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I don't want to see this skinny ass with no clothes on JESUS!!!!!

All hail Ruza Pavlovic!

Yet another....

David Korten: Bankers, Bookies, and Gamblers

John Lennon on the 1972 Jerry Lewis Labor DayTelethon (vids)

5 of 6 puppies thrown in stream are rescued !!!

Smuggler caught after bag holding 95 boa constrictors bursts open at airport

Washtenaw public health officials sound warning for whooping cough epidemic - w/video

George Bush had one thing right...

••• "Rahmsputin" - post your "appreciation" of Rahm here •••

I took this picture the morning of Jan 21, 2009 and posted it here on DU the same day..

Murdoch's Tabloid Responds to the Times: 'We're Rubber, You're Glue'

never mind-pricks exist on DU...visitors from the RIGHT

New US military strategy in Afghanistan "tolerates SOME corruption"

They caused the Iraq War and remain without shame

Thousands at state Capitol (CA) rally against gay marriage, abortion (with LOL comment)

Rachel makes drinks for her and Jimmy Fallon.

An' Karzie, yer doin' a heck of a job: "U.S. To Tolerate Corruption In Latest Afghan Strategy"

Craigslist caves in.

Must read: the incomparable Jimmy Breslin on Glenn Beck

Obama only needs to do one little thing to keep the House for Democrats...

I hope Obama knows that this EOY Tax Cut debate/vote is a big fucking deal!

Saving Social Security -- and Democratic Seats

On Labor Day, oppose job-killing legislation

Sharron Angle Is Living Off Her Husband’s Federal Pension

Think Progress - "Ryan Knocks GOP Tax Cut Fantasy" - Corporate Media Ignores! Will DU?

Union leader Trumka's bleak view under a Republican-led House

Talking to Vets about The Quitta from Wasilla....

Sharron Angle faces copyright lawsuit

Headline of the century!

Headline of the century!

Why are there school?

Alter - "Obama’s enemies have painted him as an alien threat. Can he fight the flight from facts?"

Why Can't The Left Mobilize Resources Like The Right? Why don't we have a Murdoch or Koch...

Why Can't The Left Mobilize Resources Like The Right? Why don't we have a Murdoch or Koch...

Seriously? We can't talk about working class issues in GD any longer?

I'm a liberal, this'll be unrecced to death as usual

Japan’s new political crisis

U.S. Drones 7 More Pakistanis

USMC Attemps To Reduce Outsourcing

'Turnaround' job descriptions are straight out of Orwell's 1984...

Dear Glen Beck,

Afghan progress overstated, says (British) NATO Gen

Afghan progress overstated, says (British) NATO Gen

Move Chuck Hagel From Obama "Team B" to "Team A."

My avatar is missing.

US companies shift bigger share of health care costs onto workers

PA spends a million dollars of education money on security turnstiles for administrators

Analysts: Iraq war ‘partly to blame’ for financial crisis

Goldman Sachs preventing development of Solar Projects on federal lands

U.S. Marines, British advisers at odds in Helmand

Finally! A valid SECULAR objection to gay marriage

Finally! A valid SECULAR objection to gay marriage

Tony Blair Pelted with Eggs and Shoes at Book Signing

Harold Ford Jr calls Palin a "formidable" candidate for President

Sunday Talk Shows

The AFL-CIO says that the "average" worker made $32,048 in 2009

Iraq: End of Combat- Surge of Contractors

And This Is Why Gasoline Costs $400 A Gallon In Afghanistan, Delivered

Banks versus credit unions

Bybee: "Littering is littering". .(torture is not so black & white apparently)

Bush Follows Cheney in Admitting War Crimes

Maybe Arizonans should worry about their white-supremacist problem

AP just can't wait to have boner as Speaker of the house!

Happy Labor Day Weekend ..... video & pix Summer in the City

The less money you have, then the more of the economy you are

The less money you have, then the more of the economy you are


European far-right defends Sarkozy’s Roma policy

US (a.k.a. the Pentagon) may stop cyber attacks at source

i love demos...

