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Twin Cities nurses vote to strike

NOAA Teleconference: Impressions - FDL

Why was Cheonan sailing off disputed North Korean waters?

Re: Dennis Blair resignation...

4 million gallons of oil a day into the gulf. If this doesnt eventually provoke a revolt against our

regarding the 2nd grader asking about the immigration issue

"Even though this matter was settled when I was 2" (says Rand Paul, about Civil Rights

Admins/Mods: Any plan to commemorate the 50 millionth post like we did the 30th?

Obama Names Three to United States District Court

I would love to see Obama refused service because he is black

Facebook Knows Who You'll Hook Up With

W Post: In Arkansas, dissatisfied labor unions worked hard against Lincoln

Why is MSNBC pushing Rand Paul to resign tonight? I want to keep him on the goddamn ballot!

Squeeze the People -> Main Street's in the Hands of a Roulette Wheel

Cannes hears call for ‘war criminals’ Bush, Blair to face trial

"America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between"

Only 1,444 to go

Only 1,444 to go

Information Manipulation By BP In 2006 Alaska Pipleline Leak...

Silverback Gorilla v. Grizzly Bear fight: Who will win? Would you watch?

Rand Paul believes in taking Individual American Freedom away!

Another good day at the gulf. I slept late and hit the beach

DNSC called asking for money.

Finance reform bill passes Senate 59-39

do you know what it is like as a parent, to pull up to the school to pick up a child

Pelosi push on ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ puts panel chairman in a tough spot

What are your views on circumcision? Abortion? Vaccines? Breastfeeding?

Tony Auth absolutely gets what the TP'ers are all about!

Heated exchange in SC Senate over proposed immigration bill

Who Does All of the Rand Paul Coverage Benefit?

Doom and gloom heard until recently: "The dollar is dead, long live the Euro"

WOW, the Feds need to investigate the VA Attorney General

Senate Passes Financial Overhaul Bill (NY Times)

Should Rand Paul Quit Running for KY Senate?

Enough partisanship! I want to congratulate Rand Paul on his moral evolution and personally...

"Leak"? "Spill"? Come on, BP....Government....Media!!!

A Bush endorsement in Connecticut GOP Senate contest

Flickr Set of Governor Jindal's visit to Louisiana marshlands

Freeps take victory laps RE: "Progressive" Matthew Rothschild's warning to watch out for Palin

Steve King defends his "Iowa is gay marriage Mecca" comment

Unions' election win rate reaches highest percentage in 25 years (by anti-union law firm)

Canwest: Nfld. regulators put freeze on Chevron's deep-sea drilling plans

Police Deserve More than Respect – They Deserve Our Support

As oceans get warmer, Congress is facing heat

Congressman Blunt's Big Oil Bailout

Survey: Small Business Owners Say Unions Good for Business

Rachel hits the nail on the head!

Rachel hits the nail on the head!

I Want Rachel Maddow To Have Linda Mcmahon On Her Show as A Guest

I Want Rachel Maddow To Have Linda Mcmahon On Her Show as A Guest

You gotta love it...the teabaggers elect their first official candidate, and within 24 hours

Where is the BP Deepwater Horizon?

Breitbart Whiffs Again: High-Tech Lynching Conspiracy Theory FAIL

50 Million Posts. nt


We need to stop using the term "leak"...

Did anyone notice the markets sort of down today?

Anderson Cooper has very good coverage of the

Hundreds of large feral rats found in N.M. home - size of 4/5 month old kitten!



Ninth Justice: Timing Of Document Release Irks GOP

Pennsylvania Senate: Sestak 46% Toomey 42%

Bush lied about his military service, and so did Reagan

Rosalynn Carter on with Jon Stewart

Less than 30 minutes left to donate to DU and be entered to win an iPad!

Why are amendments attached to amendments?

I think this is a new right wing rumor......does anyone know for sure?

What a smart girl...

The funniest political robocall I've ever received--Tom Corbett

Insulin coma therapy! Sedative packs! Electroshock!! Government mental health service in the 1950's

Insulin coma therapy! Sedative packs! Electroshock!! Government mental health service in the 1950's

Illegal Immigration is not a partisan issue...

FREE BP oil spill disaster bumper sticker design!

How cool am I going to be when I win the new I-PAD!

DAMN, I think the Rand Paul shit hit too soon.

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

You choose, now I got to say it, SKINNER

RI Rep. (D) Introduces Immigration Bill Similar to AZ Law

Oiled Louisiana wetlands may have to be burned to be saved

Time for another "who needs a star?" (edit: sorry offer ended already)

Did I miss something or was Palin nowhere to be found today?

Did I miss something or was Palin nowhere to be found today?

Oiled Louisiana wetlands may have to be burned to be saved

Dick Cheney? LOL!

Former Reagan Cabinet Advisor Mark Levin Calls Federal Involvement In Oil Clean-Up A Takeover Plot!

Just curious....after watching the 60 minutes piece....

How Rand Paul's civil-rights views escaped media scrutiny

Small Business Health Care Tax Cut: Companies Complain They're Being Left Out

In case we get caught with this TARP thing again

71 posts to reach 50 Million!!!!

Obama'a oversight

50 million, done, 7:31 pm pacific.

Teabaggers new anthem? "Cult of Personality" by the band Living Colour

"We hardly knew ye.." (Actually, we knew you all too well and most of us called you early)

check out this declassified material that I've compiled and re-written

Facebook CEO Faces Accusations Of Securities Fraud

PART 2 compiled, declassified material

K&R if you want to know which post was 50,000,000th!

The 'liberal' media: Obama is talking about Wall St reform... OMG, a rodent!!!111!!!

"How Rand Paul's civil-rights views escaped media scrutiny" - Answer - The Corporate Media Narrative

US lawmakers back Israel missile defense aid

Meg whitman goes A bomb on "illegal immigrants" in California ads....

The only thing that makes a person suspicious of being in the country illegally, is their "race"

"Come out of there you sons of British whores, or I'll smoke you out!" - BP has a Gulf website now

Oh now I get it. The mod-squad...

Raul Grijalva:Border security cannot be separated from the need for comprehensive immigration reform

Letter spurs Rick Romley to warn Joe Arpaio

For all the oily Parrot Heads:

Predatory lenders to pay $1 million to soldiers

Minn. guardsmen to be deployed again in 2011

Ore. senator says AF held up wind power project

Health Reform Bill Gives a Boost to School-Based Health Centers

Force Structure Cuts Coming

Force Structure Cuts Coming

Obama administration behaving with BP exactly as it did vis as vis the banksters in early 2009

Study links weak immune systems, PTSD

Conservatives Make More Changes to Texas Curriculum

month's worth of leaking oil could fill enough gallon milk jugs to stretch more than 11,300 miles

'Rand Paul Aide Quits Over MySpace Racism'.... back in December

Is the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on the job?

I just sent a complaint to ABC news.

2 Ark. Police Killed During Traffic Stop Of Ohio Van

Court: 'Racially charged' e-mail is protected

Many of today's stories do not report exact date of the start of oil spill.

Despite his admission, USAREUR E-9 acquitted in sex case

ACLU helping guard Twitter posters' IDs in Pa.

