush Limbaugh Hearts Terrorists… As Long As They’re Christians

If they really want a cohesive sound byte to represent the Occupy movement, let's give them one.

Posted on Facebook ...

"Bring on the revolution! Let the government collapse!" is just another way of saying

AMAZING - Jesse Jackson & The Occupy Wall Street Medical Tent (PHOTOS)

Are There Voter Registration Booths At Any Of The OWS Protests?

Alternative "Medicine" -- The Illusion Of Control

Disgusting comments in a newspaer thread about Somali immigrants...

Lawrence O'Donnell grabs rolled-up newspaper, whacks Big Dog over 'Embarrassing' Gaga Encounter

when Barack Obama goes to sleep, he dreams the GOP nominates Herman Cain

Toon: Who do they think they Are?

B E A U T I F U L ! - The New Yorker Mocks The 1% With Its Occupy Wall Street Cover

The Neiman marcus Christmas catalog for the 1%

Hate Radio is the Key

Seal Beach Murders... Hit too close to home, literally and figuratively...

Occupy George - Send a message with your money:

Barney Frank said the OWS had to get political. It IS political...non partisan, bipartisan

"Past Tense" (1995 episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)

"I fried another n*****" said NYPD cop, "no big deal"

Establishment dems to OWS: you're not the change you've been waiting for

The Hill Poll: Voters say Washington is worse than Wall Street

Libyan Revolution Week 35 part 2

30 hours in jail for "disorderly conduct" at Citibank

Libyan Revolution Week 35 part 2

Supreme Court To Hear The Mother of All Corporate Immunity Cases

Please sign the forgiveness of student loan debt petition, and pass on this msg. further. Thanks.

Sirte destroyed by NTC-NATO offensive in Libya

The 1 Percenters think that they own the world... That they also own everything and everyone in it.

The Untold Story in Libya

I don't own a "MAC" and have never really shopped for one

I don't own a "MAC" and have never really shopped for one

CNN poll: Americans overwhelmingly support policies in Obama jobs bill

Heads-Up !!! - Third Way Is Giving "Advice" On #OWS And The Dems - TPMDC

10 Tips to Stop Rape. From Rape Crisis Scotland

10 Tips to Stop Rape. From Rape Crisis Scotland

I have tears streaming down my face. Tears of laughter.

The bonfire of the bankers has only just begun: 40% of City and Wall Street jobs could go

Report: Susan Sarandon calls Pope a Nazi

Good cartoon

Intellectual Roots of Wall St. Protest Lie in Academe

OWS is now on all seven continents!!

Wall Street Firms Spy on OWS Protestors in Taxpayer-Funded 'Lower Manhattan Security Initiative'

My favorite protest picture of the day -

HOLY BAILOUT - Federal Reserve Now Backstopping $75 Trillion Of Bank Of America's Derivatives Trades

ETA: Answered! Question about Google Search:

Your music for tonight: The Germs

I posted a silly thread in GD, with the word red in it.

Tom Waits' new it's not even released yet!

Post No Fliers

Anime curves!

Please some vibes for my mom that she gets up the strength to walk


Man' best friends

On the road again

What is love?

If Carmen and her friends were on Facebook

Game for tonight's dead-enders debate:

Who killed Bambi????

The REAL angels

Theater of the Obvious

I just can't handle walking Walking Dead. Little spoiler

Two new characters revealed for Season #5 of True Blood - WOOHOO!!!

Germany, depression and their bankers

Extreme jogging

Soul Position - Fuckajob - Perfect soundtrack for OWS

Battlestar Galactica Music Video - The Choice is Yours

I am going to paint with plastic paint my yard chairs a bright red, why because I want to.

Woohoo I found Al Qaeda!!! Call the authorities - I know where they are!!

Ahhh, cube-farm life!

Strip search demanded at Scrabble tournament?

True Dems - they all talk at the same time

HaHaHa! Winkelvii advertising pistacios!!!

You got a problem with that?

PHOTO: There's Steinbeck, there's Hemingway, there's Faulkner...and there's Justin Taylor.

Occupy Springfield!

PHOTO: THANK YOU, Pita Pit...for giving us sensible and satisfying menu options.


Strangest Book Titles

Well, I can't paint my chairs today because of the wind, really gusty.

OMG what a KICK. Herr's Kettle Cooked Cheddar & Horseradish chips

A question...

What if a bird has acrophobia?

join the navy and see the ... beards?

What if Santa has Claustrophobia?

Unemployed "LOL"

PHOTO: MiddleFingerMom's S.O. LOVES "Burrito Night," but has learned to dress appropriately for it

Dogs are Comedians

Five start of week questions

I was just a few miles away from an Haboob here in Texas, this afternoon.

