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The Ethical Consumer Thread.

Are you Smarter than a Fed President?

Sheldon won an Emmy!!

God in America, Frontline, this Fall

Traveling Off the Grid, in Mexico

Sarah Palin's Complicated Relationship with the Labor Movement

This Side of Democracy (& campaign finance reform)

9-6-10 Slacktivist returns to 'deconstructing' Tribulation Force

On the November elections...

Rec if you think all threads whining about unrec should be locked immediately

Ah, the irony of it all. In the old days

How to Make Sarah Palin Cry

Las Vegas : Economic worries taking toll in recent deaths

Thanks be, on occasion, to the Internet, and the noise it makes.

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah - spoiler

Revisiting a better event at the Lincoln Memorial...

pre day 1 for free health clinic NOLA

US Arrogance

Red dawn is not about economic systems.

AP IMPACT: US wasted billions in rebuilding Iraq

Show Me the Judges

AP IMPACT: US wasted billions in rebuilding Iraq-thank you, dimson

Rambo 3 is on. Apparently he's helping the insurgents.

Obama says he isn't worried about Muslim rumors

Freeper "Frantzie" is upset..."the following people make fun of borthers and think it is a big joke"

I have a mouth and I must scream

C-SPAN caller: "Obama is coming down here to be with his fellow baboons".

The Lies That People Believe

The Lies That People Believe

I said it yesterday, but Beck's rally

So how many "black friends" did Glen BecKKK parade around at his rally?

"Will you pledge, Congressman -- will you pledge, Congressman, will you pledge to do that tonight?"

Russia to partially privatize major industries, austerity budgeting

Two DUers step up...

First-hand report from hurricane katrina: horror

Poor, poor fuckwits. They don't know that the Washington Memorial...

A little Sunday evening Chomsky

Today's Bagger Rally - Question

Judicial Activism

I now go into the great unknown...

For Iraq war veterans, 'invisible wounds' that never heal

'Spiderman' arrested for scaling Sydney skyscraper

Jake Colvin

Costa Rica's gay rights activists have sought a different path than those in the US

Welcome to America, the largest insane asylum in the solar system

Racist acrimony against Obama & in general: Is it backlash?

Why are the GOP's sainted figureheads always such crybabies?

It keeps growing

Fact: More people will be at next Saturday's Penn St-vs-Youngstown St game than at Beck's rally

Glenn Beck vs. Christ the Liberator From a Catholic Priest

Violence leads Ciudad Juárez to cancel 16th of September festivities

Going bonkers over faith - by Dianne Williamson

Hey, cops. Make them face the camera. Don't let them smile.

Angle Even Opposed Katrina Relief Funds

New report details loss of bu$h*-era e-mails

Insidious, under the radar, things that are happening in right-wing media today

"I'm Still New Orleans"

How the whole "Obama is a Muslim!!11!!" thing is very, very exploitable

Joe Scum - anytime you fill the mall it has cultural significance

It's curries and samosas all round as Bradford, UK rejects the Pamela Geller brand of hate

Exclusive interview with MLK: he does NOT support Tea Party movement!

I just browsed the Glenn Beck rally Saturday, but I noticed the crowd was rather apathetic.

Drinking beer with your right hand gets you drunk WAY more quickly than drinking with the left....

Real World & Real Time Proof of Global Warming

Hilarious: The teabagger business model

Vt. has a nuke plant problem

Gottcha: Now that the T-party is about answering some Specific ?s

NY Daily News Photo label - Beck, The Carnival Barker

Should schools release to the public who their Teacher of the year/month is?

Don't flame me but I cannot understand how someone automatically qualifies for SSI. My sister is

A pollster on MSNBC says only 19% blame Obama for economy

Grayson on our schools

It’s Witch-Hunt Season - By PAUL KRUGMAN

Ah, now we see how the Rs are going to spin Beck's rally.

Ah, now we see how the Rs are going to spin Beck's rally.

Ah, now we see how the Rs are going to spin Beck's rally.

Ah, now we see how the Rs are going to spin Beck's rally.

I have 3 words for the Tea-Bagging Republicans...

I have 3 words for the Tea-Bagging Republicans...

Crazy Right-Wing Youtuber

Republican State Official Gets Fired Instead Of Resigning -- So He Can Collect Unemployment

Why do gender-obsessed right-wing men accept Beck's sobbing?

Al Hunt is saying that the loss of the Senate is a real possibility for the Democrats

The spokeswoman for the mosque burned in TN was in Religulous, Bill Maher's movie

Arrests made in maid's nail torture, Sri Lankan officials say

Arrests made in maid's nail torture, Sri Lankan officials say

Despite "All Clear," Mississippi Sound Tests Positive for Oil

Despite "All Clear," Mississippi Sound Tests Positive for Oil

It's Time To Turn Joe Biden Loose for November...

Beck invited the whole country, and 300 million people stood him up

Glenn Beck in Washington: Preaching the gospel of Mammon and militarism

You might remember that the RW talked about "restoring dignity and honor" before

To those in Bachmann's Congressional District - how does she get elected?


