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Coast Guard, MMS to formally launch joint investigation into Gulf oil spill

Boomer bumer sticker revision "If his van's rockin

Nearing the End Game, Signs Still Pointing (Strongly) to Elena Kagan

Professor George Rekers: Got Baggage?

To all you Mothers out there on Mothers Day......... (you know who you are)

A book that might be worth revisiting in light of Gulf events.....

US Senate Judiciary Committee schedules hearing for Matheson

Who is the Democrat running for Senate in Utah?

Frank Rich: They Don’t Report. You Don’t Have to Decide.

Frank Rich: They Don’t Report. You Don’t Have to Decide.

Whither the severability clause in the PPACA (health care reform)?

A mothers day joke

Ya know....I'd vote for him.

24 photoshopped versions of Bush's new book (Decision Points)

Comedy lovers: New FR search word "palinforfiorina"

Rooney (FL-16) has a great opponent Ed Tautiva.

Rooney (FL-16) has a great opponent Ed Tautiva.

In Hawaii, intraparty feud may cost Democrats a seat in Congress

So which is it? Bigger than ExxonValdez..or..smaller than many other spills..?

Right-wing propaganda at it's worst.

Louisiana Oil Spill 2010 PHOTOS: Gulf Of Mexico Leak Reaches Land

US: BP touts itself as 'green,' but faces PR disaster with 'BP oil spill'

Imagining a less-driven Florida

I'm considering becoming a teacher - advice welcome

Wanda Sykes tonight funny

New Rule: This Mother's Day, Americans Must Extend a Special Thanks to Their Nannies

The H-bomb talking point makes me drop the F-bomb

As I write this, are blow out preventer plugs being installed on all offshore

So the republican alliance with racist extreme elements in their party, are now causing them to lose

Large Dusty Muffin vs Scheddy Balls

AZ Gov Cand Buz Mills Gives Kudos to His Staff at Gunsite in Shooting Mishap; Accident was Facility'

" How big is the Deepwater Horizon oil spill?" BBC indicates it is smaller than many other spills

Senator Bob Bennett, R-Toast, tears up as Utah teabaggers kick his ass.

How conservatives think the media should be reporting current events

RNC Dismisses Finance Chief, Deputy!

Marine plants absorb co2 and produce approximately 75% of the earth's oxygen.

so i decided to actually read the bill of rights

Kagan "would be the youngest nominee by a Democratic president since 1962."

Shiite Militia Reviving In Post-Election Iraq

Good cops shoot good dog

Want to know where our elected reps get their money from this web site should help

You can tell who the Americans are in foreign airports

No Day like Today

The Iraqis have truly learned from us

this baby looks familiar

presidential cancer advisers: Americans "bombarded" with cancer sources

Quack, quack, Chancellor Merkel

Is Warren Buffett Main Street’s Benedict Arnold?

Frogmarch them in chains before the people. I am ready to throw LETTUCE!

Compact living in Toronto’s tiny town

2 new technologies for cleaning up the oil spill:

In the face of the oil gusher, the worthless-ness of American conservatives lays bare once more

Chill Baby Chill

Spill could wipe seafood from shelves

Tensions between Eikenberry, McChrystal will be focus of their Washington visit

Boy Hero!

California prison guards accused of cruelty, racism

Sunday Talk Shows

Rush Limbaugh...Fully owned Whore of Big Business

Freepers justify the George Rekers scandal:

Stephen Harper, no friend of Gay Pride

Robert Gates Says Urgent Need For Big Cuts At Defense Department

Firefight ends poppy harvest in Afghanistan

"Eighty eight and a half"

I saw a truly amazing relic of the Nagasaki bombing yesterday.

Cantor ends project that did nothing and no one heard of - blames Dems

Army extends stop-loss payments

Job Growth Picks Up, But Unemployment Insurance Crisis Looms

Bank Risk Soars to Record, Default Swaps Overtake Lehman Crisis

"Oh, my little piglets...we could change the world."

Agghhhrrgggh... chattering head cites trial of Dr. Mudd in defense of military tribunals

POTUS speaking live... MSNBC covering it n/t

Is "But it's Obama's choice!" a pure embodiment of mindless tribalism and authoritarianism?

Is "But it's Obama's choice!" a pure embodiment of mindless tribalism and authoritarianism?

Glenn Greenwald is a mindless idiot that is incapable of any thought

Lebanon fires latest salvo in hummus battle with Israel

Should articles only be posted ONCE in DU GD?

