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Primary losses blunt Palin's 'mama grizzly' claws

Calving Coolidge and George Bernard Shaw

Obamas return to the Vineyard, this time hoping for peace and quiet.

Um, Doctor Dean... some Bigots have Deep Emotional Feelings

The Secret Killers: Assassination in Afghanistan and Task Force 373

Will Iraq be an Iranian-sphere nation?

Crooks & Liars relives the Golden Days of Palin's previous run-ins with the 1st Amendment

Prop 19: National Black Police Association Endorses Marijuana Legalization

America's Mayor© weighs in: Only a 'warrior' imam would want mosque at WTC

I wish everyone I disagreed with formed and expressed their positions as well as Howard Dean.

Obamas return to the Vineyard, this time hoping for peace and quiet.

Gary Huck cartoon: Deficits!

Wolf Blitzer. Proof that ANYONE can win an Emmy..

AP stops calling Ground Zero

Let's talk about religious bigotry

Fox News Channel devoted just under 10 minutes to the Iraq combat brigade withdrawal story

Dean on the Countdown

It just hit me: every piece of legislation signed into a law favoring corporations over we the peopl...

Raceologist Professor O'LOOFAH explains the history of the N-word & Botanist SCHLESSINGER's context

Thank you to the DUers who Blammo'd Fiorina at the top of the page!

Haley Barbour and the rest of the hilarious GOP 2012 contenders

Independent UK: A rising global tide of xenophobia

From here on out I will refer to the MSM as the Georgetown Cocktail Party Media

Glenn Beck Christens Charles Darwin ‘The Father Of Modern-Day Racism’

Five Washington Excuses for Ignoring the Jobs Crisis

Wayne Dyer Reveals That He Has Leukemia

WATCH the Rachel Maddow show on the repeat

The Right does not believe in fair play

Gov. Dean, you really can't conduct good faith negotiations with right wing bigots

I'm soooo relieved that

Iraqi casualties March 2003 to..

A Worldwide Revolt Against Poverty Wages


Translating Conservative Talking Points Into English

Here's a jim dandy idea!

Obtuse Angle - Christian Reconstructionist?

I admire emily's list and I like their Mama Bear ad

Chris Nowinski former WWE performer slams Linda McMahon

See online the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, China! Visit all the pavillions and major Expo events!

Oops! BP and Transocean fighting Over Sharing Data on Spill

Paul Krugman:Appeasing the Bond Gods

Test for Democrats: Here’s $700 Billion: Should We Gamble It on Wall Street or Invest in Mainstreet?

Nightline tonight investigates For-Profit Education: Recruiters at the University of Phoenix - video

Mark Morford: Thank God global warming is a hoax

This post is about bigotry, and people who are not on DU who equate Democrats and Republicans.

Colorado Democrats...

Feds admit FORMATION may have COLLAPSED around bottom of wellbore — This is why annulus is blocked

Arizona inmate and fiancée captured in Apache County

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & introducing Peeking Kitty

Dick "Shrimper" Morris: Mosque will ‘train and recruit’ future terrorists

I think President Obama should officially convert to Islam this weekend...I want to see some heads

I am FUMING!!! Help calm me down. Repug HYPOCRITE of the day: BREWER!

Colbert to honor troops returning from Iraq

Arizona prison escapee, fiancée-cousin caught


Joy Behar Show .... McMahon, she is loaded or on something

Update on judicial recommendations made to Obama

The greatest thing about America is that EVERYONE is free to be full of bullshit

Brian Williams shocking the hell out of me on Charlie Rose

France begins Roma deportations: 'They are trying to get rid of us all'

Is David Petraeus a 'Lying Liar' About the Drawdown?

Of the IRA and the Afghan War

Petraeus' Oily Spin About Progress in Afghanistan

Mayor Bloomberg

The Secret Killers: Assassination in Afghanistan and Task Force 373

Flea Bites for the Oil Barons

In Afghanistan, bomb blasts hit high in July

July airstrike total is 2nd highest of year

Army releases operating concept document

War doesn’t rest for Islam holy month

Denver VA: Army veteran awarded $130,000 for clamp left in his chest

Problems uncovered in Meade cleanup

Winning in Afghanistan may hinge on power of persuasion

What do they call that in gambling when you put money on both sides of a bet?

Shocking School Drug And Gang Survey

New EFV Prototype Tests at Pendleton

Marcellus summit canceled!

Thank You Nita "Jade" Hansen

RW nutbag Ollie North: Focus!

Salmonella: Egg recall (list below)

Some special ops troops told to lose the beard

Some special ops troops told to lose the beard

Some special ops troops told to lose the beard

Some special ops troops told to lose the beard

The misogynist US Chamber of Commerce

Stupid American Month

Too Fat to Fight? Military Recruitment Grapples With Obesity Epidemic

Brewer's private prison escapees caught

Police look for why vet killed family, self

Stealing the money to save teachers?

Erik Prince Gets out of Dodge

The Wages of Compromise

No Incrementalism in Resistance

CSPAN WJ doing segment on Cuba sanctions w/ Castro's cousin (Diaz Balart) 8:50am est

Trends to Barbarism and Prospects for Socialism

After 9/11 George W. Bush went to a Mosque ......

Soldiers Expose Deployment of Unprepared Troops

The newest NASCAR sponsor: the GI Bill

Friday Chomskyism

Four Nissan, Toyota SUVs Offer Lackluster Rollover Protection

Oil companies fund initiative to rollback CA clean air/energy laws

Hoping to see 'The Tillman Story'?....Looks like the Landmark art-house chain is picking it up:

Hoping to see 'The Tillman Story'?....Looks like the Landmark art-house chain is picking it up:

Doulbe Dip and Dysfunction

"Stop the boats!" Australian conservative's version of our repubs' "Secure the borders!"

