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Has anyone ever gone to see a movie at a nice theatre only to have your shoes stick to th

Scoreboard, scoreboard, scoreboard.

FBI: Gunman at Army post accused of threatening to kill Obama

Shouldn't these "christians" consider crucifying

This might make you cry Video

Anybody up for burning the GOP platform Saturday in Gainesville?

It's hers to lose: Alex Sink

As usual Ohio seems to be a nightmare every election!

Report: Ensign was confronted twice on affair

This is my worst nightmare

Regulatory Capture Of Oil Drilling Agency Exposed In Report

So, how screwed up is this:

FBI Says Retaliation for Koran Burning 'Likely'

"There's no better way to commemorate 9/11 than to spend 200 bucks at our Alaskan King Crab Party!"

I love when Keith Olbermann does his James Mason impersonation.

Happy 2nd Anniversary Rachel

Saskatchewan premier threatens to stop selling oil to U.S.

Nevada Sen. John Ensign says "you better hold us accountable or else

Nevada Sen. John Ensign says "you better hold us accountable or else

How many Korans do I need to burn before Stephen Harper and David Petraeus notice me?

"I'm working on a new promo script." - Rachel to KO - A shoutout to Shuster?

"I'm working on a new promo script." - Rachel to KO - A shoutout to Shuster?

Kim Jong II's ally to help raise cash for North Korean regime .... Rupert Murdoch!

Obama sees Democratic pain if vote hinges on economy

Conservative Group Strategizes Health Law Repeal

Watch out teabaggers! Report: Illegal population to soar if birthright citizenship repealed

Need info on religious right tactics

First Google, now Kelsey Grammer's "RightNetwork"...Verizon's adding all kinds of "partners."

Can we hire a rain dancer in Florida?

Religious Laws Long Recognized By U.S. Courts

A significant victory for the Obama Administration: Court dismisses challenge to CIA renditions

A reality check on the safety of our soldiers in the Middle East.

If environmental protestors burned something without permits,

George Carlin said it best regarding religion .... video

Looks like a good day to protest

n00b question

Hell Yes It's Class Warfare! part 2

Old People Turn on Andy Griffith

AEI republican has the solution to our high unemployment problem.

If you thought Joey the Scar has been awful in the past, just wait

I take back anything I said about Imam Rauf that questioned his motives.

Terry Jones Accused of 'Spiritual Abuse' at Cologne Church

Thank you, Mr. Thompson. Fuck you, Moran Renacci.

Whistleblower Claims Many U.S. Interpreters Can't Speak Afghan Languages

It just goes to show you... tasteless, hamfisted, military ass-hattery not a new phenomena

Thanks from Jack Conway, rand paul opponent:

Why Rahm Emanuel has to decide soon (WP)

Berkeley mourns a mountain lion shot by police

Rachel show 2d anniversary tonite!

We should be using our First Amendment rights against the Koran burner.

This is just begging for a caption

"We're committing suicide -- and our leaders are the executioners."

*** Keith Olbermann on Letterman tonight *** n/t

Colbert tonight

Palin commented on the burning of the Korans coming this Saturday.

Palin commented on the burning of the Korans coming this Saturday.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

Ha! Biden's serving hotdogs to the troops on "Colbert Report"!

Will they hold a restoring thruthiness rally?

how to beat the right at their own game

Republicans introduce “Kill the Economy” plan

Dave and Keith discussing Quran burning on CBS now.

An Overview of Prop 8/Marriage Equality Debate

Justice Thomas has a litmus test for his clerks

Love it - Jon Stewart put Tim Kaine on the hot seat - where is your message dude?

Kentucky: Conway Raises $300,000 in Internet Fundraiser

L'shana Tovah, or Happy New Year, to our Jewish friends


If everyone just STFU about this asshole in Florida...

Tornado hit Dallas

About the moran in Florida

The 7 Types of Republican Idiots

Insurance Company Using Propaganda To Push Political Agenda AND Sell Policies

Help me out please. I was pre-occupied while Joe Biden

America – when this is done in our name, it leaves an indelible stain

Do Those who Oppose "Mosque" Know what Happened in Iraq ?

I have a few extra bucks and I want to expand my horizons...

Canadian PM speaks out against Qu'ran burning

Just heard an awful story......

They were all in favor of burning the Koran until the military started complaining about it

Airport ‘Naked Image’ Scanners in U.S. May Get Privacy Upgrades

HuffPo:Quran-Burning Pastor's Former German Church Denounces Him: He's 'Violent And Fanatical'

My neighbor says she can't get too upset about some kooks who want to burn religious books.

My neighbor says she can't get too upset about some kooks who want to burn religious books.

Congess returns to work next week. No recess appointment for Elizabeth Warren?

What if we flood the church? Rendering it "fire-less"?

Getting back to basics is the way out of Afghanistan

Tom Tomorrow on tea parties and MLK

Tom Tomorrow on tea parties and MLK

"Potatoe" Head Two gona get talked about on Hardball.

Biden "Hot Dog guy" serves hot dogs on Colbert's show (VIDEO)

Pentagon may trim IED detector budget

Pentagon may trim IED detector budget

What if the media boycotted the book burning?

Court Sides With CIA On 'Extraordinary Rendition,' Grants President Broad 'State Secrets' Privilege

Between Jim, Bob and Terry... I'm staying away from any church with a pastor named "Jones"

DoD Buzz: Efficiencies Begin to Bite; 600 Execs Leaving Lockheed

The history rewriting of chimpy underway

More Fraud Found In Military Sub-Contracting

Millions strike in France to defend pensions

Andersen receives Pacific’s first ($35+ million dollar) Global Hawk drone

The strike that shook South Africa's new elite

Workers Wish Obama Would Address NAFTA

Three Month Mott's Strike Continues (CBS News video)

To Sow Discord and Doubt, to Divide and Conquer... That's The Plan

Fertile Land in Africa Being Stolen By Foreign Governements and Companies

Texas A&M System Will Rate Professors Based on Their Bottom-Line Value

Robber flees after gambling parlor worker opens fire...

They burn books don't they?

More Air Force Propaganda

Burn books, burn flags...can't we all just burn a DOOBIE?

Iraqi official foresees a U.S. military presence until 2016

Not Ony Is The Stimulus Working; We're Still Tapping Into It With Lots More To Go

Report: Tom Brady in car accident

100 million workers join India’s September 7 general strike

The Mike Malloy Show Blog

Fires burn throughout Detroit: Residents hold energy giant responsible

Fires burn throughout Detroit: Residents hold energy giant responsible

Who owns the U.K. Telegraph?

Holy cow. Turn on MSNBC. Lawrence O'Donnel looks terrible without makeup.

