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CNN: TSA "ramping up security on US east coast" due to NYC car bomb

BP's Record:

Stupid pukes...

Jay Leno Bombs at White House Dinner: Take This Comic, Please

BP taking a hit in the social media

"Unknown Substance" found in NY Times Square Bombing SUV Was 100 POUNDS OF FERTILIZER!!!!

The Tattlesnake — Glenn Beck’s Greased Rail Edition

Some explanation of the pressures involved with the blown Deepwater Horizon well

I need an education in semantics - can someone help?

I feel bad about the dirty planet we are leaving to the next generation.

BTK murderabilia up for sale. WHO is that sick to want this crap?

Y'know, when these oil companies keep having "accidents"

Recession linked to increase in shaken baby syndrome

Police: Failed NYC car bomber may be white male in his 40s, allegedly caught on tape

So what if when we get the earthquake in the waters off the coast of California, 25-50 oil platforms

Thank you Dick Cheney and Haliburton you have done enough now ....

Latest violence spasm claims 25 lives near Mexico-US border

The Return of Coco: O'Brien Slams Leno, NBC on 60 Minutes (lots of video)

Obama's best decision thus far...

End to Rescission, and Other Good News

Anybody pissed at BP? let'em know

CNN: NYPD blows open "gun locker" from Times Sq car-bomb

Attention All Democratic Candidates:If you weren't against offshore drilling,

How much is 21,000 barrels (or 660,000 gallons) of liquid?

Massive wind spill off Cape Cod

Who's this fugging moron on CNN

Pipe bomb blows off Vacaville man's fingers

Sending good thoughts to our brothers and sisters in Mass, Tenn., Miss., and the gulf

Christ Would be Arrested in AZ

It's official. Republics in Congress DO NOT care about helping this country.

BP Offering Free Lubrication To Gulf Ships - Net Benefit In Fuel Savings

BP Offering Free Lubrication To Gulf Ships - Net Benefit In Fuel Savings

Deepwater oil release meets the Enquirer -

Let us walk en masse into the big void where the American center used to be.

Meet American Petroleum Institute Spokeswoman Brooke Alexander

BP Announces Revolutionary Environmental Remediation Project

Thank you D.U.! NYC car bomber check list .... what I have learned here

D.C. Delegate Slams McCain for Gun Bill

Good Article: Why It's So Hard to Stop the Gulf Spill -NPR

BP Trying To Get Gulf Coast People To Give Up Their Right To Sue For $5,000!

Hillary: I do not and have never wanted to be a judge.

TPM - "Sensitive" Oil Industry Memo Lays Out Plan For Astroturf Rallies Against Climate Change Bill

Sierra Club: "Oil spill is America's Chernobyl"

No Shit, Sherlock: "Oil spill crisis a setback for BP and its chief executive" (WashPost)

Alabama gets 3-day reprieve from oil hitting coast.

Cuban Ladies in White march again

Need help for a speech I'm going to be giving on Sarah Palin.

Need help for a speech I'm going to be giving on Sarah Palin.

Anybody want to go correct an error on the NPR site?

Jim Crow, Katrina, and now Az. SB1070, first hand observations

BP spends millions lobbying as it drills ever deeper and the environment pays

Hung Jury

Tuesday, 40 years ago.

Washington Post can not tell Obama from Malcolm X

one of the timing clocks from the times square bomb incident....honestly

Wall Street Reform Gets A Push From The Left

The oil spills east, the oil spills west, but I know where the oil spills best

Canada pursues sweeping trade pact with EU; “free trade-plus,” like a souped-up NAFTA.

Why is the AZ Immigration Law so popular among people?

On 25th anniversary of Hormel strike, participants to recall milestone struggle

Glenn Beck should be Guilty of Criminal Facilitation.....

Factsheet Subsea Oil Recovery System

The Maverick Has Oily Palms

The professional right-wing noise machine aside, I'm pretty sure that many drilling enthusiasts

Imperial history of the middle east: 5000 years of history in 90 seconds

What I don't get about the spill containment...

Perino's "not trying to introduce a conspiracy theory," wonders whether rig explosion was "sabatoge"

Since when are we supposed to pay slavish devotion to laws that are passed???

I went to the coast and got a jar full of oil. Do I have to pay BP for it?

So CNN has this poll up on how the President is handling the oil leak crisis...

Central High School Museum in Little Rock, Arkansas- It's a different time now. Isn't it?

Obama became the first president to officially proclaim April 28th Workers Memorial Day

Does DU welcome anti abortionists?

US Inspections on the Deepwater Horizon Rig that caused the oil spill

Interior Sec Salazar: It can take three months to find the ultimate solution.

EPA Launches BP Spill Website

Evangelicals and the Conservative Party in the UK Election

People Who Shouldn't Go To Arizona

Taylor (D-Miss.) expects spill to break up naturally

Taylor (D-Miss.) expects spill to break up naturally

Arizona: It Just Got a Lot Worse

Arizona: It Just Got a Lot Worse

What are the private phone numbers & home addresses of all BP executives?

What are the private phone numbers & home addresses of all BP executives?

Can we save the ego for our political opponents?

Damn. (Nashville musician) Will Owsley's dead.

Jim Hightower explains the difference between populism and teabagging

Iraq Vet Was In A Tailspin Before He Died In A Hail Of Police Bullets At Home

WH Correspondence Dinner: Question: Hubby says it was broadcast on Fox News ONLY. Is this correct?

1 police officer killed, several wounded in Detroit

Christmas Bomber?

Christmas Bomber?

Investigators, note. There are parallels between NY attempted bombing and Timothy McVeigh's bombing.

June 3, 1979 till March 23, 1980

How very close in time we are.

The larger issue/danger. None of the oil rigs in Gulf have a backup.

Does anyone know the blog run by two little old ladies?

