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Why Does the Gun Lobby have so much control over Congress?

Green Party rising in Australia

I apologize

Pakistan: Flood Disaster Resembles "Slow Tsunami"

A whole bunch of eggs recalled

Wikileaks Report: US "Man-Hunters" in Afghanistan

Jon Stewart: 'Is Fox News a Terrorist Command Center?

Meg Whitman says she would defend Prop 8 if elected governor

Country changing events

On the economy and this site

Interesting perspective on religion...

Interesting perspective on religion...

Amazed at 20% number that believe Obama is Muslim

Serious question: Why do the repukes equate socialism with national socialism?

Obama.Will there ever be a comedian who will do a decent impression of him?

Can I recommend DUers for doing the right thing by this board?

Life resembles Art while Art resembles DU

Unemployed for a year... Just applied at Stanford....

How Polling Places Can Affect Your Vote

In honor of the Cordoba project.

Why do I care so much about the future....

Florida Dem. congressional candidate has been robbed at gunpoint

Wikileaks’ Assange: Character Assassination Victim - FDL

Major brush fire burning in San Diego's East County-2,000 acres

Major brush fire burning in San Diego's East County-2,000 acres

Ranking States’ Citizen Embarrassment Levels


Comedy time

Note to Skinner: We already have the website we deserve. And I'm very grateful.

Symptoms of diabetes are linked with a reduced likelihood of forgiveness,

Am I, or am I not, your Bro?

US official denies 'threat' over loan and Bhopal leak

DNC approves 2012 primary rules

Fox's Napolitano calls Bachmann "a well-known expert on the Constitution"

Thank You, Anonymous !

Soldiers Punished After Refusing To Attend Army-Sponsored Christian Rock Concert

Muslims cancel festival over fears of Islomophobic backlash

We won't lose Congress unless we allow it

BP Begins to Remove Drilling Pipe

Whether the Economy Is in a 'Double Dip' or in Stagnation, It's Clear We're in a Downward Spiral

Bob Dole In Crist's Corner

who else loves/shudders when reading margaret atwood's visions of the future?

Food stamp discount for buying produce

Newsweek: Sarah Palin Should Be Able to Call Herself a Feminist

Live! Raw! (San Diego) Republicans!...arguing over illegal immigration! (VIDEO)

Breaking Down the False Left Right Paradigm

The Tiger Woods of Nations

Stay away from bad eggs this November

What I will do:

'he was a man who loved Noam Chomsky, opposed the war in Iraq, was a natural leader'

Palliative Care May Trump Heroic Measures in Life Expectancy

Skinner, there is an old Army expression, " The Army ain't what it used to be,

When GOP gave aid to Muslims

Huffingtonpost has Frank Luntz as a contributor

Huffingtonpost has Frank Luntz as a contributor

Iran unveils 'ambassador of death' bomber - has 'message of peace,'

Sunday Talk Shows

What would Obama's approval rating be if he had...

When the generals talk about Afghanistan

When the generals talk about Afghanistan

"Best of Imus" is playing on Fox news right now.

Should people have the right to make their own liquor? I don't know - I'm asking you...

"Scientists listed as consultants said that they did not review the final five-page document"

Come Again?

The Day that Jed Bartlett Took on Dr. Laura

How do You Hide Your Disdain for People

Sacramento Bee: School year starts with bigger classes, reduced resources

ACLU sues Illinois over absurd law forbiding recording of cops

job opening in MT (sustainable agriculture)

ACLU Sues Mississippi School For Excluding Teenager Wearing Tuxedo From Yearbook

New Hours of Service rules may be on the way for truckers

New credit card restrictions take effect

new video for teachers about bullying

Israeli army's female recruits denounce treatment of Palestinians

Is Your Favorite Ice Cream Made With Monsanto's Artificial Hormones?

Why do I find a painting stolen to be a fucking joke?