Another Mad Hatter has something to say . . . Help him with a CAPTION!!!

Kremlin Asked to Probe Kalmyk Leader's Visit With Aliens

GOP/DLC Deregulation Achievements and Accomplishments.

Now we all should be mad.

Ash Closes Airports in Spain, Portugal, Italy

Mother's Day Proclamation: "Arise All Women Who Have Hearts"

Here is how I will be spending Mothers Day; what will you be doing?

what happens with workers compensation if we get national healthcare?

Arizona's Immigration Law Comes With a Price-$10M Lost And Counting

The Nation - Robert Scheer - "The Nation: Glenn Beck Gets It Right"??? Calls Lieberman Liberal???

Native American Democracy, 1491 turns received wisdom on its head

i wish i could offer a "happy mothers day" to frank martin gill

What would you think if a co-worker secretly taped your conversation and revealed it?

Candy, yes the oil gusher may eventually hit Florida.

Is There Any Info Regarding The Gulf Oil Gusher, Gulf Water Temperatures, And Hurricanes ???

Is There Any Info Regarding The Gulf Oil Gusher, Gulf Water Temperatures, And Hurricanes ???

Mother's day on country radio

As the GOP turns more and more to the right, the less they would be able to govern effectively

Dedicated to Mother Nature: Tasting The Earth ~ James Oppenheim 1882

Capitalization is important.

Tea Party ousts veteran Republican Bob Bennett in Utah

I take offense to "Retread" more than "Retard"

Saving Face in Afghanistan

I cannot look at the pictures of the animals caught in the oil spill.

Happy Mother's Day - and reminiscing about "her" food......

I cut a live cold water pipe once by mistake...

First thing out of David Usher's mouth "oil spill expert" "I am pleased"

Robert Gates and economic reality

The Poverty Draft

Pirates can be teabaggers, too. Come CAPTION this swabbie!

The child of a Mad Hatter. Please come CAPTION . . . but be gentle.

"I vonder vere Guenter vent?" - Guenter Wendt dies May 3 at 85

Armed tankers about ready to deploy

PA Sen Tracking Poll 5/9: Sestak 46 (+2), Specter 42 (no change)

A mess......

Veterans: Check in if you've been in a combat zone with people shooting at you

Why does anonymity

How Should Joe Lieberman Fight Terrorism?

Moms On Rekers Scandal

A mother - one we all know

God, If you're out there, now is the time to prove yourself and prove whether you exist.

What do you give a "Step-Mom" who treats the kids better then Real Mom

Reuters: German voters deal Merkel state election setback

A better use for Ronald Reagan's name or likeness..

My RW Bush-loving fundamentalist mother....

BP Plans to Park Oil Box; Unload New Equipment

Who started the birther movement?

My letter from Michael Steele

The ‘Woodstock’ of Tea Parties planned for 9/11 anniversary. 1,000 (not S) people in an Iowa field

Never Surrender

"Right wing extremist"

Sestak Edges Further Ahead Over Specter

All Earth is Alive and Akin

How to Solve Illegal Immigration

Stay-at-home mothers should pull in $117,856

Stay-at-home mothers should pull in $117,856

Have you guys tried these new light bulbs yet?

major landfall predicted for Tuesday...(pdf)

SHAMA DRAMA at Opi's House....for weeks friends and I watched a pair

Happy Mother's Day to all our DU Mom's!!!

Sestak Edges Ahead of Specter

AP: Sotomayor urges anxious grads to embrace future


PBS Frontline Program College, Inc.

Los Suns: Now comes the shut up.

Dear Mommy

Mother's Day Proclomation: Julia Ward Howe 1870

A Teabagger's Love Song

Al Gore: The Crisis Comes Ashore

Something about the Spanish Inquisition (whether expected or not)

Real Financial Reform vs the Wingnut Freddie/Fannie Myth

Biologist find beaver dam so large it's visible from space

Interview with "The Sorrows of Empire" author Chalmers Johnson

2nd Bill of Rights - has the time finally come?

On this Mother's Day, let us remember the words of Julia Ward Howe

Class Action Lawsuits Pile Up in Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Disaster - from Enviromental News Service

Why Robert Bennett lost?

I'm getting things out of my Sunday paper...

