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Shed a little light (James Taylor)

SCOTUS Blog - Justice John Paul Stevens from the bench: arguments, questions, and dissents

Threat Level Privacy, Crime and Security Online

Federal judge rejects bid to halt pot clinic ban

Legislation Calls For Expanded Trade To Help Haiti

Maj General Eaton is tearing the ReTHUGS a

It's about time - Democrats talk back on banking reform

Proposed Legislation Allows Discharge of Private Student Loans in Bankruptcy

Go tell them Keith... by the way

Primary Completed Coussoule Looks Forward To Challenging Boehner In General

Frontline tonight. An examination of for- profit universities.

Heads up GD, Obama interviews a new SCOTUS candidate for Stevens slot

I may vomit. So might you at this column by David Brooks.

GOP Senate candidate in Utah cofounder of Ignite! Learning with Neil Bush

OK. I'm not making this up. O'Reilly is so dumb

Google Maps - Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Rosalynn Carter is on TDS w/Jon Stewart tonight.

New facebook group: How about Obama hires 16,000 new border agents, NOT 16,000 new IRS agents!

Spirited debate over buying alcohol by mail spills into Congress

Oh the irony

Anyone feeling like Winston tonight?

Paranoia, anxiety grow over Gulf Coast oil spill

6 reasons 'Goldman Conspiracy' must kill reforms: Derivatives-bonus culture needs neo-Reaganomics...

WOW! Pickles is gonna be on Hannity's show tomorrow! Hard-hitting journalism at its best! USA! USA!

I guess we've come to find out the "invisible hand" was actually an invisible finger! nt

(Update-SCRUBBED!) "In the end, it was secret Army intelligence planes that did him in."

Some Ohio Senate Primary Election Results Coming In

Shell: Almost 14,000 tons of oil lost in Nigeria

Union Mines Are Safer: Ask Tim Miller, Whose 10 Co-Workers Died in Mine Blast


Phoenix to wear 'Los Suns' jerseys in Game 2

I got an "A" in Mines & Booby Traps school....

Jeb Bush helps out PA gubernational candidate, who wants to implement charter schools...

I am taking bets!

keith olbermann just

John Cornyn (R-TX): Obama Got 'Lucky' That Times Square Bomber Is Talking

Who said this?

DU this poll on AZ immigration law

If McNuts didn't hate Keith before tonight, he sure does now!

'Pink Hearts' Campaign Kicks Off on National Teacher Day

Any exit numbers on the OH primaries?

Mo. Senate passes referendum opposing federal health insurance mandate

If BP was negligent, is it liable to all businesses that suffer losses because of the oil spill?

Does the BP dome idea seem eerily similar to "The Simpsons Movie" to anyone else?

Sanders Concerned White House May Kill Fed Audit Amendment

Ohio: Fisher Tops Brunner, Will Face Portman

CONFIRMED:Lieutenant Governor Lee Fisher is Going To Win The Ohio US Senate Primary!

Teacher Appreciation Week 2010

Was Deepwater Horizon's Gas Detection System intentionally bypassed by BP?

Ernie Harwell dead at 92. Best of the Best. RIP Ernie.

Rosalynn Carter is Jon Stewart's guest

100 year-old 'Aunt Aggie', who raised 40 foster children, facing foreclosure

How to help: Volunteer information for Gulf of Mexico oil spill cleanup

Send the dog out of the room---!

What is the origin of the use of the name "Poppy" Bush?



Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

275,000 School Jobs on Chopping Block, Survey Says

Grand Rapids, MI voters vote to raise their income taxes

Federal Government Hiring Drives Jobs Growth

Gulf Coast diary: Our last seafood dinner

It looks like the NC Democratic nomination for senate is going to a runoff.

Top 10 Justices by length of service

Top 10 Justices by length of service

REDCROSS to 90999 - $10.00 Help Tennessee

Paying For The Oil Spill: A Guide To Who's On The Hook

Fmr Justice Sandra Day O'Connor speaks out against boycotting Arizona but criticizes SB1070

you gotta be fuckin kidding me!!! 169 nukes for mundane tasks like creating underground storage???

So I was browsing some Muckety connections to Neil Bush....

Stimulus funds bring supercomputer to Pittsburgh area!

How Many So-Called Terrorists are Really Just Assholes to Blame Things On?

On the "History channel."


Is Vera Baker’s Real Name Irene Schwoeffermann?

Anyone here working for the Census?

Global labour figures point to rising tide of joblessness

Puppy beating may lead to Calif. animal cruelty register

RE: Los Suns--The NBA, Phoenix Suns and San Antonio Spurts have SHAMED Major League Baseball

National Day of Prayer -- thoughts?

Yet another government program that proves that government can work.

Hampton HS Student Suffers Seizure During Cell Phone Mix-Up

DNA tests prove Cleveland man innocent; he'll go free (served 29 years)

Can you guess where this "X-Rated" Wall is located?

Where do the "perfect Republican" women like Palin, Bachmann, Lowden and Malkin come from?

Not a great picture but still brings a smile to my face

Netroots Tell Obama & FCC - You Can't Just Let The Telecoms Steal The Internet

Big Kindle is watching you

CNN: High court contender Kagan brings reputation for consensus-building

Do you feel somehow violated ?

Do you feel somehow violated ?

Take part in nation's largest food drive Saturday (online too)

Some Gulf Lawmakers With Ties to the Industry Downplay Spill in Their Own Backyard

Hey Pataki your friends Bush, Cheney and St Rudy

Should Major Civil Rights Organizations Urge Entertainers And Athletes To Boycott Arizona?

George Rekers just wanted to "share the gospel" with rentboy!

The injustice of our greed, the practice we inherit

Thoughts about Times Square 'bomber.'

The most interesting Republican you've never heard of

European, world markets plunge on Greek debt fears

Today's history lesson, a little perspective on the NYC bomber

Immigration Could Sway Coming Vote in Britain

New York City, Marijuana Arrest Capital of the World ..... and P.S., Michael Bloomberg's an asshole

Have been thinking about MOHO drilling and the Glomar Explorer...

As BP’s oil disaster devastates gulf region, Landrieu and Boehner call for expanding oil drilling

Meanwhile, in Nashville......... (pic heavy)

Hunter S. Thompson work eyed for film

Could anti-trust/trust-busting authority be a short-term solution to the recent USSC decision..