Krugman: Appeasing the Bond Gods

Okay... there's the problem. (Granholm vs. Armey on MTP)

I am a Small Business owner...

Obama a Muslim? Wait Just a Goddamned Minuted Here

Toon: Ending the Bush Cuts

Toon: Ending the Bush Cuts

Obama is Not the Best We can Do and You Know It

Is FOX News funding the "ground zero" Mosque?

GOP Loved Mosques SO MUCH in 2000 - That they passed a LAW!

Would the mosque/community center controversy be this bad if NYC had rebuilt at Ground Zero

Fox News co-owner funded ‘Ground Zero mosque’ imam: report

$50 for Rod Blagojevich's autograph? $80 for his picture?

$50 Mill Federal Grant Program: Questionable Grants & Secrecy

Betty White won an Emmy for her SNL performance

Why is the media polling people on whether they think Obama is muslim?

Either Ted Neeley joined DU--- or ....

Legal analyst, beagle panelist! . . . Please come CAPTION Fox's Peter Johnson.

2 DU Suggestions...

Thank you, dubya & dick

Patraeus to COURIC: "It's all hard and it's hard all the time."

Granholm on MTP

You Have To Wonder How the "Ground Zero Mosque" Controversy is Playing on al-Jazeera

"she once suggested that Malcolm X was Obama's real father"

Headline and story from the Ministry of Information Services:

I see that there are other posts about this invisiblepeople site at youtube, but i would like to

What it is, what people act like it is

anyone else disturbed by the image on this Freedom Works poster?

I'm confused. Re: DU rules

cat lovers who buy nip

Maybe the mistake was in telling people 9/11 had anything to do with Islam period.

Local Teabagger in Sheboygan shows his true colors.

Tim Tebow's sports style: Is it a reflection of brute force that we see too often everywhere?

Jeffersons Ghost wants you to know that you can hook up at DU.

The Guns of August: Lowering the Flag on the American Century

I was at a comic book convention yesterday. Rod Blagojevich was there, how odd.

In Southern California, a Very Local Mosque Dispute

Julian Assange says Pentagon may be behind rape claims

Freepers piss & moan as "Obama enjoys his sixth vacation of the year in the shadow of nuclear Iran"

New to facebook and I may be stating the obvious but the biggest privacy vulnerability I see is

The stupid, it is burning my eyes and poking my eyes. This is so bad, no human should have to endure

This being my 7000th post I wanted it to be a good,.....

Why aren't we blaming Republicans for "Nuclear Iran?"

So what that the young'uns are bringing America down ... at least they've moved out of the house.

India Tries Using Cash Bonuses to Slow Birthrates

The Charitable Giving Divide

NY Times: In Striking Shift, Small Investors Flee Stock Market

How About A National Job Telethon?..........

How About A National Job Telethon?..........

How About A National Job Telethon?..........

NY Times: In Striking Shift, Small Investors Flee Stock Market

NY Times: In Striking Shift, Small Investors Flee Stock Market

NY Times: In Striking Shift, Small Investors Flee Stock Market

NY Times: In Striking Shift, Small Investors Flee Stock Market

David Gregory is a dull blade.

David Gregory is a dull blade.

Please - I need your advice

Toxic Soup, Cajun Style

Did I hear Thom Hartmann say that if no cap on SS payroll tax that payouts could be upped by 50%?

Giving a face and voice to homelessness

Jon Stewart: "Is FOX News a Terrorist Command Center?" (Daily Show Video & Related Articles)

The Mafia could take lessons from the "Tea Party".

ACLU challenges law barring recording of police!

He's too high faluttin' for us. Just now, by Luntz Fox plants.

It is not true that the GOP is only the Party of No...

VIRGINIA SURPLUS!!!. It's all due to the Gov.'s conservative fical...uh..okay is Fed. stimulus money

Karzai to U.S. taxpayers: no more security contractors

"Much of the rhetoric... is more reflective of political maneuvering than policy,"

Do you pay attention to nutritional info when ordering fast food?

