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Archives: February 26, 2010

Obama eyes Democrats-only endgame at healthcare summit

10 Billionth Download On iTunes Is A JOHNNY CASH Song!

A Paean to Medical Marijuana

If The Rs Really Listened To The People, They'd Concede The Election Results From 2008

Russia's Lavrov Says No Proof Iran Working On Nuclear Weapons

Rubio (FL-R) Gets "Expensive" Haircut..

Gordon Brown Calls On America To Repeal DADT, Calls UK LGBT Soldiers ‘The Pride Of Our Country’

Let's play a few rounds of "Obfuscation Lexicon"

So I didn't have time to search, but...

I actually envy the message machine that the repubicans have

I got home early today, flipped on the TV to the "summit" broadcast and was confronted

I got home early today, flipped on the TV to the "summit" broadcast and was confronted

State of the Bailout: Propublica offers website scorecard tracking money loan vs. money recovered

California GOP US Senate primary: Fiorina aide accuse of calling Tom Campbell anti-semitic

Bipartisan contractors prepare to build a house:



"...deputy dressed as leprechaun..." (How MY city makes extra money)

Reuters: More generations living under same roof

Apple’s Jobs Prefers Having Cash to Paying Dividends


President Obama Nominates Three for District Court Bench

Reflexes, Predictable... (toon)

They've got Health Care and the Ladies Hockey Gold

Whirlpool warns the workers it's about to toss out into the street not to protest the plant closing

McConnell "Discouraged" By Obama Healthcare Summit

Rodney James Alcala found guilty again; Time to put the bastard to death

Looks like the media is trying to tell us that I am visually, mentally and audically challenged

'Put chain-smoking John Boehner on the individual insurance market and watch what happens'

I missed the summit, is there a way to get a video of it yet? nt

The Irony Meter REDLINES...Jeb Bush says 2010 & 2012 public leaders need "intellectual curiosity"

Fl Senate Candidate Rubio spent thousands with GOP credit card

The rise and fall of Missouri lawmaker Rod Jetton

Cspan, tonight as I type this, is being commandeered by the GOP.

So if the federal government passed a law?

Howard Zinn: A Radical Treasure by Bob Herbert

Check out Yahoo News' front page right now

What happened to KO - it was billed as his special and now we get

Rogge warns women's hockey to improve or exit

Jon Stewart has delivered the best rundown of the health summit

NYTimes Owes Us An ACORN Smear Retraction

CSPAN2 - Bernie Sanders is on fire live -

Facing Huge Deficits, KS lawmakers instead choose to enact a state wide smoking ban

Scientists Find First Physiological Evidence of Brain's Response To Inequality

Reminder: Judiciary hearing meeting on the torture memos Fri 10am.

Why Obama MUST prosecute torture.

RH Reality Check: CBS behind anti-choice billboards in Atlanta.

"My son took his own life," Walter Koenig said.

HCR Summit rebroadcast on C-Span 1 right now!!!!!!

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

HCR Lies and distortions... how many have there been??

If I could afford to get my teeth fixed, I would spit nails at him. A letter from Richard Burr.

Local Dems giving repubs a taste of their own...

If you had any doubt that HuffPo is mostly worthless

even cnn is off the deep end tonight with sanja gupta ( the fraud with wrong facts)

Explain this to me: suicide bombers currently engaged in firefight against police

Losing Google Would Hit Chinese Science Hard

So Republicans made America the "Greatest Country on Earth"?

Bill O'Reilly And Pat Buchanan Are Now The Sane Voices On The Right

Schumer Says China’s Weak Yuan Should Prompt U.S. Trade Duties

Paul Krugman: Afflicting the Afflicted

It's nice to see the Nation be advertised on television.

Assets of Window Media, Once Largest Gay Newspaper Chain, Sell for $27,200

Today's Republican health care talking point: "Let's start over with a blank sheet of paper."

wait did I just see Darrell Issa on Tweety

wait did I just see Darrell Issa on Tweety

Guess I'm a teabagger now...

Guess I'm a teabagger now...

I don't know about you, but I'm declaring today's summit to be a victory.

A very interesting unintentional consequence if Utah gets a 4th congressional seat.

Burma's Aung San Suu Kyi appeal rejected (BBC)

Ben Stein owes half of America (at least) an apology

Ben Stein owes half of America (at least) an apology

Prosecuting Bush for War Crimes

While you weren't paying attention, the powers-that-be crammed "public option" down your throat

The Senate passed HCR with 60 votes. The House has passed a

Apparently, people are filing indecency complaints w/FCC against Fox News...

Is MSNBC showing anything related to politics today (9PM ET)?

Hey guys. While you were messin' around with health care.....

Letter Opposes Transgender Ordinance

4,525 Lobbyists ~ 8 for Each Member of Congress ~ Influenced Health Reform in 2009

Ex-Klan wizard's son sues Palm Beach County GOP for party seat

Ex-Klan wizard's son sues Palm Beach County GOP for party seat

At about 4:40 this afternoon Sen. Coburn (R-OK) said the "KEY GOAL"

Some choice HCR summit quotes

Religious Exemption to Mandatory Insurance

Oh my It's Marsha Blackburn on Morning JoeScum

VA to Investigate Gulf War Illnesses

Maryland inmate leaves prison by impersonating cellmate

Up Or Down. - So What Are You Going To Do? - 25 Feb 10


Weird Weather: Rain in Maine, Snow in Pennsylvania

Weird Weather: Rain in Maine, Snow in Pennsylvania

Toon: The 45,000 Zombie March..

Anthony Weiner Coming Up On Morning Schmuck!

Another Wuerker Gem!

I loves me some Canadians, Total Class; Hockey Fans chant U.S.A.

Blue-collar workers hanging on by thread

Blue-collar workers hanging on by thread

So, Mandatory Insurance and Malpractice Limits?

Daily Mail on US "Betrayal" over Falklands, speculates

Daily Mail on US "Betrayal" over Falklands, speculates

So ..... while I am not at all happy with the current health insurance plan, I gotta give huge kudos

Truthiness is killing the left

Ben Sargent TOON- "Inside the GOP Club"

Hmm, Joe Scab says the American people want the PO and Medicare buy-in, but

In the year 2009, while families suffered, the Parasitic Health Sadists known as Big Insurers had

Disaster Relief -- South Dakota

What happened to the rofl smilely?

