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Paul McCartney at the White House is on PBS now - 8pm edt

Az’s immigration law was penned by a hate group

I made a Facebook Page in Support of Judge Susan Bolton

When the IRS owes you, that money collects interest??

Nate Silver will write for NYTimes, starting August (just on Rachel show.)

Nate Silver will write for NYTimes, starting August (just on Rachel show.)

Gimme shelter.

Did anyone just see that flag

Thanks mods and all. Good job swatting those mosquitoes!

Former Nazi Guard, 88, Charged in Mass Murder of Jews

Why only women can save the country, the economy, and the world

I like it when a RW-displeasing news event brings up a flurry of trolls. It's... cathartic.

Go Stephanie Miller on Larry King Now

Widow Outraged Over Westboro Member's Legal Victory (story & video)

GOP Lawmaker Slips Up, Says Tax Cuts Will ‘Increase The Debt’

Forget the Trance ....lets DANCE.....reduce madness...promote Happiness

Forget the Trance ....lets DANCE.....reduce madness...promote Happiness

Frienemies by Mark Fiore

Income Of Very Richest Shot Up By 281% Since 1979 - RawStory

The Nevada Depression: A Look At The Harbinger Of The US Economy - FDL

Creep gets eleven years for being a pervo in Cambodia and the Phillipines

A report on today's confirmation hearing for Kathleen O'Malley, Federal Circuit nominee

Concerning my post yesterday about my unstable friend and her gun ownership. . .

IOWA- manure. Thirteenism, and Obama receiving the Nobel Prze (funny read)

Goodhair with Greta (loves Quitter AND the Cheesehead): "We've done it!1"

Who else loves the Contract on America ad - One and the Same

I am resorting to a bit of a nuclear option myself, day 28 (with help from Senator Whitehouse)

Which path has america selected ?

2010 global temperatures hottest yet

CAIR: Tea partiers to ‘harass’ Muslims with dogs at anti-mosque protest

EZ Cracker!

Immigration "reform"- when Tyson foods, Smithfield packing, & W.G.A. sign up ...then call me

Huckabee’s new network talk show is a ratings flop

While looking for vids of the MI oil spill, I ran across an ad for a pipeline leak detection system

Lesson from the Michigan governors' race: Act like a Democrat and the base will support you

I just noticed Google Images is back to the old format...

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!


3 Police shot in Phoenix. Breaking.

Limpballs slams the Chevy Volt, but took advertising money from GM.

NJ Gov Chris Christie dissed cast of MTV reality show Jersey Shore

Please direct me to the right forum

NOT a prison rape fantasy

Ben Stein: Haley Barbour could challenge Obama in 2012...

More Optimistic Today Than Ever: A Talk with Pete Seeger

I just watched a thing on the local news about a medical mj reviewer.

Hey I put this over in vet forum, but since it concerns money, stop lossed vets MONEY

Cargo plane crashes, burns on Elmendorf AFB, Alaska

7 Highest-paid tech CEOs of decade

IRS Demands $45 Million From Billionaire McCombs, Clear Channel Founder

Okay, I have to make a comment about my former 2nd home, California

Schwarzenegger vetoes OT for farmworkers

Utter complete SMACKDOWN of Meg Whitman's attack ad on Jerry Brown

Ronald Reagan

Potentially harmful chemical found in paper receipts


89 degrees at midnight.....

McConnell Slams Bunning!

What is Socialism?

Colbert -That's not even counting the hearts that he attacked

Oregon gets $3.5 million in training funds

Oregon gets $3.5 million in training funds

Not asking for legal advice but under what circumstances do officers need a warrant to come in?

Has everyone out of work checked to see if you may be eligible for Trade Readjustment Allowance?

State board votes to tap Texas' public education fund to help build charter schools

Moderators: Another money-making ad that does NOT belong on DU.

Microscopic life crucial to the marine food chain is dying out. Consequences could be catastrophic

Gingrich Warns of Sharia While Seeking Dominion

Ga., Ala. get federal funds for outsourced workers

Program for shrimpers announced - Not associated with BP and the oil spill

American Family Association gets attention of SPLC after it's caught lying in boycott of Home Depot

Caption: Tea Party member and backer of Arizona's immigration enforcement law, shouts at an opponent


I came across a Tea Party disclaimer today

Work will set you free America - more hours for less money!

Whitman spent $100 million so far, barely moved against Brown

Whitman spent $100 million so far, barely moved against Brown

Why are Bed Bugs Spreading at an unprecdented rate?

Chances In November ...?

Daniel Ellsberg - the Most Dangerous Man in America

Japanese supertanker damage raises alarm in Persian Gulf

Multiple undercover cops shot in Phoenix. One has died.

Jon Stewart-how many years did it take him to lose the baby face?

Why Oppose Immigration Regulation?

Another Case of Cops Looking After Their Own......

LayDeeBug's Democratic Vernacular of the Day:

News Cycle Turns in BP’s Favor

Climate Toon too serious for the MSM

Toles nails it again

Are Tea Partiers Trying to Hijack 9/11?

Remember the meme: we went to war and W didn't ask Americans to make any sacrifices- 'go shopping'. ltte written after an old vet called me.Please critique...

I'm ordering this book today -Storms of My Grandchildren by Dr. James Hansen

Know what we need? More posts about people unrec'ing threads

Artificially Controlling Water Condensation Leads to 'Room-Temperature Ice'

Ten observations that are consistent with a warming world

Ten observations that are consistent with a warming world

Introducing Fiscal Conservative Man, quite possibly the worst superhero ever

Floyd: Leaky Vessels: Wikileaks "Revelations" Will Comfort Warmongers, Confirm Conventional Wisdom

Percentage decline in employment in recessions since 1970 (chart)

MC Escher's brilliance was also prescient. Handelsman cartoon

Can a nation remain a superpower if its internal politics are incorrigibly stupid?-By EJ Dionne Jr.

Just cancelled my Credit One card

No, Lindsey GRAHAM, the born child does NOT "become" a U.S.C. - it IS a U.S.C. n/t

Judge who blocked AZ immigration law is a Clinton appointee

Herbal spice blend, when smoked, could be deadly, SEATTLE -- A local doctor says a 17-year-old

Exxon Mobil's earnings more than double

Key Republican (jeff sessions) calls Kagan a 'dangerous' nominee

Sigh..."Takin' Back Our Country" Joyce Shaffer ©2010

Sigh..."Takin' Back Our Country" Joyce Shaffer ©2010

Android wallpaper app exploit stole info from millions of users and sent it to China

The Case for a Strong Manufacturing Base; C. Hayes, R Maddow Show

What do we do with the Afghans that collaborated with us?

