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HHS OKs First 2,000 Recipients in $5 Billion Early-Retiree Health Insurance Program

Please help me.....Do the dems have any major candidate as bad as Brewer, Bachman, Angle?

Job Market Grows…in Low-Wage Industries

Labor Day Parade minus OS he is working that day

U.S. military yields to corruption in Afghanistan

Turning Miranda ‘Upside Down’? The high court keeps pecking away at the famous 1966 decision

Turning Miranda ‘Upside Down’? The high court keeps pecking away at the famous 1966 decision

Where is Free Republic? The site is down! (Gone?)

Fire Dog Lake does not embellish stories with anti-Democratic half-truths

Where is Rachel Maddow tonight?


Mexican women work, die for gangs in drug war city

In Pennsylvania, a ‘Race Card’ Accusation

Keith twitted this about Rachel...

What was the greatest victory of the Progressives/Leftists?

Reduce and recycle - The Ringleader Program

Deadly bread riots in Mozambique

Kagan Indicates She'll Recuse in A Twelfth Pending Case

Whaat happened to Rachel's show tonight? MSNBC went straight to that stupid

Enron Ex-CEO Skilling Denied Bail While Appealing Convictions for Fraud

Health Care Reform is Evil; Give Us That Money

A classic nostalgic youtube video and trivia question

Republicans and Marijuana will Win in the November Election

What the hell is that disgusting crap on MSNBC...when Rachel Maddow is supposed to be on?

Commentary: The dumbing down of America

AZ Governor's debate starting NOW on C-Span

I just heard the clip with Beck saying 2+2 = 4

Stephen Colbert Rally - Restoring Truthiness

How much ya wanna bet Jan Brewer's melt down on live teevee will not hurt her in the polls?

This is 2nd Friday with NO bank closings????

Pelosi Slams Senate Republicans For Letting Jobs-Creation Program Expire

Former NRCC Treasurer Pleads Guilty to Embezzling Funds

Chevrolet picks Michigan's Tim Allen as its new voice

Chevrolet picks Michigan's Tim Allen as its new voice

Just how sick does one have to be to throw acid in the face of another person?

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Best of Malloy tonight

I just got this email from a friend of mine who livs in New Zealand where the large earthquake

Corporation VS Vampire...

The Oath-Keepers: Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists Waiting to Happen

Families seek justice for soldiers, Marines known as Leavenworth 10

Can't we all just get along?

Can't we all just get along?

Human Trafficker Global Horizons Website is Really Creepy

Damned CD skipped on " Stairway to Heaven" part about forest fires!

Republican wet dream:

So... If There Are Younger People Who Believe That Soc. Sec. Isn't Going To Be There For Them

Why 100,000 jobs a month won't lower unemployment rate

Limbaugh's Hometown Home to Active Union Movement

A Silly Little Sign I Saw in Honor Of Labor Day...

A Ticket I Could Get Behind

The penis: proof Intelligent Design is wrong

Woman Throws Puppies In River Found By Police

The Top 10 Liberal Punk Rock Songs

Report: Blackwater created shell companies

Can we run a Virtual Online Candidate, a Composite that Represented Most Americans?

good resource on extreme right-wing groups

"Kamp Katrina"

Taliban tries to stop the music in Afghanistan — again

There is nothing like a few political cartoons...Detroit free press

This toon does make a good point!

Muslims take to Minn. State Fair to repair image

Let's create a new pledge of allegiance for tea baggers

Political Correctness

Calif. wildfire sparked by migrants' signal blaze

If you were President...?

The Debt Ridden American Middle Class is being Abandoned for New, Debt Free, Much Larger, Markets?

At First She Didn’t Succeed, but She Tried and Tried Again (960 Times)

Afghanistan violence will get worse, says UK commander

Afghanistan violence will get worse, says UK commander

No lie: Ethics probe of Joe Wilson's (R-SC) travel wider than disclosed

The election in November is NOT about Barack Obama...

Boehner visits for Rep. Terry (secret fund raiser no press nets $100,000)

Bernanke and the Lehman Bros. Collapse

Keith Olbermann: Thank You, Former President George Walker Bush - 09/01/10

A 'news' story I posted here was untrue. I thought racists were to blame. It was a family dispute.

You know, I've been thinking...

