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Check out the picture on KS Democratic Party's Facebook page

Bud White please report to Wall St.

Repub Debate Live Online Here...

A Complete List of National Politicians Who Have Embraced the Occupy Wall Street Protests

Joe Lieberman is a pain because you never know when he is going to be a pain

Why would Obama start a Jihad on Senior Citizens and Medical Marijuana?

Anyone like Ron Paul's eyebrows tonight?

How many signing statements has Obama signed?

Newt: OWS people are "left-wing agitators" without purpose, OR people "close to the tea party."

Toon on the NBA

Influential Afghan women's rights advocate says hope is lost

Bud Roemer on Last Word just now: Supporting OWS and blaming bank

Just when you thought PNAC was gone.....

Anybody else play the Repuke debate drinking game?

Cain: "Nein nein nein!" Is he German?

Cain: "Nein nein nein!" Is he German?

Suspect says pair were going to Sacramento to 'kill Jews'

Are they totally ignoring Perry?

Good grief Michelle Bachmann is stupid

K & R If You Like Puppies

Danziger toon on GOPer debates...

President's Job Bill Defeated In The Senate.....

"Somebody Get Me a Drum!"

OK Who is the Jamaican politician who has been indicted

Tuesday Afternoon - In memorium to the damaged shrubbery near Boston's Dewey Park

The official Bloomberg GOP Debate thread

These questions are strategized to boost Romney.

Official GOP post-debate campaign button

Obama jobs bill dies in Senate

Onion: BREAKING: President Obama's Approval Rating Soars After Punching Wall Street Banker In Face.

Newt said Congress is "shooting itsself in the head". Twice.

Most vertebrates -- including humans -- descended from ancestor with sixth sense


Police at #occupytampa right now...

I am not moving! Short film on #OWS and our government's hypocrisy.

Our kids taxrates will be 75% says Bachmann

Well, SOME good news tonight - looks like Wake County NC school board swung left.

Live comedic tweeting of the GOP debates has already begun:

Do 'Occupy Wall Street' Protests Represent Your Views of the Economy? (70% say yes)

Borowitz Report on the Republican Debate

Official Republican Squabble Thread - Part 1.

Looks Like Romney Is Tacking To The Left To Pick Up Middle Class...

I have a stupid question - is this the same Bill Maher who was

Bill Maher posted on FB just now. He's on Rachel Maddow's show tonight

City repeals ordinance banning domestic battery

What was the guy in the debate audience yelling?

Don't you know we..

Every headline I see this evening, says

Kaptur or Kucinich?

Protect Life Act: New Bill Would Allow Hospitals To Refuse To Perform Abortions

Santorum "I wanna go to war with China"

VIDEO - Michele Bachmann's "999 upside down (666), devil is in the details" debate comment - VIDEO

When Are Testor And Nelson Running For Re-election And What Can I Do To Help Defeat Them?....nt

"Frontline" tonight...guess who was in the background?

Oh good Lord...

When Are Tester And Nelson Running For Re-election And What Can I Do To Help Defeat Them....

Homosexuality vs Homophobia

Politicians cannot fix this....they just voted down a jobs bill....Voted Down a Fucking Jobs Bill !

Nelson and Tester vote with republicans to stall President's jobs bill

Why do GOP candidates always say they would fire Ben Bernanke?

Cain just used greenspan as an ideal model for fed chairman. I would hope that people realize that

Can I like Buddy Roemer?

Steve Jobs' black turtleneck reportedly explained in biography

I would imagine the President can confidently tell his girls they will

File this under every vote counts

Eugene Robinson just made a very important announcement on "Last Word":

With a heavy heart, I have left my local Occupy group...

Prosecuting Wall Street Fraud: Lessons for Joe Nocera

Fuck you Eric Dezenhall

NASA: It Rained So Hard the Oceans Fell

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Voter Fraud

@DanRatherReport is doing Occupy tonight. One week report with @GrimWomyn on HDnet

Detainee 371

Newt Gingrich: At #OWS, You Can Tell THEY'RE LIBERALS ‘Cause They Leave The TRASH

California quarry killer died from self-inflicted gunshot

Occupy Wall Street Movement Supported by The Association of Flight Attendants

Romney/ Cain 2012

rick scott is an idiot!!

Rep. Charles Rangel: I’m Proud of Occupy Wall Street Protesters

America's commutes start earlier and last longer (BBC)

African Higher Education - Left out of the loop (BBC)

Apparently THIS is what the HECKLER yelled at tonight's GOP debate

Netroots Radio: The Campfire, progressive radio is on the air

Three years on Mars ... in 3 minutes

what's happening in occupy seattle tonight?

What the Rude Pundit Missed

Bill Maher on Rachel Maddow Show - VIDEO

One list of Proposed "Demands for Congress" from Occupy Wall Street

OWS Folks - Do me and the country a favor..."Kiss these!"

Moderators, I don't like the ads showing up inside my posts!

Finally found out what the TEA PARTY actually stands for -

Bonus Democracy Now segments exclusively for WBAI? Interviewed author of new Afghanistan book

Vote down job stimulus but vote yes on trade agreements with Colombia, Panama and South Korea

America - I Defy You

The rethug debate: now we hear about how everyone 'SUFFERED'

Easy Reference Guide to the Koch Brothers' Activities

Republicans Stretch Truth in Debate Salvos on Jobs, Taxes

Protesters Deliver Trash to Bank of America as Week of Action Continues

How wet was it?

