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Archives: August 26, 2010

Science Confirms The Obvious, 2010 edition

Woman Convicted Of Illegally Accessing Obama Student Loan Records

If Breitbart had edited a video of Simpson...

It comes down to one simple problem, JOBS

90-year-old vet becomes U.S. citizen

I would like to know: how much exactly does Alan Simpson suck yearly from the public "tit."

TIME: Another Safety Issue: Can Toyota Ever Bounce Back?

Anti-Mosque Coalition’s Website Owned By Neo-Conservative Islamophobe Frank Gaffney

Rachel is about to skewer the ReTHUGs

Carnahan responds to claims staffer played role in firebombing

Former Bush Campaign Manager, RNC Chair Ken Mehlman Finally Admits He's Gay - Gawker

Lost Navy UAV enters Washington airspace

Republicans for Blumenthal

Why doesn't that church burn transcripts of Jerry Falwell's hateful rant after 9/11 instead?

Thank you mods, cleanup on aisle seven

Given a Choice Between a CEO and Comm. Organizer...

So how about we organize a Bible burning?

A Quarter of Fort Hood Soldiers Seek Mental Health Counseling

(Alaska) Voters approve measure requiring abortion notification

I am livid! It is obvious that Glenn "I hate the 9/11 victim's families" Beck

Keith covering the story on Ambridge and the knifing

Alan Simpson should donate his rotting brain to science.

Republican National Committee Slashes New York Muslim Cabbie (A Very Angry Juan Cole)

Chicago Sun-Times: Home is where the hurt is in today's housing market

Minneapolis denies permits for anti-war march at Democratic National Convention

For the younger folk among us, another example of Republican obsession with tits:

Financial Times: Future generations will curse us for cutting deficits in a slump.

My lord the American Petroleum Institute is running those

Tom DeLay Loses Bid to Move Trial From Austin

Alaska Senate race - "Moving Beyond 'Cut, Kill, Dig, Drill' in Alaska"


Does anyone actually believe there is an account with trillions for Social Security in it?

What happened to Tom Ridge?

Why lock threads that serve as excellent teaching opportunities

"I voted against Prop. 8...But I think the will of the majority should be supported by the state."

Gay candidate for Legislature receives death threat

Met a tea bagger today at the County Fair Dem booth.

I am sure if a Democrat would have made fun of the rich people, Bush would have kept him also!

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Steps Taken Toward Privatizing Public Fannie & Freddie, to Citibank's & BOA's Benefit:

So... Will President Obama Toss Simpson Off The CatFoo... er, Deficit Commission???

Another chance to support equality: Will Obama's DOJ weigh in on Prop. 8 appeal?

Cannabis Electric Car To Be Made In Canada

Gay Couples, Uncle Sam Needs You to Procreate

Associated Press: It's starting to feel like another recession.

3 months is different for minorities than for 'muricans (miners buried 3 mos, BP gushing 3 mos)

Drug Deaths: In the Press vs. In Reality (there's a big difference)

When someone mentions "deficit reduction"....

It's not just seniors that rely on SS, remember the disabled, too.

Should Obama get Advice from Bill Clinton on the Economy ?

Dear Mr President

Watching a program on training PJ's

Hawaii's race to the top, Best teachers to Lowest schools...

Every time someone mentions the Deficit Reduction Committee, aka the "Catfood Commission"

Alaska Dem says voters will reject Miller's '19th Century ideology'

Martin Luther King would have been on Glenn Beck's chalkboard

You've Gotta Love The Democratic Governors Association's New Ad On DU's Front Page!

A responsible and ethical question would be: Why does Simpson get a pass?

Stewart on the hypocrisy of Palin..

Alaska leads states in credit card debt

Buchanan on Smarmy Joe:

I wish someone would ask Tea Party candidates to reconcile their anti abortion views with being

I wish someone would ask Tea Party candidates to reconcile their anti abortion views with being

Pain Ray, Rejected by the Military, Ready to Blast L.A. Prisoners

Katrina's toll includes rise in suicide, mental illness

Joe Miller (R -Alaska) and Red State Welfare

Judge orders Cal State Stanislaus to release documents related to Palin's visit

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed how many, if not most of the protest signs at the

Germany debates ending the draft: Germans worry about a depletion in public services

Forbes: Bernanke's Fed Is Full Of Blind Mice. We need Bernanke to panic.

I like instituting a social security tax on capital gains.

To all real journalists: Stop being such cowards!

As GOP civil war rages, Democrats look to benefit

As GOP civil war rages, Democrats look to benefit

Stimulating Hypocrisy: 114 Lawmakers Block Recovery While Taking Credit For Its Success

A vigil for Portland's unemployed

Ruh roh. Journalist Major Garrett leaves Fox News TV for National Journal print

Media words used as future predictors.

Scarborough is having a laughing fit on MSNBC.

You know I'd just love to see Lady Blah Blah's Alaska candidate

Union leader will blast Sarah Palin, calling her rhetoric 'poisonous'

Frontline tonight was great

Facebook sues start-up for using 'book' in its name

Seeking answers in MMS's flawed culture

A New Round Of Corporate Layoffs?

Multiple petitions to remove Alan Simpson. Links here

What have you sent the GOP (or DLC) in the pre paid envelopes that come with $ begging letters?

Automated Polling Comes Out on Top-so says politico

Jobless rate (claims) down! (edited)

Church, police covered up priest's role in IRA gang that killed nine in 1972 bombing

Some political signs: Oldies but surely goodies!!!

DeLay is denied change of venue out of Travis County

Fiore Flashtoon: The Enchanted Financial Forest

Americans are Still Dying in Iraq…Starting with Brandon Maggart

The Catfood Commission has an email address

MarketWatch: When a recovery feels like a recession


Crimes Rates During The Bush Era as Compared To Obamas Presidency

Whole cities severely damaged. And then we just watch them blow away.

Right-Wing Christian Militia Vows To Protect Florida Church Burning Qurans On September 11 (Updated)

A rotten choice in California

Can Presidents take the lead on civil rights legislation?

"Males have higher insurance." Maybe CAR insurance.

