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Archives: August 12, 2010

Silence on the crisis in Pakistan?

It's at our expense...

Yesterday, two things happened

Senate passes Feingold-Collins Resolution for Genocide Prevention

"As it was for most of this country's history, so it can be again" (per Countdown)

Silence on the crisis in Pakistan?

Lame blame

So the NBC/Wall Street Poll shows that

California Sees Incomes Decline For First Time Since World War II

Peru's Amazonian Indians to launch political party

Damn you Gibbs!

What will it mean when I leave this country for Canada?

When the cops came in a little kid was pointing at the window

Health Insurance Company Hell

Please STOP with the gibbs business. The whining has to stop!

The latest job numbers are out -- and they're not good.

Clark Newhall: Medicare for all will put me out of business!! Please do it!!

Here's an Employment Paradox for you

STUPID stupid stupid huff po

New Poll Numbers! Public hates both parties People are "mad as hell"

American Family Association Calls For Ban On Building ANY Mosques In America

I wish I had an employee/flunky who would take a hit like that for me. Oops forgot to say GIBBS!1 n

Iraq Veterans Against the War Calls for Prosecution of Bush Administration Officials for War Crimes

Alan Grayson: It's Who We Are

ACLU takes on two (wealthy) Detroit suburbs over medical marijuana ordinances

Ah memories, of the physical readiness test

$220,000 settlement to woman whose non-cancerous breasts were removed

Gibbs is an asscarrot! ...and it's not even Friday yet.

Rachel is must see tonight

Global warming, war, shitcanned economy, ratfucking, teabaggers, and the topic of the week is

Rachel: one way to energize your base is fear.

Is ANYONE else planning to show up at Glenn Beck's ironically named "Restoring Honor"

More Oil Washes Up In Gulf Shores

Jonathan Hopkins = Stud (latest DADT victim)

borrowers forcing lenders to accept 10 cents on the dollar

Insider Speaks Out On 'Professional Left' Rift

Another movie headed for the trashbin of history

Texas Sues BP…But Not over Oil Spill

Iraqi Army Chief: We Need US Military Until 2020

Banker at center of Rep. Maxine Waters case had lavish lifestyle, arrests on drug/sex assault charge

Which Ticket Would You Vote For?

Is the whole Financialized economy based on deception and fraud? .... Now the life insurers.....

GOP resurrects ugly piece of history

Crack sentence reform is still burdened by racism

Why Obama Is Still the Favorite in 2012

Only a 0.54% chance of GOP takeover

Breakthrough in Hydrogen Generation Technology From Water

Jon Stewart is skewering ReTHUGS

AC360 is starting off with the anchor baby/terrorist BS on CNN

How should I react to your third-party vote, and why?

Agony, Thy name is chiggers.

could Obama be playing chess with US?

what is the difference between Kagan/Sotomayor and Breyer/Ginsburg?

You're mad at Obama, right?

Dems savor Colorado win

Dems savor Colorado win

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

From the "This will not end well" file...

Wow, God is really punishing California for legalizing same-sex marriage

Wow, God is really punishing California for legalizing same-sex marriage

Anderson Cooper has done a good job destroying this

Political Top Chef special guest (Spoiler)

Please sign the Petition to free the mother of 3, Dr. Aafia Siddiqui. Kidnapped, & imprisoned by US

Please sign the Petition to free the mother of 3, Dr. Aafia Siddiqui. Kidnapped, & imprisoned by US

Breaking: Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association is bigoted human garbage.

Justin Coussoule...who is this guy?...Runing against John Boehner

I gained a little insight into rightwing nativism today.

Dean Baker: The media want us to beat up school teachers and firefighters not Wall Street tycoons

Black farmers ask why some get aid and they wait

Please HAZE me, bro...Woman at center of Rand Paul's Aqua Buddha stunt "wasn't forced"

Tomorrow between 9 and 12 pacific (12 and 3 eastern) Walker will announce his decision on a stay

Tomorrow between 9 and 12 pacific (12 and 3 eastern) Walker will announce his decision on a stay

Administration Sends Fifth Bill to BP

The image at the top of the page ...

Tom Tomorrow

What is a decent living wage, in your opinion?

from cnn.. One of about every 12 babies born in the U.S. in 2008 was the offspring of unauthorized

I support the WTC Mosque

This Net Neutrality thing has me really worried

Police "outgunned"?...not if they are buying their stuff from this site!

"occupation" of Idaho..

Ben (son of Dan) Quayle's new ad: Obama worst president in history

Anne Rice on her leaving the Christian *faith* - coming up on Nightline

Britain: Health inequalities widest since records began in 1921

Chris Rodda: No, Mr. Beck, That Wasn't 'Some Professor' - That Was Me

Procter & Gamble asked to change bare-bottom bear ads

LOL. "Melon Michaelangelo's" This you gotta see.

What Righthaven is doing is a complete violation of the DMCA takedown rules, and should be dismissed

Of Lightning and Lightening

Third World America

Third World America

Far-right party emerges as power broker behind new Netherlands government


"K Street lobbyists don't cause corporate favoring legislation. . . "

Gay Rights Supporter Punched in Stomach at an Anti Gay Rally

New Blood, Old Blood: Who Left and Who Stayed in New Orleans

New Blood, Old Blood: Who Left and Who Stayed in New Orleans

Michigan: stimulus funds pledged to community colleges go to for-profit institutions

Rand Paul forced me to spay and neuter puppies

"Banks are borrowing from the gov't for free, then lending to another arm of gov't at interest"

Pearl River Mayor James Lavigne invokes the KKK to attack a resident of his district

oops a dupe

"The only explanation can be the link to climate change" (Monsoon season in Pakistan)

Military: Kandahar ops to last through fall

DoD schools have a 78% failure rate

I think a trillion dollars a year on the 'defense' budget is a low ball number

Extremist Media Steps Up Attacks on Workers, Unions

So Harry Reid is making immigration about RACE?

NYT: Debts Rise, and Go Unpaid, as Bust Erodes Home Equity

NYT: Debts Rise, and Go Unpaid, as Bust Erodes Home Equity

VA care for women too restrictive, group says

Colombia, Venezuela to reconcile against stealthy infiltration

Sent to arrest the cursing flight attendant: 100s of officers, helicopter, swat team

Situation Room Scaremongering: CNN's Social Security crisis

Sent to arrest the cursing flight attendant: 100s of officers, helicopter, swat team

Welcome to the Horrible Future

America discards 40% of the food it makes, while a billion in the world go hungry.

