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Archives: September 30, 2010

So was there a similar document created to outline O'Keefe's scam that libeled ACORN

Judge Vaughn Walker to retire

The RepubliCLOWN PARTY. O'Keefe is back, O'Donnell is riding high. Bachmann is sick.

Big Pharma is Killing Us.....literally

I live in SE Michigan. I have seen more pro-Democratic TV ads

James Powers and the murky world of 'Top Secret America'

James O'Keefe has to be a shameless narcissistic sociopath with paranoia issues

Corn: Obstructionist Republicans are the ‘zombie party’

Wake Up, Washington! Securing Retirement

jan. 22, 2010...Supreme Court OKs unlimited corporate spending on elections

OMG Madonna un-photoshopped. This obsession with perfection is out of hand.

Whitman goes hi-tech

Brown responds to Whitman allegations

Federal judge who ruled Prop. 8 unconstitutional plans to step down

Federal judge who ruled Prop. 8 unconstitutional plans to step down

Be Emphatic...Vote Straight Democratic!

Mr. President, suspend discharges under DADT immediately.

Jamaica is so fugged

Careful, my CA-Dem friends, the ALLRED thing against WHITMAN could WELLSTONE on us

Obama nominates Jimmie Reyna to the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

California Supt. of Public Instruction LIVE debate...

The Economy

Great Piece On The Boxer Non-Endorsement: 'Chronicle Of An Idiocy Foresold' - OpenLeft

Our trip to DC for the One Nation March is "on hold"---we may have flu in our house!

Obama Working on Plan to Wiretap Skype, Facebook, BlackBerrys

How can the Union or Syndicate regain power?

not sure if this goes here or not ...

U.K. politician George Galloway flies to Toronto on Saturday after court decision

Wow Mamma Grizzly and his former son in law

Final roll call vote to adjourn the House

Poll Shows Murkowski Leading in Alaska-McAdams Not Doing Well

I'm betting Andrew Shirvill is gay

Remember the celebrations after Obama was elected?

Loyalty to Obama Costs Democrats

Whitman says Gloria Allred has previously donated to and has been seen with Jerry Brown - pic

More families, friends move in together

Get well soon President Carter! You are my hero.

Does anyone know where my wife can see a copy of Elizabeth Warren's speech

Who else is tired of all these lying election ads?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! “Encore” Malloy show

Vitter prostitution scandal highlighted in Louisiana race

Phoebe Prince bullying trial set for 2011

First the Mosque is wrong NOW burial plots are wrong...

The god damned list of shit that right wingers have inflicted on America is too damn long

Unitarian Universalist on Qur’an burning

please review my latest ltte re:recent veterans health decisions before I print

Joe Arpaio, Will He Get the "Nogales Mayor Treatment" from Terry Goddard and the FBI?

It Would be Hard to Get Higher: Prop 19 Has Unprecedented Awareness Among Young CA Voters - FDL

Huffpo: Secretive 'Super PAC' Takes Out New Anti-DeFazio Ad Buy, After High-Profile Confrontation

Got MRSA meat?

CIA runs private army in Afghanistan and Pakistan

2 known dead, 12 missing after storm soaks Jamaica

Jack Van Impe Just Said Obama is.....

ILWU International "convinces" wildcat strikers they'll "try harder," ends port shutdown

President Carter is spending another night in hospital

President Obama and 105 year old Virginia Shelton - pics

General Electric, on sick call.

Pictures from Spain:

Cement mixer rams Irish Parliment building in protest v. bank bailouts

Tea Party candidate running against Feingold fights against victim rights>

European Protests May Derail "Necessary" Austerity Measures (worry "investors")

What They Want Us to See

On Guggenheim's Cutting Room Floor

Republicans will take Climate Change Committee from watchdog to witchhunt.

Ashcroft's Post-9/11 Roundups Spark Lawsuit

NYers: Arianna Huffington pledges free bus rides to Stewart/Colbert rally

Progressive Coalition Organizes Huge Rally to Push for 'Jobs, Justice & Education' Saturday in D.C.

Irish Central: Good riddance to Rahm Emanuel - blocked immigration reform in White House

Joint Chiefs chairman warns of rise in military suicides

My Blog countering Andrew Shirvell (homophobic stalker and Assistant Attorney General)

Lord Jesus Christ cast out of Belchertown library for bad behavior

Drilling Plans Off Cuba Stir Fears of Impact on Gulf

Ike Skeleton Determined To Keep The Occupations Going At All Costs

Where's the poorest place in the US? In NYC. However do they manage on less than $200K/year?

U.S. Wants Mercs to Guard Afghan Mega-Base

What's going to happen in 2012 (poll)

Pakistan Is Pissed The Untied States Is Droning Their Soldiers

US Q2 GDP Growth Upwardly Revised from +1.6% to +1.7%

Amazing news flash: Tea Party candidate not getting enough attention

Read: Not-so-Secret ‘Secrets’ the Pentagon Paid Thousands to Destroy

A habitable planet outside Earth has been found

Boeing, Unable To Deliver 787 Dreamliner, Keeps On Cranking Out Warplanes

Despite Clinton Pledge, State Dept. to Pay Out Billions More to Mercs

House Will Go On Autumn Recess Without Voting On Child Nutrition Legislation

European Voice: How to deal with the gains of the far-right in Europe.

Veterans Administration Does Not Want To Report Mistakes

McDonald's May Drop Health Plan - Blackmail?

Agence France-Presse: The EU, Brazil, and China press US to step up in Doha (WTO) negotiations

GAO Sez Those Extra Two Army Brigades In Europe Will Cost Around $2 Billion Dollars

Who needs the Army and Marines?

New Trampy Monster Dolls Combine Horror With Eating Disorders, Shopping

Spain: Ten million workers take part in general strike

Boeing and General Dynamics Going After Pentagon For An Airplane Canceled In 1991

Toon: Thankless, dirty job

The definitive tea party rally attendee

Army must answer for failure to probe attacks on Afghans

Wave of angry demonstrations across Europe in cuts protests

Darpa Moves a Step Closer to Its Flying Humvee

More good economic news

Wednesday's Sen. Barbara Boxer/ Carly Fiorina debate (audio)

If we lose seats in the House this year, the bright side is those seats

Pakistan Halts NATO Supplies to Afghanistan After Attack

Jobless benefit applications drop to 453K

2 quick questions (newspaper endorsements and senate last day)

Favor Please - Click On The Video In My Sig Line And Tell Me If It Plays

Germany's Misguided Approach to Fighting Child Poverty

McDonald's May Drop Health Plan

Before Congress left for recess back in July Harry Reid vowed

Why liberals will be glad to see Rahm Emanuel go

Customer vs. taxpayer: Service industry rhetoric degrades democracy

Need help for LTTE re "death tax." DU tax experts, please help!

