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Archives: September 28, 2010

Small-Town Mayor Stoned To Death In Western Mexico

Curious side effect of changing citizenship laws.

Left Behind in Iraq, State Dept. Will be Forced to Rely on Contractors Instead of Defense Dept.

Left Behind in Iraq, State Dept. Will be Forced to Rely on Contractors Instead of Defense Dept.

Does Anybody Know What Olberman Was Talking About Regarding The Senate And The Lame Duck Session ???

'Tis only a flesh wound!' Axelrod predicts Republicans will blink on tax cuts

Role Models

"They had a choice, keep the teachers or the programs"

The National to "open" for Obama at UW Madison tomorrow

CNN Report: UFO activity reported by military personnel near Nuclear test and storage sites

DU put Gov. Strickland over the top on this poll please! We don't need Fox News John Kasich here!

Republicans, Leukemia Team Up To Repeal Health Care Law (The Onion)

Morgan Stanley Said to Freeze Hiring at Investment Bank for Rest of Year

GROUP PHOTO: Sharon Angle, Christine O'Donnell, Joe Miller, Rand Paul, and other teabag candidates

Ann Coulter...gays have civil rights because they can get married, but not to someone of the

Skank of America

wtf???? C.I.A. Steps Up Drone Attacks Within Pakistan

Biden on O'Donnell's show: a class act

Join the movement! The only thing missing is 'u'! - pic

Mexico is also facing it's issues with education

Regarding Mr. Ruelas

Ralph Nader now supports the Democrats/Still opposes the GOP Tea Party

Dear moderates

Dear moderates

The Well KNOWN Scientific Journal the Book of Genesis

Former Sidewell school parent: Some public schools are better

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

NYT: Secret funding for pro-GOP groups

Nevada Senate race may hinge on vote for 'none of these candidates'

Fellow GDP brothers. Please stop bashing the mods because one thread was locked

Teacher initiated reform produces kick ass results!

LOL, China puts tariff on US imports

Foolish Interview of the Year: Renee Ellmers, North Carolina Congressional Candidate

Marco Rubio dances around the question of fiscal responsibility hypocrisy on Face the Nation.

Segway owner dies after falling off river cliff

Official count: Indy UAW Local 23 rejects negotiation w/ JD Norman 457-96

What about the FBI's possible material support of terrorism?

Wall Street Donors Stop Digging Deep For Democrats

After committing to ‘Net Neutrality’, Rep. Waxman pushes bill to kill it

This is lovely, right wingers attacking KIDS trying to learn online

Biden To Democratic Base: 'Stop Whining'

GM vote means plant will close its doors

They're not here, they're not coming

Whether or not you believe in UFO's, this is worth reading.

BROWN v WHITMAN CA Gubernatorial DEBATE! Tuesday, Sept. 28th at 6 PM Pacific. Links inside!

Pilot who took photos of naked boys had obsession with circumcision

Obama Admin pumps out rightwing BS about education, but "forgets" about the impact of poverty

Bought and paid for (politicians, fake charities, etc.)

Replace the War System: Why and How

There is no Segway after this

There is no Segway after this

There is no Segway after this

The DoD And Personality Disorders - Same As It Ever Was

Fatal error in the fog of battle

LA columnist blames union head for teacher's suicide

Tom Joad Gave Up.... David Brooks

Why in the hell are we so scared of China?

After nearly a century, a modern Afghan railroad is under construction

The one thing I have noticed since Obama became President

Joe Biden on Last Word. Go Joe. also excessive tech coolness

Little Crappy Ships In The News Again

Today was the hottest day ever recorded in Los Angeles

Aren't the US's public schools the tenth or so best in the world?

The United States Isn't The Only One Killing Children In Afghanistan

Northrop Grumman workers in El Segundo and Redondo Beach brace for cuts

FDL: Rahm to Leave White House By End of Week; Gutierrez Attacks Him on Immigration

American Enterprise institute: Is Freedom's Price Too High for the Right?

UTLA says ranking was a contributing factor in teacher's suicide

UTLA says ranking was a contributing factor in teacher's suicide

Another Zany Idea For Afghan National Army

Government Seeks Back Door Into All Our Communications

Military Recruiters Continue To Assault Females

Slowpoke Toon: The other Senate Ban!

As a Union Member and "Professional Left" Progressive, I wish to say..."SUCK IT, RAHM!"

I can't help looking at this toon and thinking of another family

Coach Moons Crowd, riot ensues

What fresh hell is this?

ABJ Editor - We're apparently NOT letting corporations off the hook ENOUGH . . .

Meet the new White House chief of staff ...

Prosecutors paint soldier Morlock as 'eager participant' during war crimes hearing

Downtown Los Angeles bakes at record 113 degrees

Airlines: Why should we refund bag check fees if we lose your luggage? Sh*t happens.

14-year-old girl 'killed man accused of sex assault'

14-year-old girl 'killed man accused of sex assault'

Fake general: It was free speech, not fraud

Eugene Robinson: The Ironies of Bishop Long

United Nations appoint space ambassador as first contact for aliens visiting Earth

November's elections has me thinking about diversity in 2010:

Biden to Base:

GOP stars put Fox News in dicey spot

Did anyone else watch "Dancing with the Stars" last night?

What am I missing with the tax cut issue? Do democrats want to lose in November?

What's Long, Hard, and Wrapped in a "Wal-Mart Tarp"?

DA: Bishop Long tried to have burglary charges dropped

FYI - Sarah Palin was NOT boo'd last night. It was over those dancer's score

Before Colbert there was...

Captain bipartisan proclaims we are "irresponsible" and judges us "inexcusable". Link to article.

Atheists, agnostics most knowledgeable about religion, survey says

Over 500 Protesters in Minneapolis Slam FBI Repression of Anti-War and International Solidarity Acti

U.S. defends Pakistan incursion as 'self-defense'

Student Ranking Overrated/Over-hyped?

Shots fired at University of Texas campus

Profiles in Timidity (Dems and tax cut vote)

Just IGNORE Joe Biden and all the rest of them

Republicans block subpeona power for BP investigation.

Stay Safe UT Students/Staff -- Gunman at University of Texas Library (PCL)

Did Webster really say "wife must submit to her husband"?

WaPo's Sargent: The Hill's "Comically misleading link-baiting headline of the day" to smear Kerry

FOX News Laura Ingle laments the departure of Rahm

Republicans Block Oil Spill Commission From Having Subpeona Powers

LAT: Atheists, agnostics most knowledgeable about religion, survey says

Can someone point out in the following article where Biden refers to "liberal base"?