Felons get to keep Morgan Stanley bonuses

Blackwater guards indicted for (Afghan) murder

Robert Gibbs Should ALREADY HAVE BEEN FIRED. Here's why:

Serial Denial and the Permanent War System

U.S. big guns resound through Afghanistan's Pech River Valley

Best comments yet about the "damage being done to the social fabric of this nation".

With Arab Opinion Like This, Obama Needs Media Advice

Motivational posters for Republicans

G-D help us, the Republican plan revealed!

Bobby Jindal and Pete Domenici wouldn't be citizens under the Rethugs 14th amendment plan

Citizens United Frees Corporations to Spend on Elections, But Increases Scrutiny

Are the Afghanistan and Iraq occupations worse than Vietnam?

Californians' income sees 1st decline since WWII

Robert Reich: America's Biggest Jobs Program -- the U.S. Military

Australia: Labor pledges new assault on the jobless and welfare recipients

Fear driven politics.

I am an Atheist and about these Mosques.......

Rachel shows why having openly gay people in places of power matters

Barack Obama hearts Grover Norquist, not Jane Hamsher.

The fate of mass transit in an age of deficit hysteria

Parents, students dig deeper to pay for college

Former President Clinton asks supporters to make his birthday wish come true

Are Republicans becoming a regional party?

Foreclosure Activity Up 4% In July To 325,299

Foreclosure Activity Up 4% In July To 325,299

George Michael faces drug charges

Gibb's statement might be the opening salvo in the Obama Admin taking out SS & other programs

Gibb's statement might be the opening salvo in the Obama Admin taking out SS & other programs

Gibb's statement might be the opening salvo in the Obama Admin taking out SS & other programs

A Fictitious Journey Inside the Mind of Rush Limbaugh’s Wedding Photographer

The cleverest wealth transfer yet...

Glenn Greenwald - How propagandists function: Exhibit A

Jackie Evancho can sing

Residents Who Live Near Public Transportation Live Healthier, Longer Lives, Study Finds

Just another Canadian really CHEESED OFF!! about his health care

Please help me reply to Gov Cornyn's column in my paper RE: taxes

Poligraft: See the Corruption Behind the News

Judge to rule on stay Thursday in Prop. 8 case

Ground zero mosque from a truly Christian and American point of view

Situation update #1 on Penn. nuke plant event (long)

Texas state Rep. Riddle's 'terrorist baby' plot questioned on CNN

In other news, Mosque a few blocks from ground zero

9 Signs That Your Town, State, or Country Is Broke

What a sad statement this is.


President Obama has famously distanced himself from friends and insiders who cast him in a bad light

Activist Judges by Mark Fiore

Similarities in Robert Gibbs, Helen Thomas, General McChrystal train wrecks.

If you want to watch the DADT part of Rachel's show last night

War of Words between Jet Blue flight attendant and passengers

South Carolina has a nuke plant event

Where's the scofflaw who refused to obey the directions of the flight attendant?

Where's the scofflaw who refused to obey the directions of the flight attendant?

Newspaper Blocked From Publishing Photo of Murder Suspect

So...has Dick Cheney found a new heart yet, or is he still in cold storage?

Drug-resistant 'superbug' found in hospitals in London and Nottingham

Who's more evil - Dick Cheney or Grover Norquist?

Another "unexpected" rise in unemployment claims

Viva Las Vegas

What exactly would Gibbs be fired for? Accurately presenting the President's views?

Robert Reich: Only US Jobs Program is US Military & Obama Asked Congress to Hike Defense Spending

In 2008, we the people gave Obama a dollar

Why are white people so scared?

PIC: Robert Gibbs new job: Fox News

China has a coal plant event (17 killed)

Righthaven sues casual blogger because of LVRJ story posted by a commenter

Stealing a Nation (documentary)

DADT will be repealed soon - yes or no?

Iran TV airs 'confession' from woman facing stoning

What's the deal with Obama and Social Security?

I realize that I should have cooled off by now.... (Gibbs insult)

while we're all in kind of a funky mood-can you go to one of my local papers?


"We have no desire to make anybody look like a blithering idiot, but we do love it when they do."

Emanuel and Gibbs

Couric/Lauer make more than Brian Williams; Keith = ShepSmith. Dave

Flim-Flam Ryan: Butterscotch sundaes for the rich, broccoli for the poor

Pothead in denial, Rand, people like you are the reason

Why vote for an Administration that ridicules you?

Have the dems ever ginned up a controversy from nothing?

Thursday TOON Roundup part 2

Make no mistake! This is the Obama Administration's opening salvo in a war on Liberal Democrats

Y'know, Kucinich is kind of naieve...

Protest against SB1070 outside MLB meeting leads to five arrests (no All-Star game in AZ)

School trashing good furniture in budget crunch

School trashing good furniture in budget crunch

Call the waahmbulance: McVeigh pal, Terry Nichols, continues to make demands for special treatment

Judge denies man's petition to change name to Boomer the Dog

Thursday TOON Roundup part 3

Thursday TOON Roundup part 4

Gibbs Message, Boiled Down:

Project Gutenberg on quest to digitize 1 billion books

Wasserman Schultz Eyes Leadership Ladder

Kind of funny that the Obama people classify their base as needing to be drug tested

We're doing it wrong.

NOAA Opens Waters Off Florida to Fin Fishing

Tea Party Tax Return from "Toothpaste for Dinner"

John McCain has bent with the wind in his Arizona primary. Will he snap upright again?

ok , for the love of JESUS CHRIST Saviour of mankind

so much for profilers - Suspected serial killer arrested as attempts to leave for Israel..

Thursday TOON Roundup part 5

Resource link project: Anyone want to help?

Grayson/Weiner 2012

Krugman takes issue with the TImes' kid-glove treatment of Flim-Flam Ryan

Florida AG proposed tougher curbs against illegals

Arizona immigration law protesters arrested at major league baseball owners meeting

Is this a new bumpersticker....

Americans More Unhappy With Republicans Than Democrats

(Graphic) Opinion on Same Sex Marriage in Dramatic Shift Since 1988

(Graphic) Opinion on Same Sex Marriage in Dramatic Shift Since 1988

A testament to medical inflation

Decomposed body ID'd as missing Malibu Woman..

is the united states too diverse in its political ideas to function?

