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this is just great---illinois will have two senate elections this fall

Ellen DeGeneres leaving 'American Idol' after 1 season as judge

The Senate Judiciary met to do nothing on judicial nominations today

The Senate Judiciary met to do nothing on judicial nominations today

tweety 'resurrecting' himself, or trying to, with 'summary,' end of 2d edition.

"Shirley Sherrod did not blame the media. She blamed Fox News"

He Ain't Heavy (He's my Brother) PSA


WA State Legislative Dist No 32 DUers -- I need guidance!

Obama signs bill to combat crime in Indian Country

It takes effort to be informed. Many pundits/reporters just don't bother.

It takes effort to be informed. Many pundits/reporters just don't bother.

No to Literacy !!!

Reuters: Immigration pushes EU population above 500 mln

The Divine Right of Money #5

Self delete - no longer relevant. The segment is over.

Google: Search engine blocked in mainland China

Conservatives turning to judicial activism to defend AZ immigration bill?

A good editorial about immigration by LA Times writer Gregory Rodriguez:

A good editorial about immigration by LA Times writer Gregory Rodriguez:

FBI, Arlington TX police investigate allegations of arson, hate graffiti and racial slurs at mosque

The Honorable Admiral Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Speaks

Toon: Yep, an American CEO should do the trick

Why not call them "spend, run and ambush conservatives?"

Turn on the Daily Show RIGHT FUCKING NOW

Mike Malloy is hitting hard on shit treatment of troops/vets..I'm crying

Mexican drug lord killed in raid

Officials: Slow Go for High-Speed New England Rail.

Brownback and Landrieu introduce bill to ban mermaids

CBC: Cheeky suitcase stickers no longer for sale in Canada

I'll be damned,here comes your ghost again.

Our victory in war...

Public Enemy's "By the Time I Get to Arizona" - as relevant today as it was back then

Joan Walsh on the dustup between her, Dean vs. Tweety today Breitbart

Taliban Missiles Likely Supplied by Pakistan, Not USA

Ariz. Illegal Immigration Law Judge Threatened

Here's the 5pm version of Hardball with Chris Mathews

I am resorting to a bit of a nuclear option myself, day 29

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Flying Monkey Edition!

I disagree there has ever been censorship in GD or anywhere else on DU about weight.

The Senate is our own Afghanistan. It's where good bills go to die.

Politico's Spin Fail After WaPo Left Out Of WikiLeaks Release

Joan Walsh now says Tweety was technically correct 5PM Show

President Obama signs the Tribal Law and Order Act - pics

Do you read beyond the subject line?

Is ridding Afghanistan of the Taliban an imperative goal?

Private Prisons Might Gain From New Immigration Law

NY subpoenas MetLife, Pru on soldier death benefits

Some lawyers are saying that Shirley Sherrod may have little chance of a damage award against Brietb

My fellow DUers, I have a favor to ask of you.

What's that website that shows how much and to whom individuals gave campaign contributions? Thanks.

Obama urged to turn successful state work-sharing job program national

Border State crime is pure CON political hype

A Plea for Common Sense: Why NATO Should Withdraw from Afghanistan - Der Speigal

Synthetic Derivatives--What are They and Who Cares?

Glenn Beck For President; an important movement among REAL AMERICANS!

So..In Summary, What Have We Learned Here Tonight

Just a reminder... the ".COM" in does NOT mean "communist"

NBC's new sitcom "Outsourced" - worst sitcom idea ever?

So much outrage, so little outreach

Just a reminder: The "Underground" part of Democratic Underground

pelosi to join tea party?

Just a reminder...the "THE" part of "Democratic Underground"'t actually exist

Pit bull vs Bear

Greeted as liberators..."Poll: Nearly 6 in 10 Pakistanis view US as the enemy"

Lynch Same-Sex Couples?!?

A final fix to gulf oil leak may be at hand

Schwarzenegger to speak at Bohemian Club conclave

Ex-body armor chief's fraud case now in NY jury's hands

Democrats need to keep congress in session and vote on a jobs bill every day

Organizing the unemployed online

I WAS wanting a pony.

I WAS wanting a pony.

do ministers have to pay income tax?

GO Rep. Anthony Weiner!!!!!

If you're unemployed, just fuck off and die already

An interview with Richard Brenneman, journalist who covered the Polanski trial

Bangladesh garment workers protest in Dhaka over wages...factories make clothes for Walmart,JC Penny

Bangladesh garment workers protest in Dhaka over wages...factories make clothes for Walmart,JC Penny

Please be in solidarity with those protesting deployment of wounded soldiers to Iraq.

Dutch troops to leave Afghanistan

House lawmakers, citing corruption, may block $4 billion in aid to Afghanistan

Timing of Kagan vote to force GOP to decide quickly or work late

Afghan president asks why allies won't act on Pakistan

Lou Gehrig's victim: Kill me for my organs

Lou Gehrig's victim: Kill me for my organs

Reference to missile-downed helicopter in leaked Afghanistan reports highlights a threat

Lawmakers: VA accounting system deserves an F

Democrats, Republicans posture as friends of small business

Lawmaker: LPD 20 woes might delay MEU

(Adm.) Harvey: Navy can fix surface force in 2 years

Therapy helps wounded (soldiers) emerge from comas

(US Army) Troop warrants reissued over journalist death

Leaked Afghan war files a 'dangerous' risk: Gates

Things Id Rather do then Speak to the Boy Scouts at their Jamboree

The State of Iowa's Republican Platform wants to strip Obama

Judge in Norfolk ponders sending (former Blackwater) men to Afghanistan

Meet with your reps & senators in aug to overhaul 'no child left behind'

The End of (Military) History? The United States, Israel, and the Failure of the Western Way of War

How much do you agree with what is posted here at DU?

Psssssssssst -Sen. Coburn Gives Prosecutors E-Mails In John Ensign Probe

Let them eat fiscal responsibility

July is deadliest month of Afghan war for US

Oh noes! Timing of Kagan vote to force GOP to decide quickly or work late

National Insecurity: Afraid of the Truth

Fire Teachers; Hire Guns: The New Plan for National Security

The Bottom Line in Afghanistan

Mr. Obama may not be the politician of their dreams-----

Two cats talking to each other

US Grows Isolated on Aggressive War

Eglin likely to host 59 ($14.3+ billion dollars of) F-35s, military says

O'Donnell has the right frame: If the GOP thinks the Bush tax cuts were a good idea...

