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video: Rachel Maddow weighs in on Afghanistan & Palin on MTP

Newsweek: The Creativity Crisis in America

Bankster Drama Queens

I saw a brown pelican in the lake by my house today

Governor Ray Sullivan(R-WV) for Robert Byrd's Senate seat?

••• The Jews are devils and bats. President Benjamin Franklin SAID so! •••

Chile 6.2 earthquake

Huffpo cartoon: GOP on Unemployment

Look who's come to visit?

Was Rachel Maddow on Meet The Press today?

FIFA drums support for universal education

Other FIFA trophies

Which Democratic congresspeople vote the same as Republicans?

Hannity sez grizzly-Quitter "LOOKS PRESIDENTIAL" - BWAH-ha-HAH!1

I'm sorry, honey, I didn't get the raise because my boss is a jerk.

Bob Sheppard died today.


KETV Omaha - Couple Devotes Free Time To At-Risk Children

• Hamas TV broadcasts diatribe against Jews and Benjamin Franklin. •

Resources for fighting the Catfood Commission and their useless bankster fuckbuddies

and I think we'll see a huge rise in incidents like the pipe bomb at the oil executives homes..

World cup fans,

64 killed as bombers target World Cup viewers

Austerity policies in new zealand

The bad news: shit be f'd up

More charter school fraud: Charter school as secret corporate lending center

I'm not a believer but for those of you who are...

Shrimps get high on Prozac as antidepressants flood British coastal waters


Could "Success" in Afghanistan Be Worse Than Failure?

Could "Success" in Afghanistan Be Worse Than Failure?

Could "Success" in Afghanistan Be Worse Than Failure?

Program to Rein in Retired Officers Working as Private Contractors Delayed

Afghan government seeking bigger slice of aid pie

We Who Advocate Peace

We Who Advocate Peace

Troops seek to replicate gains in Afghan village

The mutating crisis of global capitalism, Pt. 1

Labor quote for the week Congressman Barney Frank responding to Reagan Administration

Boeing Touts KC-X Cost, Jobs (interesting discussion at end of thread)

Seniors Urge Governor To Veto Bill That Gets Rid of Low Income Tax Credit

Need help with answer/source: oil spill estimate to date

People hear us when we speak out!!

People hear us when we speak out!!

Now open your hymnals to "Onward Christian Soldiers".........OR ELSE !!!!

Federal Reserve worry list gets longer

GOP on Unemployment

Dear Candidate - What Will You Do if Growth Is Over...?

I support the Arne Duncan led move to public school privatization

Anyone see anything skewed in today's AP lead?

Obama invades, sends 46 warships & 7000 Marines to Costa Rica

New Navy Missile Could Hit Global Targets

Remember to thank your attendant at ARCO or AM/PM for pictures like this...

Not to put too fine a point on it, but some deep self searching and honesty is in order

Photo: The July 11, 2010 total Solar eclipse

Repeal Of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Paves Way For Gay Sex Right On Battlefield, Opponents Fantasize

avoiding LA traffic

One nightmare eases for vets with new rules on post-traumatic stress disorder

One nightmare eases for vets with new rules on post-traumatic stress disorder

California proposes to eliminate CalWORKS (TANF) welfare program

Repeal Of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Paves Way For Gay Sex Right On Battlefield, Opponents Fantasize

Researchers find that facts can often backfire, adding strength to misinformation

Please let the new cap on the oil well work thread

NY Times - "Texas Refiners Mum About Funding Push to Halt Calif. Climate Law" - Its On The Ballot

Man hurls toddler into traffic, cops say

Wait til you read this piece about republican underhandedness.

Uh Oh! Quease time - Republican budget hawks boost Obama’s bipartisan deficit panel

Good show on tea parties on the Diane Rehm show right now.

Nugent introduces us to the "Uncle Ted crowbar of logic"

National debt 'is like a cancer,' governors told - So cut SS & Medicaid/Medicare!

Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow: Embracing the Future as a Commons

I was watching the Bloomberg channel this morning......

Former Raleigh man dies in Uganda bombings

CBO tells Deficit Commission that HCR did not reduce health costs enough

(38 people per minute) The real agenda: Let the devil take the hindmost-by Meteor Blades

(38 people per minute) The real agenda: Let the devil take the hindmost-by Meteor Blades

PA: Charter school students underperform v. public school students

Counterspin: Are we being set up for the dismantling of Social Security?

Conway Rolls Out General Election Strategy In Kentucky: Rand Paul Is Totally Nuts

I just found out that still has bumper stickers for you to dealth with the PH.

Why GOP might NOT take over House

c-span3 has the BP oil spew hearings

David Broder's helpful advice for the tea partiers

Reckon any of these unreccer's are down-on-their-luck DU'ers who just

If they cut Social Security...

