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"NRO's Judicial Attack Dog Calls Elena Kagan A Prostitute"

Lawmakers, Tea Party leaders in Oklahoma talk of creating militia to defend state sovereignty

Kiplinger - "A Stubborn U.S. Budget"

Kiplinger - "A Stubborn U.S. Budget"

CBS: Obama To Announce Supreme Court Pick Monday

"Fox runs with right-wing group's absurd "estimate" that "2,158 killed by illegals every year"

To my Mom...

When a guy like Bennet gets bounced out for one even righter and kookier .....

Elena Kagan gets nominated. n/t

We could make this an election issue nationwide very fast. Propose a law that forbids states from

article I remember reading four years ago

I can't believe this is still a news story. Would anyone have cared if the guy who didn't blow

What are the odds that I'll fly from Chicago to Dublin on Tuesday?

What are the odds that I'll fly from Chicago to Dublin on Tuesday?

Peak Oil

Two more republicans in other states riding the "Arizona anti-immigrant" express.

Four words that make you go "Hmmmmm . . . . . "

So Kagan's official now

Christian star Jennifer Knapp lets go, comes out

"When the US Becomes Greece: Drivel From the Deficit Hawks"

Incredible night time webcam of erupting iceland volcano

Poll Shows Some Birthers Approve Of Obama's Job Performance..

Giuliani is "really frustrated by the lack of urgency that is shown about these terrorism matters."

Colorado Man To Plead Guilty On Mailing Anthrax to US Congressman

Borowitz: New iPhone App Generates GOP Rhetoric

James Clyburn, Mitch McConnell, or Dick Durbin??

Relief from rising gas prices on horizon

Did you hear one Rethug say good job on busting up the Hutaree Christian militia terrorist plot?

NJ Judge Resigns Over His Film About Obama's 'Deal With The Devil'

"Drill Baby Drill" Palinites & Teabaggers respond to Gulf oil disaster.

CNN just said U.S. threatening to sue AZ.

I Love All the Infighting on the Right Amongst the GOP, 'Baggers, Libertarians, & Religious Right

Offshore drilling will NEVER be safe. Sign the petition to end new offshore drilling now.

Wally Hickel and Sarah Palin's Betrayal - Geoffrey Dunn at The Mudflats

"14th amendment" BS on facebook?

“Strange Fruit” by Kenan Malik: A polemic against racism and identity politics

“Strange Fruit” by Kenan Malik: A polemic against racism and identity politics

Not until I see an official White House announcement

Heilige Scheiße !!!! Angela Merkel and the Center-Right get their asses kicked in key German region

Help stock your neighborhoods store's shelves

Afghanistan's last Jew vows to stay put

Afghanistan's last Jew vows to stay put



Aieeeeeee!!1!! Blank slate, unqualified, judicial temperature*......HELP!

I think a question that someone needs to ask BP is

Paul Krugman:Sex & Drugs & the Spill

Pro-Obama Utah Democrats force Matheson into primary.

Liz Cheney was back on FOX this morning...

Let's Bring Back Crucifixion. It's Time-Tested and Bible-Approved.

If they are going to blast anything into the well,

Thanks For Letting The World Know I Bought Sex Toys, Adam & Eve

Daily Kos: NOM is a front group for racial and feminist resistence

This Week In Holy Crimes

"The only thing that's clear is that there was a catastrophic failure of risk management,"

Lena Horne dies at 92..

Things BP could do with their giant containment box...

Shadowy outside group spending $1.5 million to influence Arkansas Dem primary

Will we soon see other nations enact trade embargoes against America?

White House now saying what you learned on DU this time last week.

New York City budget calls for mass layoffs

Trusting Obama on Kagan is NOT the same as unquestioningly trusting him on everything.

The Charter School Bubble? (The stench of Wall Street in the classroom)

The Charter School Bubble? (The stench of Wall Street in the classroom)

Thank God it Passed, Part 2

Thank God it Passed, Part 2

Won't Take Long To Peg Kagan Once She Joins the SCOTUS...

The nomination of Kagan - Some thought and my own perspective

Who said Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall was the greatest lawyer

Man explains purpose of controversial billboards....

Media Matters - RW Media Distorts Kagan's Opposition To DADT As Opposition To Military As A Whole

AlterNet: Christian Right's Favorite Muslim Convert Exposed as Jihadi Fraud

What they are saying on the teabagger sites

Why G.O.P. Senators Won't Play on Immigration Reform

A selection of Freeper remarks on Kagan's nomination

Michael Boren Williams is dead

Flying on fumes

Oil spill update May 7

FYI-If you are interested in Ezra Klein who has appeared on KO and Rachel,

FYI-If you are interested in Ezra Klein who has appeared on KO and Rachel,

surge update: Gunmen, bombs kill 60 in Iraq

Lefty Parties Celebrate Victory in Germany

Outdated, unwanted, US nukes hang on in Europe

If Crist wins as an independent, would he ever caucus with the GOP? Considering the scorched earth

Republicans Insert Name ‘Kagan’ into Speeches Opposing Obama’s Supreme Court Pick

Florida GOP trashes, blames and bashes their once-golden governor, Charlie Crist

Louisiana begs for more booms as oil slick laps coastal islands

Centrist judge (Merick Garland) is favorite to be appointed next after Kagan

"I Support Elena Kagan" Thread

BP is Looking at Cutting the Riser Pipe, Greatly Incresing the Flow

With 9.8% unemployment why are volunteers cleaning up the BP mess?

Look at them futures soar. DJIX up +378, SPX up +47.90.

NJ Judge Resigns Over His Film About Obama's 'Deal With The Devil'

WaPo - How BP Can Clean Up It's Mess!

(R)asmussen: Sestak 47, Specter 42

Kyle and Hatch supported her nomination to Solicitor Gen. job. Nough said.

Mika just redeemed herself a tiny bit

Can Brigham Young's Great Great Gay Progressive Granddaughter Oust a Blue Dog In Utah?