Hey Joe Scum and 'I love the sound of my own voice' Peggy

Speaking of South Park, you know who's around the corner from Viacom?

Greece Offers to Repay Loans with Giant Horse

Got crossways with a Sarah Palin fan before breakfast.

Cost of oil cleanup?

It Would Be Irresponsible Not To Speculate. Was Bomber A Fan Of The Beckster?

Tom Harkin calls for Ensign to resign

NYT: 1990 law limits BP's damage liability to $75 million

Track the Gulf of Mexico oil spill movement in animated graphic

Church Counsels Women Addicted to Pornography

Do NOT make the kiddie cry when kitteh is on duty. (A 2 minute break from the gusher)

Just a thought, if the oil slick gets into the Gulf's conveyor belt pattern.....

Gulf oil spill: The Halliburton connection

On Immigration Reform: "mostly movement on the Democratic side toward Republican positions"

We had a nickname for BP when I used to pump gas for them as teenager...

Chely Wright -- She's Coming Out (country singer)

why do the scandinavian countries work?

Exclusive: Amazing photos of the Gulf Coast oil rig exploding, sinking

Crazy James Dobson Loves Him Some Teabagging

Scientists: massive energy spill by nearby star could blanket Earth

BuzzFlash Office in Chicago Burglarized and Vandalized Over The Weekend

Goldman Sachs & Canadian TV.

Diverse Obama picks changing face of federal judiciary

Marines land MV-22 Osprey Tilt-Rotor craft in Boston Common

US inflation up 2% in March

May you live in interesting times.

The "Muslem" Stamp

'Boil-water' order issued for nearly 2 million in Mass.

Why do tea-baggers harp on the "The USA is a republic, *not* a democracy" line? What point are they

we f--d the world song apropos to the gulf oil spill

Greece braces for "violent modernization"

so,has anyone else received a"2010 congressional district census"?

The trillion-dollar fraud: Why is the Fed so opposed to being audited and what does it have to hide?

Joe Scab 8:08 AM "Is this Obama's Katrina?"

Bob Rubin Cuddles

US Gov Regulators Decided AGAINST The Measure When Drilling Companies Protested!

Gross incompetence/ negligence/ callous indifference.. whatever we want to call it.

Illegal Immigrants pay taxes!

Hedge funds get 'free ride'

President Obama's address at University of Michigan - video and transcript

Murder trial jury shown basketball gorilla video

Greece Offers to Repay Loans with Giant Horse

Happy Birthday, Pete Seeger.

Limbaugh suspects "eco-sabotage". Says oil cleanup is unnecessary, "Oil is as natural as water"

Spill, Baby, Spill: Christine Whitman, Tom Daschle & Leon Panetta got on BP's payroll in 2007

Florida Legislature & The Damage Done (noses where they don't belong)

Florida Legislature & The Damage Done (noses where they don't belong)

Supreme Court says feds not liable for immigrant death

A bit of gay rambling here....

Following new immigration law, AZ neo-Nazi group designates Cinco de Mayo ‘Report An Illegal Day'

Gloria Feldt, Pres. of Planned Parenthood, endorses Jennifer Brunner, Oh for US Senate

BP Oil Spill Waivers Capped Liability Payments To Coastal Residents At $5,000

some good news: Shanghai Expo - a message for all

Will BP have to be sued for any damages above $75 million?

“Dads for My Daughters”

The one upside to the Gulf Oil Spill is

Was the failed NY bomber a Timothy McVeigh idolizer??? It seems so.

This Palm Beach Post poll needs a lot of help. Unbelievable argument

Judge grants bond for Hutaree militia members

So, what are the chances the oil spill will reach Rush's house

Traficant running for Congress again

US Has 'Good Leads' in Car Bomb Probe -AG Holder

Where the oil was

Bye Bye Mr Moyers. The end of a great journal.

IPad appears to be clicking with seniors

BP: Oil rig leak 'wasn't our accident'

"Gossip Sheet" Obama pokes fun of Politico

awesome.. just friggin awesome....Mother of all gushers could kill Earth's oceans

there really isn't much we can do but watch the oil surge

BP Told to Stop Distributing Oil Spill Settlement Agreements

There's Only One Way To Stop The Gulf Oil Spill: PRAYER

Why is there another corporate merger.

Epic Tea Party FAIL in "Real" America

Gallup - April 6, 2010 Poll - "Americans Prioritize Energy Over Environment for First Time"

BP: Oil rig leak 'wasn't our accident'

BP: Oil rig leak 'wasn't our accident'

About the citizens of the LA-MS Gulf Coast ......

Got a call from my soon-to-be EX physician's office.

Gibbs: Obama "working on process of Supreme Court" today "out of the watchful eye of the public"


U. of Arkansas Cuts Core Curriculum, Eliminating Foreign-Language Requirement

Justice Stevens: Court "turn(s) a blind eye to" a "manifestly unlawful conviction"

Democratic reps call for deployment of National Guard in Chicago

Black Women that beat Sarah Palin in the title of Miss Alaska in 1984

Hartman has a birther on

'Junk DNA' Drives Cancer Growth, Hodgkin's Lymphoma Study Finds

Monday Toons, Part 4

Looks like Continental and United Airlines are merging

CNN and Peter King is playing up the South Park angle

Limbaugh thinks oil spill clean up unnecessary

Regulate, regulate, regulate!

Making the rounds on right wing boards

Someone yesterday asked me if I had seen the new wind farm going up

Right-wing hate websites? What are they? Free Republic, of course, but

So, let's take this disaster to the Limit...

Male obesity linked to low testosterone levels

Obama Administration Postpones Offshore Oil Industry Safety Awards Luncheon Scheduled for May 3rd

It Pays To Be White.

Mobile Phone Shipments Surge 21%

Let's call the oil slick what it is: Collateral Damage.

wondering about oil spill toxic/cancerous fumes and fire hazzard.

