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After Murder, Mexican Paper Asks for Publishing Guidelines from Drug Cartels

After Murder, Mexican Paper Asks for Publishing Guidelines from Drug Cartels

For the Unemployed Over 50, Fears of Never Working Again

Politic Family member

A sanctimonious post

Arctic Ice in Death Spiral

More Tea Bag Nuttery, In Wisconsin, Not Deleware...

Invisible War: How 13 Years of US-Imposed Sanctions Devastated Iraq

I am personally mighty happy that tax cuts will expire in a couple of months

Bear with me-Tea Party Patriots on The Dream us spendocrats

Talk to the hand! O'Donnell campaign manager calls illegal spending allegations "frivolous."

Sinead O'Connor - An Open Letter to the Pope

Carter sees tea party parallels to his 1976 run!

North Castle GOP chairwoman steps down after raid, fraud allegations

The *Original* Tea Party involved a protest by throwing something every Colonial citizen loved

Cash-Strapped California to Spend $500 Million for New “Condemned Inmate Complex” (Death Row)

Hmmm. None of these disappointed people mentioned "world peace" or "eliminating the Pentagon

Democracy For America Backs Strong Progressives In The House

OMG. Olbermann has new footage of O'Donnell.

My credit card interest rate is now 30% - you would get better rates from loan sharks

My credit card interest rate is now 30% - you would get better rates from loan sharks

So, after reading about CREW's demand for an investigation of Christine O'Donnell's

Ugh. Brist(le) Failin now on Dancing w/the Stars. W-H-Y? nt

RCP - "Boxer Maintains Lead in California" - Wooot!

Denver Broncos Player Kenny McKinley Found Dead, Police Say

A donkey Kicking a tea cup and pot would have been a greets logo for me

Is this cartoon threatening?

One of them is gay. Does it matter who? (ACLU's advocacy for DADT repeal)

Bill O'Liely Lie of the Day

Vibrators Unite Against Christine O'Donnell

Randy Quaid and Wife Arrested for Burglary

Who do you think is the more honest family?

Beer vs. Pot!?

Urgent ......Chris Coons needs your contribution now.

Rah Rah, Gaga!!

Anybody who criticizes Bristol's dancing is obviously;

Medicare 'doughnut hole' relief could be offset by higher prescription drug prices.

"Nothing Says Faith In God Like Four Inches of Bulletproof Glass!" (1 of Many GREAT Pope Signs)

DUer LynneSin spotted O'Donnell back in March

State GOP to support O’Donnell, primary winners

Getting to know Christine O’Donnell ..... condoms “anti-human” ...

How will Joe Lieberman force us to extend tax cuts for the rich?

Of Mice with Men... brains

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & Here's a new kitty gif!

Knock me over with a feather: Rasmussen shows the Dem gov in the lead in MD

You know, I'm proud of a president who's open to taking questions from the general public

Bristol Palin Dancing Rate?

MPAA Wants To Know If ACTA Can Be Used To Block Wikileaks?

Not waiting for Superman - AFT response to film

Tea party pyramid scheme website -- how stupid can teabaggers be?

Clinton on Letterman = talking about energy & jobs - brillant - wish our

fyi - Jimmy Carter is on Larry King tonite.

Why is it Americans will not learn from the rest of the world. John McCain says that

Time to call Harry Reid's office- let's get DADT repealed ASAP.

Well, now. The DNC wants to send me a bumpersticker of their new logo for free.

Wiccan Community Upset With O'Donnell, Calls Witchcraft Comments "Teaching Moment"

Richard Wolffe accused me of demonizing the right...

Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline Still a Dream

The solar-powered spy plane that flies non-stop for FIVE years

Your absolutely best laugh for the day

Dumb Idea Of The Day - A Flying Hummer

Tea Party, Republicans try to repress vote in Wisconsin.

Aretha Franklin's Son Severely Beaten in Detroit

Latest Pentagon Propaganda: We Can't Leave Afganistan

We Need More Research On Genetically Altered Salmon Says FDA Advisory Panel

California's Proposition 19

Aunt Zeituni: 'The System Took Advantage of Me'

1975 New York ‘budget crisis,’ like today’s, was excuse to attack pensions, services

More Do Overs: Virginia Class Submarines Now Have Peeling Hull Coating

Firm gets new federal contract despite overbilling probe

U.S. Rep. Ike Skelton: A Warmonger Any Way You Look At It

Exiting AF Intel Chief: The Sky Is Falling! The Sky Is Falling!

Afghan election watchdog amasses evidence of fraud

Afghan election watchdog amasses evidence of fraud

Has education reform jumped the shark? A teacher says 'yes'

It is time to fight back. We need t-shirts, bumper stickers, etc that give us a new theme:

Have Joe Scum or Mika Mouse

Washington’s Capital Bikeshare Launches, Bringing Biggest-Yet System to the U.S.

deleted, dupe. nt

surge update: Helicopter Crash Kills 9 in Afghanistan

Wikileaks Prepares Next Big Document Dump, While Media and Pentagon Continue Smear Campaign on Its F

IN right wing talk show host says MSU coach deserved heart attack

Pet Flea, Tick Medication Called Into Question

Here's something I thought I'd never say: I enjoyed Limbaugh today

I know there are bigger fish to fry but Mykel Hawke is starting to bug me.

U.S. Air War Soars in ‘Post-Combat’ Iraq


Democrats fighting election battles ask environmentalists, 'Where are you guys?'

Are you a small bussinessperson (who makes jobs)?

Saw a rightnetwork web ad: 'happier than Biden in a tanning bed'. wtf?

NC Sen. Richard Burr To Vietnam Veterans: Tough Shit Dude, You Were Stupid To Go To Vietnam

WaPo: Tea party picking up steam nationwide

When wingnuts claim that they are the folks who respect "personal responsibility", call "Bullshit!"

Minnesota's RNC 8 Pretrial Hearing September 22--RALLY at 12:30

Lindsey Graham says U.S. must prepare to attack Iran

Just a reminder, when the taxcutters are frothing at the mouth

Updated republican draft dodger/chickenhawk list.

Latest Tea Party Conspiracy: Protecting Puppies Is A Secret Plan to Take Away Your Pets

TIME - "The New GOP Money Stampede" Hint Its the Old GOP In Tea Party Clothing

Bradley Manning Supporters Rally in San Francisco

The Tea Baggers might save the Dem's asses

Patrick Maintains Lead in Massachusetts, but we're still in danger

Afghanistan helicopter crash makes 2010 deadliest year in Afghanistan war

Update on the "Save Our Jobs" rally not long ago in Canton Ohio

Soros, Obama, And Krugman

Teabagger Amash in trouble in MI-3rd??

