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Archives: September 14, 2010

Iraq Posting Massive Surplus Thanks To U.S. Taxpayers

University lawyer on leave / posted video of himself smoking cigarette made of bible & Koran pages

When the levee breaks I'll have no place to stay....

University's 1600 rabbits headed to sanctuary

'Slime highway' of BP oil suspected on Gulf floor

Burning Symbols

Illinois pipeline leak stopped; gas prices already up 34 cents/gallon

Retirement Plans for Congress/Senate

"Coal Companies Mine Family Graves in West Virgina" OMG!! What have we become?

There's a big difference between Nancy Pelosi and john boner.

Keith Olbermann names media worst person in the world for not

Reid will push for a 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' vote next week

Reid will push for a 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' vote next week

GOP colleagues seek distance from Boehner on tax issue

AmericanCrossroads Watch: New Campaign to Reign In Karl Rove's Secret Money to Right Wing Candidates

Wall $treet “Rheeform” in Washington, D.C.

Great Graphic...

Results of tv poll for national audience on WGN channel - Bush Tax Cuts

Christine O'Donnell Targeting 'Hillary Democrats' In Delaware Republican Primary

Italy: Berlusconi jokes about Hitler at youth rally

LURKING DELAWARE FREEPS! Don't let them party elitists tell you who to vote for!

Mr. Obama signs off on another year of life under the threat of terrorism...

Magicka-get your robes ready

Family to Receive $1.5M+ in First-Ever Vaccine-Autism Court Award

Responsible voting

Sheriff Joe headed to Colorado to campaign for Tom Tancredo

Howard Fineman put it beautifully on "Hardball" today ...

What ever happened to the huge march on Washington

Why I won't vote for Adam Smith, D-WA based on his stance on Social Security

Mitch McConnell Says Senate GOP Is Committed To Block Tax Increase For The Rich

Okay. I just think that some of my ill-informed, easily scared countrymen...

Dear Greta von SUSTERN: Are you the biggest whore ever?!1

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Tax cuts for the rich will not even trickle down to americans. The rich will take their

PG&E Backs Bid to Bill Public for Disasters

Bush's last budget (FY2009): $1.37T deficit... Obama's first budget (FY2010): $1.26T deficit

Murray up by 9 over Rossi in latest poll


Because tax rates will go higher than they are now. That is the definition of increase.

White House Considers Appointment of Elizabeth Warren as Interim CFPB Director - FDL

There is a car chase going on right now.....Squirrel !

If you're on Facebook Please consider

"Why are they attacking John Boehner when nobody knows who he is??"

AKMuckraker at The Mudflats

Michael Moore: Thousands of True Americans Respond to Call for Donations to Islamic Center

This country is really a depressing place. Each day something else comes up

A letter to the USA. Dear America,

Not a big deal?! You think raising taxes for the rich is not a big deal?!

Don't blame the Right Wing for the TV appearance deficit between Repubs and Democrats

Home Depot...?

Check out this testimonial by the brother of a teabagger running for local office

ABC/Washington Post: 9% thinks Obama is too conservative, 45% too liberal, and 45% about right

Don't blame the Right Wing for the TV appearance deficit between Repubs and Democrats

Evidence Mounts of BP Spraying Toxic Dispersants

Pentagon tries to buy entire print run of US spy expose Operation Dark Heart

Bolivia To Britain: Abused Baboon's New Life

The plot to steal our future

The Current Plea To Keep The Afghanistan Money Pipeline Flowing

The party of no...the party of DeMent

Fourth arrest in stabbing death (of pizza delivery driver another 16 year old)

Old fundie duddies commenting on the Lady Gaga thread...

Amnesty: 30,000 Held in Iraq without Due Process; Evidence of Abuse

Business as Usual in Iraq

More investors becoming wary of the roller coaster known as Wall Street

Tony Blair is a big liar

Why do people complain about candidates AFTER the primaries?

Advocacy for Charlie Crist in the Florida Senate Race

I have an idea...

Can you feel it ?

Jesus and Mary in the Quran

Boeing And Sikorsky Get More Gifts From Uncle - $60 Billion Or So

Psssssssssst did anyone see the 'lying ReTHUGS' aka

Nearly all GOP Senate candidates deny global warming

Oh gee, the Poodle is on Morning Jerk

"labor laws must be changed to recognize the rights of new types of workers who must be allowed to

L'affaire Sarkozy........Gallic Watergate?

OK-evaluate my latest ltte-tax bills,war and unemployment

Too Bad Gingrich is Nuttier than a Fruitcake 'cause a “Kenyan Anti-Colonial” Worldview Would be Good

About that 'Kenyan worldview'...........

Bill Press nailed it this morning in his discussion that the media seems gleeful at the

Nelson: 'It Would Be Very Hard For Me To Support' Allowing Tax Cuts For The Rich To Expire

Why Software = Politics: Enclosures of the software commons and the Internet invite abuses of power

Why Software = Politics: Enclosures of the software commons and the Internet invite abuses of power

Iran releases American hiker from prison

Is it legal for an employer to use our SSNs for passwords on their computer system?

Can we have a "screaming kids" and "circumcision" forum please?

I believe Conservatives are praying very hard that America gets attacked by terrorist

Appeals Court Guts Landmark Computer-Privacy Ruling

Greer case pushed back a year. Sign that it's no longer a political issue?

Interesting stats from Gallup Panelists

DU MSNBC's New Anchor Lineup,vote for the host you're most likely to watch:

Handful of primaries out there today.

PG&E Backs Bid To Bill Public For Disasters - SFGate

Shop owners cry foul over new Perry ad

Bill McKibben was just on David Letterman

It is time to Daschle John Boehner

True or Not? Right Wing media hacks make fortunes bearing false witness against their neighbors?

Republican Roadblock

The Stink of Desperation: Why Rethugs Lie

The Stink of Desperation: Why Rethugs Lie

Go Christine O'Donnell! Democrats can win their first senate seat today....

Dean Baker: The Soft Bigotry of Incredibly Low Expectations: The Case of Economists

Budget cuts force nonprofit after-school programs to charge fees (NJ)

Dear repubicans, there is absolutely no sane, valid, defensible reason to . . . . .