Japan factory output up on growing export demand. Unemployment rate 5%

Evil Ed, Inc: the Wall Street-Charter School Connection

last nite I watched CNN 5 & 6 p.m. news to see what they would say about

last nite I watched CNN 5 & 6 p.m. news to see what they would say about

Eric Holder caves to conservative pressure again

Momless DUers: This is my first momless Mother's Day. How do you deal with it?

A group of BP executives were on board the Deepwater Horizon rig celebrating the project's safety re

I will support any war...

I will support any war...

Is Obama Handing the GOP a Weapon With Kagan’s Nomination?

Honor mothers and bring their kids home

Good explanation of why Bennett lost in Utah

60 minutes and home grown terrorists

Not only will the revolution be televised, it will be a video game...

So Shelby said the regulators were asleep - bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

On 50th anniversary of The Pill, remember what Vatican said liberated women: the WASHING MACHINE

So... I know its unrealistic, given we cannot even make health care a right

NFL Players Back Indy Hotel Workers

RedState's Caleb Howe is a worthless piece of poo

Will the U.S. Drinking Water Supply still be Safe due to the Oil Spill?

Next step to stop oil: Throw garbage at it

Seeing and smelling the oil approaching Louisiana's shore

Seeing and smelling the oil approaching Louisiana's shore

Bank Funding Crunch Deepens as Default Swaps Reach Records: Credit Markets

Canadian Documentary - The Corporation

LOL! The REAL reason for Wall Street's plunge

War on the Banksters

Missing oil rig workers 'forgotten'

Missing oil rig workers 'forgotten'

A special Mother Fuc***'s Day shoutout to Bush-Cheney and Co.

Pentagon asking Congress to hold back on generous increases in troop pay

Does anybody have Moses' phone number?

Kansas could see really nasty weather Monday. Predicting "ominous Tornado threat

Kansas could see really nasty weather Monday. Predicting "ominous Tornado threat

America: The Story of Us (History Channel)

America: The Story of Us (History Channel)

WARNING ABOUT PRIVACY AND FACEBOOK (all FaceBook users should read)

Decriminalize *all * drugs now

Americans Don't Fall For Spin During A Crisis

An Arizona Cop defined Reasonable Suspecion. Oh God

An Arizona Cop defined Reasonable Suspecion. Oh God

When Mother's Day Hurts

Catholics sent predator priest to remote village - TWICE

Amazing, New Gulf Oil Pictures From USM Research Vessel

National Organization for Women Philadelphia chapter endorses Sestak.

Can somebody give me one reason why we cannot have a New "New Deal"...

How do I say goodbye?

Where is the live coverage of the spill in the Gulf?

SNL - Who's watching Betty White now?

How are so many people getting away with calling for armed insurrection?

Obama's Kagan Choice Will Push Supreme Court to the Right

Slider-scented candles?

Breast Cancer awareness...MUST SEE!

Lawmakers Pushing for ‘Presumed Consent’ in Organ Donations

Ebert: Dear TeePee Tweeters making fun of my cancer

Arizona governor hits back against Obama border remark on YouTube

Arizona governor hits back against Obama border remark on YouTube

The Pearls of No Greater Joy condemn public schools, say government wants to replace God...

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury - "Miss The Bushisms? Now We Have Obamaisms!"

Kagan's Goldman Sachs Ties Won't Hurt Supreme Court Chances, White House Says

LA expands no-fishing zone (image) WOW! Huge stretch added.

Holder Says He's Open to 'Reconfiguring' the 9th Circuit

Facebook’s Gone Rogue; It’s Time for an Open Alternative

••••• Kiev Jewish student chopped into 10 pieces on Hitler's birthday •••••

re: Kpete's Regan / Bush OCT. Surprise / Hostage for weapons swap OP..

Jindal and Plaquemines officials float plan to rebuild barrier islands to stop encroaching oil

Jindal and Plaquemines officials float plan to rebuild barrier islands to stop encroaching oil

Sarah Palin is so DUMB, that she thought...

What will happen in your Congressional District this election?

It's official: Homophobia is apparently associated with homosexual arousal that the homophobic indiv

That's what I get for surfing the web on a Sunday morning.

The Putrid Petro Smell has finally arrived in Tampa Bay!!

FAIR - ‘America Was Safer Under Bush’ - Journalists accept GOP’s screwy terrorism scorecard

Pet Dementia Becoming More Common Among Dogs

Who we really need to thank for the oil spill in the gulf ..... Picture

Expert Recommends Killing Oil-Soaked Birds

How big is the Deepwater Horizon oil slick... GET A SENSE OF THE TRUE SIZE HERE!