Maddow: "If DADT is going to end, the President could stop enforcement of that policy. Why isn't he?

Last night we watched a movie that caused us to think wistfully of might have been and might yet be.

Iraq's Army Chief of Staff says U.S. troops must stay until 2020!

Israeli identified as man held in stabbings probe

Most High Earners Wouldn't See Big Bill From Tax Rise

Heatwave may rekindle Chernobyl's curse

Grayson troubles me on the Google/Verison Deal

We must not allow churches to be built within a 10 block radius of schools

We must not allow churches to be built within a 10 block radius of schools

The Coming Military Offensive Against the July 2011 Timetable

New company allows college students to place bets on their grades

Va. seeks U.S. OK for troopers in immigration cases

Va. seeks U.S. OK for troopers in immigration cases

Jobs picture dims as unemployment claims rise

Look who's proposing Constitutional amendments.

I think that Obama has tolerated some pretty inartful comments himself.

Send in the clones. . . . Please come CAPTION the barf brigade!!!

Pat Tillman's Father To Army Investigator: 'F--- You... And Yours

Nation's smallest national park unveiled in Somerville, Mass. Features Mummified Squirrel

On The Fence - DU's Greatest List of All

Fox News first to report Same-Sex Marriage

(EDIT: Judge Walke lifts stay on gay marriage effective Aug 18). Please allow me to congratulate

(EDIT: Judge Walke lifts stay on gay marriage effective Aug 18). Please allow me to congratulate

(EDIT: Judge Walke lifts stay on gay marriage effective Aug 18). Please allow me to congratulate

(EDIT: Judge Walke lifts stay on gay marriage effective Aug 18). Please allow me to congratulate

(EDIT: Judge Walke lifts stay on gay marriage effective Aug 18). Please allow me to congratulate

Bubye Gibbs issue - thankfully we'll have weddings in

Who will be GOP Public Enemy #1 in 2012? Ron Paul.

Guardian UK: Markets dive as depression fears grow

Huckabee on changing the Constitution

Vatican Rejects Resignations Of 2 Dublin Bishops Involved in Child Sex-Abuse Coverup

Judge lifts the stay! Same-sex marriages can resume on August 18th CNN reports!

Sheriff Joe in the news - grand jury documents open in his investigations

Jon Stewart on Bush Tax Cuts: "The deficit wants to ********* your mother" (VIDEO)

Top Detroit cop had affair with current girlfriend of fired police chief

Has Kucinich Made A Statement On gibbs' comment?

Don't let Gibbs distract from the danger on the right, please

Sorry, please delete.

Greenpeace Launches Three-Month Ship Expedition to Investigate Oil Disaster Impacts to Gulf

30,000 show up for section 8 housing applications in small Georgia city

What Robert Gibbs said

The Far-Right's Anti-Mosque Mania Spreads from Ground Zero to Across the U.S.,

If I were Obama

Breaking: MSNBC reports stay is in effect until August 18th. Then Marriages will resume

Proper way to cite the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Use the following form exactly:

My Gay Brothers and Sisters out there...I have an important announcement....

I think I'll skip this restaurant

**Live Stream outside San Francisco Courthouse**

. . . . "Confederate flags go up."

False memories easily implanted

What happened to my Dad??

A mostly correct rule of life in general:

Here's what the Gibbs controversy kept off the main page here.

F*ck Tea

That sure was a bad idea to bail out GM, wasn't it?

Is the enthusiasm gap being blown out of proportion?

Is anyone challenging FL's Amendment 2 using Perry v. Schwarzenegger as precedence???

Fox "News" home page screenshot...I agree, a guy who smiles and hugs this much shouldn't be blamed

Vatican still shoveling manure on Irish-Catholic child sex abuse scandal.

SOS Clinton Asks Text "SWAT" to 50555 - $10.00 Pakistan

Same-Sex Couples Lining Up at (San Francisco) City Hall Awaiting Prop. 8 Ruling

If politics is a game,what might game theory say about democratic politics?

US Stands By 2011 Troop Withdrawal Despite Iraqi Officer's Plea

Khadr trial real-time twitter info

Attention Red State LGBT couples: Start getting married!

I Want My :facepalm: Smiley, Dammit!

Dad sentenced for groping nurse on way to delivery

A legal question regarding the standing issue for the Prop 8 case

NH Legislator resigns after "dead Palin" comment on Facebook

Proof the Turks using chemical weapons against the PKK.

Palin endorses Brian Murphy for MD Governor (R) over former governor Bob Erlich (R).

"I've been to a lot of funerals, and this damn sure isn't a funeral,"

As of August 18, All Existing Marriages are Cancelled!

Working The Truth at the Diner

Link to stay decision on Proposition 8

Dare I suggest...

Conservative Students stopped from singing National Anthem at Lincoln Memorial

I heard an interesting assertion on C-span this morning concerning Lobbying

Calif. nurse on death row dies of natural causes


30,000 show up for Section 8 vouchers in Atlanta, leaving 62 injured.

Colbert Mocks Newt Gingrich's Lack Of Morals (VIDEO)

The Professional Left in action

Karate Lessons Will Beat the Sissy Right Out of Your Son

Hmmm ... Elizabeth Warren seen leaving White House grounds.

Interesting billboards on bible alley.

Florida attorney general proposes immigration legislation

In case anyone else missed it, new liberal talk station in Atlanta

Wow. This is great!

How to Put a Stop to Corporate-Funded Government Before It Gets Totally Out of Hand

Sovereign citizens spin history, reject government

Dan Maes, Republican Nominee for Governor: Bike Sharing == U.N. Control

Ford says it is bringing more jobs back to U.S. plants than it agreed to

facebook argument over extension of unemployment....

Ethanol--proposal for increasing content in gasoline

Diocese offers birth control insurance, but warns employees not to use it...

