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How Bad The Job Market Is

11 p.m. EDT CSPAN2 Book TV - Alexander Zaitchik discusses "Common Nonsense" .....

I'm Pissed the R Assholes Have Held up Liu's Nomination

Confusion leads to curiosity.

Confusion leads to curiosity.

Activists rally to 'Free Bradley Manning' in WikiLeaks case

Sign the Petition in defense of Wikileaks whistleblowers who are defending democracy!

Suggestion for Gobernadera BREWER's next marriage/event: EX-illegal alien MarcoAntonioSOLIS

Not just Latinos are getting harassed in Arizona--now they play cowboys and Injuns

Not just Latinos are getting harassed in Arizona--now they play cowboys and Injuns

Dem Michigan Gubernatorial Candidate Needs Our Help!

Scientific Perspective, and the Gulf of Mexico

Media Matters: Breitbart Wants "Closure"? Tell It To ACORN

Toronto Star: Making it easier to ignore the poor

This Week with Amanpour.

GOP heresy? Boehner won’t say tax cuts pay for themselves

Valley Hospital (Ridgewood, NJ) is starting to buy medical practices outright.

Thank you Bradley Manning - "You Are Not Alone. You Are Not Alone" - By Ray McGovern

Suburban Chicago man charged with killing brother's cat

Quick, please help me out with info re 9/11 attacks and "ground zero mosque"

Quick, please help me out with info re 9/11 attacks and "ground zero mosque"

For people who were interested in the Skip Gates arrest, his lawyer speaks

For people who were interested in the Skip Gates arrest, his lawyer speaks

David Fiderer: Financial Regulations Meaningless Without Gov't Vigilance

Spree killer and "right wing revolutionary" Baker might be considered sane and could stand trial

Celebrating Turkish bridegroom kills relatives

Former Prime Minister accuses Stephen Harper's government of trying to "dumb down" Canadians

Gun advocates want to carry firearms at Arts, Beats and Eats

An Interesting Comment

Sheikh Your Newtie- -The Gingrich-Bin Laden alliance.

The Alarming Consequences Of Judge Walker's Prop 8 Ruling:

Corporate-backed conservative groups sue to halt Maine's matching funds campaign law

Winston Churchill ordered UFO cover-up, National Archives show

Less complaining, more helping

Welcome home Will Pitt!

If Republicans REALLY want to win, they'll find someone who can do this and mean it:

Turning Point - Justice Elena Kagan

Peace and justice movement applying for permits to march on the Democratic National Convention

Michael Lind has written another good article

Record number of Illinois families on food stamps

For DemoTex: Stories about the Great Fire of 1910

For DemoTex: Stories about the Great Fire of 1910

Wy did no one object to the Pentagon Mosque????

Are you pro worker-labor? A must read, Anne Feeney

Famed dancer and mime Lorene Shields dies

Most popular world leaders among Arabs: Erdogan (20%), Chavez (13%), Ahmadinejad (12%)

Ezra Klein Gets Snookered (re: Paul Ryan)

People have been telling us we can invest no more in America...

Palin isn't "dismissive" of MSM. She's an idiot & she knows it. It's a GOP strategy against media.

Notorious torturer is "arab affairs liaison" for the jerusalem police

With Korengal abandoned, COP Michigan bears brunt of Kunar fight

With Korengal abandoned, COP Michigan bears brunt of Kunar fight

Nevermind..... Pentagon revises military mentor rules

Between the Bomb and the Burqa

Airmen Perform First Deployed PMP (on $355 million dollar F-22)

Taliban Returns To Northern Afghanistan

Odierno says Iraqis ready to handle security

Tommy Chong is on "Huckabee" on Faux right now!

Incentive offered to troops to stay with unit

Looks like Fuggie Todd

Sheriff Joe's Maricopa County Sheriff's Office spent loosely

“They don’t have a single idea that’s different from George Bush’s ideas - not one,”

West Midlands police face service reduction to fund Pope visit

A Picture and 1,000 Words: Naked in Public

Former soldier completes 4,000-mile Amazon trek

Canadian PM Stephen Harper's government wants to spend billions on prisons for imaginary criminals

To the Conservatives who frame the Prop 8 ruling as "Overturning the will of the people..."

Krugman's Takedown of Ryan Demonstrates How Conservatives Are at War With the Middle Class

Republican economic agenda, RETREAT, fall back America, fall back, fall back,

U.S. Supersizes Afghan Mega-Base as Withdrawal Date Looms

Karl Rove Wants ‘Criminal’ Julian Assange ‘Hunted Down And Grabbed And Put On Trial’

Boehner's Terror Alert skin back to Orange

I never knew 'family values' meant being able to marry within your family...

Sometimes, I think that some people's lives are so empty...

Portland OR cop was never disciplined for chase & tackle that killed man in '06

LAW & DISORDER: Police shootings in the week after Hurricane Katrina

A deep bench of substitute justices goes unused

2 Norman Park GA police officers accused of excessive force while arresting man on smoke break

GOP's Angle Expresses Views on Clergy, Gays

Western wars vs. Muslim women

Your latest Cop-on-Dog violence update

Infighting could hurt Republican chances in midterms, RNC members say

I just wrote a very good LTTE re. illegal immigration

Maxine Waters and Joe Cirincione will be on KPFK this hour (7am PST)

heh! Rand "Neander-Paul" Paul

Robert Kuttner: Who Are You Going to Believe -- Tim Geithner or Your Own Lying Eyes?