Slovakia facts: eurozone's second poorest member

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma"

Goldman May Drop Bank Status to Sidestep Volcker Rule Costs, Hilder Says

Congressman Kucinich Stands w/ American Workers, Opposes Free Trade Agreements (200,000 lost jobs?)

Uptown Grr! Protesters Start Occupying The Upper East Side (Koch's home)

Mike Luckovich: Preoccupied...

Going to Harvard {or Open U.} from your own bedroom (BBC)

OWS energizes liberals in the way that the Tea Party energized conservatives

So all my Mormon friends and family on Facebook are at war with Jeffries

Bachmann: 999 upside down is 666 - the devil is in the details

Begging Your Pardon, President Obama!

Goldman Sachs let off paying £10m interest on failed tax avoidance scheme

Can anyone name a specific jobs bill brought forward by the GOP?

Radiation in Japan Hot spots and blind spots The mounting human costs of Japan’s nuclear disaster

Use of vitamin E associated with increased risk of prostate cancer

will Romney's 999 plan include a 9% sales tax on every Wall Street transaction.? including computer

an interesting view of photojournalists influence on conflict coverage

an interesting view of photojournalists influence on conflict coverage

Wall Street Sees ‘No Exit’ From Financial Woes

Herman Cain on CNBC . . . remaining as shamelessly dickish as ever . . .

James Fallows: Call (GOP) Obstruction What It Is

Toronto Star: Shark fins off the menu in California — is Toronto next?

Momentum Builds to End Failed Drug War: 1,000 to Attend Upcoming Conference

Krugman: Why Believe In Keynesian Models?

Boilermakers throw support behind Occupy Wall Street

Greek deficit widens in first 9 months of years

A Complete List of National Politicians Who Have Embraced the Occupy Wall Street Protests

It's not revolution in the getinthestreets fashion but it is a revolution of the streets

And the winner is......

Lifestyles of the Rich and Anonymous

James O’Keefe’s Trip to Occupy Wall Street: The Film

The truth about Ayn Rand admirers...

Iraq bombs: Police targeted in capital Baghdad

A GUIDE To New York City’s 1%

Iran--Please, No Military Action--

Does anyone have a link for the argument between Smiley, West and Bill Oreilly? I saw the video on

Brookhaven National Laboratory, N.Y. had a nuke event

Commentary: Trading reforms will cut into bank profits

Pentagon Cuts to Strengthen America’s Defense and Economy: View

Toon: Why would I rig them in your favor?

Why corporate abuse of tax havens matters

New leftists salute Wall Street brethren

I'm Noticing Signs

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Files for Bankruptcy, City Council’s Lawyer Says

Is a national sales tax allowed by the Constitution?

Colombia has improved under Santos: Human Rights Watch

U.S. calls kin of American Al Qaeda

You know of course that 3 more "Free Trade Agreements" will pass today

When Romney and Christie are standing together

Toon - They Are Me

Slovakia rejects European bailout plan

Mobile phone companies keep your records longer than you think

Fox News or Nothing

The Hypocrisy...Is U N B E L I E V A B L E

The problem with the economy (sez Ricky Man-on-Dog) is we're too fucking stupid regarding marriage

Where child sacrifice is a business

I am sorry I do not understand something...

Toon- The Fat Cat

From Food Monopolies to Food Commons

European wars, famine, and plagues driven by changing climate

Man suspected of terrorist act for taking picture of daughter

Mitt Romney's religious beliefs don't matter to me....

Sectarianism Tearing The Fabric Of The Religious Right

Response Of the Police Is Expanding With Protests

Stephanie Miller just reminded us of the real name of those Democrats who serve to obstruct any

If Families Acted Like Congress

Gulf shrimp are scarce this season, as are answers

Amy Goodman -- A New Bush Era or a Push Era?

Texas school districts sue state over funding.

Understanding opposition to using the Article V convention option

New US Army Message: Trust Us

Hardt and Negri: The Fight for "Real Democracy" at the Heart of Occupy Wall Street

Republicans are unrealists.

Wisconsin town considers banning cyclists and pedestrians on roads

Robert Reich -- The Seven Biggest Economic Lies

Robert Reich -- The Seven Biggest Economic Lies

SEC Charges Bank Executives with Hiding Millions

"We Shut Down the Hart Senate Office Building"

The Republicans are trying to run out the clock.

Biofuels, Speculators Driving Food Price Surges

List of major Occupy Wall Street Protests across the U.S. and the World

Living the American Nightmare

Experts in Russia ’95 percent sure’ Bigfoot exists

Words Of Wisdom From The Dalai Lama


Occupy Waldo Protests Adding Millions Per Day

Herman Cain lied about his 9-9-9 "economist" - who is really just an accountant

Monsanto and FDA Fight Labeling of Genetically Modified Foods

Coverage of Occupy Wall Street by Derf

ABC News: Occupy Wall Street Protest Now On Every Continent Except Antarctica!

I didn't know there were so many people who get it. I can't be blamed, because where I work and

Don't buy the crap

Please DU this poll

Is there really such a creature as a 'Principled Republican Senator?'

Been listening to NPR talk about the "terror plot" and the more they the more

Defining the SWEET Deal.

Nobel for President, No Water for Citizens

"Stop the looting and start the prosecuting."

How to boycott Topeka, Kansas over de-criminalizing domestic violence...

Debt and Dumb

BULLETIN: Dow industrials turn positive for 2011

Jerry Brown vetos bill to ban shackles for pregnant prisoners

There, all better now...

Obama, Democrats keep pressing Republicans on jobs

Occupy Philly grows in spite of the rain.