Florida DOE changing rules about non-profit status to benefit Imagine Charter Schools?

it is not a SPILL

Jobless Recovery?

Jobless Recovery?

Congress opens oil spill probe

Oklahoma Republican used taxpayer dollars to blast government spending

A Refresher Class in Palin Stupidity [mandatory for graduation]

why isn't the media asking about the secret cheney energy meetings?

The message: Even when joking, don't mess with the chaebols

The message: Even when joking, don't mess with the chaebols

A Football Coach Used to Tests Insists Her Players Pass Theirs

Why at the end of Army Recruitment Videos does it say "Paid for the the US Army"?

AZ LAW #9 - You may not have more than two dildos in a house.

Classified military information lost in Opryland Hotel flood

Classified military information lost in Opryland Hotel flood

KBR to Get No-Bid Army Work as U.S. Alleges Kickbacks (Update1)

What if we shot a wad of osmium into the gusher?

Why I support Bill Halter over Blanche Lincoln

I will certainly consider supporting Kagan if she is nominated

The Poisoning of Puerto Rico

Politics aside--unfortunately, they're going to go after her looks.

Who is Europe really bailing out?

Who is Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen? (She is the current darling of RWnutcases)

Let's Learn About LEGAL Immigration, and ask why THIS is happening???

Czechs rebrand communist holidays-for people nostalgic for the trade union perks of old communist

Fate of 12-year-old killer now up to trial judge

Joe and Mika, the Odd Couple of Morning TV (NYTimes)

I have to fight really hard to stop myself from tuning out

KRUGMAN Sex & Drugs & the Spill: "Bush Admin Run BY & FOR The Extractive Industries"

Oil clean up solution?

Woman Prisoner Sent to Solitary for Reporting Rape by Guard

Myths and falsehoods about Elena Kagan's Supreme Court nomination

msnbc: "How are they going to humanize Kagan?"

Can some one with access to Lexis help me out.

Can some one with access to Lexis help me out.

Can some one with access to Lexis help me out.

Lieberman: "It wasn't just excellent, it was almost miraculous...But the fact is that we were lucky"

BP: From Oil Spilling to Financial Reform Killing (BP Joins Chamber to kill derivative regulations)

You learn the darndest things on the internets: Drilling In A Mine Field

Shareholder sues BP, says History of Safety Violations Was 'Red Flag,'

Anti-capitalist Left Party rises in Germany

Specter voted Against Kagan for Solicitor General. That means he HAS to vote against her Now, right

GOP attacks Kagan by defending slavery. Seriously.

Abruptly unemployed fishermen struggling to get by

calling out DUer Sparkly....

Is capitalism dying?

More Reasons Why You Should Still Quit Facebook (Includes responses to those who shrugged)

Cleaning up the Oil...a stop gap measure to mop some of it up

More Recruits Fail Physical Fitness Test

here's our media's idea of investigative reporting...Obama can't work an iPod. Really?

Kagan should have quick path to Supreme Court

U.S. Mortgage Holders Owing More Than Homes Are Worth Rise to 23% of Total

Progressives Will Once Again Be Marginalized by the Hate Rhetoric of the Insane Right on Kagan

Do you believe that the DLC purposefully uses Rovian tactics to stifle online debate?

there is hardly a thread posted

Has Hannity demanded to see Kagan's birth certificate yet?

The way I see the SCOTUS.

PA DU'ers...Can Specter run as an Independent?

Those darned Republican obstructionists! (toon)

If Steele lived down south in 1787, he'd most likely would be classified as 3/5ths of a person

I'm taking bets

Georgia Democrat aims for history with win against Sen. Johnny Isakson

Would you kill someone for allegedly stealing a couple of tubes of toothpaste?

Professor Jonathan Turley: "for many liberals the Kagan nomination is a terrible act of betrayal"

The contempt for Glenn Greenwald on this board is mystifying

How many more times can Palin yell DO YOU LOVE YOUR FREEDOM before you're sick of it?

You Say The Dems Are Fools When Actually You Are The Fool

"Is America Anti-Immigrants or is it just against illegal immigrants?"

RNC Chair Steele Attacks Kagan Over Thurgood Marshall Comment

Question for gun owners.

Attempted thoughtful topic of discussion on an issue

No We Don't Have To Consider Modifying The Rule Of Law...Quit Kow-towing

greek loan scam: German parliament agrees loans to Greece: bail out for foreign banks

Copy Machines, a Security Risk?

Perhaps a little perspective is in order.

At least 80 dead in Iraq as textile factory bombed

As Far As I'm Concerned, Glenn Greenwald has no Credibility Criticizing Kagan as a SCOTUS pick.

Why Kagan will Move the Supreme Court To the Left

Corker's talk on nation's finances ends in silence

william rehnquist was never a judge, yet the republican god ronald reagan made him chief justice

I really never tried conservative republicanism...

Spitzer on S.C. Nominee Elena Kagan

The Terrorism Industry This is pretty much how it works

And.....There Goes the Last Lingering Argument In Favor Of Blindly Voting the Party Line

And.....There Goes the Last Lingering Argument In Favor Of Blindly Voting the Party Line

The Rude Pundit: Rudy Giuliani Hates the Constitution

Specter's poll numbers more ominous than in '04

Lena Horne, Singer and Actress, Dies at 92

Gordon Brown's resigned....

32 killed in Siberian coal mine blast; 58 still missing...

Fresh food pays off for Granville schools

Oh, he's so dreeeeeeeeeamy...freepers get weak in the knees over rumored 2011 Saint Ronnie stamp

Oil leak is 5 times greater than reported by officials

End of unemployment checks will mean no income for many

Focus on The Family Opposes Kagan ....

