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Do bears heist in the woods?

How to persuade grass roots republicans that it's time to end tax cuts for the wealthy

I was sent "Obama underwrites offshore drilling in Brazil", and

Our Forefathers

Thank you mods!

Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck may have just gotten on a very big man's very bad side.

Bigger failure as a mother

Bigger failure as a mother

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Google Images, can switch back to the old way

Is it legal to fire someone for supporting Obama?

President Obama Names Five to United States District Court (July 14, 2010)

BANK BUST FRIDAY !!!! ..... The SoCo with Sprite & Lime Edition

Thank you Maddow...Detailing the Obama Paradox

White House Jester Beheaded For Making Fun Of Soaring National Debt

U.S. Senate passes 'libel tourism' bill

Pentagon workers found to have downloaded child pornography

Is it possible to add an "UnRec" feature to individual reply posts?

Rachel HUGE lecture for Prez about p.r.

The CA cop shooter and Glenn Beck: Here's what we know

Is there a statute of limitations on murder?

Iran aims to send man into space by 2019 (BBC)

"Instead of taking the fight to big polluters, Obama has put global warming on the back burner"

O'Donnell doing great work on Countdown, promoting stuff.

Stupidity (documentary)

Stupidity (documentary)

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

It took me an extra day…

DC area - Saturday temps around 100F w/heat index 110 - 115F

Nation editor: Obama ‘feeding zealots’ by not standing up to right-wing media

Fourteen Years Ago Tonight - Seven American Women Made History

Good job, mods.

Has the rate of bank robberies gone ballistic?

I would consider Van Jones a "real progressive". Dean seems to like him.

Fascinating... Media Matters: Timeline Of Breitbart's Sherrod Smear

Pigs at the Trough

"Do no harm."

U.S. Department of Peace discussion with Dennis Kucinich

I am realizing that mixing discussions of "victimization" and "precautionary measures"

Sens. ask McHugh (Army Secretary) why Wanat officers exonerated

DoD: 'The sky is falling! The sky is falling!'

Va. leaders oppose idea of closing JFCOM

Kucinich/Paul: Conscientious Objectors in Our Congress Say Pull Troops out of Pakistan

DUers I need a buch of recommends on an MSM article on OH Governore Strickland's R opponent...

DUers I need a buch of recommends on an MSM article on OH Governore Strickland's R opponent...

Fast Against Torture Commemorates 8 Years Since Torture Memos, No Accountability

Pence promises full-fledged GOP campaign to keep Bush tax cuts

What will help more with base turn-out in the fall?

Salon: 'The Movie Experience I Can't Forget' #15 - "JFK"

9-11 Happened on a Tuesday.

One more reason to hate Kate Gosselin

One more reason to hate Kate Gosselin

US Bank Closures Hit 103 Compared With 64 Last Year

US Bank Closures Hit 103 Compared With 64 Last Year

Great Lakes sailors continue pickets on Liberty Line

The world’s ongoing ecological disasters

The world’s ongoing ecological disasters

Since Christmas in July sales have begun, when does the fake War on Christmas in July begin?

Controversial Toyota crash emerging as election issue in Ramsey County (Koua Fong Lee)

'House OK's possible Israeli raid on Iran'

'House OK's possible Israeli raid on Iran'

Psychological Warfare

Paul Dobson, Phoenix Cop Who Opposes Arizona Immigration Law, Is Now Under Investigation

India Unveils Prototype 35 Dollar Tablet

How common is police corruption and brutality?

What grade would you give Obama after 1 1/2 years? - Foreign Policy

Heads up Sea Shepherd fans...

Why we should call out the racial issue if it's warranted.

FR: Tea Party cancelled because of "pro gay left wing Republicans"

The Dark side of the force needs cash! Now!

Two Cents

Has anyone here made application to the new high risk pools created by HCR?

Feds Open 26,000+ Miles of the Gulf to Fishing.. No signs of oil contamination; tests continue..

