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Archives: July 9, 2010

After that interview on Hardball, Carol Maloney has no worries

Michael Steele: I'm here, I'm here, get used to it

Michael Steele: I'm here, I'm here, get used to it

Michael Steele: I'm here, I'm here, get used to it

TOOO FUNNY... Paul the Octopus choses

Breaking - Oil owned judges rule against the government

"What a funny little government!"

You know what really gets me about people who try to bring up Joe Scarborough's dead intern?

You know that petition the DSCC has to send Palin back to Alaska?

When an employee becomes bigger than their employer

What is the status of the unemployment extension?

Administration loses appeal on six-month offshore drilling moratorium

Glenn Beck Writes Message on His Fingernails to Take a Shot at MSNBC

Picture just in of Cleveland after "the news"

Since BecKKK is mocking MSNBC, call his novel "The UBERton Window"

I propose we create a new logical fallacy for people who cite Fox News/Glenn Beck to win arguments

Lebron SHOCKER! Going to Oklahoma City to play with Durant!

The Declaration... is sourced on

Question about "nuking" the Senate

Federal Government Finally Decides to Buy in Bulk

LaBron to Miami... now we are seeing the news

Paul Krugman:Pity the Poor C.E.O.’s


In defense of humans, re PATTERNS and Glenny

OMG! Sharron Angle = Zippy Pinhead?

Roger Ebert reviews "9500 LIBERTY," cites Arizona's S.B. 1070

To MSNBC: Please do something about Chris Hayes' nervous hands

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad Friedman subs for Mike

Do the FOX producers just let Beck sound plain STUPID?

Talking about cutting government spending is apparently like the board game "Operation"

Socialism is missing an historic opportunity

Biggest Defaulters on Mortgages Are the Rich

Some quotes from Jefferson

We the People....are Extremely F**king Stupid (Another Teabag moment)

Monkeys catapult to freedom over fence

Ironically, House Democrats have been much more progressive than Senate Democrats...

Ginsburg: Roe will hold

Do you boycott goods from one or more countries, and if so, is the US one of those countries?

Should marriages (or sex) between brothers and sisters be illegal?

Oil spill permeates the Gulf’s most productive environments

Millions face starvation as Niger prays in vain for rain

Malibu Barbie's Pink Elephants on Parade

have both parties mutated into something different?

Naomi Klein: The earth is bleeding

Al-Qaeda Calls Off Attack On Nation's Capitol To Spare Life Of 'Twilight' Author

Al-Qaeda Calls Off Attack On Nation's Capitol To Spare Life Of 'Twilight' Author

world government

U.S. to spend $3B to combat homemade bombs (and another $6.7 billion dollars of MRAPs)

It's over - the $243 million dollar F-35 is toast.

Little changing for Navy in funding shift

EADS submits tanker bid to Air Force

"Gaza Garbage Truck for Launching rockets"...

On KRON4 local reporter says he's seen the Black Bloc in Oakland.

More corruption: U.S. Presses Pentagon Contractors

The propaganda war against Bradley Manning ramps up

Despite deadline, data on mentors still missing

Skin rash and blisters after wading in Mobile Bay, Alabama

Is it me or does BARNEY FRANK look like shit tonight

Hope and Change Fade, but War Endures

Bipartisan Stupidity on Afghanistan

Bipartisan Stupidity on Afghanistan

In praise of the folks behind the counter at the DMV in CA

What dental care is covered under HCR?

Funding the War: There Ought to Be a Rule Against This Kind of Rule

Senators want to see more C-27s bought

Senators want to see more C-27s bought

Companies brace for end of cheap made-in-China era

Michele Bachmann: Another Ayn Rand-Worshipping Welfare Queen

What Did Sen. Ben Nelson Want -- That He Did Not Get?

Wackjob Ollie North: Surrender at the Border

How many "non-profit" front groups to lobby against the public interest can one guy run?

Labor Losing To D.C. Elites Over Job Creation, Unemployment?

Ohio hamburger chain says insurance reform will bite into profits

Thank you very much, British Petrol, By Mark Morford

One penny holds up insurance benefits, leukemia patient claims

Tarballs and Tainted History

How will LeBron James decision affect the midterm elections?

Why did Obama and the Democrats let LeBron go to Miami?

If your not in a nursing home or a minimum security prison; why would you watch 24 hour news?

Tribes Unite to Fight BP

They have a good point

What to Do When Police Tell You to Stop Taking Photos, Video

There are 3 more monthly jobs reports before the election

There are 3 more monthly jobs reports before the election

There are 3 more monthly jobs reports before the election

There are 3 more monthly jobs reports before the election

There are 3 more monthly jobs reports before the election

There are 3 more monthly jobs reports before the election

There are 3 more monthly jobs reports before the election

The next time a Republican asks you why Democratic Presidents are anti-business.....

GOBP of FL resists Charlie Crist's call for special session to ban near-shore drilling

The all important poll question in election years - right track or wrong track

John McCain sends out another doozy of an emailer

Do you know which is the most powerful crowd control weapon of them all?