*Hippie Punching* started w/ REAGAN

Yikes, here we go again (or not, hopefully)

Yikes, here we go again (or not, hopefully)

Tell the FCC: Don't let large corporations write their own rules

LOL so Palin got booed on Dancing with the Stars? I would have loved to hear her reaction. . .

Fewer CEOs See Sales, Hiring Gains in Business Roundtable's Economic Index

Remember the excuse? "Gibbs didn't scold the base. He attacked the professional left. Its different"

After one show what's the verdict, will "The Last Word" make it?

Atheists Know More About Religion than Religious People

This Modern World: Conservative Jones' latest case-Why are liberals indifferent?

NJ governor vs. women’s health

On 9/27/34, FDR Had a Word or Two About Rumor Mongers

Armed suspect fires shots, kills himself at University of Texas

Hillary Clinton and State Dept. to Celebrate War Criminal Henry Kissinger, While the White House Rep

I'm sick of the right-wing butthurt over Colbert testifying before Congress.

NY/NJ piers shut down due to labor action

The Redistribution of Wealth (Steal From the Poor, Give to the Rich)

let's have a nice little discussion about the grassroots organizing work we're all doing

A 1,905 page suicide note, with 1,433 footnotes, 20 page bibliography

Fuck you, vote for me.

Join the protests against the FBI raids. ** Call your Senators ***

British Police Create Graphic Anti-Texting Video

Why punting the vote on tax cuts is good politics.

The correct message about "whining:" Hope means being patient

Water Districts: How are they operating in other States?

Fly the Fleecing Skies

Man attacks Elmo; Elmo wins

Confession Video: US Soldier Describes Thrill Kill of Innocent Afghans

Democrats to stuff 20 bills into post-election lame-duck session

Stop whining already!

White Women Dump the Dems

Laurence O"Donnell's show debuting now!

French politician confuses inflation with fellatio

Message from the community Raided by FBI in Minneapolis, we need your help

Can we get those Pubs to explain how their Pledges answer to COUNTRY FIRST?

Was TARP blackmail?

Water Use in Southwest Heads for a Day of Reckoning (NYT)

I have voted every election since 1978 when I turned 18...

Jimmy Carter in hospital

I honestly could not bear another reign of republican arrogance and dumbass ignorance. There are

is it just me, or are there a LOT more suicides in the news lately?

Have you noticed the current GOP theme? Smaller government

Healthcare reform is working.

High court will put audio of every argument on web

Iran unveils squadrons of flying boats

Gruesome news of U.S. Unit Killing Afghan Civilians at Random

The Pledge to Increase the Deficit

The Pledge to Increase the Deficit

Does This Kind Of DU Discussion Really Help...

The elephant that Obama and Lauer ignored: Poverty and student achievement

Church versus Faith

Toles Toon: On the other hand there has been no intellectual property theft

Toles Toon: On the other hand there has been no intellectual property theft

Income gap between rich and poor reaches record; US disparity greatest among Western societies

Income gap between rich and poor reaches record; US disparity greatest among Western societies

Banana Republic 2.0.

Dan Wasserman 'toon - GOP Pledge

Pat Tillman's Brother - I wished he would've just lit those F'in Idiots Up

Lawrence O'Donnell made a point the other day I believe needs addressing.

Attention teabaggers, freepers and other hateful people:

I love Sen. Franken with all my heart

Amtrak Unveils Ambitious Northeast Corridor Plan, But It Would Take 30 Years to be Realized

Toon: John and Mitch, helping the elderly

Morning Joe and corporate ads

WaPo (2007) - "Jeb Bush Rallies Conservatives at Summit" - Not "Lecturing" or "Scolding"? Bias?

Tornado Watch in Effect in New York City Region (2nd in two weeks)

Palin booed at DWTS live on ABC no video yet

Since everyone is so fired up how about this?

Are you part of the base? Take this simple test to find out.

Sara Failin' is guest commentator on DWTS

Liberal Base to Biden, et. al: 'YOU stop whining.'

'Teh Stoopid' at work in GA Gov. race: ethics-challenged Deal leads former Dem. gov. Barnes

OK, kids--time for a little silliness for stress relief. Check out this Fox Noose dress-up game.

Waiting for 'Superman' Review: Are Teachers the Problem?


Jimmy Carter hospitalized for upset stomach

Parents Of Soldier Say They Warned Army About Thrill Kill Sergeant

Operation Recovery – Campaign to STOP redeployment of injured troops

Tornado watch for NY Metro area until 6PM

StanFish says we're just being too mean to the Tea Party

“Pro-Israel” Neocons Go Global

Quixote liberals

Vote or you won't be able to whine after November

All that's missing is a comment from Hillary, "Would you like some cheese with that whine? Losers!"

Energize me: when Rahm leaves, appoint Howard Dean to the job.

Scores missing in Mexico following landslides in Oaxaca

Who is doing the whining?

A game for Wall Street & the SEC

One media source is trying to explain health care reform. Too bad the rest ignore it.

Majority believes Obama isn't responsible for economy

Dear Liberals, Democrats and Independents:

Marriages Hit Record Low

Marriages Hit Record Low

Some US executions held up by shortage of drug

Angle Campaign: Yes, GOPer Benefits From Government Health Care And Pension

Check out Ed Miliband's speech

OMFG - they're advertising Henry rifles

Obama nominates new Assistant Administrator of the US Agency for International Development!!!

How the LA Times Got the Teacher Ratings Wrong: The worst teacher in Los Angeles

Health care didn't go far enough? Not moving fast enough on repealing DADT?. . .

Corporate Execs, GOP Firm Launch Stealth Ballot Campaign Against Georgia Workers’ Rights

Huffpo: Stop the Internet Blacklist (PLEASE READ)

Fired Up Republicans

EXCLUSIVE: Corporate Execs, GOP Firm Launch STEALTH Ballot Campaign AGAINST Georgia Workers’ Rights

China's demolition craze

Chicago Blows it in the final seconds!

"It's about to become very dangerous in this country to be a climate Scientist"

Been wondering 'Just how sorry ass is the media?' This may answer your question

Failin' Palin got booed on DWTS

A populist candidate would say....

Watch this (no clues)

Mike Malloy tears Cheney a new one - damn this is good

Bank/Credit card fraud....

As Goes California...Oregon State Rep: Legalization in 2011 Pending Outcome of Prop 19

Rush got a tatoo?

I'll contribute to any fund established if I get a gavel next to my name.