NJEA radio ad hits Christie on job funding delay

You know Palin & the Tea Party may think they are some sort of 'king maker' with their candidates

Galileo Was Wrong! The Church Was Right (Make sure you're sitting down. Hate for you to fall over.)

After Volatile Primary Season, G.O.P. Faces New Test

Mother Jones: The Deadly Corruption of Clinical Trials

Red State Family Values: They rule in sales of sex toys, condoms and spread of STDs.

The Case Against Rahm for Mayor

Igor Video - stunning

Las Cruces parents arrested after sending children on forced march

NY Times Editorial - "Republicans and the Middle Class"

DNA is to rape as Active Thermitic Material is to _______?________.

California seeks high-speed rail Asia

Alert on another SCAM going around.

Elizabeth Warren Under Consideration For Interim CFPB Chief

Lawyers and horse-trading.

Refresh my memory about the wars ?

Veterans Agency Made Secret Deal Over Benefits

Michelle Bachmann (Idiot - MN) endores Christine O'Donnell for "U.S. Governor."

To Rob a Country, Own a Bank

To Rob a Country, Own a Bank

Ed Schultz Reminds Brian Kilmeade That Most Americans Don't Make Anywhere Near $250K a Year

Daniels Starts Laying the Groundwork For gop Prez Run

The Rude Pundit: Perfect Democratic Ad? "My Opponent Voted to Raise Your Taxes in 2011"

"Is your food making you sick?" Vomit Alert!

"Is your food making you sick?" Vomit Alert!

Heads up New York Democrats!!!! Election Day is Tuesday!

america sends love around the world

Jack Anderson's Nixonian tactics

Trainwreck Strategery

Crooks & Liars: The "tax and spend Dems" GOP loves to bash just reduced the deficit by 13%

Crist may drop defense of Fla. gay adoption ban

Jon Stewart: "Why this planet? Why can't the Imam make it a GALACTIC Community Center...of DEATH?"

Hand sanitizer of little help preventing colds, flu

Hand sanitizer of little help preventing colds, flu

Conservative Cash from Shadowy Sources Floods Elections

American Crossroads Watch - New Org Exposes Karl Rove and his Robber Barons

Billo "Jumps the Shark"

Quality Over Quantity: Local Food & the Obesity Epidemic

Quality Over Quantity: Local Food & the Obesity Epidemic

Quality Over Quantity: Local Food & the Obesity Epidemic

Upstart sheriff rides Ariz. law to national fame

Could the waning of the middle class encourage the growth of public transportation?

A Good Cop, and a Heartwarming Story-

Study: Sunday talk tilts right, white and male

August retail sales up 0.4 pct., best in 5 months

Take a peek at "the leak ." . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

How stupid is Alvin Greene?

Steve Jobs Busted For Sneaking Ninja Throwing Stars Onto His Private Plane

Typical Insurance FRAUD

Calvin Coolidge and Bill Clinton

OPEC turns 50 - celebrating its 50th anniversary amid speculations over its impact on oil markets

This is Sept. 14.

This is Sept. 14.

Does anyone find it odd that it's September and we haven't had one serious Gulf Hurricane

Bob Herbert: A Recovery’s Long Odds

Group offers $100,000 for ‘information leading to the arrest and conviction of Karl Rove’

Business Press Gets Nasty as Economy Worsens

PG&E wants ratepayers (us) to pay for the San Bruno explosion and fire (their fault)

More Evidence that Vaccines Don't Cause Autism

SkyRider airline seats pack fliers into 23 inches of space

SF Gate: "How Democrats, Republicans compare" Must read

Jon Stewart Destroys Hannity...Again

Do Republican voters have a missing gene?

Sarah Palin has apparently graduated from Glenn Beck University

Word for the Day: HYS·TER·E·SIS (It can determine the 2012 or 2016 election)

Salman Rushdie Defends Muslims' Right to Build NYC Mosque

My faith in human kindness was restore a bit today..

Another job opening that would not exist if the Teabaggers and the GOP had had their way last year

Families of older Veterans, please take note.

Italy seizes $1.9 billion of assets as Mafia goes green ("Lord of the Wind" arrested)

You Get What You Pay For

Anyone with experience, knowledge or thoughts on volunteering in Haiti?

Here's where we're headed if the DU and the Professional "Left" (ha!) give Palin/PNAC a boost this

8 months after putting alleged "terrorist" on CIA kill list, gov't may now file criminal charges!

Geithner Calendar: Met Goldman's Blankfein More Often Than Pelosi, Reid, McConnell, Boehner

Some Days you get the Bear. Some Days the Bear gets you.


So do you know anybody who opted their child out of the President's Back to School address today?

Anti-Onanism Teabaggin' Palin Pal Christine O'Donnell: Questions about my finances insult voters

Atrios hints that Warren's 'interim' appointment may be a craftier move than 'recess appointment'

My advice to the Democrats, for what it's worth.

"This thing's a wobbler, it's going to win or lose by 2 percent in November."

A Great Liberal Hero

If the Tea Party were really a party, would they even be listed

Mrs. Betty Bowers' Christian Sex Tape

Signs of a Democratic Rebound? - RCP

One of my favorite stab-in-the-back moments of Joe Lieberman...

Religious Search Engines Yield Tailored Results

Greek debt crisis fuels fears of European sovereign default

Your vote really does count... ha ha


HFCS and sugars of all types: The dose makes the poison

About Those Fox News Polls

posted without comment - pic

Israel buys @Israel twitter name from Israel Melendez of Miami

Another day, another MSNBC web front page about the tea party

Does anyone here have, or have parents who have, a reverse mortgage?

What's the opposite of gravedancing?

Now the repukes are saying they will threaten a filibuster if the rich don't get their tax breaks

Handcuffs and Prison Sentences are in order for Wall Street, not Happy Talk

VT Dem Governor candidate: Single payer health care, release non-violent offenders

Dodd: Congress Could Defund Consumer Bureau Over Warren Interim Appointment

Which are the best State Parties to invest in?