'There wasn't much blood about': Detective who found weapons expert David Kelly's body

Woman Faces 67 Counts Of Sexual Assault On Teen Boys

Oh My! John Ensign is angry with Wikileaks - Bwaaaaaaaaaaah

Maureen Dowd gets the memo

Corporate media won't shut up about Obama's supposedly low numbers, but they forget bush's...

Billionaire Give-Away: The Fog of Robbery

can anyone tell me-is Tom Delay still scheduled to go to jail?

The Afghanistan Propaganda Wars begin: Gen. David Petraeus Media Blitz Planned

Why GOP reaction is muted as judge affirms gay marriage rights

What could you do with $200,000,000,000 ???

Forced to retire, some take Social Security early

Avoid Bragging? Avoid Obama?

75 years ago: Roosevelt signs Social Security Act

SIOA Co-Founder: Kill Your Liberal Relatives and All Muslims

U.S. Supersizes Afghan Mega-Base as Withdrawal Date Looms

In Illegal Immigration Debate, To Hire Or Not? - NPR

At the same time an elite US-trained army unit murdered six Jesuit priests

New study: Girls becoming more likely to develop breasts by age 7 or 8

Phone Fatigue: Voice Calls on the Decline

BP Fires 10,000 Cleanup Workers - plus the piss test

'Were You Born on the Wrong Continent?'

Involuntary part-time workers, 2006-2008

Rev. Peter Morales: Reflections on My Arrest at the SB 1070 Protests in Phoenix

Obama welcomes Super Bowl champs Saints

More proof that Tea Party supporters are racist...

If your number of posts is less than 500 and you aren't currently a DU donor, then you can't unrec.

Denver Schools Get Whacked

self delete... dupe

Pat Tillman's mother on Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal: I told you so

Disappearing Oil Theory = Single Bullet Theory

Some Republicans are on the endangered list

What I hope will be the last Hiroshima thread this year....

Invest 94 - who knows where this is going?

My first journal post -- many thanks to LWolf for an excellent post & allowing

Superman saves family home

In Superman’s Hometown, a Labor Dispute Over Health (deaths)

"It’s hard to be optimistic about the effectiveness of fact-checking.”

Crash of 2015 Won't Wait for Regulators to Rein in Wall Street

Spree shooter and right wing "revolutionary" deemed competent to stand trial

Spree shooter and right wing "revolutionary" deemed competent to stand trial

The Decline: Geography of a Recession

I can't fix the economy but have some ideas for stimulating it.

I can't fix the economy but have some ideas for stimulating it.

2002 GA Senate Race

2002 GA Senate Race

Islam and the emerging religious threat to the Constitution

Little relief seen for state and local layoffs

Will Andalusia have a right of return for Sephardic Jews who are currently citizens of Israel?

A question. The whole military bumper sticker thing.

New Fed regs to stop debt relief firms from charging up-front fee

Civil Rights votes

60 Minutes rerunning the pull the plug on granny segment.

Update on stolen check card numbers

Inexperienced Companies Vying for Federal School "turn-around" Funds

Meg Whitman's Immigration Snafu

Re. Prop 8: Could this bite the fundies in the ass?

CO-SEN: What DC Will Say Vs What The CO Election Will Actually Mean

Why did the Taliban let Dr. Little work there in the 1990s?

Why did the Taliban let Dr. Little work there in the 1990s?

ACLU: Tell Congress to reject expansion of FBI warrantless spying.

What would Medicare-For-All look like?

Deep down, even the Christian Right knows they have no real case against the downfall of Prop 8

These murdered aid workers in Afghanistan had been there since the Soviets were there?

Over 15,000 likely dead in Russian heat wave; Asian monsoon floods kill hundred more

Republican Party starts to kill its own: S.C. Rep. Bob Inglis ousted for not hating Obama enough

Republican Party starts to kill its own: S.C. Rep. Bob Inglis ousted for not hating Obama enough

Reefer Madness, Kidnapping, and Rand Paul

Reefer Madness, Kidnapping, and Rand Paul

Talking point to rightwingers on Prop 8: How come you didn't mind the people's votes overturned

Abramoff vs. Keating 5?

Abramoff vs. Keating 5?

Abramoff vs. Keating 5?

We have lost a true champion for justice: Jim Robinson, former law school dean, U.S. attorney

Another fundy 'pastor' gets whacked and arrested.

John Boner considers changing 14 amendment...

Chuck Todd re Romanoff

I think this movie studio may have got their marketing a bit wrong.

"We're seeing more inequality" This needs to be the mantra for the Dems next election

Ethics committee outlines charges against Rep. Waters

Who are the "Real Democrats"?

Karrer: Promises, promises about education

BP makes $3 bln initial deposit to spill fund

Employers: We Just Can't Fill Our Underpaid Job Openings!

11 Books Predicting the Collapse of the Middle Class (slideshow)

Royal College of Nursing backs British health service cuts (1/5 of NHS budget)

Leading Republicans call for partial repeal of 14th Amendment

There are others that should be considered for amnesty.

