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Gallup Obama approval, 46-46, Rasmussen 41-58

Gallup Obama approval, 46-46, Rasmussen 41-58

Psssst...Orrin Hatch? The "administration that created these problems" was the Bush admin, dipshit.

Turley on KO re rendition and torture

Trump's Offer - What would you have done?

This Saturday 9/11 I will be burning copies of "Sarah Palin Going Rogue"......ha

Appeals Court Ends Ban on Stem Cell Financing, for Now

Puget sound: Two police shootings in one day, 4 in one week, one tazer death

Sharron Angle's 'Second Amendment Remedies' Considered Mainstream Now?

Sharron Angle's 'Second Amendment Remedies' Considered Mainstream Now?

NBC's MTP books ghouliani again 'for another on-air ride on his 9/11 magic carpet'

The Bu*h tax cuts didn't do squat for the economy before, and they ain't doing squat now.

i need to know. has colbert duped me and all of us, all this time. is he really conservative

Know your enemy - Media Research Center

Court Overturns Hazletown, Pa., Anti-Immigration Law

Daisy Khan Tells TP She And Her Husband Would Prefer Not To Meet Terry Jones On 9/11

Westboro Baptist Church to burn Quran if Florida douchebag doesn't

The Buck Stops with Nobody

PSA re the flu

Maybe we need to have a "Burn a Tea set day"

Barack Obama's latest proposals will only bolster the right's dominance in Washington.

we should be talking about this press conference

A Better Way to Fix the US Housing Crisis by Joseph E. Stiglitz

Personally, I'm up for burning all the "Left Behind" books....

Man L.A. Cops Shot in Head Was Unarmed, Witness Says

The Constitutional Elephant in the Room

Hell Yes It's Class Warfare! part 3

At this point, the world knows how our gov't and most citizens feel about burning the Koran...


American Apparel (U.S. clothing manufacturer) may be shuttering its doors

I'm not sure we should be celebrating the FL pastor's caving to pressure.

Governor signs 'Chelsea's Law' on sex offenders-will lock up some convicted sex offenders for life

I love when republicans talk about jobs... But the only job I can every remember

Quran burning - So what it comes down to is a threat.

Breaking News, NY Times: Request for a halt on injunction of DADT granted in Southern California

****Update on Philadelphia Factory shooting******

"If Obama is president, maybe you need to spend more time developing a gun lock, a trigger lock"

Quran burning on again? Florida pastor says maybe

Quran burning on again? Florida pastor says maybe

Judge: Military's Ban on Gays Is Unconstitutional

Self delete

military,et al-please review my ltte re:refusal to give Purple heart for TBI

"Right here you limey fuck!"

Military Religious Freedom Foundation To Donate 1 Qur'an For Every Burned; Ad To Run In FL Newspaper

Federal Judge Declares ‘DADT,,,Delete! didn't see it already posted!

Federal appeals court adopts Obama “state secrets” doctrine to block torture case

I'm speaking for SNN (Sarge)

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & Here's a new Kitty gif

The Toll from Coal...

Palin:"Book burning is antithetical to American ideals--much like building a mosque at Ground Zero."

Construction Complete On 9/11 Truther Memorial

I'll take What Took Them So Long for $500 Alex: Topeka church says it will burn Qur’an

I'll take What Took Them So Long for $500 Alex: Topeka church says it will burn Qur’an

You have got to read the ruling on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"...

GOOD NEWS RE San Bruno explosion

Fire Danger Level: LOW (DIAL-UP WARNING)

This is a gift to the Administration if they will just take advantage of it

Afghan war book delayed over 'classified' material, Pentagon seeking to buy

Facebook revokes, returns Portland (OR) minister's posting rights as drama of Quran burning unfolds

"Your tax cuts at work"

Has the right wing escaped from their religious masters? I mean we have a minister in florida

Michael Moore: They Don't Hate Us For The Book-Burning, They Hate Us For The Killing

August to June: A public school happily & purposefully going against ed deform trends

moran mania

Judge won't kick Green Party candidates off ballot

This Saturday (9/11) I think I might burn a picture of Mohammed

American Constitution Society Launches New Judicial Nominations Website

Donald Trump strikes deal with Pastor Terry Jones & Mosque

Please "CAPTION" - I'm Carl Felinia the recluse brother of my sister Carly

DTE's (Detroit Edison) negligence & parasitism & budget cuts caused the severe fires in Detroit

When it comes to mass murder and destruction and driving people into refugee status, Al Qaeda

(May) New evidence surfaces on charter school scam

Thanks to the media - Phelps church jumps on Qur'an burning bandwagon.

It's the fundies...again!

Luckovich toon: skewers BP AND the Islam hysteria at once!

Interview with Phil Davison, the man behind one of the most intense stump speeches ever

One of original Navajo Code Talkers dies in Ariz.

Coverage of Koran Case Stirs Questions on Media Role

Coverage of Koran Case Stirs Questions on Media Role

McConnell Urges Media To Ignore Quran-Burning Pastor

Sebelius To Health Insurers: We ‘Will Not Tolerate Unjustified Rate Hikes

Donald Trump Inserts Himself Into Park51 Controversy

A Burning Question

South Africa: Xenophobia - the art of shifting the burden (to foreigners)

Any Chance Bill Clinton will Campaign for Jerry Brown ?

Any Chance Bill Clinton will Campaign for Jerry Brown ?

This is the funniest fucking tweet I have ever read...

Email virus going around ("Here you have")

What time is the Obama press conference today?

Arpaio 2012!!

