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People are now dying as the deficit terrorists ramp up their attacks

Stop Unchecked Liberal Power - add over on Raw Story

Kay Hagan Voted For Audit the Fed, But Will Now Oppose

Keith is tearing Jindal a new one

Does Greece manufacture anything besides bad debt?

PALIN Breaks with TEA Party Activists in California To Support Carly Fiorina

Media promotes far-fetched ‘bin Laden in Iran’ report

Arizona law test case- 2007 Prince William County VA (hilarious result)

National Union of Students condemns vote blocking in Sheffield

Driver who struck four ten feet from Kucinich charged with attempted vehicular manslaughter

Pentagon Bans Four Journalists From Guantanamo Bay for Reporting Interrogator #1’s Name

The U.S. government must seize BP and freeze its assets - NOW!

America Is Now "Free To Date"

How do you like your oil spill news to be brought to you by car co. ads with roaring gas motors?

A very bad day for Lady BlahBlah and Carly Fiorina

Senate votes 61-33 to defeat Brown-Kauffman TBTF Amendment

US Senate confirms 3 US District Judges, almost unanimously after months of delay

ZeroHedge: The Day The Market Almost Died (Courtesy Of High Frequency Trading)

WALL ST. On The Run - Senate Edges Toward Stronger-Than-Expected Financial Reforms

Toyota, Selling Proctor and Gamble Stock, Mine Collapse and BP oil leak

Arizona-style racism creeping into San Diego county

Wow, we all saw the 'invisible hand' of free trade! It does work!

Video: "You're FREE...THAT'S what's going on."

FR: RE: "Rekers was only providing counsel to his companion"

This Greek thing........................

The Daily Show explains HFT (high frequency trading)

Do you realize *how close* the B and M are together?

Is it a dog whistle if humans can hear it too?

Senate thwarts GOP attack on consumer watchdog

Great banner in the UK (election)

Fix the Economy, Not Wall Street: Why regulate a broken system when we can build a better one?

The Hutaree 9 could be free on bond soon

The Hutaree 9 could be free on bond soon

Erick Erickson is a turd

Supreme Court Contenders: Pros and Cons

Supreme Court Contenders: Pros and Cons

Keith Olbermann compares the UK's "hung parliament" to Florida 2000.

Kansas Senate approves a 1-cent tax for 3 years . Maybe Education will get a boost ?

Lord Jesus Christ hit by car while walking in crosswalk

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

George W. Bush in the 70s: "People are poor because they are lazy"

GOP try to gut financial regulation bill is rejected in Senate...

U.S. ruling challenges San Francisco's sanctuary policy

Giant prophylactic last hope for the Gulf of Mexico

BREAKING! the talent at Citigroup with the "fat finger" identified (PIC)

Oil spill may fatally wound Gulf fishing industry

I figured out why O'Reilly defended Obama's response to the oil spill

cheney and BFEE map of destruction from oil extends beyond war

Looking at the share of vote, Lib Dems and Labour currently have 50.3%

Yeah, he's gotta go.

Greg Palast - BP - Much worse than imagined.

K&R and check in if you demand Salazar to be fired over the recent oil fiasco.

How to poison Lieberman's TEA act.

"---when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality –

Law to Ban West Coast Oil Drilling Pushed by Garamendi

With current results, it's possible neither the Tories nor Labour will be able to form a coalition

Obama widens drone attacks in Pakistan

Does anyone know what's the "latest" on "Dr." Conrad Murray?

WH: Idea that BP Given Special Exemption Because of Campaign Cash to Obama “Silly and Ridiculous”

I always have to remind myself that Labour did the Iraq War

Endangered Salmon Evacuated from Shasta and Scott Rivers in California

Damn !

Eric "Post Turtle" Cantor's foreign policy speech at the Heritage Foundation an utter fabrication

What I find most interesting about the hung parliament

Just for the record: I doubt electronic stock orders are spelled out with letters

Just a reminder, the closest thing to political allies in the UK for the GOP would be "Tories"

Happy Birthday! Wish you were here in the Senate!

"See Something, Say Something":

"See Something, Say Something":

Shriver, Gore honored by TV academy

So British DUers Am I reading it right

Net Neutrality?

Apparently regulations became optional when

"Fat Finger Error" the phrase (and excuse) du jour. Repeat until you no longer question it.

Returned to Florida!!!

Why no video from oil leak scene?

Things Republicans have brought to my awareness of late

U.S.: Too few Afghans to take control in Marjah

Lawmaker: Afghanistan FOBs lack protection

TBI vets face delays, poor access to care

VA letter addresses burn pits, other hazards

VA to limit surgeries at some hospitals

Lawmakers push mental health care for IRR

Project puts 1M books online for blind, dyslexic

End of unemployment checks will mean no income for many

Afghan trainers (600 Army and 150 Marines) to get short boost

Typo on Wall Street? No freaking way

DoD Buzz: Schwartz Shoots Down COIN Plane

DoD Buzz: Schwartz Shoots Down COIN Plane

Why was Anita Dunn advising the Tories in Britain?

Why was Anita Dunn advising the Tories in Britain?

Shell defends Alaska offshore drilling plans on Capitol Hill

'Painful' Road to Modernize National Guard

This 73-year-old is proof that socialism works!

David Obey: I Would Have Retired a Long Time Ago If Not For Meeting With Bush After 9-11

Poll gives Charlie Crist 6-point lead over Rubio

3 soldiers indicted in attack on homeless man

BREAKING NEWS: U.S. economy adds 290,000 jobs in April, most in four years

Poll: Half of Kentucky voters disapprove of Sen. McConnell

Religious-right leader (Rekers) ensnared in gay travel-assistant scandal threatens suit

Judge forces cop to testify in Burge trial (burge EVIL chicago cop)

Army tries resiliency training to improve soldiers' mental health

Two facts in the news that just have to be plain nonsense

Police: Man Shoots Would-Be Robber (while he was pulling out cash at an ATM)

UK escalates its version of charter schools = "freedom"!

EPA Stopped Keeping Records to Avoid Disclosure in Landfill Case

"We are deeply disturbed by the recent escalation of political assaults on scientists"

What's the weirdest thing that will happen in the UK as a result of their 2010 election?