Mosque at Ground Zero

B.S. Mantra: "the New Deal is demographically obsolete" the case of public pensions

'Taliban Spokesman'

"Republican Winter Vacation Act" --Repubs want to shut down House for 2 mos after election LINK

BP Hires Prison Labor to Clean Up Spill While Coastal Residents Struggle

Dick Cheney's condition

Report: Michigan higher education hurt by funding cuts

Coming Home

Monday - Bennet holding lead over Romanoff

A Labor Union’s Analysis of China

I didn't know if this has been posted on Ole Sarah, but here it is. Someone finally tells her ,,,

August 9, 1974

Excellent news in the west

Resolved: Anything I Don't Do Is Indefensible

16 Major Corpse and 4 Persons Plead Guilty (Re Airline Cargo Price Fixing) Baggage Fees connected?

Honeywell's Union Workers Still Locked out, Since June....

Republicans Demand Two-Month, Taxpayer-Funded Recess After Election

Money military spends winning hearts and minds (propaganda) grew by 63% over past 5 yrs.

Heads up - Obama speech on Higher Education and the economy

Heads up - Obama speech on Higher Education and the economy

Can Someone Post A List of Significant Achievements That The Left Has Done In the Past 30 Years?

Separate and Unequal Internets

U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow takes swipe at Repugs with the name of her bill to help 99ers

Fugg you Rick jackass

Container ship crashes, tips near Mumbai

The hard core way to come to America

The Bible Could Use a Dictionary

Puke Alert: Quitta from Wasilla in GA to stump for Handel for Gov.

A 99er Uprising? Those Without Unemployment Benefits to Rally on Wall Street

Have to give a "shout out" to the VA Employment Commission in Culpeper.

Have to give a "shout out" to the VA Employment Commission in Culpeper.

Gates announcing major military cuts on CNN.

Do you know what could happen when you have Gay Marriage?

U.S. Senate Republicans Derail Judge Chatigny's Appeals Court Nomination

Matt Simmons has died...

Mayor of poor NJ city offers library rescue plan

Undocumented Workers and Low Cost Labor: cheap domestics for the protected classes

Tea Party county commish candidate pleads guilty to leaving injury accident from hit-and-run

New model for electric car business: selling miles instead of cars

New model for electric car business: selling miles instead of cars

That Arizona prison escape

Massive ship dumps cargo after collision off India coast

Massive ship dumps cargo after collision off India coast

Adam Green, Co-founder, Progressive Change Campaign Committee: Google Goes "Evil"

9/11, 9/11, 9/11 ... KILL, KILL, KILL …

"All around Afghanistan, the U.S. military is on a building spree"

Google-Verizon plan: Why you should worry

If America had a vibrant middle class, with progressively upward sliding wages...

the banality of evil

Justice Ginsburg on C-SPAN, now.

Black Hawk crews deploy to Iraq from Los Alamitos

Rep. John Shimkus (R-Ill.) 'wowed' by Ted Nugent

Four Bell council members must resign after turning city into ‘laughing stock,’ colleague says

France: Sarkozy stirs up hatred against Roma

“Keep them in the dark” — what junior predatory Capitalists are thinking

Pentagon belt-tightening will cut jobs

How does anybody know what age young women reached puberty in previous centuries?

Beck - now a charity cheat too.

Wahlberg's son attacked by octopus. Planning to file lawsuit

Don't like the Google/Verizon deal....

Why Obama's education policy is a cruel joke

Controvery over offspring of cloned cattle

AIDS is obliterating middle generation in India, leaving orphans

Fear & Loathing In District Court

Is It Getting Through To You, Mr. Beale ???

Google-Verizon Pact Worse than Feared: Democracy on the Internet Faces Foreclosure

Verizon, Google strike net neutrality deal

An article about Bradley Manning (among other things he is gay)

Gen Petraeus to start 3-week media blitz

Let The Bush Tax Cuts Expire For The Top 2% - Extend The Tax Cuts For Everyone Else.......

The anti-business president's pro-business recovery

We are in Trouble. The Deficit is the new Saddam Hussein.

Politicians' public goofs can follow them forever

The Rude Pundit: The Five Gayest Things ...

CREW: What is the Senate Ethics Committee waiting for? (8-9-10)

Toxic Smog Doubles Moscow Deaths (700 A Day Since Last Week)

14th Amend - Just More Righty Hypocrisy

Prop 8 amends the CA const. 'to codify distinct and unique roles for men and women in marriage.'

U.S. Economy Is Increasingly Tied to the Rich

Ex-Muslim warns other Ex-Muslims to not be exploited and abused by the right wing

NYT - Inexperienced Companies Chase U.S. School Funds

Patricia Neal (1926-2010) she was a hell of a good actress

Open Source Tools Turn WikiLeaks Into Illustrated Afghan Meltdown

What makes a bank -- or a customer -- give up the fight over a fee?

The Ministry of Oil Defense

In AZ, the governor's race is ON: AG and Democratic candidate Goddard calls for Five Immendiate

Travel's Unsung Success Story: the Bus

Pat Tillman's Mother on McChrystal: "The government didn't just lie to us; it lied to a nation."

