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All HAIL the Invisible Hand!!!

Right Wing PUSH POLL WATCH! (National Research Inc.)

true story. saw a double rainbow a while ago, while out on my evening bike ride.

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

2 Small Asteroids to Whiz Harmlessly Past Earth

Has anybody checked on BecKKK?!1 Is he still acting all holy and stuff?!1


Judge Refuses to Lift Order on Stem Cell Research Funding

You need a laugh..Play Her Off, Gubernatorial Debate Cat

G.O.P. Recruits Street People to Run on Green Ticket in Arizona

Hear Howard Dean re: burning Koran, on Keith.

Nebraska Democrats Call for Investigation of Gov. Heineman (blackmail)

Rachel hands Dems issue, as she frequently does!

Report: Castro blasts Ahmadinejad as anti-Semitic

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf makes his case on the OpEd page of the New York Times.

Hell Yes It's Class Warfare, Pt. 1

I Got Your Freedom Fries Right Here America !!!

Romney plans Iowa visit

Google's logo is super cute today

Talk about dirty republican pigs - Steve May (R-Az) recruiting homeless to run for office in Green

How to tell a RW sockpuppet from a genuine concerned Democrat

Not ONE GOP Idiot, who say they support the troops (LOL), saying they should not burn Qurans!!!

nytimes: Obama Will Not Extend bu$h*-Era Tax Cuts to Wealthy

So what office on the repuke ticket are Kim Jungmentalillness and Acketymadinejed running for?

I don't get it. HOw did this nutter in Florida get all this publicity about burning...o

OK,,,review my latest ltte re" CEO pay,unemployment before I send

Will the Greens ever realize how much the GOP uses them?

latest email from the Tea Party Patriots-"you're an evil idiot"

NYT oped mentioned by KO: Building on Faith By Feisal Abdul Rauf

OK miracles DO happen-article in the right-wing paper...favoring progressive thoughts

OK miracles DO happen-article in the right-wing paper...favoring progressive thoughts

How to spot a troll...I am expert at this! Have been a member a long time.

I'm really depressed about this fall

I loved the almost laughter that came out of the Mr. President when he said something like, "I could

Blind Loyalty vs. Common Sense

How do we know what we think we know?

a heaping, steaming pile from kathleen parker @ WaPo: Obama vs. Boehner

'Restoring Truthiness': Could spoof of Glenn Beck rally happen?

The Daily Show is new tonight!

Ali Velshi: Working Men and Women and the Unemployed are Not a Special Interest Group

Republican Medal of Distinction winner indicted on beating 4th wife

caption for this happy soul?

Killer whale dies, show cancelled at Sea world san diego

People of Narnia, Fret Not, for soon you will have a new King

The Rich Will Still Get A Tax Cut Up To $250,000 If The bush Cuts For The Rich Expire

Mourning the death of Glenn Shadix, who spoke out vigorously against "Ex-gay therapy".

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & Here's a new kitty gif!

New York Times: Obama Will Not Extend Bush-Era Tax Cuts to Wealthy

Just saw a Mark Newmann ad...

Super cool Google logo today

Genius freeper "Mad Dawgg" wants to pay for Bush Tax Cuts with a 10% tax on all gov't workers

Palin/Beck 2012! Vote for the best slogans!

Asking our Tea Party friends....

We need to watch Petraeus successor carefully, imho...

We need to watch Petraeus successor carefully, imho...

Well, this is frustrating!

What is hate, and what is free?

Religious intolerance is the main reason we have

Religious intolerance is the main reason we have

As Stadiums Vanish, Their Debt Lives On

Detroit is on fire tonight

If a politician upholds and has a record of fighting for traditional Democratic values

If Palin becomes President, how will the world end?

Why do I keep seeing links for GOP candidate contribs in my DU ads?

Was in Los Angeles recently, fucking bombarded with Whitman ads

News coverage of Bristol Palin speech banned

When is the Obama Back to School address?

Here's the thing about stupid people - They're too stupid to know

Dylan Ratigan brought up the point that we look like we are spending a lot on education

Federal judge continues to dis human embryonic stem cell research

One man's stand against unemployment; Bill Riney climbs on top building in Washtenaw County

Quran burning

So I'm eating a bowl of oatmeal

Are you a pro-gay bigot?

Krugman - 1938 in 2010

Wingers admit that Dems have an online fundraising advantage

I say boycott CBS's new show with Tom Selleck.

The Ground Zero Mosque, and the Koran burners --

South Africa: Public Workers Strike Ends After Keeping the Nation On Hold 3 Weeks


UN peacekeepers 'failed' DR Congo rape victims

Let's settle this: who here's not voting for Democrats in November?

I love it when Keith Olbermann's show starts and I hear HIS voice!!!

Huffington Post: Explosion Rocks Honeywell Uranium Facility Run by Scab Workers

How Much More A Year Will People Pay If The Tax Cuts For The Rich Are Left To Expire?......

Illegal immigrants accused of starting brush fire in San Diego County near Mexican border

MOAR Republican Family Values ($25,000) With Pics and Video!

Fox calls for repeal of the 20th century

Merrill Lynch web ad: Preparing for higher taxes

When will there be a panel on tax cuts?

Rolling blackouts in China to help meet energy goal

Obama and the Dems are missing the boat, again.

Question about health insurance and mental health coverage

What if the ritual of burning the written word. . .

It's a great morning to not watch Morning Joe.

BP: Multiple companies, teams played role in oil disaster

This GOP scumbag on CSPAN WJ is a real piece of work

Why is the right calling the shots?

Loaner cute kids available to boost rethug candidates

Borowitz: Rabid Dog Briefly Mistaken for Tea Party Candidate

More indication that it is all just a game to the media

This story really bugs me: Pentagon Ignores Child Porn in its Ranks

My new favorite time waster - The Blaze!

The BP Report -BP just released its own investigation of the oil rig

Please Obama - Let This Be True

Please Obama - Let This Be True


Handyman Inspires Website Bringing Communities Together to Lend a Hand (video)

When I was a kid...

Burn a Bible, save a kitten, By Mark Morford

Do you realize that Al Qaeda is close to completing their strategy?

NYC: Bloomberg's school deform defunds 4th-year HS math (calculus)

Pastor Jones has become a media darling.

Will the USA be smarter in ten years?

Some good news: Obama is against extending tax cuts to wealthy after this year ends.