Germany Bans Cultivation of GM Corn

Stephanie Miller Caller - Beck wore vest cause of Black Panthers

Can anyone point me to a transcript of Palin "speech" on Saturday?

Are there numbers available as to Sharpton's MLK rally?....n/t

With Neighbors Unaware, Toxic Spill at a BP Plant

regular people pimping for the american petroleum institute

Study: Smoking pot may ease chronic pain (CNN)

Senate Democrat: Immigration reform not happening this year

What is our collective goal

The MSM reports the Beck Rally numbers

Magic underwear useless – Glenn Beck wore bullet-proof vest at white people rally

pediatric heart surgery in Iraq - 20,000 babies on waiting list

Why "Obama is a Muslim" is such a powerful accusation.

Why US Media Is Soft on Wall Street by Danny Schechter (8-30-10 Consortium News)

DCCC Accuses Americans For Prosperity (Koch bros) of Violating Tax Law

A mind-boggling Alaska mine

How do you say "Restoring Honor" in German?

The Beck event wasn't all white. You know how I know?

U.S. Wasted Billions Rebuilding Iraq

"How to react to a controversial judicial ruling" from SMBC's Zach Weiner

Miller leads but Alaska Senate looks competitive (PPP poll)

Donations For Slashed NYC Cabbie Would 'Barely Cover Baby Formula.'

History question: What happens when the base sits out?

Anyone see the resemblance?

Stop Making Delicious Food I Can't Stop Eating And Go Back To Mexico

I saw this headline at MSNBC."..NYT: Obama's steep learning curve in war

See You At the Obama Birther Rally!

'The Fox News Party'

feed Latinos to zoo animals?

NY legislators want chickens vaccinated

NY legislators want chickens vaccinated

One Lump Or Two? (Kunstler)

Restoring Honor

The Big BecKKK Lie: "This is not political."

The Big BecKKK Lie: "This is not political."


dupe plz delete

You just can't make this up: Serbian Testicle Fest gives Obama an award for being "Ballsy"

CREW: Bush White House Ignored Warnings About Email (8-30-2010)

Glenn Beck's Rally of Palingenesis. Why does "Restoring America" make me nervous?

Monday TOON Roundup part 4- War

Monday TOON Roundup part 5- The rest

The 3rd Wave

Radio 760 AM Poll: Should should we register as many practicing Muslims as we can find?

Bailin'PALIN's back to being herself, morning after: Political, crappy, carping

Beck - MLK Flow Chart-

Post Katrina. Aug 30, 2005 Photos and news coverage

Obama: 'I Can't Spend All My Time With My Birth Certificate Plastered On My Forehead' (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck's Hypocritical Revival

'I am NOT a front for Big Oil' ...

Glenn & Sarahcuda were just trolling for the dumbass GOP votes for Nov.

Koch Brothers target Alan Grayson and Suzanne Kosmas in Florida's Congressional races.

Man Already Knows Everything He Needs to Know About Muslims (Onion)

Took some pics at the Beckkk rally over the weekend....

Does anyone here know any hardcore Beckonites?

Daily News makes its endorsement (NY-GOV) two months early...

Internet may phase out printed Oxford Dictionary

Vulture Capitalist Funding GOP

Number on government assistance climbing

Sonia Sotomayor on C-Span, now.

In Toledo, the 'Glass City,' New Label: Made in China

I am in *FULL* agreement with Sen. Tom Coburn.

MSNBC: Miracle or Mother's Instinct?

was a pretty doggone powerful rifle that took the two officers

Contest of the century

GOP wrong on what constitutes kiss of death

Blair to avoid book protests with US trip

Five years since Hurricane Katrina: ongoing social dispossession

you remember our empire's largest embassy - you know, the one in Iraq

China to Job-Seeking C.E.O.’s: Come Work for China

For a so-called 'christian' does Glenn Beck even know how Jesus taught us to pray?

Huffington Post highlights difference between left and right blogosphere

Puerto Rico is taking a beating

12 Most Toxic Fish (For Humans and the Planet)

Building a Nation of Know-Nothings

Building a Nation of Know-Nothings

Does this poll embarrass you?

You can't restore something that didn't exist-

Is the economy currently recovering?

When did DU reach 100,000 members? Wasn't it not too long ago?

Head Wreck awaits his Nobel Prize. . . . Please come CAPTION!!!!

Head Wreck awaits his Nobel Prize. . . . Please come CAPTION!!!!

MSNBC just now characterized Rev. Sharpton's observance of MLK's

MSNBC just now characterized Rev. Sharpton's observance of MLK's

Montrose Elementary dismisses early because of smoke

Montrose Elementary dismisses early because of smoke

New York Times "Orange County Is No Longer Nixon Country"

Willie Sutton theory of taxation: Go where the money is.

Did any of you listen to thom Hartmann today? He had a Reverand

Did any of you listen to thom Hartmann today? He had a Reverand

Yosemite Sam thinks he might want to be President...

