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GOP fiscal plan would raise debt $4 trillion: report

KO is going to be a feast tonight

Who will win for $ 1 Million (America's got Talent)

Pipeline fix was planned - but never happened (a few miles north of San Bruno)

False confessions: How the innocent admit, are convicted of crimes they didn't commit

Moses can cross the Red Sea, but not a sinkhole

IWW Pickets disrupt construction at Jimmy Johns store

New Motto...Republicans cannot take control their own party, how

Anti-Dem Propaganda Watch #16 - "Would a midterm loss for Democrats boost stocks?"

info for transportation to the rally 10/2/10

Fortune - "Big business and Wall Street bet on GOP"

WATCHERS: Feds paid man $9,000 a month to “MONITOR MEDIA” for negative media coverage

WATCHERS: Feds paid man $9,000 a month to “MONITOR MEDIA” for negative media coverage

Olbermann is loving it tonight

The man who made soca music international

NY Times - "Who’s the Con Man?" Re Gingrich Praising Racist Book By D'Souza - Mein Kampf?

I don't think it's fair to bring Sarah Brightman on

'Stop-Loss' veterans are eligible for retroactive pay. Filing deadline: Oct. 21st.

Tea party supporters

It really is a selfless act by DeMint.

Blackwater's Black Ops- Jeremy Scahill

Happy birthday, Mexico

Dana Perino has three brain cells, and two of them are fighting each other

Defeated Mike Castle-the only 1 of 37 Replican candidates for climate action.

Michele Bachmann's truthiness problem

In Louisiana, a Huge 'Fish Kill'

The Tea Party: From rebellion to absurdity

Beggar residing in 5-star hotel

COD's 2005 suit wanted $$$$ for suffering due to employer's CONSERVATIVE VALUES

For those who want to keep the Republicans from taking over...

Raid: Pot Grow Turns Out To Be Legal; 'Meth' Is Deodorizer

Education. The 'Value-Added Debate'...

If anybody can get the bicentennial

Today, set off a waave of activism in fandango cavalcade mode!

LGBT Students Harassed At Colleges Nationwide, New Report Says

Can we NOT treat tea bugger personalities like celebrities here?

Snooki, You need think about tanned bed...

Jon Stewart is tearing it up

What O'Donnell Tells Us About Tea Party Religion

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

Puritans Win !!!!

I hope the Tea Party pushes out Collins and Snowe in 2012 and 2014

Are Stewart and Colbert planning an event at the Lincoln Memorial?

More trouble brewing?..

Delaware scares me; Chris Coons is not as "cute" as O'Donnell and the dumbed-down

Louisiana authorities report oil sightings from Gulf of Mexico spill

Mike Castle angry at Fox News and Rush

Blackwater's Black Ops

who really pushed nafta



Catching Up or Leading the Way

Ferguson going into O'Donnell's sex life.

I'm getting the old DU front page too. Deal is what?

Biden Blames Politics For Inability To End Don’t Ask, Dont’ Tell Discharges While Policy Is Being Re

Building mosques, burning the Koran or flags, and wearing the Niquab

Jon Stewart on Christine O'Donnell: "The Palin Is Strong in This One"

A third view of the Tea Party

I have to share...

Tweety is spiddling on himself over O'Donnell

Proud anti-colonialist here. That history professor must have missed

O'Donnell is a Virgo, born in the Year of the Rooster (no, really)

Conservatism is the radical notion that Sociopathic Behavior is normal.

Obama slipping, but not sliding, in Europe’s eyes (Survey finds support high for US policies)

Officials seek to prevent discussion at meetings on “downsizing” of Detroit

Oregon to Look at Single-Payer Bill Next Session

Cheddarbomb for Russ Feingold

Labor leaders back pipeline (OS at odds with leaders on environmental concerns)

Pentagon re-opens probe into hundreds of employees suspected of child porn

Yikes...we are now debating whether to increase the deficit by $3 trillion or $4 trillion

Joe Conason: Will Big Tobacco’s Former Bag-Man Really Be the Next Speaker?

Whistleblower in Harrison County Jail case speaks (Harrison County, Indiana)

Bigots ignore "all of life is on a spectrum of individual idiosyncracies and large group traits".

An open letter to any "conventional" Republican lurkers---

Graves moved after mix-up in Arlington National Cemetery

'Public opinion and the war in Afghanistan' By Glenn Greenwald

William Fucking Kristol - Geeez, CSPAN

Stephen Harper aims to give big corporate buds a monopoly on info

Jeremy Scahill: Blackwater's Black Ops

Aid to Counter Al Qaeda in Yemen Divides U.S. Officials

Just a reminder - the wealthy are going to get exactly the same tax break as the un-wealthy

Catholic Church harboring criminals?

A big misunderstanding

Moo! Moo!! Mooooo!!!

While UAW President Bob King pledges support to the corporate agenda, resistance grows stronger

Ground Zero imam's NJ buildings 'firetraps'

LA Times story on foreclosures.....and the great reader comment that follows it.

The Corporate Spin on the Fenty/Rhee Drubbing: Blame the Teachers

News Flash: John Bolton Wrong Again

Yikes !!! ..... Dead body found in men's room at LAX

Bankrupt Candidate: 'Selling out on our principles is what has brought us to the brink of bankruptcy

New unemployment claims fall to lowest in 2 months

Memo to Pope: Pregnant Nuns Eating Ice Cream Are Not Your Worst Problem

I just awoke from a nightmare. There were Sarah Palin clones all over Congress. n/t

Everyone is very concerned about getting out the vote...except

The first thing that you need, is the blind support of a LOT of stupid, fearful people...

So You Think Know About the American Empire? -- 11 Questions to Test Your Knowledge

O'Donnell would not lie to Hilter if she was hiding Jews in the House

O'Donnell would not lie to Hilter if she was hiding Jews in the House

"It's hard to make a living from a non-profit..voters "get it"..."

cnbc analyst trish regan....'can't let tax cuts expire'

Right-wing civil war: Bloggers admit AM nut Mark Levin can’t tell the truth

United States Navy: Woe Is Us......

SargeUNN appreciation thread.

Smoke-Free Laws May Help Kids Breathe Easier

the 'enthusiasm gap' what a pantload

US Army Hires Shitload Of New Contractors

D.C. election didn't just unseat abrasive Mayor Fenty. It was a populist revolt.

