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Let's all pray to TeeVee. It's the divine thing that tells us how to think and feel. N/T

Today in History - Medicare Is Signed Into Law

Asian American Justice Center Lobbies on Judicial Nominees, Goodwin Liu

"The Grind" - Horror warning, but this MUST stop!

Is there a link to who voted which way on the 9/11 1st responder bill?

Echoes of history...

Baby Baiting - far-right attacks U.S. citizen children of immigrants

Whitman Snubs African Americans and Black Media

Weiner rant on Keith show now!

BANK BUST FRIDAY !!!! ..... from the Southeast to the Pacific Northwest

Venezuela's Peace Initiative Vs. U.S./Colombia War-Making

(Maxine) Waters chooses ethics trial

UAW: U.S. Cars on the Road to Success

Texas Duers-we are having a great time tomorrow...

Do government officials ever put soldiers in jeopardy?

I really think we need to worry about the impact of corporations giving money

Fizzzzle - Looks Like Rangel Won't Be An Issue This Fall: Panel Recommends Reprimand, Not Expulsion

I am resorting to a bit of a nuclear option myself, day 30

If sh*t could take a crap, the product would be Joe Barton

history shmishtory

Ireland was an example of a neocon economic success just a few short years

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!

Meet the Mule Lobby: They don't like PETA—or Pelosi. And "horses are stupid."

The Right Jumps Right To Violence

A suggestion for something to go along with your Saturday AM coffee ...

Blue Dog "Anal Sphincter du jour":

Is Assage the modern day "pirate radio"?

No $3 Million Wedding for Chelsea – and Other Rumors Put to Rest


How worthless is this legislature - they pass an anti-pot brownie bill

I think BP should certainly be allowed to scale back the cleanup in the Gulf

Billionaire Brothers (Repuglican) Samuel and Charles Wyly Charged With $550 Million Fraud

is the Whore Media reporting about Al Gore being Cleared of Sexual Assault ?

Michael Steele gets "food poisoning" and cancels meeting with Black journalists. . .

Never forget what the republicans are about...

Coalition Launches Drive to Fight Social Security Cuts

Sad: The Anti-Defamation League opposes the Islamic Community Center near Ground Zero

Obama Sees Auto Revival as a Success

Valerie Plame: Eliminating world's nukes guarantees terrorists will not get them...

Must see movie: Face in the Crowd.

Is Anthony Weiner Presidential Material.....

Pentagon sees training allies as its greatest hope

A great read: Conservatives' perpetual dishonesty machine

Congressman Rohrabacher says Obama is declaring war on US citizens...

VA: 3 positive tests of vets at St. Louis clinic

U.S.-led coalition finds 'success' elusive in Kandahar

Wii Air Force: Will Gamer Gloves Help Fly Combat Jets?

DoD Buzz: QDR Panel Dodges F136 Support

Navy Welcomes Newest Eye in the Sky

FBI admits probing radical historian Zinn for criticizing bureau

USAFE chief: Don’t rely on UAVs

US growth slows in Q2 on surge in imports

SOUTHCOM shifts focus as drug trade evolves

Four More Years (or More)... of War

Former VP Gore cleared of charges of groping. " There is no basis for prosecution".

Afghanistan election will still include suspected war criminals

Why the right is wrong, again.

I promised I would post something tonight for my State Rep - (D) Marian Harris

Greek truck drivers defy government

Controlling soot could stop global warming... almost immediately.

Watched Chuch Todd doing Hardball last night...has he always been such a smirky

This belief that businesses"creates jobs" is a load of crap...

I know how to "fix" Social Security

(National) Guard units selected for new transport planes

William Greider: Deflation, Not Deficit, Is the Real Threat

Enbridge denies employees knew of million-gallon oil spill into Kalamazoo River

Suspected leaker’s Boston ties probed

President Obama Speech Today! Watch It on DU!

Charlie on Trial and Cheney Free to Be Pulseless

Countering Anti-Public Worker Sentiment by Amy Traub

Mike Pence, oxygen thief

Boy Scouts trying to rebuild their ranks...

