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Krgthulu: Economics is not a morality play

Stockholm Syndrome?

Wow. McCollum sticks up for Sink.

EXCLUSIVE: Corporate Execs, GOP Firm Launch Stealth Ballot Campaign Against Georgia Workers’ Rights

Th difference between republican and democratic candidates

Dial Soap Hit by Class Action Suit Alleging False Anti-Germ Claims

Dial Soap Hit by Class Action Suit Alleging False Anti-Germ Claims

Aaaahhhnold is slamming big oil in his speech. On "Countdown with KO" now.

OMG, Frrepy types at UT were planning tonight to host : "More Guns, Less Crime".

Tony Blair warned of US torture claims in 2002

Toyota finally addresses Tundra 'bed bounce' with TSB

Thank you Keith for going onto the RNC agenda

Woodward just told O'LOOFAH stuff. It's gonna be early A.M. to e-mail Scabbrow tomorrow

Everbody should read this

WITCH!!! the Chris Coons-Yale Divinity School connection (American Spectator). No, seriously.

WITCH!!! the Chris Coons-Yale Divinity School connection (American Spectator). No, seriously.

John McCain Protester Tackled [VIDEO]

has the country has come to accept the divisive alternate reality that Fox/TalkRadio

Obama Treasury Dept. Wants Banks, for First Time, to Report All Foreign Money Transfers

The House prepares to chip away at Bush-era secrecy

Tort reform for single payer!

Arnie is now against prop 23

The Way Out of the Slump - Krugman/Wells (NYRoB)

U.S. appeals court agrees to allow stem cell funding

I'm white-hot angry with a whole bunch of you.

Welcome to the Recovery

So, can corporations marry?

the whining White House spin

What do you think of Charlie Crist's evasion of the big question?

Teabagger Extraordinaire Candidate, Sharron Angle is living off her hubby's Gubmint Pension

I wonder how many tea bagger Medicare recipients are going to

Rachel is hot tonight...Democrats running as Democrats.

Yahoo News - "Fox primary: complicated, contractual": Fox News is an "in-kind contribution" to GOP!

Why does Lawrence O'Donnell have Charlie Crist on his show? Jeebus. Support your local DEM!!!

Europe on high alert over concern of terror attacks

NYT: Likely Losses of House Seats in Midwest Due To Census Stirs Partisan Feuds

Map showing percent below poverty level (most recent) by state

PA Senate Race getting closer: Suffolk Poll--Toomey (R) 45% Sestak (D) 40%

"GOP cash flows freely in congressional races: Overall spending almost double what it was in 2008"

SF Chronicle's 'token conservative' says Brown won tonight

medicos,et me respond to this editorial re:Obamacare..

cat dyed pink to match owner's hair to be returned to owner

AT&T asserts its personhood

HEADSUP: Brown-Whitman CA Gubernatorial debate tonight, 9 Eastern, 6 Pacific

NY Times: The New American Normal

Yahoo News top story summary is a word to Democrats.

LO'D just pinned Charlie Crist with this: "'Sarah Palin would do a great job as President.' ...

Unemployment And G.W.Bush.......

Levi needs a comb and a haircut ...

Gallup: Depression up 25 percent on Gulf after oil

Gallup: Depression up 25 percent on Gulf after oil

Jon Stewart coming up on Letterman.

Recession rips at US marriages, expands income gap

I am tired of hearing that Democrats are apathetic.

If I show up and vote....

Teacher alert - Tavis has Canada and Guggenheim on tonight - "Looking For Superman"

26,000 students and faculty turned out to hear Obama

Casanova Boehner

Democrats campaign on GOP threats to Social Security

Reality Check

Band of Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights

The Nine Corrupt Gang of 66 Democrats block tomorrow's vote on H.R. 4645 [Cuba Journal Blog]

Arianna Huffington to provide bus rides to Jon Stewart's Rally

CREW Responds to House Republicans call for Ethics Trial

CREW Responds to House Republicans call for Ethics Trial

We are family.

Charges dismissed against Md. man who taped traffic stop A Harford County Circuit Court judge Mond

Canadian prostitution laws loosen up

Is Norman Goldman Wasting His Money?........

How is this for a tax idea. I have noticed since

Do you think Chris Christie campaigning for Meg Whitman is what has caused

O'Malley gains ground over Ehrlich in Maryland governor's race, poll shows

got any good advice, making apple cider for the first time

Note to self: send check to EFF

Ed Deformer Compares Weingarten To Osama Bin Laden And Teachers To Pedophiles at Huff Po

Adam Green of BoldProgressives on Last Word

Canada’s prostitution laws unconstitutional, court rules

Continent of Fear: The Rise of Europe's Right-Wing Populists

Noam Chomski was talking about America on Public Radio tonight-Bankers are doing great.

HuffPO: New Jack Conway Ad Targets Rand Paul's Medicare 'Solution' Of $2,000 Deductible (VIDEO)

Brown 47 Whitman 38 in new Citizen Poll

What if Obama spent the next month campaigning non-stop to energize Democrats around the country?

So sad - a friend reading and commenting on the obituary column:

European day of protests

Who was the last Democratic president that they DIDN'T call a socialist?

Company That Wanted Workers To Cut Pay In Half Drops Bid To Buy Indiana GM Plant

Spanish flight chaos as general strike takes hold

Forgive me I do not like The Arcade Fire, By Mark Morford

Fort Hood Suicides Hit Record Numbers

ILA pickets shut big East Coast ports

Assistant Michigan AG targets openly gay college student

War, and another peace plan

Be Angry at the Sun

Ow ow ow...reply to LTTE in my town.

Which to kill first: Social Security or Medicare?

Republicans may shaft 9/11 first responders AGAIN!!!

2009 income gap in the US highest on record

Jerry Brown - Meg Whitman Debate. I just watched it, link here:

Up early to hand WOODWARD his ass, e-mail to the Scabs circus

What is it with rich people spending fortunes in California to get elected?