Top Priorities for an Education Makeover

Sheriffs want lists of patients using painkillers

Two things I saw on TV that made me feel a little ill at ease....

Phil Davidson, GOP candidate for Stark County treasurer is FIRED UP (and probably on the yayo?)

Protesting the Important Issues of the Day.....

Arnold Schwarzenegger needles Sarah Palin while flying over Alaska

Right-Wing Republicans vs. Corporate Democrats vs. Progressive Populists

Uno dos tres quatro. We suck.

Holiday wishes for today and tomorrow

We must heed home truths of US recession

America’s Falling Infrastructure

Afghan Protests Against Koran Burning Turn Violent

Krugman: 'Things Could Be Worse'

i have downloaded a brazilian copies of the koran

Exclusive: WikiLeaks Collaborating With Media Outlets on Release of Iraq Documents

Exclusive: WikiLeaks Collaborating With Media Outlets on Release of Iraq Documents

Farm owners face trial in November

Imam asked Pastor Jones: "What would Jesus do?"

Group sues Department of Homeland Security to stop laptop searches

the fruits of your teachings, pastor jones

Errant drone near DC almost met by fighter jets

Yet another tea partier proven to be a liar

Don't Tazo me, bro!

The Indefensible Drones: A Ground Zero Reflection

Want to see something disturbing?

'Plan B' For Afghanistan Aims To Spark Long Overdue Debate

I went to register and it's taken. I'm not as creative as I thought.

1,270 Architects/Engineers Reveal Hard Evidence of Explosive Demolition at World Tra

Pentagon Aims to Buy Up Book

Interesting background info about the "Reverend" Jones - he is formerly of Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Interesting background info about the "Reverend" Jones - he is formerly of Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Darn! I wanted to organize a burning of the Sibylline Books...

Police Confirm 1 Dead in Kraft Foods Factory Shooting

Cadmium in Chinese jewelry raises alarms (LAT)

You know I always thought Donald Trump was a bloated pompous asshole....

Out-of-State Billionaire Oil Barons Pour Seven Figures into California's Climate-Killing Prop 23

Democrats and Taxcuts ??

Duke College Republicans See Funds Cut, May Lose Charter Over Former Gay Leader's Dismissal

Blackwater founder Erik Prince targets Democrats in memoir

According to huffington it looks like Meek and crist are helping the repuke /nt

Blackwater founder Erik Prince targets Democrats in memoir

E.J. Dionne:Obama should debate Boehner and McConnell

I need to know at what point did 9/11 go from an act of terrorism to an attack from Islam?

"Let's take a trip to the Cayman Islands"

Bushco Contractor Quietly Granted Legal Immunity While Securing Oil Supplies In Iraq

Is there ANY worthwhile mainstream TV News? I haven't seen anything

Bloomberg is talking about how it would hurt the poor people if "bush" tax cuts are lost

The legacy of Iraq at home: On a cold December night, Sgt. Spencer Kohlheim hangs himself in his gra

So is the Democratic small business bill going to pass the Senate?

In the 60's and early 70's our protesting help end the Viet Nam war.

And CNN is now COVERING the San Bruno Fire

Charter School Director who embezzled 1 million from Native American schoolchildren gets 10 years

Majority Want Tax Cuts for Wealthy to Expire

A Bookburning Palooza

Why elections matter, in one graph

Koran Burning Still Off, For Now, As One Dies In Afghanistan Protest

Sheriffs in N.C. have stepped over the line

Obama Press Conference

Terry Jones is the real deal

Let's popularize a new word. "Palin". It's a synonym for something incredibly stupid.

Secret Tape Has Police Pressing Ticket Quotas

Right-Wing Republicans vs. Corporate Democrats vs. Progressive Populists

Silence, and a time to reflect. Then move on with your day IMO would

Ok-I need your help again-local paper back to normal on editorials

Ok-I need your help again-local paper back to normal on editorials

Fox Nation: Mosque Site Just One Block from Human Remains

The DU front page has the hiccups again.

"We"/"They" are not all hateful.

On Fevers

Gallup poll: majority favor ending tax cuts for the rich, disagree with Boehner

Will YouTube be on high alert for Quarn burning videos?

I was going to wait on this but

California police say they feared for their safety when they gunned down a man wielding a spatula

For proof of the enthusiasm gap, look no further than this graph

"We are not at war with Islam."

Girl Scouts breed "pro-abortion" lesbians, says Republican

Editing Party With Sean Hannity

Provider pulls Dove World church's service late wednesday.

Gawker: The Secret Dealer for Farmville Addicts

Nothing dishonors the victims of 9/11 more than the War on Terror

When do we as a country, a people, a species get to remove this garbage from the tracks


The roots of 9/11

Afghan Protests Against Koran Burning Turn Violent

My comment on all the recent nonsense. (Tomorrow's "Queen Victoria" strip)

US soldiers 'killed Afghan civilians for sport and collected fingers as trophies'

my ltte printed today re:denying Purple Hearts to Troops with TBI.

Maybe it is time we reflect back on Jim Crow

Mark Halperin (wingnut) say Obama should pick a "centrist Republican" for Chief of Staff...

Ben Bernanke's Trifecta of Errors - Dean Baker/HuffPo

You don't need complicated ideas

Carly Fiorina Repug Sen Candidate - Illegal past corp activity?

Number of Jobs, Labor Market Experience, and Earnings Growth: Results From A Longitudinal Survey

‘America Speaking Out’ Against Republican Proposals On Republican Website

Best quote I've heard in a while "Do you think they let Germans build near the holocaust?"