French parliamentary commission approves pension cuts

A Big Effing deal here in Center City Philadelphia:

Wyly Brothers Gave Millions To Over 200 Republican Candidates

Wave of cutbacks hits Oregon

I don't get it

Appealing Poll: Texans Stand Tall For Church-State Separation

Report links suicide spike to risky behaviors

I have a question for DU: How have the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL CONTRACTORS affected the War on Terror??

surge update: July becomes deadliest month for U.S. forces in Afghanistan

Right Wing Lies

Congressman Weiner on the 911 bill

North Korean football team shamed in six-hour public inquiry over World Cup

Afghan president calls data leaks shocking

Study links risky behavior, Army suicides

Economic Report: Historic U.S. Jobs Crisis Won't End Without Big Changes In Economic Policy

Man who helped Texas Green Party worked for Perry

Man who helped Texas Green Party worked for Perry

92 House Republicans voted against the "Tribal Law and Order Act."

92 House Republicans voted against the "Tribal Law and Order Act."

The U.S.’ New ‘Winning Hearts’ Policy

The U.S.’ New ‘Winning Hearts’ Policy

Afghan Ordeal

Recovery loses steam in second quarter as consumers turn cautious

House takes hard line on Humvees

So who is this Greene person for FL Senate?

Judge takes GOP-backed proposed healthcare amendment off ballot

The Supposed Democratic Lack of Enthusiasm Come November

Aetna, Humana, Other Insurers Mull New Group to Influence November Races

Rep. Weiner - scorching the Republicans - HELL YEAH!!!!!!!

anthony weiner on m$nbc right now!!

This week’s civics lessons for America’s schoolchildren: Education is a threat to national security.

According to Pat Buchanan, et al on Morning Joe those benefits for 911 responders don't matter

DoD Buzz: Panel Warns Of DoD ‘Train Wreck’

Endgame in Afghanistan: 'It's Taken a Year to Move 20km' **CAUTION- GRAPHIC FILM ***

Fools Gold: Inside the Glenn Beck Goldline Scheme

White House: Don't post more secret war papers, talks about Rangel

Missouri Dems to file FEC complaint against Joe the Plumber

92,000 pages of awesome misery, By Mark Morford

EMPLOYERS Go on Strike—Because They Can

Consumer Spending Falls Sharply In July As Major Retailers Lose Ground

How come nobody ever points out when Nouriel Roubini (Dr. Doom) got it wrong?

Sean Smith's brutal, uncompromising film shows the horrific chaos of Obama's War

Sean Smith's brutal, uncompromising film shows the horrific chaos of Obama's War


When and how did capitalism become waahpitalism?

Americans are Creationists; Britons and Canadians Side with Evolution

US Economy Grows in Second Quarter, GDP up 2.4%

How many of the sheriffs in your state can you name right off

'Liberal' media sure buried this story: Man murdered his own sister because she was "too liberal"

Do you find this confusing or funny? Iowa GOP creates plan to strip Obama of citizenship

where are all the GOP critics of the auto bailout now?

Et tu, Eddie?

The High Price Of Collusion In America’s Imperialist Wars.

US is buying more friends

I went to wikileaks but was unable to find the recently release docs on the war

Obama seeks to expand arms exports by trimming approval process

self delete

Should Be Today's Front Page...

prop 19 "possible downward bias in the human operator polls"

Difference between Conservative and Liberal in six simple words

Difference between Conservative and Liberal in six simple words

Do we have too many posts with "fucking" in the headline?

What is Socialism?

Quality Journalism-Politico Quotes NON-EXISTENT Post Article To Call Assange A Liar

Can't understand this

Great Lakes threatened by Michigan oil spill

Invest 90

WikiLeaks in Baghdad

Ads on DU for Repukeblicans candidates.

The Economist - Rough Justice in America. Too many laws, too many prisoners

Obama spokesman says Dems will keep House in fall

Rand Paul: Primary issue with mountaintop removal is "they should name it something better"

Meet The Republican Party 2010

Meet The Republican Party 2010

Michele Bachmann Better Suited for “Mad Men” Than Congress

LMAO - Cracked columnist dissects how easy it is to write "The Overton Window"

LMAO - Cracked columnist dissects how easy it is to write "The Overton Window"

LMAO - Cracked columnist dissects how easy it is to write "The Overton Window"

Taliban 'hunting down informants'

SEC Accuses Sam And Charles Wyly, Billionaire Dallas Investors, Of Insider Trading Yielding $550 MIL

Senate expected to take up enhanced Medicaid funding

Americans Splurge on IPads While Broke in New Abnormal Economy


yesterday Gates said a phrase I hadn't heard before:

Americans Cut Back on Visits to Doctor

The 9/11 workers are heroes and the repukes spit on them...

DUers - John Metzler from the Arlington Ceremony

DUers - John Metzler from the Arlington Ceremony

Math Lesson For Florida Voters...What do you get when you ......

Cheap Applause for Sharron Angle

Whoa, RW coworker got me to laughing so hard

NJ man expected in court for vomit assault at Phillies game

Anthony Wiener is ON FIRE!


Huffpo Froomkin: 4 More Years of War

The Rude Pundit - Afghanistan Is Our Welfare State: The Mundane Details of Occupation

Girl-band tests Myanmar limits

CNN: On WikiLeaks scandal, hacker says he didn't want to be a 'coward'

Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm: "'Cracking the Code' to Keeping Manufacturing Jobs in America"

Must See: Stephen-Colbert-destroys-the Deficit Hawks

Great (short) video clip of Democratic outrage

Borosage on Huffington - Reality Check

I'm sure that since someone here will do it anyway...

A few fire pics

Only in Canada, taking snapshots of a Christian brings on a visit from the cops.

i googled 'wedding costs for jenna bu$h wedding'....found this

The Republicans hate you

So here is a question: will Wikileaks have imitators?

Revolutionary Change without The (R)

Paging Maury Povitch . . . . .

self delete, event has ended

Woman honks horn and gets beaten up; attacker in jail

Obama Defends Education Policies Amid Mass Education Layoffs

OMG!!! Chelsea's wedding could cost $20 MILLION!

If he were in the room with us right now...

Senate Votes to Double Fines, Jail Time for Pot Brownies

Senate Votes to Double Fines, Jail Time for Pot Brownies

Dear Mr. Or Ms. Moderator

zach wamp, tennessee governor wannabe, is running on the god ticket

Cantor criticized for accepting $460K+ donations from financial sector

Hour 2 of Hartmann - Phoenix lefty radio host

Chinese Investor Emerges as a Successor to Buffett

The problem with the tensions on DU is because the Democratic Party is NOT a political party...

