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Roman Catholic Church/Vatican is a Country

"Corporate negligence in the extreme."

"foreign tax credits that offset taxes paid on foreign income earned in their host countries"

Something's going on with the pipe again

New rule: All Americans who believe in unfettered capitalism must ...

The widget and gadget to calculate the oil spill so far

"Oil spills into pipeline containment area"

Just saw this on Latest News: (a weird bug?)

Civil fine in Gulf spill could be $4,300 barrel

Civil fine in Gulf spill could be $4,300 barrel

OMG. Look at this ad targeting Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D) in AZ

OMG. Look at this ad targeting Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D) in AZ

OMG. Look at this ad targeting Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D) in AZ

OMG. Look at this ad targeting Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D) in AZ

OMG. Look at this ad targeting Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D) in AZ

OMG. Look at this ad targeting Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D) in AZ

Despite Pundit Claims, Offshore Drilling Support is Down Significantly - FDL

BREAKING NEWS!! BP has stopped the leaking!

BP Rigged A "Third Test" In Order To Declare A Satisfactory Result

Obama acts decisively to stop the BP leakage!

Poll: Most Americans Still Unfamiliar with Elena Kagan

Florida Republican party credit cards gone, $7.3 million legacy remains

Jeb Bush SOLVES our economic woes, provides the KEY: "a dramatic increase in immigration is needed"

If you believe that the president could be doing more to solve the oil spill.....

Obama either does not get this at all or he is completely owned -

Is there a place with updates about the live feed of the oil spill?

Obama requests lunch with Republicans. They start trashing him the moment he leaves.

89 deaths tied to Toyota acceleration, U.S. says

I think that the synergistic impact on the people of LA is not being fully recognized by some.

Really? I mean, MF'ing Really?

Is there an "oil cam" link that works?

Question> Is there a way to pressure BP's Commercial Consumers?

Ann Curry dispenses graduation advice to the wrong student body

Whoa. Don't know if this has been posted. PBS Oil Leak Ticker

Visible Vote? Teabagger site or not?

"You're not going to be kicking my seat all the way to Las Vegas"

Anderson Cooper is reporting on the Gulf catastrophe this hour

Dump Oil & Nuke Waste At Sea, Proposed OR Republican Congressional Candidate

Dump Oil & Nuke Waste At Sea, Proposed OR Republican Congressional Candidate

Lake Erie Becomes Site for GE's First Ever Freshwater Wind Farm in the U.S.

If my car had an oil leak and was sitting in my driveway, I would get a citation from the city

Anybody else just totally disgusted?

Drove right on past a BP gas station today; figured it was the least I could do

Mike Malloy says the top kill is off for tomorrow..

Civil fine could be $4,300 for every barrel leaked into the Gulf

If BP got treated like the peons do for dumping oil.

DOE to Invest $6 Million in Midsize Wind Turbine Technology Development

Anyone watching the spillcam? The robots are grabbing things and spinning things.

Anyone watching the spillcam? The robots are grabbing things and spinning things.

Prosecute Massey Billboards in West Virginia

Hummer ceases production

BP had a key role in the Exxon Valdez disaster

What do we make of the Joe Sestak 'job offer'.

Can we here at DU get the President to address the american people on the gulf spill?

Stephen Harper's Bush Ambition

How about a class action suit against BP for emotional distress?

Guide Dog group opens its gates to puppy huggers

i am usually against drug testing employees on privacy grounds but

Reuters: Civil fine in Gulf spill could be $4,300 barrel

Monkeyfister - A blog that is monitoring & documenting the oilcam

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

U.S. to Toughen Drill Rules - Obama to Unveil Steps Thursday

does anybody know what time the Top Kill is supposed to start?

Phillipe Costeau on Larry King's show.

The Mayans were right! We're all gonna die!

BP-owned Alaska oil pipeline shut after spill!

The Ongoing Administration-Wide Response to the Deepwater BP Oil Spill

"I'm from the government and I'm here to help" - Scariest words for Repukes!!

Chu's undersecretary of energy was BP chief scientist who gave $500 million grant to Chu's lab (NYT)

FLASHBACK: When the NY Times ignored gaping holes in candidate Bush's war record

after watching a lot of movies

Since the Top Kill has been cancelled, do they have a "next" plan ready to go? nt

George Bush: Book Begins With Decision To Quit Drinking

Just received e-mail from BP Spill Select Committee: UPDATE Live Top Kill Video

First Republicans, And Now BP Starts To Get A Free Pass By The Media

NYTimes: Downtown Board Backs Muslim Center

Obamas' visit back home leaves Chicagoans guessing

Farmers help a horse to jump into an amphibious vehicle in a flooded village in Poland - pics

TOON: Tom Tomorrow on logical evolution of DC sucking up to corporations like BP

Help me save my life (engineers, safety experts, lawyers, MDs)

Some cool robot action going on now

Perfume and Cologne Makers Add Untested Chemicals to Products

Injured goanna seeks out vet at celebratory event

That live cam is very interesting at the moment. Top kill preparations by robots...

The BP oil spill is NOT "another Katrina"! (Graphic Image)

Let's Say BP Is Successful With This 'Top Kill' - How Will MSM & Obama React......

Gulf well was shouting warnings for hours before BP rig explosion

Are they putting something in the tea?

GOP to mount a vigorous defense of ‘Don’t ask, Don't Tell’

Perspective that maybe helps

My daughter asked me this question about the oil spill...

Reclaim ALL BP Leases!

Coast Pipelines Face Damage as Gulf Oil Eats Marshes?

Watching the ROV I am reminded of something in the bible:

Science behind the Sky Changes

Dem lawmaker urges White House to release details on Sestak job

Secret order prepares new US wars in Middle East and Central Asia

Behind the faceless free market

This atheist offers the closest thing to a "prayer"

BP Is 'Big And Important': BP Chairman Strikes Out At Critics, CEO Scolds Photographer

BP Is 'Big And Important': BP Chairman Strikes Out At Critics, CEO Scolds Photographer

I'm tired, and my soul aches for some good news...

Rachel takes on Big Oil / Government corruption

Why you don't vote

Why you don't vote

Young Gay Republican Challenges Out R.I. Speaker

It's late, I'm sad, I make weird leaps in my mind -but one question keeps rising up

Verizon Rep Threatens To Blow Up Man’s House Over Unpaid Bill

oil spill live cam



Gov. Haley Barbour’s press secretary to the press: Leave or get arrested

Transocean seeks delay of oil spill depositions until November

Wall Street Reform Turns Out Great for Wall Street -- Why Aren't the Big Banks Being Punished?

I'm watching the BP live stream. Anybody else?

Corruption runs through the veins of government

Wal-Mart Versus Major Bookstore Chains: 'Book Expo America' 2010 Intelligence

Gov’t Subsidizes Deepwater Drilling With Big Tax Breaks

Jindal is demanding more help from big gubmint?

Experts: Legal issues driving BP's oil spill stance

Privatize Profits, Socialize Risk

Leahy notes Sessions' unequal treatment of our female SCOTUS nominee

Anyone notice that the media never mentions Halliburton's role in this oil mess any more?

Breaking: Joe Scum-bag is now officially an environmentalist!!

I hate John Cornyn but I love his facebook page

Solutions for North Korean problem?

anyone here know why they could hook up pipes for the "top kill" but not to siphon the oil?

Democrats Grab Back Lead in Generic Ballot


Thanks A Lot BP... May You Rot In Hell !!!

Kid-made science kits (Now this is how you teach science!)

Ask KY Insurance Comm. to investigate Anthem rate hikes

"dispersants don't make the oil go away, they just make it harder to find"

Your vote: worth less than a pack of gum

Your vote: worth less than a pack of gum

Fearless Photographs: "Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Volume 1"

Has that smarmy fuck expressed any regret yet?