13 yr olds who skip school and too poor to pain fine - go to jail

Morning Joe Rebuttal

And you wonder why the civilised world caricatures Americans as stupid and ignorant...

Mr. Fish pulls no punches (graphic)

What the sentinment here about the Fremont, Nebraska immigration law?

CITIZENS UNITED ruling in action: MASSEY ENERGY, coal execs forming 527 to target Democrats

"With us or against us"

Consolidated Grain--child labor disaster; Mt. Carroll, IL

John Lennon's killer, Mark David Chapman, up for parole for the sixth time

Coal execs planning 527 to spend in midterms (against anti-coal Sen/Rep)

Cocaine Sentencing Bill Nears House Passage (crack/powder)

delete dupe

There Are More Slaves Today Than at Any Time in Human History

A Critical Examination of Matt Simmons’ Claims on the Deepwater Spill

A Preparation for Winter

Subject: Help NPR beat FOX News

Elevated Ozone in New England

There are two things I'd name after republican pResidents

According to birthers' logic, Geo Washington should not have been President.

BP facing allegations of insider trading

Joe Sestak supports higher taxes and more bailouts....Vote for Pat Toomey

Thursday TOON Roundup part 3

Oklahoma county must pay up in Ten Commandments case

I find myself deleting more and more of my writing before I post it..

House GOP leaders: 9/11 first responders aid bill 'a massive new entitlement program'

Stirring things up at the copper dome. Arizona it's a hot fucking day.

EPA: 1M gallons of oil may be in Mich. river - Granholm is pissed

Gulf well "kill" update: "static kill" scheduled for Sunday.. "bottom kill" 5-7 days later.

Gulf well "kill" update: "static kill" scheduled for Sunday.. "bottom kill" 5-7 days later.

People who live in small towns in very cold areas, such as Canada and near

Bill Bennett: I get racially profiled and I don't mind it

Ok, what the hell is the deal with MSNBC and 'Snooki'?

m$nbc is live from arizona for 'reaction' to the immigration law

"Job 1 for any liberal is to prevent the greedy and evil amongst us from destroying us all."

Facing Steep Odds, 128 House Democrats Revive the Public Option - Wash. Independent

Charlie Rangel will go to trial... (or not, my prediction failed. Rangel makes deal)

Evidence Ties Manning to Afghan Leaks

Is the British National Party far left or far right?

a judge-appointee by a Dem prez RULED today. U who say ALL-same, or 3rdParty - GET it now?!1

The Trouble with Obama's Race To The Bottom (Wi-Capitol Times):

Head Wreck can read! . . . (almost) . . . Please come CAPTION!!!!

Video: AFL-CIO President Trumka and Labor Secretary Solis discuss immigration

So Drudge is reduced to just posting bad rightwing fanfiction as news headlines now?

So Drudge is reduced to just posting bad rightwing fanfiction as news headlines now?

When It Comes To Large Swaths Of The American Voting Public, I Think 'Blazing Saddles' Had It Right

Immigration: the 250-year perspective (Washington Post Political Bookworm)

Immigration: the 250-year perspective (Washington Post Political Bookworm)

So does being Anti-War mean the Army should leave Afghanistan yesterday ?

Anti-Racist Radio Action

Who put the 'nit' in 'Hannity'? . . . Please come CAPTION the gaseous gnat himself!!!!!

If kept out of power long enough, do you think the Republican party would eventually crack?

3 Arizona immigration law protesters arrested in Phoenix

The effects of stress on a President handed a mess of a country to fix?

Can we make Eisenhower's case?

Report: Google leads Bing, Yahoo!, and Twitter -- in malware distribution

Sexual misconduct/retribution for whistleblower scandal blows up with Chicago/Cook County GOP

We hear about our obligations there, and there, and there and there . . . . .

Tier 5 Unemployment: Will Schumers Bill Have To Be Paid For?

Pennsylvania School District Accused of Spying on Students for Second Time

Tennessee Candidate Asks If Islam Is Cult

Florida church to host 'Jihad in Jacksonville' event

Former San Jose Police Chief Says Yes to Legalization

House to vote on stripping HUD secretary Donovan’s travel budget

Colbert's "The Word" from last night was one of his best ever.

Scott Lively (Defend the 'Family' presidunce) steps on his dick again

Who's watching the civil disobedience protests in

Thursday TOON Roundup part 2

Thursday TOON Roundup part 6

If you didn't get your free pony yet...

Do Wall Street Executives Owe The Public Anything?

Shirley Sherrod - The Rosa Parks of our Generation

Want to See David Vitter Re-elected? Then ignore this topic.

andrea mitchell asks tim kaine if it's FAIR to call the rnc & teabaggers the same

"Income of very richest shot up by 281% since 1979" LINK

Explain please...


Poll: Nearly 6 in 10 Pakistanis view US as enemy

S.F. woman accused of bilking would-be tenants

Reason #11,647 why the rich don't like it when the poor manage to catch a break:

Dozens arrested in protests of immigration law

Wish I was sitting in the middle of the street in Arizona right now.

Bush FIXER Joseph diGenova raises his ugly head again

Understand right wing foreign policy in about an hour with Greg Grandin.

Protecting America from a WPA: Job Subsidies Providing Help to Private Side

Army Suicides Reach One a Day; Epidemic Spreads to National Guard and Reserves

Barney Frank made a comment on the rachel Maddow show the other night

Missouri voting next Tuesday for or against Health Care Reform - but not really.

Problem is over in the Gulf..

On the Importance of Being a Decent Human Being

Dammit. If the republicans want to keep fillibustering, how about actually making them do so?

Deputy has to pay admission to make arrest at county fair

WikiLeaks Q&A with Daniel Ellsberg

Do you think I will get a real answer?

6,600 Arlington graves might be mixed up

Doomsday Shelters Making a Comeback

Michael Moore Is Right About Obama

When you think about it, it's not really the right's fault....

Inventing The Fish: Science And The Collapse Of Ecologies

French couple held after 8 dead babies found

So if pot get legalized, will anti-tobacco activists go after that, too?

So if pot get legalized, will anti-tobacco activists go after that, too?

To General Mullen: It isn't the war critics who are endangering soldiers.