Two Contrasting Sets of Economic Values

Childhood Viral Infection May Be a Cause of Obesity

Sarah Palin's Top 10 Mama Grizzlies - The Truth About Them

Bailiffs to seize puppies to recover debt

Republicans Cry “Class Warfare” When They’re Winning the War

the most disgusting Slurpee ever

War Steals From the Poor and Unemployed

Congress is going to stay in Washington a few extra days....

Toxic Koch Brothers instrumental in effort to kill California energy bill

Jus soli (Birthright Citizenship)

Here we go again Invest 94

What is the revenue difference between expiring cuts over $250K vs $1 Million?

The Good and Brave Lady Gaga - vids in support of DADT repeal. I now officially love this woman

The Good and Brave Lady Gaga - vids in support of DADT repeal. I now officially love this woman

Huge voter suppression plot exposed in Wisconsin (illegal vote caging)

Has the Federal debt increased since junior's tax cuts were enacted?

What Counts Your Votes?

The GOP believes in an "Out of pocket" existence

Bill Would Give Justice Department Power to Shutter Piracy Sites Worldwide

Coons Holds Big Lead in Delaware

Lindsay Lohan is quite likely going back to jail for more drug use. (Insert joke here)

Lindsay Lohan is quite likely going back to jail for more drug use. (Insert joke here)

If one gives money to the Tea Party is it considered a political contribution?

Christine O'Donnell

The Laffer Curve in real life

Judge upholds Guantanamo detention in rare government win

GOP unveils 20 point agenda for America. What are those 20 points?

One and a Half Cheers for American Decline --- The Future’s Not Ours -- and That’s Good News

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Harry Reid calls Kirsten Gillibrand "hot" at Michael Bloomberg's house

Law Professor's Blog Post Sparks Controversy Over Why The Rich Don't Feel 'Rich'

Housing starts at 4-month high

Vitter is up by 18 points in Louisiana?

Why is the right allowed to dominate free speech debate? (Molly Norris cont.)

...far more say their vote will be motivated by opposition to the Tea Party movement...

Anti-Mosque Leader Wonders If Romney's Been Silent Because Of ‘Similarities Between Islam and Morm

Ahmadinejad: Capitalism Faces Defeat, Calls For Overhaul Of 'Unjust' Global Decision-Making

Stupid Goes Viral in Texas politics

We Booked Our Flight And Our Room

Is someone fit for public office if they oppose serious climate change legislation?

Big Brother just got bigger.

House Democrats consider quitting early, ensuring Republican victory in November?

The PERFECT ad against O'Donnell

PPP/Daily Kos Poll: Feingold down by 11 in WI

Airline Legroom Tight Now? New Seat Is Less Spacious

Republicans are using Susan Collins with that DADT filibuster so they can turn it against us

Medicare Advantage premiums to dip in 2011

Bill O'Reilly: I have tape of some "crazy stuff" O'Donnell has said on my show but I won't play it

WTF Is Going On In The US Navy?

The Student Loan Racket

LOL! Japan Is Not A Fan Of Paris Hilton, She's Being Refused Entry Following Her Drug Arrest

More nuttiness from crazy Paladino

More nuttiness from crazy Paladino

I take umbrage when anyone, particularly our nationally-elected officials, do anything to hurt our

Who is a worse person? Howard Stern or Roman Polanski

Classic headline from Down Under

Bill O' Reilly says he has Dirt on O' Donnell but not going to show it

I wonder if cats & dogs could be genetically engineered to live as long as we do?

A Delaware twist

Collins Will Filibuster Dont Ask Dont tell

GOP House hopeful Jim Russell praised racist practices, advocated eugenics in 2001 essay

Texas religious leaders denounce textbook pro-Islamic bias resolution

Tonight's Meg Whitman fundraiser features Condi "Mushroom Cloud" Rice. ONE room, TWO fucking LIARS.

there are always going to be bad teachers...

Senate Dems consider early exit

WJLA-TV fires veteran anchor Doug McKelway, cites insubordination, misconduct

Eat, pray -- and vote---Rather than sitting out, progressives can sit in.--By Katrina vanden Heuvel

Would a nurse/health care professional from NC please e-mail me???

Little Lulu Gets a Civics Lesson From Satan

Do you have a job right now? (NOT retired)?

I can't remember if I posted this back in July, but this is too good..

Happy Birthday to Walter Breuning - World's Oldest Man is 114 today!

"Great" letter today in my paper...welcome to hell.

How did Bill Clinton lose so much weight?

Toon: Obama's not like you and me!

Ahmadinejad slams 'silence' over US woman's execution

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Begins Annual NYC 'Charm Offensive'

The allergies are so bad this season...

Steve Berg: What Ending Homelessness Looks Like

Join Single-Payer Health Care Groups at the October 2nd March on Washington!

Lindsey Graham says U.S. must prepare to attack Iran

Brits propose that all paychecks pass through government hands.

George Monbiot throws in the towel

Ground Zero II *

OK, is Stephen Pitt related to Will? Here's his artwork from Truthout.

Breaking: McConnel Offers Motion to Proceed! Reid allows amendments.

Investigation: 140 Census Bosses Took Vegas Trip

So is Christine O'Donnel the result of a mouse-human brain swap

Cessna Cuts 700 Jobs, Blames Stalled Recovery

A Small Favor For Those Who Will Attend the Colbert/Stewart Rally in D.C.

GOP House hopeful Jim Russell praised racist practices, advocated eugenics in 2001 essay

GOP Aims to Erode White House Agenda

PPP Poll: Brown leading Whitman by Five in CA

Contact info, Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), blocking vote on DADT

Contact info, Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), blocking vote on DADT

So it's official? The rethuglicans hate Teh Gay more than they love the troops?

Repeal of DADT is dead for now. One-liner on

You know things are bad when even Republicans don't want to talk to Fox News hosts

I KNOW I will be voting on the WFP line this November

DADT and Defense Appropriations bill stalled by GOPers in senate - will be fillibustered...

The fuckers are UnAmerican!

Nate Silver: Generic Ballots May Underestimate Democrats

Source: 8 current, former Bell, California officials arrested

How about a little reality check here

Is social networking (OTHER than DU) important to your life?

digby: The reasonable moderate Susan Collins's priorities

Teachers are Taking the Blame for the Failure of American Education

All London firefighters threatened with being sacked


Well, well, well -- wonder where this came from?

Which Democratic President would you like Obama to emulate the most?

Rumsfeld is putting out a book about his criminal life and criminal war...

