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A few quotes:

Arizona has rarely invoked its last tough immigration law against knowingly hiring illegal immigrant

Republicans shifting so far right may be because....

Possible Obama judicial nominations

Genuity Smart Stax corn - a new corn from Monsanto

Are we facing 'Countries Too Big To Fail' as the trigger for Global Governance? LINK

A Post-Wall Street Economy......

Pray the Gay Away.....with a British accent

Goldilocks on trial

Frank Rich: If Only Arizona Were the Real Problem

What is it with abortion exceptions for rape?

No way is this oil spill Barack Obama's fault, but...

Stay safe fellow Tennesseans....

Decade-old Report Cited Failure of Oil Rig Safety System (Also Map of Possible Oil Slick Path)

Chief Seattle's 1854 Oration

San Francisco Immigration Rally March ends at the Civic Center across from Teabaggers - story & pics

In 1952, I'm sure that's what I heard, Helen Thomas convinced this

Excellent graphic "Anatomy of the Gulf Oil Spill" Source United States Coast Guard

Vitter wants BP to build a dome over the spill?

Is there a clip available of Obama's commencement speech at Michigan?

"A free press" --


What % Of Oil Used In The USA Is Refined Into Gasoline?

What % Of Oil Used In The USA Is Refined Into Gasoline?

We the People and Throw The Bums Out were bad enough

Times Square Is Evacuated in Bomb Scare.

“National Residue Program for Cattle” USDA report. Think before you eat meat

Every protest sign directed at Bush during his tenure, no matter how tasteless was justified!!!

I'm not comfortable with this post. Are you?

CNN cut from Times Square 'bomb' coverage to Larry King?

Obama Takes Digs at Birthers, GOP, His Advisers.

After seeing something that was off Latest Page, I just came up with an idea

Servicemember's Legal Defense Network condemns Obama admin's backtrack on DADT

Freeper: 'Obama the apostle of Satan'

Obama's commencement speech at U.of M. today....

Sue Lowden chickens out of Reno candidate forum

If you can't admit that you are probably wrong 50% of the time....

SUV in Times Square was rigged with explosives

Amid fuss over illegal immigrants, they're already going home

Bomb, times square now msnbc

Got Papers?

What is this Hollywood crap ??

Just something cool: 6th Avenue bridge move brings out spectators

Just something cool: 6th Avenue bridge move brings out spectators

A Good Collection Of Reports On the Times Square Bombing, Ladies And Gentlemen

What's a bank?

What's a bank?

What is the Arizona law SB1070 really about?

focks nooze idiot martha maccallum with a swing and a miss...

Calvin Borel makes it two in a row aboard Super Saver in the 136th Kentucky Derby

TOONS: Last Week's COMPLETE Sarah Palin Doll Tea Party Storyline

The Times Square Thing - Look at the Looped Psyops Videos Replayed Over & Over (remind you of ...

Times Square bomb eventuality:

Times Square bomb eventuality:

Is the question of Psyops not allowed in GD?

When Americans Raise Legitimate Questions re: Our Constitutional Right to Free Speech...

Who will bet that BP's accountants are NOT already calculating the tax benefits from this disaster?

From Napolitano to Brewer... what a lesson in how easy it is to whip up bigotry and blind hatred

From Napolitano to Brewer... what a lesson in how easy it is to whip up bigotry and blind hatred

Link to a great slideshow of some of the protests from today from around the country..

Now imagine the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Arctic Ocean

The 'Say What You Want' Thread (chances are this will be...

Garrison Keillor reads a dig at Arizona on tonight's show

Police Find Explosives in an S.U.V. in Times Square

From 2004: This is why, Virginia...this is why.

We're idiots if we think we still have free speech on du...

Will Tea Party's Legacy Be in Splitting GOP Tickets Straight into Defeat?

Today we went to the Ne. Renaissance Faire

What southern border red states willingly opened there borders during the bush years

Rallying Cry: "If you are not Native American, you are an immigrant. Boycott AZ"

Why won't DU let us talk about the alien brain suckers?

Most ridiculous Morning Schmoe ever

The Tea Party just doesn't "get it".

Westboro Baptist protesters headed to SC coast. They're after the Catholic Church now.

What authority got Obama elected, pluralist or power elite?

Leno sure sucked at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

Parents accuse Springfield schools of civil rights violation

What would your average Late Bronze, Early Iron Age culture have made of this?

SPYCAM: More! Student warned District; told to "Take a Breath."

Weather Still Problematic for Oil Spill Response Efforts

For some, oil development has brought hardship

Showdown brewing in Kalispell over white nationalists

Perspective: Oil Seeping from the Sunken USS Arizona at the Memorial 68+ years later

Hunt for 'Jason Bourne' who kept arms cache in penthouse overlooking U.S. federal bank

"Why Not Follow Her?"

Bobby especially ........ and David and Mary ..... and all the rest of the Big Oil Enablers .....