Proceed With Caution

U.S. exempted BP rig from environmental study

Arizona Immigration Lawsuits: Tucson, Flagstaff City Councils Vote To Sue

Pickens - it's an accident

Terrorist Attacks In The U.S. Under Bush's 2nd Term (Bush Got Lucky Too)

*ALERT* FDA offers new details about kids' Tylenol, Motrin recall *STOP USING NOW*

"Hey Dad, Why Does This Country Protect Billionaires And Not Teachers?"

"Aussie teen's round-the-world no record: manager" - but jessica has made it anyway

China May ‘Crash’ in Next 9 to 12 Months, Faber Says

Comments on Some Recent Oil Spill News Items, Including the Dome

Gooey Black Corporate Greed

Ahhhh, the classics ~

Why is it everything that is bad has a HALLIBURTON aroma (oil spill)

Hey GEM$NBC and Savannah

Georgia man accused of traveling to Tennessee for armed takeover of courthouse

My annual Happy Cinco De Mayo Thread

Lapses Allowed Suspect to Board Plane

Five fun ways to obliterate all hope, By Mark Morford

How is it a fight when you kick down

How is it a fight when you kick down

I'm starting to hate this word, "spill"

Arizona, you picked the wrong Mexican!

Mullen taken to the wood shed

how low can it go.......the DOW I's off 27 again this morning...

U.S. Supreme Court Shuts Front Doors to Visitors

It can be done. We, the democratic party base can choose our candidates.

Disturbing news re net neutrality and FCC Chairman

End of the World Cartoon

Is the Time Square car bomb a red herring?

Why the Times Square "Bomber" did it.

oil prices and rumors of bankruptcy

YAWN...pardon me while I cool my brain...

live performance of the suite from Side 2 of "Abbey Road" . . . referral post . . .

Maryland again defied the Supreme Court & rejected Murray Hill Inc.'s voter registration.

what's up with Arkansas?

Phoenix Suns to wear "Los Suns" jerseys, Owner criticizes immigration law

Airports close due to ash risk (Scotland, N. Ireland)

Smoking Car to an Arrest in 53 Hours

***Live Senate Hearing on Terrorist Watch list and gun purchases***

hump day toon...?

DU This poll. It's getting freeped.

Something like 90% of people on the thread think the Phillies fan deserved to be TASERED?

New Jersey drinking water to remain toxic

With oil slick still offshore, a frenzy of preparations

I don't want to get this thread filled with bomb-making stuff and locked, BUT....

Former Bush official runs secretive ‘Cockroaches’ group

Secret Erik Prince/Blackwater Tape Exposed

Discrimination Against Pregnant and Young Latina Mothers in California Schools

Alabama builds oil defences

Three die in fire set by Greek protesters

Army to be sued for war crimes over its role in Fallujah attacks

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 4

Reflecting on Richard Engel's report on last night's Maddow show:

Congressman David Obey (D-Wis) won't seek re-election. Breaking now.

Climate Crock videos need votes in Contest!!

Best FDR Bio?

A bailout for Greece. Who's next, Spain or Portugal?

How does one work around the "not available in your country" block?

U.S. seen vulnerable to radicalised immigrants

Lawbreaker PALENTY "exceeded his authority" by slashing budget -( court)

Stomach cancer up 70% in young white adults

"Taking names and kickin' . . ." Just HOW did BP lobby MMS to exempt their drilling

A mission for DU: Call Discovery - - Cancel Sarah Palin's show

Now that this Shazhad guy has been arrested, I apologize to the teabaggers

TFT INSTRUMENTS Company has designed a new flight simulator that can be used for entertainment

U.S. exempted BP rig from environmental study

Former student accuses ex-Loyola Academy principal of abuse

Imagine (not John Lennon's version)

I need some DU help.

Explosion at Alabama rocket base burns 2

NATO Considers Rewarding Soldiers for Not Killing Civilians

Cantor says Americans are ‘better than’ everyone else.

Ugandan 'Kill the Gays' Bill Becoming an Issue in Kansas

Riots erupt in Athens-3 bank workers killed

"I Met The Walrus".

Ash compensation e-mail 'is fake' says Wrexham firm

Anyone know a good alternative energy stock to invest in?

GOP House candidate runs TV ad calling for racial profiling

Magnetic Stimulation Scores Modest Success as Antidepressant

Deep Thought: Faisal Shahzad followed immigration law to the letter

Newsweek is for sale. Enthusiastic sales pitch

Chambers Funeral Home in Riverdale faces closure over cremation backlog

Please Email Cargill Corp, to Stop Palm Oil Industry's Destruction of Rain Forests:

Why do Republicans hate our Constitutional safeguards?

Joe the Plumber wins GOP post

Hyperfast missile to hit anywhere in an hour

GONE: Family Research Council Erases Co-Founder Dr. George Rekers

Do you have no sense of the scale of the oilpacalypse, sir? (a rant) by Cenobyte

Jeff Kottkamp, Florida Lt. Gov., Billed State GOP For Disney World Tours

Jeff Kottkamp, Florida Lt. Gov., Billed State GOP For Disney World Tours

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 2

Sens. Kyl And Roberts Pretend Republicans Never Embraced The Slogan ‘Drill, Baby, Drill’

Without Immigrants, NYC's Economy Would Collapse

I wish to make three points:

NEW YORK MAY 5, 2010 From New Citizen to Suspect in a Year

The most interesting Republican you've never heard of

Bravo Ernestine

3 Officers Indicted In Teens' Kidnappings

Terror Suspects Are Buying Guns - and the FBI Can't Stop Them

Joe the Plumber is elected to party office in Ohio

Taxpayer Costs Climbing To Keep Inmates Healthy

Immigration Reform to Include Binational Gay Couples

Lie-Detection Brain Scan Could Be Used in Court for First Time

Would You Care for a Side of Agent Orange With Your Soy Burger?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Sex, Lies and Oil Spills

Two more thugs off the street

Father of Times Square car bomb suspect dealt with security at Pakistan's nuclear weapon facility

Harry Reid: GOP wants to keep 'making love' to Wall Street

"MACHETE" - Just in time for Cinco de Mayo? (not sure, what to think...)

OH HELL F'ING NO: Tribune Co. tapes TV pilot for bigoted ass Bill Cunningham!

