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WTF Government now wants to blow up chemical & biological weapons

Ok, these threats are illegal.

This may be interesting: Dutch cabinet collapses in dispute over Afghanistan

What do you think will happen in 2012?

alexander haig obit (from the guardian, with some interesting views)

Middle class and poor freeper lurkers, the Repubs want YOU to pay for their super wealthy tax cuts.

Tea Party 2.0 - No Representation Without Taxation

Tea Party 2.0 - No Representation Without Taxation

Six Nato troops killed in Marjah

Purchasing power in Venezuela at the lowest level since 2002, Public employees are the most affected

Haig's 'I'm in control' moment - Video

Solar maximum for 2011, possible solar minimum for 2012

Chilling audio account of plane crash in Palo Alto.

Seven of Bush’s Eight NLRB Members Were Recess Appointments

Why I Oppose Health Care Reform

Publication Examines Well-Being Of Texas Children

Fears of Iraq poll boycott after Sunni party pulls out

Louisville man charged with threatening to kill president in poem

Glenn Beck: The craziest one at the CPAC party

Poll-Majority of Americans are opposed health-care reform plan—until they learn the details.

Newt Gingrich-all you need to know

Governors Brace for More Economic Turmoil

Governors Brace for More Economic Turmoil

Sunday Talk Shows

Doubling of Childhood Leukemia Rates Confirmed in Southern Iraq

Britain releases new UFO files (CNN)

John Rich singer and song writer - what party is he affliated with? n/t

What in the hottest pits of hell is CNN doing???

Tarryl Clark can beat Michelle Bachmann!

Does it take 60 votes to get HCR to reconciliation?

Does it take 60 votes to get HCR to reconciliation?

Does anyone else here have reservations about using reconciliation for HCE?

Is anybody watching this wingnut "simulation" on CNN???

Playing musical instruments may improve reading

From the Clinically Insane Dept.: War addict John Bolton needs his fix

Leahy's hearing on the OPR report

Who is the most annoying Dick?

Their true name: The White Nationalist Party.

Memorializing the Bush "legacy" in stained glass or mosaic - lol

US states slash Medicaid

A letter from the good doctor, Howard Dean

Who do you root for in the Olympics?

Webcam issue is new legal territory (

As Marja assault progresses, coalition considers challenges in rebuilding area

CTA moves to fire bus driver who urged colleagues to refuse overtime (solidarity for those laid off)

The Story the New York Times Won't Touch (because they are up their elbows in it)

So I'm watching BBC and discover that

The "Militarization" of Afghan Aid

Health insurers defend profits

Montana Gov Schweirzer is on WJ

Up Or Down. - Bring On The Vote. Time To Govern - 21 Feb 10

Project: Photograph a Recruiter

DU this rally

Spycam-gate: "Merion" ... some history

Daddy died.

Gee, I wonder if the Banksters have been busy trying to buy politicians in New Mexico?

President Obama gives Dalai Lama letter from FDR

Joseph Stack is Apparently Now Just Another Tax Protester

Thirty Seconds

No Place but Texas: Republican Hypocrisy Watch

I'm sorry. So sorry.

SBI didn't always give full lab data

As Obama Abandons Labor, Labor Abandons Excise Tax Deal

IMO The Best President The U.S. Has Had.

56 percent of Minnesotans are 'embarrassed' by Michele Bachmann: poll

John Cornyn opens a Facebook page, and lives to regret it.

"Do as I say", Dennis? No recession for the former Republican SOTH!

OK-here's another inconvenient truth-insurance lobbyists and OUR side.

Decoding Glenn Beck’s CPAC Speech: An Egomaniac With An Inferiority Complex

First Minoan Shipwreck

My first posting...

On a rainy day

Old campaign commercials from Paul Wellstone, I hope this cheers up DU a bit.

HCR Reconcilation Thread (updated) We Still Do Not Have The Votes

South Florida jail scams turn IRS into ATM

LA Times - "Consumers who buy individual health policies feel trapped"

Which Judge is Worse?

Tea Party Plans to Protest Against Republicans...

Caption these pics of Glenn Beck at CPAC

New electric car pays for itself

The seeds of our "broken government" (today's buzzwords) were sown by Reagan and

More Palin Hypocrisy: Tripp Has Government Provided Health Insurance

I'm a "fan" of John Cornyn's. Barf.