Right-Wingers Gather in Las Vegas for Online Organizing Conference

I'm gonna make a prediction about something that will probably happen eventually in education

I'm gonna make a prediction about something that will probably happen eventually in education

Magnetic Nanoparticles Remove Ovarian Cancer Cells from the Abdominal Cavity

Coburn turns over 1,200 pages of documents related to Ensign

Buying Respectability: Pepsi funds a Yale fellowship to study obesity and diabetes

Chicago Museum Seeks Live-In Blogger

Dems, Obama, DOJ, and Congress have all turned a blind eye

Oil spill illnesses, injuries double in past month

Oh My -Gas leaks erupt in Cheney

Rich Americans who renounce US citizenship to escape taxes?--Still owe taxes!

Is Anybody Televising Netroots Nation, Or Is It Stream Only ???

Is Anybody Televising Netroots Nation, Or Is It Stream Only ???

The Nation: 'Reverse Racism' Is a Weapon of Mass Distraction

Comparing The Tea Partiers To Jesus (seriously)

Comparing The Tea Partiers To Jesus (seriously)

Wuerker TOON "Like anyone would be fooled by that"

So it gets to be 135 degrees

So it gets to be 135 degrees

DAMN HOLLYWOOD!!! - movie locations accident cuts power to westend Richmond

DAMN HOLLYWOOD!!! - movie locations accident cuts power to westend Richmond

Have you been to the Grand Canyon?

No to Oligarchy

FOIA: politicians and their tax returns

Ensign staff tell ethics panel inquiry that lobbying rule-breaking was known

A Fable: The Rat and the Opossum

A Fable: The Rat and the Opossum

Sarah Palin's new childrens' book - covers under consideration

The silence of trade tariffs

There Has Been a Mosque Near Ground Zero Since 1970 – Same Year the World Trade Center Opened

My GLBT friends, why aren't there MORE lawsuits?

NKorea vows nuclear response to US-SKorea drills

NextMedia Strike again: Palin

NextMedia Strike again: Palin

In countries without decent govenments, the richest citizens are called warlords.

The New Black Panther Story: Light on Facts, Heavy on Echo

Picture this! Putin Jumps on a Harley to Praise Motorbikes.

Once again AC says the "left does it too" for the 2nd night in a row

Looks like Goldman Sachs is coming for your utilities.

From stimulus to austerity: An international class-war policy

The Gonzales U.S. Attorney Firing Investigation Pity Party: "I had to go through this for nothing"

I just saw Rachel's show from Thursday. Thank you, Rachel!

Two US soldiers captured

Dems roll over, abandon climate bill. will citizenry follow suit?

"Some dark dudes are coming!" . . . Please CAPTION Head Wreck!!!!

Terror-Free Oil flows no more

"democracy photo challenge" ongoing. did you know of it?


Bear gets stuck in car... seriously.. the bear got stuck in the car

Nancy Pelosi NN10 Keynote Q and A

My two favorite Daniel Schorr moments:

Judge Freezes Fallen Firefighter's Benefits

FL Senate: Jeff Greene's yacht tears up coral reef in Belize.. $1.87 million in unpaid fines

Pilot ejects an instant before fighterjet crashes

Scott (D) and Greene (D)..billionaires, hear it from Service workers...

Tough Mine, Workplace Safety Bill Advances

What are the five things that you can do next to accomplish your political goals?

New federal rules aim to help college students with textbook costs

Reich-wing bullying in AZ: Cop Who Opposes Arizona Immigration Law Is Now Under Investigation

Van Jones: "We really believed we'd gotten to some sort of finish line. In fact all we'd done

James E. Akins, Envoy to Saudi Arabia, Dies at 83

BP Plays Significant Role In CLIMATE CHANGE Education In Public Schools

Today is an important and obscure anniversary: "For the dead and the living, We must bear witness."

Ex-Mayor Makes Memphis, Tenn. Primary About Race

Well, BP appears to have a sense of humor.

This is what the Tea Party looks like.