Minnesota man charged with stabbing 29 pigs

Right-Wing Claim: Wrong as Usual - NYC SUV Suspect Not a Registered Democrat

Not sure if anyone else saw it, but CNN just said austerity measures are taxes.

Women subdue man accused of Maine campus stabbing

This Oil Ride - A Chronology

Fizzle Shazhad -- thank Jah he's a crappy student.

I want My Country back from Big Oil

BALD is the new GREEN: Want to help the Gulf Ecosystems? Shave your head.

Faisal Shahzad: ‘modern boy’ from liberal Pakistani village

30 Photos That Changed the World

Nobody Knows the Trouble We'll See

O'Reilly on critiques of Obama response to oil spill: "What could he have done? ... This is insane"

Crop subsidies found to help largest farms most

Blame the EPA study on Dubya

just had a call from Newtie's organization bashing Obama

Lieberman: Drilling Will Still Be in Climate Bill; ‘Accidents Happen’

Lieberman: Drilling Will Still Be in Climate Bill; ‘Accidents Happen’

Wiretaps Up 26% in 2009

Senate GOP proposes alternate consumer plan

Senate GOP proposes alternate consumer plan

Tucson, Flagstaff sue over AZ immigration law

BREAKING: Explosive Device Damages Times Square Armed Forces Recruiting Station

Three Reported Killed in Greek Protests

Ugh! Scott Cohen (IL) on MSNBC now talking about how he wants to get on the ballot

Will Hollywood Go the Way of Enron? Derivatives Come to the Movies

If you order Gulf shrimp, be sure to ask a followup question:

Kris Kobach (Loser-KS) wants Arizona-type law for Kansas.

Govt. investigates shrimpers in Gulf turtle deaths

Govt. investigates shrimpers in Gulf turtle deaths

A photo website dedicated to volcanoes

German "politicians" call for Greeks to sell off some islands; greeks refuse

Florida's Bill McCollum Paid 'Rentboy' Preacher as Star Witness in anti-gay adoption case

Repuke Elisabeth Hasselbeck is so transparently full of Shit!

TMZ is a hot mess!

Dementia boosts risk in spouse too: study

This is what my Republican Facebook friends are posting

Re: Oil Spill. I think everything is going to be OK

NOAA: 1 of 3 Gulf well leaks halted but oil flow same

Official Republican Party Line on the word 'teabagger': It's as bad as the N-word

The Rude Pundit: Stupid Fucking Republicans (Professor George Edition)

Cinco de Mayo History: An American Celebration of the Battle of Puebla

Fuck you Bob Franken

Earth Could Become Too Hot for Humans

Klan leader pleads guilty to killing Okla. woman

(NSFW, TWITTERERS) Liberty Blogger Fights Obama’s “Disgusting” Language With Porn Pictures

From India: State to safeguard 'weak' students

Crews prepare to take oil contraption to Gulf

It's a silly thing, but I think it's significant: Haitian soccer rises from the rubble today.

What is your current thinking on bank loans?

Schwarzenegger May Disenfranchise Thousands of Overseas Troops with Early Special Election Date

Headline in today's print NYT: 'Michigan High School Snags Noted Hawaiian as Speaker' (pic)

State senator to White Sox: Move training camp from Arizona

Farmers Cope With Roundup-Resistant Weeds, “It is the single largest threat to ... agriculture"

I predict the oil well leak will be 100% shut off in the next two weeks!

I predict the oil well leak will be 100% shut off in the next two weeks!

Massacres Expose Another Reason to End Iraq and Afghanistan Wars

Coast Guard successfully completes new burn against oil spill

Tea Partiers boiling over NYC mayor's comments

Why Tennessee got such flooding, pics, and a ridiculous choice in cutting costs

Pelosi wants oil spill liability bill on the floor ‘quickly’ – aide

A sale sign in the grocery store

The Value of Relationships in Teaching

Bloomberg: Mirandized Times Square bomb suspect has "continued to be helpful"

Sen. Byrd Rips Into Mining Industry for Putting Coal Above People

NUKE the Gulf Oil Geyser?

Lines on a map.

republican admits that republicans don't 'understand' policy

White House Battles Against Financial Reform Bill Amendment To Audit Federal Reserve Board Funds

The ugly truth behind manmade catastrophe...

Fox 'News' Refuses Vet Group's Climate Legislation Ad; 'Too Confusing' Says Fake 'News' Channel

Senate hopeful needs help naming RV (Rodney Glassman -D, AZ)

Is it time to scale back affirmitive action?

Gay Hooker Patron Dr. George Rekers Was Paid $87K To Stop Gay Adoption In Florida

Gulf Oil Spill: Palin Camp Says You Can't Trust Foreign Oil Companies

Jonah Goldberg's first thought late Saturday night: 'I hope it's not a right winger'

I apoligize if my Affirmitive Action question offended.

Mosquito-Face POS Fred Hiatt: Question OBAMA On Times Square

Murdoch forced to defend why Fox continues to ‘subsidize’ Beck’s show.

Students With Disabilities Expelled at Disproportionate Rates, Report Finds

ZeroHedge: When with Geithner recuse himself from Fed Audit Deliberations?

"Way To Go Brownie" Bashes Obama on Reaction to BP Disaster! OMG. LOL.

Spill Map- Sorry, Louisiana, you're screwed.

Oh schadenfreude, oh schadenfreude, rekers is a hypocrite

Bill to take dropouts' licenses advances (or accrue seven unexcused absences)

Guantanamo hearing: Ex interrogator felt sorry for Khadr

Glad to see BP trying to capture that leaking oil.

Kala (and others) needs your help

Kala (and others) needs your help

Greetings from Nola: They capped one leak last night

From the fine folks at "Morons with Signs": Rember

Right-winger, on the topic of the recent Ahmadinejad interview:

Puke alert

Motley Fool writer take on Greek finances: Weekly Walk of Shame: Greek Tragedy

Couple needs help to welcome paralyzed son home - To the Rescue: Folks come through

The REAL reason Republicans complain about Miranda rights!


Hey Brownie...

Corey Haim died of natural causes

God, she's good! Elizabeth Warren on Morning Joe today.

"Could the Gulf oil spill help our hurricane season?" THE USA Today with the *upside of the carnage*

So, is she a bigot? (UK vs US immigration debates)

ACLU New Website: “The Deprofiler” providing masks to remove “reasonable suspicion”

Go Cheech

Sebelius warns states to check WellPoint hikes

Brewer - MSNBC: Lieberman wants people stripped of citizenship if ACCUSED of terrorism.