KFC is at it again, the New Cheesy Bacon Bowl.

Check your BM.

(Too) Public Restroom

Turkey smashes through Apple Valley family's window, sits on couch

Need health vibes for hubby. He may be experiencing another

Occupy LOL Street: We Are the 99 Purrcent!

Bruce Hornsby and the Range - The Way It Is

Need some good vibes for my guy...

King of the forest

Who is the most unexpected person you've ever got marijuana from?

Check your PMS.

Ok, here is actually the REAL reason MFM has not been posting lately....

Question about moneymaking idea.

Oh...I get it!


Epic cat vs dog standoff. Guess who blinks?

Check your PM.

State workers decry imported labor for $15 million project benefiting HCMC

Colombia VP wants US to end embargo against Cuba: State media

Recession made the rich poorer in Canada

EXCLUSIVE - Memo to Fox Business staff: don't copy Fox News

MFM IS BACK and has just one question - Who's the ASSFACE who convinced his hospital...

Hitler lived to 73 in South America, book claims

High heels for men are on the rise

Bureaucracy in Greece Defies Efforts to Cut It

Quinn Makes Jobs Proposal a Centerpiece

Iran’s nuclear program suffering new setbacks, diplomats and experts say

Feel bad about the Ferrals

Romney Is Winning Bankers' Dollars

Hold dear the things that make you happy.

What's the weirdest thing you ever saw printed on a restaurant menu?

OAS Overturned Haitian Presidential Election in a "Political Intervention," New CEPR Paper Suggests

Mudslides, rain leave 80 dead in C.America

Support swells for Sydney rally -Campaigners backed by "wealthy" people they are protesting against.

Venezuela court bars Hugo Chávez rival from taking office

Texas officials censored climate change report

New Yorkers support anti-Wall Street protests: poll

Obama Hits Road Again to Push Pieces of Jobs Bill

Gaddafi stronghold Bani Walid falls

Officials complicit in massive land theft: Colombian govt

Top 10 Low Pass Flyby's Of All Time

Rand Paul's switch clears way for pipeline bill

Recalled Wisconsin Republican arrested for driving drunk

(NYC mayor) Bloomberg Says ‘Tent City’ Goes Beyond Free Speech

China's economic growth slows to 9.1% in third quarter

Blast heard near foreign ministry in Mogadishu - witness

Exclusive: Memo to Fox Business staff - don't copy Fox News

NATO nearing decision to end Libya operation

Supreme Court To Hear The Mother of All Corporate Immunity Cases

Hopes for new malaria vaccine

France and Germany ready to agree €2tn euro rescue fund

SF plan would offer tax break for hiring felons

ICE deports record number of immigrants in year

Daily Mail to pay Lady Moore 'substantial' damages over diary story (Roger Moore's wife)

Goldman Sachs Posts Third-Quarter Loss

Goldman exec's talk at the University of Vermont nixed after protest threat

Viacom Seeks To Revive Lawsuit Against YouTube

Republican Party demands President Obama stop talking about his jobs bill

Zealots attack Jerusalem ice cream parlor, shops

Chevron may rethink Ecuador strategy after US court move on Shell: analyst

No TV for Children Under 2, Doctors’ Group Urges

UK riots: court of appeal upholds lengthy sentences

Most N.Y. voters back Occupy Wall Street protests, poll finds

Republicans lay groundwork for healthcare repeal

Demonstrations, poll fuel NY millionaire tax push

Facing third eviction, Mayor of Atlanta signs order to allow Occupy ATL to stay until November 9th

Goldman's Nine-Month Pay Cost Declines to $292,836 Per Employee

Salmon-Killing Virus Seen for First Time in the Wild on the Pacific Coast

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Branson opens world's first commercial spaceport

Libya: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Tripoli

Silvio Berlusconi escapes indictment in media tax fraud case

Athens braced for 'mother of all strikes'

Ind. Dem. quits in fake signature scandal

France Defends Its Credit Rating After Moody’s Warning

IDF: Gilad Shalit back home in Israel

Cellphone companies will warn customers as plans approach limit

Holy crap! The Lounge is a veritable cornucopia of pot smokers!

Canada will have to live with 'Buy American,' envoy says

Canada will have to live with 'Buy American,' envoy says

Venezuela court puts in doubt presidential bid

Iran secretly executing hundreds of prisoners: United Nations

Commodity Futures Subject to New Federal Limits.

Social Security to hand out first raises since '09

APNewsBreak: NYC inspector broke pepper spray rule

Mailing a letter to cost a penny more next year

Work to continue at Alaska mine site, despite vote

PHOTO: BECAUSE a Big Mac doesn't have enough fat and calories, I present...THE PIG MAC.