Suspected serial killer (Mich, OH, VA) arrested in Atlanta trying to board flight to Tel Aviv

Chrysler invests $27 million into Etobicoke plant

The Slow, Whining Death of British Christianity

Facebook falsehoods Tom White (D-Ne) on Lee Terry (R-Ne)

Someone today suggested we make a Professional Left logo. Here is my entry

The Lie About Liberal Hollywood

Freeper meltdown re: Prop 8 stay decision

BP Ties Compensation Fund to Its Continued Profitable Drilling in the Gulf

Wow.....The Nazi ambitions come streaming out

WA-Sen: "She ought to be shot." - Woman at Rossi Rally on Patty Murray

f*ck this *sshole

British press: Bayou boaters have gone from Bubba Gumps to 'Spillionaires'

Name Names

Hitchens: 'We're all dying, with me it's accelerated'

Breaking News - Jurors deadlocked on 22 counts

The legal argument against gays and lesbians getting married

(Link addedPriceless Plant Collection in Peril (TAKE E ACTION: SAVE THE SEED BANK FROM DESTRUCTION!)

Hey !!! - I Got An E-Mail From The President Of The United States !!!

Some job-screening tactics challenged as illegal

For book-lovers & especially librarians


Armey’s FreedomWorks called the Tea Party “a hostile takeover of the Republican Party”

Another technical question about the prop 8 case

Stop Tax Dollars From Paying for Forced Labor! (Tennessee)

Um... Why Don't We Do For Small Business Loans, What We Did For Student Loans ???

Cenk weighs in

Cenk weighs in

Ignoring the Obvious

Sneaky Dems have Lame Duck Agenda???

Free Speech TV & Co-Founder Jon Stout to Receive 2010 Professional Freedom & Responsibility Award

To change to peso or not - that is the question.

Free Trade deals are killing our economy,

what would you ask a teabagger candidate for the record/

Math ends debate over President Obama vacations

The Rude Pundit: Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Slap His Forehead and Down a Vicodin

cat lovers-1 oz HEIRLOOM CATNIP

Please help us fight this Teabagging Talibornagain bigot.

I loved Kucinich, but I didn't vote for him.

Israeli identified as man held in stabbings probe

Danziger Toon: Wake Up, Morans!

Imagine a world where there is a huge muslim middle class in

Thursday TOON Roundup part 1

The Dodd v. Warren Soap Opera... 'Chris Dodd, Top Democrat, Fights Against Elizabeth Warren' /HuffPo

The Dodd v. Warren Soap Opera... 'Chris Dodd, Top Democrat, Fights Against Elizabeth Warren' /HuffPo

I have given this whole 'Professional Left' thing a little thought

Here's to all the weddings that will take place on August 18th

Official Opinion Received in DC, Direct from WaPo: Gibbs is a 'truth-teller'

my LTTE printed today re:disregard for troops/suicide,and the willingness to blame


After 23 months and some odd days, I finally have a job again.

My Letter to my Congressman regarding Robert Gibbs

Bob Cavnar: "the well is not dead or 'static'" and pressure is building on the wellhead

"I welcome their hatred." -Franklin Delano Roosevelt

A simple "professional left" test:


The Professional Left---Let's name names.

Whats your opinion of Chuck Todd?

Posts by Ben Quayle (as Brock Landers) on

Thank you SO much to who ever gave me my star!

(Update!) Tell Fox: Union Members ARE Rocket Scientists

Krugman calls Gibbs "stupid" - twice.

I am so mad that we went into 2009 with SO MUCH momentum behind us and then wasted it!

Ohio Bans Use of Public Funds for Offshore Outsourcing

Dear President Obama,

Desperate In Atlanta (And How Many Other Places?)

Article: Post-Anti-Americanism in Europe

Jeremy Scahill: Kucinich Makes a Serious Push to Ban Govt. Assassinations of US Citizens

Seniors still have no idea about what the new health care law gives them.

We've just got to have Obama II.... a second term

Republicans love the constitution, hate the constitution, love babies, hate babies.

Is there enough time to get the Democratic Base and Mainstream Democrats Engaged for the Mid-Terms?

Is there enough time to get the Democratic Base and Mainstream Democrats Engaged for the Mid-Terms?

Last Graspland

Nikki Haley is an IDIOT!

Nouriel Roubini: U.S. financial "reform" law is "not sufficient to stop the next financial crisis"

You guys and your "trickle down" heat waves.

Exclusive: Ground Zero Mosque Goes Green

Dan Quayle's kid is also stupid.

Jon Stewart: Boehner's Stance On The Economy Is 'Profoundly Retarded' (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck does not oppose gay marriage

The professional left changed millions of lives

Wow, former head of Carlyle group

Anyone know this answer? How much more would an iPad cost if built in the USA?

Anyone know this answer? How much more would an iPad cost if built in the USA?

Dear President Obama....

DU Member Never Cry Wolf has passed away

Will a depression ever be declared by the administration ?

Harry Reid ad: Over the line

Should Robert Gibbs Be Fired, Resign, Keep His Job?

If I hear one more time that the "Corporate Tax Rate" in the US is 35%, I think I might just lose it

The real Professional Left -people who have made social justice their life's work

So why isn't Obama stopping the loss of LGBT members of the military?

I think we should have a fund drive to fight those RJ Fuckers.

Massive fish kills in Gulf as government opens areas to fishing---Obama admin. appears incompetent

If you really want to punish Gibbs, here's what you do...

Is Obama a Professional Liberal?

Is Obama a Professional Liberal?

Spectacular Meteor Shower and Rare Planet Alignment Coincide

A letter to the Catfood Commission--and the response

Man punches out dad of autistic kid who was being 'noisy' in Olive Garden

BREAKING Prop 8: Walker says no stay on gay marriage

Tillman Father to Army So-Called Investigator: "F**k You and Yours"

As I slowly and seductively removed my sexy outfit - Ben Quayle

The spin that Gibbs' comments were aimed at a small group of liberal elites

WSJ/NBC Poll: Voter Opinion of Republican Party Falls to All-Time Low

The HCO for which I work wants employee suggestions on how to lower costs

Boy, 4, kills himself with dad's gun

Righthaven sues Democratic Underground website over R-J posting

Gibbs' defenders' favorite strawman

Is Political Conservatism a Mild Form of Insanity? - Article in Psychology Today Magazine

Obama mortgages the Gulf of Mexico to BP

Oh hell yes - my Brothers and Sister - oh hell YES!!!

Oh hell yes - my Brothers and Sister - oh hell YES!!!