Someone tell my how Americans got so incredibly ignorant and delusional about "religion" -

Why so much fat bashing in a country where a majority are by some definition overweight?

Has anyone heard about this before?

Judge: You Have the Right to Remain Ridiculous

Illegal immigrants say they do the jobs Americans refuse to do.

The rethug mentality on mountaintop removal coal mining

Congress Passes Historic Legislation to Reduce Crack/Powder Cocaine Sentencing Disparity

Journalism's Age of Shame - Eric Alterman

Ever have a day when you wanted to surrender?

I want to see you spin this!

More treason talk from desperate and zany right wng

Reminder: All GDP Growth over 2.5% / year under Bush...

Reminder: All GDP Growth over 2.5% / year under Bush...

Ten observations that are consistent with a warming world

all my posts turned blue. now it doesnt show the threads and posts i have read

If the Republican party is so dangerous that they must be challenged at all costs,

Tim Lahaye, Evangelical Christian Minister, Warns Obama Bringing Us Closer To 'The Apocalypse'

Weird... Onion predicts Krugman

Senate republicans on Thursday rejected a bill to aid small businesses

Republicans block small business lending bill

1 in 3 Cities Criminalize Sitting

One Soldier or 20 Schools?

wondering if there are any updates on this; GOP consultant killed in plane crash was warned of sabot

I am a sun worshiper.

Happy Ending to my Blue Cross Story!

What I hope Shirley Sherrod actually gets if she wins her suit over Breitbart

Who Would Jesus Deport? - pics

Three "attacks" on Reaganomics in the last week, all have gone unanswered

OK, Now JOHN friggin' STOSSEL is advocating to repeal DADT, allow same-gender marriage.

OK, Now JOHN friggin' STOSSEL is advocating to repeal DADT, allow same-gender marriage.

AP IMPACT: Before the CIA, there was the Pond

Sometimes its hard to bite your tongue.

Arpaio launches "crime" sweep in west Phoenix

Here's what we know about the Mama Grizzly attack

Got (Habeus) Corpus?

Jack Conway: KY-Sen: Rand Paul and the first floor

AMAZING footnote in the Army's own stress and suicide report released today READ THIS

Take a look at the Edward M Kennedy Institute

Tweety has missed his "meds" today

President on The View: 'We will end our combat operations in Iraq this month'

TPTB are in the process of adding the words 'nuclear weapon' to the word

Joe Conason: Fred Barnes not on a team? Why did GOP pay him?

Al Gore: What's next?

Dems Call On GOPers To Renounce Phyllis Schlafly Over Remarks About 'Unmarried Women'

'Unhackable' Android phone can be hacked

Joan Walsh on 2d edition of Hardball now (Dean not there.)

More corporate criminals loose on the streets

Just another example of flying their true colors...

..."I want you to stress this -- I'm not prejudiced."

FBI to help investigate leak of documents on Afghan war

What year is this?

NV-Gov: Sandoval (R) isn't worried about SB 1070 because his kids look white

Sandoval Not Worried Because His Kids "Do Not Look Hispanic"

*this is NOT a joke thread* - Malvo (D.C. sniper)-guns - SHATNER-White Supremecists on "A&E" at 10PM

*this is NOT a joke thread* - Malvo (D.C. sniper)-guns - SHATNER-White Supremecists on "A&E" at 10PM

Woman's American Kennel registered dog mistaken for coyote, set loose in wild

The Bush Book Bomb

OK..what do you think of RW column in my paper re:Sherrod.How should I reply?

OK..what do you think of RW column in my paper re:Sherrod.How should I reply?

I'm surprised that there's a diff. in Tweety's second show. I always thought

2 Billion Gallons of Untreated Human Waste

What would the charges against ARPAIO be if he denies Constitutional rights?

Pres. Obama to Parents, Teacher and Students: Get on the bus or move out the way

Extending Bush Tax Cuts WON'T Create Jobs, Says Leading Economist

How big is the gulf oil disaster? It’s too early to tell (short rebuttal of Time greenwash)

How big is the gulf oil disaster? It’s too early to tell (short rebuttal of Time greenwash)

Andrew Romanoff''s letter: Defending Seniors --- and the Truth

Tweety has a Do-Over. New Show at 7pm.

WikiLeaks in Baghdad

I.F. I EVAH. SEE. THIS. OLD. ASS. BITTY. Schlafly (Now with links)

International Republican Institute's Use Of U.S. Grants Criticized By Watchdog

Fools Gold: Inside the Glenn Beck Goldline Scheme!

McClellan: Media is so afraid of being called liberal that it is impossible for it to be truthful

U.S. Rep. Carney on leaks: 'It's treason'

Weight Issues Move Up Need for Walkers, Canes, Other Devices

Joan wouldn't let other guy from Politico call breitb a 'journalist.'

Thursday TOON Roundup part 4

Honor Roll is evil? Lou Engle says that letter grades are the Mark of the Beast

Erin Burnett: 'Everyone's Talking About' How We Should Extend Bush Tax Cuts To Wealthiest Americans

Social Security Coalition Kicks Off By Pointing Out Myths

Appleseed Project - Rifle Course with Attitude or Sign of Growing Anti-Govt Hostility?

A Blast from the Past

Caption Blago!.

SiIIIIGH - Fred Thompson ad . . . on CNBC . .. EVERY . . . DAMNED . . . HOUR . . .

awww-I got a nice letter from Tea party Patriots

I agree with Tweety on this one! Lindsey Graham wants to repeal

Mother bear rescues cub from fishing net in Alaska

Harrassing Phone Call

Robert Reich: Will Of The American People Being Subordinated By Demands Of Giant $$$-Making Machines

So is the AZ boycott over with the ruling today? Raul Grijalva says so.

Wyly brothers charged in massive fraud

Why am I still so cranky about healthcare reform?

Entire Premise of Cat Food Commission Wrong

Entire Premise of Cat Food Commission Wrong

2011 Chevy Volt: No $5K Rebate, HOV-Lane Access For CA Buyers

Thursday TOON Roundup part 1

Report: Unemployment High Because People Keep Blowing Their Job Interviews

Conundrum. This actually happened to my brother. He knew a girl who happened

How would it affect our economy if all the 'guest workers' were sent home?

The suffering of Fallujah won't go away

The suffering of Fallujah won't go away

Stiglitz Sees Trouble Ahead For World Economy .... LINK

Matthews screws up badly on Sherrod/f-x facts.