Tremble, Banks, Tremble -- Restore the Rule of Law to Wall Street

False Capital

McCain please take a lesson from this Republican

Octopus oracle Paul to retire with perfect record

McNeil Consumer Healthcare Announces Voluntary Recall of Certain Over-The-Counter (OTC) Products

Scott Brown to vote 'yes' on financial reform

Lies the Government Told You

Female Veterans Struggle To Stay Off Streets

Henry Rollins: Michael Steele, Ann Coulter and me

I need to start ignoring right-wing relatives but my nutty conservative

How do we fight back???

Freepbaggers still blowing gas about 'socialist' soccer.

Can a site founded as the opposition

Would an Exxon takeover of BP be a good thing or a bad thing?

Man Throws Toddler in Front of Moving Car

Oil-Qaida Strikes Again

Free Buffett beach show draws crowd on oil coast

The New Republic: The Post-Gender Justice


"Body of WAR"

Ga. Gov race: Karen Handel gets kiss of death endorsement from Palin

Bob Sheppard is dead

Of all the possible appointees to the catfood commission, why was Alan Simpson chosen?

Heads up, The Senate is back in session on CSPAN2

If Colton Harris-Moore was an 18-year-old black man, would he have 58,000 facebook "fans"??

BP: New cap will be on busted well later today

spinning Mel Gibson's racist rant against 'the left'

Does anyone know where our resident Ranter is?

The Third Way. Has it risen or fallen?

Has anyone seen Michele Bachmann's $10K donor-on-the-lam, Bobby Thompson?

I don't have a car to put my Obama sticker on.

Russ Feingold's republican candidate Ron Johnson

Sheila Jackson Lee on MSNBC now: "President Karzai must step up..."

Site Linking President Obama To Rod Blagojevich Launched By Swift Boat Funder

Breaking six dead four injured in NM office shooting

Danziger TOON: More Tax Cuts!

Danziger TOON: More Tax Cuts!

Rand Paul In The '90s: Medicare Is Socialism And Social Security Is A Ponzi Scheme

Rand Paul In The '90s: Medicare Is Socialism And Social Security Is A Ponzi Scheme

Senator Reid is up talking about UI

Mayor Bloomberg Not Hot On Rick Lazio's Request For Mosque Funding Investigation

Mayor Bloomberg Not Hot On Rick Lazio's Request For Mosque Funding Investigation

When they cut my Social Security I am sure they will cut their retirement plan also....

NAACP To Offer Resolution Condemning Racist Elements Of Tea Party Movement

English Heritage Launch Program To Save Buildings At Risk

Photos: Glowing Oil

Where Have We been? Where Are We Going? (Kunstler)

Tug mate in ‘duck’ crash invokes 5th Amendment - Duck was radioing Tug

Blog: ‘Radical NAACP leftists’ persecuting Tea Party movement over alleged racism

Obama has a higher rate of appointing women and minorities to the courts than any of his predecessor

BP and our national government's secrecy concerning oil spill cleanup is deeply troubling.

We're the enemy?!?!?!

Oil Gate: The File (initial run)

Did anyone else get this email?

Where It Has Gone Wrong

Why I am losing faith in Progressives and Many Democrats

Damn, Harvey Pekar Died Earlier Today

Senator Durbin: Justice Stevens is a "national treasure."

Senator Durbin: Justice Stevens is a "national treasure."

Generic Congressional Vote (Gallup): Republicans 46, Democrats 47 - Democrats +1

Generic Congressional Vote (Gallup): Republicans 46, Democrats 47 - Democrats +1

LOL! Luckovich TOON on Mel Gibson

man hurls his toddler into traffic (she's ok)

Seriously, how brilliant was Rachel M. yesterday

Rand Paul's National Board of Ophthalmology mailing address

BREAKING: Swiss court won't extradite Polanski, releases him from house arrest.

Memoirs of a W.H. Piano Man

First Black Presidency Has Driven Many African Americans Insane

The Democratic Party, the Party of Spelunkers?

about the "catfood commision"; if Social Security takes a big hit

Krugman is always wrong

Krugman is always wrong

U.S. suspends deepwater drilling again


What do non-medical volunteers do at a dental clinic? Anybody done something like this?

(Thursday) President plans a visit to Holland, Michigan

(Thursday) President plans a visit to Holland, Michigan

Republicans: Extend All Tax Cuts-But NO Unemployment Benefits

What happened to the Repubs going out, and listening to us?

Are corporations holding back investment to seek political gain in favor of the Republican Party?

RNC website asks 'Play Golf or Save the Gulf?'


Michael Savage still banned from UK

Rude Pundit: Five Questions Deleted from the Pentagon's Survey of Soldiers on Don't Ask, Don't Tell

A Lot of Patience and Very Creative Minds - Amazing Video

Demand Westat and the Pentagon repay the American Taxpayer for outrageous waste of $4.4 million!