Diagram of the blown oil rig and its basic components at the bottom of the gulf:

Just Announced: U.S. Government Now Treating Times Square Event As Terrorist Attack

Did Goldman's Ex-Mortgage Guru Lie Under Oath?

Can anyone imagine 1 mile deep underwater?

Men have a deep and equal stake in preserving reproductive choice

Anyone considering the possibility that this car bomb thing in NY was directed at banks, specificall

I amazed my wife last night...

Religion is, in large part, responsible for our current political division and animosity.

Obama notes things hard to find, keep: 'love and a birth certificate'

Arizona has changed the tea party from kooky patriots to Nazis at your door asking for your papers

So I was all set to watch MSNBC this morning like every Sunday morning

What do you think the would be car bomber is doing right now?

Moonie Times is for sale

Thad Allen should be fired

polanski article. not "quite" accurate

My essential planning rules:

Earth First! or other eco-terrorist group was involved in Gulf Nightmare...

how long before this gets linked to left-wing "radicals" or hispanic extremists?

Did I watch MTP with Sec. Hillary Clinton and Israel never came up?

Gulf oil spill creeps toward shore - There has been little success in stemming slick’s flow

The Time Square "event" looks like a failed Hollywood-Style explosion....


"people don't bow down, it's time again for revolution"

Should we petition the NCAA to move the BCS college football championship game from Arizona in 2011?

Halliburton IS the War Machine!

Napolitano calls Arizona immigration law 'a shame'

GOP Hammers 2nd Circuit Nominee on Death Penalty Case, my observations about the hearing

Baby dolphins, too...

Obama Pokes Fun at McCain's Maverick Claim

An individual person was responsible for the worst environmental oil disaster

Agency postpones awards ceremony celebrating offshore oil drilling safety.

Fuck it. I'm going back to bed.

Fuck it. I'm going back to bed.

Anatomy of a BOP- Blowout Preventer

if al qaeda had been involved, they'd be hosing blood off times square this a.m.

Too early to call the Times Square bomber "amateur"

Editorial: Stop failing Arizona; Start fixing immigration: AZ Republic's SCATHING words

I kept switching to CNN to see what was happening in the gulf this a.m.

Time to take Meet the Press seriously?

Deepwater Horizon rig had history of spills, fires ...

Crooks & Liars posts 20 year old "thirtysomething" clip of model fired for attending peace protest

Fuel retailers allege illegal prices at pump (local petition against Sam's Club)

The Softer Side of Hate Crime?

where are sarah palin's comments on the offshore drilling disaster?

Whistleblower: BP Risks More Massive Catastrophes in Gulf.

Is there a link to Obama's full remarks from the Correspondent's Dinner last night?

Hume Acknowledges Oil Spill Disaster ‘Verifies’ The Concern Of Environmentalists

Greek Wealth Is Everywhere but Tax Forms

Should BP hire now out-of-work shrimpers to help contain the spill?

Mods: A word, Please

Solution for catastrophic failure of Deepwater Horizon spill...

PolitiFact:Perry says state waiting on feds to act on health care proposal, false

Why did the investigators release they found VIN on SUV?

Truck Driver Lawsuit a Winner for Women

First PA Primary Tracking Poll Released (Muhlenberg College/Morning Call)

American Lung Association: Most Americans Exposed to Dangerous Air (no, not in bars)

It is to weep.

Crist says he's open to supporting a Democrat for Senate majority leader

Minnesota Governor: Margaret Anderson Kelliher (first female) vs. Tom Emmer (Michele Bachmann-esque)

the gulf awfulness will grow - read the following and get sick

NOAA maps of the Deepwell Spill with trajectory projections

Tired of those pesky gay employees? Move your company to Virginia.

'Boil-water' order issued for nearly 2 million in Mass.

KS not content with the killing of Dr. Tiller trying to change law again

Toyota now faces 327 state, federal lawsuits.

Serious Flooding in Tennessee

Is the oil spill Obama's 'Katrina moment'?

funeral home displays body on motorcycle

I don't deny this is tinfoil material but I think it extremely coincidental that

Gulf Coast Oil Geyser: Debate, Too Late, You've Built Our Funeral Pyre....

Flying Car Proposals Sought by Pentagon

U.S. considers failed Times Square car bomb a terrorist attack

Beyond the political statements, what are the facts? Have you heard?

Sunday Talk Shows

China to recruit more college grads to be village officials

Hollywood at war over TV drama 'hatchet job' on JFK

CBS Online Poll. 72 percent FAVOR AZ-like law in their state

For the Gulf Coast, its people and all the innocents.......

Pakistani Taliban claim credit for failed NYC Times Square car bombing

any BP ads on Sunday news shows this morning?

How long would a response take

Car Contained 10 Gallons Gasoline, 3 Propane Cylinders, Consumer-Grade Fireworks

Surveillance photo of Times Square terrorist released.

Chinese carmaker BYD to locate North American headquarters in L.A.

The difference.