Whose America Is That?

This morning's toast goes out the Late Senator Frank Church

Gold To Go ATMs dispense precious metals to the superwealthy, heading to the states this year

Krugman: Unserious Central Bankers

Which do you consider to be a great violation of your personal privacy?

Reporter needs polls on who won Brown-Whitman debate.

Politico repug tool slammed Colbert on Morning Schmo ..

Politico repug tool slammed Colbert on Morning Schmo ..

Corporations Have Unlimited Lobbying Power, Lobbyist Says

Democrats agree to block Obama nominees

Democrats agree to block Obama nominees

Boehner as speaker of the House? Big donors think so

Gulf Oil Spill Booms Will Be Recycled Into General Motors Car Parts

Reporter needs polls on who won Whitman-Brown debate.

Valerie Strauss: About the Suicide of an LA Teacher...

EFF Sues Newspaper Chain’s Copyright Troll (DU mentioned)

Katrina Nation: Driving Past Public Schools

Outsourcing safety: Airplane repairs move to unregulated foreign shops

self delete - dupe

"They hire people part-time so they don't have to give them benefits."

"He's a good boy!" Rick Scott puts his momma on tv.

Distressed U.S. Homes Sell at 26% Discount as Foreclosure Supply Increases

Distressed U.S. Homes Sell at 26% Discount as Foreclosure Supply Increases

Irony sauced with hypocrisy...NPR, Talk of the Nation, this morning. Reagan's budget director

Fraternal Order of Police endorse Michael Bennet

Fraternal Order of Police endorse Michael Bennet

How we think about the left (fighting the last war)

Amerablog puts it better than I ever could (what it means to be gay in America)

House Democrats shelve net neutrality proposal

Only read this post if you have plenty of precious time to waste.

Good news! MINIMAL losses predicted for Democrats in November (2-3 House seats, 1-2 Senate seats)

Senator Baucus Asks IRS To Investigate Karl Rove's Group For Violating Tax Laws

Graysons ad

Sarah Palin followers are smrt... S-M-R-T!!!!


John Aravosis on being gay in America, 2010, youth suicides & politicians telling us not to whine.

Introducing: The Tea Party Guide to American History! by Phil N. Molé

God, it's me Antheist | non-believers known more than the believers (Pew)

God, it's me Antheist | non-believers known more than the believers (Pew)

“How often can you go see a bunch of white guys play basketball?”

Xpost from EE: The difference between those who embrace nuclear power and those who reject it

Right Livelihood Award Winners (Alternate Nobels) Announced

Pat n Bay

He's not heavy - he's our brother. Cartoon for the Month to November.

Help please did the Social Security Admin. contact Meg Whitman?

Just Voted Here In Ohio, And It Got Me To Thinking...........

Secretary Brunner Outlines Two Lines of Attack in Fighting High Ohio Foreclosure Rates

ever heard of "chlorinated chickens"?

The Blue Dog Research Forum - oh my

Report: Hollywood legend Tony Curtis dies at 85

Some good news regarding terrorism

Economy loses speed in spring; more weakness ahead

By far the most important news story today is in India, and it's barely being reported.

Toon: We've found your problem...

Tony Curtis, Hollywood Legend, Dies at 85

Little Teabaggers

Little Teabaggers

Huffington Post: 10 Scary New Realities Of Today's Job Market

The big split on DU is between

Jealous of Iceland

An odd request

Senate blocks recess appointments with deal between Dems, GOP

The great great grandson of Chief Red Cloud on Amy's show today.

You tell me. . .

Obama Backs Jon Stewart's Sanity Rally so he now encourages the voices his admin told to STFU

Bullshit. The Teabaggers are not about wasteful government

Paladino threatens to "take out" NY Post reporter on camera

Obama Administration’s Achievements (Thus Far)

AIG reaches deal to repay government

We wanted Rahm Emanuel out and now he is out

BREAKING: Mike Castle won't run a write-in campaign for DE-SEN.

Door-to-door spies in Utah County?

Is there a way to subscribe by email to threads on DU?

Like all good politicians, Murray Hill for Congress in on the FaceBook...

Many Big Donors to Democrats Cut Support

Would it change your mind about the war to see dismemebered civilian's bodies?

Sharron Angle's comments incite autism activists

Activist berates White House, Clinton for honoring war criminal Kissinger

Sprint uses MN 35W Bridge tragedy to sell wireless service, then claims it's in NJ.

What a surprise! WSJ is full of shit.

What's your opinion on "DU this poll" threads? Is this a good use of time, or even an ethical thing?

What's your opinion on "DU this poll" threads? Is this a good use of time, or even an ethical thing?

Stop Your Whining

If Ben Nelson travels with the Heritage Foundation, is he a Democrat?

The Potatoe Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree

Man Who Paid Cash For House Still Threatened With Foreclosure

"Where did we go wrong?"

Pete Rouse is named interim Chief of Staff...

Barack Obama - Employee Of The Month

To Date, How Much Money Has Been Flushed Down The Toilet Supporting Blanche's Senate Race?

Jon Stewart: Rallies Not a Response to Glenn Beck

Let all the taxcuts expire. It's what the Republicans voted for 10 years ago.

SEIU seizes on Whitman housekeeper story (Spanish-language TV ad script)

I should know the answer to this, but don't: what happens to excess campaign funds?

Carly Fiorina, Meg Whitman, Linda McMahon, Tom Foley, and Rick Scott must be DEFEATED!

Rahm Emanuel’s Out, Pete Rouse Is In

Rahm Emanuel’s Out, Pete Rouse Is In

Robert Reich interview on Fresh Air: Blames Economy's Woes On Income Disparity

Bankers, Lawyers, Executives Jockey to Teach a University Class, Play Professor

Admiral Mike Mullen: Cost of military health care is 'not sustainable'

Rove's 'super PAC' helps Rubio in surge (US Senate--Florida)

Masturbation is Good For You! (Squirrels too) - Sorry weirdo anti-masturbation candidate...


