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And Now We Can Exhale: White Conservatives Relieved that the Times Square Bomber is a “Pakistani”

Crude politics of a mega-disaster

South Jersey preacher helps Tent City residents start the journey back indoors

How long do you think the shelf life of polls is (or should be)?

idea on the senate

KS about to GUT schools and the numbnuts vote on smoking issues?

The Gulf gusher field contains 500 million barrels of oil?

Yo Junkdrawer... Looks Like You Were Right On The Oil Rig Explosion !!!

What Happens When You Mix Oath Keepers and AK-47s?

"Blame Bush, not Reagan" No, blame them all

I found a bug with DU rec/unrec

Climate scientists decry 'political assaults' (say that opponents are using "McCarthy-like tactics")

Iz we educating the children?

Trash haulers find $4,500 accidentally thrown away

BANK BUST FRIDAY !!!!! Fourplay Edition.

Illegal Status of Army Spouses Often Leads to Snags

you know one of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan books was about an

Their playground's polluted - pic

Court Nixes Challenge to 'So Help Me God' in Oath

Hospital staff give manicures eyebrow waxes in baby intensive care ward

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Duncan Orders Study of Restrictive Transfer Policies

Updated month over month nonfarm payroll employment chart (as shown on Rachels show)

How many different ways can we continue to fuck up our planet?

Using hay and straw for Gulf Oil spill?

Marin County launches state's first public power agency

The reason why a woman did not know about the Nashville floods..."That librul media"

lord Jesus Christ hit by car

"To give less than your best is to sacrifice the Gift..."

No Privacy Invasion for Noisy Neighbor Recording

NYT: Origin of Wall Street’s Plunge Continues to Elude Officials

Why would side and angle impact accidents increase in frequency

Tory senator to women's groups: Shut up

Extinguishing the Blue from the Blue Planet - TED Talk by Jeremy Jackson

Incredible communication exchange with a wild dolphin

Mom Returns Racy Books To Library

White-people masks for Arizona immigrants

Free trade with Europe? - editorial

'Euro-father' Kohl defends Greek bail-out

SWAT teams now doing evictions in the face of community resistance

Let me run this by my fellow progressives and liberals

Gianni the Gender-Bending Rooster Starts to Lay Eggs, Baffling Scientists

Happy Birthday Harry S Truman, 126 years old today!

Happy Birthday Harry S Truman, 126 years old today!

Dylan Ratigan- Is Your Senator a Bankster?

C-130H, C-17 crews respond to oil spill

Tricare still sorting out regional contracts

Schwartz: No light attack aircraft in combat

MOAA throws support behind malpractice bill

Japan PM faces more local refusal on Futenma

Suing Science -Virginia's Ken Cuccinelli's dangerous suit against climate change.

Krugman: O Nao!

McCain wants info from Army on NLOS-LS

UPDATE: Charges expected for neglected dogs

Thankfully a taser wasn't used.

"Papers Please" law: Residents demand that district defy Senate Bill 1070

The crack oil cleanup team.

If God spoke to humans...

Nothing Sells Like Nothing

Los Angeles Destroys Functioning Businesses in a Recession, Because They Sell Pot?

I'm sorry if this has been discussed, but

Where did BP get the idea of the dome over the oil spill? It has a surprising beginning.

Bias that makes FOX news look almost fair and balanced

Don't F**k with Eyjafjallajökull

Visual Guide To Facebook's Privacy Changes/Security Exposure Over Time (PICTURES)

BP Insider: Massive Dead Zone Could Be Produced by Gulf BP-Congress Catastrophe

Chicago Train director commits suicide by stepping in front of train

Main Street is in the hands of a Roulette Wheel

Support striking Laborers at Fabcon fighting 30% pay cut (2 LBN stories on this in April)

Anybody have links to Islamic groups condeming Faisal Shahzad?

"We need Ronald Reagan Now More Than Ever!"

Another Mad Hatter lacks a CAPTION, but not a cap.

Big Banks Making a Bundle On New Construction as Schools Bear the Cost

Rig Survivors Felt Coerced To Sign Waivers - NPR

Las Vegas had the welcome waggon ready for Joe

Is Rekers guilty of white-slavery under the Mann Act?

If it makes sense you don't understand it...

Am. Academy of Pediatrics Backs Ritual ‘Nick’ as Female Circumcision Option

Interrogator No. 1 (by ACLU)

Why I gave away my company to charity

Remember Brooke Alexander the american petroleum institute spokes model?

this meme that republicans will take 100 seats in the house cracks me up..

"Drill Baby Drill," a tale from the Sh!t Talk Express...


Deepwater Horizon Survivors: 'People Were Jumping Off the Side' - Brian Ross/ABC News

Deepwater Horizon Survivors: 'People Were Jumping Off the Side' - Brian Ross/ABC News

hung jury - Mr. Fish


"The Staten Island ferry runs 24hrs, even at night."

Why doesn't the American govt. outsource the military to another country?