Chris Matthews Retapes Sherrod Segment For 7PM Hardball Rerun After 5PM (Breitbart) Flap

Raids are increasing on farms and private food-supply club

Wide swath of fishing areas reopened in Louisiana

Wide swath of fishing areas reopened in Louisiana

BP denies Texas a cash advance, gets scathing response

BP denies Texas a cash advance, gets scathing response

Mr. Fish Does Wikileaks

How did DU end up on the" Condi Rice is a House N****" issue?

The (Republican) Terrorists Have Already Won

Thanks, mods.

Our Complicity ... "We rather be ruined than changed."

Remember the 2003 election for mayor in San Francisco, CA?

Remember the 2003 election for mayor in San Francisco, CA?

Toon: The Politics of Unemployment

"Its My Job": Arizona sheriff Arpaio not relenting after court ruling

How WikiLeaks Could Change the Way Reporters Deal With Secrets (ProPublica)

The Rabbi called Father Good and The U-2 Boat Attack, Bachmann = Crazy

Demand that News Corp.'s major shareholders renounce Glenn Beck's violent rhetoric

60 -year-old SoCal man joins the Army

60 -year-old SoCal man joins the Army

Injured soldier reunited with K-9 hero - story with pics

When I saw this candidate for TN governor...

Kinky speaks: The "Tea Party," "Poly-Ticks," & so much more

Social Security Coalition Kicks Off By Pointing Out Myths - FDL

gop gets wish: Rangel case in campaign season

When I imagine the GOP taking congress, and/or the White House ...

Gov Perry Throws BP Under Bus?: "Gross Negligence Revealed As A Cause Of The Explosion"

Gov Perry Throws BP Under Bus?: "Gross Negligence Revealed As A Cause Of The Explosion"

New storm invest 90L in eastern Atlantic- Here we go....

Jon Stewart To Media: 'Nothing Obama Does Will Ever Make You F**king Happy' (VIDEO)

WP's Matt Miller eviscerates Erskine Bowle's deficit logic

Ok here is something fascinating to me

Fed atty: Military secrets sold to pay for Maui home

Fed atty: Military secrets sold to pay for Maui home

Teabaggers warn of Roller Coaster Jihad !!!!

A blast from the past. Please come CAPTION Candidate Michele Bachmann!!!!!

Economy: Good News is Bad News... for real

In regard to abusive language and women, I feel I have to say this:

U.S. to the World: You Thirst. We Don't Care.

U.S. to the World: You Thirst. We Don't Care.

What I learned from the army about language and dehumanization

KY-Sen: Paul says mountain-top mining "enhances" land

Ethics subcommittee recommends reprimand for Rangel

MI oil spill raises familiar questions about oversight (safety waiver grants, revolving door)

Hey, F'ing Repukes- Here's your "lazy, unmotivated" job-seekers

Rude Pundit is a serial offender. Remember Bristol Palin's vagina?

I'm no expert... bit is the VOLT a smart choice?

The Seven Words

The Seven Words

coming full circle

Board Says Military Retirement “Unaffordable” (MOAA)

Deficit Hawk Survey Falsely Claimed People Support Cutting Social Security

Censorship is not progressive.

Interesting New Post From Charlie Cook...Some Sunshine From A Rainmaker

Interesting New Post From Charlie Cook...Some Sunshine From A Rainmaker

Can somebody convince me Dems won't cave on Bush Tax Cuts?

Another ugly reminder to check your Facebook settings — NOW!

LIST the ways republicans "bear false witness against their neighbors". Here's Your Chance!!!

Fox News admits breakdown on Sherrod story

Once again, if the GOP were serious about the so-called illegal immigration "crisis"..

Seizing vehicles for longer list of offenses - loud radio, littering - shakedown of poor

It is unbelievable to me that the 9/11 first responders are dying for lack of health care!

Why would anyone be opposed to legalized gambling?

Concerned Women Are Concernified About Chelsea Clinton's Jew Husband-To-Be

How about if we adopt the homeless as pets?

Puppy Mills - Missouri

A word about Charlie Crist

Calgary mom sued for Oregon foster care

Suspect smashes sprinkler, soaks police station.

Help me rebut this RW e-mail slam on Obama.

USS Indianapolis (CA-35)

NH Sen. Gregg Is Fifth Republican to Support Kagan

Has Levi Johnston fathered ANOTHER love child? (cue "Jerry, Jerry..." chants)

Cop car dismantled to rescue kitten

Finally, someone blows whistle on MERS illegal foreclosures. Hooray.

Pundits Should Listen to Voters on Immigration

What's Wrong With Darrell Issa's Take On Immigration Reform....

What's Wrong With Darrell Issa's Take On Immigration Reform....

Study: Cannabis using schizophrenics have better cognitive functioning

Our elected officials: $60B for Afghanistan troop surge...Jack SHIT for ailing 9/11 responders.

Phyllis (I thought she was dead) Schlafly: unmarried women who support Obama are all on welfare

Phyllis (I thought she was dead) Schlafly: unmarried women who support Obama are all on welfare

Today, Friday July 30th is SnowCone Day at DU! Happy Summer! Or Cotton Candy If You Wish...

Today, Friday July 30th is SnowCone Day at DU! Happy Summer! Or Cotton Candy If You Wish...

Kresge (Foundation) head already sees resurgence in Detroit quick vote: How many chambers of Congress will Republicans control after November?

Millions of gallons of oil remain below the Gulf -MSM living in "parallel universe"

move along...

The Tea Party is Perverted and Irrelevant

From Digby, "Chris Matthews Is An idiot Part XXVII" (goes ballistic...Breitbart "didn't edit")

Would you consider what Pat Buchanan or Coulter do for a living as actual "WORK"?

Some people look at this chart and see something bad....

Why is the Democrats still negotiating with Republicans?

Jury Finds Officer Not Guilty In K-9 Death

Defense Tech: Mattis Still Supports Light COIN Plane Air Force Wants Dead

Did MSNBC Take Matthews Off The Air - Chuckie Is Sitting In For Him Today.....

The new 'LA 30/10' initiative, from LACMTA's website,

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Morn Joe lies again says Jerry Brown is not doing well

Video of bird cleanup Venice, LA

Video of bird cleanup Venice, LA

Assange: "National security is not my concern"

Assange: "National security is not my concern"

Dem proposes blocking tax deduction bailout for BP

Anthony Weiner Rips Apart Republicans on 9/11Health Bill

Here's Something That They Keep Not Saying About Extending The Tax Cuts

Unintelligent By Design

Mother Jones: Are Tea Partiers Trying to Hijack 9/11?

Weiner Wins Media Cycle With House Rant

What's the Prudential racket that's affecting

Heads-up! Snooki coming right up on Ed Show.

I'm beginning to pray to a Divine thing

Why are 750,000+ American prisoners working when 15+ million ordinary Americans aren't?

