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Omega threes by prescription only, what a crock of bs, as if all

It's time to play the game again - Make me a US Citizen!

How to see the racism bubbling under the surface of the right wing

Nate Silver: "entire portion of the (DADT) questionnaire is fairly useless"

Nate Silver: "entire portion of the (DADT) questionnaire is fairly useless"

Oil spill commission members let BP exec off easy in questioning Monday

Who said this? Part II:

Cheif teabagger Brendan Steinhauser says "we don't see racism in the tea party."

Who said this? Part III:

Change is in the air.

Keith was just teasing Rachel about

Can someone tell me what the hell this means??

Can someone tell me what the hell this means??

Dog dies after being tased.

N-Word, C-Word Distance Themselves from Mel Gibson

Ben Nelson Strikes Again!

There are people in this country who think that Palin should be our next president

BecKKK coined the phrase (beyond ghostwriter) "FOUNDERS KEEPERS"!1 bwah-ha-HAH !1

I am resorting to a bit of a nuclear option myself, day Seventeen

I am resorting to a bit of a nuclear option myself, day Seventeen

The Buck Stops Here

Why don't the "responsible" rich step up and pay for their Bush presidency?

Researchers discover a surprising threat to democracy: our brains

Researchers discover a surprising threat to democracy: our brains

What are you willing to get rid of in order to make sure the wealthy stay fat and happy?

Anderson Cooper is in Haiti with Sean Penn

Gawker: NAACP resolution condemning Tea Baggers as racist

5th Circuit judges looking at drilling moratorium have oil ties too, report says

How the Tea Party May Hurt GOP Senate Prospects

The time has come," the Walrus said,

Dear Diary:

Rachel to interview Holbrooke tomorrow nite.

What is happening with the well cap? I see the oil is still gushing.

Rand Paul's America: A Pictorial

Can someone please post

EcoMotors gets $23.5M push from Bill Gates

The Fundamental Difference Between Obama & The New Deal & Great Society Predecessors

MI's AG preparing for GOP primary by filing brief in support of AZ immigration law

Oil Industry Using Tax Loopholes To Enrich Shareholders, Not To Explore

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Mike's back!

The BP live oil stream has been down for over 1/2 hour at least

Since the GOP wants no law to touch corporations wouldn't that make

When Teachers Unions Back War Escalations

I don't care how his defenders spin it. Raping a 13 year-old girl is not ok.

Big: Syria deregulates its economy to further rapprochement with Washington

Fiat opens massive dealership in Paris; Jeep vehicles to be sold in it

Spain 1-0 Holland: Iniesta settles a tight game - Good Analysis

Jon Kyl: Extend Bush Tax Cuts For Wealthy Even If They Add To Deficit

General who says “It’s fun to kill people” picked to oversee US wars in Afghanistan, Iraq

TDS opening wiht the OFFICIATING

Rachel Maddow just kicked Republican butt!

Tonight's PBS documentary about fmr Sec of St George Shultz funded by Shultz-tied corps

Massachusetts budget makes deep cuts to cities and towns

GWB's History as President, as Written on the White House Website, Conflates Iraq With 9/11

GWB's History as President, as Written on the White House Website, Conflates Iraq With 9/11

GOP hits Reid and others for raising money in Canada

Missing Iranian scientist 'at Pakistani embassy in US'

"Coast Guard lifts ban on news coverage near oil spill boom"

If Corporations are "People", is closing one Murder?

When Reagan joked about the nine most terrifying words ...

These rich Rebublicans who are saying that

Pro-Tea Party/anti-NAACP thread on FR full of racist comments

Soldiers take over where Afghan gov't fears to go

Pro-Tea Party/anti-NAACP thread on FR full of racist comments

Pro-Tea Party/anti-NAACP thread on FR full of racist comments

The Deficit Commission Refuses to Talk to Anyone Who Knows About the Economy

Government plans to send former Coulston lab chimps back into biomedical research

Government plans to send former Coulston lab chimps back into biomedical research

Quote from comedian Elayne Boosler tonight on the GOP:

Miami Herald Invents a "Consensus Among Economists" to Push Social Security Cuts

Did Stimson Lie about Social Security? You decide.

The NYT Wants Debates Over Class to be Debates Over Culture

Nato chief: Afghanistan timetable puts British troops at risk

Freshman lawmaker Jason Chaffetz goes against Republican grain on Afghan war

WaPo blog: Pentagon fine-tunes media strategy on Afghan war

Sen Vitter whores himself out for the birther vote

Top ten alternate titles for Sarah Palin's new "children's book"

MarketWatch: Deception season on Wall Street

BP Says New Well Cap Installed

Any clever rejoinder to this libertarian slogan?

VA expects no claims spike under new PTSD rules

Rush Limbaugh Moves Out of New York City in Protest! I'm throwing a Party

Well this was different...just saw a very unusual bumper sticker

Stanford study: Heat waves and extremely high temperatures could be commonplace in the U.S. by 2039

AARP article on Social Security: Ryan (deficit committee) wants reduced benefits, private accounts

Critics: U.S. too low-key on Islamic radicalism

Fully burdening the costs of fossil fuels

Dear Rev. Ron Allen, sit down and shut the f**k up

Toxic beach sludge goes to MY landfill. "No cameras allowed."

Congress must stand up to Gates and say: ENOUGH! We cannot afford your murderous weapons!

I'm discouraged here in Michigan re: our next Governor's race.

Incompetent Russian Spies Get Speedy Justice, While Wall St. Criminals Face No Consequences

Many of us call for huge cuts in the DoD budget, but how low is reasonable?

Many of us call for huge cuts in the DoD budget, but how low is reasonable?

Biggest Defaulters on Mortgages Are the Rich

(Leonard Pitts) Commentary: Glenn Beck's truth

Museum curators convicted over Mickey Mouse painting

Bad News for Rush, Beck and football haters - you're on your own

Republicans' best weapon is their lack of shame

What about this argument for lowering the retirement age

WTF Gregory Meeks???

