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I have a BRILLIANT idea for solving (or getting damn close to solving) the financial problems

COMIC-CON: Stabbing at Hall H

Houston, we have a social networking problem.

BP Tries To Block Release Of Oil Spill Research

Liberals/Progressives will keep up the fight, Mr. President.

Anyone watching the Kentucky Senate debate?

Bonnie and Jindal (or Clyde)

A random thought.

way cool

Even the extras wouldn't do it . . . . . .

Yesterday I saw 2 DC3s in 30 min.

BP stands for

Christmas in July. Good idea?

Christmas in July. Good idea?

If You Have The IFC Channel... 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' Starts Right About NOW, LOL !!!

The USDA fiasco was a turning point for me

Jack conway from kentucky running for the Dems..

DU this poll

Putin Meets Russians in Spy Exchange

Looks like tomorrow might be a big day, folks, fire-wise.

someone gave me a star and i just noticed it

OK i admit it i am not one of the cool kids but

Someone please tell me global climate change is fake

Miss me yet ?

Mormon pioneers illegal

Chicago board of education choose to continue firing teachers rather than cut waste

Your Lousy Congress

Your Lousy Congress

Marines test sea-based artillery doctrine at RIMPAC

U.S. to step up efforts to train, equip African peacekeepers in Somalia

Tony Hayward is negotiating his departure package

US Same-Sex Couples To Be Banned from Adopting Russian Children

Federal investigation ties troops to child porn

Gay Lutheran pastors to join church roster

What's going on with the NHS?

Why can't Fox "news" be forced to remove the "news" from their title?

Fast food may return to bases in Afghanistan

"Hi! How are you today?"

Ex-US judge pleads guilty to child prison scam

Bumpersticker seen at the mall - need help with this one

Trade deficit in US at its highest level in 18 months

Ok, this is what we do. National lottery, winner get's to pay no taxes

Geithner Praises Warren, Hints Support for Her to Take Consumer Protection Post

National Guard and Reserve suicide rates climbing

‘Small Government’ Facade Falls in Milwaukee, Revealing Split-Level Reality

Democracy Now has a great website-featuring all their shows and more

DoD Furloughs Could Start Next Month - Ooga Booga Booga

Rep. Paul Hodes: GOP Deficit Hawks Are 'Extremist Obstructionist Lying Hypocrites'

Why is it that FOX News is obligated to show the legs of female hosts?

The Middle Class in America Is Radically Shrinking. Here Are the Stats to Prove it

Dying faces, body bags: How trauma hits a US unit

BP hasn't put money in escrow account yet - administrator won't write checks b/c they'll bounce

Reclaiming the Democratic Majority"–Progressive Activists Organize to Change Democrats in Congress

McCain challenger Hayworth gets RW flak for battling sheriff

Will House Democrats Oppose a Jobless War Supplemental?

Geithner says getting rid of tax cuts for wealthy is the right thing to do

A Sunday (not so) funny TOON

There's no point in arguing with an Ibex-or a Republican.

U.S. tries to calm Iraqis over hazardous waste

My Rant: Bill & Hillary I guess my invitation got lost in the mail

The Big Disconnect By JESSE JACKSON

Court Under Roberts Is Most Conservative in Decades

Republicans And Taxes

WIRED: Help BP Learn How to Use Photoshop

Two of AZ Gov. Brewer's Advisers Have Ties to Private Prison Industry

the Cleveland Plain Dealer started a new Fact Checking web Page...

the Cleveland Plain Dealer started a new Fact Checking web Page...

Clark Testifies Before Senate Ag Committee.

All this talk about voter apathy.......yes, another call to change the system.

Is The Gates Foundation Involved in Bribery?

"The Road to Debt Peonage" - explains why we likely won't see

The 10 happiest countries in the world ( or nothing rotten in the state of Denmark)

Joan WALSH is an absolute treasure - just TRASHED a wingnut apologist over BREITBART

We are all Gulf residents

Thumb-sucker Tucker Carlson Serves Dirt for Breakfast

Politically connected GOP lawyer arrested last month in mortgage fraud case under inquiry by Fl. Bar

Heartbreaking! Bush AG Gonzalez is ANGRY he had to undergo criminal probe..."and for what?" LINK

Right Wing Attacks Borowitz; Please Refudiate

Gubernatorial candidate doesn't know if he was charged with a felony

For the record, This is what amazes me about the power of FAUX news

I noticed quite a few "class warfare" posts recently. A book that might be of interest.