Dorchester killer appeals four murder convictions over juror’s exit

Did anyone see the Sestak segment on Hardball last night?

Did anyone see the Sestak segment on Hardball last night?

I Thank the deity of my choice DAILY

Twelve things the world should toss out (WaPo)

Finance, Mine, Oil & Debt Disasters: THIS is Deregulation

Let's put the money paid to Rekers by Attorney General McCollum into context.

More scandal fallout: RNC ousts finance lesbian bondage-themed nightclub in Los Angeles.

Complaint Box | Brittney, Brittny, Brittneigh

FBI letter 8/4/10 to AZ citizen re race and crime sent to McCain, Franks, Kyl

Poll: Grassley's reelection opponent within striking distance

Did the invention of agriculture make people better fed?

BP Execs Partying on Rig During Explosion-"Celebrating Safety Record"!!!

Repo Men offering "Cash For Keys", but Still Profiting from Other Peoples Misery

The only option left for reasonable people is:

Who killed Desoto? Sacramento woman distraught over dog put down at SPCA, agency explains

AP Investigation:Blowout Preventers Known to Fail

CNN Money - "The truth about health care reform" - Personal Finance Perspective

will we ever really know if they stopped the oil gusher?

will we ever really know if they stopped the oil gusher?

$700K Paid to Specter from Dem. Sen. Cmpn. Comm. in PA. Senate Primary Against Sestak

Most popular baby names? Check out ‘Twilight’

First U.S. offshore wind farm receives approval

Is Big Oil gonna win?

Computer tech pioneer Max Palevsky dies at 85

If you want to talk about real terrorism......

Here's the ultimate irony about the Preacher and the Rent Boy-

Idiot senator in Kansas wants to ban nudity at state run gambling facilities

Putting Nukes In A Poor Black GA Town:

How times have changed

Another Mad Hatter begs for a CAPTION!!!! Don't let her down.

NYT: Court Rejects Christie’s Limits on Campaign Donations From Labor

I wonder if Congress and the Senate would unionize if their salaries were busted down...

We got wrong man: chief

Reuters: Obama Court pick imminent, Kagan called favorite

Pennsylvania proposes interstate highway tolls at state borders

The young are also growing alienated by politics in general—and Obama in particular.

How do we get oil? It's a complex process.

Bubble of methane triggered rig blast

Protests (against austerity program) grow in Romania

Could there be a marriage between Nick Clegg and David Cameron?

"Feds nix corroded undersea pipe in Cook Inlet" - Chevron sucks just as much as BP

What if you had invested in Apple stock instead of buying an Apple product???

Judge allows jurors to hear about Oscar Grant's criminal past in BART Police murder trial

Report: No spying in Pa. school laptops case

Hair salon wants to help with the oil clean up, need an address to send hair to

Does anyone remember the Supreme Court nomination of Clarence Thomas?

Some private kindergartens dropping $510 entry test because 4/5 yr olds being prepped

Paris To Permit Women To Wear Pants

Tourists urged to boycott Cancun after raped 11-year-old wasn't told abortion was legal for sex atta

"REAL" SPYCAM UPDATE: Letter from superintendent of schools

Wow...big protest in Britain...on BBC Live now

Wow...big protest in Britain...on BBC Live now

An honest appraisal of AlterNet

Staten Island Ferry Crash, 37 Injured

The ash is back

Federal safety regulator pledges to ban drop-side cribs

Am I overreacting to this political cartoon. . .

Nevada Tea Party candidate being questioned by FEC

"I Think - Therefore I Watch FOX News!"

Fox affiliate refuses to air video of cops brutalizing innocent Latino, even though ...

5.0 Quake hits near Seeley, El Centro, CA

"Everything Is Changing" - Gay marriage opponent questions family camping policy for state parks

headline: "Organic Farming Shows Limited Benefit to Wildlife"

GOP goes after US Senate Dem nominee in raunchy Internet ad, implying Dem was masturbating

.Arpaio's office won't turn over financial documents

As a white, heterosexual, female, reformed Catholic who eats organic and votes Democratic...

Teresa Heinz 's Foundation will help people on waiting lists for aid with buying AIDS drugs

Effort to place dome over oil well dealt setback, BP says

TARP chief: Consumer protection must be in Wall Street reform

Reminder NALC food pantry donations today from your mailbox

Will Texas schools return to corporal punishment?

Just got a fund raising call for Lt. Gov. Bill Halter of Arkansas running against US Sen. Lincoln

So...Did We Win Yet?

Sarasota pharmacist shoots robber

Blanche Lincoln, The Senator From Virginia

US Sen. Bob Bennett ousted at Utah GOP convention

He was a PAID Key Witness in Defense of FL Gay Adoption Ban & Rekers Adopted a Child

A message to tech companies from a long time techie - WTF are you thinking?

Is it just me, or are these DU "fat" banner ads getting a bit much?

Oh look children in this exhibit you can see the Utah Republicans eating their own.