BP Wants Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill Lawsuits Centralized In Houston - AP/

Will Pitt appreciation thread

Schwarzenegger on Arizona: 'With my accent I was afraid they would try to deport me'

Oh Boy. Here We Go. Racist Limbaugh Attacks Kagan Because Thurgood Marshall was Her Idol

Muscle into a Monday. Please come CAPTION the Mad Hatter, now an auntie.

Doc Barters for Medical Services, Ruffles Feathers in Nevada

The latest on Elena Kagan by Glenn Greenwald

Well I'll be damned.

BP: (admits) More Gas In Gulf Leak Than Earlier Thought;To Try Small Dome

Gulf oil spill threatens public health

What happened? What'd I miss?

Brian Williams: "The world has no money, and the Emperor has no clothes."

And The Times... They Are... A-Changin...

And The Times... They Are... A-Changin...

Can the Republicans filibuster every SCOTUS nominee

Artists Rally to Aid Victims of Nashville Floods

Exhausted Noam Chomsky Just Going To Try And Enjoy The Day For Once

Chris Hedges' Hangup on Religion

Remarks by Solicitor General Elena Kagan at her Nomination

Man oh man . . . . . positions are really hardened.

On being somebody's Son.

Biden did it again! Makes a huge gaffe barely audible at Kagan's announcement

Boycott Leinenkugel beer

Kristin Chenoweth: Newsweek's Sean Hayes Piece 'Horrendously Homophobic'

They are celebrating at the "Site that must not be named" today. n/t

Jane Hamsher is on Ratigan discussing

Wall Street Hearts Charter Schools, Gets Rich Off Them

Wall Street Hearts Charter Schools, Gets Rich Off Them

Shadowy outside group spending $1 million to attack Halter (Ark.) is run out of P.O. box in VA

Where do you see us going? (Please read before answering)

ACLU Says: Attorney General Proposal To Alter Miranda Protections Would Be Unconstitutional

Tweety is going to cover RentBoy - Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

I think I may have seen another one of those religious hypocrites at a wedding.

Why Kagan makes me uncomfortable for the Supreme Court, especially given all the choices out there.

Inferno on the Gulf: witnesses recount rig blast

Old-Fashioned Law Enforcement Stops Terrorist Plots as Often as Extreme Measures

Vandals Target Fred Phelps' Topeka Church

"Good Night, and Good Luck"

Duke Energy, Cherokees in dispute over sacred grounds

The President knows what he is doing

Wiki Guide for Dealing With Coyotes: Differences between Rethugs and Dems (LOL)

Admin to announce hiring overhaul Tue-do away with hand-graded knowledge, skills and abilities essay

Kagan in Context: Shafting Progressive Values

Troops were ordered to prepare to fire on Kent State protesters

Palin's Facebook endorsement of Fiorina helps Campbell and Boxer

Why Europe's Crisis Bailout Will Fail & Take The U.S. With It!

U.S. Jews 'proud' of Obama Supreme Court nominee

Axelrod is on Ed Shultz discussing Kagan n/t

dow up 400 points

Actress, Musician to Wed

Oil spill: Local volunteers needed for boom deployment

David Kotok: The Gulf Oil Spill Has Gone From Bad To Worse, With Damages Into The Tens Of Billions

Dutch Oil Skimming Ships in the Gulf, but EPA Says No

Nearly half of schools in UK boycotting their national curriculum exams

Nearly half of schools in UK boycotting their national curriculum exams

Axelrod...Kagan Has A Variety Of Gov. Service....

Your BEST economic times... during which Pres, which term?

Kerry endorses Specter in Pa. Senate primary

Institute uses ink-jet cartridges to 'print' skin for wounded soldiers

Institute uses ink-jet cartridges to 'print' skin for wounded soldiers

Americans For Truth [sic] to Kagan: ““Are (or were) you a practicing homosexual…?”


Toxic Oil Dispersant Used in Gulf Despite Better Alternative - WIRED

See how much area the oil spill covers relative to your city:

Federal appeals court had to intervene to block the release of nine militia members

DU Memorial Day Thread

Gulf Spill Hearing: Oil Execs Will Point Fingers At Each Other - Dan Froomkin

We are all mixtures of human traits.

Teabagger to me: "Don't tell me Dems would do everything they could to defend our country!"

Entire Dog Lost, Delta Offers $200 Credit

On American Exceptionalism...

The Sphinx: Why the inscrutable Elena Kagan makes everyone nervous

ONE WORLD GOV'T....Ever since Bush 1 mentioned it ,,the Righties went Ape shit

Back in the Day

The Governator at Emory: ‘I was going to speak in Arizona, but I thought I’d be deported’

Can you please spare a little CAPTION for this teabagger, brother?

NASA Captures Night Infrared View of Gulf Oil Spill

So how long before Obama gets behind a constitutional amendment before we can consider him a failure

Barney Frank blames Obama for DADT letter from Gates. Tammy Baldwin expresses frustration

You never know with this Supreme Court

TRUE or FALSE? regarding today's politics.

You and I have one thing in common: we don't know how Ms. Kagan will vote as a SCOTUS justice.

There are concerns about Kagan on Church and State

Sizing up this damn oil slick: photos

So BP figures that all that pressure from that oil gusher won't

Insurers Don’t Have To Offer Extended Young Adult Coverage Unless They Want To - FDL

Consumerism and savings

It's Always The Same People

Let’s Hold Benedict Arnold Billionaire Warren Buffett Accountable

Wonkette: Maine GOP Platform Hijacked By Teabaggers In Comical Fashion

How the Sufferage Movement, Income Tax, and xenophobia affected the Prohibition Movement.

BP is not "British Petroleum" anymore. It stands for "Beyond Petroleum" now.

LOL, I Love Donald Kaul... 'Keep Grant on the $50 Bill'

LOL, I Love Donald Kaul... 'Keep Grant on the $50 Bill'

What the Founding Fathers Did

Defendant uses 'gay panic defence'

I thought the private sector has all the answers.

I'm having trouble getting excited about Elena Kagan.

