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Archives: September 22, 2010

Woman flashes breasts at youth football team

Magnetic tornadoes, the source of solar winds

Transition towns plan a gentle descent from oil dependence—and have a blast doing it.

States With The Lowest Percentage Of College Degree Holders

House Dems Supporting Bush Tax Cuts Represent Few Rich People: Report

Fair Elections Now Act -- Vote Scheduled for Thurs, September 23rd

'Working Stiffed': The Daily Show's Mandvi Exposes Union's Non-Union Picketers of Walmart

Judge Rules That Minnesota Disclosure Law Will Stand

Like an over anxious teen ager, giddy with lust....

Glee - why does it have to be on Faux network? can't believe I am watching

Jerome Corsi from World Net Daily

Some Democrats are just Republicans with a "D" after their name

This weeks list of reasons to keep Republicans from regaining power:

KO's book: Pitchforks and Torches: The Worst of the Worst...

KO: "If dishonest editing were a crime, Fox would be broadcasting 24 hours a day from Leavenworth."

At least the GOP had balls enough to vote down a defense spending billl

Is the Dream Act killing the DADT repeal?

Here is how much transnationals have to push

Degraded Oil From BP Spill Coats Gulf Seafloor

WV U.S. House candidate was just being "One of the Guys" when he called Obama a n***er

WV U.S. House candidate was just being "One of the Guys" when he called Obama a n***er

Perriello (D-Va #5) pulls within striking distance.... ruh'roh!

Maddow just said that Summers is leaving at the end of the year.

Law and Order tonight (9pm) show

Quick O'Donnell is on Hannity

"No Taxation Without Representation"!

"No Taxation Without Representation"!

Al Franken on the Senate floor, all verklempt, speaking about gay soldiers

UN Anti-Poverty Summit: Ahmadinejad blames capitalism for poverty

Jobless workers dispute claim that unemployment benefits foster complacency

DCCC Transfers $1.5 Million to State Parties in August

Duke College Republicans could lose funds

A third of American teens aren't taught about birth control

What if Christine O’Donnell were black? Would she still be running for office ......

If America stopped being so socially regressive, who would be harmed?

if you thought a country where obama was 'lenient' to wall st. (geithner + summers) was tough

Plan would allow some Georgia colleges to ban undocumented students

Anderson Cooper is tearing O'Donnell a new one

Dont Ask COLOR - By Pat Bagley

Baptist theologian: Yoga a threat to Christianity...

Glenn Beck sponsor -- Food Insurance

Law and Order tonight (9pm) show

Winds could explain Biblical parting of the Red Sea

Analysis: Summers exit lets Obama retool team and message

Chickenhawk Ken Buck targets veterans care.

If you truly think the US is turning into a rightwing paradise, how would you prepare now?

An Egg Farmer and a History of Salmonella

CNN to broadcast Delaware Senate debate Oct. 13

Men allege sexual coercion by prominent Atlanta pastor Eddie Long

True or False: All democratic leaders are terrified of all republicans?

Question about DADT and Truman desegregating the military...

The republican/teabagger party is growing like a cancer now. We have a lot

I just don't know why we didn't lobby harder for Murkowski

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & Here's a new Maru kitty gif!

Parallel Universes in Marijuana Legalization Debate

ABC NY News saying Bloomberg will endorse Andrew Cuomo Possibly Tommorrow!

Salon: Delaware voters say their "ABCs" ("Anyone But Christine")

140 Census Bosses Took Vegas Trip

Whittier Elementary School sit-in enters Day 6

Caption time!

Caption time!

YOUR wish lists

I have finally found the explanation for the GOP mindset....

Roundup: Catholic Bishops Coming For Your Birth Control

Eight Bell leaders arrested on charges of misappropriating $5.5 million

No child-only policies? It's not just the three KO spoke of.

For Peace Day. An oldie but goodie.

Parents occupy Chicago school

Bill Clinton: Colin Powell Misrepresented Don't Ask Don't Tell Policy To Me

Now way the GOP could win in 2012, right?

GOP Obstructionism works

Lay off South China Sea, US told

An Egg Farmer and a History of Salmonella

Gibbs Offers Procedural Criticism Of Don't Ask Don't Tell Vote: '60 Is The New 50'

I'm actually amazed that Lieberman and Webb voted to repeal DADT today

Report whitewashes FBI political spying

Massey-backed GOP candidate lies, tells editorial board that health care plan will jail Americans

Tom Engelhardt: One and a Half Cheers for American Decline

Despite Failing (Afghanistan) War, White House Says December Review Won't 'Change Channel'

Saxby Chambliss confirms: "All Faggots must die" comment came from his Atlanta Headquarters


Kyrgyzstan wants to replace Pentagon fuel contractors

Blessed Be! Happy Autumnal Equinox.

Don't Ask Don't Tell

Chris Coons is on the Bill Press show right now

Latest Pentagon Propaganda: We Can't Leave Afganistan (Part 3)

DADT Temporarily Stops 2011 Trillion Dollar Military Budget

National Labor Relations Act: 75 years of worker protection (link corrected)

Suicide, Scientology, and Bart Simpson: Nancy Cartwright sued over failed construction project

Health insurance reform

The basic axiom of American politics is: Nobody really gives a fug what you think.

The basic axiom of American politics is: Nobody really gives a fug what you think.

How was Reid's vote against debating the defense bill a "procedural maneuver"?

The Republican Party's New Ideas Factory

Right-wing Alliance inflicts defeat on Sweden’s social democrats

If I hear another fucking bed bug story I'm going to run down the street screaming like a banshee.

If I hear another fucking bed bug story I'm going to run down the street screaming like a banshee.

Exiting AF Intel Chief: No US Air Superiority

Cuccinelli, Virginia delegate accused of bypassing lawmakers in legal-opinion tactic


delete, this is just too sad to report.

Angle Suggests Free Market Could Solve Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage

POLL: As a Civilization, how much further shall we descend ?

Why Do Republicants Hate Gays?

Threats to president, Muslims lead to Fairview Heights hostage standoff

There hasn't been a peep about or from Cheney. nt

Paladino Within Striking Distance of Cuomo

Statement on Free Speech by American and Canadian Muslims

A funny video about outsourcing

Senate gop to deliver 'consequences' to Murkowski

Astroturf report: "Has the Tea Party Lost its Grassroots Cred?"

Why do people get 'child-only' policies? What causes the need

In need of an Intervention

This is probably cold comfort for a lot of people (but why not?)

Q: What do Christine O'Donnell national media appearances have to do with George Bush's impeachment?