Chicago media playing Jesse Jackson Jr./Senate Seat/Blago story now with a hot blonde bikini model

From Alan Grayson

Shark-Finning Puts Species on Verge of Extinction

Freepers take victory laps over DADT

To all in the senate who voted against

Investors seeing farmland as safer bet than stocks

And now, something to make you laugh...

Big Think: David Brooks quietly despairs over 'The Quiet Desperation' theme in Franzen's Freedom

Huffington Post poll on ''Game Changers'' in Education: vote down MIchelle Rhee, privatizing queen

Busted again! Fox News edits clip so it seems like Obama can't lower taxes

With Just 40 Votes, Republicans Block Debate Over Defense Authorization Bill

Concerns over Delhi Commonwealth Games village (living conditions "shocked majority of delegates")

All I have to say, Jesse Jackson Jr, is well done

Taking a smile break

Taking a smile break

Reporter: CNN Refused to Air Footage of US War Crime in Iraq

Ya sure, Free Republic is not a hate site...

Ya sure, Free Republic is not a hate site...

If you missed Jimmuy Carter on Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart on Oprah today.

$30M seized from a Vatican Bank Account

The Rude Pundit: The Tea Party Candidate Conspiracy?

Republicans block bill to lift military gay ban...Don't lose hope

fyi, looks like Jon Stewart will be on Oprah today...

fyi, looks like Jon Stewart will be on Oprah today...

Poll: Households with $250,000+ strongly support tax increase on themselves

Holy Shite

Fed to ponder whether bolder action needed

The arc of history is long, but in the end it bends toward justice. - MLK Jr.

Lieberman proposes 'gang' of well-to-do Senators to work out 'solution' to upper income 'tax cut'

From couragecampaign....DADT info

First Lady to attend Feingold fundraiser

Angle Suggests Free Market Could Solve Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage

I don't care much for Ahmadinejad, but he's right on this one!

Michael Steele: Come together, right now, over me, and I'll bring the fried chicken and 'tater salad

Tea party group announces $1 million donation

Fishing Expands in the Gulf - 8,000 square miles reopened

Lisa Murkowski's URL problem

The Onion: Voter Anger Palpable at Intentionally Anger-Stoking Rally

It's a LIE that you pay half of your Social Security and your employer pays the other half.

Lincoln and Pryor voted no, but only AFTER it was clear that Republicans blocked the bill.

Unemployment rises in 27 states last month

Pryor and Lincoln voted "No": Reid voted no on DADT so the matter could be brought up again

Should Democrats Be Happy About Tea Party Wins?

G.O.P. Reception Stirs Up Criticism From Democrats

Another Member of the Economic Team to step down: Larry Summers

How much change did you expect?

Our country is in trouble!

Meg Whitman's fuzzy math

Bill Maher coming up on Tweety

2010 in a nutshell (Spoiler: It's the economy)

DADT > Defense budget

support for Obama by religion: Jewish 61% - Agnostic/Atheist 63%, - non-Christian 64% - Muslims 78%

Jon Stewart comes ready for free trip from Oprah...

Jon Stewart comes ready for free trip from Oprah...

Obama's Key Economic Aide Plans to Leave by End of Year

Fox News show edits clip to make it seem like Obama can’t lower taxes

In Need of some Pithy Signage for One Nation Rally

TV (local news coverage) and print media claim that Susan Collins supports repeal of DADT,

Tweety: Boehner and McConnell 'Have Made Their Living in the Center'

How Tax Cuts Affect You

Can any Dem STILL honestly argue that the Catfood Commission was a good idea?

Dirty campaign is in full swing as Team Cuomo starts flinging mud back at 'porky' Paladino

Indoor smoke from cooking fires leads to about 2 million deaths each year





Breaking - Republicans block pay raises for military personnel.

MSNBC is saying we didn't get the 60 on DADT to overcome filibuster. Not

LOL Freeps turn on BillO who says he has tapes of COD crazy talk

GOP Job No. 1 if they gain control of Congress: Gut the the already weak financial reform bill

Big Dog Or Cool Dog?

James Amos, Obama's Pick To Lead Marine Corps, Opposes Repealing 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

EBay founder won't endorse Meg Whitman for governor

John Stewart's "Return to Sanity" rally

Action: Let's Vote Out GOP Senators Who Voted No on DADT Repeal and the DREAM Act

Mother Jones: Why Do Tea Party Geezers Drink the Kool-Aid?

Republicans just made it official:

The Twitter Website Is Under Attack

Nine Nato Servicemen killed in helicopter crash

Susan Collins was for the DADT repeal before she was against it

Corporate Executives, Bankers and Economists

CNN to broadcast Delaware Senate debate Oct. 13

In Push for Diversity, Colleges Pay Attention to Socioeconomic Class

Most House Democrats Pushing Tax Cuts For The Rich Represent Below-Average Number Of Rich

Rosie on Christine: Glad I'm not the insane O'Donnell

Bwaaaaaah hahahahahahaha -Florida judge says Crist can keep the money

VIDEO: Bill Maher sez to Christine O'donnell - ''Thanks for the UNDERWEAR''

Tweety = Asshat re: DADT and Reid

Airlines now require 72 hours notice before you fly.

DADT?.. let's hear from a dyed-in-the-wool conservative...

Company Sued For Collecting Debt On Facebook

I wonder if DADT was purposely brought to the floor, knowing full

What is so HILARIOUS about CREW asking the Delaware Attn Gen to investigate Christine....

Maybe there should have been a draft, after all

Huge voter suppression plot exposed in Wisconsin

M-I-C-K-E-Y-M-O-U-S-E Mickey Mouse !

Hypersonic Death? 5 Shocking New (Military) Weapons Developed for Assasinations

I am getting less apprehensive about November, it's just a feeling

The High Price Of Tea.

Was The CNBC Town Hall A Wake-Up Call For The White House? - Dan Balz/WaPo

Why don't we have a " DU PAC"????

A sorry sign of the times.

TeaParty-backed cand. Jeff Perry calls Palin 'an entertainer,' she's unwelcome to campaign w/him.

Look to Rhode Island for How to Target Anti-Labor Democrats

Riot Investigations Changed to Time with 2008 RNC Convention?

"If a guy says you have no cojones, how do you punch him back, call him an asshole?"

The real reason the rich are so angry

Positive election prognostics from Ken Silverstein

"Restoring" our economy is NOT the "solution"

Sen Franken brought to tears on the Senate Floor in support of DADT Repeal

Election news from Ohio

republicans: Hard on Gays, Soft on Defense

Vanderbilt Study: Merit Pay Does Not Boost Test Scores

Ummm, why do the idiots on the right go to people like McCain

Isn't it ironic? ........ TIME magazine cover from Feb. 1999

you can conduct vicious cyber bullying if you are well connected enough.