Sestak by 5 over Specter

More toys on the way!

So, it IS Kagan for SCOTUS

Kagan says she supports holding terror suspects without trial -- indefinitely, in some cases

BP sprays more chemicals into main Gulf leak, Creating A Toxic Soup?

Proof that Rasmussen is full of shit -

EPA Approves Questionable Dispersants

Tea Party Turns on Roger Ebert, Mocks His Cancer

Cutting Social Security -- the ultimate death tax.

Far-Right Group AFA Demands To Know Kagan’s Sexuality, Since ‘No Lesbian Is Qualified’ To Sit On SC

MUST READ: 'Palin And The Religious Right: A Trojan Horse In The GOP'

Conan O'Brien to host fundraiser for former 'SNL' co-worker Sen. Al Franken

Obama's Natural Choice of Kagan by Glenn Greenwald

Challenger Investigation Got $175 Million.....

Hey Al ..... Thanks, man. Really. Thanks. I appreciate it all.

Seattle cop apologizes for screaming racist threat at innocent man he’d kicked in face

Seattle cop apologizes for screaming racist threat at innocent man he’d kicked in face

We had a power outage last night…

Here's a good Google Earth view of the oil gusher..

BP Shareholder Sues Executives Over Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill - AP/

Is Gulf oil rig disaster far worse than we're being told?

Nothing like an unplanned oil gusher to make Dick Cheney finally shut the fuck up. n/t

Maine Republicans Get Tea Party Plague

Why doesn't the pro-life crowd condemn and call for a ban of male vasectomy?

Sestak Now Five Points Ahead Over Specter

Kagan's nomination to Supreme Court "jeopardizes civil liberties and basic constitutional principles

Who remembers when bills were due the 1st or the 15th or the 30th?

U.S. Farmers Cope With Roundup-Resistant Weeds

Forget Kansas, What Is Wrong With Virginia? Now VA Governor Hires Former Nixon "Jew Counter"

Comparisons between illegal immigrants and colonists...

Man who shot self in groin at parking lot found guilty

The GOP's secret plan to stall _ANY_ SCOTUS nominee

After the Mid-Terms, I want the President to kick Gates to the curb, and nominate Wesley Clark

After the Mid-Terms, I want the President to kick Gates to the curb, and nominate Wesley Clark

Sovereign Debt Crisis, Washington Complicit in Massive Financial Wall Street Fraud

John Kerry did not endorse anybody

Did anyone see John Goodmans rant on "Treme" last night?

If you want to stop those envronmental disasters know as telephone

Americans have a lot to be proud of ... I just wanted to share my

WTH, Raquel??

Sarah Palin: American Law Should Be 'Based On The God Of The Bible And The Ten Commandments'

How long should British Petroleum be given to fix the damage

TOON: Ah, that unbiased news!

•••••• Video - Had enough of "Drill Baby Drill"? Maybe you need more.......... ••••••••

Obama “dominated” by US military: Seymour Hersh

On Detainee Treatment, Sanity Still Prevailing at the White House (from the Heritage Foundation)

Chris Hedges: After Religion Fizzles, We’re Stuck with Nietzsche

Chris Hedges: After Religion Fizzles, We’re Stuck with Nietzsche

Chris Hedges: After Religion Fizzles, We’re Stuck with Nietzsche

Wow. My co-worker's son is on the hit list for a local Aryan Nation group

Charter school $1million in debt to private corporation (taxpayer $$ scam)

I found a way to shut up the right. I ask "who should pay for the oil spill clean up?"

Veterans - Who was your Commander-in-Chief?

I just got robocalled to 'keep Jimmy Carter's grandson and the other socialists out of office.'

Literary critics discover WorldNutDaily, conclude that it is lamer than a cow with 4 broken legs

my right-wing uncle was over the top yesterday...

Frank Frazetta, Fantasy Illustrator, Dies at 82

Insurers Don’t Have To Offer Extended Young Adult Coverage Unless They Want To

Android US Market Share Rises To 28%, Surpassing IPhone's: NPD

Attn. Gulf Coasters: Dont volunteer to clean up BP's mess

Children inherit genes from two people directly, and from generations indirectly.

Children inherit genes from two people directly, and from generations indirectly.

Elena Kagan: Anyone suspected of helping al Qaeda eligible for indefinite detention without a trial

For Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, a history of pragmatism over partisanship

If you're struggling, don't overlook the advantages of your own victory garden

Exhausted Noam Chomsky...

A simple & great idea to help clean up the Gulf Coast oil mess

Has anyone seen any pics of these holes gushing oil in the Gulf?

Talk me through this. Tornadoes ALL around. In the Basement

Do You Approve Of Elena Kagan 's Appointment To The Supreme Court?

Was Kagan chosen precisely because she supports the policies of GW Bush?

Debt crisis = big cluster****, profits go to finance capital.

Sestak Runs Much Stronger Against Toomey

Sestak Runs Much Stronger Against Toomey

Sorry Bill Maher - but Lady Gaga SHOULD be one of Time's most influential people

I think the pro and anti Kagan DU factions have overstated their cases

How do you feel about the Kagan nomination?

KAGAN: "Drowned Her Sorrow In Vodka & Tonic As Ronald Reagan Took WH"

KAGAN: "Drowned Her Sorrow In Vodka & Tonic As Ronald Reagan Took WH"

Party leadership interfering in primary in MI, running an anti-choice candidate.

Party leadership interfering in primary in MI, running an anti-choice candidate.

Surprised Employer Fires Sex Blogger

"If you are on food stamps, in the grocery store, you should thank the person in line behind you."

How can you eat THAT!? It's disgusting (cruel, nasty, inhumane, etc.)

It's Kagan. How do you feel about this pick?

There's a lot we can learn from 'Old Europe'

From National Journal Magazine: Do "Family Values" weaken families?

Some of the most brilliant minds in the world are working on the oil problem.

