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Heartbreak Via the Internet, and WhyNon-Censorship is So Important. Thanks to friends at DU.

Last Night as a Triumph of the New Institutions of the Netroots

Last Night as a Triumph of the New Institutions of the Netroots

Immigration Forum, good idea / bad idea

Foul Or Felony? Teen Charged After Basketball Game

Hey, Colorado DUers going to the Assembly

Finance Reform and the revival of Glass Steagall

How Bush's DOJ Killed a Criminal Probe Into BP That Threatened to Net Top Officials

Soldiers fear Agent Orange exposure (from Canada?)

Robert Redford coming up on KO to

The number one supporters of "illegal immigration" = corporations & international financiers

Media asks for broadcast of Prop 8 closing argument

Ocean Stored Significant Warming Over Last 16 Years: Research

How incredibly ironic on MSNBC just now

my oldest best friend is starting to disappoint me

What is wrong with the people who disagree with you?

Blumenthal still in the race (CT)

‘Octomom’ paid $5K to tout pet birth control

Inventors Say BP Ignoring Their Oil Spill Ideas

Hurricane season is tough, oil spills are catastrophic, now we are in for a heavy lovebug season!?!

Mathematical model explains marital breakups

If you missed Rachel section on the class of 94 ReTHUG hypocrites

No worries, ever'body!

TIm Kaine is on CSpan1 on

Rand Paul on Rachel

Fuck if I'm gonna hire some thirsty redneck from Arizona.

This is Obama's Katrina.

Bring it on, says Pelosi

ACLU: What Happens in Arizona Stops in Arizona

Some good news (re: my brother) and a bit of a rant (re: BP & immigration)

Senate Debate on Wall Street Reform Will Continue-thank Cantwell and Feingold

A Proposal that those who can shave our heads to protest the Gulf Oil Spill!!??

London's 2012 Olympic mascots

My neighbor says North Korea Blew the well up!

Website Raises $1,000 To Bring 'Tier 5' Unemployment Petition To Washington

I gotta have this button

Sue Lowden on LV npr radio today

Canwest: Chevron had warned it couldn't clean up Canadian coastal oil spill

Canwest: Chevron had warned it couldn't clean up Canadian coastal oil spill

Where in the Constitution does it say the government can...

Dear Mediamotherfuckers worried about Blumenthal's military service:

Democratic Candidate Brought Strippers Aboard Yacht

Do you report to someone you don't respect?

Lindsay Graham an "Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm veteran"

Grapevine, TX woman takes message against distracted driving to the United Nations

I find we are missing a MAJOR issue on immigration

So Joey the Scar was another member sanctimonious Class of 1994....

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!! Encore Wednesday

Google kills off cougar ads, but sugar daddies are still on the prowl

Why it matters who owns local businesses

Raw Video: President Obama Burned in Effigy

what liberal blogs have mobile friendly websites?

From the the filthly sewer known as the New York Times

Robert Redford: "Mr. President: Now Is the Time For Clean Energy"

Texas GOP candidate portraying Hispanics as freeloaders

Mr. Gerica Goes To Washington ... But Never Gets Chance To Testify On Gulf Oil Spill -

Car, auto parts dealer tells court he gave money to al-Qaida

CNN: U.S. allies say integrating gays in military was nonissue

Kagan criticized the Warren Court

Anyone catch the voice in the background when Rachel Maddow interrupted Rand Paul?

A polite request for Blanche Lincoln: please withdraw from the race now

You can make a philosophical argument that individuals have a right to be stupid and discriminate

Republicans are just plain stupid

Ixtoc I: The largest accidental spill in history

Troops to weigh in on ‘don’t ask’ policy

The Tragedy of Managed Expectations in the Gulf

Slave trade? No, silly. Now we should call it the "Atlantic triangular trade."

House hearing (bp) on the c-span, NOW

Man who died was on train almost 5 hours

NY Times online-positive Sestak article - AFTER he wins, WH likes him.

L.A. mayor says Arizona 'isolating itself' from rest of America, rejects idea of power cutoff

A question, vis-a-vis the Specter loss.

I believe Democrats will hold both houses... but I also believe Harry Reid is going down...

M$NBC on XM/Sirius radio

China Tells U.S. To Put Fiscal House In Order.

Yo,Dig This...

Iranian lesbian Kiana Firouz facing 100 lashes (and possible execution) over film

Retitled: Message to those that believe Mexican Citiizens

George Will: a pompous defender of wealth and privilege

It couldn't be BP's fault:

Jewish community takes on Comedy Central's 'anti-Semitic' stereotypes

Chilling: Under scrutiny from NOAA, researchers retreated to their labs to finish their analysis

AP INVESTIGATION: Oil self-regulates around globe

NY Times: Scientists Fault Response of Government to Oil Spill in Gulf

May 21, 1940: First prisoners arrive at Auschwitz

GOP candidate Rand Paul on Fox "all of the time": 21 appearances since last May

What is the history of immigration policy in the USA? Were the indigenous made citizens?

101st commander: Summer crucial in Afghanistan

So Glenn Beck is a new member of my HS alumni site

Family says O-6 killed in Afghan convoy blast

Bill adds protections for sex assault victims

3,800 vets affected by latest VA data breaches

Blithering = Babbling, talking incoherently, talking without making sense.

People who say "Private Business is more efficient than Government"

Ninjas to the rescue as thugs pick wrong alley

How did the Mayans know about the BP oil spill?

United Steelworkers Say Latest Oil Fire Is Another Example Of An Unsafe Industry

So Rand Paul would like to go back to Whites Only water fountains and such, eh?

National Immigration Law Center Says U.S. Constitution And Rights Of Americans Are At Stake In AZ

The Freedom to Discriminate

Philadelphia charter school probe expands: over 1/4 of city charters under federal investigation

Ahem... 'Big Night for Progressives in Senate Primaries' - AlterNet

Racism is a "sickness"

Alan Keyes Epic Stupid anti-gay marriage argument: "Parents and children will get married!"

Alan Keyes Epic Stupid anti-gay marriage argument: "Parents and children will get married!"

Gulf Oil Spill May Be 19 Times Bigger Than Originally Thought (4 Million Gal per Day)

Tensions Growing as Scientists Fault U.S. Response in Assessing Gulf Oil Spill

Tensions Growing as Scientists Fault U.S. Response in Assessing Gulf Oil Spill

Greenpeace Activists Scale BP HQ in London Over Gulf Oil Spill

California scheming: Texas oil companies fund initiative to repeal California’s landmark climate law

FAA expedites Boeing windshield inspection order after cockpit fire

Senator Goose and Senator Pot question Elena Kagan:

California's in deep trouble: you get to choose between Whitman or this guy:

So the Dog finally caught the bus...and now what?

The verdict is in - Rand Paul was obliterated on dat

Question about PA-12

This Gulf Oil Leak - How Long Could It Gush Until It Empties Itself?......

I hope and pray that...

Americans United Asks IRS to Investigate Los Angeles Church That ‘Tweeted’ Candidate to Victory

BP = Bought and Paid for our Governments NON-response

Arkansas Poll: Halter 48 (+11), Lincoln 46 (unchanged)

Wild Birds Opt for Conventional Food Over Organic, Study Shows

Why does this sound like a shakedown from a protection racket?