President Obama to hold news conference on Thursday

BP cutting live feed of oil gushing today

Republican Utopia

First Video Release of Second Leak, Near Blowout Preventer

Low Estimate of Oiil Spill's Size Could Save BP Millions in Court

Fresh Water for India's Street Dogs

The oil cam

CBO: Stimulus Created Up To 3.4M Jobs In First Quarter

New Oil Spill in Alaska, Pipeline is 51% Owned by BP

NY Times: Politicized Curriculum in Texas

My e-mail to Scabs & Mika Mouse

San Francisco Chronicle: Teach your children not so well

Is alcoholism a crime?

Andrew Cuomo picks Rochester Mayor Robert Duffy as his Lt. Governor candidate

Poll question, Should the Mods be term-limited?

Dear BP: We do not live in the Gulf of Mexico. Sincerely, walruses

Dick Cheney's disappearances are like:

Where are all the other oil companies during this catastrophic event?

SC voters, politicians ask for proof on alleged affair

Ad Says Lincoln Left Arkansas Years Ago

Have you noticed that Dick Cheney has disappeared again?

5 things you need to know about Kim Jong Il's brain

5 things you need to know about Kim Jong Il's brain

Has Jindal requested a moratorium on any future Gulf drilling? He doesn't even want to sue BP

Idiotic wingnut LTTE from the Columbus Dispatch

Apple zombies...your demand for inferior crap is...

Disaster-clean ups are always a lose-lose proposition

Channeling the Pentagon Channel: The New Socialist Realism

It appears BP will be airing the video during the top kill procedure

Tea Party Poems

It goes beyond just public transit.

Memorial Day

Vaughn Ward, Palin-Endorsed Congressional Candidate, Loses GOP Primary In Idaho

There’s No Voter Insurrection — Americans Are Poorer, Unemployed, and Not Fired Up About Politics

Firefox tool erases Justin Bieber from Web (including Facebook and Twitter!)

Britain is doing to the Gulf what US and other corporations have been doing to the Third World

Lobbyists are quietly advising their clients to increase contributions to House Republicans

Guilty plea by trucker who viewed porn pre-crash

McCain touts drilling agenda from oil platform - Aug 19, 2008

After the Christmas day terrorist attempt, Cheney was on every Sunday show

(Tennessee) Lawmakers Take Heat for Arizona Resolution

Moron Joe - Impeachment hearings? Really?..

Darrell Issa's On A Roll! Now Complains About Obama Giving Judgeships To Political Allies As Bribes!

DREAM deferred: An immigration policy protestor from Ann Arbor faces possible deportation

'The Lazarus Effect '- A 30 minute documentary produced by Spike Jonze about AIDS in Africa

The Corp Stranglehold: How BP Will Make out Like Bandits from Its Massive-Still Gushing Oil Disaster

This entire job offer thing with Sestak

Poll: Only 22 percent of Latinos have favorable view of GOP

interactive oil spill maps

Alaska Oil Pipeline Shut After Power Outage

Did I just hear Salazar say that if the "top kill" fails, THEN they will

A photo from NASA and the Gulf Loop Current

GOP Seers Rollback & Co and Viagra, getting set for possible spring fever corporate merger.

Along came a Parabel for our very hard times

Jindal has delayed his political book release. A little rewriting on his pro-drilling philosophy?

Dump Oil and Nuclear Waste at Sea, Proposed Oregon GOP Congressional Candidate

Rig engineers ‘knew oil well could blow’

Officer killed in Phoenix shooting, suspect in custody

Fox News edits Obama speech so there are awkward moments of silence instead of applause

Baby survives after train hits pram at Melbourne railway station

shouldn't the Tea Partiers hate BP?

Bill Clinton Was the Best Republican President

John Herbst (5thGenDemocrat) has passed away

First lady Michelle Obama kicks off a series of South Lawn summer fitness activities for kids - pics

$930 million security bill for the G8 & G20 meetings in Toronto and environs

I did not and do not expect anybody in the administration to

MSNBC Lamar Alexander.. Did I just hear him right? Did he say that the oil spill was Obama's Katrina

Federal Contractor Misconduct Database report on British Petroleum

Go see the animals at the zoo.....THEN GET OUT YOUR FORKS AND KNIVES !!!!

BBC TV 'sees religion as tiresome obligation'

Spill That May Have Covered a Few Acres, Became One That Stretched 1,100 Miles (BP History)

SPECIAL REPORT-Civil fine in Gulf spill could be $4,300 a barrel

hugs and kisses to these oil protesters

This aint Freeperville. DU doesn't need 2+ months to reach a fund raising goal.

LIVE VIDEO WEBCAST Full Committee Oversight BP Spill Hearing Wed & Thurs (10:00 AM) Link

Per faux newz' hannity and morris, sestak job offer is now an 'impeachable offense'

Concerning these relief wells being drilled by BP... how is this possible?

Deep Water Spill - Waiting for Top Kill

A golden age for Iranian art

Deepwater Horizon Blowout: This is What the End of the Oil Age Looks Like

"Top Kill"

Missouri's Lawmakers Keep Busy Restricting Women's Choices

'Being fat is no worse for you than being a woman'

Please take all items stowed in the overhead bins and sleeping people with you as you exit the plane

When will they try "the top kill?"

A nice story (video) of a hero on an otherwise crappy news day.

A nice story (video) of a hero on an otherwise crappy news day.

Wanted MILF leader Kato gets ‘promotion

Could this be the "sweet sound" of the HAARP? (oil spill & currents)

Tar Balls at Aransas National Wildlife Refuge

American media at its worst: Matt Lauer interviews BP CEO Tony Hayward

Company to Introduce Eco Friendly High Performance Materials to Wind Power Industry

Facebook fuels American flag business in Pakistan

Re: The "Global Resources" of Nightline

Don't pee in my Wheaties. Don't pour cold water on me.

Salazar lying on CNN right now - House Hearing Live Link

When will the President understand that talking to repubs is useless?

Sarah Palin's Speaking Demands

More U.S. Troops in Afghanistan than in Iraq for First Time Since 2003 Iraq Invasion

Hey! That's my Representative Jay Inslee asking some pointed questions of Salazar!

Experts Propose Plugging Oil Leak with BP Executives

I believe the best way to address CRUDE OIL Pollution is to culture release large amounts of micro

Tobacco company wins in Ohio Supreme Court

I watched Glenn Beck tonight. I want my brain cells back!

As BP works at the Rig, Why not line up emptly oil tankers along

Trans-Alaska pipeline shut down after oil flows from pump station into containment area

Would real prison sentences for Hayward, Blankenship change anything?

I found THIS while checking who was hot-linking to my photobucket account

Obama to Send Up to 1,200 Troops to Mexico Border

BP Oil Leak - vs - Global Climate Change (An Analogy)

New Yorker paroled after 15 years in Peru prisons

Ah, it's that time of the year for Wal-Mart to block off the public streets & cause me to drive 3

After watching the oilcam for an hour

‘We’ll sue you if you take beach oil’: Fake Twitter account bites into BP

‘We’ll sue you if you take beach oil’: Fake Twitter account bites into BP

Did Government Officials Actually Read BP's Oil Spill Response Plan?

Did Government Officials Actually Read BP's Oil Spill Response Plan?

"Crystal Bowersox may help Toledo's economy if she wins [American Idol] tonight."

I love it when people react to a headline and then comment without reading the whole article. n/t

Tarryl Clark, the woman who's going to defeat Michele Bachmann in November.