Mr Fish Toon: The mythology of optimism

Raul Labrador, GOP Challenger: Troops Should Man Mexican Border In Between Deployments To War Zones

What They Say & What They Should Say

Rove's Money Tramples Democracy

Prosecutors paint soldier Morlock as 'eager participant' during war crimes hearing

New Report: Gender Pay Gap Shock (ABC News Video)

Take Action against the FBI targeting and raiding homes of Peace Activists

LA Times: U.S. Chamber of Commerce and FreedomWorks mobilize to aid Fiorina

C-span is like an alignment of something or another

The Nation: For Jobs, Justice and Education

The Nation: For Jobs, Justice and Education

Let's call the Obama Administration what it REALLY is...a Corporate Trojan Horse


19 Statistics Indicate Corporate America Has Destroyed America's Economy

the 'stop whining' comment was it for me

Tea & Crackers - How corporate interests and Republican insiders built the Tea Party monster (Taibbi

Back in 7th and 8th grade circa 1968, the boys sat at one end of the lunch table and the girls at

We need to start a petition to Baker Act Jim Demint. He is so out of control, there must be some

Private Conversation Between Obama & Biden

Obama promotes education practices Sidwell Friends wouldn't dream of adopting.

Meg Whitman's Housekeeper -- 'Explosive' Allegations

U.S. Defense Industry Preventing Effective Strategies in Afghanistan

A Canadian conservative commentator's thoughts on David Frum

Say what you want about Bill Maher, but he said one thing I really liked

BP to Create New Safety Division in Wake of Spill

Haiti Still Waiting For Pledged U.S. Aid

"Education Week" on MSNBC/NBC has convinced me of something.


Here is the deal, Republican are outspending Democrats six to one

Treasury Announces Start Of Sale Of $2.2 Billion In Trust Preferred Shares Of Citigroup

Can Obama reform the aid business? proposes far-reaching changes in providing aid to poor countries.

People feel Jerry Brown wins in the first debate

Of taxes and time machines

This Bill to aid Small Business with tax cuts and loans

Indian billionaire builds skyscraper "home" with space for 169 cars: cost = $2 billion

Bag Productions

Texas Board of Education: Academia hates the Baby Jesus

Meg Whitman's Housekeeper -- 'Explosive' Allegations-will be filing a legal claim

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Scott (FL) 527 group nets nearly $1 million in six days

Obama is concerned about harassment and bullying of gays in the armed forces?

Does Anybody Have

Alan Grayson and Stephen Colbert are making a mockery of government!

Rove has only one regret

This is who represents the other side

Diane Rehm Show - Keith Jeffery: " The Secret History of the MI6: 1909 to 1949"

CNN report: "Obama questioned on abortion, why he is a Christian"

21st Century cargo cult=teabaggers

Net Neutrality protects sites like Democratic Underground

An Immodest Proposal

Fight threats to online speech and privacy

I GOT MINE..."Obamacare" Basher Sharron Angle And Her Husband Are On Government Health Care Plans

Toys-R-Us plan on hiring 45,000 for holiday season...

71% of republicans are tea party supporters...per nbc poll

Wednesday TOON roundup #7 - the end

Meg hired an Undocumented Worker?

Wednesday TOON roundup #6- Wrongs and rights

Sharron Angle Receives Government Health Care

Wednesday TOON roundup #4 - Building enthusiasm?

Wednesday TOON roundup #3- Weak Tea

Russert's kid slips on the air. Calls Orange Man "Boner"

Hi, I'm MrScorpio and I'm a Scorpio

75 brawl during Ohio party for 3-year-old girl

Faux funny

"Maybe Tweety acts like this because he gets some sort of thrill out of the fact that he can"

How does our country expect racial attack victims to react?

Obama and Biden Are Right - Progressives NEED to Stop Their Whining

America's choice; cowards or hypocrites


Awesome Taibbi Rant: Tea and Crackers..

"Democrats cannot change the mood but they can change the turn-out"

Trucking Volume Collapses, Falls Most Month To Month Since March 2009

The reasons I am not a Republican...

two sucide reports

health care debate on C-SPAN2 regarding small business....

Jerry Brown: "That surplus didn't drop down from the tooth fairy. I created that damn thing."

Last night, as I was drifting in and out of a fitful sleep, I suddenly felt a strong tug on my

Drone Attacks

Detroit Metro Times: War (on drugs) is over

Pee Wee League football brawl (coaches fight...ruin the year for the kids)

So O'Keefe is at it again

Rand Paul's ties to physicans' group with some highly unusual beliefs.

GM prepares to shut Indianapolis plant after workers reject concessions

MSNBC Boss Reprimands Ed Schultz for calling NJ Gov. ‘Cold-Hearted Fat Slob’

CNN Video - Accuser's message for Bishop Eddie Long: 'You are a monster'

Wednesday TOON roundup #5- Grapes

In US, atheists know religion better than believers. Is that bad?

My daughter shook hands and spoke to Obama yesterday in Albuquerque

Wednesday Teabaggery

Maine gov. candidate: I'd tell Obama to go to hell

dear lawrence o'donnell, no one gives a shit what levi johnston thinks about anything

My aunt works for Koch Development...

"... winner it's Brown (narrowly). At least he seemed like a human being. ... "

Karl Rove once stated what he did was go after his opponent's strengths.

US official confirms 'credible, but not specific' Qaeda plot

US official confirms 'credible, but not specific' Qaeda plot

Folks, take 'em to the wood shed. This is what needs to be done. Watch it and applaud and

I might read a NYT Magazine article on Airhead Palin or Witch O'Donnell

Thoughts From a Former Craigslist Sex Worker, by Melissa Petro

Clever protest against Dublin bankers

DERF TOON explains appeal of Tea Party Republicans

Kohl's opens new stores, creates nearly 3,000 jobs

Again yesterday evening a WSJ poll dominated the NBC news show.

Afghanistan, September, 2010

Stephen Colbert's Appearance before Congress:No Laughing Matter By Ruben Navarrette

Tension between Glenn Beck and Roger Ailes? Some at Faux embarassed by Beck - Show "Empty Calories"

O'Malley (D) Pulls Away in Maryland

Anti-austerity protests sweep across Europe

Dear America: Your Tea Party is a clusterfuck of morons, racists and clowns

The Investors’ Club: How the University of California Regents Spin Public Money into Private Profit

I have to believe that the polls are showing the Dems starting to gain because of the progressives

My message to Sen. Warner. Re: Filibuster yesterday

Jon Stewart scores #1 in book sales for the week.......

Onorato quietly gaining on Corbett for PA Gov....

Fox News Channel audience -21% year-to-year

If Joe Wilson, Ted Poe and every other GOPer who cries, "We'll never forget about 9/ll"...