Indiana National Guardsmen get goat training

For Paul Conrad, 1924 – 2010, by Mr. Fish

The Graveyard Of Right Wing Narratives - What's Up With Ireland, Corporate Tax Cut Utopia?

The Proper Response to the Koran Burning

Don't lose your head again vote Jan Brewer in two oh ten

Do you personally know someone changing to a GOP vote in Nov.?

Report: City Council Meetings to Begin with Muslim Prayers (Hartford, CT)

Wheelchair Phenom Nails First Double Backflip

How about this, let the tax cuts on the rich expire. Replace it with

Oh great.

McCain Flip Flops by Glassman Campaign

Boehner: Let's extend the tax cuts until the NEXT election year

Let's get the nutfuckery of idea of richie rich tax cuts in place will help get people back to

Federal judge in Bay City dismisses lawsuit challenging Hate Crimes Act

Who owns ES&S. .the software company that now owns NY?

Rick Santorum's Anal Sex Problem

Salmonella peanut CEO now a consultant to industry as fed case against him languishes

AFP has steadily co-opted the tea-bag faction to make it a front for the corporate agenda

Ronald Reagan Movie Planned for 2011

Sink (FL cand. for gov.) sunk in my boat. She's no dem.

Another False Ending (military contractors)

a great video about jeans made in america

Petition to dump Alan the Tit Simpson reaches 5,000 signatures

What to do with all the vuvuzelas (funny)

I have an idea...

Bush: "The definition of success is no terrorist attacks on our country."

Haley Barbour talks about Obama's history

Scientists identify moves that make men irresistible on the dance floor

religiously insane Peter Wehner was on Wash. Journal this a.m.

Castro warns US-Israel against nuclear conflict with Iran, warns Iran against anti-Semitism

Job openings rise for first time since April

Piers Morgan to take over 'Larry King Live'

What about these people!!!! get them motivated.

A place to start

Throwing down the gauntlet

No lie too trivial, no garbage too vile. . . . PLease come CAPTION Rush Limbaugh!!!

Mexico: 2 bodies likely massacre investigators

Yesterday's epiphany

Why does the Republican leadership HATE the troops??

Nice list of CA. elected officials supporting Senator Boxer

Republican Bullshit Actually Has A Limited Shelf-life

Discovery Channel: FreeMasons

Time Running Out Faster Than Water, Experts Warn

TeaP: Hostile Political Agenda Wrapped In Clerics Robes?

Wednesday TOON roundup #4

Wednesday TOON roundup #4

Wednesday TOON roundup #3

Wednesday TOON roundup #2

Dems bring Textile mill back to small town

NY man jailed for defending home with AK47 from gang members

If you take a Qur'an printed on US Flag paper to the desecration incineration, what will they do?

Wow, Detroit nearly burned down...!

Wow, Detroit nearly burned down...!

Facebook use can lower grades by 20 percent, study says

Daily Kos: Mott's Corporate Greed: Rotten to the Core (seen on PBS!)

Lisa Murkowski wants to find way to run against Palin minion Miller who defeated her in GOP primary

I'm not vested in the Mosque issue because I wasn't there?

Some are asking why GOPers aren't speaking up about the Koran burning...

Manual on molesting children legal, cops say

Jehovah's Witnesses Complain That Atheists Won't Keep Beliefs To Themselves

David Koch opens school for teabaggers

Robert Scheer- How Reagan Republicans and Clinton Democrats Enriched Wall Street

Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin Sept. 11 Event Ticket Price: $73 to $225

Definition of TEABAGGER

Why do the Koran-burners hate the troops?

I wonder what type of right wing troll is more common on dem boards:

The Quaker State Leads the Nation in Animal Cruelty

Man facing 30 years in prison, $4 million in fines and business seizure for hiring illegal

Job Openings Increase for First Time Since April

One Dollar, One Vote?

Dupe topic, please delte

I got an email the other day from head office.

'But to the world, we can only say we are sorry, and please don’t judge us by these bigoted few.'

What If Restaurants Stopped Hiring Illegal Immigrants?

The fearless troll hunters are out in force!

"Merely having a baby on American soil doesn't doesn't give foreign parents a foothold."

Can Dems use Tea Party against GOP on 17th amendment?

Toon fight! And the dumb right-wing one is losing

Wednesday TOON roundup #5

Do not capitalize "tea party"

FBI: Gunman at Army post accused of threatening to kill Obama

Does pointing out someone's spelling errors make your dick hard?

It all happens on the internet.

Great toon on the MSM trying to sway the midterms

Lines That Shouldn't Be Crossed

The real trolls

Piers Morgan to Succeed Larry King on CNN

Things freedom of speech doesn't mean.

Derf TOON: Boobs

Palin-Beck 2012... Vote on the Best Slogan

Your tax dollars at work..........

New York colleges get kickback of students finance charges!

Message to world: "America is not at war with Islam.......but...."

Money Makes Democrats Stupid

Could someone explain the difference...

George Soros gives $100M to Human Rights Watch

PacifiCare/UnitedHealth Group Inc. "It's a story of intense corporate greed."

"It's floodin' down in Texas"

Johnson Mulls Run for President

Who would the next WH Chief of Staff be?

The New Republic editor in chief: Muslims unworthy of First Amendment rights

Social Security is *not* a cause of, and *not* a solution to, national debt...

Use of bedbug-sniffing dogs is growing in South Florida, elsewhere

Still no word from Dick Cheney or his family. I wonder if he is actually dying.

Toon: Move to where the jobs are!

Famous Losing Election Slogans

I'm seeing a LOT of hate and animosity and anger directed at Dems...

Dean Baker: Bernanke's Trifecta of Errors

Dean Baker: Bernanke's Trifecta of Errors

Hillary's Homerun of a Speech

9/11 widow: The media duped us

She's guilty as charged

Hellegers: American Income Inequality is the Cause of our Crisis

This pastor is full of it

Toyota offers free Hispanic pride stickers

"Liz Cheney to organ-donate own heart to father?" !!1!

Republican operative recruits ‘street people’ as Green Party candidates

Strikes in France, London Foreshadow More Protests

Billboards shun religion, promote separation of church and state

Wednesday TOON roundup #1

"Lord, Don't Move My Mountain, Just Give Me the Strength to Climb."