US Done Strikes in Pakistan of Limited Value

Reports: Gov. Paterson Will End Campaign

(Star) Bulletin owner to buy Honolulu Advertiser

Obama Pick for Budget Commission Is a Very Ominous Sign; A Social Security-Medicare Slasher

Obama Pick for Budget Commission Is a Very Ominous Sign; A Social Security-Medicare Slasher

Setting the Record Straight since the Media will not.(The Summit)

House Votes to Extend Unemployment Benefits

allowing unrestricted competition across state lines

Olympic curling pants take world by storm!

When Will A Health Care Bill Be Signed?

Time to join the Tea..,, the Coffee Party!!

Paterson will not run .

You know where I think the mistake was made when the Europeans came here and

The odds that Sarah Palin will have a career-ending Macaca Moment?

LOL-McCain Canceled Fundraiser With Health Care Lobbyists-So He Could Attend Health Care Summit!

I've got the President's back...

When Republicans require Loyalty Oaths, do they actually believe Republicans

California judge orders back pay for furloughed workers

Sign Dick Durbin's petition to reform the filibuster

Ha Ha Ha, Ho Ho Ho, He He, snort...

CSPAN Live Link to Senate Discussion on Unemployment Extensions

Here is how subtle yet profound climate change can be

Just saw - MTP Sunday - full show with McCain. Why? Why? the horror!

HCR Reconciliation Thread (minor updates)

I think Dick Durbin has hit upon something......

Bloomberg: WH may BAN Foreclosures Without HAMP Review via Exec. Order

Bloomberg: WH may BAN Foreclosures Without HAMP Review via Exec. Order

Senator Bunning, seriously go to hell.

Friday TOON Roundup part 5

Subcommittee C, to plan the implementation of the consideration of the policy...

AIG May Need More Government Money

Friday TOON Roundup part 2

Friday TOON Roundup part 3

mea culpa ... it was Matt Taibbi who said it.

Breaking News: Giant Iceberg.

Chicago Manufacturing Activity Expands At Faster Pace In February

The party of mean

Could You Have Imagined Bush Holding ANY Kind of Summit With Democrats?

Friday TOON Roundup part 4

Jim Bunning (R-KY) Blocks Unemployment Benefits Extension, Tells Dem 'Tough Shit' on Senate Floor

An Open Letter to the United States Congress

Another HUGE storm to flatten NE US with high winds and snow.

Do GOP members know what "small government" means?

After (R) Rep. Resigns In Sex Scandal, Georgia County Elects GOPer Who Had AFFAIR With Mother-In-Law

HOLY COW! Dick Morris is getting REALLY FAT!

How can we help those who are caught up in this economic mess?

Framing 'Reconciliation' as minor "fixes", most specifically demanded by Republicans

BREAKING NEWS: TV station reports possible gunman on loose at Oklahoma City Community College

"W" gets one right...

Double-Dip Recession Unlikely - World Bank Chief

Boehner - "This is not a time for ideological purity"

Hotel rates have biggest drop since Depression

Republican Pre-Condition for Their Support

Link for Sen. Bunning remarks from yesterday - Can see any Senate or House remark from CSPAN site!

I work a half a day in each of 2 different schools. One school has never made AYP.

Md. inmate leaves prison by impersonating cellmate

Ben Stein on a president not named "Bush" treating people like 3rd graders and with condescension

"Mammoth iceberg could alter ocean circulation: study"

Are The Health Insurance Companies Pulling A Credit Card Tactic?......

Italian oil spill 'deliberate'

Oh Lovely. Another bullshit trend. "Become your own brand."

Biden Blasts Bunning's Blocking Benefits

Wait, what? The HCR bill STILL lets insurance companies charge women more?

Oakland's parking officers told (by memo) not to ticket 2 wealthy neighborhoods

A simple question about republicans

For 1st time, brothers guard Tomb of the Unknown

Hummer is toast part 2

'Living Wage' For Government Contractors:

Very clever technique to get laws passed with little opposition.

WTF?? Bush said this morning that he's glad Cheney is

Lighting up a fat one with grandma and grandad

Nebraska: ‘VERY good day’ Facebook posting has penitentiary guards in hot water

CBS Video: Sea World will not euthanize Tilikum, the killer whale

New Dinosaur Rears Its Head in Dinosaur National Monument

Palin: Health summit would have been better with beer

I'm the SYSADMIN, and I'm here pushing snow

Wall Street Weasels

Why wait another month for healt care insurance reform? Bring me one by the Ides of March!

Nice story about the bouquets given to the Olympic winners


Understanding our economic situation in a quick post

Does anyone have a link to Matthews clip..

Bunning to stop funding for unemployment checks, his remark: "Tough shit!"

Housing Recovery Is Looking A Lot Shakier Than Expected

"This is going to come as quite a shock to people up here that I can write a book, much less read on

"Let's get the f--k out of this country!"

You know where I think the Europeans went wrong when they came here and

Well, the mystery is over....we now know who Carly Simon was singing about in Youre So Vain

The GOP's "small government" tea party fraud

Rep. Steve King Sings The Praises Of Lobbyists On The House Floor: ‘Somebody Needs To Stand Up’

A Dear John (Boehner) letter...

J.D. Hayworth's dirty little secret.

Woolsey: ‘It’s not over’ for public option

USA vs Finland men's hockey quarter final coming right up.

On Fox News: Shep Smith Obliterates GOP Healthcare Talking Points ...

I'd love to see a busload or two of unemployed people land in Covington Kentucky

Wow... Good For Brian Willams And NBC... (Canadian Health Care)

Just a thought., Could it be? tea baggers are being duped along with the Dems?