For the first time in over 12 years we are a multi generational household

Unlimited "Get Out of Jail Free" cards for the Banksters

Dr. Margaret Flowers testifies before the Catfood Commission

"GOP rhetoric" Chicago Tribune letter writer responds to Gingrich column

caption the happy ones

No asylum for Chinese organ whistleblower

Advancing Long Held Republican Right And Libertarian Dreams?

Wake up, Republicans!

Why aren't we talking about adding tax brackets?

Why aren't we talking about adding tax brackets?

Why Israel seeks political support in the US for an Israeli bomb attack on Iran

Beyond State Capitalism: The Commons Economy in our Lifetimes

Beyond State Capitalism: The Commons Economy in our Lifetimes

Breitbart wants to meet with Shirley Sherrod privately...

That Big Sucking Sound in the Economy Is the Threat of Serious Deflation

Lost Billions in Iraq

Lost Billions in Iraq

Lost Billions in Iraq

al gore's home town newspaper...see if you can find the story of his innocence

I like Germany but I'm staying in USA to fight the good fight. New Funds Out to Prevent Homelessness

Northern Ireland's strange peace

BREAKING: Preventing the spread of HIV is easier than we thought

California Republican pulled over for speeding during radio interview

Would Be Robber Doesn't Give Up

Bera revives bathing suit attack against Lungren

Dutch have their own teabaggers

Michael Moore's effort to revive classic Michigan movie houses through - GASP! - community ownership

Nuke Projects Near Collapse May Get $9 Billion Bailout (including foreign-owned corporation)

Nuke Projects Near Collapse May Get $9 Billion Bailout (including foreign-owned corporation)

Why do the leaves flutter in the trees when there is no breeze - a baffling analogy

Who is the worst "democratic" or "Independent" Senator?

The defense of the president of the Detroit Public Schools.

Bored?Like to comment?Consider writing one of my local papers..

Everglades and Madagascar forests on Unesco danger list

The Chevy Volt

The Chevy Volt

The Heroism of PFC Bradley Manning

Michele Bachmann Better Suited for “Mad Men” Than Congress

Michele Bachmann Better Suited for “Mad Men” Than Congress

Now that Gore is exonerated in the groping charge will the media spend as much time reporting this

"From Recession to Recovery" an economist's reasons for optimism

A Bible for the Tea Party

Recession inflicted more damage on economy than previously thought, government data show

Joe McElderry, winner of UK's x factor, comes out as gay

If you see catfish at the supermarket or on the menu - you might want to pass

Family of fallen Marine needs help getting to son's funeral

SAD-Fox News is more suspicious of RW propaganda than the Dems or the MSM.

The roll of republicans in modern American elections.

FBI reases 423 pp of its "discreet surveillance" of ZINN. They accosted him on the street.

Who put the 'old' in Goldberg? Please come CAPTION Bernie the Whiner!!!!

Dismissing The Gusher

Isn't it A Pity perfectly describes the way I feel

Progressive: Lower rates if they can spy

I was in need of a little cheering up today.

Does Anyone Want to Hear "Love Train" by The O'Jays, Right Fucking Now?!!

Ensign Staffers May Testify Before Federal Grand Jury

Major Corporations Are Downloading Those 100 Million Facebook Profiles off BitTorrent

Truck Drivers defiant despite conscription orders in Greece

Marvin Scott (GOP Congressional Candidate) compares Muslims to Kamikazes

A succinct portrait of politics today. Is it accurate?

do any of you guys care about county and state level politics?

You guys do realize that Obama isn't up for re-election in November, right?

A Sin and a Shame - By BOB HERBERT

US solar energy technology farther advanced than others

Obama campaigned and got elected on a simple platform

Possibly the MOST disgusting Linda McMahon ad to date!

IRS reveals millionaires claiming unemployment benefits See full article from WalletPop: http://srp

The racist homophobe Robert Byrd stays on until he dies and no calls to retire.

Le paire terrible.......Which state has the crappiest Senate duo?

Glenn Beck and the Oakland shooter -By Dana Milbank

Arizona police release 80 immigration protesters from jail

DEVASTATING commercial against Tom Foley who is running in the R primary for CT governor.

BP sees 'scaleback' in Gulf cleanup? The effects are "overblown"?WTF?

BP sees 'scaleback' in Gulf cleanup? The effects are "overblown"?WTF?