Tourism firm to offer space rides for $102,000

Anyone going to be worried about legal status when its time to hire people for the Gulf cleanup?

Any pictures/videos of oil on the beaches yet?

What type of person?

Microwave Oven with Pasta dinner is a suspicious device Detonated On Pittsburgh Marathon Route

'Grave scenario' for oil along coast

Beware of Greeks bearing fists.....

"Music is art, not software"

It's NOT an oil spill--It's an unchecked gush of crude from the sea bed well pipe

Oil likely to affect EAST coast of Florida

Joe and Mika this AM

AG Covers Up Breast On Roman Goddess Depicted On Virginia's Official State Seal

Oops there is Wanabee Jindal

Franklin GRAHAM, "I love Muslims. Mohammed did not lead to Gawd. Gawd sent son

would Williams Jennings Bryant still be a democrat today?


Sen. Warner: Senate could vote to reinstate Glass-Steagall

Latest Oil Slick Map Shows How Rapidly This Is Enveloping The Gulf

Gregory shoots down Pence's attacks on Obama over immigration

Pope all but endorses authenticity of Turin Shroud

100$ says

Time Out! Everybody- sit back and laugh your asses off.

Mr. Fish TOON: Reasonable Suspicion

I just arrived home from out of state

Can someone help with troop movement rates?

Obama Visits the Coast - Huff Post Update

Times Square car bomb: should police investigate a Jon Stewart link?

If House Pets Were Libertarian

current cnn poll: Do you approve of the way President Obama has handled the Gulf of Mexico oil spill

SkyTruth Monitoring Gulf Oil Spill - non profit tracks spill using analysis of satellite photos.

BP warned of rig fault ten years ago

Something is bothering me

C-span 2 Texas Tough...........

Two 'food' hings I found out about this weekend

Pres Obama coming up on GEM$NBC

roflmao at G.eorge Will getting shot down on abc this week in wash.

roflmao at G.eorge Will getting shot down on abc this week in wash.

roflmao at G.eorge Will getting shot down on abc this week in wash.

BP has horrendous safety record.

Noozflash to DC Mayor Adrian Fenty: Ex-gay is the very same thing as ex- .......

they are using remote control subs to add a dispersant chemical

Is there any one person making the decisions on the Oil Spill?

Obama, don't give up your day job

Fannie Mae to make qualifying for interest-only loans tougher

Gigantic fishing ban area (map)

WHERE is the big oil drilling expert Lady Blah Blah through all of this?

Life imitates art

How about if we round up all the republicans who let the safety laws lapse

If Obama fixed the oil gusher today, and had the cleanup done by next week...

Time to update the RW nutjob homegrown hate n' terror attack timeline...

Worst Case Scenario: 100,000 BARRELS of Oil Leaking Daily

Is Obama supposed to fly over the Gulf Of Mexico and use his super powers to collect all the oil?

It was obvious the NYC attack was not from Taliban/Al qadea. etc - here is why

Nov. 2009 - Sen. Landrieu Mocks Oil Safety Concerns: "19,999 Were Not On Fire..."

Did anyone watch the White House Press Dinner?

Halliburton Presentation May Explain Horizon Oil Rig Explosion and Fire

Frank Rich - If Only Arizona Were the Real Problem

Has Sarah "Drill Baby Drill" Palin said anything since the Gulf oil blowout?

Want to Prevent Oil Spill Disasters? Stop Driving

"Now is the time for all Americans--all good Americans--to be rallying around our president"

Here's Something You Don't See Everyday...

Dick Cheney sez....

If New York had the law that Arizona has and a Mexican-

Gulf oil spill: Republicans in full reverse spin gear

Joe Sestak has a new TV ad now, where a lot of Navy veterans

DADT Rally Underway At White House; Howard Dean has joined with the protesters

Tom Lehrer: '60s Satirist Still Strikes A Chord

Paranoid alert- Could another terra-ist light this crude on fire and burn the entire gulf coast?

Why is the MSM not reporting that The Taliban made the NYC claim on 4-30?

hahaha picture. Situation unfunny to the max, but, well, it's gotta hurt

How do you even begin to clean a coastline where each linear mile might be 20 miles of shore?

The environmentalists were correct

MSNBC WENT THERE... this was the product of extremist, internal

We NEED some serious BOYCOTT action, people...!

About 50,000 2003 Toyota Sequoia Recalled

Oil Leak Could Be 5 Times Larger than the 5 Times Larger Estimate (25,000 Barrels a Day)

Frightening animation showing oil in the gulf

Offshore Drilling Most Popular Among Republicans, Elderly, White and Wealthy (Economist Poll Data)

Who Are We?

Piping Plovers.... awwww... what have we done?

Put feathers on the oil slick, the feathers will sop up the oil, then

NYPD: Video has possible SUV bomb suspect in alley

I'm sick of George Will talking first on "This Week". I'd love to see someone from the left

Gallup has polled "Do you approve of marriage between blacks and whites?"