Unemployed Man Sends Angry Email To GOP Senator, Gets INDICTED

High Level of Bacteria Found in Bottled Water in Canada

New study: many vaccines at once OK for kids

GOP Rep Slams Fox: ‘I Don’t Know What They’re Doing At Fox News-But They Should Stop Smoking It'

GOP Rep Slams Fox: ‘I Don’t Know What They’re Doing At Fox News-But They Should Stop Smoking It'

Top kill was delayed a couple of hours ago..

If you believe that the president could be doing more to solve the oil spill.....

Carrie Prejean - where do you see her in ten years?

Carrie Prejean - where do you see her in ten years?

Ah Sweet Justice-Author writing about Palin moves next door to her

Mexican senator says gov't preparing for Ariz. law

Bad Weather in Gulf may delay Top Shot.

Revealed: The home loan that could save you a fortune

Govt Needs To Tell BP "We Don't Care How Much It Costs YOU... Just Do It !!"

The Rude Pundit - Our Regulation Farce: Oil Companies Self-Evaluate Their Rig Safety Drills

Anyone notice the price of gas is going down during a season when it usually goes up?

Summer of Tears: A Fisherman's Story

Tanker overturns on I-80; 2,600 gallons of diesel trickling toward Donner Lake

Would banning all offshore drilling in the US MATTER if all the nearby neighbors still do it?

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 3

TPM: Even CREW Says Sestak's Claim Of Job Offer Is No Scandal

MUST read email received today..very interesting

Top Kill Watch: From BP - Technical update video explains the Top Kill

Vienna is best city to live in, says study. US highest are Honolulu and San Francisco

From DAY ONE, the ONLY thing BP should have been left in charge of is plugging the damn hole.

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 4

Ru-Roh...Purported Haley-gate Text: 'Your The One Who Screwed Her'

Low wages tax our society more...

How big is the BP broken pipe?

Obama Talks About Risks Of Deepwater Drilling

OhJoy OhJoy, NBC being original, will do "immigration" on all shows today all day!1

Hawthorne Man Allegedly Hangs Pit Bull

Should BP or the government take responsibility for stopping the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico?

Hartmann: Hayward guilty of murder or manslaughter?

Rand Paul Plans Staff Shake Up after Gaffes

Hero Saves Woman who Fainted from Subway Train then disappears

Cry "Havoc" and let slip the dogs of oil

SPF 100 will melt your face off, By Mark Morford

The all too believable "Unbelievable!" Part II

High school girl complains about final exam - she's a teabagger who didn't want to watch SiCKO

Recall: 2005-2006 Chevrolet Corvette...

A Classic Turns 50, and Parties Are Planned.

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 1- Oil everywhere

Chancellor Rhee, accountability for everyone except me!

Youth in a Suspect Society

The Weird Sisters of Wednesday want you to CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

CNN Apologizes After Airing Song With Audible 'Nigga'

Woot! The robot cam is back!

Obama heckled over 'Don't ask, don't tell' -- again (GetEqual San Fransisco)

For every new and existing underwater oil well drilled, I propose

Yell Louder, Yeah, that Will Cap the Oil Leak

MP3: Meditation music for the Deepwater BP oil spill

NOAA Response Update(May 25)

Rightie Insanity #5,026. Anyone ever heard of "contrails"?

The economy is so bad even God cannot find a job

Votes for sale, cheap

the oil slick a "very, very thin layer of oil residue" while encouraging people not to panic

CNN TV has 8 or 9 live feeds of the Top Kill

Hay being made about Obama skipping Memorial Day Celebration to go on Vacation...

This teabagger, crowned an airy queen (or clown), respectfully requests a CAPTION!!!!!

Vandals Slash $18K Of Oil Disaster Equipment

Vandals Slash $18K Of Oil Disaster Equipment

BP video feed of the oil leak just changed to a new view...

The case for seizure from

It appears they might be doing the kill right now

Does anyone know the circumference of the busted riser? It's hard to gauge

Does anyone know the circumference of the busted riser? It's hard to gauge

As BP Backlash Grows, So Do Calls For Boycott

Idea to increase safety on oil rigs

Idea to increase safety on oil rigs

Tragicomic BP Public Relations Twitter Feed: #BPCares

The Corporate Stranglehold: How BP Will Make out Like Bandits from Its Massive, Still Gushing Oil Di


Family Research Council: Don't Ask repeal will increase sex assaults

Family Research Council: Don't Ask repeal will increase sex assaults

dupe! Self delete. Posted down below by someone else

On the lighter side....

Georgia finally does something about zero-tolerance at schools.

Inuit join call for moratorium on offshore oil drilling in northern Canadian sea

Progressives Demand: No Behind-Closed-Doors Deals On Wall Street Reform

Mystery surrounds 26 headless chickens in North Pole

We are addicted to oxygen and water

Wall Street's Victory Lap: "financial reform has turned into a victory lap for Wall Street"

"Top Kill": Why does everyone say they only have ONE shot at it?

Japan leader's flamboyant shirt inspires copies

Head Wreck in leder hosen!!! Pease come CAPTION and help a Wednesday levitate.

Obama's border plan looks similar to Bush's

Rand Paul "Libertarianism" is smoke and mirrors...

Cleanup Theater? National Guard Throws Oil Booms Into Dumpster After Photo-Op?

Why Winograd Matters. By B-rad Parker

To Animal Lovers everywhere, please see this

Short term, oil spill means mini job boom in Gulf

Whoever the person is running that ROV

BP's 'Top Kill' Plan Set But Could Worsen Leak --

Yell Louder, Yeah, that Will Cap the Oil Leak (What do you expect Obama to DO about it?)

Many Supplements Said to Contain Toxins, Make False Health Claims

Many Supplements Said to Contain Toxins, Make False Health Claims

LAPD's Beck joins other chiefs to blast Arizona immigration law

Interracial marriage still rising in U.S.

Anyone else feel that our projected defeat in November might be overstated?

Oil Industry Experts on the Planned Top Kill:

Every oil blowout, we'll care a bit less, and less, and less...

Laugh of the day - Lincoln embraces left in runoff campaign ads AP

Lawmakers assail Minerals Management Service

Sue Lowden 'Supporter' Dubs Nevada Senate Candidate 'Suicidal Sue'

Indonesian Kindergarteners learn to fight sexual harassment with anatomically dolls

I parlty figured this out,

I just heard Thom Hartmann say the BP did not provide the workers cleaning

DADT confusion...

BP faces extra 60 billion in legal costs as US loses patience with Gulf clean-up

Gov't funded research/scientists are evil (says a wingnut bible-thumper). Only the bible is valid

Official "Watching the live BP video stream while they try the top kill" thread

Woodward and Bernstein honored at The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press gala - pics

If they can't ever plug the well, how long will oil gush into the Gulf?

on KO: Lawrence O'Donnell now calling it a homicide.

Question for those of you watching TV at home: Is there anybody commenting on what is happening

The ULTIMATE plot theory re: the "spill" with a nod to "Mission: Impossible"

Specter Introduces Sestak to Senate Democrats

Drilling a Relief Well

Massey’s Upper Big Branch Mine Still Racking Up Safety Violations

Return of the Gusher Cam

Fixing Politics and Government

Some spat-upon NYC bus drivers take months off

I'll bet we can't do it.

McConnell advises Rand Paul to stop talking

Our modern-day fetishist cult

Traded-In: These "Used" Senators Sold Out The Troops for Auto Dealer Cash

DU'er who wants handsome men -website

Take punitive action against BP now

Should Canada Continue Drilling for Oil and Gas Under the Great Lakes?

Sleeping woman left on plane in Philly for 4 hours

Rick Sanchez is a fucking idiot...

Get busy, DU! The Republicans want to hear from you!!!

Obama Administration backs Vatican's Claim of Immunity to Sexual Abuse Lawsuits

Is everything going alright with BP's attempt today?