A Fable: The Rat and The Opossum

NY Times: Britain Plans to Decentralize National Health Care

Feinberg Compensation Fund on C-Span now (rerun from Wed.)

Feinberg Compensation Fund on C-Span now (rerun from Wed.)

Lohan's first weekend in custody-she may be out by the end of July!

15 dead in Love Parade stampede

Rhee Fires 5% of Teachers In D.C.: Nice job, Randi - you gave her the power to do this

Elizabeth Warren’s Appointment In Jeopardy-We Have to Act Now

Can someone explain why car dealerships don't have to comply with the new consumer

MMJ advocacy groups urge Obama to withdraw nomination of Michele Leonhart to DEA

MMJ advocacy groups urge Obama to withdraw nomination of Michele Leonhart to DEA

Is anyone watching that "Rally To Lift Oil Drilling Moratorium" on C-Span

Karl Rove Group Funded by Swift Boater

so everything is supposed to be alright now in the Gulf?

The Sherrod scandal makes headlines Europe-wide

It is up to me.

Carl Levin: DADT Vote in September - Troops Have No Veto Power

Oh Goody! Fable Day on DU. Here's one of my favorites - The Soldier and His Horse

Latest to Lose Jobs…Prisoners

File this under facepalm: Christian Right group draws up impeachment paper for Obama

US has 100K in tax liens against CA's republican Lt. Governor

Who knew? Marco Rubio is running against Rachel Maddow.....

First Annual International Eunice Kennedy Shriver (EKS) Day - Sept 25th (Special Olympics)

How is it not divisive for groups of DUers to use the same sig line picture or avatar?

Weiner says Fox News, Breitbart fabricate content weekly

The Goatherd and the Wild Goats

Bohner billboard contest

Need brilliant ideas re: community program for teen program

Need brilliant ideas re: community program for teen program


Omaha parks director job cut (fired me illegally in 07)

Labor Department Rejects 98% of Whistleblower Protection Requests

Once again, an opportunity presented us as a gift has been squandered and is now lost.

Rare Haven of Stability in Somalia Faces a Test

Rare Haven of Stability in Somalia Faces a Test

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

I just sent an email to the White House to urge recess appointents

V.A. Says Veterans Can Now Use Medical Marijuana

It's time to go after Bush/Cheney: British deputy prime minister admits Iraq war was illegal

Sarah Palin:The Cartoon

Sarah Palin:The Cartoon

Judge: Ohio man can't form own Indian reservation

The Middle Class in America Is Radically Shrinking. Here Are the Stats to Prove it

Dems pick Meister for governor (1st Democrat to receive the governor nomination at a Ne convention)

Medical marijuana to be OK in some VA clinics

Beltway Chicken Littles - Sherrod Gets The Last Word

The Ocelot and the Sparrow

Man nabbed for practising witchcraft

Hate the Police? Stop calling them.

Hate the Police? Stop calling them.

Warren’s Nomination Becoming More of a Reality - FDL

Report On U.S. Attorney Firings Reads Like a Farce - FDL

Bob Herbert: Thrown to the Wolves

Talk of Senate Rules Reform Hangs Over Netroots Nation - FDL

Stampede at German Love Parade festival kills 17

Iowa Dam maintenance was "an issue" ..going back to at least 2007)

Head Wreck's got his mind set on The Oval Office. . . . Please come CAPTION!!!

No To Oligarchy ~ Bernie Sanders via The Nation ~must read

What is your opinion on the future of the Bush taxcuts?

What Gulf spill? Around the world, deepwater drilling keeps on keepin’ on


Two US soldiers have been captured by Taliban

A tale my mother told me---

South Africa's Desmond Tutu to retire from public life

The Banker and the Fisherman

Rove and his Billionaires - yes, he has a small pack of them

Pogo, revisited

Once more into the trickle-down breech

Marijuana advocacy groups urge Obama to withdraw nomination of Michele Leonhart

TN Repuke backtracks on secession if he's elected Gov...

Shirley Sherrod - Once again, I feel a lot of people on our side are missing the main issue.