O'Donnell says we shouldn't hold her past against her but has no problem going after Coon's past

The poll of all polls!

Feingold Counts on Being Underestimated

Feds’ Requests for Google Data Rise 20 Percent

Religious Right to Tea Party: Join Us or Die!

Feds’ Guide To Snitching on Your Terrorist Neighbor

christine o'donnell: I'm not doing any more national TV interviews

WTF!!! Alligator found on lawn in Chicago

O’Donnell Spurns All National Media – While On The Hannity Show Because She Happened To Be in NY

C-17 On The Chopping Block?

inarticulate, crusty, lying old bastard

Did the tax credit for creating overseas jobs

"60 is the new 50"

Cindy's back & sez Bailin'PALIN ain't running cause she's making 45M/yr

Samoan Clerics: Homosexuals Are Causing Global Climate Change

O'Donnell once again throws out the gay smear against her opponent.

The Tea "Party" vs. our Founding Fathers

Something good on Bill Gates, maybe

Jacksonville poor caught between bad economy, rising fees and taxes

A Troubling Question About Obama's Religion: Is He a Covert Catholic?

U.S. July Home Prices Dropped 3.3% as Foreclosed Properties Flooded Market

So, according to WaPo, excerpts from Bob Woodward's new book are a "Breaking News Alerts?"

John McCain: "It is not red. Its is not red. Its is not red. Its is not red. Its is not red.

notice how republicans are handling lieberkowski:

notice how republicans are handling lieberkowski:

Will Obama replace Summers with a CEO?

Thank you Mr. Olbermann for showing me how stupid Ms. O'Donnell is

John Bolton For President? (VIDEO)

chuck todd and david gregory are a sickening combination in the morning

Ticket camera comany pretends to care about minorities' voting rights

Congressional action is "Bottom Kill" for DADT

News Shock: White House Had Real Debate On Afghanistan Policy

A Tale Of Two Tea Parties

What if underground Liberals created the "Tea Party" ?

Crying teen suspended for bloodshot eyes after HS officials "smell pot"

What does the Democratic Party stand for?

'Detente': GOP Leadership To Make Historic Appearance Before Gay Rights Group

Stabilization's a pipe dream: Shadow (housing) inventory paints a more dismal outlook

Seven-hour standoff ends, man's explosives were fake

Wealthy contribute to defeat income tax

Is the political spectrum a triangle?

Don't Replace Larry Summers With a CEO

Republican mob mentality...

oh,Ladies..Independent Women's Voice...AKA...Tea party

Pooper Scooper!

Media Monopoly - The Blame The Democrats/Give Republicans A Free Pass Media Narrative

Are Democracy and Liberty a Farce?

Study: Teacher bonuses fail to boost test scores

The Method To Their Madness


The Midterm election slogan should be. . . . .

The Midterm election slogan should be. . . . .

One thing different from 1994...

What Else Was in That "DADT" Bill? A Lot.

Next time one of your "Friends" claims that the media is "Librul"...

The greatest hits of Ms. Whackadoodle...(Bill Maher has the best line! Oh Shut Up.)

who says we don't support the troops?Current and prior activation of RESERVES since 2001

Ha ha! 'Bishop' Eddie Long accused of sexual coercion by MEN! He's anti-gay marriage, of course.

gas Barons in Penn. throwing hits at the citizenry

Need help looking for a word:

Happy Autumn! Taiji fishermen slaughter 15 Pilot whales

I'm surprised Rand Paul doesn't trip over his knuckles when he walks

"CONFIRMED: Sen. Saxby Chambliss Admits "All Faggots Must Die" Comment Came From His Atlanta Hdq"

Joe the Plumber, Meet Velma the CFO

Is this the *FIRST TIME EVER* a defense bill didn't get passed?

Your Privacy Is a Joke for Google's CEO Eric Schmidt

Your Privacy Is a Joke for Google's CEO Eric Schmidt

Michael Moore to receive John Steinbeck award

Some in the GOP now willing to be seen in public with gays

Some in the GOP now willing to be seen in public with gays

Comment advocating genocide of gays left on blog is traced to office of Senator Saxby Chambliss

Comment advocating genocide of gays left on blog is traced to office of Senator Saxby Chambliss

Can we afford Universal health care?...DOD News-recent contracts

California poll: Most say Bush tax cuts hurt economy, didn't help them

CREW: O'Donnell "she is a crook"

Obama's aunt not sorry she accepted public housing

Anyone catch the name of Ed's last guest? Was it "Holland Cook?"

"Yoga can be dangerous to Christians' faith"

New Species of Multi-horned Dinosaurs Unearthed in Utah

New Species of Multi-horned Dinosaurs Unearthed in Utah

The WH is not seeking to lose congress

Why not focus on changing this Filibuster rule asap?

Ben Sargent Toon Sums up the Republican Party's Priority

Wisconsin group "Americans for Prosperity" planning on voter fraud

Republicans planning to re-regurgitate 'new' Contract all over Tart Lumber Co. on Thursday

Luckovich Toon - Drowning in taxes

Poll: 1 In 5 Americans Believe Obama Is A Cactus

NY-18 GOP Candidate: At least he's not a non-masturbating witch

Karma really has a way of smackin you on your ass!

Catholic Bishops Coming For Your Birth Control (for real)

Russia today, tomorrow the world

Confirm Goodwin Liu NOW!!!!!!!!


Happy Fall You All

When the fuck is the President going to turn his back on the dithering idiots and bigots in Congress

How is refusing to offer children's insurance policies ( to evade the new statutory

TPM: Blue dogs pin hopes on the old 'if we stay still, no one will see us' strategy on taxes

Moderates privately urge Dem leaders: No vote on middle class tax cuts!

So who should be the replacements for the resigned economic advisors to the President?

The Rude Pundit: What the Hell Was That DADT Vote Yesterday?

Glenn Beck savagely rips the lid off of Obama's PLOT to be a big bad meanie to "wealthy America"

Glenn Beck savagely rips the lid off of Obama's PLOT to be a big bad meanie to "wealthy America"

Palin-esque GOP: Growing Number Of Candidates Oppose Abortion In Cases Of Rape, Incest

Dem Chairman Chris Redfern Says He's " Sick of These Tea Party 'F*ckers'"

Republicans fighting for expansion of Medicare to win support of Tea Party

Hackers meet in 'geeks' paradise'

Ohio Dem chair drops f bomb

Bradley Manning: Jailed war crimes whistleblower (HERO!)