BP Allowed to Collect "a key part of the crime scene." (BOP) For JD Investigation???

Americathon, anyone remember it?

'Enhanced patdown' at airports questioned


delete (dupe)

Thank you for my donor star!

Ground Zero - "It's the patriotic thing to do"

Michelle Obama Portrait Debuts At Smithsonian


Bachmann Asked Bush to Pardon a Convicted Money Launderer Now Accuses Teachers of Money Laundering

Independents grow in Florida voter rolls

US calls for Lockerbie bomber to return to jail

Are the Repubs going to slaughter the Democrats as advertised??

Assange Arrest Warrant-"Part Of Smear Campaign" (Spokeswoman for Swedish Prosecution Authority)

Now on youtube - Christiane Amanpour interviews Daisy Khan and Rabbi Joy Levitt

The war on Iraq is over. Or is it?

Fewer fresh fruits, vegetables in Treasure Coast schools thanks to tougher program standards

Just as the Right has coined "Democrat Party" can we please coin "Fox"

The Tillman Story, it's in four theaters as of today, did $52,400 total.

Should everyone try getting high?

Does Politics have to be so toxic?

The Imam at the Center of Mosque Furor

VA AG Cuccinelli's reasoning in climate change suit questioned by Judge

and you thought all you had to worry about was salmonella in the eggs-

I found out I'm alergic to Thimerosal (Thimerosal in Vaccines etc)

Faux News:"Investigation of Ground Zero Mosque Funding?" (Video) LOL From Ridiculous to Sublime!

Chicago’s Parking Fiasco Fails to Stem Calls for Privatization of Infrastructure

BP Toxic Epoch-"The scene is post-apocalyptic."

BP Toxic Epoch-"The scene is post-apocalyptic."

FYI 1093 donations right now. Thanks to the procrastinators n/t

NY Racist Scumbag Teabagger Candidate Carl Paladino: Relocate Welfare Recipients to Prison Dorms

Has anyone here ever worked with, or applied to Medicines sans frontiers?

Hey - Democrats can still GAIN SEATS in this year's elections

In Florida, a Candidate Veers From Tea Party’s Script

5-minute video: Man invents portable machine that converts plastic to oil

A Dagger To the Heart of the Democratic Party - Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Crusader Bush's Axis Of Evil© welcomes a NEW member: "Mafia-Like" U.S. Contractors

Giuliani's 9/11...WTF

Obama’s Delusions: The Economy and Iraq

Avastin - the new "death panel" scare story.

DU idea? Why not allow unlimited updates on original posts?

Why is there any question about whether or not someone is a Christian?

Losing America: The Way Backwards

Many using 401(k)s as a safety net

It amazes me how quick people want solutions........

Shop The Economy Back to Health? Not When You're Unemployed!

Universal transit card a hit in the San Francisco Bay Area

They want the keys back!

Nouriel Roubini (economist): Gordon Gekko Reborn

Dean: Democrats Will Do Better Than Expected on Nov. 2

Dean: Democrats Will Do Better Than Expected on Nov. 2

They used to complain in their campaigns that we just 'hated' their president

Juan Williams: "malevolent effort" to define Obama as "an other"

Tropical Storm Danielle

I nominate Christine Amanpour, This Week, as the best news program today

Question about rec/unrec..............

Do today's Repukelicans make Nixon seem downright reasonable?

Charges fly in the homestretch of tough (Florida) Senate, governor's primary races

The White House calls you tomorrow.

Woman Ticketed For For Driving Too Slow (going 34 in a 40)

LA unveils $578M school, costliest in the nation

The US Has Lost the War in Afghanistan -- It is time to recognize reality and start talking.

Letter: Construction of Mosque in New York City appalling

Making Assumptions about DU Posts...

Ten big retailers are closing some stores.