Iowa: Five-year-old hosts radio show

Tweety's meter

QUIZ: Who said it? Pat Robertson, Hitler, or Martin Luther

Part 2: An epidemic of ill health among the poor

Pilot Escapes Jet Crash

Most oil industry lobbyists in US worked for government

“When your kids go hungry—you’re going to find a way to get some money”

If you're disappointed in Obama and a fan of Rachel Maddow, I dare you to watch this

Restrepo, we went and watched it yesterday

Fox News' new slogan: "We Lead, They Follow"

please tell us the # of children in lower grade levels and the state you are in.

Walter who?

Heat wave exposes decrepit infrastructure in US, Canada

Bush appointee in Commission on Civil Rights: No proof that New Black Panthers harassed voters

Japan is cutting school class size and hiring more teachers

MarketWatch: Some see white iPhone delay as part of bigger problem

India unveils $35 tablet computer

A chant for the modern centrist. Get used to it.

A chant for the modern centrist. Get used to it.

Right-wing conspiracy: Sherrod controversy "orchestrated" by the White House to "smear Breitbart"

Boys survive earthquake in Haiti, emigrate to US and drown at religious camp

Happy Birthday Thurston Moore

Geithner Says U.S. Employers `Very Cautious,' Job Growth Not Fast Enough

Geithner Says U.S. Employers `Very Cautious,' Job Growth Not Fast Enough

Here we go: Chris Faux WALLACE, "O.admin fired her because THEY THOUGHT she said racist things"

What the President Didn't Seem to Learn From the Shirley Sherrod Incident - RJ Eskow/HuffPo

My "sensible challenge" will put an end to this jiggery-pokery about the woodchuck.

You have to watch this!

CNN is airing a bio of Shirley Sherrod right now!

Air Force wants to upgrade golf course ops - more money down the shithole

70,000 East Orange County residents urged to boil water (Orlando)

Guy looking at 220 years in Supermax is going to represent himself at trial

Rand Paul says father-in-law did receive farm subsidies that Paul says he is against

Happy Birthday to Me...

Schakowsky: Want to cut the deficit? Get with our new public option

Chicago Teachers Laid Off in Droves

the New BBC News website is horrible

bu$h* legacy = Court Under Roberts Is Most Conservative in Decades

bu$h* legacy = Court Under Roberts Is Most Conservative in Decades

League of Women Voters of Missouri opposes Proposition C

Pozni setup involving upper level federal law enforcement?

APOD - Where the hell is Matt?

P&G Recalls Two Lots of Prescription Renal Diet Cat Food Due to a Possible Health Risk

Changing the Supreme Court

At last! . . . Breitbart discusses an apology. . . . Please come CAPTION!!!!!

Grijalva: Deficit hawks against public option are ‘hypocrites,’ ‘phonies’

Grijalva: Deficit hawks against public option are ‘hypocrites,’ ‘phonies’

Sunday Talk Shows

if a piece of dispersed oil meets and touches another piece of dispersed

Happy Birthday Roger Clinton Jr.!

Na-Na-Na, Hay(ward) Hay(ward) Hay(ward), Goodbye!

Transparency Watch: Barack Obama faces rising pressure to publish Lockerbie bomber release letter

Afghans' Approval of Their Leadership Falls to 33%

Happy Birthday to...

UK diplomat: ‘Deep state’ bureaucracy blocking Iraq inquiry

Does anyone remember that article that was either in Harper's or the New Yorker where a journalist

Will Democrats cave in and extend Bush tax cuts on people

Howard Dean calls Fox News 'absolutely racist' for aiding Sherrod ouster

Obama stops service personnel from speaking at faith based

Geithner pushes plan to let tax cuts for wealthy expire

“Moomkin Tisa’adni!” - “Fuck ,what the Fuck!? THESE ARE BABIES!”

Carly Fiorina, closet Teabagger?

Timeline of Breitbart's Sherrod smear

E.J. Dionne: "Traditional media are so afraid of being called liberal" they'll run

Help May Be On The Way For 99-ers.. says Sen Chuck Schumer of NY..

Pierce Co. officials spend $30k in golf trips

Dead soldier may win buddy a medal (Korean War on “History Detectives” this week)

A re-reminder here that voters making over $200,000 a year voted for Obama 52% to 46% for McCain

Denver PD arrest disabled 84-year old woman for selling cigarettes from a loose pack

German legislator proposes taxing obese people

Why are the wingnuts saying that Texas has been invaded?