Who Are We?

Jon Kyl: Extend Bush Tax Cuts For Wealthy Even If They Add To Deficit

Price-to-income-ratio 1986-2008

Fox legal analyst: Bush & Cheney Should Have Been Indicted for Torturing, Spying &

Earth From Space: Greenland Glacier Shrinks Overnight

Fox News promoted Tea Party town halls, they made ‘better television.’

Have you been treated fairly?

U.S. government disappointed over Swiss ruling on Polanski

Mandatory Voting as a Cure For Extreme Partisanship?

GOP Platform: "Blank check for the wealthy, IOU for everyone else"

Mel Gibson's latest audio - wow!

Who here knew that Reagan's daughter did porn?

The Attack of the Real Black Helicopter Gang: The IMF is Coming For Your Social Security

As liberals, in what political area should we be focusing our energies?

Obama’s Health Care Bill Is Enough to Make You Sick

The "network" that let's Nugent and Chuck Norris regularly spread their lies....

iPhone 4 sheds light on FCC's nasty little secret,

Obama's handpicked deficit commission co-chair says current economic crisis was "largely unforeseen"

Real Debt Relief - End the Bush "Rob for the Rich" Tax 'Cut'

Cleveland icon Harvey Pekar dies

Cleveland icon Harvey Pekar dies

Cleveland icon Harvey Pekar dies

We already live in a police state.

GOP Web forum aims to hear 'voice of the common man' (this will be fun!)

NV-Sen: Sharron Angle vs. Saving jobs

If Lawmakers Cut Social Security, and Nobody Is There to Hear It…Virtual secrecy

My Obama sticker was coming off the car today

Senate schedules confirmation vote today on nomination of "a judge"

A column i found about the LeBron mess that I thought some might be interested in...

Bill gates at the american federation of teachers convention

I found my wife sitting on the floor in the shower crying last night.

My Obama Stickers Are Still On My Cars

My Obama Stickers Are Still On My Cars

Uncertain week ahead for oil prices as La Nina forms (more chance of hurricanes)

Clinton dealth with the PH several times by going into king pimp mode and remember that.

Male, Pale and Stale

100 things that awful Obama did

Dozens Of Deer Roam Downtown Ashland

Why we're in debt - PUT BUSH'S WARS ON THE TABLE

So posting a thread supportive of Obama is now a bannable offense?

I found my wife sitting on the floor in the shower crying last night.

Mandela video at closing cermonies

Fiorina faces fundraising challenge

'Hair-On-Fire' Action Needed On Job Deficit by Eugene Robinson

My car with the Obama sticker was repo'd.

My cat with the Obama sticker was repo'd

Do the most competent people become leaders?

I have been on DU since 2003, but after reading GD today I have to conclude

HuffPo: Less Than 2% Of Funds Pledged To Rebuild Haiti Have Been Received

Thank you, mods

Ladies and gentlemen: The next mayor of New York City...

My Obama was hijacked

Why should I give a damn about the Democratic party either this fall or in 2012?

Here's a good link with mulit-cam live feeds of the new oil well cap about to be installed..

And You Thought the Purpose of a Bank was to Make Loans?

My Obama sticker is coming off the car today

MSNBC is full of BS this morning

I count 12 locked posts on this page.

US Official Says 'Significant Progress' Made in Stopping Oil Leak

BP oil spill: President Barack Obama's investigation hears of 'friction'

Make Afghanistan and Iraq the 51st and 52nd states

Bloomberg Weighs In On WTC Mosque Proposal, investigation un-American

DADT survey... Laugh or Cry?

Sen. Scott Brown will support financial reform

Servicemembers United: Refund Our $4.4 MILLION For That Biased & Derogatory DADT Survey

Where was George Bush I born?

BP: No comment possible Exxon takeover bid

wun for da hills, Newtie is thinking bout running for Pres.

Who said this? Actual Quotes! (All Politics) (2 MORE NEW QUOTES ADDED!)

You just can't make this stuff up: Diaper Dave Vitter is now a birther!!

I see the piece of DLC filth who murdered Air America crawled out from under his rock

What I learned about businesses and social responsibility from an NPR program this morning...

BP-hired security merc turns into anti-BP whistle blower

True or False: Democrats must fight to protect Social Security at all costs

If the US had a communist revolution, how quickly would the business owners fall?

U.S. troops face Afghan enemy too young to kill

To the person that keyed my car because of my Obama stickers..

"Obama's rate of appointing women & people of color is higher than those of any of his predecessors"

"Obama's rate of appointing women & people of color is higher than those of any of his predecessors"

The Wars will cost $2 Billion dollars this week!!!

The Wars will cost $2 Billion dollars this week!!!