Far be it from me to make unfoundeded allegations

What law, signing, act or other method

Flashback: Ron Paul '90s newsletters rant against blacks, gays

There are enough stupid racists out there who'll use Paul as justification for their racism

Rand Paul Becomes a Politician

Rand Paul Becomes a Politician

Rand Paul Becomes a Politician

We the people" also are the corporations--all sizes.

Michael Steele plays dumb, claims to have only "heard something" about Rand Paul and civil rights

Welcome, nuclear terrorist supernuns! By Mark Morford

We'll take Pithy Populist Bumper Stickers for 500 Alex!

O-6 (Col.) , two O-5s (LTC) among 5 killed in convoy blast

Metafilter users save two Russian girls from sex traffickers

Map of all the oil drill sites in the Gulf

Newt: the left is worse than terrorists

Caption this -------->

Twitter Fights a Subpoena For Users’ Names

House Dems raise fears about another BP project

DAMN!!! Anyone see this story

8th-grader finds Jesus on thumb while doing science project?

Please DU this BP oil catastrophe poll

Another Candidate Overstates His Military Record?

You sorry ass motherfuckers are killing New Orleans again!

Blumenthal's swim record

Blackwater (Xe) to BP "Man up and take your lumps.."

Blackwater (Xe) to BP "Man up and take your lumps.."

I'm tired of media allowing Repubs to deflect questions.

HP Notebook PC Battery Pack Replacement Program

Mark Morford: Welcome, nuclear terrorist supernuns!

As oil begins to wash ashore in Louisiana I guess I'll be told how a Democratic president will care

Louisiana marshes hit by Gulf oil slick; wildlife threatened

Louisiana marshes hit by Gulf oil slick; wildlife threatened

Louisiana marshes hit by Gulf oil slick; wildlife threatened

Gingrich is spreading his lies on WJ now

Anyone else think Rand Paul had the proverbial "deer in the headlights" look

Then: Phony veterans . . . Now: Phony soldiers

Then: Phony veterans . . . Now: Phony soldiers

Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003

NYT: Lawmakers Cast Doubt on Report That Toyota Called Independent

Rand Paul = David Duke with a little more 'polish'

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaah Joe Scum says this was the worst

What unions do for Americans

What unions do for Americans

Congressional Progressive Caucus' position on "Border Security and Law Enforcement"

Please DU these two polls! Support disgraced former Rep. Vito Fossella for the GOP nomination!

How the Saudi's cleaned up their own 800M gallon oil spill.

Rand Paul's 2002 op-ed against the Fair Housing Act

`Like tracking a serial killer': First columns of oil scar life

As timely now, as it ever was.. and a great song to boot...

'Meet The Press' Ratings Fall To David Gregory's Second-Lowest Ever

A month after explosion, oil from Gulf of Mexico spill washes ashore in populated areas link below

Rand Paul, Like Father Like Racist Son

Bailout Plan Is All About 'Rescuing Banks and Rich Greeks'

Rand Paul, Tim Burns and Sarah Palin

Rand Paul, Tim Burns and Sarah Palin

Obama ends Cuban embargo...

Mother Jones' Mac McClelland reports from Louisiana (Beaches blocked)

Rand Paul IS A Mainstream Republican

Rand Paul is one condescending little frat boy prick

Who is more evil? Cheney or Gingrich? I just can't decide.

"I believe in the right to choose, but TV adverts for abortion are simply wrong"

Don't we need "A Boy Named Rand" lyrics to the tune of "A Boy Named Sue?"

You don't get a successful message board with this many posts by accident.

the ophthalmologist knows more than the President/the male sarah palin

Russia may soon formally end U.S. adoptions

Russia may soon formally end U.S. adoptions

Wall Street's revenge?

Where is the WH web page about the oil gusher?

Kerry, Pickens let bygones be bygones

TN businessman files suit, seeking class action against BP, Halliburton, Transocean

Some Indiana pharmacies to require prescription for pseudoephedrine

Is Rand Paul....LANDRU????

Rand Paul: Obama Sounds 'Un-American' For Criticizing BP Over Gulf Oil Spill (VIDEO)

Anything to add to these local newspaper comments about NUGENT coming here?

When is the MSM going to get around to asking Rand about his views on drugs?

If Democratic Leaders were Smart, they would SLAUGHTER republicans this Fall!!!

My god,look at the Dow Jones!

Chuck Schumer As Majority Leader?

Watch this 5 minute video and see if you can tell if Randy Paul is pro-war or anti-war

So I bought a Mac mini tonight.

Financial Overhaul~ Which Senators Crossed Party Lines

The strange language of Teabaggerism

The strange language of Teabaggerism

Rep. John Boehner (R) Complains - "House Democrats Call for Government Takeover of Oil Refineries

Question about Rand's position

WaPo blogger David Weigel defends AryRand Paul

There are still 2 active leak points in the Gulf - Kill Shot?

“Rand Paul is more fun than recess in heaven.”

It's Friday and with all the awfulness that's been going on,

Another horrible school scandal here in PA:

Another horrible school scandal here in PA:

Is Rand Paul's 15 minutes over yet?

Is Rand Paul's 15 minutes over yet?

Danziger toon - Bet those Chickens!

The Relentless Pursuit of Extreme Energy

Beck: "[O]ur country is economically on fire, and I think we have Julius Caesar in the White House"

Love Him or Hate Him, Ken Starr Will Try to Unify Baylor

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Family Forum to be held in Chapel

I've seen the word "Corporatist" thrown around a lot on DU

Is the Tea Party's Most Famous Racist Now a Washington Times Writer?

Stabilize the U.S. Debt: An Online Exercise in Hard Choices

Foxconn suicide toll mounts

STOSSEL: " Private Businesses Ought To Get To DISCRIMINATE "

A bullish case for (buying) BP (shares)

Progressive Texas Board Of Education Candidates Promise To Undo Textbook Changes

Was the oil rig in International waters?

BP says it is currently retrieving 5000 barrels a day into a tanker

Confirmed: Dead Pelican Found Coated With Oil From Gulf Spill - AP/

I Pray We Don't Have Another Katrina With Obama If BP

Rand Paul Underscores the Tea Party's Connection to Race

Wouldn't a generic photo of CEOs testifying be just as good?

Why aren't Paul and his teabagging buddies down in the Gulf helping to clean the mess up?

Freak out on a Friday. Come CAPTION this white supremacist in battlerut.

The myth of "private ownership".

OMG look at the 3rd prize

It's clear that a new unit in the Coast Guard should be formed.

Training a must for oil cleanup - Hazardous materials certification needed by volunteers

Nate the Neo-Con on the Oil Spill

Rand Paul: Obama's criticism of BP 'un-American'

STOSSEL: " Private Businesses Ought To Get To DISCRIMINATE "

Rand doesn't derive from Ayn Rand --- But from Random

Public Schools Need a Bailout

Marsh Island oil report confirmed

N.J. rally against Gov. Chris Christie's budget cuts could draw 30K people, organizers say

There are deeper wells in the Gulf!

self-delete "wrong-place"

Beau Biden released from hospital; "neurologically normal" after mild stroke

Human Health Tragedy in the Making: Gulf Response Failing to Protect People

Naples Pizza: Coffin Wood Allegations Surface

President Obama is "scaring Chris Matthews."

Today's Google Doodle - 30th Anniversary of PacMan...

OK DUers I have a great idea

What can be done about the Texas Textbooks?