US studies bomb evidence from New York's Times Square (BBC)

Who wants to go diving in the Florida Keys in 2 weeks?

When I am worried I'm going nuts, I watch this uplifting YouTube Post, called MY DINNER WITH ANDRE.

Legionaries of Christ

Isn't the Gulf Oil Disaster just another "Liberal Media" concoction?

A nice bearded Conan is on 60 Minutes

White Male in 40s Seen on Tape Near Scene of Car Bomb Attempt

I didn't realize that oil was under this kind of pressure. Ignorance is deadly

BP's Chairman defends company's safety record

Mom turns in son for stealing drugs from her bra

Mom turns in son for stealing drugs from her bra

Interesting article in the NYT regarding the logistics of drilling the relief well in the Gulf

Aren't there a lot of security cameras in Times Square?

I didn't care about the guy who didn't blow up a plane in December, I also don't care about a truck

“It’s not as bad as I thought.”

Who Will Ultimately Pay For The Oil Cleanup?

Is it a bad idea to put the chemical compound on the oil spill??

Why is Bloomberg on TV saying others in the world are threatened by

American Meat Rejected by Mexico

Let Working Mothers Know You Care This Mother’s Day

I see about as many personal hovercrafts in use as Segways

Howard Dean tells crowd at DADT rally that the votes are there to repeal.

Standing with the people of Greece and "Shock Doctrined" citizens of the world

National Wildlife Federation To report oiled or injured wildlife, please call (866)-557-1401

Doonesbury continues to hammer at the open carry bunch.

The Role of Climate Change Deniers in the “Resignation” of Christine Whitman

2 inmates help save deputy's life

A few previous major oil spill disasters for comparison ...

H.S. Principal Ronna Cadarette? FUCK...YOU. Wishing Obama dead is NOT "funny," you ridiculous P.O.S.

Is Mika asking for an Earthquake to strike the White House?

Gov. McDonnell (Lunatic-VA) and President Obama are allies once again: offshore drilling.

Right-Wingers come up with new conspiracy theory

What really happened when NYC was shut down for 6 hours?

FISHING now restricted from Louisiana to Florida

What do you bet the NY bomber is an avid Fox watcher and drinks tea?

It's time to nationalize the oil industry.


Stop failing Arizona: Start fixing immigration

30 fastest growing counties in the US

If this GUSHER doesn't make you think of Hydrallic Fracturing, think again!

If this GUSHER doesn't make you think of Hydrallic Fracturing, think again!

May 6th - 12th, National Nurses Week

BP voiding fishermen's cleanup contracts unless they sign away their right to sue for damages

The New York Times is apparently employing RW think tanks to write its news articles

So many things are happening, it seems as if we can't really do much...

major flooding here in nashville tn....

Mary Landrieu, her priorities in order, worries about BP and the drilling industry's reputation

BP spends millions lobbying as it drills ever deeper & the environment pays

Teabaggers ignore AZ "Papers Now!" law , while freaking over this FDA vs, Amish Farmer case:

Current pet peeve about the oil disaster

Something I've noticed about the right-wingers I know personally...

Does it make sense to boycott BP gas stations?

Sydney Morning Herald - At last, truth in cigarette advertising

Ann Coulter accidentally reveals what the AZ immigration law is about! (Fox News Video)

If it is discovered that the attempted bomber is a right-wing tea-bagger..?

Arizona Republic: Violence is not up on Arizona border

Arizona's largest paper fills front page with editorial castigating McCain & Kyl

Hypothetical question about redistribution of wealth

Guess who Obama hung out with today?

CNN has some absolutely stupid airhead on talking about the oil gusher and the bomb story in NY.

In One Week that Grand Oily Party and Their Interests

Gov. Charlie Crist finds man trapped in car, reassures driver until help arrives

Times Square car bomb: police investigate South Park link

GOP Takes Over the Gulf of Mexico

Stop Robert Rubin Before He Kills Again

Why don't women collectively rise up against their oppressors?

••••• DRILL. BABY. DRILL. -- Video -- Maddow and Olbermann on implications of the spill •••••


Engineering question about the oil disaster

Will the stupid ever end?

Unemployment Benefits and the Oil Spill

The Fundies are winning the war...

Fears for crops as shock figures from America show scale of bee catastrophe

More Than a Million in U.S. May Lose Jobless Benefits

Figures From America Show Scale of Bee Catastrophe

I think this is a huge reason as to why the Right Wing hates President Obama.

BP Impact Study 2009: 6.8 million gallons each day....

I was in Times Square during the bomb evacuation

Not Everybody Hated Jay Leno's Performance At The White House Correspondents Dinner

Republican Barnyard Politics

We Need To Stop Calling This An Oil "Spill."

Have you ever met a polio survivor?

BP Key Statistics - Please set your fines (for punishment) accordingly:

Send Sarah Palin to the Louisiana wetlands to help clean-up the oil is on Facebook

Why in the hell are people still buying gas from BP?