BREAKING NEWS: New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner has died, AP reports

Can we agree to agree that...

R.I.P., George Steinbrenner

Serial Butt-Biting GOP Operative Sinks Teeth Into Texas Race

BP Republicans. com

Does Sen. Lindsey Graham Want Another Declaration of War?

Killing For Fun; Military Madness

Carl Levin Wants To Expand Drone Strikes In Pakistan

Obama's Approval is 50% in the Latest Gloom and Doom WaPo/ABC News Poll

Toward a "realistic" approach to British Petroleum...

Way to go Norway !!!

Germany backs MEADS defence system over Patriot

Ben Nelson Vs. The Public: Super Majority In Favor Of Extending Unemployment

President Barack Obama, Sla(v)emaster?.....Another Teabagger Moment

This morning: If I could speak dog. (a poem)

VA official to clinics: Stop gaming the system

Surprise, Surprise....ABC News Poll - Obama Tanks

THIS MODERN WORLD: From Gen. Petraeus Mouth...

THIS MODERN WORLD: From Gen. Petraeus Mouth...

Political academy founded to help hopefuls. (Tea Party U)

Obama a one-term president? Highly unlikely at this point

New poverty index finds Indian states worse than Africa

Feinstein opposes pot legalization measure

EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Another Mel Gibson Slur Caught On Tape In Crazed Rage [third recording]

EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Another Mel Gibson Slur Caught On Tape In Crazed Rage [third recording]

Conservatives launch anti-Obama pro-Israel group

The sacred cow.

Oil Smuggling To Iran Embarrassment For Iraq

its that doggone tritium again - Mass. nuke plant event

Serial butt-biting GOP operative sinks his teeth into Texas race

The Psychology of the Tea Party

Tuesday TOON Roundup 1

Racism vote saddens local tea party

The Other "the Boss" Just died

The Three Sisters' alternate names (just learned this)

Chicago's new 3-story high eye....

Kagan vote delayed one week

What Does Mel Gibson Have To Do To Piss Off Whoopi Goldberg - Wear Black Face?

"In the struggle to bring peace to Afghanistan"

BP Getting Daily Exemptions to Directive Limiting Surface Dispersant

Crap. Fiorina 47%, Boxer 45% (Survey USA)

Prediction: we're going to hear a bunch of crap for the rest of the baseball season

Navy Weighs Ship's Design, Along With Its Own Future

The hateful racist communist come out after Michelle Obama's visit to Panama City, Fl

I sure like Mel

Study finds toxic metals in dust in Afghanistan

A different slant on the headline "World Cup Fans Bombed In Uganda"

At the risk of getting flamed, Reid should have taken the GOP's deal on unemployment

New GOBP mantra: "Obama plays too much golf" - The answer is ...

How many of you would rather have Pres, Obama live up to the "radical" teabagger label?

“Clean-up workers are being forced to re-use contaminated and damaged gloves

Tuesday TOON Roundup 2

The Flood: Our nation's court system at a breaking point with frivolous debt collection lawsuits

With a program name like "Employment First" you would think employment would be a priority.

WI GOP congressman supporting Ron Johnson surprised that Johnson supports Great Lakes oil drilling

Tuesday TOON Roundup 3

There is a Natural Disastor Survivers group on DU

Tuesday TOON Roundup 4

U.S. Contractor Use in Iraq Expected To Rise (WTF?)

CG Commander Sacked Amid Porn Allegations

"Obama: Lew is 'Hall of Fame' budget director"

Millions of Jobless, Billions For Bankers: The Fed Must Act NOW

White House seeks to ease tensions with business

Libertarian vs Communitarian: Rush Limbaugh is leaving New York

New offshore oil moratorium not focused on depth [Obama Responds to Pro-drill Court Rulings]

Mother Jones: It's Hard Out Here for a Snitch

GOP smarm machine at full tilt in Ga. Gov. race

Darwin's Nightmare.....

The Case for a New WPA

World Cup final makes viewing history in U.S.

Russ Feingold has an opponent who is open to drilling in Great Lakes, and owns BP And Exxon Stock

I'd like DU to start a new forum

VIDEO: Toxic sludge, tar balls, Gulf waste “guarded by the police??”

Rush: That cracker made a lot of African-American millionaires.

Rush: That cracker made a lot of African-American millionaires.

For Virginians in unhappy marriages, you may be free to bolt, cuz you maybe ain't married!

How bad is the deficit / national debt ?

Does your Congressman recognize you and remember your name?

Iroquois Nation stuck on passports that were honored in the past

Why does everything get turned into a Black and White cartoon?

Karzai Lost His Only Friend McChrystal

Obama's approval rating is 50%

Pittsburgh council approves $27K settlement for two 2005 protesters

Pittsburgh council approves $27K settlement for two 2005 protesters

I keep hearing that we "withdrew from Iraq" or that we are "withdrawing from Iraq"

Two words to describe non-NY Yankee Fans. Just Two

That's Right, Bill, LIBERAL POLICIES Caused The Economic Crisis

Link to petition to limit or end subsidies and tax breaks to oil corporations...

Nothing is funnier than Scott Brown's Facebook page after he votes with the Democrats

Ex-Ambridge cop, supervisor, plead guilty to roles in beating

Scary Anti-Iran Talk Is Escalating -- And Weapons May Be Moving Into Position for Attack

Tarpley: Trichet’s Fake Stress Tests Bring European Banking System to Edge of Abyss

Tulli Kupferberg co-founder of the Fugs died today

God Listens

Family accuses police of excessive force

For those against speaking a motorists' language

Police altercation near Phoenix church 'put fear into community

NYC court tosses FCC's fleeting expletives policy

Federal suit alleges ex-deputy assaulted disabled man

Shrimps 'becoming hooked on Prozac that is flushed into the sea'

The TV show COPS and AZ 1070

Happy 90th Birthday, UNC President Bill Friday, a hero DUers should know

Tuesday TOON Roundup 5

The Root of Economic Fragility and Political Anger - R. Reich

RIP another corrupt republican: Steinbrenner

a BIG middle finger to the Nazis

Bill Clinton endorses Baker for governor in the Georgia Democratic primary.