Yosemite Sam thinks he might want to be President...

surge update: Seven U.S. Soldiers Die in Afghan Attacks

Border Sweeps in North Reach Miles Into U.S. (immigrant checking)

If you are having problems or know anyone with problems

Thomas Elias: More fiction than fact about 'anchor babies' born in U.S.

The 75-year Social Security 'shortfall' = extending Bush's tax cuts for the top 2%

Brilliant Toon from the Tulsa World


New Economic Message: "There's only so much that can be done"

A Concise History Of Black-White Relations In The U.S.A.

Christine O'Donnell, Delaware's Tea Party Candidate, Has GOP Spooked

Hitchens: White Fright - Beck Rally Waterworld of White Self-Pity

Do you think the Beck For God Fest attendees were frustrated?

Blue Cross just raised our rates at work

Sen. Orrin Hatch: ‘I’d Be The First To Stand Up For Their Rights’ To Build

Monday TOON Roundup part 2- Economic blockade

Toomey TV ads appear to be 5:1 of those by Sestak (W.PA).

Beck thinks birds flying over him meant God was giving him the thumbs up

Ever wonder why we give $35 billion of our tax dollars to oil companies?

Poll: Exactly WTF is wrong with the 26% who think BarraQuitter would be "an effective president?"

Don't you just hate it when you can't remember why you're boycotting something?

Apply ''No Mosque near Ground Zero'' rule to right wing violence

Ex-Federal Contractor Indicted For Leaks To Fox News

Ex-Federal Contractor Indicted For Leaks To Fox News

Did I just hear Jake Tapper do a hatchet job on Obama?

anyone following Hurricane Earl closely?

If the president proposed measures that would substantially help the economy...

Democracy, Corrupted

Why did so many black people get on stage at the Beck freak show?

That is a hell of a conversation on the Hardball

This picture of Boner is begging for a caption...

"If the interviewee received little or no financial assistance, then I simply won't hire him or her.

Dare I Say It? Glenn Beck's Playing the God-Card Now Makes Bill O'Reilly Look...

Nonsense from Deficit Hawks Threatens to Keep Tens of Millions Needlessly Unemployed

Legal logjam leaving judges' seats empty in federal courts

May I make a suggestion regarding rating teachers?

OBAMA "I'm making decisions that are not necessarily good for the nightly news & next election, but

"Joke" in my daughter's 8th grade history class

Bedding Down With Billionaires and Pitchforks

Why are mood-altering substances always controlled substances, even if they aren't addictive,

Former Bush press sec. Ari Fleischer: "I find Glenn Beck to be a little weird and a little creepy"

Two dead in Visalia (CA) church shooting

Workplace bullying: Staff of Virginia Quarterly Rebel in Wake of Editor's Suicide

Update: the weird dude at BecKKK's rally with the racist T-shirt has more than one T

Not one of them served their country.

Should people in China who pay a lot in taxes be exempt from the one child policy?

When did you ever attend a democratic event where they said "No Signs"???

The Rude Pundit - Nine Final Observations on the Beckture: So That Happened

It doesn't say much for CNN that every time one of their reporters appear on Jeopardy

Mid Atlantic States Pay Attention Hurricane Earl Could Be Off Your Coast By Thursday....LINK

Mid Atlantic States Pay Attention Hurricane Earl Could Be Off Your Coast By Thursday....LINK

Rodents, bugs, uncontained manure found at Wright County Egg and Hillandale Farms

Beck Crowd Size Disputed ( and nearly 12,000 comments posted so far!)

On August 24, exactly 1600 year ago.... the Visigoths sacked Rome

I Don't Condone What Roger Clemens Did But...

NCSU modeling of the surface and subsurface oil plumes

Blood Gold: Chinese Shoot and Kill Tibetans Protesting Mines in Their Country

Bush White House willfully left Plamegate leaker’s emails unrestored: watchdog

I so hope Palin runs! The GOP tearing her apart would be worth it!

National Anthem

Daughter of US Ambassador Falls to Her Death in New York

If Liberals nominated Jesus Christ for the Supreme Court....

ROFL: Palin sends her "defense of Beck" twitter to Beck (the singer)

Arne says Chicago did not publish names and scores. But praised L.A. for doing it.

Love Sentor Leahy, etc...just got this in the mail re: Target

Beck wore bulletproof vest at request of his wife and pissed at CBS Crowd Estimate

A Quote From Frank Zappa

87,000 or 1 Million?

Someone Email Hardball Matthews and Ask Him to......

12 angry men is on again.

Is this true? School 1957 vs. 2010

Struggle by Indianapolis GM workers raises crucial issues

Struggle by Indianapolis GM workers raises crucial issues

Never have so few, done so little, and made so much, while screwing so many...

As bad as it is...I think we're on the cusp of change

Palin-backed ultra-conservative Joe Miller victory will put strong R seat in play

Weiner tweets that Republicans are 'asses'

How many here prefer not to see pornographic images on the margins?