What's The Story With Health Care Cost Increases

Bush Tax Cuts for the Über Rich gain some JOEMentum...but he was against them before he was for them

The Clueless and the Shoeless

Corn syrup producers want sweeter name: corn sugar

The Onion: Nation Once Again Comes Under Sway Of Pink-Faced Half-Wit

The Onion: Nation Once Again Comes Under Sway Of Pink-Faced Half-Wit

ACLU Demands That Prisoners At Colorado Springs Jail Be Allowed To Mail Letters

Anti-abolitionists often used the "slippery slope" fallacy to defend slavery

Matt Taibbi on Sport, Labor

Matt Taibbi on Sport, Labor

We're Witnessing An Obvious Concerted Democratic Offensive (And I'm Liking It)

We're Witnessing An Obvious Concerted Democratic Offensive (And I'm Liking It)

Police: Woman Recorded Video Of Toddler Smoking Pot

Police: Woman Recorded Video Of Toddler Smoking Pot

I noticed something this morning at the gym

Why I won't vote for Adam Smith, D-WA based on his stance on Social Security

Makers of high fructose corn syrup apply to rename it 'corn sugar'

Damning Zuckerberg IMs confirmed. Calls his Facebook users 'Dumb F*cks.'

Waserman Schultz: Do as I say, not as I do

DNC Transfers Big To State Parties

Problems Reported With New Voting Machines

Problems Reported With New Voting Machines

Welcome, dear DUers, to where the news is made. I suggest you wear protective gear,

Historians Urge Court to Unseal Nixon’s 1975 Grand Jury Testimony

Reid tweets Lady Gaga over DADT...

EU may take legal action against France over Roma

Another Chicago charter school goes union with AFT

Michael Moore: 'We should always stand up against the angry mob'

Why would the rich want low unemployment? Things haven't been this good for them in ages!

When comparing "us" and "them", don't overlook the SCOTUS appointments.

How many people has Biden shot in the face since he was elected VP?

Sarah Palin and the art of totally meandering and meaningless run-on sentences.

Ralph Nader Hits Dems for non-Response to Upset Public

Caption time, How Republicans Party?

President Obama would do well to join DU...

REID: We'll Bring Tax Cuts To Vote (TPM)

Someone remind me which party Chris Dodd belongs to.

Someone remind me which party Chris Dodd belongs to.

Unions for the Jobless: Unemployed People Find Solidarity Online

Don't let the MSM narrow our focus to the short term.

Richard Shelby explains why Warren is so important

The front page is time traveling again.

Police: Dean Stabbed On MCC's Penn Valley Campus

Police: Pot Shops Don't Increase Crime

A different take cartoon

W Post: Toyota is hardly off the hook (head of the NHTSA from 1977 to 1981)

The brainless republican running for governor of Minnesota

To the moderator

Reid: DREAM Act Will be Added to Defense Authorization Bill - please call and demonstrate support

Coupon clipping craze may be slowing

Karl is roving in the Gulf of Mexico

Latest RW fit: Mike Castle voted to impeach Bush!


Harry Reid is moving the Defense bill with DADT language

"The plot to steal our future", the drive by America's ruling elite to slash Social Security.

"The plot to steal our future", the drive by America's ruling elite to slash Social Security.

Real IRA says it will target UK bankers

How to purge the Democratic party of the corporate influence?

Lawsuit on President Obama's health plan likely going to trial

Suppose I have a gadget that I want to sell ...

63 percent of gas lines not inspected with latest technology

Slowpoke TOON: In a parallel universe

Business Press Gets Nasty as Economy Worsens

What people don't seem to understand...

Chris Dodd, don't go away mad. Chris Dodd, just go away.

Bill Clinton Strikes Back at Rachel Maddow

Taxpayer-Owned GM Pays New CEO $9 Million

Does it even matter where you stand on the issues??

SF Mayoral Candidate Harold Miller Wants to Teach Asians to 'Look Blacks in the Eye'

Are You Against Health Care Reform?

So how do we take on the RW think tanks?

Kudzu is invasive in ND? According to this, it is.

Does anyone know what this announcement is all about?

Newt Gingrich’s George Wallace moment

Sarah Palin: Statue of Liberty was “Warning” Against “Socialism”

Find Waldo.

Quick Question: What is the largest Tea Party Forum out there?

Jerry Brown launches blistering new attacks on "Pinocchio" Meg Whitman - video links

Dylan Ratigan: 'I Consider Myself A Conservative'

How Republicans Could Lose the Tea Party.

How Republicans Could Lose the Tea Party.

How Republicans Could Lose the Tea Party.

Unreal comments on the "Ice Giants" Yahoo article. Are people paid to deny global warming???

VERY IMPORTANT: This will happen in November and after the elections:

Tucker Carlson's "Daily Caller" Website thinks sexual harassment is funny

The mother of all TARPs: brought to you by none other than the GOP:

Reports: Eiffel Tower bomb threat was false alarm

Tapes transport vet back to '45 (update)

NY Primary today: voter turnout in my district...

(Another) Teen Commits Suicide Because of Cruel Harassment/Anti-Gay Bullying

Bill Maher Talks Glenn Beck's 'Diabetic Mall-Walkers,' Summer Of Racism

People wonder why the Democrats are in trouble? It is because the party has this in it

If elected President Newt Gingrich will incourage teenage sex and marriages..

Hidden Fee Allows Housing Developers to Collect Money for 99 Years

Blue Cross and Kaiser representatives coming to work...need HELP!

"You never really loved me"--Obama to Goldman Sachs

Are there two types of Teabaggers?

We're quickly heading towards zero major gay accomplishments by the Obama administration this term

We're quickly heading towards zero major gay accomplishments by the Obama administration this term

Gynecologist Laser-Branded Woman's Name In Uterus After Surgery As A "Friendly Gesture"

Just a thread for Dr. William Petit.

what the heck is going on with the DU main page?

what the heck is going on with the DU main page?

Historically, are terrorist acts typically announced by a phone (or other) threat?

Salon: Rand Paul doesn't understand how budgets, the Senate, math work

Wonder why service sucks?

Shhh... The Health Care Bill is Working (Just Don't Tell Anyone)

Google Engineer Stalked Teens, Spied on Chats

Delaware R-SEN primary: O'Donnell stronghold sees much higher turnout than normal

What is wrong with connecticut? Dodd is threatening to defund if Warren is appointed?

rheumatoid arthritis, medicare, and regular insurance

San Jose JapanTown celebrates 120th year this October!