The Devil in Bikinis

The Devil in Bikinis

Cenk Uygur at HuffPo: Would A Black Judge Have Been Biased In Brown V. Board Of Education?

Spinal-Fluid Test Is Found to Predict Alzheimer’s

Icahn Wagered $1 Billion on Energy Stocks During BP Oil Spill

Robert Samuelson Is Worried That the United States is Becoming Less Crowded

"When cash was waved in front of your face, you quit."


Salon: Google-Verizon plan: Why you should worry (Ominous references to the "public Internet")

Public Pension Shortfalls: Don't Forget Braindead Economists

I wonder of the trial of Charles Taylor worries Bush and Blair?

OK, I'm going to say something completely unreasonable now...

Tired of voting for the bitches of white men?

Dear DU: Don't you sometimes hate it when you're right?

Dear DU: Don't you sometimes hate it when you're right?

Does anyone feel like they were over taxed during the Clinton Administration.

Mike Lupica: Republican Party eats its own for not hating Obama enough

thought for the day.....

Cheney out of hospital.

Huge Battle Looms Over Public Pensions - Who Will (Who Should) Foot the Bill?

NY Attorney General subpoenas J.P. Morgan, Citi over 'predatory' health care credit cards Read more

US Chamber of Commerce up to no good (again). Implicated in money laundering scheme.

Teabagger holds up sign...with's URL..."Tea Bag The Liberal Dems Before They Tea Bag You"

Motherfucker. Looks like Osama bin Laden won.

India considering a constitutional right to food, a monthly 77 pound bag

So I am watching Dylan Ratigan and he has a muslim Imam and some anti-muslim

Poll: For DUers 50 and Older.

Making a profit on soldiers' death benefits

AP: Scalia unhurt after he tripped outside restaurant

Chevrolet Volt: Let the Gouging Begin!

10 corridors targeted for high-speed rail

Corruption is the most pervasive lubricant of both American business and American politics

Proposed Law Would Put Video Cameras In Cars

Need help explaining the Social Security Trust Fund?

This is what happens when you privatize education and take decisions out of the hands of educators

Just received this from a RWr. Know the source/details of the grant?

When THESE young people 'tell,' the Obama admin. is doing the right thing and IGNORING the law

Help for uninsured people with allergies and asthma or taking other Merck drugs

The son of a bitch (Antonin Scalia) was drunk no doubt. Why else....

Neighbors fault city's Fire Department brownout policy in death of Autistic West Philadelphia boy

Gulf Catastrophe & the Disappearing Oil: A massive crime compounded by a massive cover-up

Michael Moriarity has lost his marbles...

!!! BREAKING !!! God Smites Pastor Rick Waren, Blinds Him

Face It: Conservatives Are Cheap People.

This photo says it all

MLK's neice says gay marriage will lead to "extinction" and amounts to "genocide"...

my suggestions for boosting the economy

What are you afraid of? (and please post your age)

How does this graphic make you feel about the upcoming elections?

Arkansas doctor convicted in bomb attack on medical board head

Women Escaping A Violent Environment

OMG Michelle Obama went to Spain w/ her daughter ..... this hugh!

dachshund gets help from neighbor after owner collapses

Ah preparing that class on poli sci

Precinct Walking Yesterday in Saint Paul, MN

Conservapedia: E=mc2 Is A Liberal Conspiracy

for fellow DU birdwatchers

GOP Blocks Shelter Funding - Cites 'Undocumented Animals'

Did anybody ever actually see Ken Lay's corpse?

My Problems with Liberal Rhetoric

Typically deceptive NYT headline "Gates Outlines Sharp Cuts in Military Budget"

Greenwald mocks one of the most ironic headlines ever

JetBlue attendant slides down emergency chute after fight with passenger

Krugman: "America is now on the unlit, unpaved road to nowhere."

Pakistan floods a megadisaster of epic proportions

Assholes 10, Benevolent Heroes 0

Fermi's Paradox and Gay Marriage

Angry flight attendant slides down chute, drives home

The woman in the hot air balloon

Levi Johnston signs reality TV deal days after breaking off engagement to baby mama Bristol Palin

The coming Democratic wipeout?

Krugman: America Goes Dark

How the FUCK could a black man have said that?

If Physical Books Are Dead in Five Years, How Do the Poor Find Books?

If Physical Books Are Dead in Five Years, How Do the Poor Find Books?

Stoned teabagger Rand Paul abducted girl in college-GQ

Why am I so uncomfortable with the thought of Obama

Pat Tillman's Mother on McChrystal: I Told You So


Some pointed words of perspective on current events from Jim Hightower.

HEADS UP: Mia Farrow Testifying at Charles Taylor's War Crimes Trial- Live Video Stream & Blog

Democrats have been handed a gift.

The Washington Post Tries New Tactic in Campaign to Cut Social Security

A Bushbot now gets the need for unemployment extensions and social housing.

Google's Don't Be Evil Code of Conduct

Tom Tomorrow: Cartoon flashback From 2004: A brief history of marriage in America.

Let's all take a moment out of our hectic lives to do the happy dance!!!

Monday TOON Roundup part 5- War and aftereffects

Monday TOON Roundup part 4- Rights, not privileges

Monday TOON Roundup part 3- Oil out of sight but not the environment

Monday TOON Roundup part 2- Who do they serve?