Monday TOON Roundup part 3- Right Wing idiots other than Beckkk

Sharron Angle would've voted against Katrina aid

Man shoots self outside McCarran (Las Vegas) airport terminal

this is how it is done..

Psssst ...... does anyone know Glenn Beck is a ..... a ...... a .......

If high-income parents think their son or daughter is being taught by an incompetent teacher...

What will turnout be like November 2010?

The Trap We Are In

Essential albums......What are the most important socially/politically-tinged albums ever?

What are the odds that Greenland will be hit by a tropical storm this week?

Confirmed: Corexit Still Being Sprayed In the Gulf

Confirmed: Corexit Still Being Sprayed In the Gulf

President Obama: Please send troops to Tennessee to save our democracy

Consultant on CNBC: Oil should be $10-$18 a barrel now

LOL! Toon :No!, not that!

2 Beck Rally Attendees Object to 5 cent Bag Tax - Throw Sandwich in Face Deli Employee

Tomorrow is the best day of the year for a parent....

Dear Jan Brewer: SUCK IT!!! Now you have an inkling of how immigrants feel about life in AZ

Mormon-obsessed Christians add their pound of hate to Glenn Beck rally

Oh, you TEASE: John Bolton Won't Rule 2012 Out Presidential Run. Bolton-Palin 2012! USA! USA! USA!

Glen Beck Rally Sparks Debate Over Crowd Size ---

Glen Beck Rally Sparks Debate Over Crowd Size ---

Liberal economists say Democrats also eyeing cuts to Social Security

Those people who showed up for Beck - why they're less than they're being made to appear.

I asked earlier about having kids being a "lifestyle choice". He is why I asked:

I see that the GOP is already using HCR to beat Dems over the head with in campaign ads.

What is and isn't evidence of racism in attacks against Obama.

The billionaire brothers who are waging a war against Obama

Scholarships: food, shelter, tuition, and textbooks for 10,000 US citizens to study Arabic language

Monday TOON Roundup part 1- Beck

WTF? The strangest toon I've seen in a while

Hands down, Quote of the year

The 2010 primary season is OVER, those ready to help the Democrats & Obama win November check in!!!

Is dyeing (coloring) a pet cruel? CNN quick vote

Toon: Beck takes back civil rights

Toon: Lincoln's response

Study: Heavy Drinkers Outlive Nondrinkers (from Time)

Ron Paul questions whether there's gold at Fort Knox, NY Fed

Bigot starts ground zero church: Where's the outrage?

"Show Me the Money!" - Waste and Fraud in Iraq from the Start-by Michael Collins

Man Already Knows Everything He Needs to Know About Muslims

Federal Worker decries being held back by...wait for it...homosexuals!

Do you want to do SOMETHING?

Read this will explain all you need to know about the GOP popularity!!!

Dutch Elm Disease and Climate Change - what's next?

Rick Sanchez Calls Obama The "Cotton-Picking President"

L.A. Times "Without apology, they reduce children's lives to the score on their standardized tests."

Check in here if you still support Elizabeth Warren to lead the Bureau of Consumer Financial .

EXCLUSIVE: Tests find sickened family has 50.3 ppm of Corexit’s 2-butoxyethanol in swimming pool

Republicans take largest generic ballot polling lead ever (since 1942)

The Democrats Could Own The Conversation This Week....if

The Democrats Could Own The Conversation This Week....if

"You Muslims are ruining this country!"

$3,500 prepaid debit card to every adult in a tax-filing household

Five Commandments of Ayn Rand Worship?

Alan Simpson still needs to be fired.

Why doesn't the President tell the truth about the economy?

need law advice quick question on court appearances

Obama strengthens unions and economic democracy - where will it lead?

Ex-UBS whistleblower hits out at ‘corrupt’ US justice

•••We'll lose cuz we're too demoralized to vote. We're too demoralized to vote cuz we're gonna lose.

EXCLUSIVE: Tests find sickened family has 50.3 ppm of Corexit’s 2-butoxyethanol in swimming pool

Is having a child a "lifestyle choice"?

SF/Bay Area DUers -- BBQ/potluck this Sunday!

A big DU Thank You to the DU members who really came through!

Will The Obama Administration's Plans For Education Reform Help Or Hurt?

Freepers tear each other apart because Glenn Beck is Mormon

We need a new way to explain what is happening to teaching...

Fer the geeks

"Republicans are coming to take your Social Security"

What is your best job interview advice?

Them Europeans Flaunt their FUN and GOOD TIMES while we fight among ourselves

It is WRONG to Charge Large People More for Insurance

It is WRONG to Charge Large People More for Insurance

Anthem Blue Cross CHARGING me for health care reform bill!

Impeachment of Bush was taken off the table - WHY?

Millions of Pakistani kids risk waterborne disease (Dialup & Upsetting Images Warning)

Millions of Pakistani kids risk waterborne disease (Dialup & Upsetting Images Warning)

"Boys will be boys" - violent play in schools

Bored with your Avatar? Want new life for your posts?