#OWS - some good vibes from John Lennon

How weak DNA evidence railroaded—and then rescued—Amanda Knox

This scares me, and it should scare you too. White house being sued over Patriot act secrets

Anyone know what happened to the "cached" option in Google?

It's never been about opposing gays...

Heads up for wonks who think ICE is a rogue agency (like me)

An optimistic take on fascism?

Turbulent flight lands in court

Fine print "forced arbitration clauses" and the end of class action lawsuits. Fight back!

(Onion) End Of Last Meals For Death Row Inmates Could Decimate Texas Restaurant Industry

Fine print "forced arbitration clauses" and the end of class action lawsuits. Fight back!

Who were the two democratic senators who voted ......

Tester's Office Just Told Me 90% of Calls Were Pro-Jobs-Bill

Acacia Park occupiers vow to stay despite police warning of arrest

Capitalism and Poverty

Gandhi's Seven Habits For Highly Defective People

Question about cats...

Trying to cool off on a cold day

Mamtek scandal mars benefits of China's investments

Eric Erickson, Founder of the "We are the 53%" Site, Whines about His Brand New House and His

(Mayor) Bernero endorses Occupy Lansing protesters

". . . .asked Laura Bush how she could sleep with the man . . . "

We are certainly in an alternate universe when

These pictures are amazing!

Occupy Wall Street Poll at FoxNews-- dig it!

Television stations pulling SB5 commercial over concerns it is misleading (OH)

Television stations pulling SB5 commercial over concerns it is misleading (OH)

Noel Gallagher: Labour Party Are As Sleazy And Horrible As The Tories

Tennessee Guns-In-Bars Law Sponsor Arrested For DUI...With A Gun

Occupy Portland, day 7: (with pics, dial-up warning)

new study suggests that "unrealistic optimists" shut out information they don't want to hear.

new study suggests that "unrealistic optimists" shut out information they don't want to hear.

Pres.Obama To Give Citizens Medal to Gay Rights Advocate Who Inspired Hospital Visitor Rule Change

American Federation of Teachers joins Occupy Protests (VT)

WTSP Tampa charges Florida covered up faulty DUI machines for years.

Yes, The White House Wants a Foreclosure Fraud Whitewash. They’re Not Going to Get It.

Occupy London Stock Exchange attracts 9,000 followers on Facebook

Obama? Take a Drive to Wall Street, Where's the man we voted for?

Zombie Lobbyists Occupy Washington (crosspost) - excellent!

Anyone else confused with all the recent China bashing going on due to trade?

@JACKOHMAN: Obama's jobs bill killed by room full of people with...

The next step for OWS?

Ken Salazar urges more Latino-themed national parks, sites

Afghan opium production 'rises by 61%' compared with 2010

Is state violence ever a justifiable response to nonviolent civil disobedience?

Four Things You Need To Know About The Iran Bomb Plot

Four Things You Need To Know About The Iran Bomb Plot

Preoccupied (cartoon)

Anybody know why the price of regular gasoline went up here by $.11 a gallon between 7AM & noon?

First ASUS ultrabook to market: meet the Zenbook

The Iran assassination plot news is disturbing on it's face related to propaganda.

Wall Street...

Chuck Todd is destroying Herman Cain on the Daily Rundown.

WOW: The GOP Continues Its Fine Tradition Of Doing Jack Sh _ t About Unemployment

AUDIO RECORDING: Troy Davis' Final Words

Chris Hedges -- Why the Elites Are in Trouble

(((PIC))) A Message from Occupy Boston

Guest on Ratigan Say Iran Assasination Plot To Convienent....

Joe Walsh Says He Had 'Verbal' Deal Not To Pay Child Support

Hartmann: Wisconsin Dems fire up Walker recall campaign

Why the Family Research Council Deserves to be Labeled a ‘Hate Group’

I AM NOT MOVING - #OccupyWallStreet - Short Film

Marathon runner wins 3rd place, then outted by bus riders

Mitt Romney made a very uncomfortable statement for many Repubs last night...

Alabama Hispanics protest new law on immigration

Widespread work stoppage by Alabama Hispanics to protest state immigration law

Actually saw something hopeful on MSM tonight.

Actually saw something hopeful on MSM tonight.

And this BS talking point is being posted on FB and emailed all over...

I just figured out Herman Cain's 999 deal

Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan Would Massively Redistribute Wealth Upward

‘No Food Rights’ Judge quits to work for Monsanto law firm

Toles toon- Reasons why we can't

GLBT History Month: Matthew Shepard (13 years)

Has anyone else had a 21 day hold put on their PayPal account?

UK PM Cameron's press secretary once paid by Pfizer to work for ALEC-backed Atlantic Bridge

PHOTO: This explains a LOT about Romney's popularity.

Yay, Mrs. Scuba and I are going to dinner with Tammy Baldwin.

Alabama Work Stoppage To Protest Anti-Immigration Laws

Alabama Work Stoppage To Protest Anti-Immigration Laws

D.C. Council members support rights of Stop the Machine and Occupy DC to protest

Schumer Brands GOP Agenda ‘Tea Party Economics’

Trials Become Less Common and Acquittals Even More Rare

Amnesty International: Canada urged to arrest and prosecute George W. Bush

Yay! Mrs. Scuba and I are going to dinner with Tammy Baldwin.

Follow your college dreams

Kasim Reed’s five-day grace period for Occupy Atlanta

Toon: Creating Jobs

End Of Last Meals For Death Row Inmates Could Decimate Texas Restaurant Industry

Obama 'a little heartbroken' about NBA shutting down

Bernie Sanders -- Six Demands to Make of Wall Street

Could we please just finish the wars we're on before we go starting a new one?