Who is more "un-American"? Rand Paul or Obama?

OK, I think the Rand Paul Flash Ad Practically writes Itself

Audio from 1998: Rep. Mark Souder (R-IN) Hangs Up on Amy Goodman When Asked Re Affairs.

Audio from 1998: Rep. Mark Souder (R-IN) Hangs Up on Amy Goodman When Asked Re Affairs.

Travelers entering Australia to be searched for porn

Principles or Politics: The "Left" Has Decided

Is it just me, or is British Petroleum a tad "un-American"?

Rand Paul: Obama's criticism of BP 'un-American'

Want boondoggle?

Anyone need a star?

Pssssssssst Why the silence on M$Greedia

Kevin Costner's Machine Heads to BP's Oil Spill Clean Up

Some things cannot be fixed with money.

Imagine what it would be like to live in a country where

"New example" of Blumenthal quote "unearthed" by Politico is anything but

A court stripped away songwriter Danny Tate's control of his life at a hearing he didn't attend

"Democrats point the finger at Obama's chief of staff for immigration reform's poor progress"

Shhhh - We're Not Supposed To Talk About That

Late Sen. Ted Kennedy is honored for his support of immigrants, Mexican-Americans

Online community, Metafilter saves two girls from sex traffickers

MSNBC: Could Landis become the Canseco of cycling?

I don't see Rand Paul going the distance

BP Retail Brands List: AM/PM, ARCO, CASTROL (In case you want to boycott)

Living in denial: Why sensible people reject the truth

seriously Republicans aren't for regulating industry

Rand Paul On NPR: Disabilities Act Goes Too Far

Rand Paul On NPR: Disabilities Act Goes Too Far

RWer Rich Lowry: Arizona doesn't like Mexicans

Head of Toms River faith-based military academy charged with possessing child pornography

Paul vs Conway: Fun while it lasted?

Is anyone celebrating the progressive net roots victory in the Kentucky Democratic Senate primary?

Does anybody else think its disingenuous for Apple to market its computers as immune to viruses?

Gawker's FAQ re: Rand PAUL

I have a question about a runoff ... re: Halter & Lincoln

Do you believe Rand Paul to be a blatant corporate supremacist?

the Legacy of the GUSHER... new fast response agency?

So financial reform passed and financial sector jumps 2.77% on the news!

I need HELP Regarding Tax Cuts for a Dittospank...

Why Is Andrea Mitchell Pushing So Hard To Get Rid Of The Derivatives Portion Of The Finance Bill?

On whether it is better to win with a DINO than run a liberal and maybe not win...

It walks! It talks! It slithers on its belly like a reptile!

Obama isn't to blame

I could really give two hoots about RP, SP or TP right now!

why would a tea partier support the Civil Rights Act?

Write LTTEs on Rand Paul to your local papers. Ask that local Repugs

Rodent scurries past during Obama's remarks about Wall Street reforms

About the financial reform bill the Senate passed last night ......

Padded Pensions Add to New York Fiscal Woes

So what is to be done with undocumented children?

BP = The real terrorists among us

White supremicist cop killers ...

I urge everyone to flood the WH email asking Obama to make the GULF his #1 priority right now.

House votes 410-4 for $205m aid to Israel military...(Obama-backed bill)

WTF?!@#@!? Rasmussen Polling has gotten batshit crazy.

WTF?!@#@!? Rasmussen Polling has gotten batshit crazy.

Is There a "Dora the Explorer, Mugshot" around here?

Why are they companies giving..

BP has the keys to the oil well...

Rachel HAMMERED libertarian philosophy!

US oil spill: BP 'recovering less oil' than estimated

Watching the oil pour out at 13 gallons per second,

It's good for BP that if they say the leak is stopped and it starts leaking again months/years...

Some portent of how lasting the damage can be

Bus almost runs over baby in middle of Texas street - video

We Are the Endangered Species

Self Delete

NOAA chief says it's not appropiate to speculate on estimates

Think of how easy it'll be to get oil now!

House Panel Deals Obama Admin Big Setback in Gitmo Closure Plan

How long would it take for UK to order a US company off its shores if it had done what BP did?

On Meet the Press this Sunday- Meet the MESS: Rand Paul

"Weeeell ........ its a step in the right direction"

Salon: The lesson of Rand Paul: libertarianism is juvenile

The MSM will spin and twist the Rand thing until they give him legitimacy,

Sen. Vitter Tries to Help GE and Others Weasel Out of Loan Regulation

Rand Paul can just kiss my wrinkled old ass, his game is over.

ha ha ha, Mark Souder hangs up on Amy Goodman

Has the Obama Administration worked any harder on the Oil Leak than Bush* did on Katrina?

They Own Us: Senate preserves unlimited card rates

Eliot Spitzer being considered for CNN anchor job

Pence Behind Souder's Resignation

If I were Chief of Staff, I'd recommend no state dinners, PR events & move WH to the gulf

Is Dora The Explorer An Illegal Immigrant? TV Shows For Kids Often At Center Of Big Debates

Did I donate to Rand Paul Underground?

NASA Hubble spots star devouring universe's hottest planet

It would be nice if all the Rand Paul lovers stopped pretending they're not.

BP says they are concerned about the environment.

When talking with international people about US politics, I always wind up feeling defensive...

Congressman Grayson's War is Making You Poor Act...

Tweety: Bush "an effective commander" who "won the war," Obama "a Vatican Observer"

Once again, consumers cannot catch a break vs. credit card/payday lenders sky high rates...

Once again, consumers cannot catch a break vs. credit card/payday lenders sky high rates...

Once again, consumers cannot catch a break vs. credit card/payday lenders sky high rates...

A new high point in lows: "The Democrat National Committee"

Grayson introduces ‘War Is Making You Poor Act’ to highlight cost of ongoing wars.

Bathroom-break police shooting brings $40K settlement

My argument for not re-instating the Glass-Steagall act

WTF?!?! I don't even know what to make of this...

I came I'm going back in

Google makes the coolest home page logo in the history of the Universe (Pac-Man 30th b-day)

Matthews' line on Leno (that he has been flogging all day) was scripted.

Would it not be a good idea for the President to address the nation on the oil gusher?

Richard Blumenthal was on the swim team after all (Photos included)

What to say to my Dad?

Oil Industry Scooped Up Offshore Leases at Bargain Rates (Norway gets 75% of revenues, US 20%)

'Don't ask' counters American values- By REP. PATRICK MURPHY

Can't they just blow up the oil well?

Mom has deputy handcuff her 5-year-old son

Mark Hardy, former NY Rangers player, charged with sex assault; daughter, 21, is complainant

Paul Backs Out Of Meet The Press Appearance

In A Nutshell-Nobody seemed to care when Pops said it.

So Rand Paul attacked Rachel today

STUPIDEST things said about the BP oil spill

Can someone explain to me how Lincoln's derivitives proposal is supposedly "left" or "liberal"?

Will oil getting into the Loop Current make it into the Gulf Stream?

Women troubles, empty pockets can't stop Gibbons' governor bid (Republican, Nevada)

Arizona Nun Excommunicated for Approving Emergency Abortion That Saved Mothers Life

Spill Baby Spill T-shirt

Rand Paul. "Roll back the clock to 1963" - not racist? WTF?

