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Harvard Prof Seems To Urge Genocide of Palestinians

Hate 2.0

Ok, these threats are illegal.

Cheney/GOP Hypocrisy

Weightlifting ant is photo winner

From the slacktivist on corporate lobbying

GOP has tried the 'anti-Pelosi' strategy before (PHOTO)

Toyota bragged about avoiding recall

I'm gonna have some 7 eleven coffee and a donut in the morning.

Obama Cleaning Up Bush's Economic Mess

US Obituary: I received this email from a friend. It can't be true......

Woman shoots at husband over tax return money

After 34 years, a tiny angel can finally rest in peace. Her killer (stepfather) has died in prison

The Yoga Cult How a Korean guru has created a fanatical following on college campuses that is part

Does anyone doubt that the people over at WorldNutDaily live in a magical made-up world? Anyone?

Salman Rushdie on Amnesty International...

Toyota vehicle problems reported in 2004 State Farm reported vehicle acceleration problems to NHTSA

The "Torture years" & The OPR Report: this era's 'Hiroshima'

So long ago, where are they NOW?

Shuttle Endeavour lands safely in Florida

Moment of Truth

I’m really enjoying the Meg Whitman ads out here in California

HuffPo - "The Republican Strategy: Covert Destruction at all Costs"

Which way does power flow in our society?

••••• Gasoline - sulfuric acid bomb at Cairo synagogue •••••

LOL Freeper knows the REAL reason SARAH QUIT! (DELUSIONAL)

Appeasing the Teabaggers: the Republics mea culpa?

An In-Depth Look At the Federal Budget

Newsweek - "Iceberg Ahead" - Attacks Climate Change Scientists - Corporate Media at Work

I have a cousin-in-law who is a big fan of Palin.

Rahm Emanuel Crosses Abbey Road Without Shoes

CPAC's goal is pretty clear to me.

CPAC's goal is pretty clear to me.

The Democratic Party needs to ask every senior citizen..

Video game commemorates Austin suicide pilot

'Cadillac tax' on health plans would hit union and nonunion jobs equally

Psychopathic mass-murdering cowards add 33 or maybe 21 or 23 more innocents

Timmy the Tool Pawlenty is really pushing his anti-tax creds.

Need source showing Tea Partyers don't know taxes went down.

Another Fiorina campaign ad faux pas: Scott Brown's mug!

Molotov cocktail thrown at Cairo synagogue

An Open Letter to Liz Cheney on Torture

I'll just leave this here.

Anyone know when Toyota began making cars in U.S?

Anyone know when Toyota began making cars in U.S?

Anyone know when Toyota began making cars in U.S?

Anyone know when Toyota began making cars in U.S?

EMI Says Abbey Road Studios Not For Sale

How many times will we watch the same movie over & over again hoping it'll end differently?

When I watch speed skating, I find myself cheering for the orange

A new way to discriminate (a rant)

Reconciliation is fine and well but which one?

Reconciliation is fine and well but which one?

China's Pearl River manufacturing hub 'lacks workers' (BBC)

Controversial Obama statue back in public view

Petraeus sees progress in 2 campaigns


Here's a web site that warms my heart.

Here's a web site that warms my heart.

surge update: Afghan officials: Airstrike kills 27 civilians

surge update: Afghan officials: Airstrike kills 27 civilians

Here is how I understand what is happening on Health Care

Up Or Down. - Bring On The Vote. Majority Rules - 22 Feb 10

Abortion Clinic Firebombing Caught on Video

HCR Reconcilitation Thread (updated daily) We're getting closer!!!

JP Morgan's thumbs...

CNN is talking about sort of just how

NONE of the Haitian "orphans" are orphans. Not ONE.

Toyota starts to fight back (this is going to be fun to watch)

CIA Accountability Hits New Lows

Tim Geithner's VOGUE Interview: Geithner Was Asked To Run Citi

"Anyone can be rational. That doesn't mean you're not racist, sexist, bigoted, or stupid."

"Anyone can be rational. That doesn't mean you're not racist, sexist, bigoted, or stupid."

Anybody remember a thread about why Tea Baggers never rallied, protested, whatever

Typical - Fox not covering POTUS speech at WH

Typical - Fox not covering POTUS speech at WH

Toyota Trumpeted $100M Saved on Recall

NYPD cops fatally shoot Bronx man who bashed mother with frying pan

Michael Hanley, GM Autoworker, Commutes 1,000 Miles To Keep Job

Chapter 9....the coming wave

some lovely cpac pics...

Ben & Jerry's to make items fair trade

Should/can Toyota be charged with manslaughter or murder?

Another "snow day" in Michigan!! YAY!!!! n/t

Another "snow day" in Michigan!! YAY!!!! n/t

Republicans vote against stimulus and then ask Obama for help

Another "snow day" in Michigan!! YAY!!!!

Doesn't This Make You Proud?

Doesn't This Make You Proud?