The new "Me Too-ism"-and a prediction that liberals will take back the Democratic Party

If Obama gets a halfway decent health care bill passed, up and running...

Beck wants GOP to fess up like Tiger Woods

In Wyoming, Debate Swirls on Taxing Wind Industry

In Wyoming, Debate Swirls on Taxing Wind Industry

The Financialization of the Economy must end.......

US Federal Reserve raises discount rate

Three teenage girls killed by freight train in Melbourne, Florida

College changes tune on anthem

Dutch government collapses over stance on troops

WTF? The question being asked is if Obama should push his agenda or *move to the center* and get ...

Utah Bill Equates Miscarriages With Criminal Homicide

Lucky - Fire Crews were Training Across Street from Austin Plane Terrorism

Health care costs over time--how the US became so different & why conservatives can't fix it

Support for openly gay troops muted, but visible, in ranks

Mr. President, could you appoint Peggy Noonan Ambassador to Mongolia, please?

Making Music Boosts Brain's Language Skills

Canada trounces U.S. in hockey

Interesting statistic 95% of Mortgages in the 4th quarter were funded by the Federal Government

Petraeus: Marjah First Salvo in Long Campaign (to Last 12-18 Motnhs)

Who was the last republican president with a balanced budget?

NRA gun instructor shoots student by accident

I find this DU censorship disturbing. Do you?

Freddie Mac to Purchase Seriously Delinquent Loans

Republicans and Socialism

Help for Families Facing Foreclosure (video)

Wife of televangelist wants divorce

How we pay with plastic will change Monday with new credit card rules

US super-rich get five times more income than in 1995

Is the GOP Becoming the Gay Old Party?

Approaching Fight for Kandahar May Be Crucial Stage in Afghanistan War

A Fact-based Response to Climate Skeptics - J.E. Robertson

Card Issuers Invent New Fees To Skirt Federal Laws

Limbaugh, Hannity and the republicans are a bunch of socialists

Tribute to HOWARD ZINN ----- 4PM E.T. Sunday

Municipal Bond Bubble about to pop?

What happened to the oil industry's record profits?

Data Trimming, Nuclear Emissions, and Climate Change

Dollar rises on surprise Federal Reserve move

More Nuclear Power for Florida


Monsanto 'faked' data for approvals claims its ex-chief



White House adjusts strategy on Republicans

wonderful era under Reagan

Good polls and bad polls...

Make the Republicans say it!

30 years ago today. Miracle on Ice.

Democrats Target Independents in Colorado and Virginia

Now are we the only ones in the country that can see this ...The scam

More Craigslist Tomfoolery

Vermont's Underground Radioactive Lake

Experts: Laura Silsby and nine other Americans may have caused more fallout than they realize

SPYCAM: PCIntern's Distilled Reply....

A line too good to be lost, and Moderator to be thanked for it

Was it me or was Arnold making a lot of sense on This Week this mornung.

Snowball fight in Hell!! GOP may support slimmed down job's bill

Glenn Beck ... the anti-Cronkite ------->

Schwarzenegger says Obama's stimulus created jobs

More Palin Hypocrisy: Tripp Has Government Provided Health Insurance

Republican Governors Agree that Stimulus Helped Jobs in their States

had people who were saying George Bush wasn't elected by all the people, just by the Supreme Court

Went to the movies last night, what an awful experience.

Bad economies in states to worsen: governors

went to the movies yesterday - "Blood Done"

UT Tyler student, another man arrested in East Texas church arson cases

NASCAR just had the flyover at the Fontana California race track.

The prolonged years of being umemployed and a solution....

So. **NOT ONE** of the 33 Haitian orphans spirited away by Baptist group was an orphan.

Muslim women caned for illicit sex in Malaysia

South Dakota banks get prime front-page space today to whine about CARD Act

Our future will be ruined by the spoiled, selfish "haves" with the power

Just wondering - are schools still closed from the snow where you are?

"The worst probably is yet to come", Gov. Douglas, R-Vt., Chairman NGA - Pass Unemployment Extension

Osama bin Beck

affordable/ efficient alternative non-profit housing

Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter, Malkin...right-wing loudmouth MOST likely to be faking it for $$$$

Fact, Our Government is Broken

My own private Obama

I figure that we have teabaggers in this country for two basic reasons

"protect the children" = a very misguided statement in today's rhetoric

my paper printed my ltte on health care reform in the Sunday addition

my paper printed my ltte on health care reform in the Sunday addition

Toyota saved 100 million negotiating with government

corporate takeover

corporate takeover

The Internet? Bah! Hype alert: Why cyberspace isn't, and will never be, nirvana

Larijani: Obama should address Clinton problem

Larijani: Obama should address Clinton problem


Tea Partiers??