Three soldiers accused in attack on homeless man-just wanted to "kick somebody's butt."

Officials Urge US to Send More Troops to Pak Following Bungled Times Square Bombing

Californian Native Tribes, Anglers, Enviromentalist gather to fight for their water rights

For those who want to follow the UK elections live

Is Gov Schwarzenegger helping big business steal more water like he did with Electricity?

U.S. Officials: No Credible Evidence That Terrorists Trained Shahzad

Gee, I wonder what the jobless rate was for April?


I have a question about that 'fat finger' and the Wall Street ride:

Woman says she became pregnant after watching porn in 3D....

Protest St Thomas Law Professor Delahunty who co-authored torture memo 5/8 at noon

Why do we wear all our clothes inside out?

Cleg says he will stick to his pledge

Top 10 Largest Databases in the World

Lots of ordinary people in the midwest don't even know about the oil spill.

Sexually suggestive ad targets Ohio's Lee Fisher

Florida Taxpayers Paid Reker's $120,000, Twice What Was Initially Reported

Florida Taxpayers Paid Reker's $120,000, Twice What Was Initially Reported

GOP Senators Delay Vote on Liu - held over until next week

US imports outpacing exports. Where are all the jobs?

Gulf Oil Spill: A Symbol of What Fossil Fuels Do to the Earth Every Day, Say Environmentalists

A trip down I-70: porn shops and churches intersect

Defiant evangelist prays outside Pentagon

Chinese consumers are paying more for 'made in China' products than we do

Lindsey Graham: Don't profile law abiding American Muslims, just those OTHER ones, & don't ban guns

Ensign Probe Heats Up

Headsup : ' NEED TO KNOW ' Premieres Tonight On PBS

Been posted here before, but IMO still the best: "NYTimes Oil Spill Tracker"

Marquette Withdraws Job Offer To Lesbian Dean Candidate Jodi O'Brien

Marquette Withdraws Job Offer To Lesbian Dean Candidate Jodi O'Brien

California to make attacks on homeless a hate crime

Ugh. Listening to UK radio. An infamous Lib-Dem who championed progressive science lost his seat.

Can we see the same BBC News in America that shows in London?

Quote of the day...

OIL RIGGERS On Ship Describe Fateful Night

How race skews school discipline in Texas.

When the Water Stopped: Bostonians Get a Crash Course in Our Water Commons

Economy added 290,000 jobs + 120,000 revised, unemployment jumps to 9.9%

BP's Questionable Clean-Up Tactics and Ties to FreedomWorks

fat finger?? don't even use the same hand between the 'm' and the 'b'

A 2003 report warned that the industry wasn't finding & fixing the problems with blowout preventers

Have you seen the "Billboards Against Obama" in your area?

Republican Enthusiasm For Midterm Election Drops Sharply

Why did the British press make the Tories Blue and Labour Red? To confuse us over here?

Why EVERY vote counts: Glenda Jackson (Labor) wins re-election by only 42 votes.

Fundies: California determined to make proms Pink-Tie affairs

Time to break out the Dow 10,000 hats again?

This toon explains Governor Perry's 'act of Gawd' remark:

FCC toimplement polocies that will preserve the open internet.

Why the April jobs report is better than you think

$hitibank says expect a 20 percent drop in the stock market

If a small event can unbalance a large system, the system is sick.

Question About The Greek Economic Crisis And The "Contagion" Theory.

Want to see why the GOP and other assorted flakes came out preemptively against the new jobs report?

Want to see why the GOP and other assorted flakes came out preemptively against the new jobs report?

WaPo from April: Jobless rate may rise as many are drawn back to labor force

Any updates on the oil cap?

*SIGH* - It Wasn't Even Close

*SIGH* - It Wasn't Even Close

Give the week a 'fat finger.' Please come CAPTION this rappin' Tea-Bagger!

Man denied transplant because of insurance cap policy

Senate Votes For Wall Street; Megabanks To Remain Behemoths

first tornado ever practically destroys Chinese city - 29? dead 190? injured

To all British DUers...

Really?? Someone with fat fingers and one keystroke brought the NYSE to near panic??

I-Team: Committee Interviewing Las Vegas Witnesses in Ensign Probe

Hannity and Tyrrell go after Scarborough as a "phony conservative" and "the worst"

The President is coming to my city (Buffalo) next week.

The President is coming to my city (Buffalo) next week.

This Nasdaq thing

Let's end the pretense & force business to pay all government officeholders.

CA-Sen: A very bad day for Sarah Palin and Carly Fiorina

Cantor's GOP Ideas Factory Declared Dead A Year After It Launched

I'm watching the mumbling stumbling pricks on CNBC tripping over their own genitals...

I'm watching the mumbling stumbling pricks on CNBC tripping over their own genitals...

Holder to dimbulbs Lieberman and GOP Senators: Miranda does not bestow a special right

Imagine net neutrality under McCain..

National Review Online admits conservatives coined ‘Teabagger’

Man, There Are Some DUMB MUTHERFUCKERS On Wall St.

Man, There Are Some DUMB MUTHERFUCKERS On Wall St.

Massey mine hearings to be closed to public

Boehner, in 'pre-buttal,' says Census jobs pad unemployment numbers

People w/o mothers - or orphans now - or estranged - we need ideas for celebrating the day

I'm still the oil spill cynic...

Chicken quip grounds high-flying Senate candidate Sue Lowden

We Are Now Free To Call Them Teabaggers

Short but sweet LTTE re: Michele Bachmann

Stephanie Miller did a list of closeted right wing lunatics last hour and I've been searching ever

On 5th Ave., a Grandmothers’ Protest as Endless as the Wars

New Colonialism: Pentagon Carves Africa Into Military Zones

Can someone explain the birth-death adjustment in relation to the latest jobs report?

The feds may be on to Apple's bad behavior

Teabagger label was liberal idea!