Immigrants Rights Groups Plan Mobilization Against Republicans

AP Interview: Clinton says Dems can keep majority

Emmanuel "likely to leave before November" to run in Chicago...Link:

Super Sad True Love Story - review.

Paying child support for your kid being in "juvenile hall"?

John the Alienator Bolton (R-Backwater) thinks baggers are best hope for US to lead 'Free World'

John the Alienator Bolton (R-Backwater) thinks baggers are best hope for US to lead 'Free World'

75% Of First Four Virginia-Class Submarines Have Defective Anechoic Coatings

An Invitation from the Arron Burr Society to come and slay vampire bankers..... Uhhhh.....???

The Teabaggers present a doormat more useless than John McCain.

Rahmbo shows his cards

Republicans to apologize for two year temper tantrum

Ohio's Dem Chairman says he's sick of these tea bagging 'fuckers'

Toles toon: Double Ouch!

St. Louis Tea Party Leader AGAIN Promotes Racist Websites

St. Louis Tea Party Leader AGAIN Promotes Racist Websites

NC DU'ers, I have a note of concern in the David Redwine flyers

Breaking: (CNN) Rahm may announce leaving in Oct for a run for

Vigilante Justice for Men Suspected of Taking 17-Year-Old Girl, Mob beats them to death

One problem with megachurches is the shysters and pimps who lead them

Duers-again..please help me comment on a plethora of drivel in my local Sh!t-rag

Does the FEC require full disclosure? re: Tea Party $1m anon. donation

Best health care in the world, eh? Then why are so many Americans traveling to Mexico for surgery?

Busted... Nevada UFCW hires temps to protest Walmart... Daily Show

Meet Anne M. Mulcahy (possible/probable Summers replacement)

Two rotten peas in a pod

So, who to support? A chlid rapist (R) or an R so crazy that she was kicked out

Senator Lincoln release on why she supports DREAM and repeal of DADT, but voted 'no' on MTP.

Griping about Dems = Vote Suppression. Griping about voting machines = ???

Giannoulias Launches Website Opposing Extending Bush Tax Cuts For Wealthiest Americans

Most Californians say Bush tax cuts didn't help them or the economy

Most Californians say Bush tax cuts didn't help them or the economy

President Obama discusses the Patient's Bill of Rights & Health Care Reform in Falls Church, VA-pics

Republican Wave Could Spell Trouble for High-Speed Rail Projects from Coast to Coast

Could Barney Frank Be in Trouble?

Pay Up: Tab for Nixed Quran Burning is $200K

Tea Party website 4Channed

PDF of lawsuit against Bishop Eddie "Fly Me to Auckland" Long

Medical tourism: Deal-seekers flock to Mexico for health care

Health Insurance Law kicks into 2nd gear

A little dose of reality.

Some of the new health care law provisions kick in

Ohio Dems Seek IRS Audit of Group Tied to Kasich

delete please

Google moving its fiber cables underground. Hunters shoot them down.

Health Insurance companies cut children's policies - and Obama is the bad guy??

White House doesn't dispute Woodward book's portrayal of Obama

"Spare and Unbalanced." . . . . Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!!!

Why not a CEO as chief economic adviser?

D.U.'ers, I am asking for your help to make this important documentary!

Republicans urge more "business-friendly" successor to Summers

DFA's GOTV online training tonight-participate if you can

Insurances companies again found a loop-hole to the Insurance bill

Chris Coons:DE-Sen: Fighting the politics of discrimination

Atlas Pam brings it on (the stupid, that is)

Alexi Giannoulias: 700 Billion Reasons

The Prophecy of Sarah Palin

I distinctly recall that Hillary was a major player in the Afghanistan debate...

FDA approves first MS treatment in pill form

Apparently... A MUST READ: A Message That Actually Works - OpenLeft

Dem. governor candidate Alex Sink will debate Rick Scott Oct.25

Crist: Florida to Stop Enforcing Gay Adoption Ban!

The Juicy Bits in Woodward's Book (Daily Beast)

The Day after Blanche Filibusters Defense Bill, Biden Rewards Her w/$$$

List of what was in the Defense Appropriations bill that the GOP blocked

Maybe it's better to repeal DADT through congress than with an executive order?

Angle Explains How She's Raised Millions Through Conservative Media Interviews

Angle Explains How She's Raised Millions Through Conservative Media Interviews

Public Policy Polling: Unhappy Democrates are MORE likely to vote.

Michael Bloomberg endorses Cuomo

Idiocy on parade: "More Mosques, Less Jobs"

Republicans Like to have their WELFARE laundered

Prostitutes of god

Which is Worse?

Feds: Privacy Does Not Exist in ‘Public Places’

Stephen Colbert To Testify Before Congress On Immigration

Netflix caught using actors to simulate "interested public" at Canadian launch event

MarketWatch: Housing isn’t close to stabilizing

Number of drone strikes in Pakistan since 2004 (graph)

Don't we all have "pre-existing conditions"?

Titanic 100th (anniversary) cruises spark buzz, debate

Salon: When the right filibusters its own ideals to death

Why is teabagger Ken Buck leading

What would be bad "unintended consequences" for eliminating filibusters

Could the Right to Rent Stop the Foreclosure Hurricane?

If given the choice, would you stop the Holocaust or The Great Leap Forward?

Free Museum Day - Saturday 9/25

Okay, that's just wrong.

Mike Malloy - Republicans Block DADT Repeal (excellent rant)

Why There’s An Enthusiasm Gap: An Illustration - Robert Reich

If the GOP takes over, they will impeach Obama.

Man wants worker's comp after killing two women in an accident he caused

Is the People's Republic of China's tradition of 'charging the family for the bullet' a good thing?

Even if Arizona gets rid of "Sheriff Joe," the rot will continue.

Krugman: No CEO (And no Krugman)

The immigrant workers are not taking our jobs.

5 myths about DADT

The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming

Health Reform in Action

Sharron Angle Trashed Autism Coverage at Tea Party Rally

Third man accuses anti-gay Bishop Eddie Long of coercing him into sex

Senate Democrats Make One Last Push At Jobs Bill

What if we had a "Pundits President"?

"The company is closing in 18 months"

Jerry Brown takes lead in RASS poll

Murkowski could be an even bigger gift than first thought.

I'm feeling like this country has become dead in the water

"Bristol Palin" number one search trending now on Yahoo

Desperate brides of the apocalypse, By Mark Morford

Super harvest moon tonight

Blockbuster Said to Plan Bankruptcy Tomorrow With Loan

The elections are going to be very tough for Dems

Bills Republicans Have Blocked

Ok Baggers, I'm fed up with your platitudes so how about a platform.