Will House Democrats Oppose a Jobless War Supplemental?

I was optimistic about the Dems keeping the House and Senate until I watched the Rand Paul/Conway

Pakistan Aids Insurgency in Afghanistan, Reports Assert

In Case You Missed This.. 'Final Jeopardy Answer: Something That Doesn’t Obstruct or Impede Justice'

Arizona immigration law ripples through history, U.S. politics

360 degree turn - Now the right is attacking Shirley Sherrod for calling Breitbart a racist

Toles:Almost a perfect record

Irresponsible source. Self delete.

The Gray And The Brown

Lake Superior, a Natural Global Warming Gauge, Is Running a Fever

Migrants sell up and flee Arizona ahead of crackdown

Only Yesterday: Bush Declares Victory in Afghanistan

Supporting Military Action Against Iran

Few of you may know this: Credit card late fees were capped at $25 starting August 22

President Obama can't talk about Boehner without laughing

BP's Tony Hayward

2 sailors missing in Afghanistan

In 1973, Carolyn King just wanted to play ball; instead, she went to bat for girls across U.S.

Just watched a sensational new series of Sherlock Holmes, on BBC1 TV, updated to the

We're making it and breaking it in Afghanistan

Migrants sell up and flee Arizona ahead of crackdown

The Expiration Of The Bush Tax Cuts To The Rich - The Corprorate Media Will Now Ignore The Deficit

Ok, Obama. Main Street or Wall Street, which will it be?

The sign post is no longer "up ahead"; we're there: The Twilight Zone.

Socialism: What It Is -- What It Is Not

Raytheon Unveils New Helmet Technology

DA: No Charges for Doorman Who Tackled Prankster

Youtube (Google) Messing with accounts again

Progressive House Members: The Senate Sucks

Happy Birthday Louise Brown... the world's first "test tube" baby.

Whats left to say?

First Afro-Russian politician elected

Chris Floyd on Anglo-American Political Philosophy 101: The Poor Must Die

The Middle Class in America Is Radically Shrinking

The Middle Class in America Is Radically Shrinking

FOX News Claiming WaPo SECRET GOVERNMENT Series is ''Must-Read for Al Qaeda.''

Toon: Obama's Bart Simpson moment

Copy and paste after me: Tax cuts do not create jobs

Oil Change International-Resource as to whether your congressmember is tainted-and how much

Remembering Emmett Till: Born July 25, 1941

I love how conservatives are dismissing the substance of the new leaks.

A telling article about Palin and her rather thin skin

Doctor pens goodbye note as plane plunges

Pics Of Failed Iowa Dam, And Downstream Results

Iran says it has 100 vessels for each U.S. warship

Aug. 1-2 Fast Against Torture commemorates eight years since torture memos

Even conservative group Ayn Rand Org admits US is not a Christian Nation and Founders were Deist

Mad at Bush/Cheney? Want to see some subpoenas served?

Retail giants are reducing the variety of brands and models stocked to reduce costs.

Maroon 5 boycotting Arizona, will not tour in the state over immigration law

Fight Over Future of Bush Tax Cuts

Ex-CIA chief: Strike on Iran seems more likely now

So, what will happen to people over 65 if the Catfood Commission means tests Medicare?

Portland cartoonist John Callahan dead at 60

Vermont gubernatorial candidates fighting about who is most pro-single payer!

How do fat cats spend their big tax cuts?

Ted Haggard says he "over-repented" for a massage that went awry...

Ted Haggard says he "over-repented" for a massage that went awry...

Here's the reply to your next teabagger email about taxes.

So I ask again - is the Dick

Right-wingers offer $100 for punching Rep. Grayson in the nose. What would left-wingers do for $100?

Gingrich: I called Sherrod "viciously racist" because of Obama admin's "continuing incompetence"

Muslim women thrown out of pool for wearing 'burkinis' (France)

Public Works Projects - Is It Time?

Why Didn't the Media Do a Better Job on Toyota[?]

Meet the man taking on Toyota

NYT: Obama's Deportation of Naji "an act of cruelty that seems to defy explanation"

Our sympathies to the very wealthy...