This is what I would do to repeal DADT

Ahmadinejad: Quran burning Zionist plot

SCREENSHOT: Iran's Ahmadinejad's tweet on Koran burning

Olberman Video: Bush's Rendition Program Remains Unchecked

An Invitation to enjoy a weekend of a Progressive Gathering

Who is behind the Quran-burning idiot?

When a Fringe Figure Becomes News

Ed Henry -- what a useless hack!

Nice robocall from the AFL-CIO

Al Franken email re: incentives for small businesses / Senate bill -

Shirley Phelps-Roper now in on the Koran burning, throwing in US flag and pedophilia accusations

Glenn Beck To Donate Fee From Alaska 9-11 Appearance

Obama's failed policies, can the man fight or is he really the wuss he appears to be?

This is why I love DU...

GOP Fights to Ignite the Party

I can't decide what to think about "Pastor" Terry Jones

Our Long National Nightmare Isn't Over, It's Just Beginning

First, Bash the Teachers- Media find a scapegoat for educational failure

First, Bash the Teachers- Media find a scapegoat for educational failure

The last 24hrs of Police Misconduct news reports from the InjusticeNews Twitter feed

Economic experts take to Sunday talk shows and call for more stimulus

Economic experts take to Sunday talk shows and call for more stimulus

Obama says al-Qaida hunt high priority

So Is It Time For The Media

So why were the actual words of John Kerry so awful that they had to be deleted

From the New America Foundation: Readying a Plan B for Economic Recovery

Need some desgregation history - Mississippi ***1970's***

Good quote from Harry Truman showed up in my crytogram today.

Why are right wing nuts named after Monty Python members?

US Navy kicks wingnuts in the soft and danglies.

What the Constitution says vs. what some people think the Constitution says

Everything you needed to know about San Bruno-devastating PG&E (taxpayer bailouts; dereg lobbying)

Democrat target of Tea Party speaks his mind

Dear GOP: We are not creating new taxes for the rich. We are simply ending their free ride

Dear GOP: We are not creating new taxes for the rich. We are simply ending their free ride

This quote from the Qur'an encourages violence

Email from a Korean-American immigrant about the prevalent anti-Muslim mood.

The Nation by The Editors: The Time For Bold Economic Measures Is Now

The DADT lawsuit was filed by the Log Cabin Republicans

America's CHRISTIAN Osama Bin Laden-"If mosque is built on ground zero-it will be removed OK-style"

Source: Obama to Name Goolsbee ("Centrist economist") to Head Council

Belgium church abuse detailed by Adriaenssens report

Atlanta population grew 29% last decade

Atlanta population grew 29% last decade

Atlanta population grew 29% last decade

Quran-burning" Fla. pastor is Cape Girardeau native, ex-classmate of Rush Limbaugh

For S.F. Bay Area DUers... 'Huge Explosion On San Bruno Hillside'

Is DU Having Technical Problems? The Front Page seems to be frozen in time!

Obama on Elizabeth Warren: “I’ll have an announcement soon”

Obama on Elizabeth Warren: “I’ll have an announcement soon”

So . . . . we flew from the east coast to San Francisco today . . . . . .

Standardized Tests Creates Standardized Kids

New York Post, Fox News promote macabre 9/11 human remains map

Friday TOON Roundup, part 2

"Fox & Fiends" shows map of 9-11 victim's "body parts found 348 feet" from proposed Islamic center

Friday TOON Roundup, part 3

The Judiciary is Political (for good or ill)

Circular Firing Squad! Palin's pal O'Donnell attacked by the RNC and DE GOP

University of Florida students protest against the burning of the Quran - pic

Friday TOON Roundup, part 5

GOPers finally figure out how to win in NOV...they gonna use SCREAMING and Whackoness

Uh--the San Bruno Gas explosion--- That was an infrastructure problem.

Oh, FFS... American media really, really, really sucks

DADT: We fail when we depend on one judge (or 5) to defend our liberties

Hey, I just got an idea. Maybe dumb, but an idea.

Errant drone near DC almost met by fighter jets

The Quran burner and his Tea Party followers...

Latest Las Vegas casualty: Liberace Museum to shut down

Friday TOON Roundup, part 4

WA State .....Brown executed for 1991 rape........

Ted Koppel: Nine years after 9/11, let's stop fulfilling bin Laden's goals

After this weekend, Terry Jones' 15 minutes will be over. What will be the next shiny object?

Meet The Self-Described “Christian Counterpart To Osama Bin Laden” (ARRESTED)

They should build the mosque somewhere else because "There's just too much opposition to it"!

The Rude Pundit: A Brief Note Regarding Hallowed Ground

This weekend I'm going to burn a slew of Glenn Beck/Sarah Palin books

"The current Great Recession may signal a far deeper social crisis than occurred during the 1930's"

off the wall question: how do I join a union?

I just finished watching the 1st part of a documentary called "MeltDown"

President Obama Attends Press Conference Without His Wedding Ring

Divide and Conquer

ACLU & NYCLU to Release Ad Promoting Religious Freedom as Mosque Controversy Continues

Could "Pastor" Jones have been "scared straight"?

Just when you thought flying couldn't get any less comfortable

With all of this wonderful attention being paid to Pastor Yosemite Sam...

Bastids! (Airlines, that is.) A Rant.

"In America, anyone can grow up to be president!"

$how Me the Money - The Alaska $enate Race - the Mudflats

What happens when a McCain staffer and a former Kucinich Presidential staffer sit in a coffee shop

IL: Bill Brady and Mark Kirk PLEASE GO AWAY!

IL: Bill Brady and Mark Kirk PLEASE GO AWAY!

