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Yes Virginia, SS can be cut - Ian Welsh

Pioneers of the New Normal

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Laura Flanders: Campaign Cash From Rate Hikes

So Yahoo Mail Throws My Barack Obama E Mail Into Spam Folder.

Lagos, diabetes mellitus, medication and altmeds, both in use

DUers did you know that the IMF and the ILO met recently

Far "Right" predictions about Obama that have been wrong?

Next, Michelle Obama's health reform plan for the nation's restaurant menus and families dining out



It keeps all coming down to one thing for me

The Delaware BOE webside is getting slammed.

11 Questions: Take "The American War Quiz"

Trumka: Union Votes Can Beat False Populism and Economic Treason

So, is it Warren or isn't it? (re: Fox News disinformation)

Koran-Burner Thwarted By Skateboarder Has Day Job At A Nuke Facility

The Republicans aren't going to take over the Senate

What's with the Home page?

Far right loon leading in republican senate primary: NH.

(AP) Tea party favorite Ovide Lamontagne leads in NH

It feels SOOO weird to be pulling for the same candidate as FR!

Republicans regroup after primary results.

The raving lunatic Christine O'Donnell won

Now that Mike Castle is finally going to get out of Congress

Delaware ..... Played Like a Fiddle !

Tony Blair on TDS w/Jon Stewart tonight - fyi

Don't get cocky people. Now that Batshit jr has won the GOBP

Walruses forced ashore by ice melt

Welp ...... there goes the jerk-off vote for the repubs

For Once, I agree with Free Republic.....

There is a possibility that the Senate in 2011 is going to be an insane asylum.

This may be fun...but we'd better make sure we can beat these T-baggers in the GE

LOL! - Blair Proves Bush Was "The Original Idiot" Before there were teabaggers, there was "W"

Nate Silver says the most unpopular group is...establishment Republicans!

Election Day Problems Reported Statewide on NY's New Dominion/Sequoia E-Voting System

So, is there any reason NOT to send a check to the Chris Coons campaign? nt

So do we have a chance at Castle's old seat?

LOL'Donnell. I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself.

A message for the Delaware GOP

What could it all mean?

The Tea Party is Our Friend...

Damn... I feel sort of sorry for Mike Castle....(giving concession speech)

According to Ezra Klein 44% of Castle voters say they'll vote for the D candidate.

On Maddow both Matthews and Olbermann are being silly about Delaware results

hey, please help me out here...

PPP Polls: O'Donnell's fav/unfav is 29/50; Only 31% of DE voters think CO'D is fit to hold office

Delaware primary results:

Christine O'Donnell won her primary in Delaware. ROTFLMAO nt

Rick Lazio is getting his ass handed to him in NY.

"War is just late-term abortion."

Just seen on Twitter:

NY-GOV: Okay, it's less than 1% counted but...

I wish I was in charge of picking music for Democratic rallies in Delaware.

Is there a good chance that Castle won't endorse the psycho? nt

So, At What Point Does The Corp. Media Acknowledge That SOMETHING THE FUCK IS GOING ON W/ THE REPUBS

Outlook Gloomy at Secret Billionaire Meeting

I have just ONE QUESTION for Christine O'Donnell.

Anti-Incumbent?, Anti-Republican?, Anti-Establishment??

I see O'Donnell's win as a warning...

Ok, less paranoid after looking at the county breakdown for Castle vs. O'Donnell

For those worrying about the Republican winners tonight, here are some polls...

Someone asked "What is GD:P for?"

An hour with Peter Orszag, Former Director of OMB - Tonight on Charlie Rose

What are the chances Mike Castle will pull a Lieberman and run as an Independent?

Primary Voter Turnout Stays Low, but More So for Democrats

Is it wrong for me to be worried about an O'Donnell win



NH Primary: (BLUE DOG) Swett Concedes Race To (LIBERAL) Kuster; Bass Leads GOP

I've been wavering in my confidence in Obama a little bit.. he needs to reaffirm his 'FDR spirit'...

Maybe we should send Nutty Bars and thank you cards to Sarah Palin

Are the Tea Parties a threat to Democrats?

We could be getting a Tea Party Threefer...

Small Business Aid Bill Clears Senate!

Anti-immigrant wave spreads

Dick Armey.. AKA Dr. Frankenstein... created the Tea Party

And now a message from the Delaware Tourism Board.

White House slams Forbes: ‘Hire a fact checker’

Rachel has Rangel over Powell and others (small % in.)

Delaware... Hahahahahahahahaha !!!

Will we hear the "GOP Divided" or "GOP Civil War" stories tomorrow?

So.. I wonder where these Tea Party "small government" candidates come down on the drug war?

Christine O'Donell's life --- according to Wikipedia (no background research needed)

Can Castle jump and run as Independent in November?

DUers on Long Island . . . ,

All right y'all...Put your hands DOWN together for Christine O'Donnell

How quickly we forgot the lesson on how primaries have nothing to do with general elections

NY Primary Update

I actually think the nutbaggers' "big" wins tonight portend well for our country.

Chuck Berry does a special song for Christine O'Donnell

So, Can the GOP Remove O'Donnell from the November ticket....

Republican Senatorial Planks ........ Go Teabaggers!

Charlie Rangel Hangs On To Dem Nomination For His House Seat

NY Sen. Gillibrand easily wins primary challenge

Ex-Reality TV Star Wins GOP Race for Obey's Seat, Sean Duffy

Pelosi: Democrats 'absolutely' will retain the House in 2010

The Left - Is It Howard Dean's Fault That He Is Not Getting The Same Air Time As Newt Gingrich?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & Here's a new kitty gif!

Kuster defeats a Lieberman Democrat!

Kuster defeats a Lieberman Democrat!

Joey Scar and Politico will be interesting in the morning.

NY Sen. Pedro Espada OUSTED

Over drinks with a few right leaning friends tonight, the conversation

Breaking on Rachel's show.........!!!!

Wait is Christine O'Donnell a 41-year old virgin?

Obama needs to do something about the media alternate types of Discrimination

Anti-Gay NY Sen. Bill Stachowski Ousted In Democratic Primary

Man falls through window at Fenty HQ (DC)

It is hard to rejoice in an O'Donnel win today

Scalia gives Big Tobacco $270 million reprieve

CAPTION THIS: Christine O'Donnell

No more masturbation in Delaware....

No more masturbation in Delaware....

Ex-aide: Christine O'Donnell a 'complete fraud'

Seriously folks....

A Great Liberal Hero

I disagree with Tweety and Larry O'Donnell. Seeing the teabaggers win just may galvanize the Dems!

Report: National Republican Senatorial Committee Won’t Fund Christine O’Donnell

Delete....there's enough Matthews bashing threads already....

Why is Fox so upset about O' Donnell?

People seem to be freaking over nutters electing nutters in the primaries.

Maloney Defeats Challenger to Run for 10th Term in House

Christine O'Donnell VICTORY SPEECH NOW nt

NYS ATTY GENERAL: Anyone have an update?

At 10:09pm someone at the NRSC website posted about Wisconsin's Republican primary but not Delaware

AP calls NY-GOV for......CARL PALADINO

OK, it's now time to pick Christine O'Donnell's campaign song..

Tea Party?

Haha! AP "Big night for tea party: O'Donnell wins Delaware"

Christine O'Donnell says.....

I have a dumb question.

Matthews on MSNBC (for the duration?) Damn, I want RACHEL!

Maddow: AP calls NY-Gov GOP race for racist Carl Palladino!

What's the deal with Carl Paladino, R Senate candidate from NY?

Meg Whitman's nose keeps growing by the millions

Schneiderman tops Rice, Rice Concedes

Can't win them all....NY Sen. Ruben Diaz Wins Easily

Lady Gaga, Harry Reid Tweet Over Don't Ask Don't Tell

Did I just hear KO call a Puke on FAUX an asshat? And if so GREAT.