Alaska has an HAZMAT problem

Give Now to Expose the Chamber’s War on Workers

I just had a great week thanks to the internets tubes...

Norman Goldman mentioned another area of fallout from the BP horror --

I went to a Tea Party today

Coast Guard: tar balls wash up on Ala. island

Michele Bachmann mocked with her own words in Tarryl Clark's new website

Kenneth Starr to become President of Baylor University

Rekers takes break from having male prostitutes lift his luggage to sue newspaper for "defamation"

Robert Bennett, (R) Utah is voted out by voters in Utah...

Featured New Slang Today At Urban Dictionary:

Another Teabagger would-be historian needs a CAPTION!!!

I know it wasn't their intention but I want to thank for emailing me and reminding

Deep-Sea Ice Crystals Stymie Gulf Oil Leak Fix (Dome Fails)

Gulf Coast Braces for Economic Disasater In Wake of BP Oil Spill

Rasta inmates spend 10 years in isolation for hair

The Swarm: A Novel by Frank Schatzing

New Calculations: Exxon Valdez Surpassed Today

Uck Ftah

Source:GOP to drop dome on tea bag spill

Source:GOP to drop dome on tea bag spill

McClatchy Resists Pentagon Intimidation, Still Names Interrogator No. 1

Teabagger Mantra - Reality is not what it seems.

Mysterious 'Rebel Dog' of Greek riots becoming latest Web icon



Invention protects fingers from table saw.... woah. You will cringe.

Army Gives KBR No-Bid Contract in Iraq Hours after Justice Dept. Joins Anti-KBR Kickback Suit

My latest post to my Lung Transplant Blog....

American History: Labor Unrest Marks Grover Cleveland’s First Term

Political instability follows inconclusive British elections

Afghanistan war supplemental bill needs to be passed this month, Reid says

Afghanistan war supplemental bill needs to be passed this month, Reid says

Clinton Says Pakistan Told of Terror ‘Consequences’

Toronto gay pride denied federal funds (The Harper Government at work)

More catastrophic oil spills to come

Remember: Betty White to Host Saturday Night Live Tonight!

DNA test clears American musician after 28 years in jail for rape

San Jose woman was hoarding 108 cats

BP's dome stopped by the very same substance that caused the accident: Methane Hydrates....

The dome has landed...

Join Gov. Howard Dean Don't wait, don't delay. Repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" now - Link below:

President’s Cancer Panel: Cancer Caused by Contaminants “Grossly Underestimated”

Bush On Jobs: The Worst Track Record On Record

Repo Men offering "Cash For Keys", but Still Profiting from Other Peoples Misery

Toon: I Trust Republicans

Toon: I Trust Republicans

Deep Thought from Kids - LOL break

George Huguely, Ben Roethlisberger, Lawrence Taylor: Male athletes encouraged to do the wrong thing

Video Shows Columbia SWAT Team Killing Dog in Drug Bust

The Republican solution to the oil gusher:

AAP Is Advocating for U.S. Pediatricians to Perform Certain Types of Female Genital Mutilation

Hannity: 'The Iraqis ... need to pay us back for their liberation. Every single solitary penny'

I am FLABBERGASTED, speechless, wore out ( help )

THE DOME IS NOT WORKING - ice crystals formed inside THE DOME

The Left is getting louder. And Facebook is getting funnier.

The complete absurdity just hit me.

executives at faith based bank indicted

It was Halliburton

The end of the wicked old Mormons

Erik Prince represents so much of what is wrong with the world.....

Gates: Military needs to cut spending

The full decision where Reker testified re: gay adoption and got $120,000. Fascinating read!

Lord Jesus Christ Injured In Car Accident...

Leaving the country to find work overseas

Spin into a Saturday with a CAPTION!!!! Please come do this Mad Hatter.

Want to know what Creationism and Anti-Science buys us?

Where is Dick n/t

Caribou Barbie thinks that US law should be Bible-based

Ultra-light Cars...

Nearly 1,000 Say ‘Thank You’ to Lawmakers Who Backed Health Care

Thank you, DU people

Toon: Social Justice

Posters that creationists and other anti-science people use while teaching:

This oil disaster may alter life on Earth.

Truman's Grandson Letter To President Obama: "He was told desegregation would destroy the Army."

Girl: I Was Punished For Having 2 Moms: Parents Plan Suit Against Rio Rancho Schools

A Native American Prayer for the Wild Things

Golf Fan Tasered At Players Championship

Wow-zers...just frickin' Wow!!!

The BP oil spill and American capitalism: convert energy corps into public utilities?

Hannity calls for Obama to "step up or step aside"

The BP Oil Spill’s Toll On Gulf Coast Wildlife: ‘All Bets Are Off’

The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg.

The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg.