Ten big retailers are closing some stores.

I found newspapers from when JFK died in my parents' attic today. That

I found newspapers from when JFK died in my parents' attic today. That

Gee. How many more days until we hear about the War On Christmas?

Where do you live (your abode, home, domicile)

I no longer believe this is true...

I no longer believe this is true...

In how many countries is it illegal for a bookstore to sell The Satanic Verses?

America Won the Cold War But Now Is Turning Into the USSR, Gerald Celente Says

The hateful psychology of climate alarmists

The World As I See it - an essay(shortened) by Albert Einstien

"(Environmentalists) are a pack of damned animals."

How do you browse in DU?

Economic forecaster: Collapse of middle class = no fuel for recovery, "Greatest Depression" coming

Another Non Sequitur Keeper!

Wanna see some of the biggest pairs of balls on the planet?

Dog stabber identified

Why can't you turn off your TV ?

Local paper LTTE today re: Mosque near 9/11 site - interesting point made.

This is a political song so i thought I would post it over here as well...

This is a political song so i thought I would post it over here as well...

Sarah Palin Event Gets Downgraded To Small Venue Due To Slow Ticket Sales


Timeline of Sharpton, Klein and Bloomberg's educational political machinations

'The Patriot,' conservative talk in Modesto, will shut down

Defining "Women" -- need help with a project

Pat Boone article: "The Mosque at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue"

Assange: Pentagon may be behind rape claims-"He had been warned about sex entrapment scandals"

ROFL: Little Green Footballs: The poster boy for the anti-mosque movement..

McCartney serenades the Big Dog on his 64th birthday

CODEPINK Cofounder Arrested at Home of Blackwater Founder

My Two Cents On Rec/Unrec... If I'm Remembering Correctly... The Feature Was Adopted To Keep...

Louisiana: Vitter Threatens Suit Over Traylor Radio Ad

Guess Who This "Ground Zero Mosque" Protester Misses...

Remember this guy?

How do Turkish people feel about the name "Turkish Delight" for one particular confection?

California may jail parents if kids are truant

I am NOT calling Skinner out; however,

Are you for the death penalty ?

Bob Shieffer blames the Internet for the Obama Muslim rumors

I am declaring tomorrow August 23rd to be DU celebration day!

Unusually dressed man boards plane. Would a similarily woman have been allowed to board?

What do DU'ers think of this?

What has changed with the eggs?

I always posted about the dark side of Target

My cousin sent me this

GOP candidate: Use prisons as ‘welfare dorms’

In Georgia, a Megamansion Is Finally Sold

Cold. Grey. Wrote off photography. NEVER write off photography! (DIAL-UP WARN)

The "Wall of Death Lion" - Think mass entertainment is strange today? Try this from 1925

FDA Not Testing Gulf Seafood For Mercury, Arsenic or Other Heavy Metals Because

BP begins retrieving old BOP evidence for DOJ (Or, criminals to turn in own murder weapons)

Are you in favor of the Cordoba Initiative building a Community Center in Lower Manhattan?

Dear Rev. Graham: Obama was not born a Muslim and neither is anyone else

A Request for Feedback: How Would You Describe Yourself Politically

my view on UNRECs -- you know how people bring beach balls to concerts?

Can we discuss that filibuster thing? And maybe term limits, too.

A Christian Extremist Destroyed the Murrah Federal Building in OKC killing 168

"You can build a mosque at ground zero when we can build a synagogue in Mecca."

my conservative uncle decided that Muslims are trying to set up a caliphate in America

Louisiana dock owners ask fishermen to accept full responsibility for toxins found in caught fish

If Democrats lose Congress, especially the House..

Caution: Repealing the 14th Amendment May be Hazardous to Your Health

Anti-mosque activists exposed.