NON-RACIST Teabagger "leader" schools you on "Barack Hussein Obama, Indonesian Muslim welfare thug"

Major media still ignoring Arkansas terrorists...

Major media still ignoring Arkansas terrorists...

Jack Conway :Thank you!

Jack Conway :Thank you!

Chicken Barter Sue Lowden Poll Ratings drop 20 points in month

Okay, how in the hell did Rand Paul win the primary? He is batshit crazy...

Mother Jones' Mac McClelland tweets from the beach in Louisiana - BP ties to Sheriff, etc

Klobuchar slams AT&T rate hike

Rand Paul is No Barry Goldwater on Civil Rights

ADL: Arkansas Shooting Suspect Was Anti-Government Extremist

ADL: Arkansas Shooting Suspect Was Anti-Government Extremist

recent editorial in my local paper-Good God(oh,wait-librals don't believe in god)

recent editorial in my local paper-Good God(oh,wait-librals don't believe in god)

Senator Demands Info From Transocean On 'I'm Not Injured' Forms Signed By Workers

At this rate Rand Paul is going to be playing defense through November.

They can't fix the gusher, that's why no one is really addressing it...

Chicken Rand Paul cancels MTP appearance....

Trouble On Horizon If Hurricanes Hit Oil Spill In Gulf

Angry Caller - Tornado Interrupts Favorite Show

An integral part of my childhood just turned 30.......

EU-IMF package should end crisis, China helping: minister

More On The Well Test Schlumberger Was Not Allowed To Perform By BP

Self Delete - Think I got the wrong Jerry Kane - Left what I'm sure of

Tweety just said he was 'envious' of the questions Rachel Asked Rand Paul - high praise. nt

Idaho Tea Party Gather To Protest Sarah Palin...

AT&T Raising Early Termination Fees to $325

Defense implements sexual assault rule

Texas Board Of Education Approves More Conservative Curriculum

Texas Board Of Education Approves More Conservative Curriculum

Half-century later, UT to reconsider naming of dorm for Klansman

Iran may be willing to resume nuclear talks: EU's Ashton


Grayson introduces ‘War Is Making You Poor Act’ to highlight cost of ongoing wars.

FoodCorps to help get fresh food to schools -- like AmeriCorps

SF Gate: Texas wants to rename slave trade as "Atlantic triangular trade"

If government shouldn't regulate businesses it shouldn't regulate people's lives.

Delicious BP Cake

Deepwater Rig Explosion: Never-Before-Seen Footage Of The Fire From National Geographic (VIDEO)

They felt we could legally invade Iraq, but they won't touch BP

Who's the Boss? Answer: BP. They will continue to use Corexit

Only 2 others besides Paul have bailed on Meet The Press...

Paul Calls White House Pressure On BP ‘Un-American,’ Says That ‘Sometimes Accidents Happen’

Oil dispersant Corexit known to be toxic 20 years ago

Charlie Crist seeking the endorsement of major unions for the FL Senate race

Beyond "Whoopsie!" can anyone tell me anything BP has said

The War Is Making You Poor ACT (Alan Grayson)

You do realize there is no way of telling if someone is here legally or not don't you?

"Target The Mother" - CBS 5 Investigator-Uncovers AZ Senators's E-Mails & Reveal Future 1070 Plans

Does anyone know just what the phrase "Family Values" means?

What is so wrong about Immigration "Amnesty" , that it makes some types froth at the mouth ?

For those of you who want to know where Dick Cheney is:

Judge Weinstein Takes On Child Pornography Laws to Combat “the unnecessary cruelty of the law."

Dispersing chemicals, in effect makes it impossible to pick oil out of water.

Facebook page: " If a cop stops me in Arizona and says "papers" and I say "scissors" do I win??"

TN tea party won't drop speaker for Islam views

We must be living right...Rand Paul is chickening out of the Sunday Talk show circuit

Now Russell Pearce (AZ law author) wants to nullify the Constitution

Now Russell Pearce (AZ law author) wants to nullify the Constitution

The Rand Paul stuff has exposed the ideological conflicts of libertarianism and why it's not popular

BP says they should have the gusher stopped by early August

The Oil Spill: Many DUers seem to be following the RW meme that the Obama

Ann Coulter Would Like To Clarify That She Is Actually Against Legal Immigration

The Outbreak Of Self Immolating Republicans

GIPPERGATE: Tribal leader to school namers: Reagan showed "outright contempt" for Native Americans

Have you googled today?

Teen faces suspension over rosary beads

We are a month and a day after the oil blowout. Has the US Gov't done enough?

Why is this death being blamed on a Census Worker?

Ratigan just destroyed the NYT story on Blumenthal

Been to Google today?

Birds select conventional over organic wheat when given free choice

Already Wingnuts trying to make Cop Killing a Frameup of Patriot Movement

NOAA Directs Oil Spill Tests to Oil Industry Lab Whose Clients Include BP

NOAA Directs Oil Spill Tests to Oil Industry Lab Whose Clients Include BP

Stolen Birthright: The U.S. Conquest and Exploitation of the Mexican People

Stolen Birthright: The U.S. Conquest and Exploitation of the Mexican People

New York Street Vendors to Start Accepting Credit Cards

I don't know a lot about Rand Paul, so I checked his wiki entry.

Krugman on the financial reform bill that the Senate just passed

Unemployed? Need a Star?

CNN: "Since When is Telling the Truth News?

Rand Paul ducks question about minimum wage

Cato Institure uses Google Maps to show Botched SWAT Raids across USA

A multinational corporation is more powerful than the U.S. government

Next to BFEE, and 9/11 I believe that gushing monster is the most evil thing I've

More bullies - New Hampshire boy was tattooed against his will...

Bwhahahaha Rand Paul just chickened out of going on Meet the Press..

GEORGE LAKOFF: HUD is Trying to Privatize and Mortgage Off All of America’s Public Housing

GEORGE LAKOFF: HUD is Trying to Privatize and Mortgage Off All of America’s Public Housing

Brown pelican dies in Florida - first oiled bird treated by Florida officials

Can somebody put an oily dead fish or alligator in the pics for avatars?

Video of how hay pulls oil out of water. Why isn't this being done?

As oceans get warmer, Congress is facing heat

ICE agents cannot ask for papers.

On the Ed show a Parrish President in LA says they can't get a permit to build a boom

OK-in case I forget-I have a date for my surgery-05/27

Official Oil Spill Media Blackout Thread.

Gulf oil spill: Kevin Costner donates 'Ocean Therapy' invention to clean oil from sea; BP OK's tests

"Brazil is ready to be led by a woman", candidate Dilma Rousseff said

What Rand Paul needs to use as a theme song.

Bernie Sanders (on Brunch With Bernie/Thom Hartmann) said that Salazar has

James Carville: The Obama Administration is risking everything by going along with BP

If my asshole dad had named me after Ayn Rand, I woulda spent my life proving that was NOT who I was

Those boycotting Az. SO FAR!!!!

Those boycotting Az. SO FAR!!!!

Panic Time at Fox News as Glenn Beck loses 50% of his Viewers

So Ed was shocked I tell you

1 Month After Oil Spill, Tar Balls Arrive on Florida's Mainland

Financial Reform, the latest dog and pony show.

Was refusing to repay the British East India Company for their unloved tea "Un-American"?