The average household in the top 1 percent earned $1.3 million after taxes in 2007,

Pat Buchanan has had one role in nearly 50 years

Reagan Judges block Obama stay on new oil wells

So let me get this straight

World of Warcraft gaming forum introduces Real ID feature

It's official: Israel has gotten away with it -- again

Judge blocks Florida GOP Legislature's poison pill redistricting amendment from November ballot

Canada Job Creation Is Five Times Economist Forecasts

"It’s circular: we are there to fight the people who are fighting us because we are there."

Study: Think it's hot now? Just wait a few years

Whatever Happened to this asshole?

Corporate School Reform

I Dedicate This Song to the City of Cleveland

"Weekend oil spill forecast for Mobile Bay" 100% chance of heavy crude with possibile toxic gas

A satirical "NOTE" from BecKKK to his ghostwriter of The UBERtonWindow but GHOSTWRITER is real

A satirical "NOTE" from BecKKK to his ghostwriter of The UBERtonWindow but GHOSTWRITER is real

At long last,someone who understands the stress the wealthy have been under.

At long last,someone who understands the stress the wealthy have been under.

Are Low Taxes Exacerbating the Recession?

Bartcop Cartoon On dead intern joe:

Does anyone else find themseves thinking about that "boiling frog" story with some

Oscar Grant Shooting - Media Ignoring ANOTHER Case of Police Brutality?

Glenn Beck's disturbing plan to co-opt MLK's "I have a dream" speech

Regarding protests, riots...

So, Sharron Angle compares Harry Reid's...

'toxic beaches' in the Sci/Fi novel world and reality

Austerity for workers, tax cuts for business—Europe’s class policy

First Read's Top 10 Senate takeovers

Sharron Angle, deranged asshole

Scientists Urge U.S. to Move Quickly to Study Gulf Oil Spill

John Boenher wants *his* America back? Um, well, ok. Let's give it to him!

$150 buys your own cell tower

Standard Oil Octopus

A great presentation that demonstrates that deficit hawkery at this point in the US is insane

Anyone know where I can find figures on the loss of dollars

OK-Why did I get THIS in an e-mail?(Do people not know me?!)

Family togetherness, new economy style...

A public apology to the wind.

Arizona Immigration Law Donations: $500,000 Comes In To Support Law


What is Christian Nationalism?

Holder says BP not alone in oil spill probe-report

Beasley Allen files another lawsuit against BP, Halliburton and Cameron International

DC schools, Michelle Rhee, getting test happy. Increasing testing to 3 or 4 times a year

Oscar Grant.

Lindsay Lohan saves Iranian woman from being stoned

Former BART officer convicted of involuntary manslaughter...

Is it all a shell game? (Now Obama's for war, Ann Coulter is a dove?)

Majority Of Judges Hearing Drilling Moratorium Appeal Attended Oil-Funded Junkets

Support Iraq Veterans Against the War Annual Convention in Austin, Texas

GOP Rep. Bob Inglis slams Republicans for being led by hate radio, ‘preying on fears.’

GOP Rep. Bob Inglis slams Republicans for being led by hate radio, ‘preying on fears.’

Mississippi coast hit by tar mats 'size of school buses'

Lawmakers still receive two retirement plans

"Congress undertook this classification ... to disadvantage a group of which it disapproves."

Happy Birthday, Robin Williams, 58 years old today.

Who "Owns" the Oil Spilled Into the Gulf? BP? The U.S. Government? Other?

"Did the Liberals not warn us that the Neocons would keep us in endless war?

Why is BP spending all the money on tv advertisements? A possible answer =

Almost Every Cleanup Worker From The 1989 Exxon Valdez Disaster Is Now D

Boston Herald's Howie Carr actively raising money for NH Republicans

Wisconsin Legislators (Democrats!) call for High Speed Rail funds to be diverted for bridge repair

Anyone heard from Seymour Hersh lately? Is the book with the inside story still coming?

I recently had occasion to get a first hand look at the Green initiative at the Capitol

BP clean-up crews not cleaning the oil that is burried under the sand - VIDEO PROOF

Will Obama's DOJ appeal the ruling against DOMA to a higher court?

All the angry posts about BP attempting to cover up the extent of the damage

Rich Are Biggest Mortgage Defaulters By Far- NYT study

US citizen children of spies, deported without so much as a whimper of public outcry

Stepping On Their Own Message

Cindy Sheehan will be the next guest on Randi Rhodes

Scary thought: a republican House with subpoena powers.

Poor folks don't have it so bad...

Okay, I may stir some serious shit here . . . the MSNBC evening prime time line up . . . . .

We are just damned lucky...

Lebrons "decision" shows how insecure and desperate he is.

The Self-inflicted Insanity of American Unemployment

We Love Everyone and that Creates Political Problems: Rant

We Love Everyone and that Creates Political Problems: Rant

Rachel Farris: Tarballs and Tainted History

How to Share Time

if republicans are against the afghanistan war, they should be cheering the iraq withdrawal

OK-Texas DUers-and anyone else...Bill White Funfest in Waxahachie!!!!