How Bush's DOJ Killed a Criminal Probe Into BP That Threatened to Net Top Officials

More Catholic shenanigans: O’Malley post cites ‘good of the child’

Why I believe being forthcoming about the Gusher in the Gulf is better environmentally & politically

Texas GOP: Hispanics are freeloaders

BP oil spill reaches Louisiana wetlands

Republican YouCut Website

Main Entry: em•pire

Morning Jerk is still smearing Blumenthal this morning, although

Keep seeing ads for this group and am wondering what your take is on it.

!)$#!#)%$*U)) Verizon!

!)$#!#)%$*U)) Verizon!

'Safe' mortgages going bust, too

Only 3 House Incumbents Receive Half of Campaign Funds from Small Donors

Senator Feingold: The financial bill as it stands will not prevent another financial crisis.

The new faces of the white supremacy movement

Yay I'm living in a country where the worst thing a candidate can call an opponent is "liberal"

U.S. Cannot Infiltrate Militant Training Camps

The IMF Takes its Shock Doctrine on the road: Next stop, Japan

Unemployed and no donor star?

DFA email: Halter leads Lincoln, 48% to 46% for June 8 run-off.

8th grader flips teacher off - school locked down, several police departments repsond

Please, watch this video that DUer Catherina supplied in the following link:

Toon: The TP platform

NY Times: Marijuana Fuels a New Kitchen Culture

House panel throws more money down the F-35 shithole

Art from Bartcop

Would you cross the border?

"William" Billy KRISTOL wants Campbell BROWN to run for senate. Hilarious comments from readers.

Desperately Dodging... Rand Paul vs. Rachel Maddow...

One billion barrels of 'oil' found on the sea

Circulation models of the gulf oil from the USF College of Marine Science

For donors:

Class of 2010 Set to Flood U.S. Labor Market as '09 Graduates Wait Tables

Terry Tempest Williams - The Ecology Hall of Fame

I'm with the turtle

I'm with the turtle

Novartis fined $250M for discriminating against women

Whats the chance of S. Korea going into a hot war with N. Korea for sinking their warship?

Senators Cantwell and Feingold refused Senator Reid's demand to end the debate on financial reform!

HOA Management Company: Leave a Message, Pay A Fee

HOA Management Company: Leave a Message, Pay A Fee

De Niro, Freeman, Harris to narrate Boston Pops Kennedy tribute

"On reality and bitter truths" by Paul Jay of Real News Network

My head is exploding!

You were wondering who it was that Rand Paul reminded you of

Unions To Blanche Lincoln: We're Still COMING AFTER YOU!

Progressive Texas Board Of Education Candidates Promise To Undo Textbook Changes

THE Polictical Advertisement for 2010

White House highlights Obama's record on job gains

"As someone who served in the military, during the Vietnam era, in the Marine Corps..."

Lawmakers agree to extend unemployment benefits

Corexit: BP Using Dispersants In Gulf Banned In U.K.

Millions of Cut Jobs Most Likely Won't Return

Breakup begins of offshore oil drilling agency (Minerals Management Service)

Maybe the Democrats will pull their head out of their ass and listen to Feingold and Cantwell

Why aren't the tea partiers in the water?

Repub/Tea Party is now like the ZOOSK ad

Joint meeting of Congress - ladies and gentlemen

Of course, private businesses are free to engage in racist exclusion

"Let him think that."

New TBI, mental health center to open in June

Another Beck sponsor gets dinged

Wikipedia bias in favor of Rand Paul....

Army vet shot at MacDill after wielding knife

Ecosystem in Peril After Gulf Oil Spill

Cannes hears call for 'war criminals' Bush, Blair to face trial

Senator Demands Info From Transocean On 'I'm Not Injured' Forms Signed By Workers

Obama Right and Wrong About Arizona Law (& "attrition through enforcement")

Does anyone else recall when about the only thing we heard about was reducing class size?

Most candidates start a scrapbook when running for office-any office.

Did any Republicans attend the State Dinner.....

Did any Republicans attend the State Dinner.....

I watched "Wounded Platoon" last night on frontline...

The Gulf Oil Gusher has been active for one month today.

Corporate takeover of Ed moves in on Oregon universities

How important/strong do you think the Tea Party is?

Tim Kaine: ''Socialist Taunts Hurt Tea Party More Than Obama''

A letter to my friend in Arizona (illegal Mexicans) (long)

Arkansas Times Blog: The liberal takeover of Arkansas?

Cannes: Valerie Plame at the End of the World

What if This Nut "Ayn" Rand Paul Wins?

Mexico president slams Arizona 'discrimination'

Reid accuses Scott Brown of breaking word on vote

Senator seeks to help homeless vets

I was shocked watching Anderson Cooper's news show last nite

NKorea warns of war if punished for ship sinking

"Chris Matthews, Climb Down From Your High Horse"

Sestak is going to be tough to beat in the fall.

Attorney General Tom Corbett Subpoenaes Twitter To Identify Anonymous Critics

i just wrote to the president.

Johnny Comes Foreclosure!

This cartoon is Ar"rest"ing ! (I wish they would be arrested, as soon as the leak is plugged)

Oil Rules

Obama must get control of rogue oil regulators


A few days ago Keithout O talked about Glen Beck's speech

2000 Free "Pope Condoms"

3 Things that need to be done ASAP as per the Gulf Oil disaster

When Rep. Luis Gutierrez.,.

Calderon is correct - the lifting of the ban on assault weapons

Michele Bachmann is $3,814 in arrears on her 2009 property taxes

Jobless Claims in U.S. Unexpectedly Increase as Dismissals Remain Elevated

Jobless Claims in U.S. Unexpectedly Increase as Dismissals Remain Elevated

Accusations Interrupt Tea Party Meeting

Not enough help for the unemployed

Citizen journalism at its best in the Gulf - why doesn't mainstream

(R)asmussen: Paul 59% - Conway 34%

NYT: Pakistan Widens Online Ban to Include YouTube

Mandatory photo for any market correction/drop news story

Wash. Journal asked should schools get stimulus money

Illustrating a bad day in the Markets (Don Wright cartoon)

So where's the Admin giggling about the latest job numbers?? Oh yeah... :(

BPs Dudley is lying through his teeth

BPs Dudley is lying through his teeth

Rand Paul To "Loony Left": 'I Will Not Support Any Efforts To Repeal The Civil Rights Act'

ABC News report shows AZ law is just more GOP panicky BS

So Souder was tempted by a shameless hussy? Is that what the CWfA is positing?

You know it's all a game, right?

George Carlin's 3-minute explanation of capitalism

Jim Hightower: Monsanto pays for its arrogance

Calif. Students, Districts Sue Over Budget Cuts

Eerie picture of Mitch McConnell

BP, just trying to save a buck...

The electoral effect of Rand Paul's anti-civil rights ideology will be?

Tony Hayward says he's sleeping well these days. Gonna win our hearts and minds

Why the Financial Reform Bill Doesn't Go Far Enough by Senator Russell Feingold


What's will all these guys with turkey necks cheating on their wives?

"The myriad myths of U.S. immigration"

Jesus' General: Shades of terror

Lansing, MI Mayor Virg Bernero on Fox Business, addresses manufacturing and debates some jackass.

You know that we're all going to turn into beautiful butterflies when DU hits 50 Mil posts, right?

A garden of CAPTIONS in bloom. PLease come do this teabaggin' ninny!!!!

A garden of CAPTIONS in bloom. PLease come do this teabaggin' ninny!!!!

You know that girl who asked the First Lady about immigration yesterday?