Rand Paul's SPECTACULAR and IMMMEDIATE Crash And Burn!!!!!!!!

The Rude Pundit: Oil Spills? Coal Mine Explosions? War Overseas? Nothing Compared to the Real Threat

The lesson learned from Katrina ~ KEEP THE PRESS OUT!

“N-Word” Sign Maker Now “Tea Party Columnist” for Washington Times

How difficult is it to get a medical marijuana card?

Yet another teabagger (between verbal spews) requests the honor of your CAPTION!!!!

Can Kevin Costner Save the World's Oceans? THE COSTNER SOLUTION!!!

Two days ago, a boat with BP contractors and coast guard members threatened to arrest reporters...

Republicans, DON'T DUMP RAND PAUL!!!

16 Items They Only Sell At Chinese Walmarts

16 Items They Only Sell At Chinese Walmarts

BP's "top kill" method to stanch the spill could also break it wide open

Corbett (R Pa)withdraws subpoena of Twitter identities!

Corbett (R Pa)withdraws subpoena of Twitter identities!

Arizona governor requests helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles from Obama for border "missions"

Rand Paul is at war against Causality

Should private businesses have the right to segregate?

Things you could do with a new iPad...

The Curse of Smart People (and what to do about it)

A laughing gull hops on another laughing gull in distress - pics

Oil Spill in the Gulf - Live Cam Link - Truly Scary! (Also link for updates from Select Committee)

Keith Olbermann needs a new sign-off

The Hole Within Our World

This is, without question, the best Muhammad cartoon I've ever seen. Not offensive, either.

Escalating Clash between Oceanographers and Obama Administration over Oil Spill Secrecy

What If They Gave a Terrorist Attack And Nobody Noticed?

ASCAP acts to stifle new musical talent from getting a hearing

And the winner of the "Guess When The 50 Millionth Post Will Happen" contest is...

Being Unemployed is the hardest job to have

Being Unemployed is the hardest job to have

Am I the only one here who doesn't think Paul's comments make him evil?

The oil spill may become Obama's Katrina and it may also become his legacy.

Florida woman, angered over botched Wendy's drive-through order, tries to tase employee

The boom. It's just for show. This link explains it all.

A walk on the beach - pics

A walk on the beach - pics

Take A Minute For A LAUGH (or to be offended)

Why Is Obama Admin Allowing - BP LAB To Test Samples - That Could Be Used Against BP In Court?

Nalco manufactures Corexit. Nalco is owned by Goldman Sachs, Apollo and Blackstone.

Illegal Canadians!

Capitalism's Icarus Trajectory

Has President Obama created a Social Security "death panel"?

Bullies Tattoo Vile Image, Words on Learning Disabled Teen, Say Police

So Texas is changing it's textbooks to.....

Homeland Insecurity

The Financial Crisis Was NO Accident-IT WAS A CRIME!!!

Whoa! Rand Paul Was The Featured Speaker At Theocratic Constitution Party 2009 Rally

Has anyone read Jonathan Alter's book on Obama's first year as President - The Promise?

Failure of the post-Katrina New Orleans charter school "reform" - results are in

Oops! The shit is about to hit the fan in Jamaica

Workers as liabliities

It's that time, DUers! Time for the Friday Afternoon Challenge Question!

Daddy Ron rushes to defense of Ayn Rand Paul, whines "It's unfair!"

How was Bike To Work Week for you?

been reading up on some Strauss and Howe

Quote for today... JUSTICE

Foreclosure Fraud - Floridians Take Note

Obama shifts much of burden of economic crisis to states & municipalities: essential services gutted

Is BP daring Obama to step in and stop the oil spill?

Greider at The Nation on how they are "reforming" Social Security without saying it out loud.

US rifles not suited to long range combat in Afghanistan

Only a few days left to donate to DU and WIN! ... WHICH PRIZE WOULD YOU CHOOSE?

I had an uncle who owned a gas station and wouldn't let non-whites use the bathroom

I Feel Like I Just Got Fucking Punched In The Gut, Just Had A HORRIBLE Fucking Phone Call

Booms Should Have Saved the Marshes. But BP & the Coast Guard are Fucking Up...

Carter was right, Carter was right! Carter was right!! Carter was right!

Carter was right, Carter was right! Carter was right!! Carter was right!

Carter was right, Carter was right! Carter was right!! Carter was right!

WTF? Obama is Privatizing Public Housing?

Drug Task Force Seizes Signed Initiative1068 (Legalization) Petitions in WA

"The Gulf Of Mexico MESS": What You Need to Know about How Heavily Exploited it is....(pic heavy)

Texas OKs changes to school texts

Westboro Baptist "Church" to picket at Ronnie James Dio's Los Angeles Memorial...

These songs a good enough to be a thread, I agree.

50 M GET

"Daniel, would you please enter his personal information into the arrest record"?

Sloth orphanage.

50 what?

Thank you, Anonymous. Much appreciated donor star.

Does anyone know what causes THIS?...

Holy crap- fifty mil and beyond!

HuDost - Trespasser

Has anyone ever hit CTRL+ALT+[down arrow]?

*cries* I can't enter the iPad contest.

The greatest musical improv in history, bar none.

The Ettes - Crown Of Age

What classical tune sounds like sex to you?

Okay- one more fractal. Warning: Wear your dark glasses.

I want to create a tape that never ducks.

Adrian Younge and the Black Dynamite Sound Orchestra - "Shot Me In the Heart"

Do you owl box?

Your favorite Beavis and Butthead music videos on YouTube?

less than 900 posts remaining till 50 million!

I had an amazing day, and you should feel free to ask me about it sometime.Good night, DU!


Just fifteen minutes until I win the iPad!

Is it "assholery" or "asshattery"?

Stephen Lynch - Queer Tattoo

I want to create a thread that's dead on arrival

Friday laugh: Support Service Agreement - (US Version) AND (Florida Version)

Plum Island For Sale

I'm back!

This is the Awesomest thread that has ever existed. Australian muggers thwarted by ninjas!

18 Orgies Later, Chinese Swinger Gets Prison Bed

Your Daily Asswipe: "AP INVESTIGATION: Texas man faked way into Army"

WWYD if your ex told you he spent his honeymoon thinking about you?

man, the Randiots are out in force on FB today...

Grovelbot has been destroyed by David Letterman in an 80-ton hydraulic press.

DU musicians, can you help me? Question about "Street Fighting Man."

Has anyone seen Google's home page today? How cool is that!!! nt

I've got Pac Man Fever!

Just found out the iPad and Sony Vaio were offered because the James Bond Jet Suit was out of stock

Anyone ever try to log onto their computer and have the desktop all wrong.

Carol Burnett: Love to do 'Glee' and '30 Rock,' but not 'Saturday Night Live'

Fred Phelps' Merry Band of Asswipes to Picket Dio's Public Memorial.

Happy birthday Pac man...

What are your views on circumcision? Abortion? Vaccines? Breastfeeding?

Don't forget: tomorrow on AMCHD -The Shining!

So what are you doing for the L O S T finale?


Epic bullet-proof vest fail

"Ran" is on the Sundance channel.

Tonight's Public Service Rantnouncement

The Google Logo today is a PLAYABLE GAME OF PAC MAN!!!!!