OK-Texas DUers-and anyone else...Bill White Funfest in Waxahachie!!!!

Two tidbits from today, and a question

Prop 8 Ruling May Come at 6pm PDT Today

Makeup of the Modern Day Republican Party

Church of England debates allowing women bishops

Tea Party's "party" is over..

Universal love for little kitties (happy weekend story)

Universal love for little kitties (happy weekend story)

Growing in wealth, South Africa battles obesity

Once and Future Governor Jerry Brown of California coming up on Tweety. nt

Liquid armour 'can stop bullets'

Will Pitt: Playing the "Too Big To Fail" Card

Wisconsin GOP U.S. Senate candidate wants to outlaw homosexuality and pornography.

Former Rep. Tancredo: Obama is country's greatest threat

How Lady Gaga Helped Leak 150,000 Classified State Department Cables

How much did BP pay Labron James to capture the media's attention

Manchin to Announce Monday Possible Candidacy for Senate (WV)

Internet mocks Cavaliers owner for posting letter (about LeBrons) using Comic Sans

'Just Business': Capitalism is an Anti-Social Disease

Military scrambles jets after Obama air space violated, NORAD says

Military scrambles jets after Obama air space violated, NORAD says

WV Senate : Gov. Manchin says "highly likely" he will run.. (translation: "he will run")..

"Tragedy of the Commons".. It's what ails us all

U.S. Has Now Lost 75 Percent of Guantanamo Habeas Cases

U.S. Has Now Lost 75 Percent of Guantanamo Habeas Cases

A letter to Saddam Hussein...

Federal gay marriage ban is ruled unconstitutional

Hawks, UAE Ambassador Want War with Iran - The Nation

People are missing the underlying danger here. Lebron + Lohan = no BP news.

I am resorting to a bit of a nuclear option myself, day sixteen

the entire "cut the deficit" argument is based on the crazy claim that interest rates are too high

Restoration of 'Star Spangled Banner' Uncovers Horrifying New Verses..

Would we be more likely or less likely to win elections if Obama got out of Iraq/Afghanistan now?

Bible spouting wingnut ex-Congressman sells out US to al Qaeda connected contractor

Lightbulb moment. " Education Reform is the Best Stock on the Market"

Gasland coming on HBO West right now. For those who haven't caught it yet...

Chamber Of Commerce Rents Its Roof To Fox News, Fox News Refuses To Critically Report On The Chamber

Chamber Of Commerce Rents Its Roof To Fox News, Fox News Refuses To Critically Report On The Chamber

Horrific serial infanticide files found in home of Cardinal Danneels. He is to be questioned today.

Who cares WHY the right is now against the war- Now is our chance to end this war of Terror!

Clarence Thomas's suicidal, epileptic nephew punched and tased.

Clarence Thomas's suicidal, epileptic nephew punched and tased.

Why Conservative Lies Spread . .and what to do about it

Another Morning at the Clinic and another Peaceful Easy Yoga Experience….

BP made 1970s board game called 'Offshore Oil Strike'

rachel maddow's yearbook picture

Nice comment on the USA team from one of the better

Insanity in tomorrow's LTTE

Insanity in tomorrow's LTTE

Biggest Defaulters on Mortgages Are the Rich

Bwaaaaaaaaaaah if DUers could see what's going

I just received notice of my settlement from class action lawsuit against

S.F. considers banning sale of pets except fish

S.F. considers banning sale of pets except fish

Why did I think Nikki Haley was American Indian?

Why Did Anti-War Democrats Vote for the War Supplemental? Three votes would have defeated it.

Alan Grayson To The Fed: 'We'll Be Back'

Yeah... sleep on this: Halve the defense budget, HALVE it again while at the same time

NYT: More than 1 in 7 homeowners with loans in excess of $1 million are "seriously delinquent"

GOP Agenda To Be Shaped By Lobbyists: Least Surprising News Ever

GOP Agenda To Be Shaped By Lobbyists: Least Surprising News Ever

Bob Corker Kills the Catfood Commission - EmptyWheel

Bob Corker Kills the Catfood Commission - EmptyWheel

Another Bogus "Unemployment Benefits Are Too High" Article, This Time from the WSJ

Lindsey Lohan's verdict is big news. But the riots and protests in Oakland: nothing.

Dorgan: Dems likely to seek tax cut extension for those under $250K

Greenwald: Octavia Nasr's firing and what The Liberal Media allows

Check into "" to see what each state is doing

Why is Ken Blackwell on Tweety's Show?

Murdoch, Saudi prince team up to launch ‘Arabic Fox News’

Who here is planning on staying home in November?

President Obama and the Democrats will be raising taxes on everyone when the Bush cuts lapse?

New Campaign Will Spend up to $15 Million to Push Public Financing of Elections

Wisconsin GOP U.S. Senate candidate wants to outlaw homosexuality and pornography.