Deputy Louie Puroll Shooting Inspires Strange-but-Funny Youtube Video

Wrong winner called on Australia's Next Top Model (shown on a Murdoch channel)

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

Meg Whitman's former housekeeper lawyers up with Gloria Allred, news conference today at 11 AM PT

Dailan China Pipeline Rupture: China's Deepwater Horizon

The Suspicious Tale Of The Arizona Deputy Shot By Drug Smugglers

Elderly Woman Shoots 12-Year-Old Boy who was Constantly Harassing Her

Beverly Hills Teabaggers

"We're a family-owned business with two impressionable daughters" no rainbow cupcakes for you

Make no mistake -- the "Tea Party" is just the GOP with a name change.

What is your Democratic candidate saying about Social Security?

Grist: Grocery stores try setting up fake farmers markets

Conservative Film Coming Soon

Conservative Film Coming Soon

Ben & Jerry's to drop 'All Natural' from labels

Happy Michaelmas - a festival for Muslims, Jews & Christians

An email from John Kerry states: "Karl Rove is back"

Is there an official list of all the groups planning to attend the Oct. 2nd

FBI Drive for Encryption Backdoors Is Déjà Vu for Security Experts

Mini Cooper steering probe may signal industry-wide issue (Electric power steering)

Mini Cooper steering probe may signal industry-wide issue (Electric power steering)

Greatest FR Post EVER

Cyberwar Against Iran: Is Obama Already at War with Tehran?

Trainwreck to watch: livestream Whitman housekeeper press conference

Taibbi Cliff-Notes version: The GOP is using the Tea Party as a short cut back to power

A message to the "liberals" (hahaha) on MSNBC regarding Congressional "Trials:"

Sidney, NY (Part 2)

I believe that there is No Such Agency (NSA) behind these computer attacks

Salon: Proof that the terms "Tea Party movement" and "Republican Party base" are interchangeable

When Politics Intrudes On Science

O'Keefe to punk CNN after all. To appear with Wolf?

The 10 Grossest Things About Bishop Eddie Long

The 10 Grossest Things About Bishop Eddie Long

If we lose the House, the blame lies with the corporate sellout Democrats.

The New Silent Majority....

Trained monkeys guard Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, India

Freepers cry yummy and sweet Scott Tenorman tears over Meg Whitman and HousekeeperGate

Jack Conway:Rand Paul Debate

Do you think President Obama will lean Right after his re-election in 2012

How War-Time Torture Can Turn into a Life of Domestic Violence

Melancon Launches "Forgotten Crime" Ad Against Vitter

Homophobic hate group leader cries fraud after receiving less than 1% of the vote in primary

The Las Vegas "death ray"

"They have the same right to condemn their critics as their critics have to condemn..."

Here's a toast to the late Senator Edmund S. Muskie...

House FINALLY Approves Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act

Canadian judge strikes down prostitution law

Being a millionaire isn't what it used to be.

Well - my opinion of Ah-nuld just went up a bit...

Wyoming, 9 states file brief opposing gay marriage

Maine gov. candidate: I'd tell Obama to go to hell

The most profitable bank in the US is... warns: "Beware the militant middle" and claims indepedents look like this...

President Obama shakes hands after the University of Wisconsin rally - pics

Boxer / Firorina Radio Debate, Updates (via LA Times 'PolitiCal' blog)

Will Rachel Maddow cover Ed Deform honestly? Write her & find out:

Will Rachel Maddow cover Ed Deform honestly? Write her & find out:

Will Rachel Maddow cover Ed Deform honestly? Write her & find out:


another guy who's suddenly glad what the D's have accomplished

Media Matters - "Obama is right: Fox News promoting "destructive" GOP agenda"

Scaning the news online looking for the Meg Whitman bombshell coverage

Jerry Brown campaign celebrates debate victory

Let's face facts, we don't hate the tea party, we envy them

When will republicans realize it's not the illegal immigrants that worry me.

Wall Street’s Favorite Politicians

ABCnews: 'Super PAC' with Ties to Karl Rove Dominates Senate Campaigns

If I had the money to do it right now, I would file papers to be a corporation

If I had the money to do it right now, I would file papers to be a corporation

If I had the money to do it right now, I would file papers to be a corporation

The Rude Pundit: Seven Rude Years

Is Libertarianism = Divine Right of Kings?

People want to hear about the economy and health care; little interest in the elections

Hardball - Sharon Angle v. Sharon Angle

The Iraq War; some questions for discussion

Meg Whitman, 8/11/10: "Hold employers accountable for hiring only documented workers."

Meg Whitman, 8/11/10: "Hold employers accountable for hiring only documented workers."

Karl Rove Hands Ohio Dems an Early Gift

At least Clinton said he felt our pain

FLASHBACK: 31 House Republicans Supported Resolution Honoring James O'Keefe

Those Bush tax cuts have been around for eight freaking years

Reclaim Democracy for the People!

The Beverly Hills Tea Party Featuring Pat Boone - pics

KBR Under Pressure From Congress Over Allegations of Poisoning Soldiers

California woman put out 6000 pounds of food a month for bears, bears now starving w/o her food

California woman put out 6000 pounds of food a month for bears, bears now starving w/o her food

Someone was looking for that list of 40 or so Dems

Moves Against Off-Shoring Should Be More Than Political Afterthought


Its NOT Democratic Voters That Need to " Buck Up "

Democrats Lead in California

Gibbs should scold the Professional Center one of these days

Canada: Liberals pull even with the Corporate Whories, err, Tories

Student Committed Suicide After Classmates Allegedly Recorded Him In Gay Sexual Encounter?

Privatizing Public Libraries

To all who are going to DC this weekend-Good Luck, have a great time, and

Fewer young Americans getting married, report finds

M$NBC Live chat with Chuck Todd, ask your questions

Dennis Miller to host fundraiser for nutcase Sharron Angle

Tea Party Coloring Book Prompts Death Threats

Torture warnings pushed aside for Britain to join US in 'war on terror'

Choose the lesser of two evils

Choose the lesser of two evils

Pimp O'Keefe 'punk' on CNN reporter Abbie Boudreau blows up in his face

Obama to finally punish torturers!

Obama to finally punish torturers!

Something, something, something, "hippie-punching" something somethig "disappointed"

West Memphis Three case tonight on Anderson Cooper.