A bigger mistake than not passing health care

Bulgarians said NO to modified crops

Wife claims abuse led her to kill Olympian husband

The stench of fascism

Biotech Battle Escalates; India Prepares to Sue GMO Giants

How the White House Health Plan Compares

I've come to see why the Right loves Reagan so much

Fox News scrambles to discredit CPAC after Ron Paul wins presidential poll

Saudi to grant women court access

Britain: Top economists demand austerity measures

Britain: Top economists demand austerity measures

Terrorism By Any Name


Poland admits role in CIA rendition

Capitalistic Insanity: China, replete with empty new skyscrapers, keeps building more....

Bybee’s Lawyer: Bybee Distracted from Torture Memo because Protecting Cheney’s Energy Task Force

San Francisco Chronicle: B-word being thrown around Capitol

New Olympic Event: "Which Country Has the Best Health Care for All Their Citizens?"

Are you a member of the NRA?

Are you a member of the NRA?

Last chance for a public option on the White House website.

Don Siegelman on (7:12 am ET) XM Radio (Ch. 169 "The Power") right now (also streaming)

Quebec sportscasters suggest Johnny Weir should undergo "gender testing"

Dear Mr. President

Thomas Jefferson on banks...

Thomas Jefferson on banks...

Constitution and Executive and military power

Joe Stack's daughter says he was a hero for crashing

LOL! Fox graphic calls J.D. Hayworth a "Former Arizona Congresswoman"

Surprise! Bushies use latest capture of Taliban leader to criticize the Left and Obama admin

The Plumline: Polls: In Key States, Public Option Far More Popular Than Senate Plan

That racial profiling at airports idea isn't going to work is it?

Evan Bayh's letter on why he retired

A Solution for Funding Health Care for Everyone.

Huckabee nails CPAC after dismal straw poll finish

Hey folks. . .question time. How much of all these crappy decisions Obama has made

Chris Hayes' Speech At Sum of Change/Grow the Hope House Meeting

Grim Milestone: Today the War in Afghhanistan surpasses the American Revolutionary War in length

Must-Read: American Takfiris - The Justifiers Of Torture

Must-Read: American Takfiris - The Justifiers Of Torture

Chavez Ally Quits Venezuela Socialist Party, Asks for Dialogue

Summary of Obama's Health Plan

Venezuelan lawmaker denies legal reform aimed to control the Internet

Once HCR is on the books, can they start adding things?

Joe Lieberman to Take Lead on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" in Senate

The warlord accused of letting Bin Laden escape Tora Bora has been blown up.

Allowing health insurers to sell across state lines is a BAD idea

Okay ..... who is this guy on MSNBC who buldozed his house to spite his bank?

Gov. Crist was asked about GOP legislators saying that the stimulus bill created "no jobs" and...

march towards Washington, D.C.

Dana Perino - still a liar, still an idiot

scientologists hire Pulitzer/Emmy winners to "investigate" their enemies

Help me out. I think I have the solution to everything.

LA Times: Study on religion finds young adults less affiliated but not less believing

So I guess we can now give up on the fallacy the Prez supports a Public Option?

Winograd on Daily Kos Breaking America's Addiction to War & Debt

The Rude Pundit: Glenn Beck's Idiot History for Idiot America

Could the US Senate be any more inefficient?

The TIGER Roars for Rail and Mass Transit

The TIGER Roars for Rail and Mass Transit

The TIGER Roars for Rail and Mass Transit

The TIGER Roars for Rail and Mass Transit

Anyone else wonder what happens after the Committee on Oversight & Govt. Reform has hearings?

'Cadillac tax' on health plans would hit union and nonunion jobs equally

Surprise! Obama's health plan drops public option

How important is music to our society?

PCCC Petition: A Good Bill Not Just A Bipartisan Bill

Rehearsals for a Civil War

TWO Epic Fails! Bob Marshall insults disabled children/parents and lists his CELL # on his website.

Question for recovering addicts who work with other addicts

An awful conservative Democrat - Please sign this petition

Another Carly Fiorina (R) campaign ad EPIC FAIL.

Thank you, to whoever just gave me a donor star!

Toyota's Recalls May Help Man Convicted Of Vehicular Homicide

Anyone else watching the USA vs Canada hockey game?

Burris reading Washington's Farewell Address on the Senate Floor.

Live on C-SPIN.. Armed Services Committee...Afghan

What if they changed Social Security to where you received it every 33-34 days instead of 30

For those Rahm apologists: Terry Gross Interview w Sunlight Foundation Writer

The Writer missed the memo forbidding positive stories for Obama

Chile's museum of terror and survival - GlobalPost

Andrea Mitchell can kiss my Ass -- what a rw shill she is

Intercepted Wing-nut E-mail

Anonymous Racist Threats Against Students At My University

Simple yes/no gun ownership poll -

If there was any doubt how inadequate and irrelevant the TV news is,

Fox News Scrambles To Discredit CPAC After Ron Paul Straw Poll Win

The Torture Memo Author You've Never Heard Of

Hoo-boy: Two-Thirds of Americans Think Iran Already Has the Bomb

Can this be true? New H C Reform does not include Public Option? I can't believe it!

Anti-Worker Health Insurance Tax Remains In President Obama's "reform" Proposal

Most racist Freeper thread I've seen in years.

Josh Mandel Doesn't know his district or his voting record

China's Pearl River manufacturing hub 'lacks workers'

Happy 75th Birthday to the Village Vanguard

Happy 75th Birthday to the Village Vanguard

Obama health plan codifies "Cadillac" tax, but willing to delay taxing health plans until 2018

When buying health insurance is MANDATORY, could ANYONE object to government rate regulation?