Sestak Jumps Out to Early Lead

Rand Paul to appear on "Dancing with the Boors"

Rand Paul to appear on "Dancing with the Boors"

IF BP said 2X as much oil will spill before the well is capped, would you leave BP in charge?

To or Too or Two? ...... Does it really matter in Teabaggerland?

Down Memory Lane with Salazar..

People who Care and Sent Their Hair -- Boom Update

Buchanan the racist is defending Rand Paul

Oopsiefuckingdaisy. I misunderestimated.

Islamic Terrorist Linked to Mail Bombing Imprisoned

Why is there a Web Ad on here supporting Pat Toomey over Joe Sestak?

Still Crazier in Alabama

Unemployment Extension Bill Coming Today

How benevolent and merciful are our overlords!

Any sign of Blankenship?

Someone from this administration - Salazar? should be providing daily updates about what's going on

The most poisonous month on record?

Linda McMahon's campaign confirms role in NY Times Story

BP's driving force - "My god man, the stock price is below $45."

Paul Volcker Supports Merkley-Levin Amendment To Senate Financial Reform Bill

Breaking: FBI to post Kennedy FBI file on “Hot Topics” website

5/20: BP admits they underestimated "leak" amount

Hartmann talking to Merkely (replay)

Freedom as White Supremacy

Bank Profits Skyrocket; Big Banks Lead The Way

I think Rand Paul obliterated the Tea Party in one fell swoop

The seeds sowed by Reagan are producing poisoned fruits. Only a taste of what is to come?

Does anyone remember the NYT and other media being as obsessed with Vitter or Ensign as they are ...

What's More Stunning? The Tasteless Prank, or the Response?

These are the types of things our Gov't should have been doing from DAY ONE.

Just a reminder, Hurricane Season is just a week and a half away

Just a reminder, Hurricane Season is just a week and a half away

Today's least newsworthy headline

MSNBC TV: Lindsay Lohan is a wanted woman

Raw milk legislation vetoed in WI

Tea baggers in history : The Know Nothing movement

What Rand Paul wants to take our government back to

DUer MicaelS bludgeons libertarianism with a two-by-four while Sepultura plays at full volume.

NOAA Warned Interior It Was Underestimating Threat Of Serious Spill (LAST FALL)

Lindsay Lohan wanted for arrest! Fuck the Gulf, this is IMPORTANT!

Lindsay Lohan wanted for arrest! Fuck the Gulf, this is IMPORTANT!

Lindsay Lohan wanted for arrest! Fuck the Gulf, this is IMPORTANT!

CNN Headline: 'Miss USA: Muslim Trailblazer Or Hezbollah Spy?

Excellent graphic charts on the oil spill from

Claim: South Seattle man spent hundreds importing cocks

A comment about Blumenthal from a DUer in CT :

bp 'exec' is lying his ass off on m$nbc. he should be cuffed and arrested.

Blackwater is just the tip of the iceberg!

New Image of Oil Catastrophe

Blankenship up now at mine safety hearing.. c-span3 has it

HEARING LIVE about BP online LINK - Please recommend - EPA on the spot

Nina Easton, Fortune Columnist, Compares Bank Protesters To 'God Hates Fags' Group

Nina Easton, Fortune Columnist, Compares Bank Protesters To 'God Hates Fags' Group

Blankenship spinning spinning spinning

Reducing niacin intake can prevent obesity

Study finds German Afghanistan mission suffering budget blowout

Study finds German Afghanistan mission suffering budget blowout

Rand Paul OPPOSES Government Spending — Except For When It BENEFITS HIM..

These billionaires went from rags to richest

Even Ron Christie is against Rand Paul!

There is no site worse than Huffington Poo for load times and crap on the site

Why I voted for Arlen yesterday, and yes I'm voting for Joe in November

Gulf oil spill leak now pegged at 95,000+ barrels a day

Seperated at Birth? Rand Paul and --

30 days Later: After BP dumped >600,000 gal toxic dispersnt, only Now Does EPA say Stop, too Toxic

"It was always made clear that this was a ballpark estimate,"

BP causes Extinction Event on world-wide scale

4chan's /new/ presents The Legacy of George W. Bush's Presidency

Demand Independent Oversight & Measurement of Oil Gusher: PLEASE sign & pass on

I am rejoining the workforce shortly

Atwater (R):: BP can build a friggin' oil rig, but can't fill a hole?

Even Ron Christie is against Rand Paul!

Glenn Beck : "What Is That?" Michelle Obama's dress was too sexy

"Glenn Beck made fun of Eric Holder for not reading the AZ law'.

BP rapped for not making spill information public

Rachel Maddow is one smart cookie who is chock full of facts

Cloture vote on S. 3217 - Financial Stability Act - CLOTURE REACHED!

Hold BP to their own value statement

How much will Rand Paul wind up paying for his Civil Rights Act comments?

"Reasonable suspicion." How comfortable are DUers with this language?

Despite today's broad market rout, Mastercard Inc somehow rose 1.5%!

european space agency`s images of the gulf disaster-large images

Watching Dr. Sylvia Earle on Tweety....

Morning Joe rips into Paul and Gingrinch

First Artificial Living Cells Created

less than 5,000 posts to go...

less than 5,000 posts to go...

If Dr. Martin Luther King were alive today how would the Republican Party treat him?

Making Sense of Market Correction: The Excuses Make No Sense

Fox News Launching Website Aimed At Hispanic Market

Mother of student who questioned Michelle Obama will not face action.

Rand Paul and the ?Tea Party?

Good News: Rep. Markey gets BP to agree to publish LIVE Video of Leak

Rep. Souder hung up on Amy Goodman in 1998 when she asked if he had ever had an affair.


Louisiana continues to get encircled by the oil

Asymmetry in the behavior of neutral B-mesons emerging suggests there is a preponderance of muons!

so randy paul thinks that civil rights act only applies to businesses that receive fed funds

What Dems Don't Want Mentioned in the Rand Paul/Civil Rights Debate

Maritime Zones and Boundaries (about jurisdiction re territorial sea limits)

Pennsylvania Attorney General Tries to Unmask Twitter Critics

Live Oil Spill Cam

Hundreds of Union Janitors Fired Under Pressure From Feds (ICE audits of employers)

Scientists create synthetic DNA in lab, and use it to control cell

Is Rand Paul another Ned Lamont?

Is Rand Paul another Ned Lamont?

Save the Gulf on facebook

Byrd: Massey’s Safety Policies Are ‘Disgraceful’

Does Critz run again in November??

UK Hacker Wins More Time to Fight U.S. Extradition

Hypocrisy: our team can play that game, too

"Fair Game": Relive the Bush-Cheney wonder years

Brave kids protesting legal limbo.. Amy's segment on the Dream Act today.

Latest rightie meme: "New Arizona immigration law no different from Fed, California laws."

Shareholders Move to Curb Extravagant Pay for WellPoint CEO

Glenn Beck Attacks Churches on Climate Change by Jim Wallis

Has anyone ventured to freeperland to see how they hailed the mighty Rand?

Lawmakers hammer BP: 'Live video doesn't lie'

Could Kevin Costner's Fancy Oil/Water separating device open up

LAT: Primaries put Republicans on notice

Looking real ugly for the casino today.

Scary thought- Sarah Palin and Rand Paul 2012?

The more we hear about Rand Paul in the news, the better!

Euro woes increase risk of trade wars

Euro woes increase risk of trade wars

Euro woes increase risk of trade wars

Euro woes increase risk of trade wars

I have to admit, the debate between Rand Paul and Rachel Maddow was not fair.