President Obama: "Please Commit to Vote in 2010"

Firefighter cited after confronting man who didn’t remove hat during national anthem

Mosque near Ground Zero being developed as planned

If Lt Col Fehrenbach is fired this week or early next both he and we were lied to

Why doesn't Congress come up with a Small Business Creation

Prop. 8 appellants don't even have standing to appeal, judge writes

Time Reporter Who Wrote Horrifying Afghan War Cover Story-"Benefited Materially From The Invastion"

The Bad Old Days

I'm trying to understand to thought process that drives this WH

ACTION ALERT: Support Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach & LGBT service members!

Jesu, Ed, no president can create jobs. The business community needs to invest.

President Barack Obama has lost the most trusted man in the Hispanic media.

USF says government tried to squelch their oil plume findings

For those of you who are silly enough to think there are any actual "far leftists" on DU--

Raw Story...US Judge: OK to extract confessions by threatening suspects with rape

UPDATE: General Motors To Invest $500M In Mexico Plant

The Fox News audience is old and it's going to die soon.

The jet blue fight attendent is HIV pos....

Question: I am curious about a remark made by Aravosis in response to the Gibbs public meltdown.

The "professional left" message boiled down

Interesting point I'd never heard before: The Salem Hypothesis

Here's how FAR Left I am.

Dr. Laura's N-Word Rant: Radio Host Apologizes For Offensive Language (AUDIO)

Eleanor Roosevelt was a woodchuck

The toilet has been flushed

20 Worst-Paying College Degrees in 2010

20 Worst-Paying College Degrees in 2010

It is money raising season... and I got the obligatory call

Iraqi army not ready to take over until 2020 ..isn't that special?

Florida's 1st District Appeals Court gets "$48 million 'Taj Mahal"

The internet left fringe needs to get out of their pajamas, realize governing is hard.

How to Prove Your Citizenship after the GOOPers Win

I will vote for Democrats in November

Social Security--very, very popular. I mean REALLY popular.

Al Gore: 'The United States Government as a Whole Has Failed Us' on Global Warming

What is your situation?

Here's a Silver Bullet to Eliminate Illegitimate Corporate Interference Ads (Citizens United)

Dedicated to Gibbs From the Left"They don't really Care About Us"

What? Barbara Boxer polling behind Carly Fiorino in CA?

The raid on food stamps

Are there any driving laws you'd like to see changed?

Paul Krugman: In The Matter Of Robert L. Gibbs

Yeah, but what about the one seems to care! Who can eat at a time like this?

The theory of relativity is a liberal conspiracy?

Has anyone here actually had "pieces left behind"?

Fred Astaire...dancing

VIDEO - Take a look at what this Australian saw when they looked up at their bedroom ceiling...


Why can Apple make such cool stuff, and make such shitty incomprehensible interfaces and software?

Anyone else get emails about Federal grants?

I want this to happen to the RIAA!

Cat parents, a question about 12.5 oz. cans of cat food... how do you keep the food

Is Netflix streaming flaking out for anyone else tonight or is it just me?

Jon Bon Jovi & Luciano Pavarotti - Let It Rain


Would you like to be... in a platypus' beaver... with me?

Here's what I find hysterical about the irate flight attendant story

LOL. "Melon Michaelangelo's" This you gotta see.

Whatever man. Here's something you weren't expecting. Thubs up or thumbs down?

Rand Paul forced me to spay and neuter puppies

"My picker is broken." Meaning one's SO-picker. Aargh, I hate that expression!

Molly's back with more babies!!!! (the owl)

If you're into R&B & Soul, check out Eli "Paperboy" Reed!

Your worst nightmare has come true. Waldo has just finished Philosophy 101...

I don't know about you, but whenever I see little teeny-tiny pricks, they make me giggle and say AWW


What constitutes a sex thread?

The Flying Burrito Brothers - Six Days on the Road

I've decided to clean my house, so I'm reading through my backlog of newspapers

meant to test in preview

Crittercam POV:House cat

Unfortunate entryway to gulf souvenir shop (pic)

don't want to spoil the cache thread

I'm ALWAYS running late. Anyone else? (be back on later)

Yum, yuck or just wtf?

Not that I am an enabler. But...

Safety instructions THAT MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!

feel the magic

Why? Why why why-why-why? Why'd they do it?!?!?!?!?

Did you ever want to change your name when you were a kid? My youngest has

Freedom of Speech (the Adorability Factor)...

Holy Crap! The worlds smallest sculptures.

Heat Index - 2:25pm CST

If American Idol was for actual singers, like Ms. Evancho, and not shitty shitbags, I'd watch it.

my life is officially over in two weeks

my life is officially over in two weeks

This meeting of Chuggo Youth will now come (on, fuckin' guy) to order



Progressive or open internet alternative to Google email

This is for all of you RW SOBs crusing this board

So after months of being unemployed I get a job, and then:

Should I get Droid 2 or Droid X?

Twitter: THE MOVIE

I bought Wells Banana Bread beer tonight, ask me mostly anything

iPhone users have more sex than Android users

unsub. unsub. unsub. unsub. UNSUB. UNSUB! UNSUB!!!!

August 12, 1968:Led Zeppelin's 1st rehersal.

Drat! Another Feral Kitty MIA

But will my great grandson want my iPod?

Ok this is probably dumb, but can someone explain a flat universe to me?

I'm watching James Bond trying to keep a nuclear bomb from going off in an air base.

It is too serious in here, so I will tell my syphilis story.

Does this mean a watermelon can grow in your stomach?

A Day in the Life...

Are you sometimes/often/usually unaware of your surroundings?

I could use some thoughts on a project for work...

Oh crap! I have made HUGH FOE PAS in GD!!

I don't see the resemblance

Help with Electrical Plug Conversion

Just found out this morning that my client sent me a RUBBER CHECK.

Your handwriting

Live from New York...It's Saturday MUFFIN! :D

I just replaced the thingamajig in the whatdoyoucallit on the gizmo that controls my shower.

New Freeperism!

Ever serve on a library board?

How soon is too soon?

This Robert Shaw scene from Jaws about the Indianapolis still gives me chills

Agony, Thy name is chiggers.


the GAY BAR is open! - in honor of the night! congrats and thank you california!

James Cameron talks Avatar 2 and Avatar 3

Anyone know a good way to get the taste of gasoline out of your mouth?

Last Night I Was Jumped From Behind, Robbed, Beaten, Ended Up In The Hospital

The indignities that cats put up with

This is my 10,000th post on DU. Ask me anything!

grand baby 6 weeks trying to crawl.

Great Wall of Chocolate

When would you use these "smilies"?

Favourite 30 rock moments?