We have generally assumed that sufficient expenditures

News Hounds: GOP In Disarray! Hannity vs. Rove on O’Donnell Win In DE

I suggest in honor of the O'Donnell win we all Master our Domains tonight

'Tis a tie in NH with 70% reporting between Lamontagne and Ayotte for (R) Senate

DU front page stuck on Last Tuesday 9/7/2010

"Checkers" Doubt Birther Taitz Paid the $20K, Demand Proof

So, how does the GOP now support the gaggle of haters and screamers who just won

Is it just me or has the DU homepage gone into a time warp?

"Sarah Palin challenged the establishment before it was cool to challenge the establishment"

TPMDC: National GOP Looks West: NRSC Washing Hands Of Delaware After Christine O'Donnell Win

Schneiderman wins, Rice concedes

Let them eat (organic) cake

You guys, sit back and enjoy until November.

You guys, sit back and enjoy until November.

You guys, sit back and enjoy until November.

Why can't we progressives take out some DINOs in primaries like the teabaggers just did with Castle?

Tea Party = Repubs

Just a suggestion, but should there be some way to comment on a mod's locking of a thread?

According to Kinsey, 97% of men and 67% of women have masturbated in the past year

How do we build the fight we need?

Much more optimistic today

The Importance of the 1970s

Stop masturbation now!!!

Dear Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins...take a look around and behold your party

Big Mac, on the telly now talking about the caloric party they have

U.S. begins long-awaited assault on Taliban stronghold

The GOP truly is the Big Tent Party.

Commentary: High-level doubts on Afghanistan

U.S. officials defend Iraq against attack — from the GAO

Warlords and killers seek re-election to Afghan parliament

House hearing to probe Camp Lejeune water contamination

Tonight, I think we are seeing the Goldwaterization of the GOP.

I can't take it for granted that Chris Coons will rub out Christine O'Donnell's Senate bid

Congressional roll call: hands off social security

Senator Jeff Merkley:Elizabeth Warren is the Right Person for the Job

Baby boomers long to retire, but can't

Poll needs DU luv (TN Governor debate)

Afghan War Myths

Afghan Corruption

The Droning Of Pakistan Continues

Senate Subcomittee Cuts $8.1 Billion Dollars Of Chump Change From DoD Budget

After the Reid/Angle race, politics will get very interesting.

Texas detective: gangs in the military pose problems

The Democrats have done a better job keeping the crazies under wraps.

Trusted Martin Luther King civil rights photographer was FBI informant

Air Force To Scam More Money For New Bomber

Why would we lock a thread that's simultaeously ID'd as "The Greatest Thread"?

The Accelerating Degeneration of Life in America's Afghanistan

"...the one thing they hate: when you call them racist. The other thing they hate is..."

83% is the highest it has ever been in history.

Northrop Drone Costs Rising `Unacceptably,' Must Be Held, Pentagon Says

F.C.C. Likely to Open New Airwaves to Wireless

NC DU'ers. Hate is coming to Raleigh Sunday night.

Cost Of Empire: Military Expenses Continue To Grow

(USAF) Lt. Gen. David Deptula: The Sky Is Falling! The Sky Is Falling!

Pentagon Starts to Bargain Hunt

nytimes headline....G.O.P. Insurgents Win in Del. and N.Y.

If you want to be entertained this morning, watch Morning Joe to see Joe's reaction to O'Donnell.

What a difference a day makes

BP On The Spot Again For Safety

The culture of Washington won't change

They're really eating their own.

Call me suprised, but do the Tea Party gains bode well for Democrats?

How's all that "restoring honor" thing working out for ya, Glenn?

God help us if the MSM gives Christine O'Donnell a lot of air time between now and election day.

Countries don't get into wars to help out people who are being oppressed.

I honestly can not believe that Mike Castle lost

IIt's hilarious listening to Joe Scum's ReTHUG pain

WTF??!!! There are racists in the Republican Party?? Holy shi--ite...

How the Pentagon wastes and loses hundred of billions. Check out their acquisition flow chart .

70% of Americans fundamentally agree on the direction they want the country to go.

Giant Oil Discovery in Brazil

So, what gives the sexless any right to tell anyone else how to have sex?

I good conscience...caption this photo. Doesn't mean I don't want to. I just CAN'T.

I am so glad Rangle won the primary

Do you find it offensive when someone tells you how you should act?

Scientists In Missouri Determine When Life Begins

Scientists In Missouri Determine When Life Begins

Googlebomb for Christine O'Donnell

Saw a comment on MSNBC about education.

What do you think the odds are of Mike Castle endorsing the Democrat?

The University Of North Dakota Flying USAF Dones In The United States?

Mike Castle probably should have realized trouble was on the horizon after this town meeting (video)

DE DUers, how many of you changed registrations just to vote in O'donnell

"Values Voter Summit" to feature columnist who says married women can't be raped by husbands

IMF Fears 'Social Explosion' From World Jobs Crisis

Quite simply put - Christine O'Donnell is the Alvin Greene for the Republican Party

If Senate Dems fall below 55, wouldn't it be a good time to

chuck toad 'the chances of a republican senate takeover just ended'

Anyone else hear NPR's latest abomination regarding the Tea Party?

"The Real World' infringes on the real world

NAACP: March with us

Are we the Fantastic Four now?

The only thing that scares me about Christine O'Donnell's win tonight:

What would be a more appropriate name for the 'tea party'?

I Would Like To Take This Opportunity To Give A HEARTY THANK YOU To The TEA BAGGERS!!!!!!!!!

Somebody Should Call The Show Cheaters

In Honor of the Delaware GOP Senate Nominee -"I Touch Myself"

Do you think the shards o glass commercials are effective?

Bill Clinton: New-Look GOP Makes Bush Look Like a Liberal

Bill Clinton robocalled for Charlie Rangel.

"Thread" is an anagram of "hatred."

Mad as hell, but don't want to join the Tea Party?

WaPo so sucks! Any STORIES about Fenty loss?

DE Senate switched from a 94.4% chance of a GOP win to a 83.7% chance of a Dem win.

WARNING!! CRACKPOT THEORY! If The Repubs Once Had The "Keys" To Vote Rigging, Someone Took Them Away

Christine O'Donnell on Rove's 'Un-factual' Remarks and 'Republican Cannibalism'

Dishonest D'Souza Delivers Disingenuous Diatribe, Book to Follow

Many in the GOP are convinced the reason they were defeated in 2006 and 2008 was because

The Nice Thing About The Tea Party People....

U.S. Home Prices Face Three-Year Drop as Inventory Surge Looms

Voice of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer dies

The Tea Party Factor:NY-23

Conservative Kathleen Parker mocks Newt and Dinesh in her latest column.

GOP--Co-opted by Neocons and Tea Party

GOP--Co-opted by Neocons and Tea Party

Special Report: Blue-collar, unemployed and seeing red

The IRONY: FreeRepublic, a Website devoted almost exclusively to masturbation, high-fives O'Donnell.

So Christine O'Donnell beat off her competition...

The tea parties rise to power and threat to the republicans control of that power demonstrates

Ew, I just saw that O'Donnell MTV video from years back

She "could not be elected dogcatcher."

Deficit Quick Fix! Members of Congress Should Give up Their Salaries and Benies

Republican Establishment Muted After O'Donnell Win While Democrats Crow

My letter I just sent to Mike Castle....

Enough with the Christine O'Donell posts!

Enough with the Christine O'Donell posts!

Karl lands in Mexico

Tea bagger Freudian slip on MSNBC?

Obama job approval up a bit in the last few weeks to 47. What happened in that time?

Veterans Agency Made Secret Deal Over Benefits (scammed again)

Why we should not let the government monkey with SS under the guise of “reducing the deficit"

NRA rears its head in Canadian politics

So this is it in a "nut"shell...

Wow! Could Christine O'Donnell get any nastier?

Thousands of Walruses Mass on Beaches: Arctic Sea Ice Gone

Has anyone told Tim Kaine yet that...

CBS Radio News is terming the teabagger victories - especially O'Donnell's - as . . . . .