WND CEO Takes To Gay Radio To Pan Ann Coulter For 'HomoConflict'

It has become apparent to me Obama is intent upon hacking away at Social Security

A responsible and ethical question would be: Why does Simpson get a pass?

Will the departure of the outspoken Simpson actually matter? Will something change?

"$1 million homes showed an increase in sales of 6.1 percent in July"

WTF.....does the GOP have naked pictures of Obama?

Poor Grampy McCain!

Slicing a bagle in NY before selling it to customer? That's a tax.

The many sins of deregulation.

The many sins of deregulation.

Update on the Moran Theatre and Sarah's visit

Global Warming Reality

Alan K Simpson: since the white house isn't getting the message

Bill Maher In 2006: Ken Mehlman Is Gay (VIDEO)

Train Troubles Again Strand Northeast Commuters

Perspective on the NYC cabbie stabbing

Join NOW's "Tits for an Ass" Campaign and Call on President Obama to Fire Alan Simpson

Mortgage Payments One Month Overdue Increase as U.S. Economic Growth Slows

Further battles in the war to destroy the middle class. We are in a race to the bottom.

Just how overblown is the oil spillage in the Gulf?

"The finest apples from Apple Land/Make Mott's Apple Sauce taste grand!"

Az Dems Nominate Chris Deschene of Navajo Nation For SOS!

Please help me unfreep this poll on the mosque

Jobless Organize to Remove Republican Royalists From Their Jobs

I spent too much time with a trust fund liberal over the weekend

Should the Bush Tax Cuts Be Renewed?

Metaphorical snapshot from suburbia......

Bad Economy Threatens Dem Claims

Oh. My. God.

To slice or not to slice: The bagel-buyer's dilemma in New York

Tiger Woods -5 through 16, tied for the lead.

The Glenn Beck Conspiracy Theory Generator - Fair and Balanced Paranoia, Delivered on Demand

glenn beck rewrites civil rights history

Wow, Ken Mehlman is gay? Who would have thunk that???!!!

High-speed rail NIMBYism in San Mateo County

more BP shifty stuff - new ad

What do you think will happen with Social Security?

The Jungle in 2010

Pakistan aid workers threatened by Taliban

Democratic leaders' thought processes?

Reclaim the Dream - August 28, 2010 March on DC

Treasury Makes Shocking Admission: Program for Struggling Homeowners Just a Ploy to Enrich Big Banks

Franklin Graham is a disgrace with his comments on Obama

How 4chan Brought the Evil British Cat Bin Woman to Justice

How 4chan Brought the Evil British Cat Bin Woman to Justice

Shaping Tea Party Passion Into Campaign Force

How to : Double the current Social Security payout, and make it a true national retirement system.

Paterson Says Muslim Stabbing Is One Reason We Need A ‘Unifying Conversation’

Happy Women's Equality Day!

Glenn Beck: Without his direct intervention, the civil rights movement is "an abomination"

The Practical Nomad; Why I'm suing the Department of Homeland Security

"67 percent of municipal payroll goes to those paying taxes elsewhere"

Palin: Alaska ‘wouldn’t stand’ for Scott Brown (Boston Globe)

Bob Cesca: The Summer of Republican Race-Baiting

Head Wreck's "I have a theme" ("me") speech. . . Please come CAPTION!!!!

"I have a scheme!!!!" . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!!

The Current "Depression" Could be Worse and Last Longer Than The Mainstream Believes

Naked Capitalism: Big Banks Continue As Before ( the "reform" bill passed)

Dick Armey Supposedly Has Death Threats

Am I a sap for loving the "Social Network" trailer I just saw during TDS?

DADT is a threat to national security.

Bristol Palin to be on "Dancing with the Stars"

Under current law SS retirement age is already scheduled to rise to 67

Under current law SS retirement age is already scheduled to rise to 67

The Most Isolated Man on the Planet

Social Security cuts "would weaken popular confidence that the program will be there for retirees."

Daniels To Accept $434 Million In State Aid that he requested then opposed

The left needs to figure out how to get leverage over the WH now

Malkin Indicts TP For Our Commenters, But Disclaims ‘All Liability’ From Her Own Blog’s

The Rude Pundit: Glenn Beck's 8/28 Extravaganza Will Rule All the Heavens and Earth (Part 1)

The Rude Pundit: Glenn Beck's 8/28 Extravaganza Will Rule All the Heavens and Earth (Part 1)

New Reid ad: Sharron Angle is a dangerous maniac

I guess the only problem in our country today is the Mosque!

Is there a symbol/logo used by groups fighting for equal marriage rights for gays and lesbians?

Alan Simpson-haters, you are upsetting the "Serious people"

"You killed my wife with my child. I will not do wrong to you. I forgive you."

It's an insult to seniors for Alan Simpson to remain on the deficit commission.

Is there any logic on the right?

CIA says Irish Americans were terror agents in new Wilkileaks document

Jamar Pinkney Sr. sentenced to 35-80 years in prison (2nd Degree Murder)

Why is the mean old jackal worthy of getting his wrinkled ass kicked back to oblivion?

Governor Christie of NJ, another one-term lying Puke

Live chat with Robert Scheer at 2pm EDT - Topic is latest column, “They Go or Obama Goes”

Anyone want to read the Iraq Oil law of 2007? Verrry interesting info.

Booth In Mound (MN) Compares Obama To Hitler

Americans simple-minded, says Japanese MP Ichiro Ozawa

Jewish Daily Forward: At the Death Camps, Muslim Leaders Grapple With Jews’ Pain

Crist the double agent?

Media Mischief (Another Poorly Reported Study, This Time By The Guardian)

Fair & Balanced, you BETCHA: Greta Von Xenu's "three-day infomercial" for Palin

Every U.S. soldier in our country is a criminal and a devil. No one wants them

Healthcare law backers plan counteroffensive

Scott Mountain Fire blows up this afternoon (DIAL UP WARNING)

Ken Mehlman says he's gay.

Afghanistan corruption linked to CIA

Idaho Residents Face Fire Risk, Told to Evacuate.

My question is: Do you need a search warrant for that? Not that it will matter, of course.