Land Grabs in Poor Countries Set to Increase

Preview of Beck-Palin 2012 - There's Gold in Them Thar Morons

Dallas Democrat awarded 23 Black Caucus scholarships to relatives & kids of staffer

Note to Democrats in the run up the election. Concentrate on the

Safe Cosmetics Act theatens small businesses including independent perfumers

GOP Claims $50 Billion For Infrastructure Is Too Pricey, While Pushing $800 Billion Tax Cut

So when they close a business for bedbug infestation, if DDT has been banned, what are they doing?

Right Network Launches: Conservative Entertainment Channel Debuts

The Liberal, Socialist, Green and Communist groups in the EU parliament blast Sarkozy's Roma policy.

Excellent piece at The Mudflats -- Murkowski, Will She or Won't She?

About THE cheapest exploitation of 9/11 I have seen, and that includes Bush & Ghouliani:

Your House Is On Ground Zero (And Quite Without Permission)

Memories of Bobby Kennedy in Omaha 1968

Pres. Obama explained his "Vision for America". GREAT!

Repeal of 14th Amendment would worsen immigration problem, create class of unauthorized Americans

Rep. Edward Markey: BP too eager to spread blame in accident report

Light bulb factory closes; End of era for U.S. means more jobs overseas

Howard Stern looking to leave Sirius...move to app podcast.

my ltte re:CEO pay and unemployment printed today

Two Sets of Lies

Between the alarmist MSM, bogus polls, trolls, paid operatives, and the GOP just saying no

Let's all go troll the Republican boards

Here's a documentary I'd LOVE TO SEE a network make before

Conservative entertainment network launches

Fox News Needs to Know

At this point an Obama primary challenge from the left looks more likely to be funded by the right

UCLA's Anderson School wants to end reliance on state funding

the church that is burning the book has less than 100 menbers

Fox & Friends Flummoxed By Transgendered Guest

Here's Norm Goldman's plan for restoring the US to solvency.

White House Smacks Boehner Over Deficit vs.Tax Cuts Hypocrisy

The difference between critics and trolls is clear

Fred Phelps has got to be furious with Pastor Terry---

CNN covered interfaith call to oppose Koran burning. Who didn't?

Light bulb factory closes; End of era for U.S. means more jobs overseas

Mitch McConnell wants to make a deal...

BP spreads blame over oil spill

Terry on Lobbyist Report, “Crap…Happens” (another Ne. R with a skeleton)

Obama: 'The only reason they're holding this up is politics, pure and simple'

Well... it's looks like this month's "distraction issue" has been decided...

Am I wrong about this????

In Ohio, Obama defends tax stance, slams GOP

Obama "one-ups" Repubes - they want a spending freeze, he curtails their spending (taxes)

Allen Simpson is a dream for Democrats in close races with retirees in their district

While the Repubs were politickin', the President was presidencing...

Why are oil rich Countries such as Saudi Arabia not helping Pakistan?

Post removed by OP

I'm watching the movie Gasland

Tom White.

After Torturing Prisoners, "Albert" Rejoins the CIA as a Contractor

Easy Democratic vs Republican Handouts for Democrats

Dispelling the myth: The realities of organ trafficking

Dispelling the myth: The realities of organ trafficking

K&R If You Suport Free Fucking Speech Here On DU !

The one thing MSM is accomplishing with the "NYC Mosque" story is getting people to turn off the TV.

OBAMA In Cleveland: "I know there’s still a lot of hurt out here"

The World Giving Index 2010

Gee thanks CNN, I'm sure America really cares that there is flooding at f**king Six Flags.

The Koran Moran: will he or won't he?

The Koran Moran: will he or won't he?

Kos:2010 may be tough, but we haven't lost yet

Why are oil rich Countries such as Saudi Arabia not helping Pakistan?

Bennet draws line on new stimulus spending

Did you hear that Gallop thinks th Dems #'s went up to even with

Did you hear that Gallop thinks th Dems #'s went up to even with

A Paster Sapp on Hardball...

A Paster Sapp on Hardball...

Better educated cops use less force

Microsoft suspends Xbox Live gamer because he's from Fort Gay, W.Va.

What it means if the taxcuts do not expire?

A friend of mine has a view on the Koran burning thing

Weiner:'DROP DEFENSIVE CROUCH-It takes a great man to build a barn-but any jackass can kick it down'

Did you know that Woodrow Wilson caused a depression and that Harding ...

Did you know that Woodrow Wilson caused a depression and that Harding ...

Fresno police chief holding noose not 'a racial reference,' city says

No seriously what the fuck was Monica Crowley on about

A question for the self employed and small business owners . . . . .

Skink (1000+ posts) Tue Sep-07-10 06:25 PM

A solution to the Koran burners. Have the fire department on hand.

Pastor Glenn Beck joins U.S. officials, religious leaders in condemning Koran burning

In the flesh: Lady Gaga dons raw meat on cover of Vogue Hommes Japan

The Monsters are Due on DU

Army to Design Uniforms for Female Soldiers

Men's Rights and Women's Rights -- The Big Picture

Pastor’s old church condemns Quran-burning

and observation about the punditry meme that "obama got his voice back"

After POTUS got done with Boehner today in Ohio,

Hartmann on Koran burning

I just bet my hubby $100 dollars that Tweety would quote some

Americans love a fighter.

Cars parked at broken meters will get a ticket

Court Sides With C.I.A. on Seizure of Terror Suspects

haley barbour says Obama is the nation's least-known president.

Rendell: GOP "Being Taken Over By Wackos and Fruit Loops"

Discovery Channel Gunman Is Not an Ecoterrorist if I Am

Democratic turnout for primaries lowest in 80 years

Jonathan Alter says Valerie Jarrett would be a Person to Replace Rahm as COS...

CNN/Time Poll: Heated battle for Florida Senate

Look at this sorry POS Tweety has on right now

I missed President Obama's speech in Cleveland today.

I Hope The Retaliation

Congressman "Oberstar Rails Against Obama on Transportation Policy "

Minuteman leader Chris Simcox deemed a threat to his family

The political (and practical) case for economic populism NOW!

Today's ad count so far in CA.....(Whitman vs Brown)

I just found the perfect cover for Bush's memoirs

DKos: Gallup Poll Shock! (Not what you think)

How's Jack Conway doing on Act Blue

John Boehner: I'll kill health care law

Palin--Quran burning..