Of course, there are copycat Koran-burning nutjobs

DU brothers and sisters I have an idea.

They are whipping up this stupid pastor to the point that

CA crews try to reach smoldering homes after blast

Because Burning the Koran Can Do So Much to Restore Our Security and Build Harmony Among All Nations

The Fight for Sept. 11: Terror Anniversary Becomes American Day of Hate

Ironacy at it's best

Gangs in the military pose problem for civilian police, Killeen TX detective says

Help me stop this RW creep from becoming city commissioner!

Glenn Greenwald: In Defense of Alan Simpson, Co-chair of President Obama's Deficit Commission

Pentagon Plan: Buying Books to Keep Secrets

Megyn Kelly wanted to make fun of Obama's speech on the economy -- but then he punked her

KKK rally planned Saturday in Ellijay

Letter from Al Franken - just because

Don't Ask, Don't Tell ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!

9/11 Father: 'I Don't Understand All of This Hate'

Stand Up 2 Cancer is on tonight @ 8PM East Coast time

Tropical Storm Igor?

NRDC selects StoryCorps to help record stories from Gulf Coast residents affected by the oil 'spill'

Bill Clinton helping two more Dems

Had the president implemented a truly progressive agenda rather than too often ratifying junior's

GOP insiders skeptical of landslide predictions

Friday funny from the Governator

I am sure this will be incendiary regarding the 9/11 site,

Fireball tragedy in California suburb brings gas industry under scrutiny

Woman held after 2 shot dead at Kraft cookie plant in Pa.

Woman held after 2 shot dead at Kraft cookie plant in Pa.

Priest sex abuse linked to 13 suicides in Belgium; hundreds come forward

Google results for "Who would unrec this." I love you guys :)

Rate the level of pissed-ness you will experience if Democrats cut Social Security:

Obama kind of responds to DADT court decision

James K. Galbraith statement to the Deficit Commission: Your proceedings are clouded by illegitimacy

In televised debate, Blue Dog accuses Democratic opponent of palling around with progressives

"Stand Up to Cancer" on NBC/CBS/ABC/FOX

Yosemite Scam

Republicans Dominate Medicare Discussions On White House Fiscal Commission - TPM

Friday TOON Roundup, part 1

They're not all hateful (toon)

Sarah Palin/Glen Beck Tomorrow In Anchorage ...WHY...

What happened today during my unemployment sabbatical

During ABC interview President Obama won't say he'll veto a tax cut for rich if Congress extends it

Fun with Google Instant & Billy Joel's We Didn't Start The Fire

Obama: Voter anger could hurt Dems in elections

Charter schools cry foul over rules that force most to refund thousands in new federal aid

Sharron Angle cancels debate, infuriates reporter

San Bruno explosion: closeup view of the pipe that blew

Not to state the obvious, but...

Martin Sheen joins hotel workers’ Royal York picket line

Greg Sargent: Dear Dems: You can win the argument over Bush tax cuts

1st living recipient of Medal Of Honor since 9/11 - link to NYT article.

New airplane seats pack fliers into 23 inches of space

Rush Limbaugh and Terry Jones were high school classmates

Citibank's advice to female employees.

President Obama: End all DADT discharges NOW and 'No Appeal' of ruling

Great pic that I missed

US Military BURNED the Christian Bible!

The rich getting richer in one chart

Bull Shit Bull Shit Bull Shit!

Take a Look at

Hudson mosque vandalized

I wish Chris Matthews would stop saying the word Quran as " core--rans "

Archaeologists Unearth Lousiest Civilization Ever

This country continues to be vile

I am getting lots of email from liberal/progressive groups seeking contributions

An armed member of Dove World Outreach pushes the media back - pics

Is there such a thing as "Democratic Poetry"? This LTE reads like it to me.

OMG CNN is doing a segment on this Jones character.

Craemer: Take a deep breath! Why the Democrats WILL NOT be Routed in November!

Nate Silver: G.O.P. Has 2-in-3 Chance of Taking House, Model Forecasts (225R v 210D)

40 houses blown up, dead as yet uncounted and

"Christian counterpart of Osama bin Laden" charged in plot to bomb abortion clinic...

So, if you live in CA and PG&E is your gas company...

Why do conservatives hate America?

In Goat We 9/11 protest.

It has been said that our infrastructure should be rated as a D or D-

We stopped buying a 'Koch Brothers' product yesterday at the grocery store.

Notes from the trenches: Dems are VERY busy this season.

I've got CSPAN on right now...

"The leader of 50 racist shitheads got more press than all the anti war protests in 2003!"

AWESOME PIC: difference between liberals and conservatives

"the public has a sophisticated understanding of what constitutes a pragmatic immigration solution

One Dead in Protest Against Koran Burning

One Dead in Protest Against Koran Burning

Anybody, who's taxable income, is greater than $200,000 a year is rich.

$2.7 Million Charter School Fraud Could be Ignored due to Improving Test Scores

Elena Kagan recuses herself from 21 cases

The Washington Post's Education Reform Agenda - Exposed: Strip Mining American Education

There is a big difference between the mosque and the Koran burners

Errant drone near DC almost met by fighter jets.

My sincere regrets, Macy's, Barnes&Noble, Nordstrom, JCPenney, RadioShack......

I will never forget the feeling when the second plane hit. Live.

I will never forget the feeling when the second plane hit. Live.

What is America's most pressing problem?

Chevy Cruze rolls off assembly line in red, white and blue

Things Could Be Worse - if Republicans regain Power Op-ed PAUL KRUGMAN 9/10

Will Obama directly pressure Blue Dogs on tax-cuts for the wealthy?