Obama REALLY likes Harry Reid

Why is MSNBC in Aspen?

Most Rape Kits in Illinois Never Tested

This is the first Mortgage relief program I've heard of that could make a difference

Overtaxed and undereducated......

What Senate seats will the Dem's lose in Nov. ?

Jobs outlook for small businesses may be getting bleaker

Shouldn't someone have to explain to us why we never got our trickle down?

Discrimination aimed at people with PTSD.

What would be the national mood right now if, in the first six months of this administration . . . .

African American groups seek ouster of California NAACP head for stance on legalized marijuana

The Rude Pundit: Dead Professor

BP Aims to Contain Flow of Gulf Well Within Days

"Praise the Lord and pass the gas." Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!!

my OB/GYN told me he has read this month in 2 professional journals recs to stop mammograms at 70

my OB/GYN told me he has read this month in 2 professional journals recs to stop mammograms at 70

From deep within the absent heart . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!!!

I'm about as left wing as you can get around these parts, of course we can do better as Dems

This is new..Dept of Homeland Security cops

where is the Friday afternoon trivia thread?

Bartiromo this morning delivered an extortion message to the nation on MSNBC on behalf of

can you be anti-corporate but still a big sports fan?

Most states still use Republican-made electronic voting

Is DU too big to be personal: what's your experience?

Pentagon survey on DADT incredibly biased, derogatory

New Iraq Commander Once Said, ‘It’s A Hell Of A Lot Of Fun’ To Shoot Arab Men

Oh, How the Wages Have Fallen

"Breakup" over Tweety?

"Breakup" over Tweety?

"Tar Mat" Pictures -- I railed against their unavailability, now here they are. (Pic Heavy)

US Forces Drawing Down in Iraq

A message to Transocean and other companies protesting the deep water drilling moratorium:

BP Oil Spill: Kindra Arnesen Venice LA Needs to Evacuate

Egypt unveils discovery of 4,300-year-old tombs

America's Deadliest Sweetener Betrays Millions, Then Hoodwinks You with Name Change

Pornography regulation

Some cool Cascade Lakes photos for you sweltering East Coasters (Dial-Up Warning)

People DO NOT send money to Democrats just so the GOP does not win!

Want to see our economic future? You can.

Want to see our economic future? You can.

Do you think it is wrong to record a telephone call without all parties knowing?

How much do you think the Palin's paid Levi Johnston for his apology?

Glorifying Grenada: give me a fucking break, here.

Petition: End Mountaintop Removal

Thank Goodness for DU!

Terry Savage, columnist who hates giving away lemonade, defends herself. . .

Ginsburg: Roe will hold

Question re: NAU

Phillipe Cousteau dived the GoM live on cnn/Rick Sanchez

Something just scared the hell out of Nick on the ground below the lookout tower.

Friday afternoon Challenge question, back by popular demand!

THis just cracks me up "friends" who can dish it out but cant take it!

Planck telescope reveals ancient cosmic light

Rahm lists Obama's Achievements, MUST READ for all you Democratic Activists

University of Illinois instructor fired over Catholic beliefs

The GOP almost destroyed America 2 years ago, now they want to finish the job this Nov.

Why join a political party if you are unwilling to compromise?

Rationing Oil Consumption

Lou Dobbs Slams MSNBC, Mocks Chris Matthews And Calls Dylan Ratigan And Cenk Uygur "Insane"

87Yr Old Grandma Dies After Being Tasered By Police

The "Escalating Afghanistan is ok because Obama said he would during campaigning" argument is stupid

Is there a rational argument against making Republicans filibuster on the floor?

So What If They Make $100,000?

Woman gets 30 days in jail for taping boyfriends puppy upside down on fridge

Images BP Does NOT Want You See

Why Snakebites Are About to Get a Lot More Deadly

Dear Mr. President... we raise our warning voices

No Full Social Security Benefits Until Age 70?

Gawker: Mel Gibson's Horrifying Phone Calls Are Now Online

Is capitalism working?

Is George Carlin's political statements against the new DU rules?

You want to put an end to the Nevada Senate Race? Ask Sharon Angle about 9/11.

ROFL: Smart kids fail to ID Reagan Pic on Jeopardy

BACON!!............... in GD!!!

What's with all the brazillion waxing threads??

LaBron to Miami... now we are seeing the news

Brazilian Waxing Speaks Out Against Janeane Garofalo

Is nothing fucking sacred anymore? They fucking ruined Columbian Coke!

Is Hot Tub Time Machine worth a rental?

I saw the cutest little porcupine on the dirt road to the cottage last night. He was

wordplay thread title based on title of previous thread

bad ppl, when did your decency start receding?

Author William Gay....Seek his stuff out...amazing writer...

Author William Gay....Seek his stuff out...amazing writer...

Another liberal webcomic author criticizes a Democrat! OH NOES!

The Clock Clock

bestest band full stop

Me at work last week.

What's all this I hear about LeBaron leaving Cleveland?