Guns-in-Bars Sponsor, TN Rep. Curry Todd (ALEC state chair), Caught Drunk with Loaded Gun

Anyone remember the Dot-com bubble?

When Xians Say That Being Gay Is A Choice,

Death Penalty Statistics 2010 - Amnesty International

Death Penalty Statistics 2010 - Amnesty International

19 arrested in Milwaukee protesting Sen Ron Johnson (R-Douche) vote on jobs bill

The Seven Biggest Economic Lies

Double Vision

More Jobs for Americans: Stand with President Obama to Continue the Fight for Jobs

More Jobs for Americans: Stand with President Obama to Continue the Fight for Jobs

Revolution # 9 - 9 - 9....

Revolution # 9 - 9 - 9....

CHART: Wall Street Salaries Rise 11 Percent Annually, While Other Workers’ Increase By Just 1.8

The GOP couldn't replace Hillary with Palin, and ...

Anyone know how to get a mugshot?

Epic Fail! All Republican Candidates FLUNK the Ronald Reagan Pop Quiz

Don't know how I should feel about this story if the facts ring true.

So which of the Republicans won the debate last night?

Why the Occupy Movement could be the most important thing you ever do.

H. Cain's 999 plan?

(RI Gov) Chafee says he gets reasons behind 'Occupy' protests

Former Governor Jennifer Granholm (D-MI) to host new political show 'The War Room' on CurrentTV

Obama beating the drums of war with Iran or.....not

Michelle Bachmann on CNN said "we did not need that debt downgrade".

Anderson Cooper 360: how Minneapolis and Bachmann's hometown schools approach antigay bullying

Bomb Threat Fails to Derail First-Ever Equality Event in Tupelo, Mississippi

Guns In Bars: What Could Go Wrong? Umm: This.

Wanna meet the mastermind of Herman Cain's 9-9-9- economic plan?

Occupy Portland, breaking news, the police are gearing up...

Clueless Chris Cillizza disses Occupy Wall Street.....licks Tea Party jackboots

Clueless Chris Cillizza disses Occupy Wall Street.....licks Tea Party jackboots

David Smathers Moore: Let down by Obama, people seeking change flock to the 'Occupy' movement

Occupy Siberia

the blue pill: top 10 securities and investment firm donors 1989 -2010 and the top 10 recipients

Whats Going On With MSNBC

Bill O'Reilly, Tavis Smiley And Cornel West Have Fiery Clash Over Wall Street, Poverty

Occupy Dallas has been invaded: Homeland Security, Fire Marshalls, Detectives

9+9=Miserable Death....

Global Warming Will Make Chocolate a Luxury Item

(California Congressman) Schiff Says Occupy Wall Street Protesters 'Raise Legitimate Concerns'

Occupy Kansas City? You out there?

Fight The Lies: Why Occupy Wall Street Is More Hooverville than Woodstock

An excellent introduction to the concept of War Corporatism in this short animation:

Wall Street Journal circulation scam claims senior Murdoch executive

Hartmann: Occupy Boston: a victim of a police beating speaks out

How much do you know about the US Constitution? A quiz.

The 99% is worldwide

The Political-Industrial Complex

If corporations have the same rights as The People

CSM: Used-car salesman as Iran proxy? Why assassination plot doesn't add up for experts.

This GOPer CHEAPNESS in solving National issues is harming America big time...

Herman Cain consultant: 9-9-9 wouldn't be accepted

Tonight on Countdown:Arrests, Tom Hayden, Councilman Avalos, Bloomberg at OWS

Do libraries destroy books?

Suddenly, there are jobs for everyone (pic)

There's just something about the eyes...

Welcome to GOP austerity. Domestic violence now legal in Kansas.

Cyclists offended by ‘reality sucks’ slogan from GM

GYRO, DUMPLING & JERK: The Best Food Trucks On Wall Street

GYRO, DUMPLING & JERK: The Best Food Trucks On Wall Street

New 'Atlas Shrugged' film on the way

DUers: Are those I'M A MORMON TV ads running where you are?


Arrest Bush for rights abuse, Amnesty tells Canada

The problem with America...

Is it mere coincidence that this over the top assassination plot gets revealed

GOP Now Goes After Vehicle Fuel Economy Standards

Friend: Suspect in ambassador plot 'no mastermind'

Does Warren Buffet's company owe $1B in taxes.

What is it about newspaper dicussion forums that attract assholes?

Is there a REAL website to see what the OWS protestors need?

Is there a viable Republic Candidate?

The Rude Pundit - The Super-Scary Iranian Assassination Plot: The FBI's Truman Show

Global mass protests 15th October 2011 globalrevolution worldrevolution [Make Viral]

Hey, NYC #OWS? Look What I Just Found: You Don't Need a Permit for Tents Under 400 square feet

Do this hypothetical with me: An Obama vs. Cain election

Bilingual voting ballots ordered in 25 states

Brought over from account of the #Occupy

Interesting lineup (OWS, Iranian plot) on Charlie Rose tonight

Down Down Down with the Hawaii Senate Candidacy of former Gov. Linda Lingle

Ron Paul wins Bloomberg readers poll as best candidate on the economy

Domestic Violence Law Repealed By Lawmakers In Topeka, Kansas

America will never recover till all republicans are voted out

What? Biden just said it was a crime to go around assassinating people! (VIDEO)

Santorum: Europe has better income mobility from poor to middle-class than the U.S.