Whoopi Goldberg: Mel Gibson is not a racist

NPR/POV ... William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe

NPR/POV ... William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe

How facts backfire

Fellow Techies: Time to pull up stakes and leave this place for Canada

Fellow Techies: Time to pull up stakes and leave this place for Canada

CNBC's Trish Regan Calls Taxing the Rich at Higher Rates Un-American

I think our bus is here.

A nice little chart on 1930's unemployment

Fox legal analyst: Bush should have been indicted

Wow Reid said Obama isn't

BTW....??... whats the latest on that TANKER SKIMMER in the Gulf? Any good?

Crises of Capitalism: An animated explanation of how we got here

Yes WE can

1 plus 1 equals 11. Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

No Dominion: The Lonely, Dangerous Fight Against Christian Supremacists Inside the Armed Forces

Top Anti-War Democrat (Nadler): Afghanistan War Could ‘Destroy’ Obama’s Presidency

Paul Krugman Is Freaking Us Out

2 officers out of jobs in wake of repeated Tasering of woman-She called them

Justice in America: Today Cindy Sheehan is on trial. Bush/Cheney are still free.

Dog left in hot car honks for help

Jesse Jackson slams Cavaliers owner for treating Lebron James like a "Runaway Slave"

Jesse Jackson slams Cavaliers owner for treating Lebron James like a "Runaway Slave"

If you think don't think a country can't be without a military..

"Hell Has Come to South Louisiana": SHRIMPER: "There has been a BP cover-up from day one”

Swiss sets Rapist Roman Polanski free

Barack Obama did not give me the puppy he promised...

12 Savvy Small-Space Urban Gardening Designs & Ideas

Rock Fans Outraged As Bob Dylan Goes Electronica

Gawker: 'My Career Is Over': Another Terrifying Mel Gibson Phone Call Is Now Online

Jon Kyl: Extend Bush Tax Cuts For Wealthy Even If They Add To Deficit

Limbaugh sells NYC digs for $11.5 million ("Stupid tax increases")

"...reporters for this show research their subjects and interview the people closely involved..."

Pentagon spokesman says SEGREGATION OF GAY TROOPS is a possibility

Video: Glenn Beck's rhetoric grows increasingly racial, militaristic after low ratings month

I found my wife sitting on the floor in the shower crying last night.

I found my wife sitting on the floor in the shower crying last night.

No White House words on Reid's criticism of Obama

Michelle Obama Rouses NAACP Before Vote Condemning 'Racist' Elements of Tea Party

The White House comments on Hawaii governor vetoing same-gender civil unions


Secrecy in the Gulf!!! . . . Oil Gate: The File (for DU)

What in the hell is wrong with some people?

Horsey Toon Nails it

A Shakespearean thought/ for DU (long rant)

US Senate unanimously confirms Sharon Coleman, US District Judge

The Ten Best Places to Live list is out . . . . .

The education “shock doctrine”

Any Construction Workers on DU?

Blueberry days -- immersed (on my farm) in the hours of abundance

Bombing of World Cup fans in Uganda

Refresher Course: The Rapist Checklist

58 or under? Your Social Security is getting cut

In the heat wave, the case against air conditioning

Want to fix the debt problem ...reduce the fucking defense spending!

World Obesity - we're #1 and it's getting worse

His Name Was Adrian. Not "Taco Butt"

I Ate a Hippie

Obama had some serious capital...

It bears daily repeating: Ending the wars will solve the financial crisis

"Nobody in power fears the liberal left progressive forces in the United States and no one should"

Oliver Stone Tells the Real Story of the Leftist Latin American Leaders Transforming the Continent

Consumer Reports Says iPhone 4 Has Design Flaw

"Don't Depend on People in Power to Solve Problems" - Howard Zinn

So, which is it? What is the root cause of this mess we are in?

Geoffrey Canada: If bad teachers can't be fired, send them to upper middle class schools.

I thought this was a no-brainer: Why the victim does not decide the criminal case.

It's not that he isn't good...

Feingold Named Legislator of Year by Veterans Group

Bill Gates, Philanthropy, and Social Engineering

Toon: We have met the enemy...

After 75 Years, Is It Time to Revive the WPA?

Our American nightmare.

Our American nightmare.

Can anybody here honestly defend these illegal, immoral wars of Obama?

I am calling out a member's butt...

I have a bug in my computer.

BWAH-ha-HAH !!!!!!!!!!!1 It's about the World Cup/ Spain) Here:

Arts Festival in Sheboygan this coming weekend.

Let's Hear it for Paul the Octopus: the Real Hero of this World Cup

Just discovered the Ark of the Covenant

Somebody named Popodoro tried to friend me on skinbook.

This alleged Russian spy Anna

Green Day - Know Your Enemy

CMT video of "When The Coast Is Clear" from Jimmy Buffett's Gulf concert today

Have you ever strung a bead?