The Father of a Dead Wrestler Calls Linda McMahon a Liar

Want your base to come out? Put marijuana decriminalization on the ballots

Pew: Americans ages 65+ object to NYC mosque 63%-21%; young adults (18-29) support it 50%-36%.

Anthem Blue Cross is allowed to move ahead with rate hikes

Will the voters here in the US ever wake up?

Kucinich: Afghanistan is ‘spy versus spy carnival of corruption’

Boo Fuckin' HOO: Bobby Bright's "Pelosi might die" joke's now "a major headache for the congressman"

Boo Fuckin' HOO: Bobby Bright's "Pelosi might die" joke's now "a major headache for the congressman"

Prostesters head to sea over Obama administration’s fishing regulations

If Democrats want to win this November

We Have a Golden Opportunity in Alaska to Get Scott McAdams Elected

Unimaginable catastrophe in Pakistan

Bravo Agenda Project

They'd oust Shirley Sherrod in 3 damn milliseconds . . .

They'd oust Shirley Sherrod in 3 damn milliseconds . . .

Best Egg Scandal TOON yet

Best Egg Scandal TOON yet

Will Beck's Lincoln Memorial Rant be known as the "I Have a Gun"

An idea for a political commercial

What do we know about Glenn Beck's past as a drug addict?

Gag: Bristol Palin to be on Dancing with the Stars!

Obama, Pentagon- sponsored DADT "survey" has handed RNC a huge talking point

I guess I'm not surprised that Free Republic is overrun with bigots.....but sometimes.....

Miami Herald: Ramadan at Guantánamo: Nightly force-feedings

Afghanistan, graveyard of empires - and Toyota Corollas (WP)

RE: Simpson and White House acceptance...

I think there should be a compromise regarding the Ground Zero Mosque

No one should ever count on the people naturally seeing through demagogues.

No one should ever count on the people naturally seeing through demagogues.

Howcum Rethugs have 'personal journeys',

Oh, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!

Oh, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!

Looks like the beatings will continue until morale improves

I don't care if they're a Repube or a Dem - no one should resign just over stupid comments

Ahmed Sharif, Muslim cab driver stabbed by bigot, says he was targeted because of his religion

My View of the Beck/MLK Event

Texas Textbook Massacre Architect Backing Grayson Opponent

Judge: Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research Destroys Non-Existent Embryos!

Not to Miss Interview: Jane Mayer on the Koch Bros on Fresh Air

Share your letters to WH demanding Simpson' head here

Share your letters to WH demanding Simpson' head here

Infographic: It's a Muslim World, America's Just Living in It

America’s mental illness epidemic: It turns out that the drugs are the problem

What do you say to your teenage/unmarried kids about having kids?

What do you say to your teenage/unmarried kids about having kids?

Are we in a 1930's-style depression?

Imagine Obama claiming to be the second coming of MLK and holding a rally at the Lincoln Memorial

Will we ever be able to take our government back from the Corporations?

Democrats on the Hill UNDERMINING their own Party.!!!

Wow, are the members of the DU the only intelligent people left in this damn country???

Question about cell phone etiquette. When a connection is lost,

Simpson Apologizes to Critic (and WH Is Fine With It)

The Hatred Is Pathetic

Drunken Man Yells "Terrorists," Urinates on Mosque Rugs

Glenn Beck rewrites civil rights history

I just got on republican leader comes out

Swell Season offer grief counseling to concertgoers who witnessed suicide

Bush-Cheney campaign pressured papers to keep campaign manager’s sexuality secret

AFL-CIO President to deliver Anchorage speech labeling Palin a "crazy magnet"

AFL-CIO President to deliver Anchorage speech labeling Palin a "crazy magnet"

Chris Dodd is a shameless lame duck POS

Just like her Mama

Boehner fires back at Biden on tax cuts

I give up on Dancing with the Stars

Does Toyota manufacture Pontiac Vibe? Just heard the news about the

Toyota to Recall 1.1 Million U.S. Matrix, Corolla Models on Stalling Risk

I'm proud to declare myself one the nation's 310 million tits.

Chris Dodd is a shameless lame duck POS

1800's era arguments against suffrage = Prop 8 logic

Social Security: Bipartisan Fervor to Whack the Old Folks: Obama is collaborating with this ploy.

'Everybody chill the fuck out. I got this.'

Obama is going to tax gardens.

Rachel's Accidental War

Glenn Beck Compares His DC Rally To Moon Landing, Iwo Jima, Rise Of Lincoln

Expanding the Health Insurance Reform Model

Palin-Backed Joe Miller Poised to Overthrow Murkowski Dynasty -- What's Going on from an Alaskan....

While Most Of The Country & MSM Is Obsessing On The NYC Mosque........

"The Left Leads the Way" By One Pissed Off Liberal

Turn off FOX! BAD news for America

"Carpe diem" has something to do with...

Mayor Bloomberg is on TDS w/Jon Stewart tonight.

Do you think the US economy is in permanent decline?

America's Ten Dead Cities

"As a former small-business owner," Boehner tells Biden ending Bush Cuts will DESTROY JOBS! DESTROY!

Solution to joblessness and budget deficit.

Check your refrigerator! Two new egg brands added to recall list

Tweety will have the burn Quran pastor on his program in

Dylan Rattigan puts head up own ass-looks around & finds nothing

Why religion sucks. Another facebook conversation.

Most unbelievable statement I've read in a long time!

Most unbelievable statement I've read in a long time!

On this day...

3 judge panel on recent stem-cell decision were ultra conservatives

Teamsters Union Protests Coca Cola’s Labor Practices, as Company Shutters Plants

Teamsters Union Protests Coca Cola’s Labor Practices, as Company Shutters Plants

question about blog slacktivist

How are you feeling today?

Martin Luther King Jr. Was a Social Justice Christian

This is too good... Republicans recycling 1993 tax talking points

Laura Ingraham flips out when guest brings up NYC cabbie's stabbing

Will Ed, Keith Or Rachel Bring Up The Deficit Commission Tonight And Simpsons Insensitive Comments?.