Do polls mean anything at this point?

Do polls mean anything at this point?

Drastic (military) cuts outlined in think-tank report

Two officers sued over beating

Britain wants its Empire back!

Another corrupt tea bagger - this time they are buying air time on local radio

Slackers, take heart! Perfectionists more likely to die earlier: study

At The University Of Cincinnati ... Annoyed girls show preacher their cleavage

This is what happens when you let assholes

I am no Mel Gibson fan

Call-In Day, July 13: Tell Congress to Pass Currency Legislation

Police rescue deer from Solvay pool

Easter Island Eclipse Pictures

June 25, 1912 - Rockefeller Gets Million A Week

Major League Baseball’s Latino All Stars affirm commitment to boycott next year’s game in Arizona.

Beaverton police chief: Film officers at your own slight risk

6 Indicted; 4 Officers Charged With Danziger Killings

Apple: The New Toyota?

Follow the Money: Reform work in the US

We commemorate the passage of the Northwest Ordinance 13 July 1787

Know Your Rights When it Comes to Police Stops

Mesa prepares to enforce Arizona immigration law

Finance Reform Is Essentially A DONE DEAL!!! Wins/Losses:

I remember a while back when everyone was saying

"...six in ten say they have just some or no confidence in him..."

Ipsos poll: Crist leads Rubio by 7 points.. Meek still a distant third.

FCC Commissioner Mike Copps is right on many things, but he can be a real prude

Predictions: When will the RWingers start to blame Obama and the Dems

All-Star Game: Wanna bet Fox blows off "O Canada" AGAIN!?

L.A. Times: Throw Out Prop. 8

Yankees owner George Steinbrenner dead at 80

Ray Bradbury: Mel Gibson Too Busy with 'Russian Girl' to Adapt Fahrenheit 451

We have the votes for Financial Reform?

Treat Reckless Corporate Behavior like Drunk-Driving

The Self-Derailment of the Tea Partyers' Express

I need help! Does anyone here know about getting a mortgage

rainbow warrior blown up by french secret service 10 July 1985

A double standard a wide load semi could drive through.

How can you be serious about the deficit and NOT want to give out Birth Control?!

Reasons To NOT Fall For The Disinformation/Smear Campaign Against Wikileaks

G. Gordon Liddy: "vast majority" of Hispanics are "short," "squat," "little Indians"

Don't Play Politics with Unemployment Benefits

Crooks & Liars: Harry Reid is saying Obama needs to be tougher. Let that sink in.

Strategic Defaulters as the New Welfare Queens (NakedCapitalism)

Iowa Tea Party group's sign links Obama, Hitler, and Lenin

I think certain women should be forced to wear a burqa...

Tea Party from another time

Tea Party from another time

Do you think this latest attempt at capping the gusher in the gulf will work?

Sacramento Bee: Woman who lost mental care to Sacramento County cuts still in jail after arrest

Sacramento Bee: Woman who lost mental care to Sacramento County cuts still in jail after arrest

Limbaugh on Stenbrenner: " That cracker made a lot of African-Americans

Bobby Jindal's sand berm plan already a failure

McInnis (Colo Gov Cand) plagiarzes cushy article

Rubio Unveils His Economic Strategy: Tax Cuts For The Wealthy And Corporations

Rubio Unveils His Economic Strategy: Tax Cuts For The Wealthy And Corporations

Check my numbers please.

2 officers out of jobs in wake of repeated Tasering of woman

The Onion actually made sense today

Defense Budget Wrecks Middle Class Economy. Permanent War Threatens Our National Security and Well

If Mel Gibson ran for President as a GOPer in 2012, who would be his running mate?

Fox News Contributor Andrew Napolitano admits Bush/Cheney should have been indicted

All-Star Speak Out: Baseball Players Pledge to Boycott Arizona All Star Game

WTF is Glen Beck doing wearing an Armored Division service pin on his jacket?

Facts about Carly Fiorina

From DNC: Meet The BP Republicans.

A right wing "friend" on FB just told me that Clinton destroyed our economy

When Judd Greg's term is over, I will not miss him even a little bit.

Octomom Doc? Barefoot Bandit? The devolution of ABC's Nightline is now complete.

Michigan mom, Aimee L. Sword, sent to prison after having sex with teen son she gave up for adoption

Do you want to hear a fourth recording of Mel Gibson?

On a scale of 1 (hell on earth) to 10 (these are the good old days), how do you rate

Go ahead and flame me -- I never expected Obama to work miracles

Jesus' General: Jesus ain't no cross-dressing hippy!

Is it forbidden to post a link to a Fox website article here?

If one-on-one with President Obama, what would you ask him?

and who is going to apologize for this?

Forget how you feel about Harry Reid. Was he right?

Income Gaps Between Very Rich and Everyone Else More Than Tripled In Last Three Decades, New Data Sh

Volunteers for oil spill cleanup in Mobile AL told to focus on cosmetics for TV cameras.

One more time on Ben Nelson, the slimy republicans & unemployment insurance.

The money is there for a massive WPA government jobs program! Don't believe Wall Street propaganda

St. Louis Teabaggers suggest ‘bigoted’ NAACP should be taxed

The Illogic of the Filibuster

Here are my predictions

Use of ALL CAPS leads to lower IQ's and additional health problems in subjects.

I'm going to take a different tact...

I just tweeted that everyone in Venezuela should withdraw all of their bank funds.

Another disgusting billboard from the tea partiers.

Yikes! Bill Press on Ed Schultz: No one in DC is afraid of President Obama.

Happy Bastille Day!

Sharron Angle On Her Campaign: 'God Has Been In This From The Beginning'

"Democrats Pledge to Make Joe Barton a Campaign Issue" ~ WAPO

Holy Fire and Brimstone Batman!!

Most viewed @; Commentary: Glenn Beck's truth

Here's is what the teabaggers are doing. Sr citizens killing themselves.