'Kitchen Nighmares' chef commits suicide, had 'overwhelming personal debt'

Federal Appeals Court Curbs U.S. Rule on Alternative Teacher Certification

Heads-up Florida. INVEST 96L- FLORIDA THREAT

Sarah Palin booed on 'Dancing' set

Why what is this? Republican Kevin Costner testifies before Congress?

I Know Who Joe Biden was Talking About and It Wasn't Me

Skinner: THANKS for taking on Righthaven! And please let us know...

10 Mistakes Job-Seekers Make

student loans are like the mafia and Boehner was part of the setup n/t

Sharron Angle, another anti-government health care zealot who receives government health care

Biden was not totally wrong and here is why I feel that way

Some good news for civil liberties

It is time to remember who we are fighting against

It is time to remember who we are fighting against

Do you believe TeaParty/GOP voters are influenced by simple slogans more than facts or truth because

TSA poster equates photographers with terrorists, press group says

Harry Reid needs to be replaced as Dem Senate leader

Today in Canada's arctic: Landfill fire could burn for months

LA teacher suicide sparks test-score pushback

Fly On The Wall Alert !!! - Obama's Ex-Counsel Reveals White House Tensions (Emanuel/Holder) - BLT

CIA knowingly bought flawed software for drone attacks

Free Republic's get well wishes for hospitalized Jimmy Carter

Stink bugs are "new"...and "newsworthy"?

A Question For My Tea Party Friends

Forget your anger at Obama, Biden, & Senate Dems! Vote in honor of Pelosi and the House!!

NYT: Building a better teacher...

(Supreme) Court rulings boost donors to Republican ads

Any one see THIS REALLY TROUBLING story?

Senate Judiciary, Chaired by Sen. Al Franken, will hold a hearing on Obama judicial nominee Graves

Boehner: "I have never been in a tanning bed or used a tanning product."

The Only Candidate for Congress NOT taking PAC Money (Video)

Rahm can't move back to Chicago home. Tenant won't let him live in basement.

The Rude Pundit: Democratic Candidates Will Win Only By Being Democratic Candidates

House Ethics Republicans Demand Hearings, may be a violation of committee rules

University of California eliminates baseball, 4 other varsity sports

California Man Sues Company That Fired Him For Being Gay, Opposing Prop 8

I am so angry I will show these Democrats

Where's our "mourning in America" answer-ad?

according to bob woodward, petreaus and gates manipulated Obama into sending more troops

Why must people be "enthusiastic" in order to vote?

Canadian court strikes down anti-prostitution laws

Canadian court strikes down anti-prostitution laws

Jann Wenner asks Obama, "What do you think of Fox News?" Obama: (Laughs) "Look, as President..."

Wow. New ad running on GEMNBC saying Obama caused everything wrong in the world.

Las Vegas Sun covers EFF/DU counterclaim against Righthaven

Poll: Extremist 'Tea Party' Represents Minority Fringe Views, As Media Ignore Majority Opinion

Freeper assholes are praying for Jimmy Carter's death. O'Reilly won't be commenting. And yet ...

The Senate Bill which was to ban tax loopholes which benefitted

‘Archie’ Gets Political With Obama and Palin

Texting Bans Fail as U.S. Drivers Ignore Rules, Insurer-Funded Study Says

Activism works.

Join the UN Bicycle Conspiracy!

Jewish group lashes out at Pink Floyd star's 'anti-Semitic' imagery

I think it's the 'Center' they should appeal to.

I think it's the 'Center' they should appeal to.

Fox news headline on Obama's music preferences in Rolling Stone interview

BREAKING: Court rules funding of stem cell research can go on

Bennett TOON- Which is more pathetic?

Are you involved in the Oct. 2 event in D.C & on Facebook? Sibel Edmonds needs

Stephen Colbert conservation effort

SF Chronicle: Teaching interns illegally rated as qualified

Has anyone else noticed that this administration has finally found message discipline?

DUers, I need your help in finishing the design of my short story course for seniors.

Watch for this next ploy from insurance companies/...count on at least one of them trying it.

LIVESTREAM NOW: Obama at the University of Wisconsin's Library Mall

What positive message motivated your vote in the past? What messages will inspire you now and later?

Anybody catch that REPUBLICAN add?

the bottom 20% of earners make 3% of all wages. The top 20% of earners make 50% of all wages.

So I had put on some weight and decided to lose it.

Indy 'Just Cookies' refuses to make rainbow cookies for gay customer..'family values'

If Christine O'Donnell studied at Oxford, as she claimed,

Obama calls Fox "destructive"

teaparty for kids - coloring book?

teaparty for kids - coloring book?

Census finds record gap between US rich and poor

Block leaves AIPAC for Democratic consultancy

None of Dems who will be on my ballot this Nov. have dissed me.

Jack Conway is on Tweety now

Jack Conway is on Tweety now

Were you serious in 2008? Prove it and show up at the polls in 2010.

GOP Catfood Commission members pushing for tax cuts for the wealthy

Biden said we should stop whining because the president kept his promises.

Regence stops selling child-only insurance

I've said it once, but I have to say it again....

Multi-millionaire Jimi Heselden, the owner of Segway Inc. since December 2009, has died after rep

Creepy Start-Up Or Sign Of The Times?

Water forms on the moon.... how weird is that.

When the waters WHAT?

President Obama live in wisconsin....via cspan

Family values: "We hear you and we understand your concerns about . . . . "

News roundup: U.S. Census finds record income gap between rich and poor

Will you vote for Democratic candidates in the November Elections?

"Mourning in America" - only WHITEs & Heteros are true Americans? Bigotted tripe

Obama's "Laboratories of Excellence" Hemorrhaging More Students than "Dropout Factories"

Be prepared: the LA Times is looking for dirt on Ruelas so they can exonerate themselves.

Righthaven v. Democratic Underground, press release today plus links to answer/counterclaim

No-risk tax vote strategy: Dem leaders should have broken the extension bill

All you folks telling me to vote. STOP scolding me! Don't Lecture Me!

All you folks telling me to vote. STOP scolding me! Don't Lecture Me!

LA breaks all time heat record

Feel free to donate to Richard Blumenthal's Senate Campaign.

Anyone watching Jon Stewart?

If you're considering donating to a Democratic senatorial candidate, don't forget Joe Sestak (PA)

If you're considering donating to a Democratic senatorial candidate, don't forget Joe Sestak (PA)

If you're considering donating to a Democratic senatorial candidate, don't forget Joe Sestak (PA)

Cut The Military Budget

Cut The Military Budget

Israel Suspected In Worm Sabotage of Iran's First Nuclear Plant; Spreads To US Plants And Computers

Israel Suspected In Worm Sabotage of Iran's First Nuclear Plant; Spreads To US Plants And Computers

Does earning $10/hour 40hr/wk put one at the poverty level?