10 Shameless Right-Wing Tributes to Ayn Rand That Should Make Any Sane Person Blush

Democrats, After Opposing Climate Bill, Still Face GOP Attacks

Question: Is 24 hours the max for a stay on the greatest page?

Crisis. What Crisis? Profits Soar!

Combat brigades in Iraq under different name

Taliban Intensify Assassination Program

Oh, fuck ME. McCain Tweets that Bush deserves "some credit for victory in Iraq."

Does anyone seriously believe that Dr. Laura is a racist? She didn't call anyone the n-word

Some news about OS

First to PM me gets a star. Ready...Set...GO!

COINTELPRO, Provocateurs, and Prisoners: An Interview

Republicons fawned over Congressional liar

Mike Konopacki cartoon: Harley Davidson

Why does Clemens get an indictment while Yoo gets off?

marriage, unnatural in every way

My Youtube Channel is About to Break 1000 Views (Wanna Help?)! Thanks DU!

Pastor released after 70 days in North Koren jail rearrested and sent to South Korean jail

Stand up for religious freedom!

Reich: "either demagoguery that turns Americans against one another and the rest of the world..."

Jeffrey Goldberg Caught In LIE About Glenn Greenwald On NPR

U.S. Chartbook: Recovery Showing Cracks

Luckovich 'toon on 'He's a Muslin!' idiocy

"I love coffee" pushed "Roosevelt & Wallace" off the board.

Asian-Americans in the Ivy League: A Portrait of Privilege and Discrimination

Hospital Monopolies Ruin MRI Bill as Sutter Gets Price It Wants

I know we're sick of mosque threads, but my thoughts

Fidelity: 401(k) hardship withdrawals, loans up

Written in a non-politics-related community I'm a member of. Wish I had written this. (Re: Dean)

Washington Post reporter absolves conservatives of Obama Muslim rumor

Got my first star today!

ON reflecting, this is a WTF were these politicians thinking thread.

Have you ever bought or signed up for something to help a sales person keep his or her job?

Michael Moore Praises Suspected WikiLeaks Source

Apparently it's now disrespectful to the memory of 9/11 to build a mosque in ... Kentucky.

Mother claims child died due to BP refinery pollution

Howard Dean Compares "Civil Unions Compromise" To Mosque Controversy

If you really hate the oil companies, move to Buffalo!

Lawyer Suing Blackwater Founder Erik Prince Chases Him to Abu Dhabi

Alabama to finish building scuttled 1970's era nuclear reactor

Holy shite there's a USA flag hard hat on GEM$NBC now

Opposition to Afghanistan conflict not just a liberal issue anymore

Freedom of speech does not mean *I* can't shout over you or that *I* have to let you speak

The Rude Pundit - This Is the Way the World Ends: Not with a Bang, But at McDonald's

How Silly This Mosque - Ground Zero Controversy Is ..........

Democrats need a slogan for fall elections. Any ideas?

An impressive list of headlines:

So parents, teach...your children well

Do you feel that you or your country is under threat?

Truth: "Even the best of it arrives to the sound of ominous bells."

Hall says mosque should not be close to Ground Zero

Has Rep. Kucinich weighed in on the mosque debate yet?

China's economy tops Japan: Are you worried? You should be, but not for the reason you might think.

I'm Really Disappointed in Howard Dean

Texas Board of Education member: Women didn't win suffrage - men GAVE it to them

This thread is a presidential approval poll that you can only vote in if you donate.

Video: Jon Stewart links Murdock to Bin Laden.

Eugene Robinson: President Obama's Winning Streak

Make no mistake: This Obama is a Muslim poll is clearly a Rove operation.

Fla. church vows to burn Korans on 9/11, despite fire department objection

a lot of media are writing/talking about the economy

Harry Reid has caved in so many times...

School officials show contempt for parents in NY

Australian Judge: N-word and SandN-word not offensive to reasonable people...

Goldman Sachs going into the uranium delivery business.

I'm glad the war in Iraq ended yesterday.

Michael Copps blasts Google-Verizon plan, says it favors the rich

Glenn Beck hits another low, he's "Ashamed" of the 99ers

Bernie on Thom Hartmann this a.m. - an epiphany

Should the Constituion protect the free exercise of religion?

A gaggle of guiddies, a basket of blorts. . . Please come CAPTION ClusterFox!!!

I get upset with some here, but DU is still a treasure

YouTube Fights Homelessness w/ Founder Mark Horvath

This is a bunch of shit!

Friday Toons, part 5

Newsweek: 'Were You Born on the Wrong Continent?

BP fund-seekers might have to waive right to sue: BP settlements could shield defendents

Friday Toons, part 4

Friday Toons, part 3

99er Responds To Glenn Beck: 'You Couldn't Get More American Than Me'

Very simple explanation of how the rich ripped off working folks in 1983

Netherlands' anti-Islam populist Freedom party chief Geert Wilders joins New York protests against

I need help from a NON-donor DUer. Can you vote in this poll?

Link to the NY Times' Review of "The Tillman Story"

Global warming's effect on real estate

Kisses! To whoever donated in my name!

Kisses! To whoever donated in my name!

Top 12 List of minimum Wages (in U.S. Dollars Buying Power) of Various Countries.

Top 12 List of minimum Wages (in U.S. Dollars Buying Power) of Various Countries.

Oklahoma GOP Headquarters is 2.8 miles from where the Murrah building was.

These are the ones I believe are DU

These are the ones I believe are DU

Cloud studies in a brilliant light (DIAL-UP WARNING)

David Vitter's opponent is hurting the diaper-wearing Senator's feelings

DNC meeting rundown so far...

Here's my idea about the pro and anti "whatever" debate re: DU

Professional investors move into flipping foreclosed homes

Associated Press / GfK Poll: Nearly 6 in 10 oppose war in Afghanistan

Manufacturing jobs make comeback in TN

Is there a facebook group supporting the "mosque?"

Colbert To Honor Troops Returning From Iraq

So, did we WIN the war in Iraq? Can we use the word victory?