SF Lawyer & wife Bilk Schools & Insurers $400,000 on son's autism

SF Lawyer & wife Bilk Schools & Insurers $400,000 on son's autism

Goodbye America. Nice knowing you.

SF Lawyer & wife Bilk Schools & Insurers $400,000 on son's autism

Goodbye America. Nice knowing you.

Goodbye America. Nice knowing you.

Salon: This Is What Happens When Democrats Cave In To Right-Wing Fear Campaigns

Real tiger cub found in luggage with stuffed toys

Montgomery County to use finger scans at rec centers

Hysterical Alan Grayson fundraising letter!!!

Two nations with a debt crisis:

Cenk NAILING GOP right now on Ed Show!!!

Cenk NAILING GOP right now on Ed Show!!!

Dave Horsey----Lookout Mitch

Beck's "I Have a Scheme" speech will reveal the sign of the anti-Christ, 666!!!

C-SPAN is going to cover beck's party.

The economic "recovery". Participation in the "Food Stamp" program increases over 50% in 4 years!

No joke: Take It With a Grain of (Sea) Salt: ----- Gulf Microbe Study Was Funded by BP

I guess it has come to accepting advertising from strange sources

Christ's love shining on Free Republic "burn the Koran" thread

Gay Activists to Mehlman: Not So Fast

If we can't have a public option on health insurance,

Reclaim the Dream! PLEASE JOIN NATIONAL ACTION NETWORK August 28, 2010 | 11:00

Social Security

What is this commercial running on Cenk's show at every break?

America the Ignorant

NYT: The 2008 Military Computer Attack Finally Confirmed by "Top Pentagon Official"

Dear Alan Simpson,

Scott McAdams is out of the gate -- Alaska Democratic candidate for Senate

What Obama Should Say in New Orleans This Weekend

Isn't it about time for Alan Simpson to get off the public tit?

No progressive movement will make any progress until we understand the battle we are fighting.

No progressive movement will make any progress until we understand the battle we are fighting.

Jackal Simpson has long been the GOP's hatchet man for killing 'entitlements'

Why so much about Mehlman?

Crist in 2008 Said Palin Could Be a Great President

Crist in 2008 Said Palin Could Be a Great President

Let is say the Republicans are somewhat successful in November

Dems see new hope in Alaska if tea party's Joe Miller wins

Log-Cabin Republicans = Dumb. Ken Mehlman = Evil.

Where's the celebration?

Dems see new hope in Alaska if tea party's Joe Miller wins

Even the happytalk, "Green Shoots" economists are dialing it back now......

America must address PTSD

This Beck BS gathering

Toyota recalls one million Corolla and Matrix cars

Fox News Ignores Ken Mehlman’s Coming Out, Runs Zero Segments On Story

Things don't necessarily go better with Koch.

"The truth about unions"

"The truth about unions"

FOX: shhhhhhhhhhhhh...

Here's a budget saver - Force all LEO's to enforce traffic laws instead of drug laws. Here's why

Fake shark fin spotted in Somerset cove, Mass.

"screw all ya'll"

Voters now trust Republicans more on all key issues!

California repeals 60-year-old law seeking 'cure' for gays

40th Anniversary of the Chicano Moratorium Sat. August 28th East L.A.

Saudi Royal Backs Imam and Fox News

Robert Scheer: They Go, Or Obama Goes

Asia Times: The Fed's biggest bubble

Verizon Mocking Abu Ghraib Torture to Sell Google Droids

A quick way to end unwanted solicitation calls.

Tea Party Patriots...WAR (if they don't win) neighbors.

Note to R. Clarke Cooper, Log Cabin Republicans

Cenk is tearing the RWs haters a new one

Can we cut the defense budget in half and increase taxes?

Palin is Facist

Billionaire Donald Bren does not need to pay more child support, jury rules

Is anyone else identifying with the cursed Trojan princess Cassandra?

Dean Baker: "The Rich & Powerful Have Re-Written the Rules to Make Themselves More Powerful"

Can we at least not be gay-baited?

Study debunks the right: Business hiring a product of demand, not taxes or politics

Dodd Questions Elizabeth Warren's Management Experience -- A Concern He's Never Raised Before

Kiss your Social Security goodbye...

MotherJones: Obama Endorsed Offshore Drilling W/O Asking His Own Oceans Agency

Reagan has won

Michael Pollan on egg recall and the high costs of cheap food

Look, Glenn Beck and his band of idiot followers will have NO EFFECT on MLK's memory,

Conservatives stoke resentment between worse off & better off workers to prevent solidarity

We laugh about Alan Simpson. We call it the Catfood Commission. Ha Ha. But this is deadly serious.

What something "is" and what something "should" be

So then did Ken Melhman plant

anyone else concerned about violence at Becks rally on Saturday?

Pathologist 'trying to stop inquiry into Dr David Kelly's death'

We Can Quote The Bible, Too

How much would the treasury make if we had a transaction tax on all trades... say $1.00 per trade?

I don't remember who said it, but it went like this:

What's for dinner?

How to create a 'super password'

FYI: "A Face in the Crowd" is on Turner Classic Movies tonight

Visited Franklin's and Eleanor's Graves Today

New York State pays Aerosmith $1M in state fair appearance

TPM: "Tit's A Big Deal: Alan Simpson's Long History Of Advocating Social Security Cuts"

TPM: "Tit's A Big Deal: Alan Simpson's Long History Of Advocating Social Security Cuts"

Isn't it clear by now that President Obama has no intention of removing Simpson from the commission?

Alan Simpson isn't the problem. The problem is the 'deficit commission' and *why* it was created.

New Forecast Shows Democrats Losing 6 to 7 Senate Seats By NATE SILVER

The elephant in the room...

Do you think that "tits" is an offensive word?

My fellow Americans,

Alan Simpson's job is to bite the heads off chickens....

Shirley Sherrod is to Alan Simpson as _____ is to _______ .

Here's where you get to name three things you'd like to see President Obama do

American Arab Anti-Discrimination League joining Reclaim the Dream Counter March

Has the Democratic Party sold its soul to the Devil ??