At the soopermarket checkout ..... what the FUCK?

I'm betting that the attempted bombing in TImes Square

Republicans are going to slaughter Democrats in the next election??

Donate hair clippings to help with oil in the gulf (not a joke)

I Can Remember

PREDICTION: They'll arrest somebody for the Times Square Event within 48 hours

BREAKING: Massive Windspill Reported In Southern California

2 million of us are still without potable water. No date when the problem will

Greek uprising.....Is this what governments and the corporations that own them fear most?

Researcher: Donner Party did cannibalize the dead after all

Do you sometimes wish paper was never invented? (My 1000th Post!)

Vermont Legislature Approves Single Payer Universal Health Care

Rahm 2009: not enough votes for immigration reform. Rahm 2008: "go right" on immigration to win.

Leaked report: Government fears Deepwater Horizon well could become unchecked gusher

Talked to my fish monger today at the market

The MOST Amazing video ~SNEAKING into North Korea

How about we stick together this time?

Ann Coulter doesn't think we should clean up the gulf spill

I've Seen The Teabags and The Damage Done.

breaking news..times square... 'a white man in his forties'...commissioner raymond kelly ny police

National Enquirer Story Update: Retracts Hotel Surveillance Claim

Obama's SCOTUS short list down to at least 4

What do people think of a country bad named "Lady Antebellum?"

Mother of all gushers could kill Earth's oceans

Is it time to open another front on the War on Terror?

Advocating for Illegal immigrants is advocating for anarchy.

TOONS: Last Week's COMPLETE Sarah Palin Doll Tea Party Storyline

Chinese leaders revive Marxist orthodoxy

"Here comes a Supernova, what a pushover, yeah"...F.G.T.H., "Welcome To The Pleasuredome"

Man , this lounge thread blew my mind ....

Has someone you despise ever turn you on to something you love?

Porque Pig

(TKK) A Daisy Chain 4 Satan

Seminole Wind


Have you picked your horse's nose?

For my fellow Boston area DU'ers: Dirty Water by The Standells!



Breaking news: Something going on in Times Square

The A list, the B list, and other alphabet lists

Great movie just started on TCM "Some Like it Hot"

Speaking of songs, this one always makes me smile...

Help! Looking for a recent thread maybe 4 days old at most

AH-HAHAHAHA! Round headed idiot!

Time Heals All Wounds

I just went to SEAF with my boyfriend and one of his other girlfriend

Why won't DU let us talk about the alien brain suckers?

I been talking to Tony and Mario.

It's been a while since I've shot a moon...

I posted his song about drug use, "Helium" and told you...

I posted his song about drug use, "Helium" and told you...

It's been a while since I shot a mousse.

Fuel retailers allege illegal prices at pump (local petition against Sam's Club)

When I wake up in the morning, I'll be two years away from "fifty something".

It's been awhile since I shot a spouse.

It's been a while since I've shot a mouse

any Droid Eris users here? tech question (maybe other geeks can answer)

Pearl Jam - Not For You - 1994 - How I fucking feel right now

Three tragic teenage drowning songs

Welcome to Arizona. Have a Nice Day... but not too COLORFUL a day!!!

Welcome to Arizona. Have a Nice Day... but not too COLORFUL a day!!!

UU FAIL: "Come early for a Sunday service you won't want"!

You know...I don't get it...seriously, I don't.

There's one reason I HATE SPRING!!!

Stand a little straighter. Walk a little prouder. Be an innovator. Clap a little louder.

It's been a while since you've shut your piehole.

You know , I might attend church tomorrow

It's been a while since I've shot off my mouth

A Day in the Life...

The Offical (in English) ~North Korean Web Page

I left the inside door to the garage unlocked today...I just went into the garage and found

Dorothea Brande's famous quote, Act as if it were impossible to fail

I have just written to Skinner with a very special request...and HE AGREED TO DO IT!

Need a little help here. I know the loungers always look after people and are usually very honest...

It's been a while since I've shot a grouse

Spotted Dick (MFM-Style)

Where the hell is Rabrrrrr?

I bought a 12-pack of Bear Republic Racer 5

A recommendation for those who use Netflix streaming:

It's been a while since I've shot a moose

if you think you're being cute, precocious, or coy

I guess I should listen to Him more..

I don't need no heavy trips; I just do what I want to do

A little humor in the wake of the horrific oil spill/release. "Front fell off"

i've started using a new euphemism for the contents of my crotchal region

Well I did it, hiked 50 kilometers yesterday (31.1 miles)

It's been awhile since I've shot a louse


Does anyone know how to get a Free Credit report online

All I'm saying is that Olive Garden is less than a block from that SUV.

Hey, you me favor


Hmmmm, Juicy, delicious CATS!

I had an extra-hot habanero-salsa-covered burrito for lunch and I think I'm in REAL troub...OMG!!!!

Two chicks spent the night.

Happy birthday ThomWV!