Facebook Group: It's not racism stupid! You are here ILLEGALLY!

What's wrong with this picture?

Pamela Geller, blogger with Tea Party ties, launches ad crusade against 'Islamization of America'

Five questions for Obama on the oil spill

"Take Punitive Action Against BP Now" Lt. Gen. Russell Honore

"Take Punitive Action Against BP Now" Lt. Gen. Russell Honore

Struggles of immigrating the "right way" (hockey player possibly being deported)

For Children in Sports, a Breaking Point

For Children in Sports, a Breaking Point

It really puzzles as to why the Obama administration is doing everything they can from the backseat.

A warning I got in my email that you should read. RE: bottle bombs (Drano is part of them)

A warning I got in my email that you should read. RE: bottle bombs (Drano is part of them)

Subject of drug raid claims bust bogus

Let's call it like it is: Murder

Report: Blogger Claiming Affair Has Years Of Text Messages With SC Gov Candidate


Miss. Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant told people the petrol smell may be coming from their lawn mowers

Has anybody heard that the RNC has disquised a political survey as official US Census?

What would people be saying if Obama had

Live Comment Thread with Top Kill Video at The Oil Drum

Fuck you Mike Pence

Why do some people think VA AG Ken Cuccinelli is crazy?

Hay being made about Obama skipping Memorial Day Celebration to go on Vacation...

Oops! KY Libertarians: Rand Paul Is Not One Of Us...

Afghans Believe US is Funding Taliban

If this oil spill was oozing up on the shores of the Chesapeake..

Judge rules in Maine gay marriage case

US Fisheries and Wildlife Response(May 25)

The Advocate: Where did we get where we are on DADT? (White House had "no interest" in 2010 repeal)

Homeland Security replaces head of Federal Protective Service

For those like me who don't think they're doing anything about the spill:

BP claims to have no idea many barrels are being released daily. How is that possible?

The Sinking of the Cheonan: We Are Being Lied To

Bwahahaha - Friend posted a poll on facebook

BP and its minions state that this is the first spill in 30 years of Gulf drilling.

Thomas Ricks' on DADT: Column by woman in 10th Mountain Division

Can someone explain to me what they are saying on CNN?

Senators Give Nod To Bill Removing ‘Mental Retardation’ From Law

Wolf Blitzer is the most insipid pseudo-journalist I've EVER seen,

Immigration Reform Solution

Abe Lincoln Lied !!!!

Origin of Milky Way Clouds Revealed

Origin of Milky Way Clouds Revealed

What is a 'top kill'? A graphic presentation by BBC News

Obama follow Cheney example

A book that seems timely (though written in 2001)

Does anyone believe if the Spill didn't occur, the Dept of Interior would have

Does anyone believe if the Spill didn't occur, the Dept of Interior would have

Top Social Conservative: Hitler Used Gay Soldiers Because They Had 'No Limits'

Ray LaHood is change I believe in

I think something bad happened to the BOP (SCRATCH THIS)

Britain Bans Doctor Whose Research Triggered Autism-Vaccine Scare

Obama to hold presser Thrusday (first one in nearly a year)

There's a false dichotomy going on here. It's not "BP Expertise" or "Inept Govt Workers"

Young Republican on Kagan: Aye

"Drill, Baby Drill" Kudlow is throwing BP under the bus right now.

BREAKING: Fat Adulterous Republican to run for President.

Heated Argument on Rig Hours Before Blast

I have a suggestion as to how to speed up the implementation of the DADT repeal

Must see tv tonight on Current TV

I'm so depressed.

If we made a list of all the Palin-supported candidates, would we find one that

The Black Teabagger -- he EXISTS!

Jobless Benefits .........

Underwater Nightmare: What BP Does Not Want You to See;

Here's a detailed description and diagram of the 'top kill' procedure link:

Is Kagan the New Brandeis?

Five questions for Obama on the oil spill

Who do you think is the worst republican candidate in November?

AP: Mo. candidates disagree on 'don't ask, don't tell' (Carnahan comes out for DADT repeal)

video of methane hydrates...sept 2006, 20 miles from the BP rig

video of methane hydrates...sept 2006, 20 miles from the BP rig

Europe's Deflation Torture is a Gift to the Far LEFT

Check out this Spill Cam site - there is something going on right now!


'Hell of a year' for hurricanes, experts warn

BP CEO Hayward update: Top kill procceding according to plan. 24 hours before we know if it worked.

More Reports of Illness Emerge Among Gulf Cleanup Workers

Just checked the CNN feed of the gusher


These motherfuckers just don't know when to quit

did it work? The top kill that is?

The socio-economic and political system of the United States is rotten to the core.

Senators suggest a federal pay freeze to help fund wars

US schoolgirl shames BP with her bird drawings

WTF is this?

Tea party win embarrasses GOP establishment

What Have They Done To The Earth?

Ex-worker sentenced to life for torturing elderly

'Political Stupidity': Democrat James Carville Slams Obama's Response to BP Oil Spill

that gushing pipe feed is bullsh*t...

Okay, I know we just HAD a DU Fundraiser. But how can we let an opportunity like this go by?

US Democrats eye Medicare cuts in tax, jobs bill

What Happens in the Not Too Distant Future When BP Gives Up?

Does BP sell its oil on the world market in US dollars or euros?

Rand Paul faces possible challenge, staff shake-up

BP’s Own Internal Documents Prove It Knew Its Oil Leak Estimates Were Bogus

GregMitch: Bristol Palin photo spread and video at Harper's "Very" Bazaar. She even has a Tea Party

"Rules & regulations don't mean anything unless you perp walk some people."

No Unity for Connecticut Republicans

I've been Bushified. Rats.

I think we're watching the Decoy Cam

The smartest thing any aspiring criminal should do: cook up a rightwing-ish motivation beforehand.

President Obamas Memorial Day Schedule in Chicago..

If Top Kill Works, What Happens to the Two Relief Wells?

BP CEO caught on tape ordering media to get away from oil-coated beach

Oil rig survivors were detained until they signed papers absovling their bosses

Art Linkletter Died at 97

Saving Social Security: The Right Message on the Catfood Commission

Saunas, massage help in hunt for pirates

I HATE THIS GODDAMN OIL SPILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Perhaps it's time the US had a

Who are some handsome liberal/Democratic men?

BP started Top Kill 2pm EST according to MSNBC nt

PALIN administration investigated by AP.

G8/G20 summit in Canada will be just 48 HOURS long. The cost? Nearly 1 BILLION DOLLARS.

Becoming a bionic man today -- wish me luck

Witness: BP used seawater instead of drilling mud.

Lt. Dan Choi: No cause for celebration & no need to trumpet 'mission accomplished' on DADT

Please, God, let the Top Kill work.

Now he tells us: Bush hates oil, loves wind power

I just watched this report on PBS. Warning: These photos will infuriate and make you cry!

BP was "taking shortcuts" by replacing heavy drilling fluid with saltwater in the well that blew

GOP turns on Tea Party

Police chiefs to AG Holder: The Arizona Immigration bill will INCREASE crime

The blame game

Right-Wing Friend Just Sent Me This: Ray Stevens "Come To The USA"

Michele Bachmann-linked ministry: "If the US doesn't start executing gays, then God will punish us."

KY Libertarian Party VP: "I'm here to say Rand does not have the Libertarian ideology."

A Palin Nemesis moves in next door to her...

GOP website that solicits ideas from the internet was paid for with taxpayer money.

Christian Right Lobbies To Overturn Second Law Of Thermodynamics

Vice President Joe Biden and Jill Biden host a barbeque for wounded service members - pics

Great article by Dr. Rick Steiner posted at The Mudflats - "Lessons of the Deepwater Horizon

American Citizen detained and threatened with deportation for being brown

Do you feel despair at times?