Had my first pre-interview interview today; found myself in the unusual position of saying No Thanks

Target Corp. President support for RW candidates, PACs

Atty Legal Observer Arrested In Arizona Protest

The Worst Place To Be Unemployed

The Slow-Motion Journey to High-Speed Rail

Deutsche Bank: Letting Bush Tax Cuts Die Would Kill Recovery

Faux News Exec Confirms it Did Peddle Sherrod Story Before She Was Fired

Anne RICE quits Christianity, thereby becoming more Christ-like

I will not be voting for Barack Obama this November.

FBI, Arlington TX police investigate allegations of arson, hate graffiti and racial slurs at mosque

Hey Charlie Rangel

Paul McCartney at the White House

Deadly Bear Attack Near Yellowstone

Lindsey Graham considering overturning the 14th amendment to end ‘birthright citizenship.’

Which other Constitutional Amendments may be in danger? Sen Lindsey Graham

Just an observation on where we are: Health Status of the Nation

Facing Steep Odds, 128 House Democrats Revive the Public Option

Realities of Social Security - the lies exposed. Link ...

Obama's Support for Charter Schools Could Be His Undoing

Breaking on MSNBC - Shirley Sherrod to sue Breitbart

I was reading an article on the House voting to continue funding

More oppressed Christian homophobes.......

Americans Cut Back on Visits to Doctor

Thursday TOON Roundup part 5

Jarretta Hamilton, Teacher Fired For Having Premarital Sex, Sues

New Palin book cover revealed (photoshoppers start your engines!)

The Chelsea Clinton wedding is #7 on Google Hot Topics

DUer dotymed is ill, and needs your good wishes.


This is my life

Major Corporations Are Downloading Those 100 Million Facebook Profiles off BitTorrent

Obama African Birth Certificate

Potential Stimulative effect of canceling Bush tax cuts

I finally realize that you can't post anything related to weight in GD

Don't Leave Pets, Older People, And Children In Parked Hot Cars

So DUers who aren't happy with the Change

think on this - seeming suddenly the US decided fat most come out of

think on this - seeming suddenly the US decided fat most come out of

The financial changes that are needed:

Documents detail search for captive soldier

The Rude Pundit: Why Ann Coulter Is a C*#$, Part 439,803 (Violence Equivalency Edition)

The Rude Pundit: Why Ann Coulter Is a C*#$, Part 439,803 (Violence Equivalency Edition)

How Sweet! Levi Johnston may be a daddy again

How Sweet! Levi Johnston may be a daddy again

Richard Shelby accused of steering $250M worth of earmarks to former aides

Richard Shelby accused of steering $250M worth of earmarks to former aides

Tweety is swearing up and down that Brietbart DID NOT present an edited tape...

Is it true? Do we give Democrats a pass when we'd trash Repubicans for the same thing?

The real reason republicans hate Obama?

I'm sorry, but Americans do not fucking "support the troops".

The media is systematically reducing the impacts of the Gulf oil spill...

Obama Wants More Warrantless Surveillance of Americans

Can TLC not find anything better to show than a Toddlers and Tiaras marathon?

Trillions for Wall Street -- Zilch for You Know Who

Target Boycott on - awesome video of mom cutting up her Target card

FOUND! The saviour of the Repuplican Party.

"With us or against us"

You want proof that Andrew Romanoff is NOT DLC?

Would I vote for a racist just because they had a "D" by their name?

We weren't wanting a pony.

The Future of NASA

1 in 50 children in America is homeless

Barney Frank supports Elizabeth Warren

Christian Right televangelist Benny Hinn: I need $2 million and I am NOT having an affair

How 500,000 children died in Iraq

Krugman right again - Fed now warns of years of Japanese-style deflation

Mama grizzly caught, faces death

Attacks Bankers and Their Political Puppets Are Using to Attack Elizabeth Warren

Bring Back the Draft

How to Remove Your Personal Information from Google and Internet

Dark, Shadowy and Powerful Forces in American History

Dark, Shadowy and Powerful Forces in American History

Dark, Shadowy and Powerful Forces in American History

Global warming 'undeniable,' NOAA report says

"The Flower" a cartoon about prohibition.

"The Flower" a cartoon about prohibition.

I figured out the apeal of the teabag movement, the religious right, and conspiracy wackadoodlism.

ACLU 18 mo Study: Obama Admin - In Danger Of Establishing "New Normal" With Worst Bush-Era Policies

Time Magazine's cover this week.

Krugman: These *are* the worst of times

Cenk Uygur at HuffPo: Imagine If We Never Ended The War On Alcohol

Laundry Detergent

Helen (Thomas), I'd like you to meet Howard (Dean): a dream lunch with two DU heroes

Sheriffs Roam Ireland Seizing Cars From Debtors After Collapse

Banksters on the attack against Elizabeth Warren

Obama says criticism of Arne's programs "reflects a general resistance to change"

Seven civil rights groups which criticized Arne's education agenda apparently fall in line.

Very cool program starting to take hold in the inner city of Cleveland...

Historical question. Did the Nazis move to close down Catholic Churches

Corporatists in Democratic Caucus Are Terrified of Elizabeth Warren

Crackdown on the homeless

Do Wikileaks supporters care that Assange helped murder Afghani informants?

Optional work camps for the homeless

Anne Rice: 'Today, I Quit Being A Christian'

Woman's nude pics end up on Web after call to Dell tech rep

This is the kind of shit that makes me hate butt cracks:

This is the kind of shit that makes me hate butt copycats:

This is the kind of butt crack that makes me hate copycats:

This is the kind of butt crack that makes me hate copycats:

Christ, someone pick a butt crack already!!

Screw you, We're from butt crack..

Holy crap! Jon Stewart's silver buttcrack is real!!!!!!!!

I met a nice Irish fella at the bar tonight.

Does signing an "estimate" obligate you to get this particular service?

Screw you, We're from Texas

Today's vocabulary word is

Gluteal cleft just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Feuding like the Hatfields and McCoys...

I love the way the sky looks before a thunderstorm lets loose.

Like "Real" Radio,Cira 1970-1972....Well here's some WMMR in Philadelphia for Ya's.

You knew this was coming: Buttcrack Photo Thread!!!!!!!

The admonishment thing will get out of control and prompt a buttcrack from Skinner. n/t

Coming up at midnight EST on TCM: Network

Just found out that my Uncle used my Buttcrack like an ATM for the past 15 years

Souad Massi - Ghir Enta (Only You)

The lounge needs more cowbell

Below the equator........

