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The schizophrenic Gallup poll

Architects & Engineers for Truth Announces: Hard Evidence of Explosive Demolition

War is Money. Freedom is Fascism. Ignorance is Votes.

A post-9/11 betrayal endures

This will sound ridiculous

The Tea Party has their very own African American, Michael Steele-ish leader!

Mayor killed in Mexico, sixth this year

Where is KO? He is not on Football Night in America tonight? Did NBC/GE fire him?

State Orders Inspection of All Natural Gas Lines

The American voting public reminds me of the crazed boosters for a college football team.

Guardian UK: Societies without God are more benevolent

Rabid Dog Briefly Mistaken for Tea Party Candidate

Pharmaceutical company tries to convince the French that they aren't boinking often enough

Ev'rywhere I hear the sound of marching, charging feet, boy .......

CSPAN Q&A on Saul Alinsky at 8:00 pm pst Nicholas von Hoffman n/t

A conversation between a Republican and a member of the Tea Party

Spending Cuts: When ministers talk of lynch mobs, you know they're scared

Hi, I'm a volunteer for the Democratic Party; I'm looking for so-and-so

Mudflats comes through again!! Yesterday's counter BeckPalooza protest.

Mudflats comes through again!! Yesterday's counter BeckPalooza protest.

Has Anybody Read At Lyndon Larouche Post

Remind Me Again How We Ended Up In Hell?

There are more than a million muslims in New York City according to David Common on CBC News in

Tomorrow I start a new job with the federal government

kick & rec nt

Hey DU, anyone want to teach a bigoted FB group a lesson?

If you will Please sign this petition on Child Executions.

Rabid Dog Briefly Mistaken for Tea Party Candidate

Stand with Ratzinger or stand with the Catholic victims

If a Republican asks me if I'm gonna vote...?

US poverty rate expected to post a record increase

Caption Glenn Beck

The real Glenn Beck rally on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


In Pakistan's flood, a half-million pregnant women are among most vulnerable victims

Does anyone find "This Week with Christiane Amanpour" as boring as I do?

What should the income tax rates be?

What to do

When the rich get tax cuts they not only save a greater % of it, then then will

A view I hope to see again

The issue of the "Right of Free Speech" is one between the gorverned and their govt.

WOW: Christine O'Donnell leading Mike Castle in Delware Republican primary for Senate

Rx burns start - another end-of-season indicator (DIAL-UP WARNING)

Nate Silver: G.O.P. Has 2-in-3 Chance of Taking House, Model Forecasts

It can be argued that a person clearly stating intent to dispose of something loses property rights.

Congress returns from vacation today! Thank goodness! We are saved!

TWC Email Out For TWO DAYS! Is It Related to Inbox Virus? LINK

The urgency of getting people to the polls. . even the disappointed base.

The urgency of getting people to the polls. . even the disappointed base.

For the People of Afghanistan, Things Have Gone from Bad to Worse

"Follow the Dirty Money" (prosecuting illegal laundering by banks)

British troops in Afghanistan face heroin smuggling probe

BBC has live coverage from the Council of Foreign Relations

Nato urged to allow partition of Afghanistan

A Fiery Unknown (yes, another bagger) Ruffles New York’s Republicans

Krugman: China, Japan, America

For soldiers in Afghanistan, providing security remains a challenge

Gulf Coast Residents in Financial Dire Straits, Waiting for BP Claims

(NATO) Afghan Commander Issues Rules on Contractors

EPA Hydro-Fracking Hearing Begins In Binghamton

BREAKING: In one month I will burn a copy of the Reader's Digest magazine.

264 Pervets In The Pentagon And A Staff Sargent in NM. Guess Who's Going To Jail.

Oil And Natural Resources

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Gaga Takes On DADT (VIDEO)

Is the recent “Islamophobia” ... an indicator that America is becoming increasingly xenophobic?

Tea Party's O'Donnell criticizes GOP for "nasty campaign"

Tea Party's O'Donnell criticizes GOP for "nasty campaign"

Japan apologizes to WWII POW group from U.S

Check out Weekly Standard hit piece on Palin endorsed teatard Senatorial candidate O'Donnell from DE

Has anyone seen this dozy?

O'Donnell Leads in Delaware U.S. Senate Primary (Say it's so. Oh, God, say it's so)

Information on 490 Tamil refugees stolen from Toronto office.

Information on 490 Tamil refugees stolen from Toronto office.

Fox News promotes presidential speculation for Sheriff Arpaio

Boeing outsourced much of their jet parts prod., and now are reaping the bennies!

States opposed to healthcare overhaul pin hopes on Florida court hearing

"Friends of Coal Bowl" - Friday night- no mention of Sen. Byrd or miners

O'Donnell Sought $6.9 Million for "Mental Anguish"

Kevin McCarthy star of Invasion Of The Body Snatchers has died.

Imagine this...

Toon: Voters over time

NATO has made more mistakes in Afghanistan than USSR, says Russian envoy.

When I woke up today,I was just in time to catch Joe Scar pitch a fit about tax cuts, saying

US innovates, but the gains go overseas

New CEO at GM criticizes Obama, brags about being a Republican

(self delete)

Smouldering fecal stew. . . . Please come CAPTION Ann, the man, Coulter!!!!

Portland Press Herald apologizes for Ramadan story on 9/11 front page

How to Make the World a Better Place Despite Roadblocks and Naysayers

Caption Palin

Nixon's grandson running for Congress

Let the cleansing begin....