BP sees 'scaleback' in Gulf cleanup? The effects are "overblown"?WTF?

Sacrifice Zone

Classic Bill & Hill as Clintons charm lovely little Rhinebeck

A Tesla hits the streets of Japan

Ben Nelson (DINO-Neb) first Dem to vote against Kagan

Does this look like a fair and impartial group . . . . . .

I don't want to accuse anybody of being a troll. But...

The NYT now predicts the news on the front page?

Voting "For" is *always* better and easier than voting "Against"

I Find The Race For Senate In Florida Both Fascinating, and Ironic...

GM’s Cobalt paved the way for Lordstown plant’s future (GM's best seller in the clunker program)

Please help an ex-pat understand "what is a snookie and why does Chris Christie have a snookie

Worst flooding in Pakistan in living memory -800 dead so far

Sherffius toon on increased spying...

I love taking conservatives' money and all...

How we feel about the Afghanistan leak

Az Chamber of Commerce wants to get their fat fingers into Az State Retirement

WOW anyone ever see this child sing

America's Royal Wedding

Are We Seeing a pattern ?

Arlington Cemetery Probe: Where Did $5 Million for Records System Go?

Republicans impose their policies and the Democrat catches the hell again.

If we double our monetary base in seven years will it cause inflation?

funniest video ever

Mediacide - what happens to progressive candidates that don't meet the corporatist standards

What will Congress do about the Bush tax cuts?

Obama's administration will likely be imprisonng journalists...

Police Caught executing a suspect in Jamaica - GRAPHIC VIDEO

Police Caught executing a suspect in Jamaica - GRAPHIC VIDEO

some questions about the Ground Zero Mosque.. where did the money come from and who runs it

Inmate sues man he's convicted of burglarizing

Glenn Beck blames Weathermen for Homer Simpson’s stupidity

Glenn Beck blames Weathermen for Homer Simpson’s stupidity

WaPo...Chelsea Clinton's rumored wedding guests (photos)

Luckovich weighs in on Republican hypocracy

Hmm. Is this the beginning of a pattern?

Military airstrike video leak suspect in solitary confinement

Text Of The Present Law On Espionage, Ladies And Gentlemen

Text Of The Present Law On Espionage, Ladies And Gentlemen

Even fox sports sucks!

Breaking: 2012 Democratic Party Platform Advance Release: WOW!

Adam Schiff (D-CA) Advocates Gutting Miranda

Republican pulled over for speeding while giving radio interview

Captured: America in Color (photos) from 1939-1943

China to invest $40 billion in Iran refineries

Should Obama come to Rangel's aid & demand, "Look forward, not backwards"?

Fires in D.C. the Bonus Army (US Vets) lay in smolering ruins, saved the nation from revolution

9th Circuit DENIES expidited appeal for SB 1070 Injunction--Nov. date set.

McClatchy: 'Birther' attorney Orly Taitz just won't give up on Obama

Dwindling Retirement Savings 'Undiscussed Explosive Bomb' Of Recession - HuffPo

So the PGA Tour is at Greenbrier playing the old course...

Why all this drum beat on the ethics charges against Rangle, BUT

people are getting bills for welfare and food stamps received decades ago

Opposition figures held in Moscow after rallies banned (BBC)

Iranian woman facing stoning for allegedly committing adultery: 'I'm afraid of dying' (CNN)

If there ever is a simple solution for the vast inequality in the distribution of wealth,it is this

Abandoned 1854 ship found in Arctic

Gov. Brewer considers tweaking Arizona's immigration law

Wikileaker in Solitary Confinement at Quantico/ "Openly Gay" WTF?

Gaithersburg Police Arrest Man Accused Of Bizarre Act

Teenager survives fall from 16th story balcony

Another Florida Election Debacle!

My Son made a list of classes you can take at Glenn Beck University

A trial for Charlie Rangel

Wow, the WINNAH of the Friday Afternoon Challenge Question is

Dead Vets’ Families Accuse Insurer of $100 Million Scam

If you were married in a "traditional" wedding, or know someone who was, you ought to know .....

(the "new" GM) Labor Notes: GM Seeks to Cut Wages in Half at Indianapolis Factory

If you try to film a cop in Sweden......