FarmVille does a good job at keeping me addicted to it!

Can anyone explain LOST in five paras or less?

I think I found what is so rediculous sometimes.

Pop music has NOTHING on schlocky tunes...

Is there an Emmy thread?!1 Elton is being a jerk n/t

Shove the football up your ass Fox TV!

Undercover Boss...I like it...

Sweet, knife fights!

Emmy Awards are pretty good,so far.

Anyone watching the Emmy's?

Howdy from Corpus Christi, Texas, yeah I just packed my backpack and drove here yesterday.

I'm having terrible insomnia and I hate my job.

Poof! You are dictator of a large, powerful nation. Your rule is absolute and unchallenged.

Judicial Activists (posted in GD last night)

We have to wait two weeks before the TRUE BLOOD season finale?

Anyone else tired of the Nookie push at Barnes & Noble?

Drinking beer with your right hand gets you drunk WAY more quickly than drinking with the left....

LOL! I almost posted the DU front page story about pot easing pain (read on)

In the movie, couldn't Cameron just have disabled the Titanic instead of sinking it?

In the movie, couldn't Cameron just have disabled the Ferrari insteadof sending it down the ravine?

The good ol' DU days.

Youtube video


Who do you trust more

Congratulations 'Pacific" Winner Best Mini-series

Labrador retriever and dolphin swimming together

Reminder - SF/Bay Area DU potluck this Sunday!


I Want To Creat A Thread That Never Dyes....

PSA: Vitamin water is dangerous!

From miles off, you can hear the plaintive voices of the cowpoke's at Kali's singing.

What ever happened to the thread that would never die?

For you historians (and prodigious drinkers) I present...Drunk History

If you are having problems buying food or know anyone having problems

Cami Secret Info-mercial (parody) NSFW just to let ya know

Apparently, in Canada they have state sponsored betting on football.

In the Civil War, couldn't we have just disabled the Merrimack instead of sinking it?

Photo: Oh, HELL YES: "Margherita Burgers."

Scandal with the "True Blood In Memory" clip from last night *spoilers*

Click HERE if this page doesn't refersh automatically.

In the Peloponnesian War, couldn't we have-- oh to hell with it n/t

Man, I wish DU had a sex / relationship forum. I just had the wildest most wonderful experience

In Mafia Wars, couldn't some of you have offered me more to join?

Anybody ever been in the Cash Cab?

to those from colorado

In court, couldn't the judge have disabled Lindsay Lohan instead of sending her to jail?

Hate crime?

Anyone else tired of pushing Nookie at Barnes & Noble?

Anyone else tired of pushing Nookie at Barnes & Noble?

Does this pole embarrass you ?

Anonymous Beatles fan pays $14,740 for John Lennon's toilet at auction

Why do some people like scary things, such as horror movies, horror books, ghost stories?

Cross Post from DIY forum... Need advice on kitchen flooring if you'd like to throw in your $0.02

From"Make Your Own Cat Trees, Towers, and other Cat Structures"

Question about tires...

An update on Miles (Will Pitt's cat and mine)

Are rwers slow and stoopid or what?

My neighbor has rats!

A friend's final conclusion of Lost (the TV show). Long, yet insightful read.

Body building

PHOTO: Ozzy and 9 year old guitar prodigy Yuto Miyazawa perform "Crazy Train" at Ozzfest

Is this offensive? I thought it was funny.

Time now for another one of my periodic repostings of MacArthur Park

Mercy, Christina Hendricks, Mercy

In WWII , shouldn't we have just invented a time machine and brought captain Kirk from the future to

What is the most frightening critter you've found in your stuff?

Good afternoon from India (Pics)

At the State Fair of Texas, They're Going to Deep Fry Everything, Including Salads

It is a girl.

How do you get rid of phone solicitors? I usually let the answering machine catch them, and they

Marion Cotillard MUST be Catwoman for Batman 3

Anybody else on teh Longue a regular at the gym?

Utahans don't know how to rock (pics)

In very first war, couldn't we have disabled Og's hurty poundy crunch stick instead of break it?

Does this Troll embarass you?

For whom the bell tolls. It tolls for bee.

So now the criminals at Reynold's Wrap want us to waste aluminum by grilling on it,

For all of you who have trouble wrapping your brain around furries...

I just ate a "Dirty Sanchez." What are some disturbing names for good food at other restaurants?

bathroom stall graffiti

Why do the Mariners suck so bad this year?

Fish. It's what's for dinner. Straight from Massachusetts Bay

At the Little Bighorn, couldn't the Natives have captured the Cavalry and

Shouldn't the SS Minnow just have sank

Agent injured after Obama leaves Mass.

Self delete

Ignore the GOPers Roots of Madness and come to a place of Music and FUN

The Obama Vision of Federal Government

Joe Madison: I EXPOSED!!! Glenn Beck he's a fake and a fraud

Vitter Attorneys Pressured Louisiana Newspapers To Soften Coverage Of His Violent Aide

John Kasich wants to streamline state regulations; Gov. Ted Strickland says he's already done it

What does the healthcare bill mean to me? Plus, worry about extension of Bush tax cuts.