Will Boehner's 'Blink' Make A Difference on Tax Cuts? Not Before Lame-Duck

The ReTHUG king of the TEEbaggers

The ReTHUG king of the TEEbaggers

Independent UK: Union leaders warn of strikes and deep unrest over 'cuts that hurt poor'

Instant Communications...raising expectations..very dangerous

Objectively Pro-Taliban

Is 2010 similar to 1934?

Hotel Quickie Strikes Build Union, Workers’ Determination for Contract Battles

Minnesota GOP Candidate: We'll Shut Down Government To Repeal Obamacare

Let's not fool ourselves into thinking that we are "strict" about the First Amendment.

Liberace Museum closing Oct. 17

When in the past has there ever been this much talk about "taking

BREITBART: "I Admit It - I Tricked You"

Giuliani, Ground Zero and the new Gott Mit Uns movement (Genocide Against Muslims Is Acceptable)

Mr Fish Toon: Money Talks

IN07: Campaign Manager Tweets Anti-Gay Slurs

Extraterrestrials land on Earth, ask for information

I'll have an Abused-Worker sub sandwich with a Slave-Wage Soda, please

I just called the California AG office due to advert

Is The Ground Zero Mosque Fiasco All About The Money?

Palin lies about media 'sneaking into' Missoula speech; they had credentials

San Bruno blast: Family recalls dramatic rescue of critically burned neighbor

Who Made Kabul Corrupt?

Audacity of Donald Trump

Dems Catch Boehner Admitting: "Obviously, The Top 3% Have 1/2 The Gross Income"

Hog farms likely culprit as millions of North Carolina fish decimated

Do NOT fall into the republican trap!!

Republicans clearly see no downside to being as grossly bigoted as Fox will allow

Iowa leaves impression on German students

Re: the Koran burning, the skateboarder who prevented one, and freedom of expression, a question.

Marjorie Cohn: Business as Usual in Iraq

Marjorie Cohn: Business as Usual in Iraq

Cartoon - What economic theory are you smoking?

Border agents accused of unconstitutionally searching, seizing travelers' computers

We need to hire the National Guard to monitor the polls. There are too many issues relative to

We need to hire the National Guard to monitor the polls. There are too many issues relative to

Why this isn't 1994.

NO KIDDING - Rude Pundit needs no sarcasm this time

400% interest on payday loans is too high

Short Attention Span Strategy

We need to hold the line on the tax cuts for the rich!

Sestak could cash in on Toomey's Wall St. role!

Hispanic Heritage Month 2010: Sept. 15 - Oct. 15

He makes a dead end seem like a fresh beginning. . . Please come CAPTION Rush Limbaugh!!!!!

He makes roadkill seemingly spritely of mind. . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!!

I think that we should always remember this..

Elena Kagan makes her social debut as a Supreme Court justice at the Opera Ball

Aftermath of the San Bruno Fire

Koran Burninator Fool had decided not to burn Qu'ran BEFORE Skater snatched it

Canadian study says universal pharmacare could save millions in healthcare costs

Wear this to your next tea party.

At least Spam's not sludge . . . Please come CAPTION Ann Coulter!!

Plouffe: Real GOP is Palin, Limbaugh, Beck (NYT)

Proof that Dick Armey and FreedomWorks are only using the teabaggers...

Democrats should start marrying the word 'extremist' to 'Republican'

Democrats should start marrying the word 'extremist' to 'Republican'

Democrats should start marrying the word 'extremist' to 'Republican'

We all laugh at the tea party not realizing the Dem party sees "the left" the same way.

Isn't Michael Steele overdue for some idiotic statement? I miss him! n/t

2 out of 3 wealthy senators favor extending Bush tax cuts....

Robert Reich: The Two Categories of American Corporation -- and Why it Matters

Mitch McConnell Stands Firm: No Partial Bush Tax Cut Extension

So a coworker tells me last week...

Survey: 40% Of Republicans Watch Fox News Regularly

Workers Fired Up About One Nation

Sarah Palin's 9/11 Rally Speech

****Obama speak at VA backyard right now*****

Even Dick Armey recognizes that O'Donnell is a whackadoo - won't endorse her

Obama speaks to children redux

The Hyper-Inflation Mirage: "deficit scaremongering is politics not economics"

Some people have been hit in the head with Bibles too often...

"Campaign Finance Reform Is on Its Last Legs"

Is the President an "insider" or an "outsider" ?

Drunken Driver driving wrong way on the 101 (yikes!) and good samaritan die

To All the Georgia DU'ers

For more than 200 years, cats have had a full-time job at the Hermitage Museum

Reid signals support for ending tax cuts for the wealthy

The Phone Call...

U.S. Commission On Civil Rights To Debate Its Own Existence After Promoting Conservative

Palin vs. Newt vs. The Mor(m)on.

BP and the Gov't: Reforming Image, Setting Precedent

Big Brother Wants To Watch You At All Times

Gotta hand it to Newt Gingrich

Greening China, from a paint pot

Production, jobs, economic benefits from U.S. research and development are ending up overseas (LAT)

AP: Sen. Joe Lieberman "aligns with Democrats"

AP: Sen. Joe Lieberman "aligns with Democrats"

The PARADE Interview with Stephen Hawking: Inside a Great Mind

'What can brown do for you' is gone, in favor of [I shit you not] "We (heart) Logistics."


Is the "Nuclear Renaissance" Dead Yet?

Yet more Hell in local paper.."Modern Sodum and Gomorrah"

PG&E Launches $100M Fund For San Bruno Victims

All the muslin experts telling me Cordoba means "conquest"

Rev only supports the 1st Amendment when when it applies to him.