KGB man: MI5 agent told me that David Kelly had been ‘exterminated'

When Chinese-Americans visit people in China, gifts from the U.S. are a must (LATimes)

We should let the Bush tax cuts expire, but only if it is not used to reduce the deficit

Happy birthday Jane Hamsher!

Why is Face the Nation hosting John Fund despite his history of falsehoods?

Washington Post editorial congratulates Rhee on teacher firings

Dean endorses a Gingrich candidacy

Obama readies major action on immigration enforcement

I would like to thank CBS News for finally coming clean on their right wing world view

Gasland a must see documentary now on HBO2

Glenn Beck and Byron Williams: What the Fox News Host Has to Do With the Oakland Highway Shooter

Lt. Dan Choi coming up live on CNN

The New Black Panther Story: Light on Facts, Heavy on Echo

Restore the Estate Tax!

It appears that "neutrality of Afghanistan" is losing ground to "permanent military presence".

Disappointments Aside, America Is Better Off With President Obama than With President McCain.

Should Russia and China fund a scholarship for journalism students in Germany?

I thought I knew about Howard Zinn and our common history pretty well. I was wrong.

The Middle Class in America Is Radically Shrinking. Here Are the Stats to Prove it

Wikileaks Exposes 'Unseen' Afghan War - 'One Of Biggest Security Breaches In History' VIDEO & MORE

I'm thinking of driving to DC on August 28th to attend the Restore Honor "non-political"

Remarkable WWF poster campaign against “Global Warming”

I'm watching Dateline about hunger in the US, and these stories are heartbreaking.

Is Ken Feinberg still working with AFT's Weingarten to plan how better to fire teachers?

The Silent Killing of America's Workforce

Pit Bull Spay/Neuter Laws Working in San Francisco

Pit Bull Spay/Neuter Laws Working in San Francisco

On populism and the rich (CLinton)

True or False: The harder you work the more you get paid?

Confessions of a Journolister

Franken: 'If Republicans Take Over Congress, They'll Implement A Truly Dangerous Agenda'

Shirley Sherrod & To Kill a Mockingbird

New Names Emerge for 9th Circuit Seats (including first ever American Indian)

LINKS: 2 GREAT Rachel Maddow graphics refuting GOP LIES about deficits and the effect

Let's give President Obama a super-majority in the Senate this November.

Obama to Lefties: "Make me. G'wan, I dare ya! Make me!"

Would this make me a "socialist"?

Senator Franken To DU: "No matter how frustrated you are, you can't check out now"

Have the number of unsolicited 'pre-approved' credit card offers by mail went way down for you?

Woman gets flat tire, cop gives her a ticket for it

" God forbid they be called liberal....."

You know where $101.85 did NOT go this week?

Oil pipeline prompts fears for Nebraska farms' water

The last presidential kid to attend public schools was Amy Carter

How do you fight stupidity? Really.

I have a new enemy...

The Tragedy of "American Exceptionalism"

Catfood Country

First they came for people who speak out about injustice,

I'm going to tie one on tonight, folks!

A little musical interlude for a weird Sat.

I'm done. I'm joining MaveliPartyUnderground.:P

Had a foreign country done to the Gulf what BP has done --


Just mopped the floor with pine-sol , in this heat !

Anyone seen the movie "Everybody's Fine" starring DeNiro & Drew Barrymore? Was it any good?

I used to have this problem with Taco Bell -- had to stop eating there...

Props to Rachel Maddow (and others) for reinforcing the positive things so well...

The Thirsty Traveler was in Wales in an episode the other day.

I'm in a bad mood.

Went to a great roller derby bout tonight - (Richmond Va) Poe's Punishers vs. Long Island

Ok yet another disaster happening this month

Pooping pigeons forced the Kings of Leon to abandon their St. Louis, Missouri, concert

we were cool once and young

I hope this carries over to election day

Raisin in the Sun on TCM now.

For the Record, Full Series Rankings For The 2009-10 Broadcast Season

Cuckoo's Nest on AMC now.

Daleks get owned by River Song

There's a place for us,

Beavis and Butthead say Hello

One would think you're the LAST person I'd have to say this to, but DAMMIT...

When the HELL are you people gonna listen to me? WHEN THE HELL?!?!?!?

If Francis Scott Key were alive, how would he react to Lee Greenwood's God Bless The USA?

Pick my latenight music

I'm probably drinking too much tequila.

I just found a male nipple in my penny jar.

OMG! ... Betty Bowers is selling ringtones on iTunes. ... No shit!