“We’ve had problems with car design, but you don’t stop driving”

Of all the Gov't agencies responding, where's FEMA?

Lynn Redgrave has died (MSNBC)

could somebody write my shakespeare paper for me?

An Amazing Confession by General Stanley McChrystal

Ethics for the Investigators: A new report seeks standards for nonprofit newsrooms

St. Paul mayor orders boycott of all city paid travel to AZ.

St. Paul mayor orders boycott of all city paid travel to AZ.

Where can a person view the latest SAT images of the gulf oil spill....AND....

Dawn Johnsen & The Constitution BOTH Denied Role in Obama Administration

Democratic House candidate alleges that Keith Olbermann is working with P&G to defeat him

Goodwin Liu's Judiciary Committee vote set for Thursday

White House aide Romer-more needed to aid recovery

Tens of thousands of minorities in protest marches demanding "reform" of existing laws.

Fed official hits at ‘political meddling’ in reform bill

when you get down to the gist of it

when you get down to the gist of it

NASA Satellite Imagery Keeping Eye on the Gulf Oil Spill...fixed link....

US oil slick could trigger 'double-dip' recession: analyst

The current economic crisis = marxist crisis of overproduction = poverty + war

Rush Limbaugh: "Oil Spill Is Natural"

The Continental Airlines brand to disappear from the skies?

BP Offering $5K In Quick Cash To Poor Fishing Community in Alabama; State AG ASKS THEM TO STOP

Dodge Caliber being probed for sticky pedal issue

Face it, this is all YOUR fault...

Sacajawea Statue Dedicated in Great Falls

U.S.-Japan interceptor flawed by poor range

Movie version of Valerie Plame's "Fair Game" will premiere this month

BP official tells NBC the oil spill isn't their fault!

Geneva team sweeps skies for rain-on-demand breakthrough

Arizona Republicans Push Party FAR To The WHITE

Class action lawsuit against BP oil by Robert Kennedy Jr and Mike Papantonio

Magic 'Pixie Dust' made from pig bladders helps 'regrow' limbs of wounded soldiers

Sorry, our government still...

WARNING: "like generations before us, we make excuses for the clear injustices of our age"

Limited Liability for BP Oil Spill?

COPS: Times Square Car Bomber Got the Wrong Fertilizer

B.U. cancelled graduation 40 yrs ago a/c Kent State----inviting grads back.

Psst... DUers, you can support the president without

The 15 Most Expensive NYC Banker Homes

GOP Candidate Who Was In The Military: Gays ‘Were Taken Care Of In Ways I Can’t Describe To You'

GOP Candidate Who Was In The Military: Gays ‘Were Taken Care Of In Ways I Can’t Describe To You'

What can we tell of the 'shirt man' (possible suspect) on the NY video?

Economic Crisis: Greenspan kept Fed worries about housing bubble secret

Oh Mr. Chomsky, you devil...

I will NEVER buy ANYTHING EVER at BP again--Join Me

Need help or advice but please no lectures...

Guys, it's ok. Oil spills will only hurt GOP states

Murder-suicide suspect was first CO of Navy carrier Stennis

22 people now confirmed dead in Tennessee, Mississippi and Kentucky flooding

65 years later, the suvivors of Stalag 17B gather for ceremony

The Darwin Award that retires the trophy - Man dies after eel inserted into his rectum.

Truthout article: 3 Month Timeline To Shut Down Gulf Geyser....

New Louisiana poll shows Jindal slip, Vitter holding lead over Melancon

Records "shed light on Kagan’s commitment to political activism and her liberal beliefs"

It's Ba-ack: Ireland Closing Air Space Over Volcanic Ash Fears

Arizona Republicans Push Party Far to the White: Kevin Hassett

Online Strategy Session with David Plouffe about to begin!

Airlines Made $7.8 Billion From Fees Last Year

More stimulus money for Neb.

Another disastrous year for the bees

AG: BP Trying To Get Alabamians To Give Up Right To Sue Over Spill

Denver Public Schools to Ban District-Sponsored Travel to Arizona

PCT of the Day: US Orders Blackout Over North Korean Torpedoing Of Gulf Of Mexico Oil Rig

Two-Four-six-eight, Sarah Palin's full of hate

Monday Toons, Part 3

Baseball All-Star Adrian Gonzalez Says He May Boycott Next Year’s All-Star Game Over AZ Law

This "spill", I like volcano like gushing better

Supreme Court closing iconic front entrance (Breyer and Ginsburg: "unfortunate and unjustified")


So the SUV in Times Square was sold on Craigslist 3 weeks ago eh?

Mayor Bloomberg's Office: Billboard is Accurate

Pelosi: Bush Admin Barred Officials From Briefing Congress On... Financial Crisis in Fall 2008

So the NYC would-be-bomber was White and in his 40s

Robert Menendez Pushes Bill Raising BP's Oil Spill Liability From $75M To $10 Billion

Rich lying twits continue their programme to screw everyone else

Doonesbury on Fox Noise. Too funny...

Kansas. voting bills to take us back to the stone ages. Fighting Abortion again

The Life Expectancy of People with Down Syndrome (by Race)

Despite plan, not a single fire boom on hand on Gulf Coast at time of oil spill

Activist icon laments Toyota's easy ride in Japan

NYT: Arizona Immigration Law Affects Some College Decisions

How many days worth of oil would you trade for say the Gulf?

So, Ahnuld no longer wants drilling off the coast of Cully-FAWN-eeyah?

Okay, I am not a scientist,

CBS/NYT Poll: Growing optimism about the economy

Dow Jones Newswire: US House Hearing On Toyota Moved To May 20

Gulf Coast Oil Geyser: Song of the Day: Part Deux

Just thought of this today while grading papers...

So... I'm bracing for the massive RW Tea Party Protests over

Sen. Bill Nelson: Did Big Oil quash safety regulations?

Hey, Palin. How's that "drilly - spilly" thing workin' out for ya?