It is still all about the jobs

Can You Say, Fascism? The Political Consequences of Stagnation

Dying for an iPod

Mitch McConnell, John Boehner And The Republicans' Blood Oath Against America

Hawking to God: Your Services Are No Longer Needed; God to Hawking: You So Don't Get Who I Am.

President McCain Speaks on Iraq

President McCain Speaks on Iraq

SO!!..Who Will Own The Conversation This WeeK

The Dick crawled out of his basement

Unions Are Good for Economic Growth: Heavily Unionized Countries Outpace US

Hey, Craig, I can make the case to use "beauty" or maybe "travel/vac". "Creative", "event", or .....

my next editorial will be related to unemployment /returning soldiers and veterans

Mozambique's riots: The true face of global warming

Democrats Plan Political Triage to Retain House

A burger you might want to avoid.....

U.S Indicts Two Octogenarians And Three Sexagenarians For Protesting In Washington State

Why are we fixated on (fill in the name of right-winger)?

Insured or Not, Women and Children’s Health Shortchanged

Doctors in Baltimore suspended for botched abortions

Iraq: A Complete Fiasco

Do people have a patriotic duty to vote?

The Creationists' greatest argument against evolution. . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!!

DNC chairman: Dems have helped the economy 'turn a corner'

This email I got was titled Hate Your Cable company? We have the solutions

The last time we had a repub. congress and repub.-lite president...

Grover Norquist's Wet Dream --- A Crash. A Call for Help. Then, a Bill.

Fighting for a fair contract at Coke (800% increase in health insurance premiums!)

Frank Rich: Obama's "tone deaf" end to combat operations in Iraq

FL home to be auctioned, owner owes $264K, similar house down the street sold for $138K in February

Analysts: Iraq war ‘partly to blame’ for financial crisis

Stories in Wikileaks' Archives Begging for National Attention

Rs & The Media Are Really Counting Their November Chickens Before They Hatch

Redesigned Crosswalks Could Save Walkers' Lives

Escape from Wasilla

Where the money goes and where it doesn't go

We have a live hostage situation going on in downtown Kingston

Thom Hartmann is the guest on Media Matters with Bob McChesney - 2pm EDT - streaming

Lindsey Graham Gets It Wrong On The Stimulus

Vermont surrenders education policy to Bill Gates

Friends Committee on National Legislation Petition Standing with Muslims...

My Labors, Your Labors

Should America's Rich Be Drug Tested In Order To Receive Welfare

E.J. Dionne, one of the few talking heads to make any sense this morning...

Jefferson and the Christian Nation Myth

Had the Health Care bill contained the following elements:

Had the Health Care bill contained the following elements:

We Americans are tough. We have survived earthquakes, hurricanes, terrorist attacks on our own soil...

Rise of a 'ganjapreneur'

What is “States’ Rights”?

Has anyone ever seen the movie, Murder at 1600. How close to the truth are those kinds of things

Has anyone ever seen the movie, Murder at 1600. How close to the truth are those kinds of things

so is this the general ad for republicans vs dems this fall???

so is this the general ad for republicans vs dems this fall???

so is this the general ad for republicans vs dems this fall???

10 Occupations with Largest Percentage of African-Americans (and 10 w/Smallest)

The Buried Truth

Now hiring? Help wanted? Where are the jobs?

Isn't true about that Koch brothers and others..

Why in the fuckity fuck is there an "inevitability" to ceding....

Vote for

Why Did Government Egg Graders Not Notice Contaminated Eggs?

Why Did Government Egg Graders Not Notice Contaminated Eggs?

Bill Gates' main man in L. A. left MD in a big hurry two years ago.

So are we going to allow the likes of headless fearmongers to take over again?

Freedom from the Tyranny of Spellcheck

In the Crystal Ball: More Regulation for Psychics

In the Crystal Ball: More Regulation for Psychics

The budget cuts that will leave nothing behind

Photos from last weekend: Whitestock and Reclaim the Dream---

Labor music set on Folk & Acoustic Music show (WLRN public radio Miami) now (2 pm est)

Bay Area KIPP schools lose 60% of their students, study confirms

Labor Day Jukebox: Dedicate a song to America's (and the world's) under-siege working people

ok-I have to comment-the trolls are on my last nerve-unrec'ing everything.