80 times the electrical output of the entire world, for a few billionths

Dog hair being used to contain the Gulf oil spill

The Problem of our Civilization

The Problem of our Civilization

The Problem of our Civilization

Quasars do not show time dilation

Wow - a web site asking 'why do you have a kid' - some of the pics are just crazy

BP Insider: Massive Dead Zone Could Be Produced by Gulf BP-Congress Catastrophe

Bennett just got teabagged

Jeb Bush takes aim at Crist, supports Rubio

Don't Wait Don't Delay -- An Open Letter to the President (Repeal DADT - Howard Dean, DFA)

Boycotts have richies attention in AZ.

Serious question - what is your honest opinion of Bill Maher?

Cofferdam fails, BP looking for solutions

Faith in government

I'm amazed at how ho-hum everyone seems to be about the market meltdown

Families grieve for 11 men who died in oil spill, victims nearly forgotten amid catastrophe

Britain's Torygraph Offers Advice to Teahadists: Tea Party Could Learn From Nick Clegg

Chavez rockets to No. 1 on Twitter in Venezuela

3 Charts on how you're being screwed by the uber-rich

Bono calls Irish female politician "Pussy Galore"

Most Beautiful and Legendary Stock Car ever built For Sale on EBay

My boy got his picture in the People magazine!

Seattle Police Stomping On (innocent latino) Detainee

Marijuana moms say pot is no worse than alcohol and teens shouldn't get jail time for experimenting.

There really is no equivalence between the conservatives and progressives

Show of hands.....Who thinks the BP "Containment Dome" will be a big flop?

Why do people change like this?

Why are people in this country still so ignorant about evolution?

PA Senate Tracking Poll - Sestak Takes the Lead

Who do you favor: Sestak or Specter?

Caption Me: Betty White Grips Palin

Should children be getting their ears pierced?

RedState blogger Howe mocks Roger Ebert's cancer, adds, "So fuck him"

How about this Wall Street Conspiracy Theory?

Will oil reach Loop Current? read this and hold your breath

Email warning re;Paypal account!!! I got an email recently stating they my Paypal account

Latest lineup in Scannity's Scam.. I mean, Hannity's Freedom concert - starts in New Jersey...

Our low-wage SERVICE-based economy will require our social safety net perhaps more than ever before.

Unmothered, on Mother's Day

Will businesses drop their health benefit programs?

Native Americans in Arizona Vow to Deport All Non-Native Americans

Why do people give Corporations free advertising wearing their CORPORATE LOGOS ?

Legalize *all* drugs now

Obama Administration Postpones Offshore Oil Industry Safety Awards Luncheon

Al Gore-The Crisis Comes Ashore-Why the oil spill could change everything.

Meet the Stray Dog That Attends Every Protest in Athens

Is teaching children hate, Child Abuse?

What is your solution to stopping the oil gusher?


Since Spill, Feds Have Given 27 Waivers to Oil Companies in Gulf

Detroit's Robert Bobb wins, school district loses. School closures full speed ahead.

Detroit's Robert Bobb wins, school district loses. School closures full speed ahead.

Iphone or Verizon Droid Incredible?

Let's Spend The Night Together

File sharing is nothing new...

Whose chopper is this?

You mind if I try one of yours? This is yours here, right?

You were saying something about..."best intentions?"

You see, I have some top secret clown business that supercedes any plans you might have...

It's a sick question, you're a sick fuck, and I'm not that sick that I'm gonna answer it...

I need to clarify something: Good wine tastes better than bad wine.

I've decided to try cleaning myself like a cat does. But only for one week.



I've made an important decision...

Anyone who needs to pee, do so now. It's the intermission of Dr. Zhivago...

Hey World (Don't Give Up)

The Band - The Rumor

Serious question here.

If someone de-friends you on facebook...

Whispering Pines

"here's a dance that's most popular in society"

I was talking to a friend today about our wars...

I found a box of unopened Famous Amos packaged cookies downstairs...

SyFy channel's latest dreck!

Well I went down to the demonstration to get my fair share of abuse

Worst pun of the day? And the day is so darned young, too.

Movie of Inept Wealthy Family saved by their lowly butler. Anyone seen this GREAT MOVIE????

MiddleFingerMom LOVES going 'au naturel', but it makes poor Rufus cry and cry and cry.

World greatest worst movie EVAH!


Reid Fleming, World's Toughest Milkman

Dudespaper column on Neil Innes (Monty Python)

What is your opinion of tottering teetotalers?

I had another weird dream that LeftyFingerPop and I met in real life...

I had another weird dream that LeftyFingerPop and I met in real life...

It's true! MiddleFingerMom likes donning a white robe and an aluminum foil halo and playing God.

Breakfast for MiddleFingerMom... if he could REALLY "have it his way".

MTV's Kurt Loder reviews "Iron Man 2"

Post things that you hate about teeter totters.

You've got to appreciate what an explosive element this Bonnie situation is...

Inspired by my state of Arizona...


When I was in my teens...

Mother's Day...It's not just for humans

White Castle Serves Up Slider-Scented Candles

Incredible communication exchange with a wild dolphin


Never watched Mad Men until our world cruise. Now I'm addicted.