Monday TOON Roundup part 1- The Extreme Economy

RESOLVED: NO tolerance for bigotry on DU

Need advice in regards to job offers

Monday TOON Roundup part 6- The Rest

Puppy gets life-saving gender reassignment surgery

WP: Ohio principal expresses sadness over firing of VT principal for Arne's money.

Not all woodchucks are sensible.

Math geeks: If the gulf of Mexico were an olympic sized pool,

How rich is rich?

How rich is rich?

How rich is rich?

Is "Muslim" Just Another Word For Terrorist?

Are there still corner drugstores?


Johnny Carson's Last (Massive!) Generous Act

The sensible centrists have a point, of sorts

The sensible centrists have a point, of sorts

Obama likeness used as target at Jersey Shore Game - This one is worse

New health law may bring pricier premiums

New health law may bring pricier premiums

Good News: Ben Bernanke knows how to fix this thing!

Revealing Peter King Quote

Are Neocons deliberately destroying America's Economy for gain?

Are Neocons deliberately destroying America's Economy for gain?

Ellison To Pawlenty: So Desperate To Be President That He’s Willing To Dishonor The Constitution...

I Think She Looks Beautiful!

It looks like the Teabaggers finally realized that Obama's Birth Certificate is real

Of Propaganda and the Truth

The Truth about the Trustees Report (Social Security) - and a great site for info...

The stupid, stupid rich.

We're in a Recession Because the Rich Are Raking in an Absurd Portion of the Wealth

Dancers From Ohio Strip Club Protest At Church

Could our economy be turning into a very unstable wealthy driven economy?

Tony Perkins: Prop. 8 Judge Should Have Recused Himself Because Of His Sexuality

Abandon Earth—Or Face Extinction

Say You Stay Home from the Polls As a Protest Vote Against the Democrats this Fall…

Say You Stay Home from the Polls As a Protest Vote Against the Democrats this Fall…

Is Obama Playing the “If-By-Whiskey” Game?

Giving thanks, I lit three fires. Memories from when my freedom came in fleeting 12 hour increments

Taliban publicly flog, then executes a pregnant woman in Afghanistan

caption time!

The page you get when you click "Alert" has been updated.

Awesome train stations

What's bad is good?

Playing Public Image's Metal Box album

I'm going to see Jimmy Buffett on Tuesday.

I still haven't figured out the meaning of life ...

All Your Base Are Belong To Us

Anyone see "The Ghost Writer"?

What did LeftyFingerPop say when he dropped an F-bomb?

A Bump on My Wrist

dupe n/t

General question: How do your prejudices help you?

Man arrested after attacking another at Olive Garden

Picture Thread: Went sailing today

My fax machine is out of film. It keeps beeping.

What kind of spider is this?

A story with a happy ending

A thank you for all of you who recommended World War Z (no spoilers)

Sometimes, I think that some people's lives are so empty...

Decisions, decisions. Why did the young man make this choice?

Decisions, decisions. Why did the young man make this choice?



A personal pet peeve.

This is cool

World's dumbest sport has a fatality

Who's to blame for the insanity over mosquitoes?

If you build a bigger mousetrap....

Monday Morning Smack-O-Rama. Who would you like to slap the shit out of today?

R.I.P. Patricia Neal

I've gotta say how much I admire and respect John Goodman's weight loss and current outlook on life

22 photos of Snooki riding a mechanical bull. I almost posted this in LBN, but...well, YOU know.

Wilder's, Our Town-- indictment or defense of small town America?

Holistic pain treatments?

Don't you hate it when you think you've killed a sniper,


LW's Monday Movie Pick... Path to War with Michael Gambon and Alec Baldwin

VIDEO - Justin Bieber Gets Nailed By Water Bottle. Zapruder-style frame-by-frame analysis to follow.

Some movies that are pornographic but has been released to the mainstream kids are off on their one week vacation w/dad-first time in 7 years.

Does anyone want to talk about Mad Men? ***SPOILERS***

Marvel vs. DC - Sgt. Fury & His Howling Commandos or Sgt. Rock & Easy Company?

Daddy, how was I born?

Any autograph collectors/dealers here?

There is not enough TZ in this world

Movie scenes involving an acoustic guitar (not including scenes on a stage).

"Only a Fool Fights in a Burning House"

5 movies to own.

A favorite song from Dire Straits.

So the doc gave me Morphine

Albino peacocks.

So, what exactly happened when "Sears" came to fix the fridge?

A humorous start to my day.

Things I've proven gay marriage will cause

Don't you hate it when you think you've killed a spider,

Was this Discrimination?

There is not enough ZZ Top in this world

I Just Learned That My '2nd Dad' Has Lung Cancer I Am Completely Devastated I NEED BIG HUGS

Shows that shouldn't have been cancelled...

I think I just adopted a possum.

A new poem: Chord

True Blood - Aug 8 Episode (spoilers)

I am losing my kitty sponser

Post here if you knew somebody famous, before they were famous.

Had an AWESOME day in a Chinese fishing village... (pics)

Television as an Artform: Greatest television masterpiece of all time

Divided Government Redux? Sen. Mitch McConnell's plan to turn Obama into Bill Clinton

So I clicked on a Drudge ad that's anti-Equal Rights on marriage and the talkin' points are nuts

Dems for Snyder worry GOP(MI-Gov)

Wow. It sucks when you're forced to look at things you posted days earlier...