Five Big Myths About Social Security

Alan Grayson M.V.P.

The Army Spends $312 Million Dollars For 33 Radar Sets

The First 9/11: The Fading Light of American Democracy

Weary of Drug War, Mexico Debates Legalization

How Recently Did You Read The Entire US Constitution?

Here’s the theme of this week’s Friday Afternoon Challenge Question: Famous Places!

Racy breast cancer bracelets causing controversy

Racy breast cancer bracelets causing controversy

NY Times "Muslim Prayer Room Was Part of Life at Twin Towers"

NY Times "Muslim Prayer Room Was Part of Life at Twin Towers"

Obama Talk About Offshoring Job....But...

Has anyone even claimed that Koran burning was illegal?

MEDICARE FOR ALL - Sept 9 and 10

I have a feeling Kabul is about to burst into flames. nt

FL city officials order private prep academy to move out of hotel classrooms.

Just what is the Upper Middle Class?

Boycott Koch Industries produts. Here's the list.

A Very Important Clarification: The Qur'an Protest Sign In Indonesia Says "CHURCH COMMUNITY" Beneath

Michael Moore's new site 'OpenMike'

Economic Recovery? What Recovery?

"When it comes to the plight of the middle class, Obama still doesn't get it"

Howard Dean urges progressives to join the October 2nd March on Washington

A woman carries out a lone protest in front of the Dove World Outreach Center - pic

How FDR Got His Groove

***Submissions are now open for the September Photo Contest*** You can enter at the

Obama: "One of the things that I most admired about President Bush was"

Next we take our early voting class, this will be fun since the big fire last month.

I give to you, the Lounge.....a classic song


I'd like to start a serious lounge discussion.

The real reason mummies really, really, REALLY hate those fucking cats:

MiddleFingerMom, though he loves them ALL (bless their hearts)...

NONONONONO, REALLY!!!!! Dogs and I have a mutual love affair goin' on.

Yes, Virginia... there IS such a thing as a stupid question.

The REAL reason for one of the most widely-known architectural oddities in the world?

B. Kliban's classic dietary cautionary tale of a cartoon has not only been IGNORED...

Keith Olberman's campaign slogan for jeb Bush in 2012...

That's Life....

Google just doesn't seem as useful as it used to be

I tried a serious post and it failed, so now, shut your goddamn pieholes.

Feel that tingling? That's how you can tell it's working.

I will not stop dieting until I can fit into 27 inch waist bell bottoms. n/t

If You're Kicking Ass, What's The Point of Taking Names?

Bought a dog today. He was on sale...75% off. I see why now. He's a mean fucker.

It smells horrible here.

Illiterate Pastor Threatens To Burn A Korean

Can someone please explain to me why there are going to be a Brazilian Koreans at

Is anyone else have problems with YouTube?

kissy smooch smooch to the lounge

i have downloaded a brazilian copies of the koran

I fell in love today

I give to you, the Lounge.....a split infinitive

Watching "Taking Woodstock" and having some problems.

I can't hide it anymore. I'm revealing my true identity.

Dudeists of the world, unite! International Burn a Jay Day

160 Arnie one-liners.

One of my favorite songs

Fuck you, too!!!!

Questionnaire at an elementary school.

"We"/"They" are not all hateful.


I'm organizing a Burn The Korn rally!

General Petraeus issues warning over threatened burning

Seriously, I was only away from my car for THREE MINUTES!!! Geez

REDSTONE is in the house, folks!!!

If you watch this video I will GUARANTEE you- you will have seen it all

I am quite the catch.

Mahmoud Farshchian

Ever hear of a group called "The Mom and Dads?"

Does anyone have more sexist and obnoxious commercials than Coors?

Cats take over IKEA store

Testing...Trying to upload a pic.

Which Nikki Reed photo is hotter?

Want to see cute? (baby)


You: Single again. Would you date a loser?

Cerrrone - Trippin On The Moon Suite - Hot Tracks DJ Remix

Dear America (US v UK English)

I have an idea for a new show...


Embed your politiwidget now.


I am an Angry Rebel today

Greatest movie of the 2000's. 'Devils Rejects.' If only for this scene....

Truly it is heartwarming how DU unites us. Recently, I saw a post by

If when I sweat, I smell like cat pee, is that a bad thing?

Our dog is shedding about 3 times his normal amount - does this have to do with

I'm Pissed (American Def) and I'm Pissed (UK def)

I just had an orgasm.

Who is "Ignored"

**** Please congratulate kimi for reaching 1,000 posts! ****

font pack for PhotoShop and illustrator (question)

What my son drew in school today. (Graphic image warning!)

Anyone ever ordered a Pillow Pet?

Blech.... I'm feeling terrible...

The world is going to shit. Nuclear Holocaust is coming. So post your best "Worst Date" story here

Grade-school photos are about the biggest scam perpetrated against middle America.

Life explained

Is he for sure gay?

When the NEW Bachman & Turner album opens with a cowbell, you know it's a gonna be a good 'un.

I could really use some DU emotional regulation about now.

(Dare I say it?) GEAUX SAINTS!!!

My silly O/C dog Cleopatra Marie (dial-up warning)

There have been some comments about passion.

The most adorable li'l froggy in the world...

Should DU'ers be required to report that they are paid to post here


One of the greatest songs / most erotic videos, ever. (Mods: it's clean.)

How many pets do you have? Pondering thought after watching a show about pet hoarding

Whoa. I'm out on the screen porch, and I just saw a squirrel fall

No sparkles? No problem!