It is NOT okay and it won't ever be.

The War Is Over

Temporary pods for elderly are set to crop up in Va. yards

Temporary pods for elderly are set to crop up in Va. yards

The future of education: you pay corporations to train you to work for them.

Oath Keepers founder hopes to rally liberals when Dems fall from power

Once They Know Suspect Isn't A Teabagger, Relieved Republicans Go Back To Whipping Up Hysteria

China's Cut-Throat Railway Revolution

Technical question : can any Country today request joining the Union ?

The Tea Party movement, Wall Street’s best friend

Family Research Council Denounces Co-Founder Dr. George Rekers

Right wing labels Faisal Shahzad a "registered Democrat". Media Matters takes them to task.

The war industry is bipartisan.

Freddie Mac asks for new 10.6 billion dollar bailout

BBC: Bonobo chimp filmed shaking head to say 'no'

The agony of long term unemployment: 80 Percent Of People Jobless Last Summer Still Out Of Work

Retired general: GOP is undermining national security to score partisan points

I keep hearing that gas prices are due to rise as a result of the gulf disaster

Times Square Bomb Suspect May Have Received Online Education in Jihad

Too many chiefs and not enough indians, my ramblings.

Town Bans Bottled Water Sales

FDA Meets With Mothers Of Gardasil Victims

FDA Meets With Mothers Of Gardasil Victims

BREAKING: Butler County, Ohio BOE Website Declared 'Under Attack:

Question- Will Arizona use any federal funds to enforce their new racist law?

I Think I Might Just Hurl...

Seize BP Petition . . .

Greeks Halt Flights, Close Shops, Schools With 24-Hour Strike Against Cuts

The 'liberal' media ignores the fact that a Muslim helped stop the latest terror attack

'Oath Keeper' arrested. Drives to TN to take over courtouse, conduct 'citizens arrest' of public off

New York Times minimizes Gulf oil spill

Retail stores’ policies benefit shoplifters

I Read That The Dems Are Giving Up On The $50 Billion Fund To Prevent Future Bailouts By Taxpayers..

Stunning Remarks by our Secretary of Defense. (Military Budget)

Why Did BP Violate the 1st Rule of Off-Shore Fire Fighting: DON'T SINK THE SHIP

This has really been gnawing at me.

Six reasons to hate Facebook's new anti-privacy system, "Connections"

Greek protests has "American financial community" (capitalists) worried. Will protests spread?

Don't forget! Today is "Report an Ill Eagle Day!"

On Evolution and Social Darwinism

Victim-Blaming: How does it affect those in our society who have lost jobs due

FDA: J&J failed to test Tylenol for contamination, failed to follow up on customer complaints

The real problem in the immigration & drug situations: Immediacy.

Why Was Cheney in Saudi Arabia?

Friday is going to be a good day

Anti-gay fundie associated with James Dobson says he hired a rent boy to "help him carry luggage"

2009 origin of "teabagger"? Teabaggers and Griff Jenkins of Fox News

A Nod to Southern Liberals

Couple Takes In Woman With Cerebral Palsy Stuck In Nursing Home

Gulf spill can kill our tourist season by Carl Hiaasen

I got my Census form..from the Repugs.

Bloomberg 'Terror Gap' Argument Shot Down By Pro-Gun GOP Senators

Palin: You Can't Trust Foreign Oil Companies (Todd Palin was once employed by BP...d'oh!)

Palin: You Can't Trust Foreign Oil Companies (Todd Palin was once employed by BP...d'oh!)

The MLB logo promoting boycott of AZ is FUCKING AWESOME

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 5

A message from my friend Jenny Brunner to her friends on DU

A message from my friend Jenny Brunner to her friends on DU

Red Cross in Tennessee - Text 90999 - $10.00 Donation

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 3

Cheney blasted for blocking oil well safety valve

Ok now this is infuriating.

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 1

Sarah Palin is just plain weird.

WaPo: Senate overwhelmingly approves bailout amendment

AP: Oil may be wreaking havoc deep beneath the Gulf

Man seals self inside foreclosed residence

Campaign Update on "Sarah Palin's Alaska" See what Defenders and YOU have achieved together,

Why do people pick on the rich?

Greek protesters storm the Acropolis

Is it just me but does the oil spill not seem to be getting much coverage?

LCS Freedom ($504 million) heads for 5-day dry dock repairs

I am officially confused.

Oh my (g)od

Today In Ohio, People Are Learning To Hate The Teabaggers

Feliz Cinco de Mayo por la Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

Oath Keepers leader slams right wing media figures

Okay, so gas spiked up to $3.01 here yesterday.

More DADT questions to White House, more noncommittal answers

Elisabeth Hasselbeck SLAMS Erin Andrews' Clothing, Excuses Stalker

Joe Lieberman has gone bonkers

Anyone know how to get rid of an inherited time share?

Come CAPTION a mad, Mad Hatter, of the Teabagger variety.

Drudge got hacked

Local Newspaper Compares Obamas To "Sanford & Son"

Picture of the offspring of a Palin /Beck union (NSFA)*anybody* What is seen cannot be unseen!

Just wondering. If the Catholic Priests had been abusing girls instead of boys,

John McCain is an ASSHOLE.

EXCLUSIVE: Claim that alleged bomber is a registered Democrat collapses

Are they fucking crazy ??

Looking ahead, the pressure to approve oil contaminated seafood will be tremendous....

Bomb Guy

Why Are We IGNORING This Muslim-Immigrant Hero Who Alerted Police To Failed Times Square Bombing?

Frito-Lay has started packaging Sunchips in compostable bags.

AUDIO: Richard Clarke Bashes Cheney - "Most Pandering, Partisan, Despicable Kind of Activity"

Tarryl Clark, Michele Bachmann Challenger, Launches Website: 'Michele Bachmann Said WHAT?!'

Anyone watching . . .

The Obama Presidency in Peril: Warnings from Robert Kuttner

Supreme Court Upholds Freedom Of Speech In Obscenity-Filled Ruling (The Onion)

Susan Bysiewicz CT Attorney General Candidate

Anybody who wants to keep all the illegals out of the US

Why, our health care system is the best in the world

Donald Sutherland: Get Rid of Morning Joe

How Will Greece's Financial Collapse Affect You?