Taking Calls From Veterans on the Brink

Do you think we are living in an Oligarchy?

help for my laptop wireless connection (HELP)

Public Transit.....A Love Story

I believe that one of the reasons that there has not, nor will there ever be

Hey, Rush, you corpulent sack of bile. Today would be a good day for YOU to stay out of sight.

Why would one judge the U.S. Secretary of State the way one would judge a fashion model?

Bold and Confident Opinion Stated Here

Since it's Chelsea's wedding today, I have a story as yet untold here...

"Bear experts will spend a month compiling information to determine the sequence of events and.."

"Bear experts will spend a month compiling information to determine the sequence of events and.."

The Ensign probe is coming

Peter Beinart delivered a beautiful smackdown on McLaughlin Group

California Rep. Maxine Waters may face fall ethics trial

Is Assage (Wikileaks) the modern version of the movie "Pirate Radio"?

WTF are we STILL in Iraq????

I love the irony of product names. Take Corexit

I love the irony of product names. Take Corexit

Anyone with details on Chelsea's wedding today?

I saw a screening of The Tillman Story

The GOP Plot to Screw the Economy and the Middle Class

McCain: Unions trying to legalize, recruit illegal immigrants

Rep Rangel......... Retire now!

You ever expect Glenn Beck's story to end...


Box of Rocks, Meet Americans

White rumped shama birds have been introed in Hawaii for 60 years. they are in back yard

Frank Rich:Kiss This War Goodbye

Obama seeks to expand arms exports by trimming approval process

Sad but True Toon

Is the Republican Victory Plan Another Great Depression?

Republican Senatorial candidate Sharron Angle calls for alcohol prohibition.

Republican Senatorial candidate Sharron Angle calls for alcohol prohibition.

The Tea Party isn't so bright when it comes to anything

North Korean football team shamed in six-hour public inquiry over World Cup

The Sea Shepherds Are In Town Tonight!! (So-Cal)

Wild, funny day - with lightning and fires, too.

So, what else is happening in AZ while Joe Arpaio is hassling brown people?

Who the fuck is Phyllis Schlafly?

GM's Electric Lemon

New York police to continue stop-and-frisk onslaught despite new law

Reminders. Obama turns 49 on August 4th.

Alvin Greene What Do you think?

It’s official :Former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton,release statement

Ha! Krugman: GOP boy genius Paul Ryan is "stone-cold ignorant" on economics

Do you care enough about whales and dolphins to take a stand against their extermination?

Powering an electric vehicle

Powering an electric vehicle

The last paragraph of Paul Krugman's Opinion in the NYT:

Will the people of opposing parties ever come together in the interest of what's good for the people

Two Kansas Rethugs Reveal Themselves as Birthers

The worst monsoon rains in 100 years

I don't get it..people are complaining the Rengal thing is a purge?

Social Security is not broken. That is a "Republican" talking point. Don't fall for it.

Falling Off a Cliff: Judicial Confirmation Rates Have Nosedived in the Obama Presidency

Falling Off a Cliff: Judicial Confirmation Rates Have Nosedived in the Obama Presidency

Muslim, the Jews of the 21st Century

Muslim, the Jews of the 21st Century

Thanks to a DU member for this quote...

Optional work program for the homeless and unemployed

You don't like the Taliban and what they do to women, then bomb Saudi Arabia!

WTF ??? - Dodd Wanted/Wants To Put A REPUBLICAN At The Head Of The Consumer Protection Agency ???

What is the Mission of the War in Afghanistan?

Family friend: Chelsea's wedding costs are in the 6 figures -- NOT millions.

Rural sheriffs dealing with new problem: more women in jail

Fear Factor: What's Keeping the President From Picking the Best Person to Protect Consumers?

Labrador fills in for Tea Party favorite, Rep. Michele Bachmann

The Unemployed, Organized Online, Look to the Midterms

Be **really** careful with those little, tiny downballot races we all tend to ignore

I am ( a poem with a message)

Turbines too loud for you? Here, take $5000.

Charlie Rangel "Since Kunu Ri .. I have never, never had a bad day."

Charlie Rangel "Since Kunu Ri .. I have never, never had a bad day."

If you like political quizzes, here is one for you.