My choice for the best ballad EVAR

music for tonight


Somebody's out smoking some mojo somewhere on my property

Question for the Lounge's computer gurus:

Haagen Dazs Banana Foster.. OMG

Hey check out these tunes by DU's pepperbear and his band.

Was anyone else reluctant to click on Tobin S's "My entire rig and my first load (pics)" thread?

What type of future situation is best?

Figure this fucking dream out...

There's lots of good stuff on DU, but too much of it is too depressing.

Two hotties ...

What do you think about copycat threads?

PLEASE friend me on facebook.

If you were going to work from home what would you do?

Local weather guy sez: we have had 90 degrees or above 20 times so far

Don't go in there

Inadvertent gallows humor - one of the better "church signs"

Have you ever spilled seed?

Have you ever ...

Arcade Fire: Austin City Limits 2007 - Complete

What did Jimmy Buffett know and when did he know it?

Annual 'Mooning' Of Amtrak

First Non-European or South American team to win the World Cup?

What do you think about floppycat threads?

Who Else Has 'Thrown ' out their Back?

self delete

big thunderboomers here


Have you ever rocked to Creed?

Why, oh, why do I bother with GD?

Have you ever ate seeds?

When sucking up to the boss takes on a whole new level....

Do you have more than one cell phone/Blackberry? And why?

Barenaked Ladies tonight at Red Rocks. Yay!

I phoned my aunt's grandson,Jeff today.

Any pregnant or recently pregnant folks on here?

***Picture Thread***

It has come to my attention...

What bumper sticker should I remove from my car to make room for a Kruger Brothers bumper sticker?

Computer question-- Maybe a network question?

Nanny F*CKS herself to death! (What a way to come and go at the same time!)

***Skeptical Picture Thread***

Best half-time show ever!

How do you cite a web page into a research paper?

PHOTO: 68 year old legend at NJ Comic Convention. GUESS who it is...without cheating, DAMMIT!

Do We Need A 'Gorn' Smilie??

Dang it!

Who's Crazier: Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet or Mel Gibson?

Mods busy today? GD is a train wreck

I just found out tonight that DU has a Gorn Forum! Check it out...

So the home run derby comes to my town tonight. Who ya got?



Just Had A Rachel Maddow Spotting

I am about to go crazy with nerves.

'Success had not changed' psychic ocutpus

A summer day - Pic Thread -

Have you ever had mead?

RIP Harvey Pekar: A Great American

decision about the fruit bowl pee-er (my very serious cat problem)

You can have your burrito prepared any way you like it. How would you like it?

Cats really are awful, digusting creatures

PEARL JAM: "Last show in a looong time"

Hmmm... I am discovering something real interesting about diabetes.

ESPN is shocked and appalled at LeBron overkill?

A Love Poem....for my Husband.....I Rise

I have a drinking problem...Some advice may be appreciated

Have you ever smoked weed, have you ever rocked to Creed, have you ever had mead?

You can have your hot dog prepared any way you like it. How would you like it?

Have you ever been watching TV with your parent/aunt/uncle, etc.,

You can have your hamburger prepared any way you like it. How would you like it?

I just re-watched "Close Encounters"

The ultimate "EWWWWW!" story

Alright...I know the people that write Commercials think we Americans are all dumb-asses, but...

Is this evidence of a virus on my computer?

Will The Large Cap Stop The Oil In The Gulf?

Fifth Job Rejection in 2 weeks

My Independence Day--from Doodadem

Lost in Hollywood

The Most Beautiful Woman in Sci-Fi (TV and film) - Pictures

Eclipse wows Easter Island

Slow progress in prosecuting accused Guatemalan war criminals

Strong 6.2 quake strikes Chile: US seismologists

Netanyahu: Only US Military Threats Can Stop Iran From Making Nukes

Attorney General hints BP's partners may face criminal investigation

Alcan: orderly shutdown of Ravenswood plant starts

Afghanistan: civilian casualties 'on the rise'

Divining the Return on a Candidate’s Investment

GOP candidate Angle rallies GOP against Reid

CA-based group: Worker killed in Uganda attack

Baghdad kills 58,000 stray dogs in 3-month span

Israel admits Gaza flotilla raid 'mistakes'

Tour boat calls before crash went unanswered

Anna Chapman's call to father led to FBI spy arrests

Vitter's New GOP Challenger Says ABC News Report On Violent Aide Helped Spur Primary Bid

Judge says he received advice from public on Blago

JPMorgan Hires Ex-HUD Secretary Martinez

Interior Dept. to issue new moratorium on deepwater drilling projects

Gulf Coast Gas Stations Ditching BP Brand

UK to cut foreign aid to 'rich' India

VA eases claims process for PTSD vets

Carlyle Group Joins Hunt for U.S. Health-Plan Acquisitions

Historic oil spill fails to produce gains for U.S. environmentalists

BP in talks with Apache to sell Alaska fields for spill clean-up

Twin blasts in Uganda capital Kampala 'kill 23 people'

