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Archives: July 22, 2010

Lawrence looks great tonight

Maybe the RNC can hire Sherrod to save THEM from going broke

Cameron denies 'mixed messages' on Afghan pull-out

Dems. need to step aside and let Alan Grayson show them how to

Trumka: Boost Fairness and Revenue with Estate Tax Reinstatement (14.8 billion so far this year)

What are the wing nuts saying about Sherrod? Nothing intelligent.

Open mouth, insert, er, pump...

Excellent discussion of Sherrod matter, Keith show, includes Frum and Harris-Lacewell,

Obama, Vilsack, Emanual, Yadda, Yadda, Yadda . . . . . .

If you missed Keith's Special Comment tonight, remember Countdown re-airs 10 p.m. EDT.

O'Donnell says, Thanks to Bachmann,


Keith Olbermann's special comment is coming up. He's going

2 bodies found in foreclosed Reno home that burned, deputies were on way with eviction notice

Faux News Slogans -- If they were telling the truth

College students, and those curious about primary source

In the midst of the swirlings winds outside of the USDA, this story may have been missed.

An hour with Timothy Geithner, U.S. Treasury Secretary - Charlie Rose tonight

meme: "Why won't they fire Hannity like they did Dan Rather?..."

The Secretary of Agriculture made a racist remark and has been fired!

Here is the video of the Carville v Matlin lovers quarrel on CNN, which is now promoting it

Business versus Obama

Freepers still defending Breitbart.

Boehner Re Teapartiers: Some folks at these rallies are “anarchists who want to kill all of us"

Deficit Doves by Amy Goodman: "let's call it what is is: the war budget."


I saw Mr. Breitbart interviewed on an evening news program.

Rachel after F-x, for 'They're coming after you' political strategy.

Judge blocks plan for oil, gas drilling in Arctic

Has anyone else seen this new VW "shoot the gap" commercial? It's going to get people killed

Breitbart employed fear of racist blacks to fight what he perceive as racism in the NAACP

Congressman Paul Hodes: Weak Knees

More doctored BP photos come to light

I like that KO and Rachel Maddow sometimes devote the better

Recessions in U.S. May Be More Frequent, Severe, Credit Suisse's Soss Says

Shirley Sherrod is on Anderson Cooper n/t

WOW!!!! Keith just dropped DA BOMB!!

Anderson Cooper did an excellent show on Sherrod tonight

Anderson Cooper did an excellent show on Sherrod tonight

Gingrich latest of nat'l GOP to oppose NYC mosque

Organization Targeted By Anti-Gov't CA Shooting Suspect Was Frequent Topic On Glenn Beck's Show

How to create a lie with video

How do we get Andrew Breitbart to release a video staring-

You may not have thought it to be possible, but conservatism is degenerating

(Fmr FCC Chair Michael) Powell: Fleeting Indecency Policy Was a Mistake

That United flight that hit severe turbulance and diverted to Denver.......

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

I am resorting to a bit of a nuclear option myself, day twenty-four

MarketWatch: Double dip looks doubly certain

The media is trying to create a horse race in November...

Loganville Man Alleges Police Brutality [After finding his son dead from suicide]

Why do we continue to allow FAUX NOISE any credibility whatsoever?

As an unemployed person who is happy to get. . .

A tip for the White House:

Our 25-hour "news" cycle

Just fire Vilsack and make Shirley Sherrod Sec. of Agriculture

$1 billion venture will fight deepwater Gulf spills

When the next Andrew Breitbart video comes out...

Should Congress and the President apologize to ACORN?

Tom VilSUCK should be fired immediately

Psst..over here.. sweeping FinReg reform signed and extension of UE benefits passed today

Check out this email I got. DO YOU WANT LARGER BREASTS?

Fiscally conservative, I gather, means favoring the rich over fiscal

The glorious myth of "female Viagra"

The glorious myth of "female Viagra"

So the big three bond rating companies no longer want their ratings used in bond sales...

Chavez at it again...

It wasn't even a year ago when Jon Stewart caught Hannity in lie about tea party crowds

I'm not saying that all Republicans are racist sexist homophobes

Orie sisters(R-Pa)consulted seer about legal woes

I suspect that the whole Brown uproar is simply a diversion...

Keith O is wrong (Sherrod comment).

Is there anything in the "health care reform" law that mandates GOOD insurance coverage?

This person was smeared even worse in 1996

Alan Grayson to rethug blogger: "I punch back"

Racism in some contexts is bad, but racism in other contexts is acceptable?

Racism in some contexts is bad, but racism in other contexts is acceptable?

Disruption of the Loop Current

People don't want extended unemployment benefits, they want jobs! Works Progress Administation 2010

Jesse Jackson: "Will the U.S. once more sacrifice economic justice at home for war abroad?"

Jon Voight is a dick

Jon Voight is a dick

4/14 2010 Broad Superintendents are high-level military. Why R they being recruited to run schools?

Now for some positive news from Oakland:

Only a complete dumbass would regard anything from Breitbart/Fox as credible. I doubt they (the

Mayor in upstate NY village quits over racial slur

Kent "Effing Scumbag P.O.S. Douchebag D.I.N.O. Asshole" Conrad Backs Keeping Bush Tax Cuts For Rich

Captain America Accused Of Not Being Patriotic

Potential Obama judicial nominations before 111th congress ends

Afghan conference endorses indefinite occupation

Cuts Made to MyCAA (Spouse) Education Program

Insurgents Behead 6 Afghan Police

Shirley Sherrod's husband was a founding member of SNCC

NATO Chief Vows Afghan Commitment

DailyKos: The Killing Of Sherrod's Dad By A White Farmer In 1965

Afghanistan war: Are Afghan forces loyal enough to take control by 2014?

New doodads for the robot wars

Gold Makes Dead Portuguese Dictator Top Investor

What's so wrong with apologizing?

20 Republicans Against The War In Afghanistan (VIDEO)

The recent "riots" in Oakland: Oscar Grant

Once again, education "reform" revealed to be a huge fraud: Bloomberg era NYC

Wis. legislative candidate barred from describing herself on ballot using expletive

Hillary Clionton is in Hanoi - says US wants human rights for Vietnamese - Viets say

Hillary Clionton is in Hanoi - says US wants human rights for Vietnamese - Viets say

OK. Seriously, Talk to me like I am 8 years old. What is the real story with Shirley Sherrod?

Massive racial segregation is OK under Duncan's 'new civil rights' version of history

Racial, Gender Quotas in the Financial Bill

Gulfport's Coast Guard officer under investigation

INGSOC and the rewiting of history

It's time for another MrScorpio's First Tweet of the Day!