WSJ: Credit card companies skirt new legislation by replacing old fees with new ones

Yin, yang and Karma payback for lunch with Helen Thomas and Howard Dean

A Sin and a Shame...Bob Herbert reveals how corporate greed multiplies the misery...

Judge Orders Rape Survivors to Take Lie-Detection Test

How do you make out a will to protect against estate or state taxes?

Existential Psychosis, Peace, & War

New poll: Crist takes big lead -- Crist: 41% Rubio: 30% Meek: 12%

How about a WEINER - GRAYSON ticket in 2016?

The planned Islamic Community Center is NOT a mosque, and will NOT be at Ground Zero

Yet another economic disaster on the way...

Menace of the Militarist Program (Helen Keller 1915)

I really do love Hillary---but my God.....

OK, so we've spent days, weeks, and months screaming at one another, so I have some questions.

Cover story in Time magazine, should school summer vacation be abolished?

If you are a Proud Bleeding Heart Liberal Raise your hand

The ADL Sez: "It's Not that We're Prejudiced, BUT..."

Faith-based clinics can get up to 25 million to treat the poor and uninsured.

Faith-based clinics can get up to 25 million to treat the poor and uninsured.

Are ethics charges against Rangel & Waters purge of progressives?

Keep in mind that Newt Gingrich is considered a serious Person

The Chevy Volt Is An Extended Range Electric Vehicle (not a conventional hybrid)

if liberals are so unnecessary to a Democratic win,

Rep. Maxine Waters ethics panel charge

I would like to know why some Democrats, including President Obama

Strengthen Social Security Coalition Puts Both Parties on Notice

USS Indianapolis July 30-31 1945 IN MEMORY

Church plans Quran-burning event

Ha ha! I just realized how Julian Assange is pulling the biggest mindfuck EVER on the Pentagon.

Why is Obama strongly hinting that Charlie should resign, but has not a peep for ......

"It's called the American dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it."

For the 'sensible' people, here’s the deal.

anyone notice the new explanation for bosses not hiring?

Have the endeavors of social scientists yielded little more than a parody of natural science?

A Brief Refresher on the Taliban's Worst-Kept Secret

This is all I have. {dial-up delight}

Note To Police Officers: Cover Your Tattoos

What is the most depressing polka you've ever danced to?

Are we gonna take this shit??? GODDAMN RIGHT WE'RE NOT!!!

Are we gonna take this shit??? GODDAMN RIGHT WE'RE NOT!!!

Russian art museum a cat haven

I Need A Laugh

I has a Nook!

I can listen to this song in a continuous loop , forever .

does anyone have personal contact info for DU-er OregonBlue??

does anyone have personal contact info for DU-er OregonBlue??

I'm going to be honest here about Star Wars...

I don't have a lap, I have a bed for Charlotte.

Got that Microsoft/Bill Gates e-mail again today.

And when I am depressed/blue I listen to this song

Dr. Michael White

wife got creative for under35 bucks

This guy must have been smoking when he donated to my (R)ep

More regrettable incidents in a life filled with bitter remorse:

I posted this in the Photography Group but didn't want the Lounge to miss out. LOL

A one man barbershop quartet singing Star Wars songs

Holy chow, Concrete Blonde's Bloodletting is 20 years old.

Chelsea's NY wedding eve

LDS questions


Last.FM / Pandora are two more streaming music sites you may have missed

What do you think is Brian De Palma's best film and how does he view women?

Does Anyone Want to Hear "Love Train" by The O'Jays, Right Fucking Now?!!

interesting work on emotions and facial expression

This is Hugh11!1

I hate all commercials...except for those made by Kenneth Anger

Pirates marathon on USA !JDepp on J Sparrow during commercials

Looking for a Ska punk song. Experts step up.

A HUGE Favor...alt rock band at Bill White's rally needs some love - not what you think

funniest video ever

Violent and stormy sneeze attacks

Violent and stormy sneeze attacks

B. B. Rebozo (nt)

Question about Inception...sort of

The Big Day: Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding

More from the Awkward Family Photos....Pretty in Pink

HEXBUG- it started with a toothbrush head and a cell phone vibrating battery - this is SO cool

Have you ever made a "fateful decision?"

seriously angry motorist.

bird puts dog in the doghouse

I will be outta town tomorrow, but there will be LOLcats. :)

Any tips on wedding crashing ?