'Robin Hood' bandit gives away cash after Short North bank robbery

Germany pledges 1 million electric cars by 2020

In Alaska, gulf spill brings back painful memories

A friend went to seminar in California last week.

A friend went to seminar in California last week.

Obama's Katrina? - I Think Not

I Get Pissed Every Time I See That Commercial...

Lesbian couple can sue Boy Scouts, Supreme Court says

WORST AD EVER:Beck trashes Mothers Day as "big business scam" during radio ad for Vermont Teddy Bear

WORST AD EVER:Beck trashes Mothers Day as "big business scam" during radio ad for Vermont Teddy Bear

At 92, war vet Elsie sure is Dandy

Deepwater Horizon Incident- Unified Command Response (Link)

Ozzie Guillen

Rachel and Dan Stein Part 2

please post photos of oil spill here (public domain images only):

Schwarzenegger now opposes oil drilling off California

ex Halliburton employee's commentary on the Gulf Oil Spill

Owner of SUV found - More video of shirt-man to come

FL State Sen. Mike Bennett (R) caught viewing naughty pix on Senate Floor

Scientist Doesn't See a Way for Preventing Oil From Reaching Florida Keys, Eastern Seaboard

Fox, which DID NOT roll out a Bush Katrina Timeline, rolls out Oil Spill Is Obama's Katrina Timeline

Gulf oil spill: The Halliburton connection

Audobon Society concerned about spill's impact on birds

Tier 5 unemployment benefits - why they are needed (letter to Sen. Reid)

"Drill baby drill!"

Beautiful women can be bad for your health, according to scientists

Time to "grab a mop." John Morgan has volunteered to mop sludge.

Senate Judiciary Committee schedules a vote on the nomination of Goodwin Liu this Thursday

Unbelievable out of the 6th Circuit. Damned activist judges!

Boycott BP

Bobby Jindal spent Sunday with Barack Obama re oil spill

Fundie nutjob: The MSM is the tool of the Gay Agenda

Help Feed the Hungry. Annual Mail Carrier food drive, Saturday May 8th

Might be the wrong place to ask, but, what are the current offshore drilling regulations?

In Covanta Struggle, Utility Workers Go Global (to join a union without management interference)

MoveOn calls for Obama to reinstate ban on offshore drilling today.

"When the Truth is found to be lies..."

Somali Islamists vow to end piracy, pirates flee with ships

Prosecutors: Delay release of Hutaree Christian Militia members

AZ State Senator follows Stormfront Founder on Twitter

Obama Nears Decision on Supreme Court Nominee

Have You Seen the Latest Immigrant Bashing from the Wingnuts?

BP liability limited to $75 million (with an "m") in economic damages?

Lady Blah Blah says 'Drill here, drill now'

ABC News: "Person of Interest" in Times Square bomb — "radical ties" Pakistani-American

Weed Wars, ’shifting positions’ on Medical Cannabis

This so called Dem..

Do you thinks it's possible Halliburton/BP sabotaged Deepwater Horizon on purpose?

The real cost of things...

What do you think will be the next major disaster?

Seriously Re-Thinking My Stance on Abortion...What's the Big Idea?

Changes to State and Federal Pension Plans?

Politics, Money, And Oil...

Anyone up for a swim?

James Traficant Files to Run for Congress as Independent

Freedom Rides for the Unborn is the Latest Attempt by the Anti-Abortion Movement to Turn the Civil R

Sen. Mike Bennett Caught Looking at Porn on Senate Floor

Person of interest video released from Times Square

Here is a description of dropping a drill down at huge depths to reach oil:

Obese kids more vulnerable to bullies

Cardin wants new drilling 'off the table' in Senate's energy bill

The Spill: What You Can Do (Oceana N.A.)

TPM Has Some Astonishing New Pics Of The BP Oil Rig Explosion....

American Family Association: Muslims Can Stay In The U.S. If They Accept Christ

Ok so you want to boycott

Ok so you want to boycott

Oil disaster may be "death blow" to $2.4 billion fishing industry in the Delta

Attention Haristylists, groomers, etc: HAIR helps with OIL spill!!

Allen & Salazar have told CNN losing the well head would mean more than 4.2 million gallons a day!

Now is a good time to Remember Richard Jewell...

How's That "Drill Baby Drill" Thing Workin' Out For Ya? (Pic Heavy)

I have a question for the scientifically-minded?

Pelosi: Bush Admin Barred Officials From Briefing Congress On Impending Financial Crisis

Government is the Problem when it's run by Corporate Whores and Republicans Alike

United Nations's Universal Declaration of Human Rights - 1948

More Secret Prisons, Tortured Confessions: The Debasement of Society and Politics Through Torture

Thank goodness for the Weather Channel. They are covering TN floods & Gulf oil disaster

The Bomb: Howard Zinn's last call to rebel against war

Pakistan Taliban Claims Times Square Bomb, Threatens More. How Credible?

If Only the Problem Were Just Arizona's Bigoted Immigration Law, But It's Bigger and Darker

Full-body scanners are waste of money, Israeli expert says

GOP's Candidate for Gov In Minnesota Wants To Nullify All Federal Laws

Arizona Senate Majority Leader Is Following Stormfront On Twitter!

Will Jeb Bush really be a 2012 pres candidate?

Actress Lynn Redgrave dies at 67

Obama to nominate Jesus Christ to the Supreme Court?

'Plucky' Lowden changes her tune: Everyone Has Access To Health Care — At Emergency Room

Reactions to Arizona law...

The Hair Apparent: James Traficant Files As An Independent In Ohio

FYI--Nashville & over 1/2 of TN suffering HISTORIC flooding

Take Action - Stop Destruction of Sea Turtle Coral Reef Habitat in Okinawa, Japan

Monday Toons, Part 1

Should Branch Rickey Have Signed Jackie Robinson?