RE: Saul Alinsky. I never heard of the guy until repugs started talking about him. I had never

Most All GOP Senate Candidates Deny Global Warming

All you need to know about the Military Procurement Process

Gay Diplomat Fears He'll Be Murdered If He Returns Home to Saudi Arabia


Moody's shoots down Republican's Arguments in Favor of Tax Cuts for the Wealthy.

Retired ATF agent: Al Qaeda is more like Klan or Neo-Nazis than actual Muslims

On sin taxes, smoking, HFCS and other crap we do

Chance for Supreme Court Damage Control By E.J. Dionne, Jr.

Chance for Supreme Court Damage Control By E.J. Dionne, Jr.

luke russert doing puff piece on john boehner

Orwell That Ends Well

Interesting Changes at MSNBC Anchors...

FACT: Barack Obama has created more private sector jobs in this year than Bush did in eight!!!

O'Donnell now ahead of Castle in Delaware GOP senate primary

In America income is a better predictor of voting behavior than almost any other advanced democracy

Brisbane Man Smokes Pages Of Koran And Bible

Who said this?

Iranian diplomats defect in Finland, Belgium

BP's Deep Secrets Lies. Buried evidence. Hush money. The truth is down there.

Portland Press Herald grovels before bigots outraged by seeing Muslims on page 1 on 9/11 eve

Valley schools to get hourly air updates ( Fresno CA )

Have we left Iraq? Or simply militarized our State Dept?

TPM: House Dems Will Not Force Vote On Middle Class Tax Cuts

Afghanistan more dangerous now, aid groups report

Good or Bad... Things Obama has done a generic Democratic President would not have done?

"Backlash: Right-Wing Radicals, High-Def Hucksters, and Paranoid Politics in the Age of Obama"

Westmoreland (R-Asshole-GA) now backs down from 'shut the govt down' remarks. Another LIAR.

Krugman Wrong on Japan's Demographics and Stagnation

New Healthcare Reform At Work

New Healthcare Reform At Work

New Healthcare Reform At Work

After court-imposed halt, Specter seeks to make stem-cell funding permanent

Secret Powers of Time (Vid Link)

Oprah Winfrey to take studio audience to Australia

Netflix lets its staff take as much holiday as they want, whenever they want – and it works

Texas Skateboarder rescues Quran from burning

Proof that you shouldn't believe everything you see on the news.....

CSEA Blog: Exposing Bus Companies for Cheating Hartford Workers and Taxpayers

CNN: Sink 49% - Scott 42% (Fl Governor race)

Overseas employees reap the benefit of US innovation

While you're browsing DU, check out this wonderful American music.

The MSM and the GOP are both owned and controlled by the same people. nt

DOJ Inspector General will investigate Obama voting rights record

Excuse my ignorance, but how and when were the pre-Bush tax rates set?

Lack of effective communication hurting Obama

If the private sector can't/won't provide substantially full employment, does the government need to

Tea Party trap in 1950

House Dems Will Not Force Vote On Middle Class Tax Cuts

Mother Indicted, Allegedly Made Son Eat Feces and Vomit

*PHOTO* In honor of my favorite skateboarder-

Aging gas pipe at risk of explosion nationwide

KBR/Halliburton Immune from Prosecution for Cancer Exposure in Iraq

T-Baggers - Not so much Rockwell as Bosch.

Obama: Critics 'talk about me like a dog'

Newt is a great big jerk

I saw a young guy steal a book from an independent book seller. Isn't he awesome?

Anyone know who the Muslim woman was on Christiane's show this week?

Michigan child care workers sue to break from union

Beck: "Violence will come.... Violence Will Come from The Left. Violence is Part of the Plan.""

What passes for logic in the media today: "God exists, and if you don't believe that, Google it "

Remembering Reagan

Richest Members of Congress Got Richer During Recession

Pro-Colonialism is a Republican Value.

From this Weekend ~ Tea'bagger Nuttery in Photos

They hate our government and they hate our elected officials.

The Best Republican candidate for 2010 (includes Cenk ´s laughter attack)

Democratic ranks have sunk to 30% of the registered vote.

FreedomWorks announces tea party for minorities called "Diverse Tea"

Republican candidate says Girl Scouts "have become a pro-abortion, feminist training corps"

Jane Branstetter Stranch finally confirmed to federal appeals court

FOX executive walks into a bar....

Hoe many ways can you say LIED????

Can anyone help me find a solid resource on how many jobs have been outsourced since 2001?

Hey Doc, while you got me on the table for the lung transplant, could you reach on down there

Two PSU professors found dead in Ore. coast house

Suppress the vote or suppress the truth??

Make the GOP asses vote the middle class tax cut down!!!!!

Make the GOP asses vote the middle class tax cut down!!!!!

Question: How did the Republicans manage to get away with an old communist class warfare tactic?

I am the only gay guy in Florida who has not slept with Charlie Crist.

It's the INSTITUTIONS not the POLITICIANS who hold the power

Coast Guard paid New Orleans man $18,000 to monitor media coverage of BP oil spill

Kentucky Supreme Court Rules “Biblical Health Care” is a Form of Insurance

Kentucky Supreme Court Rules “Biblical Health Care” is a Form of Insurance

Palin WTF: Statue of Liberty was “Warning” Against “Socialism”

A Couple Of Graphs To Think About

Q. Why is this strange man laughing?

Glenn Beck's - Statue Of Liberty, now male, bares his chest in defiance.

Jan Brewer press release on "Obamacare"

Lawyer says alleged NYC cabbie stabber has PTSD

Shocking!: **IMF urges stimulus to help "dire" job market**

Who is Judge G. Thomas Porteous?