'College, Inc' on PBS last night - 82% of Univ of Phoenix revenue is from student loans/grants

How Capt. Kirk Changed the World

Get Rid of Morning Joe -- by Donald Sutherland

Shouldn't the oil disaster be grounds for finally revealing the records of Cheney's secret meetings

'They just threw me in jail'-Round Lake Park woman protests penalty for T-shirt

Suddenly, bank account was gone

Murdered Racist Leader May Have Propositioned Killer

WSJ: FCC to Overhaul Regulation of Internet Lines (Yeah!!)

University of Phoenix now the largest college in the US with half a million students

I think it is time for progressives to get the Pres attention.

A view to the 500 year flood, from my Tennessee deep hollow home

2007 DC school leader Michelle Rhee: $41,250 signing bonus, $275,000 annually, $27,500 annual bonus.

Now, now you Greeks....'The Markets' want you to settle down....Revolutionary stuff makes them antsy

Reason #472 why my wallet is closed

Just got laid off from Morgan Stanley Smith Barney today

Republic of Money: "At play in the fields of the lord"

Christians Must Use Their Psychic Abilities - An Interview With A Former U.S. Government Psi Spy

Christians Must Use Their Psychic Abilities - An Interview With A Former U.S. Government Psi Spy

Brainwashing Consumers & Children: The Dangerous Spread of Commercialized Culture

Baton Rouge Teacher Sues for the Right to Give Students “F”s

My son's car was vandalized last night

TOXIC OIL DISPERSANT being used in Gulf despite better alternative: LINK

The Dispersants being dumped- here are the MSDS docs

Has the plastic industry put people out of jobs?

Cutting off your nose to spite your face- Republicans

I had a deep sea fishing trip in the Gulf cancelled...

Field trip for black students sparks controversy

BP Funnels Millions into Lobbying to Influence Regulation and Re-Brand Image

BP Funnels Millions into Lobbying to Influence Regulation and Re-Brand Image

More evidence we are sliding quickly into 3rd world status

what about that nuke plant on Florida's Gulf shore?

Puppies? Kittens? Something good?

Are 401(k)s worth it these days?

Wait, it gets better. Philly school superintendent gets almost $500,000 annually.

“U.S. Agents Bordered the Plane” ABC News: Outsourcing Journalism Jobs

Woman can't sue now over alleged sexual abuse as child, state Supreme Court rules

To the generosity of the Mexican people.

The cost of deportation will require a massive new FEDERAL TAX to pay for the enormous cost.

Rum in the sun

I don't usually post about spiritual topics, but if each of you could imagine...

Neil Young on "Ohio"

Coming up for air...

Allison, Jeffrey, Sandra, William:

This TV ad is driving me nuts!

YouTube is broken.

Look who crashed a bar watching the Milwaukee Bucks game!

Detroit Tigers broadcasting legend Ernie Harwell dies at 92

Bad pun of the day!

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Thank you to my star donor!!!!!

I sleep with a girl in a teddy. Is that bad?

Le Passage.

The Raven

Is Delaware happy being compared to various things relating to size?

Can you guess where this "X-Rated" Wall is located?

The best Rap I ever heard (Baba Brinkman)

We didn't cross the Border! A message to Arizona

Amazing! Now your "windows" can have any view you want:

Sade - Baby Father

My name is Cornholio. "T.P for my mantooth." n/t

Gorillaz Feat. Mos Def & Bobby Womack (Live On Jools Holland)

The word of the day is "mantooth". Replace any word in a thread title with "mantooth".

Best MTM sitcom?

My bag of onions tells me there's another Shrek sequel out, or out soon

Your favorite air instrument OTHER THAN air guitar. Don't vote other and say air guitar, wiseass.

The Raven

Concepts your 4-legged companion doesn't "get" - or, might as well, your pesky S.O.

Sad Kermit - Hurt

Sad Kermit - Hurt

Better George Lucas creation: Star Wars or Indiana Jones

Having a Margarita for lunch - Not doing so would be culturally insensitive today..

So something is so totally wrong with car insurance these days

Niecy Nash on Dancing With The Stars?

Giant list of Tequila cocktails

I'm hooked....The Good Wife.....anyone else?

Boston Legal is a pretty good show

May is National Masterbation, I mean Masturbation Month! Celebrate!

Has Pat Robertson blamed anyone for the Gulf oil spill yet?

Comedian Ellen DeGeneres apologizes for iPhone commercial parody. Says she love their products.

best mug shot ever?

teabaggers whine about President calling them teabaggers...

How do I make myself irritable to women?

I just learned that my cousin flunked out of college

the PERFECT solution to the Arizona problem!

The University of Utah newspaper is in trouble for their farewell columns...

!!! This animation wuz so cute, I stealed it!

thank you for the donor star!

Name everything you ever did or saw or said, or that happened to you.

Pollan sucks

I threw a jar of Hellmann's into Lake Michigan today.

What does one do at a Bachlors party?

deer are eating my compost

Cool Bookmarks

Finally saw "Capitalism: A Love Story" - - wow!

Five Wednesday Questions

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/5/10

the bias song...

Cheech Marin blowing them away on Jeopardy AGAIN.

CINCO DE MAYO! 5 Spanish Language Songs that were a hit in the US.

Talking live Mickey Mouse character could mark beginning of new interactive Disney meet and greets

Are you old enough to remember when HBO came on at 3pm?

Leno thinks Conan fans are terrorists

Court rebukes government attempt to use secret evidence in torture lawsuit

Anyone know how this was done?

Parliamentarian asks president to investigate UFO claims.

Ernie Harwell Dies at 92

Anyone here live in a "green" modular home, and in what ways did you

How can I find out if somebody's dead?

Tucson City Council votes to sue over illegal immigration law

Sweetie made biscottis last night and let me take some to the office.

Watcha havin' for dinner tonight..

Pollen sucks

Tucson City Council votes to sue Ariz. over immigration law

News Corp profit up on Avatar, but outlook disappoints

I do not bash the boomers

Life without rock music. It is a prospect that is terrible to contemplate,

I have never had this happen before (is this common to everyone else)

What's the BEST movie channel on TV? I just upgraded my service and got a sh*tload

HCL (India) bags $500-mn IT outsourcing deal from Merck

Obama interviews Diane Wood for Supreme Court

S.F. cops' pasts could jeopardize convictions

Is Vera Baker’s Real Name Irene Schwoeffermann?

relationships are full of compromises...