NBC "Dateline" 7 PM tonight "Hurricane Katrina: The First Five Days," rips the handling of the

Shepherd, shot 6 times by Ohio owner, finds a home at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

33 Chilean miners trapped for 17 days are still alive!!

Memphis schools hire consultant who was stripped of most duties in Palm Beach County.

Plume of oil 650ft high found in Gulf waters

90 years ago women gained the right to vote

Sarah Palin busted re Dr. Laura rant

Why let UNRECs cancel out RECs? Why not show BOTH in compressed threads view--

Rupert Murdoch and Fox News are in business with "Terror Mosque" Imam's Principal Patrons

Trace Adkins shows his bigotry on "Fox of Friend's, or course.

Live videocast: Soldiers at Ft. Hood protesting the deployment of combat troops to Iraq

Hey! DID YOU KNOW about DUTube, the DU YouTube Channel by and for Duers?

Dean says Obama aides need to spend time outside DC

Progressives need to ATTACK on Social Security not play defense

13 Bears Surround Police In Pot Field

The Rise of Asia’s Middle Class: Why India will have a larger middle-class than China by 2030

Need help. Fleetwood Mac video

I'm getting BETTER at it with practice...

What was the Bachmann clip that got pulled?

SKINNER...I normally don't pass out compliments easily, but tonight I will.

Heh! An oldie but goodie...

Ok, who's dumb enough to put "Go Lions" in a stickie?

My neighbors had a party this evening, and the balloons tied to the mailbox

The Senseless Murder of Jerry McCafferty


No Farts, eh?

I just tried Wendy's Cobb Salad. It cost $8.50 Canadian. Lettuce, bacon, egg, chicken, blue cheese,

Temps pour certains français de la Culture: M. Charles Trenet - La Mer


Rockin' BOB! "Cold Irons Bound"

A Taste of Herp Albert

My life goals are darn near complete

Night nite

Welcome Back MiddleFingerMom!!!

Is everyone feelin' groovy this morning? If not, I've got the cure!

I forgot to zip my pants yesterday

Today is our 33rd anniversary. (Years, not hours or days).

"I see what the lack of knowledge can do to a civilization..."

I'm glad to see the stickies are still being posted.

Has anyone ever bought clothing online?

I want to start my first novel, "Sorry I haven't written earlier."

bluefish & corn - how to cook for breakfast...

Farewell to Jack Horkheimer, returned to the stars yesterday

Alphaboojatical Order

Just FYI - I'll be riding commando for a week

Wanna see some of the biggest pairs of balls on the planet?

Sometimes, the ability to verbalize is just so damned inefficient.

I have never seen a single James Bond film

On a long enough time line, the palatability rate for ice cream flavors drops to zero.

Jeffersons Ghost wants you to know that you can hook up at DU.

So...I think I thought my dream man...

Anyone else watch Cake Boss on TLC, my Aunt had the shows recorded.

When it comes to sexual orientation... you simply are who you are.

To the Du music community, those who know the Silver City, Grant Co. NM scene

Movie Cliche #614:

Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury

Stories from the Road: A Simpler Time

An interesting thought, but related to many things.

My nephew's dog got out while he was away

A poem I wrote in college that my mom found recently

This is what GD is discussing today.

David Cassidy @ Epcot, November 4, 2008, "I Woke Up In Love this Morning"

A sad friend Chuck passed about an hour ago...

'Fire On The Mountain'...2/15/87, Jerry Garcia w/ Mickey Hart, Carlos Santana, Baba Olatunji...

Boner required.

Where I'm staying for a week...

How many couples have actually hooked up because of DU?

Yay Hidalgo!

Where was this device when I was a kid?

Like... The most awesomest pooch in the whole freaking world

When I was a kid

Cat in the Box

Marriage scares me

Paul MC Cartney, Fleetwood MAC, MAC Davis, or MAC and cheese?

With the recent developments in my "condition",..

Stories from the Road: I ain't doing that again

Private mini DU meet up pics

I love EACH and EVERY one of you.