OK I think it's gonna be a PIAF Je no regret non kindda of night (will add YouTube)

Why do my Roman numeral clocks depict the number 4 as IIII instead of IV?

Do narwhals have butt cracks?

Kris Kristofferson Me and Bobby Mcgee

Well, since Peg refuses, I will do it.

The buttcrack thing will get out of control and prompt an admonishment from Skinner. n/t

raccoons and fire and your electrical equipment -- Hilarious United Van Lines commercial (00:31)

You have to listen to Strauss' "Thunder and Lightning Polka"

Buttcracks, schmuttcracks... I'm getting real tired already of buttcracks in general...

A message for my friend:

I'll be back.......maybe...

After 24 years, these lyrics still make me shiver.


Top Chef Peagate

I feel like a freaking smorgasbord

It's gonna be 40 degrees with 80 per cent humidity tomorrow

Can someone help me identify this plant?

Anyone here play FARKLE?

You Left Me For Another Girl a Poem by Steerpike

The Stars in Your Eyes a poem by Steerpike

Force of Nature a poem by Steerpike

I can officially confirm that Dish Network's Internet Access S-U-C-K-S

RIP Snuggles

3 words that make me change the channel right away...

Where did you go to reform school?

who said animals don't have...

Gabriel and His Ax a fantasy vignette by Steerpike

Yer Eyes Mesmerize a poem by Steerpike

Does anybody else suspect their Bankcard (Citi in my case) of not sending a statement?

Be sure to leave your underpants with someone you can trust.

The Age of Laura Linney - great article.

I saw Squeeze and the English Beat last night -- if you are a fan of 80's music,

Internet Dating a poem by Steerpike

Love You a poem by Steerpike

Short Life some prose by Steerpike

No One at All some painful prose by Steerpike

Anyone else take the Multistate Bar Exam today?

Stumbling some prose by Steerpike

Trapped in Vice some prose by Steerpike

Mosquito question re: dogs

Well, this is pretty thoughtful of GMail.

The Hospital: Getting Better prose by Steerpike

Really? I can buy an $89 Roku, pay Netflix $8.99 mo, and kiss Dish Network goodbye?

Marijuana Blues a poem by Steerpike

The Gulf Oil Spill some lyrics by Steerpike

The Pig Story a story by Steerpike

I cannot wait to see this movie!!!!

This guy is better than most of the people you think are the best.

PHOTO: "Quadruple Bypass Burger" (4 patties, 8 slices cheese, sauce, 8000 calories)

Morning Fun with photo from "The Cemetery Series" (dialup warning 289K)

"Network" 35 Years and It Is Still Relevant

There, I'm saying it: Brendan FRASER is a hughly underrated actor!1

My puppy just broke my heart...

Wow. New Kindle only $139


Where did you go to get your freak on?

Thor movie trailer. (And what's this killer robot's name?)

Lounge Ladies, do you dress immodestly?

Looking for someone with a degree in statistics.

Finally: Weekend Mornings Will Soon Have the Power ... of He-Man


Why are you less likely to be hungry in the desert?

Something that had me almost dancing on my desk

R.I.P. Ben Keith, long time pedal steel guitarist for Neil Young

What bands and singers were stoned at Woodstock?

One year ago today I lost my Donna

Have you ever really wondered what cows do when everyones gone?

Churchill's choppers sold at auction in England

Poll: Should we force Miss California Peggy to write and post a Buttcrack Poem?

Seriously if you want to keep me awake all night call me before bed time and talk to me about this..

Happy *5th* Birthday JOSIE!!!!!

New Apps


Bee on sunflower

I'd like to clear the air about something...

TZ's greatest idiots, dolts, dummies, fools....

So today I was in the grocery store...

Where did you go for lunch yesterday?

Just a suggestion for parents with young teenagers. ...

I'm starting a guys listening group tonight

So Bravo does "Inside the Actor's Studio", but apparently never airs it? Is this correct?

advice about the toddler that I live with

Which are you happiest to see in your lifetime?

My mom has hair below her waist, when i am an old lady, so will I

How do you think the 2000's will be nostalgized?


So, I Quit Smoking But Now I Have A New Addiction

Cue the confetti and trumpets. I just joined the 10,000 post club.

What Are The Most Depressing DU posts You Have Seen?

How come people only talk about the "cool" drugs?

BREAKING: I am going to live FOREVER!

And now to cool you off... OLD TIME HOCKEY!!!

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Sometimes education is NOT a good thing.

TV's greatest idiots, dolts, dummies, fools....

By Grapthar's hammer... what a savings.

Are the (gasp) Phillies coming back to the top of the NL East?

Birds From Your Heart a poem by Steerpike

Anybody have advice on e-readers?

This is the kind of shit that makes me LOVE Texas. (pic heavy)

I bought a fat-lady swimsuit today.

Ninkasi Radiant Ale - Yum?

Best Comic-Con picture...

My day fucking sucked. How about yours?

This place is starting to be like a Monty Python skit.

I am having pork chops for dinner tonight...

What's the most depressing book you've read?

(New York) Inquiry Clears Paterson in Aide’s Case

Mich. gov.: Spill cleanup resources 'inadequate'

Envoy Says Corruption Helps Taliban Win Recruits

Oil industry is driving force behind Proposition 23's attack on California's new greenhouse gas law

Snowe is fourth Senate Republican to support Kagan nomination

Congress Rethinks Its Ban on Internet Gambling

(Canada) Arousal test on young sex offenders suspended

Common room clashes with boardroom on science budget

Foreclosures up in 75 percent of top U.S. metro areas

Job Subsidies Also Provide Help to Private Sector

Veterans Agency to Probe Insurer Handling Soldiers’ Benefits

Philly Cops Accused of Burglarizing Frankford Bar

Man shows up to face G20 ‘five-metre’ charges, discovers they don’t exist

Greek police fire tear gas at striking truckers

Haggard climbs out from under the rent boy and back into pulpit

Greece orders striking lorry drivers back to work

The dead sea: Global warming blamed for 40 per cent decline in the ocean's phytoplankton

Bowles of U.S. Debt Commission Putting Focus on Spending Cuts

China: Floodwaters push explosive chemicals into river

Violence targeting Iraqi military kills at least 21 people

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report [07/29/2010]

Karzai asks West to destroy Pakistan militant havens

Divisions Emerge Among Republicans Over Elizabeth Warren

Majority of spilled oil in Gulf of Mexico unaccounted for in government data

ExxonMobil (XOM) doubles second quarter earnings ($7.56 billion)

'There was no Plan B': (UK) generals tell of army on brink

Police (public gay sex) decoys to end in Palm Springs

Medvedev widens powers of KGB successor agency

Visa Says Justice Department Weighing Antitrust Suit


Inspection records for Enbridge pipeline spotty at best (MI oil spill)

ECOtality unveils electric vehicle charging stations

Tweety and what he doesn't get about the national ID card he keeps pushing.