The Orange spin on yesterday's election results

The Crazies At Hillbuzz Are All GooGoo Over Deleware

Liberals win one against a Lieber-crat:

Conservatives Trash Karl Rove After He Insists O'Donnell Says 'Nutty Things'

This Day in History:

This Day in History:

Christine O'Donnell talking babytalk during her speech last night...OMG

New SATs Show Education Suicide Is Working

What Does New York’s Republican Primary Say About the State of the GOP?

Damn you, Christine O'Donnell!

Link to petition from Senator Patrick Leahy and DFA telling congress to stop the Bush tax

America's Jim Crow gulag

1998 Clip of Christine O'Donnell on 'Politically Incorrect'

Will Tweety's head explode tonight over the Tea Bag wins?

Congrats to incoming DC mayor, Vince Gray.

'Warning!' Received e-mail request for contribution for Russ F from Schumer,

I thought schools were out yesterday

Why is she even in the picture?

Gray's defeat of Fenti in DC Mayoral primary makes Rhee's future questionable..

Will Joe Biden Campaign For Coons In Del?......

Tea party, progressives, brewing for perfect storm to save Democrats

Come caption Christine O'Donnell

The Moderate Repubs will either help us defeat these Tea Bags or

John Scalzi

John Scalzi

Fake Afghan voter cards made in Pakistan

Fake Afghan voter cards made in Pakistan

What is it about September 7th, anyway? It's baaaack!

Christine O'Donnell; believer in creationism

Having programmed many a website in the past

What up with the front page on DU?

D.U. homepage

It's time to get our young voters, students re-fired up...

Can we hold the house too?

Republican Class of 2010 - Phil Davison

Republican Class of 2010 - Phil Davison

FBI arrests Ohio Cuyahoga County Commissioner on bribery charges... county judges indicted.

with all this talk of Cristine O'Touch Myself, this place is lousy with her ads

Torture is a crime not a state secret

Why 'Scientific Consensus' Fails to Persuade

Are the republicans crazy enough to nominate a Palin, a Newt, or an Arpaio in 2012?

Man Decapitated by Exploding Pipe Bomb

Utah group criticizes schools for opt-out forms for Obama’s school speech

"Christine O'Donnell is a quixotic, fraudulent, gold-digging liar with no job and no accomplishments

Classic Bill Maher NEW RULES.....The Teabagger Hat

Coons Begins With Big Lead in Delaware

Rep. Charlie Rangel Wins Democratic Primary

TV correspondent Edwin Newman dies

Wisconsin GOP chooses a Palin clone to run for Lt. Gov.

Which way were you raised?

Karl Rove Probable stratagy.

Theory: The teabaggers are roots Republicans who finally caught on

Was O'Donnell's Masturbation Thing a Ploy?

incredible idiotic LTTE in local paper

Burglars Said to Have Picked Houses Based on Facebook Updates

Senate Republicans unveil a plan to make Bush tax cuts permanent

Firefighters rescue camel from Oregon sinkhole - pics

Conservative Kathleen Parker mocks Newt and Dinesh in her latest column.

Damn you Muslims, get off my lawn, By Mark Morford

Damn you Muslims, get off my lawn, By Mark Morford

GOP Viewed as Leaderless

Mubarak Greenlights Eight Nuclear Plants (NO. . . . . )

Gold fever strikes mom and pop prospectors in US West

The new logo is FAIL. But I really like one of the links I found there.

I love the smell of napalm in the morning...

The Rude Pundit: Fun With Christine O'Donnell (in Three Parts)

Charges being dropped against The College Republican Killer Phillip Markoff

Did Ines Sainz's Tight Pants Invite (Sexual) Harassment From the Jets Players?

Ayotte defeats bagger in NH

Millions of repubs are having severe mental breakdowns cause there's a black man in the white house


Email from Conway (Dem opponent of Rand Paul).

Krugman: Letting Bush Tax Breaks for Ultrarich Expire

Is it my imagination, but does K O'Donnell look like S. Palin?

anyone else having a problem with DU cache

Do you feel there are Democrats or Liberals here that are just anti-establishment?

Hoyer: No Bright Lines For Democrats On Bush Tax Cuts For The Rich

I posted the Bill Maher line on Facebook re: "Teabaggers hate two things..."

Stephen Colbert - Dr Strangelove on the Mosque

NY Election Results

It doesn't make sense for the GOP to be trashing O'Donnell

Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown sues eight top Bell (California) officials

Leaders Fear Steele Wants Second Term at the RNC

I once knew this guy in Dover, DE... His name was Harry Palmer

Beck for president nutty clown lady has a following...

Hey Folks Color of Change

`Clueless' U.S. Investors Think Brokers Have Fiduciary Duty, Survey Shows

Sounds to me like American politics could benefit from a bong hit and a good lay

NYT: Tea Party Has Time to Shape Perceptions

Ain't that America, for you and me? Teabagging horse sex Obama pimp bigot wins the NY GOP primary.

Leak of RNC memo tells of big name layoffs

From The Rudet Pundit on O'Donnell

Here's to the Tea Party for Taking Over Their Party.

Remember the Koran-burning slob I posted in Political Videos? HE'S BEEN FIRED.

No more secret ballots in New York

In all seriousness...

My friend in Malmö, Sweden, says this has become a popular colloquialism:

Didn't take long for NRCS to cave and endorse O'Donnell (But Castle will not)

With all the talk of O'Donnell we may be missing another fun teabagger to laugh at

Ya know who else preaches absinence and no touching of oneself?

GOP devastated by tea party primary wins

The Bell Curve's Center Line Has Shifted -- My Theory

The Bell Curve's Center Line Has Shifted -- My Theory

Republican Government at Work: Slash-and-Slash More Christie in N.J.

dupe sorry

Thousands of Fresno Co. seniors qualify as poor

GOP’s Delaware Senate Nominee Christine O'Donnell Not a Big Fan of Evolution

Link to Wiki article on Christine O'Donnell - may be of some interest---

Lieberman: Extend all tax breaks, wants Have-Mores to "have the confidence and the money to spend"

I want to apologize to my fellow DUers

PIC: booklet called ''Talking to Kids about War & Terrorism''

The Definition of "Family" is changing.

On Democratic Logos And Vapid, Contentless Criticism Instead Of Meaningful Discussion

On Democratic Logos And Vapid, Contentless Criticism Instead Of Meaningful Discussion

Something to make flying a little more appealing.

Something to make flying a little more appealing.

Its Time for "The Perfect GOP Defeat"...What is it called..Destiny? The GOPers were on their way

Neocons Must Be Ecstatic

You guys have captioned this one already, haven't you? (mature)

Noted scumbag P.O.S. Jenny Beth Martin, co-head of the Teabaggers, received a $510,000 tax bailout

Dem Polls Make Case For Middle Class Tax Cuts, Dems Unconvinced

Gay Saudi Diplomat Seeks Asylum In U.S., Says His Life Is In Danger

Gay Saudi Diplomat Seeks Asylum In U.S., Says His Life Is In Danger

Bronx charter school principal sexually harrasses teachers. Klein says, “So what?”

More scary: Would be Koran Burner has job at Nuke Facility

Outlook Gloomy at Secret Billionaire Meeting

They can't get dumber than Sarah or Michelle? Please come CAPTION Christine O'Donnell!!!

"Ground Zero" includes everywhere the dust cloud reached - Paladino (R-NY) CNN

As a result of the GOP Summer of Hate a newspaper had to apologise for portraying Muslims as human.

Prominent Proscutor "Sexted" Domestic Abuse Victim

Ex Campaign manager: O'Donnell lives off donations from last campaign, just wants to 'make a buck'

Who else wants the hardcore partisan forum?

MSNBC showing "Breaking - Obama live from Rose Garden" any minute - Any

OpenLeft: Haley Barbour rewrites civil rights history with more at stake than Glenn Beck

Boeing Says 787 Test Jet Grounded Due to Engine Surge

Tea-Partiers have trumped us again! Their new logo is all over Boston!

Will all the Democrats that voted against the Bush* tax cuts now change their minds and vote yes.