Unbelievably squee-able - animals kissing

A word about people without cellphones

Texas City Requires Lingerie Store Get Food Permit for Selling Edible Undies

Crisis in the ranks of Al-Qaeda...

Do 'Jawas' have teeth?

I had my first mojito last night!

! ! D E P A T T C U D S Y A T S K C U D E H T

Johnny Rotten: "so f--k anything republican... especially Sarah Palin"

I got a MacBook and I have a serious question

TV Characters You Loved In Shows You Hated

I would rather be a...

The Proclaimers: I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)

Liza Minelli does "Single Ladies"

Help please on posting an image in the signature

Sonic Youth - Superstar....

Which non life changing little thing is most likely to ruin your day

Announcing yet another Lounge essay contest

Who's your favorite (current) sitcom character?

Daedalus And Icarus

Acquaintance getting married on 9/11

'Jaws' still has teeth.

So, who won the iPad last night?

If MiddleFingerMom had a time machine...

I would like 2 hours and 38 minutes of my life back, please

Does... anyone know what causes THIS?...

Pictures of my Iran trip, part 4.1 *PIC HEAVY*

Good and bad vintage car designs

choice of summer vacation

Does anyone else think that Big Lots has become a bit of a rip off?

SPEARHEAD! (new tunes out now!)

GREATEST song with Boom Shaka Laka Laka Boom Shaka Laka Laka in the lyrics

face book poll going around

TV Characters You Hated In Shows You Loved

Best fake band: Spinal Tap or The Rutles?

In "honor" of Sex and the City 2, back to the eternal question: Big or Aidan?

Okay, who watched "Real Housewives of New York City" last night?

What is it?

Look both ways before crossing the road, god darnit.

The most adorable animal video I've seen all day

Call me sick - but I do this

Best Kevin Costner Movie

who is Red John?

Labor strife dominates Dr Pepper Snapple annual meeting

US cartoonist disavows 'Draw Mohammed' Facebook page

How Rand Paul's civil-rights views escaped media scrutiny

Scientists create a living organism

Arizona threatens to cut power to Los Angeles over immigration row

(California) Special election to fill (State Senator turned Lt Gov) Maldonado's seat OKd

Democratic feud could cost party Hawaii seat

Oil spill oversight? Offshore drillers around world largely regulate themselves on safety

Florida Gulf oil spill: Plans to evacuate Tampa Bay area expected to be announced

Court OKs prof's 'racially charged' e-mails

Senate approves sweeping Wall Street reform bill

Payday lenders scuttle financial reform amendment to limit such loans

Fading of inflation helps buyers and borrowers

Conflict of Interest Worries Raised in Spill Tests

My dog had to be put to sleep today. It was so fucking horrible.

Pervez Musharraf plans return to Pakistan politics

Chinese inflation might be out of control

U.S. fails to describe wireless industry as competitive

Kevin Costner's Machine Heads to BP's Oil Spill Clean Up

Statoil evacuates North Sea platform due "unstable" well

Low oil spill estimate could save BP millions in court, experts say

Burn mulled for US wetlands soiled by oil spill

Repression Is Alleged Before Vote in Ethiopia

Tesla, Toyota to build electric cars at NUMMI plant

BP stockholder lawsuit filed in AK

Naples Pizza: Coffin Wood Allegations Surface

BP Official: EPA Approved 'Toxic' Dispersant

7/7 inquests to probe MI5 and police role

UK troops in Afghanistan 'to come under US command'

Venezuela Increases Control of Food Production

Concorde man faces suspended sentence over Paris crash

Electric Car Agreement for Toyota and Tesla

5th officer charged in Katrina shootings cover-up

5th officer charged in Katrina shootings cover-up

Car bomb northeast of Baghdad kills 22 people

Texas school board hears from critics of social studies changes

Iraqi Kurds accuse Turkey and Iran of attacks

Sanctions Won't Hit Russia's Missile Sales To Iran: Senior Politicians

Jobless rates drop in 34 states and DC

US: NKorea Must Face 'Consequences' for Attack

Wall Street Firms Brace for Seismic Changes

Public beach in La. closed as oil washes up

Polaris to move Osceola operations to Mexico; Obey blasts decision as 'unpatriotic'

Low oil spill estimate could save BP millions in court, experts say

(Al Franken Introduces) Student Non-Discrimination Act Introduced in Senate

Judges Rule Against Detainees Held at Afghan Air Base

Suspected Taliban blow up "U.S. spies" in Pakistan

Dodd, Kerry join Mexican President Calderon to honor the late senator Ted Kennedy

Miner dies in Massey Mine accident

Suicide attack hits Afghan police in Paktika

Exclusive: FBI probed Harvey Milk, George Moscone prior to their murders

Oil plume nears West Florida Shelf fishing ground

Oil companies banned from uncontacted tribes’ reserve

BP Alaska Unit Got Corrosion Warning From US Pipeline Agency

Mobile scientists’ warnings about oil dispersant toxicity ignored by BP, Coast Guard


Mayor Says Arson Spree in Flint, Mich., Meant to 'Terrorize' the City

Facebook CEO Faces Accusations Of Securities Fraud

Torture claims investigation ordered by William Hague (New UK Government Opens Formal Inquirty)

Boom, trawlers deployed in St. Bernard Parish to combat oil spill

BP Denies Coverup, Spilled Oil Keeps Coming

McMahon confirms helping NYT whack Blumenthal

Small Minnesota bank fails, ups year tally to 73

BP May Be Barred From U.S. Contracts .. Plan Weighed by EPA

German house approves euro rescue

UN says case for saving species 'more powerful than climate change'

My ex-girlfriend wrote a scathing blog about me.

Coast Guard officials told of potential oil spill response problems years ago

AP sources: Graham, Reilly to head panel on spill

EPA May Not Force BP to Change Dispersants

Bush ("Miss Me Yet?") billboard causes stir (FL)

Times/Herald/Bay News 9 Poll: Neck-and-neck governor's race

Gun Taken From Suicidal JetBlue Pilot in Crew Lounge

(US Appeals) Court: Bagram prisoners don't have Guantanamo habeas rights

Dead pelican found coated with oil from Gulf spill

AP sources: Clapper leading choice for intel job

Oil regulator apologizes for 'Drill, Baby, Drill' cake

Grand Isle closes beaches due to oil on shore

Facebook sent personal information to advertisers

Texas State Board of Education approves new curriculum standards

EPA Officials Weigh Sanctions Against BP’s U.S. Operations

Sarah Palin Takes Stand on Immigration

Latin America wants to end 'lethal research' on whales

Soldiers decry video showing taunting of Iraqi children

Grand Isle closes beaches due to oil on shore

Rand Paul: Obama BP criticism 'un-American'

Conway responds to Paul's "Un-American" Claim

Native veterans blast Blumenthal’s Vietnam lie

New Vienna, OH tied to shootings in West Memphis, AR

Paul Backs Out Of Meet The Press Appearance

Patients saved from huge ER bills by new law

Court OKs 17-year-old's abortion (emancipated woman and not subject to the parental notification law

Chrysler to add 1,100 workers at Detroit factory

AT&T to raise fees for iPhone contract breakers

Alfalfa sprouts recalled after 23 sickened

Nixon Grandson Seeks U.S. House Seat

AP: White Supremacists To Rally At Gettysburg

'I'm a Marxist:' Dalai Lama

AP INVESTIGATION: Texas man faked way into Army

Something you don't know about me

BP says ‘top kill’ unlikely before Tuesday in Gulf oil spill

Protesters crash Karl Rove book-signing in Cool Springs

Church warns cell scientists not to play God

Ariz. Gov.: Send Guard choppers from other states

How to handle rand paul racist a@z

"Senate Passes Sweeping Financial Reform Bill"

Send some DU love to this petition re: Sri Lanka Cyclone Laila and MSM news blackout

Obama Ally Accuses GOP Of Doing Big Oil's Bidding After Gulf Spill (VIDEO)

Surprise Grassley

(PIC) the leader of the free world meets president obama

Dodd Hails Senate Passage of the Wall Street Reform Bill

a thank you to sestak

Freepers heads exploding over Scott Brown's support of Financial Reform


American Jewish Committee condemns Gingrich's Nazi comparison -- will Fox?