Since we seem to revere constitutional rights above all else, do all gun laws need to be overturned?

VIDEO Jon Stewart's "Extremist Makeover Homeland Edition...6 degrees of people who don't eat bacon"

Glenn Greenwald: Jeffrey Goldberg's fabrication on NPR

Gold bullion stolen from Florida treasure museum


Re Roger Clemens: the selective prosecution of some, but not others, for lying to Congress is a

Finally, for all those looking for an alternative to DU.

ACLU challenges Illinois eavesdropping act

Colbert: Dr. Laura quit "because she wants to spend more time saying the N-word with her family"

In Berlin, Semenya eager to forget gender tests

Freedom Of Churches And Mosques Protected In...Arizona

Freedom Of Churches And Mosques Protected In...Arizona

After MoJo Story, Soldier Gets Home Back

Is there a quid pro quo on Israel and Iran?

Friday Toons, part 6

Friday Toons, part 6

That million dollar donation from the Saudi terrorist prince who owns fox news should be returned.

Two fairly large insects are coupling outside on my window...

OFFICIAL DU post to kill the WWII, Korea, et al. straw men.

"There are times when good people disagree in good faith...this is not one of those times"

The right's latest weapon: 'Zionist editing' on Wikipedia

So I'm in the hotel lobby right. Faux is on. What are they moaning about...

Sri Lankan government to evict 66,000 families in Colombo - to free land for business

OK... I get it. I am a 25-percenter. And that annoys some of you. I have a proposed solution

Electing Democrats is the only rational thing to do.

Oh, SNAP! Krugman vs. Morgan Stanley on Bonds

Staggering Along the Periphery: Classism in America

Who said "What we tolerate... will dominate." ...

Republican Family Values: Adult website operator donates to Rand Paul

Muslim = the new communist

Tim Pawlenty rips Obama on Imam hired by George W. Bush

OIL in the Gulf: "Out of mind, but not yet out of sight"

Hallowed Ground...

Does America Have A Muslim Problem? TIME's Bobby Gosh Discusses New Cover Story That Delves (Video)

Does America Have A Muslim Problem? TIME's Bobby Gosh Discusses New Cover Story That Delves (Video)

Thomas Jefferson - Words of Wisdom

Want to DU a poll that really matters and change the world, just a little bit?

Toon: Who exactly are they "honoring"?

Please Help! Looking For PERFECT Smackdown Of Bigots Opposed To NYC Mosque

10 Shameless Right-Wing Tributes to Ayn Rand That Should Make Any Sane Person Blush

Investors urge Target to look at political giving

Florida Releases August 20, 2010 Gulf Oil Spill Situation Update

Toon: Addicted

US: Israel, PA to resume direct talks

Unemployment Ready To Push Above 10%

Toxic Oil Found Deep on Gulf Seafloor?

the media IS the message.

Federal pay far exceeds the norm

Why should Obama go to church to prove a damn thing to anyone

Jon Stewart: "Is FOX News is a terrorist command center?"

N.C. deputy trapped in squad car for 3 hours by swarm of honeybees

If Historical Events Had Facebook Pages

Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan starts today

Like a bunch of monkeys throwing poo.

Millionaire gop candidate chickens out, sends his Mother to debate

Lawmakers and the 'birther'/Muslim myths

We have convinced Israel to wait a year before bombing Iran

Dr.Luara caller is a class act and her husband is one lucky guy

I Think It's A GOOD THING We're Getting This Poison Out Of Our System In AUGUST

How to form a circular firing squad.

How to form a circular firing squad.

Thank you to whoever bought me a star!

Jobless millions signal death of the American dream for many

Anonymous suspect in firebombing of U.S. Rep. Russ Carnahan's office is released

We shouldn't let Catholics build churches here, until we can build Baptist churches in the Vatican

TSA Screeners Check Luggage, Investigate Your Marriage & Personal Finances

Spinning the US Failure in Iraq


Hundreds of millions in Katrina funds remain unspent

What's Eviscerating Britain's Seals?

Roach Motel Marriages: email from Alan Grayson

Add diet soda to the list of things to avoid while pregnant

'Patriot' Paranoia: A Look at the Top Ten Conspiracy Theories

Mary Cheney gave $500 to anti-gay-marriage Senate hopeful

As a woodchuck, I think that donating to DU is a chucklish thing to do.

Bear wrestling promoter's bear caretaker mauled to death by bear

dumbbass headline in the St. Petersburg Times today

ShoreBank of Chicago Said to Be Closed Today by FDIC

Good discussion on the egg crisis on Ratigan n/t

Give a one-word answer: "What is the single most important problem our government needs to fix?"

Give a one-word answer: "What is the single most important problem our government needs to fix?"

I cannot believe that Dylan is trying to connect the egg crisis to the Obama administration. nt

I cannot believe that Dylan is trying to connect the egg crisis to the Obama administration. nt

401(k) withdrawals hit 10-year high, says Fidelity

The Wash. Times' Obama-Muslim picture book

"War" in Iraq DID NOT End- It's an OCCUPATION- More Mercenaries to Go In

BP Pulls Ads On ThinkProgress After Wonk Room Reports On Its Greenwashing Campaign

So what is going on in this place?

Fox host: Muslims should 'give up their rights' in order to be 'good neighbors'

I'm not doing that well financially but I did donate today. I was going to sit

This whole mosque thing is seriously nuts.

So Will DU Shutdown or File Bankruptcy If.....

Gulf of Mexico Still in Crisis, 4 Months After BP Explosion:

1000 Donations? Here's how to help.

Well, things could be much worse. My biggest nightmare:

Thanks for the Star!

Another week passes by without Elizabeth Warren protecting Consumers

Biden: GOP offers 'more of the past, but on steroids',"This is the 'Republican Tea Party

I really hate to say this, but tonight Howard Dean is full of shit.