Deep-Sea Oil Is Radioactive

My mother passed this afternoon - A Democrat that will be missed

Officials: Dog Put Out For Trash Pickup

Why is a Bush mole running the key Interior policy unit?

When Fast Food was young.

Gush Rate Accelerated? - This Looks Really Bad

RW Attorney General in VA starts witch hunt on Climate Change Professor under FRAUD statute

Per CBS Radio News: Top Kill Operation has Begun

VW unveils plug-in electric Golf head for U.S., plug-in Jetta to follow

Crazy KS Gov Candidate Joan Heffington Won't Disavow Westboro, Claims Bush Tried to Kill Her

Crazy KS Gov Candidate Joan Heffington Won't Disavow Westboro, Claims Bush Tried to Kill Her

Harold Ford's Corporate Crusade Against Net Neutrality

What gets me about the James O'Keefe verdict

Jindal said he was going to build sand berms a month ago with no permit. Why didn't he?

Here is what REAL corporate reform would look like, Part 1: BP, Exxon, et al

Arizona Will Repeal Its Controversial Immigration Laws Thanks To Obama!

I simply cannot bring myself to purchase gasoline at a BP station.



Obama Admin Backs Vatican Immunity in Sexual Abuse Suit

Pentagon to sway media coverage of Iraq–in Iraq AND here at home

Those Irrational, Misled, Conspiratorial Muslims, by Glenn Greenwald

Congress is about to pass an additional $32 billion to pay for the war In Afghanistan,.....

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 2- Still more Oil

Rand Paul is an ideologue, not a racist

Yummmm. Kangaroo Pizza.

GM recalls 162,000 Hummers over hood fault...

Timely repost: "CIA Domestic Operations Division: DU thread # 3" (8-5-09)

Free Tesla Energy is possible says Muammer Yildriz ( TU Delft )

Obama "heckled his heckler."

James Carville To Obama On Oil Spill: 'Get Down Here And Take Control... We're About To Die'

Purported Haley-Gate Text: 'Your The One Who SCREWED Her'

Gulf Cleanup Workers say not given protective gear. MORE REPORTS of Illness (ProPublica 5/26)

This morning my Sister and I

A complete stranger reached out to me today...

Yuck: "Atlas Shrugged" Begins Filming

What one question would you ask President Obama?

What's wrong with this chart - This just in from

Fucking hell.


"Congress Just Sold You Out"

No Shit - Obama: ""People weren’t paying attention to me when I said change is hard."

I'm Just Sitting Here Watching the Wheels Go Round and Round...

Mr. President, Defend America

"You didn't get mad when"... The mirror version.

"You didn't get mad when"... The mirror version.

How to speed up the BP cleanup

To all the "don't try to scare me with President Palin" types

BP Spill Claims Submission Form Link:

Opinions on court ordered substance abuse classes

Reminder - Obama CANNOT use executive order to stop DADT

Reminder - Obama CANNOT use executive order to stop DADT

Welfare group: Hidden video shows Ohio cows beaten!

RAND: "Maddow Tortured Me"

I completely give up on every last vestige of capitalism - you tell me why I shouldn't

Bank Tries To Foreclose On Owned Home (Bank of America) - Tuolumne Woman Owns Home Outright

AP Exclusive: Witness says BP took 'shortcuts'

BP's Brands. Here's who to avoid:

Ok this is how addicted to oil we are

Words mean things. A huge problem right now is that we have multiple definitions for socialism,

Due Process, or Why Criminal Defense Attorneys Deserve Respect

iWon: Apple Now Bigger Than Microsoft In Sign of the Times

iWon: Apple Now Bigger Than Microsoft In Sign of the Times

Caption Sarah 'Both Guns Blazing' Palin

Top Social Conservative: Hitler Used Gay Soldiers Because They Had 'No Limits'

Obama: Day for 'partnership' (with republicans) passed

Obama: Day for 'partnership' (with republicans) passed

Secret video shows cows on Ohio dairy farm brutally tortured

Strip Club Recruits Recent Grads-'Class Of 2010' Sign Drawing Mixed Reactions

Muslim Americans Under Attack-Right Fights To Deny Them From Building Their Own Places Of Worship

Rig worker was screamed at for pushing the distress button, had to wait for management approval (AP)

Are you ready for Social Security cuts?

DC school head, Michelle Rhee, gets political in CA, toots own horn.

Rand Paul's Libertarian La-La Land

The President is doing the right thing on keeping BP in charge

Will someone please discredit this Russian report on Corexit (dispersant)-"toxic rain"

NOT JUST BP!!!-CHENEY & His Henchmen REWROTE ALL The Inspection & Permitting Processes!!!

does anyone haberdasher?

BREAKING NEWS!! BP has stopped the leaking!

If Bill Gates had a penny for every time I had to reboot my computer...

I choose to steal what you choose to show

Arrow Through Me

24 Finale (Spoiler) and question

The Mayans were right! We're all gonna die!

I never saw ANY of Lost. Am I poorer for it?

Fuck you for fucking me (BJM)

Pictures of my Iran trip, part 4.2 *PIC HEAVY*

Who's Hot-Linking to my PhotoBucket account (Some flattering, some curious, some troublesome)

The Next Girl

Study: Pac-Man on Google wasted 4.8 million hours

Dad update:

From GD: Farmers help a horse jump into an amphibious vehicle in flooded village in Poland - pics

Funny story from a friend in Ireland...

Update on my Plantar fasciitis.

Do you hope to make peace with dearth before you die?

"The Good Wife" season finale (potential spoilers) right NOW

What those "God" billboards need-- product placement!

hey loungies

I like boards

Sex and dying in high society (X)

Siffy appears to be running episodes of ST:TNG

Brain farts

Erin Nordegren reportedly demanding $750 million from Tiger Woods

"The Simpsons" opening scene "LOST" spoiler

How to fix a keyboard when you spill beer on it

Should I start the thread "update on my vulva" or does someone else want to do it

Isn't it a little early for it to be 188 degrees in the shade?

BREAKING NEWS: Janet Jackson to headline halftime show at 2014 Super Bowl in New York/NJ

Update on my uvula.

L O S T fans, Which goddess/god would you have liked to have lived under?

My YouTube Story

Swedish Navy fights Somali Pirates with Saunas, Massages, Nudity, and Fresh Bread

A Classic Turns 50, and Parties Are Planned.

"Cashback" Nice little indie film on Netflix watch instantly.

People who think football should be played in warm sunny environments can kiss my ass!

He said "You can't be the worst parent in the world..."

LynneSin, you naughty, naughty girl!

Expiration Notice

I never thought I would say this, but Windows 7 is much better than OS X.

Secondary Protocol


Oh Zone

Shroom Music

Too High

Everybody Loves The Sunshine

Daniel Drumz

People who think that football should be played with helmets, pads and HANDS can kiss my ass!

OMG - I bet you folks can't guess what the official sport of Maryland is

i met mayor daley today

I opened my pool about two weeks ago...

How many times a day do you "Release the Kracken"?

On the lighter side....

How ya doin' there, bubblehead?

Has Toyota fixed the sudden acceleration problem?

Some douchebag called my house and woke me up at four in the morning...

What Does Your Outfit Cost?

As if I hadn't reason enough already to root against Argentina in the World Cup.

Best Blog Ever: 101 uses for ex-wife's wedding dress!

Living on a song-Katrina and the Waves still own the song....well everyone except Katrina

Thunderstorm coming in...

Cold Stone Creamery drink the equivalent of eating 68 strips of bacon...

Effing MSNBC Home Page drops a "window shade" Flash ad the size of a KLEENEX BOX.