Fans of Nick Cave or Antony and the Johnsons, a friend just turned me on to someone similar.

Psychic octopus predicts Spain to win World Cup

Chakarron! I do believe this song sums up my mood today.

Set phasers to PAR-TAYYYYYY!

Last night I gave in to my dark, dark inner soul

What kind of internet porn do you view most?

Is there anything more contemptible than banks?

Need a laugh? emails from an asshole...

LeBron went from one of the most well-liked NBA players to the most hated in a matter of days...

I hate rugs

FIREFLY: The Credits Sequence It Deserved!

Will Predators be worth seeing or will it suck?

What Is Hip- Govt Mule Cover

Good day on July 13 - New James Lee Burke Dave Robicheaux book out...

Who'd win in a math fight?

A commonsense (and maybe odd) gift that is a sure winner for a newlywed couple

Songs with high fructose corn syrup in them

How do you feel about Lebron James going to Miami?

So What.....

Can you recommend a clock radio with decent reception?

Word association: Math

Favorite Star Trek Doctor

Forget Lebron. DINA is not returning to Real Housewives of NJ!!

woman suspected husband was faking his death, kept it secret

Free Slurpee on July 11 From 7-11

Camping out in the one air-conditioned room

I can see my future and it is foamy and hot

What is this about Hebron going to Miami?

Ugh. I hate medical problems. Need some good vicadin here

Why never to ask favors from designers.

Tar Ball Cocktail: New Drinks Inspired by Gulf Oil Spill

Cleavland KNEW about the ....

Who Wants To Drink With Me Tonight??

Yay! It's raining and the temp just dropped 10 degrees!

ESPN reporting Cliff Lee to be traded to

Ugh. I hate Moonie problems. Need some good vibes here.

Ugh. I hate Monet problems. Need some good vibes here.

Ugh. I hate monkey problems. Need some good vibes here.

Universal love for little kitties (happy weekend story)

Hi you all here, it is hot hot hot? Anybody feeling the heat and the humidity.

One good thing about the LeBron James saga...

I hate carpet

currently 61 F in coastal norcal, expected high today is 70 F and sunny....

Question for the people working in the medical field:


15 years ago today: The Last Grateful Dead show....

Final World Cup games!

Lebron -> Miami (screw your spoilers!)

Dude. Open letter from Cavs owner...

What kind of dog am I?

Bacon ice cream! I'm SERIES!!1!

Free, Bad Company, Paul Rodgers solo or Paul Rodgers fronting Queen?

Shit. My lunch just got thrown out.

Letter from Target

Fucking lawm mowers. At fucking 8am

Best Andy Taylor (Andy Griffith Show) Girlfriend

Favorite Star Trek VULCAN

Cute things kids say. When my brother was three he was teaching

Well, I guess it was impossible for me to have a truly great day.

To the Reagan/Thatcher years...

Cliff Lee is traded to.............

Which kind of cupcake would you pick?

Songs with sugar in them

Am I the only person in this whole country who couldn't give a fuck about Lebron James?

Best of the Worst Pick-Up Lines

This weekend I think I'm going to do something that may screwup my entire life

OK I may lose man points for this but I somewhat like Lady Gaga's music.

"Salt" with Angelina Jolie - opinions?

A new poem: Find Yourself

Saw Predators at a midnight showing last night. (no spoilers)

Actual Washington state weather alert today.

Best way to eat Fries

Yea!!!! The crappy neighbors are gone!!!


What do the temperature and humidity feel like right now?

Highest level of math mastered

Ugh. I hate money problems. Need some good vibes here.

Today is Lisa & My Four Year Anniversary.

What in life did it take you a surprisingly long time to realize you've been doing wrong all along?

World Cup Winner: Spain or Holland?

J&J sales (Johnson & Johnson pain relievers) plunge as new drug recall announced

New Iraq Commander Once Said, ‘It’s A Hell Of A Lot Of Fun’ To Shoot Arab Men

Death & strikes hit Panama Canal expansion (one of 2 strikes)

Argentine general is sentenced to life

EPA: Moderate health concerns with Gulf air

China confirms Google licence renewal

Toyota chief: China labour trend both good and bad

GOP leaders let demagogues set tone, (Veteran GOP) lawmaker says

BP clean-up crews not cleaning the oil that is burried under the sand - VIDEO PROOF

New BP Data Show 20% of Gulf Spill Responders Exposed to Chemical That Sickened Valdez Workers

Corporations sue to allow campaign contributions

Michigan high court OKs use of credit scores for (auto) insurance

Sea turtle egg evacuations begin along oiled Gulf

Betancourt seeks Colombia kidnapping damages

Petraeus reviews directive meant to limit Afghan civilian deaths

Sharron Angle Backtracks After Calling BP Cash a "Slush Fund"

US Justice Department to review BART shooting

West Virginia Governor receives approval to replace Byrd, 60th vote likely on Unemployment Extension

FDA review spotlights heart risk of diabetes pill Avandia

J&J sales plunge as new drug recall announced

Slidell Resident Reports Dead Fish In Lake (Pontchartrain)

400 NYers a day see benefits expire --There's one gone every 80 seconds

Federal Gay Marriage Ban is Ruled Unconstitutional

Help Defeat Boehner in Just One Click!