Obama Urges Netroots Nation To 'Consider What We've Accomplished,' 'Keep Up The Fight' In Surprise A

Obama Urges Netroots Nation To 'Consider What We've Accomplished,' 'Keep Up The Fight' In Surprise A

It is 61 at the North Pole right now , tomorrow the high is predicted to be 71

MarketWatch: Some employers steal from 401(k) plans

Pictures of Wally world shoppers Be warned these pictures might gross you out!

Zack de la Rocha Rejoins Rage Against the Machine for a Cause

Congratulations Rep. Roy Blunt! You're The Most Crooked Member of Congress This Year!

Darth Vader strikes NY Bank..

Koch Industries Takes Credit For The ‘Spontaneous’ Tea Parties: We’re Glad We ‘Helped Stimulate’ The

16 economists and historians sign a document calling for tax cuts and stimulus spending

Van Jones To Netroots: Quit Beating Up On Obama

Reid promises Lt. Dan Choi he'd keep his West Point ring until Don't Ask-Don't Tell repeal is signed

The Middle Class in America Is Radically Shrinking. Here Are the Stats to Prove it

Communist Teacher Blamed for Improper Cuba Trip - NY Times

Suppose we eliminated the Capital Gains tax on exchange traded securities, and instead....

Unfoxing America, one Gutbomb Palace at a time...

Comic Con vs. Westboro Baptist Church

Who do you think is hollering the loudest? Yup it is pity me puppy Alberto

When organizations turn people off....

SCOTUS to hear Westboro "Church" military funeral protest case 10/06

End the Bush Wars

15 killed in mass panic at Germany's Love Parade

Just had a terrifying thought: "go do something or other to change the world" and

Rove’s RNC ‘grassroots’ rival, American Crossroads, raised 97 % of its $$ from four billionaires

Rove’s RNC ‘grassroots’ rival, American Crossroads, raised 97 % of its $$ from four billionaires

Turned down for even the most ridiculous job, writing for a content farm

1954 - my how times have changed

My plan to hire 166,600 workers overnight & save the economy.

American Psychosis What happens to a society that cannot distinguish between reality and illusion?

not a word of disagreement..........

What will happen to Andrew Breitbart from now on?

Long Term Unemployment: Lost Income, Lost Friends, Loss of Self Respect

Fed Judge (GWB appointee) slaps down GOP shill on campaign finance "emergency"

Frank Rich:There’s a Battle Outside and It Is Still Ragin’

Frank Rich:There’s a Battle Outside and It Is Still Ragin’

Great editorial cartoon from Jack Ohman.

The New Dog Whistle agianst African Americans

Wow-DUers have you read Jim Webb's Wall Street Journal Op Ed

KS newspapers withdraw endorsement of birther candidate

Catholic priests 'filmed at gay clubs and having casual sex'

I TRIED to give a fuck about the Clinton wedding. I did. Honest.

Who started the "cheerleader" avatar, and can I use it too?

Church denounces gay priests after magazine revelations

Hitting bottom: So they finally pass the unemployment extensions

NYT: Toyota Still Doesn’t Get It

PICS- Pilot ejects an instant before fighterjet crashes

Fifty six dead guys so far this month in Afghanistan.

Police brutality. It's not a "DU meme".

Rep. Paul Hodes (D-NH): GOP Deficit Hawks Are 'Extremist Obstructionist Lying Hypocrites' - HuffPo

Real Millionaire Crybabies Of The Airwaves

Just Had the Doorbell Ring...

Oliver Stone reminds the NYT that they supported the coup against Chavez

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"

Pro Publica's Bailout List: Banks, Car Companies and More

How will the economy recover in an environment

Breaking: Dam failure in Iowa..

Honestly, as an African-American. . . .

Honestly, as an African-American. . . .