Robert Reich: Greenspan, Rubin and Herbert Hoover

Betting on Amnesia

New Orleans Saints, world champions, to get some presidential treatment today at White House

How can this be?

On this day in 1974:

Organizing for America: Early Voting Begins in Florida

Another glaring example of the differences between RePUKES and Dems in Maine and elsewhere:

Helpful links for folks tracking Obama's judiciary appointments


Early January - time to water down the filibuster a lot

dispute among dems regarding intelligence oversight

What do you think the Dem strategy should be in this election cycle? It could be great fun.

Will R's hold hostage middle class tax cuts to preserve tax cuts for the top 2%?

Remember the "Contract On America"? I think the Democratic leadership should take a page from that

PPP: Elaine Marshal could get a net plus by Obama campaigning for her in NC

US Mideast envoy to press direct peace talks


From The Nation: Reagan's Budget Director: GOP Policies 'Have Crippled Our Economy'

Media Matters slams Fox Noise "bloviator" by pointing to cost of Bush's Crawford trips: $20 million

Emmer campaign adds 2 high-level GOP veterans

Why did BP not cap the oil well in the first place. Why did it take them so long?

Richmond Gets Landrieu Endorsement In Bid For Congress

***HEADS UP*** President Obama Speaks on Higher Education and our Economy, From Austin, TX

Rohrer supporters launch write-in campaign

Coburn Endorses Rossi

Big mo? Two more Senators call on Obama to appoint Elizabeth Warren

Vander Plaats won’t seek an independent run, but will try to unseat Supreme Court

Polls show Scott has single-digit lead over McCollum

Labrador to join Young Guns

Obama goes to Bush Country However

The Repeal the 14th Amdt crowd doesn't realize they're targeting WHITE FOLKS!

Delia Sheridan Cassidy

Elizabeth Warren has NO CHANCE of getting Nominated by Obama

In Arizona, ethnic harmony has given way to fear

Venezuela and Colombia leaders to hold talks on rift

Venezuela and Colombia leaders to hold talks on rift

U.S. Supersizes Afghan Mega-Base as Withdrawal Date Looms

Nixon Resigns August 9, 1974

Haitian children turn to begging in DR after quake

The Reid-McConnell Senate: Is It Really Such a Mess?

Colombia urged to ensure independent judiciary - Amnesty International

The Fed should announce an inflation target, and it should be a fairly high target

Ex-Mexico President Calls for Legalizing Drugs

Chris Hedges: Obama’s Health Care Bill Is Enough to Make You Sick

US urges more study of sea damage after BP spill

Lehman Brothers' art treasures to be sold at auction

Boehner Whacked For Golf Addiction By Group Supporting His Challenger (VIDEO)

N. Korea Fires 110 Rounds of Artillery Toward the NLL (Northern Limit Line)

Where is conservative money gone?

GQ: Woman says Rand Paul kidnapped her in college, 'tried to force me to take bong hits' (WaPo)

Obama: Republicans have forgotten 'I politic pretty good'

Can we not get some Liberal TV channels, radio, press etc. Pronto!

Michelle Obama is better mother than Palin

Radical Indonesian cleric [spiritual head of JI, group behind Bali bombings] arrested in terror plot

I keep hearing in the media about how Americans are upset over Michelle's trip

Right Wing Smears Michelle Obama As A Modern ‘Marie Antoinette,’ Pushes Lies About Cost Of The Trip

CO-SEN: What DC Will Say Vs What The CO Election Will Actually Mean

First woman to head major US intelligence agency

Dems should just let the Bush tax cuts expire

"Stay classy, LSM." -- Sarah Palin Attempts Jedi Mindtrick: Video Of Eyeroll Isn’t An Eyeroll

North Korea seizes South Korean fishing boat

I'm looking for a site that spends most of its time and energy bashing President Obama

Lower retirement age to 60 (raise payroll tax) and provide medicare to all over age of 55, and...

Germany shuts 9/11 plotters' mosque in Hamburg

Michelle and Sasha should have vacationed somewhere along the Gulf Coast

President Obama has highest legislative success rate than any president ever in more than 50 years.

Krugman on the attacks on teachers and other union employees' compensation

Wealthy political newcomers are spending big

Beck attacks Obama basketball game for wounded soldiers as out of touch

Dancers From Ohio Strip Club Protest At Church

Fed set to downgrade outlook for US

Mia Farrow contradicts Naomi Campbell in Charles Taylor (war crimes) trial

Police: Arizona escapees may be in Yellowstone area

Honda recalling nearly 400K vehicles

GOP To Introduce Lame-Duck Prohibition Resolution, Citing Browner's Remarks On Energy Bill

Arizona AG & Gubernatorial Candidate Calls for Five Immediate Steps to Increase Prison Security

Cornel West Is Upset With President Obama

Hundreds line up to apply for state fair jobs

Moscow heat, smoke double death rate

Google-Verizon Pact Worse than Feared

BP Puts $3 Billion in Gulf Fund, Moves Closer to Well Kill

Virginia attacks investigated for link to Michigan serial killer

In Crackdown on Energy Use, China to Shut 2,000 Factories

AUSTIN PHOTOS: Our president has most definitely not lost his crowd appeal or his own enthusiasm!