Economic Report: Nearly Twice As Many Jobs Per Year Are Created Under D Presidents Than Under R's

US imports decline. US exports increase. New US jobless claims go down

Conservative Dogma

Is this for real? - Pastor TerryJones arrested for Child Pornography?

Is this for real? - Pastor TerryJones arrested for Child Pornography?

No, burning a book is not the same thing as burning a flag.

I'm reading the Qu'ran this weekend.

oops, a dupe

CREW: John Ensign Needs a Mirror

Sarah Palin twitters Terry Jones: "Please stand down", "Don't feed that fire"


Would Jesus burn a Koran?

New filings for jobless benefits tumble

Larry Odonnel

This Qu'ran-burning thing is out of control.


Obama condemns plans to burn the Koran

Good Morning DUers - you all got it wrong

And The BP Finger Points To...........

Dove World Outreach Center: Where Does the Money Go? - Kuran burning "Pastor"

OnStar to allow Facebook updates while driving

Exclusive: Whistleblower Claims Many U.S. Interpreters Can't Speak Afghan Languages

Gun-totin', Teabaggin' Kristi Allen-Gailushas : "The Gay community wants a war…they've got one!!"

Just a Thought: Maybe the "media" could NOT cover the Koran Burning.

Michael Moore has a new blog site --

I think I'll be next and start a "Burn the Koran" day in my front yard.

OpenMike Blasts Off on

Hard Evidence of Explosive Demolition at WTC to be Revealed

Obama Says Warren Will "Be Working With Me" & Backs Rahm for Mayor

Biggest Hollywood Hypocrite EVER: Kelsey Grammer (Girlfriend of 2 months already preggers)

teachers and others..tell me what you think about THIS ("underground teaching")

Breaking: High court won't order state to defend Prop. 8

Gulf Coast oil disaster an exercise in secrecy and deception

If the Spanish Inquisition and Nazi Germany's book burnings are

Oh! Now, the panic sets in?

Major investor of 51 Park Place/"Ground Zero Mosque" ready to sell if price is right.

Kentucky: Conway Raises $300,000 in Internet Fundraiser

Do calorie counts at restaurants affect your buying decisions?

Debt collectors using Facebook, Twitter to track you down

Study: Same sex marriage will not bring about Armageddon to our straight marriages

I can't believe this attack on CNN by Soledad O'Brien on Imam Rauf

Why do so many crazy and angry people turn to religion?

Fastest Growing Jobs in America

CNNMoney - "Taxes: What people forget about Reagan" - Shocking! Admits He Raised Taxes - MUST READ!

The United States Of Inequality

Citibank: Will Anyone Hold Rubin And Prince Accountable?

Rackspace cancels Dove World Outreach Center's web hosting account.

The Media as a Security Threat to America

So now that the president and the party are lashing out at the GOP...

Divide and Conquer

More info on Sink & Scott Re: special interest money & good police endorsement

More info on Sink & Scott Re: special interest money & good police endorsement

Court Dismisses a Case Asserting Torture by C.I.A.

Am I An "Islamaphobe"?

Someone should have a bible burning on the steps of a mosque

China's Great Quantum (Literally) Leap Forward

Chess, caution and refusing to threaten Tax-Cut Extension veto


Vice President Joe Biden - Hot Dog Guy - video link and pics

John W. Kluge, Founder of Metromedia, Dies at 95

What about this march on October 2, Is it going to

Network of Spiritual Progressives planning public readings of the Qur'an on 9-11

States pressed to fix local water systems

Quran Burning Church a Terrorist Group?

False Equivalency between Koran burners and Mosque builders

Geert Wilders—kingmaker in the Dutch political crisis

Today's Lesson In Tolerance© from FreeRepublic: "Just go out and buy a Koran and burn it."

California Public Schools Invited BP To Help Develop Environmental Curriculum

Exclusive: Iraq vet, rattled by IEDs, ‘carried Ziploc bags full of pills’

ERC (energy release component) = 29 (DIAL-UP WARNING)

ERC (energy release component) = 29 (DIAL-UP WARNING)

14th Amendment is key to the American experiment

New 527 Established To Defend Sheriff Joe Against President Obama

Dispersants Can Cause Chemicals From Oil Airborne . . .

In America, anti-constitutional gestures are proteced by the constitution.

Koran Bonfire: Fanning the Flames

What a difference a week makes

The Rude Pundit: The Frustration of an Obama Supporter (Part 2: Hamstrung by Reality)

The Rude Pundit: The Frustration of an Obama Supporter (Part 2: Hamstrung by Reality)

Compromise: How about just copying then deleting 1,000 pdfs of the Quran?

Just curious. Will this Q/K burning turn into

Dem Candidate for Colorado AG has cute new web add

How come WE never thought of this?

Army: Fort Lewis-based sergeant kept body parts

Jon Stewart: "A Christian is an extremist for burning the Quran, and a Muslim for reading from it"

"as cynical as I am, I never thought I’d see “9/11” and “tickets available” in the same paragraph"

Quran burning guy: terrorist sympathizer? Providing aid and comfort to the enemy?

GOP WANTS to Kill Our Soldiers

Republican Christians ignore teachings of Jesus Christ and favor a vengeful God.

This election is not re-electing the President.. he is not on the ticket

GOP house candidate hates the Girl Scouts, public school graduates

Nobody likes to be disrespected

Elizabeth Warren pays another visit to White House

Slew of good polling news over past few days

Mr. Fish: "Bang On Cocky Boy"

CT Attorney General and Senate Candidate Richard Blumenthal (D) wants to limit free speech online

Joseph Stiglitz: Gov't policies to prop up housing market have failed and are prolonging the agony

Philanthropist Will Donate $1,000 To Charity Every Time A Business Hires An Unemployed Person

What are the downsides to a 35-hour work week?

What are the downsides to a 35-hour work week?

Who do you believe regarding the Rand Paul troll?

Who do you believe regarding the Rand Paul troll?

"Mr. Kennedy's final bequest" - CLASS Act - the first national plan for long-term care insurance.

"Mr. Kennedy's final bequest" - CLASS Act - the first national plan for long-term care insurance.

"I never met a lie I didn't like." . . . Please come CAPTION Sarah Palin!!!!

Reich: The Tortoise Economy

Sink is Starting to Pull Away in Florida (latest CNN Poll)

NY State Young Democrats call for boycott to support Mott's workers

If a Quran burns on private property and no media cover the event, does it still make waves?