Obama urges disgruntled liberals to "keep up the good fight" and elect Democrats in November

car trashed by bear because peanut butter sandwhich left in car

Earrings ripped out on the street

NBC special tomorrow - people living in America with no $$$

Tea Party, Meet Religious Right. Everybody Meet Ayn Rand

Tea Party, Meet Religious Right. Everybody Meet Ayn Rand

Tea Party, Meet Religious Right. Everybody Meet Ayn Rand

Is there common ground in this statement?

NYT: New York State Plans to Eliminate (capture and gas) 170,000 Canada Geese

Which sport do like the LEAST, not most, LEAST

What grade would you give Obama after 1 1/2 years? - Domestic Policy

"The last time any President did this much in office, booze was illegal....

"The last time any President did this much in office, booze was illegal....

Iran says it has 100 vessels for each US warship

We have Neo-Nazis on our border

Obama Uses Video of Rachel Maddow in His Netroots Nation Address

" is the first thing I will do..."

BP Fails to Put Money in Promised Escrow Account.

On the Westboro Fanatics

Great quotes from 34 Science Fiction authors.

Worth all the nasty names...

Are your cosmetics and skin care products safe? You should find out

my daughter's wedding

Unemployment Solution: Pray for The Rapture!

The Fable of the Snake

Vets charity allegedly funneled donations to Minn. Republicans

Legal Schnauzer: U.S. Attorney Firings Report "A Farce;" Scott Horton: "Audacious Whitewash At DOJ"

Should Mel Gibson replace Hamid Karzai?

Huff Post: What do Shirley Sherrod and Social Security have in common?

Dan Choi Blames Obama For Slow Go On DADT Repeal

Health-food grocery raided by feds with guns drawn ... for raw milk

Did the Bushes and the bin Ladens ever vacation together way back when?

The joke is truly over, but I seem to have missed the punchline.

Has the Religious Right lost its children?

No to Oligarchy - by Bernie Sanders - For many, the American dream has become a nightmare.

Incredible diary at KOS-The email I will probably regret sending

Incredible diary at KOS-The email I will probably regret sending

Tax-saving Tips In A Tough Economy: Dock your $7M yacht in RI, save $500K in MA taxes! USA! USA!

British girls undergo horror of genital mutilation despite tough laws

My Obama/Democrats meltdown

Time to quit pissing around and cut right to the shit.


Does anyone know any good sheetrock jokes?

I've been down on facebook, so in fairness, I made a list of some good things about the site:

My dad just yelled at me for talking while Bill O'Reilly was interviewing Glenn Beck.

I would like to get serious for once, and say that I think you loungers are extraordinary.

Business competition in Farmington, NM

eric_cartman is spamming GD.

What's your problem fucking?

BREAKING: Obama signs legislation naming Joni Mitchell's "Big Yellow Taxi" as new National Anthem

BREAKING: Baja Arizona Gov Linda Ronstadt signs legislation naming Herb Alpert's "Tijuana Taxi" as n

Baseball trivia question.

BREAKING: CA Gov Ahhnold S. signs legislation naming Bob Dylan's "Everything is Broken" as State

Are you just lurking?


Has anyone seen Valhalla Rising?

Her Majesty, at rest upon her throne. All pay obeisance.

Check-Check-Check 1 2 uh roooo roo uh rooooo roo

My sock puppet is "Name Removed"

I have irrefuckingfutable evidence that LeftyFingerPop has been posting on other websites.

Paul McCartney on Letterman tonight - fyi

I want to kill the thread that never dies.

I want to kill the thread that never dies.

Guess I'm feeling a little sentimental tonight and I realize I've never told you all just how much

I've been down on LeftyFingerPop, so in fairness, I made a list of some good things about the guy:

Drinking in WI....

Now THAT'S an airshow!

the new ink has healed....will need some touch ups....but...tada

I really envy Chelsea Clinton's fiancee...

All the lonely people, where do they all come from

The only possible way of listening to Justin Bieber and Ke$ha...

Come to the Dark Side....

Brewster Rockit's dream (BP Parody)

DAMN HOLLYWOOD!!! - movie locations accident cuts power to westend Richmond

so the awful thing I saw yesterday was worse

Just wached the end of "Cliffhanger", the Stallone movie....