Sign that SHOULD be held up by teabaggers, if they were honest about their goals

Psycho cat killers will serve no time in jail -- the jail is too full

Boy, 16, faces murder charge (stabbing a pizza delivery man to death for less than $50)

Texas Skateboarder Stops Christian Extremist From Burning The Qur’an

The mother of all Tea Party triumphs?

NEVER FORGET-Bush/Cheney Admin FAILED To Protect Us Before, During & After - 9/11

••• There goes the Midterms: GOP gets its jihad, 16 dead as Asia goes nuts over Quran burning •••

••• There goes the Midterms: GOP gets its jihad, 16 dead as Asia goes nuts over Quran burning •••


If corporations keep exporting jobs one day there won't be anyone here to buy their products

BREAKING: Baseball Player Steals American Flag from Protestors About to Burn it at Dodger Stadium...

Who Owns our Government, by Industry

NBC to premier a "comedy" this fall called Outsourced

This is what is so wrong with the right

Since Newt Gingrich is back in the spotlight, I think I'll bring this up

Border agents accused of unconstitutionally searching, seizing travelers' computers

Waiter, There's BPA in My Soup

DE GOP leader Tom Ross threatened with "Bullet in the head" from O'Donnell supporter

Crazy idea

County cites farmer for too many vegetables

Hey Left. Wanna Have More Power?

David Brooks Tells Us to Just Sit Back and Accept Double-Digit Unemployment

As Recession Bites Deeper, Obama Has Discovered People Can't Eat Hope

You know the problem with modern day progressives?

Palin's folksy little $9.11 speech boiled down to its essential parts:

I've posted pictures of the anti-Beck/Palin protests here

TX Poll: White "within striking distance" of Perry

Her thought: "Oh, my God, this is none of his business."

Religious Search Engines Yield Tailored Results

Some photos Republicans want to forget were ever taken

The statement 'I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it'

If we had a functional press, someone might ask Gingrich...

Is it possible to oppose the Cordoba Center without being Islamophobic

Man who started Fourmile Canyon Fire was volunteer firefighter

Study: ‘People Who Matter’ To Sunday Talk Shows Are ‘White, Male, Senior, and Republican’

And, just why is this man not in Federal custody at this moment? ...

The NYC Mosque/Community Center Is Just A Strawman

Five Progressives In Swing Districts Are Bucking The Tide

Drunken e-mail to Obama gets teen banned from U.S.

BLUEDOG TRAITORS! Democrats urge Pelosi to extend Bush tax cuts temporarily

BLUEDOG TRAITORS! Democrats urge Pelosi to extend Bush tax cuts temporarily

Mark Critz outrages Pennsylvania Democrats

Nation Once Again Comes Under Sway Of Pink-Faced Half-Wit

Do Workers And Unions Need To Abandon Democrats For A True Labor Party?

Why the HELL does the MSM allow the GOP call the expiration of tax cuts a "tax increase"???

WikiLeaks readying the ‘biggest leak of military intelligence ever’

"Combat By Camera"

The Rise of Nazism...

Let me ask again: how much would single payer or public option cost?

Some one please tell me I'm wrong.

Anyone besides me pissed that Martin Bashir just got a new MSNBC show and Cenk Uygur did not?

Senate Begins Impeachment Trial

"I'm furious at Obama for reviving the monsters of the right instead of crushing them"

The US Soldier Who Committed Suicide After She Refused To Take Part in Torture

Billionaires attend St Louis Tea Party - pictures

charter school magnate & joel klein pet forms PAC to support charter-loving candidates

David Frum Explains ~ Gingrich: Obama Wants Whitey’s Money

UK's Leading Pharmacological Expert on Cannabis To Call for Legalization

Wall Steet's Mercenaries Ride Donkeys

Repost: My dad was an 11 year old scab in 1931 by Omaha Steve on the Denver Post

Moody's: The wealthy don't spend tax cuts! They save them!

Pentagon tries to buy entire print run of US spy expose Operation Dark Heart

Pentagon tries to buy entire print run of US spy expose Operation Dark Heart

Freepers explode in hate with new delusional "Dump Obama" campaign.

OK so what if the skateboarder WHILE grabbing the Qu'ran

"Snopes are a couple of guys in a trailer park" is one of

Crying "class warfare" is a diversionary tactic formerly used almost exclusively

Lady Gaga's VMA Escorts All Victims of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Policy

You know why Terry Jones changed his mind? Palin.

Chris Dudley (Republican) Ads on DU (Oregon Governor's Race)

Anyone have close relatives....

Money Shrieks

Why is DU's front page from days ago? nt

The bearfan family needs your help

Former San Jose Chief of Police Calls For Legalization of Cannabis

Chris Hedges: Do No Pity the Democrats (Fear the underlying corporate power structure)

I am at Whole Foods Market right now! (part 2)

"Policeman Knocked" Owner Off Dog Before Detaining, Shooting It

A bad evening for death penalty foes.

The Billionaires Bankrolling the Tea Party (if you haven't read this, it is a MUST READ) redux

Ah...No....sorry, Rover...that's not how we make Catchup.

You never really know what effect small ordinary courtesies can have

Now, this is what I call a post!

Calcium pills NO lead? brand name desired. Thanks!

In San Francisco 9/13-9/18 ? JPOP Summit Festival !

Ghost Dance...

Who says furrys are just for geeks?

I want to argue too!


Late night check in

How well do you sleep?

Beta fish observation. Male hangs motionless for hours. Female swims like someones chasing her


Smart cat!

Just a SILLY Pearls Before Swine, not profound, just...

Ok, anyone else a bit disappointed in this season's True Blood finale *SPOILERS*

Excuse me, is it true Arrested Development is back in 2012?