Question for the lounge -- are cd jewel cases recycleable?

Arizona's newest field visual aid...

Now you can have your very own gold plated BLOW OUT PREVENTER (BOP)!!

You know, Jerry McGuire is a pretty good movie

Any of our Vietnam vets going to LZ Lambeau in a couple weeks?

Would you rather be whacked in the goolies with a teeter totter or...

Fresh & Easy Markets - good or bad?

I want to lactate sin free!

I have seen the future of the printed page...

Trailer park life

What is your opinion of "teeter totterers?"

My show sounds nice on my iPod touch

Let's play "How the hell did I get here and what the fuck is that?"

Anyone have any experience with librium here?

Anyone remember when Peter Max didn't want you to smoke?

Is there honestly any better 4:20 song than the Door's Light My Fire?

i LOVE Bob Seger

Yellow rose, yellow hose.

I missed you guys. I'm going to order a pizza and skim DU!

It should have been a nice evening, on many fronts

El Paso

I heard from greenbriar today! Today has been a good one...

Transportation chief Ray LaHood to meet with Toyota President Akio Toyoda in Japan

Tory G8 abortion stance unjust: journal

Hold public consultation on n-liability bill: Greenpeace

Afghan authorities used corporal punishment on 'a whim,' report says

Emaciated dogs found chained

US banks disclose UK bonus tax costs

(CA) State Closes 1st Pacific Bank of California (4 banks fail 5/7/10)

Be kind to fast-food employees...after what I witnessed last night

Sun recalls cholesterol drugs from US market

Israel Ready for Deal on Palestinian State, Peres Says


Rape suspect eyed in attacks in Mo., Calif.

Bianna Golodryga (engaged to current OMB director) Named Weekend 'GMA' Co-Anchor

For chrissakes, I was on my way to the CoinStar machine . . .

Bosnian Serb war criminal assaulted in UK prison

Obama widens drone attacks in Pakistan

Obama widens drone attacks in Pakistan

Obama widens drone attacks in Pakistan

My lower back is killing me today

Clinton warns Pakistan of 'consequences' over extremism

Eurozone leaders approve Greece aid package (and European Stabilisation Mechanism)

Hundreds of British voters were reportedly turned away

Mick Jagger's "Memo From Turner" - Ry Cooder on slide guitar.

Venezuela nabs suspected Dom Rep drug smuggler

Your paid time off benefits at work.

2 China Rights Lawyers Slapped With Lifetime Ban

New Justice to Confront Evolution in Powers

Food-stamp tally nears 40 million, sets record

US military draws down deeply in Haiti

The Cowboy Mythos and the USA

Mohammed Al Fayed sells Harrods store to Qatar Holdings

Nixon fired then Interior Secretary over Vietnam

If you like Clapton or SRV

Senate pushes Obama administration to sign treaty banning land mines

Journalists cannot protect sources: top court

Regulators close banks in Florida, Minnesota

Do you read your newspaper's police blotter?

First U.S. offshore wind farm receives approval

Post your latest unhealthy fixation here!

Happy Birthday Robert Johnson!

SA police chief 'prays' US are knocked out of World Cup

'Taliban plan attacks on foreigners in Afghanistan'

What is your opinion of "tater tots" ?

GIs ‘afraid to deploy’ over spouses’ illegal status

So, I'm sworn to secrecy as always with my client confidentiality

Chavez rockets to No. 1 on Twitter in Venezuela

Brazil will not allow drug cartels or armed groups from taking over Paraguay

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar says oil spill puts survival of BP at stake

Report: IAEA to discuss Israel's nuclear activities for first time

Breaking: Report: 60 hurt in NYC ferry crash

Deep-sea ice crystals stymie Gulf oil leak fix

Coal mine blast kills 10, injures 6 in Central China

BP Chamber Clogged, Removed From Leaking Gulf Well

Favorite letter of the alphabet?

Gordon Brown Should Quit as Party Leader, Labour Lawmaker John Mann Says

Brown wants citizenship revoked for terror ties

Crews dealt setback in placing containment dome in Gulf oil spill

UK General Election: protests at Lib Dem meeting over proportional representation

Shootings of Afghans on Rise at Checkpoints

Canada unveils proposal to resolve conflict over Jerusalem

Why do dogs eat "litterbox cookies"

Hows th'Effen-eff-effen-eff-eff does ya git ole bumperstickers off?

Han Solo shot FIRST!

Biden pledges U.S. support to end Europe’s financial crisis

Parties working together on financial regulatory bill in Senate

What is 'your gripe?'