In view of the Internet, I think NJ and other states need to update

Birther Goodyear store owner screams at C&L's John Amato when all he wanted was an oil change

Wednesday TOON roundup #1 :Pledge to screw america again

Wednesday TOON roundup #2 : Not this #### again

Sanford Health gives $10 million to Bison Sports Arena renovation

Americans Want to Work Act, for 99ers, Fails in Senate-thank the rethugs, again

I simply don't believe that the Teabaggers have

Nobody's Hiring, Money Is Tight, People Aren't Spending, We're In An Economic Recession .......

Webster raises off Grayson attack

George W. Bush Begins Meddling in Public Education

New Ad Hits Vitter on Prostitute Scandal

Polish skinhead couple discovers they are Jewish & clean up their act.

Higher Consciousness Won't Save Us

Richard Trumka: Whose America Is That?

too little, too late: BP crack downs on safety in major shake-up

Developer: No plans to move Islamic prayer center

brian williams and nbc are MOTHERFUCKERS!

‘Worship Satan’ Spray-Painted On St. Louis Mosque In Second Act Of Vandalism In As Many Weeks

Anyone else following the Stuxnet infestation story beyond the headlines?

WV Governor Joe Manchin Won’t Vote To Repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Until Study Is Certified

LA Times: Whitman has some explaining to do

The media has been cheerleading for the Republicans since I can remember

GM maize 'has polluted rivers across the United States'

Pat Boone - Cock-In-A-Box

Pilots vs. Indignities at the Airports, Midland FBI Spying, Snitching on Your ‘Terrorist Neighbor,’

Let's talk about November for a moment, shall we?

WOW!!! Excellent news for Democrats in new batch of polls, inlc: Lisa pulling about even w/Miller

LePage: I'd tell Obama to 'go to hell'

Grayson Trails in Florida

Prepare to be a victim in the next terrorist attack....or prepare for battle?

President Obama’s Address to the Nation – November 3, 2010

Autistic boy, 12, died after two teenagers 'deliberately torched house

Obama gives Stewart's rally a boost

Obama gives Stewart's rally a boost

STONING As Capital Punishment--In Grayson Flap--Webster Tied To Christian Reconstructionism

Obama makes his first appointment to the US DC Circuit Court, SCOTUS training ground

Why the US doesn't talk to Iran

GOP jurist nabbed for handing his nuts to unsuspecting women

Public reaction to white male vs black male stealing a bike

If You Were Offered 2/3 of Your Current Salary

Meg is lying through her lips

So where's the message? Where's the platform? Where's the substance?

President Obama gave a great speech in Madison and said what needed to be said.

NY Judge Finds Nothing Private About Facebook Postings

Big Trouble on Horizon for Republicans: Their Primaries Fail to Draw Non-white Voters

Amy Goodman: FBI Raids and the Criminalization of Dissent

FL school board member demands that charters account for kids sent back to public schools.

NOW delivers 1,500 rubber nipples to Alan Simpson

Another good love gone bad....

'Slavery' uncovered on trawlers fishing for Europe

Roseville police: Mom faked kid's leukemia in $7,000 scam

FU Yahoo Mail .... Sending All Obama Messaages to Spam Folder.

With my cancer, I was first to use capabilities being refined for wounded soldiers in the field

The Tea Party members are similar to which of the following?

Crony Capitalism: Wall Street’s Favorite Politicians

Why don't the Illinois Democrats ram through instant run-off voting in state elections?

Why don't the Illinois Democrats ram through instant run-off voting in state elections?

Barbara Streisand - Stop, Think, Breathe

the religious knowledge quiz

Why are republican controlled states seeing double digit population growth

How has your personal financial situation changed since 1/1/2010?

DU This Poll for Jerry Brown Tonight. Please?

Using The Christine O'Donnell Standard, How Many Schools Have You Attended?

pic of my friends son meeting president Obama at Kirtland AFB

CALIFORNIA: Bullied Gay Teen Seth Walsh Dies Nine Days After Hanging Himself

CNN details media darling James O’Keefe’s latest bizarre stunt

Was O'Keefe planning to drug that reporter and have her raped?

Incredible: Man & 17 foot Crocodile- - 20 year "pet" friendship

The real reason autoworkers got the shaft: GMAC's mortgage losses

A Very Excited Obama Fan

What if everyone had Medicare?

If you want us to "Buck Up" get rid of your BushCo fuk-ups...

Why does the media still use the word 'taped' in describing digital recordings?

After a month, she was still there, HIGH 5's this time

The grandson of the alleged assassin of Huey Long is a Dr in my hometown...

Over 250K sign pledge to boycott ‘Homo Depot’

Over 250K sign pledge to boycott ‘Homo Depot’

"The worst Tea Party downside one can imagine is the appearance of a Leader..."

The Actual O'Keefe Papers

Rove-affiliated, billionaire-backed committee pours $247K into Marco Rubio's coffers in Florida

Rove-affiliated, billionaire-backed committee pours $247K into Marco Rubio's coffers in Florida

BP Whistleblower "they've just been covering it up-There's oil Everywhere"

Who/What Is the most Powerful Force in Controlling our Gov't?

Mad As Hell Doctors Rally for Single Payer This Friday in Burbank

O.M.G. Anderson Cooper to gay-bashing Assistant Attorney General of MI: "Are you a bigot?"

Report: Student secretly taped having sex kills self

IMO Brown clearly won the CA GOV debate against Whitman.

Deadly force used against bacon, egg and cheese sandwich thief

Did the serfs in the late Middle Ages feel toward their ruling class as we now do toward ours?


BREAKING NEWS: Report of Mass Voter Fraud in Houston full of holes.

Glenn Beck vs. Fox News: 'Tension' Between Beck & Network

The Pew Religious Knowledge Quiz they've been talking about

Accomplishments of the "Bubble-Headed Blonde"

2009 income gap in the US highest on record

Take Back Our Rodeo Drive: Pat Boone Helps Launch 'Beverly Hills Tea Party'

Let's rock: Bush Recession finally ENDS, Market RALLIES, Stimulus WORKS

A problem to be solved

Hail to technocracy! How I learned to keep worrying, yet love Obama

"A blindfold, fuzzy handcuffs": CNN's Boudreau details alleged O'Keefe plan to "seduce me on a boat

Any guys here had prostate biopsy?