Anyone able to see the Oil Spill in the Gulf - Live Cam?

PSA: Alabama's beaches are open.

Scientists Create First Synthetic Cell, Opening New Era in Biology

Lawmakers slam coal mine official over safety

GDP up 4.9% in annual growth (Japan)

AP: "Pentagon won't say ship sinking is an act of war" (compare this to Iran position)

VA Ag Ken Cuccinelli buys $600,000 property in Northern VA

Glenn Beck Attacks Churches on Climate Change

Jamaica Defence Force called out as citizens protect drug dealer from being extradited to the US

An Environmental Reminder... The River That Caught Fire (Cuyahoga 1969)

House panel votes to block Obama Gitmo plan

News Talk Radio Coverage of the Gulf Spill.

Any new polling out on lincoln vs halter?

Do you support or oppose Arizona State Bill 1070?

Texas restaurants sue bp

Black Engineer Award Winner May Have Solution to Save Gulf

BREAKING NEWS: White House Gate Crashers Stopped By Secret Service


Will these Democratic Congressmen be attacked on DU?

This is Trivial but it's driving me nuts: Do you think for one second that if Lindsay Lohan was not

Guardian Angels charged with felony beating of a guy.

Jupiter stripped of one its stripes!

Goehring for Congress?? I can't stop LOL... it's not the Onion either!

A month

Is Bill Richardson a racist?

Hypothesis: Recession or...

re: Rand Paul being a racist... here's the thing. When the subject is abortion...

Obama takes tougher line on oil spill

Apple reverses its no-cash payment policy for iPads

Standing Ovation for Mexican President by Congress on AZ Immigration Law and Assault Weapons Law

Health care law's massive, hidden tax change

Obama Names Susan L. Carney to U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit

DPS (Detroit Public Schools) students score worst in national reading test

Oops... This Has Happened Before In The Gulf... And It Wasn't Fixed Within 3 Months...

Pass it on: Senate Republicans vote to ALLOW credit cards to gouge customers on interest

BP Smoking Gun (Schlumberger test team not a rumor)

NRDC blog: Why BP may not want spill size known - $1,000/barrel civil penalty under Clean Water Act

Oliphant Gets It!

Almost at 50,000,000 posts DU. The countdown is on!

Stossel calls for repeal of public accommodations section of Civil Rights Act

My driver's license required no proof of legal residence or birth certificate to obtain

Fox News is trying to break it gently to it's readers about Rand

US approval of the Killing (by the CIA) of Cleric Causes Unease

The best description yet of the 2012 Olympic mascots:

State Rep. wants to bring AZ immigration law to MI

Jay Leno is one seriously unfunny asshole. Thinks LA County has only 9 people that go to the library

Rachel Maddow demolishes Rand Paul

Someone should ask Rand Paul (R-BF Nowhere) about whether the US should have faught the Civil War

Should people who throw cigarette butts out of their window be charged with assault?

I wonder if the small gubmint tea bagger type are enjoying tar balls with their tea...

Christie brings feudalism to New Jersey

The Dow is really tanking.

Millions of Dead Bait Fish Wash Ashore in Louisiana

Who You Are vs. What You Do

'Senior Playground' in Hyde Park in London - pics

That Damn Kucinich - What's He Up To Now?

Navajos: Welcome to 'Apartheid Arizona'

Michaels blames ‘Busty Cops 3’ for hemorrhage

Michaels blames ‘Busty Cops 3’ for hemorrhage

Does anyone else here recall the made-for-TV movie

Was Rand Paul named after the Libertarian Goddess Ayn Rand? nm

The truth about Glenn Beck's TV ratings

Putting to rest the silly 'so you always drive 65 or under, right?' talking point.

Rand Paul: Repubs worst fear comes true.

HEADS UP LOS ANGELES! AZ threatens to cut off our power!!!

Immigrant Soul

“Rand Paul isn’t a racist” is a straw man.

"Can't do time" = "Don't do crime"...Lawyer says PonziBoy Allen Stanford is a "depressed wreck"

An idea for an open reading list.

Why do some people insist that undocumented aliens get "government benefits"?

Why do some people insist that undocumented aliens get "government benefits"?

U.S. Stocks Plunge Most in a Year

Two Police Officers Killed in Arkansas by Possible Aryan Nation Members

Rand Paul wants to equate being armed with being black

I like Sestak's chances against Loony Toomey

Servicemembers United uncovers 630 unreported DADT discharges

The President should refuse to sign the Financial Bill if Glass-Steagal isn't

Can we stop debating: "The Teabaggers Are Racist" now?

I met a lesbian yesterday

Don't Like Rand Paul ? Here is a link for Jack Conway.

Four Police Shot - two dead in West Memphis Arkansas

Our FRiends, the LOVE their Scott Brown...

ok DUers, help me finish off (proverbially, I love my family) my redneck cousin...

Republicans VERY upset over loss in PA special election

London's Lobbyists Prepare to Return Fire

What if they can't stop the oil spill?

Randi Rhodes' jab at Rachel Maddow.

The saddest thing about Rand Paul of KY

20,000 Greeks march to Parliament, close schools, halt ferries and trains

Separated at birth??????????????

Please DU This Poll: Is Obama to Blame for Oil Spill

Animation of the oil spreading in the Gulf

The Rude Pundit: Why Is BP Still in Charge in the Gulf?

The Rude Pundit: Why Is BP Still in Charge in the Gulf?

The LIVE FEED of the BP Deepwater Gusher is HERE

Transocean to transfer $1B of its value to shareholders, from whom it cannot be seized.

WARNING: THIS STORY CONTAINS EXTREMELY GRAPHIC CONTENT: Defense will try to thwart first-degree murd

A LIVE STREAM of oil leak that actually works...

A LIVE STREAM of oil leak that actually works...

Excellent Rant By BartCop Re: Election Results

BP Photo of the Day

The big (white chrisTian) terrorism story Wolf Blitzer & CNN didn't report

Anybody think Salazar's days are numbered? I'm guessing Obama must be

Bret Michaels back in the hospital...stroke and hole in heart

Rachel Maddow is not only the queen of tough journalism, she's the new Tim Russert.

One Month Later: Five Things We Know About the BP Gulf Disaster

Gibbs: "We have an unprecedented catastophe".

Employees asked to return bonuses received 16 years ago.

CRUISING THROUGH OIL: Sun reporter has a close encounter of the worst kind

Can you spare a CAPTION for Rand Paul today, for a rock sandwich next Tuesday?

My uninformed take on the oil catastrophe

Federal Judge Dresses Down O'Keefe, But Lets Him Avoid Trial for Tampering with Senator's Phone

When will the leaking gusher of oil in the gulf be "under control"?

Aren't most BP stations in high-traffic areas?

Most evil corporation?

Kevin Costner oil spill cleanup idea interests BP

When the oil well act of negligence reaches the Atlantic Coast,

Rand Paul and Civil Rights: The End of the Tea Party?

Girl Sticks Head Out Bus Window, Hit By Tree

Derivatives Reform, 5/20: The Two Loopholes That the Fight is Over

CNN showing film of oil in La. wetlands, estuaries.

My coughing had gotten so bad…

Stupid question... Can't they just put a big plug on the leak?

Marijuana found helpful in treating Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS):

At some point, the word "racist" is going to lose its force, I think.

Hillary Rodham Clinton - This is How I feel about her

The fatal & revealing racist flaw in Rand Paul's "private restaurant" analogy made to Rachel Maddow.