Good quote I found describing being high

A "thank you" for the star

You guys know me well enough to know I've GOT TO POST this pic of Britney Spears' head. I'VE GOT TO.

I heard someone use the phrase "homosexual agenda" today, totally without irony.

Well, duh.

*****Thank you so much, LeftyFingerPop*****

Yeah, it's this kind of day

Downhill Skateboarding on a Freeway at 100km/hr... Barefoot

Got myself a 1 TB drive!

Birds force Kings of Leon from St. Louis stage

And finally (for now), if this is NOT real for teabaggers (and espec. those who ridicule them)...

Do you have a favorite book on history?

On a bad day, Spock's message is "Live Long & GFY".

The Sound of Music "Do Re Mi" is played at a Belgium Train Station: much merriment and dancing ensue

M-m-m-m... toasted frog.

Yikes...nasty weather is here...

People are Strange

Happy Birthday to Me...

LFP has not been the same since they denied his sport participation in the X-Games.

Need some advice on my abandoned munchkin kitty...

question about online surveys

I'm only 43 but "*THIS** is on my bucket list

36 years ago today, I got the luckiest break of my life

you've got all that is really needed

It took me almost 60 years to figure it out

The Lounge would be more interesting with...

No, this isn't me just being "you damn kids get off my lawn!" but entmoots move waaaay too fast!

Ritchie Blackmore. Deep Purple with Gillan, Deep Purple with Coverdale, Rainbow with Dio, or...

tombstone me.

Name a movie adaptation nobody has intended to make so far

Post your favorite banjo clip featuring musicians from Switzerland!

Did anyone else like 'Zombieland'?

Cleavage! n/t

To protect and ser... ... ... ... WHOA... DID YOU SEE THAT?!?!?!?!?

This is by FAR my favorite picture of Rush Limbaugh...

Well the decision has been made, finally!

Ensure that you will be strip-searched at the airport

If You Have The IFC Channel... 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' Starts Right About NOW, LOL !!!

Do they make a hard cover version of facebook for people who do not own computers?

Can you go blind from drinking old beer?

OMZ!1 There's a Mister BEAN website with figurines!1 Why wouldn't there be?11

Question About Air Conditioning Service (Has This Happened To Anyone Before?)

I didn't know they still made these

damn, "the world at war" is an amazing documentary

I really wish the local news rag would stop allowing reader comments on-line.

Mandolin players - I'm thinking of buying one. Where should I buy from? What should I look for?

What the hell IS this?

OMG my daughters won't stop watching LOTR on TNT

Except for the laughs that vuvuzelas produced, I was never a big fan of the World Cup.

Where do you set your AC?

Pictures from the Road: Bustin Bugs and Mufflers, and the View Out of My Window

Unhappy Hipsters - It's Lonely in the Modern World

An ethical question...

The Astounding World of the Future

Kitteh owners........gathering an opinion

How far back in the family tree can you go?

Rolling Stones announce 2011-12 tour will be the last ...

How do I get rid of a "friend" on Facebook? I never agreed to being her friend in the first place.

shutter island help please spoilers aplenty

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) He Started It Edition

Post your used car buying advice here.

You know you're a Floridian if....

The Most Disappointing Movies You Have Seen?

British girls undergo horror of genital mutilation despite tough laws

Gadget makers forced to look at links to Congo war

Court Under Roberts Is Most Conservative in Decades

Axe falls on NHS services

Diplomat Claims His Iraq Inquiry Evidence Was 'Blocked' ('Deep State' Elements Preventing...)

Diplomat Claims His Iraq Inquiry Evidence Was 'Blocked' ('Deep State' Elements Preventing...)

KGB man: MI5 agent told me that David Kelly had been ‘exterminated'

Obama's friend raising funds for new Gaza aid ship

Military Gay Rights Activist Gives His West Point Ring to Reid

Hayward departure from BP called imminent

Bridgeport (CT) blaze leads to 2 firefighter deaths

Tony Hayward to quit BP

Afghans' Approval of Their Leadership Falls to 33%

Veto likely on bills blocking EPA regs

Nato probes reports raid killed 45 Afghan civilians

100-degree temps cook Eastern U.S.