Petraeus Quietly Disses ‘Human Terrain’

Officials: Afghan corruption undermines anti-Taliban campaign

Officials: Afghan corruption undermines anti-Taliban campaign

Hate Fliers Try To Intimidate Kentucky Neighborhood After String Of anti-gay Hate Crimes

Lockheed Martin And Pentagon Finalizing Purchase Of $7.776 Billion Dollars 'Worth' Of F-35s

The brain behind Obama's speeches (LAT)

Bwaaaaaah hahahahah - protesters in Dublin pelted Blair

A quick note from a spiteful magical thinker..

Meet Paul Ryan - One of the 'up and coming' Republicans

'Ripoff' mosque man sued

'Ripoff' mosque man sued

Questions about the 10/2/10 rally

I hope they speak Norwegian in hell

Of course, the scumbag, Beck, admits that he's a fucking liar

The Return of the China Traffic Jam

I worry about what will happen to Pres Obama if the repukes

Seriously Bristol

Tony Blair pelted with eggs at book signing in Dublin

Police spokeswoman moved after remarks on fairgrounds fights

Comedian Robert Schimmel dies after car accident

CNN VIDEO - 18 week old puppy stung over 40 times while rescuing 9 year old boy from bee attack

It just never FUCKING ends. My friend who took his own life

A crazy judge throws out Obama's stem-cell policy—and Bush's.

GAO to US Navy: These LCS Things Are Expensive As Hell And Don't Work All That Well

The History of Labor Day

Montana Tea Party president jokes about murdering gays and Matthew Shepard

Help Me Understand Something (Taxes)

Wells Connected With Exploded Platform in Gulf of Mexico Approved Without Environmental Review

Seven Careers in a Lifetime? Think Twice, Researchers Say

(Alaska Repug Teabagger-backed candidate) Joe Miller Campaign Funded By God, K Street

Confession - I haven't championed Veteran's Issue too much but

FOTF does more spinning than a cyclone on survey that says young Christians support gay rights

The State of the Nation - collection cans and spaghetti suppers fund health care in Maine

We need to cut military spending, not Social Security - PETITION

Craig Ferguson adds sound effects to Jan Brewer's opening statement - HILARIOUS!!

Sarah Palin: The Sound and the Fury

White House Crasher Michaele Salahi "very excited" about her upcoming Playboy photo shoot

No more polls

Court throws out $926 million Rocky Flats award

Some thoughts on the teabaggers I know....

Wyoming Town Warned to Use Fans While Showering to Avoid Chemical Explosions

How Ruthless Banks Gutted the Black Middle Class and Got Away With It

Elma man creating Made in America Store

How Conservatives and the GOP Destroyed the "Traditional Family" They Claim to Treasure

White House crasher to pose for Playboy, with link...

Education professor says Arne's plans not unique to U. S., previously carried out in Chile.

Why have we become so tolerant of Tyranny?

Doctors call for David Kelly inquest, group to seek full inquest

The Tinker and The Rich Man - A Fable

Hannity defends repeated Tasering of senior citizen: He's "alive enough to file a lawsuit"

Blumenauer’s Social Security Math Doesn’t Add Up

Dana Milbank Likes Folksy Establishment Politicians Who Want to Ruin People’s Retirement

No Tillman movie at Army, Air Force theaters

Japan's appetite for fish is depleting stocks, threatening restaurants

The Mudflats "Miller v. McAdams - Open Doors and Divine ATMs"

Dana Milbank likes Alan Simpson because he is tall, folksy and salty

The more I think about Alan Simpson the more I struggle

Ya gotta love Wm Pitt!

Ya gotta love Wm Pitt!

Is this the future of America? Terry Jones discusses the income gap in Imperial Rome

Is this the future of America? Terry Jones discusses the income gap in Imperial Rome

Tea Partiers lose another candidate: Colorado's Dan Maes being forced to step aside for lying, cheat

Politics and stupidity at our county fair.

The Oath-Keepers: Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists Waiting to Happen

Social Security, Aland Simpson, The Deficit Commission, and Anger - a thought

Bush Family Terrorism & CIA's 'Red Cell' Hypocrisy on Terror

We Are Ruled By Shadows

Congress trying to quietly kill a bill that would cut their pay...

Hire People To Do Stuff

'toonist CAGLE gets in Dutch with Mexicans over their flag: Never never DO that

California: True Battleground for States' Rights

Different viewpoints of reality and crisis...

The Making of a Terrorist-Coddling, Warmongering, Wall Street-Loving, Socialistic, Godless, Muslim

Great article in Newsweek (no, not that one)

Has Congress run out of ideas?

People should stop pretending that the deficit commission actually has any power to do anything.