Berkeley fee protest turns rowdy

Return of the Confederacy

Surging Truck Imports from S. Korea and Lost U.S. Jobs, from FTA

Fixing independent programmers' no-win scenario (related to Joe Stack)

Congradulations N.Y.C.

my the number one post. What the hell has happened

Bigger Afghan Operation Yet to Come: Kandahar (City of 450,000)

Palin: Health Summit attendees "should have popped some tops off some Miller Genuine Drafts"

Aggressive parket ticketing and towing to close a city's deficit

Lynn Sweet/ChiSunTimes reporting Desiree Rogers stepping down next month

Was anyone here involved in the establishment of Camp Wellstone

IUE-CWA files charges against Whirlpool

dupe; updated in new OP

Utah Has Now Made Miscarriage A Criminal Offense

Venezuela's worst drought in decades has brought to the surface a submerged village

What are the chances of a Democrat winning Bunning's relinquished KY Senate seat?

Chris Hedges on ‘The Death and Life of American Journalism’

French Ad Shocks, but Will It Stop Young Smokers?


MSNBC's ED Schultz: Rip out Dick Cheney's heart ("'re a war criminal...")

Biologists: Killer whales 'neurotic' in captivity

Thank you, Vancouver, thank you Canada!

Does Boehner channel W.C. Fields?

Who's monitoring the radio blatherers today?

FAA orders ground stop at all airports due to computer failure

Ben Nelson: Good New, Bad News File

They COULD still merge the House and Senate bill in Conference

The Reconciliation Ball Moves Forward…

The Fall of the House of Murdoch

Share party resolutions to consider for the 2010 midterms here!

We need to stop this BS socialist democratic healthcare immediately

Major Corp. makes a 100% Progressive stand on Greenhouse Gases

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Michael Steele

Outrage grows over San Francisco Muni operators' pay

Outrage grows over San Francisco Muni operators' pay

I'm not calling Byrd or Rockefeller's Offices any more

Leahy Grills DOJ Official On Missing John Yoo Emails

Why haven't the House and Senate health care insurance Bills gone to Conference?

How much would you tip for this meal?

Poppy, Bar, Evil Dick & She-Hulk rally around Kay Bailey Hutchison

Leahy At OPR Hearing: 'Where Are Mr. Yoo's E-Mails?'

as a diversion from politics/HCR - Happy 78th B-day Johnny Cash

Freepers don't believe Haitians can convert to Christianity.

Totally snarky post regarding NE weather and the man that's missing

Test children before allowing them to start kindergarten

Dem Rep (Nadler) Sends Yoo And Bybee Materials To Bar Associations

Electronic Frontier Foundation weighs in on the renewal of the Patriot Act

Body of Growing Pains actor found in Vancouver (Andrew Koenig)

Bush could NEVER do what Obama did today

Gatore Aid drop Woods as a sponsor.

Teabaggers think that "Teabagger" is an insulting term.



Habitat for Humanity Core houses for Haiti

"Tillikum Won't Be Punished"

"The Power of Local"

Breaking: IUE-CWA Files Charges Against Whirlpool

Quick: which nation builds the most wind turbines?

CNN rejected my simple "YES" comment for passing health care. I responded

Large Union Caravan & Rally Supports Locked-Out ILWU Mining Workers in California

Is Bushco's Iraq War the crime of the century?

Bunning: My Obstruction Of Unemployment Extension Made Me Miss My Basketball Game

Dumbass Congressional Act: Charge visitors $10 to explain US travel restrictions on visitors ...

Dumbass Congressional Act: Charge visitors $10 to explain US travel restrictions on visitors ...

Anyone have a link to the Obama/McCain Summit "discussion"?

A Republican I could agree with

Oh we are cynical, oh we are hopeful, By Mark Morford

Internet privacy - what's on your clipboard right now?

Why Conservatives Will Miss ACORN

A law we can all get behind!

A law we can all get behind!

A law we can all get behind!

Have you seen a Geithner dollar?

Leahy Calls For Justice Department Investigation Into Missing John Yoo Emails

Gibbs is saying that he thinks Obama will have an announcement next week

Is Medicare being cut off starting Monday? MS radio guest says so

How does "Reconciliation" Work, and do we have the votes to do it?

NBC "News" (Williams) screaming "Democrats in Disarray" w/pictures of Paterson,

Understanding John Boehner’s Lack of Understanding

Mad about Citizens United? Yeah, it’s Bad, but We Can Do Something

Tech firm gives Roger Ebert his own voice

Tech firm gives Roger Ebert his own voice

Violent French husbands 'may be tagged'

I really hate Chase

Whitman no rookie at playing hardball

Liberty University: Sleazy? Illegal?

CBS Behind Slew of Anti-Choice Billboards in Georgia

What the fuck is controversial about Reconciliation

Breaking: Bomb threat called in to Bunnings Hazard office

I find myself drawn to a place I have never been.. Detroit.

I find myself drawn to a place I have never been.. Detroit.

The New Phase for Sibel Edmonds’ Boiling Frogs Post

The Republicans are Insufferable

My email to Senator Bunning....

Seven Years to 1,000 Posts

Cenk Uygur: Take the Damn Vote

I am currently unemployed and did not donate during the last drive; however,

I am currently unemployed and did not donate during the last drive; however,

On how the US approaches education

Unending war, unnaffordable college, unemployment, low wages WILL drive away the youth vote.

Doctors' group: Obama plan leaves millions uninsured, boosts private insurers

Permafrost disappearing from northern Quebec; moves 130 km in 50 years

Is Wolf Blitzer a fucking idiot or is he just playing one?

I developed a cloture vote counter aka Tarantino counter.

Girl Scout cookie company Little Brownie Bakers recalls Lemon Chalet Cremes cookies

Legislation Would Make Illinois First in Nation to Mandate Submitting Evidence in Sexual Assault Cas

AIG posts $8.9 billion loss (AIG may need more government support)

Paul Krugman: What We Learned From the Health Care Summit

Is Ronald Reagan the Great Grand-Daddy of Reconciliation?

Is Ronald Reagan the Great Grand-Daddy of Reconciliation?

Mother Jones: Texas' bizarre, racist, homophobic liquor laws

what's the BS about healthcare premium going up under HCR?

Irregardless of Opinions of Cable News Chatterers, Both Parties

Timmeh Geithner's Folly AIG somehow manages to get worse.

Bush: "But I have to tell you I don’t feel guilty..."