The Best Modern Gangster Movie?

Anyone else hate shoehorned love stories in genre films?

What we need is an iTunes/computer equivalent for DVDs

I took some pictures...

Going to a wedding. No not that one. What is a fair amount for the gift these days?

Just so you know who's out there online w/ you

Teh Awesome - Jane Austen's Fight Club

Weird.. I have good news!

Tonight I colored my hair for the third night in a row.

Wow, nothing at the movies really appeals to me right now

Ok, second part of my look back at Saturday Night Live. The WORST parts?

Home improvement company has been a no-show twice just for the estimate phase.

The ladies love Peter Cetera...

$10,000 (pics)

At risk of starting a copycat thread -

Kitteh question...

Is there a place one can go hang at and meet people after midnight that is not a bar or diner

Just found out today. My Dad has liver cancer.

Why do trolls troll us furries so much?

Lou Reed or Lou Costello?

When I apply for a job, and then they hire me, why do I have to go in and work each day?

If America had a national dance, what would it be?

I'm having a crisis of faith and my conservative fiance is telling me...

WOW anyone ever see this child sing

LSD questions

Question about Free Speech TV and DirecTv

President Obama to auto workers: 'You are proving the naysayers wrong'

Prosecutors will not pursue criminal case against Gore in alleged sex abuse of massage therapist

Slowing economic rebound raises unemployment fears

SEC Gets FOIA Foil in Financial Law

Obama Sees Auto Revival as a Success

House approves bill on drilling, oil spills

FBI admits probing radical historian Zinn for criticizing bureau

Political detainee sues Saudi government

BREAKING: Cuba eliminates U.S.

North Korean football team shamed in six-hour public inquiry over World Cup

Church plans Quran-burning event

Pakistan security officers cancel UK visit (after Cameron's terrorism remarks)

Judge (Susan Bolton) 'inundated' with death threats after Arizona ruling

Colombia: US Military Aid May Have Sparked Civilian Killings

Wealthy Dallas brothers become SEC fraud target

With Recovery Slowing, the Jobs Outlook Dims

President Obama: Republicans holding small businesses "hostage"

Transport Canada won’t turn the other cheek over decals

Oil in the bayou? Coast Guard says substance isn't from Deepwater Horizon

Three convicted murderers break out of Arizona prison

Arizona immigration law appeal set for November (US court denied a request for an expedited hearing)

Canadian jets intercept Russian bombers

Death toll in Pakistani floods surges past 800

Many Indigent Refugees to Lose Federal Assistance

Greenland Ice Cap Melt Is Accelerating

Lord Prescott Brands Spy Claims About Saddam 'Tittle Tattle' at Iraq Inquiry

Experts: Gulf was a dump long before spill

U.S. bank failures total 108 after 5 shut on Friday (Update:12 Banks Total Shut Today)

Public hearing to be held on shipment of nuclear waste through Great Lakes

Public hearing to be held on shipment of nuclear waste through Great Lakes

Obama: Time for Rangel to end career "with dignity"

(Wheelchair) Robber says he did it to go back to prison (better medical care)

Rangel says colleagues who similarly sought donations were not punished

House adds two cosponsors to the Fair Elections Now Act, increasing the total to 159

Robert Shrum: LBJ's Pens and Obama's Peril

"Obama: Rangel Should End His Career With Dignity"

With the sending of 2500 additional National Guard to the Mexican border...

What fond memories do you have of Saturday night Live?

Long-Awaited Cluster Bomb Ban Enters Into Force

Obama's awesome weekly address

Don't Blame Boner: He Just Works There

Small group protests the building of a mosque in Temecula

Judd Gregg is fifth Republican 'yes' on Kagan

Informant says WikiLeaks suspect had civilian help

Love is all you need

Obama visit sets ratings record for 'The View'

Who saw President Obama today in Michigan?

Krugman: Health Care Memories

How the Great Recession Was Brought to an End

Where is Obama Now? He visit to SPY?

This Week with Christiane Amanpour premieres Tommorrow!-First guest is Speaker of the House

How will the Taliban read the WikiLeak reports if over 90% of them are illiterate?