Thank you St. Ronnie!

Sometimes there's a fine line between truth and deception.

Circumcision could halt 4M African HIV cases

Judge weighs decision on KBR chemicals lawsuit

Joe Scum

Official: ‘Severe threat’ as China oil spill grows

Do you think the Media gives even HALF a damn shit about us???

Overseas military spending comes under congressional scrutiny

"Two Republican Congressmen Just Apologized To You...."

Simon Johnson: With Banking, Question Everything


John Yoo, Bush torture memos writer, draws protesters at Calif. appearance

EPA, OSHA, Government are "Sock Puppets for BP In This Cover Up"

Resentment grows over out-of-town Gulf oil workers

Lost Kafka writings resurface, trapped in trial

Tweet on God

Obama Faces New Doubts on Pursuing Afghan War

Jeff Danziger (toon): Definitional Insanity

Jeff Danziger (toon): Definitional Insanity

GM to acquire AmeriCredit for $3.5 billion ( Glad that bailout $ came in handy)

Deficit Doves

Gov't watchdogs: mortgage program is not working

Wis. candidate can't use controversial description

When the right wing barks, the mainstream bows.

Former Bush Speech Writer On Shirley Sherrod

Non-profit Blue Cross/Blue Shield health plans stockpiled billions of dollars during past decade

The OTHER Byron Williams finds out about Byron Williams (Attempted murderer of liberals)

Shakespalin twitter gems

(From the Duh! File) U.S. luxury spending grows, wealthy are happy.

The Politics of Fear: How Fighting Terrorism is Bankrupting the World and Making Us Less Safe


Was anybody talking about the deficit when Dubya was President?

Is Barack Obama a "progressive"?

Got a Repuke Rep? Demand They Join The Tea Party Caucus Right Fucking Now!

Got a Repuke Rep? Demand They Join The Tea Party Caucus Right Fucking Now!

When Fox breaks the next scandal, it's the perfect opportunity for Gibbs.

So, i just watched the last 10 minutes of morning Joe...

So, i just watched the last 10 minutes of morning Joe...

DUer Experts on Polls - two questions

More than one third of US counties face water shortages due to climate change

Shirley Sherrod: Obama 'Is Not Someone Who Has Experienced What I Have Experienced Through Life'

Would You Consider The Following Progressive?

I just got this in an email at work. I work for a county alcohol, drug and mental health services

All DUers pressure everyone to re-fund ACORN

You know when things are not looking good

You know when things are not looking good

The Economy is Sluggish Because those with Funds are Holding out for Extension of Bush Tax Cuts.

GM, Eclipsed at Home, Soars to Top in China

Jobless Claims in U.S. Increase More Than Economists Forecast to 464,000

Permission to come aboard, Captain?

Why was my Breitbart post locked?

Conservatives have no problems paying thousands of $$$ for health insurance premiums...

Thar's Gold in them thar hills!

Shirley Sherrod's husband was a founding member of SNCC

Consumers Union: BlueCross stockpiles surplus cash while raising premiums

Eugene Robinson: Sherrod Tale "Fully Exposed Rt-Wing Campaign To Use Racial Fear To Destroy Obama"

Wis. candidate can't use controversial description (in voting machine)

Oil cleanup workers protest ‘flotel’ housing

The right wing smear machine has effectively diverted everyone

2 Americans killed in copter crash in Afghanistan

General Outlines Mission in Africa

Obama Admin. Gives Glenn Beck "Eject Button" - Shirley Sherrod Political Cartoon

deleted because people here can't take any criticism of Al Gore.

received from Alan Grayson:

I am *SO* glad I now live in Alan Grayson's district!!

The Oil Drum: Intermission, Tropical Update, Biomass, and What Do We Do...?

Wow Tamron is quoting both Rachel and Eugene Robinson

Kosovo's independence legal, says U.N. court

Bill O'Reilly is going after Shirley Sherrod!! Believe it or not.

Liberals fret as oil bill trimmed en route to floor

Bye DU

Here's a crazy idea. STOP WATCHING FOX

Do you think Michael Steele is purposely screwing up the RNC, or is he just a dolt?

Schwarzenegger compares Mel Gibson to oil leak

The Bush taxcuts did great harm to our country.

MarketWatch: Double dip looks doubly certain

I think the cards are loaded against us

This is NOT the way the Freedom of Information Act is supposed to work

I am posting this to help re-unify DU

Gov't Program to Prevent Foreclosures Falls Far Short

Lets NOT Forget Sherrod's ORIGINAL MESSAGE:"It's really about those who have versus those who don't"

Shirly Sherrod: The Opportunity

A question about DU journals

Has anyone peeked over at Little Green Footballs lately?

if it pisses off republicans... it MUST be good.

Anybody but I as impressed as I was with the flood of tenders and gate-keepers around here since

Big Oil Companies Lobby Against U.S. National Security Interests, Try To Weaken Iran Sanctions Act

The REAL Anti-Sherrod Agenda: Stopping The USDA Race Case

Us liberals need to all become racist, lying pond scum that believe Obama was born in Kenya

Government Allows BP to Dump Oil-Spill Waste on Black Communities

Judging by the results so far, and you could have a do-over ...

Democrats take 6 point lead over Republicans in generic poll

If Your Elected Reps Go On FoxNoise......and

Caption Michele Bachmann

Americans Decry War on Drugs, Blame Mexico for Allowing Cartels to Grow (52%-"Legalize Marijuana")

nothing like fear...

Ex-MI5 Spy Chief: No Link Between Hussein, 9/11

Note to NBC's Mark Murray regarding Memo to liberals: You're outnumbered

Keith Olbermann: "The Scum That Is This Assassin Breitbart"

Medicinal Pot Use Challenged By County - Family Law Judge Challenges Father's Use Of Drug

Pacifica-great progressive radio you can get live online...

Bill McCollum - too liberal?

"What will today's children remember of their trips to the beach?"

Moscow heat causing 71 drowning deaths in one day

Moscow heat causing 71 drowning deaths in one day

Obama signs bill targeting government waste

Fox News would LOVE to get banned from the White House press corps!

Black Caucus head: Government ‘held hostage’ by Fox and other media

The Art of the Ann Arbor City Budget

Anyone else beginning to think that the Republicans don't want to win back Congress?

(former federal reserve) Lindsey: U.S. entering deflation trap, to ease more

Thank you! DU helps me keep my sanity in an insane world! The wealth of knowledge here and

Why won't corpmedia demand Hannity be fired over edited videos the way it demanded Rather be fired?

Four months after the passage of Obama’s health care legislation

How the Airlines are screaming back to profitiblity...