Colombia's new president faces awkward questions over civilian murders

'Iran nearing nuclear bombs' Russia warns

Chicago's Tough New Gun Law Under Fire Already

U.S. offers bounty for Shining Path leaders in Peru

U.S. Issues Revised Offshore Drilling Ban

Palin's PAC raises nearly $900,000 in second quarter

Obama Could Push US Into Insolvency Like Greece: Sen. Gregg

States Can't Count on Federal Bailout, Obama Appointees Say

Gingrich 'serious' about president

Three officers shot during riots in Belfast

Snowe says she will vote for financial regulations

Trial Over White House Protest to Start (Sheehan Arrest)

Iran: stoning sentence was for murdering her husband, not just cheating on him

Drilling ban reissued

True Blood tonight. (minor spoilers)

NYT editorial: Big Oil’s Good Deal

Krugman: Lacking all conviction:

President Obama to speak at Michigan battery plant Thursday

Why a Progressive Presidency Is Impossible, for Now

Democrats Corral Votes on Bank Bill

Interesting read from EJ Dione on the difficult challenges facing Democrats this fall.

Progressives hope 'One Nation' coalition can recapture grass-roots fervor

AP - "Rand Paul: Obama jabs at BP could harm spill cleanup"

Are they kidding me?

Van Hollen: 'Democrats are not going to lose the House'


Famed Cleveland Comic Book Writer Harvey Pekar Dies

Nightmare eases for vets with new rules on post-traumatic stress disorder

Great Republican quotes from the past on many current Democratic positions

Bernanke says spurring credit key to rebound

Economic Damage of Drilling Ban May Dwarf Oil Spill


Ezra Klein: Jon Kyl Gives Away the Game on Deficits

Police search for gunman in Albuquerque shooting (multiple victims, happing now)

TRENDING: RNC website asks 'Play Golf or Save the Gulf?'

Consumer Reports Says iPhone 4 Has Design Flaw

Republican senator says he backs birther lawsuits

Obama's debt commission warns of fiscal 'cancer'

Awesome Website On The Pro-BP Members Of Congress

Dem Conway Rolls Out General Election Strategy In Kentucky: Rand Paul Is Totally Nuts (FROM TPM)

Fox 'News' Judge Andrew Napolitano Says Bush, Cheney 'Should Have Been Indicted'

Obama to unveil strategy to cut HIV infections

Ky. Senatorial Candidate Rand Paul Stirs Some Anger With Remarks About Poverty, Drug Fight

Iraq inquiry: Government ‘intentionally and substantially’ exaggerated WMD threat

Gingrich says he's considering a presidential run

Vitter: I Support Birther Lawsuits (VIDEO)

Does anyone know if there'sany coverage of Michelle Obama speaking to the NAACP?

Lions, tigers and bears-oh my-Palin de facto GOP nominee by Dec 2010-Desperate GOP to turn to Jeb?

Democrat Governors begging the President to back off suing Arizona law

Michelle Obama Rouses NAACP Before Vote Condemning 'Racist' Elements of Tea Party

Pete Peterson's Real Crisis: America Speaks and Says the Wrong Thing

University of Texas may change dorm name that honors Klansman

What you all want the President to do to appease you? Even Dems

Switzerland won't extradite Polanski to the U.S.

More Americans' credit scores sink to new lows

First family to vacation in Maine

SC Law Enforcement: Alvin Greene Paid Senate Race Registration Fee Himself

So what is the point of even trying? Facts be damned

Snowe to Back Financial Regulation Bill - That makes 60

Jon Kyl: Extend Bush Tax Cuts For Wealthy Even If They Add To Deficit

Package Bomb Goes Off At Oil Executives Home

Video shows new cap put on leaking BP Gulf well

Obama spokesman (Gibbs) says Democrats could lose House

Why Didnt Obama’s DOJ Go After The New Black Panther Party For Voter Intimidation?Here's your answer

It's the Bush Tax Cuts Stupid.

Photo: Bromance?

"if that’s the acid test for a progressive president, then FDR, Truman & LBJ fail as well."

Politico introduces the new talking point to aid Republican opposition to the President's policies

Bob Herbert: A Jobs Program That Works

Progressives hope 'One Nation' coalition can recapture grass-roots fervor

Photos: Inside the Obama White House - June 2010

Anyone ever parented a troubled teen? I'm looking for suggestions.

Gingrich says he's considering a presidential run

Unemployment Extension Sunday July 11 2010 HR4213, S3520, HR5618. Lets make calls

Dear Congress: Please Watch and Read with Open Heart

Waste management-toxic sludge and tar balls...

CBS: 'To Kill A Mockingbird' Turns 50

Who's Got the Right (to Marry)?