Support the Rainbow PUSH Education Stimulus Plan

Has anyone else noticed a rise in virus "rip off" programs? See: The rise of the rogue AV testers

Rand Paul Staffer Blames Ohio Taxes for Losing LeBron James to Florida

Male. Pale and Stale

"Radical (Tea Party) leaders pray on the fearful and naive"

Sen. Levin pans Obama/Pentagon's survey on DADT: "I understand gay resentment"

Harry Reid is right about Obama.

UAW, Rainbow PUSH Launch Campaign for Jobs, Justice and Peace

Help me here - they just ran a segment on the Tea Party in NC.

Where Is the Antiwar Left on Afghanistan?

Sharon Engle flunks Fox interview

Fair Elections Now Act -- Take Action

So, has the 'filibuster everything and kill the government' tactic been successful?

Suffer These Crimes in Oakland? Don't Call the Cops

NAACP calls for March on Washington to be held on October 2, 2010

Some Things Don't CHANGE

What kind of message is Obama sending? Work for human rights and you are not welcome?

Is Sherrod Brown well? He looks yellow.

WashPost/ABCNews Poll: Majority Of Americans (58%) Lack Faith In Obama

It's amazing how people refuse to admit they were wrong.

Wonkette proves Michele Bachmann was RIGHT about slavery!

Fundies: The Today Show has gone all gay on us

VIDEO: Glenn Beck For President! ('The new George Washington'!)

An analogy. Home improvement dude completely screws up your new kitchen.

I just talked to a CSR from a collection agency - Part II

Why am I seeing Jerry Brown ads on DU?

Ronald Reagan Statue Coming To Namesake DC Airport

Ladies Against Feminism?

Pro-Tea Party/anti-NAACP thread on FR full of racist comments

The reason we have 12 million illegal immigrants - there is no legal path to immigration

Measuring progress according to Gross National Happiness. Remenber Bhutan's young King

Public's faith in Obama hits new low

Deficit Commission Co-Chair Simpson proposes government default on Social Security trust funds!

Rep. Nadler: Investigate torture or face road to ‘tyranny’

Sheriff Joe is in Kansas!

Oh yeah, people would rather sit around & live the high life on unemployment rather

On Steinbrenner, Lebron James, the World Cup

A very small man has decided to posture & puff himself up by postponing the Kagan vote

Gibson's career death exaggerated. He's particularly well suited to be a News "commentator" for FOX

Secrecy in the Gulf!! . . . Oil Gate: The File . . . 6/13/10

Secrecy in the Gulf!! . . . Oil Gate: The File . . . 6/13/10

I went under today, they drove a camera up my backside... and

Obama: Tell Americans the Truth About Afghanistan

Social Security Privatization Is Back

As expected, the job fair "sponsored" by Eric "mmmmmkay" Cantor was a total waste

The stupidity of the American public

Will Americans allow the politicians to cut Social Security and Medicare?

Did Rove Just Throw Gingrich Under The Bus?

The Stealth Attack on America's Best-Loved Program

Rush Limbaugh's Steinbrenner Eulogy: 'That Cracker Made A Lot Of African-Americans Millionaires'

Will your Congressman lose this fall ?

So what's the general consensus on the Financial Reform bill for which we now seem to have the votes

School lunch (a Friday) 1953 ..Corpus Christi

The Rude Pundit: Nevada Senate Candidate Sharron Angle Is a Fucking Retard, Too

Toon: The Trillion-dollar sacred bull in the room

Should we be rooting for Crist? Will he keep his more progressive positions after the election?

Employees Got the Worst of Steinbrenner

Virginia Attorney General Issues Controversial Legal Opinion

Virginia Attorney General Issues Controversial Legal Opinion

Virginia Attorney General Issues Controversial Legal Opinion

When Teachers Unions Back War Escalations

Ed, for fucks sake. You're on a NEWS channel

Help me bag this teabagger

Where Is the 2008 Barack Obama Now on Jobs and Trade?

Vaseline launches skin-whitening Facebook tool for India

Vaseline launches skin-whitening Facebook tool for India

Extremist Christians Aim to Create Armed Militias Against "Godless" Federal Government

Breaking - Holder about to announce new Federal Charges

Are All Americans Living Longer?

Laura Flanders: Obama's bait-and-switch on the LGBT community.

I fear this behavior in politics is becoming the status quo.

Medicare - there should be, or should not be, a means test for eligibility ...

Medicare - there should be, or should not be, a means test for eligibility ...

Is Cheney back in hospital yet?

American Mormon church injects itself into Argentina's battle for same-gender marriage

Beck Wants You To Be His Personal Joseph McCarthy And Monitor Websites For Revolutionary Activity

How the Left is helping make Juan Crow Strong

NY Man Claims 84% of Facebook, Gets Order Blocking Assets

NY Man Claims 84% of Facebook, Gets Order Blocking Assets

Question For The Group, Re: Catfood Commission, Social Security, Medicare, Obama, Democratic Party

I'm sick to death of saying dems are not pukes

Two words describe the New York Yankees. Just two words.

Roman Polanski victim: Director is not a threat, prosecution should end

Drug Whores: How Bush FDA Serviced Glaxo-Smith-Kline (and Big Pharm)

Netroots Nation: Vote on a Union Beer

Mutating crisis of capitalism, pt 2: the human recession

Got an opinion of the Venezuela government? Better not tweet it...

Most of you aren''t old enough to remember this. Same this are being said today,

Rep. Nadler: Investigate torture or face road to ‘tyranny’

I thought Obama told the DEA to back off

Gawker: Third Horrifying Mel Gibson Phone Call Is Now Online

Who here gets Fox News but not MSNBC?

Are we the new ROME...?

Why the Idiocy About Unemployment?

"There basically isn't a middle class here...It's like going into a Third World country."

Ah, "The Obama Squandered An Opportunity" Corporate Narrative - Deja Vu!

Republicans AND Democrats Lining Up Behind Major Changes To Social Security

Liberals want to raise taxes

Like dominoes - health insurance, education, now Social Security and Medicare?