'Chekov' from Star Trek needs our good vibes! His son ('Growing Pains" star) is missing

Hannah Giles to Max Blumenthal "James is man he can't have a menstrual cycle"

A possible smackdown in the Senate - Wapo

Oil Rises To $80 On French Strike

Facebook Fans new group

Obama's HCR proposal trims individual mandate penalty

Marijuana Use by Seniors Rises as Boomers Age

Tweety just had one of those great moments

Evan Bayh blames the people

Can you imagine the rehearsals that Republicans are going through right now to prep for Thursday?

U.S. Special Ops Ordered Deadly Afghan Strike (May Have Not Followed Rules of Engagement)

ABC News: Expert says electronic design flaw to blame in runaway Toyota models

ACORN 'dissolved as a national structure'

Why do Republicans spin even illness?


How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Journalist?

1000 soldiers in Afghanistan have died. and god knows how many civilians

Max Baucus has the same voice as John Boehner.

Florida water managers tell homeowners who lost homes to sinkholes...they are on their own.

Calif. Insurance Comm. Finds Blue Cross Violations

Meet The Real Victim Of Last Week's Terror Attack On IRS Building - Vietnam Vet, Vernon Hunter

"Indiana Dems Need Populist Mellencamp, Not Blue Dog Ellsworth"

In 20 years I could reduce Healthcare cost in half

Fuck you Kurt Volker

Did yall see NATURE on ETV about Burmese pythons loose in Florida?

The Reconciliation Letter -- Is there a site that shows who has

This week in history: 25 years ago: Mass rally of US farmers

Oh oh Scott Brown voted for the Jobs Bill

Most Newsweek staffers agree: The word "terrorist" should be reserved to foreigner attackers only

Health Valley organic granola bars. Got 'em?

Missouri SAVES Tax Loophole For Yachts, Considers Cutting School Budgets

Drop HCR NOW! Make the Capitalist bastards COMPETE for our money!

Drop HCR NOW! Make the Capitalist bastards COMPETE for our money!

VA State Delegate makes a mind boggling claim

The Amazing Arrogance of the American Military Promoting Good Governance in Afghanistan

An awful conservative Democrat (MoveOn)

Scientologists Hire Journalists to Investigate Journalists

How many yrs, yes yrs before the "bloom" box is proven too good to be true???

Are any of you shorting Toyota stock? It would seem to make some sense.

Why no flash on the iPad?

Patriotism dilemma: What should Americans wear at the Olympics?

DO NOT F*** with 75 years of success.

An American Attack On Iran Would Lead To US Collapse Says Top Russian General

(HI)State Abortion Law Repeal Now Appears to be Certainty(1970)

ABC Nightly News - Toyota

MNSBC TV: Time for Ed to tear apart TeaPAC!

Schadenfreude time: RW Hate Radio's Rodgers fired in SF

Sunday, CNN said there were 10K at CPAC over the weekend...

Vernon Hunter's son is tearing Stack and his daughter

Kos welcomes Charlie Crist into the Democratic Party

Kos welcomes Charlie Crist into the Democratic Party

Ed, Ed, ED!!!

Spycams - one issue I haven't seen raised.

The Spy at Harrinton High (webcam case)

Good news - Peru poison frog reveals secret of monogamy :)

Thank you President Obama for the extra $800.00 off our taxes.

msnbc ed show - 22 dem senators have signed on for public option

Rising Gasoline prices will choke off any improvement in the Economy.

Monday Toons, Part 3:

ACORN 'dissolved as a national structure'

Legislator: Disabled kids are God's punishment

Is this a new scam or one that finally landed on my doorstep:

U.S. Crimes Against Humanity: Don't Ask, Don't Tell

monday Toons, Part 2

Top Fed Official Warns Jobs Will Be Scarce As 'Paradigm Shift' Slows Hiring

33 more civilians killed by McChrystal and his NATO allies

Group works to disbar torture lawyers Bybee, You and Gonzales

So Brown crossed party lines on his second major vote in the Senate, huh? Sided with the Democrats.

So Brown crossed party lines on his second major vote in the Senate, huh? Sided with the Democrats.

Bad Health Care Bill + Compromise = CRAP

Bad Health Care Bill + Compromise = CRAP

Theft (of fallen soldier's belongings) sparks fury in military town

Color me grumpy.

Here's my simple proposal for lowering the unemployment rate:

Am I the only one who thinks the Senate is biased towards states where few liberals live?

Am I the only one who thinks the Senate is biased towards states where few liberals live?

Pataki Misleads On Life Expectancy Gap

ABC News: Expert says electronic design flaw to blame in runaway Toyota models

HCR Reconciliation Thread (update) (I am pissed off!!!)

I read here that the NYT is not suitable for wrapping fish anymore

More Intercepted Wingnut E-mails

The municipality of Juneau Alaska just passed a resolution saying

Do you think a fifteen year old can form coherent political views ?