Question about the National Guard...

Calif. Rep. Lungren caught speeding while on air

Health Insurance Mandate up for vote in MO next week and I still don't understand

The 100 best magazine articles

Want a job? Mott's plant in Wayne County is hiring strike breakers

Chrysler to add 900 jobs to midsize-car plant

I just found out that the Green Bay Packers are a community owned team

4th bear caught after deadly MT campground attack

Stop Number 6 in My Education Odyssey is a Junior High Called Parkside…

(Avatar?) Workers Held For Destroying Sacred Site Freed By Brazil Indians

Sen. Ben Nelson: Nay on Kaygan

Hardball now questioning Democratic poll numbers

Snooki Arrested for Alleged Public Drunkenness

Anti-K2 legislation - your thoughts?

Call on Obama to Veto Pot Bownie Legislation

More Snooki coming up on Hardball...

1 hour before arrest, Snooki Tweets Obama: "I'll teach you how to fits pump!" Er...HUH?

Florida DEP finds no detectable oil along coastline

Fred Thompson "stars" in a commercial pushing the extension of

Chrysler to keep Sterling Heights plant running, add 900 jobs

the media meme (lie)...democrats are going to 'repeal' the bu$h* tax cuts for the wealthy

McConnell Sees Presidential Bid by Thune

Violence and Hate Speech Against Women

Immigration issue draws Conor Oberst

Americans cut back on doctor visits

What is this 'Snooki'

Secretary of State candidate charged with misdemeanor battery...

Is this for real (Afghanistan IEDs)?

Charlie Crist has slight edge in U.S. Senate race

Al Gore Cleared in Sexual Assault Case by Portland District Attorney

Wanted: violent Moran

"Sometimes as Democrats, we come into knife fights carrying library books."

Tom Ridge(Repuke), paid shill for the natural-gas drillers swarming his native state.

I thought this might make a good bumper sticker;

Diane Feinstein attacks prisoners and their families!

Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) wants Bush tax cuts for rich extended until economy is "robust"

Rangel investigated and BushCo not?

Does anyone know of programs to help cancer patients with prescription drug costs?

Senate Can't Pass Tax Cuts, But It Can Raise Penalties On Pot Brownies

The party that produced the Neocons that attacked the U.S. on 9/11

US casualties in Afghanistan soar to record highs

Murder of civilians linked to Colombian military forces receiving US funding.

Study: iPad owners are selfish elitists, non-owners are independent geeks

'Anti-Islamic' bus ads appear in major cities

I love Andy Griffith

What's your take on politicians and parties who say they're "beyond left or right"?

Caution: There Be Bears...

please review my ltte-homeless children in Texas

A day of action against Hyatt

ShirleySherrod says that President Obama needs to brush up on his civil rights history

Iowa GOP Supports Amendment To Strip Obama’s Citizenship Because He Won The Nobel Peace Prize

'Bullet Found In Grijalva's Yuma Office' - Today's Yuma Sun Headline

Democrat Ben Nelson Opposes Kagan

Michael Reagan Now Hawking '' Email Addresses

Sad here. Grizzly bear euthanized after triple mauling near Yellowstone National Park

LOL Todays' Doonesbury - "Plastic Crap"

Engel (D-NY) Bill to Block Tax Deductions of Oil Spill Costs

President Obama to auto workers: 'You are proving the naysayers wrong'

October 21st, 1978: Al Franken & Tom Davis on "the out-of-control nature of negative campaign ads"

Obama & the D party, saving energy and cleaning the air

Snooki Arrested While Protesting Tanning Tax!

Dino Rossi could be in trouble

Great old video of Al Franken making Ann Coulter squirm due to her lies

Janis Fullilove, Memphis Councilwoman, Receives Death Threats For Her Support Of Gay Workers' Rights

NOW comes out against the Catfood Commission

NOW comes out against the Catfood Commission

Do we want Boener to be in charge?

House rejects bill to aid sick 9/11 responders

Bristol Palin calls off engagement!!!

Bristol Palin calls off engagement!!!

PHOTO: Schwarzenegger cuts state workers pay to build statue of Reagan?

Speaker Boehner? Right: and I've got a date with Drew Barrymore this evening!

Obama the Velcro president

Demand that News Corp.'s major shareholders renounce Glenn Beck's violent rhetoric and its dangerous

This is not the 'Change' I wanted

Ezra Klein DEMOLISHES the Con argument that "tax cuts raise revenue."

Is there room for FDR like Government programs in the recession of 2010?

US National Security is not threatened by the WikiLeaks releases-agree/disagree

Here is a picture of my latest creation

ADL supports bigotry against Muslims.

How many of you back the DLC?

This week's Friday Afternoon Challege Question: Match the Madonna!

Seattle (no charters) filled with Broad moles

Bloomberg's Lies Must Now Be Settled on the Backs of Children (NYC ed deform = phoney test scores)

Earning that Nobel Prize every day!

This is gonna be a big deal for Dallas...The charges against the Wylys could be a problem for many

Hey Lady Blah Blah

GM to boost Volt output 50 percent for 2012 on buyer demand

The Words of My Hero Bobby Kennedy Still ring true and they are worth repeating

Lawrence O'Donnell Show Gets a Name, Launch Date

Why do so many complain because Obama is not Bush?

MSNBC's effort to sanitize Tweety's error is flawed !

Lawrence O'Donnell says it is Republicans that are responsible for taxes going up..

Breaking: No Gore Prosecution

Obama takes the Chevy Volt for a (very) short test drive.

Name your favorite 'snollygoster'!

Name your favorite 'snollygoster'!

VOLT: nice pics

Timeline of the Michigan oil spill - taken from government logs - This'll piss you off.

Does Harry Reid have the guts to keep the Senate in session thru the August recess?

Hasselbeck: Omaba's response to my question was "crafty," like "someone who's on their heels"

Hasselbeck: Omaba's response to my question was "crafty," like "someone who's on their heels"

Glenn Beck, speaking in Kansas City, warns of a 'violent storm'

Di-Fi's Pot Brownie legislation bill advances....

Howard Zinn's FBI file released, was established in 1949

I don't think DU was set up to blindly support the Democratic Party.

Yeah. DU is like that at times. This is a thread for someone special here

Yeah. DU is like that at times. This is a thread for someone special here

Yeah. DU is like that at times. This is a thread for someone special here

Fox News Fires Beck over Simpsons Flap

no, it's not the onion....Senate Votes to Double Fines, Jail Time for Pot Brownies

NLG Legal Observers Targeted by Police in Arizona

Baby,Baby,Baby..whose having whose baby? Looks like the abstinence lesson worked well.Jerry!..Jerry!

we need a way to use the big money spent on campaigns

To those bent out of shape about the latest Wikileaks release and so vexed

Legal Experts: Sherrod Lawsuit Against Breitbart Has Merit

Well, I still love this man and am grateful to him. Period.

did you ever think you'd have to submit a resume to

A bill to prohibit replacing US law with Sharia Law? Really? Newt?