Nurse Appreciation Week

Bernie Sanders chides NRC for lack of oversight

Bernie Sanders chides NRC for lack of oversight

Friday TOON Roundup part 2

Bill McCollum is feeling the heat over the Rekers scandal. Here is a statement to the Orlando

The Bankers Manifesto of 1892: History Repeated


The Rude Pundit: Our Guns Are Way More Important Than Your Disasters

The UK exit polling was very good

Waldo rapes suspect charged in four ’80s cases

Pictures: Louisiana coast tries to protect itself from oil spill

Pictures: Louisiana coast tries to protect itself from oil spill

Want to know if your utility's green energy program ranks?

Government Exempted BP from Environmental Review

Columbia MO. Police: Eight day old drug warrant should not have been issued.

(BP Gulf Oil Spill) Containment Box Hovers Above Seafloor in Gulf

Breaking: Small area of Times Square being evacuated...

Re: The Back And Forth On The Jobless Numbers

Florida fails to outlaw sex with animals...

Disparity Between Productivity and Pay: $3 Trillion a Year (Guess who loses?)

Freepers weigh in on RentBoyGate while whining about "derisive homo-slurs like 'teabagger'"

Friday TOON Roundup part 1

SB 1070 boycott has lift off! NAACP, others represent.

Don't let a Friday freak out. Please come CAPTION this Mad Hatter.

What Happened With The Dome For The Oil Spill?

Flip off a Friday! Please come CAPTION this Mad Hatter, anotherTea Party maven.

Safety fluid was removed before oil rig exploded in Gulf -

Suspicious package (or packages) closes off Times Square!

(sigh) Why the he** are we there, again?

(sigh) Why the he** are we there, again?

Letter carriers to collect food

A Fat Finger Friday. . . . Please come CAPTION this teabagger.

Hey They just lowered the concrete tower into the Gulf (video)

Friday TOON Roundup part 3

"The flag should not be used as "wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery"

A new look at "court-packing"

History Lesson: BP's Texas City Explosion

Books and a water bottle!

Do these constitute examples of Baptist leaders' collusion with clergy sex abuse?

Was It A Mechanical Problem With The Market Or Not?

Sen. Graham says oil spill, immigration debate have derailed legislation

Details of the Revised "Audit the Fed" Amendment

Bill Aims To Protect Homeless From Hate Crimes (CA)

Robots position giant box over oil-spewing well

Robots position giant box over oil-spewing well

Robots position giant box over oil-spewing well

Digby: As Economy Burns, Young Wall Streeters Still Worship “Fabulous Fab”

Lithuanian court reverses ban on gay pride parade

"If the US Govt was run like a business, we'd never go over budget!"

Is MSNBC going to spend the whole goddamned afternoon breaking news

The cutting edge technology being used to corral the oil gusher:

The cutting edge technology being used to corral the oil gusher:

Obama to Seek Line-Item Veto Power to Trim Spending From Bills

ACLU sues city over Anchorage homeless camp clearing

The Wide, Wide World of Liberal Apps

How can 220,000 jobs be created and unemployment goes up???

How can 220,000 jobs be created and unemployment goes up???

Reporters Without Borders seems to have a geopolitical agenda

Some Palin Fans Unhappy With Fiorina Endorsement

Need some clarificaion help

AP buried the lead: Unemployment rises to 9.9% as the desperate return to job-seeking

On why people don't know shit

Obama Administration beats down efforts to audit the Federal Reserve Board and control big banks

Dr. Rekers: I had no idea had Rent Boys on it....I'm like Jesus.....You all LIE !!!

Joe Lieberman names citizenship-stripping bill "the TEA Act"

Poor Liberal Democrats (UK) - 23% of popular vote, only 9% of seats!


Definitely not a "Big Fucking Deal" although the MSM will be gushing about it

Politics, Not Religion, May Drive Pakistan's Militants

Kansas lawmaker proposes levying sales tax on abortions.

Republican Party of Florida releases $7.3 million in AmEx statements (Still hiding Rubio's....)

Republican Party of Florida releases $7.3 million in AmEx statements (Still hiding Rubio's....)

Florida voters now oppose offshore drilling by 55 to 35 percent.

Prominent GOP pollster: Times Square bomb scare gives Republicans an "opportunity"

It is not enough to just 'grow your own'

Not only did I receive a suspicious package from my dental laboratory today


TSA Beats MIA Co-Worker After His Genitals Are Exposed on Full-Body Scanner

The ‘Woodstock’ of Tea Parties planned for 9/11 anniversary

California State Revenue In April $3.6 Bil. Below Estimates

suspicious person seen by suspicious vehicle with suspicious package in a suspicious wrapping

dylan ratigan show: attack ad from the republican senatorial committee

Afghans Wary as NATO Rebrands Kandahar (Offensive) "Process"

Anderson Cooper 360 Tonight: "Lucian" exposes Rekers

World's worst environmental offenders

5.7 on the Weird-Shit-O-Meter

What if Greece is like the fall of the Berlin Wall for predatory capitalism?

What Happens in Arizona Stops in Arizona. (ACLU)

The FRC's official list of sins...

The FRC's official list of sins...

Only two-thirds of The Dixie Chicks?

WH Pres Sec Gibbs: President Obama will announce his nominee for the Supreme Court “at any moment,”

Kagan may be Obama's Choice, but she will be Right of Retiring Justice Stevens...

Why AZ law 1070 can't work

The World's About to Go Greek, say two top analysts

Things that I am ashamed of:

Maryland Leads the Way, Yet Again

Katie Couric Pretends to Be Journalist... Greek Economic Collapse

When the housing market comes back...

Anti-gay Iowa senator irate over proposed camping rules update

A recent encounter with a neighbor.

Hardcore Riot Dog Seen At Nearly Every Greek Protest (PHOTOS)

4 Dirty Secrets of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

Speaking of polls, Tweety just said that Crist has the lead in FL. nt

Speaking of polls, Tweety just said that Crist has the lead in FL. nt

Can Someone Fill Me In?

Can Someone Fill Me In?

Ron Paul: Bernie Sanders 'sold out' on fed audit

Fox News pulls fake data straight from their ass: "Immigrants responsible for 2,000 deaths annually"

What Happens In Vegas: Senate Investigators Interview Witnesses In Ensign Probe

Heard way more in past two days about Lawrence Taylor than I've ever heard about Roethlisberger

Head of the St. Louis Tea Party vows to "destroy the left"

Despite conservatives’ claims, 70 percent of Arizona’s Latinos oppose new anti-immigrant law.