Oh, have I found a way to needle repugs......

WH spokesman praises Olbermann, Maddow as 'invaluable'

Instead of WHINING about the base, start a REAL CAMPAIGN to motivate voters.

WTF? Of 37 Senate polls, 12 are RV (Dem 47.8 - Rep 41.1) and 25 LV (Dem 38.6 - GOP 51.6) - x

Meg Whitman you *#)%ing HYPOCRITE. Did you think we were all that stupid??!!

Governor Schwarzenegger vetoes bill to ban shackling of pregnant female prisoners

Another major city caves in; ends tenure pay scheme; starts pay for student perfomance

Another major city caves in; ends tenure pay scheme; starts pay for student perfomance

Bullying of gay kids is a bit different than other kinds of bullying

The rich don't pay, they leave - John Stossel

GOP lawmakers want to exclude gay students from anti-bullying bill

James O'Keefe EPIC FAIL, tries to make "sting video" about seducing reporter, gets caught

Income inequality in US is greater than in ANY other western democracy

Income inequality in US is greater than in ANY other western democracy

Cenk Uygur @ HuffPo: Obama Scapegoats His Own Voters

"Obama and Biden don't understand their own base"

Keep sharp, people. The correct term is TEABAGGERS.

6 year old Alexis gets a surprise lunchtime visitor - pics

6 year old Alexis gets a surprise lunchtime visitor - pics

Why doesn't organized labour blackmail the Obama Administration to turn against Charter Schools?

Should it be illegal to have several wives (or hubs) as long as they all know about each other?

What is going on with the suicide of gay youth

Matt Taibbi has a new piece out in Rolling Stone. As Taibbi is a must-read...

POVERTY 101 --what needs to be understood by all.

Stoning women to death? Where's the outrage about THIS?

Mr. President, if you want us to buck up, it is time for you to man up.

Mr. President, if you want us to buck up, it is time for you to man up.

MoveOn: Russ Feingold could lose in November

Hello, my name is David. I'm one of the administrators here on Democratic Underground.

U.S. has imposed sanctions on Iran based on human rights abuses

A Source Watch profile: Americans for Prosperity

wife is gonna wreck me..I mean she wrecked update

Second reality show contestant (Hell's Kitchen) commits suicide

la divina tragedia ~Makyoku~ by JIMANG

How much do you think this is worth?

PIC:Thanks Obama for coming to New Mexico

The House prepares to chip away at Bush-era secrecy

Well, it worked out just fine.

Baby, be mine

OK, say you're going to travel to some of the cooler parts of Europe this

If Democrats Hold Back Republicans, Thank Early Voters

some bugs and flowers

{Sen}. Whitehouse Bill Clarifies Oil Spill Victims’ Right to Sue

Strickland & Kasich neck and neck in OH

So, I have been offered a new job...MAYBE

4 cats!

E-mail from a computer novice

Gaps (cartoon)

Obama's right - we must go slow on repealing DADT

So how about those Dems who don't want to campaign with Obama?

The O'Donnald show composed a riddle.

Billy Carter book from 1977 a real "time capsule" piece

No news is good news.

Do a google image search for "biggest asshole in rock"


Old Spice Parody - Not for the Christian faithful

Truest song ever written.

Bare-Naked Lady - My Vacation at a Nudist Camp

Come on... Vote "Well" now on POLL

another great band...

Sex toys go prime time!

The chilly wasp.

I saw Barack Obama's motorcade go by the same spot I tabled to make him President

got any good advice, making apple cider for the first time

Choosing my religion

Tiger Woods Fired Up By Rory McIlroy’s Comments

Should California be more like Texas??


Happy 75th birthday, Jerry Lee Lewis! Here's a link to The Killer's

Remember when Obama showed up in Kucinich's district to get him to vote for the health care bill?

Titus Andronicus - The Monitor...have ye heard this album?

Oh, lemme think, he is not supposed to sleep, he is Superman, he

Without looking it up can YOU name the lead singer of the band "Boston"?

Series question: I "Switched to Large Fonts" at DU & my fonts View hasn't been the same since

Why Does Anderson Cooper Think PNAC Hatemonger Frank Gaffney Deserves Some Air Time?

Today's endless kitteh

Advocacy Groups Buy Spanish-Language Ads Attacking GOP on Immigration

Anyone see the CA. Governors debate

U.S. development community welcomes Obama policy (updated)

Hi, I'm MrScorpio and I'm a Scorpio

So I put a CFL in my lava lamp.

Fan made opening to The Walking Dead - Dope!

How old are these people? (Quiz)

DNC: Republicans Talking, Democrats Solving

Sharron the hypocrite

I believe that now that Feingold decided to get close to Obama, he will beat Ron Johnson

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

ATA is coming back!

Ohio Governor: Strickland surging in CBS Poll--tied among likely voters/ up by 5 with registered

"Everything that you and I have fought for since 2006 is on the line."

Five new house polls (CA-44, FL-22, MI-07, WVA-03, WI-07

With early voting in 26 states, one would almost have to go out of their way not to vote.

We've given our selections for the biggest assholes in rock music.

MD Gov: O'Malley (D) 52 - Ehrlich (R) 41 - Picking up more steam

The Republican Plan for America

President Obama coming to Richmond today

NBC Poll: More see economy improving in next year

Obama as Comeback Kid Just Needs Weaker Dollar: Simon Johnson

PPP/Daily Kos Poll--Denish (D) Trailing NM Governor race

I'm amazed she can still speak through all of this.

What's your sign?

Spoon vs Spoon

3 new polls out showing Strickland within 1-2 points, so (R)asmussen has a new poll disputing it

I apologize for bringing this to your attention.

PPP IL Senate: Kirk (R) 40% Giannoulias (D) 36% Jones (G) 8% Labno (L) 3%

Deleted by opie!

You can watch the Brown/Whitman debate replay here:

NBC Poll: Obama approval rating at 46% (+1) disapproval 49% (no change) Dems gaining '10 races

Seriously, why do you think Democrats are behind in the polls?

Ohio Governor--4 polls indicate big comeback for Strickland

How bad was John Lennon' s eyesight? Opticians, optometrists, etc., and other DU'ers--please

Any idea how to teach a dog to speak?