Hydraulic Fracturing: Regulators Weigh Drilling in Marcellus Shale, EPA Opens Public Hearings

THANK YOU U.S. TAXPAYERS: Iraq Has A Budget Surplus

Tea Party To Diversify Organization By Seeking Blacks...They wil do anything to fool the public

If you believe the right won't pull out every trick in the book to pit social media against Democrat

Hypocrisy: While We Condemn Quran Burnings, Drone Strikes Continue Unchecked

Maine GOP gubernatorial candidate & Teabagger fave Paul LePage tells reporter to "stop the bullshit"

no... not funny at all....

no... not funny at all....

They Found It

35$ Indian Tablet gets launch date (Jan 2011) and runs on Android OS

Are the Democrats (including Obama) using a "Rope-A-Dope" strategy for this election?

More jobs were created during the Clinton Administration than

Historians Urge Court to Unseal Nixon’s 1975 Grand Jury Testimony

Maddow's labeling of Bubba as a Republican was just weird, considering GOP'ers never liked him

Cal Thomas: We Must Purge The Evil Muslims From America

An insult to teachers and students

Geithner Calendar: Met Goldman's Blankfein More Often Than Pelosi, Reid, McConnell, Boehner

Group offers $100,000 for ‘information leading to the arrest and conviction of Karl Rove’

How To Legally Stop Paying Credit Cards ...

You have to admit that the Mike Castle/Christine O'Donnell contest is hilarious...

Senator Feingold, a DU favorite, faces serious threat from a millionaire Teabagger.

A fee to reduce your fee if you rebook on American Airlines?

This Is Why Glenn Beck Banned Signs On 8/28

South Carolina GOP Party - Whites dress as Confederates/Blacks Dress as Slaves

From my son's 8th grade teacher--a permission slip for... a speech by the President?

"Newt Gingrich used to be just vile. Now he’s pathetic, desperate, and vile."

Thank you Thom Hartmann......"The system has become too corrupted for even a good politician.....

Which of these is better Politics?

A "business owner" said this on a discussion board:

To all my liberal friends, Elizabeth Warren as 'Interim' CFPB Head is a good thing

The best tasting, non sulfured ginger I have ever eaten, two ingredients

What is wrong with Newt Gingrich?

Obama's 1st budget CUT the deficit by 8 percent. All but Keith Olbermann missed this story

Democrats as a whole remind me of a football team in the 60s

On getting a flu shot and a pneumonia shot yesterday.

Bill Clinton rebuts Rachel Maddow, critics on left

One of the funnier freeper comments you'll ever read:

I am so angry over this I actually feel physically ill.

Ex-aide: O'Donnell a 'complete fraud'

An Important Letter From Stan Lee

Fish Kill / Fish Kill Story. One of these things is not like the other.

Is it me, or does the Palin/Beck duo remind me or Jim & Tammy Faye Bakker?

Is it me, or does the Palin/Beck duo remind me or Jim & Tammy Faye Bakker?

BREAKING: Senate just voted 61-37 to move small business loan bill forward.

Are There Jobs That Can't Be Outsourced?

Which set of invisible omniscient beings does our Supreme Leader truly believe in?-By Tom Tomorrow

Build Islamic center on Ground Zero, says Michael Moore

The personal automobile makes for a bad romance

Democrats tout "major" announcement Wednesday(where and when)

Group offers $100,000 for ‘information leading to the arrest and conviction of Karl Rove’

A Reminder

Russ Feingold trails by 2 points.

Biden labels GOP 'Republican Tea Party'

Has there ever been a study of Republican IQs vs Democrat IQs?

Dog Park Lit by Dog Poop

Dog Park Lit by Dog Poop

School district proposes cutting kindergarten

The "wealthy" do not create jobs.. *DEMAND* creates jobs

So I Was Listening to Rush Limbaugh Today

PHOTO: Hey...remember that creepy movie where Jennifer Jason Leigh morphed into Bridget Fonda?

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaah hahahahahahha -now STFU Meg Whitman

Dylan Ratigan Shameful UFO Interviews

Senate Taking On DADT Next Week

They are threatening to cut kindergarten in Harrisburg, PA,....but here's the part you don't know:

Ah who remembers the Parade of Ships for the Bicentennial?

The Stink of Desperation: Why Republicans Lie.

I was so ashamed and embarassed today....

A most excellent Tweet

Poll: Pulling the plug on tv service.

Why can't Dems pass the tax proposal using reconciliation? Isn't this how GOP pass it?

Why can't Dems pass the tax proposal using reconciliation? Isn't this how GOP pass it?

Question: what local 527s or ballot issues are you supporting this election year?

My school district is completely insane

Why isn't any of us autistic?

Pastor arrested in FBI sting for offering "sexual training" to 11-year-old girl

Obama's Rose-Colored Glasses: Growth Has Little to Do with Jobs or Reducing Poverty

How's that talking point on the ''professional left'' holding up?

PHOTOS: The 13 Hottest Fashion Trends At The 9/12 Teabagger Rally

My college newspaper published column complaining that NYC Islamic center insults 9/11 victims

Which Millionaire Fat Cats Are Backing the American Action Network's Ads Attacking Sen. Feingold?

Commentary: Diversity of religions creates symphony, writes Le Moyne College's Rev. Donald Maldari

Only in America Can Blair Go Out in Public

Toon: Wrong Job

Probably will happen

Toon: Time to let those tanning provisions expire

The reality of Australia’s “two-speed” economy

This Picture From Michael Moore's Blog Says It All

New Survey Reveals Why Jon Stewart is the Biggest Long Term Threat to Fox News

Biggest Arms Deal In US History- Obama to Authorize $60 BILLION Arms Deal to Saudi Arabia

Mother Jones: Rick Santorum's Anal Sex Problem

I could easily pay 10% of my income in medical co-payments

Seems the "intellectual leveraged buyout" of the Democratic party has worked quite well.

Naomi Klein on Building a real LEFT --

Election Day Problems Statewide on NY's New Dominion/Sequoia E-Voting System

Taxation and Hatred for the Poor

"No-Go" Tribal Areas Became Basis for Afghan Insurgency Documents Show

••• Moore: 40 million illiterate. This is the UNDERLYING reason this country is so easy to brainwash

Icelandic Paralegal Smokes Outback Menu, Pez...