Murdoch cedes control of Chinese TV channels

Univision issues major correction on Jerry Brown and "plane" story

In S.F., Ginsburg addresses standoff on appointments

Kansas church member (Shirley Phelps-Roper) sues again

Mutilated Afghan girl comes to L.A. for treatment

Oscar-Winner Actress Patricia Neal Dies at 84 (Star of 'The Fountainhead,' 'A Face In The Crowd')

Ecuador Renegotiates With Foreign Oil Firms

California Rep. Maxine Waters accused of three ethics violations

Arizona Prison Escapee Is Captured

Devastated Christian aid group pledges to continue work in Afghanistan

The Recovery Act's Republican Fans

Check In With Your Ideas About What Obama Can Do On The Economy Given What He Has To Work With.

Dear Matt Taibbi, Dodd-Frank is meaningful reform

“Liberals are only happy when we’re agonizing”

Freddie Mac requests $1.8B in aid after 2Q loss

Cops: 1 of 2 Ariz. escapees captured in Wyo.

How about after Obama/Biden wins in 2012; Biden is appointed SecState, Dean VP, Wes Clark SecDef

Obama, speaking to Austin Democrats, takes swipes at Bush and Rep. Joe Barton

Matt Simmons Has Died

Document Hold Filed Against U.S. Chamber of Commerce & American Crossroads for Alleged Money Launder

List of things the left didn't want Obama to do anytime.

Significant chance of recession next 2 years: SF Fed

1,300 Missing in China Amid Asia Floods

Google-Verizon nix 'net neutrality' for wireless

Former Vice President Cheney released from hospital

Another Obama Carnival Game Pops Up at the Jersey Shore

Experts Warn Parents That Food Allergy Tests Do Not Work

Woman to head US intelligence

Another Proud Woodchuck!

The woes of Winn-Dixie

I'm taking it back!! Embracing an avatar.

Voter to Palin: You sold out Alaska

Study: Age that girls hit puberty keeps dropping

Final Public Policy Polling (PPP) CO Senate: Bennet 49% Romanoff: 43%

Virginia economy could face big hit with Pentagon budget cuts

Crabs provide evidence oil tainting Gulf food web

Ex-Mexico president calls for legalizing drugs

Taliban execute Afghan woman in public, police say

Activists rally to 'Free Bradley Manning' in WikiLeaks case

Some Firms Struggle to Hire Despite High Unemployment

AP: Today In History for Aug. 9 - 'Our Long National Nightmare is Over'

Fareed Zakaria's GPS: International Sanctions Showing Results In Iran, Ahmadinejad Sweats

DNC - MSNBC Clawing at Eachother

Here's To The State of Richard Nixon-Phil Ochs

The oil spill's toxic trade-off

Boehner Gets The Shaft

G20 and global class war

337 People Killed And 1,148 Remain Missing After Landslides In China

Glenn Beck: Obama speech like being on the Planet of the Apes

I am a Sharron Angle HATER...She is wrong... Unemployment extension s.3706

Glenn Beck on MSNBC's

Gingrich Admits To Cheating On Wife While Touting Family Values During Clinton Impeachment

Solar highways?

Bush Treasury Secretary On The Bush Tax Cuts

Ed Schultz: Republicans Love When American Workers Suffer

Concerns Over US Nuclear Waste

Verizon CEO Speaks of "Special Network" for Corporations

Boehner and Pence can't say how tax cuts will be paid for

David Boies Destroys Tony Perkins' Bigoted Prop 8 Arguments

MSNBC: Cenk - Tea Party Is The 'Cancer Of The Republican Party'

Witness Palin's Contempt

Incredible Footage Of The Devastating Floods In Pakistan

Obama-rama Boardwalk Fair Game at The Jersey Shore (Seaside Heights, New Jersey)

Christopher Hitchens on Scarborough Country

Under fire:Journalists in Honduras work amid a scene of intimidation and death threats

Chris Hedges: The Tears of Gaza Must Be Our Tears

Newt Gingrich's Unique Interpretation of 14th Amendment to Bash Gay Marriage

Pat Tillman's mother on Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal: I told you so OpEd LA Times

Martha Minow - Also confirmed: Marshall’s legacy

Fact Check: No (again), that is not Obama's birth certificate from Kenya

The Queasy Season (James Howard Kunstler)

Governments Go to Extremes as the Downturn Wears On

Why is the Journal Mystified that Some Employers Are Having Trouble Finding Workers?

Watergate Becomes Sore Point at Nixon Library

US Senator likens Infosys to a 'chop shop' (Indian IT Co)

Religious Right Pushes Churches to Openly Defy the Law and Campaign for Tea Party

Prime targets: Black lawmakers under fire

Making Good on Pledge, Gates Outlines Military Cut

Religious Right Pushes Churches to Openly Defy the Law and Campaign for Tea Party and Conservatives

Rubin & O'Neill on Politicians

America Goes Dark. Krugman

comaparing Reagan's recession to Obama's is nonsense - Klein - WaPo

Your Muffin Top may Kill You...