Things Republicans Hate

*3* ---'Deadliest Catch' stars quit Discovery show

LA Senate: Rep. Charlie Melancon unleashes prostitution attack on Vitter

George Lucas is FURTHER milking the Star Wars franchise...

BTW, Feingold was at the Obama rally in Madsion last night! Gets last laugh on pundits

Dems have edge over GOP on money, candidates and ideas (Howard Dean)

Oxford isn't the only University that O'Donnell is lieing about...

FL Dems go on attack against Crist--ad reminding voters of his past as a partisan Republican

Irony in Obama's comments on Sidwell vs. D.C. schools

Ezra Klein: Did Jim DeMint just take over the Senate?

Derek and the Dominoes - Live 1970

My look at the Governor Races--Dems appear to be gaining ground


Anyone watch Detroit 1-8-7? What did you think?

Republicans Block Kerry, Durbin, Casey Bill to Save Jobs for Working Families

Baseball---Ken Burns------PBS

Uh oh. Stage Four Obama Derangement Syndrome

Can the "frustrated" block understand why the White House and others are frustrated with them?

Democrats, Obama divided over whether to lock in Bush’s tax cuts

If you could only have one glass of wine a night when and how would you have it?

I just came within a hair's breadth of having my identity stolen

McCain/Glassman... is it odd that I can't get a poll more recent than 9/7?

My look at the Senate Races

Semi-off topic : Whitman and a DU chatroom

KY Senate--Conway goes after Paul on Medicare in new ad

Joe Miller Failed To File Personal Finance Disclosure As Required By Law, Could Face $50,000 Fine

Dems' bill would help more small businesses than extending tax cuts for rich

Ethical problem: Should he give up his seat to the woman and her dog?

Typographer Matthew Carter wins 2010 MacArthur Prize!

Why is the media pushing the "Enthusiasm Gap" narrative in a vacuum?

O'Donnell's groups -- who pays for them?

Is this perverted?

Takeaway from today's speech

PPP--NC Senate: Burr (R) 49% Marshall (D) 36%

To my coworker: Go to hell.

Are there any online places where you can just take notes so you don't

Joe Conason: Lies of the Tea Party

Remember Sestak's devastating ads showing Specter being praised by Bush?

Plouffe: "If the Republican Party believes that Sarah Palin is their savoir, more power to them."

"Al Qaeda 'senior commander' Abdallah Umar al-Qurayshi killed in NATO strike."

Everytning you wanted to know about prostate biopsy but were afraid to ask.

Meg Whitman's Housekeeper: Undocumented

Obama speaking in VA NOW!

Good stuff - Brown / Whitman (CA Gov. race) debate live now :

Pocket card 'Pledge to America' aka 'Wish List of Corporate America'

**** Heads Up: POTUS Holds Discussion about the Economy, Live 11:15EDT ****

The "Punch a Hippie" Strategy is a ruse and it will backfire

More Good News: TeaBagger Asshat Paul LePage now a point DOWN in latest Maine poll.

Gone Crazy

Obama Consumer Finance Czar to Address Bankers

Enthusiasm Gap Closing

Check this Daily Show Clip Out regarding how the Republicans Recycle the same Garbage

WI Rally: "WE LOVE YOU..."

Feingold says enthusiasm gap is a myth (updated)

Who's Motivated for DEMS TO WIN?!

Meg Whitman's Housekeeper -- 'Explosive' Allegations (TMZ)

The funniest Obama T-shirt ever (From China)

Is Obama's Presidency over?

WSJ/NBC Poll: President Clinton Gets Top Popularity Rating

DSCC CO Senate Poll: Bennet (D) 48% Buck (R) 46%

I think the left leaning blogosphere just got punked.

(R)asmussen Poll--NV Senate: Reid (D) 48% Angle (R) 47%

Time/CNN Poll IL Governor: Quinn (D) is back in the game

The President in Madison Wisconsin

Obama gives Stewart's rally a boost

So sue me, I have concerns -- about Colbert's 10/30 rally --

Luke Russert pimping hard for the R's on MSNBC how not voting to extend Bush tax cuts will hurt Dems

Did I ever have a fun day today. Besides the profuse bleeding part, of course.

WooHoo! Ask the Administrator forum is coming back! What question will you ask the admin

WooHoo! Ask the Administrator forum is coming back! What question will you ask the admin

Big Ed: I will NEVER stop my attack on Governor Christy

With a month to go until the midterms, those who whine & walk around with hurt feelings. . .

Have to take a drug test: should I use the hilarious "I didn't even study" joke on them?

Five Facts about Linda McMahon

Nils Lofgren, "Keith Don't Go," live @ Rockpalast

Post 5 entertainment items (music, movies, books) that you have enjoyed recently

Would SOMEONE please explain to me why ANYONE would spend

I may be making the worst mistake of my life...


I think the Huffington Post perfectly proves Pres. Obama's point tonight...

Anyone else here a Tosh.0 fan?

This is beyond awesome.

PA- GOV race written off by naysayers now roars back to life

Republicans don't believe in the common good

Makes you wonder how FDR survived

In your head, how old are you?

The Dem. groups hosting the Oct. 2nd "One Nation Working Together" rally are doing a LOUSY job

Frum: Do Voters Realize What TARP Saved?

CNN on Madison Rally: Rally lacked 'wild excitement' of '08--LIARS

So we just received the Library policy for my son's school

That whole enthusiasm thing...

Favorite rejected Dune sequel?

Something about this picture just wasn't RIGHT, but it took me a LONG time...

New CNN polls of LIKELY voters show Democratic surge ACROSS the board with AK dead heat just for fun

There is something seriously WRONG behind this caption...

The lady in the pink pajamas

How not to sing the national anthem

Comedian Greg Giraldo is dead at 44

GOP nominee for Gov of ME refuses to apologize for Obama "go to hell" comment

and down goes Whitman!!!! She canned Illegal Housekeeper of years to Campaign

Perspective on Democratic party unity

I just took a check to the post office - man what a shock!

(R)asmussen Poll--FL Senate: Rubio (R): 41% Crist (I) 30% Meek (D) 21%

The Horribly Slow Death with the Incredibly Inefficient Weapon

Come to Ontario!

SARS! AVAIN FLU! BED BUGS! Are you afraid of getting bed bugs this year?

Anybody Live near the Grand Canyon?