Racial violence changes student — and school

For those who want to do something, beyond politics....

Question: why do reporters keep saying "it's going to be fun",

"Congressional Bipartisanship" - Paul Conrad cartoon killed by the Los Angeles Times-1999

Home-Grown Businesses: The Role of Grassroots Financing

A delightful and unexpected conversation

Boots on the ground,

another charter school with money issues

A Nation in Decline?: Part 2: Signs of Distress

The Shocking Results For The November Elections

Here's what you can do to change the world...

Republicans are for LESS GOVERNMENT INTRUSION in our lives!!

Say what you want about American Idol, but it is sadly one of the clearest commentaries on America.

The American Taliban.. coming to a district near you....redistricting will happen in 2011

Unions Can Be a Good Thing – or Not

BMW Germany gets it- Value the older workers, improve productivity

How long before Craigslist is forced to shut down its Personals section?

Everyone know what May 1 is in the US? Declared by the VFW it's "Americanization Day"

ABC's "This Week" FAIL: Blair says he's fighting Islam, yet set up Isalmic republics in the ME!

ABC's "This Week" FAIL: Blair says he's fighting Islam, yet set up Isalmic republics in the ME!

What are Dems doing about November 2010?

Toy guns will have to be licensed in Queensland under new firearms laws

Toy guns will have to be licensed in Queensland under new firearms laws

Fox News Editor: "Liberal Media" was "crestfallen" when Beck rally "turned into a church picnic"

Montana Tea Party President Condones Violence Against Gays

Japan's centenarians falling through the cracks

“No one ever got a job from a poor person.”

“No one ever got a job from a poor person.”

A thread for Unrecs Have fun

DC Schools' Rhee talks of taping her students' lips shut, does minstrel dialect, TFA grads love it

California's Prop. 23 - Corporate Citizens at work - Koch Bros. financed

Dear Mr. Milbank

US troops called in as Iraqi army base attacked ("Combat is over")

US troops called in as Iraqi army base attacked ("Combat is over")

Please use your imagination...

Curious: If you are acquainted with Byron Katie's work, what do you think of it?

The importance of sneering at Very Serious Persons..

I Have No Nose and I Must Vote For Democrats

One last thought regarding the mid-term elections

We on the Left Can Focus on the Crazies of the Right, or

FBI On Hand As Key Piece Of BP Oil Spill Evidence Pulled Water

TUESDAY, SEPT. 7: Joe Sestak to Deliver Labor Day Speech in Pittsburgh

Joe McGinniss, Palin Neighbor & Author, Leaving Wasilla To Write Book

Only REAL Fortune Tellers will be allowed to practice their craft!

DC Mayor Fenty trails challenger, Vince Gray, even in wards once thought to be his "base"

CNN Poll on Economy, more people blame the Republicans over the Democrats

Cheney's bag boy, ReTHUG scumbag Addington has been appointed

Report: Washington, Baltimore Drivers Worst In US

Greta on cspan..

The November Elections: A Parable

Glenn Beck proactively denounced "Restoring Honor"-rally

Things are looking good in Texas for Bill White, IMO.....

After Bargains of Recession, Air Fares Soar

Just listened to Monica Crowley on a local AM radio station. Wow.

Analysis: Taser-Related Deaths In US Accelerating

RALLY! October 2, 2010...Washington D.C...for Real Americans

Former President Bush in good spirits at Waco club to kick off Patriot Golf Day Weekend

Imagine if Daddy left you a barrel of money?

The Right to Bear Cameras.

Speaker-in-waiting Boehner balances GOP factions

I am disappointed with Obama in some ways, but

Blue Dogs rule?

Repubs winning big in November??? I don't think so...

"Hagel Says GOP Is Not ‘Presenting Any Alternatives, Any New Options Or Any New Thinking’"

Are you planning to Vote for Democrats in November?

Should progressives create an alternative to the Chamber of Commerce?