Tancredo picks new running mate

Officials scramble after fire destroys vote machines (TX)

NRA won't endorse Reid

The Republican Party's radical gift that just keeps on giving.

CSpan2 NOW: Koch brothers Americans for Prosperity warning of lame duck session bills

Glenn Beck's Rally of Palingenesis. Why does "Restoring America" make me nervous?

59 percent think Palin lacks ability to be effective as president, Republicans split 47/40.

Crist Defers on Making a Caucus Commitment

Ed Shultz: For a six month promotion he only got supposely 300,000 I can do better than that

Arizona Governor Condemns UN Human Rights Report

It's time for the republican party to stop the blockade.

40% of an airline seat per person for everyone attending Beck rally.

Top tier rethugs can't wait to get there hands on Social Security

RIGHT NOW: President Obama's remarks about economy...just a few minutes

Libertarian Party Denies Murkowski Potential Ballot Line

For Obama, Steep Learning Curve as Chief in Time of War

Gibbs is on CSPAN in a few minutes....nt

The Spin on the Beck Cult rally

The Spin on the Beck Cult rally


President Obama: Prove Krugman's prediction wrong!

Civitas Poll: Burr Continues to Lead Among Unaffiliated Voters in North Carolina

Alabama: Brooks Up By Double Digits in New Poll

President Obama to appear at Labor Day rally with AFL-CIO president

Biden visits Iraq as combat mission ends

Angle in 2005: I would have voted “no” on Katrina relief funds

Daily Kos: Confrontation in an Oklahoma Starbucks over right wing lies about President Obama.

Newsweek National Poll: Obama 47% approval, 45% disapproval/ 24% say Muslim

Another ex-WWE star found dead; autopsy scheduled

"the first president in four decades with a shooting war already raging the day he took office,"

OBAMA: “I can’t spend all of my time with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead”

Tom Coburn: Newt Gingrich "the last person I'd vote for president of US"

This weekend, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services mailed the one millionth $250 check

Malloy gets his $6 million, while Foley to resume TV ads

NYT: Orange County Is No Longer Nixon Country (sign of the times...)

I saw Brad Pitt on CNN

John Bolton for President?

"9/11 Christians" Plan Church near Ground Zero

Obama Not Worried by Muslim 'Rumors'

Economists agree: Stimulus created nearly 3 million jobs

Obama to Republicans: ‘Drop the Blockade’

Where did the "Yes We Can" spirit go?

If Dems & Obama want to hold back GOP in November, they have to give progressives something BIG

Krugman: Failure To Rise

Gallup: GOP Takes Unprecedented 10-Point Lead on Generic Ballot

Bush put pressure on Blair to keep Brown out of office

Women in Washington, your seats are at risk

Police detain four reporters

Golf carts 'automobiles': Manitoba judge

Golf carts 'automobiles': Manitoba judge

Millions of Pakistani kids risk waterborne disease (Dialup & Upsetting Images Warning)

Corruption prosecutor not forced out, Afghan officials say

'Spiderman' arrested for scaling Sydney skyscraper

A 'Jewish Gene': Immigration Provocateur in Germany Crosses the Line

For Iraq war veterans, 'invisible wounds' that never heal

Daughter of US Ambassador Falls to Her Death in New York

Aborigine nears win in Australia's House of Reps

Imam Says Politics Has Stoked Controversy Over Center

Liberal economists say Democrats also eyeing cuts to Social Security

U.S. Muslims take to airwaves to fight 'fear-mongering'

Consumer Spending in U.S. Rises More Than Forecast, Incomes Lag

Authorities investigate shots fired near Islamic Center site (TN)

UN climate body 'needs reforms', review recommends

Arizona police say gunman kills 5, then self

Berlusconi's 'subsidised staycation' scheme aims to help hard-pressed Italian families

Union makes NY State Senate Democrats return Walmart money

SWAT Team Surrounds Alleged Cop Killer in Ak.

Authorities investigate shots fired near Islamic Center site(TN)

China's banking system shows disturbing, U.S.-style cracks

U.S. Senator (Kerry) warns of instability if Pakistan unaided

USDA Lax on E. Coli Strain Linked to Beef Recall

Rights Groups File Challenge To Targeted Killing By U.S. (Violates Constitution & Int'l Law)

Hurricane Earl more forceful, expected to become 'major hurricane'

Putin hints will return to Kremlin in 2012

Report: Warnings about e-mails went unheeded in Bush White House

Roadside Bombs kill 7 U.S Troops

Judge quashes Cuccinelli subpoena of U-Va. records

Rights Groups File Challenge To Targeted Killing By U.S. (Awlaki vs. Obama Administration)

Muslims donate nearly $1 billion to Pakistan

Hurricane Earl strengthens to Category 4 (Look out, east coast)

Roll-Your-Own Cigarette Machines Help Evade Steep Tax

UNITE HERE, five hotels reach contract settlements (No givebacks)