Official send-off to Rahm Emanuel tomorrow in the Rose Garden.

Is it common for people to cash out of the market on the last day of the month?


Paladino scuffle with reporter 'Tony Soprano-like'

Toomey’s year in Hong Kong?

Linda McMahon misleads on health reform laws/calls for minimum wage reduction

(small) Dick Morris endorses Dan Debicella (CT-4) for congress!

(small) Dick Morris endorses Dan Debicella (CT-4) for congress!

Is there really such a thing as a 'right to privacy?'

C-Span now, Bloomberg + Murdoch

Howard Dean on: Rand Paul, Sharron Angle, and Richard Burr

Astronomers discover first potentially life-sustaining planet

Canada close to making EU Free Trade Deal

SEIU seizes opportunity on Whitman w/this ad

SEIU announces $5 million campaign for Jerry Brown,Hitting Whitman On Immigration In Ad

Christian Reconstructionism repug wants stoning to be used, not a joke

Murkowski and Tea Party Express Battle on Airwaves

Gloria Allred Presser Coming Up

Marijuana tracking on the way in Colorado

Rahm's Replacement: Post your nominations

LIVE video stream: Meg Whitman press conference on HousekeeperGate

Florida coach suspended for taking in homeless player

Overdrafts--any way to find out how much the banks are making on these fees?

Democrats in Senate block recess appointments?

One in 28 US kids has a parent in prison: study

Regence BC raises individual premiums by 16 percent, drops kids plans, paid CEO 1 million

Oh man......

McMahon: 'We Ought To Review' The Minimum Wage

Sacramento Bee: Foreclosures make up nearly half of California home sales

Johnson & Johnson conducted a 'stealth' recall - hired companies to buy Motrin from stores

GOPer Johnson Opposed Bill To Crack Down On Catholic Church Abuse Scandals

Christine O'Donnell meets Ozzy Osbourne!

National group asks IRS to investigate Sioux City church

well...there goes the priorities..Congress leaves the veterans swinging in the wind

Whee! Pentagon starts review of DADT "survey" of 400K troops AND 150K FAMILY MEMBERS.

WhiteHouse Prssuring Registrars to block sites

Here comes October -Tick tock Tick tock goes the DOJ Ensign clock

Prez O tonight at fundraiser, will be on C-Span.

Meg Whitman, 5/6/2009: "prosecute illegal aliens in all of our cities"

Linda McMahon considers minimum wage reduction!

Everyone....I Predict That Rahm Emmanual Will Resign Tomorrow..

Internet Engineers tell the Senate to Back Off!

IMO Democrats are actually more motivated than Republicans to vote this year.

To all of those 'concern trolls' worried that I might stay home and not vote because I disagree with

Bless you Tony Curtis

Christine O'Donnell nonprofit has not filed taxes in three years

Tin foil hat time:Does ET live on Goldilocks planet?

My wife and I just realised that -other than in our home or in our car- we are almost

Guess who's worth $200 million?

DU survey

Oopsie... Whitman Acknowledges She Formerly Employed Illegal Immigrant Housekeeper

There is going to be a heartache tonight. A heartache tonight, I know.

Pelosi on Democrats who criticize her: 'I just want them to win'

Coussoule, against boner:

Massive storm brings heavy rain from NC to Maine

Woman raped, DA won't prosecute

Conservative Immigration Group: Arrest Meg Whitman, And Her Housekeeper Too

So what have liberals been right about?

I'm watching the Pres. of the Ecuadorean Natnl Assemlby give a press conference via Skype.

Anderson Cooper to host daytime talk show

DU is one big family.

Crazy Taterz endorses Sharron Angle

Jeff Merkley:We Need More Progressives in the Senate

Biblical clue may be hidden in Iranian cyberworm attack

Jamaica and North Carolina - breaking records

Housekeeper Nicky Diaz: Meg Whitman Treated Me Like a Piece of Garbage

Christine O'Donnell is Truthiness-challenged

"The law's job is to order it is not there to foster progress...."

"The law's job is to order it is not there to foster progress...."

Prop 19 in CA? Will it allow people from out of state to smoke pot in CA?

The objective of "the strategy of NO!" is to keep YOU from voting.

Did Tyler Clementi Reach Out for Help Before Suicide?

tough economy . . . but who said "when the going gets tough, the tough get going?" . . .

U.S. Postal Service loses bid to raise rates

Great News !!! - 'Waxman Drops Net Neutrality Bill, Calls on FCC to Reclassify Broadband' - FDL

President Obama will be very, very angry when he reads this (I think)

Corporations spending millions on RW candidates, rich manipulators own Tea Party,

How to Seduce Women by James O'Keefe

"The billionaire brothers who are waging a war against Obama": New Yorker

Locked and Loaded: The Secret World of Extreme Militias

It's called E-Verify, Meg. And as an employer of thousands you should know about it by now.

MSNBC - WEAKER than DOLE in '96! WEAKER than MCCAIN in '08! GOP's 2012 front runner? MITT! BWAHAHA!

Murkowski Surging Ahead of Miller - Craciun Research poll

Can't keep my old insurance?

LOL!!! Meg: 'From now on, you don't know me, and I don't know you'

Dem. and GOP tax -cut plans compared.

Latest O'Keefe/CNN Scam Appears to Include Felony Violation of MD Wiretap Laws. Again.

O'Keefe's best chance of getting laid:

Tweety just said "you have people taking far left positions on MSNBC"

Ron Christie IS AN IDIOT... but republicans want to

Meg's website still denying Allred has evidence

Meg's website still denying Allred has evidence

If You're Happy & You Know It, Shut Your Mouth

So will my 401K be there when I retire?

Al Franken calls for **criminal** investigation of Ally ( aka GMAC)

How Long Before Whitman Confesses She Knew All About IRS Letter At the Time?

How Long Before Whitman Confesses She Knew All About IRS Letter At the Time?

50 Cent Encourages Gay Suicide

If repubs take control and pass a bill to repeal health care...

Could this be a path to single-payer?

Could this be a path to single-payer?

Could a proxy server allow one to view a CBC documentary that is blocked to non-Canadians?