What should the Democrats have done that wasn't and has Democrats not wanting to vote?

Do you think the vast majority of American students have the potential to succeed

I got busted tonight...

Pentagon helping to raise consciousness for Banned Book Week (by Burning 9,500 books)

Actually "whining" is what kids do when they get blamed for something bad they did.

Actually "whining" is what kids do when they get blamed for something bad they did.

OK so maybe I'm a little slow but I'm just now getting it that the trashing of the left by

Remember to donate to candidates across the country!! (ActBlue!)

So now it is OUR fault ??????

Fox News - "Obama Administration Scolds Base, Urges Dems to 'Buck Up'" - Media Narrative?

On education and reforms....

Contessa is asking Grayson about his "questionable" sound clips on his

California boy on life support after suicide attempt — another case of anti-gay bullying

Bigoted Indianapolis Bakery Won’t Make Rainbow Cupcakes, Citing 'Values'

Fineman: Clinton is still the leader of the democratic party

Aliens have landed ... in the headlines

"Hippy Punching"--cool, useful term or annoying cliche?

"Hippy Punching"--cool, useful term or annoying cliche?

Say what you will about Ronald Reagan, but I'd participate in this tribute to him...

DU This Poll! - The GOP's gay rights dilemma

Brazilian artist causes furor with controversial series in Sao Paolo Art Biennial

Has anyone heard from Cali?

Has anyone heard from Cali?

Facebook is Being Overrun With Teaparty Ads, Flag Them as "Misleading" or "Offensive"

Military Officer Promotions

Greenwald's opinion as to why the administration has been bashing the left so much lately

Survey: Americans don’t know much about religion

This One Could Actually Motivate The Dems

The Real Impact of Food Stamp Cuts

Who is encouraging not voting? WHO?

I heard that David Sadaris has a new book out

Man referred to Homeland Security after photographing water tanks

VIDEO - While defending Colbert, Jon Stewart slams Tucker Carlson as 'arrogant douche'

The No. 1 cause of bankruptcy is medical bills.

The No. 1 cause of bankruptcy is medical bills.

Please describe the Mechanism whereby "Stop whining" becomes votes.

Hearings expose health hazards in natural gas extraction (fracking)

The beatings will continue until morale improves

10 Signs The U.S. Is Losing Its Influence

Does anyone else think Huff post is moving towards the center

TEXAS: 13 Year-Old Boy Commits Suicide After Years Of Anti-Gay Bullying

Naked Capitalism Blogger asks: "Why is there No Political Outlet for Anger on the Left These Days?

So now we have Biden and Obama in a one two punch on Dem base

K&R if you are part of the Democratic base, the most reliable segment of the party's voters!

Just discovered we get Free Speech TV on DirectTV

I just sent Russ Feingold some cash and I invite everyone here to do the same.

Are you a whiner if you want real change?

Small victory in right to film police officers

when I learned what a Baron was

Photo: Racist baghead at the airport

(crosspost/poverty) So, i missed my WTW requirement

Does anyone know anything regarding FHFA Notice of Proposed Guidance...

Does anyone know anything regarding FHFA Notice of Proposed Guidance...

Washington Dems and Obama Admin just don't get it

NYC Teacher Admits She's a Former Hooker, Stripper

Anything you say is irrelevant.

Drug Criminalization Structure Squanders $88 Billion PER YEAR

Parents say anti-gay bullies drove their 13 year old son to take his life

Obama's new tune on DADT repeal: "Keep the LONG VIEW in mind".

Dead babies: a rant

Don't You Know That You Can Count Me Out - In

Howard Dean Re: Rahm: "Contempt with which he held the progressive wing of party was devastating"

NO Ground Support for Whitman prior to debate. Brown support is evident.

Americans too broke to head to the altar

BREAKING : Grayson Team Manipulated the "Taliban Dan" Advertisement

Let's tell the Dems why we're not enthused for Election Day. They seem confused why.

UN Study on targeted killings by Philip Alston

Dean Called Rahm's 'Contempt' For Base 'Devastating And Incredibly Demoralizing': Book Excerpt

Are you doing anything to avoid medical bankruptcy?

Tom Tomorrow: Conservative Jones Latest Case, why do liberals ignore the threat of Sharia?

Are we raising a generation of nincompoops?

Bob Herbert on Paladino

Sidney, NY (Countdown & Huffington Post)

Obama speaks to progressives -- with respect. MUST-READ INTERVIEW

DU EFF suit - critical information for Mods and DUers for going forward.

Facebook founder’s gift to Newark schools: The return of the aristocratic principle

One of America's Deepest Darkest Family Secrets: The DES Drug Disaster

Survey: Americans don't know much about religion

Has the White House Lost Their Minds? - FDL

A republican called Randi Rhodes today. He'd only just heard yesterday

NBC first called today's panel "Does Education Need a Katrina?"

Yahoo article on surprising rise in Baby Boomer Suicides-----

I wish Obama and Biden would quit whining and do some of the sh*t we elected them to do!!!

The problem with education today? George Carlin nailed it years ago.

Geoffrey Canada's Harlem schools to be replicated around country...200 million of public money.

Enough Is Enough on Tax Cuts for Wealthy

Obama land in Albuquerque, NM

Drew Westen: The Two Stories of the Election of 2010: A Biopsy Before the Autopsy

"Fox News' Stuart Varney...practically yelling at some econ professor from Occidental"

PIC: Obama comes to land of enchantment(Dial Up Warning)

Is this DU? When a post by Nance Greggs gets locked, it is time for

Biden to Democrats: 'stop whining...get out there and look at the alternatives'

The locked Nance Gregg post

Can we agree not to act like DUers are children and lock posts like paranoid babysitters?

Zulch, you and me on the same page! Why are they blocking posts

The censorship on here is beyond normal! You mean we cannot post

Let's Not Stop This...

House Repubs targeted in CA-03 and more!

The Guardian of Hades... mindnumbingly frightening... or just misunderstood and adorable?

I'm providing this post as a public service for those who feel they need to start exercising more...

Finite Math problem...

Whitman’s Hispanic Voter Outreach Comes Up Short

Love this story of mom & her 4 year old with President Obama at Backyard Meeting

FYI for when Repubs try to wrap themselves in JFK's tax cutting mantle.