Here's what happens to journal links when posts are moved.

Here's what happens to journal links when posts are moved.

Anti-Safety Net Candidate Sharron Angle Is Living Off Her Husband’s Federal Pension

SPOKANE, Wash. -- The curtain rose to reveal James Homer Elledge, lying strapped to a gurney under a

HuffPo: Recession-fueled animosity giving Republicans hope of huge victories in November's elections

Brilliant cartoon. Simply brilliant.

Where can I get...

So what's up with HCR? Where are the good news stories?

Democrats gun for GOP member who is friendly with Obama

Do teachers collect unemployment in the summer?

"I'm in the (Oxy) saddle again." . . . Please come CAPTION Buzzed Limbaugh!!!!

Mr. Fish mocks beck...

I Con, The Brilliant Work of Paul Conrad (Exhibit at College of the Canyons / CA)

Ridiculing Jan Brewer = Bad Karma

Geraldo Rivera's fluff piece "50 Highs & Lows From 40 Years" omits that little thing he did in Iraq

Robert Reich's Blog : The Great Jobs Depression Worsens, and the Choice Ahead Grows Starker

As Ramadan nears the end

Any Thoughts, Remarks, Captions... For This ???

1994 and 2010 .. will the democrats in the senate EVER learn???

I wonder how November would look to Democrats if a few things were different

The Great Jobs Depression Worsens and the Choice Ahead Grows Starker

Jon Stewart Interviews Jesus

Study Contends Pot Isn't a Major 'Gateway Drug'

I am sick and tired of that BP commercial with the lady who grew up in Louisiana.

A retraction!! Please kick this to help undo any harm I might have done.

No lie: Ethics probe of Joe Wilson's travel wider than disclosed

an amazing video about a deaf violinist.

Instead of contributing directly to Democrats, I'd like suggestions for effective advocacy groups.

Strengthen Social Security, Don’t Cut It - FDL

Can the Catfood Commission: Sign the Petition

Birther Candidate Faked Our Endorsement, Scott Brown Camp Says

Scott McAdams is now the #1 candidate on ActBlue

AP Interview: Author leaving home next to Palins

Inflation gives the nation the ability to stimulate the economy

Going after the evil Craigslist

Happy Labor Day Weekend.

Following the Beck rally..........he said no trash anywhere on the grounds

Following the Beck rally..........he said no trash anywhere on the grounds

"Getting Saved" in a fundamentalist church - what it's like

Heavy drinkers (supposedly) outlive non-drinkers? So what?

Why did Obama pick Rahm for his Chief of Staff?

Scary thing I heard recently: "I learned a lot from Glen Beck about civil rights history"

Scary thing I heard recently: "I learned a lot from Glen Beck about civil rights history"

Jimmy Breslin: 'The aimless babbles of this Beck'

"Civil Union" folks: Another reminder that same-sex couples aren't equal - Social Security benefits

Help With Understanding Wall Street/Investments

Help With Understanding Wall Street/Investments

25% of 139 million U.S. workers have lost a job during this "Great Recession"!

Finally, there's a solid, empirically grounded comparison of the size of the Glen Beck rally and the

Economic woes blamed on Democrats. (Funny, I was just thinking about Ohio!)

An e-mail a Teabagger was passing

Fucking religious zealots almost killed my cousin

Email from Alan Grayson about David Koch

What is the difference between Vampires and Corporations?

Teabag Fraud

Convince me the rethugs aren't stirring up hate on purpose...

Pentagon declined to investigate hundreds of purchases of child pornography

A Canadian Liberal's view of the US

Let's talk about losing the House, OK?

Jesse Jackson's car stolen in Detroit

Being a "Patriot" is more than just wearing a tri corner hat and covering yourself in the flag.

So will bailing out that Kabul bank trickle down on us too? Create jobs? Prevent a double dip?


Unanswerable Prayers by Christopher Hitchens.

Following the Beck rally..........he said no trash anywhere on the grounds

Sacramento eatery takes 'dancing shrimp' off menu

That Bristol Palin is a now a celebrity is all you need to know about why this country sucks!

Report: Blackwater created shell companies

Robert Reich Makes the Case for Trickle-Up Economics - FDL

Denver's 9NEWS (NBC)---crapfest!!

Why the NRA suddenly cares so much about Supreme Court nomination battles.

Vanity Fair and Sarah Palin: The Sound and the Fury

I think my father's parish just blew their non-profit status:

The latest Mark Fiore -- Excellent!