Man commits suicide in front of 100s of concert goers

Pentagon Awards $7.3 Billion Contracts for Outsourced Spy Imagery

Roach Motel Marriages (sorry ..repost)

Black Republicans: Palin ‘no longer fit to lead’

I get pissed off when Obama DOESN'T get pissed off

Cable news distractions

The half naked blond guy on the Gravelbot board...

Thank you to whoever made the donation in my name..

Thank you to whoever made the donation in my name..

Just Emailed and called Sen Murray and Cantwell office

Video: Jon Stewart Brings Back His Glenn Beck Impression - HILARIOUS!!!

Thank you. eom

FCC Chiefs: Google's Plan Would End The Open Internet

Pat Tillman

How Long Does It Take for a Fox News Fabrication to Be Covered By the Rest of the Media?

California interfaith leaders back 'ground zero' Islamic Center

California interfaith leaders back 'ground zero' Islamic Center

If Their Against Park 51 Then Ask Them if they Are Catholic...

Republican Religious Right: Our Troops Died for Nothing!

You know you're having a bad day

On Depth of Focus, DU, and Politics

Rising temperatures reducing ability of plants to absorb carbon, study warns

Taking bets

Nearly 50 percent leave Obama mortgage-aid program

Nearly 50 percent leave Obama mortgage-aid program

Outrage Over Plans To Build Library Next To Sarah Palin

Thanks again for the star.

Extremist Makeover - Homeland Edition

Glenn Beck - Rupert Murdoch's community organizer?

Sheryl WuDunn: Our century's greatest injustice

Everything old is new again

"....Anyone who really thinks the US Is Going to Withdraw from Afghanistan in 2011..."

A comment on 1984

Do you all like this Cenk who is filling in for Big Ed?

Contribute to Pakistan aid thru U.N. Refugee Agency here:

Group behind the "Mega Mosque" smear for the Park51 development is banned from marching in the UK.

Conservatives Want To Live On Monopoly Money

VP Biden: "It's a race between Democrats and the republican Tea Party."

Where do we go from here?

Where do we go from here?

On the Ground Zero mosque; Pakistan catastrophe; McChrystal's new job; Petraeus' neocon hire, Kagan

A wrong Dean is still 99% better than a Right Democrat.

"'Tillman Story' Heroic Filmmaking" (Michael Moore: "One of most important movies you'll ever see")

Friday Toons, part 2

Friday Toons, part 2

WikiLeaks strikes at DoD on Twitter ('incompetent authority')(updated to incl New Docs)

Worlds Apart

Why is Dean being a wimp?

Yeah, way too far Onion

Denver Cops Tased Incarcerated Homeless Black 56-yr Old for 8 Seconds Before He Died

Anybody else having problems with donating and the damn

Hotmail ---

Which of the following infuriates you the most?

A Dave Horsey Cartoon

Why Are Democrats Losing the Social Security Issue?

So did the Republicans think Bush was Muslim?

Memo to America's Middle Class: Obama Is Just Not That Into You

Charitable giving of the third kind

Elisabeth Hasselbeck to the left of Obama on marriage equality

Teacher Loses Job After Commenting About Students, Parents on Facebook

Dear Democrats: (including Dr. Dean)

The DU is not broken, maybe broke, but not broken!!

Who asked you??? Muslim-born Miss USA says she opposes Ground Zero Islamic center

Walking in public is inconsiderate.

Just in time for September 23, My Health Insurance Provider is Raising their Rates for Oct 1.

Eugene Robinson: "Change Accomplished"

I have to say, it is nice to see us lefties stand against Dean's

In August of '88, the GOP ran a very effective ad that we should update and use

Speculation: Why didn't Dr. Laura say Sh*t or F*ck to test her first amendment rights?

On a lighter note...

Duncan announces $1B supplementary Race to the Top Competition

I frigging LOVE IT! "The more money Meg Whitman spends, the higher her unfavorable ratings go up"

Police chase shuts down airport runway (Dallas)

Corporations, UAW International call for revote on wage cut at Indianapolis GM plant

Another "best political cartoon ever" thread

Another "best political cartoon ever" thread

How Soon Is Too Soon?

To My Muslim Friends

Excellent slap down on Dr. Laura on NPR this morning


15 charts about wealth and inequality in america

Jack Decoster: The Despicable man behind the Salmonella Outbreak

duncan using $310 million to fund PR & fundraising for charter schools in 2011

Is Your Favorite Ice Cream Made With Monsanto's Artificial Hormones?

That Stickie: People are Poor because they have no Land.

Is there anyone else here that doesn't give a cat's behind if Obama

Is there anyone else here that doesn't give a cat's behind if Obama

]BP Settlements Likely to Shield Top Defendants

Pakistani Mom: "Take my baby, she'll have a better life"

Admiral A.W.O.L. made 171+ recess appointments, but freepers pee themselves over 4 Obama just made

DU changed my life

Howard Dean, it is simple, just apologize and quit trying to justify what you said!

Obama has had to deal with one disaster after another.

EVACUATE NOW!: This is Not a Drill

I am sad that Skinner is sad. I think DU is as great as it ever was!

Fiorina says rising jobless claims show Obama policies aren't working, Bush Tax Cuts are the remedy

Psst... Timothy Geithner never worked for Goldman-Sachs

69% of America: Rescind Bush tax cuts on rich

rev. franklin graham Says Obama was 'Born a Muslim'-who gives a fuck you lying bastard?

Cloned Meat May Already Have Invaded Our Food Supply, Posing Alarming Health Risks

for folks who can't bear to see the President enjoying his vacation . . .

Dr. Laura: I Have a Black Friend! And a Gay One, Too!

Friday Toons, part 1

Jon Stewart Borrows Glenn Beck's Chalk-Board

I'm Getting Tired of the Whole "Mosque at Ground Zero" Story.

Hello, DUers! Here's your Friday Afternoon Challenge Question!