CNN/Time Poll: KY Senate race all tied up

Burn a Bible, save a kitten - I still await the hippie liberal apocalypse. - By Mark Morford

Need some help finding a post from yesterday

Maybe they should just burn the covers.

SHOCKING DEVELOPMENT! Tucker Carlson speaks in favor of extending Bush Tax Cuts. S-H-O-C-K-I-N-G!

Middle Class Tax Cuts are a GOOD Thing, BUT

Obamacare is causing insurance rates to skyrocket

Funnel cloud now descending on Dallas

This was just forwarded to me-RightNetwork

Corporate media are aiding abetting a crime in progress: The Terry Jones Hate Cult Spectacle

Corporate media are aiding abetting a crime in progress: The Terry Jones Hate Cult Spectacle

Fed survey: Slower growth spreads to more regions

Definition of Arson. It is illegal!

There is absolutely no comparison between burning the flag and burning the Koran

CEO's Rake It In During The Great Recession!

If you condemn someone's actions or speech, it doesn't mean you're opposed to their

Just had a discussion with a friend, ...

$30 million Saint Ronnie biopic planned for late 2011. No word on who plays the monkey.

Mural Of First Israeli Drafted Into The NBA Is Defaced With Swastika (Sacramento Kings Omri Casspi)

More good news: Latest GOP - Dem. Election Polls show a Tie.

HP holds Navy network hostage? That's your free market for you

Note to Joe Scarborough:

Barbara Boxer aide charged with possession of pot

A vote for Christine O'Donnell is a vote for.....

"Haley Barbour ... one of the sharpest political minds around" - Who said that?

An ex-Bollywood star rescues immigrant women from abusive relationships

Could any of you date or marry a Repig?

Tea Partiers have a "Tele Town Hall" tomorrow..wanna participate?

The next divide is organic vs non organic foods.

A huge subliminal shout out to women's rights, civil rights, & LGBT rights on NBC primetime tonight

Elizabeth Warren?

Using "reform" to push charters: democracy supplanted by private sector power blocs

An Open Letter to Rev. Terry Jones

Jehovah's Witnesses Complain That Atheists Won't Keep Beliefs To Themselves

Jehovah's Witnesses Complain That Atheists Won't Keep Beliefs To Themselves

Meghan McCain: Palin nomination made me cry..

Lifestyles of The Reich and Famous: Dick and Betsy DeVos' new summer palace

Tear-jerking story, but tell me what you think.....

This Koran burning Pastor is just a publicity seeking opportunist.

Dem base told: Fear Tea Party

Dr. Laura on n-word critics: ‘That’s how it started in Germany’

If I have 25 cents in my pocket and you have 75 cents in yours, no amount of colorful, conniving

Does anyone remember the PBS show "Zoom" from the 70's?

Rachel Maddow is the smartest commentator on TV

Wow this guy on tweety's show is great.

Paid blogger/forum posting service run by a Republican

Big Ed hits it out of the park!

Tropical Storm Igor

Wow. A new White House Chief of Staff..? Rahm going to run for Mayor of Chicago!!!

Obama's approval rating among no-college whites is about 30%

POLL : What are you??

Hulu Video link: High. The True Tale of American Marijuana

Republican house candidate in Iowa loses family health insurance

Did Jesus favor violent destruction of property to protest other people's religious practices?

Civil Liberties Minute: The metaphor of yelling "Fire!" in a theater

Obama Has Come Home to Dem Party..Speech! If Rahm Leaves can we get Howard Dean In?

They're not winning shit

Certain topics on DU must devolve into bizarre extremes

a 26-year veteran of the Armed Forces take on the current mosque controversy.

I'd certainly never advocate burning the Bible, nor

Anyone ever negotiated the price of a medical procedure?

The "Rev" Terry Jones is no real Christian

The REAL ‘Stuff White People Like’

Long Island Man Arrested For Defending Home With AK-47

where does DU stand?

Why the Right is Winning: Our Long National Nightmare Isn't Over ... It's Just Beginning

Pastor Terry Jones says Jesus Christ would burn Korans

Sweden making a spectacular recovery: GDP Q2 +4,6% & budget surplus by 2012

I have read your website and it is obviously that your a foggot.

70% Want Bush Tax Cuts to Expire -- Good Luck finding THAT info in this CNN "article" :

I ran across this image today. The next time someone complains to you about "them Muslims"

Mother Jones: Yoo's Got Mail? (9-7-10)

I would gladly give up my "tax cut" if it meant REAL health reform

I would gladly give up my "tax cut" if it meant REAL health reform

I got to say this and sad to do so, but Arizona is now

Are folks aware of the "Medication history" database that insurers can access?


Bill Gates: 11 Rules for Being a Jackass

I'm AGAINST burning the koran, and FOR letting the NYC Islamic Center be built. BUT...

Unbelievable - I just got a job solicitation that requires "screening for Christian commitment"

Trash talking Linda McMahon

U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama plays some football - pics

LA Times: Is Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks Getting An MSNBC Show?

A country that will burn books

Fire extinguisher party 9/11 6-9PM. BE THERE TO PUT THE FIRES OUT!

"You Tax-hiking SOSHULISTS just want to punish SUCCESS!!"

ER to run credit checks

Here's a chart that will make you blow a gasket: Compare Democratic & RepublicanTax Plans

If cutting Social Serurity and/or raising the retirement age is something that Obama will never do--

Your Parents Swindled You

Advocate of veganism changes his mind about meat

Stephen Colbert And Jon Stewart Announce Big Plans For A Coming Announcement (VIDEO)

My religion requires me to yell "FIRE!" in a crowded movie theatre.

Tea Party Candidate: Masturbation is Adultery

Tea Party Candidate: Masturbation is Adultery

Obama wins the right to invoke "State Secrets" to protect Bush crimes

Best CHEAP Printer? ($50ish)

Koran Burner: Creepier Than You Think - This is a Cult - Rulebook

Koran Burner: Creepier Than You Think - This is a Cult - Rulebook

I have been quite critical of the President's domestic policy

Homeless man shot down by Seattle cops

Lanny Davis says if we lose Congress that Obama will be "liberated" from liberal base agenda.

I think he is getting his mojo back!

Quran Burning is not protected speech.

The Rude Pundit: Koran Burning, the First Amendment ...