Transferring oil from broken well an option for BP


U.S. Rep. Melancon: Louisiana deserves better

Shadow Elite: Has the Obama Organizing Machine Staged A Party Takeover?

Louisiana Humane Society director files lawsuit against BP

Obama vs. Nixon, the limitations of labels based on a one dimensional axis...

Friends, that avatar is no reason to get upset! Actually it is funny and

Russian sub 'could stop oil leak'

Biggest Defaulters on Mortgages Are the Rich

U.S. mounts ($3 billion) effort to combat Taliban's deadly homemade bombs

Up to 45 People Killed in Pakistan Suicide Attack

Neb. files defense of abortion law

Fuck anyone who thinks Obama is even remotely in the shitiverse as Bush, Reagan and Nixon.

'We know how this movie ends, right? We don’t want to see it again.' -President Barack Obama

So Corporate America is doing well but not investing in the US.....And this is WHOSE fault?

Crowds Storm Streets After Verdict in Killing of Unarmed Black Man

U.S. Missiles Deployed Near China Send a Message

The screwed up argument by Jindal and others cheering the ruling against the drilling moratorium

Is Michael Bennet imitating Paul Wellstone?

Health care reform: Jindal signs faux nullification bill

Simon Johnson surprisingly discovers a "radical idea" in the financial reform bill

Iranians still facing death by stoning despite 'reprieve'

Historical perspective on mid-term elections, Presidential approval

Must be a slow news day for Sam Stein trying to mix tea baggers with Lebron James

Public Policy Polling (PPP): Boxer vulnerable, but should survive

Time for the Most Wanted card decks, hit squads, and F22 air strikes yet?

Ca. Governors race 43 Brown 42Whitman according to Tweety

Vote for the DFA AllStar.

Pentagon Survey on DADT Incredibly Biased, Derogatory

article about gay marriage decision

Top Five Dumbest Ideas Republicans Had On The Road Back To Relevance

Another Republican who lost in primary slams Republican Party

Breaking News: Cornered Moat 'Holding A Gun To His Head'

AP Interview: GOP Sen. Bennett predicts Reid win

Obama To Open Up 1.8 Million Alaskan Acres To Oil Drilling

Tom Tancredo says something so outrageous that the Repub. he was campaigning for renounced it

Biden fans - He will be on the Tonite Show tonite (Friday the 9th)

Poll: Most Americans are morons and we are SCREWED in November

Krugman: Pity the Poor C.E.O.’s

George Lakoff: Disaster Messaging

HEADS UP-Obama about to speak about the economy in Nevada

US troops in Iraq down to 77,500

Obama administration provide $25 million more for life-saving AIDS drugs

Today's Republicans are the problem. In 1935, 16 Republican Senators voted for Social Security

"Obama is swinging for the fences because that is what home-run hitters do"

Why are corporations sitting on their money?

Does anybody here think that the Dems might not do as poorly in November as the polls/pundits think?

Nice to see Howard Dean on MSNBC! Says elections are about 'who do you trust?'

"I'm your worst nightmare . . . a n***** with a badge"

Family Says Nephew of Justice Clarence Thomas Was Beaten, Tazed at West Jeff Hospital

AP sources: Bill Clinton to Lead Wedding of NY Rep

AP: Dems Recommend 2012 Calendar That Starts in February

Why can't we have more liberal thinkers like this?

Stephen Moore Calls for Raising Taxes on the Poor in Order to Pay for Tax Cuts for the Rich

BP partner Anadarko refuses oil spill billv

Panama: Protester killed, 100 people hurt in clash between striking banana workers and police

DNC launches:

Send the returning Congress a message! Sign the Fair Elections Now Act petition now!

US denies visa to Colombian journalist to attend Harvard program

The money laundering thread: A DU collaborative investigation

Clean Up - NE Ad (Senator Mike Johanns)

Unemployment Reign

Protest at McCain's office over him not passing the Unemployment Extension


Providence Rally for Unemployment Ins.-COBRA Extension City Hall


West Virginia Aids GOP Filibuster

News From The Future

T fighting for the unemployed

Steve Moore: Tax the Poor More To Pay For Tax Cuts For The Rich

B.P. Late On Monthly Recurring Payments To Oil Spill Victims! (This Is The Second Payment!)

This Isn't About Saving The Gulf! This Is About Saving B.P.!

Judges With Connections To Big Oil Allow Resumption Of New Offshore Drilling

7/7/10: White House Press Briefing

H1N1 Vaccine Miscarriage Risk

Young Turks: Cenk Slams Sean Hannity For Saying Muslims Don't Praise The US Enough

Republicans Are Totally Hip

Cursing Winnebago Man - Documentary

Open for Questions: Health Care

Unemployment Extension Thursday July 8 2010 HR4213, HR5618 - NO MORE REPUBLICANS!