Despite conservatives’ claims, 70 percent of Arizona’s Latinos oppose new anti-immigrant law.

can someone help me interpret something on Weather Underground?

It's not a stock market - it's a casino.

What would happen if the Lib Dems turn down the Tories?

Talk me down: was the wild stock ride just a warning to pro-regulators not to fuck with the Street?

Illinois State Rep. Jay Hoffman shows us how to yell at Republicans on the House Floor

This is a cartoon that deserves rehosting and bookmarking.

Is BP Controlling The Media And Keeping Them From Filming......

Apocalypse Never: Read This Book or Die

Politico's Mike Allen sez: Elena Kagan Will Be Obama's Supreme Court Pick

Ohio? Fisher a point ahead of Portman

Grateful Dead hour at my office

Survivors of the oil rig disaster

Sue Lowden now running TV ad claiming (wrongly) that chickens-for-checkups was "out of context"

Sean Connery named in money-laundering probe

"Babies": Is this movie tailor-made for the Whole Foods crowd?

Stock Market craziness

Heroic Behavior...

Deadliest Catch Employee Trapped in Giant Drug Sting

Just received an email from Ron Paul titled "Don't Let Them Swift Boat Rand"

Robert Kennedy Jnr is on Tweety

AZ Immigration Law: Say it with crayons

Will the right wing fight this hard forever against the Democrats? Or...

Apparently, "Real" Presidents Don't Know How to Spell......

The 14 Most Charitable Celebrities

Golf fan Tasered, arrested at Players Championship


When Salad bowls are outlawed...

Education Leighann Adair, Third-Grader: Busted For Jolly Rancher Possession, 1 week suspension

Looks like Maddow and Anderson Cooper are both doing pieces on Rekers tonight

Michelle Obama's Ode To Her "Mommy"

"Outsourced" - Now it's a TV series!

How Would You Describe The Amount Of Jobs Available In Your Area?

Update: Escort tells paper Christian leader is homosexual

In this photo it looks more like Rekers is the one attending to rent-a-boys luggage

Wow! Anyone watching Chris Matthews pulling Pataki's wings off?

Pentagon urges decrease in spending on troops

Dow down 100 points

Will you put your hard-earned money in the stock market?

The routine act of driving has become the riskiest thing most Americans do

The Pill turns 50 on Mother's Day

The end of the wicked old Mormons, By Mark Morford

Why The Victim Must Be Blamed

Conservative Republicans Want to Deprive Terrorists of All Rights — Except Right to Buy Guns

Does anybody know of Motorola phones setting on fire like some Apple laptops and iPods? (I don't.)

Holy Shit-skies! Palin on O'Rielly The U.S. Constitution is based on God and

Why are banks exempted from FTC regulations?

Look at what Scott Brown and Joe Lieberman have cooked up.

A Most Amazing Hospital Bill -1971..

BP promises to stop using dispersants underwater until tests are done on environmental safety

A tax on abortion?

Feds trace flash crash to Chicago

Kanellos the Greek protest dog

Head of the St. Louis Teabaggers vows to "destroy the left," teabagger-style.

Body Scanning Tecnnology "Ripe for Abuse"

It was programmed trading that gave us the '87 crash, and it happened again

New light shed on Kent State killings

Sex, Lies and Oil Spills

Teabaggers to protest Obama next week in Buffalo

It occurs to me that wall street is in the wrong location

How Can Limbaugh Get Away With Saying Time Square Terrorist is a Registered Democrat?

Write you own Limbaugh jokes in response to this...

Teacher with rabbit phobia to sue 14-year-old for drawing bunny

Emaciated dogs found chained

CHANGE: 290,000 New Jobs Last Month

Anyone here who is self-employed and buying their own health insurance? Or have had kids w/ braces?

When they call a Dem policy 'socialist', stop them in their tracks and correct them with this word..

Here is the list of stocks whose 2:40-3pm trades are cancelled

Gulf Oil Spill Could Threaten Human Health

Sen. Maria Cantwell will insist that the Senate vote on a proposal to reinstate Glass-Steagall

We WON net neutrality, just like that?

Republicans say Obama needs to slow down...

Pickles skips fundraiser lunch with Condi---sends chimpass in her place

Krugman: Good News. Jobs Outpacing Population Growth

First ladies in college: a pictorial

In pursuit of the truth, what road do you take?

Anatomy of the Modern Republican Brain

Oil Spill my rear end, Let's call it what it is ....

Bill McCollum voted to cap oil spill damages at $75 million

Lord Jesus Christ suffers minor injuries in downtown Northampton crosswalk mishap

Lord Jesus Christ suffers minor injuries in downtown Northampton crosswalk mishap

David Cameron Likely Next British Prime Minister

David Cameron Likely Next British Prime Minister

Guess what adds up to 666? Pope "Benedict" Check it out:

Worst paying college degrees.

Mercy, Mercy Me. Oil now entering the Loop Current and headed to the Florida Keys.

"Greece economy is going to be chopped up and sold to highest bidder, many of those foreign"

Black holes tear logic apart, pseudoscientific article but worth the

Dept Human Service employees protest working conditions (Michigan)

Hundreds of Union Janitors Fired Under Pressure From Feds

Unbelievable, 30, wearing hoods, carrying bats, walked through Asheville NC smashing stuff

Disaster for birds, leading bird conservation group releases list of bird sites most threatened

Democracy Now! journalists sue police, Secret Service over ‘violent’ RNC arrests

Friday TOON Roundup part 4

Friday TOON Roundup part 4

Friday MegaTOON roundup, part 5

Look how foolish England is

For Mother's Day: Single Mom with 5 Adopts 2 more

It's Time to End the Epidemic of Prisoner Rape

'Republicans Care About the Constitution When it Comes to Guns, but Not Citizenship'

Mom checked out racy teen books from library — and she won't give them back

Video of sperm whale checking out an oil rig at 1000 ft

Stop insulting the teabaggers.