News roundup: U.S. Census finds record income gap between rich and poor

(Moscow Mayor) Luzhkov Fired Over 'Loss of Confidence'

Generals in Pakistan Push for Shake-Up of Government

Republicans seeking tax benefits for cable, oil companies

Ponte Vedra man admits millions in bribes to U.N., foreign agents

GOP allies blitzing Democrats with campaign ads

Obama lights a fire under UW-Madison supporters at rally

Barack Obama under fire for grossly underestimating Gulf oil spill

Africa: Elimination of Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission Possible - Children's Fund

Santa Clara County supervisors vote to opt out of Secure Communities program

Governor (Schwarzenegger) vetoes bill to reject Texas curriculum

Continent of Fear: The Rise of Europe's Right-Wing Populists

IMF boss sees low risk of 'currency war'

Judge blocks Thursday night execution (of Albert Greenwood Brown)

Abercrombie fined over immigration rules; Retailer didn't verify employment eligibility

Poll: Battle for Congress tightens between parties

Researchers: One-Fifth of Earth’s Plant Life Under Threat of Extinction

Sharron Angle spokeswoman condemns her candidate’s ad on immigration

Unions count on 100,000 protesters at EU

Iran nuclear plant hit by two-month delay: official

Chilean miners may be freed a month early

Britain suffered defeat in Iraq, says US general

BP vows to boost safety, ousts exploration chief

Fox primary: complicated, contractual

Former US president Bill Clinton arrives in Londonderry

EU to launch proceedings against France over Roma

Webster raises off Grayson attack

Fmr. Housekeeper to Sue Meg Whitman for 'Suffering,' report

Alleged Discrimination Rocks N.Y. Waterways

World Leader Indicted For Role In Financial Crisis, First Case Of Its Kind

The Suspicious Tale Of The Arizona Deputy Shot By Drug Smugglers

Arnold Schwarznegger [sic] blasts Koch Brothers and big oil

US banks and regulators 'fail' to cut money laundering ("billions of dollars are slipping through")

Economists, Activists Call for Major IMF Overhaul

Baron Hill: 'Boot us out' in two years if there's no gain on economy

Gloria Allred alleges Meg Whitman knowingly employed an undocumented worker in her home for 9 years

Dutch coalition deal involving Wilders takes shape

Obama: Republicans Haven't Been Honest

Major earthquake hits near Indonesia; tsunami possible

Bob Dold's "primary residency" in question

Pakistan dismisses Qaeda terror plot report

J.P. Morgan suspending some foreclosures: reports

U.S. to announce human rights sanctions against Iran

Poll: Conn. governor's race now a dead heat

War-crimes probe of Staff Sgt. Calvin Gibbs reveals grisly allegations

Prosecutor: Obama's election spark plug for Turnidge duo's deadly bombing act

House Passes Bill to Impose Tariffs on Chinese Goods

Boxer, Fiorina plan public radio debate Wednesday

Gates, Buffett host banquet for China's super rich

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday September 29

Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman go head-to-head

European cities hit by anti-austerity protests (Demonstrations & strikes across Europe)

'Explosive allegations' to be leveled against Whitman

Sen. Mary Landrieu resists pressure to release hold on appointment (Jacob Lew)

Maine gov. candidate: I'd tell Obama to go to hell

Bob Dold's Residency Problem: 'Lifelong Resident' Of IL-10 Was Gone For 20 Years

(California) State attorney general seeks federal order to execute rapist-murderer

US Congress delays vote on Cuba travel ban

Media watchdog: Iraqi forces attacking journalists

Arthur Penn, Director of ‘Bonnie and Clyde,’ Is Dead

EPA delays pollution rule in Florida

Union Vote Begins for Delta Flight Attendants (20,000)

Emanuel to kick off mayoral campaign with city "listening tour"

UPDATE: Police say no charges in death of gay 13-year-old

House Passes 9/11 Workers Health Bill

Comedian Greg Giraldo Is Dead

Army's largest base reeling from four apparent suicides in one weekend

Fake pimp from ACORN videos tries to 'punk' CNN correspondent

Rand Paul part of AAPS doctors' group airing unusual views

Whitman employed illegal immigrant, campaign says

Rutgers freshman is presumed dead in suicide after roommate broadcast gay sexual encounter online

CIA acts on fear of al-Qaeda plot to hit in Europ e

Water map shows billions at risk of 'water insecurity'

EU takes legal action against France over Roma

Mr. President, thanks.

Tom White for Congress Ad: Closer

Beck taps avowed exorcist as Tea Party spiritual leader

Does morality exist? Some interesting thoughts

"Hands Off" (ad by Rep. Debbie Halvorson, D-Illinois)

US using virus to attack Iran

Taylor Mali - What Teachers Make

KO's Worst Person In The World : Sharron Angle

Jon Stewart interviews Billo The Clown & Bonus After View

President Obama Madison Wisconsin Rally Speech Parts 2, 3, & 4

Rachel Maddow's segment regarding Obama's Rally in Wisconsin Today

Democratic Governors Association Launches First Ever Campaign in Texas with new attack ad - Yipee!

Rachel Maddow Anti-government conservatives pols attack America from within

Atheists Excel in Religious Knowledge

Borderline News: Launch Episode! A comedy show about Texas politics...come laugh with us

Young Turks: Proof The Bush Tax Cuts Failed Miserably

James O'Keefe attempts to get CNN Reporter on a Palace of Pleasure

President Obama Madison Wisconsin Rally Speech

30% of residents surveyed from Louisiana to FL said health

Freedom vs. Security

Charlie Crist: In his own words

TV Spot on Rick Scott: "Trust"

Rachel Maddow- The ad Democrats need to win

CBS: 'Nuremberg - It's Lesson For Today' Restored & Rereleased

TYT: Cenk, Obama give us the change you promised.

Weird Liberal Head Show #177: Fired Up, Ready to Go!

Ed Schultz: Jim DeMint is Drunk With Power

Brown-Whitman Debate 9/29/10: Meg stresses importance of only hiring documented workers

Dangers Lurk Beneath the Surface of Gulf of Mexico

Florida Dems out with new ads for Sink "Integrity"

Arizona Deputy Alleged Shooting Hits Mainstream Media.

Michigan Asst. AG Out Of Order?

Vitter - - > Forgotten Crimes

Young Turks: GOP Kills Welfare-To-Work Extension - Why?