Al Gore cleared of sex assault accusations

Will the Tea Party play a significant role in assisting the Democrats this fall?

What America Eats, Visualized

It is very odd to suddenly be so popular. After almost a solid

Milbank to Beck: "Stop encouraging" potential murderers

Curious about your opinions: my county has made it mandatory to post calorie counts on menus

Ann Coulter Is A Deliberate Liar, among Other Things

US students rank 25th out of 30 in math proficiency

Oklahoma fathers of dead service members rally against war funding

Wash Post business writer accidentally hits on the biggest problem in American economy

The mainstreaming of anti-immigrant hate speech

Scientists Find Evidence That Oil And Dispersant Mix Is Making Its Way Into The Foodchain

Peace Prize? Hilarious if it weren't sickening.

Is there a way to get the "OMG Sharia Law" nitwits to understand what they are against?

Doonesbury utterly lays waste to Quitter PALIN today.

Help defeat Darrell Issa this November

Kerry says he mishandled furor over yacht taxes

Texas Ghost Towns: my pictorial essays (DIAL-UP WARNING)

Obama strategy gives us deadliest month in Afghanistan, 66 US troops dead.

Is it common for newspaper website forums to be dominated by righties?

Top 5 Social Security Myths

FBI admits probing radical historian Zinn for criticizing bureau

You Know That You've Got A Bad Cop Problem When....

I will NOT let DU become "Green Party Underground".

Since it's "hate the Greens night" -might be worth a look at what the derision's directed at

Bill Clinton in trouble again after bachelor party hijinks?

Assange: "National security is not my concern"

Is there any good use for this high fructose corn syrup shit?

Just a reminder: The "Democratic" part of Democratic Underground

Are there any DU lawyers here who can talk about Sherrod's chances in her lawsuit against Breitbart?

I went out to my truck and noticed that the driver's door had

feels like heaven - fiction factory

By the Time I get to Phoenix-Glen Campbell

Crosby Stills & Nash - Southern Cross

70 Gigapixel photograph of Budapest

Band of Horses - The Funeral

More than one Side of Dialogue: What movie?

THE HOLLIES - He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother

dead can dance seraphim

Commodores - Sail On Sail On

It seems that the whole of DU happens to be in a weird funk right now. Anyone else see it?

Robert Plant - Big Log

Dick in a Box of Rain


Solsbury hill

Kate Bush Cloudbusting

Simply Red - Holding Back The Years

Zakk Wylde - In this river (piano version) R.I.P. Dimebag

How do you reconcile feelings of real hate?

Turn on the Daily Show RIGHT FUCKING NOW

Tiny dancer Elton John

I'll be damned,here comes your ghost again.

11 pints of Cherry Garcia.

Bonnaroo v. Coachella v. Lollapalooza

Perhaps the most brilliant post in the history of GD

move over guys and make room

My dad was so uncool.

Just a reminder...the "THE" part of "Democratic Underground"'t actually exist

Do you read beyond the subject line?

If you owned a Krugerrand-laying Leprechaun, what would you do?

Bla , Bla Bla Bla , Blah bla bla BLAH blaaa , bla bla ?


Early Morning Blues-SRV and BB King

These people vote?

I'm bored and just read, then re-read World War Z.. Somebody recommend a Zombie movie!

Just a reminder: The "Underground" part of Democratic Underground

OK..truth is..I need a do I find a liberal in Texas?

Just remember, the Allman Brothers part of Democraticunderground still kicks Justin Bieber's ass

For the love of gawd, is anyone still awake and feel like entertaining me???

Regis'n'Kelley look like toy dolls next to Kevin KLINE. He's HUGH (physically)!1

Just a reminder... the ".COM" in does NOT mean "communist"

Xpost from GD: Doonesbury lays waste to Quitter PALIN. Utterly.

I can has cheeseburger in my gas tank? E-Gads - $1000!!!

Songs today: I Gotta Feeling. Ding Dong Song.

Do we have too many posts with "fucking" in the headline?

Asshole that purposively puked on Phillies fan and his daughtered sentenced 1-3 months.

Dante's Internet

Yet another Friday poll: Which of these is the most addictive of all?

Put down your Mars bars and look at this.

LOL - just found a letter to Shrubbie that I wrote in July of 2001.

I invited my Granddaughter to be a friend on AIM.

Cat won't sit on your lap while your on the PC?

Who are/were the best TV Grandmothers

Anyone here ever try to learn to speak Cantonese online?

Two cats talking to each other

**Update** on my fall yesterday...

Pictures from the Road: Headed Back East

Videos to smoke K2 Summit or eat pot brownies while watching

Just a reminder: The "Lounge" part of The DU Lounge

Anybody know what to do about crank calls repeatedly

A friday night reminder.

Same basic movie, different title?

Forgive me all my anger, forgive me all my faults

Did anyone see my Snooki?

Now THIS is *hic* beer!

81-Year-Old Sweethearts Reunite After 62 Years

Strange Cargo from Kennedy Airport

The best video of all time! Dance your ass off!

Admit it now who here put something in GD's drink last night.

Cal Peg rocks!

TV's greatest Mothers and Mother In Laws!

Brawl breaks out at NYC restaurant (with video)

What should I make for dinner?

The county Democrats have accepted my gift!

have you ever drank a 6-pack of beer when you had no one to talk to?

A new poem: Dark Eyes

I just saw "Inception." I have one question: What the hell just happened?

Never, ever, buy your teenager a 3-door Saab!

what was that bug I saw earlier?

Friday evening music: Ramones live on Kirshner's Rock Concert, 1977 -

Snooki Arrested for Alleged Public Drunkenness

I'm sure that since someone here will do it anyway...

Bwahahahaha! Some dork misspelled "Obama" in GD.

Funniest parrot story I've read so far...

Bar Patrons Dismayed By Sight Of Band Setting Up

Contractors at my house. I need some DU love!

When applying for a job, resume in hand, why is it necessary to complete a nine-page application?

Drew Carey 80 pounds lighter- since January (PIC)

Can't stop thinking about my wedding week!!

I GOT ACCEPTED!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Remember...Ronald Reagan tells you what he thinks.

I had a needle jammed in my spine the other day...

Just got a wisdom tooth pulled. The whole procedure took less than five minutes.

Telemarketers -- we get at least two calls a night! How do you handle them?