Texting while driving (GRAPHIC) British PSA Video.

Frank Rich: Freedom’s Just Another Word

The koch suckur brothers give $1M to back Proposition 23!

Will Glenn Beck's Creepy "Black Robe Regiment" Use Churches to Sway Voters?

Will the Dems hang on to the Senate in 2010?

Stay thirsty. my friends....

Roger Ebert: Palin and Beck. Possible Plans for a Presidential run together.

Just Got Off The Phone...Grassroots Dems

Glenn Beck The Mormon, Remember Sept 11 1857?

"God's Wrath Must Be Upon Jesus" Puzzled Robertson Concludes

University of Phoenix, DeVry: Scams That Leave You "Dumber" and Poorer

Check in here if the following three statements apply to you:

Dear Glenn Beck : When Did We Lose Our Honor?

On men and women and GETTING ALONG.

ACLU/CCR Lawsuit challenges Obama administration’s “targeted killing” of US citizens

The Republican Party is

Medicine’s Suicide Problem, Part 1

11-year-old boy mauled by sea lion in Australia

Jackpot Winners Just as Likely to Go Bust

Two graphics on military spending

Blackwater/ Xe is just a corporate front organization for the CIA.

Mr. President, want to get Democrats to the polls in November?

The Poodle speaks. And it boggles the mind....

Cheerleaders Exempt From School Dress Code

Ok, I need some help finding a flash movie...for a facebook battle, just so you're warned.

hey, Jay Leno, don't be a dope

The Gospel of Hugabear, part I (or, "If Jesus were Alive Today")

Craigslist shuts down adult services section

Save the Children: Millions of Children Still Not Receiving Aid a Month After Pakistan Floods Began

What Dems have going for us is that Rethugs are so wigged out they don't even trust each other

ChristWire uses satire in battle against corporate media

Comedian Robert Schimmel dies after car accident

Barack Obama is placing all his chips on the American people.

GOTV will decide this election, PERIOD.

GOTV will decide this election, PERIOD.

Cousin with broken jaw from bike accident... No doctor will operate.

WTF!!!! US to Bail Out Afghan Bank

Book selection at Costco: what the heck?

Does this Administration Really Support American Workers?

Greenwald: Obama's deficit commission "stacked with conservatives and corporatists"from both parties

Huge mistake by Obama administration re BP negotiations

Our generation paid for our parents and grandparents social security check

UnitedHealth Group ceo compensation last year: $101,959,866

Just Drove A Rented Prius To Portland Or........

I believe Obama is doing what he thinks is right. Seriously.

Why did so many people vote for Barack Obama two years ago??

Krugman: minimal steps are just a way of guaranteeing a devastating defeat

A Crash. A Call for Help. Then, a Bill.

Where are you in the grieving sequence

Where are you in the grieving sequence

What's up with peanut allergies!?

Pentagon chose not to investigate child porn claims

Sean Hannity defends horrific Tasering of senior citizen

Sean Hannity defends horrific Tasering of senior citizen

Bad Golf Shot Starts Wildfire

Bristol Palin was telling the truth on Leno...

Obama: "easily the most trans-friendly presidency to date" To Birther Wingnuts: "Information Is Useless To Those Determined Not To Read It"

We're Being Conned on Social Security -- How We Could Easily Raise Benefits or Allow People to Retir

If a candidate proves to be extremely stupid and get elected anyway what does that make the voters?

DNC sent me a "Past Due" notice for my membership.

Glenn Beck and the "faith of our founding fathers" 100% historical revisionism

Ravitch fans...

If we hang on to the House, I say we do what some Republicans have advocated

Our Votes, Our Power

Crickets Are 122 Calories, Small Grasshoppers Are 153 Calories & A Serving Of Red Ant Eggs Is 83 Cal

A Book For Consideration: 'There Is Power in a Union' - by Philip Dray

OK, Maybe There *Are* Some Things Obama Can Give George W. Bush Some Credit For

Accused Human Trafficker/ Slave importer/ GOP Donor: "...doing business legally isn't worth it."

I'm Dying

Levi's sister: Bristol inspired teen pregnancy epidemic in Wasilla

Pence says Republican majority would move first to extend Bush tax cuts. How?

American Made Stores and Websites

As A Woman Have You Ever Been.....