Tentative Senate Deal On Future Big Bank Failures

Lapses Allowed Suspect to Board Plane

Legendary broadcaster Ernie Harwell dies at 92

Coats wins Ind. primary; NC, Ohio back incumbents

Joe Lieberman has gone bonkers

FDA finds bacterial contamination in children's medicine ingredients

Pinal sheriff gives account of deputy's gunbattle in desert

Suicide bombers, gunmen storm governor's compound in Afghanistan

Major step towards a Free Trade Agreement between Australia and India

Eight years' prison for Canadian-German arms dealer

Cuccinelli tells U.Va. to hand over documents on climate change

Wednesday Earworm ... because it's been bugging me all day, now it must bug you too!

Chambers Funeral Home in Riverdale faces closure over cremation backlog

US discrimination case between Betty Dukes and Wal-Mart reaches Supreme Court

AP Exclusive: Iraq deal gives (Shiite) clerics final say

Senate committee will hold hearing on oil spill

French Court Refuses Extradition of Iranian to U.S.

Stocks Slide, Euro Weakens on Government Debt Concern

Zapatero meets with rival as speculators circle Spain

U.S. exempted BP's Gulf of Mexico drilling from environmental impact study

Official: 1 dead in Ala. Army arsenal explosion

Raise BP liability cap to $10 billion?

D.C. Council approves medical marijuana, posing challenges for doctors

Title IX tribute - gotta love it!

Auto Safety Bill Includes Standard for Stopping

Goldman Sachs Reveals Slew of Shareholder Suits

Link emerges between Times Square bomb attempt and Pakistani militant group

Gulf oil spill: first leak capped, says BP

ComEd offers $500 million to state (IL) in return for profit guarantee

Newsweek magazine up for sale

Earth to Dumbass Car Sales Reps - Insulting the idea of Women driving manual - not good idea

Times Square suspect is charged over ‘weapon of mass destruction’

Argentina's lower house approves same-sex marriage

Patrick Henry charter school gets OK to use church

Hurricane Season Could Halt Oil Spill Cleanup

Washington state fines BP for safety violations at refinery

Best Monty Python episodes?

(UK) Army to be sued for war crimes over its role in Fallujah attacks

Khadr lawyer wants to house client in Edmonton

The runaway well spewing crude into the Gulf of Mexico might be sealed within as little as two weeks

Amount of Spill Could Escalate, Company Admits

Cornyn: Obama Got 'Lucky' That Times Square Bomber Is Talking

Supreme Court: Pawlenty overstepped authority on unallotment

Khadr was exposed to 'fear' techniques, interrogator says

AZ city councils (Tucson and Flagstaff) vote to sue over law

NY Weekly Newspaper Compares Obamas To Characters From 1970s Black Sitcom 'Sanford and Son'

Job reports paint a brighter picture

Nigeria's Umaru Yar'Adua dead: president's office

Five permanent UN Security Council members support Mideast nuclear arms ban


BREAKING: Butler County, Ohio BOE Website Declared 'Under Attack:

Republican Advantage in 2010 Voting Enthusiasm Shrinks

(Bob) Woodward book on Obama due out in U.S. in September

North Korea masses 50,000 troops on border

Officials: Shahzad 'Nervous' After Arrest, but 'Hasn't Stopped Talking Since'

CBS News Exclusive: New Image of Faisal Shahzad in Times Square

David Obey won't seek re-election

Argentina arrests former dictator's top money man

France votes to return Maori heads to New Zealand

Osama bin Laden 'living in luxury in Iran'

Freddie Mac Seeks Billions More After Big Loss

Oil Rig Workers File Suit In Gulf Oil Spill Disaster

Key senators agree on too big to fail deal

Acropolis in Greece stormed by protesters

Activist spied on? Man wins settlement

Truck explodes at San Antonio refinery

Amount of Spilling Oil Could Soar, BP Admits

Three dead as Greece protest turns violent

Joe the Plumber is now an elected official in Ohio

Reid: GOP is 'making love to Wall Street'

Trouble erupts as protesters try to storm Greek parliament

Would you consider living in an 'earth shelter'?

U.S., other big powers to refrain from atomic tests

Amy Goodman and Democracy Now Producers File Lawsuit Over RNC Arrests

Are you old enough to remember when MTV2 used to show videos?

Movie Gallery (and Hollywood Video and Game Crazy) closing all U.S. stores

Somali pirates board oil tanker; warship en route

Make Your Predictions: The Future of the Printed Book

Fashion tip: If you can lick them, the fit in the bust is too tight.

Ahmadinejad: Osama Bin Laden Not in Iran, More Likely in D.C.

"Vote 2010: Plouffe Profiles Plans for Peer-to-Peer Politicking"

Obama interviews Wood for Supreme Court

Gay Vets To Meet With White House Next Week re: DADT

Kirkland, Smith face backlash on gay comments

Obama more popular than Reagan, Clinton at this point in their presidencies

Photos: The Obama Presidency Days 469 & 470

Poll: Is America Turning on the Tea Party?

White House Blog: The Ongoing Administration-Wide Response to the Deepwater BP Oil Spill

Grover Norquist outraged at POTUS! Using "tea-bagger" is the "equivalent of using the 'n' word."

"Tea Party fails to brew up a storm in Republican primaries"

Meet Aliou Niasse

Massey CEO Lashes Out at ‘Evil’ Critics (Like Obama, Unions, Rockefeller)

"the Beltway press ... hatched the bogus 'Obama's Katrina' meme"

Some Retirees Will Receive Aid to Pay Health Bills

Joe Conason: It Takes Power to Control Power

So while I was gone.. how many times did the Republicans threaten the end of the Obama

Marshall favored in runoff

KY-Sen: Paul Holds Narrow Leads Over Conway and Mongiardo

In case you needed another excuse to support Rep. Alan Grayson.....

Race to replace Kennedy may see four-way Democratic primary

Challenger Claudia Wright expects to take Rep. Jim Matheson to a primary

GOP Cited For Delayed Criticism Of Obama In Wake Of Spill..