Confessed Union Buster Shares Trade Secrets with Delta Flight Attendants for Union Vote

Confessed Union Buster Shares Trade Secrets with Delta Flight Attendants for Union Vote

Rupert Murdoch defends Fox to Congress, drew fire from Maxine Waters

President Obama’s Address to the Nation – November 3, 2010

According to we are going to

According to we are going to

" any measure, his presidency has been a huge disappointment."

Is the young generation more misogynistic and more anti-gay...?

Stunning Kim Jong-un revelation

Russ Feingold needs help.

WhiteHouse Pressuring Registrars to block sites

Stocks post best September in 71 years

Rahm Emanuel did help make Barack Obama POTUS

Meg Whitless is toast, Chrissie O' is the gift that keeps on giving, it's looking up

I keep reading here about hippie-punching. All I really want to know is...

Historic music find 'redefines' swing era jazz (BBC video)

With Rahm gone will the Administration still follow the "Everything is Negotiable" pattern?

Whitman's husband says 'it is possible' handwriting on letter is his

A little something I threw together this evening...feel free to use as you like.

"When you want to go forward in your car, you put it in “D.” When you want to go backward, you...

Yet another gawdawful story

Merkley: Senate Obstructionism Is ‘Damaging the Other Two Branches of Government’

Add another federal crime to O'Keefe's collection

Heads up on FEMA and mortgages/flood insurance

America in a nutshell

America in a nutshell

Privacy question, part II: Is privacy losing its value in American society?

My response to the "we want our country back"- ers..

My town is on "20/20" tomorrow night.

CIA runs private army in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Have you seen this great Vote Repub bumper sticker? Check it out! Ha!

'Gothard even advises a wife whose husband chastises her to say, "God, thank you for this beating.'


Why are we waiting to vote on the Bush Tax Cuts?

Chambliss Fires Unnamed Staffer Who Wrote Gay Slur Online

Shady Secrets

Meg Whitman: "We need to build an 'Economic Fence'

Happy, Giddy, Dance!

Vote Republican: Since 1981......

"People wonder how it is that we did not do something"

Republicans Hate Africa

Was James O'Keefe Planning On Drugging And Raping Abbie Boudreau?

Memo to Labor: Follow UE’s Lead and Fight Corporate Outsourcing (moving PROFITABLE plants)

McDonald's denies report of dropping health care

Disabled Man to Tea Party: 'Reforming Social Security Would Cut My Lifeline'

Disabled Man to Tea Party: 'Reforming Social Security Would Cut My Lifeline'

ANOTHER College Denies Christine O'Donnell Attended Despite Her Claim

If you are going to contribute to anyone, please give to Harry Mitchell AZ D5

Postage Stamp increase denied. Rates will not rise next year.

Postage Stamp increase denied. Rates will not rise next year.

Who Is The Clown That Said "$250,000.00 A Year Isn't A Lot Of Money" ?

Why Meg, Why

Can we pass this around??? It's important...

The best part of the walk was the end. I'd parked my car visibly

Tikkun Magazine: 2010 Elections: Why Have the Democrats Lost Popular Support?

How could I have forgotten to talk about one of the best things that happen at my last visit to the

Anybody follow that electric boat world trip?

Do you think that President Obama will evolve in his view of gays before he leaves office?

Powerful Tony Auth toon today

Rutgers Students Call for Gender-Safe, LGBT-Safe Housing - pics


New Massachusetts Texting Law

Activist berates White House, Clinton for honoring ‘war criminal’ Kissinger

Obama's Economic Council may be on the way out, but the damage is done.

should the Senate repeal filibuster rule and end secret holds?

EducationNation: I Should Have Known Better...

Silent Scream

Meg Whitman Plays Haplessness Card For Hiring Illegal Immigrant, Running Porn Empire

Dan Savage Works To Reach Gay Youth With His "It Gets Better" Project

by gender... how many see O'Keefes set up more tuned to drug rape.

When a majority is not really a majority...

Colbert: Word 9/29/10 Absolutely great! Eviserates Scalia

Meet Peter Rouse

New way of firing experienced teachers..."redefinition"

Please talk to me about 'putting your dog to sleep'

Deskilling America: Firms shut profitable plants while spurning buyers

REPORTS OF COUP IN ECUADOR: Correa reportedly injured

Are we asking too much of Obama?

I'm banned from protesting, petitions, boycotts, and partisan political activities

Just wondering if you are able to watch the CBC's 'Meltdown'

NEW JERSEY TO PRIVATIZE LAND USE PERMITTING — Contractors to Write Wetlands & other approvals

Just got an e-mail from Robin Barbara Boxer....

Alan Grayson leads in the polls by 13% YEAH!!!

Amazing footage of attack on Correa from BBC & analysis of attack(s)

So they found a liveable planet, in the same solar system we received a strange signal from in 2009.

Fox News Viewership Plunges 21% While MSNBC Grows

DU Women - Could You Be Seduced By This?

BREAKING: Rahm to Resign on Friday - Associated Press

School's back in session, and the level of anti-Gay bullying & violence is heating up

School's back in session, and the level of anti-Gay bullying & violence is heating up

Big Yawn: Europe went out on strike yesterday.....

WaPo STILL Misreporting O'Keefe/ACORN Story: He 'Dressed Up as a Pimp to Interview ACORN'

Valerie Strauss: The Strange Media Coverage of Obama's Education Policies...

What Obama Could Have Done Instead of Berating His Voters: Suspend DADT

Liberals: We'll vote down fiscal panel if it hits Social Security

The Book the Pentagon Burned

Nate Silver's blog is depressing

Nate Silver's blog is depressing

Pentagon Losing Control of Bombs to China’s Monopoly

Senate votes to turn down volume on TV commercials

Spain: Ten million workers take part in general strike

Spain: Ten million workers take part in general strike

Pushing For IRAN WAR, Joe LIEberman Is Hoping We DON'T Remember Iraq

Billionaire Steve Jobs' new home plans.

Breaking on CNN.

Does Izzy Santa moonlight at the Cato Institute?[link corrected]

Jon Stewart Hammers Grayson - And Rightfully So

How to Make Biking Mainstream: Lessons from the Dutch

$27 million to change NYC signs from all-caps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(NSFW?) Two delicious skewerings (Tony Blair, Maragert Thatcher) from Rude Britannia Comic Art:

Rahm, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out..........

Allred just fucking NAILED Whitman...NAILED her. Caught her in a lie, IN WRITING.