MrScorpio talks to "guys"

"Native-American leaders call for probe into shooting death"

I am listening to a copy of Can's"Bel-Air" on a pair of headphones that only cost me $25


Second book post:

Fuck You

The Barrel Cellar in the Ladies' Palace (yes...more pictures)

I like beer...who's with me?

Jerry Lewis: I'd smack Lindsay Lohan in the mouth

It's Friday night, I'm sick of Beck and I'm sick of work. LETS ROCK.

In a group of 100 random people on the street, how many would you say are astronauts?

There are too many helicopters in the sky these days

You know what?

Yeah, Tommy & Casino were great, but Elton REALLY shined as Curly Bill Brocious in Tombstone.

My favorite part in the movie "Casino" was where Elton John stuck that guy's head in the vise...

**pic** Me and one of my pals last Saturday night.

I LOVE that part in Pulp Fiction where Elton says "Say WHAT again motherf**ker" and shoots the guy!

But I DIDN'T like the part in Reservoir Dogs where Elton John cut that guy's ear off.

Show us one of your HTML inventions. Here's my latest!

I just realized something tonight,my partner and I share the same first name

First book post: Did you buy/read Scholastic Books in grade or Jr high school?

Now I know I must love jason....

So I think I just got a job. Ironically, at a cosmetics company.

Is it just me, or does Wayne Newton sound like a girl?

Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - "Brand New Cadillac," live in Cologne, Germany 1999

ah fuck it.

Stephen Stills & Manassas, "It Doesn't Matter," live European TV appearance 1972

My Aunt just called, one of my cows had her calf.

Who are you? Who the FUCK are you?

What Book are You Currently Reading?

Your favorite strangler?

i burned this down to a cd to play

Your Favorite Ripper?

An Amazing Performance from the great Sarah Vaughan for a quiet Friday night

It's a blues night.....

So, the freeloader I denied my couch too....part duex

PG 13 warning. I only put it on here to give people a laugh

Michael Nesmith, "Some Of Shelley's Blues," solo acoustic, on "Later With Greg Kinnear" 1994

Firefighter survives marijuana fire

There's a show right now on Hysteria Channel...

CNN VIDEO - 18 week old puppy stung over 40 times while rescuing 9 year old boy from bee attack

CNN Breaking - Blackbeard's Treasure Found!

My LATEST Haiku - "No Original Members"

Ultra Cuteness makes me cry for some reason-Baby Sloths-here, have a hankie:

Series inquiry: How can I access "Demopedia"?

Rebel Without a Cause on TCM now.

R.I.P., comedian Robert Schimmel, January 16, 1950 – September 3, 2010

Stoner douchebag who built career on ripping off Humble Pie and Faces calls Taylor Swift "horrible"


Companies that list @ Monster or CareerBuilder but don't let you submit resumes via those sites?

Must be Sloth Day: My Sloth-related LOLcat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yayyyyyyyyy!!

I haz seen 2morrow's LOLcats fred arready!

Poll question: Rambo or Rimbaud?

Watch this, for inspiration:

How taterguy is spending the weekend.

How taterguy is spending the weekend.

BEST Batman...Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale or Elton John?

I haven't craved a drink since the day i went to detox

A landmark burned down in Tulsa last night -- the Admiral Twin Drive-in Theater

I've just got to vent.

Flying bottle brings Guns 'n' Roses concert to its sha na na na na na na na knees, knees


So apparently Kanye West is now Ron Burgundy...according to his tweets.

Serious question about weight lifting.

Listen up Morans: Blackbeard spent every dime he stole. There is no treasure

Got a warning from the mods today


An interesting thought.

Anyone have Betta Fish advice?

The Top 10 Liberal Punk Rock Songs

It's not true that there is nothing new to fry at a State Fair...

Pregame lunch is at Olive Garden...Flame Away!

I finished laundry, read my work e-mail, watched the recorded TV from last month...

I just love these girls!!

Got a warning from the Mods today

Having to induce vomiting in the dogs kind of wrecks my appetite.


Wow. What a horrible motorcycle accident (very graphic)

How I Spent My Summer Vacation, by Nuclear Unicorn

CNN VIDEO - 18 week old puppy stung over 40 times while rescuing 9 year old boy from bee attack

The doctor told my cousin that he is going to die

Please help: Is there a way to flatten my stomach without the hassle of diet and exercise?

I would have gone with Friends, Teaching, Worship - FTW

Well, *that* was one hell of a typo...

I'm going to be brutally honest about this, and SOME of you know what this is about...

Stories from the Road: Trucking School

What is Buckyball?

Chins and dips.