Nursing home sweeps find (100) residents with arrest warrants

Nursing home sweeps find (100) residents with arrest warrants

Psssssssssst Hurricane Igor is still a Cat 1 - pounding Canada

Psssssssssst Hurricane Igor is still a Cat 1 - pounding Canada

DADT Repeal: Channel Your Anger!

DADT Repeal: Channel Your Anger!

Anderson Cooper is tearing O'Donnell a new one

Bell, Calif., City Leaders Arrested in Salary Scandal

There is one word to describe Republicans, including the teabaggers....

Michelle Obama To California For Boxer

How To Fake a 68-Page Republican Jobs Plan With Gigantic Fonts

CNN to broadcast DE Coons/O' Donnell Debate Oct 13th - Popcorn time

Every time I hear that weasely, spineless, whiney Susan Collins, I get more angry.

Media Spreads Tea Party Leaders as “Anti-Establishment” Myth (a must read)

The Creepy Science Behind Genetically Engineered "Frankenfish" About to Enter Our Food Supply Unlabe

Why Generic Ballots May Underestimate Democrats.

Who Is Stupider: Glenn Beck Or His Viewers?

Funny about Poll from politco

We're headed towards Ronald Reagan II in 2012

Anti-Dem Propaganda Watch #18 - "Republicans block bill to lift military gay ban" - Blames Obama

O'Donnell: What Happens on a Satanic Altar Stays on a Satanic Altar! Right, Sarah Palin?

Anyone know what the polls are saying about Alan Grayson in FL?

Democrats Who Support Welfare for the Rich (i.e. Bush Tax Cuts)

John McCain becomes hysterical after DADT repeal vote

Oh, fuck ME: Salon wants to know if Stewart & Colbert have "crossed the line, become too shrill"

I just went over to Free Republic, to spy on some reactions to the DADT vote......

"Another One Bites The Dust" Bell, Calif. residents celebrate - pics

"Another One Bites The Dust" Bell, Calif. residents celebrate - pics

Citizens Still Paying for Stadiums that have been Demolished ($80 mill still owed on the Kingdome)

Republicans do not want soldiers to have Constitutional Rights.

Homeless Cleveland veteran living in a tent gives insight on the Northeast Ohio economy

Homeless Cleveland veteran living in a tent gives insight on the Northeast Ohio economy

"Obama Hints at High Level Changes"

If teabaggers get elected, it will be non-voting Dems who screwed us

please review my latest ltte on Camp Lejeune's polluted water supply before I submit

"Eel-Like Fish"

So will Democratic Senators allow Republicans to stop repeal of DADT? Gays under the bus again?

breaking...larry summers leaving white house

KFC pays college girls $500 each to wear 'Double Down' on their asses

Too rich for the Tea Party? Try the Tea-and-Crumpets Party! ---By Tom Tomorrow

Obama admin considering replacing Summers with "prominent corporate executive"

How much do you despise John McCain right now for threatening to filibuster DADT?

Best Line Yet, from Craig Ferguson

Suspicious Deaths are Piling Up on the Political Front in Alabama

Suspicious Deaths are Piling Up on the Political Front in Alabama

Howie Dean says they ain't winning shite

Perdido Key: Oil Still Under the Sand, Say Laid-off Cleanup Workers

OMG! Keith Olbermann replied to me!

Selby school cancels outside break in row over noise

Paul Krugman spells it out on "Morning Joe"

Unemployment rises in 27 states last month

American provincialism, and american exceptionalism

House Dems Supporting Bush Tax Cuts Represent Few Rich People: Report - HuffPo

The sociopaths at the Fed: Everthing's Terrible It's All Our Fault And We're Not Going To Change

Ala/Fla Gulf people, keep an eye on this one

We really have reached a bottom, culturally

One reason this Tea Bagging Misanthrope won't win in NY

US DC Circuit, 2 vacancies, still 2 vacancies

Who were the Traitor Democrats on the DADT vote?

"All Faggots Must Die" -- Did Saxby Chambliss aide leave threatening slur?

How can an 11 y.o. be charged as an adult for murder?

"America's Perfect Teen" pageant winner is a European ( Welsh)...

Redistricting: Voters choosing their politicians or politicians choosing their own voters?

Unemployment is a Koch Family Value

Bill Press slamming "whiney dems."

Dean Baker's Economic Briefing on Jobs, Poverty, and Consumer Protection

WTF... Why are we not forcing the douchebags to actually do a filibuster?

Sharia as New Red Menace?- OK, but would this include Judge Judy? by: Eugene Robinson

Cause for Celebration!!!! Huray!! Does this help you? It does me!

I guess I'm a radical. Never realized it before.

My right-wing sister

I will kindly ask that the posting of election polls please stop

Who is David Hust?

James Earl "Jimmy" Carter, Jr. 39th President. Is he the greatest former president *ever*?

The new face of labor (From busboys to taxi drivers, workers find new ways to organize)

Amazing how "won't raise taxes" is an inviolable promise, but don't touch pensions is not

What should I ask Russ Feingold tonight?

Ever wondered how teabaggers respond to rich people who say they want to pay higher taxes?

Al Franken Chokes Up Over Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Jerry Garcia's 7,000-square-foot Mediterranean-style California home for sale for $4 million

Jerry Garcia's 7,000-square-foot Mediterranean-style California home for sale for $4 million

Middle-Class American To Obama: 'I'm Exhausted Of Defending You'

Middle-Class American To Obama: 'I'm Exhausted Of Defending You'

Middle-Class American To Obama: 'I'm Exhausted Of Defending You'

Shit - could we lose Robert Byrd's seat in WV? Manchin down in poll

private firefighters?

This week is the “harvest moon” of 2010. What does this mean exactly...

Social Security is not an Entitlement!

Gawker reports on O'DONNELL's losing the Wiccan vote in DE

How To Fake a 68-Page Republican Jobs Plan With Gigantic Fonts

Mother . . . . . . Fuckers

Harry Reid's dairy ad...can anyone debunk this?

The GOP has a new logo

What's a red state Democrat to do? Can we talk (about the DU divide)?

You know who really ruins the military - RAPISTS!!!

So, let me see if I have this straight...

Missouri Tells Judges the Cost of Each Prison Term before Sentencing

Grand Theft Auto.. Appropriate for a six year old?

Project Censored releases "Censored 2011: The Top Censored Stories of 2009-2010"

DN! John le Carré: "The United States of America Has Gone Mad"

DN! John le Carré: "The United States of America Has Gone Mad"

Typewriter repairman is one of the last - "If I need help or advice, I'm on my own"

Russ Feingold trails by 7 points.