This should be the last word on illegal immigrants:

And now... Gardening While Brown

“Birth/Death” Numbers Show Unemployment Is Not Improving As Assumed

Lord Jesus Christ hit by car in Massachusetts

Snopes toon (from 'checking before forwarding dumb e-mails' facebook page)

Harry Truman's grandson writes President Obama about DADT: "Lead as my grandfather did."

Waxman Fights for Sense in Supplements

The Dark Side of Disneyland Paris

Riots in the streets like Greece?

Box to contain oil spill in Gulf has been placed over leak, BP reports - AP

Drop in the Ocean

Why the Left Has No Answer to the Right-Wing Lie Machine

The Coming Decade of Suck

Boycott BP?

Passengers disembark NH bus in handcuffs, M-16s pointed at them

SWAT teams are out of control in this country. How do we rein them in?

Friday TOON Roundup part 6

Anatomical ridicule raises body-scanning concerns

Obese Patients With Methane on Their Breath Have Significantly Higher Body Mass Index

OK, DUers! Here is your Friday Afternoon Challenge Question!

On comedians and the media and the prophetic voice.

When The Right Starts Warning About Dominionism, Pay Attention

WOW! daughter's 6th grade book competition includes book exposing Reagan's horrific foreign policy!

Elton's letter to Ryan White 20 years after death

You can make and install apps for Android phones without asking "Mother may I".

Caveat eater: Strawberries are about to get more toxic

BP MONSTER coming ashore (photo)

Ah the post office and STUUUUPIIIID people

Obama Top Recipient of BP Oil Campaign $$$$$

Re: The Dow SNAFU yesterday - The biggest financial heist in history?

Mom Update 5/5 ( Larisa Alexandrovna)

Why are we turning our backs on our fellow Greek workers?

The 1,000 point drop (better) explained

Original Mother's Day Proclamation -- 1870

For All Of You Privacy/FaceBook Debaters... Interesting Info/Graphic...

Some folks are completely invested in the collapse of the economy

REPORT: Reagan Interfered With Carter's Iran-Hostage Negotiations-Hid Info From Congress & Americans

REPORT: Reagan Interfered With Carter's Iran-Hostage Negotiations-Hid Info From Congress & Americans

REPORT: Reagan Interfered With Carter's Iran-Hostage Negotiations-Hid Info From Congress & Americans

Why I am now completley sold on our US two party system

Why I am now completley sold on our US two party system

In 24 hours the Republican Party will execute one of its Senators in its circular firing squad

Say good bye to all this

Doctors speak out about Florida's new punitive, invasive abortion law.

Tainted Nuke Plant Water Reaches Major NJ Aquifer

Breaking news from the UK: Elections results coming in now.

Symphony of Science

I have no idea..

Dear Steve Earle

Waylon & Willie - Good Hearted Woman

We're not the only ones who have to deal with circumcision threads

"We know who you are". Creepy PA Dept of Revenue ad

So, how was your day?

Christ Held By Half Naked Men.

45 years ago? NOW I really feel old!

Bryan Ferry's version of "You Go To My Head"

The sequel is out ALREADY!!!

I'm sorry for all the piehole threads.

Anyone here who is self-employed and buying their own health insurance? Or have had kids w/ braces

anyone see this musical tribute to Mel Brooks given at the Kennedy Center Honors in Dec?

a slippery slope...?

Per multiple reqs, a new fractal (dialup warning)

Just Wondering If There's Anyone I Haven't Pissed Off Lately?

Chris De Burgh - Don`t Pay The Ferryman 1982

This is a wasp.

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to live in a society that didn't change much?

Need your help on microwaves (or appliances in general): LG or Whirlpool?

did google change their page format?

WORST episode of "MASH?"

Greatest videogame hero!

Anyone ever tried butter, peanut butter, mayo, vegetable oil or bath oil to get tar off their car?

Now is the very witching time of night when churchyards yawn,

I just got this YouTube error message:

I AM IRANMAN!!!!!!!!!

How much should I tip panhandlers?

One sign of spring, despite it being so cold here.

Did you know that they sell pressed ham at Walgreens?

Dr. Strange's PhD committee

Anybody got that pic of the chewed up dog training DVD?

beware the iTunes email

Floods Carry Horse 14 Miles From Home

MOST TALENTED MEMBER of The Partridge Family?

Little-known American inventors

So... I'm supposed to be working here

Examples of Chinglish...

SoxFan's Rule of Music No. 36

Sea Dogs - Adorable photo collection of dogs in the navy


FRIDAY NIGHT MUSIC!!!!! Joan Jett & The Blackhearts "StarFucker" live!+" Do You Want to Touch Me"..

Lakeville, Mass. Residents attacked by Red-Tailed Hawks

You know what this place needs? More wackiness.

ok , I am watching the "brian and stewie" one hour episode , and my jaw is hitting the floor

What kind of DUer ....

Coming up for air once again...

Are jeans, tee-shirt and sneakers okay for a pop concert?

Holy crap! Janis reincarnated?

Woman says she became pregnant after watching porn in 3D....

Hudson woman 'attacks husband for being bad in bed'

This post was made with my new iPod Touch

Has anybody here ever broken their coccyx?

"Will Dance For Food" says corgi.


is it just me or is the facebook page formatting all fucked up for anybody else?

BREAKING: TSA Worker Assaults Colleague For Joking About His Genitals During Body Scanner Training

Not only did I receive a suspicious package from my dental laboratory today

I just got adopted ......yup it's true...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/7/10

and world peace...

'Britain's worst' art exhibition?


I am not happy that the Teabaggers have co-opted the Gadsen Flag

On dreaming

I figured out why O'Reilly defended Obama's response to the oil spill

I posted about getting adopted by a cat earlier..Question

New music discovery: Slow Six

Grateful Dead hour at my office

Your FAVORITE Pauly Shore movie?

Had my annual Bob dream the other night, so. . .

Iceland arrests ex-chief of collapsed bank Kaupthing

Bronte Sisters Power Dolls

Plan to audit Federal Reserve appears poised to clear Senate

Why do we wear all our clothes inside out?

Prahalad Jani mystery remains unsolved

Toyota's new quality czar says buyers not being told enough

Something Very Strange is Happening in Denver.....