Caption this pic of Christine O'Donnell

Kobach helping on ‘anchor babies’ legislation

Never Forget: Bad Wars Aren't Possible Unless Good People Back Them - by Michael Moore

Never Forget: Bad Wars Aren't Possible Unless Good People Back Them - by Michael Moore

'Toilets aren't drinking fountains'

Seriously, what kind of change does Kaine believe doesn't matter?

Eew, Pat Buchanasaurus more hateful that usual

“If Christine O’Donnell can’t stand masturbation, she’ll hate the US Senate”

If tax cuts to the rich 2% are so good, how come we entered a recession when they passed them?? fuki

Will the DNC have to put this next to its logo after it's trademarked?

D for Drive, as in forward.

Can someone explain to me what constitutes being "too insane" for GOP establishment support?

The Republicans are winning

Calvin College cancels The New Pornographers concert because of the band's name

What does a high school diploma "get you" these days?

Massive Fish Kill

Bill O'Reilly to Appear on 'The Daily Show,' Jon Stewart to Visit 'The O'Reilly Factor'

I still kind of prefer the Mr. Fantastic one.

Freedom Works, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, et al have unleased a monster

Republican Establishment Muted After O'Donnell Win While Democrats Crow

There is no better way to demoralize the GOP/Tea Baggers & give a big FU to the media...

Jihad vs McWorld, interesting read, altho he might want to edit

Bagger blogger: Fox should suspend Rove if he was working to get Castle elected

Christine O'Donnell: AIDS Gets Too Much Gov't Money, Condoms Wouldn't Stop It

Just got a direct response from some comentator on MSNBC

because of a request in PM, I'm posting this anti-BP poem again

Remember when Bush 1 broke his "Read My Lips, No New Taxes" Promise

Political Animal: Horrified DC insiders wondering 'Where are the adults?'

We need a Not Christine ODonnell

TWO Calls On Delaware GOP Senate Nominee Christine O’Donnell To Apologize For Running Failed Ex-Gay

Aww, how sweet, Tweety is in love.

Nutty guy running for my ward in our upcoming municipal election: Call 9-11 to report graffiti

Christine O’Donnell Thinks Psychics Are Evil Pimps

Do we need a Christine O'Donnell forum?

Why do the established Repubs think the TB'er's will vote for them??

Happy Day in NV, DE, NH, PA, CO, WI, UT, AK, FL, & KY R=teabagger

Message from Rush Limbaugh for Karl Rove.

Steven Wright to O'Donnell: I'll give you 20 dollars to stop talking right now.

ILLINOIS: I saw the most terrible thing on the way home from work today:

ABC: Obama Will Appoint Warren to Interim Position

Has anyone totaled the money spent on campaigns this year?

I just GOT IT.

bin ladens deputy surfaces in new video

Let us hope that we are witnessing the last desperate gasps

Hans Zeiger thinks we should not buy Girl Scout cookies until they clean

O'Donnell warned of "orgy rooms" in college dorms

What can't all of the O'Donnell threads be about O'Donnell's new television show...

"Chicago Sun-Times" readers respond to neo-con columnist regarding Bush tax cuts!

Today in infrastructure: 7 of 10 Central Valley levees ranked 'unacceptable'

Anyone here this great clip of Christine O'Donnell yet....

Mike Castle on Barack H. Obama Birthcertificate-Downfall Started That Night-Crazy Lady in Red

Karl, time to get on your knees and apologize to Rush---Limbaugh slams Rove for attacking ODonnell

People shouldn't be limited to how much of their money they can use to fund campaigns...

Tea Party Float Depicts Obama Whipping A White ‘Future Tax Payer’ Pulling A Wagon

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 a huge step forward (not for XP, no no no)

Kanye West Writes New Reep Campaign Song? Heard it on the Video Music Awards:

Is Carl Paladino the Tea Baggers’ Biggest Hypocrite Yet?

I've Been Watching The Media Today

Worm found in high school toilet (shuts down the school's drinking fountains)

Is this the new 'major' Democratic announcement?

sign of the times : local NPR affiliate practically "begging" for donations

I'm Deep Throat

O'Donnell once said she thinks the US should have a 'mandatory prayer to God'

O'Donnell once said she thinks the US should have a 'mandatory prayer to God'

The Lesson of the Lemmings: Schools as Ecosystems

Article encouraging Olympia Snowe to switch parties

Recommended update to the new DNC logo

Let the tax cuts expire. And let's get rid of the other tax break too...

States Slashing Pensions, Benefits For Public-Sector Retirees - HuffPo/AP

NPR said Elizabeth Warren will NOT head up the financial consumer protection agency

Christine O'Donnell Lashes Out At Karl Rove, GOP

Tom DeLay, OR GOP candidates assoc. with group that threatens to overthrow the Government

Christine O'Donnell would have told the Nazis where the Jews were hiding!

Dance of the Boneheads

Are all Republicans stupid assholes or just the ones we hear about?

Are all Republicans stupid assholes or just the ones we hear about?

So: "Democrats tout "major" announcement Wednesday"

Christine O'Donnell explains dating history using 'Lord of the Rings'

Independent UK: Europe stalked by spectre of mass unemployment

“The new look demonstrates that we’re about the people”

What's with all the Christine O'Donnell posts on DU

About wealth disparity


Government food safety scientists report political, corporate interference

O'Donnell preaches abstinence only: so at 41 yrs. old / unmarried

What the Bush tax cuts actually produced and why aren't democratic leaders speaking out???

Diamonds on ice

Most Middle School Black Students in Milwaukee Suspended at Least Once

so, today at the doctors office

What Politician in Their Right Mind Would Cut Social Security?

Note from Russ:

Here comes # 4 - Cicilline wins RI primary for Kennedy's seat

Christine O'Donnell's LinkedIn Says She Studied at Oxford

O'Donnell warned of "orgy rooms" in college dorms

Is it even possible to go 41 years without an Orgasm?

Never Forget: Michael Moore Blog:Bad Wars Aren't Possible Unless Good People Back Them

Is Paladino biting the hand that feeds him?

Mum on masturbation

The Tea Klux Klan sweep of the Repuke Primaries tells us one thin,

The Death of the GOP ... and how you can help.

My friends, today hell has officially frozen over.

Meg Whitman Breaks US Campaign Spending Records (her personal donation totals $119 million)

Inventor of The Club dies in head on crash

Barack Obama to publish children's book Of Thee I Sing

Right-wing blogosphere discovers Fox's Karl Rove problem

What if your vote actually did count, and you had a paper trail.

I do not mind that Christine O'Donnell is a lesbian.

Appeals Court Nullifies Miranda, 4th Amendment Privacy Rights

Are you proud to be a human being?

I made a pancake this morning & it had Christine O'Donnell's image on it.

"14 Military Members Convicted in 'Historic' Ruling" -- About Operation Condor and Letelier

Special Advisor? Is Warren getting the nod or not? UPDATE:

When the GOP crashes and burns in November - and I think they will - they have one person to thank

It's A Start....Warren

Sickening......Video of thousands of dead fish in Louisiana

Something I don't hear on the MSM

Republicans rail against Dream Act - complain Defense Bill ALREADY CONTAINS DADT REPEAL

A stellar cannibal, new discovery "proves" an old theory

Moving the Democratic party to the right

Small businesses less concerned with taxes than with the shitty economy

On the Advice of the FBI, Cartoonist Molly Norris Disappears From View

seen the Tea Party Pace Car yet?

Guardian UK: Sex and death lie at the poisoned heart of religion

New name for the Tax Cuts for the Wealthy: The 4 Trillion Dollar Millionaire Bailout

Senators Durbin, McCaskill, and Whitehouse form web-site/effort to end secret holds

"...our backs ache, our skirts are too tight, we shake our booties from left to right."

no one loves the sound of his own voice more than dylan ratigan

"O'Donnell is a creature of an age in which politics have no meaning beyond performance art."

Bwahahahaha!!! Local county commissioner candidate busted as a Freeper!