Spices - really getting on my nerves...

Pat Robertson: "Muslims could end up taking over the city council to pass ordinances"

Poll: 58% oppose the war in Afghanistan, only 38% support Obama's war effort in Afghanistan

Giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States:

Dear Skinner, DU Admins, Mods, posters and friends

Miss USA Rima Fakih, a Muslim, exhibits sensitivity on the eve of the Miss Universe pageant

The Privatization of Military Occupation by Corporate Paramilitaries

Harlem charter school in public school building gets soccer field. Public school parents not told.

Question for Civil War experts

For all the teachers at DU....

I Think I Might Have a Solution to the "Ground Zero Mosque" Debacle...

Spray-on film turns glass into solar panels

Spray-on film turns glass into solar panels

A Close Encounter With the Rarest Bird

Greenwald: Shouldn't Critics Of WikiLeaks For Failing To Redact Also Criticize Pentagon For Refusing

4415 American troop deaths.....but VICTORY! Halliburton gets letter of intent for Iraq oil

Dean Baker: When Wall Street Rules, We Get Wall Street Rules

Dean Baker: When Wall Street Rules, We Get Wall Street Rules

Death, Suicide, & the Economy

The truth is that the Iraq is worse off now than it was before

Am I the only person having a problem with eggs?

Yo Skinner: extend the fund drive.

Fuck you, Wolf Blitzer...

Nine lives, sixth sense: Cat at veterinary clinic seeks out ailing cats

Outrage over plans to build library next to Sarah Palin

If you are against the mosque in NYC. You do not support our troops.

How shall I piss you off tonight?

Remember the people that argued that most of the oil had disappeared from the gulf?

Wall Street Journal reveals Social Security cuts being considered by "Deficit Commission"

What will be the final undoing of Faux News ?

Why is khat illegal?

Racsist, xenophobic, homophobic, capitalistic

I want to talk to you about "the Other." I can only do this properly

Poll: Majority of N.J. voters approve of Gov. Chris Christie's job performance

'Patriot' Paranoia: A Look at the Top Ten Conspiracy Theories

The right to bear arms = the right to practice religion

"Who let the dogs out" video more proof the GOP is run by old men.

Nearly 50 percent leave Obama mortgage-aid program

Guestworker Group Exposes Forced Labor in Tennessee

Guestworker Group Exposes Forced Labor in Tennessee

TOONS: GOP: Running On Emp-Tea ------------->

(Graphic photo)Who, or what, is causing this carnage to our seals? Scores are washed up dead with

Iconic photos that stay with you forever--post yours...

Iconic photos that stay with you forever--post yours...

K&R if you think DU is going to make one thousand donations by the deadline!

K&R if you think DU is going to make one thousand donations by the deadline!

States get millions in federal money for charter schools as school libraries defunded.

It must take breathtaking arrogance for the most ignorant

5 years ago today - Camp Casey, Crawford TX

I had to tell 3 senior citizens at McDonalds today that they were spewing ignorant crap.


Afghanistan "devastated" by monsoon floods

We're not going to reach our goal this fund drive. Let's talk.

On Afghanistan, No Easy Way Out

Anti-Union Propaganda Takes Many Forms

"One of the good businesses to get in to may be guillotines,"

Sorry for Calling Obama a Liar on Iraq ... Too Soon

Question: Do you think racist speech should be an exception to the First Ammendment?

Witnessing our government sell my land for the "crime" of growing pot


Bona fide or Boner fide

Paulie Jr. and Vinny are back together building bikes

The White Stripes

Depressing Thought for the Day

has anyone heard of a website...

Ryan Adams - Firecracker

Why is GD discussing a video of a blocked annulus?

My LATEST Haiku - "Don't Play Free Fallin'"

Texas Pete Hot Sauce

The's - Edie is a Sweet Candy

The ukulele stickie...

Donna the Buffalo...Donna the Buffalo...Donna the Buffalo....

Classic science fiction theme tunes sound even spacier slowed down

A New Awesome Band Name

Glow Industries, Inc. Issues Nationwide Recall of Mr. Magic Male Enhancer from Don Wands Amended

I went to the sporting goods store today and bought a florescent yellow Speedo bathing suit.

Frightwig- Just One Look

What are some of the things...


Favorite midnight snacks?

Face in the garden

Chrome plated

Did 'Star Wars' become a toy story? Producer Gary Kurtz looks back [Updated]

Yello. Anybody up at this hour? I normally don't bother you people after midnight but

All this talk about eggs . . .



You know yer an asshole if no one reminds you that you forgot yer b'day

Nukular Vacations becoming more popular


Today's Dilbert: the CEO-Regulator Relationship

Wis. man cited for harassing woman at express lane

WIP of Young Couple

Are there any feminists around this morning?

Future dog fight

Skinner created a thread with the words "Let's talk" in the title.

Are you willing to donate money to help launch the new LoZoccolo Message Board?

Somebody's a mensch.

hey empathetic pro marijuana loungers!

Bull Leaps Into Bullring Stands In Spain

I'll tell you who the biggest villains are in America today

Oasis - The Turning

Kevin Bacon vs. Kiefer Sutherland

Oh! Sweet Nuthin'

Free Ride

Please Come to Boston for the Springtime

Many thanks to whoever gave me a star!

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - "You Wreck Me" LIVE, Sound Stage

Time to snort some Cobain

Oh! Sookie

John Mellencamp Live, "Lonely Ol Night," Wilkes Barre PA, 12/1/07

Wild World

One-Hit Wonders of the 80's


Bacon Wrapped Chicken Wings

You know that show Numb3rs?

Google Chrome Browser Users:

He hehe he Eating GORP and smokin herb tastes really good

10 Helpful Websites You Have Never Heard Of

When Diana Rigg is racing away from the beach at the start of On Her Majesty's Secret Service...

Marvin Gaye, "Sexual Healing" LIVE


Am I a good employee or a stupid fool?