Bluegal shoots & scores AGAIN: "Dick Armey + The Flying Nun = Christine O'Donnell"

9/16- 9/19th. Actions Nationwide to Support Bradley Manning, Accused Wikileaks Whistle-blower

Actually Heard on a XM News Report at The Top of the Hour

The New York Post is a print version of FOX news

Biodiesel Tax Credit

OK, What's up with the front page?

EXCLUSIVE: "They Asked Me To Deny It" -- Blogger In Nikki Haley Scandal Talks To 7

FedEx 1Q profit doubles; will cut 1,700 jobs

Did Scarborough call someone a "queer" this morning?

I think we Democrats will do well in November

Fannie and Freddie accuse Big Banks of fraud?

Mother Jones: Christine O'Donnell's Jesus Squad

Mother Jones: Christine O'Donnell's Jesus Squad

If MSM needs another problem to hype and make everyone paranoid

Rove Said O'Donnell Does Not "Evince The Characteristics Of Rectitude And Truthfulness"

Rove Said O'Donnell Does Not "Evince The Characteristics Of Rectitude And Truthfulness"

Andrew Sullivan: The End Of The Tea Parties?

Masturbation is lust! Don't masturbate and vote for Christine.

Jeff Masters - Karl hits the Yucatan; two simultaneous Cat 4s in the Atlantic for 2nd time in histor

A giant hustle that served the richest of the rich and left the rest of us holding the bag


Elizabeth Warren to be appointed as special advisor for new consumer agency (LA Times)

Does She know that we are making fun of her?

Has US Empire Benefited the World?

At one point today, I counted nine fires! (DIAL-UP WARN)

Authorities not sure if dead man found in LAX bathroom was a homicide or suicide victim

Is Anybody Here Going To Ed Schultz's One Nation Oct 2nd Rally?.......

"She Did it All for the Cookie"

Anyone affected by this bug ?..that is lost my refresh button option and back arrows

Artists Make More Money in File-Sharing Age Than Before It

Pope's guy makes a big boo boo in Britain

So, are you going to Colbert's rally in D.C.?

The Real Housewife of Wasilla

Tea Partier : "Founding Fathers were anti-gay, and anti abortion!!1!"

Christine O’Donnell: School shootings caused by lack of Bible and prayer studies

The Rude Pundit: An Invitation and Open Hand to the Disappearing Moderate Republican

Enticement for reluctant carnivores?

Tech firms hoard instead of paying dividends

Twitter and the Cowardice of Sarah Palin

Witnesses Watched Person Freefall From the Sky

"large corporate own our political system"

Poll: Democrats have better chance of holding onto Congress than media claims

Quit Trying to Scare Me. What are we really talking about

Is anyone else having a problem with the main page of DU?

3,634 dead birds collected in Gulf, wildlife service says

Police: Man who stabbed dean targeted Mo. gov.

Dudes, the "stale home page" bug is REALLY starting to get on my wick.

Fun on Tax Day

Back when J. Edgar Hoover needed felonies to be rising...

Back when J. Edgar Hoover needed felonies to be rising...

Re. civil rights for GLBT citizens, what we, as Democrats, stand for.

Stone the whales! Gay sex is terrorism! Muslims suck!

Stone the whales! Gay sex is terrorism! Muslims suck!

Rendell: "Deeply embarrassed" over spying on peaceful groups

CNN Breaking News: Percent of Americans in Poverty rises to 14.3%. Highest in Decades!!!

Christian Charity Fires Non-Christians

U.S. Solicitor General under Reagan: Bush broke laws on torture

Is There A List Of The 31 Dem Congresspersons That Signed On To The Letter.......

Corn--the subsidized crop

The 10 American Industries That May Never Recover

Michael Moore: Never Forget: Bad Wars Aren't Possible Unless Good People Back Them

Is Christine O'Donnell the same "Christine O'Donnell" who appeared in "Afterhack" (2009)?

. . . . "the GOPettes" . . . . lol

U.S. holding 324 metric tons of bomb-grade uranium. Report says

CNN's retired Lou Dobbs segment, "War On The Middle Class"

CNN Infuriates Me......

CNN Infuriates Me......

What's With Stupid Women and the Right?

Buddy Dyer tapped for a White house panel?

WORST teabagger youtube propaganda of all times

The Decadent Mega Rich: Inside the World’s Most Opulent Private Jets

Meth up 60%. A Question...

Democrats are afraid of the word "taxes"...

More Losses in 2010 Could Push GOP to Brink of Collapse

So lying to Hitler about Jews hiding in your home is bad but lying about your education...

Breaking: Christine O'Donnell has had sex (Salon)

If the democrats WANT to lose control of the house..

Why is DU Trying to Block the Discussion of topics Deemed anti-Israel?

Illegal Drug Use Up Sharply Last Year

Seems Like The Night For This... 'Saudi Clerics Advocate Adult Breast-Feeding'

Did Rove "blink" (re: fight with Palin, Limbaugh, O'Donnell)?

Oregon GOP Collides with American Taliban

Headline I did *NOT* need to see (thanks, TPM)

Utah politico jailed on third stalking charge

Let's take a look at the parallel universe where Americans associated KKK violence with Christianity

Uncovered: O’Donnell objected to calling AIDS sufferers ‘victims’

The Looming Documentary: HBO’s My Trip to Al-Qaeda

Thursday TOON Roundup part 5

Has the Internet improved American Politics and Governance?

Are bedbugs really that big a problem or is this yet another case of the media

My addendum to the current Greatest Thread

Patty Murray leads Rossi by 9



JP Morgan/Chase is back online. Their site was down

The More Victims, the Less Severe the Judgment

Dem Pollster To Dems: Seize Tax Cuts Debate -- You Could Win!

Could the President be planning a recess appointment when the

SC Repuke: How Dare They Criticize Me For Acting Out My Slaveowner Fantasies!

Eyes on the Ball...Here's My Elizabeth Warren Questions:

Doctor shot at Johns Hopkins hospital in Baltimore UPDATED

Palin flexes her political muscles and takes on O Riley and Rove..

Palin flexes her political muscles and takes on O Riley and Rove..

Palin flexes her political muscles and takes on O Riley and Rove..

Palin flexes her political muscles and takes on O Riley and Rove..