What is this Cyber-attack "Simulation" on CNN? All republicans and former

What do you think Charlie Crist will do after he loses the Senate primary to Marco Rubio?

What do you think Charlie Crist will do after he loses the Senate primary to Marco Rubio?

Don't journalists have to admit conflict of interest anymore?

Please pull your money out of Citibank if you bank there

A question on liberals vs. conservatives

China's property bubble massive

The Showdown At The Blair House

Any news on W8liftinglady? How's she doing?

The Social Security surplus is a bookkeeping device that does nothing to the Govts ability to pay.

What kind of plane is this?

CPAC too liberal for rimjob (head freeper)

Let the Conservatives and Tea Partiers thrive on wrong-headed comparisons to Nazi Germany...

Facebook pulls plug on Tax-icide tribute to Joseph Stack, pilot who crashed plane into Austin office

This Chertoff, Negroponte, Fran Townsend - Cyber Shockwave Pony Show - seems familiar...

Hey Gov Tim domestic abuse is NOT a joke

Hey Gov Tim domestic abuse is NOT a joke

If JD Hayworth wins the GOP nomination are there any Dems who can win in AZ?

Embrace Life - a beautiful and powerful video

Sooooo.......Is Comcast still planning to look in our living rooms?

First Lady Michelle Obama, Music Students from Myrtilla Miner Elementary, & Harry Connick Jr. - pics

The Worst Ever

The Worst Ever

The measure of any society is how it treats the most vulnerable amongt them....

Give me a break: Delay of "Shutter Island" release because Paramount lacked funds to promote it?

Give me a break: Delay of "Shutter Island" release because Paramount lacked funds to promote it?

Crashes down at red-light camera intersections

OpenLeft: Beck raising consciousness of fascism

The Bush Republicans used reconciliation to drown us in debt

SPYCAM: Do we need to start thinking beyond Lower Merion School District?

Tom Friedman says we have eaten through the prosperity bequeathed upon us by The Greatest Generation

Need some help understanding- loved ones spending recklessly.

Survey: Most Americans believe government broken

Please Mother Earth, let Ron Paul win the GOP presidential nomination.

March 20th PEACE rallies, ck in here..

Ed Brayton: 1956 Republican platform "would be deemed commie pinko by today's Republicans"

uh oh, Tripp has government provided health coverage!

uh oh, Tripp has government provided health coverage!

On "60 Minutes" tonight is a segment about a new energy system...

Doonesbury does it again!

Republicans in panic mode over vote at CPAC Convention?

Could forcing 2x pay for overtime create more jobs?

I hope world history books have changed since I was in high school..

Cost data on nuclear power from industry shown to be skewed

The Political Compass test-see where you stand

Millions of Unemployed Face Years Without Jobs

OneWest Bank accused of pushing home loan borrowers into foreclosure

OneWest Bank accused of pushing home loan borrowers into foreclosure

MayDay..a friend needs help.

A Short Tour of Herblock; a cartoonist ahead of his times...or...

regarding health care costs: There are many jobs that don't provide enough income to afford a house

what a bunch of assholes...

Please allow me to be clear about my true feelings.

Empty "big box" stores.

If you follow what the otherside is doing, did Palin not winning the CPAC straw poll surprise you?

George Will Lied

There must have been ice skating in Hell this morning

wonderful era under Reagan

You can marry your first cousin in CA. Not your gay partner.

Slaves arrived in Utah with Brigham Young

Sources: USSA forced Lago to leave Olympics

Raise taxes.

If there is one casualty of this recession/depression culturally I'll be happy

Candidate expects 'war' on liberals

We should liberally quote Jesus in Senate & House social service bills whenever possible...

Karl Rove's Advice to 'Baggers and GOP

My Email to FPL Regarding My Position on More Nuclear Reactors for Florida

Regulator Bill Black: Where are the 1000s of bank fraud indictments?

Atheistic billboards send ripples of dissent across God-fearing America

Kick & Rec if you'd LOVE to see Lawrence O'Donnell hosting "Meet The Press!"