Asian stocks sharply down in opening trade

Ariz. governor rejects delay of immigration law


It's just not LeftyFingerPop's fault that...

Green Party wins first ever UK parliamentary seat

Privacy groups take Facebook complaint to US regulators

Hi. I need to know. Am I the only person who thought 'Grand Torino' blew?

Jessica Simpson...

Caroline Lucas becomes Green Party's first MP (first seat ever in the UK)

Oil Regulator Ceded Oversight to Drillers

Times Sq. Bomb Suspect Is Linked to Militant Cleric

(Israeli) General 'tried to cover up truth about death of Rachel Corrie'

Leaving office, (Costa Rican president) Arias reflects on his legacy

Iraqi anti-Qaeda chief switches back to rebels

Nato gambles on collaboration with Ahmad Wali Karzai in Kandahar

U.S. officials: No credible evidence that terrorists trained Shahzad

Nick Clegg offers coalition talks to David Cameron

Huffington Post story has crossed the line

Britain in limbo as hung parliament looms

Giant box above oil leak site

Plan for Congressional Audits of Fed Dies in Senate

Obama: Feds looking into stock market plunge

(Senate Ethics) Committee Interviewing Las Vegas Witnesses in Ensign Probe

Romanian unions threaten strikes over IMF cuts

US says too few Afghans to take control in Marjah

European lawmakers to back hedge fund clampdown

Train station bomb kills one in Russia: officials

Blasts, shooting kill 1, wound 7 in Bangkok

Attacks Signal End of Poppy Harvest in Afghanistan

Maoists End Crippling General Strike in Nepal, Street Protests to Continue

(WP) Poll: 31% of Republicans and tea partyers doubt Obama's citizenship

California to make attacks on homeless a hate crime

Electronic Trading Caused Meltdown: NYSE CEO (not a trader error)

What is your opinion of "swingers?"

NC farmworkers' group protests at RJR meeting

Wells Fargo mortgage lending practices probed

BNP hopes of a breakthrough dashed as party defeated in target seats

Morgan Hill: After flag flap, cops add officers at Live Oak High

FL: Lawmakers fail to address a proposed law banning bestiality

Cornell birds website wins a Webby

RNC Dismisses Finance Chief, Deputy

7 arraigned after foreclosure protest at Stony Ridge home

Abandoned water cooler causes Times Square scare

BP, other oil spill companies start the blame game

CNBC: A Citigroup Trader Made The Big Fat Finger Error

U.S. seeks more data from Shell on Arctic Ocean drilling plans

Safety barrier removed before rig exploded: report

Is there any rock song with the words "Rock & Roll" in the title that doesn't suck shit?

Rig Survivors Felt Coerced To Sign Waivers

White House Deputy Counsel Resigns

E. coli forces lettuce recall; 19 ill in 3 states

TV shows that became unbearably preachy.

If Pets Were Unionized, What Would They Demand?

Who knew $20 could buy something THIS awesome back in the 70s?

America's favorite birth control method turns 50

BP brings in big box to deal with oil - Crews lower concrete-and-steel structure over well in Gulf

DU's Official Semi-Annual Pet Poll - What do you have?

Partial Evacuation of Times Square

What is the strangest food your kitteh loves??

I am NOT going to commit suicide.

Confess!!! Which one of you wankers trained the birds to poop on my bike?

Jobs up 290,000, Jobless rate raises to 9.9 percent

U.S. facing 'grievous harm' from chemicals in air, food, water, panel says

Paraguay President Lugo concerned over coup threat


Shadowy outside group spending $1.5 million to influence Arkansas Dem primary

AG Paid $60,000 to Anti-Gay Activist Who Hired Male Prostitute

Gunman Goes on LA-Area Shooting Rampage

Arpaio's deputies arrest 24 at Phoenix business in ID-theft case (Some Illegal Immigrants)

best M*A*S*H episode ever?

Breaking: FCC paves way for studios to push first-run movies into the home

Republicans won't budge on secret holds on Obama nominees

Dog and human hair sent to Gulf of Mexico to help clean up oil spill

University to turn over Palin speech documents

Video shows Seattle police kicking suspect

Progress ups Levy nuclear plant costs, delays start

Deepwater Horizon Survivors Tell ABC News No Alarm Sounded Before Blast, Safety Gear Failed

Two NATO Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

Largest Nursing Strike In U.S. History Looms In Minnesota

Since spill, feds have given 27 waivers to oil companies in gulf

World's biggest beaver dam discovered in northern Canada

Senate Votes For Wall Street; Megabanks To Remain Behemoths

White supremacists planned World Cup bombings

I don't care who you are: We are all damaged goods

Politico Says Obama Will Pick Kagan for Supreme Court

Senate rejects Republican consumer protection plan

Right now, Lib Dems are playing Nader 2000 w/61 seats to Labour's 255 and Tories' 305.

BP, Halliburton to testify at Senate Environment and Public Works Committee hearing May 11

Politico shows how not to report on campaign contributions

WP: Obama gets weekly tutorials in terrorism (This is what Tweety was talking about today)

A No-Boehner-The minority leader's absurd charge about Obama's counterterrorism strategy.

Plum Line: SEIU radio spots back Halter against Blanche Lincoln.

The Obama Recovery - Job Growth Illustrated: April Marks Largest Job Gain Since March 2006

Senate debate on Republican holds of Obama nominees--107 to Bush's 8 at same point in his 1st term

Whoohoo!!! "NEW KCCI POLL: Grassley Faces Strong Challenge From Conlin"

**** Heads Up: POTUS speaks on monthly employment numbers, 11am EDT! ****

POLL: 14% of Americans are "birthers" - mostly based on suspicion, 1/3 of them approve of Obama

Credit Card Reform Makes It Easier To Pay Down Your Balance: Center For Responsible Lending

290,000 jobs created in April, much better than expected; jobless rate 9.9%

Unemployment Good News, Bad News

Elena Kagan tied to Goldman Sachs. Goldman on the Supreme Court?

Jobs, Eggs, Chickens and the House of Representatives

Who turns off msnbc when they cover Limpballs, Psycho Sarah and Blubbery Beck?