Inspired by another post, Friday stumper

RASTAFARIANISM? Whaddayaknow,... Mon?

Why is the front page of DU Stuck on Tuesdays Page??

Proof girls are evil

Orphan Kitten Update

Going too far?

cat question--not your normal question

the breed of dog thread got me going

Photos of our wedding! (dial-up warning)

Whose ready for spaghetti?

Do you like the new DU alert method?

Obama Administration Releases Plans to Lower Federal Government’s Energy Use

More on the DADT ruling

Obama should've made the case for effective big government action going in.

Immigration shaping up as big issue in Indiana Senate race

Judge declares U.S. military's 'don't ask, don't tell' unconstitutional

K&R to call on Eric Holder NOT to appeal the ruling that Don't Ask, Don't Tell is unconstitutional

You would think this story would be BREAKING NEWS but you know how the media is

Obama to Tap Goolsbee as Chair of Council of Economic Advisers

Eric Alterman: Obama's Finally Ready to Rumble

What is the difference between Bernie Sanders and Al Franken?

Public Policy Pollster (PPP): Texas '12 GOP primary preview--Gingrich leads

What was this big Obama speech that I missed? I want to watch it and see for myself

President Obama to address Iraq, Afghanistan and economy in wide-ranging press conference

U.S. Wholesale Inventories Rise More-Than-Forecast 1.3%; Sales Climb 0.6%

Obama Takes GOP To Task On Economy, Tax Cuts (AP)

Terminator mock Sarah Connor... I mean Sarah Palin

I don't care what anyone says - Barack Obama is a baaaaad motor scooter

Decatur soldier killed in Iraq (Indiana)

Obama: Americans Shouldn't Turn on Each Other

**** Heads Up: President Obama's News Conference, Live 11am EDT! ****

I love TPetty's MOJO.

There's the line, but he's got to put some fire in it:

***Submissions are now open for the September Photo Contest*** You can enter at the

CNN and others have failed by providing a platform to another Jim Jones

How long before Phelps gets a call from a cabinet member and a statement from The President?

Allstate/National Journal Poll: Congressional ballot: 38% (D) 36% (R)


GOP Poll: FL Governor--Sink (D) 44% Scott (R) 42%

President Obama to hit four states in campaign swing

GALLUP: Americans OK Allowing Tax Cuts for Wealthy to Expire (only 37% say extend cuts for all)

2011.. redistricting for congressional seats for the next ten years, Unwinding the New Deal..

Polls on House races released this week

Ezra Klein is running a series on job creation proposals. First two: Andy Stern and Dean Baker

Democrats Against Tax Increases because $250,000 a year “does not make you really rich.”

Health reform allows goverment to send insurers really strong letters

The Goolsbee appointment raises a vital question:

Good grief, .. can anyone in the media grow a pair?

CNN to Obama: Have you failed by not capturing/killing bin Laden

Why did Condoleeza Rice smile all through the History Channel interviews...

Someone help me. There's a "Leonard Cohen Retrospective" or whatever

I just saw Tim Kaine hand the keychain to Jon Stewart. My first thought...

"I've got Muslims who are fighting in Afghanistan..."

On Boiling Frogs

Voinovich of Ohio to back small-business incentives in Senate bill proposed by Obama, Democrats

(R)asmussen Poll--CT Senate: Blumenthal 53% McMahon 44%

VERY strong answer on the "mosque" question from Faux

Rand Paul afraid to stand on same stage as Jack Conway--backs out

Rachel drinking too much caffeine or something tonite.

Nate Silver Predicts November Losses for Perriello, Grayson, Teague, and Djou

President Obama on Quran Burning: You "Don't Play Games" with Troop Safety

NH GOP Senate Primary: Tea partier may pull upset


Will Obama fight the overturn of DADT?

PPP: Some hope for Dems this fall - enthusiasm gap closing as election draws closer.

Well Nate Silver is in with the bad news

Imagine Rodney Glassman beating John McCain

I find this MI poll alarming. Like in WTF alarming

Burning Books has a long Human History///tis a form of REDUCTION

Where they burn books, in the end, they burn people

Gibbs on White House messaging: 'Give us about 50 days'

(R)asmussen Poll--Oregon Governor: Dudley 49% Kitzhaber 44%

C-Span comments following Obama's presser

Angel Taylor. What an incredible young singer!

What product from the past do you miss the most?

Florida pastor's daughter says 'he needs help'

WH Press in a Twitter Obama wasn't wearing wedding ring at Press Conference

Thoughts on visiting New Orleans this week (Pt. I)

Matthew Yglesias: $250,000 is a Lot of Money

Robert Gates made a compelling case for burning the Koran.

Ezra Klein likes a Republican idea: "one-year suspension in the Social Security payroll tax "

Imam denies pastor's claim mosque to be moved ("I have not spoken to Pastor Jones or Imam Musri")

Release Katrina hospital deaths file, Louisiana judge says

Exclusive: WikiLeaks Collaborating w/ Media Outlets on Release of (Massive Cache) of Iraq Documents

Federal judge - military's ban on openly gay service members unconstitutional

Toyota recall probe turns to NASA

3 get jail for fake driver's license racket (California)

Pastor in Koran furore accused of using 'slaves'