GOP ransom note released to public

Obama tax plan raises taxes on rich above Clinton rates by phasing out exemptions.

I don't get France, Belgium and Spain voting so overwhelmingly to ban Burqas

O'Donnell's Frivolous Lawsuit

Don't be fooled. The GOP and the Tea Party are one in the same

Entire Minnesota sportsmans community calls Michele Bachmann a liar

My GOP "friends" cannot even justify their support of the GOP!

Tea Partiers attack Karl Rove !!

First, Bash the Teachers

Can we talk some more about masturbation?

Soul Searching Time for Republicans

Soul Searching Time for Republicans

Man who burned Koran at Ground Zero fired from job as NJ Transit employee

Just called Duncan Hunter's office and told them to extend Bush Middle Class taxcut

Well, This Is Officially One Of My Favorite-Ever Oliphant Cartoons...

Is this Tim Kaine's BIG announcement?

Should someone, on camera, ask Christine O'Donnell if she's a virgin?

Please rip off and modify this Social Security/Medicare resolution

How Republicans Party

The picture that says it all about the GOP 'victories' last night (LOL)

Jon Stewart interviews DNC Chair Tim Kaine about Dem Strategy

Why Mitch McConnell Is WRONG, And A LIAR !!!

Carrie Prejean Please Meet Christine O'Donnell

I don't trust anyone who hasn't had any "relief" in 41 years.

O'Donnell's birthday is August 27th. She's a VIRGO! Of course!

Surge in housing supply will drive down prices: "We're a lot poorer than we think"

BTW if we are going to trash O'Donnell there is plenty of ammo outside of her sex life

I've just redesigned Tim Kaine's personal logo

If Reid LOses, who would you like to see lead the Dems in the Senate?

The DNC has a new hat.

Dear Mainstream Media, My Doctor has asked me to ask you for a favor. . .

The Death of the Consumer

Bill Clinton peeved that Rachel Maddow called him a Republican

So. Is this new logo event deserving of the appelation "gimmickry" or not?

Operation Cheddarbomb update

GOP Nightmare: DEMS Can Flip TEN REPUB SEATS!!!

Beautiful...Morning Joey Scar just called out O'Donnell

Ice cream ad banned as "offensive" to Catholics

I and several others here have been predicting that the GOP would split

"The Professional Left isn't Dead Yet"

Not Racist? - SC Senate President Dresses Up Like Confederate Soldier With Black Slaves At GOP Event

WTF is going on in Pennsylvania?

Ooooh...This Is Getting Good...Moooselini Slams Rove...

CNN - Sen DeMint says "GOP establishment is out"

I wonder..

Anti-Prop 19 forces are really desperate as they come out guns blazing

Activists Go on Trial in Nevada for Protesting Obama Admin Drone Program

American workers $6.6 trillion short of retirement needs & we're discussing CUTTING Social Security?

"Jittery" moderate Democrats join Republicans in calling for tax cuts for all

So, in those places that have decided to ban the burqas...

Christine O'Donnell to GOP establishment: Screw you

Udall and Gillibrand to Holder: Don't appeal DADT decision

Video: Jesus Toaster – Blessed is Your Morning Bread

Who was Kristen Gillibrand's primary opponent tonight

Army mechanics disassemble and assemble jeep in 4 minutes

Did you see that? After Obama's statement in the Rose Garden when the

Did you see that? After Obama's statement in the Rose Garden when the

Adrian Fenty: Good bye to connections to the Privileged Few and lots of fired teachers.

¡Feliz día de la Independencia...

"The announcement was a logo!" - What the Democratic opposition *wants* you to believe

"The announcement was a logo!" - What the Democratic opposition *wants* you to believe

"The announcement was a logo!" - What the Democratic opposition *wants* you to believe

"I Think You're An Ass!": Conservative Media Discover Their Colleagues Are Frauds

My ltte on Tax Cuts,unemployment and war printed today

Pro-Gay DC Mayor Adrian Fenty Loses

Toyota admits the data they used to blame sudden acceleration on human error was bull shit

Would You Call Bill Maher a Bigot?

O'Donnell, Not Your Average Republican Whack Job

DNC drops Obama's promise to repeal DOMA, fails to mention marriage, then gets all weasely on DADT

When the Tea Party wins -- especially in a blue state -- Repups lose!

After Primary Victory, An Easy Win for Rep. Charlie Rangel in November

Congratulations, Senator Chris Coons!

Congressman Filner Risks Arrest, Organizes With Residents, to Block Foreclosure

I just missed a big lightning bust. (DIAL-UP WARNING)

Breaking: Christine O'Donnell has had sex

Christine O'Donnell explains dating history using 'Lord of the Rings'

Las Vegas adopts new rules for homeless in parks

OK..latest headline in paper BREAKING NEWS! - Is Barack Obama Really A Saudi / Muslim "Plant"

Unemployment Benefits keeping people unemployed

How the Rich Conduct Class Warfare

"Alternative lifestyle"....offensive?

"Alternative lifestyle"....offensive?

Just call him Dr. Douchebag

Mitch McConnell: wealthy have been "hit hardest" by the recession

Florida police chief loses job teaching ethics over racist emails made public.

If Hitler is at the door asking if there are jews in your house would you lie? O'Donnell - No.

Eva Moskowitz moves charter school into another public school's space, boots them from classrooms.

Bill Maher: The teabaggers hate two things.....

Senator Bernie Sanders asks his supporters to contribute to Russ Feingold's one-day 'Cheddarbomb.'

Why can't we do this if a US based company outsources....

Charter School Lobby - A Big Loser in NY State Elections Last Night

Cold, Sobering Reality hit me in the face hard today

Climbing a 1768 foot transmission tower.

Grand Old Party?

Tonight's LOL gif (could cause a grimace or two too)

Does anyone own a Samsung Epic?


Let's have some FUN now!

I'm flying to New York.. be back home on Sunday night...

Does anyone have a link to that song "You're an Asshole"?


Some scumbag stole the pub dog.


Hey, come on, get happy...

DU homepage back to Sept. 7

A suicidal dog ran in front of my car today

Finally, researchers have determined what's wrong with HFCS

DU Droid users: have you ever been refused service in a cantina?

Call me suprised, but do the Tea Party gains bode well for Democrats?

Friday at 2:30 I get to go have a contrast CT scan of my head to see if I have a brain tumor

It's not you, its... ... ... stay right there a minute... don't move... this thing's jammed.

Is canola oil healthy?

My favorite thread of the day!!

Funny story about ethnic diversity in the USA.

Who SAYS America isn't developing its own unique culture?

I'm King of the World!!

Oh Susie Q - Oh Susie Q - Baby I love you...

I have too many passwords in my life

Did You Know A Hair Dryer

how many rate centers have you crossed?

When was the last time you shot poo?

When was the last time you were shot in a pool?

PHOTOS: Burger King's "XT EXTRA THICK FLAME BROILED" burgers in the ADS and in REALITY

Is Canada Oil Healthy?

Is there a scientific explanation for why we get punchy when we're real tired?

Whoever recommended the $35 Monty Python dvd set from Amazon, thank you

Mmmmm... Had a Burito from our local burrito shop for lunch...

Survivor's in Nicaragua?

GD's been running a sex thread all day.

"Thread" is an anagram of "hatred."

I'm watching Survivor tonight and I don't care who knows it.

Can you shoot a Scrabble game?


Eruption - Can't Stand The Rain, 12 inch single (mp3)

Spencer Pratt: Heidi's "surgeries" prevented anything other than a photo op at Avon Cancer Walk

So I got a new cell phone - ask me anything!

GD song of the Day

We need a 1TB external drive that can be portable & RELIABLE. Suggestions?

would you trade a shitty beer and 2 pieces of warped plywood for


California Dreamin'

I sure could go for a Jack and Coke right about now

I Only Want To Be With You

DUzy of the day, visual:

Chills and Fever

Local nursing mothers invited to breastfeeding competition

A truck hit my house today

Scottish Star Trek

Got mass Effect 2 yesterday.