Am I the only one watching the MTV Video Music Awards show?

Gummie bears, melting here and there and everywhere........

kick & rec nt

Debi/Robert Pattinson appreciation thread

Debi/Robert Pattinson appreciation thread

Of the things that piss me off - as you know, it's legion - the greatest is not having Jedi powers

My car broke down this morning...


Return of BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD! (Bridge School announced!)

Return of BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD! (Bridge School announced!)

How come it's easy to understand Onslow on "Keeping Up Appearances,"


This is what I am getting MIDLO for Christmas

Am I the only one that thinks Lady Gaga's songs are stupid?

More pics from along I-84 in Oregon

WEEK ONE NFL pool results

The Negro Motorist Green Book

Did anybody watch the entire first season of "V" last year?

Man Builds Cat-Sized Village for Homeless Cats

Self delete

Monday morning--my cat hates you

Well, here was my day

Woman cited for walking into Minnesota Walgreens wearing thong and whipped cream LOL

Signs your dog hates you

FVCK! my Mom is driving me fucking crazy!

I ate Okra

go ahead post the copycat.......I ate Oprah

I etah Harpo!

Aida Harpo

Eria Fachin - Savin' Myself For You, Definitive 12 Inch Remix 1987 (mp3)

let's make it a photo thread! no theme, just post what you like

Australian Lawyer Smokes Quran, Bible pages

I hate Okra

I ate Opr...


j e t s jets Jets JETS!

My artichoke is broken. Any advice on fixing it?

Fucking Wooldridge brothers

There was a kid that couldn't talk and doctors couldn't find anything wrong with him.

Well, dammit, it's been over a year since those

Thanks to the place where I got gas today, I now have a stupid song from the 80s stuck in my head.

Weird things your parents made you do:

woody johnson offers apology to female reporter.

They're selling postcards of the hanging

Please help name my...

Stick 'em up

When did it stop for you? Thee.... Shenanigans, I suppose


Why are the commercials SO FUCKING LOUD and the TV shows' dialogue so quiet?

The reuben sandwich...

Hilarious letter: in praise (NOT) of a certain feminine product

I hate Oprah

Bonnie Raitt and Hamilton-Beach...

I don't know what to do. My wife is devastated.

I live in the DFW area...and I can't get a signal on my iphone.

Motion Picture Score Composers...

Miles, the 2000 year old kitty, is having her last day on this earth.

How do you fix artichokes?

Nice pair...

Why did the universe, FSM, God, whoever make it so that when we're young, we're healthy and stupid

Waterspout in Key West, minutes ago

Schwarzenegger is in Japan this week..

Brownie is off to be spayed today....what should we expect?

Irony in professional football on 9-12-2010-Eagles suicide on TV, castoff McNabb beats the Cowboys.

Should I see a doctor about this thing on my arm?

Don't tell LiVA but today is Tom Felton Day :-D (dial up warning)

Suicide strategy: In Ad Wars, Democrats Shy From Ties to Own Party

Ginni Thomas - wife of Clarence - was teabagging in DC today, alongside the domestic ... militants.

One Question...

BREAKING: Baseball Player Steals American Flag from Protestors About to Burn it at Dodger Stadium...

Meeting the Wedding Coordinator

Dear President Obama, run again if you want but don't do it if you do not want to

Nobody in the MSN has asked this question yet unless I missed it.

Empty Chambers-Why the judicial vacancy crisis matters.

I have three simple questions for this evening

What A Difference A Year Makes

DE-SEN POLL: Teabagger O'Donnell 47, Castle 44 : In GE, Coons clocks O'Donnell, gains on Castle.

Poll: Dem primary for Governor of HI: Abercrombie 48% Hannemann 31%

Valerie Jarrett to Appear on "The View" this morning. (Monday 9/13)

Gibbs on gingrich...

University of Texas Poll--TX Gov: Perry 39% White 33%

(R)asmussen Poll: South Dakota at large congressional seat--DEM TAKES LEADS!

Mason-Dixon Poll: Nevada Senate-- Reid 46% Angle 44%

Barack Obama to authorise record $60bn Saudi arms sale

Why is it that when fall and winter roll around, the only colors stores offer (in clothes) are brown

Public Policy Polling: NH GOP Senate primary--Tea bagger gaining on Ayotte

White House ramps up pressure on Boehner over Bush tax cuts

It Ain't All That Much Money

The General Gunning for WikiLeaks

John Harwood, why not make R's vote no on Obama's $50 billion infrastructure proposal before Nov?

BREAKING: In one month I will burn a copy of the Reader's Digest magazine.

Will Basel III prevent the next financial crisis? (updated with comments from Johnson and Stiglitz)

I'm only in my mid-30s, but have been obsessed the past few days with not being "young" anymore.

John Garamendi (D-Calif.): Let’s stay on the road: President Obama’s infrastructure plan...

Bob Herbert nails it right here

When D.C. 'Wisdom' Is Wrong

Quick question

DE GOP Chairman: Most people are "laughing" about O' Donnell

Amy Goodman talks to a real Kenyan anti-colonialist

Siena Poll--GOP primary for Governor: Lazio 43% Paladino 42%

Well look at that...when we fight we actually WIN-

Conservative media attribute German economic growth to spending cuts...

Congress Is Back, But Why?