Generally, people relying on the moderately funded 401(k)-type plans will outlive their assets

Damn NY Post now going after Ed Schultz

Iowa Law Requires Bodies Of Poor Go To Medical Research

After Katrina, New Orleans Cops Were Told They Could Shoot Looters

Why people in red areas don't just pick up and move to blue areas

Whiite House: Simpson will continue to serve.

My latest ltte re:IAVA involvement in Congressional veterans' bills

Toronto Star: American anti-Muslim prejudice goes mainstream


Caption Gov. Jan Brewer

Why do repubs/cons hate unions? I'm not talking about the PTB, I'm

Treasury Makes Shocking Admission: Program for Struggling Homeowners Just a Ploy to Enrich Big Banks

Daily Kos Campaign: Boycott Koch Products

It is not Obama's place to accept Simpson's apology. WE are the ones who were belittled & insulted,

Southern Poverty Law Center: Anti-Latino Hate Crimes Are Spreading

Is it "310 million tits" or "125 million teats"?

Bill O'Reilly used to write porn movie reviews

Two Approved Cancer Drugs Fight HIV

The Other 98% >> MLK Glenn Beck Flow Chart

The asshole Simpson should be forced to live on $13k a year.

Man Who Attacked Muslim Cabbie Had Diary Full of Anti-Muslim Rants -

Why don’t elected Democrats just run up a white flag?

Summary of the Republican agenda

Facebook "friending" lands activist Rod Coronado in prison

World's most expensive coffee harvested from animal poop! Get a fine crappucino at Starbucks!

Time: How the Stimulus Is Changing America

S&P to hit 450 with U.S. worse than 'lost' Japan: strategist

Should the Patriot Act be repealed ?

Mississippi oysters safe to eat, experts say

Chicago teachers and principals say "chaos in the trenches"

I think we need to end the Drug War like we ended the War on Poverty.

Is this Debbie Wasserman-Shultz's brother?

UK study: Nonreligious doctors hasten death more

Huffington is nothing but a tabloid and I am tired of it

Huffington is nothing but a tabloid and I am tired of it

Hispanics, Muslims, About To Alienate Federal Workers, Too

We Have a Golden Opportunity in Alaska - Meet Scott McAdams

3 of the alleged domestic terrorists arrested in Ontario yesterday accused of constructing bombs.

From Motown to Growtown: The greening of Detroit

having BABIES during the worst flood EVER

Dems: We can not create "jobs, jobs, jobs", by exporting "jobs, jobs, jobs"! NO "FREE" TRADE. nt

Beck says "you are going to see the spirit of God unleashed" at 8-28

Tropical Storm Earl

GOP to achieve wet dream: Cut SS and make the Democrats responsible for it.

'make me do it' ...tired of running around trying to put out fires?

Just got off the phone with the WH about Simpson and his BS

The White House accepts Simpson's "apology", Do you?

HRH Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal and Fox

Anybody know anything about Alveda King, niece of MLK, to appear with Glenn Beck

Federal budget PROPOSED deficits

This Is The Thanks The Dems Get For Treating The Blue Dogs With Kid Gloves

US Muslim Group: Cabbie Slashing A Warning On Anti-Muslim Rhetoric - Fox News Has Blood On Its Hands

Black nurse leaves white patient lying on floor; patient had requested "No black CNAs"

Black nurse leaves white patient lying on floor; patient had requested "No black CNAs"

President Obama, It’s Time to Can the Catfood Commission and Save Social Security

Who is currently actively campaigning for a Democrat running for office this fall?

Karl Rove Exploits Corporate Money by Kevin Zeese (8-26-10 Consortium News)

The Surveillance State Thrives on Fear-by Glenn Greenwald

The Legacy of Martin Luther King: Coming Close Enough to Measure Character

Alan Simpson Resignation Roundup

So, Let Me Get This Straight...

Do relationships thrive and last longer if born from eharmony,

Have you ever been arrested for civil disobedience?

She is 14. She is drug addicted. She has psychological problems. She killed two men.

She is 14. She is drug addicted. She has psychological problems. She killed two men.

Facing prison for filming US police

Who is in control of the White House?

Seriously: Who the hell is in charge of this country?

New restrictions on abortion coverage have women turning to "do-it-yourself" methods.

Anyone here concerned about the extremists who may retake the Congress?

How Much Worse Does It Have to Get (Before We Get Off Our Butts and Do Something)?

Ok Du'ers, I know one of you got one of these

Despite Fresh Rhetoric About Saving U.S. Manufacturing, Obama Is Quietly Pushing Failed Bush Trade

Adios Inflation Expectations

Adios Inflation Expectations

"Turn Off Fox"...Campaign to get Fox News turned off in stores, restaurants, & other public places

MOTHER JONES: Ground Zero's Slave Graves

Enviromentalists 'feel stabbed in the back' over 'dastardly move' by Obama admin.

If I were the Unions, I would run campaign ads that discredit big business

(San Diego) Vaccine refusals are on the rise

"And, now, they're coming for your Social Security"

Fox News on all TVs at NASA/Houston

What could possibly get the Democrats enthused between now and November??

& if the WH won't fire him, it's time for House to REPEAL RULE requiring a NO-AMENDMENT VOTE by

Thanks to Fox News, I had a great day today

I actually believe more and more that Fox news needs to be sued by victims of hate

More fierce advocating! "'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' feedback sought from spouses"

"There Is No Social Security Crisis"

"I'm going to work for the people that elected me, not the people that didn't"

Bond = Debt = Deficit, and SS Dollars

Check Your Hard Drive’s Health , a must, and it's free and easy to install

Venn Diagram that explains the NY mosque controversy better than anything I've seen so far

Man who stabbed Muslim cabbie worked w/ a global peace org.

"Why Is The U.S. Press Ignoring Pakistan’s Devastating, Dangerous Floods?"

The Pipettes - "Your Kisses are Wasted On Me"

Revenge of the Cat

"Every day sends future to past...Every breath leaves one less to my last..."

The women in the audience are entirely too gleeful.