Keith Olbermann Tears Into Sarah Palin Ad!

Angle: Girl Raped By Dad? Make Lemonade! (God's Plan)

Breakdown of BART Cop Oscar Grant Shooting

Palin on what Obama should do about BP Oil Spill (funny)

Oakland: Peaceful protesters tell anarchists to leave!

Journey to the Moon (Apollo 11 Moon Landing Remixed)

The Rooftops of Hebron - Restrictions on movement


911 Trek

"Keiser Report" BP and The Ecological Holocaust Cover-up

MN Republican: Screw Waiters & Bartenders!

Papantonio: BP Escrow Fund is a Sham

BBC TV live performance of 1984- W/ Peter Cushing/Donald Pleasence 1954

Hey Mitch McConnell

Obama Slams Angle for Standing up for Big Oil

The Most Provocative Ad Of The Campaign Season?

Chris Hayes & Barney Frank discuss the bloated military budget

Chris Hayes SLAMS the BART killer cop verdict

George Bush Don't Like Black People

Young Turks: Financially Stupid People Are Everywhere w/ Author Jason Kelly

American Taliban militia is going to the Arizona border.

Tom Tancredo @ Teabagger rally: Greatest threat to the U.S. is the guy in the White House today

CNN: Grayson Debunks The Latest Poll Numbers

Midweek Politics: Sharron Angle says "rape and incest are God's plan" What about disease?

Liberty Mutual Sues Goldman Sachs Over 2007 Fannie Mae Offering

When the American VP was progressive

Repubs you suck!!

Hey Media!!! Stop The INSANITY about LeBron James!

Desperately Seeking Sanity: The Upcoming Midterms are Making the GOP Nuts! (Satire)

What the Fuck would Jesus do Now?

Glenn Beck worst person in the world

Rahm interview on PBS Jim Lehrer

Competitive Enterprise Institute stooge gets owned by CNBC host, on the Jones Act talking points

GRITtv: Bill Fletcher, Jr.: Organize the Unemployed

MSNBC: Cenk To Obama - Go For The Throat Of The GOP!

CNN: Grayson Mocks Jessica Yellin's Disinformation, "Sarah Palin Does Whatever I Tell Her To Do"

Arizona's Flawed Law

The Vaccine Song

6'4" Cop Bullies 4'11" Videographer as She Videos a BP Worker Taken Away in Ambulance

Alvin Greene cleared in filing fee investigation

Court rejects bid to restore drilling moratorium

US opposes Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline

Capitalism is an Anti-Social Disease

David Sirota: Are Low Taxes Exacerbating the Recession?

Sticking the public with the bill for the bankers’ crisis

Demagoguery destroying the GOP

Why the Idiocy about Unemployment?

Accidental guerrillas in our midst

Washington Post and transparency: total strangers

The Theory of “Structural” Unemployment and the Jobs That Aren’t Coming Back

One Paragraph on the Financial Reform Bill

The Worst Supreme Court Decision of the Term

OpEd: Natural gas drilling contaminates water, air

Biggest Defaulters on Mortgages Are the Rich

Angle: Just say no

The Price of a Bargain: The Quest for Cheap and the Death of Globalization

Pity the Poor C.E.O.’s

Fanny & Freddy Are F-Words

The New GOP Con--Obama the Reverse Racist

Rand Paul, Jack Conway trade jabs in first joint appearance

The Progressive Movement: Out of Work and Losing Hope

Obama US Attorney expected to stand behind federal gay marriage ban, plaintiffs say

Saving Tinkerbell

Spy swap with Russia seems a bit fishy

Kabuki Democracy: Why a Progressive Presidency Is Impossible, for Now

A Hole in the World by Naomi Klein

"Renewable" energy is a destructive and tragic hoax.

Nuke lobby wins (Yucca Mountain lives)

Jim Bohlen, Led in Creation of Greenpeace, Dies at 84

California PUC approves solar power contract (500 MW)

Solar going nuclear in Nevada

Photos: Leaking Nuclear Waste Fills Former Salt Mine (Germany, Nat'l Geographic)

Yingli $5.3 Billion Loan May Boost Solar Panel Supply (China to double global PV production)

Biofuels sustainability: JRC methodology for calculating carbon stock changes

Drumbeat: July 9, 2010

Coal and clean air

Coal and clean air

In Midst Of Drought, Massive Fire Reaches Bolivian National Park In Pantanal Region - AFP

Stanford Study Provides Advice For City Dwellers Facing Extreme Heat Waves - Get Used To It

Algae Bloom In China's 5th-Biggest Lake Approaching Drinking Water Source For 300,000

Proposals To Gut Brazil's Forestry Law Pass First Legislative Hurdle - Mongabay

Rainforest Researchers - Margays Can Imitate Calls Of Baby Monkeys To Lure Adults

Researcher - Urban Farming Best Way To Blunt Future City Food Insecurity, System Failures