Some reactions to Oprah's show today with the education "reformers".

Some reactions to Oprah's show today with the education "reformers".

SUV driver thought she hit deer, actually hit Green Party's Senate candidate

In my day, people would just say, "Just ignore it."

This is why you don't make a deal with the devil,

Gay organizers urge mass participation in October 2nd March on Washington

What's up with the private school hate?

Is Something Happening? - Repubs dropping in Polls?

The media's misuse of polls

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's Oct. 30 rally will ruin the election for Democrats? Hilarious.

TX Secessionist Shoots 2 Deputies. Where's the media?

Billboard in South Bend, Ind., touts city's 'pubic schools'

When was the last time Republicans got the most total votes in a congressional election?

Educate me on education reform

The ever-disgusting Health Insurance industry......

CA: State's Largest Union Endorses Pot Legalization

If This Isn’t a Recession, Then What the Hell is It?

The Stakes in November. I Am Begging You.

O'Donnell LOST in Delaware!?! - By Mark Crispin Miller

Krugman: there’s an almost compulsive aspect to the WH’s alienation of supporters

Apple gets highest score ever in satisfaction, holds off PCs

Reuters is fucking with us.

Important News Update - thanking Obama for all he has done!

The GOP and the TEA PARTY are one and the same -------->

AFL-CIO Goes Big And Aggressive, Sends Out 2.5 Million Mailers (Targeting GOP Candidates )

video: 5 houses burn on moenart street while waiting for detroit's fire department to show up

Burn baby burn: Fire service cuts as a tool of urban renewal & 'planned shrinkage', 1975 & today

I wonder if it's such a good idea for Americans to be reminded of the Carter years just now

Need a ride to the October 2nd March on Washington? Bus and other info here.

Anyone here smarter than a 6th grader in math?

Ads for the German Sci-Fi channel

Quentin Tarentino signs on to do next Star Trek film...

derby's "For Those Who Dare" - September 20, 2010

Bristol Palin is about to dance.....

So I have this here sword...

How long did it take for you to realize you were in over your head?

People who go around saying the French have no balls should read this:

Tom Jones performs John Lee Hooker's "Burning Hell" on "Later With Jools Holland"

Buddy Guy w/ Eric Clapton, Jimmy Vaughan, Robert Cray, Humbert Sumlin: "Sweet Home Chicago"

Jerry Lee Lewis - "Whole Lotta Shakin" LIVE w/ Dave Edmunds, Brian May, Dave Davies, John Lodge

Chuck Berry, "Carol," live in London 1972

Fans of "The Wire," "Homicide" and "Treme," guess who I met today?

For DU men that wire-dress regularly

Chromeo on Letterman - Was that guitar solo ripped off from a Loverboy song?

BB King, "The Thrill is Gone," Live 2001

FacePalm, so much time, so little to do...

Another sign of fall approaching...

Your Monday kitteh

depressed whale

Very important baseball question

For DU men that wear dresses regularly

Has anyone seen the rings around your anus? Have YOU?

These new Volkswagen commercials for non-Beetle cars piss me off...

Little Richard, "Lucille" live

Bristol Palin Dancing Rate?

10 years and 11,111 posts and I'm still hanging out here...

Anyone watching the Saints and 49er's game?


Your Tuesday kitteh

Baseball fans and history buffs, it just don't--it just can't--get any better than this.

Acrobatic cats video clip

for DU men that wear dress shirts regularly

D.W.T.S. VIDEO: Bristol Palin or Elaine Benes? YOU decide.

The Vampire Diaries

Anyone play disc golf?

Fortune Cookie Fail

Cowboys no match for Broncos

House last night. (spoilers)

Who out there is a morning person?

Bowie fans: $150 5CD / DVD / 3LP box set of "Station To Station" coming September 28th

What instrument do you play?

Who has GPS on their cat? Would you recommend it?

I have one of the last of the non intel G5 iMacs.

MST3K ConventioCon ExpoFest-A-Rama 2: Electric Bugaloo

It makes more sense than most things.

Don Harvey - Queer Cowboy Lament, 2008 Vocal (mp3)

The Event is trying very hard to combine LOST with 24


Eddy Money-thoughts?

bad tattoos (pic heavy)

I want to start an argument about... Oh, hell. I don't know.

And the all-time winner, in the category of "What were the other titles you considered?" is...

i don't believe in God anymore

My weekend plans

Food Poisoning. - A rant.- Plus a's kinda gross.


L.A.'s summer that never was strikes again.

Grammar pet peeve: Literally means literally!

I'm interested to see how DU Men stack up - 1-in-4 Grown Men Travel With a Stuffed Animal

THREE words to describe three photos that'll haunt you well into your old age: "Snooki Doing Yoga."

The allergies are so bad this season...

This is the thread in which you tell me how awesome I am.

My Fiance is a home theatre nut

I read that Keith Richards' autobiography will be released Oct. 26.

Anyone watching the season premiere of House? (no spoiler)

My mantra for today: More revisions=more money.

Do Cats apply mind control techniques on us ?

Tuesday, September 21. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

37 years old and today was my first day of college.

Packing tape!!!!!!

Help! I'm so freakin bored (a rant)

Why buy a "high performance" vehicle

"In itself it's a lifetime wearthy atchivements, but for only chosen one"

for DU men that wear dresses regularly

Christine O'Dumbell... the witch!

Fashion statements I don't get.

Finally finished the Dexter series last night.

Blue Cross to refund $155M to NC policyholders

President Obama tells Dems to put 'people power' to work in November

How to frame the NBER press release: "The Great Bush Recession began 12/2007 and ended 06/2009"

When will the left stop being afraid of discussing Obama and Saul Alinsky?

"This morning the President took part in an unusual sort of town hall in conjunction with CNBC."

Remember when Obama gave a speech about race during the election?

How far back into DU's history can I go? Sometimes people post really old stuff from the early days.

Who has GPS in their car? Would you recommend it?

40 days until Halloween

Bruni: Michelle Obama comment "Hell" not true

Wow, I just hit my 5 year "anniversary" w/ DU a couple days ago.


Why WOULD Obama express frustration with 'the left,' when that would be politically disadvantageous?

Another Emmer (R-MN) campaign manager arrested for DWI (Emmer of Target fame)

Republicans show their gratitude to the dead British soldiers. Accordingly all they do is parade.