My mom says my dad is colorblind but my dad denies it

Think I might be crazy

You Drive Me Crazy

Why is my holly plant losing its leaves?!

Vibes for my baby cousin, please...?

I'm Voting Tea Party

CLASSIC ass-kicking Rockabilly...Tarheel Slim, "Number 9 Train"

I just bought an exercise bike, but I am not physically fit enough to assemble it. n/t

Sad news for photography buffs - Don Snyder has died. Aquarian Odyssey is one of the

I think I've heard the worst Beatles cover, ever.

Pookie! Widdle smook smook! Time for walkies? Let's go walkies! C'mon! C'monnnn! Walkies! Let's...

Why does Open Office take so long to open?

Today's College Football and Tailgate Thread

I just bought a LED flashlight.

New Roomate Gripe - I did not know it was possible that a person could never - Shut Up!

wierd science

somewhat gross female topic (warning)

The penis: proof Intelligent Design is wrong

Which "Twilight" vampire is hotter?

Todd Palin Pals Around with White Supremacist Blogger

Things on the internet that annoy you.

There was something mentioned on Harbball today about Haley Barbour.

Peter Orszag becomes New York Times columnist

Tea Party Rolls in Delaware

Wisconsin: Johnson Outraises Feingold in Pre-Primary Period

I understand the frustration with Blue Dogs but to quote Rahm, "F' them" its about Pelosi

I hope all the State Democratic Party Chairs are doing their job for this election.

Now we know:

Self delete.. this is already posted

GOP Rep. Cao: 'I love the president'

On Economy, Democrats Face a Lack of Unity and Time

On Economy, Democrats Face a Lack of Unity and Time

HuffPo shreds the hell out of Politico hit piece on Obama's "few options" for commemorating 9/11

Oval Office rug gets history wrong

Something interesting I just picked up

What the Republicans have done since 2009

President Obama to campaign for Blumenthal in Connecticut

The GOP has JINXED US with too many idiots and poor Decisions

LAT: Obama to Propose New Incentives to Spur Employment

Why are there no ads that try to give a historic perspective?

First Lady Plans a Careful Return to the Campaign Trail

Sharron Angle Is Living Off Her Husband’s Federal Pension

Clinton Calls For More Time

Latest poll numbers from TPM Poll Tracker

"On the eve of the 2010 elections, they’re still infighting like it’s 2009!"

The American people didn't want "bipartisanship" when they elected Obama

The only bad thing having Hillary Secretary Of State is she CAN'T get out and campaign

Don't like the Fiscal Commission discussing SS? Tell them!

Obama Unleashed-What will the president say to get Democrats excited for the coming campaign?

NYT: The president and his team have ruled out a broad-based payroll tax holiday to promote hiring

Chicago Tribune/WGN Poll--IL Gov: Brady 37% Quinn 32%

I wonder who is behind this Hillary for President AD?

Obama hasn't done more for gay rights than Clinton did

Where does the fault lie?

'This Nation asks for action, and action now.'

Obama says he's committed to helping middle class

If a person sits out this election.. then yes they will take the blame for the changes

Good things President Obama/Democrats are doing to help the middle class...

Elections and Economic Crack Whores

BP removes failed blowout preventer from damaged Gulf well

Injurious heist but 'Pink Panther' member to avoid lay judge trial

Government to unveil new mortgage-relief measures: report

Dear Glenn Beck : When Did We Lose Our Honor?

UC Irvine upholds suspension of Muslim group, bans it for one quarter

Rise in public benefits to children of illegal immigrants in L.A. County has supervisor 'very concer

Report: Blackwater created shell companies

Escaped Alabama fugitive busted trading gun for NASCAR tickets

Toledo's Labor Day parade to include Biden, Strickland

U.S. to temper stance on Afghan corruption

Chinese satellites bump during secret maneuvers

Blackwater won contracts with web of companies - Network let it obscure involvement

Karzai to name panel for talks with insurgents

Jerry Brown would cut pensions if elected governor

Court tells Skilling he can't get out on bail

Buck, Coffman back away from Maes

GOP 'Young Guns' attack Obama and former party leaders in new book

Doctors call for David Kelly inquest-Group to seek full inquest into 2003 death of scientist

Dublin protester tries to make citizen's arrest on Tony Blair

No lie: Ethics probe of Joe Wilson's travel wider than disclosed

Blackwater Won Contracts via Web of Companies

Judges Deny Stem Cell Plaintiffs’ Motion To Stack Panel

Delay in pulling out BP blowout preventer

Rattner book shows moves behind bailout ("F*** the UAW")