••• White House chickening out of frontal attack on Tea Party GOP - BELIEVE IT OR NOT •••

I had better not hear one fucking repubican complain about the salmonegger problem

Insurance companies will not offer policies to kids with preexisting conditions.

Insurance companies will not offer policies to kids with preexisting conditions.

Ed Schultz got Freeped

Michael Moore to Receive the John Steinbeck Award

Michael Moore to Receive the John Steinbeck Award

OH DEAR GOD, NO! JP Morgan CEO sells mansion for HALF of asking price. WHY must the rich suffer?

Man shocked, falls to death from electrical tower after drinking with girlfriend's severed head

A Google Maps View of the Election rating this November

Can you spot the gay soldier?

Can you spot the gay soldier?

What Else Was in That "DADT" Bill? A Lot.

Charles Calomiris from Columbia, on Bloomberg, said that Obama is the most far left President we

New Forbes 400: Total net worth up 8% over last year

Wednesday TOON roundup #2 : Republican values

Titanic sunk by steering mistake, author says

Wednesday TOON roundup #4

Wednesday TOON roundup #5

NPR's Morning Edition just ran a minutes-long piece on American Idol. Thank God!

Wednesday TOON roundup #3- Recession's Over!

Lose Your Home, You Can Lose Your National Security Clearance Too

Wall Street's Greatest Heist: The TARP

Huckabee's insurance story

Meg Whitman: "Fresno looks like Detroit. It's awful."

30,000 Prisoners Held Without Trial in Iraq-Torture in Iraq Continues, Unabated

Three words that would put America back to work...

Voter Suppression in Wisconsin, Courtesy of the GOP and Americans for Prosperity

Lost tiger population discovered in Bhutan mountains

Usually turn off the TV when a wingnut is making me especially nauseous. Tonight I turned off

Okay, that's just wrong!

What is it about Gays that conservatives are afraid of?

The Feds' Oil-Spill Number Games

Why would someone want a child only ins policy? All day I've been hearing about

Yellow - repeat- YELLOW



Oooh, we LOVE this guy (or woman) .. Yay we elected him/her.. Now, who's next.. this guy stinks

It's 51 - Not 60

What is, or was, the general opinion of Terry McCullough among Democrats?

MSNBC v. Comedy Central evening lineup

Atlanta area anti-gay crusading Bishop is accused of having sex with 17 year old boys

Need to Understand Something

Are you listening to Thom Hartmann? Vote stealing!!!

IF it's true that Rahm may be hitting the road soon, who would you like to see

CNN/Time poll: Coons up 16 over O'Donnell

EFFING CRYBABY UPDATE: GOP undies in a bunch over Biden "Republican Tea Party" remark. CRYBABIES!

After Armageddon, what five books would you choose to help your small band survive?

Don't forget, Republicans also couldn't do anything without 60 Senate votes!

Dystopia: What is to be done?

A reminder of how corporate powers use their media in propagandizing for their interests

For those using the new Democratic Party logo for an avatar,

Petraeus buys Afghan war time. But how much?

The Fall of the Neighborhood Gang

The Liberals were Right once again!! Wendell Potter, Whistleblower Insurance Companies.

Border Patrol Deported U.S.-Born Daughter of Fourth-Generation U.S. Citizen

Border Patrol Deported U.S.-Born Daughter of Fourth-Generation U.S. Citizen

No Exceptions Caucus - Will They IMPRISON WOMEN For Having An ABORTION?

So Sen. McCain, you can be too gay for the military, but not too old for the Senate?

Children of divorce vow to break cycle, create enduring marriages

How about a national Mortgage Bank....

All Europe day of strike coming up on September 29th

Glenn Beck admits he's SCARED of Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert

The woman who told Obama she was having trouble defending him, and who is CFO of . . . .

Strom Thurmond last successful write in canidate.

Strom Thurmond last successful write in canidate.

Anyone else suspect Palin is jealous of O'Donnell and that her

Failure of Bill Repealing 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Could Hurt Democrats in Midterms

Word Association Game: What's the 1st word you think of when you hear the word, 'republican'?

The 'Rightwing Backlash' That Never Was

In this game of chicken I am betting on the democrats taking the cowardly route

In this game of chicken I am betting on the democrats taking the cowardly route

Based on how Obama is prosecuting Bush*'s Wars, what do you think he would have done

Do you think that the left has given up on Prez Obama and are considering finding a

I need your help - What other websites besides DU do you go to? The reason I ask is

These people unblushingly call President Obama 'post-American'--even anti-American

Are you going to vote in November?

New Yorkers who support Marriage Equality

My experience today with the UK health care system

Possibly the most disturbing statement I have heard from someone running for US Senate.

This Toon perfectly describes the situation in my district

We know who we are, Mr.President. The tragedy is we'll never know who you could've been for America.

Wednesday TOON roundup #1 :Tea is witches brew

President Obama: "You Should Hear These (Health Care) Stories"

Public phones to be dropped from Chicago public transit lines

Public phones to be dropped from Chicago public transit lines

What ancient historical event or trend would you prevent or change if you could?

When folks say that Obama is screwing up the economy, ask them this...


She's baaaaaaaack (or, rather, will be soon) !!!

Last night's call with Russ Feingold.

Italian police seize $30M from Vatican in probe

We Still Believe - pics

$tarbuck$ prices go from totally fucking ridiculous to astronomically fucking ridiculous.

You know what I feel like doing....

It's not easy being a Democrat.

Man arrested for choking his parrot on Ann Arbor's S. Main St.

Blockbuster expected to file for bankruptcy this week

Ok. The excuses are gone. Suspend discharges under DADT now Mr. President.

Gold-and-Silver Trading Biggest Scam in History, Financial Armageddon Could Result

i'll be exhausted with President Obama when he's had 96 months to repair the bu$h* 96 months

You know what would have prevented all these dirty tricks insurance companies are pulling...

The Richest Members of the US Congress 2010 (Roll Call via CNBC slideshow)

Pristine Christine did NOT "dabble in witchcraft"!

Gradual melting of the Greenland ice sheet, above left, might weaken the North Atlantic Current

Is There MRSA in Your Meat?

Can you spot the gay soldier?

What if insurance companies decide to drop individual policies for adults too?

Oprah enabled the catapulting of propaganda about teacher tenure.

Just had the pleasure of telling a car dealer, they didn't get the sale because of FAUX News

Waiting for Kryptonite. Education blogger gathers reviews of Waiting for Superman.