Spokesman: Rubio's change on Social Security not a flip-flop

Rahm Emanuel Likely to Leave White House This Week

Paladino: If I become Governor it's not going to be PRETTY

Can we pulease put Ted Stevens in the ground already

They see me rollin'...

In every successful longterm marriage... it is of utmost importance to develop coping skills...

Military Thwarted President Seeking Choice, Exit Strategy In Afghanistan

Sarah Palin Booed on 'DWTS

Who is or was Wally Plumstead?

I finished to autobiography of Andre Agassi. It was good but he decides to 'give back'

The Plumline: Must see video: 'Meet the Young Guns'

Why is there no sound on my computer?


"Did Blumenthal's Lead Really Evaporate?" Answer: Perhaps not.

When playing with and teasing your kitty, it's cruel and potentially dangerous...

FYI - Chicago Sun Times says Pete Rouse will take over for Rahm on interim basis.

SD At Large House Seat: Herseth-Sandlin (D) up by 13 in new poll

Free hugs...

Anyone watching Hoarders tonight?

Purely theoretically, Agent Orange

2012 GOP potential presidential candidates on Fox News payroll

You gotta see this sculpture in front of the Italian stock exchange .

Rahm Emanuel Likely to Leave White House This Week

Wow! Will Shakespeare will never make fun of Glenn Beck again!

My friends and I have been planning our next excursion.

I heard theres a poll out saying O'Donnell is only eight points behind Coons

Democrats, I'll vote for you, but if you won't stand up for your own agenda, I can't do it for you

They're not here, they're not coming

I can't stand the cats & kittehs ...

I've changed my mind. I'm sending it. Life would be boring without risks,

Are politicians any more fake than when they talk about education?

More original "fucking" research from XKCD

Call Me Wesley gives the best gifts!!!

GOP flack Ed Gillespie: "People would be electing Republicans to get our fiscal house in order.'

Just finished the bio of Caesar by GOLDSWORTHY - wow, not about the book, about HIM!1

Wonder how the military will vote

Russ Feingold skipping big Obama rally today in Madison

(R)asmussen Poll--CT Governor--Malloy (D) 50% Foley (R) 40%

WH: Keep Putting Them on the Job!

(R)asmussen Poll--WVA Senate: Raese (R) 48% Manchin (D) 46%

Why Doesn't the US Talk to Iran? - The Sin of Independence

Fox News Poll: IL Senate--Kirk (R) 42% Giannoulias(D) 40% Jones (G) 7%


Looks to be a nasty day in the Keys...

Tuesday, September 28. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

NPR report on WI Senate race: Feingold vs. Johnson

Fear at an unparalleled level...

Fox News Poll: Strickland surging in Ohio Governor Race--down by only 2!

Vulnerable Democratic Representative Embraces Bush In Latest Ad

Yes, yes and YES!

I think I need a physicist...

Feingold vs. Johnson Senate race: Follow the money

The PB Teen catalog creeped me out

Apparently, one can't be both gay and Mexican.

The administration isn't blameless. That said, make sure you vote

Jack Conway (D) is Surging in Kentucky!

Do you suppose Dick Cheney is a vampire? The waxy visage,

I've come to the conclusion that the media is trying to ignore the One Nation Rally

*****Breaking*****- President Carter in Hospital

R's with help of Baucus, Lieberman, Nelson, Warner stood with corporations' outsourcing jobs

fyi... "THE GOOD WIFE" starts again tonight

GOP 2nd STRING NOT MAKING IT ...Rookie BAGGERS .. wannabe s...GOP Tactics,,, Diff name


POTUS Just Asked A Lady in Waiting * New Baby Boy

Alan Grayson for DNC chair

Australia's Next Top Model show crowns wrong winner (Fox, who else?)

I am going to make Shia LaBeouf Bourguignon tomorrow.

Ed Gillespie admits that conservative donors are cowardly weasels

Ed Gillespie admits that conservative donors are cowardly weasels

NOW to deliver 1,500 baby bottle nipples to former Sen. Simpson

Obama: FOX News is part of a destructive tradition

Obama: Democratic voter apathy ‘inexcusable’

Are Bigfoots simply Earth bound Wookies?

*** Jimmy Carter was "air sick but is otherwise fine!" ***

I don't think the comments about whining and not voting is meant for the left

Anyone here remember the stats regarding filibusters, and how many times they've

MSNBC: Obama says, 'Buck up!' Then, will Democrats blame the base if they lose in November?

OK, I complain about Obama being a conservative, but he is getting so much shit from MSM

Marist Poll--NY Senate: Gillibrand (D) 54% DioGuardi (R) 42%

Unbelievable-(R)asmussen has Obama's approval at...

Brazilian artist causes furor with controversial series in Sao Paolo Art Biennial

This Obama interview with the Rolling Stones is getting a lot of news today

ENOUGH with the whiner threads

**** Heads Up: POTUS Speaks on the Economy, Live 12:15EDT ****

Fox News Poll--CO--Senate race close--Gov race Dem leads

Most Polling is Mediocre (Charlie Cook)

If you are planning to out out the midterms because you are insulted...

Anyone see this story VERY TROUBLING!!!!

GOP Brainwashing unit going all out...Mega bucks fuel their ploy of fooling America once more

Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Bill Ignored: 2nd 99ers Rally Scheduled

Obama enlists rock bands at Madison campus rally tonight

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Fox News poll: Feingold faltering in Senate race but Dem Barrett closing in for Gov

What will help turn out the Democratic vote in November?

Possible White House and Administration Shake-ups

Joe or Jane Politico in First Person

Joe or Jane Politico in First Person

Gallup generic ballot for Congress--46% Dem 46% Rep/ GOP more enthused

Gillibrand has double digit lead

Obama Is Right: Fox News Promoting "Destructive" GOP Agenda

How do you know when the honeymoon is over?

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius takes on critics

I am part of that all important BASE too!!!

How many here are going to watch Ken Burn's "The 10th Inning" tomorrow night?

Poll: Blumenthal, McMahon running neck and neck


Want to see the next album I'm transferring to CD?

Is there a DU policy that says people can accuse

The Real Impact of Feral Cats

Bill to close the loopholes for offshoring stopped in the Senate

Bill to close the loopholes for offshoring stopped in the Senate

The rightwing is getting a lot of mileage out of the woman's remarks on the CNBC meeting

Kansas City Star: GOP's 'Pledge' is a Big Disappointment

2010 Election - A Democratic Momentum Shift Begins to Materialize

KY Dem Senate candidate Jack Conway NOW on Hardball!