Well-known Republican figure arrested after bomb threat disrupts party event

English Defense League (Racist gang posing as a movement) inspired by US Anti-Muslim leaders

STOP LOSS Veterans: You have until October 21 to claim your bucks!

Senator Dodd Downplays Warren Role At Consumer Agency. Who will be nominated to run the agency?

Thursday TOON Roundup part 1

DeMint: ‘Republicans are not prepared to take over the Senate.’”

Thursday TOON Roundup part 2

A positive note for the DNC

Please DU this CNBC poll. Is the Tea Party Good for Investors?

Working link to banned Robin Carnahan ad: "Clean up the house"

Question about marijuana legalization

Thursday TOON Roundup part 4

Ann Coulter Mistakenly Directs Comical Hate Mail to Author Michael Gross

Kos: Elizabeth Warren will build new consumer protection bureau

Bob Herbert: A Economic Recovery’s Long Odds

Catty Carla Bruni lifts lid on Michelle Obama's 'hellish' job Read more:

Thursday TOON Roundup part 3

Thursday TOON Roundup part 3

Democrats sure to fuck up a sure thing....Jon Stewart..he's got that right

Wow. Shannyn Moore is sitting in for Thom and she is excellent.

Wow. Shannyn Moore is sitting in for Thom and she is excellent.

Palin to O'Donnell: Speak to the American people exclusively through Fox News

Christine O'Donnell goes beyond conservatism into a land of

Karl Rove to be a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars"

**Some LOGO variations to lighten things up a bit - FEEL FREE to use these.**

UPDATED Johns Hopkins Hospital doctor shooting story

Colorado Springs seeks ban of Pot dispensaries near churches

More O'Donnell wisdom: "Out of control" sexual harassment caused by "songs and sitcoms"

So, California, is Whitman gonna be able to buy your state?

Pancake house takes on prayer group- IHOP sues IHOP

Karl upgraded to hurricane status

We like to talk a lot shit but O'Donnell hauls in $1 million/Coons $125K since election. . .

Boehner: I'm the most transparent person in this town

These two things can't possibly both be true

Chris Matthews acts like he's a Biblical prophet...

Howie Klein astutely analyzes the internecine class war in the GOP

Ransom Note

While my inner skeptic warns the Warren appointment may be little more than window dressing

Let's Clear Up Any Ridiculous Semantic Bullshit Regarding Warren: SHE WILL BE INTERIM HEAD OF CPFB

I hate Lanny Davis so much

Hoisting pants not illegal search

A protester for the ages ( A must-read!)

Believing that one cannot masturbate without lust is . . .

US homes lost to foreclosure up 25 percent over last year

Two big threats to the economy shrink a bit

Detroit paramedics fear they're losing the battle to save lives - video

Has the DLC pushed the Republicans further to the right?

Zombie Buildings Shadow Spain's Economic Future,


Rachel playing interview with Joe Biden

CNBC to host live, commercial-free town hall with President Obama on Monday

A Myth About Job Creation: That small businesses are the job generator of America

Chris Dodd warns White House on Elizabeth Warren move

Dear Jim DeMint - Fuck you, Fuck you, Fuck you and if I hadn't said it already....

How Democrats win back Independents!! And yes, it has to do with taxes!

39 year old father of 2 fired from goverment job over off duty political protest

MI Asst. attorney general cyber-bullies openly gay college student -- squirming video

U.S. retirement income deficit: $6.6 trillion

Avion car goes border to border on one tank of diesel (119 mpg)

HEY DODD! January Can't Come Too Soon. Don't Let The Door Hit You......

300 Economists Warn Congress: Don't Kill Growth And Jobs In The Name Of Deficit Reduction

A bad evening for pro-death penalty crowd. Miss. judge frees 2 men wrongly jailed 30 years.

I have a simple idea for how to fix the economy.

Welfare Queen Banksters bankrolling the payday extortion racket

O’Donnell: School shootings caused by lack of Bible and prayer studies

Employee's porn stash accidently projected on school's giant tv screen

The choice this November is between decency and nihilism...

Pelosi hedges on tax cuts

My mom said WBAL has reported that the gunman at John Hopkins hospital is dead.

Yeah! Who wants to join me at mickey-d's for a specialty coffee?

Anti-masturbation activist, and GOP Senate candidate from Delaware says women have crippled military

Christine O'Donnell a virgin who has never had an orgasm

Whenever I travel abroad I am reminded

People, put on your hip waders...

White House rips Forbes article

The GOP went Desperate a long time its BLOOMED into a JOKE

O'Donnell In 1996: Investigate Bill Clinton For Murder Of Vince Foster

An unfortunate coincidence...

Efficiency and jobs

Efficiency and jobs


Josh Marshall from TPM is on Tweety discussing

super duper

Polls for President and Democrats not as bleak as first glance

A Workers’ Guide to the Messed-Up Economy

Middle-East Begins to Make Plans for Inevitable Iranian Showdown

The difference between the glass closet and being out

Karl Rove Walks Back His Diss and Gives in to O'Donnell Fever

Protest sign delays Diamondbacks-Reds game

Michael Reagan called me conducting a poll

Christine O'Donnell's sister's Facebook "likes" include "the Dalai Lama" and "the word 'Fuck'"

Carbon-absorbent foam triumphs at 2010 Earth Awards

CBC's The Current: Bieber Politics (streaming audio)

Bachmann congratulates O'Donnell: 'Christine, Delaware's next governor.'

Maple Leaf Right-Wing Watch: Tories decry "Toronto liberal elites" for gun registry support

Random Speculation, How long before a Ms. Christine sex tape shows up?

Tell you one thing I've noticed around here...

Good news (violent crime DOWN in AZ) is bad for Brewer, McCain

For what it is worth, our opposition doesn't have much in the logo dept. either:

Drilling Opponents Spied on Like Terrorists

A Hypothetical...?

Meltdown: The Secret History of the Global Financial Collapse tonight on CBC.....

In many states absentee ballots are already being mailed out.

Celebrating Stupid

As if their party faithful weren't woozy enough

Is it unpossible that Palin will refudiate O'Donnell's "un-factual"?

Girl, six, kicked off cheerleading squad . . .