A Conversation in My Precinct This Weekend

Asian countries moving away from standardized testing because it kills "creativity and innovation"

Faustus was a child playing with matches. . . . Please come CAPTION Rush Limbaugh!!!!!

I think the President is listening ...

9/11 widow: The media duped us

CNN: Palin pick 'panicked' Meghan McCain, made her cry

Obama to propose $300 billion in tax breaks for business

We've abandoned baby kitties and are dressesd.


OMG cheetos!

9 years ago I ordered gingerbread men with beachwear on from the caterers nearby where I lived.

Kraftwerk - Computer love

Bela Fleck, V M Bhatt, Jie-Bing Chen

For all those who've shown concern about my health issues recently...

Orlando cops blowed up a horse!

Totally uncanny.

Driving in the drink

DUers living in China, I'll be in Shanghai later this month and...

I need help finding something.

Hey Ebook readers!

Woo, going to Beantown in a couple weeks!

Pictures from the weekend *PIC HEAVY*

wait!...Wait ! Wait!!!

Please recommend a reliable car

LOL @ Hank Azaria (The Simpsons) at the WSOP (ESPN)

I want you to fill up this here container with some of them pickled eggs...

Question for birders.

When I reach 1000+ posts will you guys show me the secret handshake?

Yes that is so true!

Phillies back in first place in NL East after red hot Braves lose...Can it happen

My hero!

Has anyone ever called you Hoss?

Regional dialect: how many of you use the word "skeeve" on a regular basis? n/t

There is no secret agenda in this thread

Witness the dopeness, Jerry Goldsmith's OUR MAN FLINT

And of course, you gotta have Jerry Goldsmith's IN LIKE FLINT

Regional dialect: "I can't get any purchase on that handle".

i need technical help

Never mind--got it sorted out.

Shout - Live

PWW or PW@W?

Don't You Forget About Me

Life's What You Make It

Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love - Omiya

Need You Tonight

I Ran

Don't You Want Me

Do you really want to hurt me


I'm diggin' up bones,i'm diggin' up bones

RIP Incredible Jazz Photographer, Herman Leonard....


She Blinded Me With Science

Mr. Dumas, please pick up the white courtesy phone

The Flat Earth

Pull Up To The Bumper

How to debate like a conservative:

Body Paint on men!

Make a YouTube video thread of interest to no one

Lesbians By The Lake

Once In A Lifetime

Whatcha Gonna Do When Ya Get Outta Jail?

This must be the place

Pleasure of love

L' Elephant

A Hunter Shoots a Bear

Journey's Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'...overall, how satisfied are you with the na na na na count ?

When did Eddie Vedder

a huge success

Trevor Hoffman Racks up Save #600

Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be 39. (And this time next year, I will be 39 all over again. ;^) )

Regional dialect: who knows what "hotpie" and "cold meat" is? n/t


I'll be headed out to Portland, Oregon later tonight

I wish I could get tacos at 9am

Pop tarts who died in the prime of their lives (View all)

The least funny Python

No One Likes M. Night Shyamalan

Monty Python Fans... good deal on complete TV Shows

My biggest mistake was loving you too much...and letting you KNOW...The Band, "Don't Do It"

Now you got me where you want me and you won't let me go...Marvin, "Baby Don't You Do It"

Now you got me where you want me, baby, you won't let me go...The Who, "Baby Don't You Do It"

I don't want to cause a fuss...Pete Townshend, "Baby Don't You Do It / Magic Bus" live

Labor Day Picnic -- grilled 500 to 1000+ hot dogs in about 4 hours.

The least funny Python

Susan Boyle returns to London in tears after Lou Reed refuses to let her perform "Perfect Day"

Who knew that flat foot flooge was about STD?

What the hell is a factor rainbow

ELSHIVA...if you are lurking...

People can be such f**king jerks sometimes.

I Melt With You

Skink (1000+ posts) Tue Sep-07-10 06:25 PM

Anybody had snow yet?

Childhood lessons that won't go away.

Restaurant bans screaming kids

It's official. 50 pounds. On March 8th I weighed 287lbs, this morning I weighed 237.

woohoo, I have an interview tomorrow!

Has anyone ever gone to see a movie at a nice theatre only to have your shoes stick to th

Is pretty girl hungry after going walkies? Pretty girl want to eat sup sups? Pretty belly rumbling?

Regional dialect: "potatoes"

Something that's always bothered me about "Raiders of the Lost Ark:"

Butts arrested in Boob murder case

What's your favorite Three Stooges short?

Pop stars who died in the prime of their lives

Hey Deadheads,,you gotta see this...

Has anyone seen my chicken puppet?

Children in the 60's

What's all this talk I hear of burning Morans?

To Serve Man

Which photo of Ashley Greene is the hottest? (dial-up warning)

My sister left today

Refresh yourself.

Tell me a joke.

When I die, a thousand hair bands will come out of hiding!...

The Official Random Thoughts Appreciation Thread

Photo: Lady Gaga in a "meat bikini" on the cover of "Vogue Hommes Japan."

NBC has acquired the rights to Stephen King's Dark Tower series. Who would you cast?**SPOILERS?**

Ever notice that EVERY time the President focuses on the economy, the subject gets changed?

Roads to Recovery, and Republicans Who Block Them

Building on Faith

Nevada’s Active Voter Rolls Increase By Nearly 8,000 In August...

President Obama to take on Boehner directly in Ohio speech; GOP senses panic

Businesses like Obama tax write-off plan but want to keep Bush tax cuts too

Trolls are trolling

So who was in charged 9/11-01 Cheney or Condi Rice because Bush wasn't

What's the deal with people that work at ethnic food restaurants?

about that Peter Ozstag guy going against the POTUS

Vote Now: Palin-Beck 2012 Slogans

"Imagine Boehner hosting Lily Ledbetter for an equal-pay unsigning ceremony"

Should I circumcise my child before, or after, he gets his CCW permit?

Joe Madison: Ron Christy you need to look in the mirror BROTHER!!

Imagine what it's going to be like for Republicans if they come up short

Nice breakdown of the obstructionist rethugs

Jon Stewart-what's up his sleeve? My vision is he and Colbert

On to more important matters: Biden to appear on Colbert's SEXIEST show ever!