Former Sea World Trainer blames Dead Trainer for her death

Former Sea World Trainer blames Dead Trainer for her death

7.3 Earthquake near Japan (Ryuku Islands)

Story update: Nate Elfrink, boy dying of cancer we sent cards to, has died

Why The Apology Canada?

Why The Apology Canada?

News Corp. empire crumbling around MURDOCH

Hunt for the Codex Cardona (updated to include correct URL: hat tip to DUer guyton)

Desiree Rogers stepping down

Desiree Rogers stepping down

Friday TOON Roundup part 1

Michael Moore, We Need YOU to Investigate Education! Here's Why:


Is there any grass roots efforts for a march for health care in Washington?

Health insurance hikes (over 75%!!!) stun small businesses

Classy Canadian crowd Chant "USA! USA!" after devastated team's loss.

Most Credible Climate Skeptic - Not So Credible

They don't feel -- or care about -- your pain

V.P. Cheney, “Go fuck yourself!” -- Rep. Wilson, “You lie!” -- Sen. Bunning, “Tough shit!" --

Newsweek pundit's lame defense of her comment that only foreigners can be terrorists

TV chef dropped for cat recipe comments, chef won't apologize

What if Olympic Athletes Just Represented Themselves, Not Their Nation?

What if Olympic Athletes Just Represented Themselves, Not Their Nation?

m$nbc..BIG breaking news...white house social secretary stepping down

Is "Coffee Party" the opposite of "Tea Party"?

Whirlpool: Mexican Workers Paid $70/Week Can't Buy Refrigerators

Weiner jokes: Boehner upset with tanning bed tax

Sooooooo what do you guys think will happen with HCR??..

Got permanent loan modification offer under the president's plan - Got through trial period

Bunning may have officialy started the Depression realization.

Some people angry after a white sorority wins "step" competition

House Democrats in Disarray Over Anti-Torture Provision (More Caving From Weak Dems)

PTSD Among Contractors in the War Zone. Who’s Surprised?

Canuck Women's Hockey: A HUGE chance for women to get a piece of the dominant culture.

Contacting Alan Grayson.

DUers still keeping track of the Amerithrax/Ivins case, two quick notes.

It’s not just Lower Merion!: Bronx school watches unwitting students via Webcam

IOC to investigate Canadian women's hockey team for celebration

You Are Missed, Mr. Bill Hicks (12.16.61 – 2.26.94)

Japan Says It Will Ignore A Ban On Bluefin Tuna

Is the fix in? nt

Bullet found at suburban middle school; mother goes berzerk

Why no WPA style national jobs program?

YooHoo :waves: Hello-Oh ..... Hey! Over here! .......

Ron Wyden To Block Other Extensions Until Senate Extends UI And COBRA Benefits

Ron Wyden To Block Other Extensions Until Senate Extends UI And COBRA Benefits

GOP Rep: Blacks Worse Off Now Than Under Slavery (video)

Democrat: MD Gay Marriage Recognition A 'Bucket Of Warm Spit'

Teachers are seeing kids coming to school unequipped to write

Ron Wyden To Block Other Extensions Until Senate Extends UI And COBRA

Should we clone Neanderthals?

Should we clone Neanderthals?

What's a better HCR outcome for the insurance industry?

Took Bipolar Friend to Free Clinic.Fundie Dr tried faith healing.

The Missing Voices at the Healthcare Summit - John Nichols

The Missing Voices at the Healthcare Summit - John Nichols

Would you cheer a "snatch and grab" if it brought war criminals to justice?

Would you cheer a "snatch and grab" if it brought war criminals to justice?

We dropped the Medicare Buy-In because we "only" had 59 votes w/o Liebermann...So WHY in hell are we

Protesters take over UCSD chancellor's office (re: Compton Cookout)

Liberalism, atheism, male sexual exclusivity linked to IQ

U. S. Honey Bee Deaths Increase Again

BuzzFlash's "Turn Off FOX Campaign" Penetrates the U.S. Military

L.A. woman held for throwing puppy into traffic

The Coffee Party

And now for a lighter note...I guarantee you will enjoy this.

My 13 year old autistic son rode a bicycle today.

Is it wrong to deny life insurance to a reefer smoker?

I'm going to say it, Charlie Rangel should be removed from leadership roles

Interesting NBC reports on Generation X from the 1990's.

Johnny Weir makes official statement about homophobic Quebecois sportscasters

Hospital condemned for "horrific" care

Cancel your cable.

Miami Considers Ban on Feeding the Homeless Without Proper Training

General Motors Setting Up Non-Union Plants in Michigan

Please sign this petition supporting the teachers at Central Falls

If you are poor you get Medicaid. It's the middle class that gets shafted.

Irony alert: Which nation has an official church and which has separation of church and state?

Sibel Edmonds Has Named Names. Why Isn't The Media Reporting the Story?

The shrinking world of investigative TV journalism - Do you remember Steve Wilson?

Ayn Rand's crush on a famous serial killer:

CHALLENGE TO DU: Best photo of extreme wealth and poverty in the same shot?

UCSD "Compton Cookout": And now they've found a noose in the library

Meg Whitman is running unopposed for Governor of the most populous US State. We. Must. Stop. Her.

Meg Whitman is running unopposed for Governor of the most populous US State. We. Must. Stop. Her.

The Rude Pundit-A Final Word on the Health Care Summit: President Obama Calmly Fucks the Republicans

Orangina has two new funny ads.


Screw Figure Skating, Ski Jumping's on!

Age Hasn't Slowed 80-Year-Old California Burglar

Little help with Microsoft Excel, please

I gotta scrap the stuff off my shoes.

NYPD Investigating Seinfeld Parking Placard

"Woodstock" is on VH1 Classics

nah, nah,nah, nah ....nah, nah, nah, nah... hey hey hey, goodbyeeee

OMG! Boner is dead!

grrr, someone hit my car last night, left no note of course

Variations on a theme of CHOCOLATE

Showtime, Everybody! Dig the hotness!

I have a confession to make...

Has Bob Costas always been like this?

Suggestions for potty training a new pup

This WINS the "So Bad It's Good" category NO CONTEST!!

excuse me while I let off a little steam

Even though my situation really really really sucks right now...