Kagan praised by Obama for hiring conservatives at Harvard

The Meatless Monday Campaign.

Broken "Breaking News"

School district may require parents to volunteer 30 hours per year

These people should be ashamed to show their faces in public

Kagan Filed Brief In Opposition To Supreme Court Hearing Of Siegelman Case

Offshore Arctic Drilling Still Scheduled in Less Than 60 Days

No Prayer Ban at Seniors' Meals

Obama administration blocked efforts to stop BP oil drilling before explosion

One Way to Save the Wolf? Hunt It.

How can we strengthen Social Security?

Cenk Uygur: The Problem With Elena Kagan Is Barack Obama

If You Think You Have a Sense of the Oil Spill's Scale

I miss George Bush

This is MY Gulf.

no new taxes? bullshit.

25 years ago: Black radicals massacred by Philadelphia police

I remember when. . .

I remember when. . .

Since spill, agency has given 27 waivers to oil companies in Gulf

Survival strategies for those of us approaching 45?

Wow, my local PBS station is showing Ken Burns' "Civil War", but I have it in my Netflix streaming

Beauty is what beauty is...

If I had a Klondike Bar, what would you do for it?

How long do you keep things in your fridge/freezer?

If we had a new "New Deal," what should we call it

Pop Can Genie

All of you folks better have called your mothers today!

A bird was INSIDE my car.... and it did what birds do-all over the dashboard

I have an interesting "interview" coming up next week

Betty White: The Sketches You Didn't See on SNL

Just thinking about someone today...

I just leaned back in my computer chair too far

I am eating...

Man dressed as Snoopy in 'worst attempted jail-break ever'

Rig firm’s $270m profit from deadly spill (from Insurance payouts)

Just finished watching "March Of The Penguins."

My Muffin hasn't had a cherry since 1939

Obama To Announce Supreme Court Pick Monday

So am I the ONLY person never to have heard of Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog???

China AIDS activist flees to US after harassment

Holy crap! He nominated Patton Oswalt???

LaHood Says U.S. Won’t Rule Out Second Fine on Toyota Recalls

Excuse me. You know who you are. The boss would like to have a word with you.

Man dressed as Snoopy in 'worst attempted jail-break ever'

Oklahoma Republican uses taxpayer dollars to blast government spending

Happy Birthday, Mr., Hewson!

The temperature plummeted here and the only way I could keep my cock warm was with socks.

Separated at birth?

Luckily... I was born too early to have been distracted by Pokemon.

It's Safety Woman! and her magic time-reversing erm... device from the Adam and Eve Catalog!

Ooops Delete

Android sold more phones than Apple in Q1, analyst reports

French Dips for lunch today

Just got back from the Kagen threads in GD...

Race to save scores trapped after Russia coal mine disaster

Myths and falsehoods about Elena Kagan's Supreme Court nomination

It's Donovan and Bono's birthdays today. Donovan fans check in!

Mon-matching hair color and skin color.

Car sale growth in China 'slows'

BP: From Oil Spilling to Financial Reform Killing

I wonder...

EU Crafts $962 Billion Show of Force to Halt Crisis

Earworm! Gotta share..........

Brown to quit as Labour Leader

Oy gevalt...

Can you do a pig? A spaceship with a laser?

I understand sticking to policy in these situations.

Stay out of GD. They think Obama just nominated Bork to the Supreme Court

At Least 75 Killed in Attacks Across Iraq

Calm down! MiddleFingerMom is coming to help!!!!!!

Why does that nitwit Glenn Beck hate SEIU so much?

OK, the "Reckless Driver WIN" has been re-posted

Obama picks Kagan

the joy of getting ready to move into a new house is greatly diminished

Afghan warlords feed on US contracts, say critics

Surprise guilty plea in Sandra Cantu murder

Holy Shit! Will Pitt got tombstoned?

Oil spill solutions uncertain, slick spreads west

Master fantasy painter Frank Frazetta has died.

Frank Frazetta, Fantasy Illustrator, Dies at 82

Nearly 100 killed, 340 injured in Iraq attacks

Amazing Race Finally Right Fucking Now (west coast).... Favorite Team???

Aquino leads Philippine poll count

Kali could log off if she really WANTED to. Really. No, I mean it... ... ... What?!?!?!?

Subaru Drivers check in- should I buy a used one?

Sand exports to Singapore harm Cambodia: watchdog

Israel Primed For War on Iran: Netanyahu Deputy

ABN Amro laundering case settled with $500m US payment

How come nobody ever says "Aroint thee!" anymore?

BP Wants Gulf Oil-Spill Litigation Combined in Houston Court

Six civilians killed in attacks in Afghanistan

Sats boycott hits hundreds of schools

Former Marine protests (Westboro Baptist Church) funeral picketers

Cat vibes needed, please!

Govt to probe Toyota delay in '05 steering recall (similar recall in Japan nearly a year earlier)

Child labor case outlined (faces 83 child labor violation charges, 389 illegal immigrants)


My life revolves around being of service to others.

Detroit automakers paying same as foreign rivals ($14 an hour for new hires)

Star Trek UAV!

Lithuania’s first gay pride march draws protests

Connecticut Nursing Home Workers Win Back Pay After Ten Years

Kosovo Albanian mass grave found under car park in Serbia

A song, for those that work for justice for all.

A song, for those that work for justice for all.

Solved my man purse problem

Ex-Auto czar says US could get $40B back from GM

A bomb or ‘Good Vibrations’ in your shoes?

Iran says families of detained US hikers may visit them

Facebook Glitch Exposes Private User Data To Anybody

My favorite car was a used Police Crown Victoria

Some of you think that MiddleFingerMom is "just not right". MiddleFingerMomMom would have concurred.

BP Begins Continuously Spraying Oil Dispersants EPA Approves First-Ever Plan to Pump Chemical Deep U


Isn't THIS cool?!?!?! (LARGE file dial-up warning)

Experts To Cite Cement, Human Error At Senate Hearing On Gulf Oil Spill

What has been your eBay experience? Good? Bad?