Got car aligned, balanced and rotated. Almost immediately hit a curb

Passing through virginia (I-95 S), I thought I got a speeding ticket , but NO !!

I just got an awesome piano...

Where would be the best place to send donations for the flood relief?

Best 1970s classic rock double live album with the words Comes Alive! in the title

What a bunch of suckers

Anyone else watch the Food truck reality series on FOOD network today?

bertha, bertha butt, one of the butt sisters

Tomorrow I drive Down to Milwaukee for my Vacation...

My newest poem: On Insomnia

"Gladiator" is on. Joaquin PHOENIX is great. Sure hope his mind NOW is not really

How much of David Thompson's legendary vertical leap was due to the thin mountain air in Denver?

Your Sunday LOLCats (and dogs) - **You're Getting Vewy, Vewy Sleepy**... edition

Who is the model on pg. 220-9 of September Cosmo magazine

Bushie Triumphalism

Venezuelan soldier kills two officers 'after dispute'

I hate Fox News very much

Former GOP Lt. Gov. Pence co-hosting fund-raiser for Beshear

Feingold, Murray, and Boxer, are in trouble.

I did some tabling for Russ Feingold today

How True this is, Yet we keep falling for it

Palin a topic in Ariz. GOP face-off

Supplier in egg recall has history of violations in Maine

Ganley Calls Obama’s Religion ‘Irrelevant’ to Campaign

Feds Seize ShoreBank- Branches will reopen as Urban Partnership Bank

Three Women

Does anyone think Obama's ratings are probably HIGHER than anyone else's would be right now?

Come Again?

Statistics don’t lie, people do

Congressional candidate robbed at gunpoint in Florida

Four US troops killed in Afghanistan

DOD identifies US casualties 21 Aug-13 Aug

When GOP gave aid to Muslims - A 2000 law favors the ground zero mosque.

When Republicans and Jihadis Agree… By NICHOLAS KRISTOF

Dan Lungren exposed for double-dipping into taxpayer money.

Radio host Amy Jacobson, reporter fired for wearing a bikini, thinks Obama is a Muslim. . .

What if Crist decides who controls the Senate?

Less than 2% of small businesses would be affected by ending Bush tax cuts for top 2%, Mitch!

McConnell: I Take Obama 'At His Word' That He's A Christian (VIDEO)

Wikileaks’ Assange: Pentagon may be behind rape claims

A U-Turn Isn't Really A Change In Direction

What we need right now is a CLEAR message.

Iran Announces Military Defence System

Associated Press Shattering Obama Myths

Associated Press Shattering Obama Myths

Karzai confirms he intervened to get arrested official released

Why is business allowed to hold a gun to our heads.

NY Repuke-candidate: Prison dorms for welfare recipients

Corporations do not want to invest the trillions they are holding on to for new jobs? no problem...

Karzai urges U.S. taxpayers: end security contractors

Iran unveils first bomber drone

Of All The Things To Whine About

Qatar calls for united (Global) effort to help Pakistan

Irish terror groups target Conservative party conference in Birmingham

Swedish Prosecutors Defend Handling of Case (Assange Suggests Pentagon Possibility)

In Florida, a Candidate Veers From Tea Party’s Script

(New) Floods Force Thousands From Homes in Pakistan (Former PM: Heading To Revolution "Very Fast")

Saudi Arabia's King orders field hospitals for flood-hit Pakistan

Okay I have an idea that will let the upper 1% keep their massive tax cuts

"lazy, intellectually dishonest drivel"

US troops unlikely to resume combat duties in Iraq

Venezuela defends controversial flights to Iran and Syria

Obama book reading hints at continued opposition to Iraq war

Petaluma farm seeks to reassure consumers on eggs' safety

Obama planning on cutting SS benefits and raising retirement age?

Gulf claims chief says no-sue rule was his idea

Blue Cross raising price of NC individual policies! Is this Health Care Reform?