Should I start the thread "update on my revulva" or does someone else want to do it

I'm so vain I think this song is about me:

What a wonderful day...

If you need a quick smile, check out

After Cezanne.

Do you hope to make peace with Darth before you die?

DU Rollercoaster Fanatics, what are your favorites?

Yikes...I took one of my dogs to the vet today..

Ten years today, a young man died

I have become the subject of small town gossip...

I've been posting notices for my Lung Transplant Blog over on GD

Does anyone else remember the "tube testers" that they used to

"The Lives of Others". Excellent movie.

Fun With English

Longest wedding invitation I've ever SEEN (and the best)

I dialed the wrong number at 4 am

Something tells me his wife was not at all reluctant to testify...

Adorable Kitty GIF is Huge and Adorable!

When was middle school invented? When I went to school, elementary was grade 1-6

I like broads

Are you able to forgive and forget?

Is Lady Gaga a Madonna/Cher /Annie Lennox derivative?

OMG - I bet you folks can't guess who the official NFL team of Maryland is

Tell me something unusal that really grosses you out

OMFG answers to test questions

Tila Tequila: "All you loser haters can sit and hide behind your computer on your fat lazy asses"

I have a sudden urge to learn some Renaissance songs, y'all

Government ups number of alleged Toyota deaths to 89

G8, G20 security bill at least $833M

BP-owned Alaska oil pipeline shut after spill

Stimulus raised GDP by up to 4.2 pct in Q1 2010 -CBO

Zoos and Aquariums on Oil Spill Alert

Spewing Oil Darkens; Could Be Bad Sign

Black Farmers’ Bias Payments Come Too Late for Some

BP Cites Crucial 'Mistake'

What's the most annoying breed of dog?

Obama comes to Bay Area to raise money for Boxer, tour Fremont plant

Coast Pipelines Face Damage as Gulf Oil Eats Marshes?

2 groups to sue BP under Endangered Species Act

Rachel takes on Big Oil / Government corruption

Republican Utopia

Worst Movie of All Time?

Corruption runs through the veins of government

Czech Voters May Hinder Budget Cuts With Stalemate

Poll Finds Americans Pessimistic, Dissatisfied with Washington

Campaigning on Arizona law may help Republicans: study

Durables Orders in U.S. Increased More Than Forecast in April

Congressman: White House Job Offer to Sestak May Be an 'Impeachable' Offense

Banks vulnerable but profits, pay at pre-crisis levels -OECD

BP-owned Alaska oil pipeline shut after spill

US senators approve two billion dollars in aid for Haiti

Signs of trouble evident hour before oil rig explosion

Obama Administration backs Vatican's Claim of Immunity to Sexual Abuse Lawsuits

(California) Assembly Dems: Let's borrow cash to save welfare

US New Home Sales at 2-Year High in April

Iraq's Al-Maliki Tells of Numerous Attempts to Assassinate Him

Interior IG is probing federal approval of Deepwater Horizon rig operations

Baby survives after train hits pram at Melbourne railway station

Rig’s captain set to testify at hearing

Obama's border plan looks similar to Bush's

Katla Volcano In Iceland Shows Signs Of Increased Activity

BP chairman takes on US critics

Rolling recovery reaches New York, L.A.

'Political Stupidity': Democrat James Carville Slams Obama's Response to BP Oil Spill

Car bomb hits outside NATO base in Kandahar city

Car bomb hits outside NATO base in Kandahar city

(Waxman) BP probe finds warning signs before explosion

NKorea threatens to ban cross-border traffic

Pawlenty vetoes bill with walleye rule change for Fish Lake

BP faces extra $60bn in legal costs as US loses patience with Gulf clean-up

Top GOP recruit Vaughn Ward loses in Idaho primary

Oil cleanup workers report illness

Italy union mulls strike as austerity cuts bite

Tylenol recall: Serious side effects investigated

(Parmalat founder) Tanzi sees 10-year sentence confirmed

Tech Giants Investigating Foxconn's Steps to Deal With Suicides

Oil cleanup workers report illness

Paris pushes new bicycle plan

CIA's secret Iraq weapon revealed: a Saddam gay sex tape

Justice Department Weighing Challenge to Arizona Immigration Law

FDA probing hundreds of complaints with J&J meds

Judge Refuses to Delay Oil Spill Lawsuit Against BP (Update2)

Serb Mercenaries See Prospects in Latin America

Sen. Tom Coburn, John McCain would freeze federal salaries, sell government property to fund wars

UK has 'fewer than 225 nuclear weapons'

Goldman Sachs Girds for Battle With the SEC Over Fraud Case

BP-owned Alaska oil pipeline shut after spill

(Senator Bill) Nelson: Obama should take over spill fix if BP fails Wednesday

AP Exclusive: Witness says BP took 'shortcuts'

US gives OK to Cuba help

Cancun mayor's arrest fuels fears of drug politics

Elton John to perform in Morocco dispite protest

US schoolgirl shames BP with her bird drawings

Kanye West, Michael Moore join de la Rocha's AZ boycott

US prison in Afghanistan to hold first trial

Bahamian Official: “Chances are” for oil to reach islands after late week change in weather

Activists Arrested at Chevron Shareholders Meeting

BP, Transocean workers argued before blast-witness

BP begins 'top kill' attempt in Gulf of Mexico

Exxon: Gulf spill won't change deep-water drilling approach

Live Comment Thread with Top Kill Video at The Oil Drum

Adm. Thad Allen cedes command of Coast Guard

Legendary broadcaster Art Linkletter is dead at 97

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday May 26

(California) Sex offenders may have driver's licenses marked

US soldier beaten after reporting crimes: officials

BP-owned Alaska oil pipeline shut after spill

Jindal expects to know tonight if 'Top Kill' is working

NY Teen Gets Maximum for Hate Crime Killing

Rare Cases of Liver Damage Tied to Weight-Loss Drug

More Cities on Brink of Bankruptcy

Nissan's gamble on electric cars revs up

In Louisiana, wildlife shows effects of gulf oil spill

Democrats and environmentalists push to kill Shell's Arctic drilling project

43% Growth for Solar Market in 2010

Arizona immigration law will boost crime in U.S. cities, police chiefs say

Breaking: Ben Nelson to vote Yes on DADT repeal

China could join moves to sanction North Korea

Oil spill may reach Bahamas by weekend

Before explosion, BP was warned to slow down

Private pay shrinks to historic lows as gov't payouts rise

Peru frees US 'rebel' Lori Berenson after 15 years

U.S. Coast Guard Approves BP's "Top Kill" Maneuver

Gulf oil spill: 'Top kill' still in limbo

U.S. Navy eyes Caribbean marine security with new exercises

Hearings: Rig's blowout preventer last inspected in 2005

Obama to Add Homegrown Terror to Security Plan

Madagascan bird declared extinct

Police chiefs pan Arizona immigration law: Federal lawsuit coming?

Obama Outraged Over BP, Federal Oil Regulators, Axelrod Says

Four Conservative Activists Guilty In Phone Caper At Senator's Office

Virginia: Rigell's Poll Gives Him Huge Lead

Apple Dethrones Microsoft As World's Biggest Tech Company

Dirt campaign, 12 o' clock!

President Obama to send 1,200 troops to Arizona-Mexico border

Can Reps Diaz-Balart, Brown sue to block Fair Districts amendments


The Oil Spill: What kind of political advice/arguments do you think Obama's advisors are having?