PLEASE!!!! Tell me where I can get one of THESE!!!!

The little-known Evolution of Riverdance

I'm going to see Roger Waters The Wall!!!

(California) Deep cuts likely in updated state budget

Senator calls for boycott of Arizona MLB All Star Game

Nature loss 'to damage economies'

If you've ever had ANY doubts about whether or not cupcakes are AWESOME...

I like it in GD when the thread boils down to just two people standing there, duking it out.


Rest In Power, Frank Frazetta nt

Christian Right's Favorite Muslim Convert Exposed as Jihadi Fraud

Chavez Hires 200 To Manage His Twitter Account

‘Prince of Pot’ surrendered for extradition (to U.S.)

Legendary singer Lena Horne dies

Twitter Battle: Ebert vs. Tea Party Supporters

DA seeks hate crime charges in NM swastika case

Iranian missiles could target W. Europe by 2014: IISS

DCCC Pulling Out of Hawaii

Your musical moment of zen?

New poll gives Crist an upward bump in Senate race since his "independent's day"

Argentina charges Operation Condor suspect

Federal Reserve opens credit line to Europe

EU official backs Bolivia nationalisation


BP Wants Gulf Oil-Spill Litigation Combined in Houston Court

Millionaire Astroturfer Stirring Up Florida Governor's Race

The Morning After...

Former Marine protests funeral picketers

Saltonstall drops out of race for Stupak seat

Do you know anyone interesting enough to follow on Twitter?

Tornadoes - several of them -

Question about TV reception without cable

Appointment at the vet's office tomorrow. Don't know if my cat has to be put to sleep.

Who would have won if the Soviets had attacked the allies

NBC: Obama selects Elena Kagan for high court

NBC: Obama selects Elena Kagan for high court

We need to bring back Quaaludes

Raw deal? Farmers decry plan to restrict sale of unpasteurized milk

LA will consider repealing a 1974 ordinance that made the city responsible for sidewalk repairs

Gordon Brown 'stepping down as Labour leader'

As Karzai arrives, White House stresses upbeat partnership line

Oil leak is 5 times greater than reported by officials

Rest In Power, Lena Horne nt

wORd AsSoCiaTiON tHrEaD

Arizona Boycotts Could Hurt State’s Bond Rating, Moody’s Says

If Abraham Lincoln were alive today, you know what he would say? He'd say...

My favorite car to drive was my '70's Fiat 124 Spider convertable. What's yours?

Great TV shows with really bad final episodes

2 medical pot stores firebombed in Montana

Needles: how creeped out are you by them?

Two sides of Michelle Obama: Savvy campaigner and down-home Everywoman

SCOTUS nominee watch. Announcement coming tomorrow morning. MSNBC reports that it's Kagan.

SCOTUS nominee watch. Announcement coming tomorrow morning. MSNBC reports that it's Kagan.

I admit to being concerned about Kagan's hires at Harvard

Video: Elena Kagan's Solicitor General Hearing

Gay mariage will not be decided by politicians, or voters. It will be decided by the Supreme Court.

Something tells me that somewhere up there Justice Thurgood Marshall is smiling

NBC is reporting it's Elena Kagan

Ambinder: Kagan it Is

Photos: A Sapling from an Old Oak Tree (The Obama Presidency: Days 473-475)

Let's play: "I am going to spout off without knowing Jack Shit"

Does anyone doubt

Ya'll better get used to the idea of Associate Justice Kagan

Any bets on when the freeps will use the "hot flash problem" against Kagan?

Specter's Rough Morning - Down by five and now he has to reconcile his "NO" vote on Kagan.

Senator calls for boycott of Arizona All Star game

**** Heads Up: POTUS Announces His SCOTUS Pick, Live 10am EDT! ****

Myths and falsehoods about Elena Kagan's Supreme Court nomination (MediaMatters)

The liberal case against Kagan is overstated

I understand being a"consensus builder" is nice but this person will rule for at least 25 years!!!!!

Note to media: 40 of 111 Supreme Court justices had no prior judicial experience

This is President Obama...

Kagan likes "real Democrats -- not closet Republicans...committed to liberal principles..."

Kagan: "counterweight to the intellectual heft of Chief Justice John Roberts."

RNC uses Thurgood Marshall speech (condemning slavery) to attack Supreme Court nominee Kagan

Media line "She has no judicial experience." LOL

While we obsess about the race and gender of the Supreme Court, I'd like to offer another suggestion

Oh Good God... Does the RNC really want to say the Constitution was not originally defective?

Kagan should have quick path to Supreme Court

The GOP's Novel Strategy for Dealing with Kagan? ... STALL!!!

** Heads Up: Daily WH Press Briefing With Gen McChrystal and Amb. Eikenberry **

American Family Association, demanding to know if Kagen is "Gay." Say it would disqualify here.

Coalition for Constitutional Values on Elena Kagan

The Circle of Life: Naderites & Kuchies trash Obama's picks as insufficiently liberal to counter...

Arlen Specter voted AGAINST Kagan as Solicitor General

HEAR WE GO!!!!! already wingnuts attacking Kagan

Alexander Cockburn: "Kagan is the worst possibility thus far to surface"

Some Folks Are Always Going to be Happy with Obama, No Matter What He Does or Does Not Do

It is important to remember.....Obama is playing Chess!!!!

A Climb Marked by Confidence and Canniness

Morning Joe: people in "The Agency" voted Obama so he can see how hard the job really is

In theory, If Hillary Clinton would have been Pres, her SCOTUS picks would have been.....

Is Kagan to the right or left of Stevens? (and on what issues)

Interesting Marc Ambinder tweet: "The Obama-Gates deal was: Gates gets Obama out of the two wars,

Some Folks Are Never Going to be Happy with Obama, No Matter What He Does or Does Not Do

Kagan's detractors aren't interested in information that she will move the court left

Scott Brown seems like an Alice in Wonderland character in this Boston Globe interview

MSNBC: The only Solicitor General who became a Supreme Court Justice is....