Watch the BP ROV Under Sea Cams...Thread # 33

SHOCKING. Women reports prowler, cop tasers and use pepper spray on her SHOCKING

21 traits of a "political extremist"

Why is a lighter skin tone called "fair"?

Me, the blender, the store, and the uninvited stickers.

Some reality about Social Security: What you are hearing is political bullshit!!!

NAACP vs. Tea Party: Racism Debate Heats Up as Sarah Palin Joins the Fray

Diabetic woman settles suit after being shot with stun gun by police, hopes for reforms

A Predictable Suicide at Camp Lejeune

FR reacts to their hero Mel Gibson's rants

Dear US State Dept: The Iroquois are either a nation or they are not. If yes, then LET THEM PASS.

If the American People Incorporated, would we be 'too big to fail'?

Robert Reich is Right ... LINK --(Reality is setting in for former Middle Classers)

Study: 47% of boomers don’t have enough to retire

Conservative group claims election fraud in Franken's election. Anybody believe this crap?

Does capitalism really suck?

Senate Judiciary Committee schedules hearing for Obama 9th Circuit nominee Mary Marguia

I have to admit (My partially drunken but entirely sane rant)

I have to admit (My partially drunken but entirely sane rant)


Might YOU be an Anchor Baby?

Westboro Baptist's Next Target - Comic-Con!

Westboro Baptist's Next Target - Comic-Con!

For Info Only: My Cannabis Lavendar Ointment Recipe

Eli Broad: "with election of Obama and his appointment of Duncan, the stars are aligned"

Came across this today, and thought it was something we all might consider.

Is Obama's Re-Election a Sure Bet? Professor's Formula Says Yes.

If We can beat the Great Depression, win WWII and the Cold War, and get to the Moon...

Where can I find info on worker misclassification

2010 World Cup statistics

Were you self-sufficient at age 18? A post about aged-out foster care youth.

How Russian consumer electronics manufacturers drove their Japanese competitors out of business

Automated Debt-Collection Lawsuits Engulf Courts, 1 judge fights back.

I strongly object to the up or down vote of the Deficit Commission's recommendations.

Tom Toles: The Wayward Forward

My copycat thread got deleted.

Don't make me do it.... alright you did and I will....


Keith Olbermann was teasing Rachel Maddow...

Drum Komputer - E.P.L. (Femme Machine)

I got a haircut!

Anyone seen "An Education" the movie? Was it great or just good?

Hey! Hey! Awakadeewakadoo!

FWIW re-mix

POS Macbook!

Maiden fans, a track from their new CD, I like it! Your verdict?

Has anybody here ridden the rails?

"Show me the way to the next whiskey bar..."

When was the last time you used a pay phone?

How long does a watermelon..

Guys - you really should pay attention to which type of chocolate your girlfriend prefers.

The Ultimate Lounge plane picture????

George Steinbrenner rushed to hospital - Update - AP reporting he has passed away

BEST locking message ever!

The Details Of My Life Are Quite Inconsequential...

a little hank williams

Rock stars then...and now.

There are some good poets in the lounge. I'm not one of them, but I had some inspiration...

This morning: If I could speak dog. (a poem)

You can have your hamburger prepared any way you like it. How would you like it?

"Oh wait these are my crayons" - Alf

Tales from the dreary job market


I'd Like To Think That Right At This Moment, George Steinbrenner Is


Screw the Werewolves - Werepanthers coming in August to True Blood!!!

Today's Conan O'Brien Tweet:

My First Attempt At A Sunset Pic:

Watch Charlton Heston, Man of Leisure, Explain the 'X' Rating

I've created an online business that you may participate in.

Don Corleone, I am honored and grateful that you have invited me to your daughter... 's wedding...


a question for yoga devotees

...and it's Jessica for the win!

What are you ungrateful for?

Could the Glover/Gibson ticket be a bipartisan dark horse in 2012?

Name something or someone American that proves we aren't all just part of a mindless idiocracy

CNN poll on tipping - 49% of responders leave no tip for bad service.

I feel compelled to pass along this expression of gratitude.

Graphic designers, editors, etc. Need help explaining reader's spreads.

I can't help myself...

Visiting Utah for first time... need advice!

"It's like the White Castle people were like, fuck nature. Make the chicken into fucking rings."

Down in front!

So long, George

DU Lounge smeared!


Strippers take cash, pepper spray customers

Man struck by lightning at while playing golf on the Freeway...

I am

Notice! I am spending the day fucking off...

Okay, this is fun.

Can one spoil their dog too much?

Which MLB ballpark has the best food?

New name for "Rust Belt?"

Geez, I survived GD today

Why does the right wing press keep saying that President Obama

They still *cough* allow smoking indoors *wheeze* in Texas

I'm watching "Open Your Eyes" tonight. Good movie?

15 years

Who else has Windows 7 and hates it?

Any Suggestions For For Job Searches????

oh god

I took this video of myself eating a grahm cracker

G_D! In 3 weeks I will be 63! Where did all that time go?

Anyone ever had any of this breed for pets?

my apologies

What's Your Top 10 List?

It's not a Chupacabra. It's a hairless DOG!!!

Why didn't anyone tell me puppies are so much fun?

Musicians that didn't start sucking when they got clean and sober

Yep. This is a dumb computer ??? - How to burn video to

"Real Housewives New Jersey" last night.

Dear Loungers: I have a question about a small debt owed me by somebody who is filing for bankruptcy

What mixed drink or cocktail do liberals prefer?

You, Your kids and Your Johnson

I'm done waterboarding my cat.

Tonights 2010 MLB All Star Game Prediction

Awesome (hillclimb) video

What are you grateful for?

Recently, one of our fellow travelers actually started LIVING his dream...

would you buy this product for your cats?

The 5 Most Famous Musicians Who Are Thieving Bastards

Today's Understatement: Bad Fashion.

Seriously! I want this pillow - why didn't I think of inventing this

Pecan Pie Blizzard

Well, I Did It (Part 2)

So... what do you folks with babies do with them for fun once the fascination wears off?