Waiting for Kryptonite. Education blogger gathers reviews of Waiting for Superman.

Bernie Sanders To Vote Against Top Obama Nominee, Citing Ties To 'Failed Policies'

If Capital Goes on Strike….Nationalize the Banks

LINKS re 'exhaustion from defending Obama': This is actually the FASTEST jobs recovery

Jesse Jackson Warns Obama

A way of testing if Obama has plans for change in the future.

"Essentially it (Obama) is a conservative administration which has changed the mood music."

DU Wars

First you played the guilt card to get me to vote Democratic this fall

Congress wants the right to take down websites, what now?

Technology will make more and more jobs obsolete.

September 30th is Blasphemy Day!!! How will you celebrate!!!

A Work in Progress

Sick Bastards (This one is personal)

POTUS should ban firings based on DADT on the basis of National Security

Do you find NBC's Outsourced series offensive?

car question - need to replace a front/steering part, not sure what it is to look for part

How do you learn to live with pain?

Cat Adventures (Episode 2)

Mr Spock... Logical Lounge Lizard (no, not here... the OTHER kind)

Romance -- it is NOT dead.

Star Trek TNG -- CSI

Do Cats apply mime-control techniques on us ?

Say it tain't so, Lupita!

Way-ale day-yum! I may have to throw all my Macs in the trash!

A Song I think is great.

Woohoo! 18,600 posts

You Gotta Get Behind the Mule...

For LOST fans: Benry Knows Best

ok heres a poser for the ladies

It's late 2010. Can we PLEASE stop posting "Dial-Up Warning?"

For Heidi Montag, the simple act of shaving her douchebag husband becomes a photo op

So this koala and a lizard are sitting up in a gum tree and smoking a joint...

If your car is paid for, at what point do you drop collision (if you do)? nt

Go Gigantes! Baseball is getting really good right now...

The poll of all polls!

Sports headline FAIL

Counterproductive Public Service Announcements

Could we please have an exploratorium?

Office cubicle fun

Because I don't want to give strangers entry to my manhole:

Quite possibly the best song/video to come out in a while

Okay - I actually feel old today. It is "80's day" at the high school.

"S/he's an old soul." What does that mean?


The phrase of the day is 'My wife bought me a pair"

Could we please have a cafetorium?

I'm looking at my Insurance Premium Comaprison today.

"Most of David Hasselhoff's fellow dancers were practically speechless afterwards..."

Troll 2 is now available to watch instantly on Netflix!

Could we please have a screamatorium?

You take a time machine far into the future and find that the Idiocracy is in full effect...

Could we please have a crematorium?

Could we please have some pandamonium

Dial up warning!

Who is the worst duck, Howard or Daffy.

Lisa - Rocket To Your Heart, 1983 Hot Tracks Remix (mp3)

Standing on the corner, suitcase in my hand


ohh, ohh, Flamewar over in General Metalworking, machine tool, and woodworking

Dammit! I'm outta gin.

Could we please have a vomitorium?

Eagles coach Reid - Vick is now starting QB - Kolb "Has a bright future."

Happiness is a Percocet, a Guiness, and the Pixies

Waiter, There’s Soup in My Bug

Today's Darwin Award:

Could we please have a planetarium?


The next legal brief I write will be in Yoda-speak.

My "Asshole In Front Of Me In The 15 Items Or Less Line At Safeway" Rant

Dammit! I'm outta grin.

Quick! Give me your social security number!

Meanwhile, in Florida: Pizzeria owner gets 10 years for 'calzone rage'

I was all ready to use hide thread today

Guitarist Mick Abrahams/Blodwyn Pig website - does anyone remember this band?

Truck Nutz

I finally figured out the main question.

Texas Board of Education removes Jesus from Texas Bibles

The Verve - Lucky Man (Glastonbury 2008)

You know you have bad credit when you get shot down by Dish Network

Does anyone here have a "drive-under" garage in their basement? Have you found that

I need to cut the grass right now but I can't make myself, the grass is really tall.

Irish beer.

The Road Ahead On DADT Repeal, Defense Spending

Could we please have a moratorium?

PHOTOS: Ronnie James Dio's Encino Estate On The Market - $3.3 Million

Ayn Rand Dating & Networking

What the hell is that? {Dial-up invite}

What projects have you completed today. I replaced the differential on my truck, chopped two cords

There's a guy outside my office door losing it right now.

Proof that marijuana will someday be legal:

I'm telling you -- all we need is...

Funny how the MSM was SOOOOO excited when Democrats were history

It's late 2010. Can we PLEASE stop posting "Dial-Up Warning?"

Jon Stewart

Bob Woodard's Book - President Obama Rejected Request For Fight That Lasts Throuogh Our Kid's Lives

why on earth do we think that we will win a DADT vote in December

R's are holding the defense bill hostage to prevent the repeal of DADT and passage of the DREAM Act

Extremely simple advice on how the ambivalent should vote

More TARP, Please

Here comes Bob Woodward

America Has Spoken, Will the GOP Listen?

OK Go -- "White Knuckles" -- AMAZING dogs

FL-25 Dem leads by 7-points in race for GOP seat

What progress looks like. Key consumer protections under health care reform law go into effect.

Guys..our Congressmen and Women are in trouble here...

Political Animal: Hint of the GOP's 'Cuture of Corruption' Already Making a Comeback

Wow! Larry Summers leaving White House

Rahm may leave the White House as soon as early October

A question regarding the fate of DADT

FL Michelle Obama to campaign for Dems in October including Feingold & Boxer

Look out Arizona, McCain blow up!!!

Obama to address poverty, diplomacy at UN appearances

(Woodward's) book is net-positive for Obama...

(R)asmussen Poll--CA Governor: Brown 47% (+5) Whitman 46% (no change)

Yellow Dirt: Uranium's Legacy in Navajo Country

New Poll--RI Governor: Caprio (D) 36% Chafee (I) 24% Robitaille (R) 13%

Democratic voters would be more energized if Pelosi had opposed Obama more

I hate doctors/surgeons who think they are GOD.

Poll--PA Senate: Toomey: 50% Sestak 43%

O'Donnell To Hannity: The Media Is Trying To 'Paint Me As An Extremist' (VIDEO)

CA House District 08--Dem closing in on GOP incumbent in new poll

Not drum solo, group percussion, post you favorite

Today is a special day . Why?

Are Democrats Recovering?