I like the "see evil, hear evil, speak evil" stickies, but...

There's a new Kids in the Hall on tonight.

MY earworm is now YOUR earworm: Martika, "Toy Soldiers." Step by step, heart to heart...

Okay, I'm pissed off.

My Youtube Channel is About to Break 1000 Views (Wanna Help?)! Thanks DU!

OK - Who the F is the scary shirtless guy?

Watching The Detectives

Pet pic thread! Post 'em if you got 'em...

I'm back.

"We Built This City," cover version performed on...yes...UKELELE.

I think I'm going to cry

MST3K fans. What are your favorite episodes?

Oh, noes! The mice are back. The ultrasonic thingy kept them away for

Need good vibes for my feline buddy...

Woke up this morning to a NIGERIAN SCAM EMAIL forged with ny Pastor's name

is there any difference between cat food and dog food?

Friday night music - Doors "Moonlight Drive" live at the Hollywood Bowl, 1968...

A horde of Old Men has invaded my hedge bushes, well 1 bush, but that sounded weird

Poll question: Are you willing to donate money to help launch the new Gormy Cuss Message Board?

Is there any update on Middle Finger Mom?

Just discovered the music of Beats Antique. Wow!

Southwest Airlines "Day in the Life of A 25 Minute Turn"

Growing number of Americans worried they might be Muslim

Pics of the new puppies

I bought shrimp from Thailand today

In Rural Calif., A Debate On How To Save A Hospital

Fidel Castro fascinated by book on Bilderberg Club

North Korea Says Consensus With China on Nuclear Talks.

Guerrillas' child testifies against kidnapper

BP Refuses Requests for Documents, Transocean Says

McCain says Bush administration deserves 'some credit' for Iraq troop exit

Duluth, Minn., nurses reject contract, OK strike

World Powers Aim For September 2 Mideast Talks: Source

U.S. Tells Israel Iran’s Nuclear Threat Is Not Imminent

Mexico City bans free plastic bags

Will Congress Do Anything About Unemployment? No, because of rethug obstructionism

Roger Clemens indicted in steroid case

After permit denied, Florida church insists, ‘We will still burn Korans’ on 9/11

Thai court approves extradition to US of alleged Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout

Thai court approves extradition to US of alleged Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout

CNN is whining about President Obama taking a week long vacation,

Pakistan floods are a 'slow-motion tsunami' - Ban Ki-moon

Afghanistan "devastated" by monsoon floods

Quartet aims to start Mideast talks Sept 2 -source

BP Spill Victims Given Compensation Warning

AC 360 is exposing Fux and the right wing wackos for fueling the "Obama is a Muslim" meme.

U.S. Torture Program Probed

Australia election rivals neck and neck

Karzai aide part of wider inquiry, officials say

KY-SEN POLL: Conway 42, Paul 41.

What the right doesn't get: The GZ Mosque can't be an offense if the Confederate Flag isn't!

That's Why I'm Voting Tea Party (dot com)

Kerry returns to Kabul to continue talks with Karzai

Deficit to top 1.3 trillion, 2nd worst in 65 years

Repug Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart crossed over the line this morning

Supreme Court Justice Kennedy favors civilian courts in terrorism cases

BP Settlements Likely to Shield Top Defendants

Have You Seen This Video?

President Obama's winning streak - By Eugene Robinson

Obama vs Bush Vacation Score This point in Presidency - 70 Days to 225 Days

The Fala Speech

PolitFact: "Promise Kept" for Obama's removal of combat brigades from Iraq.

After reports of harassment, BP removes logos from vehicles in southwest Colorado

US says Israel, Palestinians to resume peace talks

Moving on to Phase II of the mosque-oversy

Analysts See $1.3 Trillion Deficit

Analysts See $1.3 Trillion Deficit

If Bush tax cuts allowed to expire, deficit would fall to 4.2% of GDP in 2012--down from 7% for 2011

Obama raised $57 million for the Democratic Party this year alone

Carnahan bucks party to support extension of Bush’s tax cuts. Read more:

Plant growth declines as warming causes drought

Escaped Arizona prison inmate, fiancee captured

Escaped Arizona prison inmate, fiancee captured

US official denies 'threat' over loan and Bhopal leak

Some Construction Workers Refuse To Build Mosque

(UK) University place shortage 'hitting 150,000 students'

Bush praises troops as they leave Iraq

On Midterm Stump, Clinton Is Defender in Chief

DSCC reserves airtime for KY and MO for October

DSCC reserves airtime for KY and MO for October

WikiLeaks strikes at DoD on Twitter ('incompetent authority')(updated to incl New Docs)

(Central) Valley jobless rate inches higher (16.2%)

Obama seeks reimprisonment for Lockerbie bomber

No Consensus on Future of Housing Finance

Karzai pledges non-interference in anti-corruption units

Did anyone see the GOP political 'strategist/fundraiser' on Dylan Ratigan?

The Republcian Hate Agenda

I am so damn sick of...

(60) California interfaith leaders to back ground zero Islamic center

"We are in the fight of a lifetime"

Robert Reich: Why The Unfolding Disaster in Pakistan Should Concern You

Obama Campaign Promise Kept: Last of the combat troops leave Iraq

Rush of Floodwaters (700,000 cubic feet per second) Threatens Southern Pakistan

Since so many apparently missed the news: NYC panel clears way for mosque near ground zero

Reanimated ‘Junk’ DNA Is Found to Cause Disease

Presidential Decisions

Poll: Majority wants tax cuts eliminated for wealthy, extended for others

We have reached a whole new level of absurdity.

Let me get this straight. The GOP plan for ending our economic plight is to keep tax cuts for rich.

Bank Closing Information - August 20, 2010 Three so far.

Eff it President Obama should call their bluff.