Just gave Alex Sink 500 and Grayson 200

Just gave Alex Sink 500 and Grayson 200

Medicare-for-All Advocates to Discuss Next Steps at Black Caucus Meeting, Sept. 16

The formula is pretty simple:

I am so ready for the government to take over my

He is my tax cut plan for the House. If they cannot get just the middle class cuts

Hedge Fund-Funded Charter Schools- "We are no longer talking about education, but of markets"

trying to make a teabagger think for himself

Mike Malloy - Operation Northwoods: Blueprint Of 9/11

Delaware: The Castle republicans

1 in 7....

Gulf oil too complex for bacteria to digest

Top Financial Bracket Received 50% of Income

"A Home Run for Our Side!" Open Left's Mike Lux has positive take on Warren Appt.

Yeah, but what if O'Donnell wins the Delaware senate seat?

Will Palin's other BFF Carrie Prejean be endorsing Christine O'Donnell?

Michael Moore joins Daniel Ellsberg in campaign to free Bradley Manning in war logs case

Senate passes Small Business Bill - with 2 republican votes!

As Poverty Rate Jumps, Jobs With Justice, PDA Highlight Jobs Emergency in 100 Cities

A program to rebuild, not downsize Detroit

Just sent $20 to Chris Coons!

Caption this pic of Palin

Sacramento Bee: California's poverty rate jumps to 15.3 percent

Sacramento Bee: California's poverty rate jumps to 15.3 percent

GhettoPhysics -- In a Theater Near You!

Is Mitch McConnell a fugitive from a wax museum?

85% of contributions to O'Donnell's campaign out of State

Just Thought I'd Share This

White House Report on Top 100 stimulus projects

Lipless Mitch on those "hit hardest by this recession"...people making $250,000 and up

Despite M$Greedia's noticeable absence David Brooks convicted of fraud

Does anyone know anything about the Gary Stein running in NJ?

Rove bows to Rush (over O'Donnell)

Freeper "RedMDer" catches O'Donnell FEVER: "Woo Hoo! Let’s keep it goining!"

BRAIN FOOD FOR TEABAGGERS! chart brings sanity to deficit talk.

Pelosi sees no justification for high-end tax cuts

Inside the mind of a man involved in 580 shootout (Tried to do a spree killing of "progressives")

"I got elected as an Independent, but I've cast my lot with the Democratic caucus, and so..."

Why Michelle Rhee's Education 'Brand' Failed in D.C.

More Than 32,800 Veterans Hired During 2010 Behind President's 'Veterans Employment Initiative'

You do know that after O'Donnell gets trounced in November, she'll become even more popular.

In France and America, Bigotry Knows No Borders

An important distinction I think should be made.

Fox News sues Robin Carnahan over campaign commercial

The O' Donnell "mandate"

The Elizabeth Warren Rorschach test: Has the consumer advocate been sidelined or put to work?

Those repukes just keep getting nastier and nastier.

Palins Baggers have become SUCH a NATIONAL JOKE..their LIB friends/family are teasing no end

New gop Contract With America nearly done but candidates won't sign it

11 Minutes of Content ...19 Minutes of Commercials...

Elliot Spitzer pegs O'Donnell perfectly

Time out, for a salute to the Mother Of All Codswallopers...

Are air fresheners bad for the environment?

More House Democrats call for tax cuts for all

Our county (Santa Barbara) has two IT positions open.

Test: Driver in crash 4x limit (repeat offender 1 x for each bikers life)

41 Obama White House aides owe the IRS $831,000 in back taxes -- and they're not alone

41 Obama White House aides owe the IRS $831,000 in back taxes -- and they're not alone

WAPO reporter tries to start some shit between Biden and the base

Home Prices Could Drop For The Next Three Years: Report

Religious Right Hopes to Board the Tea Party Express and Ride Back Into Power, Says Americans United

Protest sign delays Diamondbacks-Reds game

Gates Foundation invests in Monsanto: Both profit at the expense of African farmers

From Russ:

The "middle-class" tax cuts benefit mostly the rich, too

Street Fighting Man: The Political Mind of Alan Grayson

Tweety quote "the Tea partiers could take over the Government if they win enough seats this fall"!

Lanny Davis Attacks Maddow For Clinton Criticism: 'Worst Element Of Our Party'

So PG & E received monies for repair of pipeline dated back to 1940's and used the

I can't understand people here who chortle with each Tea Party victory,

Did anyone hear the lady caller from AZ to Bernie Sanders ?

VIDEO: Jon Stewart on the Tea Party Wins VIDEO

2 scary numbers.

Police say Wash. acid attack self-inflicted

Fierce! DOMA is still missing from DNC civil rights page

Palin still dishing out the dumb to the party faithful

Meet The Democrats Who Want To Preserve Tax Cuts For The Rich

Christopher Dodd is the most despicable muthafucka I've evah laid my eyes on

Rush Limbaugh falls for Wikipedia hoax

Gates Foundation spends "charitably" to help Cargill dominate in Africa

100 shots was determined justified force by Central Florida Grand Jury.

GOP Sen candidate Christine O'Donnell believes Pinky and the Brain is real

So, the center-right coalition's candidate in Brazil (he's gonna lose badly, BTW)...

One in every six Iraqis is an orphan

TED: Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world

NPR bit on "the poor" this morning

What if cannabis cured cancer?

Will the last sane Republican to leave the GOP please turn out the lights.

This "some people say" phrasing has got to go...

Now we have to worry about coronal mass ejections too.

Forget the politics FOR ONCE. On a purely receptive scale, how do you rate the new logo?

The Elizabeth Warren end run

Rush punked - Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah hahahahahah

Pope Ratz says he's at war with "atheist extremism" and "aggressive secularism"

Federal Funds Given to Anti-Gay Marriage Groups. Grant Agency lacks oversight and transparency.

Guy starts selling "Christian salt"

"Farmer Joe (Miller) and the Feds" - from The Mudflats

Why does the WH and Party want pot to remain illegal?

Whistleblower Group Sues To Find Out Why Obama Admin Lowballed BP Oil Spill Estimates

Arkansas Senate: Boozman (R) 65%, Lincoln (D) 27%

Obesity May Cost U.S. $215 Billion a Year

Rachel on Elizabeth Warren's post (explains the "advisor" role) --

Hahahahaha! Vitter has taken the Tea Party's MORALITY PLEDGE!!

What 5 publicly known people would you choose if they were the only humans left?