Suffolk MA. Patrick, with 41%; Baker, 34; Tim Cahill, 14%; Jill Stein, 4%, and undecided 6%

Who is a worse person? Howard Stern or Roman Polanski

YoungerGreenKid got me good. He's a wily little 10 yo, that one. He stayed

Here's The Thing About Obama (And The Dems In General): They Actually TRY TO GOVERN

As some start to see the turn around.. and numbers start to go up.. take this to the bank

GOP has tough road to win House

POLL: Michael Arcuri leading (48/40) heated race for NY-24 seat

The Plumline's Greg Sargent: Tax Cut Fight is Winner for Dems in Battleground states

(R)asmussen Poll--NY Senate: Gillibrand 49% DioGuardi 39%

Suffolk University Poll--MA Gov: Patrick 41% Baker 34% Cahill 14%

8 New Polls out on House Races

Big surge in August housing starts

Senate Showdown Set On DADT, Military Funding Today

Can we change the name of this forum to General Discussion: Polls?

Barbara Boxer's ads against Fiorina on Oursourcing are one of the Best Ads

I said to the president: 'I want to go to work right now. I don't care what you call me'

Are we trying to derail O'Donnell? She is the best thing that has happened to the Dems!!

Survey USA--WA 9 House seat--Dem up by 3

Consumer Reports: The New Health Insurance Basics

Jacob Lew, Obama Nominee And Former Citi Exec, Doesn't Believe Deregulation Led To Financial Crisis

(R)asmussen Poll--Alaska Senate: Miller 42% Murkowski: 27% McAdams 25%

I LOVE a really comfortable pair of shoes! My wife bought me a pair

FauxNews DE-SEN POLL: Coons 54, O'Donnell 39. Only 33% say O'Donnell qualified for job.

New Offshore Drilling Standards Coming Within Two Weeks

Jimmy Carter's diary: JC on Kucinich, Ali, Jesse Jackson, Walter Cronkite & others

PPP/Daily Kos Poll: WI Gov Walker (R) 50% Barrett (D) 41%

My rant to some Republican family members who live in Delaware

Kudos to Obama for listening to that lady

Senators who vote against DADT are also anti Troops, anti Hispanic, and anti Constitution,

Looking for information on health-care reform?

DADT is a big issue today but also Immigration Reform is on the table.

National Dem Committees Raising More Money Than GOP

I found this little article on what Bachman said about what the rethugs should do when taking over

WH signing statement-like objection: 6000 troops 4 SW border requirement would "unduly interfere" w/

I am tired of Meg Whitman and U.S. Chamber Of Commerce commercials!

"We're in two wars and pursuing the social agenda of the 'Democrat' party."

The Democrats in the senate cannot and must not back down over DADT

Scalia Says Constitution Does Not Prevent Gender Discrimination

Medal of Honor Ceremony live on cspan2 right now.

Big Dog Warns that--- Republicans Will Reward Obama With "two years of unrelenting investigations."

Wake up and smell the Damn coffee.....

Republicans Balk at Obama Business Tax-Break Proposals They Backed in Past

"We're in a fact free world."

The enthusiasm gap meme isn't working so it's time for a new one

How about some good news? PPP poll: Brown leading by 5 in CA

vote on cloture to get the defense bill with DADT started

David Corn: O'Donnell Aide: Obama Is a Secret Muslim

The Great Recession is "over" but THE REPUBLICAN DYSTOPIA grinds on...

Be there or be Square.....or so I'm told!

Republicans want to repeal Wall Street Reform

Republicans want to repeal Wall Street Reform

Does anyone know when Big Dog will be campaigning for democrats?

when (if) rubio wins will Meek get blame?

Republican Lies and Hypocrisy - Why does nobody but Rachel Maddow report on them?

Before the GOP begin measuring their windows for drapes they should look at these 2008 polls:

(R)asmussen Poll: CA Senate--Boxer moving ahead up by 4

Republican: Obama administration fosters use of marijuana

If O'Donnell was a democrat running with this problem she would be under investigation ASAP!!!

WTF! Johnson leads Feingold 51% to 44% in Rasmussen poll although it's still considered a toss-up

Susan Collins...advocates against DADT!

First Lady to hit campaign trail

So I Called Congressman John Hall's Office

Whitman has spent $120 million of her own money... to end up 5 points behind Brown in polls...

TPM: Senator Levin Says Tax Cuts Debate Could Start Thursday

I'm feeling Reid's suit and head snap (just like a top chicken head)....

Kerry Statement on DADT/DREAM Act Filibuster on Defense Spending

The Hill: White House issues statement today in support of 'Don't ask' repeal

I once saw a mouse with a fully functioning human brain.

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's Oct. 30 rally will ruin the election for Democrats? Hilarious.

President Obama: "...I have been too soft on Wall Street"

This is why some democrats are frustrated with Obama

Breaking from Bloomberg's @hansnichols: Larry Summers will likely leave the White House in November.

No question about it, I will vote for Barack Obama in '12. And in support of his administration

Senator Boxer's floor statement on Republican filibuster of defense authorization bill

Ipsos / Reuters Poll: Dems lead congressional ballot by 5-points; Obama approval rating up

Hasselbeck claims "even the girl who wrote I got a crush on Obama is rewriting her song"

I need a shoulder right now

Even New Fox poll has Brown gaining on Whitman tied 45-45

It went down...Ugh.

Anybody watch the new Hawaii 5-0 last night?

PPP: West Virginia Senate Shocker! Raese (R) 46% Manchin (D) 43%

Complete this sentence: I have the only (pet) on earth who ...

Tapbacks!!! Tapbacks!!! Tapbacks!!! Tapbacks!!! Tapbacks!!! Tapbacks!!!

A question

Obama's choice to lead the Marine Corps says he doesn't think Congress should lift the ban on gays

Is there an issue where Obama pressured right wing Democrats to move to the left?

Ed has this woman Mignon Veasley-Fields a 99ers advocating not voting.

Harry Reid needs to bring the Defense Bill up again tomorrow.

Cong. Toomey Admits His Social Security Scheme Would Expand the Deficit

the tea party = the moral majority

President Obama to Frustrated Liberals: 'Wake Up! This Is Not Some Academic Exercise!'

Christine O'Donnell is toxic and hurting GOP

Housing starts at 4-month high (up 11%)

Senator Collins (R!-ME) on defense auth: "I cannot vote to proceed to this bill."

Tom Tomorrow: Too Rich For The Tea Party? Try the Tea-and-Crumpets Party!

TIME - "The Secrets of Obama's Underappreciated Success" - Lost In The Fox News Narrative

Jimmy Carter Gets Fox News

“the comedown from the high of history-making” that Obama’s election represented

Poll--MO Senate: Blunt 37% Carnahan 37%

Republicans vote to defund the military

In one vote, Republicans reaffirm their hate for gays and immigrants.

O'Donnell failure to appear on Sunday shows...