Anti-Choicers: We don't want to politicize 9/11, but abortion and teh gay did cause 9/11

Warrants may be needed for cell phone data, court says

Lawmakers From States With Deteriorating Infrastructure Oppose Obama’s Infrastructure Investment

Then and Now...Quran Burning

Appeals court lifts ban on stem cell funding

Terry Jones is a criminal I think, because

No inflation means no recovery: "What we need is a healthy dose of inflation."

Arthur Sulzberger: 'We Will Stop Printing The New York Times Sometime In The Future'

Has the *real* Terry Jones weighed in in this Quran-burning farce?

Has the *real* Terry Jones weighed in in this Quran-burning farce?

Is The Religious Right Ready To Be ‘Born Again’ In The 2010 Elections?

Weary of drug war, Mexico debates legalization

GOP governor's group hints Colorado election is lost cause

David Letterman - Julianna Margulies's Commencement Speech

Why doesn't the local Fire Chief refuse to issue a burn permit?

Kenya, BP and Teabagger logic

What do these two pictures tell the world about Christianity in America?

US Marines take back pirate held ship off Somalia

And so it begins...

Beck, Palin to Make Lots of Blood Money on 9/11

Kelsey Grammer helps launch conservative entertainment network

Tea Party Tinderbox?

They used to Burn Catholic Churches, now they Burn Mosques

Jones intends to burn Qurans because Muslims won't accept Jesus as their lord and savior...

Jones intends to burn Qurans because Muslims won't accept Jesus as their lord and savior...

Schools: The Disaster Movie

Remember this? Tehran candlelight vigil, 9/18/2001 (Time photo essay)

Romanian Senators vote down a tax on witches. Well now, aren't they progressive!

We Don’t Need No (For-Profit) Education

We Don’t Need No (For-Profit) Education

The problem with burning books...

Study contends startups, not older firms, are economic engine

Why Is a California State Agency Illegally Revealing Info About HIV+ Patients?

Appeals court temporarily lifts ban on stem cell funding

L'Shanah Tovah!

Thanks for Terry Jones, Sarah! Nice job!

Bloodshed? Blame Fox

Bloodshed? Blame Fox

Watch Out! 3-D Road Image of Little Girl in the Street Meant to Surprise Drivers Into Slowing Down

WIRED: Darpa Wants Remote Controls to Master Troop Minds

Florida preacher's Koran burning "church" is pretty creepy! Read the Dove Church cult like rulebook

Rackspace Cancels Dove World Outreach Center’s Website

9th Circuit Court of Appeals throws Out Torture Victim's Case

Why is Rick Perry looking for Federal help

Pat Buchannan made me laugh today

Pastor Jones, meet treason

Why is everyone giving that Jones asshole all the free publicity?

Woman drags naked intruder by his beard, then whacks him with a tape measure

we've all heard about the poll that showed the dems 10 points down

OK I get this email from one of Arpaio's nuts. He thinks Arpaio can arrest Obama

Do we need more supply-side stimulus or demand-side stimulus?

Palin/Beck/Rush = Quran Burning, Violence

So It Begins..Wingnuts Now Say Bibles Were Burned

is something odd going on with the "check spelling" option?

Palin endorses O'Donnell in Delaware

shouldn't crazee stupid FL jones

shouldn't crazee stupid FL jones

VIRGINIA v. BLACK and Quran burning

Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz says European Union austerity will prolong global economic downturn

More bad mustaches in the news: Bolton may be planning a presidential run in 2012

SO...the Florida Koran-burning pastor apparently does not allow CAKE.

Dean Group Makes 'Anti-Endorsements' Against GOP Leaders Boehner, McConnell

One in three Indians 'utterly corrupt': Former CVC

Any Muslims on DU care to express how the Koran burning is making you feel?

Elderly man beaten to death after granddaughter's wedding

Should a Kindle be the kindling that starts the Koran fire?

Responses to shooting of street-carver John T. Williams

A Strategy of Cowering: Breathtakingly Misguided Arguments on the Koran Burning.

Who is this ASSHOLE in the press briefing that just said that making $250K is NOT alot of money???

Planned Quran burning 'a publicist's dream,' says Wesley Clark.

Watch and weep

"If someone wants to give me 18 or 20 million dollars today, it's all theirs."

Peace vigil in Gainesville at the Quran burning. St. Pete for Peace.

Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida.

Lobbyists Rush to Hire G.O.P. Staff Ahead of Midterm Vote

Defending Obama on no veto threat on 250K+ tax cut extension

Korans safe: Now let's watch some football!!

Pastor Jones will need ideas for a followup outrage

FL church Pastor calling off planned burning..

I don't think he'll do it... I just don't.

Police Chief Defends Officers' Use Of Taser On Student

I go to a local drugstore to get some chocloate and I see this:

Palin Facebook fans react to 9/11 GrifterPalooza: "SARAH PALIN is OBEDIENT to the call! Praise God!"

Now WTF?...from

Saturday: Phone Bank for Truth; Paid for by the Committee to Elect Alan Grayson

All's well that ends well...

Palin: Koran Burning Is Insensitive, Unnecessary; Pastor Jones, Please Stand Down (Meltdown Ensues)

Blackmail, the American Taliban (Terry Jones) uses blackmail to get the Islamic center moved

Quiz!!!!!!!!!!! On nuclear regulation.

Jones will compromise:

If there is any truth to the "move the NYC mosque" angle then Jones is now a terrorist of some sort

This years health insurance cost increases are legal and profitable

Koch Brothers Spend Big to Derail Greenhouse Gas Law in California

9/11 'truther' walking back and forth behind the pastor as he announces no Koran burning.

We import more from Canada and the EU combined than from China and Mexico combined.

Well I'm sure the Media has learned its Lesson !

What Kind of Jobs? What Kind of Society? We need the power to control our destiny

Will Pastor Terry Jones now be hailed as a HERO in NYC? I'd like to hear what Rick Lazio

AP Push: Imam says, "No DEAL."

The true irony about Terry Jones and all similar fuckwagon "christians" in this world...


Terry Jones’ Real Estate Buying Spree Started 27 Days After Mortgaging Dove World Property

Palin Endorses Masturbation Opponent in DE R-Sen Primary

Tomorrow I plan to burn copies of Anton LaVey's biography.

Insurance companies increasing premiums and blaming the HCR law are lying, but the law does...

Quaran burning

Who here wants the Republicans to win in November?

So What Will Pastor Jones Do When He Doesnt Get A Meetn with...

Poem: Beyond Belief ...(I dedicate this posting to the sickening foolishness of religious wars)


The FCC Should Revoke Fauxnews(FOX) Broadcasting permit...UNLESS..

Back to November news... Fiorina 48%, Boxer 47%

If this is true...I cry for us again

I don't want to break my mouse

Ariana Huffington inserts herself in this against everybody inserting themselves

FBI Paid Pastor a Visit...