John McCain, Meet Maj. Michael Almy

Repub PA Gov Cand Sues Over Health Care Yet Touts in his Paper

Jim Webb

Not a Fan of Holbrooke

House Panel to Bring Up Historic Legislation to Reduce Corporate-Financed Congressional Elections

Ben Nelson: Pay for High-Income Tax Cuts with Stimulus Money

Ben Nelson: Pay for High-Income Tax Cuts with Stimulus Money

Six new House Polls--good news in LA--D leading in GOP district

Poll: 1 In 5 Americans Believe Obama Is A Cactus

PPP: Dems lead congressional ballot in CA 51-38; 46-44 CA favors gay marriage

California Consumer Group Airs Election Ad In Times Square Labeling Tea Party 'Insane'

Tough Love for Obama

President Obama puts Wall Street Whiners in their Place

President Obama highlights health care reform benefits with grateful Americans by his side

KY Senate: Jack Conway making drug abuse a central theme of campaign

OK, 1980s high school grads, the Breakfast Club reunites

For those who watched Hardball tonight...

Levin: Filibuster reform more likely after Tuesday's failed Defense vote

One Democrat who isn't running away from Dem agenda

Can you spot the Gay Soldier?

About that enthusiasm gap

Mike Lee up by 27% over Sam Granato in Utah Senate race

OH-Gov: Biden stumps for Ohio Gov. Strickland again

Quinnipiac Poll--NY Gov: Cuomo: 49% Paladino 43%


Senate Tax Vote Still Possible. Baucus will roll out draft of his bill tomorrow.

The truth does hurt. "The Republican Tea Party" per Biden

I totally pissed off this guy at Safeway when I bought some last-minute booze

His Rudeness Strikes Again

Sharron Angle slams mandated coverage for autism treatment (VIDEO)

Now that Lawrence O'Donnell has a gig, who will sub for KO and Rachel?

Washington Post Uncovers Congressman Toomey's Hong Kong Boss

(R)asmussen Poll--IL Senate: Kirk 44% (+3) Giannoulias 41% (+4)

I don't know whether to hit something or puke - Fux News is

Obama set to campaign in WI next week--first president to visit UW-Madison since Truman

We were promised The West Wing and we got Entourage

The GOP's new "pledge" looks more like a "Contract on America"

The awesome stupidity of replacing Summers with a CEO

Post some of the best quotes you've ever read

Hold. The. Damn. Votes.

High in the hills we are harvesting sweet sinsemilla....

PHOTOS: Deep-Fried Cheesesteak on a Stick and other heart attack-inducing state fair foods

So Rachel posed this question on her show re: DADT

Does it bother you if your spouse/SO check out other people when you are both out together?

"Is Lady Gaga a Better Politician Than Barack Obama?"

President Obama: "I'm not doing long-term nation-building. I am not spending a trillion dollars."

Captain Obvious says: Republicans voted against the troops in a time of war

What "IF" we Focused like a Huge Laserbeam and with a Singleness of Purpose......

Will the Republicans new Contract on America work?

I really hope you guys are watching this

VIDEO of Obama speaking today about healthcare in VA resident's backyard:

Our Anger Runs Deep, BITE BACK!

Psychotic Right Wing Onslaught Is Exhausting

Plumline reports Olbermann will do long segment on the fight over tax cuts for rich tonight

Feingold releases new TV ad

Bush Beat Obama to the Punch On Absorbing Another 9/11

What Else Was in That "DADT" Bill? A Lot.

How hard is it to use your turn signal

Another Poll Showing Democrats up by 1 Point in Generic Ballot, President Obama @ 49%

I think Larry Summers should be replaced with Paul Krugman.

Woodward: Obama demanded exit strategy for Afghanistan. "I'm not doing 10 years."

CNN: Chamber of Commerce's Tom Donohue not so sure GOP takeover a done deal

Do all post offices have to put up president's photo?

Krugman: Waaaaah Street



New Rule: If you're going to advertise your bar as an "Irish Pub" you have to serve something other

Velma Hart: President Obama "the man for the job"

President Obama faults himself for not selling health law

Good Riddance ASSHOLE!!!

If you have raised littermates together, any advice for me?

President Carter on The Daily Show (Full Episode) - 09/20/2010

If Tea Baggers love God then why don't they believe this from the bible?

My father will heal YOU with love

John Kerry on Senate floor talking about campaign finance rules, namely Citizen United decision

If things were reversed I doubt moderate Dems (not Blue Dogs) would react they way the left is now.

Anyone notice that books at Borders and Barnes & Noble

The Plumline: President Obama unveils a new healthcare website designed to educate voters on the law

Replacing Boehner the Republican General in 2010

The World Watches America's Disappointment With President Obama In Disbelief

Setting the record straight. I am a veteran, I am straight, but I have served

Kirsten Gillibrand the "Hottest" Senator, Reid Says

New Poll out indicates tight race for Governor of WI

Civ V is a big improvement over Civ IV

Grayson Jumps Out to 13-Point Lead

Why hasn't Obama went to Israel yet? I feel like a speech there could help a lot of things

Why Generic Ballots May Underestimate Democrats.

Officials Arrested in Los Angeles Suburb

Big health insurers to stop selling new child-only policies

U.N. Seeks To Re-Energize Fight Against Poverty

Miller acknowledges getting farm subsidies

An Egg Farmer and a History of Salmonella

Health Insurers' Move to Drop Child Policies (Ahead Of Thursdays Mandate) Draws Criticism

Many Americans still don't know what's in new health law

140 Census Bosses Took Vegas Trip

China, India set to be leading powers by 2025: US intelligence

Lay off South China Sea, US told

House Republicans set to unveil policy agenda Thursday

Recent weather disasters consistent with climate change models: NOAA

Al-Qaeda claims French kidnappings (French nationals worked for uranium mining companies in Niger)

Gibbs on DADT: 'We'll keep trying' ( "I don't think this is the end,")

Six powers mull nuclear dialogue with Iran

NATO, Russia seek new trust at New York talks

Angle Suggests Free Market Could Solve Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage

UN anti-poverty goals get new financial pledges

U.N. Chief to Launch Women And Children Health Drive

Fraud reports emerging in Afghan vote

74 Pilot Whales Stranded on New Zealand Beach

Reports: Russia won't supply missiles to Iran amid UN sanctions

Lawsuits accuse Bishop Eddie Long of sexual coercion; Long "adamantly denies"

Arctic claims summit gets under way in Moscow

Women dominate new Swiss cabinet

CIA Afghan paramilitary force hunts militants

Standoff In Fairview Heights Began With Feds' Investigation

Bombing kills 10 women, a child at parade in Iran

China's (Premier) Wen threatens new action in Japan boat row

Pay Up: Tab for Nixed Quran Burning is $200K

Egg company to apologize for outbreak

Supreme Court won't stop execution of Virginia woman

EU to comply with WTO ruling, scrapping tariffs on high-tech imports from U.S.