Obama Likely To Pick a Woman For Supreme Court (sourced)

Rep. Israel wants Ahmadinejad arrested

Obama Dropped Offshore Tax on Big Oil:

Obama Dropped Offshore Tax on Big Oil:

Wall Street Reform Gets A Push From The Left

We should come up with a name for this mess.

The Backlash Against Immigrants is Caused by Lack of Social Mobility in the Working Class

Don’t Vote on Don’t Ask, says Pentagon; Obama agrees "let the DOD study finish"

Nigerian senator Sani denies marrying girl of 13

Deregulation's finest hour - Quayle's "Council on Competitiveness"

Malawi move to ban polygamy angers Muslims

OIL IS FUNGIBLE PEOPLE. There is no such thing as "BP oil" or "Exxon oil"

During the broadcast of the NASCAR race Saturday night, one announcer made SURE

Jenna Bush: Laura is a "Secret Rastafarian"

How much blame do you give to the American People for the way things are in this country?

US Mine Workers’ Union Designated to Investigate Massey Coal Mine Killings

Thanks to St Ronald of Reagan: BP limited to $75million in losses

He's not dead, Jim. Plus, he's on YouTube.

'Space alien' demands to fly plane; passengers decide otherwise

Trade Policy and the American Worker:

List Of Countries W/ Compulsory Identification Cards

Florida Grandmother, 73, Arrested After Slapping the 18-Year-Old Granddaughter Who Cursed at Her

CorpWatch : Oil spill changes everything

"Obama partied w/ his MSM pals while Times Square was BOMBED!1!!!! Freepers.

anyone see this.. alleged fishing trip witness of the oil disaster

Just dropped cable because price was going up.

With all the crap going on, here's a story that made my day...

Arizona Birther Bill Dead!

another example of UK style "free" speech

Color me the Cynic on the spill...

Dear Republicans. Obama has kept us safe from terrorism longer than Bush did.

Dear Fiscal Conservative War Supporter

US oil slick could trigger 'double-dip' recession: analyst


Nukes, Baby, Nukes! Don't worry. Nuclear energy is safe. Just like oil, an accident is unlikely

Two Boston city councilors want the city to pull any investments from the state of Arizona

Christian Right rally with big names flops (Expected 8000 people, but got no more than 300)

Dick Cheney and the oil spill

Europe-IMF bailout, social cuts announced in Greece

How many idiotic right-wing memes can you fit on a sign?

I was really pulling for Jennifer Brunner for Senate in Ohio, until moments ago...

We have a major catastrophe happening in middle Tennessee.

What could have been so explosive on that rig?

"Probable cause" : driving while appearing hispanic

Who Got Our $1,000,000,000,000? by Alan Grayson

Democrats Introduce Bill Increasing BP Liability Limit From $75 Million to $10 Billion!

So you PRO Nuke people don't think some company will bypass safety to make a buck???

If you see a single image online today, let it be this.

EXCLUSIVE - Secret Erik Prince/Blackwater Tape Exposed: Geneva Conv'ns Don't Apply With 'Barbarians'

Alan Greenspan finally tells the truth, but nobody believes him.

BP limited to $75 million liability. Betcha that's still too much for Tony 'Va Fa Fongu' Scalia.

BP limited to $75 million liability. Betcha that's still too much for Tony 'Va Fa Fongu' Scalia.

The Rude Pundit: The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Will Wreck Your Pathetic Ideology

Liz Holtzman for New York Attorney General (And Watch Out Wall Street)

Parents, Teachers, Students: Be a fan of Stop Race To The Top. Goal of 1 million teacher march

Internet Explorer Falls Below 60% Market Share (first time since late 1990s)

Most Americans (79%)Don't Want Reagan On $50 Bill

AZ Rancher Murder suspect is an American

The NYC Teabagger bomber

The NYC Teabagger bomber

What I Lost at Kent State

It's time to start nationalizing shit - Chavez style.

Arizona gov Jan brewer upset over signs portraying her as..

TX Governor Rick Perry blames God for the oil disaster!

Dead Sea Turtles, Fish Wash Ashore In Gulf

$3 a day wage for a 12-16 hour workday 6-7 days a week.

When a "conscience clause" can allow a woman to die.

Illegals probably pay HIGHER TAXES than we do...

Norway Builds the World's Most Humane Prison

Phil Griffin, MSNBC President: We Want To Be Like Fox News

A plea to dog owners

Patti Smith says New York City has been closed off to the young and the struggling.

One of the ways to help the oil spill disaster and the wildlife that will be affected

Monday Toons, Part 2

"When do you want people to die?"

Did LeftyFingerPop finally shut his fucking piehole?

Please help! Total blankout on percentage problem.


Having cornflake chicken for dinner? I've got the PERFECT dessert

Is there a national real estate site where you don't' have to list a specific area?

People who use choke chains on their republicans are kind & wonderful and should be allowed

America: The Story of Us. Is anyone else watching?

How does anybody decide what "format" to buy things in anymore?

Fuck, this shirt stinks.


Best heavy metal intros?

Peace out...

Why is the environment trying so hard to make me hate it?

I don't know what is more exciting--that Larry King is a swinger or Johnny Depp will play Ozzie

Has anyone seen Cavalia?

Remember The Fantasticks?

I just heard on the news Super Saver won the Kentucky Derby.

FREE ! for anyone here close to Flower Mound, Texas.

Bad news/Good news - Bad news: My preceptor (and good friend) is sick today; Good news:

OMG - tickets for The Wall go on sale this week, and I'm so nervous!

OK, why wasn't I told about this?

LOSTIES this is for us!

I am so proud my nephew's film is online for a limited period


A fractal for a pleasant Sunday evening (dialup warning)

Well, my Uncle is in Jail and his dog is very depressed.

Seriously, I'm borderline getting really ticked off about this accident

Vote for your favorite weird news story

Cat people! Your kitteh's shedding can help save the Gulf!