Russ Rallies Madison

Papantonio: Chris Christie - The Republican Predator

Dirty Oil Story: Tar Sands Frontier

.... and enter Gloria Allred- Meg Whitman's undocumented worker press conf. (5:50)

TYT: White House To Blame Base For Losses

OneNation Rally Puts Bekkk Into A Jealous Rage

TYT: Republicans Kill Anti-Outsourcing Bill

All four members of Project Gulf Impact were in hospital after

Schwarzenegger tackles big oil in CA

60 Second Martian (#3): Disaffected Democrats

Lawrence O'Donnell: Penn Gillette Takes Pew Religion Survey

AC360 - Mich. Asst. Attorney General Andrew Shirvell Targets Gay Student Chris Armstrong

TYT: Cenk on Dylan Ratigan, rants about the White House dissing critics (esp. on health care)

CNN's Abbie Boudreau Explains How Vile Sleazebag James O'Keefe Was Going To Try And "Punk" Her & CNN

Foreclosure funny business

Obama's Message to Base: 'Buck Up, Or Get Fucked Up'

Continent of Fear: The Rise of Europe's Right-Wing Populists

Are Obama’s Hands Tied?

Neocon Frank Gaffney Branches Out

Dinesh D’Souza’s poison (Secular Right)

James Powers and the murky world of 'Top Secret America'

Robert Scheer: The Big Guy’s On Our Side

America aping Britain’s decline through free trade

Traumatic Brain Injury — Football, Warfare, and Long-Term Effects (New Eng Jour Med)

What if Everyone Had Medicare?

America's Most Expensive ZIP Codes

Canada wants US war-resisters to stay.

Shadowy GOP Group with Roots in VA Targets S.C. Dem

Sharron Angle, the Elusive Everywoman

Stoned while driving: USA Today prints the same Bullsh*t

GOP, U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Beat Back Bill To Combat Outsourcing

AlterNet: Corporate Mortgage Scams Threaten to Crash an Already Shaky Housing Market

Senator Ted Kaufman, Exit Interview, "The System is So Awful.."

A Step Backward: Obama Administration Lacked Backbone in Response to Honduras Coup d’État

A Convenient Truth: Gearing Up For Climate Change Could Supercharge Job Market (HuffPo)

US scientists find potentially habitable planet near Earth

I'll Quit Whining When You Start Fighting

America's War on Drugs; Would Surrender Be So Bad?

Mass rabies vaccinations under way in Bali

And Tomorrow's Winners Will Be... (WSJ)

Drumbeat: September 29, 2010

Russia as a raw materials appendage to China?

Norway concerned by power supply ahead of winter

Japan reacts over rare earths ban

South Africa: Water crisis mounting

Family's Water Still Burns in West Milford (WV)

80% of world's population's water sources under "high levels of threat"

More Than One-Fifth of World's Plants Face Threat of Extinction, New Analysis Finds

Biggest construction project in China since Great Wall: $62 billion aqueduct for Beijing

China's Ling Ao Unit 2 Nuclear Reactor Begins Commercial Operations.

Science Daily - Shellfish Growth Dramatically Stunted As Acidity Increases, PNAS Study Shows

Car's Body Could Work As A Battery

Royal Society's climate change guide cuts confusion out of the hard science

Schwarzenegger Blasts Oil Companies

Are the Bengals the worst 2-1 team in the NFL?

Hu's on third?


The Reds clinched the NL Central tonight

The "complisult" -- half-compliment, half-insult

*****College Football: Week 5*****

The Nine Corrupt Gang of 66 Democrats block tomorrow's vote on H.R. 4645

Colombia: peace community faces new threats

US Congress delays vote on Cuba travel ban

A Step Backward: Obama Administration Lacked Backbone in Response to Honduras Coup d’État

Former congressman arrested for 'parapolitics' .

Supreme Court fails to elect prosecutor general for 23rd time

Brazil gun buyback program to become permanent

Those on driving tour of Cuba 'should take heed of local laws'

United States Cuba Relations: The Berman Fiasco - HR 4645

US academics write letter of protest against Uribe .

US funds Colombian Access to Justice program

Chilean miners may be freed a month early

Castro blames the United States for restraining Chávez's triumph

Robbery suspects shot dead by N.C. Pizza Hut worker

Jury: Officers justified in fatally shooting Erik Scott outside Summerlin Costco

Elderly Woman Shoots 12-Year-Old Boy who was Constantly Harassing Her

Elderly Woman Shoots 12-Year-Old Boy ...

Recent Safety Concerns at the University of Virginia

Jelly Belly To NOM: Get Lost!

Seen this?

Music Video- Pag - The Lady Is Dead

As a gay man I want to say I find this picture very sexy...

It's happened again...Bullied Gay Teen Seth Walsh Dies Nine Days After Hanging Himself

Prayers/Vibes for videotaped student Tyler Clementi & his family and justice to find his tormentors

Assistant Attorney General Harasses Gay College Student

Christianists Discover "It Gets Better" - Video response from one vile piece of shit

Mistrial For Murder Music Reggae Star Buju Banton

Concorde landing gear

Very cool "3D" panoramic photography

Army publication: Settlers heavily overrepresented among IDF commanders

Riots Grip East Jerusalem

A One-to-Two-State Solution

Houseboat community in Sausalito

Palestinian Group Sells Out To The Lobby

Mearsheimer Warns Of Apartheid In Israel

Waterfront tour, part 4: The Wave Decks (moderate dial-up warning)

Political learnings for make benefit of understanding glorious nation of Israel

Images of sum of the largest clouds yet seen on Titan by Cassini! And in the equatorial region too!

Massive volcano 'wiped out the Neanderthals ?

At AFL-CIO convention, Dayton pledges to be a 'jobs governor'

Today in Labor History Sept 28 More than 300 IWW leaders were arrested that protested the war

Anatomy of a typical telephone conversation

Interesting article on construction of James Webb Space Telescope

Ultrafast Laser Pulse Makes Desktop Black Hole Glow

Bronze Age teenager buried at Stonehenge had travelled to the site from the Mediterranean

New Earth-like planet in 'Goldilocks zone' discovered

Anyone see this cartoon on Mormon Religion.

An Immodest Proposal

Does anyone here use Google calendar?

Will I ever learn?

Hugs to First Light

I will be posting a mediacl update after my follow up visit this Monday