WA-Sen: DSCC poll shows lead for Murray

Obama to pitch trio of economic proposals in Ohio

(R)asmussen Poll: CA GOV Whitman: 48% Brown: 45%

Introducing: Today In Wrong

Barbour: 9/11 Koran Burning A Bad Idea, accepts at "face value" that Obama's a Christian

Chris Coons (D-Delaware) slowly gaining ground

Cleaver defends Obama, stimulus

Will our generals ever shut up?

Will a newly feisty, fired-up Obama be enough to save his party in November?

Arianna Huffington cintinue to work hard to destroy this president

Instead of hyping up and hyperventillating about the Quran-burning, why doesn't the press just stop

Putting the President's $50 billion infrastructure proposal into perspective

Castle, Tea Party Re-Up Ad Buys In DE

Dem raises $332K vs. GOP incumbent $205K in Hawaii congressional race

Wow, Detroit nearly burned down...!

How could voters possibly resist this? Hell No You Can't (Featuring John Boehner)

Why elections matter, in one graph

Joe Conason: Why Barack is Behind

DNC Offensive gets underway

Email from Austan Goolsbee just now:

GOP proposes renewing tax cuts, freezing spending

What time will the President be speaking

DGA unveils fall battle plan

"I'm still looking for the headline..."

"The NRCC is filled with slow learners, so let's set the record straight again"

Obama, Biden and Bill Clinton to stump for Mark Dayton in MN prior to election

GOP House Candidate On Civil Rights: ‘We Need To Get Our Federal Government Out Of The Way’

Jones or Obama? Who do you think the media would prefer to cover today?

The Choice: Rebuild America or Redo that Voodoo

Donilon Seen as Favorite to Replace Rahm

babylonsister! It worked! Chris Cillizza Blogs About the latest Gallup numbers!

Worst headline I've seen all day (guess who?)

Public Policy Polling--TX Gov: Perry 48% White 42%--White within striking distance

Republicans can't repeal anything.

Axelrod weasel word of the day: PERMANENTLY

Jimmy Carter's White House Diary

Helping the economy-Obama’s plans for highway spending and tax deductions would create jobs

Democratic Governors Association: "We're going to pick up Florida"

Frat House for Jesus - The entity behind C Street.

On tax cuts, Obama picks a fight - The President makes a case for social justice..

Let me get this straight: the rich deserved a tax cut during a surplus because we had extra money ..

Murkowski, Haase talk ballot switch--she might seek Libertarian nod in Alaska

What kind of tanning salon does the Koran burning pastor go to?

The Fallacy Of Insurers Hiking Premiums And Blaming It On The Health Care Law

Ill. Senate candidate embraces Obama in new ad

Poll--MA Governorship: Patrick 34% Baker 28% Cahill 18%

DE-Sen: Teabaggers scramble for O'Donnell in last week

President Obama shifts into campaign mode, blasts Boehner, GOP on economy

Alaska Senate: Now Murkowski is considering a write-in bid

The Democratic Alternative.

Barney Frank slams down dem primary opponent for comparing Obama to Hitler

Progressive Group: Rahm's A 'Cancer On The Democratic Party,' Should 'Flatly Go Away'

Daily Kos: Did Haley Barbour just dip his toes into birther waters?

How many times did Obama mention the name "Boehner" today?

POLLS: KY-SEN: Conway 46, Paul 46. FL-SEN: Rubio 36, Crist 34, Meek 24. CA-SEN: Boxer 48, Fiorina 44


I want video!

Fox News cut Obama off. They didn't stay to the end.

Hatch, Chaffetz lock horns over 2012 challenge promises

Which is better for Obama's re-election prospects in 2012 a dem congress or a repub congress?

Jindal Staying Out Of Upcoming Senate Race

Obama will declare his opposition to extending Bush-era Tax Cuts in Cleveland speech

tweety, howard fineman, and bob shrum all very impressed with

Politico: Reporting that Angle is seeking Lobbyist dollars.. Calls her a hypocrite!

Pence "disappointed" that Obama "missed an opportunity...

The right-wing menace of Glenn Beck

Sen. Byrd's family denounces campaign attack ad

I didn't even know Skinner was female,

Why are the Democratic candidates getting a free pass?

Credit where credit is due: Two Cheers for the Obamas today

Chief of Staff Guessing game.

Pressure rises on pastor who wants to burn Quran

Media fails to note that Obama's approval rating has actually been going up in several polls

NYT: Obama will not extend Bush era tax cuts to wealthy

TPM: 35% of Fiscsal Stimulus Hasn't Yet Hit Economy

In TX, Bush stays quiet on Obama's policies, talks about shoe throwers, dog poop

who is thinking about going to One Nation?

Job openings are on the RISE!!!!!!

Arizona Green Party sues to block 11 'sham candidates'

Political cartoonist Tony Auth nails it once again. On the mid-terms...

Pres Obama's speech- Democratic Values are American Values plus some personal narrative.

Obama media offensive continues will be on GMA on Thursday

As a next step in health care reform, this looks promising

Freeper response to Obama's speech:

Will some Dems ever learn? Bennet breaks with Obama on new stimulus

Democrats: calm down and regain some perspective...


"Are We There, Yet?" Of, Course Not. But I Don't Want to Switch Pilots.

Making your bones in the GOP.

Barbour Signals RGA Will Surrender Colorado

"Plouffe to Dems: Forget Pundits, Knock on Doors"

Poll: Gallup says it's a tie

Obama Won’t Extend Bush-Era Tax Cuts to Wealthy

Suit aims to remove Tancredo from ballot

Morning Joe crowd bitching about Obama's raising taxes on the rich. Maria Bartiromo says he's not

33 charged with blocking L.A. city streets during immigration protests

Fidel to Ahmadinejad: 'Stop Slandering the Jews'

One man's stand against unemployment; Bill Riney climbs on top building in Washtenaw County

Make a list of the things that would annihilate the Republican Party

Ohio bans offshoring of IT projects by govt depts

Floods leave tens of thousands homeless in Mexico

AP Exclusive: Back to work after salmonella case

Two asteroids to pass close to Earth on Wednesday

Oil industry lowballs bird deaths: study

Rev. Lucius Walker died

Iran: Woman's stoning sentence on hold

Note to "professional left": Kucinich is standing with the President today and is 100% supportive

Preview of Beck-Palin 2012 - There's Gold in Them Thar Morons

US Tea Party in London to spread low tax message

Afghan police beat back mob of government workers at Kabul Bank branch

U.S. says not considering NATO Afghan troop request

Holtz-Eakin (Former McCain Econ Advisor): GOP Too Focused On 'Cocaine' Of Sarah Palin To Rule