Issa Pushes Anti-Obama Message on (Oversight Committee) Panel’s Site

Pro-Gay Groups Find New Allies in the GOP

S.F. Mayor Newsom vetoes fee on alcohol

Court records: Taxi attack suspect called himself 'patriot'

Gold futures surge as Fed warns of deflation

Bishop Eddie Long Denies Sexual Abuse as Plaintiffs' Lawyer Promises More Evidence

AP Poll: Health care law making us muddle-minded

Offering teachers bonuses for student growth didn't raise scores, study finds

Did Saxby Chambliss aide leave threatening slur?

U.S. Financial Bailout Chief Resigns

Couple In (Senator) Ensign Scandal Could Lose Home

Medical tourism: Deal-seekers flock to Mexico for health care

Iraqi told FBI that Saddam 'delighted' in 1998 embassy bombings, but had no links to bin Laden

AP source: NYC mayor to back Cuomo in gov's race

Chinese premier wants immediate, unconditional release of boat captain

Watchdog Asks Senate To Investigate Vitter

Jobless workers dispute claim that unemployment benefits foster complacency

Ally Financial legal issue with foreclosures may affect other mortgage companies

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday September 22

Top U.S. Officials Say Homegrown Terrorists An Emerging Threat

U.S. adds 3 countries to drug traffic hub list

Putin's industry plans cloud Russian WTO drive

Dems try to split from party for midterms

Top Obama Aide: 'Any Aspect' Of Health Care 'Could Be De-Funded' By GOP

O'Donnell: I won't face the nation

Democrats Push Measure With Tax Breaks for Companies Hiring U.S. Workers

2 Journalists Arrested in Afghanistan

Woodward Book Portrays Obama Aides’ Battles

Tax, spending cuts top GOP 'Pledge to America'

Bizarre New Dinosaur Species Found in Utah

Ex-cop sentenced in Katrina bridge shootings

Court: Florida ban on gay adoption unconstitutional

McCain gets testy with reporters after ‘don’t ask’ vote

Bob Woodward Potrayal of Obama Pleases White House

Bob Woodward Potrayal of Obama Pleases White House

Arizona Sheriff Arpaio's Office Misspent Funds, Analysis Says; $50 mil in jail funding diverted...

Ohio Democrat Chair Fires 'F-Word' At Tea Party

11 year old baby sitter charged in 2 year old death

Wave of violence may be due to combat PTSD

British Secret Service Helped Fight Communism in Brazil, Says New Book

Police: Indiana kids died after 10 hours in closet

From Third World country to third most powerful nation

Right-Wing Sentiment, Ready to Burst Its Dam (Germany)

Jewish leaders express disgust over David Irving's visit to Poland

Devices found in SC school after student opens fire

Counterterrorist Pursuit Team: 3,000 Man CIA Paramilitary Force Hunts Militants In Afghanistan...

Russia May Sell More Weapons to Syria as U.S., Israel Protest

Cancellation could be disastrous for (Commonwealth) Games' future - New Zealand's Prime Minister

Third Lawsuit filed on Bishop Eddie Long

Ohio will not budge on outsourcing ban

Dirty Cookstoves, a Global Health Threat, Targeted in $51-Million Program

Stephen Colbert to testify at House immigration hearing: report

Roman Conaway Arrested: Accused Of Threatening President Obama, Local Muslims

BREAKING: RAHM may be leaving WH in October

Emanuel, Eyeing Chicago Run, Could Leave the White House in October

Announcing: To Corporations, Government is a Game--PAY 2 PLAY

In honor of Al Franken: Toby Keith's American Soldier

The Company They Keep - Kelly Ayotte

Christine O'Donnell spotted in Arizona/Mexico.

SMUG: State's head biologist now UNSURE on cause of massive fish kills


Christine O'Donnell has a Meltdown.

Hannity Gives Warm Milk To Christine O'Donnell (Part 2)

GOP Plan for America

Senator Al Franken's floor speech on DADT & DREAM Act - FULL VERSION

Island Trails - Kahekili-Manamana

My Name is Not "Those People"

Papantonio: Show Up October 2nd in DC

Young Turks: CNN Censors War Story, Boy Shot In Head

John McCain: Meet Major Mike Almy who had his private emails searched under DADT

Americans HATE the idea of "Raising the Retirement Age"

Blackwater Working for Monsanto Company and Canada

Rachel Maddow- GOP pits culture war against civil rights

Shame on Meg Whitman (by Equality California)

No oysters? It's NOT the oil says MS State Official

Hannity Gives Warm Milk To Christine O'Donnell

O'Donnell- The Media Is Trying To 'Paint Me As An Extremist'.mov

Weird Liberal Head Show #170: My RAGE Over DADT/Dream Act


F*ck You Economics - An Ideological Intervention on Taxing the Rich

Jimmy Carter Slams Faux Noise

Mike Malloy - Republicans Block DADT Repeal (excellent rant)

Homosexuality caused by kettle chips and juice boxes

Homosexuality caused by kettle chips and juice boxes

PROOF Christine O'Donnell is still practicing witchcraft!

Papantonio: Too "Stoopid" to Know They're Stupid

Angle Trashed Requiring Coverage For "Autism"

O'Reilly Has A Hissy Over Carter

TYT: Beer Industry Vs Marijuana Legalization

Dawkins lays the smack down on the Pope

God speaks to Sharron Angle

MSNBC w/ Cenk: Rich Tax Cuts Fail To Create Jobs...In The US

The Tea-Belly Sneetches

Republican North Carolina congressional hopeful Renee Ellmers runs on no mosque in NY platform

WITLESS: The True Story of the Tea Party Women

State officials did NO TESTING on any dead fish from FOUR major kills near oiled areas

DEMS: Stop Making Sense!

What I Didn't Find in Africa, Amb Joe Wilson (video)

Congress' sick game: Politics skunks health care bill for Ground Zero workers again

After Summers, Which Path Will the President Take?