Iowa GOP Lt. Gov. candidate says abortion murder, but needs to think about death penalty.

Unemployment Extension...

Capitol Hill Agenda: July 12, 2010

Real News Network: Finance REFORM Bill Shows Power of Wall St.

Weird Liberal Head Show #108: I Destroy the GOP and Tea Party (Part One)

Peak Oil is a traitorous liberal lie

Fluffy Bunnies by Old Fart Rants

Traitor Bayh Agrees With Eric Cantor On Extending Bush Tax Cuts

Pap and Cenk Uygur Dissect Goldman Sachs

Climate Denial Crock of the Week/Climate Change and National Security Part 2

Young members of the American Taliban protest Kagan

What Democrats Are Up Against

Ashley Judd speaks about Mountaintop Removal Mining

Big Bad Teahadist Shows Off His Weapons!

Ed Show: Millionaire GOP Senators Block Unemployment - What They Earn

Damon Vrabel interviewed by Max Keiser

Congressional Bill to Reaffirm "In God We Trust"

Sharron Angle Flunks Fox Noise

Cenk Hosting Dyland Ratigan - Political Spectrum Moves Right

Unemployment Extension Sunday July 11, 2010

Buffett's Margaritaville, BP version

Cenk Debates Rep. Franks (R - AZ) On MSNBC - PolitiFact Proves Congressman Was Wrong Here!

Cenk Hosting MSNBC: Obama Uses GOP Talking Point On Economy/Deficit

Rand Paul In The '90s: Medicare Is Socialism And Social Security Is A Ponzi Scheme

Drill Baby Drill (the Sarah Palin song)

I declare war on Free Republic

The Clueless on the Right

Filibusters for the Big Money

With Nearly 10% of the Country Unemployed, Where Are the Republican Good Samaritans?

Global systemic crisis / 2nd half 2010: The global system’s 4 single points of failure (LEAP/E2020)

The Big Lie: The Rise of the Extreme Right

Paul Krugman:The Feckless Fed

This Article, I Show How Easy It Is For Peaceful People to Violate the Patriot Act and Face 15 Years

Slow progress in prosecuting accused Guatemalan war criminals

Unemployment Extension Pleas From The Unemployed

From Despair To Impassioned Inspiration (Carolyn Baker)

Jackass of the Day Jon Kyl: Huge Tax Breaks for Wealthy Must Continue

America Builds an Aristocracy

Our Myopia Around the Mighty

The Class War We Need

Washington Still Has Problems With Democracy in Latin America

Right-wing gets clever with charts to falsely cast Dems as job killers

Republicans Plot Giving More Tax Cuts to the Rich Without Paying for It

Are too-low taxes exacerbating the recession?

Jon Kyl: Extend Bush Tax Cuts For Wealthy Even If They Add To Deficit

Steve Benen :Some People Never Learn

Corporations Gone Wild (As Jefferson Warned Us

Whether Burrowed Inside Bureaucracy or Appointed to Commissions, Social Security Cutters Circle

New offshore oil moratorium not focused on depth

Where Have We been? Where Are We Going? (James Howard Kunstler)

Africa needs a brown (not green) food revolution: CS Monitor commentary -

Mel Gibson is psycho crazy listen to the latest audio

Fox Legal Analyst : Bush Should Have Been Indicted...Raw Story.

Why Agencies Get Things Terribly Wrong by James Kwak


G20 protests continue to call for a public inquiry

The New Yorker Examines Why Conservatives Hate Soccer

Cuccinelli's Miracle

With 'One Nation,' Liberal Groups Aim to Match Tea Party's Energy, Influence

Meet the Man Who Made a Fortune Exploiting the Poor With Payday Loans


Chris Hedges: Obama’s Health Care Bill Is Enough to Make You Sick

Reuters: Cuban ex-intelligence chief recalls JFK assassination

How close to deflation are we? Perhaps just a little closer than you thought

What These Things Cost

Tough Canadian Arctic Shipping Rules Elicit Whining From Biggest Intl. Shipping Association

Outrage in Bimini

Lloyds Urges Companies, Countries To Prepare For Peak Oil, Energy Disruptions, Slams IEA

Drumbeat from the weekend...