NBC series causes upset toward local charters. "Class Warfare, McKeel Academy edition"

White America Has Lost Its Mind

A washing machine made in the U.S.A. by american workers at $20.00 an hour .

Arianna to Progressives, Middle Class: "Obama's just Not That Into You"

"Jumping off the gw bridge sorry."

Parents and Teachers, the Real Reformers, Organize Response to “Waiting for Superman”

A Movable Feast: for some the world is a classroom

"Underground" Group of Cadets Say Air Force Academy Controlled by Evangelicals

Broken Federal Election Commission Fails to Enforce Campaign-Finance Laws (9-28-10 Washington

'Feds radiating Americans'? Mobile X-ray vans hit US streets

I have a Blue Dog Congressman who doesn't deserve my vote but

Please take the 2010 Democratic Underground Member Survey.

Fringe Fans, check out the temporary fix.

I heart DU. Warts and swans and all. Board hug. nt

Life is so weird.

An engineer, a physicist, and a mathematician -- and some sheep...

Who else has scary dreams about asses from your past?

Oh, do I remember THESE games!!!!

And FINALLY... Sarah Palin supporters are smrt... S-M-R-T!!!!!

Not content with a drunken cat, MFM moved on to a drunken bat.

Major misconception about the lack of Democratic support

"The 5-Second Rule" visualized:

Ezra Klein: The Senate as a collective action problem

Put your money where your mouth is

I'm an Uncle again!

If Emanuel departs for Chicago, forget the compromises -- remember the fights.

So I put the CFL in my lava lamp.

The Rubinoos, "Rock and Roll Is Dead," live on The Old Grey Whistle Test

NYU professor predicts Democrats will keep the House

The Raspberries, "Go All The Way," Mike Douglas Show 1974

Greg Giraldo fans: HuffPo just posted 9 Comedy Central Roast clips

Photos: Obama's Got a New Girlfriend (The Obama Presidency, Day 618)

When you go uptown, jump around, think about true romance...The Romantics, "What I Like About You"

Monkees (with Nesmith!), "Valleri" live 1997, Birmingham, England 3-18-97

Warren to bankers: Regulation is good for you

NYers: Arianna Huffington pledges free bus rides to Stewart/Colbert rally

How clueless voters are

Huffpo: 99ers Legislation Blocked In Senate

Emanuel Has a Campaign Team Ready

NV-Sen: Angle spokeswoman condemns ... Angle

Republicans Plot to Deny Health Care Funding

(R)asmussen Poll--MA Governor--Patrick (D) expands lead over Baker (R)

There is something seriously BEAUTIFUL behind this caption:

Gene Lyons: Don't Be Fooled by the GOP's Sick Healthcare Rhetoric

The best music I've heard in ages...

continuing : Jerry Lee Lewis's 75th birthday - link to his performance,

People Make The World Go Round

Terry Thomas up to his old tricks....

OMG- Paladino threatens to take out reporter (see video!)

Seriesly I have met somebody totally withOUT any shred of ambition


I wish I had an on/off switch in my head

Rep. Waxman backs FCC reclassification as legislative effort breaks down

Iranians sanctioned for human rights abuses...when are Bush officials going to be?

PPP: IL governor--Brady (R) leads but Quinn (D) closing

Some democrats agree to block the Presidents nominees

The Comic of Life (Dial-up Warning)

"U.S. stocks surged on the final day of the best September in 71 years"

New Poll--Ohio Governor: Strickland (D): 41% Kasich (R) 40%

Bigtime Hollywood Agent Munchie (the Cat) apparently has a show now.

Yay!!! "Castle won't wage write-in Del. Senate campaign"

So, Whitman's spokesman was on Univision tonight and made some outrageous and laughable comments

Lake Superior State University's Banished Words List - What words would you like to see banished?

Vote! It will piss someone off!

Should Obama more credit for his presidency?

Admittedly I am a SF Giants fan

Are you happy?

Vote! Don't let the Republican bastards who worked so hard to block our economic recovery win!

So do you think that the media will take notice of the national democratic surge in recent polls?


I am annoyed at Miss Honeychurch.

Senator Russ Feingold goes after Ron Johnson in new ad on free trade--'Creative Destruction'

Whitman gate: The plot thickens

Is there really any member here who is not going to vote democratic???

Rahm Emanuel step down

Let me get this straight about the American voter...

Susquehanna Polling & Research--PA Senate: Toomey (R) 45% Sestak (D) 42%

Gibbs ducks on China currency bill

Heads up! Speaker Pelosi and House Dem leadership to hold press avail on C-Span 2 momentarily!

Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01) needs our help!

Does your pee smell after eating asparagus even if you can't smell it?

People talk alla time here about how cats have different personalities -- case in point:

Democrats agree to block Obama nominees by holding pro-forma sessions

Na-na-na-na... Na-na-na-na...

French thieves steal entire Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard

Is there a way to subscribe by email to threads on DU?

Krugman: Very Serious Reactions to the Levin Bill

DC Rallies? 10/2/10 (One Nation Working Together), 10/30/10 (Stewart/Colbert), Not Going?


I am headed to Freedonia tonight for my college Homecoming.

Allred: I Have the Letter Proving Whitman Is Lying

Fighting and losing = election win. Meekly accepting what your enemies will give you ...

DeMint Rejects Idea That ‘Government Has To Do Something’

It's official: Rahm Emanuel will resign tomorrow

Military Chief Warns Against Cuts in Personnel Budget

Military Chief Warns Against Cuts in Personnel Budget

Health reform law favorables up a notch in September

Forgotten Crimes- must see preview (hilarious!)

RS's MattTaibbi on the Tea Party:

Kerry: GOP Assault on Net Neutrality

Christine O'Donnell posted she went to Oxford on a website other than Linkedin. Doh!

Gallup did a poll of Dems. of a hypothetical 2012 match-up between Hillary & Obama

TPM: Russ Feingold Runs on Healthcare Reform Support in New Ad

AFL-CIO: Republican Senators Kill Jobs Program

Ms. Anna Mae Bullock wants you to know she never, ever does nothing nice and easy

Mark Thompson: This will be the largest diverse march in US history

Put this presentation in an ad. It is simple, clear.

I don't want Rahm to run for Mayor of Chicago, but if he does I want him to win. . .

What breed is this cat in this video, Rodica’s cat, shown at the beginning of the video?