Tell us a good local band or artist

Yesterday a dog told me that I was , seriously , the master of its dreams

Iggy Pop is one of the most influential rock mus..HOLY FREAKING CRAP!

A friend in Calgary just called to ask if I'd be interested in a consulting gig in Beijing.

Tweeting Too Hard

Like your HFCS-free Mexican Cokes? Yeah, about that....

Did I miss Sunday's LOL cats?

Do crossed index fingers repel vampires?

As an aviation geek, I'm loving watching History Channel's Dogfights on DVD

Help! Our beagle is lashing out at our 4 year old daughter!

cool illusion

PSA: Remembering the "lost Mothers" of Mothers' Day


New Foyle's War starts tonight - 9 pm on Masterpiece Mystery

tweeting my adventure hopping the rails #crosscountry

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/3/10

Hey...Im having a shitastic month..How about you?

Lynn Redgrave Died..

Tonight I win.

Need help or advice but please no lectures...

It stopped being cool or fun

Nowadays lots of clothes are made with some spandex, say 96% cotton, 4% spandex.

R.I.P. Helen Wagner - "Nancy Hughes"

Boards OK Continental-United merger

Sources say Arpaio will announce run for governor Monday

Oh, hell. The cats are in attack mode.

Buffett to Visit Japan Seeking Deals, Praises China’s Prospects

United and Continental Airlines to merge

Do NOT make the kiddie cry when kitteh is on duty. (A 2 minute break from the gusher)

More Secret Prisons, Tortured Confessions: The Debasement of Society and Politics Through Torture

Bord? or Board? lol... - here's some pics I played with

Group hands out fliers to 'Report An Illegal Day'

God I feel old

U.S. to probe thousands more offshore tax evaders

How much lard is in a Krispy Kreme?

Post something Beatlesque

BP told to stop circulating settlement agreements with coastal Alabamians

Rest in Peace ugly blue Toyota Corolla: Jan 2001 - May 2010

Fishing ban imposed in oil-affected Gulf of Mexico

Landrieu: City Hall will open staging area at Fort Pike to protect Lake Ponchartrain from oil spill

Stocks rise on economic news, airline merger

U.S. should be punished for nuclear "threats": Iran (at NPT meeting)

N. Korea’s Kim appears to have entered China

BP Describes Race to Fix Well as Obama Warns of Oil Damage

Oil tanker reported exploded in Malacca Strait

OK; whose afternoon rush-hour commute got caught on camera??

American is Focus in Krentz Killing

Not too Smart a Move.

Group hands out fliers to "Report An Illegal Day"

Breaking News: Officials: International links increasingly likely in Times Square bombing attempt

Court to close main entrance to public

Two very big sads this afternoon.

It's time to play "Deep Philosophical Conversation"

Sanford avoids criminal charges following ethics investigation

State securities regulation chief quits

Actress Lynn Redgrave has died, her children announce

Tenn. officials brace for more flooding, deaths (15 deaths)

Yesterday a woman told me that I was, seriously, the man of her dreams.

Spill raises fears oil could reach Atlantic

Gordon now plans to join other mayors in suing Arizona

U.S. Car Sales Climbed in April

Where the hell is Tommy Carcetti?

Reports of pungent fuel smell start wafting in on Alabama coast

Virginia attorney general prefers covered breast for goddess on state seal

US oil slick could trigger 'double-dip' recession: analyst

IAA forced to restrict flights in Irish Airports because of Ash Cloud

BP says U.S. Gulf leak flow rate unchanged

Officials increasingly see international plot in Times Square bomb attempt

Six militants killed in drone attack


We don't tolerate racist behavior, Tea Party organizer says

CTS Pedals on Chrysler Cars Investigated for Sticking (same company that supplied Toyota Motor Corp)

Flights banned in Ireland and parts of UK over ash risk

BP official: 'We've significantly cut the flow' of oil from damaged rig

Ex-HUD chief under Bush cleared in probe: lawyers

NYU Graduate Employees File for Union Recognition, Hope to Overturn Bush Era Ruling

Times Square Bomb Plot SUV Recently Sold On Craigslist for Cash

Police search for second man over New York car bomb

Ubuntu RAWKS!!!

Dogs are amazing.

Best case: Another week of unabated oil geyser

Authorities Have Identified Person of Interest in Times Square Bomb Attempt

Joe Arpaio won't run for Arizona governor

Best things to come out of Los Angeles?

9 accused of plotting war on US can post bond (Hutaree)

Attorneys agree to block on Oklahoma abortion law

Poll: Majority of Americans sympathetic to illegal immigrants

Manhole Fires in Midtown

Schwarzenegger ends support for Calif oil drilling

Florida State Senator Caught Looking At Porn During Session (VIDEO)

BP: Oil rig leak 'wasn't our accident'

Police: 480 pounds of pot found in truck stopped in Arizona

Wal-Mart to pay $27.6M in California dumping case


Conservative Latinos Rethink Party Ties

Have you tried the KFC double down yet

American is Focus in Krentz Killing: Update

OIL FUTURES: Oil Hits New 18-Month High

U.Va. men's lacrosse player accused of killing female player

Pelosi: Bush Admin Barred Officials From Briefing Congress On Impending Financial Crisis in Fall

What would you do? Last Friday at 2:00 AM my friend in Vancouver, BC was awakened by loud talking

Some interesting comments from March 31st 2010 that put things in context

Obama sees 'massive, potentially unprecedented' Gulf oil disaster

OMG! It's spring! (photo heavy)

Mother Jones - "American Petroleum Institute: Still Astroturfing"

Crist says he's open to supporting a Democrat for Senate majority leader

HI-01: Charles in Charge?