The Sun Father and Earth Mother gave birth to human offspring...


Stretchin' Out

He Hate Me...

Cypress Hill f. Marc Anthony - "Armada Latina"

Are You Single?

Watching You

Fear, Self-Interest.... Let's Add "Stupid" To The List....

Found two lost classics tonight . . . thank you YouTube.

Neil Young, Stephen Stills, Richie Furay plan Buffalo Springfield reunion for Bridge School Concert

Laptop innovations - well, griping and kibitzing

My LATEST Haiku - "You Want Fries With That?"

Is it TRUE?!1 Joaquin PHOENIX is doing Dave?!1 When - TONIGHT?!1

I'm defriending you. Don't play know who you are.

Bill Maher on Leno tonight

Living In My Limousine

Anyone here remember when Mitch was Music Television?

How do I get Cheesy Poof crumbs off my computer mouse?

"As the crow flies"

On the local news tonight,they where discussing the trapped miners

Crosley Bendix - Stylistic Premonitions

My new poem: Release

Panko beats cornflakes butt!!

King Crimson - 21st Century Schizoid Man (Live)

It's a great day to whoop somebody's ass

Joke for Parche (and others):

This song told the future

Is Edward Cullen a reincarnation of this dude? Or the same person (after all, he's a vampire).

"A flat million dollars a year..."

A contribution to the takeover of The Lounge by poets. And moms.

Is anyone watching Hoarders tonight?

Gyrobowl? They gotta be shitting me.

So, this tiny lady in a traditional Hijab is in front of me at the grocery store this morning...

I got booted off my computer. Ask me anything..... actually I have no idea why and it is wigging me

Planning on watching any new network offerings?

Pictures from the main cemetery in Frankfurt, Germany *PIC HEAVY*

I can NOT repeat this often enough: NEVER offer to catsit for LeftyFingerPop's cat Bear!!!!

What I learned about Frankie after 17 years.

JIMI fans: Nov. 16th 4-disc box set "West Coast Seattle Boy" features 45 unreleased songs


Anyone here remember when MTV was Music Television?

How do you get whipped cream and maraschino cherry stains off the ceiling?

An alternative lifestyle to consider...

Lemon Ale: Yea or Nay?

Buffalo Springfield to reunite for 2 concerts for charity! Link to RS article:

Let's see your rabies...Post your Pictures

Ya ever wonder about Tarzan's yell?

Honey Ale: Yea or Nay?

Strawberry Ale: Yea or Nay?

Apricot Ale: Yea or Nay?

There are two kinds of people in this world....

Adopt-a-Dog: EVERY Home Needs a Harvey.

Montag & Pratt attended Avon Walk for Breast Cancer as a photo op but didn't actually walk the walk

Bear Whiz Beer: Yea or Nay? ("As my daddy said, Son, its in the water... ")

You may not have known this...

If you apply for a construction loan and you've done all the paperwork, they've sent

The James Bond Aston Martin DB5 from "Goldfinger" and "Thunderball" is up for auction

Wakey Wakey, Rise and Shine! (Dial-Up Warning)

I have a crazy friend

I really like the Olive Garden's Chicken & Gnocchi Soup. Do they sell it

If grave dancing is forbidden, how about a little aigu dancing instead?

There are 10 kinds of people in this world.

Did you ever mapquest a place, and where there was supposed to be a building,

Is this still the Age of Aquarius, or something else? nt

How come stuff like this never happens to me?


I have an idea for a website (regarding islamophobia)

Today (and JUST for today, mind you), Uranus is NOT "always on my mind"...

MiddleFingerMom never loses "The Boop Game"... EVER!!!!

Here's to all of us who have to deny ourselves of something for health reasons...

I have a confession to make...

Harvard Yale: Yea or Neigh?

Hero Dogs Of 9/11

No remix tonight Just a great song with lyrics included. Billy Joel - We Didn't Start The Fire (mp3)

Nolabear's poem reminded me of this video

WNBA Finals Game 2 Tonight, and I will be there! GOOOOOOO Storm!!

Ale: Yea or Nay?

Half the fun of having feet is ...

I'm so sorry. I'm so very, VERY sorry... but I can't stop myself from doing this to you...

Hey GLENN BECK! Suck on this! (Pic warning)

Cotched me some jamaycan takeout for dinner

Raspberry Ale: Yea or Nay?

Liar Liar pants on fire. Your nose is longer than a telephone wire.

Saw a little kid on a leash at work today.

Hey, all you Babes. You know you want him. He knows you want him. You just can't help it!

Do it for Harvey and Rosa! Vote Prince Poppycock tonight

I'm on day two of not...

A very short video in honor of the new football season...

A year ago I announced the imminent passing of my Aunt Wilma.

There are two kinds of spurs, my friend.

Re: The Washington Redskins' Clinton Portis' comments about the female reporter in the locker room:


CNN NOW: facebook sold for $1.7 billion USD...

Lot Doctrine, I have posted on this before,

Dutch police ground Delta pilot; say he was too drunk to fly to Newark.

On OBSCENELY l-o-n-g fingernails...

DU Droid users: anyone play M:Zombies?

Glenn Beck Sex tape scandal!

And finally... a question for you -- you've probably seen some of my posts...

Wanna loaf around?

You are a talk show host. One guest. 60 minutes. Who would it be?

Plouffe: "The small business owners the GOP wants to give tax cuts to are millionaires like Palin."

Which Phineas and Ferb project sounds like it won't be any fun?

My husband just told me he has to attend a 4 hour meeting about having meetings.

Heidi Montag's latest photo op. It's like she's stopped caring, just phoning them in these days.

Hmmmmm - "Presidents Can't Lead" - analysis by a political scientist & presidential scholar

Whitman's use of Clinton in anti-Brown ads should be a turn-off

MUNCHIES, the Universal Language: Amsterdam's Febo Automat

Obama Renominates Stalled Judicial Appointees

What odd about W. Bush Pic

President Obama re-nominates Liu, Butler, Chen

Obama children's book 'Of Thee I Sing' out Nov. 16

Obama children's book 'Of Thee I Sing' out Nov. 16

Obama sends Goodwin Liu back to the Senate and almost simultaneously Judiciary schedules vote

Does anyone know why the DU Home page has only posts from 10/8

If the extremes are totally invested in the failure of the Democrats..