When does "Glee" come back? Did I miss it?

What happened to the rofl smilely?

10 Trashiest Quotes from "Strangers With Candy"

Any Ween fans on DU?

Fuck. Just broke my wireless mouse

have you ever seen something so vile, disgusting, and contrary to human instinct

A few thoughts regarding okra.

i wish it was warm and wet

I've noticed my alcohol intake has increased dramatically in the last few weeks.


YouTube: "Female Wolf Spider With Babies On Her Back." That's a LOT of little wolf spiders.

I was at "Job Camp" yesterday.

Who'd-a thought? TNT's Web site made me ROFL

Have you ever had to take two aspirin after a fight?

Is it okay to use a little bit of Ranch dressing for deviled eggs if I don't have enough mayo?

Video: Pogo stick + shovel = "kid hits the deck"

Cheese sandwiches are heavenly.

Former American Idol contestant out on $50K bail after trying to buy cologne with stolen credit card


Why aren't we MARCHING ON WASHINGTON with Pitchforks & torches about cheese sandwiches?

Fave cult film coming up on TCM: Seconds with Rock Hudson.

OK, I finally broke down and made one of those Demotivational posters:

I need to have my brain wiped.

I am almost completely burned out, and I'm afraid to tell anyone at school.

OMG! Is Glen Beck Trying to Co-Opt Stevie Wonder? Blasphemy!!!

So, second year in China coming up....

not really following the Olympics, but from reading Yahoo sports, outrage seems to be the most

Surely, there cannot be an UGLIER state license plate than this one:

These SI Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn pics are incredibly hot...

J.R. Cash, Born February 26, 1932

Move over cornflake chicken, it's time for cheese sandwiches!

Obama joke

I just heard an ad for breast cancer and hcr. The woman said her mother had

I fell asleep about 10:45PM for my sleep test..

Anyone near or in Montreal, my cousin has an exhibit on display of her sculptures.

So, it appears that the subject of Carly Simon's "You're So Vain" is...

WaPo: "SeaWorld faces major public relations challenge" (article avoids slavery, narwhal issues)

Craving something sweet...

WTF, how come I have never heard of this singer before...


I'm going to Arizona in April

Cool Swiss House (not at all cheesy)

This music makes me so happy...

did you know that websites can see the contents of your clipboard?

Well, I've been a DU member for about 5 years now, and like all good things in life...

Anybody use this free software.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/26/10

I think the Olympics are getting to me. Had a strange dream about them last night.

Thanks to TZ and jobycom

Wolfgang's Vault updates: Neil Young, Quicksilver, Hot Tuna, John Fogerty with The Grateful Dead...

Girl Scouts are the Devil.

Hotmail down?

Rock 'N Roll Is Straight From Hell

I heart Haggar.

The Breeders - Divine Hammer

I heart Hägar.


The Breeders - Cannonball

Sonic Youth - Kool Thing

I heart Sammy Hagar

A few thoughts regarding orcas

For those you wanting to get a jump on the weekend...

Breaking and entering Kitty, and kittens!

Women's curling gold-medal match starting now on CNBC

May 18th "Exile On Main Street" reissue..."regular," "deluxe," and "super deluxe" editions

"You Insulted Him A Little Bit. You Got A Little Out of Order Yourself."

I got some good Hash today!!

I think I'm going to be offered a job next week. I'm scared stiff.

Week of big news for me: I got engaged and received my first accpetance to grad school.

I'm havng a lot of fun at "Totally Looks"

Apple Bans Some Apps for Sex-Tinged Content

Dilemma: What to get at a pizza place if the sauce doesn't agree with me?

Kinda Glum: My Dog got into a fight at the dog park this afternoon

I was just told the gap in my employment is an issue

Women's Free Style Skating has begun.

Well, the mystery is over....we now know who Carly Simon was singing about in Youre So Vain

I have just learned of a new product I would like an explanation for

I heart Hagar the Horrible

I have a $50 gift card from Barnes & Noble. I need suggestions on what book to get.

Pizzacone! For numbfucks too intellectually and/or emotionally challenged to eat a normal slice.

Know what animal Killer Whales are related to?

Why doesn't any one rave about "Deckard is a replicant" anymore?

I'm shopping for a digital camera and need some advice.

Favorite obscure Dylan songs?

Lol. Canadian women's hockey team celebrates victory -- w/ booze & stogies on the ice

Does anyone else think that new movie "Cop Out" looks terribly derivitive and unoriginal?

Name a movie sequel you'd LIKE to see

Check out the music of Omar Sosa on my blog

Girl Scout Cookies are the devil

Did you know there is Lawrence Welk FanFic?

Velvet Underground 1969 - Live - your thoughts?

In Honor of "no cussing week" I just want to say....

When you wake up naked on someone's front porch, and have no idea how you got there, you know...

And now Ideas for new dangerous, yet amusing sports:

Any loud talkers here?

Beer-drinking, smoking chimp sent to rehab

Tell me a joke! I need a laugh!

WH Blog: Productive Day & Another Step Towards Putting Americans in Charge of Their Health Care

Bill Frist lies, suggests reconciliation OK for tax cuts for the rich, not health care for Americans

WH: A Productive Day & Another Step Towards Putting Americans in Charge of Their Health Care

Note to President Obama: If you can't "bridge the (bipartisan) gap," bring out the daisy cutters.

At summit, Republicans prove they aren't putting America's health first

Sylvestre Reyes Inserts Anti-Torture Provision Into Intelligence Funding Bill.

C-Span 3 Showing repeat of Summit, without Analysis...

Sen. Jim Bunning calling the President, "YOUR President"

Was I the only one who understood we were in a holding pattern for the last month?

More fun from Ron Fornier's AP: Obama, GOP clash at summit: 'We have a better idea'

The GOP go on and on about the health care bill being 2,000 plus pages...

MSNBC commercial: Chuck Todd says Savannah has a BS detector.

Videos: The Summit (For Those Who Missed It)

Sarah Palin On Hannity: Tea Party Should “Get In There, Take Over” Republican Party

VERY disappointed in MSNBC this evening.