Chile president rules out pardon for military abuses

The Gray And The Brown

Afghanistan war logs: Massive leak of secret files exposes truth of occupation

Qaeda says it has killed French hostage: report

Ex-CIA Chief: Military Action Against Iran Over Suspected Nuclear Program Seems More Likely

Castro Sighting Outside of Havana

Cuba indicates it will free all its political prisoners

Iraq war inquiry: former UN expert accuses Whitehall of cover-up

Teen Reported Dead Found Alive After Medical Mix-Up (a week later)

Teamsters accept studios' offer, averting a strike threat

Ecuador president imposes oil nationalization law

BP chief Tony Hayward 'negotiating exit deal'

Sacked workers to open new wind turbine factory

Chicago areas declare disaster after flooding

Pay czar quits fight over banks' bonuses

Chavez threatens to cut off oil to U.S.

Conrad Black must stay in US until next court hearing (BBC)

Matt Bai (NYT): Race: Still Too Hot to Touch

Geithner Praises Warren, Hints Support for Her to Take Consumer Protection Post (VIDEO)

Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship wants less government regulation so he can pursue "hapiness"

A Corporate Culture and Losing 'A Sense of Shame'

The most conservative high court in decades

Serious mistake to believe the stimulus failed

Geithner pushes plan to let tax cuts for wealthy expire

Obama encourages girl in fight against bullying

White House backed release of Lockerbie bomber Abdel Baset al-Megrahi

Shirley Sherrod, Fox News and Pavlov's Dog

Battle Looms in Washington Over Expiring Bush Tax Cuts

White House backed release of Lockerbie bomber Abdel Baset al-Megrahi

Racism at the Tea Party

Pakistan Spy Service Aids Insurgents, Reports Assert

Why is World Net Daily a WH correspondent member?

Obama the All-Powerful?

What say you, DUers?

Forbes: Obama is anti-business

"Is Palin gunning for 2012" video bwahhh A MUST SEE

Right and Left assess Obama - Perception is everything...

CNN Republican Bulldog.....

U.S. Aircraft Carrier Ups Pressure on N. Korea

Tarryl Clark on Bachmann’s Social Security plan: ‘Why on earth does she want to take away our money?

Dean calls Fox News 'absolutely racist' for aiding Sherrod ouster

Britain Plans to Decentralize Health Care

Top U.S. officer warns Afghan war will get worse

First year stands out for Sotomayor on Supreme Court

Germany’s Love Parade festival will never be held again after 19 killed, 342 injured in crush

Dowd: You’ll Never Believe What This White House Is Missing

Wall Street reform bill a win for farmers and rural communities

Quite a few small businesses & hourly wage earners will BENEFIT from the $2 million Clinton wedding

Howard Dean: Fox News 'absolutely racist' in Sherrod flap (WaPo)

Franken implores activists at Netroots convention to fight

Battle Looms in Washington Over Expiring Bush Tax Cuts

Summaries of the soon-to-be-effective credit card and health care rules

Court Under Roberts Is Most Conservative in Decades

Does anyone know anything about this Faux Noose Special?

Reid Makes Commitment on Filibuster

So many think they will "punish" the Democrats by sitting out November,

Obama's bailout watchman caves to bailed-out Wall St. firms

Obama Team Takes the Lead on LGBT Rights at the UN

Taliban: 1 missing US trooper dead, other captured

CNN drops any pretense and goes for a full on Faux news style disinfo attack against President Obama

Van Jones: Shirley Sherrod and Me

After bailouts, new autoworkers make half as much as veterans in same plant

Afghanistan war logs: Massive Leak of Secret Files Exposes Truth of Occupation

Timothy Geithner: Allow Bush Tax Cuts For The Wealthy To Expire

Note to President Obama: With all due respect sir, ask Hillary about the vast right-wing conspiracy

Researchers: Oil Plumes Are From BP Well


Sex with Dick Cheney , a U.S. Senator , and more...

GRITtv: Greg Grandin: Oliver Stone vs. The New York Times

Cyndi Lauper Talks About Bush, Cheney, and Fundamentalists

BP Oil Spill and EPA: September 11 $Deja Vu$

Russians drown fleeing record heat

Young Turks: GOP Threatens Subpoeanas, Repeals After 2010 Elections

Sum of Change Interviews Congresswoman Donna Edwards at Netroots Nation 2010

Sam Seder Talks To Cenk From Netroots 2010 About President Obama & Supreme Court

The Lesson to be Learned From Obama

America's 99'ers: The Forgotten


Say Anything: Thomas Friedman ft. Peter Gabriel

Clark:Return Minnesota's Sixth District to its Base

Young Turks: Cenk Deconstructs Bill O'Reilly's Sherrod 'Apology'

A People's History of American Empire by Howard Zinn

Max Keiser with Paul Craig Roberts on the Financial Crisis

Howard Dean Confronts The Beast Head On: "Fox News Did Something That Was Absolutely Racist"

Senator Al Franken Gives Keynote Address at Netroots Nation 2010

Bizarre new DC-based magazine promo campaign

Rachel Maddow - The Obama Paradox 1 (or Why we Sheeple are Blameless) - Anthony Weiner

Carly Fiorina Loves the Tea Party

I AM a liberal!