The Cache Thread: Needs some lime green trim

As a follow-up to the "suicide thread", I would like to make a separate OP to call attention...

Do you know anyone who has committed suicide?

Is it me, or do these two look remarkably similar?

SF / Bay Area DUers -- time to get together!

So much for the media saying the President is a negative in campaigning for democrats

The Professional Left and Right

Daily Kos: "We Got So Many Things Done So Quick, People Forgot!"

Is this where I can find the Professional Centrists?

Serious question - what is the end game?

I would like to say that I am glad that HCR paid of for someone

GOP-sponsored poll says Zaun leads Boswell

Paul apologizes for Fancy Farm beer flub

Obama To Sign Manufacturing Bill

’99ers Waiting on Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Need to Know Why Businesses Aren’t Hiring

U.S. black farmers ask why some get aid and they wait

China offers tax break to blunt India’s edge in outsourcing

The press doesn’t get Robert Gibbs

Judge orders Wells Fargo to pay $203 million in overdraft fee suit

Fast-fading US recovery now looks even weaker

NYT: G.M. Turnaround Continues With Strong Quarter

Obama’s choice wins in Colo. vote

"If anyone can't see (Bush's) love for our nations troops, they must be dead.."

Dear Penthouse, I’m just a Republican Candidate who went to a well-endowed ..

Obama On His Mind: McCain Still Campaigning Against '08 Rival

'That Kind Of Talk Is Dangerous'

Krugman calls out NYT piece hyping Paul Ryan

Will Palin get the R nomination in 2012 ?

McCain is now officially creeping me out.

Police Official In Reid Ad Slams Angle: She's Promoting 'Armed Resistance' (VIDEO)

Ugandan rebels said to kill 255 in central Africa

Is this really possible this quickly? In La., signs of regrowth seen in oiled marshes

Australia not asked to charge Wikileaks chief Julian Assange

Republicans' tax policy: "If it's for millionaires, it's good." (with chart)

Thank You Rachel Maddow For Being A Part Of....

Afghanistan Money Probe Hits Close to the President (The net is tightening on Karzai)

The South Rises Again - and Skews National Polls

Colombia, Venezuela to reconcile against stealthy infiltration

The Press to Michelle Obama -- Be More Like Laura Bush!

AK-Sen: Teabagger candidate using fake poll numbers?

Jon Stewart on Crossfire. Gibbs on Professional Lefts and Rights.

The First Wave of Weary White House Aides Heads for the Exits

Gulf of Mexico `Dead Zone' Grows as Spill Impact Is Studied

Magnitude 6.9 quake hits Ecuador: USGS

Angle won't attend tea party rally

Robert Gibbs did something else no one has been able to do:

U.N. warns of second wave of Pakistani flood deaths

Here's giving Obama a little credit re: the jobs bill.

Foreclosures Surge As Obama's Approval Rate Drops

One day, Achilles was challenged to a race by a tortoise.

U.S. bailouts benefited foreign firms, report says

Howard Dean and Dennis Kucinich

Man arrested at Atlanta airport in stabbings spree

The coming bloodbath in GOP state parties.

'Game of chicken' coming in Congress over Bush tax cuts

Prop 8 judge will issue ruling regarding a stay of the decision on Thursday morning

Media Matters: MSNBC is not the left's Fox News

Rachel Maddow Challenges Obama On Don't Ask, Don't Tell: 'Stand Up For What Is Right' (VIDEO)

Ezra Klein: The Bush Tax Plan vs. The Obama Tax Plan

Al Gore: 'The United States Government as a Whole Has Failed Us' on Global Warming

GOP stalwart puts money on Brown

Massachusetts: Lewis Enters Open-Seat Race As Independent

From the NBC/WSJ poll, so much for Obama's Katrina

Republicans are now worse than Bush

Iraqi general says planned US troop pull-out 'too soon'

Another Billboard in the Heartland Links President Obama to Hitler

Savannah Guthrie Tweets: Elizabeth Warren just left the White House grounds

What is/are your Goal(s) as a Political Activist and are you achieving it/them?

Who can we blame for job losses?

GOP plan to extend tax cuts for rich adds $36 billion to deficit, panel finds

Yes We Can video- we need to fight the obstructionists

American Indians' civil rights focus of gathering

Prop 8 Judge to Issue Ruling Thursday on Starting Same-Sex Weddings Again

Hayworth suggests McCain would be worse than Obama

GM Posts $1.33B Profit in Sign of Growing Strength

Lugar expects to seek 7th Senate term in 2012

Fed aid extended to jobless homeowners

AFSCME support helps boost Dayton to victory

Normal for Dems to run ads praising Bush?

Elizabeth Warren Spotted At White House

John McCain has bent with the wind in his Arizona primary. Will he snap upright again?

Clicktivism is ruining leftist activism

Minnick(D) to help Vernon Baker's(Medal of Honor) Widow Attend Burial(Arlington)

KY-03: Yarmuth Looks Good

'Ground Zero Mosque' Imam Was A Bush-Era Partner For Mideast Peace

New jobless claims rise to highest level since February

It's Fair To Be Critical, But To Say "There's No Difference Between Obama and Bush"

When the left start taking hits I turn to JFK's "Liberal Definition"

Mitrice Richardson's Remains Found

Kansas GOP Candidate Removes Tweet Attacking Indian-American Challenger As An ‘Evil’ ‘Turban Topper’

Judge orders identities of commenters(bloggers) be revealed

Fidel Castro address to Cuban National Assembly w/Q&A on CSPAN now. (10:05 am)

Tibetan Writer’s Intellectual Journey Leads to Trial

New York's jobless 99ers channel anger in Wall Street protest, demand unemployment extension

Savannah Guthrie tweet re Elizabeth Warren: No decisions imminent, says WH official

Just as I thought, get ready for a cluster Fxxk

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani (Iranian woman facing stoning) 'confesses' to murder on Iran state TV

Rand Paul Not a Kidnapper "In a Legal Sense," Accuser Says

98% of incumbents have won this year. Is the Political Tsunami really just a ripple?

Paul Krugman: Gibbs' "professional left" comments unprofessional, unfair and stupid

Durbin undergoes surgery to remove stomach tumor

Some in the "professional left" mimic the main stream media.

Robert Gibbs appreciation thread: I support Robert Gibbs!