There is a lesson in there somewhere

The Oracle of Biden

Pres. Truman’s grandson: End the gay ban

Greek Bankers' Deaths Obama's Fault Too

Pataki is a fucking idiot

WTF!!! jobs created in April and the rates goes from 9.7% to 9.9%vwhat's up with that

Breaking: Steele has fired RNC Finance director and Deputy.

Dems need to bring back Howard Dean. Tim Kaine is clueless.

Letter Urges Obama to Select a Supreme Court Nominee Who Will Not 'Cripple the Regular Work of Gover

LA Times blogger Andrew Malcolm can apologize to Joe Biden now

I believe Obama's Court pick will be male

Obama administration still operating on behalf of Wall Street megabanks

Elena Kagan Will Be Obama's Supreme Court Pick: Mike Allen

"Nobody's Showing Up To Joe Lieberman's TEA Party"

Take a look at this research on Jobs creation I just did after today's great number:

Senator Bob Casey signs on to Durbin's Fair Elections Now Act! This brings total to 17 cosponsors.

How high could the unemployment rate rise?

Scotland did its part to keep the Tories out:

And the GOP hits just keep coming and coming

Elena Kagan: Confirmation Hearings 'Vapid and Hollow Charade'

Even (R)asmussen shows Democrats are on the rebound.

Bill Press Show is reporting that it's Elena Kagan for Supreme Court

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

PA-SEN POLL: Sestak and Specter tied at 43%.

Mosque going up in NYC building damaged on 9/11

Fuck you Dylan Ratigan!

Dealing with sexism at work

South Korea Concludes North Korea Sank Its Warship, Chosun Says

White House Supports Sen Sanders Amendment to Audit the Fed

Papantonio: BP - Shills, Shills, and More Shills

Sting! - Earth Day 2010 - "Fragile" - Justice Through Music Project

Gerald Celente: Crash of 2010 inevitable

DADT is Inconsistent with America's Values

Young Turks: Church Fights Women Watching Porn & Masturbation

Black Ops/CIA Operative (the only one ever) comes clean -- This might blow your friggin' mind

British Voters Angry At Not Being Able To Cast Their Votes Due To Polling Station Chaos

Bo Obama responsible for oil rig explosion

David Letterman - Brian Williams on Wall Street's Free Fall

Pap Discusses BP Oil Spill Lawsuit on Grit TV

Official: NY Suspect Did Dry Run Before Car Bomb

The economic crisis and the failure of capitalism. David Harvey on BBC

SWAT team Storms Keith Sadler's home in predawn raid

Proud To Be A Teabagger

Renewable Energy Solution of the Month - Wind

The Ed Show: Lieberman & Graham on terra, plus 32 Black Republicans Running For Congress

First Underwater Footage: Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill at Source

Greek Cops Break Up Demonstration At Parliament Building

Rebuild the Progressive Movement

Progressive Winograd has set the CA36 primary race on its ear Harman 1st time @ CDP Prog Caucus

Pap and Randi Rhodes Take on Offshore Drilling Advocates - Pt. 1/2

Athens Greece Riot Dog

McCain: I do not know the details of Fiorina's golden parachute, but she did a good job as HP's CEO

New TV Ad From Firedoglake: Spill Here, Spill Now

Gulf BP Oil Spill Pictures

Tennessee Flood 2010

Symphony of Science - 'The Unbroken Thread' (ft. Attenborough, Goodall, Sagan)

A possible way to help clean up the oil spill?

Social Media Revolution

Private folly, public blame

6 May 2010 Stock Market Crash (Live Coverage)!!

Thom Hartmann - Should anyone on the terrorist watch list be able to buy a gun?

Arizona Immigration law, How to catch illegal immigrants in Arizona!

Young Turks: Conservative Priest Says Teens Spontaneously Gay

Machete Deals With Arizona HD

TYT: Students Can't Wear American Flag On Cinco de Mayo

Republicans: Wrong Then, Wrong Now

Mike Malloy - Where Are You Now, Scum Suckers?

Pap and Randi Rhodes Take on Offshore Drilling Advocates - Pt. 2/2

Why we need to debate the existence of God

5/6/10 Jim Rogers on CNBC: Stock Plunge is Just the Beginning!

Kennedy & Papantonio - Sex, Lies, and Halliburton

Illinois State Rep. Jay Hoffman screams at Republicans during debate

Exclusive Raw Video: BP's Oil Funnel Contraption Lowered Into The Ocean Above Leak Site

Sen Kerry: We Cannot Drill and Burn Our Way Out of This Crisis

Please don't vote Republican (Part 1 of 2)

Rep. Alan Grayson: You Own the Red Roof Inn, Thanks to the Fed

Thom Hartmann - Is a government sanctioned Day of Reason proof that atheism can be a religion?

Falafel Boy asks Disasta From Alaska: What do you say to the people in CHINATOWN?

Teabagger yanked her own youtube video and someone else reposted it. LOL

Arun Gandhi, Martin Luther King, And Looking Beyond The Impossibly Perfect Standard

Senate Votes For Wall Street; Megabanks To Remain Behemoths

Baseball's Phillies Announce New Promotion: 'Taser Night'

In political message wars, 'race card' has become salvo fired by all sides

Conservatives Assail 'Rentboy' Rekers, Anti-Gay Activist, For Renting!

Will Peak Oil Turn Flying into Something Only Rich People Can Afford?

Job Creation Jumps 290,000 Even as Rate Hits 9.9%

David Sirota: The Motto of Mad Men

Loose Lips on Iran Can Sink America

AG Paid $60,000 to Anti-Gay Activist Who Hired Male Prostitute

The Racist State

Whose Originalism? Greenhouse

Nightmare on Main Street: If Silicon Valley ran the country

Senate (Dems)Vote For Wall Street; Megabanks To Remain (Too Big to Fail)

NRA aims, lawmakers pull trigger

The Coming European Apocalypse

Sanders Sells Out on Audit the Fed

Green Party leader wins seat in UK parliament

At the site is a photo: It references NY bomber and says it is another CIA Drama

Greenspan Arrogance Set Up U.S. for Big Fall: Roger Lowenstein

Is Cognizant the Dark Horse of Indian Outsourcing?