My two cents, Toyota DID put profits ahead of customer safety

“The Fat Lady Has Sung “ (NY Times)

An awful conservative Democrat - Please sign this petition

Tim Geithner's VOGUE Interview, WSJ Profile: Geithner

Legislator: Disabled kids are God's punishment

Legislator: Disabled kids are God's punishment

Free Republic is, quite simply, a hate site. It's not a conservative site

Joe Stack's daughter: Dad was a " maybe people will listen"

Ice Shelves Disappearing on Antarctic Peninsula

Democratic jobs bill passes cloture, will go to a majority vote: 68 - 30

No MSNBC at W Hotels

"could you live on $39,000 a year?"

The Surreal World of Chatroulette

3 NYC police officers acquitted in sodomy case

PNHP requests invitation to Feb. 25 White House health summit

Obama’s New Health Insurance Rate Authority: New Policy or Just More Cynical Politics?

More Olympic shit about which to argue .... "Women's" vs "Ladies"

FDIC Calls Upon Consumers to Save and Build Wealth

I get so tired of seeing all the homeless here....

Surprised and shocked. This Chevy is one of the nicest cars I've driven.

Glenn Greenwald: The GOP's "small government" tea party fraud

Prediction: people will soon be openly advocating debtors' prisons. Convince me I'm wrong.

(DOD) US trying to avoid Afghan deaths but war is 'ugly'

John Yoo

Post your evidence that the Bush years were a Corporate Free-For-All. Mine: Toyota.

VA Legislator: Disabled children are God's way of saying you shouldn't have had that abortion

Approaching the BI -PARTISAN Health Care Summit. Visual of my expectations. (cartoon)

Poland admits role in CIA rendition programme

Mandate Penalty Increases From 2% to 2.5% In President’s Health Care Bill

Obama Health Care Bill: President To Propose Insurance Rate Limits

Obama Health Care Bill: President To Propose Insurance Rate Limits

Monday Toons, Part 4

Steve King To Conservatives: 'Implode' IRS Offices

Dr Margaret Flowers confronts Obama in Denver

Talk about an unabashed regressive tax, here's how car sales tax works in SC:

Chris Hedges: Boycott FedEx

I think Obama just checkmated the GOP on health care!

In Key States, Public Option Far More Popular Than Senate Plan

Laptop camera snapped away in one classroom (2008 webcast by network tech)

Toyota: Democrats 'not industry friendly'

Toyota: Democrats 'not industry friendly'

Obama Health Care Plan Drops Public Option

Joe Stack's Daughter Calls Dad a Hero, Plane Attack 'Inappropriate'

Anti-choice Zealots, Democrats for Life Long Term Strategy to Turn the Party Anti-Choice is WORKING

Letters Reveal Top GOP Lawmakers Demanded Stimulus Money

Monday Toons, Part 1

You know you're a teabagger when...

86% in poll say government is broken

LA Times: Guns are now permitted -- but not necessarily welcomed -- in national parks

LA Times: Guns are now permitted -- but not necessarily welcomed -- in national parks

Utah Bill Criminalizes Miscarriage

McCain: I was misled on financial bailout

Luis Posada Update: 3 Month Delay

So Scott Brown decides he wants to remain a Senator

No, the American Olympic medalists aren't all a bunch of rich kids

Your Cell Phone Is A Tracking Device

a little part time work in Seattle

Jay Leno's guest 2nd night back - Sarah Palin

NATO airstrike kills at least 27 **MORE** civilians in Afghanistan - Goddamn it.

Fresh Air's Interview w Sunlight Foundation Writer on the Deal between PhRMA and the WH

Do you agree w/this quote from George Carlin re Bipartisanship?

Rahm is done. Thank God.

Justice Department to take Toyota before Grand Jury

White supremacist group eyes John Day, Oregon for new HQ

Public Option Whip List - just went up by two from 20 to 22 while I was on the phone

The New Poor

Groom killed sat his own wedding by celebratory gunshot.

Hypocrisy Alert: 91 House Republicans Take Credit for the Economic Bills They Opposed

INSURANCE DENIED: Iowa woman struggles to pay her medical bills after she was denied health care

Do Not Resuscitate the ‘Public Option’ it is not Medicare for All!!!

Breitbart Forced to 'Apologize' for 'Apparently' Lying About ACORN 'Pimp' Story; Melts down at CPAC

"meta-DU" issue: If Democrats do not stand for Democratic party principles

Is the "Magic" Alternative Energy Bloom Box for Real?

California proposes registry for animal abusers (like the one for sex offenders)

Did you know that it's illegal for migrant workers

Birth defects do not just disappear!

Republican men get a taste of their own medicine

Outrage over UCSD party mocking black culture

Outrage over UCSD party mocking black culture

Outrage over UCSD party mocking black culture

Can a poor kid medal in the Winter Games?

Attempt to ban the book "Nickeled and Dimed" about woman surviving as waitress

13th Annual Homelessness Marathon, Detroit

Phyliss Schlafly: Coakley lost because, like most feminists, she is "physically unappealing"

This is why allowing guns in National Parks is a terrible idea.

Requiring Female Students To Wear Skirts In UK Schools May Soon Be Illegal?

Requiring Female Students To Wear Skirts In UK Schools May Soon Be Illegal?