Bowing to WH pressure, BP agrees to keep camera rolling during "top kill"

Those that are in the know... There were postings on DU a little more than a month

Obama will be in Louisiana/New Orleans on Friday

Amazon Defense Coalition: Chevron Management Hit Hard at Annual Meeting over Ecuador Liability

Those that are in the know... There were postings on DU a little more than a month

Senator criticizes Obama's 'audacity' in using GOP as 'props'

EPA: Texas refinery permit violates Clean Air Act

IA-Sen: Roxanne Conlin launches first tv ad

Loose ends: Guthrie for governor? (KY)

Griffith puts in his own cash

BP Public Relations Twitter

Democrat Kelly throws support behind Barletta(R) in 11th race(PA)

For Hannity it's whitewater all over again. He has Victoria Toensing on with some other whacko

Tea party activist threatens anti-Hurt bid

Jack Conway was very impressive on Countdown tonight!

Photos: Freedom of Speech (The Obama Presidency, Day 490)

I've been posting notices for my Lung Transplant Blog over on GD...

Yes, Mr. President, It Was Your Katrina - Three Weeks Ago. Now it May Be Your Chernobyl

Moran Pushes Further Ahead in KS GOP US Senate Primary Contest

Obama heckled in SF about DADT, by the same guy who did it last month in LA

Unchecked (BP) oil flow would cause disaster ‘heretofore unseen by humanity’

EPA Weighs Sanctions Against BP-hit them in the wallet

“Civil fine in Gulf spill could be $4,300 barrel”

At least, Tina Brown got it right this am on MJ: deregulation of industry,

Some things about the Gulf Gusher I think we all agree on

Obama Approval on the Rise

Over Drinks With Donors, Obama Recounts Lunch With Republicans

They Can't do Anything Right!

"the most profound restructuring of financial regulation since the Great Depression"

Democrats on BP spill: An argument to go green

Jonathan Alter: A Promise Kept

The Stimulus Worked - - Part MMCXVII

63 percent of the country is now listed as in "recovery"

Flashback: George H.W. Bush presidency politically linked to Exxon Valdez oil spill

One of the strangest and widely held ideas in the debate over the handling of the gusher

Greenpeace: 'Michael, What the Dell?'

Coast Guard gives BP OK to try to stop oil leak

Obama in S.F. for Boxer faces critics on spill

I'm watching the President on my local Bay Area channel give a speech....

As oil spills, Obama touts alternative energy

"DADT repeal on schedule -- Obama's schedule"

President Obama's Memorail Day Schedule in Chicago

Relief for New Orleans/Gulf Coast fisherman. . .

Construction industry builds up steam, adds 14,000 jobs

What government agencies are helping with the Oil Spill crisis?

The Boston Globe tries hard to parse Scott Brown's DADT statement

I was overcome by a daydream for Pres. Obama's trip to the Gulf...

White House's 'On-The Record' Meeting With 'Influential Columnists'

Obama's new security strategy breaks with Bush

An Executive Without Much Privilege

Remember redistricting! (Democratic Governors' Association)

Tom Hartman: This is increasing looking like Obama's Katrina

On Faux News right now KARL ROVE is claiming the white house commited a FELONY with the "Sestak

Stimulus-Critic Rick Perry Only Able To Balance His State’s Budget Because Of Stimulus

Kentucky Libertarians considering fielding a candidate (HT to Digby)

Sales of new homes climb for 2nd month in row

The GOP wants your ideas...

Threee Polls have Obama Approval at +5, +5, +4, Dems Lead Generic Ballot +6, +4

Obama Outraged Over BP, Federal Oil Regulators, Axelrod Says

Do u think this bribing scandal is more about Obama or more about Sestak?

"Obama Administration to Announce Tougher New Regs for Offshore Drilling"

I don't know if this has been posted, but it's a good read. A really good read

In his 2011 budget, President Obama proposed ending oil, gas subsidies.

I hope this Top Kill thing works to stop the BP leak

First human 'infected with computer virus'

Krugman: On Blaming Bush

Krugman: On Blaming Bush

Obama Makes The Energy Connection

St. Bernard Parish president asks people to contact Congress to push for barrier islands plan

43% of Americans now support HCR, up from 32%.

Yoo attacks Kagan for agreeing with SC majority that presidential power is not unlimited

Durable goods orders more than double expectations in April

Need help compiling an important List! RE: Past Presidential actions.

Katrina flashback

Obama has responded BRILLIANTLY!!! to the oil spill

Rendell is latest Dem to want more information on Sestak offer

Joe the Neighbor – Palin Author Moves Next Door. (Updated x 2)

Is Dick Morris one of those Puma people? He worked for Clinton, but he's talking impeachment

Petraeus Announces for President After All

Red Cross gives first aid lessons to Taliban

Carville: "The President of the United States could've come down here"

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Turns On Dmitry Medvedev

If 'top kill' fails, Obama "better go in and completely take over, perhaps with military in charge"

Biden cracks a joke about Blumenthal's Vietnam service

Healthcare paying dividends for my mother.

The media seems to have been critical of Obama's every step.

Milbank: Republicans' new Web site not exactly what they hoped it would be

Welfare group: Hidden video shows Ohio cows beaten

Odd how those who are most supportive of the president don't realize the power of the office

Carville Is Raging Against Obama's Response To The Oil Spill

Republicans Losing Hispanic Voters in Big Numbers

Obama's Katrina was the Haiti Earthquake.

OK, does anyone really think that BP is not trying to stop this leak?????

"It's nice to feel appreciated once in a while"

Local NYC board backs plan to build mosque near Ground Zero

Which is the most excellent season of LOST?

Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy) Live Earth ay 2010 DC - Justice Through Music

Where is THIS man? Obama on off-shore drilling in 2008

Wild arm flinging Hayworth: 'In My History' U.S. Didn't Formally Declare War On Nazi Germany (1:19)

Chomsky vs Buckley

Thom Hartmann - Code Pink Gets Naked for Big Oil

Steve Koonin - Chief Scientist BP

So you think MSNBC was Big Eddie's first TV job?

Pinch the pipe...just a thought

Rachel Maddow - Rep. Patrick Murphy for repeal of 'Don't Ask - Don't Tell'

Thom Hartmann - Why are socialist organizations criticizing socialism?!

Victoria's Secret Ad Spoof On Lane Bryant Bryant Features Skeletons In Bras, Targets Fox And ABC

Next stage of US occupation - economic colonization of Iraq led by the IMF

Papantonio: Texas Tea Party

Judd Gregg, R-NH: Capacity of economic growth is dampened by providing unemployment benefits

The Most Interesting Man in The World on Arizona Politics!

Sanders Calls for BP to Pay for Gulf Oil Disaster

Katie Couric Laughs at BP CEO Tony Hayward on LIVE TV regarding oil spill!

Uh-oh, Rep. Steve LaTourette (R-OH) 'Fox News....pinheads and weenies'

Secret Tea Party Video Reveals Talk of Treason!

BP cuts live video feed after new eruption starts 052510 (1/3)

Right-Wing Hack Ray Stevens Weighs In On Immigration

WHEN? Lt. Dan Choi: "So, when do the military discharges end?"

Thom Hartmann - Louisiana oyster harvester Kuzma Tesvich...BP has hurt more than just a job

Arctic Ocean Drilling Is A Mistake

Whoa - May 25th gulf oil explosion event (with time stamps)

This is a Nightmare

Obama Responds to Heckler at Boxer Event

Sheriff Joe Denies Nazi Ties!

McConnell: 'Rand Paul has said quite enough...'

:: MASHUP :: Megyn Kelly (FOX) & Steve LaTourette (R-OH)

Carville's Oil Outburst

Tea Party Patriot Transformation Tutorial

Marcy Winograd-Progressives Fight Back-On the Phones! PDA-IL

BP offering deals at the pump during Gulf disaster

Rand Paul - Buffoon, Racist or Moron? What's DU's Conclusion?