U.S. Marines free ship from pirates

Minister: Quran Burning Might Not be Canceled

Coverage of Koran Case Stirs Questions on Media Role

Victims of extraordinary rendition cannot sue, US court rules

Hillary Clinton: Mexican drugs war is Colombia-style insurgency

Gas line explosion burns San Bruno neighborhood

AP Source: Obama to Name Goolsbee to Head Council

Paris imam invents portable mosque for better praying

Koran-burning protests sweep Afghanistan

Pastor cancels Quran-burning, then reconsiders

U.S. Wholesale Inventories Rise More-Than-Forecast 1.3%; Sales Climb 0.6%

Exclusive: WikiLeaks Collaborating With Media Outlets on Release of Iraq Documents

E.P.A. Meeting Stalled by Security and Cost

Soldier's widow gives birth hours after funeral

Soldier's widow gives birth hours after funeral

Schwarzenegger signs California's 'Chelsea's Law'

Japan missing more than 230K listed centenarians

Obama raises pitch against outsourcing

CBS The Early Show: Rev. Terry Jones - Quran Burning Off, "Right Now"

Taliban Calls on Afghans to Avenge Quran Burning

Feds Say AZ Violates Rights of English Learners

NIH to resume funding stem cell research for now

Queen Creek Arizona dog shelter ordered to close

EPA wants to know chemicals used in gas drilling

White House: No Veto Will be Needed Over Bush Tax Cuts

President Obama to Tap Goolsbee as Chair of Council of Economic Advisers

Amnesty International calls on France to heed EU calls to end Roma discrimination

Koran Burning Pastor's Two-Hour Deadline

Iran cancels release of detained American

French ministerial circular targets Roma encampments (contrary to Sarkozy's public statements)

US soldier 'warned dad of Afghan deaths'

Florida Pastor Terry Jones' daughter pleads with dad not to burn Korans at 9/11 rally

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday September 10

U.S. troops in Afghanistan may get back their fast food

Hermosa Beach tattoo parlor ban ruled unconstitutional by appeals court

Following criticism, U.S. suspends foreign aid for outsourcing (to Sri Lanka)

Give tax breaks to businesses: Geithner

Facebook passes Google in surfers' time

Trump's offer for Islamic center site called a 'pathetic' PR attempt

Sebelius to insurers: "zero tolerance" for misinformation

'No Belgian church escaped sex abuse', finds investigation

Discarded cigarettes blamed for Princeton apartment building fire

Huge blast in San Bruno (Calif.); neighborhood on fire

One of original Navajo Code Talkers dies in Ariz.

Tax breaks only to those who create jobs in US: Obama

Yoko Ono Stages Anti - Violence Exhibit In Berlin

New GM CEO to receive $1.7 million cash salary

In Virginia, a Woman on the Verge of Execution

Obama to GOP: 'Get serious'

Report: US Must Deal With Domestic Radical Problem

Judge declares U.S. military's 'don't ask, don't tell' policy openly banning gay service members un

First Medal of Honor for a living Afghan war vet

Qur'an burning: Nato troops shoot at Afghan protesters

Iran accused of building secret underground nuclear plant

'Prince of pot' sentenced to five years

Obama Defends Rights Of American Muslims: "We Don't Differentiate Between Them & Us -- It's Just Us"

NY Minute: Albany Tea Party activist on hunger strike over Hannity's failure to interview Paladino

Is Arianna Huffington still a Republican?

Castro Says He Was Misinterpreted On Cuban Economy

Honduras deploys soldiers on anti-crime patrols

GOP Poll: Dems lead in three competitive Iowa congressional races

Germans in the Woods

Bernero (D) campaign ad: "Tough Enough to Stand up for Michigan"

The Truth About Rick Snyder's Record at Gateway (ex-CEO running for MI guv)

Fla. Pastor Suspends Quran Burning Event for Now

Rachel Maddow: BREAKING - Fed Judge Rules 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Unconstitutional

Rachel Maddow: Repub Treasurer Candidate Has 'A Master's Degree In Communication!'

Rachel Maddow- Palin's Power Exposed!!! Tea Party Exposed!!!

Rachel Maddow- When crazy calls for coverage

Dr. Fred Millar - Interview at Toxic Train Cars Forum

The Boogeyman's coming, the Boogeyman's coming!!!

Michelle Malkin drops anchor at Fox & Friends, dons tinfoil hat, stirs the pot

Sam Seder: Glenn Beck Rally: The Bibletution & other Civics lessons- TBS

The Real News: 9/11 Questions Remain Unanswered - Peter Dale Scott interview

President Obama Slams Senate GOP Obstructionism

Rachel Maddow- Filthy rich buy fake popular support

Teen Tasered In Connecticut High School

CBS News: Hydro-Fracking Turn Well Water BLACK!

Obama On U.S. Muslims: 'We Don't Differentiate Between Them And Us -- It's Just Us'

Al Jazeera English: Social Media's Response To The Qur'an Burning Threat

Islam in America: The American Crescent Part 1

Islam in America: The American Crescent Part 2

Ground Zero Mosque/Center/Park51 is to Hiroshima Church?

Shirley Phelps-Roper (Westboro Church) to burn Korans & US flag on 9/11, Mohammad a pedophile

Incendiary Idiotocracy - If only it were only Jones

TYT: Republican Running for County Treasurer Is. The. Crazy.

Bush's Stimulus Caused Our Problems, Obama's is Making it Worse!

Weird Liberal Head Show #158: Good News, Bad News, and Midterm News

TV Ad: "Yucca"

GOP candidate Phil Davidson, Stark County Treasurer Speech

Rachel Maddow - Obama and his administration still whitewashing Bush's 'support' of the troops.