Firm unearths exec perks buried in SEC reports

Who needs legal rights if you're not doing anything wrong?

Yoo, Bybee, and Disinformation

Being the #2 man in Al Qeada or the Taliban is like being the drummer for Spinal Tap

How do you know when food is REALLY organic?

This ad is almost 40 years old...

Do you consider yourself overweight?

For SOME reason, the record profits announced this week by the five largest insurers

Afghan war: Saw video on the news...

"Abortion is murder" is dictator and/or theocrat law

Scotty Lago Racy Pictures Send Him Home From The Olympics

Do I love Obama, NO. Do I hate him, NO....

Imagine Charters facing discrimination lawsuit from former employee.

Kucinich vows a fight over Ohio's exclusion from federal mortgage assistance program

Loaded guns allowed in National parks on Monday

In case you're not watching it....Howard Zinn Tribute on CSPAN2 now

Women's Curling Is On !!!

Teach Your Children Well: There Is No Law but Might and Murder

How we get our heads round languages

20 Most miserable cities in the US.

The Snitch in Your Pocket

I support airport body scanners, if the images are not stored for later use

Millions of Unemployed Face Years Without Jobs

On-star (GM autos)

On-star (GM autos)

what a bunch of fuddy duddies we are

OpenLeft: Shock Doctrine double down

What would you do if...

Florida temporarily bans fox/coyote pens

Some Economic Red Flags that Worry Me.

I really believe Canada is the country of the future. The U.S. will be irrelevant in 100 years.

No country for old women

CPAC - a violent christian mob, still under construction

Our country is on the edge of an economic cliff.

Worst president in history?

Spycam: Lower Merion PARENT update

Teacher Emphasizes Old-Fashioned Etiquette

I have never beeen prouder of my 13 year old son than I am today.

Tesla vs Einstein

Merion School District "spy-cam" case: admin update



So here it is: Hit the gym early, home now. I have Ice Cream. I have a crapload on the DVR

My attempt at religious art

Coolest MLK picture ever.

Just read about this new "blippy" site

Coolest MRK picture ever.

I am a good mother, I am a good mother, I am a good mother

Saturday Night Music. Live and Breathe the genius of Edward Khil

I'm writing a book.

I think I'm cursed...

A stranger appears.

Sandra Bullock shaves little dog in traffic.

Banco De Gaia - Obsidian

I am watching this creepy movie on netflix call Walled In.


hawk and pigeon

Have a drink with me to David?

I'm about to make Italian Wedding Soup

Musical Tastes: Do you and your SO agree?

Sandra Bullock saves Meryl Streep.

Skaters eating ice.

Great idea for a drinking game

Humble Pie - Hot 'N' Nasty

Epic Space Hero's Who Gave A Better Apology Then Tiger

Gnarly Head wine!

I saw this on Stumbleupon and thought it was a photoshop

Warning: I will probably be posting here under the influence in the next 48 hrs.

Sorry, no sleep for you!

I think I might have found a new cause

UNDO ~ Cool Joke

I haven't plugged in my amp for about 20 years now....

a dance smily

Leo Kottke Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring 6 & 12 String Guitar

Jessica Simpson: Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan "braids my prayers."

Entertaining performance from Olympic skater Plushenko

*My new skating video! Everybody come watch!*

The world's most expensive island - online

Swan Lake like you've never seen it before (video)

Sandra Bullock saves her buns

I drove my boyfriends snowmobile into a building, ask me anything

Greatest videogame weapons!

Technical problem with my PC question re: antivirus software

i've never been to hooters or red lobster

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/21/09

1,000 posts!

Have you ever been truly surprised to find out some public figure is still alive?

oops. wrong place delete

I hope world history books have changed since I was in high school..

Andrew Koenig is missing he played 'Boner' on Growing Pains


Anyone Else Ever Watch The Ninja Competition?

Why do some posts in the Lounge have recs, but when I tried to rec a thread about cancer, I

My favorite Tevye is .......

Haiku to Vicodin :

I think we should name him Godwin and let him be the Lounge Mascot-

Uh oh. Boner's gone missing.

There could be freakin maggots in your chocolate!

Accidentally bought head cheese.

holy f-ing hell

Owners of Boxers...did you or would you crop the ears? Why, Why not?

The Eight Strangest Looking Actors in Hollywood

Are there any Linguists here?

Xbox 360 or PS3?


Best filmmaker once associated with Your Show of Shows/Ceasar's Hour?