How the Airlines are screaming back to profitiblity...

This is a Worthwhile Thing to Pass on to Con-servatives

Scott Burns (R) for US Attorney Post in Utah?

Geithner Refuses To Say Whether He'd Be Happy With Warren Leading Consumer Agency

BREAKING: Shirley Sherrod has gotten her call from President Obama...

Coming soon to a dealership near you: Subprime auto loans

Rachel Maddow I love you

They won't stop until they get someone killed.

Check out 'WoWathon 2.' A group of college students are streaming Warcraft play 24/7 for charity.

Closing the generation gap: teens don thinking caps to help aging population

My friend recently lost a child to suicide.

Shirley Sherrod should be given her job back.

Will Obama lead or give into Dems fearful during a volatile election period re: bush's tax cuts

EU reports growth in fake goods from China (BBC)

Shirley Sherrod on GMA

Gut-wrenching news items started my day....

Canada police arrest alleged G20 troublemaker (BBC)

Tropical storm warnings issued for Bahamas, South Florida

So Breitbart was terrorizing Shirley Sherrod via email

Why are there no updates on Cheney

Post on Framing

By the way Brangelina sued News Corp over

Huge DR Congo gold mine to open, displacing 15,000 (BBC)

96-year-old liberal icon Ken Hechler files for WV U.S. Senate seat (to protest mountaintop removal)

To Insist That Certain Areas Along the Gulf are Safe for Children is Unconscionable.

Despite claim that "context matters," Beck played heavily edited Sherrod clip on radio

Poll: Cutting unemployment is more important than cutting deficit

Sweet Jeebus, I Hate The Media

Onetime eyesore now giant solar station

Why is it acceptable to suggest a man who cannot financially support children should be neutered.

There is a bird that seems to be stuck in a Pathmark I frequent for lunch

Condolences for a young widower

Why knock the Pharoah, when you volunteer to build his pyramid?

Where am I going to be?

Obama/Sherrod 2012

Boehner: "Hey,I have empathy for the unemployed ".

Couple indicted in plot to sell GM hybrid secrets to Chinese

surge update: Rocket Attack on Green Zone Takes Rare Toll

Don't mess with buffaloes

me = pissed

BREITBART: "I could care less about Shirley Sherrod"

Where are the calls for Breitbart's and Faux Noises' heads on a pike?

Sharron Angle flees in terror from the press at her own "press conference"

TRULY SHAMEFUL: Top Story on WaPo Politics homepage: "FOX News not to blame for Sherrod firing"

Can these people be put in jail?

Nominations for a new term to describe Sherrod's ordeal?

I need some assistance from any right winger that will give it to me.

President Obama called Shirley Sherrod

Pastor Rick Warren hospitalized after eyes burned, asks for prayers that his eyesight is restored

Both wars are horrific tragedies growing worse.

Off The Grid: Inside the Movement for More Space...

Rush to his mostly white audience: The blacks are gonna kill you all!

candidate barred from describing herself as "NOT the 'whiteman's bitch.'" on ballot

CODEPINK activist Diane Wilson may go to federal prison for Hayward stunt

CODEPINK activist Diane Wilson may go to federal prison for Hayward stunt

Right-wingers, you can't keep cutting taxes and continue to maintain public services and our defense

Andrew Breitbart

OBAMA Admin - Accountability is "so 20th century - by Sandy Levinson

Help! I'm arguing with a Republican on Future Taxes on Health Care Benefits

The scum Breitbart speaks: "I don't think Sherrod wants America to watch the full video"

MSNBC Says we're outnumbered

Boner tries, and fails, to offer policy details

State Dept. planning to field a small army in Iraq

Serious News Item that appears to have been overlooked:

BP's well to stay corked during storm.. crews could be evacuated..

Newt on Ground Zero mosque: we should be more like Saudi Arabia

BP's Lockerbie DENIALS: Where There’s Smoke, There’s BULLSH*T!

Democrats Who Avoid the President, Profiles in Cowardice?

Man Killed At Cumberland County Shooting Range

Rangel charged with multiple ethics violations

Dis-invest-a-lujah! with Rev. Billy

You’re 150 Times More Likely to Get Arrested for Marijuana in Brooklyn Than Bloomberg’s Neighborhood

Dick Morris takes a break from shrimping to deny right-wing racism by quoting a white nationalist

Is there a timeline or estimate when there will be some action taken in appointing

Radical Conservatives Make Sure Government Isn’t the Solution

Fox hunts Shirley Sherrod. Terrible week ahead for her. But Fox might over-reach.

You KNOW its the media, right?

Convention on the Rights of the Child, U.N. General Assembly, 1989

Baby with Bong Picture Sparks Outrage; Mother Investigated, Say Reports

HCR: Less Choice & Higher Costs to Keep Current Doctor:

Here is the video of Sherrod's interview on THE VIEW in which Hasselbeck tries to call her out . . .

Breitbart: 'I am public enemy No. 1…'

Unless You're a Shill for Banks and Big Business, The Washington Elites Will Call You Controversial

Computer worker suspected in Utah 'list'

ConservaDems in Congress Eager to Keep Taxes Low for Wealthiest Americans - FDL

Just Wondering If This Hits Home For Anyone Out There... THIS Is A

Is the world going crazy or just me? HuffPo: Beck Defended Sherrod

Salon: Breitbart is not an "activist journalist," he's a liar, and he needs to be called out for it

I think there's something wrong with Sharron Angle.

I suspect Sec. Vilsack and maybe Obama knew the vid was edited before coercing the resignation

Where are the Democrats?!

MSNBC has right-wing shill group spokesman on saying teens aren't employed because of high min wage!

You have to have a perverse admiration for the rw machine - they won. Unless . . . .

Former Nev. Gov. Kenny Guinn dies in Las Vegas

NYT - House Panel Says Rep. Charles B. Rangel Violated Ethics Rules

Did anyone see Breitbart on John King (CNN)?

Judge doubts the constitutionality of Arizona's immigration law

Woman calls 911, says she strangled autistic children

Sharron Angle runs from reporters at her own presser (HuffPo)

I just made an offering to the county Democratic Party

Pitbull Kills 2-Year-Old Boy in California

Andrew Breitbart Is A Vile, Bitter, Angry Man

Didn't Andrew Breitbart bankroll the Mary Landreau wiretapping?