From Gallup -- Hillary starts the race for the 2012 Democratic nomination 15 points behind Obama.

(R)asmussen Reports WI Senate--Johnson (R) 54% Feingold (D) 42%

WHY are Rethuglican political ads showing on DU's home page when you are logged out?

PITA bread. Pain In The Ass or a fine food?

McMahon Unsure What The Minimum Wage Is, But Sure That It Should Be Lower

Former Bush Pioneers Quietly Form Political Group To Shape Midwest Elections

WSJ’s Jonathan Weisman Pens False Hit Piece On Electoral Impact Of ‘Loyalty To Obama’

How faithful should we be to foreign names of foreign places?

Check out MrCoffee!


Ya know when kids are giving you grief for driving slow.....

Time/CNN poll show Brown, Boxer, Giannoulias leading

This is a post

I found something oh-so-yummy...

Ted Kaufman to replace Warren on Bailout Oversight Panel

Times Square Naked Cowboy to run for president, he's far rightwing

Let's start a letter writing campaign asking Rahm to stay

This thread is the thread from the Land of Gra-Brouse, where we post in the voice of one Dr Seuss.

PHOTO: Laura Vandervoort is Supergirl...wave that flag, wave it wide and oh my.

Dream Theater's cover version of Black Sabbath's "Heaven And Hell"

Obama Will Triumph -- So Will America

Dream Theater & Queensryche: "Won't Get Fooled Again" LIVE

Can't stand politics? Shut the $#@! up and watch some kittens.

If you believe that Obama's Madison rally received unfavorable or non-existent coverage...

My poor cat's turn signals are broken...


"We're no longer in the 60s. We have rights now. Obama is president."

Anyone stay at a Great Wolf Lodge?

Gilbert Gottfried Roasts Greg Giraldo -- Too Soon?!

Left-handed people, what can you do with your right hand?

The sky just at sunset...

Looks like tomorrow is Rahm-mas

A question of personal tolerance.

Thursday's kitteh....

Progressive Groups Coming To Feingold's Rescue

Over-rated groups.

If Schrödinger's cat took a crap in its litter box...

V8 is my new favorite ingredient

99'ers STILL are talking about not voting after the democrats tried to get more unemployment

Another big loss in the movie world: Arthur Penn, director of Bonnie and Clyde

Fox's Obama 'Loves Gangsta Rap' Headline Is Pulled Down

Fox's Obama 'Loves Gangsta Rap' Headline Is Pulled Down

My poor car's turn signals are broken...

One word I would use to describe Democratic politics at present:

This was sent to me in 10 languages

Pollsters do Hypothetical Matchups all the time...DU can't take it?

Damn. Nicole is sure fucking with S.Central PA. - nasty as hell out.

Elizabeth Warren begins making her move

My friend Vicky is in the hospital AGAIN...

new: Chief Of Staff

Where Landrieu's Loyalties Lie

Cute overload!

50 years ago today!

Roger Waters! THE WALL, Who's going?

Why I can't follow the plot of Lost

Even doormats can have attitude at times.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Desert bird?

Friends past

PUMA. Party Unity My Ass or a fine feline?

PHOTO: Dillon's Irish Pub & Grill's burger topped with mac & cheese

Given our DU-ness & his history, would we go to an Elton concert?

Aryanna Huffington is trying to kick the President under the bus

Free Chinese lessons inside!

Darrell Issa is suddenly SOOOO reasonable...

'The Night Jon Stewart Turned on President Obama'

What images come to mind when you think of "progressive goals?"

Rest in power, Tony Curtis

James O'Keefe's best power-seduction lines--- post 'em!

The minority party has ruled and manipulated the Senate for two years: Is the public aware of this?

My friend is dying

New poll: Sestak closes gap to just 3 points!


MPR Poll of MN Gov--Dayton (D) up by double digits, "dems have woken from their summer slumber"

A mathematician, a biologist, and a physicist are sitting in a street cafe...

Tucson has (at least one) 5 Guys Burgers joints now... and I checked their sodium levels...

The "good" Chris Matthews said THIS about Obama Tuesday:

Anyone remember the very first 'Pong' video game?

Because tomorrow is October 1st and it's my favorite time of year

I am headed to Fredonia, NY tonight for my college Homecoming.

Friday's almost here. So, what's your poison going to be?

Who would win in a fight? Gandalf, or Emperor Palpatine

List some regional and national expressions from the US, the UK...

"Obama's Right, Cranky Liberals Need To Be More Realistic"

Nouns and Verbs.

World's Rivers in Crisis

Latest O'Keefe/CNN Scam Appears to Include Felony Violation of MD Wiretap Laws. Again.

13 say they weren't allowed to vote

Carved in stone: Javelina

Consumer czar says wants banks' help on rules

Rep. Waxman backs FCC reclassification of broadband as legislative effort breaks down

Congress funding fight may delay Wall Street reforms

California calls off murderer's execution

Brutal militia stalks south Thailand

Democratic senator blocks Obama budget chief pick

Democratic senator blocks Obama budget chief pick

Rescue chief confirms November as rescue time for Chilean miners

U.S., Pakistan chiefs of intelligence meet

Rights activists share Alternative Nobel

Tony Curtis dies aged 85

'Slavery' uncovered on trawlers fishing for Europe

1 former Blackwater contractor gets bond awaiting retrial

Tour de France champion Alberto Contador tests positive for stimulant

Irish Bank Funding Boosts Budget Deficit To 32% GDP

Senae blocks recess appointments

Gates, Buffett talk to China wealthy about charity

Activist berates White House, Clinton for honoring ‘war criminal’ Kissinger

N.Y. governor candidate threatens to ‘take out’ reporter

U.S. Business Activity Unexpectedly Rises as Manufacturers Lead Recovery

And They're Out Congress Flees Unfinished Business, Partisan Sniping, For Campaign Trail