Evidence mounts, Kagan would fit in nicely on the liberal left of the court

Do animals have aesthetics?

When a wingnut calls liberals "terrorist sympathizers".....

Read this right now, and get ready to feel very, very, very ANGRY.

Has anyone else gotten the email showing a group of

Why you can't fire armbands

How many more meals can you prepare without going to the store?

A Simple Way to End This Recession ... Forever

Habitat (for Humanity) program empowers women helping women

Tell-All Generation Learns to Keep Things Offline (Maybe getting smarter about Facebook, etc)

check out this billboard in Missouri

Hummingbird Cam - baby "Hope" hatched this morning - Happy Mother's Day Phoebe!

Hummingbird Cam - baby "Hope" hatched this morning - Happy Mother's Day Phoebe!

Judge’s Ruling Could Have ‘Chilling Effect’ on Documentaries (director Michael Moore on “Crude”)

Slick Operator: The BP I've Known Too Well - Greg Palast

The oil containmment vessel failed because of hydrates - here is what they are

Don't forget Betty White is

GULF OIL SPILL - HOW EVERYONE CAN HELP (donate your hair & nylons)

Eye opening evolution of FaceBook in relation to privacy.


Not the Onion: Self-important dink goes 24 hours without spending money. And lives to tell about it.

I really tried...really...

What would your dream America look like

Theo-fascism in the US

I think the #1 thing rich people REALLY DON'T GET

Sec. Clinton was asked on 60 Minutes, "Is America in decline?" What says DU? n/t

I don't know about you, but I have been terrorized the past few weeks by BP, Halliburton,

BP Insider: Massive Dead Zone Could Be Produced by Gulf BP-Congress Catastrophe

Tiger Woods gets heckled by little kid at golf tournament

Online education...good or bad?

Elena Kagan isn't real big on diversity. 28 of 29 faculty members she hired at Harvard were white!

Grammar lesson, #42: Permission vs. Ability

White House opposes three important financial reforms

••••• Video - PLAN B - Nuke the oil leak!!!! The Russians did it. Should we????? •••••

If Paul Simon were to write a song about Palin...............

Is authority an illusion?

I need help regarding the Tea Baggers...

Man lies hurt and injured at BART station for 2.5 hours

Don't you trust BP ever. The New York Times has an indepth article why.

Please do not wish random strangers a "Happy Mother's Day".

Alternative GO ARMY audio advertisement

Heritage Foundation Breaks Major Abuse of Power Story

Imagine Charter in St. Pete a million in debt. Taxpayers will foot the bill.

the first illegal immigrants

The Demonization of “Big Government” and the Myth of the Greatness of Ronald Reagan

I've been to Europe

For BBQs, BBBQs, grilling, lawn care, children's parties...

Lol is my child

Mongolian Death Worms starting now on SyFy!

Is DU running really slow for anybody else tonight? It is like a snail.

george bush is putting chemtrails in my brain

SNL: Betty White tonight!

Ya know....I'd vote for him.

Okay, I drank a 5 hour energy drink, an original coke after taking.

Tell me to go back on my diet. I've been off it for 3 weeks and have maintained the weight I lost.

You'll like it loud.

I need help finding something.

About 5 minutes til Saturday Night Live!

purples and reds

whites and the rest



Who would win in a no-rules bare knuckle brawl to the death?

Folding Chair

what if everyone got together

Wrong on so many levels.

Too drunk to post--what do you do on-line if you are shee-asted?

I love my mom

some yellow flowers from today

"Your muffin just squirted in my mouth."

What the frick is all this prison shit every weekend on MSNBC? Nothing but prison shit!!


The Power Of Lard!

Happy Mothers day - Eric Clapton does "Motherless Child", an old song for you all...

"You can make a lovely hat out of previously-used aluminum foil."

Possibly Two Good episodes of SNL in a Row...Sign of the Apocalypse?

Saw , Date Night , and Tina Fey , wow , she is a MILF

Quote from The Magnificent Ambersons (1942)

Shemp is under-rated

Happy Birthday Fizzgig!

It doesn't bother me (really, it doesn't) when they call to say that they

Well, I was ready to settle in with my Friday night dinner of Armour's Potted Meat Food Product.

Nirvana - Negative Creep

I think I got hosed this Mother's Day

Fun with Windows 7

Large Dusty Muffin vs Scheddy Balls

Are you doing anything special for mothers day?