Judge denies Cuccinelli's demand for climate change researcher's records

Obama won't say `Mission Accomplished' in speech

New report details loss of Bush-era e-mails

Libyan leader courts controversy in Italy

7 ISAF members killed in Afghanistan

Blair to avoid book protests with US trip

David Miliband: Britain was slow to act against US torture

U.S. Commander Fears Political Stalemate in Iraq

Record number in government anti-poverty programs

FBI: No Probable Cause Required For Surveillance

13-Year-Old Youngest to Die at Indy

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday August 30

Swarms of marine turbines could 'tap the Gulf Stream'

Sarah Palin would be an ineffective president, say 6 in 10 Americans, according to new poll

Italian minister apologises after delivery room fight (dr's fistfight in delivery room)

Teachers blast L.A. Times for releasing teacher effectiveness rankings

FDA Egg Farm Inspection Reports Include Rodents, Flies, 8-Foot-High Manure Pile

Second Newspaper Chain Joins Copyright Trolling Operation

The Taliban vs. the Mosque (“The more mosques you stop, the more jihadis we will get”)

Mexico sacks 10% of police force in corruption probe

Gunman kills 6, injures (at least 12) others in Slovakia

Two dead in Visalia (Mormon) church shooting

Two Men on United Flight from Chicago Arrested on 'Preparation of a Terrorist Attack' in Amsterdam

Iran state media call French first lady prostitute

BP probe blames its workers for Gulf blowout, report says

Women set to bear 72% of British austerity cuts, report shows

GOP Takes Unprecedented 10-Point Lead on Generic Ballot

Marijuana effective in reducing pain, study shows

Bjørn Lomborg: $100bn a year needed to fight climate change

Election 2010 Potential Consequences include Impeachment of Obama

E.J. Dionne, Jr.: Obama and the Virtues of ‘Politicking’

The Glenn Beck Dream

it's never too soon

Pharma Rep Confession

Charlotte Iserbyt - Deliberate Dumbing Down of the World

Night of the Living Brain-Dead starring Sarah Palin & the Teabaggers

Beck on FNS 08-29-10 Part 2 - 15 years ago I was one of the most ignorant men on the planet

Obama Visits New Orleans Restaurant 08-29-10

Economic Hitman reveals shocking truths about the Government

Who is Alec Monopoly?

Beck on FNS 08-29-10 Part 1 - Chris Wallace asks if Beck has a role in saving the country

Countdown to Zero Trailer - (from the Makers of Inconvenient Truth)

For Pam Geller, Bill O'Reilly and Other Lurking Islamophbes: When the Moors Ruled in Europe

Ed Show w/ Cenk: Mike Rogers on Hypocrite Mehlman

Sam Seder: The Food Bubble

Benjamin Jealous - President and CEO of th NAACP on 8/28

PSA From American Muslims: "I Don't Want To Take Over This Country, I Don't Support Terrorism"

Teabagger Punched After Trying to Destroy Camera at Beck Rally

TYT: Laura Ingraham 'Mosque' Hypocrisy Exposed

Beating the Internet Trolls

How Dummies Protect Hallowed Ground

The Real Housewives of NJ Take on Gay Marriage

Weird Liberal Head Show #147: A Tea Partier is OWNED!

Teahadists Go Over The Edge When They See The Other 98%'s "Glenn Beck = Nightmare" Banner

ACLU: Targeted Killing-Lawsuit challenges Obama's power to kill citizens without due process

Young Turks: Bush Speechwriter - GOP Is Screwed 2012 and Beyond

Evangelicals would freak if they know this about Glenn Beck and his Mormonism

Carly No Es Mi Amiga (Carly Fiornia Is Not My Friend)

Should the 2nd Amendment be Repeal?

Does this poll embarrass you?

Red alert! The Russians are coming! by Pepe Escobar

It's Witch Hunt Season

Karzai Uses Robert Bork to Fire 'Graft Prosecutor' In Afghanity Night Massacre

The Taliban vs. the Mosque - Using for recruitment

In New Orleans, Kindness Trumped Chaos

Drowning out the hate hustlers: Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck cannot steal America's soul

US Strategic Opportunity in Pakistan Flooding Relief

Park 51, the perfect recruitment tool for Talibans of all stripes

Beck's Dreck: Fox News Host's Real Target Is Religious Liberty

The genius of Glenn Beck: Pushing rivals to restore his ratings and relevance in rally coverage


Bill Press: Glen Beck's Big Bust on the Mall....Huffington Post..

Oil Addiction And Identity (Scott Brown)

New Dissent in Japan Is Loudly Anti-Foreign - Founder Modeled after Tea Party

Why Coburn hates Gingrich

The GOP's internal warfare

It’s Witch-Hunt Season (Krugman)

Joe Conason: Is Glenn Beck mobilizing the religious right for November?