MSNBC: Dylan Ratigan Guest-Hosting The Young Turks (5/27) & New Obama Plan, Immigration Law...

BP Abandons Gulf Clean-Up, In Favor of 'Self-Service'

At Harvard, Kagan Aimed Sights Higher.

5 Weeks of Gushing Oil: 'Top Kill' Plug Readied.

No Country for Straw Men

Obama the Aggressive, Militaristic Interventionist?

The Chicago Boys' Free Market Theology

Rand Paul’s Big Coal Blunder: Huge Mountaintop Removal Loss is Only a “Hill or Two.”

The Tea Party: At Last a Citizen Movement the Corporate Media Can Love

Palin: Drill Baby Drill, but blame Obama for the Spill!

Palin's fact-free diet by Ruth Marcus

DISASTER IN THE GULF Experts have their doubts on well's design

$1 Trillion for Wars Makes No Sense By Any Measure

Robert Scheer: Blame Clinton, Not Paul

Those irrational, misled, conspiratorial Muslims (Topic: Media Criticism )

Global systemic crisis – the pace of global geopolitical dislocation accelerates (LEAP/E2020)

Obama should take charge of cleanup in the Gulf

The video BP doesn't want you to see: Cousteau

Another Transocean rig... Deepwater Expedition has issues with BOP

John Bolton's North Korea plan: Bomb Iran!

New King of Technology: Apple Overtakes Microsoft

Controversial Salazar "Moratorium" on Gulf Drilling Was Only Verbal (Kieran Suckling 5/26)

Natural Solution Will Break Down Gulf Oil Spill with Oxygen Producing Microbes.

Brave New Foundation Releases 'How Would You Spend $1 Trillion?'

The Myth of the Free Market

Arizona's Anglo Insecurity

won’t allow ideas to raise taxes on new site, but Hitler references and anti-Hispanic rhetoric are

These are the Republicans !!!

Venezuela: The Imperfect Revolution

Anti-Choice Woman-Hating Goes Mainstream

Support Your Local Billionaire

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill: BP's Internal Investigation Shows Warning Signs Abounded Before Explosion

Tiniest wallaby, Pinocchio frog discovered in Papua's Eden

Blue Ribbon Commission on America's Nuclear Future Open Meeting May 25-26

Entergy says nuclear remains too costly: "the numbers just don't work."

Bringing life back to Asia's 'dead' sea

Caught on tape: BP CEO Tony Hayward tells News Cameraman to "Get Outta Here"

Drumbeat: May 26, 2010

Madagascar water fowl declared extinct

Peak oil review - May 24

A classic denialist response

Deep Water Spill - Waiting for Top Kill

Spanish Scientists Track Small But Steady Annual Increases In Med. Temperatures, Salinity - AFP

Pennsylvania Marcellus output may top 2.5 Bcf/d in 2011 (double yoy)

Top Kill Delayed: Retweet at The Oil Drum

EU Commission Proposes 30% GHG Cut; France & Germany Offer Frosty Response - AFP

32 National Wildlife Refuges At Risk In Gulf - Span Five States, Protect Whoopers, Manatees, Turtles

Obama Administration Supports Lifting Liability Cap For "Future" Oil Spills - NYT/Greenwire

AAAS Board To VA A.G. Cuccinelli - Either Justify Investigation Of Michael Mann Now, Or End It - AFP

One By One, New Orleans' Fish Dealers Closing Up Shop - AFP

"Greening" Fisheries Could Calm Troubled Waters

14,000 Residents Of 39 Villages Evacuated As Pakistan Glacial Lake Breach Seems Imminent

Salazar must go!

Watch the live oil spill webcam: Will Operation Top Kill stop the Oil?

Live Comment Thread with Top Kill Video at The Oil Drum

Iron and Chromium Catalysts in the Thermal Decomposition of Sulfuric Acid in the SI Hydrogen Cycle

Deepwater Horizon Blowout: This is What the End of the Oil Age Looks Like

Just finished a book which I think some of you have probably read

Tension Builds @ Site Of Belo Monte Dam - "I Have Asked My Warriors To Prepare" - Kayapo Chief

Poland blames beavers for floods

Chinese Climate Negotiator - Aim For End Of 2011 For Any Binding Multinational Agreement - Reuters

New energy polling

Oil spill clean-up workers report feeling ‘drugged, disoriented’

UK not getting new nuclear reactors any time soon

I keep Hearing that New York got the Super Bowl....Is it in Buffalo in 2014?

Interesting info about Michigan Football

Angels crush Blue Jays behind Santana, 8-3

Super Bowl enters Ice Age in New York

McNamee testifies before Clemens grand jury; Canseco next up

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Tuesday, May 25)

Former Dolphin, Gator Jarvis Williams dies at 45

The USMNT World Cup Final Roster

Here's what the Super Bowl will look like in 2014...

Maradona pledges naked victory lap

NFL: two overtime rules for 2010

75 Home Runs Allowed????

The NFL should schedule a Super Bowl in Cleveland

2010 Big Ten Baseball Tournament from Columbus, OH.

Panama's Darien teems with FARC drug runners

Carlos the Jackal: No party in Venezuela to support the revolution

Incidents and accidents involving Venezuela's PDVSA (Hugo and BP separated at birth?)

Serb Mercenaries See Prospects in Latin America

Former Guatemalan soldier indicted in Palm Beach County

Cancun mayor's arrest fuels fears of drug politics

U.S. Navy eyes Caribbean marine security with new exercises

US gives OK to Cuba help

Socialist paradise where the black market rules

Mockus: Santos and Uribe morally responsible for false positives

2 Chavez opponents barred from office in Venezuela

Alberto Pizango was arrested after returning to Peru (Bagua massacre by Garcia's police)

Amazon Defense Coalition: Chevron Management Hit Hard at Annual Meeting over Ecuador Liability

Advocate: View From Washington: The DADT Deal

Hustling Haggard: 'Cured' of the Gay, the Disgraced Preacher Sets up New Church

I finally understand. Barack Obama is Santa Claus

Digging Into DADT Details (UPDATED)

Louisiana Stonewall Democrats Call on David Vitter to Recuse Himself from Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Vote

The fierce advocate ridiculing a protestor who wants DADT repealed

Gay Nazis Were Extra-Super Brutal.

Indiana, ME, Mass, Neb, NC, VA & W. VA: Your Senators need to hear from YOU about DADT repeal TODAY!

Michele Bachmann-linked ministry: "If the US doesn't start executing gays, then God will punish us."

Did anyone watch gLee last night?

I hate everything about McDonald's...Except this commercial!

Report: Nuclear forum to ignore Iran, urge Israel to sign NPT

Striking Shaw’s warehouse workers began a 60 mile march

Economic Report: Non-Union Workers More Likely To Have Pensions Frozen (corrected)

Mott’s Juice Plant Strike: Profitable Company Wants Wage Cut, End Of Pensions For New Hires

Weekly Workers’ Round-up: Steelworkers Protest Calderon, Mineworkers Protest Massey

Today in Labor History May 26 Ford goons attacked UAW organizers, The Memorial Day Massacre & more

AFL-CIO Urges Congressional Candidates To Support Jobs Bill

Economic Report: Just 67 Percent Of Jobless U.S. Workers Are Collecting Unemployment Benefits

Is Ageism At Root Of Battle Between Google And A Former Employee?

Hezbollah says it will hit Israel ships in new war

Union Congressional testimony Supports Bankruptcy Law Reform

Three shot to death in South Shore ambush.

This guy is as dumb as a hemlock stump...

Jamaica: Island Gun Control Paradise

Texas Gov. Perry Honored With Coyote Special by Ruger

Chicago - "Son of 80-year-old who shot burglar: 'He protected his family'"

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