New Containment Cap In Place

Protest to back imprisoned Minn. Toyota driver (Koua Fong Lee)

Oil-spill commission begins work by hearing from coastal residents

Castro appears on Cuban TV

No White House words on Reid's criticism of Obama

BP: New Cap On Leaking Oil Well In Place

Vitter supports 'birthers' challenging Obama's citizenship

Gingrich says he's considering presidential run

Feds shuffle forces to "ramp up" against international crime gangs

Mel Martinez (Former Republican U.S. Senator) To Work For JPMorgan Chase Bank

Soldiers take over where Afghan gov't fears to go

(British healthcare) NHS faces radical pro-market shakeup

Ruling opens the door for Guatemalan asylum claim

BP may face probe over bomber's release

New containment cap lowered over crippled Gulf oil well

U.S. Rebuilds Power Plant, Taliban Reap a Windfall

Cantor To Host Job Fair With Employers Stimulated By Over $50 Million In Recovery Act Funds

Sharron Angle flummoxes local press with "stimulus" non-sequitor

Republican senator says he backs birther lawsuits

Coast Guard lifts ban on news coverage near oil spill boom

Report: George Steinbrenner suffers massive heart attack

Three dead, four hurt in workplace shooting in New Mexico

Three dead, four hurt in workplace shooting in New Mexico

Finance Bill Close to Passage in Senate

Limbaugh sells NYC digs for $11.5 million ("Stupid tax increases")

White House corrects NASA’s Muslim comment

Angle says it is “myth” she wants to scrap Social Security

Obama has a higher rate of appointing women and minorities to the courts than any of his predecessor

NRA takes flak for ties with left

3 British Soldiers in Afghanistan (by Afghan Soldier)

How Democrats Should Respond To Jon Kyl

Harry Reid on President Obama: 'He Doesn't Like Confrontation,' Isn't 'Tough Enough' On Repubs

Voinovich- Deficit Hawk on Jobless; Not Unfunded Wars

NY Man Claims 84% of Facebook, Gets Order Blocking Assets

Missing Iranian scientist appears at embassy in US

Security contractor: BP fired me for taking photos of dispersants

U.S. trade deficit widens to $42.3 billion in May

Diabetes Drug Maker Hid Test Data on Risks, Files Indicate

Alleged 'mafia boss' among suspects arrested in Italy

Offshoring creates good jobs in poor countries: Study

AP reports Death Of New York Yankees Owner George Steinbrenner

Freed Cuban dissidents speak after landing in Spain

Judge Dismisses Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act Indictments Against Activists

Heineman may run unopposed

23.ATF seizes 1,000 guns in East Mesa raid

Cantor: GOP will retake the House in November

Candidate Ken Buck Clarifies: All Liberals — Not Just Barack Obama — Are America’s ‘Greatest Threat’

More delays on helping unemployed job seekers, no replacement for Byrd until July 19

Judge hears abortion law arguments

Chinese rating agency strips Western nations of AAA status

Pa. levies $400K fine in Marcellus well accident

Gay and Lesbian Adults Are More Likely and More Frequent Blog Readers

Cash-strapped Bill McCollum asks court to let him keep public matching funds

Arizona treasurer Dean Martin suspends bid for governor


Democratic Rep. Gutierrez says 40 percent of illegal immigrants overstay visas

Opinion poll: Public sides with Arizona over US on new immigration law

Chilcot: Ask for an inquest into Dr Kelly's death (Iraq War Inquiry)

Doctors Threaten to Pull Out of Texas Medicaid

BP settlements: A gamble for Gulf Coast victims

Even some progressives are questioning Feingold's resistance to FinReg..

Allan Lichtman's 13 Keys Predict Obama Will Get Re-elected!!

(Haitian) people..tell me that outside of the water they have not seen any help from (Haitian) Gov...

Just Curious, Where's Jackeens Been?

Didier: no more farm subsidies for me

(FCC Commissioner) Copps Not Persuaded By Comcast/NBCU Pledges

Thousands of laptops stolen during nine-hour heist (from military contractor)

Venezuela demands US transparency on terrorism

PHOTOS: Michelle Obama walks barefoot on the beach at Boardwalk Beach Resort, Panama City FL

Obama has a higher rate of appointing women and minorities to the courts than any of his predecessor

Sweeping U.S. Victory on Detainees ('Too Much Evidence' for Holding Them Said Demanded)

French cabinet backs retirement age rise

Wind turbine maker plans to hire 1,000 in Colorado

Canadian Gitmo prisoner refuses to defend himself, calls plea deal an ‘excuse’ for torture

Sen Ben Nelson says will back Wall St bill

West Virginia Governor Expects to Fill Byrd Seat by Sunday

** Early Heads Up: POTUS to Make Statement at Noon EDT on Economy **

President Obama to tap Jacob Lew to replace Peter Orszag as OMB chief

New UAW boss pickets Toyota, plans justice march with Jesse Jackson

The Other "the Boss" Just died

(Contrary to What You May Have Heard) "Why Republicans Might Not Take Over the House"

Racial profiling legal says AZ professor

Job Openings Drop In May As Hiring Stays Weak

Ezra Klein: Tom Toles is Worth a Thousand Words

‘Barefoot Bandit’ Deported to the U.S.

Rush Limbaugh calls George Steinbrenner a 'cracker,' says icon 'fired a bunch of white guys'

Obama on CNN Live Now

Americans like strong presidents, not weak ones

Democratic legislator blasts turncoat colleagues for endorsing Crist

I think Rasmussen has "adjusted" his voter screen

Randy Rhodes: This election cycle is about racism and jesus

Nelson is a Yes. Reid may file for cloture today

Confidence in Obama reaches new low, Washington Post-ABC News poll finds

Obama: Has he kept his promises?

Yankees owner George Steinbrenner dead at 80

McInnis (R) governor candidate apologizes for plagiarism

Appeals Court Strikes Down Indecency Rule.