Judge Rakoff Nails JP Morgan

Profile: Harry Mason Reid, Senate Majority Leader

Charter school exec led hearing to let his school invade a Bronx trade school.

The new Possum

Obama Health Care Plan Drops Public Option

One Lawsuit to Stop Them All

Why Trickle Down Economics failed

The Revolution Is Being Televised

Robert Pattinson at the BAFTAs

I just want to say Compulsory Ice Skating sucks!

before there was Avatar...

Rangers-Devils on tonight.

You know who the absolutely sweetest person on this site is? Flvegan


I'm going to have 7 coffees and 11 donuts in the morning.

Yodel-like cheering Winter Olympics

This thread may become too thready. Please don't respond if you don't want to contribute to an

Do they have a different woman commenting on Olympic

Geithner at the grocery store.

After quitting cold turkey four months ago, I've once again picked up the habit

Congratulate me. I'm going on a date Wednesday!

Today is ALAN RICKMAN's birthday. Did his fan club do anything?

Best division in dog show

Something I just realized about the Olympics

Is facebook down?

Snippy bird!!

Any Big Love fans here? Did you see tonight's episode?

"The Reader" (2008) with Ralph Fiennes & Kate Winslet ... (SPOILERS)

Undercover Boss - that show really bugs me

"Children of Men" is such a good film that even showing it on SyFy can't fuck it up

RSS feed

A poll of utmost imporatnce

Why isn't juggling an Olympic sport?

Miscellany & Serendipity

Gil Scott-Heron - Home Is Where The Hatred Is

Census job= lost meds!

I've bookmarked so many DU threads this morning, it will probably

If Bono asked you to share your Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, would you?

Baywatch Nights?

Check out this new comedy starring David Cross. NSFW language.


Everybody Knows....

Another "snow day" in Michigan!! YAY!!!!

I'm gonna have some 7 eleven coffee and a donut in the morning.

Boner from 'Growing Pains' is missing

To make up for yesterdays "for the ladies"...

I have a confession to make. Please don't think less of me.

I'm sorry, I can no longer vote for Obama in 2012

** Official Yankees V. Canucks Olympic Hockey Thread **

Do you think this is a good idea for some extra cash on the side?

Sure, we may have beaten Canada in Hockey but let's face it....

A salute and an "I miss you" to a long-time DU-er who hasn't been around for ages: Kellenved.

How about today's earworm that makes you sick!

If you're talking to a potential date online and they mention they have 13 piercings...

I got me a Star Trek communicator pin!

What's the best way to wash your New Balance/Nike/Avia, etc., running/walking shoes?

Whatever happened to Rickrolls?

We might get a little snow tomorrow, maybe not as far as Houston.

PICS: Oh well, a touch of grey kind of suits "Joey" from "Friends" anyway, that is all I had to say

How big are your thumbs?

Just got back from Cuba. Interesting vacation!

Just getting back from a much needed vacation....

I just want to show Curling rocks!

Who here has heard of Chatroulette?

Wilmington, DE to host first ever Snuggie Bar Crawl

I need to stay up really late tonight. Ask me anything.

Bank of America sucks. But you knew that, didn't you?

Faces of America on PBS...

The evils of corporations, part one million

Epic Beard Man and Amber Lamps have to be the best internet memes ever

Recruiter Says That I Am Too Serious. I Need To Lighten Up For the Job Interview Tomorrow

Yes I freely admit to it ..

Stephen King's "Under the Dome:" Am I the only one who saw Dick Cheney and George Bush in that?

want a Monday laugh? (pics from Sat's Jimmy Buffett show)

If Sony Bono asked you to share your Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, would you?

Ya know, Anchor Steam is a damn fine beer!

I'd been confusing Haig and Watts all morning long.

Movies: so-called "Minor" works that you think deserve better than that.

Nature's Way

After seeing those pics of John Paul Jones, I'm totally jonesin' for some Led Zeppelin

I'm earning a PhD in an area of social sciences.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/22/09

PICS: who or what does my strawberry with a mouth look like?

I just found my old mp3 player and found a song I love: Comfortably Numb....

Worst play you've ever went to?

How important is music to our society?

OMFG! The ads!

DU PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUCEMENT: Polls on Best Bass Players MUST include this man....

Watched "Inglorious Basterds" last night. It was OK.

Forty-seven is going to be a good year.

What is your favorite one-word curse name to call someone (warning: Cal Peg's fav word inside)

Your opinion on trepanning, (aka - drilling a hole in your head)

So it appears to be "Insensitive Motherfucker Day" in GD.

Are you still friends with any of your exes?

Advice wanted: Should I punish my doggie or not?

Does your regular speaking voice sound like that of any famous person?

OK you get to be dropped in for 24 hours into any music 'scene' - which is it?

This is a picture of me and my Grandparents puppy, Skosh.

What odd food traditions do you have in your family?

I turn 40 in June

Obama to Urge Oversight of Insurers’ Rate Increases

****Heads Up: POTUS speaking NOW!!! at the Govs Ball.****

Petraeus Takes On Cheneyism

President Obama toasts governors and their bipartisanship

This week in health care reform: time for Republicans to put up or shut up.

The wishful thinking poll

Firedoglake: Rahm is out because his spirtual balance is out of step with Michelle Obama's!