Miami Herald: Greer apologizes to Obama, calls many GOPers 'racist'

Former GOP governor of MN endorsing Independent candidate for Governor of state

NYT: gop holding middle class hostage

Fox was wrong: it was an ANTICOLONIALIST fist jab

New Poll: Washington Senate--Murray: 50% Rossi 41%

DE Senate--Castle rips out of state operations & takes swipe at Palin

Fox Poll: FL Governorship--Sink (D) 49% Scott (R) 41%

Senate Snapshot, September 13th: A present from the tea party!

Seniors will turn out in this election... something to talk to them about

Fox/Pulse Opinion Poll: Ohio Senate & Governors race

Damn. HUGE spider on my ceiling.

Anyone else in the Northeast noticing a baby boom this month and next

Punishing democrats: a bad idea all the way around

For the TV Viewing Loungers:Does Anyone Else Feel the TV Seasons Have Flipped Quality Wise?

The more the MSM tries to skew the election with "oh too bad Dems".. the more energized I get

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GOP cautiously confident for Castle

A for Real question for parents of school agers on DU

Supreme Court: Corporations Can Buy Judges

President Obama to give "Back to School" talk this morning from Philly area school

CA Governorship--Brown apologizes to Bill Clinton for Monica Lewinsky joke

Okay here are some Fox Polls on PA, NV & FL Senate races (beware)

Fox News/ Pulse Opinion Poll: CA Senate & Governorship

What is going on in Cuba?

The photovoltaic and solar thermal system at the White House

August retail sales up 0.4 pct., best in 5 months

(R)asmussen Poll--Colorado Gov: Hickenlooper (D)46% Tancredo(I) 25% Maes(R) 21%

Reid says as amendments to the defense bill he'll offer don't ask don't tell and the DREAM act

Inventories in U.S. Rise at Fastest Pace in Two Years

Can I just reiterate how much I love DU's mods?

NV Senate--Reid 46% Angle 44% (Ipsos Poll) 48-48 (R)assmussen Poll

An Elizabeth Warren loophole?

Police chief sent out racially insensitive email about Obama

Facebook totally not working

Democrats launch TV ad targeting Boehner's ties to lobbyists

White House Asks for Funding to Ramp Up Drilling Oversight

McConnell's Misguided Monetary Mendacity

Political Cartoonist Tony Auth nails it again!

What is GD:P for?

Justice Department 'expects it may' sue BP

Wake up, Americans. Don't Waste this Opportunity.

Reid to introduce DREAM act in Defense Bill

Boehner against possible Dem/House maneuver to stymie GOP on taxes

Sixth national poll shows majority support for ending tax cuts for rich

BREAKING Keith O: The Deficit is DOWN!!! 8 % under Obama

DNC to make announcement (updated)

Six New Polls released for House Races

reality check for White House: If lose Congress will GOP treat Obama better or worse than Clinton?

I'm getting my 1st tattoo - any advice?

Tom Tomorrow: Sentients want to know...

DE Senate: Desperate Castle launches last minute robo-calls against O'Donnell

Has a tax cut ever been filibustered?

Good Grief! Tweety just got done mentioning Blumenthal lying about his Vietnam service

Noticed no one in the media is talking about The One Nation rally

Obama seeks a few more wins in Democratic Congress

20 % of Americans still worried about ACORN, according to PPP

Tweety:The democrat party is uneasy about the President

US Deficit Declines in Obama's First Full Fiscal Year in Office: President Beats Last Bush Year

Quinnipiac CT Senate: Blumenthal 51% McMahon 45%

Small Business Bill Moves Forward...

Fox relents: Will run ad tonight about News Corp $1 million donation against Dems

My Republican father is absolutely ASHAMED of the Teabaggers in Delaware

Obama is up to 47% approval, 46 % disapproval - the best since early August

Report: WH Naming Warren Interim Director Of Consumer Bureau. UPDATE: False alarm.

Eugene Robinson: Newt and the Closet Kenyan


I'll be verysurprised if the Republican PTB lets O'Donnell win in Delaware today

Dodd: Congress Could Defund Consumer Bureau Over Warren Interim Appointment

Jon Stewart Butchers Hannity On Edited Obama Video

PPP/Daily Kos Poll Kentucky Sentate: Paul 49% Conway 42%

White House Defers To Pelosi On Tax Cuts

CA Governor: Bill Clinton endorse Jerry Brown Fights For Extended Benefits For America’s Working Families

Reassessing Biden

Uh oh... this can't be good

Angry union leaders warn (UK) Government of national strikes

County cites farmer for too many vegetables

Reid to schedule ‘Don’t Ask’ vote next week

Shots fired into Mexico by U.S. Border Patrol agents

Build Islamic center on Ground Zero, says Michael Moore

New hearing ordered in holding-cell hijab suit

(Washington Gov.) Gregoire orders state budget cuts

In Ad Wars, Democrats Shy From Ties to Own Party

Pentagon tries to buy entire print run of US spy expose Operation Dark Heart

Arms deal: Saudi Arabia and US put 9/11 behind them

US prepares to approve $60bn arms deal with Saudi Arabia

Kidnapping Spurs Fresh Call to End Impunity in DR Congo

U.S. holding 324 metric tons of bomb-grade uranium, report says

New (Philadelphia) Inquirer Owner Gives Union Deadline to Accept Deal

Microsoft condemns use of anti-piracy laws to stifle dissent

Americans spending more time with news

Virginia rejects work permit cards as proof of legal status to get license or ID

Ending (16 wk) Strike, Mott’s Plant Union Accepts Deal (restored wage levels and pension plan)

Melting sea ice forces walruses ashore in Alaska

Turkish soccer coach stabbed by own brother during match

Veterans Agency Made Secret Deal Over Benefits

France: Replacement Directive Omits Word ‘Roma’

SkyRider airline seats pack fliers into 23 inches of space

Upstart sheriff rides Ariz. law to national fame

Boehner Plays Central Role in Democratic Ad

Roger Goodell: NFLPA decertification would not help CBA negotiations

Retail Sales in US Increase for Second Month

Dueling proposals to alter tax-reporting mandate fail in Senate

BIG BANK BACKS DOWN--FOR NOW; Halts foreclosure on cancer patient's home as Congressman leads vigil