Several fires burning structures across Detroit

Abstinent Mormon farmers grow barley for beer

Imam: NYC Mosque to Include Other Faiths

20 illegal immigrants arrested in Orange County beach landing

NRCC Press Aide Tweets Home Addresses Of Virginia Dem's Staffers

Clinton calls plan to burn Quran 'disgraceful act'

Toyota recalls more than 116,000 Hi-Lux vehicles

Axelrod Says Obama Insists on Middle-Class Tax Cuts

Axelrod: "The President would veto any bill that included extending tax cuts for the rich"

Text of Obama’s Remarks on the Economy

Schwarzenegger continues to reject Prop 8 appeal

After Torturing Prisoners, "Albert" Rejoins the CIA as a Contractor

California regulators seek up to $9.9 billion in fines from PacifiCare

Senator Reid sees "mopping up" lame-duck session

GOP meme shot down: Dow +28 (and dropping) when Obama started talking... +51 (and climbing now)

Mexican marines arrest 7 in killing of 72 migrants

N.M. Group To Donate Quran For Each 1 Burned

Phoenix mosque vandalism prompts request for FBI

Tennessee announces $2,500 electric car rebate

Wikileaks' Assange Requests New Lawyer in Sweden

WH: The Affordable Care Act Did Not Cause Unjust Premium Increases

WH: The Affordable Care Act Did Not Cause Unjust Premium Increases

Court Sides With C.I.A. on Seizure of Terror Suspects

Republican Runs Street People on Green Ticket

Ex British Prime Minister Tony Blair cancels London book signing after protests in Dublin

I need help with a math problem for my son...

FBI Says Retaliation for Koran Burning 'Likely'

FBI Says Retaliation for Koran Burning 'Likely'

Job openings rise for first time since April

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday September 8

**** Heads Up: POTUS Speaks on the Economy, Live 2:10pm EDT! ****

446 unclaimed bodies probed

Hundreds of looted artifacts returned to Iraq

Report by BP Says a Series of Failures Led to Oil Spill

Reid Picks Up Some GOP Support

2012 Watch: 'America's Toughest Sheriff' considers presidential bid

CVS Caremark to give away up to $5M in flu shots to uninsured

Former President Bush to speak at Reagan Library in November

Carly Fiorina meeting with Tea Partiers in Marin -- no press allowed

Trapped Chilean Miners Showing Signs of Cabin Fever

Fla. minister determined to hold 9/11 Quran burn

Report: Castro says Cuban model doesn't work

Former justice backs judicial independence

Alleged torture victims' lawsuit dismissed on secrecy grounds

Help me fight off stupid.....

Conservative entertainment network launches

One quarter of Lockheed executives take buyout offer

Sheriffs want lists of patients using painkillers

Teen likely to face charges in schoolyard sex case

Light bulb factory closes; End of era for U.S. means more jobs overseas

Protesters, LAPD clash as chief defends shooting

Imam behind NYC Islamic community center says it will include 'prayer spaces' for other faiths

European MPs slam France over deportation of Romas

WE will gain seats in november

Don't burn Qurans, U.S. embassy in Pakistan urges church

Jewish groups step up efforts to combat anti-Muslim bigotry

Cops: Iraq vet tries to burn down home

Halliburton: BP spill report has 'substantial' omissions, errors

(Tony) Blair cancels 2nd event for memoir

Obama Won’t Extend Bush-Era Tax Cuts to Wealthy

FUN JAN BREWER Arizona Governor Parody Drag Queen debate 1070 Comedy Barbra SEVILLE

U.S. Soldiers in Iraq - The Ding Dong Song

Denouncing Anti-Muslim Bigotry: Rev. Cizik Slams *Conservative christians*, "Shame On You!"

President Obama: Greeting for Rosh Hashanah

Hillary Clinton: Plan To Burn Qu'rans Is A "Disrespectful, Disgraceful Act"

Denouncing Anti-Muslim Bigotry: Rabbi Saperstein - Bigotry Is An Attack On America

Olbermann: In Harms Way

Into the mind of a suicide bomber

Lunatic "Pastor" Terry Jones' Bizarre Interview With Anderson Cooper: "I Am Intolerant!"

Puzzle at Google

Denouncing Anti-Muslim Bigotry: Ingrid Mattson - Muslims Can't Compete With Media Hate Without Help

Press Club: Religious Leaders Join Together To Combat Atmosphere Of Fear & Intolerance Towards Islam

Propaganda for Terrorists

Papantonio: Anti-Islam Hate Critters Emerge

Pastor Durley & Rabbi Kreamer Read Very Powerful Joint Statement Against Anti-Muslim Bigotry & Hate

Tom White for Congress Ad: Debt

Tom White for Congress Ad: Work

KETV: Terry, White Enter Political Boxing Ring 7 Weeks Out

WOWT: Tom White on the Midday News

Rachel Maddow - Teabagger candidate Christine O'Donnell on how people congratulate themselves

9/11 Koran Burner Interview, Hates Jews and Homosexuals Too

Fair & balanced clusterfuck: Scooter Libby armchair quarterbacks Iran strategy with Monica Crowley

Papantonio and Schultz: Tea Partiers Love Hate Talkers

Obama: "It's Still Hope Vs. Fear"-Full Speech In Ohio

Denouncing Anti-Muslim Bigotry: Rabbi Gutow - We MUST ALL Stand Against The Lies And Hate!

Rachel Maddow: Incidents Increasing Against Muslims in U.S.

Weird Liberal Head Show #156: Wanna Know How We Can Win 2010?

Since we're discussing Rev. Terry Jones today, here's the real Terry Jones

TYT Interviews: JA of Crooks & Liars - Obama Vs. Insane, Dangerous Right

Denouncing Anti-Muslim Bigotry: Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, "America Was Not Built On Hatred"

What If John McCain Had Won?

Stop Jan Brewer Before It's Too Late!

Lily Tomlin stars as the Health Insurance Claims Processor

Thom Hartmann - Has Der Spiegel outed Quran Burning Pastor Terry Jones as a failed Jim Jones?

Alexi Giannoulias - The Choice-Ethics (ad with Obama)

NEED TO KNOW | The true cost of the bank bailout | PBS

Wall Street Journal takes on New York Times

TYT: Class Warfare - Top 10% Vs You (w/ Bonus Article Under Video)

Rachel Maddow- Obama realizes futility reaching out to Republicans

Should Pot Ads Be on TV?