Daddy died.

Dinner tonight: Smoked Chicken Chile Verde

I just won $4.6 million in the UK-Thailand Lottery.

Gil Scott-Heron - Me And The Devil (Robert Johnson)

Why GrayWarrior hates ducks

Which Alice & the Flamingo do you prefer?

Disturbing the peace? I got thrown out of a window!

I've been a Leon Redbone fan for decades.

hey, i'm coming to philly soon.

Ever drive a long distance with Krautrock band 'Neu!' playing?

for the ladies

Went to the movies last night, what an awful experience.

Saw "Shutter Island" last night. Ask me anything except how it ends.

This may have been asked before, but how did you get your screen name?

I can't walk for the cure because I don't have health insurance

Behold, the mighty USS Richard Dawkins!

I just want to say Curling rocks!

Name four movies, each evoking a different season (or just one movie/one season)

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Cabin Fever Edition

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Cabin Fever Edition

What is the best method of cleaning a cast iron pan?

What's your favorite green thing to eat?

Japanese Doritos.

Semi-annual Greatest Guitar God Poll

If you met YOU, in a social situation, and YOU were single, would you think YOU were interesting?

Greatest Rock Bassist

Facing down dentures at age 37. Moral support needed,please?

It started just moments after ...

Gingrich: GOP should be bipartisan "until we finish defeating the left."

Based on the CPAC Presidential straw poll, Obama should handily win in 2012

**Stay Up! FLOTUS on the Huckabee Show Sunday 2am EST**

Student Loans

Republican Rep. C.W. Bill Young announces he'll run again

NC congressman undergoes tests after fainting

How to flip 10% of Moderates (and Liberals) on healthcare reform

It is very sad to me that...

If you thought the rogue sensibility went away with the Bushes, think again

CPAC -- The Right Wing Olympics

Only 1 of 8 people in my office knows about the USSC Corporate Suffrage Decision ...

I saved you from the dragon that you've never seen. May get you a beer at your local pub, but....

James Baker on Fareed Zakaria's show

Ryan is previewing the final phase of Norquist's plan.

About polls taken here at DU...

Is Paul Krugman too pessimistic?

Schwarzenegger says Obama's stimulus created jobs

Robert Reich: It's Time To Enact Health Care With 51 Senate Votes

Newsweek Poll: The amazing reality of disinformation

Future Shock: Did Rahm Emanuel Create the Tea Partiers?

Ooooops. Another one.

Rahm throwing Obama under the bus?

Health Care Draft For Summit Looks Like Health Care Compromise From A Month Ago

Did Dick Cheney address the CPAC convention after the plane crash in Texas?

Why not a law preventing the Social Security lockbox from ever again being looted?

Being accused of hypocrisy on stimulus is making Republicans nervous and desperate

Wow, great photos: health care march across Brooklyn Bridge

Stimulus attacks help Democrats gain first real traction in weeks

David Corn:"Americans are angry at the financial crisis—just not at the fat cats who caused it."

Once again, Charlie Obama, Lucy Republican, and the football.

Seismologist in Conneticut have identified source of underground shaking

Newt Gingrich has lost his damn mind

If Harry Reid goes down, does anyone have a plan?

Hawaii gets persistent requests for Obama birth certificate

Evan Bayh's Filibuster Reform Proposal

I'm confused...Did Rahm Emmanuel get fired or is leaving on his own?

Dean Group Helping Bennet

Was Alex Haig right? (About Succession)

Newsweek poll shows Americans support health care reform specifics

Cenk Uygar: "It looks Rahm Emanuel is done"

Chinese schools deny link to Google attack

My first posting...

Health insurers defend profits

White House adjusts strategy on Republicans

New York’s Paterson to Run for 2nd Term as Governor

Marines Do Heavy Lifting as Afghan Army Lags in Battle

Beck wants GOP to fess up like Tiger Woods

Facebook pulls plug on Tax-icide tribute to Joseph Stack, pilot who crashed plane into Austin office

CPAC fueled by oil industry cash.