How Many Of You Would Pay More with 9 9 9

Michael Moore Gets Giddy Over Occupy Wall Street: 'Finally!'

House GOP Announces Plan for America’s Job Creators

I'm ready to quit being cynical about hope for change in our world..

I'm ready to quit being cynical about hope for change in our world..

The “very scary” Iranian Terror plot - Greenwald

Do you pay at least one of these federal taxes?

No jobs bill, but at least the trade deals the Dems used to oppose will sprint to approval!

Not so quiet desperation

Perry post-debate slip, placing American Revolution in 16th century, leads to #perryhistory hashtag

'Dismiss the case, he's a deputy's son': Police clerk sends order to scrap ticket to newspaper

In Soviet Russia....... protest sign

Interesting. Reading some posts here

Occupy Portland's first official video, enjoy...

Avaaz (an international version of MoveOn) now has 10 million members

Union calls for removal of member from Obama's jobs council

Yet another good toon to send to the freepers

"I Am The 1% -&- I Stand With The 99%"

Well, if anyone needed to use Saudi airspace for a strike on Iran they'd probably get permission now

Barney Frank slams Gingrich for calling for his imprisonment

Ravi Batra of TruthOut: Occupy Wall Street movement will bring about demise of Crony Capitalism....

Iran, Iraq, Syria signed off on gas pipeline

"I see you like publicity, Mr. Gittes...

Combative President Obama Keeps Fighting For Jobs Bill

Yep, something is in the air.

Toon: Why Don't You Love Me?

The primary reason President Obama hasn't made more progress on the economy and jobs

Slowpoke Toon - Protest Pointers with Eric Cantor

Siberian region 'confirms Yeti exists' ..Physorg reports?

10,000 Free Round-Trip Tickets to Japan

FACT CHECK: Regulations not a huge jobs killer

The tragic, hilarious "We Are the 53 percent" movement

some common ground - corporate welfare

K&R if you like DU!

I simply think it's time for Eric Holder to go.

A Warmongers Cry: "Don't Take My Money"

I have decided that instead of giving what little I can, to the Dems as a donation,...

What is our best hope for the furture?

OccupyAustin Day 7- The Daily Texan reports us in favorable light

Rupert Murdoch Declares War On Occupy Wall Street

Human beings are not ready to run the world

BlackBerry Outages Continue, Reports Say They've Spread To North America

Where child sacrifice is a business (BBC) {horrific stories}

YOU MUST VOTE FOR ONE: Rick Perry or a bucket of horse crap

Cool graphic comparing deaths due to terrorism/cancer vs. money spent fighting each.

L.A. Labor Delivers Pizza and Supplies to Occupy L.A.

L.A. City Council Votes to Support Occupy LA

Not sure if I can post this here

PARODY: A Lady Who Looks Like Elizabeth Warren Saying Hilarious, Warren-Esque Stuff

PARODY: A Lady Who Looks Like Elizabeth Warren Saying Hilarious, Warren-Esque Stuff

Stop believing in authority and start believing in each other

Responding to Erick Erickson's 'We Are The 53%"

Robert Reich on The Seven Biggest Economic Lies -- Know the truth and spread it!

Obama Betrays Another Promise: The Crackdown on California’s Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

WTF??? 6 dead, 3 injured in shooting at Southern California hair salon

Oh, the naiveté of youth.

Oh, the naiveté of youth.

To all the anti-vaccine folks in the crowd

Today's LA Times: Can Occupy Wall Street turn protests into policy changes?

'Portugal's market has died. Banks aren't lending. Everything is blocked'

President Obama Shifts Away From Jobs Message to Promote George W. Bush Backed "Free Trade" Deals

What do you think about Hillary's State Department approving the pipeline?

Friend posted this tonight - pretty cool:

When you hear people beating the Iran war drum, please remind them of these facts.

81-year-old busted for performing free breast exams makes deal with Florida prosecutors: report

OWS is now everywhere; awsome photo.

Robert Reich: The Seven Biggest Economic Lies (Why the Jobs Bill Will Die)

Faith leaders join call of Occupy Wall Street protesters

PHOTOS: The Occupy Wall Street Movement Spreads

Dept. of Education gave $200,000 to a NJ charter school whose application was denied 3 times.

Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed orders OWS protestors out of Woodruff Park by Monday

The Graphic Lighting Up Facebook Right Now

Take some time off and check out a few electron microscope images

Take some time off and check out a few electron microscope images

The frustration is so widespread: this is one man's opinion

Is the Obama administration trying to gin up a war with Iran?

The tax dodgers are being evicted from the former nursing home.

Tea Party favorite Perry flubs date of U.S. revolution

Why is the maximum income on which Social Security are paid $106,000?

Herman Cain Leads the GOPers. New NBC Poll:

#OccupyDameStreet photos!

Family calls 911 from corn maze. Police canine unit rescues them

So when will they start talking about a "mushroom cloud" threat from Iran?

Is Ron Paul wearing eye brow extensions?

Hi. Will you marry me? For a week? By Mark Morford

Just finished the last job for today - now I'm going to take it for a ride

Your $250,000 A Year Salary Won't Make You Rich in New York

Congress prepares to debate the "Let Women Die" Act...

What the hell is wrong with parents?!

Tom Englehardt - The Warning Occupy Wall Street Has for President Obama

Anonymous is going after James O'Keefe

Great picture going viral on Facebook today

inflammatory rhetoric from Palin threatens to raise tensions between North and South Korea

I'm about to cry: just received my first eviction notice

Tavis Smiley & Dr. West Poverty Tour - Read to see why there are marches in the streets!