One Lump Or Two? (James Howard Kunstler)

One Lump Or Two? (James Howard Kunstler)

Billionaire Who Denies Connection to Tea Parties Addressed Crowd at Glenn Beck Rally

Note to Dems: Run Against the Koch Brothers

Extremely Inconvenient Truths: Welcome to Minority World!

How Obama got rolled by Wall Street

How should progressives respond to the end of the Oil Age?

Was the Glenn Beck rally turnout really that impressive?

Joan Walsh, Salon: Obama just doesn't get it

Is Your Child’s Classmate Unvaccinated? by Christine Vara

Are Democrats so closed minded and scared that they do not allow free discussion?

Japanese Researchers Extend Range and Efficiency of Wireless Power Transmission

Drumbeat from the weekend...

Drumbeat: August 30, 2010

High Levels of Lead, Mercury, 11 Other Toxins Found In Athabasca River, Refuting Official Position

5 Of 9 Scientists On CA Toxics Panel Fired - Pacific Legal Foundation Among Industry Pressure Groups

MODIS - 250 km2 Iceberg Moves From Petermann Snout Into Nares Strait - Heading S. From There

New Report: Biofuels Leading to African 'Land Grab' by Foreign Entities

Ocean Acidification Old Spice Commercial!

Smart and fast, marine mammals are guarding American military bases

Wind energy extraction does not necessarily *have* to use a lot of materials..

Lake Erie Thick With Algae - Testing Shows 5X WHO's Maximum Levels Of Microcystin For Drinking Water

Kinkajous, Seahorses, Sugar Gliders - 11 Pets Not To Own (Even If They DO bite Paris Hilton)

AU: Losing our way on roads

Newly Discovered Wood-Eating Catfish Has Spoon-Shaped Teeth

Earl 140 E. St. Thomas Max Sustained 110 965 Mb Moving WNW 14 Tracking N Carolina By Thursday

Everybody runs their mouths, everybody knows something you don't.

I gotta post this: Fowler has two triples for Rockies in 10-5 win

So the US Open Tennis tournament starts today......

Tony Dungy On Meeting With Rex Ryan:

Need fantasy football advise

Create a Baseball team using only players that you PERSONALLY saw play LIVE

Disgraced Big Ten star Maurice Clarett signs with UFL's Omaha

Which top ten team (AP rankings) will lose this week?

Manny is going back to Boston!

Official US Open Tennis Thread!

Chile publishes network neutrality law

Internet use up in Venezuela

Venezuela reduces inequality the most in Latin America

Bringing Solar Power to Rural Venezuela

Fidel admits he was was virtually dead

NDP to propose long-gun registry changes

Arizona police say gunman kills 5, then self

Why all the carve-outs?

Rosa Parks was an armed. No surprise from this Cracker.

Two police officers killed in Hoonah

S.F.'s lone gun store draws neighbors' fire

Update on LVPD Costco Shooting

CBS Creates Gay Employee Group

Gay Marriage & Drinking Fountains

Chuck Colson Is Pissed At Christians Who Won't Sign The Manhattan Declaration

Too funny: Call The Waambulance Because Nobody Wants To Date Homocon Kevin Dujan

NOM enters the fray in Washington DC

The Truth About NY Sen. Ruben Diaz

Have I ever mentioned that Minor White taught me to splice film?

I was disqualified... and I deserve it

2 yr old granddaughter playing Rock Band

In memory of Cheyenne Lee

BP Oil May Be Disappearing, But Risks for Cleanup Workers and Fishermen Remain

A Brief History of Labor Unsolidarity: AFL-CIO and Change to Win

Calif. Hotel Walk-Off Strike Continues New Wave of Worker Militancy

Today in Labor History Aug 30 FDR's Wealth Tax Act increases taxes on rich citizens and big business

They will most likely publish our names and wages

Settlement in retiree premium suit? (My union WON!)

Downtown Minneapolis looking spiffy, thanks to new union members

Israel PM denies offer made to freeze settlements

Shrinking Atmospheric Layer Linked to Low Levels of Solar Radiation

Octopus Mimics Flatfish and Sea snakes, and Flaunts It

Ötzi the Iceman May Have Had Funeral Ceremony

Video: Dancing Parrot Boogies Better With a Partner


Light ...

Space-based detector could find anti-universe

The teeniest , weeniest Refrigerator...

The perception of time.....

Dry weather reveals archaeological 'cropmarks' in fields (BBC)

Is Leslie Kean's New Book on UFO's a 'Game-Changer?'

Weird Oblong Crater Deepens Mars Mystery

Glenn Beck, and Powell Davies, at the Washington Mall

In Vatican City, do police respond better than church authorities to abuse of kids by priests?

Genesis, take #1

While the topic of estimating crowd size is popular...

What the heck are they so scared of?

Going bonkers over faith

Lilac Dream...

Here's some great music for meditation--very beautiful.

If you guys are so inclined...

EEeeek! Job INTERVIEW Thurs/Fri... Am I Ready?

Decline in Kids' Pneumonia Linked to Vaccine Use

Can Preschoolers Be Depressed?

Federal Appeals Court rejects autism/vaccine connection.