AP "analyst" invents facts: "a health care plan that a majority of voters don't favor."

Phoenix mayor will not run for Congress

Arkansas Senate president says he won't challenge Lincoln in Democratic primary

Bennet wins SEIU endorsement

Georgia Senate: Isakson 49%, Generic Democrat 36%

Bennett draws fourth challenger (UT)

Awe MAN! MSNBC has Matthews, Chuck-Toad and What's her face! No KO, No Rachel-doing "Anal-Ass-Cyst"

Biden to announce retirement savings safeguards

The masters make the rules...

Crist Speculation Grows - Preparing to leave GOP and run as an independent

deleted by author

Waxman: Obama's summit performance has made reconciliation easier

"Top House chairman signals House will act first on healthcare."

I actually think I like this blank sheet of paper approach

One reason our elected leaders sometimes seem to not "get it"

Do you realize that the Rs think Walmart is socialist now?

After today, I call a spade a spade

With Or Without You

one guy got it right about the summit--Jon Stewart.

I have a renewed sense of optimism about healthcare. The President doesn't give up.

Akio Toyoda visits Kentucky

Photos: Obama vs. The Tree Killers! (The Obama Presidency, 2/25/10)

On FauxNews, Shep Smith destroys Thune's claim that health care bill will increase premiums (VIDEO)

Letter from TAKE ACTION!

Clinton Urges Lawmakers To Approve USD 3.2 Bn Pakistan Aid

Obama names labor leader to fiscal commission

Any polls yet on yesterday's health care summit?

"How Watching Republicans Changed My Worldview"

GOP Senate race grows heated over Israel

Hey MSM and Repubs.-Congress does NOT want to pass the HCR bill through reconciliation!

How Can Obama Continue to Support Indefinite Detention?

I think we have to bite the bullet and re-elect Reid..

Who the heck is this hosting Big Ed's show

Waxman: Obama's summit performance has made reconciliation easier

Joyce Murtha backs aide's House bid

Special election for Abercrombie's seat set for May 22

Halcro unsure of race against Don Young

House Sends Extension of Patriot Act to Obama

Elon Poll: 51 percent would like to see Burr replaced

Obama Feeds Health Reform To GOP

I believe the President brought up that HSA benefit mostly those in upper income.

Sarah Falin wanted us to watch hockey instead of the Health Care Summit

Quote of the Day: Rep. Louise Slaughter

The White House called Dylan "an icon of youthful rebellion and poetic sensitivity"

Krugman: So what did we learn from the summit?

Campbell Brown was UNwatchable discussing the healthcare summit. Ugh!

Last week, the President "weak, needs to take command"-but yesterday he was "arrogant, patronizing"

Professor Obama schools lawmakers on health-care reform

Chuck TOdd: They don't have the votes to pass a public option

Obama's popularity rising in S.C.?

Gov. Paterson drops out of NY Governor's race!

President Obama made me proud today when he called out Dr. John Barrasso

Joe Conason: Propaganda meets professor at the health summit

Matalin's Mendacity

Ezra Klein: Obama doubles down on health-care reform

I've Decided to Cut My Republican Friends Some Slack

Madigan plan to abolish lieutenant governor office advances

Republicans were quite happy to waste billions on outdated fighter planes yet for healthcare = zero

Obama and Biden both called Cheney after heart attack

Hey Media! We don't really give a fig about the Social Secretary; who's In, who's Out....

Gregg: Reconciliation Is The Rule Of The Senate TAKE ACTION

My take on the impact of the President's health care reform summit

Health Reform and Reconciliation: The Budget Says Go For It

Call Barbara Lee and tell her to STOP THE INSANITY AND PASS THE JOBS BILL !

Obama signed an executive order to strengthen Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Economy in U.S. Expanded at 5.9 Percent Pace in Fourth Quarter, Better Than Predicted

"rammed down our throats"

Liz Cheney’s Group Uses 1993 WTC Bombing Anniversary To Attack Obama

Kerry, Snowe Fight to End Mental Health Discrimination in Medicare

Any polling on the health care summit

Obama plan to use government contracts to increase wages help middle class

I Liked The Summit - Only Wish We Had Less Interruptions - Repeat For Other Issues? MSM...

Things are getting better

Gibbs: Obama to soon announce 'path forward' for health reform next week

What if Obama had tried to move the corporatist Dems on health care as hard as he has the GOP?

Justice Dept. To Launch Indigent Defense Program

Hell has frozen over. Pigs are flying. Brooks and Shields agree it will be Reconciliation.

All you hear from the GOP is that it too expensive to waste money on the health of the poor

Arrogant is code for uppity ______.

Palin: Obama Was ‘Arrogant’ to Criticize McCain

This "not what Americans want" business from Republicans:

Obama aides to meet with atheists on White House grounds

The Obama I saw today is the guy I thought I was voting for.

The Prudent Person Standard. As if "pre-existing condition" wasn't bad enough. Wow...

How does the Federal Employees Benefit coverage really work? Do the taxpayers really pay for

Few great quotes from the President's summit

The arrogance of Barack Obama

Cenk Uygur: Take the Damn Vote (on the public option).

The President is arrogant for parking in his own parking space

BREAKING NEWS: New Health Plans developed Since Summit!

No Need To Pass Health Care Through Reconciliation

Wanted: surgeon to remove the media from McCain's ass

Has NBC's Brian Williams corrected last night's $900 'Trillion' health care cost mistake yet?

Health Summit: Nancy Pelosi Reminds Obama About His Support for Public Option

Pelosi Reps the Public Option; Obama Admits He Abandoned It

Wipro starts probe into $4 million fraud

Panel Finds Rangel Broke House Rules With Caribbean Trip

Sylvestre Reyes Inserts Anti-Torture Provision Into Intelligence Funding Bill.