I need some input on an upcoming Special Edition of USA Today.

I did the Mug/Cake thing

Damn, I did it again...i really needed a bowl

Damn HUGE Ceiling on my Spider!

Smartass answers...

867 5309 (Jenny)

I must be crazy but ...

How drunk would you want to be when you landed in Newark?

I have to report a terrible, terrible tragedy...

Some Lounge vibes please? Poopyhead vibes to:

Can we talk some more about masturbation?

Do you wonder what your pet dog/cat is dreaming about?

Who makes you go, "damn, that's a cool guy?"

I Have become Obsessed with the show 24

Hi DU'ers! Haven't Been Around Here Much...

Up, Up and Away

Are you unable to remember driving up to a gas station

My sister won her SSI case today!

I have a Dr. Appt with a new doc this Friday 0917

Which counties have you visited ...

Was there EVER a thing like "free love" ?

Phillies pull 2 games ahead of Braves in NFL East...first time since May

To the nearest mile, how far away do you live from your general area?

When was the last time you shot pool?

Worst job on the Starship Enterprise...

Night of the Living Trekkies

I'm recording a Glenn Miller broadcast for my Mom.

Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head

Check out this incredible basket of crabs!

Big Brother Finale

Cat Adopts Baby Squirrel (not an anagram of thread here)

Lizard and tubes.

Help me out, DU'ers--what can I bring for lunch if I don't bring sandwiches? nt

May daughter's leaving for a year in France!

Stan Greenburg:The tax cuts for the middle class is a WINNER for the Dems

How do you think Democratic politicians will fare in November where you live?

The GOP has now Gone Officially DIVISIVE....IRONIC...since they promote it so much

Which countries have you visited

81% in DE--54% O'Donnell 46% Castle (Update: AP calls it for O'Donnell)

Will the threat of fascism motivate the Democrats?

Frame: Tea Party = Far White Wing

The Whackadoodles.. are on the march..

Teabagger kicking Lazio's butt in NY GOP Gov primary

Primary Round-Up: A Tea Party Triumph (Or Two) Is a Win For Dems

The DNC needs to show ads in battleground areas featuring the craziest teabaggers on GOP tickets.

** Delaware Primary (and everywhere else) Watch Thread **

Offishul Teabagger Uhpreysheashun Thred! (hope I spelled that right)

Delaware DUers

Something I've come to realize about Obama in relation to his increase in ratings.

Barney Frank steamrolls teaparty-like candidate Rachel Brown

2012 is going to be epic.

So.. Rick Lazio... how did that "mosque" controversy bullshit work out for you?

Tax Cuts for Rich:They don't need it, won't spend it. Use it to stimulate economy. Rebuild America.

It does my heart good to hear joe schmo

NY Calling It For Another Bagger? Oh my!

Politics has never been a "hobby" or a mere diversion to me.

Was Joey Scar as snarky as I thought he was with Sherrod Brown today on MJ?

Bill Clinton's bumper sticker slogan: GOP - ideology over evidence nt.

Will the last Moderate Republican leaving please turn the lights out.

Castle will not back O'Donnell

Joint Committee on Taxation: Here's how President Obama's Tax Cut Plan Would Work

Politico omits Boehner's dreadful polling numbers

Politico omits Boehner's dreadful polling numbers

Headlines you won't see today:

(R)asmussen Poll--PA Senate: Toomey 49% Sestak 41%

Media has already tired of the "Dems will get their asses kicked in Nov" narrative

Petition to Senators - Stop Secret Holds

Quinnipiac Poll: CT Governor: Malloy 50% Foley 41%

Rothenberg just moved Delaware Senate race moved to Lean Democrat - Dems will have the last laugh

Now the Tea Party has really done it

(R)asmussen Poll: Vermont Senate

Tea party victory endangers GOP’s goal of retaking the Senate

Democrats Seize On McConnell's Plan To Add $4 Trillion To The Deficit With Tax Cuts

My tribute to Christine O'Donnell

Schumer gives $2 million to Dem Senatorial Campaign Committee

Christine O'Donnell In 2008 Called Obama 'Anti-American'

Not showing Obama's speech wrong, Mars Area resident says to school board

Mitch Daniels Considering White House Bid

Mitch Daniels Considering White House Bid

(R)asmussen Poll: Vermont Governor--Dem ahead (this would be a D-pick-up)

Republican Class Of 2010 - Phil Davison

Tea party float shows Obama with whip (VIDEO)

TPM: Mitt to the Rescue!

Luckovich toon on Gingrich

House adds four new cosponsors to the Fair Elections Now Act. Brings total to 164.

Dems Gov Association wires $2 million to Alex Sink in FL (for TV budget)

More Weird Survey USA polls--NC & OH Senate races

It's now time for a "Post the punchline from your favorit dirty joke" thread!

Deep thought: Why are British and Australian actors so adroit at pulling off American accents.....

Howard Dean Urges Progressives: 'Get Mad after Nov. 5th'

Howard Dean Urges Progressives: 'Get Mad after Nov. 5th'

Nathan Deal may have to declare Bankruptcy

I am elated/ecstatic that Christine O'Donnell won!

"But ODonnell is different.She is the canary in the coalmine for a level of intraparty bloodletting"


Maine candidate for governor swears at reporter, storms out


Obama's 78% Approval

Bill Clinton Says New GOP Makes Bush Look Liberal

Democrats Seize On McConnell's Plan To Add $4 Trillion To The Deficit With Tax Cuts

GOP ransom note released to public

Do Pollsters IGNORE Deaf Voters?

Obama should offer Mike Castle a gig

Obama administration orders oil and gas companies to plug nonproducing wells in the Gulf of Mexico

My Senate Outlook

President Obama's children's book already a hit

Ayotte declared victor in NH

The Buzzards on O'Donnell

Bush and Cheney Have Left the Building! (Oh Really?)

White House slashes huge IT projects, more cuts coming

Isn't it possible the Dems will have a filibuster proof 60 seat majority in November?

"Get your Popcorn out folks!" GOP post-primary fight: Rove v. Malkin (w/video)

*** POLL *** Democrats, do you envy the Republicans?

(R)asmussen Poll: Ohio Governorship--Kasich: 50% (-2) Strickland: 43% (+3)

White House pounds Mitch McConnell as deficit fraud

You know, I think we'd up our college graduation rate if there were more orgy rooms on campus.

Candidate Paladino (T-NY): "I'm not intimidatable."

Obama nominates Senator Roger Wicker R-MS to monitor U.N.

Flash from the not too distant past...

President To Talk Tax Cuts Today, 4:30 p.m. Rose Garden speech

Democrats Re-Establish Narrow Edge in Party Affiliation

Joe Conason: Clinton's warning: Tea Party is a corporate front

Do you think McCain realizes he put the seeds in place for the coming republican Civil War?

Kerry email: Delawow!

Budget Deficit in U.S. Narrows 13% to $90.5 Billion on Rising Tax Receipts

Obama children's book already a hit

Biden to Appear on Rachel Maddow Tonight

Senator Bernie Sanders asks his supporters to contribute to Russ Feingold's one-day 'Cheddarbomb.'

I Can't Stand Michael Bennet (CO)

Internal poll: Kentucky Senate race a dead heat

Question about NOW and Elizabeth Warren

Egyptian newspaper becomes new Fox News brother?

President Obama's Message to Veterans on Retroactive Pay Due to 'Stop Loss'

Hoyer: I Will Not Support An Extension Of Bush Policies

Public Policy Polling (PPP): NH Senate: Ayotte: 47% Hodes 43%

Obama is taking on the military. Reminds me of JFK

CBS POLL: Do you support the tea party movement? 63% say NO. 19% say YES.

I hate to be shrill and all, but the tea bagging GOP nominee for NY governor is a pig.

Why shouldn't the WH have Michael Moore

Christine O’Donnell’s Website Stripped Of All Information

Public Policy Polling (PPP): DE Senate--Coons up big 50-34 over O'Donnell


Pelosi Implores Dems On Tax Cuts: 'Who Do You Stand With?'