Walking Dead, premiers Oct 31!! w/ proper trailer

Neil Young, "Cinnamon Girl" Live From Hyde Park 27th June 2009

Satoshi Kon, RIP

George LOPEZ joked at The Donald

Symphony X - Set The World On Fire: stupid video

The monkey and the kitten

Which do you consider more impressive?

Still a virgin?

Old and drooping

I forgot to take my meds for about 24 hours

Yoda shirt.

G*damn, f*ckin' sheeit.

Nature Valley Peanut Butter Granola Thins

Is there a word for the harsh over-lighting cinematography seen in Transformers and elsewhere?

At last - the long awaited photo album of our Mexican Riveria cruise from last week

Happy Birthday, Mia Zapata, wherever you are!

In the interest of openness, please share your password for each of the following accounts. I'll go

The latest version of Ubuntu 11.04 is (drumroll)- Natty Narwhal

Can someone please FedEx me some "clean" urine?

Is the Beck rally really any different from the "ground zero mosque"?

Thank you Mods.

This is so wrong...on many levels.

Abe Lincoln, Galileo, cockroaches, and icebergs on Facebook

"John Travolta expecting a boy" - No shit - that's on the front page of

Those Deep-Fried food fests usually don't do much for me... but....

Those Deep-Fried food fests usually don't do much for me... but....

Anyone recognize this?

Just saying hi

I think sometimes I SEEM p.o. to other people when I'm really not.

My solution to world peace: I'm making everyone a Grilled Cheese & Bacon Sandwich

But it's a really good deal......really.

Abe Vigoda Appreciation Thread!

No, I will not violate company policy/the law for you.

My LATEST Haiku - "Barry Manilow"

I'm about to drop $600 on a mirror, installed

Has anyone stopped to consider that what Tobin really really needs is BOTH?

Who says Engineers don't get laid ? I have photographic proof

If George W. Bush were still President, he would have protected us from those 550 million bad eggs.

Problem concentrating , need to concentrate

I haven't been motivated to go to a state fair in decades, but...

GD has gone around the bend. They are talking about OJ eating cat food.

Poop-coffee war pits purists vs. producers

*FINALLY* humans reach their potential! --- FRIED BEER and deep fried Frozen Margaritas

Post a link to an upcoming/recent trailer for a movie you think looks good...

Why can't we have White Castle in CA?

Of these pen names, which is the best?

Brian Setzers rockabilly meets Marty Stuarts hillbilly rock


What's your Favorite Yankee Candle? Or any other kind...

What is the purpose of whittling?

Sigh. First he took his life, now a letter...

Hatch chili fans- question

OK, creative/artist lounge lizzards - who are you and what do you do?

I needs advice from teh Lounge Wimmins: What should I look fer in a wimmin?

ulcers him or hate him

So, my friend has elected NOT to kill the scorpion in his new apartment

Question for you creative types. (You know who you are.)

Help me out!... Use "plenipotentiary" in a sentence.

Some photos from our four-day camping/road trip last week around Southcentral Alaska

Man arrested in Port-a-Potty theft

My tick infested yard.

Rolling Stone - Top 10 Songs - Beatles

DU word of the day is "tits". Replace any word in a thread title with "tits"

Meet Lorenzo the cat, a complete clotheshorse

More dumb hummingbird photos - grooming

What's your main ringtone?

Post a favorite painting...

"Carpe diem" has something to do with...

Something learned about people that lie.

My middle daughter's best friend had her baby last night - man is he cute.

Bristol Palin to be on "Dancing with the Stars"

I have 0 cavities...but yet my dentist wants to deep clean me and charge me $267.00 for the pleasure

Thank you, Mods!

List Your Top Five Names For Boys


In honor of Rachel Maddow I'm having this bumper sticker printed for the fall:

From the Dept. of It Just Doesn’t Matter

No compromise on Simpson. No compromise.

Right now- who do you think will be the Republican nominee for POTUS in 2012?

Franklin & Marshall Poll PA Senate: 40% Toomey 31% Sestak (plus governor #'s)

Fear Can (and Should) Be A Powerful Motivator

Diebel has yet to concede to Adams

An Increasingly Awkward Dance

These are the states I would have Obama campaign in this fall

I'm highly skeptical of this CA Govenor Poll: Whitman: 51% Brown 43% (RAS of course)

Krugman: Fire Alan Simpson

This Week's New DU Outrage: Alan Simpson is brought to you by...

Weakness empowers the insane..

Obama, we hardly know you

self-deleted for posting in the wrong forum.

Them GOPers went and gone OLD TESTMENT ON US.....Their candidates are running extreme

It's the Crazies. Stupid!!!

Nouriel Roubini: Double-Dip Recession Odds Now Greater Than 40%, GDP To Be 'Pathetically Lousy'

Welcome to the third rail.

Wake up Democrats!!!

Bush’s Tax Cuts For the Rich: Destroying Our Revenue Base, Harming Our Economy

GOP in turmoil in FL: McCollum "reserving judgement" on who he will support in November

Herbert Hoover : Great Depression Goat

Speaker Boehner.

Apply the FICA Tax to All Income Including Investment Income and Lower the Retirement Age

I Just Called The White House To Urge Obama To Fire Simpson.........

Democrats Move Swiftly to Define Republican Candidates

Understanding Wingnuts-Or Not

Is America (as liberals know it) going down for the eight count?

HuffPo: Dodd Questions Elizabeth Warren's Management Experience - A Concern He's Never Raised Before

Everyone woke up and had their cup of coffee yet... SS commission, Simpson etc....

3 Senate Races I think Dems should go all out to win

I was trying to find updates on the NYC Muslim cabbie stabbing on but

FL Teamsters Endorse Charlie Crist for Senate

I guarantee the Al Sharpton rally will have more people but the media will focus on Beck and Palin

If The Democrats in Congress Lose Big, Then It's Their Own Damn Fault. Not Obama's.

Idaho GOP gives Labrador camp less than promised

SS is not going away

Aasif Mandvi On The Daily Show

Top Lawyer for RSCC has been dispatched to AK to help Murkowski

Face it: Simpson is doing just what the President wants him to do

Face it: Simpson is doing just what the President wants him to do

Quayle surprises even himself

BLUE DOG-Congressman Jokes that Pelosi Might Die

CBS News Poll: Obama Approval Rating Up Slightly

Key Karzai Aide in Corruption Inquiry Is Linked to C.I.A.