Details of President's health plan leaked last night

Have media or republicans done anything surprising?

In a time of budget cuts, yacht sales sail through untaxed in Missouri

Top GOP "McConnell: 'Not clear' if GOP can stop reconciliation on health care."

**** Heads Up: POTUS to Speak to Govs (Including Discussion of HC Proposal) Live! ****

"Many employers would almost certainly drop coverage result of Coburn-Ryan HCR alternative."

Dana Milbank: Obama should listen to Rahm. Liberals don't know what they're doing

Democratic senatorial candidates vie to be seen as outsiders

Obama's health care bill: nothing new in my opinion

Ambinder's Overview of the President's HCR Proposal...

Same Climate Change Denial groups also promoted the lie that smoking didn't cause cancer

Wonkroom's Comparison Table Between the House, Senate and WH's HCR Plans....

The deficit, debt and burgeoning money supply will create runaway inflation...

Bayh Says New Sen. Brown May Be Part Of 'Cure'

In case you still think Republicans are decent people.

Polls: In Key States, Public Option Far More Popular Than Senate Plan

When I saw Dick Cheney snarling with a guffaw saying Obama "will be a one-term President", I thought

The thing I want to know about HCR (or HIR, more accurately)...

GOP Stimulus Hypocrisy Gets Even More Embarrassing

GAME ON.... (and we can still get a public option)

(Summary Text) "The President's Proposal"

I don't know why some people are saying Rahm Emanuel fed Dana Milbank info for his last column

"Obama’s provision ... protects consumers from unreasonable rate increases..."

"Labor scores victory on excise tax in Obama's health plan"

Franken on health care reform: “We can’t let the perfect be the enemy of the very good.”

WH to Release HCR proposal at 10am EST Tomorrow...

Photos: "Thou Shalt Have No Other Obamas Before Me" (The Obama Presidency 2/21/10)

Rahm's Parting Shot Foretold by My Dry Cleaner

Clyburn believes House will pass health bill by even wider margin

Kinder tells college GOP he's running

North Carolina Primaries

Pelosi Statement on President Obama’s Health Insurance Reform Proposal

Rep. John Dingell to seek 28th term in Congress

Griffith setting stage for Congressional bid

Oh the horrors! (Fox Noise is at it again)

Hill 'open to the idea' of Senate bid

GOP Still Won't Take 'Yes' For An Answer

White House: Our Health Care Fixes Can Pass Without GOP Support

Canada, LOL

if bin laden is captured during this afghan offensive, what do

Jobs bill passes cloture vote

Dean Group Helping Bennet

We will find out if the President really wants the Public Option.

A thank you letter to Obama on Social Security comment:

Hey Cheney and the Rest of the Treasonous Posse!

I support the president's HCR proposal

White House: If GOP Filibusters, We’ll Pass Health Reform Via Reconciliation

It's a good thing that the First Lady is dealing with childhood obesity...

"President Obama took the Senate health care bill and stripped special deals "

Poll: Gillibrand Leads Ford 42-16

Drudge reports "Climate scientists withdraw claims of rising sea levels..." Why withdraw the claims?

Public option whip count update

Rahm Emanuel takes heat over Dana Milbank column

Daughter says pilot in Texas IRS crash was a hero... this is nuts

SEIU Statement on President Obama's Healthcare Reform Proposal

Am I rarity in progressive circles? I like Rahm Emanuel, James Carville, Howard Dean & Cynk Uygur

We tend to be very optimistic. That's why we believe the P.O. has a chance

"Republican Ideas"

Ah, the pukes ANSWER to "what would Jesus do?" as heard on Cspan this a.m.

Statement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on White House Health Care Proposal

Isn't rate regulation better than a PO (which is a market based solution anyways)?

Reid Announces Senate Dem Attendees For White House Health Care Summit

The President's bill proves that there is always room for complaining

The Guardian ran a misleading headline on climate scientists' claim

Repubs, Obama Warned You, He Gave You Sincere Opportunities To Cooperate, Now He Will Fuck You Up

Gibbs Explains Why Obama Didn't Include Public Option

Healthcare summit on Thursday to be nationally televised. Anyone

Lieberman wants to lead charge to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

Do you support or oppose the President's health care reform proposal?

Scott Brown voted for cloture on the job bill. Hilarious wingnuts freakout:

Thank you Mr. President!!! My Credit Card bill just arrived:

I have been right, so far, about the Public Option.

You know who the absolutely freakiest person on this site is? Dr. Strange

If a PICTURE is worth a thousand words.....

Maybe too many people who want the Public Option are not making themselves clear to our

Yeah, I'll say it, I'm proud of Obama's proposal, and I LIKE IT.