First in nation, Jimmy Johns workers file for union election (9 locations)

Tony Blair awarded Liberty Medal / War Protesters Angry At Blair's Peace Medal

Small Business Aid Bill Clears Senate

Small Business Aid Bill Clears Senate

Houston native wrongly deported for 85 days

Opponents present case against Obama's health-care law in 20-state lawsuit

Oil pipeline industry group says now is not the time to change safety rules

Colombian hit men blamed for 200 murders arrested in Spain

Obama to publish children's book

New Medicare Chief Urges Cooperation With Insurers in Speech

Gen. Petraeus Exclusive Interview: Progress in Afghanistan Like Watching 'Paint Dry'

GOP says no deal on tax cuts

Pa. Gov. Looking Into Intel Report On Activists

V.A. Agreed to Withholding of Benefits, Documents Say

BP says many Gulf residents may not have right to sue

Iranian diplomat defects, says seeks Norway asylum (In Support of the Green Movement)

Senate defeats Nelson plan to limit Big Oil tax break

Reid: Vote On Bush Tax Cuts Before Election Recess

Despite Electoral Landscape, GOP Proposals Not Popular

BP cited for safety lapses in North Sea

No plan in sight for Haiti's homeless

New information emerges on post-9/11 hunt for bin Laden

Problems Reported With New Voting Machines

NY body-armor co. founder convicted of stock scam (running $185 Million Stock Scheme)

Jobless are straining Social Security's disability benefits program

Actors, union settle suit over foreign royalties (distribution of millions of dollars)

IT future looks hazy as US cos turn wary of offshoring

Cuba announces mass layoffs in bid to spur private sector

Investigators: Egg farm knew

Colombian journalist refused UK visa

Supply of some key medications dangerously low

Bill to Aid Small Businesses Advances in Senate.

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday September 14

Reid: DREAM Act Will be Added to Defense Authorization Bill

Justice Department expects to sue BP

Tancredo Remains On The Ballot

Aging gas pipe at risk of explosion nationwide

American hiker released from Iranian prison, state media reports

Liberty medal awarded to Tony Blair

French senate approves burqa ban

Democrats tout "major" announcement Wednesday

Eiffel Tower, park evacuated for bomb threat

Real IRA says it will target UK bankers

EU threatens France with legal action over Roma 'disgrace' (Canadian MP also aims to 'shame' France)

Harley to keep rolling out bikes in Wisconsin

Reid will push for a 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' vote next week

Clinton endorses Brown for governor, ignores Brown's slight

G.O.P. Allies Drive Ad Spending Disparity

Former GOP leader apologizes to Obama, calls Republicans 'racist'

Former president of Colombia's Congress jailed in parapolitics scandal

India-US space-based solar power programme urged

(PA) State tracks anti-Marcellus Shale drilling groups, notifies law enforcement

Jerry Brown apologizes for jab at Bill Clinton's character

Trapped Chile miner's wife gives birth to daughter

3-D Printing Is Spurring a Manufacturing Revolution

Whitman lawyer tells TV stations to pull anti-Whitman CTA ad

Toyota says software glitch can give faulty speed readings

U.S. pledges millions to end child labor in cocoa harvests

JPMorgan Chase's online banking site crashes

IMF fears 'social explosion' from world jobs crisis

Mott's Workers Declare Victory

Lawsuit Targets Chevron “Dirty Tricks” Operative Over Ecuador Video Corruption Scandal

Civil Rights Photographer (Ernest C. Withers) Unmasked as Informant

Corn Refiners Association Wants to Change the Name of High Fructose Corn Syrup to "Corn Sugar"

McDonald's targeted in US health ad

Harry Reid: DREAM Act To Get Vote On Senate Floor

These Are The Times

French Senate passes ban of full Muslim veils

Huge fish kill reported in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana

Just thought you all should know... I won't be posting at DU anymore.

Morning Joe's

Tempest In A Tea Party

AmericanCrossroadsWatch.Org - Carly Fiorina Should Reject Rove's Dirty Tricks

No More Turning Away

Pete Seeger - What Did You Learn In School?

Ed Schultz Calls Out Newt Gingrich For His Latest Crazy Statement

Uncle Jay Explains: Sept. 13, 2010

Obama Backyard Town Hall, Fairfax VA

Worst Person In The World! - THE MEDIA

Republicans Weighing Government Shutdown Tactics

Be As - Prozzak

Rachel Maddow - Lady GaGa invites gay DADT former military personnel to awards show

The ethical implications of charity

Mitch McConnell: Democrats want to raise taxes and spend the money on interpretive dance and monkeys

S01E01: H.R. 4790 - Shareholder Protection Act

David Pakman: GOD is funding Joe Miller's campaign

At the Alaska 9/11 Palin/Beck rally they played IZ's song. Shame on them!

Pot Growing Grandmother


Boehner Compromise on Bush Tax Cuts and Nutty Newt Gingrich

Stop Video game Regulation

DNC TV Ad: "Boehner Land"

Rachel Maddow - Supreme Court Justice Thomas' WIFE makes no pretense of impartiality

Ed Schultz: Newt Gingrich Manages to Hit New Low

Comparing Glenn Beck and Krusty the Clown

Weird Liberal Head Show #162: Last Primary Day of 2010

Michael Moore: We're A Little Slow Sometimes But "We Should Always Stand Up Against The Angry Mob"

Dylan Ratigan: ''I consider myself a conservative''

RFK, Jr. and Andrew Bacevich - America's Path to Permanent War

Dude, You Have No Quran !

Tea Party Float Shows Obama Whipping A White ‘Future Tax Payer’ Pulling A Wagon

Moore On AC360: "This Kind Of Antagonism & Bullying & Lying About People ... Makes Me Very Sad"

TYT: Cenk Slams Newt's Pathetic Anti-Obama Comments

Phil Davison Chris Farley Mashup - Crazy Republican, Matt Foley Motivational Speaker

National Security Used As Pretext to Confiscate Samples and Notes On Dispersant, DHS Works For BP?

TYT: Cenk Rips D'Souza for Crazy Anti-Obama Article

Chris Hedges & Other Experts Explain America's Islam Problem (Essential Viewing For All Americans)

An atheist sermon from this past Sunday for TRUE PATRIOTS.