AFL-CIO mail blankets battlegrounds

DCCC has reserved $49M worth of air time in 60 house districts

Democratic Reps Diana DeGette (CO) and John Boccieri (OH) defend health care law on campaign trail

Refuting notion that "the left is harder on Obama than it was to Clinton"

Dreams of a Lunatic

Russert implies NYT's article about Boehner can't be so 'cause he came from such 'humble beginnings'

I'll be the first to admit I'm not really a big Lady GaGa fan

**** Heads Up! POTUS Speaks on the Economy, 2pm EDT ****

Mason-Dixon Poll: NV (03) Dem gaining ground

Josh Marshall: Why It's All Up to the Prez Now

GOP spokesman: Senate GOP to oppose Obama tax plan

Boehner concedes only three percent of small businesses affected by extending tax cuts (updated)

"Top Senate GOP Aides Think This Could Cost Them The Majority" (DE GOP Senate Primary)

Tea party candidate may win in NH afterall

Obama needs to push in the media what big business has done with their Bush tax cuts.

MSNBC's Contessa Brewer not prepared to respond on whether Social Security is solvent! Priceless!

Opposing views from a Democratic Rep and Republican Sen on extending Bush tax cuts for the rich

My Orphan Kittens Didn't Make It

WH: From Obama On Down, We'll Be Hitting Boehner On Tax Cuts

(R)asmussen Poll--CT Governorship: Malloy (D) 46% Foley (R) 39%

Jon Kyl,R-AZ, on Senate floor playing 'class warfare' card. It's the only card they have left!

MSNBC:'Young Gun' GOP Whip Eric Cantor says, 'No dice!' to not extending Bush tax cuts to the top 2%

********OBAMA SPEAK TO NCAA Champion Student Athletes 5:45 PM EDT*****

Murray Ahead in Washington 50%-41%

The Republican perspective: "Virtually everybody" is rich! by Joan McCarter

Days After ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Ruling, Another Challenge Heads to Court

Wow! Andy Card just lied and said there aren't many small businesses that make less than $250,000!

Exclusive: Florida Governor Charlie Crist prepared to endorse broad swath of gay rights

Senate Republicans say they'll block tax increase

The Truth About the GOP Agenda: GOP Claims that Health Reform Is Increasing Health Costs Are FALSE

Standing up for what I believe in...

Who here does not - NOT - want to see a rehash of 1990's political culture?

Reid to schedule ‘Don’t Ask’ vote next week

Krugman At His Best Today

Call them "the Obama tax cuts for the middle class."

"don't send flowers to the family. Just vote against President Obama in 2012."

What if growth had been equal?

"The very best organizer and fundraiser in the Dem Party is going to be here in Iowa -- Sarah Palin"

Let's see your babies...Post your Pictures

Gallup poll: Dems enthusiasm growing. Up 6 points. Generic ballot splits, 48% R's, 43% Dems.

Obama faces new criticism from women's groups over his team

Bill Clinton visiting 'The Daily Show' on Thursday

Elizabeth Warren Under Consideration For Interim CFPB Chief (updated)

Tom Jensen of PPP: "I wouldn't be surprised if O'Donnell ends up winning by 10" (DE Senate primary)

Venezuela nabs 3 Colombian paramilitary suspects

Lady Gaga's VMA Escorts All Victims of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Policy

Australian banks unfazed by tough new rules

SKorea activists to protest G20

Pressure on mobile phone makers to stop using Congolese 'blood minerals'

Thailand denies visas to Vietnam rights activists

How could they be winning..

British Union leaders warn of strikes to oppose cuts (Mainstream Labour Party Feeling "Militant")

No Link Found Between Vaccine Mercury And Autism

BP Suit's Complex Legal Structure Scrutinized

EU tells Turkey to implement reforms

Afghan Commander Issues Rules on Contractors

Geithner Urges Action on Economy

Production of stimulus-aided car batteries revs up

RAK’s solar islands could power emirate

Will Boehner's 'Blink' Make A Difference on Tax Cuts? Not Before Lame-Duck

Torture and abuse rife in Iraq jails, Amnesty report says

In Del., GOP comes out swinging against tea party

British, Canadian troops may have smuggled Afghan heroin, reports say

Stocks climb on banking reform, China growth

Venezuelan official: plane crashed with 47 aboard

Water shortages reach crisis levels in China

FCC to open up vacant TV airwaves for broadband

My husband is being tortured in Baghdad jail, says London Iraqi

FBI probe is sought in burning of Quran in East Lansing

US Justice Department To Test Cement From BP's Macondo Well

Drunken e-mail to Obama gets teen banned from U.S.

Unions warn of coordinated action over cuts

GOP spokesman: Senate GOP to block Obama from cutting taxes for middle class if rich excluded

Mexican marines capture alleged drug lord El Grande

SB 1070 Supporters and White Supremacists Raise $3.6 Million for Legal Costs

China and Taiwan ease tension with new trade agreement

France will penalise companies that pay women less

Lieberman Favors Extension of Bush-Era Tax Rates

Pakistanis are friendly and loving people, not terrorists: Aisam (Statement At US Tennis Open)

Exclusive: Florida Governor Charlie Crist prepared to endorse broad swath of gay rights

U.S. urges Arab states to drop Israel nuclear treaty demand

U.S. to sell up to $60 billion of arms to Saudi Arabia

Senate Republicans firm on tax cuts for rich

(Sen. Mitch) McConnell proposal: No one to pay higher taxes next year

Read all about it: The secret dossier of lawbreaking that spells trouble for Murdoch & Cameron

Cuba to cut one million public sector jobs

Fellow Americans' suspicions frustrate US Muslims

Industry Has Sway Over Food Safety System: Study

GOP spokesman: Senate GOP to block Obama tax plan

Claims Of Border Program Success Are Unproven

Pentagon tries to buy entire print run of US spy expose Operation Dark Heart

Solar-powered beer rolls off line at Newark brewery

Rich Americans Save Tax Cuts Instead of Spending, Moody's Says

Md. Judge: Military Contractors Can Be Sued

KPD, FBI investigating shot and burned Quran left at Knoxville mosque

PG&E pledges $100M for San Bruno rebuilding

'Super Wi-Fi' nears final approval in U.S.