Rand Paul: ‘The Hard Part of Believing in Freedom’ Is Opposing Ban on Whites-Only

It is NOT a leak.

"As someone who served in the military, during the Vietnam era, in the Marine Corps..."

Gay couple sentenced to maximum 14 years in Malawi

Please clarify this to me: Rand Paul is a REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE FOR ELECTED OFFICE, is that correct?

That little girl asked Michelle Obama the same question I've been hearing at school lately

Sorry, TOO LATE: Rand Paul Regrets Rachel Maddow Appearance: ' POOR POLITICAL DECISION '

Why an Embassy Suites, Ritz-Carlton and a Quality Inn hotel save your left-over soap

Does the federal government have the skill set or expertise to fix the oil spill?

If you fire an elected school board, hand the schools to the that "school reform"?

Glenn Greenwald: Equating sexual orientation with "sex life"

Using Rand Pauls OWN LOGIC it'd be OK for a "private" hospital NOT to treat an Asian person because

Can we all file suits against BP for damages? It's going to drive up prices for everyone.

Seriously, folks: what's a conscientious liberal to do?

"Do you want to pay $10 for a head of lettuce?"

Commit here - use 1/2 the gas you usually use this week

Scientists accuse Obama over oil spill. Expert claims NOAA is guilty of a 'catastrophic failure'

Inside Google

Get Ahead of the Curve, Obama -- Look at Other Agencies Too

Nightmare Scene of Oil Unfolding in Wetlands -- Threatens Florida

Woman Goes To Trial For Smoking In Yard

Dear Arne, Until we no longer see teachers having to ........

Defense Tech: Taliban Fear 155mm Excalibur “Finger of Death”

I feel bad for all those low information investors who listened to the Gold commercials.

The points I make to those that don't oppose the AZ law

Since the Senate didn't reinstate Glass-Steagal and the President's opposition to audit the Fed

Along with Kagan, the Supremes attended no PUBLIC universities. None. Undergrad or Law school.

"24 miles: dead". From Jindal's office. Dylan covering spill

Poor Mark Souder, a sexual indiscretion "just happened to him" according to ...

Anyone who thinks that Rand Paul is not a racist...

"The Constitution is based on the Ten Commandments".

God...I'm Already Sick To Death Of Rand Paul

Oilmageddon survivors held incommunicado for 40 hours forced to sign false statements

Standing Ovation for Mexican President in Congress on AZ Immigration Law and Assault Weapons Law

"Illegal Alien" Really?

Robert Redford interview on KO

Toon: YOU'RE worried about the direction of the Country?

Prime mortgages going bust at an alarming rate

Showdown in my 'hood last night.

Little Girl Who Challenged First Lady Is Right: Obama Is Deporting More Immigrants Than Ever

Rand Paul and segregation...

BFEE Overthrew Iranian Democracy for BP

yeesh who needs an ignore feature? just avoid GD!

Could the duck survive out of captivity?

NY Prosecutors: Ex-Miss Russia Forged Prescription

My sincere good wish for all of you...

Chad rooms leave you hanging.

Good New Music

Have you voted for your Google Doodle?

Anybody Here Have An iPad?

I just have one question--

I C A N H A S C H E E Z B U R G E R ?

Debbie or Tiffany...

Name that drum fill...

What is wrong with the people who disagree with you?

This is for someone, or maybe many people :)

I need a good walking shoe..

For those that do Ebay or other online auctions, what's the best deal you've gotten?

People who are a threat should be locked up


THESE are the 2012 Olympics mascots??!!??

I loved the Supernatural season finale last night.

Now THIS is one heckuva model rocket!

Today's Oklahoma storms-PICS

Florida DMV issues driver's license with "EAT ASS" listed as street address

Random pictures from my photobucket (Kitties included)...

Stoner Chefs are curing the munchies in a big way....

And here they are! Lesser known metric units :

Is Tommy_Carcetti a dork?

Is TZ a p-p-platypus?

Are you a dork?

Hudson and Landry, and the Jetsons

Witch's broomstick makes 'em "fly"

I think some people are disagreeing with their being a death versus life struggle.

A robin just hit my window.

Blackadder's codpiece for sale

Bret Michaels can't catch an effin' BREAK...he's been hospitalized due to a "warning stroke"

How does a banana answer the phone?

Had a dream about Lady and the Tramp sequel last night.

Had a dream about Lady and the Tramp sequel last night.

49 degrees and a lumpy rain falling

How Do You Think It Feels

Clown-loading. How do I do it?

Where men are men and sheep

Why do sharks live in salt water?

Heaven is...

Rick Astley--Never Gonna Give You Up

So MacGruber....

Don't feed the trolls!

L O S T, I finally get it.

What's the best way to deal with a crazy as a fruitcake SIL?

The World Is Too Much with Us

Who needs a star?

What amazed me is how docile the common man is

How does a banana proselytize a grape?

Did anyone else have a party line growing up?

What do you really know about Grovelbot?


Pictures from my Iran trip, part 3 *PIC HEAVY*

Has there ever been a real-life costumed hero?

OK, cat people, THIS is weird!

Now THIS is one heckuva rocket model!

OK,cat people,THIS is bowie!

My housemate just got turned down for SSI. I don't know what

land line/cell phone etiquette question

Which do you find more painful - going to the dentist or the DMV

What's the most comfortable bar you've found?

I'm going to change my user name to "Meandering Self Indulgent Twaddle"

Anybody watch Breaking Bad?

In rare foray into policy, top science advisers press U.S. to adopt carbon tax

One dead in shooting at MacDill Air Force Base

Any Lady Gaga fans here? Post your favorite Gaga tune.

Senate Republicans Call Bill a ‘Takeover’ of Banking

House Tax Panel Urged to Legalize Online Gambling

Bubba to stump for Blanche Lincoln in Arkansas

S. Korea to convene emergency meeting of top military generals

WA settles with inmate shackled during childbirth

Atwater (R):: BP can build a friggin' oil rig, but can't fill a hole?

BP Prepares For New Effort To Halt Oil Leak

Primaries put Republicans on notice

Trading systems broke down at 2 firms during "flash crash": WSJ

Lawyer: mothers to see 3 Americans jailed in Iran

Sanctions Effort May Open Door to Press Iran Central Bank

(CA-GOV-R) Whitman holds single-digit lead over Poizner

Malawi gay couple sentenced to 14 years in jail

Oil spill activists scale BP HQ (in the UK)

Racism is a "sickness"

Toyota investigator Exponent often defends automakers (has raised questions)

Robert Redford interview on KO

Singer Elvis Costello cancels concerts in Israel

Oil sands on track to be biggest source of U.S. oil imports

Need advice after drug test

'North Korean torpedo' sank South's navy ship - report

Scientists accuse Obama over oil spill

Afghan security deal could boost President Karzai's half-brother

Costly, time-consuming test of cement linings in Deepwater Horizon rig was omitted, spokesman says

UK's first abortion services ad created by Marie Stopes

Only a few things make me miss having a man around the house...