Canadian ambassador feared he was a 'NAFTAgate' scapegoat

Documents: Toyota Boasted Saving $100M On Recall

'Cadillac tax' on health plans would hit union and nonunion jobs equally

Obama wants federal power to block excessive health insurance rate hikes

GOP senators won't boycott Obama's healthcare summit, leader says

New Obama health proposal would limit rate hikes

Service chiefs to testify before Congress on gay ban

Suicide blast kills Afghan tribal chief in Nangarhar

Poland admits role in CIA rendition programme

McCain: I was misled on financial bailout

Marijuana Use by Seniors Rises as Boomers Age

Toyota receives grand jury subpoena (and SEC) for documents

Obama Health Care Plan Drops Public Option

Republicans Voting Against Stimulus Then Asked Obama for Money

China's Pearl River manufacturing hub 'lacks workers'

Legislator: Disabled kids are God's punishment

Report Seeks Sole Agency to Rebuild War Zones

Obama Health Care Plan Drops Public Option

About 50 Turkish commanders held over coup plot

Ice Shelves Disappearing on Antarctic Peninsula

Eyeing Israel, EU condemns identity theft in Dubai assassination

"Star Trek" veteran's actor son missing in Canada

Iraqi families slaughtered in pre-election sectarian atatck

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday February 22

Trial for Luis Posada continues to drag

France says Total strike will not cause petrol shortage

Goldman Sachs Says Greek Swaps Not ‘Inappropriate’

(ABC news) Exclusive: Ex-Gitmo Detainee Now Working for U.S.

NYC terrorism suspect set to plead guilty

Greece Trades Should Have Been Less Opaque: Goldman

Doomsday Predictions Tax Illinois

Google selling power like a utility

'19 Afghan Civilians Killed By Nato Jets'

NYC terrorism suspect cites subway attack plan

The Humiliation WILL Be Televised - Part DUH!

Chico pot grower must return to prison after years of freedom

Texas Suicide Pilot's Daughter Calls Dad a Hero, IRS Plane Attack 'Inappropriate'

1 in 4 states cut back on mammograms

Iran to build new uranium enrichment plants in mountains

Continental Eliminating 600 Call Center Jobs

Lieberman to take lead on Don't Ask, Don't Tell repeal

Hundreds rally with Franken to pass health care reform

(Mullah) Omar, Osama in 'safe havens' in Pakistan: Burney

Scott Brown to back Democrats' jobs bill (The final vote tally was 62-30)

Obama to Urge Oversight of Insurers Rate Increases (Give Fed Gov New Power To Block Excessive Rates)

Bayh says new Sen. Brown may be 'cure'

Expert: Electronic Design Flaw Linked to Runaway Toyotas

New Evidence of Runaway Toyotas May Help Imprisoned Camry Owner

Anthem Blue Cross: State Regulator Finds More Than 700 violations

Obama wants students prepared for college, careers

Toyota labeled Obama administration 'not industry friendly'

Robert Greenwald discusses Stop the Kennedy Smears on Inside Edition

For-Profit Medicare Advantage Plans See Big Premium Hike

CPAC Speaker Condemns CPAC For Allowing Gay Conservative Group

Obama Prepares New Health Plan

Wile E. Coyote finally gets the Road Runner

KO: Jon Turley reacts to the OLC report exonerating Bybee and Yoo.

Powell Rebuffs Cheney on National Security

Afghans hate US backed war lords

Rachel Maddow Exposes Rep. Aaron Schock's Recovery Act Hypocrisy

Hitler and the Tory Election Poster Campaign

Brothers S1E3 part 3 of 3

Pesticides in the Air, Kids at Risk

Bill Moyers & Jeff Toobin talk about Citizens United, the corrupt Supreme Court, CJ Roberts

Christopher Hitchens on the Ten Commandments, Haiti, Mother Theresa

Citizens United v. FEC Ruling Puts Words in Politicians' Mouths, Lets Money Frame the Debate

Liberalviewer: Sarah Palin Says Only Americans Worthy of Rights?

Struggling Female War Vets

TYT: Cenk Praises Obama Pakistan Strategy, Slams Bush/Fox & Friends

Evan Bayh Gets Grilled On 'The View,' Is Told He 'Sounds Like Sarah Palin'

TYT: Cenk laughs at Beck's self-comparison to Thomas Paine. A must see.

Dallas Tea Party Invites White People at MSNBC

Fuck It

Schwarzenegger slams GOP on stimulus hypocricy

Bill Maher on AC360 points out the truth about Evan Bayh - corporatist scum.

TYT Network Launch: What The Flick?! & Sam Seder Episode Coming Soon!

School Laptop Spying Case Goes to Court

Young Emiratis make a point with cartoons

The credit crunch has shattered America's 'neoliberal dream'

Pyongyang Reports an Aging, Less Healthy Population

Why Washington Is Tied Up in Knots - Time Magazine

Michael Smerconish: For Me, the Party Is Over

George Washington, and his slave Hercules

The flailing falsehoods of America's war criminals

Facts are stubborn things, but they are still facts

The Bankruptcy Boys

Who Broke America’s Jobs Machine?

Republicans gained by obstructing, Democrats lost by reaching out/ Chris Bowers

Our Plutocracy: A Sobering New Portrait

Without more federal help, states might cut Medicaid


Poverty in childhood can shape neurobiology: study

Why the Little Guy Matters

More Palin Hypocrisy: Tripp Has Government Provided Health Insurance - Huffington Post

The Brain Mistrust

Congress Parties With the Big Money

Animal rights activists strip to protest in Madrid

Jim Harding's Column

Arctic tern's epic journey mapped

Do European bats hold key to saving US cousins?