Today's Loung phrase-of-the-day is BIG MEXICAN WOMEN please use it in a subject line

London - Strongest & most expensive beer ever created served in dead squirrels & stoats

Today's Lounge phrase of the day is "Big Uglies". Replace any word in a thread title with it.

All my rowdy friends have settled down. :(


Who's wired up to their gills this weekend???

Showing on Netflix today on the big screen.....Beavers:IMAX.

Who sired up their Jills this weekend?

For those who have not been over to GD tonight, well it did come from Fox news.

Let's elaborate on Corp Watch's Spies For Hire project, since many of them are criminal lowlifes

Just saw that Wanda Sykes HBO special on DVD.

Bear gets stuck in car... seriously.. the bear got stuck in the car

Alien tells Larry King to leave CNN.


Got a date tonight. Hope she doesn't ditch me after the salad,

Mama Do

Proud proud

Hey, whatever happened to AR Walden

Double dating...

Hey True Blood Fans!... Comic-con Sneak peak inside.

OMG. Magic Mouse from Cupertino.

When a Man Loves a Woman

We got a new puppy! Everyone say "Hi Phoebe!"

I just started watching "Into The Wild"..has anyone seen it?

I just started watching "Into The Wild"..has anyone seen it?

Mother, hit by red light runner, in ICU on life support...

Who's firing up their grills this weekend???

Got a date with my self tonight. Hope I can count on him getting creepy.

no, no, no, no child!...

The Band (live)

Yesterday I saw 2 DC3s in 30 min.

Argh. Time to pick my last "hard science" course.

Mad Men starts tomorrow

Anybody know the name or artist of this song?

Cheap Trick - I Want You To Want Me - from Budokan

I just saw the movie "Inception" - OMG WOW!!!!!

Things you do that make you a rebel

I got some bad news for you and I'm not gonna sugarcoat it... ... ... we're all gonna die.

Is the Movie Memento Ruined for Me (Spoiler Alert?)

Retro music. Who's your fave/most missed 80's - 90's band?

On MSNBC just now: Can Facebook Ruin Your Life?

Help with spelling an obscure word!

My days seem to be numbered

Anybody ever been to the top of the Sears Tower?

three years ago the wife brought home a feral kitten...

What's your favorite music genre?

Well DU, As Of 12:00 AM I Am 21 Years Old & I Have Essentially Grown Up In The DU Community Since 14

Hells Bells! Has it really been that long? AC/DC's "Back in Black" turns 30.

When did The History Channel become the "What if?" Channel?

Faveorite line from any zombie movie.

LOOK. Beatles vid. On top of some high-rise. Can't get better than this....

Facebook Is A Stupd Idiot! (best song ever!)

If you were going to change your name...

Have you been to the Grand Canyon?

Dexter (possible spoilers)

She was not one of the great loves of my life, but she was

Favorite non-mega group, garage band, etc?

Fate Of Russia's Khimki Forest Uncertain After Ecologists Attacked, Detained

Bachmann: Subpoenas due when GOP regains House

Indiana Twp. (PA) gas well still burning after blast kills 2

MarsCuriosity is taking its first test drive in the clean room right NOW Live

Turkey orders arrest of 102 over 'coup plot'

Judge blocks AZ law on domestic partner benefits

Earthquakes strike waters south of Philippines

Federal records show steady stream of oil spills in gulf since 1964

Mass grave in northern Mexico contains 21 bodies

BP to start drilling off Libya

Honduras judge drops 2 charges against ex-president

Researchers confirm subsea Gulf oil plumes are from BP well

4 U.S. Soldiers Killed In Afghan Bomb Attack: NATO

North Korea vows nuclear response to U.S.-Seoul drills

V.A. Easing Rules for Users of Medical Marijuana

Catholic church embarrassed by gay priests revelations

Rangel Had Talks to Settle Ethics Cases and Avoid Trial.