For everybody who is convinced that the Kagan pick is a disaster...

Where is the bus???????????

Kagan a woman that was trusted by both President Clinton and President Obama

Are you related to any politicians?

Elena Kagan wrote her senior thesis on socialism

Mr. President, I am truly, utterly disappointed in you!

The Progressive Case For Elena Kagan

LOL @ MSNBC's 4:00 Show!1!

Kerry on Kagan Nomination to Supreme Court of the United States

Obama Says Liberal Courts May Have Overreached

So, let's see...

Any information out there about Kagan's medical history and/or weight?

Arkansas Senate candidate Bill Halter files complaint over outside groups ads

Nathan Deal on Tom Price’s defection: ‘He ain’t from around here’

Stupak foe Saltonstall withdraws

Larsen backs Heck in 3rd District race

Rep. Wheeler Smith abandons bid for governor (MI)

Taylor to announce run against Edwards on Saturday (MD)

"There is no federal constitutional right to same-sex marriage." -Kagan

Tiahrt, Moran fight over conservative cred to replace Brownback

Michael Steele defends the 3/5 Compromise...

Citizens United: Does Elena Kagan Disagree With Barack Obama On Corporate Speech?

Leahy: Obama Could've Nominated Moses, And Republicans Would Be Asking For His Birth Certificate

So Bush had the power to get Roberts/Alito but Obama can't get someone as LEFT as they were RIGHT???

Three reasons why I think Elena Kagen will be a GREAT SCOTUS member

Woo Hoo! The Markets Love the Kagan Pick - Dow Up Over 400 Points!

Maine Republicans Adopt Tea Party Platform

DCCC Pulls Out Of Hawaii

Birthers: The Gift that keeps on giving

S.C. Club for Growth endorses Haley

Dixie Chicks have a great new song.

Only the forth woman ever. Obama nominated two of them

As a New Yorker, I love the idea of three women from the Big Apple being on the Supreme Court.

Elena Kagan Is a Progressive on Executive Power

Realistically, what will happen if Kagan fails to be confirmed?

RNC Falls Into A Hole, Keeps Digging

I Will Be So Glad When Obama Wins His Second Term So He Can Finally

White House Isn't Flirting With Charlie Crist

Isn't "Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Bill Clinton's fault?

Maybe its my age.. but I am getting so tired of the leeches..

Official WH Photos: POTUS and his nominee....

KAGAN'S 2005 LETTER.... (to Sen. Leahy on executive power)

Elena Kagan As the Next Earl Warren

Kagan and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Biden Aide Bolsters Kagan's Liberal Credentials

I Just Wanna Know what Russ Thinks.

Media Matters: Myths and falsehoods about Elena Kagan

Spitzer, former law school classmate of Kagan's offers his insights.

Unitary executive power, welfare reform, center-right politics. Kagan is exactly what was promised.

What is your initial reaction to the Kagan selection - support, oppose, withholding judgment?

Jack Balkin: "Elena Kagan will be a fine Justice..."

Lawrence Lessig: A Case for Kagan

The changing rules of being gay

Your Myers-Brigg personality type?

SCOTUSBlog refutes Glenn Greenwald's criticism of Elena Kagan view on executive power.

Fingers to the Bone: Child Farmworkers in the United States

Congressman John Lewis Speaks of the Social Justice Movement @ the 40th Anniversary of Kent State

Dan Coats for Them

The week ahead on Capitol Hill

Marc Gopin and Hind Kabawat Part 1 Unusual Pairs HD

Obama Announces Supreme Court Nominee Kagan

Sesame Street: Lena Horne and Kermit Sing Bein' Green

Cenk On MSNBC: Corporations Corrupt Oil Spill Debate

Crews Investigating Tar Balls on Ala. Beach

Supreme Court: Looking for a fight, no matter what

Maine Republicans Adopt Tea Party Platform


The EPIC FAIL known as Meg...EFFING...Whitman. Say good night, Gracie. Wear that big L.

Can Betty White Save the Republican Party From Themselves?

Lurking Freepers on DU, kiss my red, white & blue ass - Elena Kagan picked for Supreme Court

PDA-IL Fighting for Progressives Everywhere! Marcy Winograd Phone Party

TYT: Are We On The Verge Of Living In A Mad Max World? Review Of 'A Crude Awakening'

Young Turks: White Man Shoots Latino Neighbor In AZ Over Immigration Law

Permeable Cone Stocking: Oil Spill Solution?

Eliot Spitzer on Kagan: 'She Will Get the 5th Vote'

Campaign to cut entitlements picking up in U.S.

ARIZONA We Don't Need No Stinking Papers

Bill Maher Joining the Bash Islam Bandwagon?

Protecting Consumers from Unchecked Interest Rates-Sheldon Whitehouse.

Since spill, feds have given 27 waivers to oil companies in Gulf

Obama's natural choice of Kagan

Eurozone: The Kitchen Sink Goes In – Now It’s All About Solvency (Simon Johnson)

BP: From Oil Spilling to Financial Reform Killing

The Days of Our Lives

LTTE: Upper-income people generate employment

Foxes guarding the corporate coop

Pentagon Doubts Grow on McChrystal War Plan

Presidents and Congress, Republicans and Democrats: Spending, Taxation, Debt, and GDP

A Historic Breakthrough for U.S. Billionaires

Chris Hedges: After Religion Fizzles, We’re Stuck with Nietzsche

Biologist Expert Recommends Killing Oil-Soaked Birds

Kagan in Context: Shafting Progressive Values

Oil companies fought stricter regulations - USA Today

Elena Kagan Will Be The Most Unqualified Justice In History

Hobart, Australia: Molle St loses lane to cyclists

Nuclear Proliferation in Latin America

Conference call on Gulf Eco-Crime with Antonia Juhasz and others 5/10

'The Cove''s Dolphin Slaughter Town, Taiji, Japan, Logs Dangerous Mercury Levels In Residents

Drumbeat from the weekend...