The New Finance Bill (law): A Mountain of Legislative Paper, a Molehill of Reform

"Let’s treat Breitbart like the toxic tantrum he is"-shun him

Obama discussing the Sherrod saga

Just saw Schweitzer on Ed (love Schweitzer!) talking about clean energy. He'll

I wouldn't join a club that would have me as a member? (Teabaggers "cautious" RE: Bachmann caucus)

When the wingnuts bark, don't jump, because they are little yappy dogs who never shut up. - PZ Myers

Death of Roman Republic resembles the US...

Did you know that Breitbart taunted Media Matters about Sherrod?

NPR: Obama's Judicial Picks Languish In Senate (w/ audio)

I CAN NOT UNDERSTAND right wingers...I was posting on a fairly RW gun forum this morning

It's not Ground Zero & it's not a mosque.

Glenn Beck Claims Shirley Sherrod is an Obama Plot to Discredit Fox

DOJ: No charges for Bush-era US attorney firings

Pelosi rejects extending Bush tax cuts for wealthy

Bob Dylan - Only A Pawn In Their Game

I had no idea how violently rabid Ted Nugent's hatred of President Obama was until now...

If, hypothetically, I spent $2 Million on a wedding, where would it go?

Nelson cites deficit to vote against unemployment benefits, backs budget-busting tax cuts for rich

A Question of Logic Regarding the Business of War.

Haitian Farmers Reject Monsanto Earthquake Relief Donation and Burn GMO Seeds

Tropical Depression 3 has formed

Which creatures best resemble right wing extremists in the following movies?

Video: BBC reports on increase in birth defects in Fallujah after 2004 offensive.

I just saw Obama speak on the Sherrod saga

Obama signs unemployment benefits extension, blasts Republicans

WTF? What's hardest to read: 'Twilight,' the Bible or a credit card agreement?

Key Democrat backs keeping tax cuts for rich

The Dalian, China oil spill shows us what BP is hiding from us with dispersants and heavy security.

How do you find clinical trials for cancer treatment?

Evil is as O'Reilly does.. . . PLease come CAPTION the big bozo!!!

HuffPo: Dems Line Up To Back Elizabeth Warren, 'She Predicted What Was Going To Happen'

Resumes, aren't they fun?

Heart-attack victim saved by pizza deliveryman

Heart-attack victim saved by pizza deliveryman

I realize that this is terribly "incorrect" politically and will undoubtedly indelibly

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Spellcheck !!!! Fun with Teabaggers......

Cheryl Cook should resign....or whoever told her to tell Sherrod to resign (because of BECK!) should

Great, Tancredo wants to totally eff up Colorado Examining The Myth That Fox News Drove Shirley Sherrod To Resign

Listen DUers - the Clintons have not released a single

After 18 months being laid off.. I was called by the owner, he wants me back.... :-)

Senate Democrats’ Plan to Aid Small Businesses Hits G.O.P. Resistance

What is reasonable suspicion as it relates to the Arizona Immigration Law?

BONER sez he's got 3 brothers unemployed but doesn't know if they have found work

Moral of the Sherrod fiasco: America needs to deal with its racial issues.

House Passes Jobless Benefit Extension

House Passes Jobless Benefit Extension

Karl Rove is up to something......

For the first time EVER

"Immigrants. Taking our jobs and public assistance. The cause of all our problems."

President Obama Names Two to the United States District Court

I need a list of things Obama has publically taken responsibility for

Obama Expresses Sincere Regret To Shirley Sherrod After Firing Controversy

Nominations for a new term to describe the Sherrod tactic?

Nominations for a new term to describe the Sherrod tactic?

Revolutionary New Treatment for Glioblastoma Multiforme [Potential Cancer cure]

The other day there was a conversation

The other day there was a conversation

OCEANA: Asians eat at the back... How RACIST!!! (NYC)

A quick note about Shepard Smith

Hands off Our Medicare!

Picking up the medical bill for my older brother...

Three important pieces of legislation passed this week

Bachmann: "All we should do is issue subpoenas and hold hearings"


"I Want My Country Back:" What they really mean

"I Want My Country Back:" What they really mean

Speaking of female viagra, when the hell is the male birth control pill coming?

I have to say I miss David Shuster.

I have to say I miss David Shuster.

Rep. Grayson gets death threat

Need help responding to RW morans in comments section. I know some of you say it's not worth the

Why cannabis doesn't kill

Should child support recipients send itemized lists of expenses to the Clintons or vice versa?

They’re All Fox News

Shep Smith Takes On “Discredited Website” And Even “This Network” Over Sherrod Video

Geithner praises Elizabeth Warren for consumer agency

Former Congresswoman(R) Abandons Car in Congressional Garage

TOON: GOP deficit hawks and unemployment benefits

Shirley Sherrod says the white house pressured her to resign. Vilsack says no, he did.

"Neoliberal ideologues believe that a deep recession and even depression will stabilize economy"

The bashing of the Clintons over the wedding price tag is ridiculous

Racist bestiality enthusiast/teabagger joins fight against 'Ground Zero Mosque'

A few jobs will soon be available in Bell, CA

Olberman's special comment....WOOF

Article written by Willie Nelson: Shirley Sherrod, a Family Farmer's Friend

This is what a classy Democratic wedding looks like,,,,

DUers-I am looking for a source on how many US jobs have been outsourced/sent overseas..and when.

Media Matters - "Fox News' response to Sherrod fallout: Ignore, whitewash, mislead"

Haven't been this mad since Reagan.

Honda strike in China ends with 47 percent pay hike

Honda strike in China ends with 47 percent pay hike

Ann Coulter says Andrew Breitbart was a victim of fraud.

Anderson Cooper acts like he thinks Rupert Murdoch will buy CNN any day now.

Integrating pet design into the home

Integrating pet design into the home

The rich, the poor, the median income, and Chelsea Clinton's wedding

State Department to Get Its Own Army...7000 Blackwater Mercenaries

"Everything happens for a reason"

So, I have an intern working for me who wears a headscarf and is ultra conservative (religiously)

Alan Grayson: "I get a death threat...And why? Because I told the truth"

Is the Republican Party our ethical and possibly mortal enemy?

Attitudes of white enlisted men toward sharing facilities with Negro troops: A survey Truman ignored

Would you prefer that the DU login page be https instead of http?

My sweet kitty, Tigger

Judge: Cheerleading is not a sport under Title IX

Gay and lesbian television portrayals criticised

OK-any DU attornies or legal experts-My mom is being screwed on her lease

Beck SLAMS Olbermann: 'He Is Such A Joke'

Mean spirited Elisabeth Hasselbeck is going after Shirley Sherrod to her face

I am OK with not allowing a mosque near Ground Zero

••• Video - Dems vs GOP - wimps vs. raging fiends - Star Trek: The Enemy Within •••

Well it looks like the entire Bush criminal enterprise will go unprosecuted...