Climate scientists decry 'political assaults'

APNewsBreak: Bubble of Methane Triggered Rig Blast

Africa's Mineral-Rich Countries Get Tough With Trade Partners

Ariz. border towns say violent crime rates are low

Workers on Oil Rig Recall a Terrible Night of Blasts

Second 'Rent Boy' Comes Forward, Claims Sex With Rekers

Jimmy Carter hits the campaign trail with grandson

Gordon Brown's 'angry exchange with Clegg'

Ice crystals cause Gulf oil box problems - Gulf spill likely bigger than Exxon Valdez, claims expert

Boomers: California must have seemed like some kind of paradise

Some friends are Pains in the ....stuff

296 'funked up' stocks -- trades canceled

I apologize in advance if I offend anybody today... I don't feel very well at all and...

Pakistan tests nuclear capable missiles

Catholics sent predator priest to remote village

Backers Say Gay Rights Bills Will Win in House

I saw the "The Human Centipede" last night.

Gates seeks big cuts in military spending

Uganda Panel Gives Setback to Antigay Bill

Costa Rica's first female president takes office

Obama says health care law already helps millions

MIT researchers print solar cell on paper

Blast hits Russia's largest coal mine, 2 workers killed, 4 injured

Bennett out; GOP delegates reject 18-year Senate veteran

Some Palin Facebook fans unhappy with endorsement

Gulf of Mexico oil leak has drawn aggressive response from President Barack Obama

New analysis of 40-year-old recording of Kent State shootings reveals that Ohio Guard was given an o

Did you wait until you were 21 to drink?

Chicken Quip Grounds High-Flying Senate Candidate

Obama should pick Illinois AG, Lisa Madigan, for Supreme Court..

take the day off.

Obama Court pick imminent, Kagan called favorite

Liberal activists intensify attacks on Kagan as court pick nears

Lewis not ready to endorse in N.C.

Late hits mar Senate race

Kentucky: Conway Loans Campaign $300,000 for Final Push

Gschwendtner announces candidacy for governor

Hylton taking run at Congress, Graves (MO)

Brunner signals support for Fisher

Labrador, Ward say end votes for U.S. senators

I think Robert Gibbs hurts Obama.

Elena Kagan supported Bushler's war-on-terror policies

Yea, health care reform is worthless....

"Dem prospects getting better."

Democrats prospects getting better for 2010 elections on the senate side

If you wanted a liberal fighter on the court, Pam Karlan was the only way to go

Kagan could be hard to hit

Slate: Barack Obama's Facebook Feed - WHCorrespondents Dinner, oil spill, & the FBI's new interrog..

Napolitano: Tenn. flood victims should seek help

Just This About That - May 7. 2010

Unemployment hit 10.8% by August of 1983 under "Saint" Ronnie Reagan.

I have always believed I was a liberal Democrat. Am I wrong?

The Latest on Elena Kagan

IA-Sen, IA-Gov: Grassley Under 50, Culver Still in Real Trouble

If Obama nominates Kagan, he's lost a supporter

Reich: WH Should Stop Pandering to the Street and Support Three Critical Banking Reforms

Since Spill, Feds Have Given 27 Waivers to Oil Companies in Gulf

Bennett Won't Appear On Senate Ballot

We are about to enter the dreaded, "Election Cycle" Bamboozle...

What have you done for me Lately?

Gubernatorial Race Tightens on Democratic Side (AL)

It's time to play: "Guess What These People are Doing!"

Andrew Romanoff Calls Out Sen. Bennet (CO) for Keeping Banks To Big To Fail

Obama should pick a true liberal for the court.

No-Name Terrorists Now CIA Drone Targets (US at War in Pakistan)

Happy Birthday Harry Truman!

Would the Washington-Dulles airport t-shirt stands have had anti-Bush t-shirts on sale in front?

Health care law already helps millions

A Couple of Hilarious Pictures From the White House Website

If Obama were a conservative....

Not. Obama's. Katrina - - Obama oil response: aggressive as crisis unfolded (AP)

Coast Guard: tar balls believed to be from Gulf of Mexico oil spill wash up on Alabama island

Another Narrative Bites The Dust

If they take control of the Congress, You KNOW They'll do it

Obama Administration Demands Amnesia From Reporters Covering Gitmo

The White House's Kagan talking points are wrong

Blank Slate: There’s a lot we don’t know about Elena Kagan—because she’s never told us

Obama: Health Care Reform Already Working

Republican Mormons in Utah boo Romney putting the final nail in his Presidential aspirations

Making life a little better every day

Is Elena Kagan, supporter of Bush lynch mob legal theory, best Obama can do for Supreme Court?

"9750 Words on Elena Kagan" without partisan hyperbole slant one way or the other.....

Dems Lock Step on Kagan?

Bruce Springsteen w/ Michael Stipe - Because The Night

Sting! - Earth Day 2010 - "Driven To Tears" - Justice Through Music Project

NALC 2010 National Food Drive

Weekly Address: Health Reform Starts to Kick In

Young Turks: GOP Runs From Drill Baby Drill After Oil Spill

Fla. Tourism Officials Fighting Rumors About Oil

Tea Time! - Teabaggers Come Up Short

FreedomWorks Tea Bagger Boogie

Matt Taibbi brings you --A Tribute to Goldman's 'Fabulous Fab' Tourre (2:59)

Senator Franken Explains a Tom Toles Cartoon Supporting His Banking Ammendment

ferguson monologue on Rentboy's Vacation

Car Hits God & Glenn Beck Boo Hoo!