How we pay with plastic will change Monday with new credit card rules

E-mails show NHTSA investigating Toyota issues in '04

Taliban develop new bomb ‘Omar’

Millions of Unemployed Face Years Without Jobs

Survey: Most Americans believe government broken

Bloomberg pulls billions out of Quadrangle Group

Man arrested for not disclosing HIV diagnosis

GM CEO Whitacre receives $9M pay package

Bad economies in states to worsen: governors

Larijani: Obama should address Clinton problem

Taliban reject renewed Karzai call for peace

The Warlord's Tune: Afghanistan's war on children

Fighting rages as Karzai urges restraint from NATO

Feds outline plan to nurse Great Lakes to health

Gov. Arold Schwarzenegger defends Obama stimulus plan

Leaked ACTA draft reveals plans for internet clampdown

GOP seeks to win with anti-Pelosi strategy

Marines Do Heavy Lifting as Afghan Army Lags in Battle

Powell backs Obama on national security record

Two arrested in east Texas church fires

Outgunned Taliban mounting tough fight in Marjah

Steele used Md. campaign funds for legal bills, which ran to at least $188,000

Exclusive: Major Taliban Operative Captured

Floods kill at least 32 on Madeira

Reid: Dems will use 50-vote tactic to finish healthcare in 60 days

Documents: Toyota boasted saving $100M on recall

Obama's Lies vs. Bush's Lies - Plus a Word on Joe Stack

Rappers Stand Up CPAC

O'Donnell Explains Reconciliation Guantlet

Rachel Maddow w/ Chris Hayes on right wing violence rhetoric and its GOP mainstreaming

TYT - Epic Beard Man Controversy & Follow-Up

Andrew Breitbart called a racist at CPAC

Breitbart challenged about O'Keefe's racism at CPAC

Jesus Christ Dos Equis Commercial Remix (**functioning link below)

Bring In The Gimp...Hey, boys & girls, it's super-patriotic CPAC keynote speaker Glenn Beck! USA!

On the Edge with Max Keiser

Your Homophobic CPAC Moment, Featuring Ryan Sorba

Mullah Omar and Osama bin Laden

TYT: Leaked - Republicans Meet w/ Wall Street For Orders (After Reid Kills Corporate Tax Breaks)

Man Bulldozes Own Home to 'Make Banks Think Twice About Foreclosure'

The Young Turks vs. Epic Beard Man - Deleted version (1/2)

ANIMATION: The Story of Stuff (by Annie Leonard)

There you go again...

Doubts Raised on Book’s Tale of Atom Bomb - Last Train to Hiroshima

Goodbye to All That Lincoln Chafee

W Post: Five myths about the labor union movement

Inhuman Resources: The real lesson of "Up in the Air"

Haditha's last defendant

Colin Powell, Voice of The Democratic Status Quo

The GOP's "small government" tea party fraud

Martin Scorsese Films 'Shutter Island' Sequel at CPAC

SOLD! --- American Justice.

Vultures circle as NHS falls (privatizing of health care in the UK)

Democrats On a Short Leash by Design

NY Times: Millions of Unemployed Face Years Without Jobs

Isn't It Our Turn Now, To Leave Afghanistan?

Why Republicans Make Things Up

The brilliant George Lakoff---a "must read" for any thinking Liberal.

Arizona State University's Decision Theater offers balance to an off-kilter world

ANIMATION: The Story of Cap & Trade (by Annie Leonard)

Canada - World's Number 1 Radioactive Pollluter!!!

Kyoto Risks Dying, No New Climate Deal In Sight

Saving the Amazon may be the most cost-effective way to cut greenhouse gas emissions

Coal-state Dems challenge EPA on its climate-action plans

Senate weighs final push to move climate bill

First wind gets approval for 51MW Oakfield Wind Project in Maine

Last US sardine cannery to close - due to lack of sardines (Maine)

Tidal power structure bound for Eastport (Maine)

A second hydrocarbon boom threatens the Peruvian Amazon

UK plans first nuclear fusion power plant (could be on-grid within 20 years)

San Antonio utility settles over nuke plant expansion

Cap-and-trade remains a viable solution

The World's Largest Tropical Ice Field is Vanishing

More doomer 'scientists' caught exaggerating

Barrow, Alaska: Ground Zero for Climate Change

Photosynthesis: A New Source of Electrical Energy? Biofuel Cell Works in Cactus

Up with biogas, down with petrol

Maine schools and universities to convert from oil to wood heat thanks to stimulus money

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. vs Don Blankenship climate debate

More short track!

Oh No!!

Moss anticipates out pattern after this year


Uh oh, ESPN poll needs your help, stat!