Chinese pilots who faked resumes back in the air

Do you think staffers who post on DU should be required to note their affiliations?

Inflexible political dogma is as dangerous as inflexible religious dogma.

How would you feel about a new Flash Flood of Frivolity forum?

The Daily Show is awesome today...

Emotional infants will always be in control.

The ReTHUG are part of this crap with the Quran burning

Can Democrats use the nuclear option to get more judges confirmed

So... the nutjob... like a typical rightwinger... just made shit up

Picture of a child in the street used in lieu of a speed bump

Protest aims to shut down SFO's Market Street over Pelosi failure to get floor vote on ENDA

Playing both sides of the fence: Crist hit from left, right as he seeks the middle

I fine this more interesting than Jones disrepect of another's religion.

2010 Secrecy Report Card, FY 2009 (ProPublica)

Fuck Terry Jones

Seattle shooting: We need to see what police see

Luckovich toon: Spending the GOP will support

Pastor, like most conservatives, pusses out

Pastor, like most conservatives, pusses out

oh boy, i'm so proud, tennessee has it's own koran burner!!!!

Alabama executes 50-year-old Holly Wood for fatally shooting his former girlfriend

After all, Dick Cheney defended a second set of Bush tax cuts

American Soldiers Killed Afghan Civilians for Sport

Imam To Jones: "We are not going to toy with our religion or any other. Nor are we going to barter."

Police State: Sheriffs Want Access to Medical Records of Drug Users

Auth Toon: "Friendly fire"

CNN is just reporting Terry Jones has cancelled his hate fest OF

Just some small questions about the scheduled book burning

Rodney King to marry juror from LA police beating case

Sarah Palin, you disgusting fucking SWINE: Spend $225 on 9/11 for the chance to "meet and greet" her

When ever the Republicans try to throw the deficit in Obama and the democrats face..

Carver Rick Williams is a Relation of the Seattle shooting victim John T Williams

Kindle: To catch fire; burst into flame

GOP sics lawyers on teabaggers

SEC Says Prince, Rubin Knew of Losses on Assets at Suit's Focus

Retiring Republican Voinovich of Ohio to back small-business incentives in Senate bill

"Tax breaks only for companies that create jobs in the USA"...Thank You President Obama!!!

So we are supposed to believe that Muslims are more offended by this FL nutjob...

Nation's Rulers Disconnected from Everyday Lives of Americans

The Nation: The Sooner Rahm Leaves, the Better for Obama

If I were to burn a Glenn Beck book

Worlds Worst Textbooks: Texas did us proud!

According to Stephen Colbert the US

Eliot Spitzer nailed the anger, but nobody heard it in the crosstalk.

Shocker! Sen. Nelson (Ambiguous - NE) comes out for extending ALL Bush tax cuts

Must see video.

Deficit Commission's Rumored Deal Would Pit Middle-Class Seniors Against the Poor - HuffPo

Court upholds Canadian ban on blood donations by gay men

I have an idea!

Just heard a caller on Randi Rhodes who said he Googled "cross burning illegal"

Anyone fool can burn a Koran.

Justice Kennedy weighs in on GOP blockade of judges

Obama Refuses To Say He'd Veto Extension Of Bush Tax Cuts For Wealthy

What would the Democrats electoral prospects look like right now if no health care bill had passed?

On Labor Day, Jimmy John's Faces Coast to Coast Actions in Support of Nation's First-Ever Fast Food

What Is Democratic Underground's View On METHADONE CLINICS?

Professional Sports: Taxpayer Parasites

Kurt Vonnegut, on Book-Burning

I have an idea to boost vote turnout from the LIBERAL discouraged voters:

Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Meet Amid Speculation She Could Be Picked To Head CPA

High paid city officials travel lavishly while laying off employees and cutting benefits

Let's say you own a grocery store

reuters/nbc: no deal between iman & nutjob

If Terry Jones wants to burn a Qu'ran then I would be happy

If Terry Jones wants to burn a Qu'ran then I would be happy

I would suggest making 9/11 "Donate to the Desperate People of Pakistan Day"

NY mosque investor declines Trump's buyout offer, cheap attempt

NY mosque investor declines Trump's buyout offer, cheap attempt

Sarah WACK JOB Palin posted another Twit Tweet on Twitter... wow

Freepers weigh in on Qur’an burning -- yep, it's about as bad as you would expect

Getting Fired From HP Has Made Mark Hurd $300 Million

I hope Muslims realize that we have as many crazies as they do.

I am not often right about much, but on this one...I guess I was..

I am not often right about much, but on this one...I guess I was..

Don't use the Patriot Act on Terry Jones, RICO him!

CDC: Adults eating less fruit, not enough veggies

Republican Hans Zieger: Girl Scouts breeds "pro-abortion" lesbians

Should I follow Palin on Twitter?

Pastor in Koran furore accused of using 'slaves'

Absolutely GREAT news!

Explosion Rocks Honeywell Uranium Facility Run by Scab Workers

Rand Paul Campaign: Staffer Accused Of Trolling Daily Kos Impersonated

this week has exposed the sorry state of american media.

GWB as you've never seen him, and other works

I have now spent 4 days chatting with a Teabagger

Can someone tell me what is happening behind the curtain while the MSM obsesses about Quran burners?

Gainesville to bill Koran burners for cost of security (tens of thousands of dollars?)

How do atheists view the public burning of religious books?

Boxer, Fiorina schedule second debate

Any of you damn hippies live in a commune?

"Burn One - Give Two" - Massachusetts Bible Society Qur'an drive

A State Department Worldwide Travel Warning...

In your opinion, what percentage of Americans support burning the Koron secretly

Fidel Castro to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the President of Iran: "Stop slandering the Jews"

Fidel Castro to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the President of Iran: "Stop slandering the Jews"

Global travel alert issued by State

The Right Wing Hates YOU! 13 Reasons to Get Out and Vote

More House Dems balking at ending Bush tax cuts for rich (naming names)

Thomas Kubica's undeniable Huey Long connections (updated)...

Is There a Predator Drone Near Gainesville?

Who here has suffered the embarrassment & pain of having fundie friends or family?

I think it's insensitive to build something like that so close to Ground Zero

Bonfire of one man's vanity: Pastor abandons Koran-burning stunt, but too late to stop bloodshed

What the hell is going on?

Now that Terry Jones has cancelled his Koran burning, I am pissed off!

If we must discuss 24/7, can we at least pronounce it correctly? (Qur'an = koran)

Sometimes being politically and ethically inflexible is the right thing to do.