My kid's about to get braces and I'm having anxiety attacks

I'll be away for a few days. My mother passed away tonight.

100 best movie performances, from Primiere magazine.

The greatest poet of the 20th century (not named Eliot)?

(California) Suit over initiative abolishing party primaries

Turkey Softens Law That Jailed Young Kurds

Nuclear Forensics Skill Is Declining in U.S., Report Says

Nuclear Forensics Skill Is Declining in U.S., Report Says

Arizona Governor files Appeal to Immigration Law Injunction

Arab leaders give OK for direct Palestinian talks with Israel

Al-Qaida 'planned 9/11 style attack on Kabul'

Mail poisons U.S. Embassy staff in Paris

Rangel Case Poses Test for Democrats as Elections Near

Afghan war spending faces new scrutiny

Soldiers fire on protesters in Kashmir, 2 killed

Gross Domestic Product: Second Quarter 2010 (Advance Estimate)

July Deadliest Month of Afghan War, for U.S.

McMahon compiles rival's 'Jewish money' list

Republicans block small business plan in Senate

Lawyer Observing Phoenix Protests Arrested

House rejects bill to aid sick 9/11 responders

SEC accuses Dallas investors of insider trading

Gates Says Pentagon to Help Death-Benefits Inquiry

Oil industry safety record blown open

WikiLeaks in Baghdad

Banks' hard sell: Opt in for more overdraft fees

Russia to introduce 'draconian' Minority Report-style law

Soldier accused of leaking secrets flown to U.S. (jail in Virginia)

Obama Defends Education Program

the way SNL was when it was great..Blues Brothers

SEC accuses Dallas investors of insider trading (major GOP fundraisers)

Citigroup is paying $75 million penalty for subprime debacle

Recession was deeper than gov't previously thought

400 Killed in Flooding in Pakistan, Officials Say

The 'Dangerous' Border: Actually One of America's Safest Places

US files labor rights case against Guatemala

Mother wolf in state's first pack in decades is missing

Chevron's quarterly profit soars

White House urges halt to spilling of war secrets

Di-Fi's Pot Brownie legislation bill advances....

Afghans riot near U.S. embassy after deadly crash

Gruesome charges detailed against suspected Nazi

House votes to end offshore drilling moratorium

China imprisons Uighur webmasters for 'endangering security'

'Spillionaires' Cleaning Up On the BP Oil Spill

Economic Growth in U.S. Slows Sharply

``manifestly misleading': Judge throws out proposed Florida healthcare amendment

Judge who ruled on Arizona law is well versed in immigration cases

Greek Truck Drivers Vote to Continue 5-Day Strike

July is Deadliest Month of Afghan War for U.S. (3 U.S. Soldiers Die In Blast)

Wikileaks data: suspected army source sent back to US

Army's rising suicide rate mostly related to crime, drugs (not repeat deployments)

Should we beat the war drum along with Valerie Plame?

Population Research Presents a Sobering Prognosis (over 7 billion in 2011)

White House Seeks to Clarify F.B.I. Powers vis-ŕ-vis E-Mail; Also, statement from Senator Leahy

Wyly Brothers’ $550 Million Stock Sales Draw SEC Fraud Lawsuit

Dem Strategy for November: " The Republicans want to be mayors of crazy-town."

Thousands in Gulf Suffer from Misdiagnosed Skin Lesions


Democratic Rep. Mike McMahon Fires Staffer for "Jewish Money" List

Tired of "Liberal" Google and AOL? Michael Reagan Selling @Reagan E-Mail Addresses

why don't I come here more often?This is great!

Huntington Beach police may identify drunk drivers on its website

Geithner Acting Director of Consumer Bureau During Transition

Reid plans showdown with GOP on funds for education, Medicaid

Environmentalists say pollution makes baptism at sacred spot in Jordan River unsafe

Lobbyists converge on broadband Web battle

rethugs: give us * tax cuts, we'll give aid to small businesses-maybe

Michigan Company Was Warned About Oil Pipeline

Evidence Mounts That Michigan Tea Party Is Democratic Front

Public Policy Polling (PPP): Obama approval rating on rise in New Hampshire & California

Economy Still Growing, But Not Very Well

Obama Administration Considers Bypassing Congress on Immigration Reform

Theo Albrecht, secretive co-owner of Trader Joe's, dies at 88

Fed judge gets threats after AZ immigration ruling

Joan Walsh now says Tweety was technically correct 5PM Show

SEC Charges Wyly Brothers with Fraud

Pittsburgh diocese sued after suicide of priest abuse accuser

Sarkozy looks to strip citizenship from those who threaten police

Arizona sheriff launches 17th immigration sweep


Job creation bill fails in Senate by 58-42, Senator Sanders calls on Congress stay to help 99ers

Medicare and Mayberry

3 Dallas executives give $1 million each to target...Harry Reid, other Democrats

99er's a force in November?

Sorry Russia, Obama has already beat you to this tactic here -Russia to give security services power

D.A.'s Office: Al Gore Case 'Not Appropriate for Criminal Prosecution'

Has Obama Finally Flinched?

A Comeback Story Americans (even the gop, but they won't) Should Love

**** Heads Up: POTUS Talks About his Awesome Auto Bail Out, Live 12:15pm EDT ****

Economy slows sharply in second quarter as imports surge

Senate clears staff to testify in Ensign affair

Four More Years Of War -- Just For Starters

Obama blasts 'just say no' Republicans in autos victory lap

Who is Like Unto Obama? Who is Able to Challenge Him?

Obama should give Warren a recess appointment

Today's GDP number is better than it looks.

Stewart To Media: 'Nothing Obama Does Will Ever Make You F**king Happy' (VIDEO)

Poll: Should President Obama's Nobel Prize be rescinded?

How Deregulation Devastated Community Banks and Small Business

Despite an aggressive campaign, Republican Meg Whitman continues to trail Democrat Jerry Brown

EPA Rejects Petitions to Reverse Climate Change Endangerment Finding

Louisville businessman Phil Moffett running for governor

Uh, oh, Terry Branstad’s Winnebago is a no, no!

Obama coming to Miami for fundraiser

Top 5 Social Security Myths

Can you support this statement?

Now this is a Democrat with COURAGE

NYT: Oregon Prosecutor Says No Gore Prosecution

Most Pakistanis View U.S. as Enemy, Want War Over, Survey Finds

"I want the 'just say no' crowd to look you in the eye and say you were a bad investment"

Obama Seeks to Expand US Arms Exports

'Birther' attorney Orly Taitz just won't give up on Obama

Republican Temper Tantrums, Part 873

Wyly Brothers Gave Millions To Over 200 Republican Candidates

Incoming BP CEO: Time for 'scaleback' in cleanup

F.D.A. Clears Way for Embryonic Stem Cell Trial Using Patients

Re-Airing of Sir Paul McCartney at the White House on PBS..9:30 p.m...n/t

45 Years of Progress on Health Care, Brought to you by the Democratic Party

Palin Criticizes Obama for Going on "View" - says he should have gone to US-Mexico border instead.