We're in a One-and-a-Half Dip Recession

My incident with a tea-bagger this morning (at Publix-Grocery store)

The seamy under-belly of a USFS fire lookout tower.

$2 Million wedding?

You know...there might just be a touch of bitterness on DU about the Clinton

Toon: To Vote or not to Vote?

It was for just fifteen minutes, but it was a long fifteen minutes…

Glenn Back: a man

Principals pay a price so their districts can get Arne's money.

46 US Warships Plus 7,000 US Marines On Route To Costa Rica?

Geithner Refuses To Endorse Elizabeth Warren To Lead Consumer Protection Agency

Need assistance, plz...What to say to a person with a life-threatening illness..

How many people here think that Vilsack should "pull over immediately and text in his resignation"?

July 30th, 2010 – Medicare Turns 45! Join the medicare for all, hands off campaign.

Please help refute the "Tax Tsunami" meme

Anti-mosque protests on the rise, say Muslim advocates

Super Heroes vs. the Westboro Baptist Church

Shirley interrupted

Should recipients of child support payments be accountable to payers for how the $ is spent?

I give up, I became a conservative republican today...


On The Pragmatism of Woodchucks and Groundhogs

On The Pragmatism of Woodchucks and Groundhogs

Protofascism Comes to America - The Rise of the Tea Party

Totally flooring dental experience.

Thursday TOON Roundup part 5

Thursday TOON Roundup part 6

Thursday TOON Roundup part 4

Thursday TOON Roundup part 3

Thursday TOON Roundup part 2

Harley-Davidson Considers Moving Production Out of Wisconsin

Should fathers have the right to opt out of caring for a child ahead of time?

Should members of the Clinton family be allowed to purchase multi-grain bread?

Thursday TOON Roundup part 1

Robert Parry: The Right's Power of Infrastructure

400 Chicago teachers laid off this week. Union says hire them back before hiring TFA recruits.

Stop it! I can see you and you are going to get this thread locked!

Is there any computer industry blacklist out there?

I can't think of a goddamn thing to post. n/t

Little Bohemia, Manitowish Waters, WI

I can think of a goddamn thing to copycat. n/t

I can think of a goddamn thing to post. n/t

I can't think of a goddamn thing to copycat either.

I can't think of a goddamn thing to copycat. n/t


I am more than my physical body...

Times Square Standoff Between Naked Cowboy, Cowgirl NAFW

Any car audio people here? I have a question

Finally got AM radio

I love news comment sections online...why? It's fun to needle cons

Let's Play "Guess The Movie" . . .

When you were in Jr High and High school...

Why am I always so damned tired after lunch...

It's time for another MrScorpio's First Tweet of the Day!

Quick, how do you measure something by using Gi-Normous?

Anybody else have a cat that talks to his/her toys?

Not to be a Debbie Downer.... But

Palin in 2012. The world's going to end anyway!

Because sometimes words and meds just don't work


Why are Curries dated?

Why are Surries fated?

Fla. man charged with taking crucifix from church altar to break into donation box

Why are flurries faded?

Why are McFlurries hated?

Hey, if your baby is in the water and there is a shark in the water

Track a person's location by their cell phone number???

I have to get some sleep so I am ready for the big announcement here tomorrow.

Finally got GD radio

Let me tell you why the "Love Boat" TV show was a bunch of bullshit.

Was Fred MacMurray sated?


What would you do?

21 years of school and I have no skills

If the Lounge is a metaphor for The Love Boat does that mean that

I meant to do dat........


"Serenity Now." Trailer for Seinfeld reimagined as tense thriller.

It's Ba-aack

Anyone here own an iPad? What do you think of it?

Cool, I cloned my last post..

Attention Zombiephiles World War Z is going to be filmed starring Brad Pitt.

Just finished the GRE!

Just finished the DRE!

Atlanta CEO DeFarra Gaymon Killed By Cop in Sex Sweep of N.J. Park

WOMEN UNITE!! Tired of men taking your stuff - here's a way to keep them away!!

so how would you like this jumping up on your boat??

"Don't piss off a big jellyfish"

Missy the missing cat saga.

Should Woodchucks and Groundhogs be Accountable to Peanut Providers for How the Peanuts Are Used?

My Little Cthulu Pony


You know what I want? A GPS device for the car that also has a live weather feed.

Heidi is barefoot.

Talk about a pain in the neck

muffin question

"Imperial March" or "Duel of the Fates"?

When Porn stars Kill....

CMW doesn't think I should start a Furry Appreciation Thread.

So , "Furries" is the new Breastfeeding/Olive Garden/Peta ..etc clusterfuck now ?

Don't mess with buffaloes

Just finished the VRE!

Facebook etiquette crisis! Or, the past catches up with me...!

Was Mother Teresa sainted?

Robert Duvall on NPR Fresh Air

Cute chick

Hardly Striclty Bluegrass (Rumored) announcement!

U think this is overkill for a hamster

I want to thank all of you for the kind words and pep talk...

Which is the better dip for tortilla chips? Nacho cheese or Salsa?

Name the individuals who appear more than once on Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band front cover

Kindle, Nook, or Sony Reader? Lotsa free stuff from...

I'm going to Washington

Immigrant songs

Outsourced -- the t.v. show. Really?

In-ear-canal headphones, earbuds, or traditional headphones?

I've been off DU for a week. What have I missed?

I'm tired of having the same goddamn arguments over and over again with my mom

The cat's mail: Utah man accused of violating protective order for writing to wife's pet


Anyone know anything about custom picture framing?

OK-Has anyone here ever join a Democratic Dating Service?

A true test of skill and ocular clarity!!

Charlotte's back home!

This was unsettling. Your thoughts?

It Might Get Loud: Jimmy Page, Jack White...The Edge?

Uppity women post here.

The funniest story you will read all day! (DREAMS DO COME TRUE!)

Clouded leopard cubs at a Paris, France zoo.

What radio station is set on your Clock Alarm Radio?

SEX: Whaddayathink?

Post pics from Second Life.

Waxman hopes to move auto safety bill after August

And another thing... is Palindroid going to pipe up about falafel stands near the 9/11 site?

Arab guilty of rape after consensual sex with Jew

C.I.A. Names Spy Chief

Boeing unveils hydrogen-powered spy plane

Schwarzenegger names choice for chief justice (CA Supreme Court)

Detroit police chief resigns

Olberman's special comment....WOOF

Workers on Doomed Rig Voiced Concern About Safety

Bank reform brings mortgage aid for the unemployed

AU troops harming Somali civilians

Disruption of the Loop Current

Virginia man accused of trying to go to Somalia to join terror group

China broke international law in Tibet riots-report

A Revolutionary New Potential Treatment for Glioblastoma Multiforme [Potential Cancer cure]

I am literally applauding Keith's "special comment" right now.