Midterms are decided by regular and older voters, we can't count on new young voters

Given the choice between Joe Lieberman and not voting, what would you choose?

So how many more teabagger victories in republican primaries until Mike Steele should hand over the

Russians urged to drink and smoke more

Here is a poll the freepers are winning

WHAT?!?!? Larry Sabato predicts the GOP picking up *47* House seats when they only need 39.

Joe McGinniss is convinced Sarah....

Sunday Graphic: Pyramid of the capitalist system (for those who have not seen it)

The Great Jobs Depression Worsens, and the Choice Ahead Grows Starker

So thats what a 7.1 Earthquake feels like

Backyard Volunteers Helping Track Firefly Numbers

DU this poll! Local paper asks for positive negative vote on unionism.

Glenn Beck "The Nation's Spiritual Leader"

A Daughter's Chance Encounter With Father She Never Met

A Daughter's Chance Encounter With Father She Never Met

any updates? Prosecution of Bush Six Back On

Say it aint so. Bible Spice rumoured to be launching her Presidential run on September 11

"We can sit in here put our heads between our legs & die or we can go out there and kick some ass"

Did McCain intentionally take a fall in 2008?

Did McCain intentionally take a fall in 2008?

UAW President Bob King, AFT President Randi Weingarten

Charter school profits using students as chain gangs, child labor, stays open despite prosecution

The Other 99%

We need to "surge" on Hope and Change

Krugman: Delusions Of Recovery

Dem congressmen/women and Senators.

Is there any chance of the mods creating a setting that turns off....

Venezuelan President presented Good Living Card prototype

Jan Brewer is a liar, a liar and a liar

What is your opinion of the state of Election Integrity in the US?

Enter the number of House seats Democrats will win or lose in November

POLL: Do you think the Bush-era tax cuts will be allowed to expire?

I think all this pug lovey talk and take-over bullshit is just set-up for theft.

Weekly Invitation to Wishadoo!

Founding member of ELO killed in freak accident as giant runaway hay bale smashes into his van

If we don't all turn into yellow dawg Democrats this November, then hello President Boehner.

Should sex work be legal?

Is Unacceptably High Unemployment Going To Become A Staple Of American Life?

Realizing that this opens me up for all sorts of abuse from my friends here, I must, nonetheless,

Are right-wingers incapable of changing their minds?

It's No Longer "Breaking News" When a News Organization Repeats Itself that Dems Will Lose Congress.

"This Won't Be Easy for GOP." Front Page, Above the Fold Sunday Los Angeles Times

Jobs, jobs, jobs: sheep shearer, ballet dancer, aerobics instructor, midwives, plumbers, more . . .

The American Taliban holds HATE FAST!

My mother's 'socialized medicine' story

Newsweek on 'Obama's Moral Cowardice'

Blair: Cheney wanted to invade Syria and Iran

Warning: Do not click on this thread if you cannot stand criticism or controversy

Meet The 18 People Who Could Determine The Fate Of Social Security

Facebook campaign moves Blair's memoir to crime section in bookstores

I just watched the video of a newborn being circumcised

Our Long National Nightmare Isn't Over, It's Just Beginning - by David Michael Green

Our Long National Nightmare Isn't Over, It's Just Beginning - by David Michael Green

Punk’d, Iraqi-Style, at a Checkpoint

GOP leader says Arne's education plans come from GOP playbook.

Koran Burning Pastor & Wife Are "Money Launderers Using Muslims As Red Herrings"

Can we actually save the world?

Happy Labor Day Mother Jones

River puppy controversy.

I just saw the funniest AFLAC ad yet!

People with a Librarian's Voice annoy me

This is a way too much fun remix of Twist And Shout. Wheeeeeee........

Saturday night, special question: Should I wear (carry) this in public? Belt loop and laser sight.

Just finished watching The Pillars of the Earth on Netflix, the episode The Work of Angels.

Cute choreography: Dance videos that put a smile on my face

The Marriage Chant

Years ago I saw the GBLT forum and thought it was a forum on Global Trade. So I joined

I'm bored so I'm...

Sprang or sprung. Brain-fart on a Saturday evening.