Democrats have been fighting for a climate change bill for years

"These guys want to be paid like rock stars when all they’re doing is lip-synching capitalism."

"Obama to meet with Dodd and Frank on financial bill"

More Richard Blumenthal Vietnam quotes surface

Alan Grayson: Financial reform bills don't do enough to prevent another collapse, don't do very much

Since pretty much every gay person here is unable to explain the whole Kagan thing

How the White House learned to love the drone

Ronald Reagan opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Rand Paul: "When does my honeymoon period start? I had a big victory"

Eugene Robinson: Tea Stains on the GOP Too

Rand Paul: Obama criticism of BP is 'un-American'

Did you see this?

Rand Paul: We are 20 points ahead in this race

Idaho Teabagger To Protest Sarah Palin!

Oily Tits in trouble again......U.S. Attorney says to pay up on $20,000 fine.

LOL @ all the Rand Paul threads in GDP!

Rasmussen has Sestak at +4 over Toomey... likely means he's up by double digits

This is a sign: Rat runs past President as he talks about Wall Street

Rand Paul: WH criticism of BP sounds 'un-American' (AP)

Uh oh.... Rand Paul Trying To Weasel Out Of Meet The Press This Sun

Obama orders new fuel standards for future

"What's in the Wall Street bill"



Is Dora the Explorer an illegal immigrant?

Obama to use passage of financial regulation bill as a campaign issue (WaPo)

Senate passes Financial Reform Bill

Krugman: Thank You, Lloyd Blankfein. FinReg a "qualified win".

I'm really glad I'm not President Obama.

Obama: Declare State of National Emergency for oil spill

The War Is Making You Poor

Conway on Offense, nails Rand Paul on BP comment: "apparantly has a deeply held conviction..."

US Senate passes historic Wall Street overhaul (updated)

Scientists Accuse Obama over Oil Spill

Protest Obama Speech at West Point

NYT: How Obama’s 16 Months Has Changed Washington

"American Power Act Will Create 200,000 Jobs Per Year, Reduce Foreign Oil Imports by 40%"

Reaction to financial reform: Elizabeth Warren, Mike Konczal and Bill Black

Only four speciality subs in the world could reach the BP oil leak.. and none of them are American

better Democrat: Blanche Lincoln, Ben Nelson... or... Scott Brown?

Calling Rand Paul racist is not a political winner

Could someone offer SPECIFIC EXAMPLES of actions the Whitehouse could take on this gusher?

(UK Foreign Secretary) Hague backs inquiry into torture allegations

Rep. Alan Grayson: Too Big to Fail Is Too Big to Exist

Young Turks: Senator Dodd Tries To Screw Financial Reform??

Brazil slams US approach towards Iran

Troops shoot an (apparently) unarmed Iraqi civilian.

Beck is the Snake Oil Salesman for Goldline

Congressman Blunt's Big Oil Bailout

Kevin Costner Helps To Fight Spill

Oil Reaches Populated Areas of Louisiana / BP Loses All Credibility

Atlas Ducked: Rand Paul & The Crouching Weasel Technique

Wisconsin bar burns Obama effigy with duct tape wrapped around its neck as crowd laughs and cheers.

Rand Paul 'unguided missile' destined to be 'Kentucky Fried Candidate'

Thom Hartmann - Should we just call the USA...BPA?


Entire series of Lost re-enacted by cats in one minute

Andrea Mitchell lobbies for Wall Street

Times Square bomber is a “Terrorist” while the bombing of a mosque is a “Hate Crime”?

Gangsters On My Street Are Banksters From Wall Street

Democracy Now - BP oil spill

Feds Recover Dead Pelican, May Be Oil Victim

Scarborough bashes his own network, says Rand Paul shouldn’t have appeared on Maddow.

VERY COOL: Flash Opera at Detroit's Eastern Market

Thom Hartmann - Senator Jeff Markley - Is Financial Reform just a Black Hole?

Arizona Sing-A-Long: Read Immigration Law Redux

Tennessee Über Conservative June Griffin: Making Ron Ramsey Look Like Pee-Wee Herman

Pedophilia is Fine, but Hold the Abortion

"Brave" U.S. Soldiers Murder Old Iraqi Man?

Rachel Maddow explains why Rand Paul's interview is important

Alan Grayson: GOP = Al-Qaeda

Rand Paul Says WH Criticism of BP is 'un-American'

Alan Grayson Introduces the War Is Making You Poor Act

Immigration Problem Solved Overnight!

Young Turks: Fox News Anchor - Racist Businesses Are Ok?

Young Turks: Rand Paul Pre & Post Rachel Maddow Interview Analysis

Kucinich speech regarding Gulf oil spill

TYT: Republican Uses Porn To Block Science Funding!

Reforming Credit Rating Agencies

Polluted By Profit: The Real Climategate

Transparency at the Food and Drug Administration (New Eng Jour Med)

Shocker: Rand Paul's Racial Attitudes 'Colored' His Opthalmology Practice

Crime Inc: Glenn Beck's Corrupt Advertisers

How Canada’s Christian right was built

Damage control (VIDEO+) Commentary: BP's Hayward is haywired on spill, er, leak (wow, just wow...)

Defending Everything is Defending Nothing

More Rand Paul Controversy: Claims Kentucky Derby Can Ban 'Black Beauty'

The Lesson of Rand Paul

Major Parts of the Financial Regulation Overhaul

For the GOP, perils lie in overreaching

18 Orgies Later, Chinese Swinger Gets Prison Bed...NY Times,

Rand Paul takes outdated stance on segregation

Senator Specter and the Law Greenhouse

Rand Paul Was The Featured Speaker At Theocratic Constitution Party 2009 Rally

How Rand Paul's civil-rights views escaped media scrutiny

Sen. Chuck Schumer is poised to be the Senate majority leader.

Conflict of Interest Worries Raised in Spill Tests--All pollution tests must be done by BP lab

Joe Conason: Bush lied about his military service, and so did Reagan

Kentucky Dems Speak Out About Rand Paul

AlterNet: What U.S. History Would Look Like If It Were Written By Texas and Arizona

The Mystery of Capital

Kandahar Cluster**** Watch - The Lessons of Marjah Version

The Colombian Government Grows Desperate: The Death Squads' DC Embassy

The Relentless Pursuit of Extreme Energy

DOD: We Hate Offshore Drilling, Too

Pardons pushed for Kentuckians convicted of helping slaves escape

David Sirota: Laying Bare the Myth of ‘The Left’

Has Obama created a Social Security 'death panel'?