Melting sea ice forces walruses ashore in Alaska

Indonesian Christians beat on their way to prayers

Indonesian Christians beat on their way to prayers

Survey: 40% Of Republicans Watch Fox News Regularly

Trial begins Tuesday for former Blackwater contractors

Nelson Mandela felt betrayed by Tony Blair over decision to join Iraq invasion (was breathing fire)

California seeks China's help for high-speed rail

Production of stimulus-aided car batteries revs up

Acid Victim Bethany Storro's Ex-Mom-in-Law Denies She Could Have Faked Attack

Reid to schedule ‘Don’t Ask’ vote next week

In Ad Wars, Democrats Shy From Ties to Own Party

Senate to Take Up Big Pentagon Bill

Five Progressives In Swing Districts Are Bucking The Tide

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday September 13

Conservative wants Maldonado to defy Schwarzenegger, appeal Prop. 8

Interest-Group Spending Drives G.O.P. Lead in Ads

EPIC Files FOIA Suit For Documents Regarding Google/NSA Partnership

Burp v. Breathalyzer: Kentucky Supreme Court to decide issue in DUI case

Gingrich: President Exhibits ‘Kenyan, Anticolonial Behavior’

Imam: NYC mosque site is not 'hallowed ground'

Obama sees areas for compromise with GOP

Buffett, Ballmer predict bright economic future

Student denied bail after claiming Muslim cab driver he allegedly stabbed was't severely injured

Spending by Interest Groups Drives G.O.P. Lead in Ads

14 killed, dozens injured over Quran desecration protests in Indian-controlled Kashmir

Impeachment Trial Begins for Lousiana Judge

Claims Data Fail to Support Thimerosal-Autism Link

Texas Skateboarder Stops Christian Extremist From Burning The Qur’an

White House Considers Naming Warren 'Interim' CFPB Head

New Drug-Resistant Superbugs Found in 3 States

Cuba to eliminate 500,000 state jobs, spur private sector

Sarah Palin's Iowa trip points to 2012 presidential run

Saudi Arms Deal Advances (WH to Notify Congress Soon of $60 Billion Package, Largest Ever for US)

'Body Snatchers' Actor McCarthy, 96, Dies in Mass.

Bible or Koran - which burns best?

AP: New Ballots Bring New Complications to New York

TheRealNews: UK Investigates Iraq War; U.S. is Silent

"Greece as a viable economy is finished" - Max Keiser/Helen Skopis

PHIL DAVISON GOP Candidate - Ad For President of the United States of America!!!!!

Christians pretending to be "wasted" in the Spirit

Here’s a look at Deval Patrick’s first TV ad of the season

Young Turks: Crazy Iraq Hidden Camera Show

Auto-Tune the News #13: driving. stripping. swinging. (ft. Weezer)

90 Second Summaries: Promo Video

Rahm's Legacy (Second City)

What makes you Mad as Hell in America?

TYT: GOP Candidate - Girl Scouts, Lesbians & Atheists Coming?

Meg Whitman is Boring - New TV Ad

TYT: SF McDonald's Eliminates Dollar Menu to Keep Homeless Out

Solar Panel once on White House...Epilogue: Where do we go from here? - JTMP.ORG

America's on Sale - Alix Olson

Thom Hartmann confronts Bryan Fischer who equates Muslims with neo-Nazis

Countering Election Spin

Johann Hari reveals where your i-Pad comes from - and how people died to make it

Ryan: Cutting Taxpayer Subsidies To Oil and Gas Companies Is 'Ridiculous Economics'

GOP candidate Teresa Collett says she would shut down govt to repeal health reform

John Boehner: The Man with the Tan

Didn't We? November 30th, '99

The Gospel Truth

Filibuster Question For President Clinton's YouTube Interview

Barbara Boxer TV Ad: "Made in America"


9/11 Result of Islam or U.S. Policy Blowback?

His Own Words (Feingold goes after opponent)

The Choice This November

Climate Denial Crock of the Week - 2010 Sea Ice update

Weird Liberal Head Show #161: It's Time to End the Tea Party

Neil Cavuto sees the end of America

Mandela 'breathed fire' over Britain's role in Iraq

1964 Civil Rights Act

El Prezidente Kaboom Presents: What My Father Saw Before The 60's Went Ka-BOOM! Part 1

GAO: Iraq's Government, Requesting Billions, Has Billions in Surplus

Your rights should not be flat by Mark Sumner

A subtler tack to fight Afghan corruption?

AP ENTERPRISE: A look at who got gov't Gulf work

Krugman on "China, Japan, America"

The Defense of the Progressive Tax System

Alan Simpson, Social Security, and the Welfare Barons of the Livestock Industry

Bottom Line

Jim Hightower: Is Death the Price of Having a Job? In Some Corporations It Seems Like It

Scary People, Scary Times (James Howard Kunstler)

KBR/Halliburton Immune from Prosecution for Cancer Exposure in Iraq

Boom Times for Parchment Profiteers

Chris Hedges: Do No Pity the Democrats (Fear the underlying corporate power structure)

In Iraq, the Job Opportunity of a Lifetime Managing a $13 Billion Budget With No Experience!

" President Obama and the Proper Economy of Persuasion" (Is he too wordy?)