Simmons supporters still skeptical

Snooki vs Obama continued......Snooki slams Obama over tanning tax!

Romanoff accuses Sen. Bennet of 'Wall Street greed'

Say hello to the gNOp's latest political target - Mayberry's Finest... Andy Griffith

Ben Nelson will not vote for Elena Kagan

Charlie Cook: A Turning Point For Democrats?

Taliban hunt Wikileaks outed Afghan informers

deep disappointed today

**** Breaking fresh! Breaking HARD! Snooki arrested TODAY - 7/30/10 ****

Something's Up With Iran

Buckle up, Mr. President, here we go!

Obama:'I'm standing right here'

No Lobbying Help for the Little Guys: Trade groups are silent on a $30 billion fund to spur lending

Ben Nelson will vote NO on Kagan

Curbing Your Enthusiasm, PAUL KRUGMAN

Less than 100 days, Why aren't we All Screaming like Weiner ?

My Hunch About Warren's Appointment or Lack Thereof

Taliban Says It Will Target Names Exposed by WikiLeaks

If Obama intends to protect working Americans, then why

A Comeback Story Americans (Even the GOP) Should Love

Phyllis Schafly: Obama wants to increase the number of people on welfare to get re-elected

The look on Joy Behar's face when Obama put Hasselback in her place was priceless

Jewish Group Opposes Ground Zero Mosque

New Quinnipiac Poll puts Jeff Greene ahead of Kendrick Meek in Florida U.S. Senate race

Murders stir trouble in Panama paradise (American suspects)

Honduras: Ongoing Attacks Foster Climate of Intimidation

President Obama On '' The View '' ( 7/29/2010 ) ( part 1 )

Jeffrey Lord, The American Spectator - Is continuing to bang on race an effective GOP strategy?

Papantonio: Obama Reconnects with Female Voters

Diane Ravitch on NCLB/Race to the Top

IED Attacks Based on Wikileaks Afghanistan War Logs (ANIMATED MAP)

Song of the Woodchuck

Andrew Romanoff For U.S. Senate

Mike Malloy - What Will Happen If Republicans Win - Part 1

Young Turks: Is Las Vegas Going Under?

Mike Malloy - What Will Happen If Republicans Win - Part 2

Tier 5 and the new website.

David Letterman - Jeb Bush Top Ten

Jimmy Kimmel: Title of Bush's New Memoir


DNC: 45 Years of Progress on Health Care

GOLDEN DECEPTION - Conservatives Scammed by Beck & Jones

Netroots Nation Wrap Up

TYT: Dangerous Evangelical End Timer Tells Huckabee "Obama Bringing Us Closer To The Apocalypse"

SLC Punk - understanding why they fight

SLC Punk - Family Meeting

Midweek Politics: The US Is an overwhelmingly liberal country on EVERY issue

Rep. Edwards: Our Backs Against a Wall, Why We Need a Constitutional Amendment

Financial Regulation Law Exempts SEC from Transparency Measures

Bachmann: We're that critical link on the chain right now between the Pilgrims & the next generation

Senator Claire 'KickButt' McCaskill (D-MO) grills Arlington Cemetery administrators

Thune: Cut Spending But Make Sure To Extend Tax Cuts For The Rich

MSNBC messes up. Maybe we should trade dem donkey in for a bear!

TYT: The Insane Cost of War

The Oil Is Still There Folks (Fly over the Gulf)

Unemployment in England (You are not alone)

President Barack Obama The View Part 2

Young Turks: Inception Star's Strong Gay Sex Comments

These Truths Are Self-Evident: Corporations Aren't People

Pathetic Republicans • Volume 2: Stalling Aide to Sick Heroes

Matt Rockwood with Brutally Honest Politics > Rant of the Day: TAXES

Black Republican snuff film: Runaway slave

Republicans vs. The Truth: Senator Sessions Uses Fuzzy Math to Explain GOP Objections to Judges

81-year-old sweethearts reunite after 62 years

Another Republican leaves the party because of Tier 5

Another Republican leaves the party! He's in Nevada too!

Phyllis Schlafly slams unmarried women at Michigan event

Senate Democrats: GOP Backs "Big Oil Bailout" As Democrats Fight For Jobs & BP Accountability

BBC International News ( Parody )

"Flow" Trailer (Who owns the worlds water supply!?)

Mildly Relevant News: Anthony Weiner Gets Reality TV on Peter King and Republicans

Republican voter blast Sharon Angle's Jane Hamsher Discusses Leagalizing Marijuana

Ed Schultz Blasts Republicans for Inaction on Jobs

TYT: Cenk To Host MSNBC August 2nd - August 6th (3-4pm ET, 12-1pm PT)

Andy Griffith lauds Obamacare in PSA

Gingrich: We're one for three on the Axis of Evil, why not 3 for 3?

MSNBC: Cenk On Rep. Weiner's Rant (Vs. Conservative Blogger)

Lindsey Graham Has Lost His Damn Mind

I got a phone call right from Heaven, and Jesus is on the Line!!

Unplugged: Fox & GOP Hate Poor People

Thom challenges Dr. Judith Reisman on sex-ed for 1st graders in cannibal sex?

White Poor Buying GOP Sham

Peter King and Anthony Weiner Shout Their Way Through a Fox News Interview This Morning

Signing the Tribal Law and Order Act

2 Teen Workers Trapped Inside Grain Bin Die(One was 14)

Arizona's immigration law: aimed at criminals or at workers?

Potential Ethics Panel Deal Seeks to Emasculate Charlie Rangel

Too Big Not To Organize

Lord Prescott admits intelligence doubts prior to Iraq war

A Persian message for Obama

Republicans Block Bill to Aid Small Business

TPM Rounds Up The Anti-Immigration GOPers Targeting Birthright Citizenship

Harold Jackson | States' rights: A 19th Century concept rears its head again

Colombia: documents reveal US complicity in atrocities

Howard Zinn’s Final Act of Protest

Curbing Your Enthusiasm - Krugman

Letting Go ....What Should Medicine Do When it Can't Save Your Life ... Dr. Atul Gawande:

A federal-state law inconsistency shouldn't stop Californians from legalizing marijuana

it's possible that the Republican wave has subsided.