This is the kind of mindset that SB1070 caters to

Jan Brewer's campaign attacks Obama over border

March for California's Future

Sheriff Joe heckled in Vegas

MSNBC's Ed Schultz - "Psycho Talk": Glenn Beck - 05/07/10

Oil Chamber Touches Down over Oil Well

Freedom of Speech Made Simple - Through CRUSH Videos

Stock Market Crash 6 May 2010: Live Panic from the S&P 500 Pits

Senator Sanders Unfiltered: Real Financial Reform, Now!

Back to Arizona Rappers Protest Immigration Bill

Nick Clegg Addresses "Take Back Parliament" Protesters Outside Liberal Democrats' HQ

Sestak's great ad

Young Turks: Is Fox News Owned By A Saudi Oil Prince?!

Dan Barker faces down Fox moron on 'National Day of Prayer'

Seattle Police Incident with Hispanic Man. Police Brutality? You decide.

Maddow Slays Anti Gay Rights Leader George Rekers Caught With Rentboy

Felix Salmon's Message To Investors: Get Out Of The Stock Market Right Now

@Google & YouTube present A Conversation with Conan O'Brien

Why ain't you out there teabaggin? Cuz you hate America. It's just as simple as that.

U.S. retirement benefits to be cut?

TYT: Too Big To Fail Bank Bill Killed By Bought Politicians

Mike Malloy - Mike Destroys An Idiot With Questions

Anderson Cooper SLAMS 'Birther' Army Officer For Hiding Behind His Lawyer During Interview

Protesters Force Live Sky News Broadcast Off Air: "Rupert Murdoch Is Poison!" "Sky News is SHIT!"

Tim Minchin - Storm

There's egg on all their faces (UK elections)

The White House's Kagan talking points are wrong

Greece's workers revolt

"If government officials had their way, journalists would be "stenographers with amnesia."

David Brooks Has A Lot to Learn About COIN

Systemic Injustice Against Two Longtime Political Prisoners

Gulf Oil Disaster To Be Attacked by Kramerica Industries

"...Obama has the political capital to make energy conservation cool..."

Dmitry Orlov on why the U.S. is headed toward Soviet-style collapse

Long road to acceptance for man who became woman (From man, to woman, to political force)

Blank Slate: There’s a lot we don’t know about Elena Kagan—because she’s never told us

Glenn Beck Gets It Right

FDA finds bacterial contamination in children's medicine ingredients


Newsweek: Slick Operator

Friday Talking Points (122) -- Bikini Bottom Update

The Latest on Elena Kagan

Guatemala: Documents show U.S. officials knew the Guatemalan Army was responsible for 1982 massacre

My Friday night with Richard Perle

Guardian UK: To seize this historic moment, the Lib Dems must turn to Labour

Liberal activists intensify attacks on Kagan as court pick nears

Meet the Economist Who Says the Government's Economic Numbers Are Lies

Al Gore: The Crisis Comes Ashore-Why the oil spill could change everything

Is Your Senator a Bankster? (Dylan Ratigan)

Why I hate Mother's Day

Marcy Winograd-Jane Harman. The Progressive Caucus Debate

Pulsed Power Breakthrough Brightens Prospects for Fusion Energy

Cornell birds website wins a Webby (xpost from LBN)

Toyota Aims for $50,000 Fuel-Cell Car by 2015

Cerium Titanium Platinate As A Water Gas Shift Reaction Catalyst.

Arga Warga!*

An Economic Analysis of the Supercritical Methanol Transesterification of Rapeseed Oil to Biodiesel.

Sailing regatta to be held in the Australian desert

US leader Biden says Iran may spark nuclear arms race

Taking Toronto off the grid

ITER Head Confident Fusion Reactor Will Be Built Within 10 Years

Up in the air: Debates over the future of wind power in Michigan rev up

EPA Challenges Manufacturing Industry to Improve Energy Efficiency: 10 percent savings within 5 y...

EPA says Ariz. uranium mine operating illegally (near Grand Canyon)

Hearing on uranium mining in Goliad County begins (Texas)

National Grid agrees to buy electricity from Cape Wind

Congressmen vow to fight against abandonment of plans for nuke waste repository in Nevada

Vanishing Uranium Resources (OZ)

California okays coastal power-plant modifications- adopts rules to restrict use of ocean water

Solar Energy 50 years late and still in the big talk, no delivery phase.

Iran strikes secret nuclear mining deal with Zimbabwe's Mugabe regime

(Michigan) Record amount spent on oil, gas leases

In the age of electric cars, who pays for highways?