ABC News / Yahoo POLL: Americans prefer Obama over Bush on economy, 52 / 35.

I Don't Think PP or PPP Is A Reliable Pollster

I got a surprise at the barber shop today

O'Donnell sidesteps specifics on funds, says 'no truth' to allegations (VIDEO)

"The Life & So-Called Times of MiddleFingerMom" -- Chapter 1

96% of Senate Democrats voted to end DADT... 0% of Senate Republicans voted to end DADT

Do you have any phobias?

PPP/KOS: WI Senate: Johnson: 52% Feingold 41%

Only in America a 56-43 vote is a loss. Stupid country

Colin Powell Tells Moderate GOP to “Come Out,” Back DREAM Act

Key Dems may back DREAM Act

Extreme Heat Puts Coral Reefs at Risk, Forecasts Say

(Kerr McGee) Oil Company Fined in Royalty Case

Judge May Allow Additional Claims Against Toyota

DSCC beats NRSC in Aug. cash

Senate Dems Vow Tax Cut Vote Before Election -- Even If It Fails, 'We Win'

U.N. foresees dramatic cuts in (global) poverty

Extreme Heat Puts Coral Reefs at Risk, Forecasts Say

UC seeks to intervene in court battle over stem cell research

Judge Backs Minn. Disclosure Law on Political Cash.

Judge Backs Minn. Disclosure Law on Political Cash

Democrats fighting election battles ask environmentalists, 'Where are you guys?'

Concerns over Delhi Commonwealth Games village (living conditions "shocked majority of delegates")

NATO says 9 service members killed in copter crash

India to raise US visa fee hike, outsourcing ban at trade dialogue

U.S. bid to stem flow of weapons to Mexico cartels misfires

UAW aims to share in auto turnaround profit

First Prop 8 Amicus Brief Raises Issue of Judge's Sexual Orientation

'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Showdown Looming In The Senate

U.S. lawmaker still hopes to relax Cuba policy

Donors’ Names Kept Secret as They Influence the Midterms

Democrats unveil global drug safety bill

Short of Repeal, G.O.P. Will Chip at Health Law

9 Western Deaths Make 2010 Toll Worst of Afghan War

Death of Denver Broncos wide receiver possibly a suicide (23 years old)

Poles Urged to Probe CIA "Black Site"

House Dems: We Won't Leave Without Addressing Tax Cuts

(San Francisco supervisors) Board to vote on expanding ban on tobacco sales (in stores w/pharmacies)

North Korea poised to name new leader

Obama to meet with Colombia's Santos on Friday

Construction of new homes surged in Aug.

Twitter bug spreading, users urged to stay off website

BBC under fire after removing video of Greek shoe protest from its website

NASA sends shuttle Discovery to pad for last time

Ahmadinejad says capitalism faces defeat

Joe Miller Admits Reaping Federal Farm Subsidies Despite Railing Against Taking Government Funds

Joe Miller acknowledges receiving farm subsidies

Iran criticizes its diplomats' defections

Murkowski May Lose U.S. Senate Energy Panel Post Over Write-In Candidacy

Brazil offers to help Cuba develop small businesses

PPP Poll: Jerry Brown Ahead By 5 Points In CA-GOV Race

Man chosen to lead Marines against lifting gay ban

Summers said to be expected to leave White House in November

Republicans stall immigration Dream Act

Senate Poised for DREAM Act Showdown Today

APNewsBreak: Poles Urged to Probe CIA Prison Acts

Sheriff: MN State Rep. Arrested For DWI

FBI investigated Greenpeace for terror links after 9/11

Summers Expected to Leave White House After Election

US Lawmakers Seek Power To ‘Shut Down’ Web Sites In Other Countries

(Steve) Ballmer and (Jeff) Bezos opposing income tax initiative I-1098

Safety officials issue 2,600 citations after surprise mine inspections

Aide to Conn. ex-rep. sentenced to 37 months

Michelle Obama To Headline Fundraisers For Democrats In Six States Ahead Of November Election

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday September 21

Swedes Protest on Streets as Anti-Immigrants Enter Parliament

Dan Thomas: Reporter Prohibited From Digging For Evidence Of Oil Spill Beneath Sand On Gulf Beach

Senate Blocks DADT Repeal

Vatican Bank 'investigated over money-laundering'

Wal-Mart plans for smaller, urban stores with fresh food

EBay founder won't endorse Meg Whitman for governor

Buddy Collette dies at 89; L.A. jazz saxophone player, bandleader

Rep. Jackson: I did nothing wrong but 'deeply sorry' over 'social acquaintance'

Tea party picking up steam nationwide

Howard Dean: "I don't think we're going to lose either the house or the senate"

Boxer at 50% Over Fiorina in California

Bipartisan bill would ramp up anti-piracy enforcement online

Chile could rescue miners by mid-October: Report

Lynyrd Skynyrd teacher who inspired name dies

Extreme Heat Puts Coral Reefs at Risk, Forecasts Say

City officials of Bell, California arrested for fraud and corruption

Obama chides liberal critics to "wake up"

Green Party Senate candidate Natasha Pettigrew dies after being hit by SUV


Time's limited; use it 2 connect w/local voters vs appeasing nat'l media seeking ur destruction

Christine O'Donnell: ''.... mice with fully functional human brains.''

Complete CNBC Obama Town Hall on Economy Pt 1 - 7

Rick Perry vs. Small Business Owners (Political Ad) - The man who wants to be king

Star Trek - The Utopian Society

Keith O. & Richard Wolffe Review Obama's CNBC Town Hall (Inc. Full Video Of The Event + Transcript)

Glenn Beck & The Tea Party: "Our Children will be sold as slaves to China"

Minuscule Response Training: Toxic Train Cars Forum

Rachel Maddow: Republicans contract on America

MRN: Edwards DUI and Palin Dancing With The Stars

Professor writes Apology leter to students for bad choices made by their parents

Tomorrow's RW news story - Obama doesn't say 'By their creator' citing Declaration (1:12)

MRV: Pagan Talk and Christian Right

Melanie Sloan (CREW) Discusses Christine O'Donnell with Anderson Cooper

Young Turks: Neo-Nazi Vigilantes Patrolling US-Mexico Border

Wings for This Man

Lady Gaga: Don't Ask, Don't Tell 'Backwards'

Lady Gaga Maine Speech: Pop Star Suggests Homophobic Soldiers...

MRN: Repeal DADT Halted By GOP

MRN: Repeal DADT Halted By GOP

Amy Goodman Interviews Tony Benn: Tea Party In Power "Would Be Bad News For Everyone In The World"

How Dummies Redefine Feminism

RFK, Jr.: Challenging Islamaphobia

RFK, Jr.: Challenging Islamaphobia

McCain assholery in full display - ignores, freaks out when Kerry Eleveld asks question about DADT.