"I want this country to realize that we stand on the edge of oblivion!"

OWS Protester Rant.."Blame the Jews."

Why are corporations not people?

Greece, A Victim of Capitalism

Wisc. is divided at the recall of Gov. Scott Walker. Efforts at recall already started.

James Garner: 'A card carryinig liberal and proud of it.'

James Garner: 'A card carryinig liberal and proud of it.'

NPR interview with Richard Clarke on "really strange" alleged Iranian terror plot

Anthropology chair reacts to FL Gov Rick Scott's 'We don't need more anthropology majors' criticism

It's time to make our first 3 demands. #OWS

Pink Martini to give free concert for Occupy Portland. w00t!

Pink Martini to give free concert for Occupy Portland. w00t!

Just watched Frontline's: Anthrax Files

Has Obama made any initiatives that are not Republican?

Food stamps for fast food argument?

Hmmm, Iran, Central American drug cartels, Saudis, reminds me of some hidden histories

K & R If You Like Puppies

PHOTO: You can ALWAYS tell when you're shopping in a store frequented by MiddleFingerMom. ALWAYS.

emerald waterway

Scorpions - The Zoo

What's with Ron Paul's eyebrow? Is it falling off????? n/t

If there is a God she would Rapture the Kitties first

I am never alone - Shadow Kittie is watching over me

post by Okie Dokie Chickasaw National Recreation Area: Oklahoma

just to funk it up...

What's the largest number of posts you've posted in a single day here at du?

PHOTO: Now THAT'S what I call a Little Lebowski Urban OVER Achiever.

Best holloween costumes. I once went to a huge Halifax Mardi Gras

PHOTO: NOTE TO SELF: When in Australia, deposits ONLY at McDonald's...NO withdrawals.

I think Tank was set up by Jed and Xena!

Favorite type of naughty bits.

Typical response (boys) to being introduced to the word

Yeah, okay, I really do need to go crash out. FUCK THE GOP (actually, don't do that - STDs - ew.)

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit - Alabama Pines

The Diamonds - 'Little Darlin' (video)

I watched The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus this morning on cable.

Ye gads, it's as dark as night here in Minneapolis

Detroit police impound 'Booty' bus strip club

Rap time. See you all later.

Normally I don't promote storebought cookies but I love Pepperidge Farm Snickerdoodle cookies wreck...wet roads and drivers pulling out in front of you

Pap time. See you all later.

What do you have to do to get a thread locked around here??

Owl gets saved and spends every day repaying its rescuer (21 Photos)



AMD's Bulldozer CPU. Ouch.

Florida man arrested in celeb hacking probe

Let me see, let me see!!


I got my FIREFOX back!

Meanwhile In Romania...

X-Men: First Class (spoilers)

"Who wears short shorts?" (video)

Belafonte and the Muppets - Banana Boat Song

misleading emails

The cops, the cop hat and the damn possum


A question for people who have looked at / moved into old houses

Yet another corn dog pic

I finally got to meet Bill Clinton!



Favorite Type of Cat

Sometimes contacting people that once had a special place in your heart

PHOTO: NO! Not the lubricant TOO! The BASTARDS!

The Real Favorite Type of Polecat!

Do you see the ninjas?

PHOTO: I'm guessin' THIS bastid has his own ZIP CODE.

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I could use a few of the famous lounge vibes here...

Post a Pic of Someone on the Cover of Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

Do you recognize this man?

WSJ Europe Publisher Resigns

Favoirte thing covered in brown mushroom gravy

Question about cats...

Favourite trip. I always like canoeing or boating down the lake to the Culbut (somersalt in french)

The REAL Favorite Type of Cat poll!

Police arrest scores of Occupy Boston protesters

Facing Cuts, a City Repeals Its Domestic Violence Law

New Zealand oil spill ship captain charged

4 charged in Pleasanton immigration fraud case

A Contradiction in the Cargo

U.S. calls kin of American Al Qaeda

Maxim's choice of Paula Deen as sexiest TV chef made my day.

F.C.C. Expanding Efforts to Connect More Americans to Broadband

DU VIBES, please...tonight @ 7 I'm giving a presentation for a $6200 proposal

Feds to defend 54.5 mpg fuel efficiency proposal

There are two types of people. 1) Those who take opiate-based pain killers; and,

Oakland chief resigns as police takeover threatened (by fed govt)

Your Social Media Will Be Monitored

Does height affect your career?

Response Of the Police Is Expanding With Protests

Ron Paul wins Bloomberg readers poll as best candidate on the economy

German Minister Wants Investigation of State Authorities’ Use of Spyware

Is DU 3 just about ready? Will we be able to rec lounge posts like

Boeing 377 Stratocruiser: Early 1950's

Harrisburg, Pa., files for Chapter 9 bankruptcy

Millions affected as BlackBerry outage spreads to North America

Tea Party bringing cash to 2012 elections

Obama 'a little heartbroken' about NBA shutting down

Alabama Hispanics Protest New Law On Immigration

I AM NOT MOVING - #OccupyWallStreet - Short Film

New 'Atlas Shrugged' film on the way

ACLU and Civil Rights Coalition File Lawsuit Against South Carolina’s Anti-Immigrant Law

Occupy San Francisco protesters block Wells Fargo headquarters

Amnesty (International) calls on Canada to arrest Bush for 'torture'

Judge slams anti-gay former state attorney (Andrew Shirvell) for trying to short-circuit lawsuit

Gadhafi son reported captured

Chrysler, UAW reach tentative labor pact

Judge slams anti-gay former state attorney for trying to short-circuit lawsuit

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Albert Einstein's letter on Nazis sold for $14,000

How many here remember Captain Horatio Huffenpuff & The Leakin' Lena?