Photovoltaic project announced for New Jersey farm facility (6.1 MW)

SoCal Renewable Energy Transmission Lines to Power 3 Million Homes

A New Cost-Sharing Plan for Transmitting More Renewable Energy (Southwest Power Pool)

Asian Development Bank launches $9 bn solar energy initiative ($2.25B for 3000 MW by 2012)

Selective Oxidation of Carbon Monoxide In Hydrogen Streams Using Titania Supported Gold Catalysts.

Offshore wind power booms as utilities seek bigger profits

Heal Our Planet Earth - Anthony Marr's Across America Tour, Blog 13

Cape Wind decision propels other offshore projects

Energy Agency Funds Solar Projects Aimed at Generating Baseload Power

Endesa Starts up First Plant to Capture CO2 by Chemical Absorption in Span

West Valley needs more - Phased cleanup of nuclear site prolongs region's period of risk (NY)

CMP signs landmark agreement before PUC (smart grid, efficiency & utility-scale PV, Maine)

Preparation for groundbreaking (348 MW) offshore wind farm project begins in Atlantic City (NJ)

New Research Revealed: Environmentally Caused Cancers Are 'Grossly Underestimated'

Sempra Energy to install 1.2 GW of wind energy in Baja California

Scientists paint grim picture of Barnegat Bay (NJ)

Exelon forced to clean up tritium leak at Oyster Creek nuclear plant

Do you own a rain barrel?

Al Qaeda’s Nuclear Plant (NYT OpEd)

Grasses may fill in beneath growing number of solar panels

Tainted nuke plant (Oyster Creek) water reaches major NJ aquifer

Worldwide nuclear energy diminishing; "Peak nuclear energy" was in 2006

Hudson Valley could become “Solar Valley,” with proliferation of solar technology industries (NY)

Obama Administration Demands Amnesia From Reporters Covering Gitmo

Minnesota Twins rained out at home; first time in 30 years

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Friday, May 7)

Picture thread Germany-USA, game 1 World Ice Hockey Championships

Uh oh, we're still having power cuts in Venezuela

Brazil will not allow drug cartels or armed groups from taking over Paraguay

Venezuela nabs suspected Dom Rep drug smuggler

Venezuela nabs suspected Dom Rep drug smuggler

US military draws down deeply in Haiti

Venezuelan ex-defence minister Raul Baduel jailed

Chavez rockets to No. 1 on Twitter in Venezuela

El Salvador: Tribute to Late Poet Marred by Sons’ Accusations

Tax man closes in on Panama's yacht owners

Unasur approves statute for defense policies coordination

Chavez rockets to No. 1 on Twitter in Venezuela

Manta Port becomes state-owned again

Guatemala: Documents show U.S. officials knew the Guatemalan Army was responsible for 1982 massacre

This is not a hate crime...

Meet Danny Miller: AKA Aaron Livesy

Kristin Chenoweth "Offended" by Ramin Setoodeh's Homophobic Article in "Newsweek"

Funny childhood story about circumcision.

Today in Labor History May 7 Two die, 20 are injured in “Bloody Tuesday”

SEIU, AFSCME Score Big Organizing Victories Among Home Health Care Workers

Today in Labor History May 8 FIRST African-American labor union to sign a bargaining agreement!

North Memorial Home Health and Hospice workers join SEIU

Excluding Census, jobs increase 224,000; jobless rate rises to 9.9%

Economic Report: High Work Pressure Linked To Heart Disease

W Post: Recent deaths of miners point up need for unions

Proposed Mn. legislation could be breakthrough for window cleaners (3 dead in 3 years)

Livni to Haaretz: Likud and Kadima must join forces for peace

Choose between settlements, peace.

Report: IAEA to discuss Israel's nuclear activities for first time

Israel Ready for Deal on Palestinian State, Peres Says

What are the South Carolina transport/ccw laws?

Virginia violent crime rate down by about 10%

Sarasota pharmacist shoots robber

Seems that many Democratic pols are bent on professional suicide.

Firearms Micro-Stamping Bills on the Move in New York ...

9-year-old accidentally shoots self

For all of you bibliophiles...

How to get away from a huge amorphous lump with a box that clicks

How much would y'all hate me...

It was a blast

Had no idea they had teeth

Costa Rica's new president After Arias

Baffling quasar alignment hints at cosmic strings

Ancient meteorites in Antarctica could reveal origins of Solar System

Scientists zero in on ancient Land of Punt



So I'm Cleaning up my flooded garage in Nashville....

Just when I think I'm getting over the loss

Wanna play a game?

Working Energetically on the Oil Spill

Interesting picture from Sedona

Catholic Diocese To Pay $1 Million To Molestation Victim

Another One Bites The Dust: Pope accepts resignation of German bishop in sex probe

How to believe in God (Stephen Clark | The Guardian)

There's a huge difference between the quality of care from chiropractors vs. physical therapists

Endometrial stem cells could repair brain cells damaged by Parkinson's disease

From "Red China, Green China"

Who profited from the "market mistakes" on Thursday?

Interesting map of unemployment 1948 to present

The White House called. You have been offered a postion which