Anyone else find it interesting that this Koran burning is supposed to outrage the 'enemy'

Stop blaming immigrants

Stop blaming immigrants

US soldiers 'killed Afghan civilians for sport and collected fingers as trophies'

Secret US 'Kill Team' Took Afghan Fingers as 'War Trophies'

Are we going to see another bait and switch by Democrats this election?

VIDEO - Michele Bachmann runs away from CNN as someone yells "You are an insane lady"

Sarah Palin you are a stupid idiot.

Every DU'er needs to get off their ass and work like hell to support Obama ....

Conservative columnist: Unemployment is high because you people won't take a pay cut

California regulators seek up to $9.9 billion in fines from PacifiCare

Birth Rape

President Obama should use his lawful powerz to capture that book burning fool

9/11: The Rest Should Be Silence - by Michael Winship

The days of passing on your assets to your children are coming to an end

Why Is College So Expensive? The War on Public Universities

Suck It Up and Dig In

Suck It Up and Dig In

Inexcusable. We now assist with the rewriting of history. Not the fucking change I voted for.

Inexcusable. We now assist with the rewriting of history. Not the fucking change I voted for.

Firedoglake does the Full Nader

President Obama: "I've never believed that government's role is to create jobs or prosperity"

What US Left Behind in Iraq is Even Uglier Than You Think

What US Left Behind in Iraq is Even Uglier Than You Think

Blog From Al Jazeera English: The Quran also burns at Fahrenheit 451

Meet and Greets. When did this term show up?

Anybody know about this "Bankrupting America" organization?

To my Muslim Brothers and Sisters around the World

North Carolina Restaurant to parents: No screaming kids allowed

NY Attorney General Democratic Primary 9/14

NBC has aquired the rights to John Kovalic's Dork Tower series. Who would you cast?

Bad weather in the Dallas, TX area -

Idea for a counter protest for the Koran Burners...

Has anyone ever gone to see a movie at a nice theatre only to have the topic moved by the moderator

Free Hugs....

Do you think the moderators at DU are too quick to lock threads?

For those of you who speak french a joke.

Optical speed bumps to curb speeding?

There is too much censorship at DU

One of the lessons I remember from school, the difference between May I and Can I.

ah hahahahaha

Anybody lose a bird?

Shia LaBeouf...

Am I too sensitive?

I had a good birthday. My wife took me out, fed me and loaded me with three cocktails and a nice...

I guess they will not exchange the gifts that you were meant to keep ?

Red State Girl -- Les Claypool

It seems like every time I watch or listen to the Reds, they lose

Just dodged that full body scanner at the airport

I know it doesn't sound like much, but I just spent 10 minutes on the treadmill.

Funkadelic..."If You Ain't Gonna Get It On, Take Your Dead Ass Home"

Gotta get over the hump...Parliament, "Bop Gun," live in Houston 1978

Bootsy Collins - "Stretchin'Out"

What's your guilty pleasure?

I have my annual back-to-school head cold from hell.

Awwww. Found a pic of me and my pup from long ago. Mind if I share?

Funkadelic - "Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On"

OK, I need a good briefcase that will double as a carry-on when I fly

open house pics finally

Fun Tom Lerher video

Now that's what I call a man

why isn't there lol-bunnies ?

Happy Rosh Hashanna and have a wonderful New Year!

Regarding the phrase "Earn up to $50,000 or more per year!"

The Stranded Irishman

So I went to the bookstore yesterday


"Thanks, the beard. Gives me something to...HANG on to!"

What's the difference between and a mole and a groundhog?

What should I post to celebrate my 6055th post?

Does anyone else think of Monty Python when they hear the news about Terry Jones?

Attention-Seeking Dogs

Santana - One Chain Don't Make No Prison

Are you ready for some football?

Daryl Hall - "Me & Mrs. Jones" live

The Crystals - He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss)

I have a confession to make.

If you shave a dogs belly...

GORN!! Now with more Rush!

What magic power would you want and what would you do with it?

Average White Band - "Pick Up The Pieces" Live at Montreux (1977)

Construction Complete On 9/11 Truther Memorial

Are you read for some FOOTBALL!?!?!?!


Do the masses think about how the wealthy and powerful

Dog horoscopes! Cute read for dog owners...


Who here loves the smell of dust?

Sum foggot wants to burn a Koron ...

When You're Smiling

The one the only Rose Laurens. 12 inch 1986 DJ version of American Love.

China / Rider Transitions

Let's make 9/'11 International burn your sad excuse for a fu manchu day!

Little Sadie - The Varnish Cooks

Monkey Man - The Rolling Stones - Let it Bleed

Jerry Garcia Band - Jingle Bells - 12/20/75 Winterland

Kitteh Parkour - amazing athletics from our feline friends

Dominick The Italian Christmas Donkey

Attics of My Life

Brokedown Palace

Acadian Driftwood - The Band


Box of Rain

Now I remember why I flashed that Phil Lesh is God during a 1980's show.

Who saw Tosh.O?

Which website is hosted on a server owned by Photobucket?

so why isn't this ahole xtain in florida being picked up as a terriorist

Trying to talk some sense into a republican

This is not a sex thread.

Today's "Life Imitating The Lounge", live from Kansas City!

Do you have a Wii? Are you a fan of The Doctor?

Dream Theater fans: Mike Portnoy has left the band.

The Real Stuff White People Like (blogger analyzes OKCupid posts by race)

"God Hates the Koran for Being a Fag Day!" - Great satire video

Is winking considered sexual harassment?

I found a 3rd Cousin Once Removed by accident, and it's really awesome

WooHoo!!! Now I have 2 stalkers!

Anyone need anything? n/t

A smart man recognizes when he is defeated, and I have had enough.

Tattoos ruled a form of protected free speech

Well, we know the war in Iraq is really over

Do you have a Dark Tower game in your closet somewhere? Working or non-working

Today is J.Action day

Post in this thread, and I will

Woman claims Vince Neil beat her up after asking him "Are you on TV?"

Americana Music Awards being streamed live on NPR's website!

MEGA-Classic Seventies Earworm...Ace (Paul Carrack), "How Long"

Need help from the financially saavy

10 Quasi-Interesting Odd and Fun Facts About Music

How come I can’t get to Project Gutenberg?

The Sexiest Song I've ever heard.

Kanye I was so wrong.

Got my caffeine fix

What was your favorite game when you were a kid?

Were ZIP-codes controversial when they were introduced in 1963?

Who will be watching the True Blood Season Finale on Sunday?

the other forums are chock full of koran burning posts

When are you going to get rid of your books?

a friend of mine is in hospice

BerthaVenation is getting married tomorrow Sept 9th! Best Wishes

Everyone Self Medicates

The Time Has Come. I can not stand it anymore. I have to tell you all

Why do we say "Kansas" but say "Ar-ken-saw?" Why don't we say "Ar-Kan-sis?"