Durbin hints at possible recess appointment for budget nominee Lew

Pelosi Statement on Senate Passage of Intelligence Authorization Bill

WH: President Obama calls Carter, ex-president doing 'great'

WH: President Obama calls Carter, ex-president doing 'great'

Live link for Obama rally in Madison?

If we reward these guys for kissing republican ass for two years why would they stop doing it?

Politico declares: Grayson Ad Backfires!

Mass of Red Descends on Obama

Obama the game show contestant

Obama interview w/ Rolling Stone

Incredibly Depressing Mega Millions Lottery Simulator!

Oh quit it. None of you is the base. There is no base.

Seattle folk seem to be the friendly sort

Wonderful email from Lilly Ledbetter for Melancon

I don't get this cartoon...

Earlier this month I posted about buying a vehicle.

President Obama Live in Wisconsin (Link)

Big dog up in the polls

Live stream of Obama event in Madison

As 44 million Americans live in poverty, a crisis grows

Segway, Inc., Owner Dies In Segway Accident, Plunges Off Cliff Into River & Drowns

Still Fired up! Still Ready to Go!

Follow this link, Barack Obama is kicking ass!

Fucking morning in America ad on MSNBC.

vote "Well" for Obama in Abq

One of my kittehs just had 10 teeth extracted. Ask me anything!

CBO's Elmendorf Tells Republicans What They Don't Want To Hear

If you've noticed that you spend way more time in the Lounge than you do in the other Big Forums,

As if kids aren't traumatized enough by clowns.....

Feingold WILL Appear at Madison Rally with President Obama

More good news on Ohio Gov Race: Ipsos/Reuters poll--Kasich (R) 47% Strickland (D) 46%

Senate GOP blocks bill that would promote less outsourcing

True Grit Trailer Now Online

PPP: Dem candidates running well below Obama's approval rating among black voters

I am going to enjoy watching Texas Ranger LeBeouf

The next Twilight movie actually looks promising!

Let's go Cincy, let's go *clap-clap-clap*

A poll that may clear the air

A poll that may clear the air

Cats are evil, vindictive creatures...

How many here are familiar with the music of Louis Moreau Gottschalk?

To Move forward, you put the Car in D, to Move backwards, you put it in R

The Plumline: Dear White House: Here's how to handle the left's 'whining'

This is BEGGING for a caption:

PSA: David Sedaris interview on NPR this morning!

The case for George W. Bush being the worst president in history.

"The Base" at Barelas Coffee House in New Mexico

Both the President and the Vice President were foolish

What would Inigo Montoya say to Christine O'Donnell?

Fuck you CNN, and Fuck you John King

Obama's rally: OFA excellent feed:

Obama motorcade in Madison

Ticket to Roger Waters The Wall 9/30 Boston for sale

When you see a large fellow with a buzz cut wearing bib overalls, what do you think?

When you see a large fellow with a buzz cut wearing bib overalls, what do you think?

Sweet Jane

And finally, say what you will about Ronald Reagan, but I'd participate in this tribute to him...

Pragmatic politics: Progressive hero Feingold won't appear w/Obama while Grayson . . .

Food for thought from across the pond:

Piss off the base + Census 2010 = Sarah Palin POTUS #45

'Don't give up! Change is going to come if we work for it, if we fight for it!'

BREAKING: Feingold leaving DC to attend Obama rally in Madison

Dean Called Rahm's 'Contempt' For Base 'Devastating And Incredibly Demoralizing'

To Find Out How the Healthcare Law Works

Feingold not appearing with Obama (twice) is hurting him, not helping him

Let's say that this is a hypothetical

God is Great! God is Good! He Played A Terrific Joke on Humans. Maine Coons.

Joan Welsh shut the fuckup PLEASE!!!

Anyone here ever cook chicken livers any way other than frying?

Another Christine O'Donnell embellishment: She misleadingly claims she studied at Oxford

President Obama "Folks, that's what you elected me to do."

Police Investigating Sister Wives Stars for Felony Bigamy

Any Other Phil Hendrie Fans Out There?

CNN Live Feed: The reporter is already piecing together a cynical angle for the rally story.

DeMint threatens hold on bills not "cleared by his office before the close of business Tuesday"

Obama just used his middle name at the rally in Wisconsin!

Oh yeah, that Pres. Obama can't draw a crowd...

Nearly 27,000 Show up for Obama in Madison

Chuck Todd: This cake is baked there is no more persuading the base

Alice Cooper, Bon Jovi, etc. up for Rock N Roll Hall of Fame

I'm sticking with this man to the end.

Obama in Command: The Rolling Stone Interview (good stuff)

i need five dinners. so tired of coming up with meals. i need five. one, kinda nothing and fun

What do you think this means (I have no idea)

The only people that should be offended by the 'quit whining' comment...

Dad Making Sandwiches Finds Dead Mouse In Bread (WARNING picture might make you sick)

Prediction for the Mid-term Elections: Hold me accountable!

Why are so many people strictly "dog people" or strictly "cat people"?

So what's wrong with fear? We talk about fear a lot in my 12 step

The 244 ACCOMPLISHMENTS of President Obama !

US doesn't want to arm Pak against India, Obama told Zardari Read more: US doesn't want to arm Pak

Welfare-To-Work Program's Demise 'Really Demoralizing'

Wall Street Donors Stop Digging Deep For Democrats

State gives condemned inmate a brief reprieve (Albert Greenwood Brown)

Biden tells liberal base: 'Stop whining'

One of America's Deepest Darkest Family Secrets: The DES Drug Disaster

Panamanian organizations demand U.S. release Cuban prisoners

New law targets repeat DUI drivers (in California)

'Potentially Hazardous' Asteroid Will Miss Earth by 4 Million Miles

Census finds record gap between US rich and poor

Right to Know Day today

Gutierrez criticizes Emanuel on immigration

Germany Moves Toward Ending Draft

Gloria Stuart, 'Titanic' Co-Star, Dies at 100

Brother of Afghan Leader Is Subject of Wiretapping

S.F. police officer shoots, kills man

Ben & Jerry's to drop 'All Natural' from labels

Shell increases oil trade with Iran – despite sanctions

A Woman Rises in Brazil

U.S. soldier suspected in fatal shooting of 2 fellow servicemen

Cuban state TV airs purported confession by Salvadoran charged in 1990s Havana bomb attacks (US res)

Asia must raise rice reserves

Reports: Landslide buries hundreds of homes in Mexico

O'Malley aide pulled negative report from Web

FBI investigates prominent labor leader Andy Stern

Iraq war was wrong, says (UK) Labour leader Ed Miliband

Armed suspect fires shots, kills himself at University of Texas

Armed suspect fires shots, kills himself at University of Texas

I have not been Insulted. You Don't Speak for me!