CNN refuses to blame Fox News for racist attacks. Blames the internet instead!

Lt Dan Choi gives Harry Reid his West Point ring & discharge papers

Obama Urges Netroots Not To Watch 'Roots' on the Net

Our Impoverished Politics

There’s a Battle Outside and It Is Still Ragin’ Frank Rich

Artists See Increase in U.S.-Cuba Cultural Exchanges

Our Impoverished Politics by David Michael Green

In the Sherrod controversy

There’s a Battle Outside and It Is Still Ragin’

Andrew Breitbart-- Major Right wing Echo Chamber Architect and Voice

Bush Era Tax Cuts Due to Expire in December, This Falls Big Political Battle

JD Hayworth's Republican challenge to John McCain grows as anti-immigrant anger spills...

Mesmerized by the Right

Court Under Roberts Is Most Conservative in Decades

The right is so accustomed to having its way with the media, White house, etc....

Right-Wingers Gather in Las Vegas for Online Organizing Conference

Blue Dogs Be Dog-Gone Soon

The Monumental Hypocrisy of the Republican Party

Elizabeth Warren

Angle Backtracks On Social Security: 'I've Never Said' I Wanted To Scrap It (VIDEO)

Melissa Harris-Lacewell: Finding Racial Inspiration in the Shirley Sherrod Story

On a libel suit, the White House waits

Amazing letter to the editor (Times-Picayune) in regard to the "Tea Party".

Why The Tea Party Loves Big Brother

The Roots of White Anxiety: American Meritocracy Disrepects Red America

Pipes: To Get Obama To Act, Netanyahu Should Threaten To Nuke Iran

Nobel Peace Prizes 'are being awarded illegally'

Tea Party, Meet Religious Right. Everybody Meet Ayn Rand.

The Gray And The Brown: The Generational Mismatch

Headed for Jonestown

The wrong partner for our schools

So the Dems rolled over and played dead on Kerry Lieberman. In other news, water is wet.

Soot in the Sky, Gas in the Water

U.S. farmers may face crackdown on pesticide use

Asia's Most Devastating Droughts Reconstructed

Who else is looking forward to the MLS-Man U match July 28th?

How should "pitch invaders" be dealt with?

How precious: money's flowing already for the 7 new bases in Colombia!

Chavez says friend/informer from the US warns him about assassination/coup plan (es)

Artists See Increase in U.S.-Cuba Cultural Exchanges

Which college team do enjoy seeing your team beat the most...

Castro Sighting Outside of Havana

Maradona: I'm In Venezuela For Hugo Chavez's Career Advice

Cuba indicates it will free all its political prisoners

Chile president rules out pardon for military abuses

The Insidious Bureaucracy in Venezuela: Biggest Barrier to Social Change

¿kenin moijtoa ika kaxtitl?

Cubans Wait to Hear News on Bread and Butter Issues

Colombia rules out movement of troops to the border with Venezuela

Cuban communist says Party shouldn't kick him out

Ecuador president imposes oil nationalization law

Golinger compares Colombia at the OAS to Colin Powell at the UN

Science fiction writer Ben Bova comments on RKBA and the Bill of Rights ...

Today in Labor History July 25, 3,000 federal troops and 5,000 deputized special police killed 18

Support the Jewish Labor Committee

Even as they fade away . . .

six months later...

Summerfest at the Shriner's Temple

Gaza militants may be firing a new type of rocket into Israel, police say

Obama's friend raising funds for new Gaza aid ship

Stars reveal carbon 'spaceballs'

This week in space - photos

Local residents report that animals felt D.C. quake seconds before they did.

Discovered: The Biggest Rat That Ever Lived

The Roman Army (swiss) pocket knife 200 AD

Religion uproar in Australian Election

My friend wants to go to Lilydale.