22 Million Acres Of Crops In Russia Lost To Drought - Grain Output Projection Cut 10%

90+ Arrested In Illegal Logging Of 642 Million BF Brazilian Timber - Odds Good That Most WIll Walk

At Today's Levels Of Atmospheric Carbon, Pliocene Arctic Was 10C Warmer Than Now - New Scientist

The Arctic is rapidly changing

The Parking Lot as ‘Solar Grove’

Banner mocks topless Judd for coal comments

Wind project opponents arrested outside Kibby Mountain site (Earth First)

Stop Drilling For Natural In The State Of New york

Nevada Nuclear Test Site now Solar Energy Demonstration Projects site

Breaking: LeBron and & Chris Paul sign with the Bobcats

TOOO FUNNY... Paul the Octopus choses

Votto, Swisher win vote for final All-Star spots

VIDEO: The Queen Pays Spain Squad A Visit & Carles Puyol Is Caught In His Towel

LOL mad. This just came in: Jermaine O'Neal going to the Boston Celtics

Open Letter to Fans from Cavaliers Majority Owner Dan Gilbert

Paul the Octopus has predicted Spain will win Saturday...

Paul the Octopus has predicted Spain will win Saturday...

Open Letter to Cavaliers Majority Owner Dan Gilbert from Trumad

So an employee got the better of Dan Gilbert---- Ha Ha

ESPN: Name the crimes of LeBron James

Stay Classy Cleveland!

England's Howard Webb to referee World Cup Final..

Cliff Lee Yankee Deal IMLPODING!!!!!!

Report: Mariners trade Cliff Lee to Rangers!

Some people don't know what it really means to be a "fan"

ESPN: Cliff Lee-to-Yankees deal nearly done

Mike Brown and Danny Ferry are laughing at the whiny ass Cavs owner. Loyalty?

How Much Is James Supposed to Make In Miami?

Cavs owner: LeBron quit during playoffs

Panama: Protester killed, 100 people hurt in clash between striking banana workers and police

Costa Rica invites US military to combat drug trade

Winning candidates in Mexico get death threats, party says

Colombian president's aides to be quizzed over illegal wiretaps

Cuba Travel, Ag Bill: Headed to House Floor or Foreign Affairs? (Ileana pushing..)

Ecuador asks that arbitration ruling be thrown out

Fariñas ends his hunger strike in Cuba

Will Cuba open to U.S. tourists soon? (with poll 94 yes 4 no)

Death & strikes hit Panama Canal expansion (2nd ongoing Panama strike)

US denies visa to Colombian journalist to attend Harvard program

Posada Carriles Associate Confesses Was Paid to Destabilise Venezuela

Pew Research Center, Gun Ruling, dominated last weeks social media

My experience as a 6 year old

I love it when the NRA brings God into the discussion.......

The evil empire of the NRA.

Why hasn't the NRA freaked out about Open Carry bans?

A question for those who want to ban or restrict "assult weapons".

KOS article "Why liberals should love the Second Amendment"...a little late, folks...

Michael Bellesiles,.....or maybe still!

Prop 8 decision: TONIGHT!!!?!!?!!!?!! (Good As You is hearing this - 6pm PST)

Group warns gays that survey could out them

Presbyterians continue to be divided over gays

On marriage equality legal rationales

Quit squirming!

I need help with a ? for our superintendent interviews

Cuomo Gay Rights Record Examined

Lugar Won't Filibuster DADT

Copy of DADT Survey posted online - hopefully its not pulled

Anita Bryant is Back, Hosting Antigay Rally with husband of Rep. Sally Kern

Wal-Mart: ‘Crowd Trampling’ Not an Occupational Hazard of Doorbuster Sales

Companies brace for end of cheap Made-in-China era

OWH Exclusive: Whistle-blowers say ax fell on them

Testing my new birthday present

Idyllwild, CA (Pic Heavy)

More black and white

Storm clouds with full moon

Tried to shoot a water droplet this morning (failed miserably, advice needed)

It's NOT that LeBron left Cleveland, it's HOW he did it...

LeBron to Miami

Parasite-Busting Bugs Throw Fruit Fly Evolution Into Overdrive

Study: Think you're hot now? Just wait a few years

Journey to the Moon (Apollo 11 Moon Landing Remixed)

Cat calls monkeys to their doom

Israel is waiting for Palin

Egypt unveils discovery of 4,300-year-old tombs

Arab-American journalists 'under siege'

Chavez: Christ would lash the cardinal with a bullwhip

It's official: Israel has gotten away with it -- again

Minerals, Rocks, and Geology Thread

The Conscious Convergence: A Wave of Unity July 17-18, 2010

Friday July 9, 2010: PEMS Scale Poll :)

update on my friend accused of starving his horses

Astrologically, what is stressful for us?


I'm baaaaack!

I asked for inspiration and I got it!

Ready to crawl out of my skin .........

Playboy Kills Off Portuguese Edition Over Sexy Jesus Photo Shoot

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Commercial bank ‘gold swap’ intrigue continues