Rising jobless claims reflect weakening recovery

Iran Jundullah leader claims US military support

Many Dead in Suicide Attack on Kabul Guesthouses

US slaps duties on steel pipe from China

At least three police officers shot in Fresno confrontation

'No extradition' for Taliban chiefs held in Pakistan

India to review economy stimulus

Obama May Prohibit Home-Loan Foreclosures Without HAMP Review

(Star) Bulletin owner to buy Honolulu Advertiser

Military Monitored Planned Parenthood, Supremacists

South Africa reports seizing banned North Korea weapons

Greece Delays Bond Sale Amid New Turmoil

Gaddafi calls for jihad against Switzerland

(Calif.) Judge orders back pay for some (53,000) furloughed state workers

Md. inmate leaves prison by impersonating cellmate

US Closes Consulate After Mexico Border Gun Fights

HRW slams Obama's rights records

Nelson (D-Ne) 'open' to special rules (reconciliation to pass a health care package)

Two huge icebergs let loose off Antarctica's coast

Paterson to Drop Out of Governor Race

Black Caucus throws roadblock in front of 'tax-cut' $15 billion job-creation bill

The Coffee Party

Army tries to halt retired general's work as KBR expert

Dugard, family file claims against Calif officials

Missing actor's body found in Vancouver park, source says

Whitman no rookie at playing hardball

CIA Director meets with Colombian president

Biden to Announce Retirement Savings Safeguards

APNewsBreak: VA to reopen Gulf War vets' files

France's Belated Mea Culpa on Rwanda

U.S. to launch operation in Kandahar city

Berlusconi wants acquittal in corruption trial

Tech firm gives Roger Ebert his own voice

Thai Supreme Court to rule on seizure of former PM Taksin's tainted millions

Two huge explosions shake Afghan capital Kabul

Democrats back down on controversial interrogation proposal

California Subpoenas Big Health Insurers' Financial Records

Housing Recovery Is Looking A Lot Shakier Than Expected

Oklahoma City Community College: Reports of Gunman on OCCC Campus

Health insurance hikes stun small businesses

Russia Fumes At US Missile Defense Plan

Judge says she'll approve SC gov's (Sanford) divorce

Alvin Robertson Sex Trafficking Charges: Ex-All Star Wanted

Iraq to Rehire 20,000 Hussein-Era Army Officers

Crist: Independent run 'not going to happen'

Guatemala digs up graves in search for disappeared

Bunning holds floor: 'Tough s--t'

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday February 26

Icesave repayment talks collapse

Biden goes after Bunning; VP 'disappointed' by filibuster

UN to weigh lifting Saddam-era sanctions on Iraq

US offensive in bid to sell F-18 jets to Brazil

Special Ed teacher shot, killed at Tacoma school

House approves intel bill after removing provision penalizing cruel interrogations

AP sources: NY Gov. Paterson won't seek new term

Strong earthquake strikes off Japan (Tsunami warning issued)

Torture ruling passages critical of MI5 must be restored (Binyam Mohamed case)

US House would aid Argentine human rights trials by revealing dictatorship-era spy files

At Bush-Cheney Alumni Reunion, Bush Says Jimmy Carter’s Criticisms Made His Life ‘Miserable’

(John) Sweeney pleads guilty to downgraded DWI charge, faces 30 days

'Living wage' could be factor in govt contracts

Microsoft shuts down global spam network

AP source: Ethics panel finds Rangel broke rules

Thousands of Zelaya supporters renew protests in Honduras

Dem Rep (Nadler) Sends Yoo And Bybee Materials To Bar Associations For Potential Discipline

Leahy: Bush Era Memos Justified Torture

Marine Corps Commandant: Don't Change 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Frist says Senate Republicans using filibuster too much

Blackwater: 2 Sets Of Rules - 1 Image

Rachel Maddow: Blackwater crime spree in Afghanistan - Jeremy Scahill

Thom Hartmann - Has Obama's new Healthcare Plan blown up his secret pharma deal?

Thom Hartmann - It Could Happen Here w/ Bruce Judson

Thom Hartmann vs Mark Williams - Are Tea Party activists being used by racists &big corporations?

Village idiot cult racists, Rachel Maddow reports on zars and cult racisim

Ukraine President's inauguration

TYT Wrap Up of Health Care Summit

Nancy Skinner on Fox Business talking Obama dining with Bank CEOs

Out of touch Rep. Kline R-MN: Doesn't hear of complaints about insurance. Feel free to send all over

Nancy Skinner on Fox Business Talking Toyota recalls and gas prices

The Indelible Stamp of our Lowly Origin

Papantonio - CPAC: O'Keefe is Our Hero

Ron Paul's son in Senate primary debate(crazy)

The USA Took My Freedom Away

Instant Runoff Voting in San Francisco - What's the big deal?

Senator Donald McEachin at Virginia Organizing Project Health Care Rally

O'Reilly says 'Palin needs to go to College', HuffPo reports it, then Bill tries to dig out of hole

Filming Of Congressional Reality Show Disrupts Committee Meeting

Specter/Sestak: Question 6- Do You Support Comprehensive Immigration Reform?

Andrew Koenig: A Progressive Remembered By TYT

Obama Smacks Down Alexander / CNN's Fact Check: Democrat's Health Care Plan Will Lower Premiums

Health Care Summit ala RSU

Weir Speaks Out Against 'Offensive' Comments

@23:30 MaxKeiser talks about the next huge bubble to burst; CantorExchange-Film Futures

Dick Durbin: 'If You Think It's A Socialist Plot, Drop Out' Of Your Federal Health Program

Sen. Judd Gregg - reconciliation appropriate, supported by Senate rules... on March 16, 2005

TYT: Van Jones Explains Resignation - Cenk Not Buying It

Joe Stack, terrorist

Crowd Heckles Harold Ford Jr. On Gay Marriage Stance

Sen. Leahy calls for investigation of Yoo emails

Something is very wrong...don't you think?

The truth about the Mossad

Google Case In Italy Raises Web Freedom Concerns (NPR) {Berlusconi is Italian for "Big Brother"}

America's Circus of Shame

After the Summit nyt editorial

The Voters Will Pay.

Live remarks from Facebook users during Obama's Health Care Summit

Fairy Tale Rescue/Toxic Reality

Afflicting the Afflicted Krugman

Down With the People

National Equality vs. Tea Party: Which march matters for media?