Denmark thinks Dylan is a sucky painter.

I want to hear good in-law stories.

Tony Joe White: Polk Salad Annie.

Dogs = Bears, Cats = Lions

Idiots whose 15 minutes should be up already?

This post is the most idiotic post I have seen in a long time.

If Historical Events Had Facebook Statuses

Shit. My dog got into my stash.

You: Single again. Would you date a lawyer?

You can believe me when I tell you that getting injections in your instep hurts like a bastard.

Canada unveils new speed bump: Stupidest idea ever

CONFESS!!!! Post a photo of one of your stranger childhood celebrity crushes

Photos: Game on

Vice President Biden To Make Pa. Appearance For Sestak

RNC looks to turn 'party of no' label against Democrats

President Obama op-ed: The Affordable Care Act Strengthens Health Care for Latinos

E. J. Dionne: It’s Not Over Till It’s Over

Whose Side Are They On?

Job openings rise for first time since April

Exports Rise to the Highest Level in Two Years.

New filings for jobless benefits fall to two-month low as companies slow pace of layoffs. (AP)

Colbert, VP Biden fete US troops

Colbert, VP Biden fete US troops

what breed of dog is your favorite????

what breed of dog is your favorite????

KS-04: Internal poll says Dem upset possible

Full Transcript of Exclusive Interview:President Obama with George Stephanopoulos

Obama vs. the Republicans

The President Supports His Party, sending $4.5 million to help the party’s candidates

More Internal GOP/Dem polls for congressional races--Not bad!

CNN/TIME Poll--FL Governorship Sink (D) 49% Scott (R) 42%

China Subsidies for Clean Energy Are Illegal, Union Says

Democrats' fail-safe plan: Go on offense

US exports increased to its the highest since August 2008

1 year ago today: Obama's big speech proves he's committed to the public option

"No! You Can't Drive!" Now that is a great campaign slogan.

"Mr. Obama fully in the fight"

DE Senate--Coons sensing opportunity airs first TV ad

Consumer Agency Candidate Warren Meets With Obama

Two big things will happen over the next month:

Two big things will happen over the next month:

DGA In Attack Mode In NM and OH

Why have both parties been stuck on stupid for the past thirty years?

Hopes rise as jobless claims fall, trade gap eases

(R)asmussen Poll--IL Senate: Kirk (R) 41% Giannoulias (D) 37% Jones (G) 9%

**Please* "Freep" this CBS poll on President Obama! The wingnuts are slamming him!

Maybe Prez Obama will ask the MEDIA to not cover the Koran burning.

Study: Flamboyant male dancing attracts women best

Hell No you can't drive!

(R)asmussen Poll: WVA Senate--Manchin 50% Raese 45%


Lobbyists Rush to Hire G.O.P. Staff Ahead of Midterm Vote

The Sooner Rahm Leaves, the Better for Obama

Michael Moore - My New Blog

Prediction: Media analysts are going to be very surprised in November.

Obama approval rating plummeting? You be the judge

The Hill: dems need 60 votes to NOT extend the Bush tax cuts

(GOP) Economist: John Boehner 'just wrong' about Obama stimulus video

DSCC reserves $2M for Murray

This is much to do about NOTHING to me

Paul Loeb (HuffPo): The Election Needs You, Broken Heart and All

Only In America

Delaware GOP Files FEC Complaint Against O’Donnell (the candidate Palin just endorsed)

Two pieces of good news

edited since this is not the lounge and nobody really cares.

(PPP poll)Maine Rep’s Pingree(D), Michaud(D) Favored for Re-election

Nutjob (R-MT)

Nutjob (R-no state)

Jobless claims down 27,000 better than expected..this is a good thing right?

Obama won again

I don't get the folks who can't seem to tell the difference between individual human beings.

Here we go again? Obama Refuses To Say He'd Veto Extension Of Bush Tax Cuts For Wealthy

Why burning the Quran could incite such violence that Petreus spoke out against it

Obama to rich people: get ready for your money!!!!

Obama barnstorming tour and a Tele-Town Hall Oct 12

Big Ed: Are you going to Sarah Palin(quit) this election

TRENDING: Biden says Bush deserves 'a lot of credit'

Whatever Happened to Obama's Army? - Time

One Nation List

Not a mention of the President's speech on Morning Joe today

Obama's number one error, and how he is now reversing it.

Ed Schultz just called on President Obama to fire Rahm for handling of Koran burning issue.

Ed Schultz just called on President Obama to fire Rahm for handling of Koran burning issue.

Poll: Dems in good shape to pick up suburban Chicago congressional seat from GOP

Public Policy Polling (PPP): Dems leading in both Maine congressional districts

The New CMS Report Shows That Health Reform Was A Good Deal

Brewer gains, despite debate `meltdown'


Both Obama AND Biden thank and praise Bush: Is this smart or stupid politics?

politico hires joey scab, Kinsley

So Cenk doesn't think Big Ed can generate 300,000 for the One Nation rally

Per the US Census: What the wealthy did with their tax cuts

Hillary Rebuts The Declinists

I will be burning 1000 copies of Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard on Saturday, September 11th.

Feds, police raid Las Vegas medical marijuana shops

State Gains Would Give Redistricting Edge to G.O.P.

9th Circuit throws out CIA torture lawsuit for national security reasons

Job openings rise for first time since April

Religious Laws Long Recognized By U.S. Courts

Obama sees Democratic pain if vote hinges on economy

Conservative Group Strategizes Health Law Repeal

Obama to propose $300 billion in tax breaks for business

Obama blasts continued tax cuts for the rich (LAT)

Arizona education chief: Feds looking at claims of English bias

China Takes Lead in Clean Energy, With Aggressive State Aid

Sweden making a spectacular recovery: GDP Q2 +4,6% & budget surplus by 2012

Imam: Handling of Islamic center plan a matter of national security

Guatemalan ex-soldiers on trial in landmark war case (some in the U.S.)