Vito Fossella, Disgraced Ex-Congressman, Endorsed By Staten Island GOP

Florida on Edge as Oil Spill Seeps into Current

Chavez: Dissident party has joined opposition

U.S. Launches Criminal Probe on Soldiers in Afghanistan

U.S. Launches Criminal Probe on Soldiers in Afghanistan

(Naomi) Watts stars as CIA operative Plame in Cannes film

Kennedy holds to hope in 5-4 ruling

Iraqi court hands out 62 death sentences in five months

BREAKING NEWS: White House Gate Crashers Stopped By Secret Service

Bring it on: Nancy Pelosi predicts 'for sure' that Dems will win House

Iranian Nuclear Power Plant Will Be Ready In August, Says Russia

Border 'Mayhem'? An Illegal Immigration Fact Check Shows Violence Declining

Factional clashes in Pakistan's Karachi kill at least 17 people

White House to expand federal emissions standards

New York Times' Public Editor Looking Into Blumenthal Coverage

1 Month Later, Numbers Just Get Worse for Gulf

Salahis Stopped by Secret Service Near White House Last Night

Judge Chides Suspects in Sen. Landrieu Office Case

British supermarket says to sell cancer drugs at cost

Lawmakers to urge BP to idle its Atlantis rig

U.S. judge sides with anonymous online flamers

Uganda plans death penalty for homosexuals

Breaking: FBI to post Kennedy FBI file on “Hot Topics” website

BP Smoking Gun? Oil Giant Skipped Critical Testing Hours Before Explosion

Scientists create artificial life in laboratory

BP Capturing 5,000 Barrels a Day From Gulf Oil Leak

Odor of burning oil reaches Northwest Florida

Clyburn: I'm 'Absolutely Appalled' By Paul's Civil Rights Act Criticism And Country Club Party

Schools, PTA sue California over education funding

'Order restored' in Bangkok after protests

Shelby, Key Republican Senator, Will Back Bank Trading Ban Amendment

Study: Uninsured don't go to the ER more than insured

New Flyover Video of BP Oil Spill Released by NOAA, Navy

Taliban kills 2, wounds 5 in S Afghanistan

General Electric Coffee Maker Recalled From Walmart Stores

Rocket attack kills 3 civilians, wounds 2 children in E. Afghanistan

House Republicans grumbling over loss in PA special election

Dems want to scrap death penalty in California

National Academy of Sciences urges strong action to cut greenhouse gases

WARNING: THIS STORY CONTAINS EXTREMELY GRAPHIC CONTENT: Defense will try to thwart first-degree murd

Dems Add DISCLOSE Waivers For TV, Radio Ads

Oil threatens French-speaking Cajuns, native Choctaw

Apple reverses its no-cash payment policy for iPads (Women from original story gets free iPad)

Lawmakers question Toyota's efforts on acceleration problems

Feds in Billerica examine Toyota involved in fatal crash

How about Netflix? I put Avatar in my queue today and I'll get it tomorrow.

Federal Judge Dresses Down O'Keefe, But Lets Him Avoid Trial for Tampering with Senator's Phone

Rand Paul and Civil Rights: The End of the Tea Party?

Scientific Breakthrough - Synthetic Life

Supporters and Protesters at Planned Parenthood Anniversary (Iowa)

Senate votes to end debate on bank reform bill

Taliban in Secret Talks at Mystery Location

"Plug the Oil Leak with Rush Limbaugh" Facebook group...

National intelligence director resigning

Senate clears way for financial regulation bill

Rand Paul Under Fire for Comments on Race

49% of Californian Voters Back Legalizing Pot, Poll Finds

Landis Admits Drug Use, Claims Armstrong Used

(Scott) Brown (R-MA) switches vote to advance financial regulation overhaul

BREAKING: Federal Flow Rate Technical Team Established To Determine Extent of BP Oil Spill

Chavez wants US to ID money laundering suspects

Scientists Fault Response of Government to Oil Spill in Gulf

(Rand) Paul admits political slip in civil rights remarks

Turkey 'bombs Kurd targets' in Iraq

Obama administration says BP has ‘fallen short’ on transparency, demands new data

Live Feed of Oil Leak Released

Costly, time-consuming test of cement linings in Deepwater Horizon rig was omitted, spokesman says

Arizona immigration law sparks civil disobedience (in NYC)

TODAY'S TMJ4 Exclusive: President Obama Burned in Effigy at Bar in West Allis

New jobless claims rise unexpectedly


Islamic leaders decry Tea Party reference to Muslim 'monkey-god'

Greek unions hold new general strike against cuts

'Synthetic life' breakthrough announced by scientists

BP has fallen short in providing oil leak data, says US

Prosecution Asks To Subpoena Naomi Campbell In War Crimes Trial Because of New Evidence of 'Blood Di

U.S. Govt Sues KBR as Army Awards New Contract

EPA informs BP to use less toxic chemicals to break up oil spill

Pakistan blocks access to YouTube in internet crackdown

Fmr EPA Investigator Scott West:US Has Told BP"It Can Do Whatever It Wants-Won’t Be Held Accountable

Cannes hears call for war criminals Bush, Blair to face trial

AP source: National Intelligence Director Dennis Blair to resign

Paintings worth euro500M stolen from Paris museum

Inventor of cash machine dies at 84 in Scotland

Armstrong denies Landis’ claims, then crashes

Republicans plan anti-Palin protest Friday

Costa Mesa declares itself a 'rule of law' community

Senate preserves unlimited card rates

Pelosi vows to end ‘Don’t ask, don't tell’ by the end of the year

2 police fatally shot in West Memphis, Arkansas

NKorea warns of war if punished for ship sinking

Calderon blasts Arizona immigration law, seeks assault weapons ban

As Oil Spreads, BP Says it Underestimated Flow

BP gives Mississippi $15M to entice beach tourists

President Obama Burned in Effigy in Wisconsin Bar

Best wink-wink line at White House

Best entrance at White House in the history

NC-Sen: Ken Lewis Backs Elaine Marshall

Stutzman to seek Souder seat

Heads up: Rand Paul will be Rachel Maddow's guest tonight

Diana decides not to run for Senate

tea Party Rand Paul Wants To Abolish The Americans With Disabilities Act

"Gibbs: Sinking S. Korean ship 'unacceptable'"

Sec'y of Energy Stephen Chu: Drill, Baby Drill!!!

NY-13: Staten Island Republicans Nominate Vito Fossella to Challenge McMahon

Obama swipes at critics in GOP

Started My Job At Gallup This Week

"Linda McMahon admits Campaign Role In NY Times Blumenthal Story"

Constructive criticism: Sestak talks too long. Needs to keep it short.

Crist: Wooing the union?

Scott Brown double crossed Harry on FinRef but will likely vote yes today.

Honduras: Firings Undercut Judicial Independence

CO-Sen: Bennet Takes the Lead; Norton Struggles in GOP Primary

State Supreme Court rules Bysiewicz not qualified to run for Attorney General

Anyone got anything on Mike Pence? I'm sure he isn't squeaky clean.

I wonder how Rand Paul would answer the Question. "Is there a Right to Privacy"

which will we have first, an athiest president, or...

Gallup's Job Market Index hits positive Double Digits for First time in Over Two Years

What is the extent of racism in Kentucky?

"The administration has mounted a huge response to the spill"

Campaign Manager: Rand Paul Refused Grayson's Call

To: GOP - - - Is Rand Paul right or wrong?

Bring it on, says Pelosi

Poll shows Artur Davis with 50% of black vote in race to Democratic nomination for Alabama governor

Poll shows Artur Davis with 50% of black vote in race to Democratic nomination for Alabama governor

Big surprise, a republican opposes the Civil Rights Act

We need public financing of elections now!

Attorney General Tom Corbett subpoenaes Twitter account info of blogger who criticizes his campaign

Do you think "Dick Durbin" is the Senator's real name?