San Francisco: a free market in parking begins

Florida Court Upholds Right Of Pregnant Woman To Determine Medical Care

Officer off Gitmo jury for agreeing with Obama

Is MoveOn sitting out the 2010 election?

The Nation: Afghan Women Have Already Been Abandoned

China examines milk powder 'premature puberty' reports

Why is Newt often called an intellectual?

The ACLU praised the Obama administration for ending Bush's torture policies

Former Rep. Tancredo has no intention of quitting Colo. governor's race

French arrest cyber-crime suspect for U.S.

Politico comes to Gibbs' defense

Howard Dean: "I've said I'm supporting the president in 2012."

US heat wave just preview of future: study

Judge: Calif. gay marriages can resume Aug. 18

WikiLeaks preparing to release more Afghan files

Postdoctoral Researchers in California Ratify Labor Deal

Angle won't attend tea party rally

Dell shareholders reject union proposals

Obama just emailed me - I should "commit to vote in 2010"...BHO,

Kucinich Calls for Party Unity

Buck: Republicans are also to blame for 'mess' in Washington

GM CEO Whitacre says will step down Sept. 1

Many Americans don't want government to push fast Internet (American selfishness marches on)

Many Americans don't want government to push fast Internet (American selfishness marches on)

I'm pissed about socialised medicare in Australia and here's why

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday August 12

Obama Effigy Replaced by Hillary and Bush

US Senate passes $600m Mexico border bill

Two men were trying to get to the top of a cliff.

Man Arrested in Serial Stabbing Case

Tamil migrant ship not boarded: military

US: Firms must spell out workers' benefit rights

Democrats Blast Ben Quayle As The 'Son Of The Worst Vice President EVER'

US broadband plan 'not a priority' finds survey

Wedding Bells To Ring Proposition 8 Stay LIFTED By Judge Vaughn Walker

BP agrees to pay record $50.6m fine for Texas explosion

UK Markets dive as depression fears grow/Trouble Abroad Adds to Worries for U.S. Recovery

Not happy with Obama on the economy? Let's see how other countries are doing:


BP Links Compensation With Continued Oil Production In The Gulf

Dems getting heat from left over food cuts

Ben Quayle admits writing for 'Dirty Scottsdale' Web site

In La., signs of regrowth seen in oiled marshes

Why is there greater demand for Gibbs resignation than for Boehner's defeat?

Serious Question: What are the chances Obama will choose to not seek re-election?

Kerry op-ed on the Republican attacks on the 14th amendment

Glaxo's anti-seizure drug may cause meningitis: FDA

Holy Mackeral! Obama puts Employee Free Choice Act back on the table.

False and fundamentally dishonest framing: "Gibbs meant the 'just like Bush' types."

Alito refers 'birther' attorney Taitz's request to Supreme Court

Rep. Kucinich Won't Challenge Obama in Primary

OBAMA: WARREN is a champion...., she, among others, is a strong contender for this position'

GOP plan to extend tax cuts for rich adds $36 billion to deficit, panel finds

Lesbian cadet quits West Point, cites 'don't ask'

Do my fellow DUers give the Obama administration credit for saving the Auto Industry?

Target back in liberals' cross hairs over political contribution

Gibbs' attack video against Howard Dean

BP May Not Need to Finish Drilling Relief Well, Allen Says

BP May Not Need to Finish Drilling Relief Well, Allen Says

Only a fourth of troops surveyed on gays respond

ACLU chief: "If there has been change in the civil liberties context, I frankly don't see it."

AP Exclusive: Aid workers' last moments (before Taliban murdered them)

Limpy The Hut Ties Jet Blue Guy To Obama

Evil Inequality In the Works for the Web

Brit Admiral explains the British Military Industrial Complex to John Cleese (humor)

Congressman Alan Grayson: Obama Administration suffering from Stockholm Syndrome

Olbermann: Angle Shuts Out Hispanics

Covering Congress from DC or from Afar, Netroots Nation Training


WOW, Republican Cop backs Harry Reid

Richard Thaler - Nudge

Hot Topix with Michele Bachmann

Glenn Beck was for the bailouts before he was against them!

Christian Lady Protests Gay Marriage in NC, Comments on Blacks

S.3706 is good for America GOP's can't fight this Bill. Here's why

EXCLUSIVE: Obama Boardwalk Fair Game at The Jersey Shore Replaced with Clinton and Bush


The Spawn of Dan Quayle...Meet BIG BAD BEN!

ACLU Says Obama Enshrining Bush-Era Policies - Democracy NOW!

Unify the unemployed

AC360: Fareed Zakaria Discusses The Muslim Community Center & Why He Returned The ADL Award

Jane Hamsher & Glenn Greenwald Discuss Fallout From Gibbs' "Professional Left" Comments

Extremist Singers

Liberal Caught at Rand Paul Rally, GOP Destroyed Economy and the Ground Zero Mosque Song!

Young Turks: Rep Pence: Job Saving Bill Is A 'Handout'

Build CONCENTRATION CAMPS says GOP candidate

Reagan Budget Director: GOP Destroyed the Economy

Haiti's Next President? Wyclef Jean Discusses His Credentials With Al Jazeera English's Riz Khan

Rachel Maddow: DADT vs. The Right to Serve (Parts 1, 2, 3, 4)

The U.S. War Addiction

Midweek Politics: Tony Perkins' #2 flunkie smacked down on Prop 8 & gay parenting by actual academic

Gagged for 6 Years National Security Letter Plaintiff Finally Free To Speak

Beck drops the F Bomb ?

Sarah Palin rolls her eyes at a teacher, and then denies it.'s Jane Hamsher on Dem. Reaction to Robert Gibbs'

In the mood for a good cry--- I mean a damn good cry?

AC360: Bruce Feiler SCHOOLS Insane Pastor Who'd Just "Disparaged 1Billion Muslims" Live On CNN Int.

Nancy Skinner with Megyn Kelly Fox News discussing states trying to block health care 080310

Kucinich's Reply To Gibbs: "The Criticism Is Really A Measure Of Hopes That Have Not Been Realized"

Grover Norquist Testifies to the Obama Deficit Commission

Ed Schultz: Robert Gibbs Drips Arrogance

Afghanistan Special Oops Report

Target of FBI Gag Order to Speak Freely After 6 Years..Raw Story

Gulf Oil Spill's Worst-Hit Victims (Hint: You Can't See Them)


Dramatic Compromise Offered by Opponents of Ground Zero's Cordoba House

Making hate respectable

Pakistan TV blocked over Zardari shoe-throwing

Planned destabilisation or social chaos? Venezuela murder mystery

Who's Funding Newt Gingrich?