U.S. Lifts Ban on Indonesian Commando Unit

Workers on Doomed Rig Voiced Concern About Safety

Ex-Yanks, Tigers, Red Sox manager Ralph Houk dies

Yahoo Columnist Playing Fast and Loose with Numbers?

UK's Cameron meets with Wall Street CEOs, UN chief

Americans Decry War on Drugs, Blame Mexico for Allowing Cartels to Grow (52%-"Legalize Marijuana")

Credit-Card Reform Succeeds in Ending Many Deceptive Practices, Pew Finds

G20: No Charges over Ian Tomlinson Demo death

US court halts Arctic oil drilling for review

Groups seek investigation over oil industry hire

Now reopen Breitbart's ACORN fraud -- and get the story right

State Dept. planning to field a small army in Iraq

Thank YOU, Melissa Harris-Lacewell

Nick Clegg's 'illegal' Iraq war gaffe prompts legal warning (UK deputy PM)

Is the Tea Party Caucus in the House authorized to be a caucus?

U.N. Court Rules Kosovo Declaration Was Legal

Colombians protest U.S. military presence

"It is a freaking war out there" Keith Olbermann 7/21/2010

2010 Unemployment Extension’s Passed — Still, No One Is Talking About ‘99ers

Sherrod case shows power of conservative media

3 Colombians brought to US in alleged visa fraud scheme carried out at US embassy in Bogota

Stabneow position on 99ers job seekers; House passes Unemployment Bill 272 to 152

A Life-Long Democrats PLEA to Democrats in Power (Sherrod)

Rangel charged with multiple ethics violations

Dr. Fate Has An Excellent Idea...

What video editing services would you pay Breitbart to perform for you?

Must Read from Gene Lyons: GOP Acting Like They've Already Scored a Big November Victory

Conrad sides with GOP on tax breaks for wealthy

Sherrod Would Like To Talk Race With Obama...But I Think She Also...


Well, well, well - Vilsack hasn't lived up to his part of the bargain yet

Questions Answered Again: How the Sherrod Mess Happened

Tom Tancredo seriously pondering run for Gov of CO as an indie

Hey, look, the Teabagger=Racist story is off the page, it's all about Sherrod now!

Fox News' response to Sherrod fallout: Ignore, whitewash, mislead

Even Ras can't help Lazio in NY Gov Race: Cuomo 58% Lazio 27%

GRRRR Breitbart back to making "this about" Sherrod

US targets Afghan Taliban leaders with sanctions

Oil chiefs to give evidence in UK after BP spill fears

Bush Tax Cuts Roil Democrats

Geithner: Warren 'Would Be A Very Strong Leader' Of Consumer Bureau

Ian Tomlinson death: police officer will not face criminal charges

My mother: Who in the hell is watching FOX NEWS

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday July 22

PPP: Florida primary poll DEM & GOP (GOV/SEN)

Admin. gives explanation for why Sherrod may have thought White House directly involved.

Clinton seeks human rights progress in Vietnam

Credit ratings agencies caught off guard with repeal of Rule 436(g) of Securities Act of 1933

Obama Should Have Weekly Televised Prime-Time Speeches

This is a weak Presidency.

Has kowtowing to the left EVER given the Obama admin the black eyes that kowtowing to the right has?

Rights group criticizes new Venezuela info office

Geithner: Warren 'Would Be A Very Strong Leader' Of Consumer Bureau

Six in Mexico get 25-30 years in jail for abortion

Credit Card Reform is Working

President tried to call Ms. Sherrod Twice last night...

Consumer group: Insurers kept surplus while hiking premiums

Hey, O'Donnell, remind Judd Gregg that Bush left President Obama a $1.3 trillion deficit.

Shirley Sherrod: I want to speak to Obama

Obama signs waste law-less $ for dead people, fugitives...

NYT: GOP Blocking Dems' Plan to Aid Small Businesses

Speaker Pelosi speaking on House floor. House will soon vote on extending unemployment benefits.

(Republican) Male Senate candidate: Vote for me 'because I do not wear high heels'

Murray Hill debate Van Hollen.....

Reid to advance limited oil spill and energy bill, delaying climate action

Jobless Claims Increase

Baucus, Tester Vote to Block Lawsuit Against Arizona

Breaking from TPM: Sens. Reid and Kerry confirm climate legislation is dead

BP admits it 'Photoshopped' official images as oil spill 'cut and paste' row escalates

Bank of America's error cost Cape Coral woman a house

BP's leaky well to stay capped during storm

Tropical Storm Bonnie forms near the Bahamas

Olbermann's Special Comment on the Sherrod affair was so good, it's the perfect preface

A-I Disappointed by U.S. Government Decision to Train Suspected Human Rights Violators in Indonesian

Bond chaos forecast as Wall Street reform restricts use of credit ratings

I still think that Vilsack should resign or be fired

Woolsey to Introduce ‘Robust Public Option’ Bill (This Afternoon)

President Obama spoke by phone with Shirley Sherrod. She is "very pleased."

CNN POLL: 25% say almost all / most of teabaggers are racially prejudiced. 60% say at least some are

The new big bleeping deal

My goodness this woman is the gift that keeps on giving

Records show Greene's military flops

Meme: Obama/DEMS should deny FOX all press credentials & access until Hannity is fired.

The Hill: LeMieux to Back Dems on Small-Business Bill Amendment

Kudos to Fox News' Shepard Smith for NOT running the Breitbart video

Joe Madison BASHES Rachel Maddow for bringing up the southern stratagy of the rethugs

"Timeline of Breitbart's Sherrod smear"

Death threat claims 10 people will kill Grayson

Pelosi rejects extending Bush tax cuts for wealthy

Mrs.Sharrod most likely will turn down job offer according to MSNBC for what it's worth

Ultimately, the Sherrod incident is a 2-3 day story at most-Let it sink

CBO: Public option would save $68 billion through 2020

Ford drops hybrid markup (prices Lincoln MKZ hybrid same as gas version)

Senate Democrats abandon comprehensive climate bill

*Breaking* Politico Gives Jackass Breitbart Forum to Defend His Lies

Kerry vows to push ahead with effort for broader energy bill

Charles Rangel Charged With Ethics Violations

Political Animal: DGA Unveils Provocative 'Never Surrender' Video

GOP loses bid to block suit against AZ law

Racist Cobleskil; Mayor resigns after racist remarks about the President.