Reminder: Plouffe holds Vote 2010 Online Strategy Session Monday at 4:30pm EDT

The Hits Keep on Coming: "Arizona Drops Children’s Health Program"

U.S. Releasing Nuclear Data on Its Arsenal

How the Teabaggers are Shaping Public Policy

Video of the Times Square suspect

Voters like Bob, delegates don't

Florida: Garcia Moves to DCCC's 'Red to Blue' List

The Repubs are killing themselves in the Electoral College with this AZ law

I changed my Oil , but used 10w30 instead of the recommended 5w20, when will my engine explode ?

Class and comfort in the UK election: Brown vs. Two Children of Privilege

BP CEO: “What the hell did we do to deserve this?” Let's see:

** Heads Up: FLOTUS Drops in on the National Science Bowl Finals, 11:15am EDT **

A presidential comparison / contrast in pictures. Bush's Katrina versus Obama's Oil Spill...

Elitism and Empathy in American Presidents

of the WH's facebook, youtube etc

CIA base targeted by suicide bomber

Let's clear up this smear of the Progressive Candidate for OH Senate-Jennifer Brunner!

Bobby Jindal.......Here is what you need to do!

A House Speaker We Can Believe In: Nancy Pelosi's Goal is Our Goal

My heart sank when I found out Djou is leading in the ed case, hanabusa, djou 3 waqy fight for a US

**** Heads Up: David Plouffe Discusses the OFA 2010 Strategy, LIVE! ****

TPM: The Top 4 Things to Watch in the Senate Debate on Financial Reform

OH-Sen: Brunner Won't Campaign for Fisher if She Loses

Ezra Klein: Was the economy of the '90s really so bad?

Joe Trippi is running the Greene campaign against Meek in FL

Manhole Fire Next To New York Times

Oceana North America: Send your letter to Sec Ken Salazar

I guarantee Obama knows more about this oil leak now than Bush ...

CNN = the boy who cried wolf.

Bill Maher, do some more homework before hitting the Sunday News show

Senator Kyl reportedly jokes about Obama, Pelosi drowning

Obama the Visionless

Far-Right Media Push 'Sabotage' Conspiracy Theory

Americans See Economy Improving

"The Situation" Thanks the President for Exempting Him from the Tanning Tax

Contrarian: I'm happy Napolitano is head of Homeland Security and not Arizona gov.

Bash BHO all you want - I was very proud of him standing out in the "drizzle"

Photos: "Obama Send Help" (The Obama Presidency, Day 468)

George Will, do some homework on wind power before hitting the Sunday News show

PA-Sen, PA-Gov: Sestak Closing, Onorato Dominating

Predator Drone Jokes

Gulf oil spill: Schwarzenegger no longer supports plan to expand drilling off California's coast

The GOP is more likely than not to lose the FL senate seat.

Wow, the hypocrisy is pissing me off....quotes from the south.....

Oops! Conservative Latinos Rethink Party Ties

Whirlpool to cut 4,500 jobs!

We almost certainly have 50 votes to end DADT but may not have 60 votes to do so

The Irony of Government Response to Disasters.

Somebody. Anybody. Talk me down.

I remember crying with tears of joy when I watched this.

One reason that Obama was funnier than dinosaur Leno... The Daily Show writers helped.

Manufacturing grows at fastest pace in 6 years

Crist poll shows him in lead

The Facebook group "1 million Strong Against the Arizona Immigration Law..." has 1190680 members

Gibbs: 'Premature' For Obama To Change Position On Offshore Drilling

"Durbin: New safety standards likely for offshore drilling"

“President Obama supports quality charter schools” by Secretary Arne Duncan Dept. Ed

Obama/ Baker affair--Never happened and setting the record straight!

Fieger: I will not run for governor

Why are we throwing away a house seat in Hawaii?

What I Learned at the First Ever YouTube Partner Meet Up in Chicago

Big Bill Broonzy - Southern Flood Blues

Arizona law fuels national immigration actions

Copy Machines, a Security Risk?

MN to AZ - Your Papers Please - Emmer Go Home!

John Dingell 1995: "This is deja vu all over again"

May Day Protest at Arizona State Capital

BigDog Overview: Military’s Robotic Pack Mule

The Roots - Live Earth Day DC 2010 - 1st song

Papantonio: BP - All Talk, No Money

Robert Reich: “Why Public Education is More Important Than Wall Street, and What We Must Do”

Real Pilots Speak Out on 911

True Progressives Challenging Conserva-Dems

The Ban

TYT Interviews Rep. Marcy Kaptur on Criminal Investigations of Wall Street

9/11 Debunker Gets His Ass Handed To Him By Richard Gage - 20/07/2009

Why Push for Gay Marriage and NOT Civil Unions

Hundreds March for Single-Payer Health Care in Vermont

Florida GOP state senator caught looking at porn on Senate floor.

Greek protestor throwing Molitov cocktail at police

TYT: Outrageous Right Wing Reaction To AZ Immigration Law (Drugs, Terrorism & Insects!)

Oil at Navarre Beach FL

Neil Young: Four Dead in Ohio

Florida Dem Party Chair endorses Crist and says he's a democrat!

Bill Maher THIS WEEK Highlights - Web Extra Included

George Will: Oil Spills Can Resolve Objections to Arizona Immigration Law

Chris Hedges: No One Cares

The Insecurity State: Inequality’s Hidden Price Tag

Don't boycott--organize!

From Waziristan to New York

Why was my post locked?

Marcy Winograd: I'm Bustin' Banks & Harman, Too

Paul Krugman: Drilling, Disaster, Denial

Gulf of Mexico: from magnificent resource to industrial sacrifice zone

The Deadly Passage of the All-American Canal-Over 550 Drowned Crossing Border

All the Obama 20-Somethings

The Subprime Conspiracy

Where lies the truth amid the mendacity?