So how do you say happy Mother's Day to someone who has less than year to live?

I went to Mass this morning and at the end the priest asked all the mothers to stand for a blessing.

I need my LOL Cats & Dogs fix NOW!!!! Not tomorrow...RIGHT THIS MINUTE!

Favorite jazz musicians from Utah?

Courtesy of Heidi

I'm ashamed of what I did for a Klondike bar .....

Perfect Game just thrown in Oakland - Dallas Braden (against Rays)

Howard Dean urges immediate action on DADT, says time 'is now'

Can't be happy for friend whose daughter had her First Communion

Little Steven's Underground Garage Mothers Day

Harper, Merkel call on countries to rein in debt

what the fuck is it with this betty white shit?

Magnitude 7.4 Earthquake Rattles Western Indonesia

Foreign troops join Russia's Victory Day parade

It's Mother's Day...and this mom is doing laundry!

Tsunami warning issued after 7.4 quake in Indonesia

What kind of doggie is this?

My poor doggie was freaking today. We had Sixty Mile An Hour Wind Gusts

Giant worm movie night on SYFY

Short topics on Verizon FiOS on demand

Mexico Extradites Ex-Gov. To US on Drug Charges

Palestinian: Israel Peace Talks - mediated by the United States - Under Way says DU is worth $565,000.

Oh where, oh where has my little butt gone... oh where, oh where can it be?

Football or a sharp stick in the eye

Karma is a fickle bitch my friends.

Need help with costume ideas for Bay to Breakers run....

Pentagon asking Congress to hold back on generous increases in troop pay

Pakistani Taliban Behind Times Sq. Plot, Holder Says

Yeshiva student murdered in Ukraine

David Cameron faces Tory party anger

U.S. drone missiles kill at least six in Pakistan

AG Sends Justice Officials To Oil Spill (Fox, sorry)

N Ga. House race could provide tea party test

GOP seeks to block Obama nominee to El Salvador post over Cuban romance

I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints... and then I smoke two more.

Rig firm’s $270m profit from deadly spill

Flights to offshore wildlife refuge in La. halted; officials say media frightening birds

Obama tries mending ties in Afghan strategy

Outdated, unwanted, US nukes hang on in Europe

BP says oil clean-up costs $10 million per day

Tensions between Eikenberry, McChrystal will be focus of their Washington visit

Betty White! Betty White! Betty White! BETTY WHITE!

EU vows to defend euro against market "wolves"

'Man arrested' in Karachi airport security alert

Barack Obama orders security officials to improve relations with Hamid Karzai

How many days should there be in a week?

SEC Summons Exchange Chiefs to Washington

Least favorite letter of the alphabet?

U.S. Military Hits Up Impoverished Micronesia for Recruits

my supposed "best friend" asked me if i wanted him to teach me how to pee standing up

Motherless Children

Merkel's coalition suffers defeat in crucial state election

Dodd Urges SEC to Look at High-Speed Trading

SNP calls for 'progressive' Westminster alliance

I graduated yesterday!!

Tory-Lib Dem coalition threatened by secret hardline memo on Europe

Nick Clegg and Gordon Brown hold secret talks

Oil spill: US failing to tighten ecological oversight, say activists

Clegg is urged to abandon deal as Tories rule out vote reform

Ingredients in place for central US tornado outbreak

DirecTV. Is it better than cable?

somebody shoot me, pleez

Now THAT'S my daughter!!!!

What is your opinion of Taterguy?

The children LOVE the new Doctor Who

I cannot and will not give up my career for my relationship.

IMF board approves nearly $40 billion Greece loan

Republicans’ Calls for Offshore Drilling Have Grown Quieter

White Flight? Suburbs Lose Young Whites to Cities

5 cars I don't ever see on the road anymore.

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Mother's Day Awwstravaganza!

pop tarts (I have sinned and am going to hell)

Best speech from a movie. ID4

Next step to stop oil: Throw garbage at it

On the History Channel right now: The MOON is an alien base used to observe us

Eric Holder: Miranda Rights Should Be Modified For Terrorism Suspects

Spanish take steps to rescue savings banks

A very powerful video especially for Mother's Day.

Western troops join Russia's Victory Day parade

I hate how some on the left are becoming the counterparts of the rightists who demand purity.

Hey, when did this take place?

Secretary of Defense Gates to slash Pentagon bureaucracy costs

Whether it's Kagan, Johnsen or Volcker, nobody is perfect.