Argentine court reopens (Francisco) Franco probe

US denies taxpayer funds to bail out Kabul Bank

Whitman demonstrates the power of her money

Tony Blair pelted with eggs (and shoes) at book signing in Dublin

Muslims take to Minnesota State Fair to repair image

French unions kick off week of protest

Doctors call for David Kelly inquest

Oil company owned by Tea Party's billionaire brothers gives $1 million to fight California's climate

Pakistan, Iran to enhance anti-terror cooperation

Ariz. governor says she was wrong about beheadings

Breaking: Political cartoonist Paul Conrad dies

U.N. envoy: Financial response to Pakistan flooding 'far from enough' (up to 800,000 more displaced)

Iran’s flood aid to Pakistan reaches 500 tons

President Obama says he's committed to helping middle class

(California Republican) Assembly candidate faces scrutiny over residency

Pentagon declined to investigate hundreds of purchases of child pornography

Craigslist Blocks Access to ‘Adult Services’ Pages

Quickest Job Recovery In Decades Is Underway

Countdown: 9/11 Mom Defends Community Center And Tells A Heartbreaking Story

P.Z. Myers - Speaking truth to absurdity

Weekly Address: Honoring the American Worker

Unemployed, living in your car is a crime!

Jan Brewer's traumatic childhood

Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis (Full Movie)

What Does The Tea Party Even Stand For?

Sestak for veterans.

Fireside Chat: Glenn Beck Indoctrinating Children?

How Glenn Beck makes shit up

Shoes And Eggs Thrown At Tony Blair In Dublin

Joe Sestak's vision of public servce.

Help Us, Scott McAdams, You're Our Only Hope

Lee Hotz: Inside an Antarctic time machine

Sarah Palin for President T-Shirts

Weekly Obama Address _ Honoring Workers

Glenn Beck's Bed Bugs

NBC News: Mafia trials in Sicily (1986)

Republican Tea Party candidate Sean Duffy will end Social Security and Medicare


Rush Limbaugh on the Pat Sajak Show: Part 3/3 (1989)

Joan Rivers Show: The living descents of the U.S. Presidents (1989)

NBC News: Haiti 1986

Rush Limbaugh on the Pat Sajak Show: Part 2/3 (1989)

''You're Embarrassing America!!!''

Weird Liberal Head Show #152: What States Will Obama Win in 2012?

Angry Crowds Meet Blair At Book Signing In Dublin - Shoes, Eggs & Plastic Bottles Hurled At Him

What Purpose Does This Empire Serve?

Rush Limbaugh on the Pat Sajak Show: Part 1/3 (1989)

WPIX News: Apocalypse Now review (1979)

"No One Wants To Hear It": Blood tests on Gulf residents show ethylbenzene and other hydrocarbons

Protester Explains What Happened When She Attempted A Citizen's Arrest Of Tony Blair

Poking Fun at Glenn Beck "The Nation's Spiritual Leader"

Faux Noise Blames Media For Their Failed False Prophet

Eric Alterman: Think Again: Anniversaries: Remembering Ted Kennedy

Glenn Beck Admits He Held 'Mein Kampf' In His Hand

The Scourge of the Earth

The Oath-Keepers: Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists Waiting to Happen

Pakistan's effect on Iran

NYT: Syria’s Solidarity With Islamists Ends at Home

Jan Brewer Blames 'Brain Freeze' On Her Own Beheading

Muslims take to Minn. State Fair to repair image

What is Real Wealth? We've been measuring happiness in all the wrong ways

The Republican Who Dared Tell the Truth About America's Looming Oil Disaster

Postal Hucksters: How marketing overlords ruined the charm of my local post office

Of Janitors and Kings

Religious Outlier

Jan Brewer Attributes 'Headless' Gaffe To Being 'Sleepy' and 'Hollow'

The People Who Want to Cut Social Security All Have Great Retirement Plans!

Ezra Klein: Making Social Security less generous isn't the answer

Fear and Learning at the Glenn Beck Rally

Continuity of Government: Coup d'Etat Authority in America

For US Muslims, a 9/11 anniversary like no other

Was Hitler Gay?

Flying the Flag; Faking the News by: John Pilger, t r u t h o u t

Friday Talking Points (137) -- Listen To Westen And Lakoff, Democrats!