BP skipped test of cement linings 11 hours before explosion

Senate voting again on cloture on financial reform bill

Mexican leaders knew all along that Obama was nakedly lying about renegotiating NAFTA

Demand that the media refer to the Gulf oil spill as "Deepwater Horizon Ecocide"

Demand that the media refer to the Gulf oil spill as "Deepwater Horizon Ecocide"

House Panel Deals Gitmo Closure a Major Setback

I hope everyone keeps their eye on the ball, and not get caught up in the democrat vs republican

Rand Paul On Civil Rights Controversy: I Shouldn't Have Talked To Maddow - "poor political decision"

Rand Paul promises not to repeal Civil Rights Act

Okay you political junkies.. What we have here is a "failure" to communicate

Okay you political junkies.. What we have here is a "failure" to communicate

anyone watching rick sanchez..


Anyone Else Surprised By Sarah Jessica Parker This Morning

"the Rand Paul Senate campaign is giving lying a shot"

White House Launched Massive Public Relations Campaign to Look Responsive to Gulf Disaster

Would you enjoy a press conference with Obama and (ONLY) Helen Thomas?

I think we should just Impeach this President now and get it over with!

"REVERSAL: Paul Now Backs Ban On Discrimination By Businesses"

AG Eric Holder didn't read the Arizona immigration bill before criticizing it?

AFSCME will put $1.4 million into Arkansas runoff

Internal Poll: Sewell, Smoot Tied

Louisiana: Downer Files in 3rd District

Mongiardo won't seek recanvass

Bennett on write-in bid: 'Stay tuned'

Attorney General Tom Corbett Subpoenaes Twitter To Identify Anonymous Critics

Oxendine still leads Georgia GOP governor's race

Wall Street Reform Advances In Senate=finally

Cloture invoked on Financial Regulatory Reform Bill, 60-40.

Is it illegal for the News Media to lie to its public, or is it just immoral?

Kerry Applauds Key Senate Vote to Move Forward on Wall Street Reform

I think the entire Tea Party movement can be summed up in one scene

Prop. 16 foes sling a stone against PG&E Goliath

Question re: Rand Paul in KY. What is typical African American turnout? have to love it that the Tea Baggers most visible win is getting hammered today!!!

President Obama will accept DNI Dennis Blair's resignation per Jake Tapper (Obama asked for it)

Biden to campaign for Sestak

LCV endorses Bera for CA-3!

The NYT reporter who distorted Blumenthal words, wrote the Massa story

FLASHBACK: Paul Campaign Spokesman Resigned Over Racism On Myspace Page

far bigger than polls to "DU" are FB groups and pages, and liberal groups are all but

Republicans: Rand Who? Rep.Clyburn appalled by Rand Paul's Civil Rights Act comments

Rand Paul will play well in Kentucky

Kerry Co-Sponsors Student Non-Discrimination Act To Help Protect Gay Students In Public Schools

Dems fail to protect consumers from usurious credit card rates! Fails 35-60

Ayn Rand Paul says...

Mayor Bloomberg: 'Zero' chance he'll endorse Charlie Crist

We cannot UNDERESTIMATE Rand Paul he can win

Photos: " ... A Los Sueños de Nuestros Niños" (The Obama Presidency, Day 485)

Tweety: Blumenthal should get out of politics for awhile

All of our combat troops were once supposed to be out of Iraq by today.

Palin hails 'libertarian streak' in GOP candidates - "Rand is going to be great.”

Anyone looked at their 401-K/IRA these days? How's it going?

Teacher suspended for President Obama assassination lesson

Tell politicians you won't support them if they don't support Fair Elections Now Act

Is Rand Paul suddenly the "new Scott Brown?"

Let's keep this thread kicked until all U.S.and Coalition troops are out of Afghanistan and Iraq

Peasant Rights Activist Murdered in Colombia

Why the fuck would Sestak even say the White House tried to offer him a job. What a dumbass.

New GOP group gets $1 million contribution

Sue Lowden says she 'misspoke' about owning bus

Well I voted for Barack Obama.. and I am standing by him


I honestly don't think Rand Paul is a racist.....

House votes to expand national DNA arrest database

Fishermen Report Illness From BP Chemicals

Keith Olbermann: Robert Redford on Obama, Oil Spill, Clean Energy, & Bush

East Timor's colonial legacy


1,000 Americans Dead In Afghanistan

Young Turks: Draw Muhammad Day Protests

Arizona votes to Raise State Tax

Tea Party a Double Edged Sword

An act of solidarity with Greek protests in Prague

Protests against Romania`s austerity measures

Greeks gathering at the Parlament

Video of fresh flames in Bangkok, Thai troops hunt rioters, Central World in ruins after fire

Bangkok Protests Spread To Thailand's Northeast

Oil leak may be 19 times larger than BP and US government say

Nurses Picket for Safe Staffing Levels

Is America Yearning for Fascism

Trickle Down Racism

Midweek Politics w/David Pakman: ACLU Attorney Who DEFENDED Anti-Gay Nutjob Paul Cameron

Dylan Ratigan: Banksters on the Brink

K Street Showdown

Day 29 DISASTER! Where's your line in the Sand?

Midweek Politics w/David Pakman: Republicans Defending SLAVERY to Criticize Elena Kagan

Rand Paul digging his hole deeper on The Rachel Maddow Show

2nd grader to Michelle Obama: but my mom doesn't have papers

Secret Service Investigates Ala. Math Teacher

Meet George: 21 Year Old American

Coast Guard operating under the authority of British Petroleum

Thom Hartmann Explains Naked Shorts to Cenk of The Young Turks

BP Caught in their Lie: Live Leak Video Shows

Progressives Get Clean Sweep on Election Night

Ban New Offshore Oil Drilling Now | Oceana

Sweet Irony Thy Name Is Arizona SB1070

CNN Panel Laugh Their Asses Off At Rand Paul

BP's Rules, NOT OURS: Arrest For Filming Oil Spill, BY BP CONTRACTORS

Young Turks: The Problem(s) With Rand Paul

Palin wants to know why more questions aren't being asked about BP contributions to Obama

TYT On Location: Late George Carlin's B-Day Celebration w/ Tom Arnold, Tom Green, Paul Mooney & More

Ayn Rand - Liberty vs Socialism

Kentucky primary hype: Tempest in a Tea Party

How much was BP Oil Rig producing before explosion ?

Five Ways to Keep Online Criminals at Bay

Creeping Terror: The New American Way of War

Kentucky primary hype: Tempest in a Tea Party

Nintendo and American Heart Association team up to fight Obesity

Federal Reserve sees slightly better 2010 economy

The Flaws in the NYTimes Blumenthal Story

Driving the message home

Pelosi: DADT will be eliminated by the end of the year

Garlic, chainsaws, and Victory Gardens

Whistle-Blowers Become Investment Option for Hedge Funds

The Learning Curve of Peace

Can a Security Council 'Coalition of the Unwilling' Defy Washington's Sanctions Crusade?

Real Stuff Referendum

The Gruesome War Crimes Trial That Includes a Recipe for Human-Flesh Stew

Special Place in Hell: Rebranding Israel as a state headed for fascism

An Easily Debunked Denial (Steve Benen, Washington Monthly, in re: Rand Paul)

Fishermen Report Illness From BP Chemicals

to FAUX News, please tell us what your reality tv "movement" known as the Tea-Party is FOR.