Ships prepare to return to spill as storm weakens

Two US nationals seized by Taliban - reports

Staten Island Boy Accused of Murdering Family, Self in Gruesome Crime

Pentagon workers found to have downloaded child pornography


California lieutenant governor's (R) family business owes U.S. more than $100,000 in taxes

Barney Frank: Elizabeth Warren Should Head CFPB, By Recess Appointment If Necessary

Major Hollywood studios threatened by Teamsters pay dispute

NKorea threatens 'nuclear deterrence' over drills

Greenpeace founder Dorothy Stowe is dead

What spies need: more computers, nominee says

New Jersey Teens Charged in Videotaped Beating Death of Immigrant

Afghan bombing kills US personnel

GOP strategist, former state AG Rath charged with DWI

Sen. Coburn cooperating with federal investigation of Nevada Sen. John Ensign

Parents-to-be 'should stop filming ultrasounds'

10 people trampled to death at Germany's Loveparade

Iran Plans to Build Nuclear Fusion Reactor

(UK) Prisons minister says criminals could cut jail sentences by saying 'sorry'

Federal budget deficit to exceed $1.4 trillion in 2010 and 2011

President Obama Slams GOP Plan, GOP Warns of Tax Hikes

Senator (Lautenberg, D-NJ) in plea to Scottish government over Lockerbie

Lake Delhi dam in eastern Iowa has failed, forcing residents to flee, gushing water up to roofs

BP stalling payments to oil spill victims - Feinberg

Toxic legacy of US assault on Fallujah 'worse than Hiroshima'

Obama, Clinton pledge US support for AIDS fight

Judge blocks AZ law on domestic partner benefits

GMA transcript: President Obama on Elizabeth Warren

Perfect example of why Obama WH went after Faux last year was just on CNN. Story on NBPP.

Fox News' tea party boosterism backfires

"Context is everything": Why you should (still) never trust Andrew Breitbart


VA backs Wyden's request to monitor Iraq vets' health

Democrats ask to meet Obama on Korea trade concerns

Would Bush have let McChrystal retire w/ 4 stars? Serious question. I really don't know

It is all Obama's fault for everything wrong in the US now!

What's worse, the 9/11 Truth petition, or the Summers Memo?

Do i hear it right?

The Tea Party should be called the Whiskey Party. Here's why:

Biden to tout 'Recovery Summer' at Yellowstone, Grand Canyon parks

RedState’s Erickson to GOP: ‘Stop lying’ and admit that you’re the ‘Party of No.’

Help Defeet for GREEN....Greene that is....

Rachel Maddow - The Obama Paradox

White House embraces cool roofs

President Barack Obama.....

Obama shines a bright line on Boehner's 'ideas' on jobs

Van Jones' speech at Netroots Nation

We're not really gonna DO this shit to ourselves, are we???

GOP may miss chances in N.E.

Do not buy for a second that the Immigration Law in AZ will not be used as a racist filter

Obama Shines A Bright Light On Boehner's "Ideas" On Jobs

My Answer To The Tea Party

Whites aren't the privileged class?

Barack Obama Campaign Promise No. 422:

Middle class is radically shrinking

White Pride Group Urges Tea Party to Flaunt Its Bigotry

Is Elizabeth Warren qualified to create an agency from scratch?

Heat wave in Moscow near to reach absolute record

This is why Jim Webb's article is completely off base

Here's the problem with Van Jones' Titanic Captain Obama metaphor - the rich still get the lifeboats

Obama Urges Liberals to 'Keep Up the Fight'

Oh, that was too good

Tennessee Republican floats secession threat

My granddaughter! Since I was just there...

BP Fish Oil Plus (puppet satire)

Imagine : The Dream Act , With John and Yoko

Give to the Gulf, Official Music Video


Larijani speaks on Iran's nuclear programme

blocked investigation into the bp oil spill

Neo-Nazis are doing border patrols 'We'll kill them' (00:50)

Peru poverty drives illegal mining

Faux News Reports: Scary Black People

Basil Marceaux - A Christian Republican Candidate for Governor!