New Yorker: The Empty Chamber (article about the Senate)

Warning: Racism Is Bad for Your Health

More American Idols

Unemployment Extension: 99ers Rally to Call for Tier 5

WTF! GOP Goes WWF! But Even $25 Million Can't Buy a Lot of Love

Fast-fading US recovery now looks even weaker

(Nevada) State Democratic Party fighting R-J copyright lawsuit (Las Vegas Sun | 5 August)

Mosque Mania: Anti-Muslim Fears and the Far Right

Religion & Using fear to control "White" America.

Reagan Rules

America's Biggest Jobs Program -- the U.S. Military

Frack Attack

Global Weirding: Extreme Climate Events Dominate Summer

Computer science breakthrough: The end of P = NP?

Clicktivism is ruining leftist activism

Seized: Inside the Brutal World of America's Kidnapping Capital

As Netroots Rage at Gibbs, Long-Term Jobless Left Behind

Eric Alterman: Newt Gingrich Is Crazier Than You Think

Listen to Congressman Rangel

Pakistan floods strand the poor while rich go to higher ground

Operation False Positive: Behind the Colombia / Venezuela Tensions

Waters And Rangel: Conspiracy Or Abuse Of Power? [OPINION]

New York's Jobless 99er's Channel Anger in Wall Street Protest

How propagandists function: Exhibit A

US oil spills hit support for Canada mega-pipeline

The fate of mass transit in an age of deficit hysteria

Peak oil notes - Aug 12

Drumbeat: August 12, 2010

Canada: Canadian Solar to Proceed with 200 MW Module Assembly Plant (FIT = jobs)

China Solar Projects Draw Interest From 50 Companies (none from US)

Hyundai Heavy inks US$700 million to build solar power plants in Arizona

Heres a short video showing how the Aussies do it

U.S. firm's landmark solar deal with China starts off with a bang, then fizzles (US co. screwed)

Feed-in Tariffs Responsible for Three-Quarters of World’s Solar PV (everywhere but US)

Pete Seeger is on NPR now

Iran ready to launch Bushehr nuclear power plant: official

Spanish Solar Manufacturer to Locate U.S. Headquarters to Surprise, Arizona

The World’s Greenest Cities, Then and Now

Bangladesh to shut {natural} gas stations amid power crisis (BBC)

Ford to build solar energy system to power production of electric and hybrid vehicles

Atlantis Unveils Largest, Most Powerful Tidal Turbine (UK)

10 indicators of a human footprint on climate change

Sorry if this has been posted already, but everyone should see this.

Why didnt the O's Hire Showalter months ago?

I'm so happy about the Prop 8 ruling that I ALMOST don't care...

Here it is. Who will win the darts championships...

Mets Suspend K-Rod

Rob Dibble amazed by Women at a baseball game...

I just don't know...

The New Jersey Nets to change their team name in 2012 when they move to Brooklyn

Travel Warning for Colombia (U.S. State Department, June 25, 2010)

Planned destabilisation or social chaos? Venezuela murder mystery

Haiti quake was caused by previously unknown fault

Colombian court postpones decision on military pact with U.S.

for those of you who won't be traveling to Colombia due to travel warning, an alternative

Seismic Activity in Guatemala Continues

Bolivian protests prompt U.S. travel alert

Heads up LatAm DUsers, Fidel Castro's address to CNA on CSPAN now (10:05)

Operation False Positive: Behind the Colombia / Venezuela Tensions

Wyclef Jean on NPR ATC August 9 (Wyclef refers to Wyclef in 3rd person, again)

Strong explosion rocks Colombia radio station

Why can anti-gun people not just shut up and mind their own business?

Nevada CCW laws

Girl loads rifle to spook burglars

Today in Labor History Aug 12 Coal company guards kill 7, wound 40 miners, NAFTA was concluded &more

Fox says unions couldn't build an Iphone

I just watched "Prop 8 the Mormon Proposition"

HomoQuotable - Jonathan Rauch: Walker uses the Constitution to put compromise out of bounds

Minister targeted for performing legal gay marriages

ACTION ALERT: Support Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach & LGBT service members!

A dispatch from transgender camp for kids.

Longest Kiss Attempt Rescheduled to September

HRC Takes on Target

Wash. Signatures Back in Court

Judge to rule on stay Thursday in Prop. 8 case

A record breaking kiss for LGBT rights

Judge Walker’s Ruling Extending Stay Until August 18— What Does It Mean and What Happens Next?

Any DUers getting Married. I'll be in the Bay Area 8/15- 8/26..invite me

We (Almost) Have Marriage Equality -- Ari Ezra Waldman

LGBT attorneys: What do I need to know about the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal?

Question regarding Fall Seasonal Contest

Guerilla - is what he called it

How Mom showed us a good time in Key West tonight

Cleaning windows

Homeless Take On Israeli Forces

Lebanon PM: UN must probe claims of Israeli complicity in Hariri murder

Giant Ultraviolet Rings Found in Resurrected Galaxies

NGC 4696: a cosmic question mark

Strange pulsar found by volunteer army

Spectacular VISTA of the Tarantula (new space image)

Arctic "Rosetta Stone": New Discovery Provides Snapshot of Earth Billions of Years Ago

"The First Trillionth of a Second of Time"

Lasers reaching their limit

New Monkey Sports Bushy Red Beard

How 250 Years of Progress Gave Us the Most Complicated Clock Ever

The Slow, Whining Death of British Christianity

Was Jesus a Home-wrecker?

An Atheist's Manifesto...

Netanyahu rejects peace talks based on 1967 borders

Enjoy life, take a big bite every day

Mars approaches....

Maybe some ASAP peeps can help?

Sjogren's / sicca / dry mouth - something that might help a little...

For the Week of August 12, 2010&Saturn,Uranus,Pluto aspects


Is there such a cookbook?

What would you do today if you were brave?

Have I told you all how much I LUV ricochetastroman lately?

Debunking the '3 times more likely to be the victim' myth -- reprise

Doctor finds plant growing inside man's lung

iHelp for Autism

Me and my elderly Mom participated in a H1N1 study and just got back the results.