When the Feds Decide Who's Sexually Dangerous

Bill Gates’s Dad Says the Rich ‘Aren’t Paying Enough’ in Taxes

Jim Hightower's "Icky" Awards -- Who Are the Greediest, Grossest Corporate Hogs?

Who's Afraid of Rand Paul?

Rand Paul's meltdown on TRMS

White House Embraces Upstart Who Beat Specter

Rand Paul Explains How Libertarians Would Deal With Gulf Oil Spill

Did Deepwater methane hydrates cause the BP Gulf explosion?

Financial Reform Won't Alter Capitalism's Icarus Trajectory

WikiLeaks founder has his passport confiscated

Nationalize BP and Other Criminal Corporations

Honduras: Firings Undercut Judicial Independence

Arizona Says It Will Pull Plug on LA's Electricity

The Way the Monster Operates

MUST WATCH: BP Fails Booming School 101 Gulf Oil Spill

The official position of the United States re: The question of the US being a Christian Nation

Resistance for a Nuclear-Free Future - 30th anniversary - July 4th weekend

8 million gallons of jet fuel in Albuquerque's water...Kirkland Air Force Base

David Korten: Coming to Terms with Climate Change and the Economy

Drumbeat: May 20, 2010

Improving Farmer Livelihoods and Wildlife Conservation

The status quo of electric cars: better batteries, same range

Scientists Fault Lack of Studies Over Gulf Oil Spill

Forest Cover Declining Across All 6 New England States - Has Been For 20 Years - AP

Global Survey - TV, Video Games Top Priority For 90% Of 5-18 YO, Helping Environment @ 9%

Spot Grain Shortages Emerging In Yunnan As Drought Continues - 580,000 Lack Sufficient Food

Uphill Battle Ahead for Climate Bill

You'll Laugh, You'll Cry - A Child's Garden Of Deforestation Stories

Nissan: Leaf electric car orders above capacity

Michael Ruppert on Peak Oil, Collapse and Other Bedtime Fun (video)

Environmental groups try to stop Shell's Arctic drilling plans

BREAKING: Federal Flow Rate Technical Team Established To Determine Extent of BP Oil Spill

Saudi eyes large jump in renewable output by 2020

A burgeoning market for used EV batteries

Cornwall wave energy hub has summer target

Mark Serreze, NSIDC - "We Are Going To Lose The Summer Sea-Ice Cover. We Can't Go Back."

The Sun Lights Up the Night in Haiti

Solar Market Will Grow 43% in 2010

BREAKING: Toyota teaming up with Tesla to build electric cars

Honda doesn't "recommend" electric cars

Thinking of taking a cruise vacation this summer? Cruise Ship Environmental Report Card

Mongolia's Spring Harvest - Carcasses: At Least 8 Million Livestock Die In Worst Winter In Memory

Oops! Arctic Sea Ice Extent Already Below Same-Day Level For Record Low Year Of 2007

What's the best/safest roof material for rainwater collection (potable water use)? Surprise!

El Niño fades; La Niña is next

Rush Limbaugh wants the Sierra Club to pay for the disaster in the Gulf.

Top Layer Of Planet's Ocean Has Been Warming Steadily Since 1993 - Reuters

Santana Moss received HGH from accused Canadian doctor, source says

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, May 19)

Relive the Classics. Super Bowl XXVII. Saturday night at 8:00 pm EDT

(Zach) Thomas retires as a Dolphin

The good ole days of baseball.........

"You are the Sunshine of My Life"

To all you Dallas Cowboy haters...

SoCal memorial held for LPGA golfer Erica Blasberg

Why do the Blackhawks get a pass on their racist team name?

Spain's 23-man World Cup roster is frickin' SCARY

Cyclist Floyd Landis Admits Doping, Alleges Use by Lance Armstrong and Others

Morales likes chicken after all, apologizes to homosexuals

Venezuelan authorities seized 872 kilograms of marijuana from Colombian town councilor

Chavez: Dissident party has joined opposition

Anyone in need of a star? nt

Vote-Buying and Front Men, an article from March, 2010

Slaying of Colombian land activist is latest in series of attacks, rights groups say

Honduras: Firings Undercut Judicial Independence

Colombian land rights activist shot dead in taxi

Chavez wants US to ID money laundering suspects

Gay Iranian may be deported - Sure you might be executed, how is that America's problem?

HASC: Leave gay ban out of defense bill

Where are the calls to Boycott Malawi?

Tell Senators to Co-Sponsor the Student Non-Discrimination Act

Australian 'Family Values' MP David Campbell Resigns After Being Filmed Leaving Gay Sex Club

Who's going to the first annual Harvey Milk Day in San Francisco (or elsewhere?)

Gay couple sentenced to 14 years in Malawi.

Elvis Costello cancels Israel concerts

Minnesota nurses reject contract

Today in Labor History May 20 First federal legislation protecting workers’ rights to form unions

AFL-CIO To Re-Double Efforts To Elect Bill Halter Over Incumbent Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln

Palestinians to protest failure to address hardships of Nahr al-Bared displaced

Singer Elvis Costello cancels concerts in Israel

Netanyahu reportedly to offer easing Palestinian movement in West Bank

IBM Has Slashed 14,000 Jobs In Two Years, Despite Announcing The Creation Of 800 Jobs Recently

US Disses Turkey/Brazil -- Sticking With AIPAC Strategy

Labor Celebrates Primary Wins, Looks Ahead to Hard—and Expensive—Political Year

Classified report: PA to step up anti-Israel diplomacy despite proximity talks

Special Place in Hell: Rebranding Israel as a state headed for fascism

UK media monitor: Deir Yassin coverage trumps peace talks

NRA convention underscores anti-gun camp's irrelevancy

Washington's New Gun Rules Shift Constitutional Debate

Calderon is correct - the lifting of the ban on assault weapons

Qassam explodes near Ashkelon; no injuries

Detroit mayor, calls for more gun control, after Detroit police, shoot a little girl in her bed.

Daley of Chicago hopes for Supreme Court Crime - threatens reporter.

Mayor Daley considering insurance requirement for gun ownership ...

A friend asked me this, so thought I'd ask you-

Take a deep breath ...


Chlöe, Zen and a little experiment with rear curtain sync,

Do you all remember when some people changed their names

I just told her about the oil spill and the shape the planet is in

Europeans Bury 'Digital DNA' Inside Mountain Stronghold

An implanted biofuel cell may someday power medical devices.

Tiny treasures - 100 million year old mammal hairs trapped in amber

Software that Learns by Watching

NASA Flagship Technology Demonstration Request for Information

Scientists in the US have succeeded in developing the first synthetic living cell.

Clear view of a classic spiral

A star eating its planet!

Hubble Finds a Star Eating a Planet

New space image for you to enjoy

'Artificial life' breakthrough announced by scientists

Yeah, baby--THIS is how the universe works

Safe passage for my Aunt Mickey, please

I've had a rough day.

New Message from Matthew . . . May 19, 2010

I am so angry at fundamentalist christians right now I don't know what to do

Why atheism will replace religion.

Do you Christians realise how TURNED OFF some of us are?

Study suggests processed meat a real health risk

Allergies, naturopathy, and Spock's beard

How to Think Like a Feminist Economist

Ineffective Oversight and Safety Enforcement Lead to Insurers’ Losses

VIX Flirts With Pre-2008 Record Highs

Wall Street Threatens Washington as Reform Vote Approaches; Europe Acts Pre-emptively Against Fraud

Jim DeMint tells the world what to do! Conservatives try to block IMF bailout

Jobless claims rise