A G.O.P. Leader (John Boehner) Tightly Bound to Lobbyists - nyt

The Most Ridiculous Tea Party Protest Signs

Terry Jones, Dove Provided False Information in IRS Filing

Ten Things Dems Could Do to Win

My Nine Years as a Middle-Eastern American

Former Police Chief: Legalize Pot, Now

I hope President Obama has learned something from recent events. He began calling out the Repubs on

"Iraq Posting Massive Surplus Thanks To U.S. Taxpayers!" (Dan Froomkin)

Has Porn Hijacked Our Sexuality?

Buffett Rules Out Double-Dip Recession Amid Growth

Handcuffs For Wall Street, Not Happy-Talk

Bat packs stick to their roots in a manner of squeaking (they have regional accents)

Rare kiwi hatches from quake-rattled egg

Drumbeat from the weekend...

Drumbeat: September 13, 2010

Fatal Gas Blast Prompts Scrutiny of Aging U.S. Fuel Pipelines

Caribbean Corals Face Higher Temps Now Than In 2005, When 60% Of Reefs Died - SciAm

Natural Resources Canada Scientists Muzzled By Harper Gov., Even When Discussing Ice Age-Era Floods

Igor Cat 4 - Max Sust 150, 933 Mb, But Well Off Shore - Likely Track Towards Bermuda

China, its fast breeder reactor having gone critical, to order two large Russian Fast Reactors.

In Korea, Rain Nearly Every Day For A Month - After Record Snowfall, Blazing Midsummer

Toon: Harmful invasive species

I purchased a set of "green" tires. They are made in Finland. Eco friendly.

Purple Pokeberries hold secret to affordable solar power worldwide

Freshwater levels drop 8.5% in Southern Canada

Soooooooooooo?Why is this not in use????????

New Oz Climate Minister Pledges "Common Sense" In Energy Debate, Will Protect Coal Jobs

High on Hemp Homes

Torrential Rains & Floods Hit Drought-Weakened Sahel - 600K Either Homeless Or Face Starvation - NYT

Solarbuzz: US Solar Market To Grow Tenfold by 2014

An ill wind blows for Denmark's green energy revolution

Obama Says No to Installing Solar Panels on the White House

ACS - If, Starting Today, No More Power Plants, Cars Etc. Were Built We Might Avoid Worst Of Climate

Nuclear Power

This weekend could not have gone any better.

13-7. Is there still some cheese needed for that WHINE from the Cowboy fans??

Hey DU, anyone want to teach a bigoted FB group a lesson?

Hey mad, wrestling chokeholds are illegal in the NFL

In the Pats-Bengals Game, Which Featured, Randy Moss, T.O., and Ochocinco, the most Impressive WR

Around the NFL


Where are all the Cowboys Fans?

Ok, I;ve been out of the loop...driving cross-country...still why wasn't this posted?

Time to welcome Gang Green to reality

Do you like the football forum overwhelmed by trivia questions threads?

Boise State loses ground in Top 25

potentially stupid question about football (running uphill, downhill)

Pakistanis are friendly and loving people, not terrorists: Aisam (Statement At US Tennis Open)

****Official Carolina League Championship Series Thread ****

In Football, a pass thrown neither forward nor backward is a forward pass?

In football, what's the proper name for an "extra point" attempt?

In football, a player that catches a punt may punt the ball back.

In football, how many unsportsmanlike conduct penalties can a player be charged with before....

In the NFL, a team may free kick for a field goal (3 Points) after completing a fair catch

In football, after a touchdown is scored, the opposing team decides which team will kick off.

Ines Sainz, Azteca Reporter, Harassed By Jets? NFL Investigating

Venezuela nabs 3 Colombian paramilitary suspects

Today's Diane Rehm Show: Fidel Castro on the World Stage w/ Jeff Goldberg and Julia Sweig

Swiss cement maker Holcim says it will receive $650 million compensation from Venezuela

Delivered remains of victims of executions extrajudicial

Found this re Goss's involvement in Haiti. It was written when he was confirmed

"The Heirs: The History and Future of Death Squads in Colombia"

Burglar's "crime spree" stopped by armed business owner

Neighbors shoot trio of dogs as they attack three joggers in Fairfield CA

Bloomberg Further Disgraces Himself In Latest Anti-Gun Pitch

The FBI gun crime stats for 2009 are out today...

What does it mean to be gay?

Trial opens for Tacoma lesbian seeking return to military

Reid to schedule ‘Don’t Ask’ vote next week

WaPo: Immigration overhaul could leave gay couples out

My friend works at Bank of America

Alan Osmond Says The Osmonds Brought in Chuck Norris to 'De-Feminize' Their Dance Moves

On D-Day For Prop 8 Appeal, Wingnuts Launch Last Ditch Effort With Lt. Governor

Survey of gay, transgender in Neb.

let me be the first to introduce

I've posted a link to some pix of our protests yesterday

Photos from Burning Man 2010 Love to go there someday.


Mission Creep

Shadows of trees on Louvre facade

I'm ready for my close-up

42 percent of Israeli Jews are secular: government

Israeli troops killed three Palestinians

North Carolina Stabilus Workers Get New Union Election Due To Company’s Labor Law Violations

Did anybody get a good look at the cheerleader

In football, a muff may not be advanced

Analysis of temperature and salinity shakes view of global water flow.

Book burning catches on.

A sincere question to believers

Respect is not the same as obedience

Galileo Was Wrong: First Annual Catholic Conference on Geocentrism

Pluto and the dark cloud that is hanging over our heads...

The intense itching of my hands and feet likely stress, says my doctor.

New Report Debunks Link Between Vaccines, Autism