Obama: choosing Biden may have been my best presidential decision

DE-Sen: Fight! Fight! Fight! (Kos runs down the Republican civil war) - updated

Effective income tax for a single person with $40,000 gross income.

All of this spewing about Democrats having a problem getting our voters to the polls?

TPM: Speaker Pelosi Implores Dems On Tax Cuts: 'Who Do You Stand With?'

Chris Matthews is delusional! Hillary voters are voting for women even women like O'Donnell. Watch-

Mike Castle will NOT endorse O'Donnell

BIG headline on Frum Forum:

The Elizabeth Warren Appointment Has Happened Exactly the Way Reports Earlier Said It Would

Liberals celebrate win in N.H. House race

Public Policy Poll: Only 41% of Moderates think there is a place for them in GOP

Tweety: O'Donnell wins in November

Is Florida Going To Face A REAL Crisis Regarding Rubio??? Seems He's Got

A Party Reaps What It Sows

Politico: GOP Path to Senate Takeover ruined as GOP suffers it's worst nightmare

GOP Nightmare: Democrats Can Flip 10

Dems have real opportunities in both DE and Alaska

O’Donnell On Creationism: ‘Too Many People Are Blindly Accepting Evolution As Fact’

Chris Kofinis: GOP’s Civil War 2010 — a prelude to 2012

My sons 7th grade teacher didnt show Obama's Back To School Speech

Poll: 77 percent of young voters say they will turn out for midterms

I have a major announcement

A bruising fight with republicans over the appointment of a solid, pro-consumer advocate...

Obama Administration Moves to Trim Defense Fat by $100 Billion


This is what Barack Obama has done to them

I think if the tax cut off would apply to people up to $500,,000 there would be more happy campers

Click here to find out more Top of the Ticket Politics and commentary, coast to coast, from the Los

BREAKING-Elizabeth Warren has been named as a Special Advisor to the

Next, Michelle Obama's health reform plan for the nation's restaurant menus and families dining out

Threatening letter, white powder sent to US Embassy in Tel Aviv

Doheny now has 200-vote lead over Hoffman (NY-23)

Just got a text from my RNC pal that they are going to take Palin down hard this fall

Murkowski to decide on write-in bid by Friday

Small Business Job Bill finally moves within the Senate, as GOP filibuster is broken

Rep. Charlie Rangel will win primary battle with five challengers, CNN projects

Primary Voter Turnout Stays Low, but More So for Democrats (first time since the 1930s)

Call to replace UN climate chiefs

'Cosby Show' artist Honeywood dies in LA at 59

Judge will likely let part of states' lawsuit challenging Obama health care plan go to trial

Real IRA threatens to attack British bankers

Democrats plan to add immigration amendment to defense bill

Bill Clinton endorses Jerry Brown for Gov.

Kamala Harris kept campaign money from disgraced fundraiser (Norman Hsu)

Bill Clinton peeved that Rachel Maddow called him a Republican

Homeland Security to test iris scanners

(England and Wales) Paedophile priests still play active church role

Senate Republicans unveil a plan to make Bush tax cuts permanent

Ratings boost for Chavez ahead of Venezuelan vote

36 Colombian Union Leaders Slain in 2010

Real IRA says it will target UK bankers

United States is supplier of drug cartel funds, weapons

(Canadian) Defence Department investigating commando unit

Police disperse anti-Quran-burn protest in Kabul

UK parliamentary committee to hear from BP's Hayward

US-Iraq raids leaves 8 dead

Musharraf to launch party next month

Iran-Africa trade meeting begins

43,000 California Kaiser Workers Begin Deciding Whether They Want SEIU Or NUHW To Represent Them

Tea Party candidates nab early leads in Del., N.H.

UN: Number of hungry people declines

EU proposes curbs on 'Wild West' trading

Swett Concedes Race To Kuster; Bass Leads GOP

Survey: President Obama retains wide approval in Europe

GM recalling 400 UAW workers at Spring Hill plant

Clinton: New-look GOP makes Bush look liberal

Ind. campaign manager resigns over anti-gay tweets

GOP to kick off 'Fire Pelosi' tour

Israeli aircraft strike Gaza as leaders convene

Zawahri criticises Pakistani govt in al Qaeda tape

Gates details $100 billion in defense cuts

Opening statements start today in Blackwater trial

Philadelphia firm wrongly targeted activists

Democrat Brown releases 1st ads attacking Whitman

Lehman Brothers Defies Bankruptcy to Become a Business Again

Iraqis outraged at payout for US victims of Saddam

Iraqis outraged at payout for US victims of Saddam

Dems thrilled as tea party win stuns Delaware GOP

Doheny Win Sets Up Three-Way Race in N.Y. 23

Toyota acknowledges software bug in 'black box' reader

Bill Clinton: New-Look GOP Makes Bush Look Liberal

Jack Shelley, longtime voice of radio and TV, dies at 98

Obama Said to Consider Placing Elizabeth Warren at Treasury

Despite ethics cloud, Rangel easily wins primary

Maternal deaths fall 34 percent, still above U.N. target

Mexico, US and Caribbean eye trio of storms

Arlington Opens Graves, Finds 3 Misplaced Bodies

BP chief Tony Hayward defends North Sea safety record

Fox relents: Will run ad tonight about News Corp $1 million donation against Dems

San Bruno blast probe focuses on shut-off valves (2 hours to close)

S.F. supes pass alcohol fee; mayor vows veto

John Cornyn offers money, endorsement for Christine O'Donnell

I-1098 signature gatherer charged with forgery

New test gives one-hour TB diagnosis

Hoyer says he's open to compromise on taxes

Treasury getting tough on TARP deadbeats

Michigan unemployed job seekers relying on food assistance, cash, to maintain stability

ABC News: Obama Will Nominate Elizabeth Warren To Temporary Position

New look for the Democrats (new DNC website)

Plan would make utilities pay for disasters

FBI arrests Ohio County Commissioner on bribery charges

Goldman Sachs hit by lurid allegations of sex discrimination

Castle will not back O'Donnell

Pelosi Implores Dems On Tax Cuts: 'Who Do You Stand With?'

Paladino Stuns N.Y. G.O.P. With Victory

AP-GfK Poll: Climate for GOP keeps getting better

Arctic sea ice levels third-lowest on record

Pope's visit:aide steps aside after comparing Britain to 'third world' (aggressive new atheism)

Karl Rove Questions Christine O'Donnell's 'Serious Character Problems'

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday September 15

Deal could face financial insolvency after backing family business (GA. Gov. Race)

Christine O'Donnell upsets Mike Castle in Delaware Senate primary

Study: Popular people get flu first

Whitman becomes biggest-spending candidate on a single campaign in U.S. history

Christine O'Donnell lashes out at Karl Rove, GOP

Exclusive: President Obama to This Week Name Elizabeth Warren to Special Advisory Role to White Hous

Daniel Ellsberg Calls for Release of Wikileaks “Whistleblower” Manning

Key Mechanism Behind Sleep Discovered: Finding Holds Promise for Treatment of Fatigue and Sleep Diso

TV correspondent Edwin Newman dies at 91

Greenspan, in switch, now favors higher taxes

Chinese think tank warns US it will emerge as loser in trade war

Koran burner Derek Fenton booted from his job at NJ Transit

'Sexual slavery' of children escalates on Web, House panel told

Another kick in the ash: Mayor Bloomberg to ban smoking in Times Square, city beaches

Imam at center of controversy named in lawsuit (Feisal Abdul Rauf)

Blackwater's Black Ops-Internal docs reveal the firm's clandestine work

Nicolas Sarkozy tells Luxembourg to take in Roma

The thing you remember most about the year 1979 is...(humor me, it's for a project)

Holding Carly Fiorina Accountable On Immigration

Reid Announces Introduction of DREAM Act

Ed Schultz: Students need permission to hear Obama's speech

Chris Coons first TV Ad - Can't wait to have this guy as my Senator!