One and a Half Cheers for American Decline: The Future’s Not Ours -- and That’s Good News

Blackwater contractors denied drinking before Afghan killings

Christine O'Donnell: Replace Government 'Czars' With 'Witches'

U.S. Could Be Alone as Europe Turns Inward

Amy Goodman: Torture in Iraq Continues, Unabated

Ex-Obama adviser Plouffe doubts tea party's appeal at author forum in Louisville

Robert Scheer: So Long, Summers

Truly Madly Purely Jimmy (Carter)

In Praise of State Parks and Other Unsung Public Lands

Yes, the predictions of the death of Medicare Advantage were a bit premature. rates will come down

Cuomo: "Can I 'call him an a--hole?'"

Chilean Economist Manfred Max-Neef: US Is Becoming an "Underdeveloping Nation"

The Most Ridiculous Anti-Obama Quotes Ever

Insurance companies abandon sick children and lie about it

FDA Won’t Allow Food to Be Labeled Free of Genetic Modification: Report

Health (Care Reform bill) provisions begin phasing in Thursday - a great over-view article

President Obama does not take criticism from his base very well.

Hey Boehner, McConnell et al, How's that rabble rousing thing goin' for ya? Civil War in GOP?

Christianne Amanpour on "This Week" let Repub Ross use the show as a campaign stop.

Our Endless War

The Secret Lives of Big Pharma's 'Thought Leaders'

2012 Will Be a Debacle for the GOP

KRUGMAN: Obama admin seems to go out of its way to alienate its supporters

Leafing Through The Past

Drumbeat: September 22, 2010

Termite enzymes could be boon to cellulosic ethanol: research

Artist Faces Darkness at Heart of Amazon Rainforest

FYI: Distributed Generation Education Module

The edible front yard

Progressive Thinking? U.S. Senate Bill Proposes a National Renewable Energy Standard of 3%

Landscaping for well being. How the environment affects our health.

Bhutan Tigers Filmed in Himalayas: A Rare Sight

Local food movement spurs canning trend: Get those jars ready

Arctic summit in Moscow hears rival claims

Britain's oldest birds: A 30-year-old arctic tern surprises ornithologists

Thorium fun facts - on the ultimate human energy source

Sweet Potato Out-Yields Corn in Ethanol Production Study

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Tuesday, September 21)

*snort* Top Dog in Philly...

20 Wins!

****College Football: Week 4****

Tom Lehman wins payne Stewart award

DAS wiretapped inspector general.

OAS rights body asks Colombia to protect magistrate

New and shocking revelations about the ' pikes ' DAS (Uribe DAS wiretapping political enemies)

Cuba's coral reefs are thriving vs. most others that are dying

British Secret Service Helped Fight Communism in Brazil, Says New Book

Leftist Venezuelan politician Henri Falcon challenges Chavez's authority

'CIA knew about DAS embassy infiltrations''

Ecuador questions 'Raul Reyes' files .

Soldiers 'trafficked weapons to FARC'

Chavez allies play on sabotage claims before vote

US insists on Larry Palmer as next ambassador to Venezuela

(Wisconsin) 'Open carry' group pledges to sue police for issuing citations

South Portland moves to ban pellet guns in public

Culver's goes the Starbucks route, will not ban open carry

Deal reached allowing loaded guns in Nevada state parks

"We grow a lot of fruits and nuts – ours are not the kind you hide from your children"

We are The Sacrificial Lamb.

You know me and cross posts.

If two adult citizens of Iran who are also residents of Iran have been in a monogamous ...

Music Video: The Superions - Fruitcake

Did Reid screw up today

Italian Minister Of Family Policy: Gay Adoption Leads To Human Trafficking

Withers: McCain is confused about how DADT actually works

Britain's Liberal Democrats Endorse Marriage Equality ( Don't you wish we had those?)

(Marine Corps Commandant Nominee) Amos Says DADT Repeal a 'Distraction'

Third Lawsuit filed on Bishop Eddie Long

3M Joins Target In Supporting Anti-Gay Politics

The 7th Annual Wedding March is happening in NYC this Sunday

Dan Savage Launches YouTube Channel Devoted To Helping LGBT Youth

No Gays? No Way! Ireland's President Turns Down NYC's St. Patrick's Day Parade

I was so wrong about Obama. :(

What is it about Gays that conservatives are afraid of?

Bishop Eddie Long will be on The Tom Joyner Morning Show Thursday, 7:15 AM EST

Anti-Gay Televangelist Eddie Long Accused Of Coercing Sex From Teenage Boys

Bill Clinton: I Regret DADT

We are truly a fearsomely fabulous force: Homosexuals Are Causing Global Climate Change

I'm coming out.

Late light on my bike ride and a couple of crops from the dog park

People are difficult

Fatah: Hamas in West Bank seek coup

Violence Erupts In East Jerusalem After Deadly Shooting Of Palestinian, Clouding Peace Efforts

UN experts: Israel flotilla raid broke int'l law

Israel's unreasonable demand

Gun Owners against illegal mayors...

LHC Detects Evidence of New Physics

Ancient Organic Particles from Space Discovered in Antarctica

Clear Spring Skies Emerge on Titan

14,000 Delta Baggage Handlers Voting On Whether To Join IAM

ILWU Issues Report Critical Of Alleged Rite-Aid Mismanagement

Consumer Price Indexing Bumps Oregon Minimum Wage Up To $8.50

Majority Of Voters In Seven Battleground States Want To Keep Middle Class Tax Cut (end wealthy)

September 30, 2004. The first photographs of a live giant squid in its natural habitat were taken.

Voters in school district boot two - Teachers union backed winners

(Job Posting) This search for a Communications Administrator closes September 30

Working-Class Heroes in Literature

A Bioengineered Future in Deep Space

Earth In Upheaval, Worlds In Collision

September 30, 2004. The first photographs of a live giant squid in its natural habitat were taken.

September 30, 2004. The first photographs of a live giant squid in its natural habitat were taken.

Fundamentalist atheists once again gearing up for "Blasphemy Day"

Atheist editor, bored with 'New Atheism,' wishes everyone would just move on

Serious question: Why does the Pope need a bulletproof cage?

To all, a Merry Moon Festival!

UFOs may have tampered with US nuclear weapons..(GD thread!)

Re: Cathy Pagano's Cosmic Story: Aries Full Moon and Fall Equinox, September 22-23

This full moon is kicking my ass!

I'm getting a strong hint at what I think is happening, it's not Mercury Retrograde

Novartis gains FDA approval for new oral multiple sclerosis drug

Major insurers to drop child policies ahead of coverage mandate

Throw Your Drugs Away Safely Day (Sat. 25th)

Medicare Advantage Premiums to Fall in 2011

Doctor’s Orders: Eat Well to Be Well