30 year anniversary tomorrow


Canada trounces U.S. in hockey

Johnny Damon to the Tigers

The JR Chess Report (February 21): Le wins Aeroflot; Topa leads Linares

Colombia solidarity activists harassed

I’m a stolen child of Argentina’s dirty war

Man arrested for not disclosing HIV diagnosis


A second hydrocarbon boom threatens the Peruvian Amazon

Report: PM was briefed on Mabhouh killing, approved operation

A Palestinian arrest so ridiculous even the Israeli judges smiled

Israeli authorities permit the transfer of bottled water into Gaza.....

Think tank: Israel faces global delegitimization campaign

Britain, Ireland to press Israel over passports

Think tank: Israel faces global delegitimization campaign

Checkpoint misery epitomizes a Mideast divide

20 Ships to Head for Clash in Gaza

Meretz's Oron: Netanyahu blurring Israel's borders

Najla Said: Palestinian American Princess

••••• Gasoline - sulfuric acid bomb at Cairo synagogue •••••

Israel is back

Arab League chief warns Israeli war on Lebanon still possible

AFSCME Union leader says state needs jobs bill

UNITE-HERE Disney Workers End One Hunger Strike And Start Another

Despite recession, UNITE HERE members win strong new contracts!

Arkansas Times Editorializes Against Blanche Lincoln’s “War on Workers”

GOP Stonewalls Extension of COBRA, Unemployment Benefits

Bloodshed Feared as Mexican Mine Company Asks Army to Dislodge Strikers

Open Season on Working Poor, as Tax Day Nears

Huron and Eastern Railway Employees Vote for BMWED

NFL's Hiring Of Troy Vincent Could Hurt Union During CBA Talks?

Safeway janitors agree to tentative labor deal

Construction News: OSHA cites C.A. Franc $539,000 for fall hazard after workers death

Union paper mill workers in Franklin outraged over online job ad for replacement workers

Judge orders Ficano to stop weekly layoffs (reimburse 700 workers for the days they were laid off)

Today in Labor History Feb 21 Barbara Jordan, "a true champion for all the people," was born

Five myths about the labor union movement

NYT: Millions of Unemployed Face Years Without Jobs (the New Poor)

Religion is far more of a choice than homosexuality. - Jon Stewart

Shalom my friend

Homeless man found fatally shot near Dallas Convention Center

Pro/Anti RKBA, the difference, liberty-style.

HPD: Garden Oaks homeowner fatally shoots intruder

Student shot during gun safety class in church

Suspect killed in home invasion gunbattle

I like this poster

guns 'n U.U.s

More updates concerning "Texas Gun Shows" in Austin.

NRA gun instructor shoots student by accident

It's getting harder and harder

Would gun control advocates be on board with banning pointy knives and beer bottles?

Scientists Unlock Mystery in Important Photosynthesis Step

Singing 'rewires' damaged brain

Life's Smallest Motor, Cargo Carrier of the Cells, Moves Like a Seesaw

Warp Drives: Making the 'Impossible' Possible

Identical Twins Are Not Truly Identical

42, again....

Can't get a gun here? No problem: Florida will issue permit, and local police must honor it. Phila.

What do you think will happen on December 31st?

What Came 'Before' the Big Bang? Leading Physicist Presents a Radical Theory

SETI Founder Recommends Space-Based Search for Intelligent ET Life

shut out

Vancouver 2010 (Day6/7): Street Scenes on Granville

Happy Chinese New Year

Vancouver 2010 (Days 2-4): Holidays Canceled

FINALLY! Some snow!

before 7 this morning...

A book recommendation.


Vancouver 2010 (Day 7): All aboard... The Kruzenshtern

Sony's answer to the Lumix GF1 and Olympus Pen interchangeable

Women's Memorial March (Vancouver DtES)

Sky things

8 still life portraits


Brigid spoke to again--essentially, gitcher goddess shoes on!

Reinventing Money - Interview of Tom Greco

Heron(s) doing yoga


Alright, everyone, wish me luck., too, please

Governors Brace for More Economic Turmoil: ''The worst probably is yet to come"

Why You Will Never Pay Off Your Credit Card

Research uncovers how (some) antidepressants actually work

Early, aggressive therapy eyed in blocking AIDS

Deleted, Nevermind

Was Jesus God Incarnate? Or Was He A Son of Man?


students of a very bad teacher will learn, on average, half a year’s worth of material in one school

Why was FERPA passed in 1974?

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