Rachel Maddow- Exploiting 9_11 for fear and profit

Papantonio: Let's Beat Glenn Beck's Butt With One Nation Rally Oct. 2

If Only We Had A Covert Operation In Iran Working On Nuclear Nonproliferation Back Then!

tenth ( An award-winning short story video appropriate for the times)

Congressman Alan Grayson Profiled By CNN

How Dummies Restore Honor

Why Rahm Was 100% Wrong - by Cenk Uygur

Olbermann: Turley on Obama Use of State Secrets Privilege - 'A Corrosive Corrupting Influence'

GOP Candidate Phil Davidson's Demented & Unhinged Speech - Hitler Style

Howard Dean: Welcome to One Nation Working Together

Pentagon Plan: Buying Books to Keep Secrets

Poetic Justice: Ground Zero Mosque to Move Next to Terry Jones' Church!

Eugene Robinson:Corruption fighting, Afghanistan style

Who is this Koran burner? Muslims ask

The Republicans talk about jobs

Sept. 11: A Day Without War

Fidel: 'Cuban Model Doesn't Even Work For Us Anymore'

It Was Heaven That They Burned

Andrew Sullivan: The Age Of Fanaticism

Wait A Minute, Big Tobacco Is Suing Someone? A Country?

An Invisible Chief Justice Greenhouse

Letter to Young Americans

Following criticism, U.S. suspends foreign aid for outsourcing

Hatred in Black and White at the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot

Who Cares About ‘Burn a Koran’ Day? This is all the media’s fault

‘Where are the jobs, Mr. Boehner?’

Quran Burning Story: This Is How The Media Embarrass Themselves


Dumbest Right-Wing Quotes of 2010 (So Far)

Der Zor Diary: A pilgrimage to the killing fields of the Armenian Genocide

"Torture Is a Crime, Not a Secret" (NYT Editorial on Torture Secrets Ruling)

"Polls, Damned Polls and the Truth About Venezuela"

Obama Strongly Hints At Warren Nomination To Head Consumer Bureau

Understanding Afghanistan (from a person who lived there -- for nearly five years)

To Sleep, Perchance to ? Weekend Economists September 10-12, 2010

David Sirota: The neoliberal bait-and-switch

Notoriety given Koran-burning pastor misplaced

El Reg: All CO2-spewing kit now in existence is OK for the planet

Pilbara find points to earliest life

GEE, SKIP! Wallaroo gives woman real 'shock' in middle of Dubbo Central Business District

Inland NSW Dam levels revelling in rainfall (down to 1.5% at one point during the drought)

Peak oil notes - Sept 9

Drumbeat: September 10, 2010

Rare supply: the trace minerals powering our gadgets

Clean Energy Victory Bonds - What do you think?

Bilby population rises in southwest Queensland

Atomic Renaissance Interrupted

San Francisco Gas Explosion Kills at Least Six People [Video]

Sen. Nunn's Statement to Senate on nuclear threat

Why Rahm Was 100% Wrong - Cenk at Huffington Post

I'm speaking for SNN (Sarge)

Is football season over yet?

Pat Burrell hits the "W"....

so far so good in my work ff league

Worst. Goalkeeping. Ever.

Wonder if BossHog is watching the game tonight?

one question.....why are the channels NFL Network and NBC

In honor of the Penn State vs Alabama game, who's the greatest college FB coach?

Sport meets politics at the US Open

Santos brings surprising change

Honduras deploys soldiers on anti-crime patrols

Rigoberta Menchú meets the press

Guatemala judge orders soldiers to stand trial for peasant massacre

Amnesty International Criticizes Extension of U.S. Sanctions on Cuba

Sept. 11: A Day Without War

Venezuela re-adjusts prices of paddy rice, maize and sunflower

Venezuela castrated with no promising young people to build its future

Fidel opens space for internal dissent in Cuba, expert says

"Polls, Damned Polls and the Truth About Venezuela"

Alejandro Sanz Appeals to Hugo Chavez

Cuba leases to bring deepwater drilling within 50 miles of Key West

Uribe Arrival Marked by Protest

Castro says he was misinterpreted

It Was Heaven That They Burned

"Cuba: from communist to cooperative" - Guardian Comment article.

WAPO - Castro says he was misinterpreted...


Kraft plant killings

Mother pulls gun on volleyball team members after their victory

Breaking: Ritter picks former LGBT Bar Association president for Supreme Court

Are GOP gay rights advances a threat to Democratic Party

MARYLAND: Gov. Martin O'Malley Says He'd Sign A Marriage Equality Bill

HomoQuotable - B. Daniel Blatt (Otherwise known as asswipe)

Police oversight panel to study APD supervisors role in gay bar raid

Hold onto your shorts. The stupidest logic in the history of logic! NOM Supports DADT Repeal?

A possible it too subtle?

Cemetary pictures

***Official Submission Thread for the September Photography Contest***

Andrew Levine Senior Scholar, Institute for Policy Studies: The "Existential Threat"

Running out of flowers, soon it will be bright leaves, then bare trees

Iran FM: Zionists behind U.S. church's plan to burn Koran

***Official Comments Thread for the September Photography Contest***

Today in Labor History Sept 10 A sheriff and deputies gunned down 19 striking miners and wounded 40

Prediction of 2009: From the New York Times, Sunday, September 26, 1909

Star Trek's tractor beam possible?

Ptolemy or Copernicus, just a matter of convenience?

Robots capable of 'deceiving humans' built - 'We do understand there's a downside to this'

This quote from the Qur'an encourages violence

How to Make Coexistence into more than a bumper sticker?

Music Prescriptions

Starcodes this Week - Heather Roan Robbins

Cool, weird.

Wow, Organized Religion is losing again (Pluto).... A famous Libra person wrote this in July