'Soul Of A Citizen': How A 17-Year San Quentin Inmate Helps To Heal His Community

Party Time on Make Believe Street

Paul Krugman: Is America Headed Toward Its Own Lost Decade?

Gulf Oil Spill – What Oil Habits Will You Change?

Thomas L. Friedman: Obama and the Oil Spill

Supreme Court Says Feds Can Detain Sex Offenders Indefinitely: Why That's Dangerous

Obama wins the right to detain people with no habeas review

Kucinich: We’re reducing earth to a ’smoking, glowing, oily mess’

Rachel Maddow, National Treasure

Short Tales From Election Day Bizarro World by Will Pitt

Free-Market Meat Market - personal ads from an Ayn Rand dating site

Oyster offshore wave generator is 2.5x better than predecessor

National Academy of Sciences urges strong action to cut greenhouse gases (xpost)

ODAC Newsletter - May 21

Peak oil notes - May 20

Drumbeat: May 21, 2010

U.S. sets sights on auto fuel efficiency for 2017

Louisiana fears oil onshore is just the start

Louisiana fears oil onshore is just the start

Month into Gulf spill_ fishermen see bleak future

A month in - outrage over Gulf oil spill grows

'Prehistoric' Frogs May Face Extinction If Conservation Area Is Opened to Mining

Neighborhood Electric Vehicles + regular traffic = "deadly combination"

The Gulf Deepwater Oil Spill - The EPA Changes its Mind

What caused the Deepwater Horizon disaster? (New Insights from some engineers)

Saiga - Rare Central Asian Antelope Species - Hit Hard By Unknown Disease - At Least 200 Killed

Unanimous MT State Supreme Court Decision Voids 900 Coalbed Methane Permits - Cos Must Clean Water

Pininfarina unveils modular EV prototype with molten-salt battery

Farmed Indonesian Mussels Rich In Mercury, Lead, Other Industrial Toxins, Study Shows

CDC Confirms Two Dozen Cases Of Dengue In Key West Over Past 9 Months - Source Of Infection Local

Bloomberg Report Shows Global Clean Energy Investment Hits Over $27 Billion in First Quarter of 2010

BP told feds it could handle oil spill 60 times larger than Deepwater Horizon

Latin America wants to end 'lethal research' on whales

BP readies ''kill shot'' for leaking well head

Al Gore Airlifted Hurricane Katrina Victims out of New Orleans

Exclusive: President Obama Signs Memorandum to Increase Fuel Emission Standards [VIDEO]

Kaiga’s tritium lesson

Full Lake Champlain Freezeup Becoming Increasingly Rare - 1 In 10 Odds Before 1970, 50-50 Today

"Everything in that marsh is dead as we speak"

More fuel-efficient airliners?

"The Gulf Of Mexico MESS": What You Need to Know about How Heavily Exploited it is.

Ubaldo 8-1 .99!

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Thursday, May 20)

The World Cup >>

I should have known: Kurt Warner heads to the booth

Report: SEC Already Eyeing Six Teams For Possible Expansion

Rays Sweep Yankees in New York

Venezuela: The Party is Over

Venezuelan Economy Faces Crisis

Venezuela National Guard Confiscates Food from Warehouse

Panama will receive increase of U.S. Peace Corps volunteers

Chavez requests all foreign bond holder register

Venzuelan Steel Maker Production down Since Nationalilzation

Chavez fires minister for raising chemical prices 45 %

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez allegedly helped Colombian, Spanish militants forge ties

Venezuela: Businessmen fear that restricted swap market will halt production

A SANE view of the Chavez government's remarkably successful economic policies

In praise of … Radio La Voz de Bagua

Bolivia: Elections Deepen Local Democracy

Bolivia and Venezuela to Form Six Joint Companies for Energy and Food Security

The Colombian Government Grows Desperate:The Death Squads' DC Embassy

Bloodshed returns to Medellin

Latin America wants to end 'lethal research' on whales

Venezuela Increases Control of Food Production

Haiti earthquake risk ‘not over’

Uncontacted Amazon Indians in Peru

Oil companies banned from uncontacted tribes’ reserve

Thank you mods.

A little help with this calculation.

Hunger Strike Against Impunity

Video By Bear Band: BARB@ZUL I DON´T CARE

Video: EVAN COWDEN -LABELWHORE (The Sweet Salacious Radio Mix)

Video: Major Lazer - "Keep It Goin' Louder" ft. Ricky Blaze and Nina Sky

Video: Liam Kyle Sullivan - Let Me Borrow That Top


Group urges parents to keep kids home on Harvey Milk Day

Video: Holland Boys - I Am Gay

Video: Dirty Sanchez - GIVE HEAD


Watch: Intolerance is Served on 'What Would You Do?'

Video: Pussy Tourette - French Bitch

Video: Mike Ator - Happy

Video: The Ones - When we get together

Video: Kevin Aviance "Din Da Da"

There are no homosexuals

"Give me your money you fucking fag!"

The beauty of the Ignore feature ...

Pics from my 'Hidden from History' HS bulletin board project.

Trumka to White House: Focus on jobs to win in November

Tea Parties vs. Unions in November

Red Cross workers: Firings due to contract tiff

Airlines Fight Fair Election Rules

A fair deal for Mexicans By Richard Trumka

Worker injured by silo fall

Organized Labor Has More in Store for Arkansas

Today in Labor History May 21 Sacco and Vanzetti go on trial, “Little Wagner Act” is signed in Hawai

Receptionist: I was fired after trying to pump breast milk for my baby - at mammogram center

Got this in the mail, figured I'd share.

Wall Street Journal: Palestinians make surprisingly large land offer to Israel

Marriott exposes NRA conventioneers to criminal prosecution

Brady Center blows Firearms Freedom Act brief

Pine Bluff Burger King Worker Shoots Alleged Robber

Police officer slain as mayor embarrasses himself and city

MARYLAND: Governor Signs Civil Immunity Bill

Hamas to raze 180 Gaza houses to erect Islamic religious center

corncob on wall


don't forget Pole-Land

the Bridge To Nowhere

How come there were some color photographs and color home movies pre-1945, but nearly all photos,

Monitors -- a cautionary tale...

bee at the magnolia bar


Hafiz tells you the future

four for friday

grass at seed

Japan moves to test "space yacht" and solve Venus's "biggest mystery"

Progress in Nanotechnology: A Nanoscale 'Assembly Line'

One of the clearest views yet of the spill from space

HUMMINGBIRD BABIES stretching their WINGS!!!

The mystery of the 'acupuncture cat'

First hot flash ever? Or kundalini?

Sex shop to give away "Pope condoms"

Thank god for MRIs! Help in diagnosis for spinal arthritis.

Congressional report prompts fear and anger over lead in D.C. water

'Unintended' statin side-effect risks uncovered

Greeks take to the streets as the Bundestag prepares to vote on bailout

Watch Out for the “Anti-Growth” Trade!

Venezuela: Businessmen fear that restricted swap market will halt production

FDIC Still As Bankrupt As Ever & people pulling money out of banks.

Things are going to improve very fast...the checks in the mail...

The Endless Bear Market?