President Obama Prepares to Sort of Appoint Elizabeth Warren to Something:

President Obama Prepares to Sort of Appoint Elizabeth Warren to Something:

Fla. sea burial botched as man's body resurfaces

Can Elizabeth Warren start speaking out on her plans ASAP?

I need some help here. If Geithner is going to be Warren's boss,

GM's Indy Stamping Plant UAW Workers Throw Down the Gauntlet: A LETTER TO ALL AUTO WORKERS

Documents Show Monsanto Hired Blackwater For Security and Intelligence Operations

None for me, thanks.......

None for me, thanks.......

Sarah Palin, Tea Party are not viewed favorably by most Americans, latest poll finds

Michigan voters against raising Social Security age

The "drug warriors" are at it again...

"SC Senate leader defends photo evoking slave past"

America's Astonishingly Bad Infrastructure Report Card

I turn 52 tomorrow.

Why The Warrent Appointment As INTERIM DIRECTOR Is SO Friggin' BRILLIANT!!!

REMINDER: Only 16 days until the big march in D.C. 10/2/10!

My score was 352, what's yours?

My Ex-Gay Life With Christine O'Donnell

My Ex-Gay Life With Christine O'Donnell

Screw Natalie Foster and Tim Kaine - MY party's logo is a DONKEY

Calif. whooping cough: 9 dead, infections on rise

Oh shit, Oh Dear, Oh My Gawd, have you seen the latest Wall Street Journal Poll?

Christine O'Donnell says she was sexually promiscuous in college

Greenwald: O'Donnell's (and Palin's) redeeming quality--economic background--is anathema to insiders

Elizabeth Warren cont'd (WaPo's Ezra Klein's take)

Elizabeth Warren cont'd (WaPo's Ezra Klein's take)

MLK and The Poor People's Campaign: The Memphis Garbage Men Strike

Pigeon flies past broadband in data speed race

Bailed-Out Banks Finance Predatory Payday Lenders by Mary Bottari (9-16-10 PR

Triumph of the Money Party!!! Warren's role downgraded, reports to Geithner

Microsoft's WINNING STRATEGY for Internet Explorer 9? "Compatible only with Windows 7 and Vista."

Elizabeth Warren Didn't Want Permanent Appointment To CFPB - Barney Frank

If You Are Not Afraid, You Are Not Paying Attention

Census: More Americans Are Poor Than Ever Before

The Ghost of George Wallace

Charter school director: When "test day came, they were like little test-taking machines.”

On the Advice of the FBI, Cartoonist Molly Norris Disappears From View

Towards a very serious breakdown of the world economic and financial system

Electron Switch Between Molecules Points Way to New High-Powered Organic Batteries

The Language of Dehumanization: The Poor vs. The Poorest

Floridians are looking forward to weighing in on Tea Party's Rubio running for Senate.

Delete please

Someone please PM me some Vicodin...

oh, that scared me, I really didn't want the other one to win.

A sweet little old woman walks into a bar called "GD".

A sweet little old woman walks into a bar called "GD".

I'm getting my 1st tattoo removed -- any advice?

Bread fan...

I am bringing GG back...

Who will win for $ 1 Million (America's got Talent)

What if honesty isn't the best policy after all, and we got it wrong all this time?

Nats help Phillies again, and the Phillies help themselves, too!!!

Concert ticket: $35. Meeting your boyhood musical idol?

I'm a terrible poet, but I've got one here that earned me praise

Anybody have kids that are/were involved with Odyssey of the Mind?

Email Spammers have cost my Friend $3500.00

3 Ring Sun Circus

Name your TV neighbors ...

The Holy Trinity

Step right up! Name your TV mom and dad!

I wish more people were like me and didn't use washroom stalls unless....






why has steve miller left "Rock Love" unreleased on cd?




Life imitates Art, or whatever....Part of my sig line reads," WWKRD -

*SIGH* - I think I'm in love with Kari Matchett...


"FREEBIRD!" - funny story about that.


I think there's a carbon monoxide leak in my house



Which way do you say or spell...

I turn my back for 15 minutes and I miss all the fun?

Smallest cow in the world (33.5 in)

Queen - I Want To Break Free, 2004 White Label Remix (mp3)

I am so tired of Microsoft Outlook's tasteless "Terror Level Red" category.

Talk like a Pirate Day be September 19!

DUers with Muscular Dystrophy, ALS, CP, MS check in

Helpful Flowchart: Where should you pee?

I took my dog to the vet today for a checkup - thankfully they didn't find anything....

Don't forget to pack juice with your kids' lunch.....


Our old dog, Peanut, who had cancer surgery in January, just came out

There are Halloween decorations at a nearby 99 cent store.

Umm... how did you guys miss this?

"NY Daily Bugle Folds: J Jonah Jameson Fires Staff; Peter Parker Contemplates a Bleak Future"

It's been raining here for hours. I left the sun roof open.

Who's been watching Jon Stewart lately?

PHOTO: A little ITALIAN breakfast: Boboli w/ ricotta, baby spinach, roma tomatoes & mozzarella

By the end of today I will have two new baby cousins!

I am having a bad day and could use some "get well" and "everything go

Finished reading an interesting book:

Question for mods and long time DUers

What's in your ctrl-C/clipboard?

I've never gotten the vampire craze


How far can you go?....

Why can't TV and the movies get explosions right?

A little Sly Stone from 1969 - Hot Fun In The Summer Time...before it

Not asking for medical advice but does anyone know what focaccia is?

Eagles Michael Vick will probably start their game Sunday against the Lions...

10 wayward garden gnomes found on Montana trail

Sexiest "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Vampyres

I've made up a Spanish word for "Du'ers".

"She Did it All for the Cookie"

I am looking for songs about zombies.

I found out a friend I haven't talked to in a few years needs a heart transplant

Two celebrities you'd want to squeeze between on the subway.

Can a prolonged and severe lack of intimacy cause an individual...

Have you ever been caught masticating?


AP source: Wall St critic tapped for consumer post (updated)

My poor kitty

I think they're getting it...

Biden on tax debate: 'I want this fight' (with video)

President Obama: I'm Not Walking Away From Immigration Reform

Obama should threaten to veto any bill that gives tax cuts to top 2%


PPP: Dems lead generic ballot 45-44, Congressional Dems more popular than GOP

Just Because You Think You're So Hot

When did you suspect that Warren was going to get the position?