Live now - Biden: On November 3rd, we'll have both majorities in congress

Can't Republicans be prosecuted under the Federal Civil Rights Law, 18 U.S.C. § 245(b)(2), "Mosque"

Eugene Robinson: President Obama's winning streak

Washington, We Have a Problem

BP Settlements Likely to Shield Top Defendants (similar to 9/11 victims compensation fund)

Giving Obama credit where credit is due

Biden to Dems: GOP offers more of the past, but 'on steroids'

Drug addicts who refuse treatment face losing benefits

Hundreds of millions in Katrina funds remain unspent

President Obama making progress. Yes. He. Can.

Scottish piper who led troops on D-Day dies

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday August 20

Mosque-gate is the greatest threat to Obama since Wright-gate.

Celebrated Russian seed bank fights for its land

The Iraq war should be COMPLETELY over.

A Not So Random Act of Kindness for a Birther.

Here's my question:

Martha Coakley calls for crackdown on Craigslist

Rev. Franklin Graham: President Obama 'born a Muslim'

Insider Advantage--Georgia Gov: Deal 45% Barnes 41%

Barack Obama Campaign Promise No. 126

Far right media is out of control.

Kerry's trip to Afghanistan and Pakistan - some articles on its conclusion

Poll--LA Senate: Diaper Dave under 50%

CNN: Among opposition to health care law, 13 percent say it's not liberal enough (updated)

Malware implicated in fatal Spanair plane crash

Pastors who pray with Obama say he's a devout Christian

Bush thinks that history will be kind to him

How brain dead are Obama's and DNC's communications teams?

Leaders fear for Netherlands image as anti-Islam populist turns kingmaker (Wilders joins NY protest)

Religious Group Under Fire For E-Mail

Egg Recall Is Expanded Again (Friday - August 20)

Angle campaigned against black football jerseys (they're evil)

They won't build it Hardhats vow not to work on controversial mosque near Ground Zero

Manufactured Outrage

Ras Poll: Rhode Island Gov: Democrat leads (this would be a dem pick up)

In U.S., Slim Majority Says Iraq War Will Be Judged a Failure

Franken tells FCC: Without ‘Net Neutrality’, a ‘handful’ of corporations will control the Web

Franklin Graham: 'President's Problem Is That He Was Born A Muslim' (He 'Carries The Seed Of Islam')

Report: Wyclef Jean will not be allowed to run for president of Haiti Read more: http://www.miamihe

Hey Newt and Sarah - 10,000 people are killed by guns each year in US-I bet lots of their survivors

Social Security Cuts Weighed by Panel


What's your sign?

India asks the US to amend Border security bill

Rachel Maddow: VoteVets Jon Soltz - "Costs of War Don't End When Troops Come Home"

Nita Hanson: Caller Attacked by Dr. Laura


AP: Scientists - Study Charts 22-Mile Gulf Oil Plume ('Not Created Naturally')

Mike Malloy - Glenn Beck: Anatomy Of A Demagogue Loser

Larry King: Pat Tillman's Parents & 'The Tillman Story' - "I Know They Were Lying" (w/ Clip)

Confusion over Obama's religion

Ed Show: Cenk Grills DCCC Chair On Social Security

Extreme by NRSC - dripping with fear, loathing, and co-operative pollsters

Rep. Jerry Nadler from lower Manhattan debunks right-wing opposition to Community Center

Franken: We Face a 'Frightening Choice' on Internet

I Fought For You By The Sound Tank

DNC TV Ad: Big Choices

The NY Post's (unofficial) response to the New York Times Weekender commercial

NOAA forced to admit that 75% of oil still in Gulf... while testifying before congress

Carried The Water- Robin Carnahan Campaign Ad


Ed Show: Cenk Slams Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck & Co For Obama Muslim BS

Midweek Politics: Dr Laura won't quit...she'll likely be back with a black co-host, Imus style

Don't Tell Me Words Don't Matter--Obama's BEST speech YET!

Iraqis react to US troop withdrawal

Troo Amerikun Patryots

Robert Egger of DC Central Kitchen Responds to Rush Limbaugh's Comments About Non-Profits

CNN Coverage Of The Day The Illegal Iraq War Began - March 20, 2003 (Around 9:35 A.M. Eastern Time)

Ron Johnson Blames Sunspots for Climate Change - Really

Franklin Graham: President Obama's Problem Is That He Was Born a Muslim

Hillary Clinton's VERY Powerful UN Speech About The Humanitarian Disaster Unfolding In Pakistan

The Flooding In Pakistan Is “One Of The Greatest Tests Of Global Solidarity In Our Times”

Olbermann Tells Dean on His Cordoba House Stance "I Think You're Gravely Mistaken"

NBC Reporter Questions President Zadari, John Kerry Visits Pakistan (Includes Heartbreaking Scenes)

Media: Maybe Obama Should Go To Church More

The Second American Revolution, Part 2 - the Vote..

Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton Announces "Relief Fund For Pakistan" (With Transcript & Links)

Papantonio: Alan Grayson is Pissed Off!

Weird Liberal Head Show #137: I Declare War

Cenk Uygur: The Seed of Islam?

TYT: The Ed Show: Cenk w/ Grayson brings some reality to the Mosque issue

HEAL YOU (She will) We need some healing in these times!

Iowa Day of Action!! August 19 2010, part 1

Hey, Howard Dean, HERE’S HOW You Negotiate With The Right

What Obama Should Have Said About Mosque

Why Oracle was right to sue Google

AlterNet: Cloned Meat May Already Have Invaded Our Food Supply, Posing Alarming Health Risks

Robert Fisk: US troops say goodbye to Iraq

300 back at Ft. Bliss after advising Iraqi forces

FDA slaps Broomfield stem-cell clinic with injunction, halting pain treatment

AFL-CIO: Stronger Financial Reform Would Have Saved Jobs

Tillman story bolsters fight for truth -- everywhere

Can We Turn Over America's Space Program to a “Space Cadet”?