Sally Menke, Longtime Film Editor for Quentin Tarantino, Found Dead Near Griffith Park

[Canadian] Court tosses prostitution laws' provisions

Ex-Air Force Personnel: UFOs Deactivated Nukes

U.S. Consumer Confidence Declines More Than Forecast to a Seven-Month Low

Anti-American Republicans and a couple Blue Dogs screw the middle class yet again

Government Asks District Judge to Dismiss Stem Cell Suit

UN denies alien ambassador plan

(Supreme) Court rulings boost donors to Republican ads

Amtrak Envisions World Class High-Speed Rail

Afghanistan president questions NATO mission in teary speech

A new Web site takes on the National Organization for Marriage, which opposes same-sex unions

Senators introduce law to ban 'crush' videos of animal cruelty

Grandson: Carter 'doing fine' at Ohio hospital

Schwarzenegger vetoes fur bill

US appeals court allows stem cell funds to continue

FBI investigates prominent labor leader Andy Stern

Weeping Karzai laments Afghan woes (in a nationally televised address to teachers and pupils)

Up to 1,000 feared dead after landslide buries Mexico town

Poll: Conn. Senate race now too close to call

Former President Jimmy Carter hospitalized in Cleveland

(Joe) Miller applied for indigent fishing/hunting license when new to Alaska

Legal challenge over interrogation

GOP blocks Democrats' jobs outsourcing bill

Barack Obama under fire for grossly underestimating Gulf oil spill

Obama: DADT Repeal Must Be “Orderly"

Tony Blair received early torture warning, court told

I'm thinking about adopting this little fella

Wind energy can power much of East Coast, study says

China warns Norway against peace Nobel for dissident

(Britain's New Labour Leader) Ed Miliband: Blair 'Wrong' on Iraq War

Gunman opens fire on UT-Austin campus

Appeals court permits stem cell funding to continue while case is decided

Obama: 'I'm a Christian by choice'

CBO Chief Says Tax Cut Extension Would Hurt Economy

Another Christine O'Donnell embellishment: She misleadingly claims she studied at Oxford

Top Al Qaeda leader killed in Pakistan

First World War officially ends

Brandon Rhode Executed After Suicide Attempt Left Him Brain Damaged

Atheists, agnostics most knowledgeable about religion, survey says

Senate bill to tax firms that export jobs fails (53-45)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday September 28

Political Forum (Democratic Underground) Fights Back Against Righthaven Copyright Troll Suit

Obama: Democratic Voter Apathy "Inexcusable"

Hundreds Protest FBI Raids An Anti-War Activists

LA teacher suicide sparks test-score pushback

Rahm Likely to Leave White House This Week

Texting Bans for Drivers Not Putting a Dent In Accident Rates

Why so many mayors are now targets in Mexican drug war

‘More Guns, Less Crime’ author planned to speak at UT today

Raoul Moat: Taser Supplier Loses Licence

(Intelligence Agencies Have Intercepted A) Multi-Attack Terror Plot On European Cities

Church warns Aquino over birth control policy

Obama says Fox News 'destructive' for U.S. growth

"And engine block from a Hummer..."

Christine O'Donnell's Most Absurd Moments, Updated with Evolution!

The Poor Became Poorer

Scott McAdams (D-AK) Campaign Ad

Robin Carnaham for Senate.

A great ad from Carnahm's run for MO SoS now running for Senate.

Kennedy-Nixon First Presidential Debate, [September 26] 1960

Bill White Internet Ad - Rick Perry's Airplane Announcement

Ad - Rick Perry Doesn't Shoot Straight on the Budget - Hypocrite

They Chose China

Joe Biden - can you just shut the #### up for once!

Ed Schultz: Boehner Has No Solutions for America

Cantor: GOP looking at cutting budget for White House

Young Turks: Poll - Health Care Reform Didn't Go Far Enough!

Protestor against mountain top removal arrests.

Sarah Palin Booed on Dancing With the Stars

Not enough bailouts: 'Suck it in and cope!'

Shocking Facts On US Poverty

Papantonio: Why The Media Abandoned the BP Story

Automatic Weapons at Political Rally

Fuhr-ious over Rick Perry refusing to debate Bill White

60 Second Martian (#2): No Room For Debate

Perry - why would you do this without asking parents - Why?? Ask Merk...Bad Ethics Bad Medicine

MRN: Rahm, Jesus and the "F*cking Retarded" Fox News Ticket

Biden To Dems"Buck Up"And Vote

Weird Liberal Head Show #176: Republican Tea Party or Grand Medieval Party?

Scattershot Fox Interview Turns Chaotic: "Would You Call Yourself A Socialist?!"

Poignant Louis CK bit on the homeless

MRN: McCain Camp Tackles Protestor and an Angry Ohioan Rant

AZ Protester Attacked and Tackled by Sen. John McCain Staff

Mourning in America

GOP Blocks Outsourcing Bill

Joe Wilson - What I didn't find in Africa

Another good Scott McAdams ad!

Republicans Talking, Democrats Solving

Rachel Maddow Discusses Karl Rove and American Crossroads - AmericanCrossroadsWatch.Org

Rand's $2,000 Medicare Deductible ( 'Rand Paul is off the wall')

TYT: Obama Admin - Wiretap the Internet (w/ NY Times Link)

Hasselbeck Challenges Bill Maher on Christine O'Donnell Clips

Plumes of Corexit/oil mix causing microbes to have "Mutant DNA"

The Wall Live (2010) is Simply Amazing

I'm Voting Republican

NBC's New Show,'The Event,' Features The GOP's 'Pledge'

Alien ambassador story too good to be true

Eugene Robinson: The Ironies of Bishop Long

Antaeus and the Tea Party

Waxman pushes Bill to Kill Net Neutrality

Do Atheists Know More About Christianity Than Christians?

U.S. Economy "Close to a Destructive Tipping Point

Enough Is Enough on Tax Cuts for Wealthy (by Chuck Marr)

'You want to wax this guy or what?'

Water Use in Southwest Heads for a Day of Reckoning

Jobs experts bounced from jobs (MN)

For Generation Hot the brutal summer of 2010 is not an anomaly; it’s the new normal

"A word on our priorities as a movement, from a victim of the opposition."