US Soldiers 'Killed Afghan Civilians for Sport and Collected Fingers as Trophies'

Karzai seeks to limit role of U.S. corruption investigators

U.S. forces board pirate-captured vessel, seize control

Health Outlays Still Seen Rising


Long Island Based Website Allows Students To Bet On Grades

India condemns Quran burning move in the US (Minister urges media to exercise "great restraint")

Health Plan Won’t Fuel Big Spending, Report Says

New trains should be U.S. made, says visiting transportation secretary (LaHood)

Book alleges Paris Hilton had special hiding place for drugs

Iran to release one of three US hikers - report

ETA News Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report [09/09/2010]

Obama: Emanuel would be 'terrific' Chicago mayor

Pakistan: Beck Should Denounce Quran Burning

Court won't order California to defend Prop 8

Mullah Omar says Afghan Taliban close to victory

Appeals court blocks Pa. town's(Hazelton) immigration law

Health Insurers Plan Hikes

TRENDING: Biden says Bush deserves 'a lot of credit'

State Department issues worldwide travel alert

Stem Cell Research-Funding Ban Suspended During U.S. Government's Appeal

Suicide Bomber Strikes At Russian Market (At Least 15 People Dead. Medvedev: Bombers Are "Bastards")

Traffic deaths at lowest in 60 years

Traffic deaths at lowest in 60 years

Gingrich to Iowans: GOP to win (in Nov.)

Vatican: Quran burning 'outrageous' (Palin also chips in, "please stand down")

Peru: Radical not a threat (Lori Berenson)

Senate must pass small-business incentives, Voinovich says

Lobbyists Rush to Hire G.O.P. Staff Ahead of Midterm Vote

Iran to release female American after 13 months

Obama Speaks Out Against Pastor’s Plan to Burn Koran.

Fred Phelps' daughter: 'Westboro Church has already burned Qurans'

Rules keep Tancredo out of Club 20 debate

2nd US Pastor Announces Plans to Burn Koran on September 11th

Steelworkers Accuse China of Violating Trade Rules (on clean energy equipment exports)

British journalist kidnapped by Pakistani militants freed

(News Of The World) Hacking Row: British MP Calls For Murdoch Evidence

Sarrazin Quits Bundesbank After Muslim Comments Spark Outrage

Alaska sues to lift Arctic drilling suspension

Violence Returns to Colombia

Global recession unlikely, OECD says

US pastor Terry Jones cancels Koran burning

Trump offers to buy out investor in NY mosque site

SEC Says Prince, Rubin Knew of Losses on Assets at Suit's Focus

Capitol Hill employees owed $9.3 million in back taxes last year, data show

US soldiers 'killed Afghan civilians for sport and collected fingers as trophies'

Lobbyists Rush to Hire G.O.P. Staff Ahead of Midterm Vote

Cuyahoga County probe: Frank Russo charged, resigns; others likely next

U.S. Chamber of Commerce launches ad attack on Boxer

Call Emerges for "Burn the Stars and Stripes Day"

Jail sentence extended for Austrian right-winger

Pastor says may halt Koran burning if White House asks

(Danish) Mohammed cartoonist opposes Koran burn

Obama marks end of Muslim holy month (requests help with Pakistan floods & for religious tolerance)

Report: Illegal population to soar if birthright citizenship repealed

Sources Close to Imam Behind NYC Project Deny There's a Deal (w/ Jones to Move It)

Soldiers With Brain Trauma Denied Purple Hearts, Adding Insult to Injury

Fox News says it will not cover burning of Quran

Economist's views on Muslims spark controversy in Germany

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday September 9

Obama walks back Clinton’s Colombia-Mexico comparison

Westboro Baptist Church (Phelps) to burn Qurans if Dove (Jones) doesn't

Defense secretary calls Florida pastor

Springfield minister plans to also burn Quran to mark the 9/11 terrorist attacks

Obama Refuses To Say He'd Veto Extension Of Bush Tax Cuts For Wealthy

Lobbyists Rush to Hire G.O.P. Staff Ahead of Midterm Vote

Clinton says Mexico drug wars starting to look like insurgency

Terry Jones (Quran burning guy) Accused of 'Spiritual Abuse' at Cologne Church

US Marines capture ship hijacked by pirates off Somalia

With White House Backing, an Envoy for Manufacturing

Obama: Quran-burning a 'bonanza for al-Qaida'

Florida church pastor says calling off Koran-burning on Saturday

Chancellor to Hunt Down Leak of Assange Dossier (Swedish Intelligence Approached Last Month by US)

Bombing victim wants FBI to hand over evidence

AP will not distribute 'images or audio' of burning Qurans

Qur'an burning would increase risk of terror attacks – Interpol

Uribe promotes US-Colombia FTA at Georgetown .

Xmas Express: Toys R Us to Open 600 temporary stores this holiday season

Bill Clinton stars in new anti-Brown California ad

Winston Churchill 'caused death of 1m in Indian famine'

India protests Ohio offshoring ban

We Didn't See It Comin


The Sound of Wealth Inequality

Howard Zinn on Obama:

Rachel Maddow: Fox News To White People: Be Very Afraid! Black People Are Coming To Get You!

Tweety Interviews a Pistol Packin Pastor

Koran Burning Pastor Admires George Bush

Keiser Report: 'Tony Blair - lying sack of dog dirt -will hide in countries without extradition'

PART I (Sarah) - Nancy Skinner responds to Sara Palin on the Economy 083010

Yosemite Sam On Burn A Koran Day

Consumer Watchdog thinks Google's Eric Schmidt is a data perv


Got-No-Sensitive: What Politicians Really Mean by "Sensitivity"

Rachel Maddow: GOP using terrorism in its campaign tactics

Dem. Now! Gainesville Muslim Community Organizes Vigils, Teach Ins To Counter Planned Quran Burning

Koran Burning: Wingnut Inferno

A New Pledge Of Allegiance For The Modern Age

Keith Olbermann on Late Night with David Letterman - Part 1 - Terry Jones & more

Keith Olbermann Interviews Pastor and Cleric..

A Patriotic Musical Extravaganza Tribute to America. We're # 1 !!!!

Keith Olbermann on Late Night with David Letterman - Part 2 - Glenn Beck Rally

Christian Church Makes Video About "N&*%#s" & Burn Koran Day Trailer

Part II - Nancy Skinner responds to Sarah Palin on economy 083010 Bulls and Bears

Papantonio: BP Trying to Spread Cost Burden

Weird Liberal Head Show #157: the Midterms and the Koran Burnings


The Real Baltimore: Invisible Hand Waves Good-Bye

Mike Malloy - Here Comes The Commie!!!!!

Partisan Frustration & My Cartoon Universe

Frank on The Rick Smith Show

Combat Mission in Iraq Over for Sgt. Phillip Chad Jenkins - Killed by Iraqi Special Forces

Pastor To Cancel Koran Burning ?

Burning the Koran? Really???

Pastor: I ain't scared of nuthin

Tony Perkins: Religious Belief Will Be 'Banned In America'

Palin Against Koran Burning & Mr. Obama Goes To Cleveland!