Supreme Court Declines to Review MERS Challenge

Julius Baer Bankers Said to Be Charged in Tax Probe by U.S.

Joe Walsh Accuses Ex-Wife Of Lying About Back Child Support

FDIC backs barring banks from trading for own gain

DA in Topeka says he might prosecute some misdemeanor domestic violence cases

Carney On Secret Kill List: "Not Going To Engage In A Conversation About That"

Viktor Bout wanted American pilots killed, jury told

TN Lawmaker Arrested on Gun Charges, Driving Drunk

U.S.: Underwear bomber's guilty plea proves terrorism should be fought in courts

(Anti-gay) Hate speech case reaches (Canadian) Supreme Court

Officer’s Arrest Sought in Pepper-Spray Incident

Pipe bomb left at Polish couple's home in Steeple, Antrim (Northern Ireland)

Virginia man charged with spying on Syrian Americans

Exclusive: BP to risk worst ever oil spill in Shetlands drilling

Arrest Bush when he visits B.C., Amnesty tells Ottawa

Ambassador Assassination Plot: U.S. To Push For International Sanctions Against Iran

Margiotta ousted; Democrats win 4 school board seats in Wake

Brad Drake, Florida State Representative, Proposes Execution By Electric Chair, Firing Squad

Facing Cuts, a City Repeals Its Domestic Violence Law (Topeka, Kansas)

Plumbers send Joe down the drain

Man plummets to death at Occupy San Diego rally; tragedy raises questions

Skills that are dying out: Here goes: Using a slide rule,

Wall Street Journal circulation scam claims senior Murdoch executive

Independents favor OWS over Tea Party, says study

Darrell Issa Subpoenas Eric Holder Over 'Fast And Furious' Gun Operation

Radioactive 'Hot Spots' Detected in Tokyo

Buffett releases tax figures to GOP

NBC/WSJ poll: Cain now leads GOP pack

Favorite type of dog

MFM back in the hospital

US Senate Panel Clears Three Trade Pact

In tough economy, Americans having fewer babies

‘Underwear bomber’ pleads guilty to airline attack

GM to debut all-electric Chevrolet Spark in 2013

U.S. aims to "unite the world" against Iran

6 dead in Seal Beach hair salon shooting

A Top Senate Dem Says Iran Plot May Be Act Of War

Occupy Wall Street protesters march on Rep. Maloney's office to demonstrate against free trade vote

Why Bother Asking Debate Questions

Why Bother Asking Debate Questions

President Obama: "with so many Americans out of work...we can’t take 'no' for an answer"

Memo to clueless debate moderators: Private sector loans, not Fannie or Freddie, triggered crisis

Who do you want to be the Republican nominee?

GOP kills jobs bill despite majority support

Greg Sargent: Romney calls payroll tax cut a 'little bandaid.' DNC responds with web video.

In swing district outside Pittsburgh, Obama's message may be resonating.

Unable to break a glass jaw

SPTimes Buzz Blog: Obama raises a glass of Guinness in Orlando, 'To more jobs'

I watched the debate last night - it is Romney no doubt

Anyone see this WOW!!!

MaddowBlog: Next time someone says the government doesn't do anything...

SHAME: Senators Have No Excuse for Blocking Jobs Bill (SEIU)

Can I get some help? looking for the 'Bikini Graph'

Jumping Jacks Around the World

GOP to Unemployed: Drop Dead

Anyhow: A Truth Anthem (Occupy Wall Street )

Occupy Boston (11 Oct 2011) Woman's Arrest Pt. 1

Occupy Boston (11 Oct 2011) Woman's Arrest Pt. 2

Occupy Wall Street Our One Demand

(R)asmussen: Obama 49, Perry 35

We need to get Cantor voted out.

What are the polls for Republicans after last night's debate? n/t

Herman Cain is an economic idiot

Predicting Crime - Future Attribute Screening Technology (FAST)

Howard Zinn on Democratic Socialism

American Awakening spreads to 1,000 cities-News Analysis-10-08-2011

Poll: Obama potentially competitive in Nebraska 1 & 2 CD

Political Wire: Cain Leads Nationally in latest PPP poll

Sen. Sanders:Senate Republicans Kill Jobs Bill

Cain is leading nationally BUT his support is soft as hell

Tuesday Afternoon - Dedicated to the damaged shrubbery near Boston's Dewey Park

Melissa Etheridge Scarecrow- Matthew Shepard Tribute

General Smedley Butler & Fascist Takeover Of The USA. A warning unheeded. .

Social Security & Medicare Trucks Circle D.C.

Republicans agree: They don't want job creation while Obama is still president

Koch Brothers Exposed for Cancer Causing Pollution

Mike Malloy - Right Wing Web Postings

TDPS: White Supremacist David Duke Endorses Tea Party / No One is Surprised

Christopher Hitchens accepting the Richard Dawkins Award from Richard Dawkins 2 of 3

TYT: Prisoners Hired As Firefighters

#ows: Pain in the assets

FUCKING MSNBC cuts the President's speech off then goes to Buddy Romer

Thom Hartmann: Occupy Boston: a victim of a police beating speaks out

Mac McClelland On How An Indicted War Criminal Continues To Terrorize The Congo

Mass Arrests At Occupy Boston

Lean Backwards: MSNBC/Rachel Maddow Parody

Thom Hartmann: Wisconsin Dems fire up Walker recall campaign

Nader, Ron Paul, Kucinich Speak to Occupy Wall Street - Original

Romney's $2000 Beauty Secrets

Bill Daley leaving WH after 2012 elections

TYT: GE CEO: Root For Corporations!