Timber toxins could be poisoning town

EPA unveils Great Lakes restoration plan

Peak Oil Review - Feb 22

Drumbeat: February 21, 2010

Madeira Flood Update - 42 Dead; Single Day's Rainfall Exceeded Monthly Average Total

column on new film re natural gas mining and fracking

"Who Killed the Electric Car?" sequel update

Survey: Utilities believe nuclear, wind have most potential to serve environmental needs

Latest Weapon In Australia's Fight Against Invasive Cane Toads - Canned Cat Food - Reuters

AAAS Annual Meeting - "No Change Whatsoever" In Warming Concensus - 2000 - 2010 Still Warmest Ever

National Science Foundation researcher discusses Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

White-Nose Disease Confirmed In TN Bats As Epidemic Spread Continues - SciAm

U.S. turns to Sweden as model in nuclear waste storage

Governments 'misjudging' scale of CO2 emissions

Atmosopheric Methane Levels Rising "Significantly" Since 2007 - More Info @ 2/22-23 R.S. Conference

Caterpillar Joins FutureGen "Clean Coal" Partners -

From "Wow! Who Knew?" Department - Japan Opposes Bluefin Tuna Ban - AFP

NE Will Spread 86 Tons Of Coal Ash On Platte River Ice To Speed Breakup, Avoid Floods

Details On TVA Ash Spill - 2.6 Million Pounds Of Toxics - 140K Lbs Arsenic, 640K Lbs Vanadium, More

60 Minutes Story on "Bloom Box" (home fuel cell)

Is that a rug on Costas'

what's that click?

What's with this Dallas Cowboy's star on Ryan Miller's helmet?

The Onion Guide to the Olympic Athletes

The US Hockey Team is wearing the same uniforms as 50 years ago-

US shocks Canada, wins 5-3

Women should stay away from Jimmy Johnson

At last, the definitive version of O Canada

Former No. 1 Ivanovic hires Graf’s former coach

Manu Ginobli is the biggest flopper ever

Joannie Rochette's mother dies suddenly (Canadian women skater)

Sorry Joey but I'm finding that Curling is much more interesting than the Figure Skating

That was a heck of an open net goal at the end

I was wrong about Bode Miller

Woo-hoo! US women reach gold medal hockey game!!!!

Manny* says it's his final year with Dodgers*

You know, every winter Olympics I become very anti-Russian...

AP IMPACT: Haiti flight logs detail early chaos

Venezuelan lawmaker denies legal reform aimed to control the Internet

Chavez Ally Quits Venezuela Socialist Party, Asks for Dialogue

Wow. The propaganda is hot and heavy today re Venezuela.


Iran Invites Israeli Bombers to Visit its Nuclear Facilities

Gaza training camp blast kills Hamas militant

Eyeing Israel, EU condemns identity theft in Dubai assassination

Israel suspends mail service after letter-bomb found

Turkish charity will try to break Gaza blockade

Israel Unveils New Drone Fleet That Can Reach Iran

Wake Up, Jewish Left!

EU initiative: Recognition of Palestinian state by next year

Jerusalem families come out against museum built on ancestors' graves

Clashes after Hebron mosque declared Israeli heritage site

Israel makes life very hard for Palestinians, says ICRC

Today in Labor History Feb 33 end political corruption, spread the wealth, and combat the oppression

My response to LTTE Re:Congress threatens union member rights (Local Rag)

Withers: A peek into a young hockey player’s closet

Since Keith Olbermann hasn't apologized for his transphobic remark, I renamed my Star Trek Ship

Petraeus: Troops may not care if gay ban repealed

Colorado State University thinking of banning handguns on campus...

Utah Legislature: 'Flashing' of guns has broad support ...

Simple yes/no gun ownership poll -

Will Scalia Prevent Incorporation of the Second Amendment?

Are you a member of the NRA?

Yesterday I had an interesting converation with a rabid anti-gunner

light at the top of the falls

A proposal

The alien invasion has begun

Another side of Anchorage

Mild February

As the snow melts and 20 seconds.


HDR Experiment: Golden Gate Bridge

Reincarnation's Waiting Room

For any of you interested, "The Nasca Lines" documentary just

Please send some light to this awesome blog.

If anyone feels like indulging me...

Dalai Lama to sit down with Larry King; comments on Tiger Woods (Updated)

When is an animal contact significant enough to be an omen?

5 former Treasury Secretaries: Pass the Volker Rule

SEC to consider new short sale curbs next week

Rehearsals for a Civil War (Kunstler)

Sex hormone progesterone to get head injury trial (BBC)

Have you heard of Doctors with "Insurance Only" patients??

Peanut allergies tackled in largest ever trial (BBC)

Anti-retrovirals could halt Aids spread in five years (BBC) {South Africa}

Cut your Carb Footprint

MEDICARE FOR ALL - forget the claim denying, price gouging, cold blooded, greedy Insurance Companies

Sleep Apnea Appliance for Teeth?

Does alcohol kill beneficial gut bacteria?

Millions of Unemployed Face Years Without Jobs

UK officer says views of Israeli forces 'anti-Semitic'

Alabama: Charter schools idea out in state

Obama to Propose New Reading and Math Standards

baking again