Newt Gingrich: 'Obama Part of Kenyan Conspiracy to Overrun New York'

Why the GOP embraced Islamophobia -Joe Conason

A Recovery’s Long Odds

Tea Party Rallies Dominate the Capital: Are Progressives and Liberal Democrats Out-Organized?

Arms deal: Saudi Arabia and US put 9/11 behind them

Christopher Hitchens: A Call for Earthly Justice

The Bomb Chroniclers

For Democrats Truth is the Best Offense

'The Great American Stickup'

Year of the Nutjob-Meet this election’s most, well, interesting candidates.

Neoliberalism is destroying Europe

So, this tiny lady in a traditional Hijab is in front of me at the grocery store this morning...

What Obama's Presidency Needs: A Big Reset

Gingrich, unhinged on Obama

Independent UK: The triumph of the lobbyists

United States is supplier of drug cartel funds, weapons

We ALREADY pay for the uninsured through taxes and higher insurance premiums -

Utah Agency Approves Oil-Sands Project

Marine Scientists Would Love To Continue Post-BP Work In Gulf; Money Running Out, Though - NYT

10s Of Thousands Of Walruses Come Ashore In AK - No Sea Ice: Mass Arrival 3rd In Past Four Years

Another Quarter-Million Pakistanis Face Evacuation - Floodwater Inches From Top Of Major Impoundment

Gogenra Solar (Koshla Ventures funded)

Environmental, Business Leaders Support Call for 100% U.S. Green Grid by 2020

Audobon Magazine: Companies are competing to reap energy from the heavens.

Right wing Merkel govt shafts public with secret nuclear guarantees...

Interesting comparison of benefits from conservation vs solar

Careful in the tinnies: Panic as croc launches itself at fishing boat

Peak oil review - Sept 13

Drumbeat: September 14, 2010

(PA HomeSec) tracks anti-Marcellus Shale drilling groups, notifies law enforcement

Assessing dedicated storage for rooftop solar

India-US space-based solar power programme urged (crosspost)

IAEA raises nuclear power supply forecast

India Unmasks America's Nuclear Liabilities

DIY Demand Response

French "nuclear miracle" plagued by fast-rising reactor costs and "crowding out" of renewables

Poll: Germans oppose nuclear power extension (61%-33%)

Local Authorities Report Vast Fish Kill In Plaquemines Parish, LA - Photos - Times-Pic

How to Ruin OPEC's Birthday - how to keep OPEC from running our lives for another half century.

Now this is a "Hard Knock"!


It's a day late, but . . . Redskins 13, Cowboys 7

It's a day late, but the Forty-felons fall 31-6 to the Cheater from USC...

Are the Nationals cursed?

The Jets Offense is Awful

Reggie Bush will forfeit Heisman; ex-Longhorn Vince Young wants it

Which is the worst name?

Rookie Ndamukong Suh Records Lions First-Ever Tackle

Did Corey Pavin make his Ryder Cup picks based on religion?

Gators' Rainey arrested for stalking

Patriots Trade Laurence Maroney To Broncos

NFL Week 1: Most Impressive / Least Impressive Teams

Huskies Vs. Huskers

Animal Defenders International Delivers Former Circus Baboon to the Safety of New Home

Cuba to axe one million state jobs

Didn't We (Shut it Down)

Colombian journalist refused UK visa

Latin America leaders convene in Miami

Colombian hit men blamed for 200 murders arrested in Spain

14 Military Members Convicted in 'Historic' Ruling

Amnesties for Dictatorship Crimes Slowly Crumble

United States is supplier of drug cartel funds, weapons

Report: Japan to offer lithium assistance to Bolivia

Document charts Cuba's path to economic reform

Former president of Colombia's Congress jailed in parapolitics scandal

Peru President Alan Garcia backtracks on 'amnesty law'

Lawsuit Targets Chevron “Dirty Tricks” Operative Over Ecuador Video Corruption Scandal

Newsflash - Obama practices shooting with a rifle.

How often do you see someone carrying a firearm?

Guns haven’t changed state parks (Tennessee)

'Don't ask, don't tell' policy under fire during Air Force nurse's trial

Gay Ohio History Initiative

I can't help but be furious today but also a little proud

INDIANA: 15 Year-Old Boy Commits Suicide Over Anti-Gay Bullying


All of my entries were displayed in NM State Fair!

Still room for a few more pictures in the September contest. :^)

Aisle Seat

Letter containing powder, threat sent to TA embassies

Hamas says peace talks 'humiliating and degrading'

Palestinian 'all or nothing' strategy paralyzing peace talks, Israeli officials warn

IAM, Painter’s Union Rally Support For U.S. Senator Murray In Washington

Baseball Players Union In Strong Position As Their Current Collective Bargaining Agreement Expires

Today in Labor History Sept 13, 11 AFSCME-represented prison employees, 33 inmates die in four days

Fayetteville, Arkansas Issues First Ever City-Wide Proclamation on Wage Theft

Killer shrimp invade the UK

Any Architects or Engineers tha can shed some light on this.

DNA is to rape as Active Thermitic Material is to _______?________.

Secret Corps of Filmmakers Documented Nuclear Bomb Tests (NYT)

Tug of War Pits Genes of Parents in the Fetus

Undersea Cave Yields One of Oldest Skeletons in Americas

The secret world of the microscopic

Why is the sky dark at night????????

Jesus and Mary in the Quran

Excellent quote on the use of scriptures from my cryptogram.

Galileo Was Wrong! The Church Was Right (Make sure you're sitting down. Hate for you to fall over.)

Design, but no designer?

A good man of faith died last week.

dupe delete

Astrologers...Sextile or Trine

It really is an honor just to be nominated - even if only in a dream

Freaky deaky dream--who's up for an interpretationpalooza?

Free Tuesday eve Teleseminars

Weird Dream Thread -- Cmon, post 'em here

Has anyone here ever had an Epidural

The Public’s Quiet Savior From Harmful Medicines

Corn syrup producers want sweeter name: corn sugar

Stepping Up the Science on Botanical Supplements and Health

Makers of high fructose corn syrup apply to rename it 'corn sugar'

Family to Receive $1.5M+ in First-Ever Vaccine-Autism Court Award