Fish toxicity picked up by Coenzyme Q test

New Forecast Shows Democrats Losing 6 to 7 Senate Seats

Time: How the Stimulus is Changing America

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange still being investigated over one charge – prosecutor

(Michigan) Republicans file suit to keep 'Tea Party' group off ballot

Judge orders university to release Palin documents

I'm sure I'll get shouted down, but do the Democrats need a "Promise for America"?

Spin: Since all Muslim community centers are mosques, all YMCAs are churches

Militants plan aid worker attacks in Pakistan: US

Military loses control of helicopter drone near Washington

Isn't an obit usually written after a death?

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report [08/26/2010]

Treasury Makes Shocking Admission: Program for Struggling Homeowners Just a Ploy to Enrich Big Banks

U2 Russian gig marked by human rights arrests

Saudi couple "hammer 24 nails" into Sri Lankan maid

APNewsBreak:BP's Hayward won't testify next month

Zetas drug gang suspected in massacre of 72 in Mexico

Miller's lead slims; Murkowski awaits absentees

New jobless claims drop for first time in 4 weeks

Egg farmer in current recall battled Maryland over facilities

Nasscom (Indian IT Assoc.) to discuss H-1 B visa issue with US senator

Presidential Proclamation--Women's Equality Day, 2010

Lee's attorney fights Toyota over Camry involved in fatal crash

France's Roma crackdown 'breaches EU law'

Local clergy coming together for a response to Dove World's Sept. 11 plans

Why Democrats Will Keep The House (Hotline)

CA approves rate hikes of 14 to 29% for health insurance premiums

Australian troops head unarmed into Pakistan

Fresh eggs from recall farms being pasteurized, processed (For Consumption)

Muslim Stabbing Victim in New York to Call for End to Anti-Muslim Rhetoric (& is Meeting Bloomberg)

Feds drop case against Rob Blagojevich (brother of governor)

15 arrested at medical marijuana facilities in Oakland County

Deepwater Horizon supervisor confirms leaks in blowout preventer, lack of certification

Tea party group can march in parade

Germany Plans Limits on Facebook Use in Hiring

China traffic jam vanishes overnight (?)

(Nevada) Prison closure gets support from state building officials

FCC Appeals 'Fleeting Expletives' Decision

Religion-Based Groups Protest Restrictions in Bill

Ahmed Sharif Describes Alleged Hate Crime Attack ('why you have to kill me, what I did?')

U.S. Justice Department Tells Arpaio To Hand Over Documents By Friday

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday August 26

Sweet vacation pic, hot off the press.

Poll shows dead heat in U.S. Senate Race (Missouri - Carnahan/Blunt)

Another down day: Dow closes below 10,000

Judge OKs Agreement Over Neb. Abortion Screening

To move or not to move; unemployed job seekers face tough choices with undervalued homes

Toyota to recall 1.1 million Corolla, Matrix models prone to stalling

Migrants killed for refusing to be assassins, teen says

Palin: Alaska ‘wouldn’t stand’ for Scott Brown

Biden: States on Track for Weatherizing Homes

Drunk shouts 'terrorists,' urinates on mosque rugs

FAA fines American Airlines $24M for safety lapses (largest fine in history)

Pakistanis impressed and grateful for US aid

Empire State Building Rejects Request to Honor Mother Teresa; Catholic League Plans Protest

Blockbuster Tells Hollywood Studios it's Preparing for Mid-September Bankruptcy

USS Kearsarge set to provide assistance to Pakistan (Includes 48 helicopters)

Honduran journalist killing makes 8 for the year

Google Accepts Pro-Pot Legalization Ad

Chevy Volt Ad

What it means to be an American-have you forgotten?

Is Glenn Beck Mocking Martin Luther King?

Glenn Beck On God, Blood & Goldline

Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey mocks and blames clueless, tightwad supporters for TN loss

St. Rudy of 9/11 strikes again - Worst Person in the World - August 25, 2010

The Beatles - Hey Bulldog in the studio

Reporter Interviewed Man That Stabbed Taxi Driver

Inconvenient Truth - Fox bobblehead Megyn Kelly's outrage omits 97,000-106,000 dead Iraqi civilians

Mr. President, STOP Glenn Beck from touching the Lincoln Memorial on August 28!

Jack Conway supports Nomination of Elizabeth Warren

Climate Denial Crock of the Week:

Muslims: Hate 'em or help 'em?

(R): Social Security For Lazy Leeches

Thom Hartmann - A debate - Will privatized prisons insure a nation of prisoners?

Cenk To Host The Ed Show Thursday 8/26 & The Dylan Ratigan Show Monday 8/30 - Friday 9/3/10

Keith Olbermann interviews Donna Marsh O'Connor

AD: "Alan Grayson Saved Our Schools"

Midweek Politics: Former terrorist refuses to say how close is too close for Ground Zero

Weird Liberal Head Show #143: We Are Near Victory! Liberals Will Inherit the Earth!

RFK, Jr.: Coal's Toxic Sludge

Has Blackwater Founder Erik Prince Fled the US?

U.S. Soldier Waterboards 6 Year Old Foster Child For Wetting His Bed

Tea baguette schools us on our young country's first enemy...the Muslim Pirates of North Africa!

Rachel Maddow & Ed Rendell review the crazy GOP nutjobs in this election

Enough (Latest Alex Sink Ad-Florida)

Ed Schultz: Glenn Beck is Distorting Dr. King's Dream

Ed Schultz begs the President/Democrats to tell us what they stand for

Will Bunch's 'The Backlash'

Glenn Beck's Lincoln Memorial Speech August 28 Don't let him desecrate Martin Luther King!

TYT: Awesome Bloomberg "No Compromise" 'Mosque' Speech

Revenge of the Cat

Cenk Uygur on Ed Show: GOP is 'Party of Hate' (GREAT Cenk Rant)

Ground Zero Mosque - Hannity Pamela Geller vs Michael Gross

Peter Schiff whines about WSJ article. Also Hong Kong, no min wage, McCain and 99ers.