You Should Be Furious - The E.R.A. Education Project


Thom Hartmann: Koch connection to cancer deaths?

Can you imagine the outrage here?

TYT: Tea Party Vs Occupy Wall Street - Fox News & Rush Limbaugh

Clinton says Wall Street protestors must organize for real change

Was This Cain's Tax Plan Inspiration?

9/11 Masterminds - Explosive Connections

Putin: US feeding off global dollar monopoly

Occupy Wall Street - We Are the 99% - Jeremy Gilchrist Original Music - Photo Montage Version

TYT: We are the 53% vs. the 99 %

Rutgers-Eagleton Poll: Obama rebounds in New Jersey

Rachel Maddow Republicans In Hysteria As Occupy Wall Street Protests Gain Momentum

Austerity Nut

TYT University: Occupy Colleges 10/13 @ 4:30pm ET

I Wanna Be A Pirate

Pakistan the next American enemy?

"Could an Unmarried Woman Sink Obama?"

Herman Cain And "Some Of My Best Friends Are "Fill In The Blank" Argument

Papantonio: Stop the Looting, Start Prosecuting

Building A Better Ohio Steals and then Misrepresents Victim's Words

Egyptians Chant "Muslims Christians Are One" as Military Viciously Attacks Protest

I'm looking for more LIST LINKS to add to my Obama LIST of LISTS. What cha got?

GOP Debate, Newt Wants Dodd/Franks In Jail Because Bush was an Idiot

" This isn’t a policy; it’s a joke."

TYT: Leaked Memo on Citizen Execution Without Trial

Yes, I watched the "Debate".....

President Obama Punches Wall Street Banker in Face

I'm glad it's Romney

Bill O'Reilly, Tavis Smiley And Cornel West Have Fiery Clash Over Wall Street, Poverty 15min

Look I really do get it …

More Jobs for Americans: Stand with President Obama to Continue the Fight for Jobs

Chris Hedges Slaps Down Kevin O'leary on OWS

China's Migrant Workers Ready to Strike, Report Finds

Public Citizen: Take 5 minutes to save US jobs from Bush/Obama's job offshoring deal

POLL: Obama 44 (+4), Generic GOP 42 (-2). Obama +13 over Perry, +2 over Romney, +11 over Cain.

Thom Hartmann: Did Republicans just prove they only care about the top 1%?

Romney is toast

Mike Malloy - Glenn Beck Advocates Violence Against Protesters

Do you think Obama don't care about unemployed???

What If Herman Cain Is The Republican Nominee?

GOP Candidates Blame 30 Years Of Rising Income Inequality On Barack Obama And Single Moms

Burning Mormon Scripture? Rick Perry’s “Mormon Problem” Gets Bigger

House GOP Proposes So-Called ‘Let Women Die’ Bill That Lets Hospitals Deny Life-Saving Care

Occupy Wall Street Anthem | "Finally Here" by The Roaring FT. Ari Herstand

Why aren't more on the left shouting about the Democrats who voted to filibuster the jobs bill?

Mike Luckovich on 'Obamacare'

Let me see if I get this straight

Sen. Bernie Sanders: A Good Deal for Kim Jong Il

Rachel Maddow: Bill Maher "This Idea That We Can All Be Rich Is One Of The Stupidest Things!"

Robert Reich reveals the 7 biggest lies about the economy

The New Yorker: You Never Give Me Your Money: A Soundtrack for Occupy Wall Street

Whenever, and for whatever alleged reason people attempt to crush ideas to mask their convictions,

Anger and Hope on the Streets of Chicago (Jerry Mead-Lucero in Labor Notes)

#OccupyWallStreet comes to Denmark (Copenhagen Post)

#OWS and the U.S. Labor Movement (Mark Nowak in MRZine)

Are Workers Too Productive?

Millionaire's March: Protesters Hit the Streets in NY and Visit the 1 Percent at Their Homes

Occupy Wall Street and the History of Corporate Fascism

'Vulture Capitalist' Funding Two Orgs Attacking Occupy Wall Street

Bond Insurance Could Contain the Debt Crisis

Perry mixes up the dates of the Revolutionary War

Questions from former CIA operative Baer about the alleged Iranian plot

Corporations Are Not People: We Hold These Truths to Be Self-Evident…

Former Nazi Resister: "Time for Outrage"

Up with Chris Hayes: Doing a piece called This is What Austerity Looks Like

Zombie Lobbyists Occupy Washington (Beau Hodai | In These Times)

Georgia Considers Replacing Firefighters With Free Prison Laborers

High-skill visa reform needs action by Congress, Obama says

Scene in US, Europe worrisome for Indian IT industry

Former MI Gov Jennifer Granholm To Host Show On Current TV

Your Social Media Will Be Monitored

The Captain Of A Sinking Ship?

'Class Warfare' in the Eye of the Beholder - Anchorage Daily News

Bush Corporate tax break did NOT lead to increased employment: one more Big Lie bites the dust..

Large swath of public unsure what to think about 'Occupy' protests

Saudis Say Iran Must 'Pay The Price' For Alleged Plot As US Resists Retaliation

My Advice to the Occupy Wall Street Protesters: Hit bankers where it hurts (Taibbi | Rolling Stone)

The fast and furious plot to occupy Iran

Filing for the NH primary begins October 17th. When does the Dem challenger announce?