Best Wishes To Chelsea and Marc On Their Wedding Day

Strange how there's wall-to-wall coverage of Rangel and Waters but NO coverage of

The right wing is delusional when it comes to taxes..Time to push back HARD HARD HARD.

Tim Pawlenty heads to Iowa.

CIA Document Calls For Using Afghan Women as Messengers to Humanize the War

Why Dummies Can't Build a Tea Party Future

Afghanistan: The unsustainable in pursuit of the unbeatable

Steele event with Breitbart postponed

Ending the Bush tax cuts for the rich will be good for the economy (updated)

Groups rally against Fox bid for White House briefing seat

Does anyone have data to confirm that doctors are not quitting as suggested?

Bush/Cheney prosecution

The ship of state is sinking

The ship of state is sinking

Ethics panel to charge California Rep. Waters

Obama’s Embrace of Free Trade, and the Subversion of Democracy

GOP could control House without majority, says Kevin McCarthy (Repugnant-Calif.)

WikiLeaks founder uploads mystery (1.4GB "Insurance") file

WikiLeaks founder uploads mystery (1.4GB "Insurance") file

YOU, plus Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young on a life raft. In order to survive, who gets eaten first?

(Elizabeth) Warren to Netroots Nation: We Have the Tools; Let’s Use Them

Barack Obama is on Vacation... Again!!!

Humbug to republicans for blocking unemployment extensions

Margaret Flowers: Health Care is a Right

Mike Malloy - We Are A Nation Of Sheep Being Led By Wild Dogs

Trumka Says Strengthen Social Security

Hugh Kaufman EPA Whistleblower Accuses Agency of Cover-Up BP Oil Spill COREXIT

Weekly Address: Good News on Autos, Obstruction on Small Business

Unemployed Threaten with Votes

Warren vs Geithner: It's called ACCOUNTABILITY!

live in high dif


Satire a la Teabag - Redistribution of Grades

Papantonio: Taxpayers On the Hook for BP Cleanup Cost?

BP is Creepy

Why Bernie Bingo Is A Puppet

Dispersants have greatly increased toxicity of oil spill

Arizona Immigration Law -- The real agenda behind the Arizona law!

Rep. Grayson: Why Corporations Come to D.C. to Lobby

TYT: Obama Wants To Spy On Internet Users

Young Turks: CNN vs. The Internet


Anthony Weiner Accomplishes 'Shrinkage' of Peter (King)

Will South Africa nationalise its mines?

The Key Evidence That Cleared Al Gore of Sexual Assault

Gulf media blackout: BP turns off live video feed for three days: Wellhead is leaking

Democrats' economic views saved the day

Fire Teachers; Hire Guns: The New Plan for National Security


The American left and the WikiLeaks documents

LttE: Obama akin to Castro

The Seductions Of Clicking: How The Internet Can Make It Harder To Act

Out of Afghanistan

Is gold dealer using fear to steer buyers into more expensive purchases?

Self-Styled Budget Hawk Mike Pence Defends Spending $560 Million On Unnecessary Weapons Program

Preview: Today Is Tea Party Diversity Day -- Featuring Andrew Breitbart

Debunking "Beck U" -- Faith 102 with "Professor" David Barton

Republicans block small business lending bill

Friday Talking Points (132) -- The DMV? Really?

Afghanistan: The unsustainable in pursuit of the unbeatable

Anthony Weiner Goes Ballistic At GOP For Killing 9/11 Responders Health Care Bill (VIDEO)

NAE Urges Church to Cancel "International Burn a Quran Day"

Guerrilla Armed With Beer Sighted in Venezuela

Are You Smarter than Erick Erickson?