3 arrested during Arizona immigration protest

Honduras: Ongoing Attacks Foster Climate of Intimidation

U.S. Army veteran in Colombia feels like he's caught in a no-fly trap

Nathan Deal picks up Jack Kingston’s endorsement

Heat's on in Michigan GOP primary

Obama African Birth Certificate

California City (Oakland) OKs Tax Rates for Marijuana

Tancredo bid may shift Markey's race

John Thune's math fail

Obama Wants More Warrantless Surveillance of Americans

Hot Topic! I have no issue with President Obama

House Ethics Panel Reviews Tentative Rangel Deal: Source

Obama: Sherrod deserved better

Ethics Committee: 13 Charges Against Charlie Rangel

Kennedy Jr. endorses Lamont in CT GOV race

Dem wants HUD secretary grounded

Murray Counters Attack Ad With Big Thank You From Boeing Workers

DOJ files fraud suit against Oracle

Foreclosures Up In 75 Percent Of Top U.S. Metro Areas

Breakthrough? Abbas gets Arab backing to enter Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

White House proposal would ease FBI access to records of Internet activity

2nd missing U.S. serviceman found dead in Afghanistan

EPA: Michigan oil spill may have exceeded 1M gallons

Mia Farrow will testify at Hague about Naomi Campbell's diamond

KC's oldest cold case reopened after gun turns up — in use by police

Biden: Pakistani Support for Taliban ‘In the Past’

6,600 Arlington graves might be mixed up

Stem cell scientists fear election impact

FBI to help investigate leak of documents on Afghan war

A Common Sense Approach to Cranes, Derricks and the Safety of America's Construction Workers

Coast Guard: Plugging (NEW) wellhead in Bayou St. Denis could take 10 to 12 days

Fed Member’s Deflation Warning Hints at Policy Shift

Kuster hits Swett over Bush tax cuts

Citigroup paying $75 million to settle fraud charges

Rep. Charles Rangel: Today Could Be 'A Bad Day'

Greek Government Invokes Emergency Powers To End Truck Strike (back to work or go to jail)

Poll shows opposition to health care overhaul declining. 50% favorable and only 35% unfavorable now.

Obama: "This is as American as Apple Pie"

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday July 29

Gov. (Schwarzenegger) vetoes farmworker OT bill

WTF!!! President Obama acting like Bush look what he is about to let the FBI do

US Senate Lockerbie bomber inquiry 'may visit UK'

The BP Spill: Has the Damage Been Exaggerated?

Obama: Sherrod deserved better (VIDEO)

Poll shows opposition to health care overhaul declining

Bachmann riles Tea Party in Missouri — and Joe the Plumber gets involved

Floods Leave 116 Dead in Northwest Pakistan; Troops Start Rescue Effort

Kristof: 1 Soldier or 20 Schools?

House GOP leaders: 9/11 first responders aid bill 'a massive new entitlement program'

Reports: Rangel Cuts Deal, Avoids Trial

Schwarzenegger orders more furloughs for state workers

AP survey: A bleaker outlook for economy into 2011

Poll: Tight race for Colorado Democratic Senate nomination

Republicans block small business lending bill

BREAKING: Ousted USDA employee Shirley Sherrod says she will sue blogger Andrew Breitbart

Sarkozy orders illegal Roma immigrants expelled

Excerpts:Obama on "The View" Select Conversations from Pres Obama's Historic Appearance on"The View"

French couple face charges over newborn babies' deaths

Sorry! Dems nix GOP request for Black Panther hearings

The Tea Party is partial proof that Obama is partially successful

POLL: Outsiders Lead in Florida Primaries. Scott leads McCollum (43/32). Greene leads Meek (33/23)

It must be great to be Scott Brown, voting against small businesses, but for protecting hedge funds

Turn CNN on Now

Republicans say Obama wants to turn US into "Socialist state", like Western Europe...

This is how stupid voters are look at this poll

New federal funding for state parks

Nazi SS Apraio Meltdown

(Chicago Mayor) Daley demands criminal investigation of Michigan oil spill

What will be the excuse for rethugs to vote against the child nutrition bill?

Obama will sign Tribal Law and Order Act today

Biden Laments 'Bush Recession'

Mom's death in Staten Island fire ruled a suicide

Wis. Senate candidate wavers on sale of BP stock

Opposition to Health Care Law Declining, A Lot

Joe Arpaio must removed

Tweety: fact free again...this time with Gov Dean and Joan Walsh

A Banner Day For the GOP's Culture Of Corruption

Univision video confirms Sandoval said his kids don’t look Hispanic

Unaffiliated voters and low name I.D. present uphill battle for Marshall

Tea partiers rebuke Bachmann visit

Obama to deliver major education reform address

Obama to deliver major education reform address

Meek won't pledge to back Greene

How do you pronounce Polizzi?

Wall street has no shame..

Will Snooki-gate lead to the undoing of President Obama?

Senate Climate Bill Dies—Does the Environment Win?

Dems Call On GOPers To Renounce Phyllis Schlafly Over Remarks About 'Unmarried Women'

A Banner Day for the GOP's Culture of Corruption

Toyota recalls 412,000 cars in US, mostly Avalons

Blanche Lincoln, in cahoots with the GOP, trying to "fix" the estate tax to aid the super-wealthy

"The Stupidity of Liberal Apathy"

The Unemployed, Organized Online, Look to the Midterms

Obama on "The View": The end of civilization!

***President Obama on The View right now! n/t ***

Jim DeMint endorses Dino Rossi in Washington State

Republicans block small business lending bill

Global warming pushes 2010 temperatures to record highs

Obama on The View

The Conservative Smear Machine Has Failed Conservatism

MSNBC are showing the races in CA. for Senate and Governor a lot closer than polls released on DU

President Obama: I Wasn't Invited to Chelsea Clinton's Wedding

Kaiser poll: Health care reform support reaches new high

Iowa GOP Embraces Plan To Strip Obama's Citizenship For Accepting Nobel Prize

Photo: I didn't have a problem with the President's bowing problem .... UNTIL NOW!