Friendship and Community

Young Turks: Sam Seder Reports From Netroots Nation 2010 In Las Vegas

Your Weekly Address: President Obama Discusses Wall St Reform

Arizona veteran police officer speaks against SB1070

RedState’s Erickson to GOP: ‘Stop lying’ and admit that you’re the ‘Party of No.’

Campaign ads heat up

Young Turks: Cenk Slams Ben Stein For Saying Unemployed Are Lazy, Unpleasant

Young Turks: MT Sex Ed Proposal Sparks Outrage

Tom Tancredo: Impeach Obama! Fox News: That's Ridiculous

Alarms, detectors aboard Deepwater Horizon disabled so top rig officials could sleep

Breathing Toxic Oil Vapors???

Midweek Politics: Happy people are killing themselves! Why?

Is Sarah Palin gunning for 2012? Animated Chinese video ridicules Sarah Palin - English Subtitles

Ed Schultz Goes Off On Conservative Leaders Allowing Violence

RT News Moscow slams Limbaugh

The Rachel Maddow Show - THE OBAMA PARADOX - Friday July 23, 2010

莎 拉 裴 琳 準 備 2012 年 選 總 統 ?

Rep. Alan Grayson On The Recent Death Threat Made Against Him: "I Won't Back Down"

New Reichwing Conspiracy: Sherrod Controversy "Orchestrated" By The White House To "Smear Breitbart"

ICE Checkpoint at Netroots Nation 2010

Van Jones' Netroots Interview: It's Different When The Missiles Are Coming Over The Horizon At You

Van Jones' Address To Netroots 2010: Don't Go All The Way Back To Despair, Keep The Hope Alive...

President Obama speaks to Netroots Nation

If the next major war is about whether brown things should taste like coffee or chocolate...

Basil Marceaux with SUBTITLES!

Obama To Use Right-Wing Racism to Resuscitate Climate Bill

Biden: Democrats Must Focus on Successes Before November.

How Honduras’s Military Coup Gave Birth to Feminist Resistance

Witness to an early Kennedy cause

Why Does Anyone Take Andrew Breitbart Seriously?

Is Randall Holcombe one of THEM?

Goldman coughs up counterparties on AIG hedge

Shirley Sherrod's case exposes ugly media flaws

Oooops! Posted in wrong forum. Delete please.

Taxpayers Don't Want Female Genital Mutilation (Stupid Article of the Day)

What US Needs in a President

Democrats Make $28 Million TV Buy.

BP Hires Prison Labor to Clean Up Spill While Coastal Residents Struggle

We Love Rhinebeck: A Guide for Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding Guests

Cultural Defense Accepted as to Nonconsensual Sex in New Jersey Trial Court, Rejected on Appeal

CNN anchors attack the scourge of anonymity

Strains of anti-Semitism create dangerous brew

Fate Of Russia's Khimki Forest Uncertain After Ecologists Attacked, Detained

Hydraulic Hybrid Company Introduces Lightweight Accumulators for Vehicular and Other Applications

"It took Al Gore sitting down with Emanuel and going over voting lists, name by name"

Trafigura found guilty of exporting toxic waste (BBC)

Oosthuizen Rallies After Slipping Off Pace.

OSU's Pryor says he's healthy

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Police raid union offices across Iraq - call for urgent help

Today in Labor History July 24 Support of the civil rights movement and opposition to the war in Nam

Today in Labor History July 23 Anarchist Alexander Berkman fails to kill steel magnate Henry Frick

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A very short walk around 3rd and Limestone

I'm three score and never owned a camera

Another architecture photo.

Update on my son.

Big surprise! Lilies!

First time posting some of my photos...

Gaza police seize 'inappropriate clothing'

UN says aid to Gaza should be delivered by land

Netanyahu: I deceived US to destroy Oslo accords

Scientific Reconstruction of Ancient Woman Found in Mexico Suggests Diverse Migration

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Health insurers fighting paying 80% of their premiums in patient care