So, I was googling images of field mice to identify the one I trapped in the kitchen, and got this:

I just did a search on my name, and you bastards haven't mentioned me in days!

Changes to key Guantanamo evidence innocent-officer says(altered field report to implicate detainee)

BP spends millions lobbying as it drills ever deeper & the environment pays

My daughter graduated from the University of Michigan yesterday!

If I download Windows 98, will I screw up my computer?

Obama will fight for new campaign finance rules

People who use choke chains on their dogs are cruel & should not be allowed anywhere near an animal

Hunt for 'Jason Bourne' who kept arms cache in penthouse overlooking U.S. federal bank

NYC Mayor: Vehicle Contained Explosive Device

I just ordered Rosetta Stone to learn Latin American Spanish...

Call me crazy, but I could save "The Day the Clown Cried"

'Boil-water' order issued for nearly 2 million in Mass. -- 'Catastrophic' pipe rupture

My little cat just got chased by a dog!

Big S.F. protest of Arizona immigration law

NYC’s Times Square evacuated over vehicle fire

Maoist strike shuts down Nepal; gov't urges talks

EPA Ramps Up Air Quality Monitoring for Oil Spill

500 arrested in German May Day clashes

Afghan Civilian Deaths Are Rising, Government Says

McNeil Consumer Healthcare Announces Voluntary Recall of Certain OTC Infants’ and Children's Product

New puppy pic.

Buffett supports Goldman as Berkshire shareholders meet

Pakistani Taliban Claims NYC Car Bomb


Are there words for middle aged women who are married

Oil Options Weighed as Obama Travels to Gulf

Decade-old report cited failure of oil rig safety system

Aid plan for Greece worth $145 billion

What will BP owe America for the worst environmental disaster ever?

Bomb strikes amid concern about Afghan deaths

UK Election: Observer Latest Paper To Abandon Labour (For The Liberal Democrats)

European Jews sign petition critical of Israel

Update: Car With Explosives Found In NY Times Sq

Storms leave 10 dead in Miss., Tenn.

EU debt crisis: Greece granted €110bn aid to avert meltdown

Would you target the Jonas Brothers with a predator drone?

Greece to Unveil Cuts to Get Approval for Bailout

Christian Students Attacked in Iraq

State attorneys general want BP committment on expenses

Crist embraces Obama's high-risk health insurance pool

T-Shirt Vendor Takes On New Persona: Reluctant Hero of Times Square

NYPD: Video Has Possible SUV Bomb Suspect in Alley

Massive Greece bail-out deal gets green light

feeling so censored

Dead Turtles Wash Up in Pass Christian (Mississippi)

Workers hit the streets on May Day in Cuba

United’s Board Approves Merger With Continental

How was Shatner "overacting" on the Star Trek program?

Thousands March for Reform at Immigration Rights Rally

Whirlpool Will Close US Plant in June; Send Jobs to Mexico

Best Hospital Teevee Show Of All-Time?

Relief well for Gulf spill may take 90 days-Salazar

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Being Adorable Edition

Riot breaks out in downtown Santa Cruz; windows broken on dozens of businesses

'Taliban Commander' Claims Responsibility for Failed Times Square Attack

'Taliban Commander' Claims Responsibility for Failed Times Square Attack

No Taliban link to NYC bomb: police

Senate Democrats' plan highlights nation's shift to the right on immigration

Fill in the blank: "I'm usually emotionally tough, but this movie made me cry my guts out"

Administration taps top Coast Guard official to lead oil spill response

Unification Church will put Washington Times up for sale

Opening ceremonies on cspan now for WHCD;

C-Span doing something different?

A thank you to the Mods

"But My Approval Rating Remains High in the Country of My Birth"

MTP this morning.....

Will it be wall to wall Giuliani9/11 to say that this car bomb wouldn't have happened...

Oh Joy: An Oil Slick More Than 50,000 Square Miles

R's trash Crist for taking stimulus money, yet $2.3B of Florida's 2010-11 budget uses stimulus funds

Secretary Salazar said that it will take 90 days before relief oil well is completed to stop leak.

Arab nations back indirect peace talks with Israel

Afghan Civilian Deaths Are Rising, Government Says

Would you target the Jonas Brothers with a predator drone?

So how many terrorist attacks did Bush stop during his first couple years of office?

Only 3,000 show up a Palin Speech in Independence Missouri!

Do you think any of the Presidents like this WH Correspondents dinner?

PHOTOS: President Obama departs the White House en route to the Gulf Coast

Heads up! Obama to speak in Louisiana at 3:30 pm ET

Responding With 'Every Possible Resource'

Coastal State Dems want Obama to reverse offshore drilling plan

Live Poll: Should The White House Drop Their Offshore Drilling Plan?

Is the NY Times Square Nissan SUV Obama's "Katrina"? Some critics say......nt

I hope Obama has the chance to confront the accusations

ABC's This Week: Immigration and Arizona

Gulf Spill Syndrome

Here is the current status of 'Lake Palin'

What the hell is wrong with ABC? Their website is totally down.