Little Plastic Castle

The Humans are Dead

Another Saturday Night and I Ain't Got Nobody

Queen - Radio Ga Ga

I am watching Radio Days on Netflix and cooking a big pot of pinto beans, this is my Saturday night.

I have had more beer...I haven't stopped drinking since 8:00 last night

Steve Marriott's Packet Of Three: "Fool For A Pretty Face," Live In London, 1985

Dead Can Dance - The Host of Seraphim...

Anyone know any good back surgery forums?

Steppenwolf - "Born To Be Wild" (Live 2006)

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - "Love Is A Long Road" live

A friend admitted last week that he lied to me and laughed his ass off while doing so

In the year 420,000,000 B.C....

There's a good reason why it's called "SUCKING face".

I love brushing my teeth. I really really... REALLY love brushing my teeth.

I think this country is much smaller than previously thought.

Frampton, Clempson, Ridley, Shirley: "I Don't Need No Doctor," Marriott Tribute Concert, 4/20/01

When I was a boy (not a dupe)...

Do you ever bite, when baited...

Do you want to be happy?

When I was a boy...

This made me LOL


Is it ok to start drankin again?

are non-donors allowed to rec/unrec threads?

Funny story for everyone.

Cats rule... dogs drool.

There is not much that I despise...

The Graduate, TCM, now

I'm about to post a music video. Which one should it be?

From 1970: A super groovy 8-minute live version of "Are You Ready" from Pacific Gas & Electric

Rocker's Hi-Fi - Going Under (K&D Session)

Just finished watching "its a mad, mad, mad world"

Bomb the Bass - Bug Powder Dust (K&D Sessions)

I have become so un-American, I now think a football is round...

A question about my friend's cancer treatment

Headlines that make you wonder:

The Detroit Jazz Festival is this weekend!

An all time favorite. Etta James - Blowin In The Wind - Disconet Remix

The Sunday "Pick To Make You Sick" album!

I don't know if it's the lipstick or the hair, I can't stop watching it. Get High On A New Thing,...

CAN YOU HANDLE 6 minutes of Bueno Chen performing "All Along The Watchtower"...on UKELELE? CAN YOU?

Star Trek - Fourth of July is Hotter in Space!

More extended gratification...8 minutes of Isley Brothers, "Summer Breeze," Live In Columbia

Live Forever

Miles Davis & John Coltrane - "So What," LIVE, April 1959

The Band with Van Morrison - 4% Pantomime

Wanna hear some freaking great music?

I was once out strolling one very hot summer's day...Eric Burdon & War, "Spill The Wine"

Lounge Wimminses! What does ya want a guydude should oughta notice about ya?

Happy LABOR DAY, you damn socialist lizards!


facebook thread for your consideration..

Grateful Dead, "Touch Of Grey," Shoreline Amphitheatre 06/21/89

Weird Al parodies we'd like to hear...

Those who know...know. Those who don't...

Anyone out there had the keratin treatment done on their hair?

Hunter shoots a bear...or not.

Here is an interesting thing.

Hall & Oates: "Do What You Want, Be What You Are"

A lovely tune for my musically trained friends to play.

Bobby Womack - "California Dreaming" & "Across 110th Street"...just TOO friggin' COOL. Seriously.

Curtis Mayfield - "Move On Up" (9 minute extended version from the album "Curtis")

Is it just me or does thisa video remind me of Glenn Beck?

Martha Stewart on the cover of her Hallowe'en Handbook: Evil Sorceress or Joan Rivers?

After 4 years and 26,000 posts, I wonder how it came to this

He's a bit of a tosser really.

The Beer Slob Beer Review: Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat

Oh, HELL, this is just NASTY...Crest Cafe (San Diego) "Butter Burger"...PHOTOS

Oatmeal Cookies: A Poll


A child, climbing through the tunnels of Battery Wallace

Moog Bach aka 'Switched on Bach'

Your FAVORITE truffle...the one pigs find, the chocolate one, or the one George wrote?

salmonchanted out...poor excuse for his posts here

Why do people get obsessed with no talent "celebrities?"