Let's play "Favorite Presidential Quotes"

Poll Suggests Opportunities for Both Parties in Midterms

Bush Tax Cuts

Let's be real: Elizabeth Warren "advisory" position has no teeth.

Joe Conason: Will Big Tobacco's Former Bag-Man Really Be the New Speaker?

Heads up, Bernie Sanders' fans! He's on C-Span LIVE now!

Two new polls out on Oregon Governors race

(R)assmussen Poll: DE Senate--Coons 53% O'Donnell 42%

Elizabeth Warren and Barack Obama.. The back story.. he needs her NOW

Simon Johnson: Republican Nightmare: Putting Elizabeth Warren to Work Now

Joe Scarborough rips O'Donnell repeatedly (at least between 6 a.m. and 7:15)

I take it I am the only one having trouble with Firefox?

AP-GFK Poll: Obama approval rating 49%

New Barbara Boxer ad on Carly Fiorina's record at HP: 'Outsourcing'

(R)asmussen Reports NH Senate: Ayotte 51% (no change) Hodes 44% (+6)

Is there a formula to translate generic ballot polls into seat predictions?

Star Trek film

Do you really think the rich will stop spending if the marginal rate reverts to Clinton's era rates

NRCC Buys Time For Herrera, Barela

"Anti-Colonial Worldview?" You say that like it's a BAD thing, Newt.....

PPP: Dem leads DE at large congressional race (this would be a Dem house pick-up)

Quit Wasting Your Time on the Internet

rasmussen: CA Governor POLL Whtman 46%(-2) Brown 42% (+2)

Does anybody think that Pres Obama should make an election-eve speech to nation?

Is the Dems' Bush strategy finally gaining traction? (2 national polls suggest it may)

TWEETY is OFF His Meds again::: Keeps pushing RW SHIT that the Baggers will win in Nov

PPP: one reason for lack of Dem enthusiasm in '10? They don't believe the GOP will win congress

Biden was terrific tonight on Rachel's show

Gingrich: I'm just saying...

54% support ending Bush's tax cuts. If you were Fox News you would word it like this

WP: White House rips Forbes article (Gibbs is meeting with Forbes's Washington bureau chief)

"Is the Dems' Bush strategy finally gaining traction?"

The New GOP Money Stampede (Time)

in 1998: O'Donnell: I Wouldn't Lie To Hitler Even If There Was A Jewish Person Hiding In The House

The Plumline's Greg Sargent: Listening, Dems?

Battleground Poll: Generic ballot tied, 45/45. Dems fortunes not as grim as media coverage suggests.

So after Warren is nominated, approved, signed, sealed, and delivered as head of the agency...

PPP: New Hampshire Governor--Lynch (D) up by 12

CBS: Michelle Obama Never Said White House Life is "Hell," French Spokesman Says

"President Obama Announces the Expansion of 'Educate to Innovate'"

(R)asmussen Poll: Nevada Gov--Sandoval (R) 52% (-6) Reid 39% (+6)

People like Peter Schiff and his clients should be taxed at 90%

"New NYT poll finds huge majority thinks GOP has no clear ideas on how to fix our mess."

Military Contractor With $100,000 Belt Buckle Is Found Guilty

Author Gets Bagger Hate Mail - Ann Coulter Lists Wrong Guy

The difference between the glass closet and being out

Beck: my explicitly racist analysis of Obama was wrong!

The poverty numbers you should worry about

** Senate Passes Small Business Lending Bill, 61-38 **

The crazy fringe of the right wing is energized... and this is a good thing how?

New START Treaty voted out of committee

Heads Up: Obama campaigning for Bluementhal NOW:

"Get in gear, Man" Biden is ready to fight and wants us to be ready as well.

Mike Malloy - Operation Northwoods: Blueprint Of 9/11

7 GOP House Seats that the Dems have a good shot at winning

Hurricane 'Karl': A Weak, Pathetic Category 1 Hurricane

Obama puts bark in consumer watchdog: Elizabeth Warren

Ezra Klein: Public Employees Don't Make More Than Private Employees

START treaty passes first test

The new DNC website is impressive

Not that it really matters, but Mason Dixon Poll Ark Senate: 51% Boozman 34% Lincoln

Unemployment Insurance Keeps Millions Out of Poverty....

What is your favorite Edger Allen Poe story??

Warren to Unofficially Lead Consumer Agency (NYT)


Tim Kaine can't even answer the simple question - HOW are you going to motivate the Dems to vote?

Senator Blanche Lincoln is 17 points behind the Republican in Arkansas. - MSNBC

What's The Difference Between Right Wing Bestseller D'Souza's Book and Mein Kampf?

Friday stumper a day early

(R)asmussen Poll--WA Senate: Murray: 51% (+4) Rossi 46% (-4)

John Boehner, Mitch McConnell Should Be Replaced, Say Voters Usually Favoring GOP (POLL)

Dead Even in the Generic Congressional Ballot

President Obama leads new bid for Latino votes

Gibbs tweets denial of FLOTUS 'hell' comment

O'Donnell In '07: Scientists Have Created Mice With Human Brains!

So Elizabeth Warren is being appointed will progressives celebrate what it is or complain about. . .

So Elizabeth Warren is being appointed will progressives celebrate what it is or complain about. . .

Freepers think a GOP majority should call on Obama to resign

Cook moves CT to tossup???

BREAKING: President Obama will APPOINT Elizabeth Warren tomorrow

Yes, Elizabeth Warren is in charge

There really is no *HONEST* way to spin the Warren announcement as a bad thing

Handy Guide to the corruption, insanity and issues of Delaware Tea Party darling Christine O'Donnell

The first sign of Fall has appeared.

"Tell your senators to repeal 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' NOW!"

Carter Slams Ted Kennedy over health care

Warren was *not* appointed to run CFPB

Elizabeth Warren Didn't Want Permanent Appointment To CFPB: Frank

70 Years of Republican Economic Ineptitude and Failure, -the four big lies-

WARNING - COMPLETELY SHALLOW POST W/PHOTOS - Don't Click Unless You are Prepared to Gush!

SUSA--MN Gov--Dayton (D) 38% Emmer (R) 36% Horner (I) 18%

It's really no big secret about how to get out the base...