Red alert at Army base over Afghan corpse photos

AP Sources: Emanuel leaving White House on Friday

Obama in personal appeal to Netanyahu: Extend settlement freeze for two months

Its Official: Rahm Leaving Tomorrow

U.S. Issues New Rules on Offshore Drilling

US names special coordinator for Haiti response

Pakistan on the brink of a military coup: Pervez Musharraf

WellPoint, AT&T, Altria Try to Sway State Elections as Redistricting Looms

Heavy Rain, High Winds Hit East Coast, Remnants of Tropical Storm Nicole

Biden in Omaha: Washington needs (Ne state senator) White

Medicaid Enrollment Spikes to 48 Million

Peru closes border amid Ecuador unrest

Oilsands need more regulation: Cameron

Holocaust museum shooter had senior White House adviser in sights: report

Hungary's Supreme Court OKs anti-Gypsy ad

Stocks end best September in 71 years down

China: US bill on yuan would violate WTO rules

China: US bill on yuan would violate WTO rules

Boehner surprise: Dems barely get votes to adjourn after floor speech

McDonald's May Drop Health Plan

New photo of North Korea's heir apparent Kim Jong-un

Jobless Claims Post Decline

Castle won't wage write-in Del. Senate campaign

ADHD 'Is Passed On Through The Genes' (Study Shows)

New Planet May Be Able to Nurture Organisms

Democrats Find Many Big Donors Cutting Support

Document shows Meg Whitman lying, attorney says

GM investing $23.5M in Baltimore site

A.I.G. Reaches Deal to Repay Treasury and Fed for Bailout

Aides separate New York GOP gubernatorial candidate, journalist

McDonald's, officials say insurance report false

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday September 30

Linda McMahon: 'We Ought To Review' The Minimum Wage (does not know current minimum wage)

Hollywood legend Tony Curtis dies at 85

Questions About Bob Dold Residency Claims Surface

Christine O'Donnell Non-profit group fails required tax forms to keep tax-exempt status

Ecuador troops take over Quito airport

Unrest rocks Ecuador as troops seize airport

It’s Official: Rahm Emanuel’s Out, Pete Rouse Is In

Massive Fisher Price Recall: More Than 10M Toys

U of Michigan student body president seeks restraining order against assistant state attorney genera

U.K. police 'deeply sorry' for cameras in Muslim neighborhoods

Islamic veil ban in Dutch coalition deal (concession for Geert Wilders' support)

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit By States Seeking Freedom From Federal Gun Laws

NATO choppers kill 3 Pakistani soldiers: officials

Senate blocks recess appointments with deal between Dems, GOP

Sarah Palin Gets Restraining Order Against Alleged Stalker

Officials: Pakistan blocks NATO supply trucks (to Afghanistan)

Anybody with 'overprotective parents/spouse' stories out there?

Life is so wired.

TYT Interviews: Fox News Presidential Candidate? (Cenk w/ EB of Media Matters)

Watch this and weep for humanity.

What is socialism and how does it work? (Right-wingers afraid of socialism need to watch)

"We're No Longer In The 60s, Obama Is President, We Have Rights"

Gov. Strickland 'Truth' ad.

Faux Noise Is Getting Fed Up With Dr. Beckinstein

Michael Bennet ad.

Carl Paladino tells Fred Dicker I'll take you OUT, buddy...

"I Am a Moderate!" by Roy Zimmerman

Russ Thanks Cheddarbomb Supporters

Paladino THREATENS New York Post Editor -

no BRAAAAAAAINS: David Corn calls Republicans the Zombie Party

BP contractors now "drilling for oil" on Alabama beaches

Paladino: You're not a racist if you only do it in private.

Ron Johnson Testifies Against Child Abuse Victims... (Feingold's competition)

Maher to O'Reilly: GOP Now Religious Lunatics, Flat-Earthers And Civil War Reenactors

TYT & David Pakman: Cenk Uygur Interviewed by David Pakman from broken down vehicle

I'm entitled but you're not

Et tu, batshit crazy Minnesota lady? Bachmann throws former object of her smoochies under the bus

WI SEN Feingold On Your Side

TYT: Hidden Camera Sex Tape Suicide Tragedy

Marc Rubio in Bed with Karl Rove and his Billionaire Corporate Barons - AmericanCrossroadsWatch.Org

Weird Liberal Head Show #178: Every Liberal Voting

SNL Christine O'Donnell - 'ARSON, but not for money... for revenge' via Last Word

Rand Paul To Kentucky Mine Workers "Hell no"

LIAR Meg Whitman surprised and shocked that someone she saw as a member of her family would lie

Karl Rove and His BillionaireBarons Spending Millions on Rand Paul Ads - AmericanCrossRoadsWatch.Org

Andrew Shirvell / Mike Cox Gay Teen Targetting: Hilarious (and horrific) highlight reel

Paul LePage Maine GOP Tea Party Candidate For Governor Wants to

There will be blood – 10:10 campaign's 'No Pressure' film

Karl Rove and His Barons Spending Millions on Paul Toomey Ads - AmericanCrossRoadsWatch.Org

Interview with Rep. Rosa DeLauro about National Infrastructure Development Bank Act

Coup D'état in Ecuador — Breaking News

Christine O'Donnell Is On A Mission From God

My God's Better Than Your God & Whitman Housekeeper-gate

The Whole Story: Tireless Educators

Ad the dems should run in October

The Top Vlog: Ana Kasparian of TYT Reads Terrible YouTube Comments (Graphic Language Warning)

Rachel Maddow Show: Republican Indoctrination

Arizona Desert Shooting Missing Mystery Shirt

DNC TV AD: "Now, That's Funny"

CHSL radio cancels show: Kindra

TYT Interviews: Cenk Debates Conservative Author Of Anti-Pelosi Book

The Top Vlog: Boatload of Dildos (Daily Show CC Lizz Winstead on O'Keefe/CNN 'Loveboat')

Unsecured Funds still fighting for the unemployed!

Ed Schultz: The GOP Wants to Dismantle Public Education

Whitman: I want to make it incredibly clear I didn't know! You could've hit me over with a feather!

TYT: Glenn Beck In Trouble w/ Fox News?

Are Ron Paul's supporters socially alienated or just crazy?

White House White Board: CEA Chair Austan Goolsbee Explains the Tax Cut Fight

MRN: James O'Keefe, Abbie Boudreau & Hapless Democrats

Real reformers, please stand up. Teachers, parents protest Superman premiere. Great video

Meg Whitman Traded Maid on eBay

James O'Keefe: hoist on his own petard

Unavoidable Choices on Cuba for the White House and Congress

CNN: Michael J. Fox on Parkinson's and life


Outsourcing the Dirty War in Afghanistan

Joe Conason: Lies of the Tea Party

Attacks on Baghdad Green Zone Surge

Hentoff explains why he sided against the constitution (yet again)

First World War Officially Ends (last payment made)

Leafing Through The Past - Part Deux

NYT --- Waiting for Somebody

US politics is angry, polarised, and gridlocked. Can it be reformed?