Islamic Feminists Storm Some Barricades

Unemployment Extension: 99ers Need To Wait as Senate Will Be in Recess

Hypocritical Senators Choose Tax Cuts For The Rich Over Job Creation

Report Suggests 'Correlation' between U.S. Aid and Army Killings

Obama Seeks to Expand US Arms Exports

As Tennesseans Desperately Search For Work, Wamp Suggests Unemployed Are ‘Just Sitting Back Waiting’

How the Obama Admin Turned its Back on Democracy in Honduras

Eric Alterman: Journalism's Age of Shame

NYT: Dems should remind Obama of his campaign promises

Dear Dems: Stop reading from Rove's playbook on Afghanistan

Rush: Anti-Women's Rights is a Cause of the Left

Weekend Economists --Not in Kansas Anymore! July 30-Aug. 1, 2010

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) Goes BALLISTIC Over GOP Opposition To 9/11 Responders Health Care Bill

Imagine if We Never Ended the War on Alcohol

Numbers Of Breeding Farmland Birds In England Hit Record Lows Since Survey Began In 1966

Russian Ag. Scientists Believe Peak Of Grain Damage Has Passed - Reuters

Scientists Discover 65,000 M3 "Pocket" Of Meltwater Within Mont Blanc Glacier - Could Go Any Time

Zebra Mussels Confirmed In Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota - Star-Tribune

Hawaii ready to send its trash up the Columbia River Gorge

Drumbeat: July 30, 2010

China’s 5 trillion-yuan green energy plan

Oymyakon, Siberia - Famous For -90F Winter Lows - Hits New High Of 90F As Heatwave Grinds On - NYT

At Least 25 Killed On Friday As Forest Fires Sweep Western Russia - Reuters

With the global climate pact dead, China gets hungry for U.S. factory pork

Sea-Level Rise In Bangladesh May Be Higher Than Projected, Though Other Areas May See Little Change

SA Game Warden Poisoning Rhino Horns - Animal Unharmed, But Users Will Be Sickened Or Killed

Fish Species Feminizing In S. Alberta - 85% Of Dace Downstream From Wastewater Site Female

Flood In China Washes 3,000 Barrels Of Toxics Into River - Authorities Scrambling To Fish Them Out

From 2006 Through June 2010, At Least 3,000 Oil Spills In Nigeria, From Small To Vast - AFP

Numbers Of World's Largest Freshwater Fish - Mekong Catfish - Down 90% In 20 Years

Mountain Bongo - World's Largest Mountain Antelope - Down To 103 Individuals In Wild In Kenya

Oil Infested Waters: Pictures of Kalamazoo River Oil Spill

Squeezed Or Punched? Interesting Parallels Between Anthropocene, Permian Extinction Ocean Trends

Scientists Discover Remains Of Biggest Rat In Fossil Record - Up To 6 Kg - AFP

14 year old converts VW into electric car

Will it blend?

Gulf of Mexico Has Long Been a Sink of Pollution

Pitino's 15 seconds of shame will last a lifetime

North Korean football team shamed in six-hour public inquiry over World Cup

“…my people perish…”

The Bahama Journal: Putting Bahamians First

Something is up in Ciudad Juarez

UNASUR calls for member presidents to meet ASAP

Oops, now uribito has a "Tom and Jerry-gate" on his hands ...

Condolences to madinmaryland and his family

Exile Gravy Train: Firm Wants Insurers To Cover Deal With (Cuban) Spy's Wife.

SIX MONTHS AFTER THE EARTHQUAKE: Cuba has not forgotten Haiti

Another Empire Lie: That Cuba Hinders Internet Access

US files labor rights case against Guatemala

Havana Complains About Conditions for Cuban Spy in U.S. Jail

Fan in LeBron's Heat jersey draws ire

Rep. Tom Rooney (R-Fla.): Lifting the travel ban would prop up Castro regime

How the Obama Admin Turned its Back on Democracy in Honduras

Cuba’s Education Needed Radical Change

Report: 'Correlation' between U.S. Aid and Army Killings (Colombia)

Colombia: documents reveal US complicity in atrocities

Colombia proves again that Venezuela is harboring FARC terrorists

INDIA: Citizens form National Association of Gun Rights India

Go git'em, Al - Maryland sued over hangun permit denial.

LTTE “Firearms rights not understood” (Montgomery Advertiser, Alabama)

Took best friend shooting this past weekend

GLAAD's 2010 Network Responsibility Index: NBC Made an Effort, But Did Any GLBT Characters Survive?

JERUSALEM: Ultra-Orthodox Protest But Pride Parade Goes On Without Injuries

If you read one thread today make it this one: Gay terminally ill couple’s wedding a dream come true

I don't understand the Republican opposition to repeal of DADT...

Ed Kohler: Where do you shop if you boycott Target and Best Buy?

I want to feel bad for these people, but I just can't muster the sympathy

UNITE-HERE Hyatt Workers In Monterey Reach New Contract Deal

Majority On NYC City Council Support Fair Wage For New Yorkers Act

California Gov. Vetoes Bill Extending Overtime Protection To Farm Workers

Detroit Gains A Few Thousand Jobs

Solidarity for Mott's factory workers

As Jobless Workers Suffer, Corporations Sit On Enough Cash To Pay 2.4 million People $70K 5 Years

Austin, Texas Approves Required Water Breaks For Construction Workers

Injured worker rescued at UNI-Dome

Injured worker rescued at UNI-Dome

Today in Labor History July 30 Former Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa disappears, & Medicare Act,

Union, religious leaders protest Arizona anti-immigrant law

A hit and run's everywhere.

Early 20th century color photos 1939 to 1942

Disengagement, despite everything

Rocket from Gaza hits Israeli city, no injuries

Alternative Evolution: Why Change Your Own Genes When You Can Borrow Someone Else's?

Chilean Earthquake Raised the LandAnd sunk some inland sectors even further

Any Fishing Changes Sex Ratios in Fish

Dance of the Planets Gets Intimate

Mars rover finally sees Martian dust devil

Shark Week starts Sunday on Discovery Channel

Rare find: Failed star circling sun-like star

X Prize for fuel efficient automobiles

Ladies, you need to listen to what Christian guys tell you to wear

I'm beginning to pray to a Divine thing

Think a minority of Christians are Young-Earth Creatinionists? Think again.

According to the Bible

Heads up! Astrology Zone August forecast up already

Very pleasant experience. Pretty long.


Probiotics in pregnancy could have diabetes benefits: Study

Anyone here take bilberry for their eyes? I used to but recently ran out

F.D.A. Clears Way for Embryonic Stem Cell Trial Using Patients

Acupuncture Pseudoscience in the NEJM