Jim Hightower: If You Don't Fight for the Middle Class, Kiss It Good-Bye

CENK: Unilateral Disarmament Has Destroyed the Democrats

Keeping Them Clueless: Dumbing Down Religion Has It's Consequences

Eugene Robinson: The spoiled-brat American electorate

America has a cow over Alan Simpson's candor on deficits

Deepwater Horizon: After the oil (Nature news feature)

Oregon State Study - Collier Glacier Has Lost 20% Of Its Mass Since Late 1980s - KTVZ

Mexican Foreign Minister - Don't Measure Success Of Cancun Climate Talks By Creation Of Agreement

More Than 250 People Infected In Anthrax Outbreak In Northern Bangladesh - BBC

PNAS - Over 80% Of Agricultural Expansion In Tropics 1980 - 2000 Came Through Forest Destruction

Argentine Geologist Finds Gas Venting Into Antarctic Ocean From Seafloor To Be 99% Methane - Nature

Bjorn Lomborg - Performance Artist - Energy Bulletin

Why the Sierra Club is right about Obama's deadly biofuel plans

Sea turtles nest at record rate in Georgia

Georgia nuke fee ratchets up faster than expected

Call For White House Solar Panels Grows

Midcoast Maine schools (and others) close early due to heat, air quality (unprecedented)

This Just In - Voluntourists & Locavores- You're Just Flaunting Your Wealth And Status In New Ways

Iowa gives coach Kirk Ferentz extension through 2020

NFL Transactions up to Friday September 3rd.

Alabama's Dareus ineligible for two games

Arizona Cardinals release Matt Leinart

stupid fucking ESPN3

End of 1st quarter - Miami (OH) - 3 #4 FL Gators - 0

We can haz college football!

Today 3:30 PM EST Kentucky @ Louisville for the Governor's

Hey, Michigan. Welcome back to college football!!

14 cops killed in Colombia ambush, rebels blamed

Colombian troops storm rebel camp

Santos tells Colombian military to 'get tough' with rebels

Venezuela's Chavez violating campaign rules ahead of legislative vote, official says

Obama Renews Cuba Embargo for Another Year

Venezuela is the OPEC Member State with the worst economic performance

Papal nuncio to Cuba: Castro, a man with deep Christian values

Electricity crisis over in Venezuela

3 Seattle police officers fire at, wound man in West Seattle

Gang violence and the mayor's feeble and futile gun laws (Portland, Or.)

Burglars Downstairs, Where Is My Gun?

Kirkpatrick Speaks Out Against Lead Ammunition Ban

Woman puts bullet hole in attacker's SUV

San Francisco may start gun fight over pro-firearm ads

Non-FFL gun selled jailed for selling to illegal immigrant with a driver's license.

Democrats are STILL facing the fallout from the so-called Assault Weapons Ban.

Massachusetts School Dean Loses Job After Marrying Her Partner

5 minutes

Surf photos in the lounge - Just how did he do that?

So, I didn't exactly find a good contest entry today

By popular request... Hawaiian liquid sunshine (dial-up warning)

Just for fun-a rehearsal snapshot.

Rhapsody in blue glass

Jimmy John's Workers Press For More Pay

Books & Films about Unions and Working People

Employees Sue TierOne Bank

Teamsters union and Genesys Regional Medical Center file unfair labor practice charges

Hamas condemns 'direct talks'

Wind, Web, Telecom and Sanitation Workers Join AFL-CIO Unions

Fox News: Democratic Despair Increases Labor Clout

Union (IAM) made Mad River Brewing Co

Today in Labor History Sept 4 A huge crowd gathered for a tribute to AF of L founder Samuel Gompers

Workers at California Medical Marijuana Company Join Teamsters

Hamas official: Israeli settlers are a legitimate military target

Google today is featuring the Buckyball.

Francis Collins, Faith, and Stem Cell Research

The story of the mosquito.

Cross posting re: "ReGenesis" TV show marathon this weekend (now)

NASA Announces Plans for First-Ever Trip to Sun

Glint of Starlight Could Reveal Liquid Oceans on Exoplanets

Scientists hail find of rare fox in Sierra Nevada

Greg Shaskan


As a buckyball dodecahedron admirer, I did notice Google today

Just bought a pendulum!

~September 2010~ Visionary, Intuition & Dreaming Thread!

The anti-vaccination movement --- rotten to the core

New test seen as big advance in diagnosing TB


Prescription drug spending doubled in less than a decade

Don't Just Sit There! How bathroom posture affects your health.