YOUNG GUNS RELOADED... With Old, Discredited Ideas

Bill Maher Gets a STAR on Walk of Fame! 'Thanks to Bush, Palin & the Pope'

Politically Incorrect August 1998 Part 1 of 2 with Christine O’Donnell

Obama Tells Students to Work Hard, Dream Big

Rep. Castle concedes

Karl Rove- There Are 'A Lot Of Nutty Things' O'Donnell's Been Saying

Young Turks: GOP Senate Candidate = Hypocrite

Grandmaster Flash The Message HQ

S01E02: HR 2378 - Currency Reform for Fair Trade Act

The Progressive's Guide To Raising Hell by Jamie Court

the Obama Middle Class Tax Cut, tell your friends

NRSC Announces That It Will Not Support O'Donnell's Campaign for Senator


White House Halloween 2010

Christine O'Donnell Masturbation Jokes!

FOX & Karl Rove Trash O' Donnell After Win

The Coma

TYT: Offensive Tea Party Obama Whip Float (Video) - Cenk's Take

Bill Maher on Larry King: Kenyan is code-word for the N-word (WARNING: Maher says the actual word)

I see crazy people!

THE CRAZIEST CATCH: Joe Miller, Alaska Tea Partier

Weird Liberal Head Show #163: Delaware and O'Donnell

Dems trash talk tax cuts for rich

My Lunch With Sarah

Obama Hits Republicans On Bush Tax Cuts

Papantonio: Tea Party Wins if Progressives Don't Act

Politically Incorrect August 1998 Part 2 of 2 with Christine O’Donnell

CNBC Says Christine O'Donnell A Victory For Wall St

Coburn Opposes His Own Stance on the DISCLOSE Act

Teachers protest L.A. Times 9-14-10

CODEPINK Citizen Arrest of Karl Rove in DC

'We're Going to Defend the Homeland of our Security'? - O'Donnell Feasts on Rove

Glenn Beck To Fat People: ‘I Say Let Them Die’

A close up look at the Popemobile

Ed Schultz: Republicans Bring Hate Into Public Schools

MSNBC: Cenk on War Profiteers & US-Saudi Weapons Deal

Jan Brewer Supporting the Stimulus

Should Bruce Springsteen SUE the Tea Party?

Republicans 2010: What a Bunch

Christine O'Donnell's 90's MTV Anti-Masturbation Campaign

Bill Maher on Jay Leno: Religion, Islam, Ground Zero Mosque, Palin, Obama, Tea Party, Illegal Aliens

inFact: Vaccine Ingredients

Guardian UK: Sex and death lie at the poisoned heart of religion

Christine O'Donnell Celebrates Victory, By Masturbating With Teacup

Newt Is Nuts!

President of ex-Blackwater firm leaves post

Chilean mercenaries guarding Australian embassy (Baghdad)

It's Ehrlich vs. O'Malley

Stop. Think. Breathe.

The paranoid style in American punditry

Amy Goodman: A Little Missed Sunshine

Assembling What We Know: The Terry Jones, Dove World Timeline

G.O.P. Leaders Say Delaware Upset Damages Senate Hopes.

Good Food Is Emerging as a Real Alternative to the Dominance of Corporate Agriculture

Will Hawaii Be The Next 'Transformation' Conquest For The Apostles And Their Prayer Warriors?

Robert Scheer on the Clinton administration's role in the current economic mess:

No Wonder We May Lose the House: ConservaDems Afraid to Vote on Obama Tax Cuts!

Dumbest Quotes by Tea Partiers

Maybe not all 'interesting times' are as bad as the Chinese curse suggests. At

The Downfall of Mike Castle and the Crazy Lady in Red

USDA Needs a Taste of Reality About School Lunches

Time to Fight! 9 Things Obama Can Do to Prevent a GOP Takeover

Interview with Sen. Russ Feingold

Robert Scheer: After Summers Comes the Fall

E.J. Dionne: The Strange Death of Moderate Republicanism

James Howard Kunstler: Scary People, Scary Times -- Where Is This Country Going?

Drumbeat: September 15, 2010

NSIDC - Arctic Melt Season Ends, Likely With Lowest Volume Ever - Multi-Year Decline Intensifies

Real-world tests of small wind turbines in Netherlands and the UK

2012: The Year of Toyota's Electric Car Revolution

Ricardo research shows E15 poses minimal risk to older vehicles

Blackwater sought to become the "intel arm" of Monsanto

EDF Awards First 50 Million Pounds in Contracts On New British Nuclear Plant.

Okay, I Will Now Solve The NFL's Impending Lockout Dispute

The Daily Ines Sainz Picture---brought to you by trumad

Speaking of tight pants, the Giants pitched a one hitter last night and lost

How well would you do as a college football official? (test)

Not Shannon Sharpe!

Bush's Heisman forfeited, will remain vacated

***College Football Pool: Week 3***

Did Ines Sainz's Tight Pants Invite (Sexual) Harassment From the Jets Players?

Play challenges Colombia to remember Trujillo massacres

Uribe defends cousin in parapolitics scandal

36 Colombian Union Leaders Slain in 2010

Bodzin: Some Insights into Venezuela's Economy

Miami exile radio shitting a brick: Economic disruption of mass layoffs in Cuba could lead to exodus

Another milestone for Bachelet

Colombia urged to protect young people named on paramilitary 'death lists'

Self-employment key to Cuban economic overhaul

Funes: We must follow own path

Ratings boost for Chavez ahead of Venezuelan vote

Extradited paramilitaries taken off public record .

Ratings boost for Chavez ahead of Venezuelan vote

Bolivia's progressive economic model spurs growth

Brooklyn man wakes to find intruders in home; fires 3 shots to halt would-be robbers

Call 911, The Police will protect you......NOT....

Mugger gets killed, when he turns and open fires on his victim, after robbing him

Man, 91, fatally shoots man demanding cash

Mont. tea party prez still a member after gay comments

Don't Ask, Don't tell gets served. Celebrate with cinemas hottest soldiers ever!

Barf alert: Repeal Of DADT Means Soldiers Will Get AIDS From Sharing Showers With Homos

my b/f's sister found out her 16 yo daughter is gay

"If you're going to An-a-cortes..." (BLATANT PLUG AHEAD)

Room for one more photo in the contest

I owed the ducks their own post

foggy fishing fellow

Middle East peace talks 'getting down to business'

Two rockets, two mortars fired into southern Israel from Gaza

Divided We Educate

Police: Terrorists fired phosphorus shells into Israel

Today in Labor History Sept 14 Wiggins, the mother of 9, is killed by vigilantes, thugs, & deputy

AFL-CIO: NFL Lockout Would Hurt Communities

Bold Action On China Currency Would Help U.S. Economy

Wal-Mart Targeted by Labor Union, Farmers on Antitrust Claims

Karma: Lee Iacocca, Chrysler retirees sue over pension losses

NLRB to review two controversial Bush-era rulings

AFL-CIO, Bakery Union Protest Leveraged Buyouts At American Capital Shareholders Meeting

Thousands Of Jobless Workers Participate In Tele-Town Hall On Jobs And The Economy

Book Tells Story Of Managers Playing Modern Day Robin Hoods

The Public’s Quiet Savior From Harmful Medicines

Ancient South American megabird had 6-metre wingspan

We know now Neanderthals were a different species, but didn't scientists used to think that

The Meaning of the Koran

Attacking Fundamentalism is not the only Atheist Agenda

Happy Birthday Matariki: PARTY TIME AGAIN ;=}

Anyone else having night times full of dreams!?

November 2010 Election -- Predictions

To Moon or not to Moon

Laser Acupuncture Plausible Treatment for Depression

Awesome! Revolutionary process allows for more affordable, personalized, attractive prosthetics

Weird flu shot soreness

Bacterial Bonanza: Microbes Keep Us Alive

I woke up Sunday with the left side of my neck sore going down into the shoulder.

What Devereaux doesn't know may inconvenience her.... but

Why Is Yawning Contagious? (Note: Kids with autism are half as likely to catch yawns.)