Capgemini recruiting two-thirds of new staff offshore

Joe Lieberman's Fascist Solution To Terrorism

Muslim blowback? By M Junaid Levesque-Alam

Prevent maternal deaths / Maternal Health is a Human Right (Amnesty International)

Rise & Fall of The Washington Times: Ex-Nazis, Cocaine Smugglers and Cultists

Put Them All Together They Spell "W-E-E-K-E-N-D" May 7-9, 2010

Would you put up with what is being asked of the Greek people?

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill- Wildlife Tribute (from Curacao)

American Superconductor Corp.’s SeaTitan turbine will use high-temperature superconductor wire

DOE Announces RFI on Rare Earth Metals

Drumbeat: May 7, 2010

New reactor designs making progress

NRC ignores fire experts’ warnings about risks at operating plants

BP Oil Spill Disaster in Gulf of Mexico

UN report stresses the need to provide access to clean energy to the world’s poor

University experts prove British summer is advancing

Last Remaining Mangrove Wetland in Barbados Disappearing,

Crystal River nuclear plant repairs to take longer than expected

French University Builds 11,000 MPG Car

FL nuke plant 5 years late AND $5.3 billion (30%) more - in the still waiting for permit phase

Siting Nukes in a Poor Black Town -- If A Black President Does It, Is It Still Environmental Racism?

42,225 Daily Temperature Readings, and Counting-A Rare 114-Year Record, Kept by Generations, Logs...

The Pittsburgh Pirates Humiliate the Cubs to sweep the series. The first

Bengals agree to two-year contract with Pacman

IIHF World Ice Hockey Championships, Germany

Pac-10, Big 12 discuss TV alliance

Something Very Strange is Happening in Denver

John McEnroe Puts Oomph Behind Alternative Tennis Academy.

Pretty big night in Boston

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Thursday, May 6)

Amazing video of JaMarcus Russell leaving Oakland.

Price of trying to retrieve a golf ball from Alligator infested pond

Honduras president shuns foreign summit amid boycott threats !!!!!

Venezuela's Bolivar Weakens To VEF8 Against Dollar

Cuba - A Way Forward

Spanish Politician Meets with Dissidents in Cuba

Brazil: Serra, Dilma Rousseff, and Marina Silva Face Off for the First Time in a Cordial Debate.

Caracas: 47 butchers arrested for speculation

Venezuela: Sotillo inhabitants close bridge over Orinoco river

Chávez urges Unasur to put aside ideology

Nike’s Love Affair with Sweatshops: Still Doing It

Cubans state radio warns against hoarding rice

Venezuela: Inflation hits 5.2 % in one month

Brazil Announced Aid of $ 286 Million to Greece

Paraguay President Lugo concerned over coup threat

Brazilian Greens seek alliance with Mockus

Venezuela: Interesting numbers on meat production, imports and consumption since 1998

Cuba Has Worst Sugar Harvest Since 1905

Looking for LGBT-specific fiction research sources (England, mid 20th century)

George 'Rentboy' Rekers: 'I Am Not Gay and Never Have Been'

Reporters secretly tape record conversation between Rekers and "Lucien"

Second escort comes forward alleging sexual relations with anti-gay Christian activist George Reker

Iowa Lawmaker Says Gay Families Shouldn't Go Camping

George Rekers Gets the MadPriest Treatment

Archbishop Calls Children "Spontaneously Homosexual"

Obama Acknowledges Gay Moms in Mother's Day Proclamation

Civilian pension needs fix, too (my pension)

Nurses plan picketing as contract talks near critical deadline

Lieberman to roll out 'Terrorism Expatriation Act' Thursday (No foreign armies except for Israel)

(Israeli) General 'tried to cover up truth about death of Rachel Corrie'

If this is our future

Police: Man Shoots Would-Be Robber (while he was pulling out cash at an ATM)

Don't Tread on Me Sig Sauer 226 Handgun

Went to get my Ruger Mk III .22/45

The Gun Lobby’s Long Shadow

An Iris in the sun

Steller sea lions in Resurrection Bay

Camera Gear Mail: 24-70 2.8L & 16-35 2.8L ll from

I think I'm in love!

the kittens out cute for words.

"City of Gonads" Jellyfish Discovered

Nature Fighting Back Against Gulf Oil Spill

Prahalad Jani mystery remains unsolved

How the Maya did their plumbing

Symphony of Science - 'The Unbroken Thread' (ft. Attenborough, Goodall, Sagan)

Now we're teaching robots how to use knives?

can someone help me interpret something on Weather Underground?

Persistent Evidence of a Jovian Mass Solar Companion in the Oort Cloud

Voyager 2 starts talking gibberish

Why time flies

Whatever Happened to the Ozone Hole?

Clarification of 0 Degrees Aries "House Cusp" in your chart

'Lord Jesus Christ' Hit By Car In Northampton, Mass.

5.7 on the Weird-Shit-O-Meter

The basic dilemma of the moderate Christian...

Potential Role for Histamine Identified in Tourette's Syndrome

New Inhalable Measles Vaccine May Lead to Vaccines for Other Diseases

Anyone here who is self-employed and buying their own health insurance? Or have had kids w/ braces?

Pediatric Chiropractic Care: Scientifically Indefensible?

The Coalition for Better Thyroid Care

Phase 2 kidney bean extract

And for those who think today's correction was just the result of a computer glitch..

Fun Fact: P&G has 2.2 billion shares outstanding

The Day The Market Almost Died (Courtesy Of High Frequency Trading)

Russia's Lada may return to British market

Panic And Loathing From The S&P 500 Pits

Electronic Trading to Blame for Plunge, NYSE Says

British financial assets fall as politicians scramble for power

U.S. Senate rejects plan to limit bank size, debt

Fake +290K Payrolls "Added" On 188k Birth-Death Adjustment As Unemployment Goes Back To 9.9%,

For 10 minutes yesterday, the market was like a BMW stalled on the BQE

The Near 1,000 Point Slide of the DJIA Compels Further Investigation of the Wall Street Casino Scam

The Re-secure America’s Monetary Policy (RAMP) Act