Gay Saudi Diplomat Seeks Asylum In U.S., Says His Life Is In Danger

Gay Saudi Diplomat Seeks Asylum In U.S., Says His Life Is In Danger

Book: Michaele Salahi has multiple sclerosis


Fugitive Canadian priest living in Belgium

Cheyenne couple drops gay marriage lawsuit

Exclusive: President Obama to This Week Name Elizabeth Warren to Special Advisory Role to White Hous

Chase's online bank service still facing problems

Poll Suggests Opportunities for Both Parties in Midterms.

Congressman Filner Risks Arrest, Organizes With Residents, to Block Foreclosure

Sources: Obama to name adviser for new consumer agency

Toyota Asks For Sudden Acceleration Lawsuits To Be Thrown Out

Court indicts four KRouge leaders for genocide

Ford will export Edge to China

S.E.C. Defends Exemptions in New Law

Catty Carla Bruni lifts lid on Michelle Obama's 'hellish' job Read more:

University rankings dominated by US, with Harvard top

Niger facing catastrophic hunger crisis

France faces showdown on Roma at European Union summit

EU agrees to South Korea free trade deal

Cnooc May Bid $10.2 Billion for BP Asset, Citi Says

Germany takes in 2 Guantánamo captives, camps roll 174

FBI arrests dozens in raid on massive N.J. bank-fraud ring

Shell, BP May Reap `Serious Profit' by Using CO2 in Oil Fields

Constitutionality of Lee County's "Rocket Docket"

Speeders could be quick fix to help balance Denver budget

Placebo Pill Gives Boost to Some Women's Sex Drive

(Montana Gov.) Schweitzer seeks legislation to ‘fairly' tax drug firms

EPA fines 99 Cents Only Stores for selling unregistered or mislabeled pesticides

US says idle Gulf of Mexico oil wells must be plugged

Bush Tax Cuts Not Important for US Economy: Summers

Poll Suggests Opportunities for Both Parties

Indian kids miles ahead of white counterparts

Fox News Sues Over Carnahan Commerical, Says It Implies Network Endorsed Democrat

Landmark US-Russia arms treaty clears US Senate hurdle

California Board of Education addresses teacher evaluation issue

White House: Warren announcement on Friday

Pelosi hedges on tax cuts

Chris Dodd warns White House on Elizabeth Warren move

Feds: Minimal impacts from drilling moratorium

Illegal drug use is higher than in nearly a decade:report finds

Jobless Claims in U.S. Unexpectedly Decline to Lowest Level in Two Months

Synagogue vandalized in Moldovan capital

China Hinders U.S. Recovery, Senators Tell Geithner.

Lisa Murkowski ponders write-in bid

Dallas police charge 3 officers in alleged beating

Senate approves Obama's small-business aid package

South African hospital chain charged in organ trafficking case

EU agrees trade concessions to flood-hit Pakistan

Protest sign delays Diamondbacks-Reds game

Lawsuit filed over egg recall

Battleground Poll: Democrats tied in generic

1 Dead as Tornado-Like Storm Rips Through the (NYC) Region

Clash Over Water Kills One, Injures 18 in Peru

Former Auditor Frank Russo pleads guilty, will spend more than 21 years in prison

Activists Launch Week of Action for DREAM Act

Tea Party-Backed Christine O'Donnell Raises Nearly $1M Since Win

Police: Washington state woman made up acid attack story

Hatch, Bennett Say They’ll Vote ‘No’ on DREAM Act

Ex-Guatemalan Soldier Gets 10 Years in US Prison

Cuba offers 19 ways Obama can loosen US embargo

Emanuel puts his feelers out for Chicago mayor's race

Wages uncertain for Chile’s trapped miners

U.S. Homes Lost to Foreclosure Up 25 Percent

31 Democrats Tell Pelosi: Extend Tax Cuts for Everyone!

1 Dead as Tornado-Like Storm Rips Through the Region (Brooklyn Hit)

U.S. Poverty Rate Jumps To 14.3 Percent

Filmmaker Michael Moore Calls Canada 'Shameful' on U.S. War Dodgers

Pelosi sees no justification for high-end tax cuts

Doctor shot at Johns Hopkins

Jimmy Carter Slams Ted Kennedy On Health Care

Yelper to Meg Whitman: "Why would you knowingly and purposely run a campaign that is based on lies?

Kuttner conquers: Oliver’s Edison2 car wins $5 million X Prize

Threats prompt heightened security at North Arlington (Texas) mosque

Bruni: Michelle Obama Called 1st Lady Gig "Hell"

Texas Board of Education: History Textbooks ‘Tainted’ With ‘Gross Pro-Islamic, Anti-Christian Distor

Number of uninsured Americans hits record high (50.7 million)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday September 16

Swedish nationalist group surges amid protests


Creedence Clearwater Revival- Fortunate Son / STUDIO VERSION

Meet Chris Coons

New US Military Atrocities Ignored

Cancer Rate in Fallujah Worse than Hiroshima

US Bringing Vietnam against China


NBC News Digest from 1983: Edwin Newman reports on Grenada war, Turkey earthquake, Social Security

Stop Bigotry

Rachel Maddow- Elizabeth Warren to guard consumers interests

Double rainbow

West Beach Pass, Gulf Shores- BP Oil is underwater.

Teabag Fundamentalism

Edwin Newman (1919-2010) on David Letterman's morning show (1980)

Christine O'Donnell Circa 1997: AIDS Gets Too Much Gov't Money

"WORST CASE SCENARIO": "Oil may be emerging on to the west Florida shelf" via Desoto Canyon

Unsecuredfunds is still fighting for the unemployed!

The Philosophy of Money (Simmel)

Human Nature

How Money Rules Politics 1 of 2

End The Fed review 1 of 2

Refuting 20 Capitalist Myths (1 of 2)

MRV: More Christine O'Donnell Masturbation Jokes and

Palin Advises Christine O'Donnell To 'Speak Through Fox News'

Rachel Maddow- Vice President Biden on the GOPs hard right turn

TYT: UK Teen Banned From America For Life

MoveOn Ad Ties Rand Paul To Chamber's Alleged Tax Fraud

Hatch To Oppose His Own Tax Credit Idea If Its Paid For By Cutting Oil Subsidies

Attacks over tax

Consume! 1 of 2

Tea protests ignore biggest tax: capitalist non-labor income

Olbermann w/ David Cay Johnston on the Bush Tax Cut debate

Rove was against O'Donnell before he was for her. What a difference a day makes.