TYT: LA Times Cenk/Young Turks Story & Announcement

Midweek Politics: Jan Brewer Meltdown, Goes Blank at Debate, Beheading Lies

Ed Schultz: Obama Pwns Boehner in Cleveland Speech

Rep. Gingrey promises GOP will make covenant with Moses not to raise taxes on rich

Rachel Maddow- Sharron Angle crosses the line

OUEEN MEG! and Princess Carly Labor Day Tour - Happy Laid-Off Day!

Mike Malloy - Kicking An Orange Ass

TYT: 9/11 Quran Burning Cancelled by Pastor Terry Jones

Phil Davison, GOP Candidate, Delivers Stark County Treasurer Speech, and it's a, WOW!

North Korea Watchers Looking For Signs Of Succession

Ending Birthright Citizenship Could Increase Undocumented Population

FBI Keeping Watch on Quran-Burning Threat

Ariz. Green Party sues to block 'sham candidates'

MUST see: Koran Burner: Creepier Than You Think

Howard Dean rallies University of Michigan students

Pastor Jones activity in Germany

Charlie Cook underestimates Obama and Dems

Global spam hits all-time high

Afghanistan options are running out.

9/11 Burn a Quran day motivated by Terry Jones' greed ... (Yobie Benjamin)

Apple relaxes restrictions on apps, opening door to Flash

Op-Ed, The Atlantic: "How George W. Bush Can Redeem Himself"

Remembering the (REAL) world after 9/11 (with photos).

What Is President Obama’s Fiscal Message?

A French Leftist Ritual Takes On Sarkozy

Joe Miller and the Law

Gainesville Idiot: Why is Anyone Paying Attention?

How America's Working Class Died on the Disco Dance Floor

FAIR: "Right-Wing Tilt on Sunday Morning"

The Wealthy Public-Sector Worker: A Myth Debunked Krugman

Blackwater's days should be numbered

Two Multibillionaire Brothers Are Remaking America for Their Own Benefit

Time for the Pundits to Take a Deep Breath -- Why Democrats Will Not Be Routed In November

The Election Needs You, Broken Heart and All

How United States Intervention Against Venezuela Works by Philip Agee, former CIA

LA Times: Where's the outrage over immigrant slayings in Mexico?

Get Over the Quran Burning

Obama wins the right to invoke "State Secrets" to protect Bush crimes

Bush Holdover Might Be Planning An "October Surprise"

Human Rights Are Not a U.S. Priority in Mexico's Drug War

Terror Anniversary Becomes American Day of Hate

Fruit Flies in a Bottle

After Torturing Prisoners, "Albert" Rejoins the CIA as a Contractor (ACLU Blog)

Floodwaters bring relief for parched Murray river

Loggerhead Turtles tracked 3000km in search for place to breed

Pelicans Settle in Their New Phoenix Zoo Home

New Plan Released For Spotted Owl Recovery

Drumbeat: September 9, 2010

Delta trust helps farmers, snow geese co-exist

US electrical generation - Where we are now

August 2010 Atmospheric CO2 Content - 388.15 ppm; August 2009 - 385.91; August 2008 - 384.15

Hi-tech look-out could save whales' lives (BBC)

Oil dispersants' effects still largely a mystery

Ohio State Team - Arctic Ice At Lowest Levels In Recent Geologic Time

Vietnam Announces Agreement With Russia to Build 13 Nuclear Reactors.

Please join my fantasy football team!

BREAKING -- Tom Brady in 2-car accident this morning at 5:30am

Joe Montana finds fault with the film 'Rudy'

The Rock ready for some 'sweater-vest stompin' vs. Ohio State

Rockies win again... by stealing home

A Little Gainesville Humor >>

Colombia to enhance security in violence-frequent Medellin city

Guatemalan ex-soldiers on trial in landmark war case

Latin America 'most unequal'

Arrest made in murders of union activists at Colombian mine owned by Alabama coal company

US military pact with Colombia dealt setback

Venezuela National Assembly Elections Too Close to Call

Venezuela's electoral authority: Govn't officials can participate in the campaign

Venezuelan power distribution grid works with 10-30% overload

Venezuela currency rationing hits home

CICPC Corpoelec engineer arrested for instigating the assassination on Twitter

Honduras rallies for minimum wage rise

Peru president: New Yorker Berenson not a threat

A Cemetery without Tombstones or Epitaphs

How United States Intervention Against Venezuela Works by Philip Agee, former CIA

Chilean Lawmakers Join Indigenous Hunger Strike

Uribe promotes US-Colombia FTA at Georgetown .

Serra Seeks `Life Jacket' in Brazil Tax Scandal to Stop Rousseff Landslide

Violence Returns to Colombia

Kitsap County Prosecutor files lawsuit to shut down Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club

I have a favor to ask. Some will think it is frivolous

Out Lesbian Joins Colorado Supreme Court

OKLAHOMA: Sally Kern's Backers Call Her Trans Opponent "A Confused It"

The big boys

another "Semele" rehearsal shot

Viennese carriage drivers waiting for customers

Comments welcome

How to Revive Workers’ Rights in a New Economy

Labor Day in Old Milwaukee: Obama and the Urgency of ‘Our Cause’

Today in Labor History Sept 9, 16 striking sugar workers on the Hawiian island of Kauai are killed

Duluth nurses reach tentative agreement, avert strike

'Tax the Rich' kiosk gets positive response

MSHA publishes comprehensive mine safety data as part of Open Government initiative

Despite New Hailed Organizing Rules, Airline Workers Still Face Tilted Playing Field

See a Martian milestone in 3-D

Why does Stephen Hawking think science has overtaken philosophy?

Phoenix Mars Lander finds surprises about red planet's watery past

Scientists examine possibility of a phonon laser, or 'phaser'

DNA points to royal roots in Africa

How come diseases such as rabies flare up once in a while, then kind of remain

Thorium-reactor Nuclear Power

Am I An "Islamaphobe"?

World condemns planned US Koran burning

Why do so many crazy and angry people turn to religion?

I need some input.

Would Jesus burn a Koran?

"...let him have your coat too." Check this out--this guy walks the walk for sure!

Anyone know, or know of, Tom Blue Wolf?

World Day of Prayer--Sept. 9, 2010

Please join me in wishing LaurenG a very happy birthday!

Okay, what is UP today...?

An Herbal Cure for Peanut Allergy?

New Compound Safely Reduces Plaques in Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease

FDA warns of deadly side effect with imaging drugs

Liver Defect Likely Cause of DHA Deficiency in Alzheimer's Patients

Do European women have higher rates of breast cancer than American women?

Hot Topics: Formaldehyde (And Vaccines)

Mad cow disease causes cattle eyes to glow

Vitamin B Slows Brain Shrinkage in Study That May Aid Alzheimer's Research