Wonkette: Sarah Palin Hates America

Will Sarah Palin Ruin The Religious Right's African-American Outreach

History Does Not Lie - Unless It Is Being Invented by Republicans.

FCC Commissioners Support Open Internet

Franklin Graham: 'President's Problem Is That He Was Born A Muslim' (VIDEO)

Southern California is overdue for 'The Big One,' study finds LA Times

Part Tinker Bell, Part Predator Drone: The Fantasy of the Presidency as Deus ex Machina

Roger Ebert's Journal- Ten things I know about the mosque

The smart way to fix Medicare: Healthcare reform

President Obamas Winning Streak

In Tierra del Fuego, Darwin still rocks by Pepe Escobar

Young Lawyers Turn to Public Service.

What To Kill a Mockingbird Means to Me by Morris Dees

Bush Tax Cuts: Less Than One-Third Support Extending Reduced Rates (POLL)

Sidelined (P Harvin) because he can't use the medicine that works!

ODAC Newsletter - Aug 20

Peak oil notes - Aug 19

Drumbeat: August 20, 2010

Oilwatch Monthly August 2010

Late-summer heat wave breaks 84-year-old record in Fairbanks

Climate sceptics mislead the public over hacked emails inquiry

Rising temperatures reducing ability of plants to absorb carbon

Solar energy too pricey? Maybe you could rent

Oil Plume Is Not Breaking Down Fast, Study Says

Global Plant Growth Once Thought To Thrive In Warmer World Shows 10-Year Decline Due To Drought

Highest-Resolution Imaging Ever Shows Mangrove Forest Extent 12% Smaller Than Thought - Mongabay

Lion Populations In Ugandan Parks Down 40% In Ten Years - Mongabay

Dep. NSA On Bhopal: "We Want To Avoid . . Put(ting) Chilling Effect On Our Investment Relationship

India cabinet approves nuclear liability bill

Biochar Could Put Huge Global Dent in Greenhouse Gases

After Outcry, Oil Data Inches Into the Open (Science)

Coal: The cheap, dirty and direct route to irreversible climate change

Extreme Weather Unlikely To Change Anything At Climate Talks This Year Or Next - Reuters

Five Years Ago Yesterday, What Became Katrina First Took Shape N. Of Puerto Rico

Scientists - Greenland Ice Sheet Irreversibly Lost W. 2C Increase - May Tip W/I 10 Years

Math Lessons for Locavores

Saving Japan's Nuclear Reactor Industry (from Japan Inc. Magazine)

Serbia, Greece Brawl in Pre-Worlds 'Friendly' in Athens (with video)

So who won, Pitt or trumad?

Andy Pettitte key to Clemens case

Ok, Pac 10 fans and other also...

No. 1-ranked Serena Williams pulls out of US Open

Marlins catcher Ronny Paulino suspended 50 games

Wow... Favre is going to start against the 49ers Sunday

Cheers to this Phillies fan!

Can anyone recommend a good, inexpensive running shoe

X-post - Wyclef Jean will not be allowed to run for president of Haiti

Villagers flee into Choco jungle to escape warring gangs .(both sides paramilitary narcotraffickers)

Fidel's "La Victoria Estrategica" will be published tomorrow on (edit)

Guerrillas' child testifies against kidnapper

Mexico: police arrested in mayor's murder

Hopped-Up Modern Salsa From Havana - concerts at Yoshi's SF this weekend

Far behind, opposition presidential candidate links himself to popular Brazilian president

Jesse Helms' Night in Havana

Armed woman shoots at a home invader in self defense

2 Shot Hours After Anti-Violence Rally

Mike Konopacki cartoon: 99ers

Gary Huck cartoon: In Memory (the miners of Upper Big Branch)

Massey failed to report accidents at doomed West Virginia mine

WGBH asking for cuts as contract talks with largest union begin

Jimmy Reid funeral: Scotland's leading figures mourn

Disneyland Employee Sent Home for Wearing Hijab

Shifting attitudes take gay rights fight across globe, experts say

Same-sex marriage is not about religion

Settlement in Lawsuit on Behalf of Lesbian Homeowners: Fannie Mae Mortgage Policies Change

NOM Loses Again In Maine (to keep names secret)

Accused attackers of KY lesbian acquitted

Here's a funny one...Arch Homophobe Matt Barber Follows "Shemalevideos" On Twitter?

Tropicana Dealers Ratify Historic Contract

Hotel Workers Tell Bank: “We Saved Your Jobs, Now You Save Ours”

The Cordoba House mosque is like gay marriage. This is why I'm rooting for it

Olson & Boies May Ask Court To Force Protect Marriage To Pay Their Fees

Blue railing!

U.S.: Direct peace talks to being on September 2 in Washington

'I would gladly kill Arabs - even slaughter them' ~Haaretz

New Book Assembles Eyewitness Accounts from Mavi Marmara

Police: Soldiers looted flotilla ships

Is there a quid pro quo on Israel and Iran?

J'lem train company asks passengers: 'Do you mind traveling with Arabs?'

The 2010 Perseids over the VLT

Tiger Moths Scare Bats With Ultrasonic Clicks

Galactic Volcano Erupts in M87

California overdue for huge earthquake

Reanimated ‘Junk’ DNA Is Found to Cause Disease

Titanic Is Falling Apart

This Summer’s Sexiest Images From Saturn

Let's talk about religious bigotry

I do not consider the Evangelical Christians as Protestants

The real "Truth about Religion" - 3 part video series you should see if you haven't already...

Is nothing sacred?

Parents sacrifice 4-yr-old girl to become rich

Atheist group investigated for possible violation of tax-exempt status

How cool is this?!

Lighter fare: Natural deodorants that work, pt. 2--the freshening.

Mercury goes retrograde today (August 20th) and goes direct again on September 12th

Dreams Make You Smarter, More Creative, Studies Suggest

Good Sources of Vitamin D

DPRK develops vaccine to prevent cancer relapse, metastasis