Drugs block Ebola, Marburg viruses in tests

Calling President Obama a Muslim is another way of calling him

US troops to return only if Iraqi forces fail

Out east 11 days.. Corporations and right wing media

Third Parties Not Welcome In PA

Bodies hung from bridge in Cuernavaca, Mexico

Spain anti-bullfighting groups protest in Bilbao

(Michigan) Mitt Romney backing Rick Snyder for governor, will campaign with him this week

ACLU questions 'enhanced patdown' of air travelers

First US soldier killed in Iraq since withdrawal of combat troops

Muslim Madness

US combat brigades still in Iraq: report

Rallies over mosque near ground zero get heated

Obama Will Triumph -- So Will America

Small plane with 4 on board missing in Alaska

Julian Assange: WikiLeaks founder hits out at rape smears as Swedish warrant for his arrest is withd

President Obama approval rating rising-up 5 points in 2 days-Mosque gate over?

33 trapped Chilean miners are alive after 17 days

LA unveils $578M school, costliest in the nation

Bangladesh bans Islam dress code

NY mosque imam says US freedoms more in line with Islam than limits of some Muslim nations

McConnell: I Take Obama 'At His Word' That He's A Christian

Private Religious schools and charter schools want access to public dollars.. no problem!

Before salmonella outbreak, egg firm had long record of violations

Four US troops killed in Afghanistan

TV journalist apologizes for ‘out of control’ mosque debate

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. In Conclusion.

Glenn Beckkk Mocks Olbermann, PBS and America on his Radio Show

Which Candidate is the Craziest


Rush Limbaugh says Unemployment Insurance is Welfare

Rush Limbaugh calls Unemployed and 99ers freeloaders siphoning money from taxpayers

One Straight Truth Vs Millions of Lies !!!! by; Dr. Dahlia Wasfi


Was Peter Schiff the only one who was right?

Ed Show: Cenk Vs 'Muslim Seed' BS From Evangelical Christian

Weird Liberal Head Show #139: Conservatism is Falling

Ed Overton slips up -- Reveals storms can AEROSOLIZE weathered oil and SPREAD IT AROUND

Will Chinese Workers Challenge Global Capitalism? Part 2

Will Chinese Workers Challenge Global Capitalism?

Will Chinese Workers Challenge Global Capitalism? Part 3

Liberal Revolution: Bloody Sunday

This Week: Debating the Ground Zero Islamic Center: A kick ass interview!

It's a simple question Leader McConnell, how will you pay for the Bush tax cuts?

Did Dick Armey call Mitch McConnell a coward?

Granholm Takes on Armey For Wanting To Dismantle Social Security and Medicare

Ted Nugent Great White Asshole - August 20, 2010

Keith Olbermann: Obama Religion Revealed! Grab Your Tin-Foil Hats!!!

Al Jazeera English's Jonah Hull Travels With Pakistan's Army & Reports On The Huge Task Ahead

No surprises

LiberalViewer: Media Miss Obama Message on Mosque Near Ground Zero?

Al Jazeera: Weird Interview w/ Swedish Prosecutor Spokesperson in WikiLeaks Case

Muslim Family Day On 9/12 At Six Flags!

Lilith Fair 2010 DC - Sarah McLachlan "Building a Mystery" - Justice Through Music

MSNBC: Cenk On Obama & Religion

Obama's vacation causes small-town stir

The Tillman Story - Official Trailer [HD]

Interview With Al Jazeera English: Julian Assange Says Sex Abuse Claims Are A "Smear Campaign"

Ed Show: Cenk Rips Sarah Palin and Dr. Laura (Obama, Race, Feminism, Gays & Autism)


The Hitler of Today

Batshit Crazy Michelle on the RAW POWER of the Teabagger Movement. It's RAW and POWERFUL!