Time To Boycott Lowes/Home Depot/Best Buy Until This Adm. and Congress..

This is the worst doctoring of a video I ever saw/heard in an attempt to claim Obama used "F-word"

Prioritizing the News -

Rallies across the Nation Against Arizona's Immigration Law (PHOTOS)

Request for a link: "Obama refused to list his race on Harvard Law application"

the Democratic party used to be strong on drilling

(From NerdProm) Michael Steele: "I'm here with my good friend Chris Tucker..." Tucker says...

So, if you promote more offshore drilling then you have no responsibility for some accidents?

Bill Maher on Obama's Drilling Policy: "I hope there's a flip-flop I could believe in."

Common Sense Check: If the oil spill could have been contained any sooner, BP would have done it.

Email your Senators: Tell Them to Audit the Fed! Vote for Bernie Sanders' amendment!

Leno at the White House Correspondents' Dinner: He's No Obama

Why isn't the Obama Admin perfect in Every Way, and what should we do about it?

Toby Ziegler's Triumphant return to Center Stage at the WHCD

Hilarious! Joe and Mika, in dark sunglasses, sitting on the WH lawn for 'The After Party!'

President Obama notes things hard to find, keep: 'love and a birth certificate'

My heart sank when I heard Obama's joking comment about predator drones

Times-Picayune: Link to animation of the Deepwater Horizon oil well spill in the Gulf

Clinton on SCOTUS nomination: 'Never'

The oil spill in the Gulf is Obama's...

What's the difference between the drone joke and ones about priest?

How can anyone here even think the Enquirer story has any truth

Oil Spill Silences Once-Raucous 'Drill, Baby, Drill' Camp

predator drone joke: funny or not?

Rising Tory star Philippa Stroud ran prayer sessions to 'cure' gay people

Cameron's Eurosceptic credentials

America's Professor AND skilled at sexual harassment? Maybe Palin should comment on THIS clip.

David Cameron sings the truth to the British electorate

Roy Blunt and Wall Street: One Hand Washes the Other

A right-winger with a coup fantasy...

The world's oldest recording of sound - from 1860!

May Day Worker's March and Arizona Immigration Bill Protest

President Obama at Michigan Commencement

How to push Obama to the left

Immigration March in downtown Los Angeles May 1, 2010

The so-called Santa Cruz riot.

You May Say that I Ain't Free, But It Don't Worry Me

Az Gov Brags About Cuts To Poor - Actual Audio

President Obama at White House Correspondents Dinner

May Day immigration protests in Downtown San Diego

President Obama and Jay Leno at White House Correspondents Dinner

Dylan Ratigan Says Democrats Financial Reform plan is "Stupid"

Obama Is Pretty Damn Funny 2

New York Times Square Deadly Blast Averted - Updated

Final floor vote on HB444, “Relating to Civil Unions”

US Still Supports Union-Busting Now in Mexico Part 2

Solidarity Forever - Pete Seeger The Legend

New Orleans fears new disaster via Gulf of Mexico oil spill

BP: Your Carbon Footprint

Obama Is Pretty Damn Funny

Johnny Moses - Nootka Indian Storyteller, The Crow and The Octopus

From 9500 Liberty and what happens with laws like AZ SB1070

Howard Dean addresses crowd at 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' rally at White House

Wow! Their was a pro-democracy protest in Hong Kong.

License to Spill: Cheney, BP and The Gulf of Mexico

Sarah Palin speaking to evil evangelical heretics.. May 1st

Dylan Ratigan on Continued Use of the TARP Lie by Dems

Utah rallies against Arizona immigration law

Florida Struggling To Ban Bestiality

Kent State Shootings 40th Anniversary part1

Young Turks Interview Fmr Senator Mike Gravel On Pot, Palin, Obama & More

I Hate Driving In New Jersey

Pres Obama: BP will pay.

Honduran Government Texting Death Threats - More Common Than Reported - Interview

PA Tax Amnesty TV ad

Maher - New Rules - 4/30/10

Ocean Currents

A Troubling Timeline; Atrocities in Afghanistan

Secret Christian donors bankroll Tories

At Khadr hearing, U.S. officer explains changing battle report

NY Times: What About the Raters?

Washington Post Teams with Coal Industry Front Group

LATimes: U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan get mixed response

State Department maintains a Mercenary Air Force Over Pakistan (Dyncorp)

Episcopal Bishop Robinson to Catholic Pope Benedict

Nick Clegg is the candidate of change (Guardian/Observer UK)

Pitting Worker Against Worker

Desmond Tutu: Arizona: The Wrong Answer

Deepwater oil spills and the limits of government

It's Worse Than You Think

Lessons from the Exxon Valdez spill

BP Spends Millions Lobbying as it Drills Ever Deeper & the Environment Pays

Oil Spill: Loop Current and winds

The Nation's Rigged Corporate Capitalism Syndicate

Schumer: I'm On A Mission From God (To Be Israel's Guardian In Senate)

A New Deal for Local Economies as Big Biz Tries to Look Local

President Barack Obama's comedic timing trumps Jay Leno's at White House Correspondents Dinner

REMEMBERING HAYMARKET: May Day and the fight for eight hours (interview w/James Green)

What Castle Walls Do

What will BP owe America for the worst environmental disaster ever?