Health Economists Urge Passage of Reform

Bill Clinton to Honor Canadian Women's Hockey Team

Behind the Tea Party Facade, Just Another Bush-League Republican

H-1B Visa Program Again Under Fire

Cenk Uygur:Take the Damn Vote

St. Petersburg Times: Rubio's dubious expenses demonstrate attitude of entitlement

David Sirota: Glenn Beck Finally Admitted His Great Desire: To 'Eradicate' Progressives

Ayn Rand, Hugely Popular Author and Inspiration to Right-Wing Leaders, Was Admirer of Serial Killer

John McCain at Health Care Summit: 'Have C-Span Cover My Prostate Exam'

Mr. President, excuse me, but sometimes you are too nice.

Anthrax Case Closing Challenged (Michael Collins, The Agonist)

Evidence That Little Touches Do Mean So Much

What the health-care summit taught us

Flying foxes to get no rest in Botanic Gardens

Nanotechnologists From the University of Pennsylvania Collaborate to Form Near-Frictionless Diamond

Scientists Glimpse Nanobubbles on Super Non-Stick Surfaces

Carnegie Mellon's Chris Hendrickson Leads Team Tracking How U.S. Industry Uses Scarce Water Resource

GE launches project to tackle AC:DC challenge

Pebble-bed nuclear reactor gets pulled

Whaling worsens carbon release, scientists warn (BBC)

Mass Audubon remains committed to wind turbine

Global Solar Energy's Thin Film CIGS Achieves 13.2 Percent Efficiency

Vast iceberg 'may disrupt ocean currents' (BBC)

Hungarian electric car splits into two smaller cars (!?)

Whaling worsens carbon release, scientists warn

ODAC Newsletter - Feb 26

Peak oil notes - Feb 25

Oilwatch Monthly February 2010

Drumbeat: February 26, 2010

Audio interview with Bill McKibben on what to make of the climate-science scandals.

University of East Anglia rejects lost climate data claims

UN to commission independent scientific inquiry into IPCC

Clearing the Air at American Ports

Mass Transit is As American as Apple Pie

Is the climate change movement splintering? (some are reasserting their radical roots)

Storm Clouds That Threatened Arizona’s Solar Industry Pass

There is no consensus!

Electric vehicle grants scheme backfires as taxpayers subsidise £87,000 sports cars

Weather Channel Bias

From ocean to ozone: Earth's nine life-support systems

RIP: Hummer, 1992-2010

Obit: Roger Taylor; fought proposed Meramec Dam

ICESat blinded, will be decommissioned.

Zero waste household. Update!

Incentives to rise for home solar arrays - A new law will double the cap on how much energy ...

Solar panel project would cover 70 acres of landfill in North Arlington and Kearny (NJ)

Huge iceberg breaks off Antarctica.

Women's Free Style Skating has begun.

Nordic event athletes have

Kornheiser and Wilbon are the John Stewarts of the Sports World

Can't we just enjoy the Sports Forum without all this REAL SPORTS FAN bullshit?

Can't we just enjoy the Sports Forum without all this bullshit?

WOW... just... WOW

Can't we just enjoy the NFL without all the hometown bullshit.

After the US Women's Hockey Team were presented with their Silver Medals...

Tiger in Rehab for Drugs, not Sex

Can't we just enjoy the Olympics without all the nationalistic bullshit.

CBC: IOC looks into celebrations by [Canadian] women's hockey team

6-0 USA, 13 minutes into Game vs Finland

I am downright giddy for 4:30 am PST (Man City v. Chelsea)

Today's Lindsay Vonn thread...**SPOLIER***

School of the Americas Lobby Days

Go to Cuba with Pastors for Peace

Guatemala digs up graves in search for disappeared

US House would aid Argentine human rights trials by revealing dictatorship-era spy files

Rabs was right in his prediction: Colombia Court Rejects Uribe Third-Term Bid, Caracol Radio Says

Cousin of Colombian President Uribe Arrested For Alleged Ties With Paramilitaries

Thousands of Zelaya supporters renew protests in Honduras

Dubai names fresh suspects in Hamas killing

Israel plans more homes for East Jerusalem

For Israel, every traveler is an ambassador

Arab source: Mitchell wanted to quit over U.S. bias for Israel

Clearing the Air at American Ports

L.A. Unions Send Caravan of Food, Hope to Locked-Out Rio Tinto Miners

Today in Labor History Feb 26 A coal slag heap doubling as a dam collapsed 118 died, 5,000 homeless

PA custody ruling gives equal rights to gay parents

Fighting Homophobia is a Religious Issue

Ammo recall

Change of pace..IDPA pistol.

Gun accidentally fires at Salt Lake airport

T minus 3 days and counting......

McDonald question on illegal immigrants for the legal gurus

For your viewing pleasure

Laurence Tribe, popularizer of the "militia clause," receives appointment...

The "Modern Sporting Rifle" is the new name for an assault weapon...

When a firearm is fired, what makes the "bang" and how do silencers work? nt

The Last Four Minutes Of AF447

Has anyone else read "On Intelligence"? by Jeff Hawkins?

Ancient Horned Crocodile Found—Ate Early Humans?

F troop to the rescue again

Mayor Daley Round Table Gun Case Discussion

Eight winter secrets

Looking to buy a camera and need some advice.

It's been a while, hasn't it?

Signs of Spring?

Hello everyone!! God's blessings on everyone from the bottom of my heart.

The Coleus Deva.....

The correct balance between Fernand Braudel and Ayn Rand

Call for probe on banks’ role in Greek crisis

Goodbye to AIG?

Fact Checking the Healthcare Summit

Take the Damn Vote on the Public Option, Harry!

Why Democrats want to cover 30 Million. The GOP 3 Million

Do toxins causes autism? (etc)

Former Stripper Claims Priest Fathered Baby

Obama aides to meet with atheists on White House grounds

Teachers to appeal mass firings at chronically troubled Central Falls, RI, high school

Chicago Board of Education votes to destroy eight more public schools..

Christians raid voodoo service in Haiti

The NY Times Article re. "Bad Teachers" in NYC.

Eva Moskowitz has special access to Schools Chancellor Klein - and support others can only dream of

Two high school seniors were left alone to run a 2nd grade P.E class

Central Falls. This ain’t bean bag.

What should I do with the red stems of my Swiss Chard?