Ed Show w/ Cenk: Oil Spill Cover-Up

Ashamed to be American? Ex-patriots give up on US

'Medal Of Honor' Game Afghanistan Present Day Sparks Controversy

Comedian David Cross tells some truth about today's conservatives. NSFW

Marijuana Makes You Lazy & Stupid! (It's HEMPFEST This Weekend In Seattle!)

What It Means To Be American

Come Again?

US Dodges Obligation to Help Iraqi Women Trafficked into Sexual Slavery

World Joins 99ers in Demand For Passage of Tier 5 Unemployment Extension

Julian Assange: WikiLeaks founder hits out at rape smears

Corporate Rotten Eggs (By Robert Reich)

Mosque debate ignores facts

Julian Assange wins Sam Adams Award for Integrity

Gulf Oil Spill Bound BP and Federal Government Together

Wyclef Jean Disqualified From Haitian Presidency, For Failing to Produce 'Voodoo Certificate'

The transformation of Latin America is a global advance

Using the Tier V 2010 Unemployment Extension to Reboot the Economy

Time Story's 'Point of View' Mirrors CIA's

Questions Mount About White House's Overly Rosy Report On Oil Spill

The New Normal: A Lot Like Now Only Worse

Alberto Gonzales: Changing the 14th Amendment won't solve our immigration crisis

Newt Gingrich Explains How U.S. Foreign Policy Actually Supports 'Islamophobia'

Corporate Lobbyists Are Killing Our Democracy

Billionaire Baloney

When GOP gave aid to Muslims - A 2000 law favors the ground zero mosque.

There's Nothing Wrong with Social Security that Taxing the Rich Fairly Wouldn't Fix

In Southern California, a Very Local Mosque Dispute

Costa Rica: US Warships Cause Unease

How Fox Host, O'Reilly, Used Raw Corporate Power, To Crush a Critic

Discovery of ancient cave paintings in Petra stuns art scholars

Adulthood, lack of jobs, and slippery definitions

TVA’s Vision for the Future: Less Coal, More Nuclear


Kettering University to debut biofuel pickup truck tied to Swedish biogas plant in Flint

Bo Jackson said last night his fastest 40 time was 4.13 by NFL scouts

Bristol was LOUD LOUD LOUD

post your fantasy team

Stephen Strasburg injured again..

Here's capítulo uno of Fidel's memoirs, Spanish but lot of pictures

Venezuelan soldier kills two officers 'after dispute'

Colombia: The Violent "Agrarian Counter-Reform" Conspiracy

Shell Takes on Kirchner’s Argentine Fuel Price Ban in Federal Court Battle

Google translation: "Use draft with "bluetooth "for cheating on college exams"

Video: Mentos and soda record bid in Mexico City

Former Guatemalan president faces corruption charges

Costa Rica: US Warships Cause Unease

"And they re-founded the country ...

The U.S. has the School of the Americas

Germain Vargas Lleras:The man of the moment (google translation)

Chavez suspends radio-TV program during campaign

Knocks raise hopes trapped Chilean miners still alive

Three Brazilian Guns...

A gun control advocate rants...

DADT update: Pentagon surveys military spouses

Best protest sign in the history of ever.

Meg Whitman, if elected governor, vows to defend Prop 8 in court

In Superman’s Hometown, a Labor Dispute Over Health

Today in Labor History Aug 22 First female member of the AFL-CIO Executive Council & more

Don't miss these photos in GD!

yesterday in Dallas

While I was out-and-about today!

The Peaceful Intifada,

Five years on, Hamas aims to make Gaza settlements bloom

Israeli Soldiers Sell Gaza Flotilla Passengers’ Computers and Steal Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

Fundamentalism into the mainstream

Israeli army's female recruits denounce treatment of Palestinians

Netanyahu: We can surprise the doubters to reach historic peace

Will an IDF Withdrawal from the West Bank Mean a Safe Haven for Extremist Groups?

Mind controlling parasites

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