Political cartoonist Tony Auth nails our stubborn dependence on oil

WP: Senators Wyden, Grassley Propose Ending Secret Holds

Tea Party media smokescreen

GOP Candidate: Rubio Should Be “Ashamed” For Not Backing Arizona Law

Some over-the-top suggestions for stopping a future Shahzad-type failed bomber

Point on the GOP talking point "Obama's Katrina"

Romney picks Perry in Mass.

Former Congressman Goode Joins the Constitution Party

"Senate votes to ban taxpayer money to bail out financial firms"

WI-07: Obey Retiring

BBC: Live Election Coverage! Nick Clegg now speaking at an election eve rally.

Video: "Gibbs Rips Fox News Over Michael Brown Interview"

Landmark Bill Bolsters Care for Female Veterans

The MSM doesn't get it: Bush is stuck with the Katrina legacy. Our current President is competent.

"Sen. Leahy Proposes Amendment To Repeal Anti-Trust Exemption For Health Insurers"

Obama and the Alinsky method: Fact or Fiction? I'm researching this. Anyone?

Pence pans Obama's response to Gulf oil spill as too slow

Anti-gay Family Research Council co-founder found with male escort(!)

"Thune: Corker breaks ranks because he 'understands' issues"

Bottom of Barrel Now Officially Scraped

FCC to Overhaul Regulation of Internet Lines

Breaking Times-Picayune: BP Says One of Three Gulf of Mexico Oil Leaks Capped, But Flow Undiminished


The over 65 crowd vote every single time.. and especially during primaries.

**** ¡Atención! El Presidente y la Primera Senora Celebra Cinco de Mayo, 6pm EDT! ****

TPM: Obama Nears SCOTUS Decision - could come this week.

If I hear one more time that this oil spill is worse than Katrina..I am going to throw up

Kerry Green Energy speech

Ramiro remembers: Key witness in Guatemala massacre

AP: Senate GOP Proposes Alternate Consumer Financial Protection Plan

Thumbs Up to the BP Engineers / Workers who are trying to solve this issue!

While people here whines about nonsense like 'Why he endorsed Blanch Lincoln....

Obama: Begin work this year on immigration reform

4 reasons Democrats will hold the House

My take on Rubio vs Crist vs Meeks

Obama gets 70,000 dollars from a multi billion dollar company and Politico makes that news

TPM Wire: Lieberman to Introduce Expatriation Act with Scott Brown

Flashback: Dick Morris predicts Katrina will be a huge plus for Bush's legacy

Cool fake Teabag Party signs

David Brooks of all people

Dear President Obama: What the Nuclear Industry Doesn't Want You (or us) to Know

"Dem Turnout Falls Off A Cliff"

Tea Party pushes 17th Amendment to the forefront

New jobs report - suck it, GOP:

BP and President Obama

Outrage over deer shot by Oakland officer

Obama Portrays Blanche Lincoln As A Populist Crusader In Radio Ad

Ohio Man Defies Foreclosure - Locks Self in Home - LIVE

Used to Get High (for a livin')

'goin' down a bad path' the BP drill to stop the drilling mistake in 1:49

George Carlin on the Environment

Rotenberg 'School of Shock'

Arizona Sheriff gives account of Desert Gun battle

Thom Hartmann - Dr. Riki Ott - Is this a Gulf coast disaster - can we recover?

Phoenix Suns to Wear Los Suns in Support of Latino Community

Papantonio: BP Unleashes the Flying Monkeys

Volcano eruption in Iceland

Sue Lowden Won't Take My Chickens

The Rap Guide to Evolution Highlight Reel

Minneapolis May Day Parade--Uproar!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck marvels at Pickles returning to faith after knock knock knocking with no answer

Thom Hartmann - Tom Tancredo - Do the majority of Americans approve of racial profiling?

Midweek Politics: Christian Homeschooler Offended When Pressed by Host About Christian Curriculum

Right-wing attendees at Heritage event applaud the idea that Obama is a domestic enemy

Tracy Newman for California OneCare

Illinois State Senator asks the Chicago White Sox to leave the Cactus League

We're MESSIN up the Sea! - Manfred Mann. NO OFFSHORE DRILLING!

Keeping America Safe (GOP RACIST STYLE)

TYT Interviews: Govt Funded Sex For Disabled - w/ Asta Philpot (NatGeo/BBC)

Raw Video: Monstrous Black Cloud Emanating From 18-Wheeler Explosion At Texas Refinery

A message from Robert Rodriguez to Arizona.

France24 report and excellent analysis - Greek riots

Olbermann Special Comment: John McCain Shames Himself

Ahmadinejad: Bin Laden Is Living in Washington D.C.

Thom Hartmann - w/ Tom Tancredo - Do the majority of Americans approve of racial profiling?

Hasselbeck gets a little verklempt while apologizing for snarking at victim of a sexual predator

Tyre firm (Firestone) in Liberia pollution scandal

Rachel Maddow - America's sad cycle of drilling and spilling (MUST SEE!)

Keith Sadler talks to Thom Hartmann as the police arrived & he is barricaded in his foreclosed home

Massive strike in Greece paralyzes Athens

Thom Hartmann - Jeremy Scahill is outraged that Erik Prince says, Afghani's are just barbarians

Cantor says Americans are "better than" everyone else

Off That (Rationalist Anthem) - Baba Brinkman

Raw Video: BP's Oil Funnel Contraption Starts Its Journey To The Leak Site

TYT: TX Governor Blames God For Oil Spill & Corporatists Push for MORE Offshore Drilling!

Columbia Mo SWAT Raid 2/11/2010. Cops Shoot Pets With Children Present

Zap the Gap!/ How to Work with Multiple Generations

Slideshow: Nashville and Surrounding areas flood 2010

Healthcare is a headache for GOP candidates in California

AlterNet: How Does Sarah Palin Make Millions While Saying Some of the Dumbest Things Imaginable?

Fossil fuels in a post-industrial world, it's time to rethink how we live

Tea party groups battling perceptions of racism

6 reasons 'Goldman Conspiracy' must kill reforms: Derivatives-bonus culture needs neo-Reaganomics...

McCain: Make 'Times Square Terrorist' Attend Revival of 'La Cage'

Can You Pass The Iran Quiz By Jeffrey Rudolph

Robert Reich: What BP's Oil Disaster and Goldman Sachs' Rip-off Schemes Have in Common

Darwin Got it Going On |Olivia Judson |NYT

Amy Goodman: BP: Billionaire Polluter

Children with less know how to play more

Witness to an Execution

Farmers Cope With Roundup-Resistant Weeds

The Right’s Library of Fake Quotes

Greek Wealth Is Everywhere but Tax Forms

"Hey Dad, Why Does This Country Protect Billionaires, and Not Teachers?"