How Rev. Moon's 'Snakes' Infested US

Obama Jokes About Killing Jonas Brothers With Predator Drones

Who Can Mock This Church?

Brazilian Rancher Convicted in Death of Nun (xpost)

Ask Umbra dishes with Anna Lappe'

Uranium Updates: 'Heal, Baby Heal' - 'Blast, Baby Blast '

Next Up For BP - Potentially Serious Underperformance At Thunder Horse Project

BP Among Three Finalists For Gov. Award For "Outstanding Safety & Pollution Prevention"

Al Gore: Denialists in Denial

Whitman, Poizner Rapidly Backtracking From Prior Pro-Environment Ideas In CA Primary Race - SacBee

Bobby "Volcano Of Government Spending" Jindal Frustrated By Pace Of Oil Cleanup

Need ideas for sustainability date.

NOAA Announces Federal 10-Day Ban On All Fishing From LA To FL - AFP

Electric car maker BYD to charge into home energy

A roadmap for 'the only practical way to preserve the planet'

Using Area Of Spill, FSU Professor Estimates Deepwater Horizon Broke Exxon Valdez Output 1 May 2010

The Most Contaminated Spot on the Planet..Russian village huge human nuclear experiment

A cork.

Coast Guard - Potential For Deepwater Horizon Oil Flow To Increase 10X To 50,000 Barrels/Day

What will BP owe America?

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Saturday, May 1)

Miguel Olivo Passes Kidney Stone During Game, Returns to Field for Rockies

How about them O's!!

O's Looking to Sweep the Red Sox Today in Baltimore

Our Minor League team is on national TV!

Big Ten Expansion. Getting close.

Journalist killed in Colombia

Workers stage May Day protests worldwide

"Morales Is a Guide in a Long Period of Change" - Aymara shaman

Xpost: Honduran Government Texting Death Threats - More Common Than Reported - Interview

Castro, Chavez and Morales on Twitter

Uruguay's new leader strengthens ties with Chavez

Pointers reveal deteriorated production apparatus under President Chavez

El pueblo abanderado por su Revolución

You do know that Cuba's reefs and shoreline are going to be fucked by BP's deep well gusher.

Collapsed Kentucky mine had 300 “significant and substantial” violations

Cargill exits palm oil in Papua New Guinea with US$175 million…leaving a trail ofworker abuse

New SEIU leadership has "shown interest" in rejoining AFL-CIO

U.S. May Day Rallies Focus on Arizona

Honduran Workers Demand $2.2 Million from Nike at Portland Area Workers' Rights Board Hearing

With Federal Stamp of Approval, ‘Cape Wind’ Pumps Green Job Prospects

Security firm drops objection to museum guards' unionizing

National Labor Relations Board Issues Complaint Against Baumann Bus (Gross Injustices Against Worker

Today in Labor History May 2 Adolf Hitler issued an edict abolishing all labor unions

AFTRA and AFM Unions Endorse New Teamsters Composers Union Efforts

With New President Will SEIU Change?

Standing Up to Arizona's Racist Immigration Law

Arabs Back Indirect Talks Between Palestinians

European Jews sign petition critical of Israel

The Future of Palestine: Righteous Jews vs. New Afrikaners (Mearsheimer)

I had to draw my weapon today.

You might be willing to gamble that "thieves just want the money".

Oldie but goodie from archives: Thoughts on confronting your beliefs

PARALLEL: If Fed law preempts AZ’s illegal alien law then the 2nd Amendment preempts state RKBA laws

A sandhill crane

The home of the duck (don't look if you hate travel pictures)

duck flush

Poppies... Poppies. Poppies will put them to sleep. Sleeeeep. Now they'll sleeeeep!

Moose on the loose

Sunrise is back in my vocabulary (OK for those who hate travel photos)

Cages as Houses

New Phylum!

Giant Blizzard Raging on Saturn

Giant Blizzard Raging on Saturn

The love that daren't squawk its name: When animals come out of the closet

Apollo 11 liftoff in super-slow motion - with commentary

Jake's hip miracle!

Bomb in Times Square

~ May 2010 ~ Visionary, Dreaming and Intuition thread!

deleted dupe

An exercise in critical thinking.

Pope all but endorses authenticity of Turin Shroud

A little bit of religious bigotry is tolerable in a healthy society (Porter | The Guardian)

Religion is, in large part, responsible for our current political division and animosity.

UK faces run on pound within hours of polling as futures exchange opens early

Have you studied model theory?