Our view on campaign finance: Who's buying this election? Who knows? - USA TODAY

Dumbest Quotes by GOP and Tea Party Candidates

A Fine Whine

It's the Moral Authority, Stupid! (Peter Daou Commentary)

Big Oil and corporate polluters spent over $500 million to kill climate bill, push offshore drilling

Alan Grayson: 'You Can't Beat A Republican By Being One'

Local Republican is "STUNNED" by Teabagger Rally in LTTE.......

GOP blocks Senate campaign-finance bill - USA Today

Is Learning by Rote Memorization So Bad? (NYT)

Matt Taibbi: Tea & Crackers

Income Gap Between Rich, Poor the Widest Ever - CBS News

The Left Right Paradigm is Over: Its You vs. Corporations

Tim Berners-Lee Comes Out Against COICA Censorship Bill; Shouldn't You?

Ships take to Arctic Ocean as sea ice melts

Have you heard the bull**** claim that "renewables are great but they aren't enough" ? III

Have you heard the bull**** claim that "renewables are great but they aren't enough" ? II

Zeal for Dream Drove Scientist in Secrets Case

Drumbeat: September 28, 2010

Have you heard the bull**** claim that "renewables are great but they aren't enough" ? IV

Questions continue to swirl around FutureGen project

Water Use in Southwest Heads for a Day of Reckoning

NASA/EO - Lake Mead At Lowest Levels Since 1956

No Price On Carbon From Australian Government Until At Least 2012

As Record Heat Hits NE, Disgruntled Indian Travelers DumpTraditional Hill Town Resort Of Shillong

More Than 47,000 Fires Across Bolivia In Past Few Months In Wake Of Worst Drought In 30 Years

The Big Bad Wolf Makes Good: The Yellowstone Success Story and Those Who Want to Kill It

Republicans running climate change denier for Governor in Maine

Climate Change may doom the Bristlecone Pine

Thais Bust Traveler W. 90 Kg. Of Elephant Ivory - 2010 Bangkok Airport Seizures Near 2 Tons

Pollination Failure Hits Indian Vegetable Farmers - Yields Falling Even As Acreage Grows - BBC

Gulf Dead Zones Directly Tied To Tile Drainage Systems, Boon To Crops In Delta & Elsewhere In Basin

XPOST: DU EFF suit - critical information for Mods and DUers for going forward.

Wind energy can power much of East Coast, study says

The extraordinary summer of 2010

A Picture In Honor Of Tonight's Game (PACKERS/bears)

Yawn. Phillies win fourth straight NL East title.

just got the fantasy steal of a lifetime in one of mine

$39 putter wins Jim Furyk millions

Inexperienced coach Singletary losing his sizzle in San Francisco

assassinated leader IDP in Arauca and wounded one of his sons .

Cuban state TV airs purported confession by Salvadoran charged in 1990s Havana bomb attacks

Uribe ally convicted for paramilitary ties

Panamanian organizations demand U.S. release Cuban prisoners

A Woman Rises in Brazil

Colombian "Democracy" at Work as Government Removes Elected Senator and Human Rights Defender

Venezuela: cambia el modelo o colapsará como el modelo cubano

official results of Ven election by votes

A Woman Rises in Brazil

Why do some communist parties support the rightist opposition to Chavez?

Must read for Spanish speakers: Ni estoy contento, ni voy a hacer falsa comparsa

Woman with a gun scares off burglary suspects

State senator proposes liberalizing NJ gun-carry law

Good news and bad news: Violent crime down for the third year in a row

Gunmen rob police in Mexico

Valrico father shot and killed in front of daughter - Defended skateboarders in park

Brady campaign watch: They seem to think that black lists should remove civil rights.

Madison alder declares constitutional freedoms to be ‘childish’

Gun report: NC exports many guns used in crimes

Canadian man shoots an intruder.

Armed restaurant worker stops a pair of robbers

'Britain has changed, but not the prejudice'

Catholic employee suspended over DVD protest

Beijing police raid gay spot, question dozens

Honey, Will You Make Me The Happiest Deeply-In-Denial Closeted Homosexual On Earth?

World leaders criticize Israel for refusing to extend West Bank construction moratorium

Dozens of Arab families may be evicted from East Jerusalem neighborhood under court ruling

Hamas, on anniversary of Intifada, urges armed struggle

Lucky shot from this summer

UN Panel: Israel Suppressing Footage Of Gaza Flotilla Raid

A documentary that should be seen

“Pro-Israel” Neocons Go Global

"Smash His Camera"

4 Portraits

I bought a lens at a garage sale that I can't use. Would anyone like it?

Two black and white images

Settlement freeze? It was barely a slowdown

Musca domestica

High Court to discuss barriers set up to keep women out of Mea She’arim

Jewish group lashes out at Pink Floyd star's 'anti-Semitic' imagery

Lieberman presents plans for population exchange to UN

Richard Branson: Space tourism begins in 18 months

Today in Labor History Sept 27 Striking textile workers demand bread for their starving children

Trumka: Working-Class Anger Fueled by Right’s ‘Deeply Dishonest’ Message (corrected)

Reports From the Hive, Where the Swarm Concurs

Space Beer Headed for Zero Gravity Bar

A distant backwater of the Milky Way (but beautiful!)

Lawyers Look to Exploit a Scientific Error

Zeal for Dream Drove Scientist in Secrets Case

High altitude tigers discovered in Bhutan

Arthur C. Clarke predicting the future in 1964.

OMG pic of the Great Red Spot on Jupiter

As Election Nears, Obama Tries to Have it Both Ways

Omaha construction firm closes (140 jobs)

Economic Report: Says More Companies Are Looking For New Workers

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Sues DHL Express Over Alleged Discrimination

Congressman, Mayor Call On Comcast To Honor Workers’ Right To Join IBEW

GM's Indy plant caught in UAW pay battle

AP: Judge to City: settle retiree suit (my employer)

Mysteries That Howl and Hunt

NZ-educated physicist denies 'ET ambassador' role

'Potentially Hazardous' Asteroid Will Miss Earth by 4 Million Miles

Evolution Is A Myth - unidentified creature:

Is absolutely everything relative?

NYT: On Basic Religion Test, Many Doth Not Pass

Atheists Know More About Religion than Religious People

UN appointing an official space ambassador?

Roche reticent about Tamiflu

Nestlé Plans Push into Functional Foods, But FTC and FDA Are Cracking Down

FDA orders mouthwash makers to stop unsupported claims on gum disease

Dairy farmer says food safety bill a raw deal

Don't Feed the Stars!