BP Enjoys Lobbying Strength, Close Ties to Lawmakers as Federal Investigation Looms (Open Secrets)

Britain's election: a primer for Americans - Geoffrey Lawler / LA Times

Arizona law crosses into harsh territory

Saudi-Funded Fox News Rejects Ad Arguing Against Middle East Oil Dependence

Secrecy, Torture, and the Common Law

BP Oil Spill Highlights Poor Safety Record, the Worst of Any Oil Company in America!

Nolo Contendere

President Obama declares Tennessee a major disaster area after catastrophic flood

What BP's Oil Disaster and Goldman Sachs' Rip-off Schemes Have in Common

The Greek debt crisis signals a new stage in class conflict

Arizona Star newspaper reports U.S. suspect in rancher killing

Too Big to Jail?

New Poll: Tea Party Going Nowhere Fast

High Fructose Corn Syrup Linked to Bee Colony Catastrophe

Why Was Cheney in Saudi Arabia?

Netroots Tell Obama and the FCC -- You Can't Just Let the Telecoms Steal the Internet

In France, social responsibility is as important as individual liberty.

Who's Flackin' Who? TPM's Tour Of The Oil Spill Flack Universe- Who's On Damage Control?

Anti-immigration zealotry goes after the children

Free Radical Decomposition of Nitroaromatics Using Ozone and Ultrasound.

Drumbeat: May 5, 2010

Republicans won't be nudged into cutting home energy

Africa mining: Will mineral-rich countries start a cartel like OPEC?

Lieberman on Gulf spill: "Accidents happen."

HK Roadside Pollution Levels Hit Record Highs For 2 Quarters Straight - Independent

EPA Postpones Decision On Regulating Coal Ash For Three Months

VA Attorney General - Curbing EPA Vital To State's Economy, Wants "Full & Objective Dose Of Science"

In Northern Nigeria, Encroaching Sahara Grows By 6% Annually

Multi-Decade Study - Each 1C Increase In Nighttime Temps. Cuts Rice Output 10%

Storing green electricity as natural gas

NREL Highlights Utility Green Power Leaders

Abengoa begins comercial operation of (50 MW) Concentrating Solar Power Solnova 1

Hydrogen-powered ideas and cars on display in Long Beach

What the Volcano Can Teach Us About Nuclear War

A dialogue of the deaf with US climate sceptics

Alaska Fish & Game Has Already Closed Five King Salmon Runs - Even Catch-And-Release Banned

rail and wind...

Clue Bus Arrives: British Beekeepers' Assn. Moving Away From Sponsorships From Pesticide Companies

"So, apart from Chernobyl, what fatalities ..."A

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Tuesday, May 4)

Former Tigers broadcaster Ernie Harwell Passes Away after Year Long Battle with Cancer

TMZ is a hot mess!

Update: Tased teenager facing defiant trespass, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct charges

Tell me this makes sense...Celtics played at Cleveland Monday night and the next game is....

Fuck you, Danny Ainge

Tebow's Broncos jersey leads NFL sales for April

Ernie Harwell Dies at 92

Argentina arrests former dictator's top money man

Venezuelan prison riot leaves 8 inmates dead

How to Visit a Socialist Country

Colombia: Capital of Internally Displaced People

Ramiro remembers: Key witness in Guatemala massacre

Antanas Mockus vows to prevent Chávez's revolution in Colombia

Cuba voted best nation for mothers

just had to cross post this Oh schadenfreude, oh schadenfreuede

Rekers joins the list of Wikipedia's Evangelical Scandals

Yo. Good news over there...

Gay couples could be allowed to marry under Tory election plans

The Outing of Anti-Gay George Rekers: A Discussion on Celebration vs Compassion

Gay Vets To Meet With White House Next Week re: DADT

Any GLBT WoW-ers?

T-Mobile Workers Take Fight for Union to Shareholders

Film exposes the costly side of ‘free’ trade

Teaching labor in the schools: New opportunities

USW’s Leo Gerard Says We Either Have A Clean Environment AND Good Green Jobs Or We Will Have Neither

Today in Labor History May 5 Mineowner hirelings attack striking miners in Harlan County, Ky & more

Anti-Zionist rabbi Moshe Hirsch dies in Jerusalem

Mosque Burnings in the West Bank

John Rich (country duo Big & Rich) Feels Awful For Anti-Gay Comment to Chely Wright

Gun rights event canceled

Special Report: Armed and Ready in PA-Good Video of Handgun Training Course

Pistol permit applications on the rise in Oswego County (New York)

He Had a Gun Permit, Why Was He Arrested?

Hearings to ammend USC 922

Interview with a "victim"--The Walgreens defensive shooter goes on the record

Longtime Gun Control Politicians Pushing Gun Owner Blacklist Bills in Congress

Gun Found in Bomb Suspect's Car, Sources Say.

Some Canadians want U.S. citizens disarmed . A new term used "“pistolization”...

The article in Salon that inspired the creation of the Pink Pistols (from 2000)

Red Winged blackbird DISGUISED

What you lookin' at?

Sound Healing

A red-throated grebe and lunch.

At the Circus!

Darwin Got It Going On

NASA is looking at flying a plasma-powered rocket to survey an asteroid

Maya Plumbing: First Pressurized Water Feature Found in New World

The effects of 118 years of industrial fishing on UK bottom trawl fisheries

Atomic Structure of Tiny Virus Imaged

Shuttle Enterprise & the early promise of the STS

1000 Hummingbirds

"...sleep is just another set of forms appearing on the screen of consciousness.

Intention, focus and emotion in the manifestation process

National Day of Prayer -- thoughts?

People felt helpless and wanted to do something about the oil spill

The key to happiness

'In God's Hands?' Louisiana House To Vote On Allowing Guns In Churches

National PKU Awareness Month

My new experiment - this time with thyroid

More Wander Off in Fog of Age

Aussies will soon be as fat as Americans

BHP and Rio Tinto hit by Australian supertax

Bailouts will not save the Eurozone

Reform the euro or bin it

This Greek bailout is not a recovery plan – it is an economic death spiral

Just another reason to raise gas prices