I've been without an automobile for seven years. In order to become employed I need to purchase a ve

Help me out here. I just can't remember this woman's name. It begins with C.

Update on hash (the corned beef). Apologies to the resident gourmets.

Best Nirvana Album

What's the 2010 scarlet letter?

1000 Ways to Die on Spike - do you like it?

Orange Juice & Cruzan Dark Rum = About $8

My son found a rat......

Is it just me, or is this billboard creepy as hell?

Question about exiting freeway rules - friend's hubby was killed

80's music...what was your favorite one-hit wonder?

BTW, your old Lounge posts can come back and "bite" you in the ass, My People

Your Sunday LOLCats (dial-up warning) - The SalmonChantedEvening needs a Mac edition:

Annual 'How did you pick your DU name'

The Intricate Mechanics of Government [COMIC]

Obama to Pitch Permanent Research Tax Credit - paid for by closing other corporate tax breaks

If Teabaggers or Republicans were living back during Revolutionary War time...

Based on what you now know, who would you have voted for in 2008?

President Obama Backing Research Tax Credits

". . . she (Palin) presses a button and what comes back is hate,"

You know, if I were judging this election strictly as a teacher,

NSBA president endorses Obama's jobs bill

A few advantages of the parliamentary system,

On Face the Nation, agreement on 'partial' payroll tax holiday for new hires.

Republicans...Freezing under pressure..

I might as well go hang out at Free Republic

Peeking down the Memory hole.

Everyone from RWers to comedians talk about Obama's "vast" number of vacations, yet...

Must Read from Joe Klein: The Crisis in Afghanistan

"Catfood (sic) Commission." Right or Wrong?

Obama Finally "Rebirthed" As American Christian

Welcome to Milwaukee, Mr. President, but Lavern and Shirley don't work here anymore

"It is never good to raise taxes during a recession.."

"Newsweek cover highlights right-wing driven, often contradictory misinformation about Obama"

Hillary heading to Egypt later this month for more Middle East talks

The Dem model for 2010 is right there. Add a few tweaks, and we keep the Congress easily.

MTP's David Gregory left unchallenged Lindsay Graham's charge the stimulus was a failure

Trumka echoes White House refrain of blaming Bush for economic woes

"The Administration and its team needs to talk up their accomplishments more"

For Those Blaming The President for the current State of the Economy

Time to snap out of it

Criticize and Blame Obama All You Want, But At The End of the Day

I wrote to President Obama with a suggestion, asked for a reply, but never got one.

Gingrich proposes that Congress declare the WTC site a national battlefield. Would Dems vote yes?

My response to a Maine right-winger ha-ha-ing me about how we are going to lose in 2010.

just because the neo cons/repugs say we will lose seats in Nov.

They're coming for your Social Security — DCCC Chair Van Hollen joins the catfood crowd

Plouffe: Dems on 'right path' after 'assault' by GOP on middle class

Dems shrink from health care

there are degrees of homophobia and racism

Want to know what "Morning in America" will look like come January 1? Keep sulking, progressives.

What came first? The Negativity peddlers complaining since day One, or the 2010 Elections?

Dan Balz: "The polarizing president"

where is FIGHTER Obama?

Has Obama Adopted a Scorched-Earth Policy for the 2010 Midterms?

Larsen (D) trails Koster 50-46 in WA 2nd (Survey USA)

I hope Al Franken runs against Obama next presidential election

Newest Koch brothers influenced spam Email regarding George Soros

Obama is 20% into his presidency. Let me say it again: He is TWENTY PERCENT into his presidency

What Republicans are saying about the Disappointed, Disillusioned, Depressed Democratic Voters

Updated: Key oil spill evidence raised to Gulf's surface

Mexico's Drugs Gang 'Death Squad'

NATO reports two soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Double suicide bombing 'kills eight in Baghdad'

UN: Dozens dead in Sudan clashes

Security stepped up at Kabul Bank

Speaker-in-waiting Boehner balances GOP factions

Unions Can Be a Good Thing – or Not

Report: Bahrain to charge 23 with belonging to a 'terrorist network' (plot to overthrow the gov.)