Oh shit, The Boondocks, too fucking funny.

Obama navigating high court nomination process with more ease this time

Frank Rich: They Don’t Report. You Don’t Have to Decide.

Okay: Elena Kagan is the Devil! Got it!

Majority of Greeks support more protests: polls

Mr. President - Pick me for the Supreme Court!

US to Hold Israel, Palestinians 'Accountable' for any Undermining of Talks

President Obama delivering commencement address LIVE right now on MSNBC.

Michelle Obama Commencement Speech At University Of Arkansas At Pine Bluff

Let's start a Facebook group for another SNL host. Or maybe a DU Forum.

Bob Bennett's Humiliating loss from his right is the best thing that can happen to Dems

Kagan's oral argument in Citizens United.

New Obama book by Alter airs private flairs of temper

Hypothetical: What if the SCOTUS choice was between Kagan and Hillary

FL-Gov: Watch Out For Rick Scott

Senate Republicans vow to block appointee over romance from 15 years ago.

Why Is Liz Cheney On Teevee?

Has Eric Holder become a threat to our liberties?

Needlessly Keeping Up The Giuliani Pretense

Obama Asks Graduates to Close Education Gap

White House Is Being Pressed to Reverse Course and Join Land Mine Ban

the same people who complained about Sotomayor are complaining about Kagan

** Excellent Segment on Hillary on "60 Minutes" Now **

Elena Kagan supported barring military recruiters at Harvard Law School because of DADT.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/9/10

Greatest ANTI-drug song written?

Glenn Greenwald responds to false claim that he worked from Goldman Sachs

Which best describes the area in which you live?

Poll: NIRVANA - 16 years after their end - Great band/music or Gen X Hype/BS?

Holder: Feds may sue over Arizona immigration law

Most beautiful drive you've ever driven?

CBS News on Kagan: "She brought a lot of young conservatives onto the (Harvard) faculty."

No current GOP front runner can beat Obama in 2012.

Obama is a...

What Glenn Greenwald Got Wrong about the Constitution

Is it inherently problematic for a Dem politician or nominee to be in the closet?

Gunmen attack Honduran newspaper owner, kill 6-year-old granddaughter

Obama is just who he said he was. Were people not listening?

Is President Obama running the government by himself?

How has the Democratic party fallen that it went from the economic policies of FDR and Truman

KBR to Get No-Bid Army Work as U.S. Alleges Kickbacks


RTWBM - May 7 2010

Tiger Woods Heckler Tased at The 2010 Players Championship

The Mother's Day Mistake?

Rick Perry and BP

Marijuana Raid Caught on Tape - Two Dogs Shot

Bedrooms Of The Fallen

Free Market Capitalism FAILS

Secretary of Defense Gates: We're spending too much on defense.

Seymour Hersh on Obama Being "Dominated" by the Military "

Alternative GO ARMY audio ad

President Obama Delivers Commencement Address at Hampton University

McCain TV Ad: "Complete The Danged Fence" hilarious!

Missing crew 'forgotten' in oil spill aftermath

TYT: FireDogLake Ad Hits Obama On Offshore Oil Drilling

Tool's Antiwar song Right In Two w/Dr. Seuss's Butter Battle Book Ralph Bakshi animation

TYT: Cenk Debates Conservative S.E. Cupp On Anti-Christian 'Liberal Media Bias' (She Hangs Up!)

APNewsBreak: Nuclear agency (IAEA) set to focus on Israel

Gulf oil spill gushes on; Jindal wants to build up barrier islands to stop slick

Tory-Lib Dem coalition threatened by secret hardline memo on Europe

Six Things You Need to Know About Facebook Connections

This Will Be Obama's Legacy

Media Ignore The Fact That Man Who Alerted Police To Times Square Bombing Is A Muslim Immigrant

Celebrate: Save a Mother

Fade to Black

Peak Relationships: The End Of Suburbia Up Close And Personal (Carolyn Baker)

Leonard Pitts: That dirty word 'liberal'

Richard Clarke:The Times Square bomb failed. What will we do when the next bomb works?

Leaking Oil Well Lacked Safeguard Device (required by Brazil and Norway) -

Ron Paul: Greece is just the beginning!