We already have a "Snooki-gate" reference.

LMAO @ Chris Hayes (Maddow fill-in)

White House Proposal Would Ease FBI Access to Records of Internet Activity

FYI - Joan Walsh just tweeted that she is headed back to Tweety's studio to do a NEW segment for the

This didn't take long...

Apparent bullet hole found in window of office of Arizona lawmaker

Obama Mocks Polls But Spends More On Them ($4.4M) Than Bush Did

Spanish Court Seeks Arrest of U.S. Soldiers in Hotel Attack

Amazing education speech by the president

Obama's Support for Charter Schools Could Be His Undoing

Oh boo-hoo, Californians now favor Gray Davis over Arnold

Plumline: GOP Blocks Small Business Bill. Who Will Get the Blame?

Politically connected Wyly brothers (Texas billionaires) charged in massive fraud

****LIVE Obama sign Native America Law and Order Act****

Third most-wanted Nazi suspect charged in Germany

U.S. Army Stressed After Nearly a Decade of War

Bush Tax Cuts Still Very Unpopular

McCartney Talks About White House Gig

A trove of FDR's papers finally available to the public

Rand Paul: Controversial Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining Isn't So Bad -- It Enhances The Land!

DC Sniper Lee Boyd Malvo Tells William Shatner Other Shooters Involved in Plot

Gov. Perry Caught In Explosive Dirty Deals Scandal!

Shirley Sherrod To Sue Andrew Breitbart

GOP says Ariz. ruling will hurt Dems

GDP numbers come out tomorrow. Here's a chart that puts the crisis/recovery in perspective

Why does MSNBC legitimize Pat Buchanan every fucking morning (Morning Joe)?

Snooki-gate: Obama may not have plausible deniablity!

Russ in trouble..

Top military official: WikiLeaks founder may have 'blood' on his hands

Obama Schools Elisabeth Hasselbeck on 'Saved' Jobs and Unemployment on 'The View'

Cornel West is furious at Obama

Top military official: WikiLeaks founder may have 'blood' on his hands


White House Pushes for Warrantless Access to Internet Records

My current plan is to vote for him in 2012, alright? Stop the fucking purity tests already.

Job Subsidies Providing Help to Private Side

GOP Rep slips up, says tax cuts increase the debt

Conrad: 'I Don't Think This Is The Moment' To Let Tax Cuts For The Rich Expire

Libertarian Wayne Root says - President Obama's real agenda is super secret scary...socialism?!

Sheriff Joe Arpaio agrees with Thom Hartmann - let's throw some rich white guys in jail!

TYT: Full Howard Dean Interview (Slams Fox, Talks Obama, Dem Party And Much More) w/ Transcript

New website for the people who were shut out of

Rachel Maddow - Unemployed Could Wield Power - Annie Lowrey

President Obama in Madden NFL 11

Dummy's Tea Party Racism

Arizona Law Gets Rejection Of Racism

Wonkette's HOT TOPIX with Michele Bachmann - Minimum Wage

How we wrecked the ocean

EPA Whistle-blower :People and Dolphins are Hemorrhaging from Corexit and BP

Republicans favor Big Business over the American People

Obama is Pushing Us to the End Times

Unemployment extension fight

President Obama Explains (On a Mac)

Brewer Says Arizona Will Appeal Immigration Ruling

Screening of "Countdown To Zero" in DC - Justice Through Music Project

Tea-bagger equates Government to Cancer..

GOP's power play on the November elections

TYT: GAO Report - US Wastes Billions In War On Drugs In Mexico (w/ New Blog)

The Flower

Ed Schultz: Arizona Immigration Law is Racist, Un-American

WikiLeaks: The Pakistan connection

Young Turks: Glenn Beck Rants Inciting Murder?

Smart Remarks: Without a Net

Papantonio: BP Could Face Prison Time for Oil Spill

101 East - The rush for resources

Climate Crocks: Heat Wave Edition Part 1

Senator: 6600 Graves at Arlington Could Be Wrong

Midweek Politics: EPIC "Porno Pete" Interview - Admits to Photographing Gay Leather Sex Events, too

Pathetic Republicans • Volume 1: Blocking Small Business Loans

TYT: Anger Over Hiring Of White Woman At Essence Magazine

David Cameron's Remarks Arouse Fury in Pakistan - 'Immature Reaction from an Immature Politician'

Rachel Maddow - The European Socialism Nightmare

Flood kills 40 Afghans

Okay this is weird - the "Thirteeners" and they nutball belief (Iowa is involved)

Ruling Against Arizona Is a Warning for Other States

Partisanship strikes Obama's bipartisan debt commission.

The Unemployed, Organized Online, Look to the Midterms

Report exposes journalist killings in Honduras

Michael Pollan: The Mighty Rise of the Food Revolution

Tier 5: Schumer Promises Legislation To Help The 99ers

Capitalist elites attack what saved them: government

This week in Change

Extending Bush Tax Cuts WON'T Create Jobs, Says Leading Economist

The GOP Plot to Screw the Economy and the Middle Class

Bright Eyes Plans Concert to Fight Immigration Law

INTERVIEW An ancient vision

Mainstream Media Is Helping BP Pretend There's No Oil

The Calling of a Contemporary Yank

Carly Fiorina's muddled legacy in Silicon Valley

Fred Barnes not on a team? Why did GOP pay him? (Joe Conason)

What is Socialism?

Breitbart was the problem, not "bloggers"

Europe gets new boost as economic confidence surges

Hamp needs Ms. Warren more than ever. Treasury Trying to Throw Reporters Off HAMP Trail?

Hoyer's prediction: Under 28 losses

Romer: Extending Bush tax cuts "wrong answer"

`Unmistakable' Evidence Shows World Getting Warmer, NOAA Says

Business as Usual? Target, Best Buy Donate to Anti-LGBT Candidates via MN Forward

Obama Links Education Overhaul to Economy

Lindsey Graham considering overturning the 14th amendment to end ‘birthright citizenship.’

Two Reasons the Obama Victory in Arizona Immigration Lawsuit is Good for Democrats

Death is another lesson for combat sports

Angry Left Needs Hugs & Kisses

Patrick Cockburn on Missing Billions in Iraq and Soaring Cancer & Infant Mortality Rates in Fallujah

Gov. Perry Caught In Explosive Dirty Deals Scandal!