Drumbeat: July 12, 2010

Analysis Triples U.S. Plutonium Waste Figures

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Acidity levels in Puget Sound may be lethal to some organisms

NOAA - Scenarios For 2035

GreenSpace: Knowing more about plants and wildlife will do a world of good

WSJ: The Climategate Whitewash Continues—Global warming alarmists claim vindication …

Interior department opening 1.8 million acres of Alaskan Petroleum reserve to drilling

CBO analysis of American Power Act (would reduce future deficits by about $19 billion...2011-2020)

Boeing Unveils (hydrogen powered) Unmanned Phantom Eye Demonstrator

World on Track for Warmest Year on Record, U.S. Scientist Says

Africa's national parks hit by mammal declines—Parks need urgent support to halt loss of key species

China's Coal Production & Consumption - Chilling Post From TOD

WSJ: Cap and No More Trade

Perhaps not the best way to store nuclear waste

Rising sea drives Panama islanders to mainland

Peak oil review - July 12

Forget Shorter Showers - Why Personal Change is not Political Change

High-Altitude Temps In Hawaii Rising Faster Than Global Avg. As Islands' Rainfall Declines

Ironically, even the English thought the World Cup final was tedious anti-football

The voice of God

Showalter, Orioles in serious talks

Drag racer dies in crash in Washington

Cuban: NBA should examine how Heat got Big 3


Slow progress in prosecuting accused Guatemalan war criminals

Good for you Charlie Manuel!

Rising sea drives Panama islanders to mainland

6.2 quake in Chile: US seismologists

X-post from LBN: JPMorgan Hires Ex-HUD Secretary Martinez (Cuban exile & Pedro Pan-er)

Favre looks good in workout with high schoolers

OK. The annual Home Run Derby Poll ---

Betancourt Won't Sue Colombia Gov't

Sometimes Jesse Jackson needs to just STFU: Dan Gilbert Sees LeBron as "Runaway Slave"

Front-row seat for the Moai on Easter Island

Colombia USO Activist Murdered, ILO Delegation Arrives in Colombia

You have a Day with Erin Andrews, What do you Do?

Can we all agree now that LeBron would still be in Cleveland if it wasn't for that rat Coach K

Colombia's new president faces awkward questions over civilian murders

Obama discusses with President of Dominican Republic wide range of issues

Curaçao Faces Friction With Chávez Over U.S. Planes (Simon Romero)

Fidel to appear on 6pm Cuban news broadcast tonight

Cuba's Fidel Castro set for live talk show appearance

Castro appears on Cuban TV

Spain set to receive Cuban dissidents on Tuesday

You have a Day with the Stanley Cup, What do you Do?

Pricing advice??

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Chicago's Tough New Gun Law Under Fire Already

Minister sues to carry gun in church, citing First and Second Amendments

Chicago's Tough New Gun Law Under Fire Already

Armed robber shot by his would-be victim

So, the Gun "Enthusiasts" here are 100% OK that a person can get a CC License and never fire a gun?

Shooting leaves one dead and one injured

52,000 Stop and Frisk Searches, Only 25 Guns Confiscated.

Question for the CCW'ers.

Summerlin COSTCO Store: Slaying of Army veteran by police shocks friends

Huh? What's with the Guns?? I thought this was the Gorn Forum.

Gay compares to Incest says Hawaii Governor

FRC Reacts to DOMA Ruling

Jersey swap!

Pentagon at odds with gay rights groups

White House silent on Mass. gay marriage ruling

Hearing postponed for two Marines accused of attacking gay Savannah man

Lingle: Civil Unions Like Incest

Pro-marriage ad from Argentina (it's very sweet)

Crosspost: Demand Westat & Pentagon repay the American Taxpayer outrageous waste of $4.4 million

Thanks for the ice-maker Fred!

Hit the Showers! A Gay Veteran Responds

Today in Labor History July 11, A 9 year strike wins a fair contract, Pinkertons blown to hell

Today in Labor History July 12, 1,186 miners sent into desert in manure-laden boxcars, SAG first mee

Judges' rulings won't save jobs

Retirement Contribution Effects on Your Paycheck Calculator

New hit song for Palestinian children: When we die as martyrs

Israel admits Gaza flotilla raid 'mistakes'

Military audit clears soldiers in Gaza flotilla raid

APOD - Moons Beyond the Rings of Saturn

New acoustic fibers can 'sing' and hear sounds

Don't jump gun on Libyan ship, ministry tells military

Cops release Women of the Wall leader

Police save Palestinian from snake

Israel's 'street apartheid' By Mya Guarnieri

Rare "Corpse Flower" to bloom soon in Houston

Is Gravity Real? A Scientist Takes On Newton

Monday July 12, 2010: PEMS Scale Poll :)

Astrologically, the reason things are so tough right now ...

Don't forget your black kyanite.

Spain won because they had Jesus on their side.

Indigenous Religion/Spirituality

No Dominion: The Lonely, Dangerous Fight Against Christian Supremacists Inside the Armed Forces

Matt Rossano on war and religion.

Fear as doorway to the unknown

Study: Exercise, tea and vitamin D to ward off dementia

Omega threes by prescription only, what a crock of bs, as if all

Shareholders fight back over executive pay and bonuses(UK)


China Ratings Agency Downgrades US Debt From Moody's, S&P's, and Fitch's AAA Rating

Don't Let Goldman Be Goldman