The next presidential election is two years. Already sick of the media's

So... When's The Apology to ACORN?

Thank you, Senator Michael Bennet for signing up as a cosponsor of the Fair Elections Now Act!

Obama to pick Republican for Utah’s U.S. attorney?

Newspaper Pulls Endorsement of Candidate

Sherrod on Breitbart: 'I'd tell him he's a liar'" ... "he got the effect he was looking for." (VIDEO

Sherrod, Spooners (white farming couple) to be reunited

EXCLUSIVE: New Docs Show Truman Integrated Forces, Despite Military Objections

Obamas to vacation on Florida's Gulf Coast in Aug.

Sherrod: 'I Really Think I Should' Sue Breitbart

Sherrod: 'I Really Think I Should' Sue Breitbart

Wingnuts Claim Bo Has His Own Plane

SMEARHART should be Sued, tried, and found guilty, sent to jail

The Obama Admininstration to reward FOX News with continued access to the White House? Huh?

Josh Marshall: Shame on Obama? (updated)

As horrible as the treatment of Shirley Sherrod was.. I am glad the President waited

NO charges to be filed in US attorneys scandal

Obama: On track with plan to pull troops from Iraq in August

Drudge Report = Breitbart = Politico = Fox News = Wall Street Journal

Chinese police beat official's wife by mistake

Sorry folks, but it's not the job of the President to go after Fox News.

This Is What's Wrong With The Damn Media: Timeline of Breitbart's Sherrod smear

If Willie Geist and Dylan Ratigan have their own shows, why doesn't Tamron Hall?

President Calls Shirley Sherrod

If the White House Press Corps could pressure Helen Thomas to resign, then they need to go after FOX

Big Oil Companies Lobby Against U.S. National Security Interests, Try To Weaken Iran Sanctions Act

What decisions by Democrats will cause you to give up on them for good?

"RNC Chaos Threatens GOP Chances For House Takeover"

Bus driver says he was fired over Planned Parenthood dispute

Senior OAS Official Resigns Over Colombia-Venezuela Row

Obama says he'll sign Tribal Law and Order Act

Pastor Rick Warren Blinded From Eye Burns, in 'Excruciating Pain'

Iran Now Says Nuclear Scientist Was Double Agent

Maddow Deconstructs the Race-Baiting of Fox

Boehner Admits Some Tea Party Attendees ‘Want To Kill All Of Us In Public Office’

Giving Credit Where It's Due

MSNBC is pushing Gingrich-Palin for president in 2012. The young guy with a mustache just

Perspectives on the President

PPP polling: Obama has plenty of problems but his base isn't one of them

Joe Conason: Now reopen Breitbart's ACORN fraud -- and get the story right

House votes to extend unemployment benefits. (272 yes, 152 no)

Obama's Opposition Is Self-Destructing

Another boner from Boehner

White House to Allow Tax Cuts for Wealthy to Expire

Chamber of Commerce losing battles against Obama

Vilsack acted without, with, at the insistence of the White House - Obama admin?

Why Does Fox News Have More Power Than Any Progressive in the Country?

Obama handled this controversy well

Hugo Chavez says Venezuela to sever ties with Colombia

Would another Beer Summit with Obama, Vilsack and Sherrod do us some good?

How I know Charter Schools are Bad

While Y'all Were Kvetching About the Controversy Du Jour...Most Important News of the Year Happened

Expectations are a b*tch - My toned-down (really) open letter to the President

Thom Hartmann - The little girl with the cigarette burns...and why it matters.

Kindra Arnesen on Freedomizer Radio part 1

Breitbart Exposes His Agenda To Protect Racist Teahadists: "I Could Care Less About Shirley Sherrod"


Clean elections coming

Bush lends his experience and responds to the *FAKE* Sherrod story (00:17)

Welcome to Heart Attack Grill


Ex-Gay is Okay!

Before It Goes Down The Memory Hole: O'Reilly Brags About Calling Shirley Sherrod To Resign

Thom Hartmann - Alan Grayson refuses to accept Dan's apology delivered personally...

Democratic Governors Association: Never Surrender

Rachel Maddow & Eugene Robison discuss Faux, racebaiting, lessons for the Whitehouse

Filibuster Reform: David Waldman Interview at Netroots Nation

Rachel Maddow brilliantly highlights Fox Propaganda's 'scare the whites' tactics

Shirley Sherrod Discusses Vilsack's Job Offer & Breitbart's Smear Campaign With Anderson Cooper

BP's Next Disaster

Republicans Redistribute Wealth! SOCIALISM!!!

Signing the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act

Ken Buck Said What?

What Wall Street Reform Means for You

GetEqual Sen. Reid ENDA Action in Las Vegas (Shuts down Vegas Strip)

Young Turks: Debt Collectors Exposed

'Apocalypse Never' Author Tad Daley Talks Nuclear Disarmament

U.S. Troop Build-Up May Bolster Taliban

Sarah Palin's Fifty Nifty United States

TYT: Fox News On Sherrod & Dem Cowards

FULL VERSION of Elisabeth Hasselbeck attacking Shirley Sherrod to her face on THE VIEW

Full Context: Sharron Angle Runs Away From Reno Media

Ad for aluminum siding breaks into anti-socialist speech

Thom Hartmann - Naked Cowboy vs Naked Cowgirl..who gets the legal briefs?

Papantonio: BP's Floating 3rd World Death Trap

National Confrontation on Race

Rachel On Faux's Narrative: They're Coming For You, White People. Black People Are Coming For You!

Going Postal !!!

The Case for Elizabeth Warren

"Morals" conservative says no SEX, no SWEARING, no...blasphemy on TV or radio?

Lady sues church for accepting gay people

Anderson Cooper: "Today Mr. Breitbart Could Have Just Apologized... But He Didn't. Bullies Never Do"

Rachel Irrefutably Proves Just How Pathetically Gullible & Idiotic Faux Thinks Its Viewers Must Be

Video of Elisabeth Hasselbeck questioning Shirley Sherrod about violating the Hatch act

Mel Gibson - Hates Jews

TYT: Racist Fox News & CRAZY Voicemail (Graphic, Offensive Language) w/ New Blog

TYT: Rant: Obama Admin Caves Again (And Again...)

Pattern Of Deception: Faux News' History Of Teaming Up With The Disgraced Andrew Breitbart

Strengthen Social Security... Don't Cut It

Deficit Doves by Amy Goodman

Right-Winger Breitbart Now 'Doctors' Dr. King!