GOP: The party of Sociopathic FutherMuckers

In KC speech, Beck warns of a ‘very violent storm’

William Rivers Pitt: The Missing Piece Meets the Big O

Shocking Right-Wing Homophobia Caught on Tape By Courage Campaign

World Bank admits energy prices were dominant influence in food price rise 2006-2008 not biofuels

Cuban agent's transfer draws Havana's ire

Games that Republicans Play

A Neocon Re-write of American History

If the Gulf Oil Spill reaches the Gulf Stream in the Atlantic, will tar balls eventually end

Thanks To Budget Cuts, No Food Inspections @ Florida Hospitals, Nursing Homes For Nearly 1 Month Now

Coal Cos. Ponder Industry-Funded Campaign Against Kentucky Democratic Candidates

Indonesian Palm Oil Giant Sinar Mas Caught Lying Through Its Teeth As It Levels Primary Forests

High Temperature Records

As July Ends, All Great Lakes Water Temps At Or Near Record Highs - 30-Year Temperature Record

UK Science Team Tracks Six-Meter Vertical Ice Loss On Greenland Ice Cap In One Month - Sky

World Bank admits energy prices were dominant influence in food price rise 2006-2008 not biofuels

Ocean shipping lines cut speed to save fuel costs

Everglades and Madagascar forests on Unesco danger list (BBC)

Northern China mine explosion 'kills 15' (BBC)

Russia mobilises 240,000 to fight deadly wildfires (BBC)

Federal Judge - Massey Energy "Grandstanding", Eviscerates Petition For Expedited Hearing

Nats leading Philies 5 - 0, top 7th!!!

The annual Cleveland liquidation sale

Rams sign QB Sam Bradford; $50 million guaranteed

BREAKING: Cuba eliminates U.S.

Giants get left handed reliever Javier Lopez from Pirates..

11 hits in a row, a Major League record. Hard to believe? Watch it >>

"Imagine if you go there to see Miss Universe and you end up having Miss Iowa."

Where will Tebow be in 5 years?

Further Chile earthquakes 'possible', say scientists

U.S. activists meet relatives of Cubans jailed on spy charges(Cuban 5 facing torture in US gulags)

Pudreval is just getting worse and worse!

Chavez sending troops to Colombian border

Venezuela will not review evidence produced by Colombia

Pdvsa paid USD 54 million surcharge to buy food

Garcia clamps down on leftists before vote .

July 14th, Day one with Luther

Chile general convicted in 1974 murders blames CIA

US scholarships give displaced Colombians a head start

Colombia: US Military Aid May Have Sparked Civilian Killings

Some 300 tons of spoiled food found in Lara state

Guerrilla Armed With Beer Sighted in Venezuela

Airlines ask Venezuelan authorities to speed up foreign exchange allocation

President Chávez, but nobody from Colombia, to attend Mercosur meeting

Colombia kicks over the negotiating table

Gunowners Celebrate New Gun Law (Arizona)

In Wake of 'Heller,' 3rd Circuit OKs Ban on Unnumbered Guns

The NRA Doesn't Deserve Your Support

Joe Mc Elderry, winner of X factor in UK, comes out as gay

brilliantly sad poem with a message

Obama's Legal View of DOMA a Mystery

funny video of total eclipse of the heart

Today in Labor History July 29 Mother Jones' March of the Mill Children, UFW won THE contract GRAPES

Today in Labor History July 28, 1,800 strikers were arrested & Bonus Army burns in D.C.

Bakery workers accept wage freeze

Want a job? Mott's plant in Wayne County is hiring strike breakers

Today in Labor History July 31 Great Shipyard Strike of 1999 ends after a breakthrough agreement

GM Shutters Plant in Canada

Summer Rerun: Debunking the Notion that Unions Hurt Productivity

US News: How Ford and GM Turned a Corner

Some pictures from our fishing trip yesterday

Turtle Porn!

Hypocrisy’s finest hour

Why Israel seeks political support in the US for an Israeli bomb attack on Iran

The Forgotten American

Playing politics: summer camp for Gaza's children

Gaza children set new kite flying world record

Mars Curiosity Rover Takes First Steps

Israeli airstrike kills senior Hamas rocket maker

Fundamentalist atheist church plans Quran burning day

More faith-healing indictments.

An atheist decides to go to church and needs some help

"social, political, and economic matters"

Heaven and Hell

Nevermind , posted incorrectly

Mornin' Konichiwa!

I need advice - warning graphic content, no pictures

Healing vibes for the husband, please

I need to get outta here...

Rick DiClemente's August Starself Astrology Newsletter

Seven Influenza Vaccines For Coming Season Approved By FDA

Eating Raw Crayfish Cause Mysterious Illness