New Jersey Sen. Lautenberg says it’s time for a new WPA

US central banks may need to burst bubbles: Bernanke

K Street money flowing into deficit panel

Lesbian Couple Stage Sit-In After Being Denied Marriage License

Professor Noam Chomsky on popular organization in a Democratic Society

Violinist Miri Ben-Ari and the POEM-CEES at Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Dedication


Activist Music Video: Teabags and Koolaid by Op-Critical and Justice Through Music

Occupy Wall Street - For America Music Video

Occupy Binghamton Speech - Kai Raub

Cornell West arrested at Supreme Court

"For 5 Years Herman Cain Has Been On The Koch Brothers Payroll"

Sarah Palin occupies Wall Street video #1

Banker Says Occupy Wall Street Is Good For Business

"Hope, Struggle and Change" - Roy Zimmerman

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You the People have the Power

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Chris Hedges in Times Square, October 15, 2011

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20 Feet High - 2 Feet Thick- Barbed Wire- Razor Blades

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OccupyLA Bike Outreach and Action

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Pepe Escobar: Oil behind US nose poking in Uganda

Quantum Levitation

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Keiser Report: Live by Fraud, Die by Fraud

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Pepe Escobar: America is getting involved in African civil war


Olbermann Interviews SGT Shamar Thomas! Marine That Told U.S. Cops Stop Brutalizing Protesters

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Occupy (We the 99)

Hasselbeck's against electrocuting kids and mothers, would prefer a warning on the fence

The Martin Luther King that Obama doesn't want you to remember

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Lady Gaga will never serenade George W. Bush.

Protesters in AZ delay meeting between Cain and Sheriff Arpaio

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An INTENSE moment of TRUTH with MAINSTREAM Media

I don't know much about most of the GOP candidate's spouses ...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011, Republican presidential debate hosted by CNN

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Do You Think Herman Cain Has Any Sane Friends?

If the Jobs Bill is so confusing to the Republicans

Huntsman elected twice as governor of Utah.

Thanks Axelrod nice question for those Obama haters

"Why aren’t these facts in every single news story about the ongoing jobs debate?"

Senator Asshole Barrasso (R) Wyoming wants payroll cut made permanent.

Wall Street lobbyists rage at Dems for supporting Occupy Wall Street

The Three Faces Of Eve, Errrrrrrrr, Mitt

"Are we campaigning? Yes! We are campaigning to change this environment."

Sarah Palin = Herman Cain = Sarman Cainlin

Romney rejects foreclosure relief

If only Snowe’s actions met her misplaced rhetoric

Why won’t media report aggressively on GOP jobs plan?

Cain's Ultimate Goal Is A Thirty Percent Sales Tax!!!!!

Reuters: Officials Working With Banks To Refinance Underwater Mortgages

Herman Cain Said His Sales Tax Only Applies To "New Goods"

PPP Survey: Obama approval rating rises to 46%

"If #OWS Has No Coherent Message, How Come Eric Cantor Is Suddenly Talking About ‘Income Disparity’?

The reality show facing GOP voters

FOX NEWS Accuses OWS as Anti-Semite

Do you think Herman Cain has any black friends?

Is The Cain Train Already Slowing Down ?

I live in South Carolina and am likely to vote in the GOP Primary.

Obama's teleprompter, lectern stolen in Va.

Feingold: sending military advisers to Uganda "consistent with" his legislation.

Mitch McConnell Unloads On President Obama Over Jobs Bill (AUDIO)

Republican Party demands President Obama stop talking about his jobs bill

White House to Republicans: Don't like the president campaigning for his jobs bill? Well, too bad.

There he goes!

End all overseas occupations. (petition)

GOP Sen. Inhofe Calls Out Limbaugh On Senate Floor For Backing Brutal African Guerrilla Group

What if Congress Fails to Renew Unemployment Insurance?

Pat Robertson: Obama is ‘inciting people to revolt’ (video)

If a white presidential candidate called black Democrats "brainwashed," claimed President Obama

Tax Policy Center's analysis of Herman "Koch" Cain's proposal

Hillary Clinton In Libya (Surprise Visit)To Offer New Aid Package

Article regarding Obama supporters that support President Obama on Twitter

Eugene Robinson: The Occupy Windfall

"Maybe you should go ask Osama Bin Laden if he thought he was prepared."

Cartoon from 99 years ago nails it.

I loves me some Obama

Mitt Romney is fucking nuts!

Chris Hedges: "This one could take them all down

"Why the HELL did Obama put troops in Africa? I’ll tell you why. "

I think they're nervous...very nervous...

I said it in '08, and I believe I was right, now I'll say it again about 2012...