Target Faces More Heat Over Political Donation

Soak The Very, Very Rich

Study: Poor Are More Charitable Than The Wealthy

EDITORIAL: Democrats: Voters are dumb

Why I'm Not Hiring

The Coming Democratic Wipeout

The myth of the Social Security system's financial shortfall

Drumbeat from the weekend...

Drumbeat: August 9, 2010

Australia's aboriginal communities clamour against uranium mining

PV module retail prices continue to fall - lowest prices now close to $1 per watt

Strong Growth of Renewable Energy in UK

Global PV Supply: Realizing a Vision

A Boom Sustained

Jerry Brown (D) emphasizes green energy in jobs plan

Cloudy times for Florida's solar energy future

Huge Solar Installation Powers Water Treatment Equipment at Superfund Site (Calif.)

Wind energy potential tested off S.C. coast

Counting the Costs: Fossil Fuel Subsidies Over 10 Times Those of Renewables

Farmers brace for worst locust plague in decades (on top of mouse plague)

Pakistan floods a megadisaster of epic proportions

BP oil spill: Endangered species still at risk

Solar industry pleads Obama to help restore loan guarantees

S.C. Supreme Court overturns one SCE&G rate hike for nuclear project

"The founder of the Ocean Energy Institute dies"

Seattle Mariners Fire Manager Don Wakamatsu

Terrell Owens: 'It wasn't my fault'

Under fire:Journalists in Honduras work amid a scene of intimidation and death threats

Colombia urged to ensure independent judiciary

.Brazil Posts $943 Million Weekly Foreign Trade Surplus

Ecuador Renegotiates With Foreign Oil Firms

Are FARC rebels reaching into Central America?

Lula, Chavez, Kirchner talk on Colombia-Venezuela relations

El Salvador: students demand justice on 30th anniversary of massacre

Chavez vetos Larry Palmer; has some advice for Obama

Bolivia mulls military buildup on borders with Peru, Brazil

The last one in the class

Housing Authority to allow firearms ...

Boston mom faces trial in accidental shooting death of son

Victims or vigilantes? Shootings highlight frustrations in Detroit

Family mourns young boy shot in Newburgh

Family mourns young boy shot in Newburgh

Gun advocates want to carry firearms at Arts, Beats and Eats

MA ... 1 gun per month bill shot down.

From a Mormon Gay Couple: Thank You Judge Walker

NYT Profile of Bradley Manning (he is gay)

Indian prince launches gay magazine

A beautiful cartoon on Gay Marriage vs Prop 8

Boo-Hoo: Mexican cardinal: High court wrong to uphold gay marriage

Georgia GOP primary run-off on Tuesday - Which candidate is anti-gay enough to win?

PhoboQuotable - David Frum (this one makes my skin crawl)

No I still don't think Ann Coulter is fabulous.

True Blood’s Theo Alexander on gay sex scene - Interesting take from a straight guy

Prop 8 Lawyers vs Fox & Tony Perkins - Guess the winners?

Ensign cites harassment in call sign choice

From the WTF file: Sen. James Inhofe: Gays Have No Constitutional Right To Join Military

Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR) Urges Support Hyatt Workers in Their Disputes

NEW YORK: Activists Attack Senate Leader Over Support For Anti-Gay Dems

Millions of older workers doing physically demanding jobs

California Nurses a Royal Pain for Billionaire Candidate

Oct 2 DC One Nation march for jobs gets support of AFL-CIO

Worker sues colleagues for slander

Today in labor history Aug 9, 9 men and 1 woman meet in Oakland become Ca School Employees Assn

NYT: In Superman’s Hometown, a Labor Dispute Over Health

Bashing of the public employee

I call this, "Early Morning Graffiti"

Some shots from my sabbatical.

2010 Cabernet Sauvignon

The Wilson Parrot Foundation at Old Town Alexandria, VA

OK, you are the only people I can share this with!!

I'm with you in spirit -

Will Andalusia have a right of return for Sephardic Jews who are currently citizens of Israel?

Israeli PM: Turkey looked for a fight on ship

Highly Directional Terahertz Laser Rays Created

Taking the Twinkle out of the Night Sky: Breakthrough in Adaptive Optics

A researcher from HP labs claims to have developed a proof that P is different from NP.

The Brain’s Secret to Sleeping Like a Log

Gerson Goldhaber dies at 86; particle physicist discovered 'dark energy'

Gain and Loss in Optimistic Versus Pessimistic Brains

Sea sponges share 70% of human DNA

Frozen in time, addicted to pity

Congregations gone Wild

What If God Were a Space Alien...

Lily Burana, Salon: Anne Rice can leave Christianity, but I'm staying

Finally! God comes to the Internet. Repent easier with iGod.

An Agnostic Manifesto

Everything is before us

Starcodes - Heather Roan Robbins

My Grandma visited me in a dream this morning...

I, inadvertently, did a very bad thing

Please pray for my son

How harsh words may hurt your knees

My Life in Therapy

Effectiveness of statins is called into question (L.A.Times)

Bariatric Surgery in Diabetic Adults Improves Insulin Sensitivity Better Than Diet

In Breakthrough, Nerve Connections Are Regenerated After Spinal Cord Injury

Ritalin in the Water

Ritalin in the Water

5 of nature's best cancer-preventing foods