In the Crystal Ball: More Regulation for Psychics

Nevada GOP candidate (Sharron Angle) faces copyright lawsuit

Nevada GOP candidate faces copyright lawsuit

After a Life in Labor, a Union Leader Retires, Frustrated by the Movement’s Troubles

Obama to Pitch Permanent Research Tax Credit

Taliban threaten to attack Afghan polling stations

Afghan government poised to bail out Kabul Bank

Basque separatist group Eta 'declares ceasefire'

Despite formal combat end, US joins Baghdad battle

US rig owner Transocean accused of compromising safety in North Sea

Iraq WMD dossier was 'reviewed' to match Labour spin, memo reveals

Report: Iran pays $1,000 for each U.S. soldier killed by the Taliban

Resignations follow California Chamber of Commerce's endorsement of Whitman

Little-known bill heaven sent for laid-off textile workers

Sen. Byrd's family denounces campaign attack ad

Guatemala landslides bury hundreds

Democrats Plan Political Triage to Retain House

Afghan captors release Japanese reporter

US forces help repel attack on Baghdad military HQ

Iran orders 99 lashes for woman facing execution, rights group says

Richard Eskow and Sam Seder Talk Social Security

Republican Space Rangers Episode 2


Richard Eskow Interviews Ashley Carson

The plight of the unemployed starts again SEPT 13, 2010

The Choice

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and Sarah Palin Part 2

Billionaires Charles & David Koch Give $100 Million to Right-Wing Causes - Democracy NOW!

Grampy McBush tells Chris Wallace that Republicans Need A New Contract With America

TYT: MSNBC w/ Cenk: Obama Job Numbers

Any Given Sunday - Peace by Inches - Pacino

Lil' Lindsey Graham calls Obama tone deaf on TERRA and the economy


Weird Liberal Head Show #153: the Tea Party- Stupid, Hypocritical, Crazy

Repug Jerk Calls Islam A "Joke"

Protests against Sarkozy's expulsion of Roma people

Extremist Internet evangelist Bill Keller launches 9-11 Christian Center, slams Beck, Mormons, Islam

Remember My Forgotten Man

Neil deGrasse Tyson - Bad Design

Stephen Hawking and the Existence of God

Skewering Glenn Beck (why Mormon claims are rubbish)

MSNBC w/ Cenk: Veterans Target Of Deficit Commission?

How Herd Immunity Works

America’s History of Fear

Labour leadership: The contenders

David Korten: Bankers, Bookies, and Gamblers

Frank RIch: Freedom's Just Another Word...

Resignations follow California Chamber of Commerce's endorsement

Mozambique's Food Riots – the True Face of Global Warming

Stuffing Their Pockets

The true cost of the Iraq war: $3 trillion and beyond

Fidel Castro, Internet junkie

Where are the judges?

Robert Reich: Why cheaper money won't mean more jobs

No Holiday for Labor Unions

Exhibit gives voice to those silenced in Colombia

Superbroke, Superfrugal, Superpower?

Peruvian President Fujimori's Right-Hand Man Was a Gun Runner and Drug Dealer -- and Employed by the

Reformed Venezuelan Insurance Law to Combat Health Insurance Abuses

AP- Future hiring will mainly benefit the high-skilled

The New-Old Fascist History (Carolyn Baker)

Woman Ascending a Marble Staircase

William Rivers Pitt: Hatred and Stupidity ... But I Repeat Myself

US to help Colombia fight urban crime .

Resignations mark growing Lib Dem revolt over Coalition

Dems shrink from health care

Fareed Zakaria: What America Has Lost-It’s clear we overreacted to 9/11.

Dying for a Living: As Global Economic Crisis Continues,Union Activists in Many Countries Pay the Ul

The courage to do the right thing. Not the possible things.

Matthew Rothschild: Glenn Beck and the Yearning for Fascism

Google & Galaxy Zoo could aid global climate project - by precisely predicting natural disasters

State board wants Sacramento to reduce sewage in river

Stop the Presses! Our Energy solution is at Hand!