Mass. GOP, sheriff: Stop paying prisoners for work

White House sends new 99 million dollar bill to BP

Republican senator says he backs birther lawsuits

Burr has $6.3 million to fend off Marshall

Emmer In Damage Control Mode: Meeting Waiters After Claiming They Made $100K In Tips

In the playground of DC politics Democrats are afraid of Republicans.

Bush's boat runs aground on beach in Maine

Iowa Tea Party group's sign links Obama, Hitler

French MPs vote to ban Islamic full veil in public


Conway raised $1.4 million in last three months

I think the Senate is about to vote on cloture for FinReg..

Bachmann using racial code words

Simon Johnson: New financial reg law will be almost completely useless, but 1 good surprise

MSNBC: Dems Showing Signs of Battle Fatigue

FinReg: Snowe, Brown, Collins... all on board!

Why is the media giving a president who has had roughly a 50% approval rating

Obama Nominates Orthodox Jew To Run OMB

Appeals court strikes down FCC indecency policy

Tax Cuts for Wealthy May Get Reprieve if Democrats Blink

Now, The President Will Have To Deal With Us!

Activist Cindy Sheehan Cleared of DC Protest Charge

MN-06: Bachmann Leads Clark by 9

WaPo/ABC poll: Only 29% have no confidence in Obama to make right decisions for country's future.

Iran scientist Shahram Amiri free to leave, US insists

Ben Nelson: failbag.

Harry Reid on President Obama: 'He Doesn't Like Confrontation,' Isn't 'Tough Enough' On Repubs

Peter Beinart: on why liberals are down on Obama

I just got off the phone with a local news station here and it wasn't pretty...

Windows XP just won't go away

Those elusive jobs

Bush dug a really deep hole in terms of job losses

The economy is adding net jobs

Six New Orleans Police Officers Indicted in Danziger Bridge Case

Why hasn't historic Gulf spill helped push climate bill?

WaPo poll: President's approval at 50 percent

Castro blames U.S. for stoking nuclear tensions

NAACP Calls Out Tea Party For Its Racist Element

MAK: Emmer Proposal ..Like Stealing The Tips Off The Table

Marc Faber: U.S. bonds worthless confetti

Thom Hartmann - The art of advertising disease and disaster to children.

Democats Nervous About Justice Department Suing Arizona Over Immigration Legislation

Sen. DAVID VITTER- I Support Birther

Young Turks: Ana Goes Off On Sarah Palin PAC!!!

Psycho Talk! - Michelle Bachmann

Carl Safina: The oil spill's unseen culprits, victims

Unemployment Extension Tuesday July 13 2010 HR4213, S3520, HR5618. Thank you to all.

Unemployment Extensions SENATE Tuesday July 13 2010 HR4213, HR5618 - News on Vengeance Voters

Surviving Unemployment

Lets make a Gin & Tonic with Rachel and the Republicans.


Single Payer Health Care Focus For Kelliher, Supporters

Worst + Dumbest Person In The World! - Senator Jon Kyl

Just Say No (Russ Feingold's new campaign ad)

Chris Matthews talks Unemployment on Hardball

RFK, Jr. and Senator Whitehouse Discuss Bush Administration Cronyism

TYT: Jesse Jackson LeBron Slave Comments

Mort Zuckerman: I helped write a speech for Obama

Oh Gawd now I've heard everything!

Lindsey Graham is a pathological LIAR!

Dem Message Hits a Deficit

DNC Touts BP Republicans Website, Calls Out RNC On Hypocrisy

ACLU Torture Report

More Republicans blame unemployed people for not having jobs

Testimony of Radiation's Devastating Effect - From Book Launch for Apocalypse Never

NAACP President Ben Jealous on his resolution condemning racism in the tea party movement?


How Dummies Protect Marriage

The Birth And Death Of The Earth

CNN HOST - Rick Sanchez Thinks 74 Dead In African Bombing Is Helpful

Ring Of Fire: Pap and TYT's Cenk Uygur Dissect Banking Scam

Keith Olbermann Tea Time: FOX Racist Liars

More FAKE voting fraud news from FAUX!

Thom Hartmann - Wall Street is starving millions and getting away with it!

Thom Hartmann tries to save a Tea Partier from the

Rep. Sue Myrick conspiracy theory ( illegal aliens from Iran)

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. On Oil Dependence and Generating Energy

Megyn Kelly Flips Out At Fox Contributor In Effort To Push Faux Scandal About New Black Panther Part

Rachel Maddow: ACORN Lawsuit Accuses O'Keefe Et Al Over Edited Video BS

Fox News analyst Andrew Napolitano says Bush and Cheney ‘should have been indicted.’

Back Beck 2012 Initiative

What Can You Tell Us About This Guy?

Crash Data Suggest Driver Error in Toyota Accidents

The Unemployment Benefits Stalemate: Our Broken Politics on Full Display

Credit scores sink to new lows

The Attack of the Real Black Helicopter Gang: The IMF Is Coming for Your Social Security

No extension of unemployment benefits in sight for the long-term jobless

James Howard Kunstler: The "Long Emergency" Guy


Bob Herbert:Outside the Casino

GOP blocks extension of unemployment for short term political gain

GOP Economic Terrorism Destroys the Safety Net of 38 Americans Every Minute

Extremist Christians Aim to Create Armed Militias Against "Godless" Federal Government

Abuse Took Tears to Ignte Belgian Clergy Inquiry

Diabetes Drug Maker Hid Test Data on Heart Risks....New York Times.

20/20 to air update on Matt Baker story (Baptist predator)

Maybe Members of Congress Want to Cut Unemployment Benefits to Increase Unemployment

Don't worry Mel, you've got all it takes for a career as a news commentator at FOX News Network!

Rants vs. facts at Beck U. - Leonard Pitts Jr.

Marc Thiessen and the myth of the American Jewish voter

Next on the chopping block

A Humane Egg

Why one Guatemalan newspaper now refuses to cover the giant sinkhole

Mort Zuckerman: Obama Is Barely Treading Water

Ben Nelson Bucks Party, Helps GOP Block Jobless Aid

Glenn Beck's History 'Expert' Endorses Biblical Slavery

Smaller cable TV packages would be good for consumers, but a la carte pricing would be better

A Double-Dip Recession? No, Thank You.