Laura Ingraham thinks Delaware GOP chairman is incredibly weak and is what's ailing Republican party

"SHE LIED TO ME!": John Fund to Christine O'Donnell: Quit Snitching

Meet The Mama Grizzlies

TYT: Cenk on the massive theft and second coming crash, delusions of financial/political world

Senator Al Franken Thanks Progressives

Glenn Beck Inspired A Terrorist Attack

Stop the War!

Movie: Atheists Ruin Christmas!

Velma Hart "Exhausted" But Still Believes

Senator Al Franken Chokes Up Over Don't Ask Don't Tell

Young Turks: Racist Fox Business Comments Called Out, Cenk Defends USPS

Bill Clinton - David Letterman Interview (Sept.21,2010)

TYT: Cenk Debates Rep. Cooper (R - GA) on Tea Party (w/ Transcript)

"Judge Judy" is on the TV at my workplace.


Bruce Bartlett: Bush tax cuts a flop, virtually no evidence in support of them as "economic elixir"

Jimmy Carter: 'Ted Kennedy Responsible For Killing The Lust In My Heart'

Obama says recession is still very real

The tea party: more for them, less for the rest of us (Hal Crowther)

Richard Cohen gets one right. "Republicans under a spell"

The Ahmadinejad game

Rape of Middle Class

Puke Time (James Howard Kunstler)

Bitter Tales from the Massive White Underclass in Joe Bageant's "Redneck" Memoir

AP Poll: Health Care Law Making Us Muddle-Minded

The right picked the wrong historical analogy (think Whiskey Rebellion)

No Happy Ending in Honduras

The Most Biased Name in News

The Guardian: Commonwealth Games in India plagued by chaos and controversy (& possible cancellation)

Italian police seize $30 mln from Vatican in probe

Blue Cross to refund $156M in N.C. Wow, Obama said HCR would bring down premiums. Who would have

The Tea Party isn't a movement, it's a syndrome.

India to raise US visa fee hike, outsourcing ban at trade dialogue

Michael Ware: Alleged War Crime CNN Refused to Air

MIND-NUMBING GWB worship piece, Mercury News: "Bush now seems cool because he has played it cool"

Neglecting the Base - Bob Herbert

Tea Party Leader Lashes Out Against Christine O'Donnell: "She's a Loser"

Our soldiers are fighting and dying for this:

Drumbeat: September 21, 2010

The Brothers Koch and AB 32

Arctic Ocean: Russian jets buzz US frigate

Biofuel Debate Heats Up: European Commission Sued for Withholding Negative Data

10 Steps to Developing a Wind Farm

Global Warming hits the runway

Grease Thieves

The World's First Westinghouse AP1000 nuclear reactor, under construction and behind schedule...

Clue to trend on price of lithium batteries for autos?

Bracing For Peak Oil Production By Decade's End

Debunking Robert Bryce’s power hungry gusher of lies

Undefeated at 2-0 in the newly minted DUFL (if you ain't in it, you ain't shit) lol...

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Monday, September 20)

Rockies humidor system questioned...

The JR Chess Report (September 21): 39th Olympiad Begins

Money can even buy monuments for ass-holes.

Photos: Danica Patrick's season...

Broncos WR McKinley found dead in apparent suicide

Poor Notre Dame

Eagles Name Vick Starting QB.

Chevron's New Offensive in Ecuador Trial

Un Techo para mi Pais Commits to Build 10,000 Homes for Haiti

Failing Upward

Cachao Uno Mas on PBS - great except for political crap

U.S. lawmaker still hopes to relax Cuba policy

'Justice and Peace process revealed 26,000 murders' .

Obama to meet with Colombia's Santos on Friday

Foreign Minister defends Arias ambassadorship

Brazil offers to help Cuba develop small businesses

No Happy Ending in Honduras

Paramilitary lawyer speaks out on multinationals in Colombia

Uruguay denies entry to ship

Argentina poll sees Kirchners return from oblivion

Think "No guns for Terrorists" is a good idea...THINK AGAIN....

Democratic Governor in Ohio is for concealed carry in restaurants ...

I'm in love with so many of these men!

Major: Sexuality did not worry patients, unit

Christine O'Donnell: Homosexuals Are Psychologically Defective (and a barf tweet)

Did Saxby Chambliss aide leave threatening slur? Or was it from Sen. Johnny Isakson's office?

Hey, all you sterile, fornicating non-breeders!

I'm so sorry.

oh well, this was our apex

scene in my coffee

M I S C -- Add your own!

speed and precision

delete...wrong place.

kitten silhouette

West Bank settlements can now be tracked on your iPhone

This morning at Shelby Farms (dial up warning)

Three Days in September

Waterfront tour, part 2: The Music Garden

Fayyad, Ayalon meeting ends abruptly over two-state solution dispute

Look at the determination in this baby's face

The Jewish democratic state

Sunsets -- post your own!

Ahmadinejad: Iran Will Never Recognize Israel

Southern California construction crews unearth fossil 'treasure trove'

Studying the Big-Brained Dolphin

UAW President Calls Boycott on Behalf of Detroit Restaurant Workers

Vote for your favorite "union made" union song!

Sizing Up Consciousness by Its Bits

Labor 2010 Women’s GOTV Postcard Campaign

DC 37: NYC Public Health Care Restructuring Proposal "Deeply Flawed" & Will Undermine Care

Record Number Of U.S. Workers 55 Or Older Have Been Jobless More Than Six Months

Tennessee Auto Workers Boo Republican Senator Who Opposed Saving U.S. Auto Makers

Look to Rhode Island for How to Target Anti-Labor Democrats

Cleveland Laundry Workers Petition Sodexo With Overwhelming Public Support

The Week Congress Began to Challenge China

Pennsylvania County Workers Say AFSCME ‘Yes!’

Today in Labor History Sept 21 Mother Jones leads a march of miners' children through the streets

Study: Teachers Working So Hard That Merit Pay Doesn’t Work

Jesus vs the House of Pancakes

"What Mormon Theology is really all about."

Blessings to you and yours.....

Vatican Bank being investigated for possible violations of money-laundering regulations.

You know that feeling...? Futility...? (is it the planets?)

It's That Time Again

everyone ready?

Study: Pollution Takes Its Toll on the Heart

Carrot vending machine installed at school

Notes on Arizona's Medical Marijuana Prop. 203 (on the November ballot)

Sorry, Corn Refiners: The Name 'Corn Sugar' Is Already Taken

In Worries About Sweeteners, Think of All Sugars