Maine asks bids for offshore power

Princton: Township utility poles to get solar panels (New Jersey)

New Water Filter Electrocutes Bacteria

"Arctic Battle Between Scotland and Russia"

Government Secrecy Around PBMR Closure

Vote Hemp

MIT researchers create new self-assembling photovoltaic technology that repairs itself

Charles Darwin's ecological experiment on Ascension isle

Portland (Maine) has 10th straight above-normal (temperature) month

House Built From Hemp Is Full Of Green Surprises

Add Another Reason To Boycott Arizona Next Winter - 'Sewer Water" For Snow-Making Approved For

Two Studies conclude 100% renewable energy is viable and desirable

could someone explain this?

Badgers Dont want me to sleep tonight


White Sox walk away with 7-5 win over Red Sox to complete a Series Sweep...

Freshman QB T-Magic shines with 283 yards for Husker win

Heh! Even the Miami homeless do not want the quitter's jerseys...

DUFantasizers fantasy footballers- a reminder- Draft tonight @10:30

Upton hits go-ahead jack off Jimenez to lift D-Backs

Canes in Fighting form for showdown with the Buckeyes in Columbus!!

Padres swept! Where is the praise from...

I propose a new rule for SEC football fields and uniforms.

+++ NFL Week 1 Picks +++

El Salvador: $12m found in oil drums

Danny Glover and Saul Landau Visit Gerardo Hernández - (Cuban Five in US prison)

Santos tells Colombian military to 'get tough' with rebels

Election's coming! El Universal:"Venezuela's dissenting military demand "credible explanation" for h

More than 4,000 inmates at three Venezuelan jails on hunger strike

Dying for a Living: As Global Economic Crisis Continues,Union Activists in Many Countries Pay the Ul

How about this article in the Guardian, folks! Tee hee! Read it, Zorro, bherrera and

Exhibit gives voice to those silenced in Colombia

Canada to deport fearful mom to Colombia

Peruvian President Fujimori's Right-Hand Man Was a Gun Runner and Drug Dealer -- and Employed by the

Standard procedure for Chavez to violate the Constitution

Chavez, Oil and Social Justice...

US to help Colombia fight urban crime .

More proof that Cubans hate Fidel Castro

Polls and other indicators of a big Chavez victory in the upcoming National Assembly elections...

Toy guns will have to be licensed in Queensland under new firearms laws

Fyi, Kip Williams and Robin McGeehee from GetEqual on GayUSA this week.

Finally! A valid SECULAR objection to gay marriage

I watched the Kids are All Right

U.S. Marines Are Not in a Hurry for Sexual Freedom

ChristWire's Apostles Speak

One last one from my afternoon walk...

Well, I missed Mom, and the water, and needed to turn in

Well kids that's it..Summer's a wrap

Never could figure out why kids do this....


Two photos from the Monterey Bay Aquarium...

For Mira - new pix of Aiman

They're nothing but pesky, irritating and ever present loners...

Erekat: Israel has agreed to honor Olmert concessions

General Motors CEO Dan Akerson: I'll work with union

Union entering federal mediation with Alaska Air

Human Rights Watch Report: Sodexo Violates Workers' Rights

154 million employed in U.S., 284,000 working 2 full-time jobs

Kenosha Schools, Teachers Union Agree to Deal

NFL lockout for 2011 grows more likely

Postal Service seeks key concessions as contract talks open with largest union

Celebrate Labor Day With Five Hardcore Union Movies

So will Republicans forfeit Labor Day?

Found another union brewed beer

ellowstone Hot Spot Shreds Ancient Pacific Ocean

Human-Like Brain Found in Worm

Evolution debate pits Albert Mohler against Baptist physics professor

Religion is like a penis.

Hawking to God: Your Services Are No Longer Needed; God to Hawking: You So Don't Get Who I Am.

Okay here is an example of weirdness ....

Got this in an email this weekend - free teleclasses

Facebook cross-reference clarification

Facebook cross-reference spreadsheet

The Splitting of the Worlds~

Washtenaw public health officials sound warning for whooping cough epidemic - w/video

Japan's medical authorities slam 'absurd' homeopathy