Ed Schultz: Hate Merchants Ready to Assume Power

Let's Burn The Bible On 9/11 by Old Fart Rants

Obama Against a Compromise on Extension of Bush Tax Cuts.

Racialized Memories and Class Identities - Thinking About Glenn Beck's and Rush Limbaugh's America

Russia, Israel Embark on an Unprecedented Defense Cooperation Agreement

President Obama to unveil more stimulus, tax breaks for business

Why Obama Is Proposing Whopping Corporate Tax Cuts -- and Why He's Wrong

The Only One Who Could Stop Pastor Terry Jones: Monty Python's Terry Jones!

Election Season Is Now Open, Let the Games Begin... Robert Elisberg, Huffington Post

Feisal Abdul Rauf Details His Harrowing Vision for Terror-Victory Mosque

Unearthed Treasure Proves Early East-West Trade

Medical Marijuana Inc Spreads Across America With The Hemp Network

Get Huey on the phone

Various matters

Progressive Group: Rahm's A 'Cancer On The Democratic Party,' Should 'Flatly Go Away'

The right-wing menace of Glenn Beck

Fidel to Ahmadinejad: 'Stop Slandering the Jews'

"Balzac had it right: 'Behind every great fortune, there lies a great crime.'" - Jonathan Freedman.

Strikes in France, London Foreshadow More Protests

The other day that the world was changed: September 15

Mother Jones: Yoo's Got Mail?

Michael Moore Teaches Rahm Emanuel a F**cking Economics Lesson

Why Tea Partiers Would Not Like Ike

Concern Is Voiced Over Religious Intolerance.

After the flood, fears of a mosquito plague

Drumbeat: September 8, 2010

Fresh Capital in the Uranium Fuel Race

Weird Weather in a Warming World

CA GOP Activist - "Wavering" On Climate Ballot Initiative Unacceptable To Party Faithful - LA Times

HK Pollution At Record Levels - Air Unhealthy During 10% Of First 6 Months Of 2010 - Reuters

Levels Of PAHs, Other Contaminants "Through The Roof" In Gulf Oysters, Soil Samples

CA State Board Unanimously Approves Tougher Standards For Often-Polluted Klamath River

Hydro Dam Will Destroy Ecuador's Tallest Waterfall - In Area Where Even Oil Cos Didn't Want To Drill

BP's Internal Investigation Deems Eight Factors Caused the Deepwater Horizon Disaster

PA Environment Agency Suspects Drilling Behind Methane Bubbling From Susquenahanna River

Dutch Energy Company Announces the Doubling of its Nuclear Build Proposal.

TOD has re-posted my 2007 population article

Anybody else wanna piece of My Orioles?

Indians Always Complaining About Mascots and Nicknames

Iowa Cubs

This is kind of sports related.

***College Football Pool: Week 2***

Fantasy trade offer- should I take it?

446 unclaimed bodies probed

Anyone for U.S. military bases in Peru?

Fidel to Ahmadinejad: 'Stop Slandering the Jews'

Santos approval rating at 80%

Community in rural Venezuela blocks road to demand electricity repair

Massacre in San Pedro Sula -- 18 young men shot to death

Colombia: Corrupto politico replaces corrupto politico

Rev. Lucius Walker died

Report: Castro says Cuban model doesn't work

20 or so people show up at anti-Uribe rally in Georgetown

Storm clouds forming on the horizion....

Man uses "AK 47" to defend house and family from gang attack, and gets arrested for it

NY man jailed for defending home with AK47 from gang members

ABC News Falsely Claims “Three in Four” Guns in Mexico Comes From the United States...

Firearms in Commerce: Assessing the Need for Reform in the Federal Regulatory Process

MAUDE: "The Gay Bar"

A huge subliminal shout out to women's rights, civil rights, & LGBT rights on NBC primetime

Seymour Pine Dies at 91; Led Raid on Stonewall Inn

Xbox Live gamer suspended for saying he lives in Fort Gay

Why She Didn't Attend the NLGJA Convention -- They Failed Us on Prop 8

CANADA: Website Fights Tax Exempt Status Of Exodus International

Three Dollar Bills & Harvey Milk - Prince Poppycock salutes America...(The male Lady Gaga?)

Target Faces Loss Of Contract With San Francisco Over LGBT Benefits


It's been a while since a showed you a Silly Thing from my yard

Jethro_Tull can't participate in this contest, so here's the shot he would have used if he could.

Mortar lands outside kindergarten buildings in Israel

Hamas warns the PA: Stop arresting our people or we'll strike

Right Wing Jewish Group Drums Up Fears About Sestak’s Record on Israel

Hamas Back Out of Its Box

Blair: Don't apply rules to Israel that you wouldn't apply to your own country

Cuba's Fidel Castro criticises Iran over anti-Semitism

Today in Labor History Sept 8 UFW begins historic national grape boycott and strike (Nixon eats :-)

Jimmy Johns workers organizing over pay, working conditions (feature & photos)

London commuters struggle as strike closes subway

Forced Labor

Dock workers dump pineapples in protest

Sweatshops at Sea - Tightening U.S. seafood regulations could improve human rights in Mexico

GMU food-service workers strike to protest conditions

Working Ahead: Labour in a New Era of Challenges

3 Neb. meatpackers face trials over worker pay

Chicken Little FAIL: 2 asteroids on close pass to Earth!

Galactic Cannibals Discovered in Deep Space

Going underground: British explorers map out 'never-ending' cave network underneath Borneo jungle

Close-Shave Asteroid Caught on Camera | Wired Science

This laser star is fully operational

Experiments in Philosophy

The "Symphony of Science" video my 5th grader shared with me tonight:

New Hubble image- An Extraordinary Celestial Spiral

How Canada will become a superpower, making the Northern Rim the envy of the world

Did Jesus have brothers?

How about THIS for synchronicity

The Mindfulness Chronicles On “the psychology of possibility”

Interesting -- do you all remember my "Nazi" friend?

"empty space."

MRSA-Killing Drugs From Cockroach, Locust Brains?

Topical Gel Catches Up With Pills for Relief (NYT)

'Magic mushrooms' ingredient may ease end-of-life anxiety

Looking for light therapy box users