Kaiser poll: Health care reform support reaches new high

White House Pushes for Warrantless Access to Internet Records

Iowa GOP Supports Amendment To Strip Obama’s Citizenship Because He Won The Nobel Peace Prize

WikiLeaks Q&A with Daniel Ellsberg, the man behind the Pentagon Papers

News Hounds: Instead Of Defending Their Record, Fox News Attacks Howard Dean

UK house insurance premiums to rise dramatically as climate change increases flood risk

Phytoplankton worldwide have been shrinking for 100 years, study shows

Temperatures soaring to new highs (OZ)

Global Wheat Supplies Will Slide by End of June on Drought, Council Says (Russia)

Drumbeat: July 29, 2010

Jobs boost with expansion (to 500 MW per year) at Wrexham solar panel plant (UK)

Stop & Shop Installs Solar Panels on 8 Stores in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Jersey

U.S. Navy Pours $100M Into Clean Solar Energy

Solar manufacturers struggle to meet demand (USA)

Solarstrom Plans 48 MW Ground Mounted Project (Italy)

Victoria to Establish Solar Feed-in Tariff (Oz)

Los Angeles DWP Moves to Add More Wind, Solar Generation to Energy Mix

Fossil Fuel Subsidies Outpace Renewables

Parry People Movers

Hawaiian Electric to offer lower electric vehicle charging rates

Renewable Energy Policy Update For China

The Only Way Is Up: Concentrating Solar Power Builds Up Heat

The Oil Drum: A Critical Examination of Matt Simmons’ Claims on the Deepwater Spill

T. Boone Pickens Just Dropkicked The American Wind Industry

Forecast For Moscow - 102+ F - Smog Levels From Peat & Forest Fires At 10X Safe Standards - LA Times

11 New Insect Species Discovered . . . In France, Near Riviera - Mongabay

Researchers Confirm Cheetahs & Cape Hunting Dogs Extinct In Cameroon - Mongabay

Arctic Ice July - Update #5

Senate Climate Bill Dies—Does the Environment Win?

GOP California Candidates Abandoning Environment As Issue - Typically Used To Lure Independents

90% Of Malaysia's Coral Reefs Dead From Global Warming

Controlling Soot Might Quickly Reverse a Century of Global Warming

Assault on America: A Decade of Petroleum Company Disaster, Pollution, and Profit

EXCLUSIVE: Sandra Bullock Disowns BP-Backed Greenwashing Campaign

Gore On Climate Bill Colllapse - "An Event Horizon Beyond Which It Is Difficult To See" - Guardian

Copper Mine Threatens Ancient Monastery in Afghanistan

How China overtook the US in renewable energy

Keeping Energy Efficiency in Mind, U.S. Homes are Getting Smaller

NGOs Apologize For Insulting Saudi Arabia At Climate Conference - WWF Staffer Fired

Coach K stands up for LeBron...

Rick Pitino's longest day/ Sick, Sick, Sick

SI's preseason NFL power rankings

Orioles tap Showalter to be manager

TO misses flight to Bengals Training Camp!

Oswalt accepts trade to Phillies

Tebow signs 5-year, $33 million deal!

You think I give a crap about orange shoes?

Brian Wilson fined for wearing orange shoes

BP May Sell Venezuela Oil Stakes to Russian TNK-BP Venture

Xpost from GD: International Republican Institute's Use Of U.S. Grants Criticized By Watchdog

45% of Bolivians being denied basic human rights (potable water)

Venezuelan police accused of 20% of the murders

X-post from GD

Honduras: Ongoing Attacks Foster Climate of Intimidation

JIm Bunning on Strasburg

FM Maduro: Colombia is responsible for internal war

Still a State of Unconstitutional Affairs in Colombia?

Uribe culminates presidency with 75% favorable (Spanish)

Álvaro Uribe criticizes Lula's stance on diplomatic crisis

(In)Maduro denounces Colombia's "plan" to attack Ven before Aug 7 (Spanish)

Bolivia coke bust nabs pres' inaugural priest

Venezuela's Peace Initiative Vs. U.S./Colombia War-Making

County settles discrimination suit with elderly gay couple

Jerusalem's Deputy Mayor Plans Donkey Parade To Counter Gay Pride

ACLU & Lambda Legal Sue Hawaii - Chairman of Christian Coalition says gay like smoking/drinking

NOM Speaker Compares Gays To Pedophiles, Satan, and Adolf Hitler

Memphis, TN: LGBT Anti-Discrimination Ordinance Supporter Receives Death Threats, Dead Cat On Lawn

Target not the only $$$$ donor to anti-gay Tom Emmer

The ‘ban gay adoption’ movement: sacrificing children

NOM Supporter Father Michael Becker: God Did Not Create Anal Sex

The Gay Gestapo Is After Ruben Diaz

Quote Of The Day - Anne Rice: Today I quit being a Christian (you gotta see why!)

Damn...they figured it out! Family Research Council: Repealing DADT Will Increase Male Rapes And HIV

Taft-Hartley Revisited

Two questions - both coming from consternation

Netanyahu: Continuing settlement freeze will topple Israel's government

Hamas bans lingerie displays in Gaza Strip

Arab League endorses direct Israel-PA talks

Settlers Seize Home in Jerusalem's Muslim Quarter

The Palestinian Authority is imprisoning Gazans

.Israel refuses to pay medical bills for American-Jewish protester who lost eye

Gazan hip hop group hopes to spread message of unity

Aussie marsupials descended from common South American ancestor

Genome Surprise: Guinea Pigs Have Ebola!

Birth Control Messes With Monkey Business

Tales for summer science odysseys

Bright stars burn out fast

Unluckiest place on Mars?




LOL- One Theory to cover it all!

Massive asteroid could hit Earth in 2182, warn scientists

Extreme Close-Up of the Face on Mars

World's oldest living creatures found in Scottish field

Is NASA Being Set Up To Fail (Again)?

R. I. P. Art Gish.

The only woman to ever cheat on me was an evangelical Christian.

An odd church story from my extended family...

Good link to many articles about the cardinal square

The Active Death Zone-Doorway To The Other Side ~ Lauren C. Gorgo

Not In *My* Timeline

Holy Mazzolleeee!!!

Clif High of Web bots--Coast to Coast July 26

okay, now I am feeling the 'buzzing'

Someone tell my how Americans got so incredibly ignorant and delusional about "religion" -

half past human

Help understanding new / current health insurance standards

Swimmers at Sub-Tropical Beaches Show Increased Risk of Illness

A question on health insurance.