Lady Gaga Asks Senator Reid To Overturn Don't Ask Don't Tell

Afghanistan: 'No way we're out by 2011'

Weird Liberal Head Show #164: Fascist Tea Party?

TYT: Republicans Have 'Slaves' in SC Event

MI-07: Seniors slam Walberg on Social Security (powerful!)

Michael Steele Defends Gingrich's Comments That Obama May Have A Kenyan Anti-Colonial Worldview


Young Turks: Rove Vs Hannity, Palin & O'Donnell

Mike Malloy - Operation Northwoods: Blueprint Of 9/11

Whistleblower: Oil 30 miles by 5 miles reported and Feds won't respond,

Glenn Wreckkk is begging For Another 911 On Obama's Watch

Kaine Makes Strong Case For Democrats For Midterms

Rachel Maddow- Who is Christine ODonnell

Prof. says HOMELAND SECURITY confiscated samples and NOTES with inside info on dispersant

DeMint Can't Remember McConnell's Name

HELPLESS, TEARS: Dealer says load of crab

Glenn Beck's

Sharon Angle's

Hundreds of Thousands of Dead Fish -- and a Dead Whale -- Discovered Near BP Oil Spill

Good Dog! Bad Republicans!

New Barbara Boxer ad "Outsourcing" regarding Carly Fiorina/HP jobs

Holocaust denier David Irving to begin leading tours of Auschwitz next week

When Stupid People Don't Know They're Stupid

"Lot of fresh, new oil coming in" that's RED, LUMPY & NOT DISPERSED -- "Where's that coming from

Ron Paul & Glenn Beck Promote Right Wing Terrorism

"Pensions may prove Sarkozy's watershed moment" is the title of the article by

American Taliban collides with Oregon GOP

Detoured by 9/11 Attack, 4,000-Year-Old Tablets Make It Back to Iraq

Christine McDonnell Drives 'Bush's Brain' Out of Its Ass

Erik Erickson has become famous for his visceral hatred of the Republican Party, and of course earli

Softball practice in Boehner Land

November Rain....Message to my fellow Democrats......

When Good People Back Bad Wars - Michael Moore

Right-wing Murders in Germany

A Boy and a Bicycle(s)

Keeping the poor, unemployed

Can We Calm Down About Delaware's Tea Party Already? (Charles Pierce)

Double standards of life hamper the growth of social movements

Will Warren Have Power?

The Rich Get Richer, the Poor Go Hungry

America’s Addiction to Belief and Rejection of Rationale

Putting the country first

Blackwater's Black Ops

In Germany's Case, Up Means Down. Krugman

John Bolton "blames America first"? (Regarding Venezuelan dictatorship)

NASA reports hottest January to August on record .....


Christine O'Donnell Proposes "Don't Touch, Tell All" Military Policy.

Iraqi-U.S. Raid Near Falluja Leaves 7 Dead (No combat troops?)

Drumbeat: September 16, 2010

NEPAL: Global warming swells glacial lakes, endangering thousands

Deutsche Bank Debunks Skeptics with a Report -- and a $5 Billion Climate Portfolio

Avoiding dangerous climate change: An international perspective

Hong Kong Announces A Program to Phase Out Coal Power.

Anyone here have bamboo flooring? Love it? Hate it? Meh?

Former LANL Employee Sentenced for Stealing Irradiated Gold

Don’t like the climate? Move to Fargo, says author of ‘Climatopolis’

California Energy Commission Approves World's Largest Solar Power Project

Fuel "recycling" a myth, a French report involuntarily demonstrates

Will "Nuclear Power 2010" reach its goal?

The Tu-Car Family >>

49ers to retire Jerry Rice's #80 on Monday night..

Football sucks

Jeter The Cheater

Shoelace Surprises South Florida...

+++ NFL Week 2 Picks +++

In case anyone missed it, un ilo to celebrate Mexico's independence in GD:

Ex minister: Priest's criticism of Uribe 'un-Christian'

Ex-Guatemalan Soldier Gets 10 Years in US Prison

President Hugo Chávez promotes cheap Chinese appliances on TV

Uribe protester arrested in Georgetown class

Clash Over Water Kills One, Injures 18 in Peru

Tweaking the language (false positives and common graves)

Colombia respects human rights: U.S.

Lack of investment is the reason for fires in Pdvsa facilities

Cuba offers 19 ways Obama can loosen US embargo

Grants will improve NICS background check ...

2009 gun sale reach an all time high, violent crime rate drops ...

Man seriously wounds intruder during botched Brooklyn home invasion

GOProud says If we really want to protect gay jobs we need to fire Barney Frank!

Two-Thirds Of Irish Support Gay Marriage

A portrait of my old cat Sugar.

Canon auto focus problem solved!

Fossil thin samples

New Mexico sunrise filthy windshield crappy phone camera

Fog on the marsh

Water supplied in Gaza unfit for drinking; Israel prevents entry of materials needed to repair syste

Today in Labor History Sept 15, 4 young African-American girls were killed in a church bombing

War on Public Workers

Truck drivers and railway workers strike in Greece

AP: States cutting benefits for public-sector retirees

Delta flight attendants to vote on union

Merger creates largest union of retail workers in Minnesota

Machinists Union Urges No Vote And Strike Authorization At Cessna

Mott's Workers Declare Victory!

Join IWJ in standing up against anti-Muslim vitriol

Hispanic Heritage Month is a Pinata of Values at UFW Store (sale)

SEIU Helps Bank Workers Become Whistleblowers

Clouds Are Shaped By Where They’re From

Stowaways found hitching ride on seaweed

Cosmic Ice Sculptures: Dust Pillars in the Carina Nebula

The Ultimate Field Guide to Subatomic Particles

How Mass Migration Might Have Evolved

Lesbian Sister of Christine O'Donnell Denies She's Homophobic


World Awaits Papal Aide’s Apology

Chart of the Day: A Picture of Reality

The apotheosis of 21st Century Catholicism speaks

Oh That Kooky Pope.

Pope speech compares atheist 'extremism' with Nazism

A question about waking up

From a spiritual perspective....

Snooki, You need think about tanned bed...

Andrew Weil: Medical Marijuana's Tremendous Potential for Curing Ailments

Update: Calif. whooping cough: 9 dead, infections on rise

Placebo Pill Gives Boost to Some Women's Sex Drive