The heroism of Shirley Sherrod

Republicans Reveal Just How Heartless They Feel Toward the Unemployed

Woolsey to introduce ‘robust public option’ bill

How Reporters Provide Cover For Darrell Issa's Lies On The Countrywide "Scandal"

11-Year-Old Grows Veggies for the Homeless

Traitor Conservadem starts to cave on Bush tax cuts!

What The Financial Bill Did And Didn't Do - from Fresh Air Interview

Workers on Doomed Rig Voiced Concern About Safety

Two More Turncoat Dem Senators Want Tax Cuts for the RICH!

Why Don't They Like Us?

What's Really at Stake in the Fight to Extend Unemployment Benefits

William Rivers Pitt: Bring It On

Presidential Approval Tracker (Gallup) publ in USAToday shows graphic comparison of presidents

Restoring a Vibrant Middle Class in America

Shirley Sherrod, a Family Farmer's Friend

Shirley Sherrod: Sue Breitbart and Fox News (SF Chron)

Die young, live fast: The evolution of an underclass

Tea Party Terrorism? Oakland Gunman Targeted Tides Foundation, ACLU

To help control the deficit, let the Bush tax cuts expire - USA Today

Protofascism Comes to America

Augusta State U. Is Accused of Requiring a Counseling Student to Accept Homosexuality

Mama Mia

Access to clean water is most violated human right

In a year, State Department contractors in Iraq could be driving armored vehicles,

The Politics of Fear: How Fighting Terrorism is Bankrupting the World and Making Us Less Safe

Why Does Fox News Have More Power Than Any Progressive in the Country?

Keith Olbermann Special Comment on Sherrod: 'A Reputation Assassinated' '24-Hour Parade of Feces'

Stop Calling the Tea Party Racists

Can I get a simple debunking of this "Climategate" nonsense?

Former Oz Marine Science Chief - By 2040, Most Reefs Will Bleach Annually; By 2060, Most Will Die

At Least 700 Already Dead In Worst Chinese Floods Since 1998

7/22 11:00 NHC - Tropical Depression Three Tracking NW To LA-TX Coast - Possibly TS By Later Today

Zero to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds, electric dragster makes believers

Big Picture: Oil spill in Dalian, China

Whale leaps from water, crushes yacht mast

Who gets the credit for the BP container cap? YOU do.

Russia's Environmental Agency - Arctic Ice Extent Already Below 2007 Record Lows, Going Fast

NRDC-Commissioned Study - More Than 1/3 Of US Counties Face Water Shortages As Climate Warms

The Oil Drum: Intermission, Tropical Update, Biomass, and What Do We Do...?

The Pirates bats come to life after 92 games and put 27 runs up over two

I'm so bored that I almost put on the Reds/Natinals game.

Tiger's Endorsements Down $22 Million

World Series-winning manager Houk dead at 90

Rather than using replay, just improve umpiring

Browns, Colt McCoy agree to deal

Anyone Listen to Mike & Mike on ESPN Radio on the Potential NFL Lockout

Now Chris Paul DEMANDS to be traded? I've got the perfect solution

Boneheaded Economic Policies of U.S. Drives Many Immigrants to Our Shores

Ortega: Colombia grants oil contracts in Nicaraguan waters

Colombians protest U.S. military presence

MLB begins testing for HGH in minor leagues

Venezuela: Close Chavez’s New Censorship Office

Venezuelan Catholic society jokes about Hugo Chavez's death

Tax office seizes Bolivian federation assets

The Miami Anti-Cuba Industry - Granma

Venezuela has broken diplomatic relations with Colombia

Man Murdered on PA State Gameland Rifle Range Possibly for his gun

ACLU lawsuit gets mans confiscated guns returned.

Remembering Robert Hicks and the Deacons of Defense

Sara Gilbert (Roseanne) will launch a daily talk show about parenting issues

Bollywood Star Imran Khan Wants to be a Gay Icon

help out Steve Pougnet, out candidate for CA CD45

The Strange Case Of Matthew Vanderpool

New Zealand school sanctioned after firing sports coach for being gay

NOM: Those Evil Gays Came THIS CLOSE To Murdering Us In Rhode Island!

HomoQuotable - Steve Hildebrand - About DOMA (a good read)

Spin, spin, spin.. how 'such as' became 'only'.

Without Job Creation Action, Job Levels Stagnant for Years

High Officials’ Salaries Open California Nurses Union Up to GOP Attacks

Bitter Beer: The Loss of Iron City Has Left A Bad Aftertaste (NOVEMBER 5, 2009) full story link oops

Today in Labor History July A bomb was set off during a “Preparedness Day” parade & workers win 1886

Evidence Jobless Americans Want To Work – 3000 Apply For 300 Openings At Indiana Chrysler Plant

MnSCU workers condemn administrator bonuses

Has President Obama Betrayed American Workers on Jobs And Economic Policy?

California Farm Workers Hope A Bill Passes Giving Them The Same Overtime Rights As Other Workers

Are You Ready for the 21-hour Work Week?

Need some positive thoughts

Cicada on bridge.

*** Just a reminder...the Summer Seasonal Contest entry period begins August 1st ***

Israel shelling kills Palestinian 'militant' at Gaza border

NASA Creates World's First Global Forest Map Using Lasers carry ban might lead to "shall issue" concealed carry ...

Animal Connection: New Hypothesis for Human Evolution and Human Nature

Report: Gaza medical aid is expired

Gaza’s children set to break world records at UN-backed summer recreation event

Hasbarapocalypse — Leaked Frank Luntz memo: Israeli public diplomacy in US on Flotilla failed dismal

Fighters turn to theatre to advocate Middle East peace

Israel Chokes Gaza Despite Announced Easing

"What the HELL were we thinking!"

Tesla or Edison?

Dimitar Sasselov: How we found hundreds of Earth-like planets

Archaeologists unearth Neolithic henge at Stonehenge (BBC)

Photo Series: Life in the USSR.

Apparently this sentence is true of atheists according to an "unbiased" "agnostic" DU er

Angry Thursdays

...and the other shoe just dropped ... my world sux right now

Door To Door Atheists Bother Mormons

With all the weird energies alot of us are picking up on this might help

Have any of you ever had NLP training or coaching?

What is "truth"?

asking for vibes

How do fundies explain fossils? nt

British Medical Journal: parents with obese kids "guilty of neglect", pregnant+overweight=preemie

New Guidelines Seek to Reduce Rate of Repeat Caesareans

Novel Anti-Diabetes Mechanism Uncovered: Could Lead to Next Generation of Improved Therapies

C12 peptide and hypertension

Toxic Trio Identified as the Basis of Celiac Disease

A Revolutionary New Potential Treatment for Glioblastoma Multiforme [Potential Cancer cure]