Dems hit GoP HARD on deregulation! Best national ad this election cycle yet

Glenn Beck is NOT Martin Luther King Jr.

Is Islamophobia sweeping the US? (Taiwanese animation)

The void in Asia's heart

GOP Tax Cut Bill Would Add Almost $7 Trillion to America's National Debt

How Muslim Cab Drivers Should Retaliate for NYC Stabbing

CIA Payments Linked to Karzai Aide in Corruption Probe

Corporate America, it's time to spread the wealth (LAT)

It’s the Poverty, Stupid: The education reform debate is misdirected

Joe Conason: The Billionaire Right-Winger

New Forecast Shows Democrats Losing 6 to 7 Senate Seats

WH Accepts Simpson Apology for OWL

Alan Simpson Apologizes, Offers to 'Save' Social Security With His 'Man Boobs'

2 of Arizona voter's GOP picks may actually aid Dems

Third World America: Chronicling the Assault on America's Middle Class...and the Solutions

Former Bush campaign manager flips on gay marriage

Governments Go to Extremes as the Downturn Wears On(Colorado Springs shuts off 1/3 of streetlights)

"Now that's Rich" - Krugman on Bush tax cuts and the deficit the GOP claims to give a damn about.

Major Blow to Illiteracy Among Native Groups

How The Associated Press (AP) Gutted Its Own Scoop On The Venezuelan Coup D'etat

Arizona sheriff touts tough stance on immigration at Indiana church with an active Hispanic ministry

Building a Nation of Know-Nothings

Corexit is still being sprayed in the Gulf, even today

Race-baiter Glenn Beck wants to hijack -- I mean "reclaim" -- the Civil Rights movement?

Household incomes fall for the first time during Bush years - Center for American Progress

Own up, Governor: Race to the Top error was New Jersey's, not Obama's

Roads to Ruin: Towns Rip Up the Pavement(since not enough money to fix them)

Building a Nation of Know-Nothings

Robert Reich: The Anatomy of Intolerance

How insurance companies want to mess with the "Medical Loss Ratio"

Simpson writes Dean Baker a (clueless) letter. What a horse's ass.

Autorank: Wikileaks Red Cell CIA Release - Say What?

Apply the FICA Tax to All Income Including Investment Income and Lower the Retirement Age

Porcupine's Problem

UK Bee Industry Abuzz With Mite Resistant Breed

Imnaha pack alpha male, thought dead or vanished, photographed in Wallowa County Oregon

Autonomous Swarming Robots Can Skim Sea Surface, Collecting Oil As A Team

Peak oil notes - Aug 26

Drumbeat: August 26, 2010

DNA of Chernobyl animals studied

New Honeybee Breed Key to Combating Colony Collapse Disorder

New turtle species found in U.S. river

Asia's smallest frog found- tiny as a pea (Pics to scale are amazing)

Cannabis Electric Car To Be Made In Canada

Australian Alpine resorts record biggest snowfalls in years

Edison2 is about to win the XPrize for a four passenger 100 mpg car, with an E85 powered car.

Racist Buccaneer fans make me sick.

Report: Colorado May Not Move To Pac-10 Until 2012-13

Donovan McNabb probably will not play until Redskins' regular season opener because of ankle injury

S.F. Giants Huff reaches out to young cancer patient; invites family to Bay Area

Great Article on the Psychology of Sports Fans

Kids, see what happens when you wear your baseball cap backwards? >>

I like this photo >>

Forbes: Average value of NFL teams declines two percent

Who's your early Super Bowl Champion?

Tiger Woods -5 through 16, tied for the lead.

Colombia to Probe Threats Against Human Rights Groups

How The Associated Press (AP) Gutted Its Own Scoop On The Venezuelan Coup D'etat

Major Blow to Illiteracy Among Native Groups

Honduran journalist killing makes 8 for the year

Hugo and Fidel got together for a chat today

"My husband told them the mine is unsafe, I begged him not to go back."

Mortgage worker got drunk, shot computer server

Jeff Sharlet discusses Uganda's anti-homosexuality bill on Fresh Air


Tel Aviv Gay Center Victims Honored

GLBT's didn't make the cut on DNC Survey again this this year.

Newly Out Ken Mehlman Continues To Fund Many Anti-Gay Politicians

Neighbors Defend Gay Couple Against Church Group

Early on in his senior year, at 17, he left the house on one condition: that he never return...

Gay Navajo Man Elected To Arizona Senate

AFA: Always looking for someone new to hate! Transgender People Are Committing Identity Theft

New Jersey’s Pension Fraud Hurts Investors, Taxpayers and Retirees

North Adams nurses put out call for support

How has Hilda Solis changed the labor department?

Today in Labor History Aug 25 Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters founded in NYC & more

American Airlines mechanics vote down latest contract offer

Supreme Court prepares to weigh in on creating the nation's largest sex discrimination suit

Egg plant again sued over firing (so the company could fill her position with a Hispanic worker)

Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE:TM) Outsourcing

Furlough-cation 2010: Part One

Zombie Walk

The Uncircumised Israel Lobby (from Slate)

More photos from our camping trip last week

A Gulf Science Blackout

Climate change - the facts.

Most detailed pic of a sunspot ever taken

Does quantum entanglement imply free will?

"A typical landscape REFLECTS about 90% of the suns energy. Only 10% is absorbed."

Origin of the cosmos?

The World's Happiest Countries are the Least Religious

When somebody says to me, "Jesus love you," or "God loves you,"

Okay, it's official: I've fallen in love with Kute Blackson

My Chart demonstrating the Nous, Ego, the Master Within and Consciousness

Numerology Readings

Lab-created corneas used to restore vision

Medical reporting in the lay press does the public a disservice

What other countries are tops in cardiac research?

A Protein Killer Could Treat All Cancers, and Possibly All Illnesses

Any other post menopausal PFD women here?

Estimates of yearly flu deaths are misleading, usually too high, CDC says

America’s mental illness epidemic: It turns out that the drugs are the problem