Water Authorities Eye Potential Problems For Watersheds From Beetle-Killed Forests

Road Through Guyana To Brazilian Frontier Embodies Environmental Dilemma Nation Faces

Australian PM Dumps Emissions Trading Plan

NOAA 5/9 Forecast - Oil To Come Ashore At At Least Five Points - To Atch. Delta By Monday

Who else here is an admirer of Stewart Udall?

Taiji Residents - Town In "The Cove" - Test High For Mercury, Though Not @ Toxic Levels

Installation of solar panels on rooftops a boon for New Jersey businesses

Silicon Valley firm secures patent for High Gain Solar technology

Bank finances homeowner solar program (Phoenix, AZ)

Russia and Georgia clash over (highly enriched) uranium (smuggling)

Orissa approves nine more solar power projects (India)

Solar panels to the rescue (Nigeria)

Grants make solar possible for small businesses (Ohio)

Colorado State University looks to add more solar (3.3 MW)

Profile of a Company That Funds the Famous Pro-nuke Dick Cheney: Haliburton.

Dredging and the Deepwater Horizon well

Permafrost Study: "Material That Has Not Thawed Since Deposted By Glaciers Now Beginning To Thaw"

Japan plan: Nine NPPs in nine (and a half) years

NSIDC - April Sea Ice Extent Near Average: Arctic Temperatures Above Average

LOOP Could Shut Down If Heavy Oil From Slick Reaches It - Supplies 50% Of Refining Capacity

Solar On Fire In California

Profile of a Company That Funds the Famous Anti-nuke Amory Lovins: Suncor.

Anyone watching the race ?.....nt

Pirates' Karstens shuts down Cardinals in 2-0 to even the series!!

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Saturday, May 8)

!Arriba Los Tiburones!

well, the weekend hasn't been a total loss....

Seattle Sounders to give fans refund after humiliating loss..

Yankees pound Red Sox again: 14-3

Dallas Braden with the Oakland A's just threw a perfect game vs the Rays...

Tiger Pulls Out Early...

The JR Chess Report (May 8): Title Match still tied with two games to play

Anti Cuba propaganda/liar alert

Gunmen attack Honduran newspaper owner, kill 6-year-old granddaughter

GOP seeks to block Obama nominee to El Salvador post over Cuban romance

Chavez threatens "bourgeoisie" for economic woes

Cuba's Sugar Harvest beats 104 year old record

Venezuela denies bribery - Chavez claims they are doing "genetic crosses"

El Pueblo Se Marcha por Su Revolucion

Medellin Colombia rally to legalize marijuana

U.S. embargo against Cuba is imprudent (Rep. Michael Honda)

Venezuela: Electricity Crisis isn't over

Moscow to Help Venezuela Address Housing Woes

Cuba suffers exodus of the best and the brightest as economy remains in the doldrums

A Mothers Day Music Video That Brought Tears To My Eyes...

I had to drop a Facebook friend today

Today in Labor History May 9 Hollywood studio mogol Louis B. Mayer recognizes the Screen Actors Guil

Baseball Union and Players Speak Out Against SB1070

Judge Goldstone: The man who has unhinged the Israeli & Jewish right

Several criminals shot in past few days.

What is this call I just received from the NRA

Why you can't ban firearms.

Student Mistaken for Target Shot by Another Student at Gunsite Academy

Okay, see what you guys did to me?

Do you think gun control is a racist policy?

Bloomberg: Guns for me, NOT for thee.......

Fixed points, kernels, and generators

Peptides May Hold 'Missing Link' to Life

Mystery Space Object May Be Ejected Black Hole

This week's Starcodes (just a little late)

My house in Nashville... Pix of May 3rd

"Mother's Day Proclamation" by Julia Ward Howe

Baby wrens are alive and well!!! See cute pix!

Wren pix attached...but ( I WAS AFRAID BUT WAS WRONG) some troubling news. Any birders out there?

Why is Mother's Day such a trigger for me?

Can you post photos here?

First Crop Circle of the Season

The AMA, Firearms, and Intellectual Dishonesty

The Recriminations Begin: Cardinal Accuses Vatican Official Of Abuse Cover-up

Take A Minute For A Laugh (or to be offended)

So how many of you have ever attended a Catholic school as a child?

Pentagon tries aroma therapy to ease combat stress

Fortune: Big companies seriously considering dropping plans

Monitoring Patients During Surgery With Your Cell Phone? There's an App for That, Too

Ignoring the Elephant in the Bailout

Civil And Criminal Probes Launched Against JP Morgan For Silver Market Manipulation

What we learn from history: it doesn't always repeat itself

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