"No Retreat!" Oil Spin

Kandahar Cluster**** Watch - The 'We Had to Destroy the Village to Save It' Version

AlterNet: How China Holds the American Economy by the Balls

The Supreme Court is closing its iconic front entrance

Opinion: The Oil Slick You Can't See

Distributors' lawsuit alleging Amway is pyramid scheme heads back to trial

BREAKING: Large Air Spill at Wind Farm.

The Trouble with Drones

Oil Slickonomics (David Kotok, the Big Picture)

Reporters Without Borders’ “Predators of Press Freedom” List Missed US DOJ

Obama tax increase misperception grows

Deal Saves Greece -Unions Vow No Peace

Halliburton & BP - Is it time for the Corporate Death Penalty?

The Hill: The Big Question: Should Obama reconsider offshore drilling? (May 3)

Republican scandals, blunders will haunt them in November

Just Smile and Wave

Does Obama Know the War He's In?

Reflections on Kent State

The Gulf oil spill is much worse...

Obama FCC Expected to Abandon Net Neutrality, Universal Internet

Bee numbers plummet as billions of colonies die

Anthony Marr Hope-Care USA 40 State Tour for the Planet and Wildlife

Sarah Palin on the oil disaster: Sh*t happens, drill baby drill !!!!

Times-Picayune - Excellent Graphic Tracking Growth Of Deepwater Horizon Spill

Gulf mess jeopardizes climate bill

AIA Selects Top Ten Sustainable Buildings

Big Oil continues to see big profits, pollution while Americans get robbed at the pump

Drumbeat: May 3, 2010

Drumbeat from the weekend...

Record Rains, Record Flooding - Middle TN Towns Losing Water, Sewage Service As Water Buries Systems

Jordan River S. Of Galilee Reduced To "Sewage, Fish Pond Water, Agricultural Runoff" - AFP

Fishing closed in Gulf waters affected by oil spill

Breaking: Major Air Spill has Palin crying "Blow, baby, blow!"

BP Told to Stop Distributing Oil Spill Settlement Agreements

Gulf of Emulsification

AL Governor - 80% Of Booms Off State's Coast Have Failed Because Of Bad Weather


Study outlines Virginia offshore energy prospects

Lamar to Retrofit Billboards Throughout Florida with Solar, Wind Power

BP official: 'We've significantly cut the flow' of oil from damaged rig

when do we get the top 10 idiots back?

"BP's Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill at TOD Overview"-Many Technical Details on Blowout and Capping, etc.

Orioles Magic Feel it Happen, Orioles Magic Feel it Happen, O-R-I-O-L-E-S

Rory McIlroy wins with course record 62

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, May 2)

Karl has more complications

Saints Brass Tarnish Lombardi Luster: Vicodin Scandal

I guess they didn't like that game either

Fans willing to give up food, limbs, and dating for World Cup win

Entirely too many threads about the Lowrioles

Vicodin case could have dire consequences for Saints

Most underrated Center in the NBA

Oil tanker reported exploded in Malacca Strait

Chavez again blames Colombia for domestic crime

Cuban paradise: 9 in 1,000 access the web; 20 state agents per foreign correspondent

Mockus: "If Venezuela became another Cuba, it would be sad for everybody"

Distorted account of Morales speech distracts from fundamental issue of climate change

Oliver Stone Takes His Film on Tour in South America

High Court lets stand decision on S.D. Scouts lease (must rent at fair market value)

One third of L;eysan albatrosses in female-female pairs

Prop 8 lawyer David Boies: ‘SCOTUS won’t give a gay-bashing opinion’

Advocate: Murphy 'Blindsided' by Gates, Presses On (with DADT repeal)

Today in Labor History May 3, 4 striking workers are killed, at least 200 wounded & Pete Seeger born

Worker impaled in fall from roof (no required fall protection)

Across Centuries, May Day Adapts to Shifting Struggles for Justice

FedEx, UPS labor showdown nears

Food Service Workers Organize Dining Hall Boycott (workers are requesting a card check agreement)

Union victory in Houston What it could mean for El Paso hospitals How it’s handled in right-to-work

Details of Gaza blockade revealed in court case (Cinnamon Yes, Coriander No)

The Grim Truth?

"Making guns and ammo scarce" as a solution to gun violence

Appleseed project

Shotgun handling ultimate fail

Gun Expo Center suicide bought did not require check

Carshow Loophole

"Making guns and ammo scarce" as a solution to gun violence

"Uncle Sam Collects $2,035,154,440 in Firearms Taxes (2009)"

Pittsburgh Cop Accused of Pulling Gun in Road Rage Incident

Learn gun safety in church?

Maine's packing heat...

Clothing store owner shoots violent robber in self defense

How would gun registration help with crime?

Sniper kills Qaeda-from 1½ mi. away

Failing to distinguish technically sound studies from poor ones

Incipient Beauty

Time for a sunset pic!

Reflections for Mother's Day

*** Photo Contest Rules Poll Results. Any ideas for what to do next? ***

The Data Driven Life

Opportunity rover spies with its little eye its next destination

Researchers Find First Evidence of DNA Swapping Between Insects and Mammals

major progress on the oil disaster

I'm so sorry. No progress on the oil gusher

Vampire dream.

practical things we can do to help

Links to actual judgments in the matter of McFarlane and Relate Avon

Even One of These Little Ones...

Dandelion Faith

Are there any dieticians here?

Believing is Seeing: How Mindset Can Improve Vision

Are there any proven ways to avoid Alzheimer's?

If someone here can explain how any one of the Big Wall Street players

Who Knew Bankruptcy Paid So Well?

Repaying Taxpayers With Their Own Cash (GM)

Dr. Housing Bubble 05/01/10

A Summary of the Goldman Sachs Fraud Case, and the Downfall of Icons

What happened to the UK lawsuits over overdraft fees? Are there similar lawsuits here?

Giant Vampire Squid: Bad Regulations to Blame for Turmoil

Global Economic Collapse -- Part Deux

Iceland’s special investigation: The plot thickens