Drumbeat: May 10, 2010

(Bernie) Sanders Challenges NRC Head On Tritium (27 US nuclear plants now leaking tritium)

UK: Centrica Adds Customers at Fastest Pace Since 2001

(Off-Topic!) Scientists Seeking NSF Funding Will Soon Be Required to Submit Data Management Plans

BG Spends $950 Million Adding U.S. Shale-Gas Assets

New project aims for fusion ignition

Rising Cost of Carbon Capture is Killing the Great Green "Hope"

Cobalt catalysts for simple water splitting

Port of Los Angeles touts reduced wharfage fees for EVs

(Yale) Team Harnessing Power of Photosynthesis To Make ‘Green’ Fuel

LLNL receives recovery act funding for carbon capture technology

Making a Splash: PG&E Dives Headlong Into Wave Power Project (Calif.)

Recharge your EV's batteries halfway in three minutes?

Nature Geosciences - Greenland Glacier's Speed More Than Doubles From Winter To Summer

800 Sq. Miles Of Critical Mangrove Habitat At Risk In 3 States From BP Gusher

Massive Bleaching Hits Andaman Sea Reefs - Worst In 20 Years For Thais - Bangkok Post

BP Bonus Points - Blowout Also Endangers GOM Subspecies Of Sperm Whale - Area A Nursery

China Longyuan to Spend $13 Billion to Lead Wind Power League (16,000 MW)

Save Your Planet Earth Tour by Anthony Marr, Blog 14

Audi Plans to Goes Electric...Beyond Cars

Editorial: Fuel tax hike needed to rebuild Michigan roads and our economy

XPOST LBN: Oil Leak is 5 Times Greater Than Reported by Officials

Tokyo Electric buys stake In South Texas Nuclear Project

More on the BP oil spill........

Merkel’s Election Loss Could Hamper Nuclear Reprieve

U.N. report: Eco-systems at 'tipping point' - CNN

Jack-Booted Thugs! Feds Ban Pipeline Use In Cook Inlet - Only 60% Of Pipe Lost To Corrosion!

BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Bigger than Manhattan

40% Of Remaining US Coastal Wetlands Concentrated In S. Louisiana - In Path Of Advancing Oil

Will Lithium-Air Battery Rescue Electric Car Drivers From 'Range Anxiety'?

Clock's ticking on tritium spill (Oyster Creek nuclear plant, New Jersey)

Al Gore: The Crisis Comes Ashore - Why the oil spill could change everything.

Poll: 28% of Republicans said The Gulf Spill made them *more* likely to support offshore drilling

Presentation Academy cancer sufferer puts human face on study of nuclear plant safety

A Mechanistic Review of Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, Cardiotoxic Air Pollution Particulates.

A Mechanistic Review of Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, Cardiotoxic Air Pollution Particulates.


Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, May 9)


Alabama could win game by 100, but should it?

locking Pitt's Rondo thread = hardcore overreaction.

As a foreigner using these boards, allow me to share som stats

Keith Hernandez falls asleep during Mets game

Jim Tressel recalls soft side of Hayes at area fundraiser

Steve Nash playing with one eye after 6 stitches....

Well, I called and left a message with the Big Ten about their proposed dilution of the brand

Chelsea beats down Wigan 8-0, EPL Champions! True Blue!

What is your favorite and or most hated sports cliche?

Vancouver wins... forces game 6..

EU official backs Bolivia nationalisation

Venezuela's Nationalization Program Appears to be a Failure

Argentina charges Operation Condor suspect

Stop the presses!! Pandaval in huge slump!

Gay activists applaud Kagan – tepidly

Should Kagan come out?

Prostitutes, gay men blamed for syphilis epidemic in China

Working Away Their Childhoods: Young Farmworkers Robbed of Rights

Workers at NY Silicone Plant Fight Big Wage Cuts

Viewpoint: Let’s Stop Avoiding Our Best Tactic—The Strike

Disparity Between Productivity and Pay: $3 Trillion a Year

New SEIU Chief, Mary Kay Henry, Charts Her Path for Union

Today in Labor History May 10 Joining of the Union Pacific and Central Pacific lines at Promontory


U.S. decision would aid union organizing at airlines

Israel detains Turkey national over illegal Gaza aid work

Any word on Mcdonald V Chicago?

Gov. Deval Patrick’s bill in Massachusetts targets machine guns ...

Elena Kagan on the 2nd amendment.

Bloody Urban Landscapes

Police: Boy killed cousin with uncle's gun

Question for gun owners.

Bluebird population explosion?

All grown up and ready to leave the nest...

Girl frozen in time may hold key to ageing

Jupiter has lost a belt!

24:17 more minutes of MFR!!

Good news, Mercury goes direct tomorrow, Tuesday

All right, time to make it SPI-SAY!

Chris Hedges' Hangup on Religion

What value, life?

Ozone generators

Breast cancer genetic risk factors discovered

Got my Tdap shot this morning

here's an attractive two week high anti-oxident, low carb menu

Attenuated Bordetella pertussis protects against highly pathogenic influenza A viruses ...

Pertussis Infection in Fully Vaccinated Children in Day-Care Centers, Israel

Europe Offers $957 Billion in Hope of Appeasing the Banks

Is there

U.S. futures, euro jump on euro zone package news

The role of derivatives in the current crisis?

Is there

And Chicks for Free? (Kunstler)

The Market: the New Faith

ECB Intervenes in Bond Market as Part of EU Debt Crisis Plan

What Business Is Wall Street In?

My buddy's tale of woe on Freaky Thursday (stop losses):

Bernanke: " "Having a larger income is exciting at first, but

Giant Vampire Squid Attacks Hugo Chavez!