Inside C Street–Six Questions for Jeff Sharlet by Scott Horton

Redistribution of wealth is a right wing myth!

The Irish appear to have meekly accepted their government's disastrous economic policies. But why?

As someone who has periodically registered his unhappiness with the current administration,

ANOTHER College Denies Christine O'Donnell Attended Despite Her Claim -Huffington Post

Scientists find the planet where Republicans are from ....... link

20 Signs that the Economic Collapse Is Already Upon Us

LIbraries Outsourced - Union Busting

The GOP obstructs, people suffer: It's dangerous partisanship from the Republicans

Signing Out by Ken Silverstein ( Harper's Magazine)

More Families, Friends Move in Together

O'Keefe's latest stunt – to expose the liberal media bias – has only exposed him. As a sexist ass.

Majority of Americans say Obama INHERITED this economic situation (THE REPUBLICAN DYSTOPIA)

Soros, Lewis and Other "Big Donors Abandon Democrats For Progressives and Weed"

Mr. President, instead of reacting defensively to people (who by the way are on your side) and

The Secret World of Extreme Militias

Linda McMahon: 'We Ought To Review' The Minimum Wage - Huffington Post

World's Rivers in Crisis

California Regulators Approve NextEra, Tessera Solar Plants

Human impact on world's rivers 'threatens water security of 5 billion'

Bill Clinton’s Doctors Talk To Wolf Blitzer On Reversing Heart Disease (Video)

Why stop at PBMR?

Move Over, Bedbugs: Stink Bugs Have Landed

Drumbeat: September 30, 2010

Newcastle Coal Exports Rise as Ship Queue Lengthens

Monday breaks all-time temperature record in Los Angeles

The Soot Road -- Travelling along one of most polluted energy corridors on Earth

Brazilian native tribe says that terror and starvation being used to drive them off their land

Genome Inversion Gives Plant a New Lifestyle

Now is the TIme to Buy a Used Hybrid

Ornilux Mikado: Bird-Protection Glass Inspired by Spider Webs

Republican Dim Bulbs. - Their fight to "save the incandescent light bulb."

Thanksgiving Dinner: An Environmental Parable

The difference between those who embrace nuclear power and those who reject it

Alberto Contador tests positive to banned substance

Positive Test for Contador May Cost Him Tour Title.

Unorthodox Mascot Hijinks

Sex line on Chad Ochocinco's cereal

One more victory and The San Francisco Giants win the N.L. West

LeBron James: Race a factor in decision backlash

+++ NFL Week 4 Picks +++

Ecuador worried by Cordoba dismissal

Colombia: Documents reveal US Ambassador cited accused Colombian General's reliance on death squads

3 Colombian journalists killed so far in 2010

Rescue chief confirms November as rescue time for Chilean miners

El chavismo perdió 1.500.000 votos

Prats traveling in a replica of the car where his grandfather died after an attack

Argentine leftists to pay tribute to 'Mono Jojoy'

Protesting police, soldiers seize Ecuador airport

Protesting police throw Ecuador into chaos (getting kind of hot)

origin of unrest is law passed by Congress on Wednesday

Unavoidable Choices on Cuba for the White House and Congress

Venezuela's Elections: Why They're Not a Game-Changer

Unrest rocks Ecuador as troops take airport

Chavez throws down gauntlet to Venezuela opposition

In ironic twist, UT shooter may have been a gun control advocate.


Rep. Lummis seeks remedy for South Korean rifles

Well, it's raining, so we're all criminals again here in NC as of Wednesday...

Texans debate allowing concealed guns on campus

Bumper sticker I was revolted with today

Mullen Restates Hope For DADT Repeal: We're Asking Members To 'Basically Lie'

Religious Right Figure Freaks Out Because the UN Wants to Stop Persecution of Gays

Cross post from GD

WISCONSIN: Man Attacks 14 Year-Old Girl Carrying Gay Pride Flag

School bullying because they think you're gay?

Me and my shadow

Yonatan and Itamar Shapira tells what really happened on The “Jewish boat to Gaza”

Did anyone else catch the APOD yesterday?

Rain, rain, go away.....

Foggy Dawn over the Duck River

Didn't have it new lens that is.

Sunrise, Mt. St. Helena (Napa County)

Pecan Street Festival pics

President Obama will be very, very angry when he reads this (I think)

A few more from Kauai

Palestinians expected to leave direct talks

87 senators urge Obama to pressure Abbas

Painted Hills


Netanyahu to U.S. : Drop Dead

Today in Labor History Sept 29, 3 members of the UMW shot to death by RCMP, strike 4 better housing!

Major Legislation to Combat Wage Theft Introduced Today

USA: unresolved problems with the right to organise and other fundamental rights

Pending strike by catfish workers in Mississippi defused by new contract negotiations

Memo to Labor Movement: Follow UE’s Lead and Fight Corporate Outsourcing

America’s Failed 401(k) Experiment

LA Times: Will Peter Jackson get labeled a union buster on 'The Hobbit'?

Europe: One Hundred Barcelona Young People Attack Corporations

The Threat Of A Strike Looms At Kohler Co. (2,300 workers)

Seasonal Hiring In U.S. Expected To Increase This Year

Today in Labor History Sept 30, 12,000 textile workers walked out “Bread and Roses” strike & more

Most Tea Partiers Think Free Trade Agreements That Tea Party Candidates Support Are Bad For The USA

How Plants Drove First Animals Onto Land

I just read The God Delusion


The Difference Between Folk Religion and Organized Religion

Tea Party Jesus

Please help me.

Are you seeing images on your DU pages or the word "image"

Rick DiClemente's October Starself Astrology Newsletter

Gratuitous hug-seeking thread

A giftie for y'all: Dietary Supplements Labels Database

Bill Clinton’s Doctors Talk To Wolf Blitzer On Reversing Heart Disease (Video)

Movie: Using DDT to Fight Malaria

HuffPo spreads more dangerous health info and lies in the process.

What are the early onset symptoms of Parkinson's disease?

Bill Clinton’s Doctors Talk To Wolf Blitzer On Reversing Heart Disease (Video)