NYT_CBS poll: what are people most concerned about? Deficit: 5%, Economy: 20%, Jobs: 20%

Bachmann says, " .... what has transpired into turning our country into a nation of slaves"

A Heap Of Broken Images: Social media and the architecture of anomie

Change coming slowly on climate law

India climate meet ahead of Mexico to push tech deal

Moment of truth for energy bill

Once lauded, BP no corporate citizen

Deadly Funnel web spiders infest Hunter Region suburbs

Drumbeat: July 13, 2010

Newly Detected Sea-Level Rises Ringing Indian Ocean At Least Partially Due To Anthropogenic Warming

Royal Society Will Publish Major Review Of Human Population Impact On Ecosystems In 2012

Leak From Chinese Mine Waste Pit Produces Massive Fish Kill - At Least 4 Million Pounds' Worth - AFP

LanzaTech to build 200 mil L ethanol from waste gas plant in China.

US demand for mahogany fuels illegal logging in Peru

Wheat Rust Confirmed In 7 African, Asian Nations - Pakistan Appearance A "Matter Of Time" - FAO

Study shows outback soaking up CO2

Iowa State Study - US Midwest May Get Crop Boost From More CO2, But Storms, Floods Likely To Worsen

U.S. Climate Bill Would Reduce Deficit by $19 Billion

SoloPower unveils new flexible rooftop solar panels

Jindal's 'artificial islands' are crumbling into Gulf of Mexico

BP oil spill: testing begins after installation of new containment cap

Something to shut up those hoaxers?

Senior Rendell Aide Leaves Job To Work For Shale Gas Company - 3rd In Past Year

World Cup ratings in U.S. up 41 percent

Hoop news: Last Four At-Large play to get into the Dance.

It's time. A shout to Renew Deal!! A big thanks for the coverage of the World Cup!!

Thank you KFC!

The Football Diver Sniper Redux

Two words to describe NY Yankee Fans. Just Two...

Daniel Snyder on George Steinbrenner's death

Jerry Jones on George Steinbrenner: 'He was an inspiration'

Steelers extend contract of Coach Mike Tomlin

The Red Sox Organization Mourns the loss of George Steinbrenner...

RIP George Steinbrenner

Giants ranked 7th most popular baseball team in America

Yankees owner George Steinbrenner dead at 80

Iroquois Lacrosse Team Prevented From Traveling to Championships

Ruling opens the door for Guatemalan asylum claim

Amy Goodman spends an hour with Sean Penn in Haiti!

Fidel Castro returns to TV with dire warning of nuclear conflict

Venezuela demands US transparency on terrorism

A disguised assassination in long-suffering Guatemala

Why one Guatemalan newspaper now refuses to cover the giant sinkhole


US demand for mahogany fuels illegal logging in Peru

Please see earlier thread by rabs, link follows:

Was Bolivian missile mishap really attempted coup d'etat?

Selig calls Steinbrenner ‘giant of the game’

Will the NL finally win an All-Star Game? Question and ASG thread.

CNN Campbell Brown "Great Debate" w/ Ileana Ros and Charlie Rangel

Two words to describe non-NY Yankee Fans. Just Two

Might YOU be an Anchor Baby?

Carrying a gun to the beach, that hotbed of crime and terrorism

Chicago PD Permit Process

Wis. man's rifle fires, killing his 8-year-old son, injuring boy's grandmother with same bullet.

Beyond Guns: N.R.A. Expands Agenda

3 dead in Albuquerque office rampage

Findlay man shot to death by 7 year old son

NRA gun instructor accidentally shoots Orlando student!

Well, I Did It (Part 1)

NRA takes flak for ties with left

Pentagon Survey on Gays Distracts From Real Issue: Leadership

Members of Congress respond to DOMA decision

Possible sale of gay teen database sparks privacy fears Pentagon Spends $4.4 Million to Test Troops' Gaydar

Protest Donnie McClurkin: Join Us in Boston on Sunday

Levin OK With Pentagon's DADT Survey, Provided Results Don't Leak

NOM Hate Bus Reports Vandalism

Tea party groups choose to stand mute on same-sex marriage ruling

Cartoon: I don't need a union

Today in Labor History July 13 Detroit newspaper workers begin 19-month strike, 100's locked out

Banana workers end 10 day strike in Panama

Social Security exemption may have helped hiring (President Barack Obama signed a bill)

Not A Submission For July, But My First Attempt At A Sunset:


Pelicans on the Mississippi (pic heavy)

5 min. ago I roasted my beans

Beam me up...

A society falling apart

Insects as Model Animals

Every 27 million years, just like clockwork...

Eclipse pics

I know, I know ... but it's just too tempting!

Rumors buzz over Higgs boson

Libyan ship captain says will sail to Egypt

J Street Calls for Treasury Investigation Into Settlement Charities

Germany bans IHH for Hamas links

Israel navy begins efforts to stop Libyan aid ship

Tuesday July 13, 2010: PEMS Scale Poll :)

found this lovely new moon ritual...

Starcodes this Week - Heather Roan Robbins

Oh My Fooking Goddess.... H.A.W.K.S. in the Hood ;=}

I let it go...

anyone ever heard of this place?

Objective Morality, and the Non-Aggression Principle

Why Must God and His Prophet Be Male?

The Man: Uranium Mill Cleanup - 'Fat Paycheck' - Renal Cell Carcinoma

Accepting That Good Parents May Plant Bad Seeds

How Microbes Defend and Define Us

C-PAP machine on an airline flight? Anyone with experience with this?

Q. Did You Ever Smoke Pot? A. It’s Complicated.

Big Oil’s Good Deal - Obama Administration trying to eliminate tax breaks for Oil & Gas industry

Automated Debt-Collection Lawsuits Engulf Courts

Playboy stock jumps 40% today on news that Hef will buyout all shares - insider trading question???