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Toyota knew of accelerator pedal problem in UK a year ago (Renault now involved with CTS pedals)



George Carlin, Adherent of Frisbeetarianism

How to get bi-partisan support

So Frank Luntz is now framing the talking points to kill Financial Reform....

Tweety is full of shit: I've seen several Recovery Act projects

WI plan to raise $$ for schools!

Hensarling has fugged himself big time

Why was the deficit good then?

Rudepundit - You've been warned: The Pleasures of a Presidential Pimp-Slapping

it was the republicon vice president who said a few years ago 'deficits don't matter'

Megachurch hopes to ‘crash’ Super Bowl in ad

New and Imroved NSA eagle icon

Electioneering, AFL-CIO and the Supreme Court

Woolworth's Lunch Counter Sit-in (02/01/60) vet: 'Never request permission to start a revolution'

The Chessmaster is about to call the little Republicants bluff....

Administration shifts gears on mortgage modification program

Rep. Chaffetz says he is ready for bipartisanship - My Response.

"The Tea Party"

The Republicans bailed!

Have Asian-Americans moved left politically in the last 15-20 years?

Have Asian-Americans moved left politically in the last 15-20 years?

Missouri Special Election tomorrow, 3 State House seats up for grabs, my report and projections

Missouri Special Election tomorrow, 3 State House seats up for grabs, my report and projections

VA hospital in Obama budget

Why don't the Dems introduce a bill in each chamber to repeal their last salary increases?

A look into the GOP base's psyche

Hannity throws O'KEEFE under the bus!1

An act of defiance that changed history

The corporate media deliberately polarizes people....

James O'Keefe on Insannity at 9:00pm tonight Fux Network.

Loudoun Supervisor Delgaudio rebuked for anti-gay remarks

Obama's polemics versus economic facts

Dept. of digging the hole you are in deeper .... James O'Keefe on Fox.

Haiti's inconvenient truths

The decades-old-super-secret-audacious plans to destroy both political parties-By Tom Tomorrow

Keith just wagged a finger at my Congress Critter - after making fun of her stupidity

Rep. Obey: Pentagon, Foreign Aid Not Exempt From Spending Freeze

Vroooom sputter sputter ....... Oooops

How long before James O'Keefe has a book ghostwritten for him?

I'm going to say this about the Super Bowl ad with Tim Tebow.

"Obama Brand: Feel Good While Overlords Loot the Treasury & Launch Imperial Wars"

Abstinence-only programs might work, study says

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Greek PM promises to “draw blood” to salvage economy

Brains....or Brawn?

Just spent a few hours researching my ballot. Gotta love the internets

Cargo funding - thoughts - instead of building killing machines,

US-China differences set to scupper agreement on Iran sanctions

Repubs: Impeach Obama-The Socialist Illegal-Who Needed Acorn To Steal The 2008 For Him

A Candid (hypothetical) Conversation With Barack Obama

Idaho Baptist Adoption Suspects Planned to 'Gather' 100 Haitian Orphans, Cross Border.

US Air Force creates Wiccan worship space

Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 to go in effect in July

This baby boy was born yesterday.. he doesn't know much.. his brain is brand spankin' new..

Eurozone unemployment increases to 10 percent

Child's play

Dennis Kucinich is a pretty cool guy.

Boehner Agrees With Progressives: Obama’s Spending Freeze Should Not Exclude Defense Spending

Afghanistan: Record Winter Casualties for US-led Occupying Forces

Q about coporate finance reform. If the corporations are decidly a living thing, can I have them

Q about coporate finance reform. If the corporations are decidly a living thing, can I have them

The three most mindless menial jobs in the world

Boston Globe: The Big Picture-Haiti Three Weeks Later

Boston Globe: The Big Picture-Haiti Three Weeks Later

Domestic violence shelter tax on marriage and therapy for child sex slaves: Not family values?

Understanding what takes us in and out of ice ages

Understanding what takes us in and out of ice ages

Really, fuck this already. Pentagon to invoke GAY MARRIAGE into DADT "study":

'How to Report the News' becomes YouTube's top rated video of all time

Judd Greg has a nice rug.

Anyone have an animated gif of Alito at the State of the Union?

I have to give props to Verizon for ripping off the usual diamond jewelry Valentines Day ads

100 Faces of War Experience - I just watched an interview with the artist on BBC Int.

F-35 chief fired, money withheld from Lockheed

A 6.5 magnitude undersea quake hits off Papua New Guinea


Israel reprimands top officers over UN compound strike

Toyota's Other Pedal Problem: Lawsuits

Christian Right mobilizes against bills for domestic violence and sex trafficking victims

U.A.E. camel beauties challenge economic recession

Obama and Scott Brown are distant cousins.

DHS Buys Mobile Mortuaries for Mississippi

Shadowy Christian Group Tied to Uganda's Anti-Gay Bill Will Attend National Prayer Breakfast:

When You Have The Time, This Just Might Blow Your Mind !!!

I hate the cadence of Sarah Palin's voice.

Time - "Can the Republican Party's Opposition Strategy Pay Off?" - Contract With America II?

The right is learning the language to defeat banking reform.

There is a link on top of freeperville for Humanitarian Relief (Haiti Earthquake)

Durbin, Schumer prep for fight with donations to Senate colleagues (Majority Leader)

Tenn. pastor accused of threatening son with gun at church over his lack of church attendance

US attorney has left Landrieu phone caper case

Illinois primary

Today is Rush Hog Day

President Obama Takes Public Questions on YouTube


KARL ROVE: Harold Ford, Jr. Is ' Articulate, Attractive '

Real-life ‘Terminal’ man set to quit airport

Cafepress Alternatives

Did I miss the memo?

Rev. Joseph Lowery hospitalized in Atlanta


Are corporate welfare and Wall St. bailouts..."Socialism"?

Happy rodent day...

Agribusiness Giant Westlands Moves to Kill Salmon

If we had a provision that lifted the social security cap in automatic increments

Oil hearings come to California

Goldman Sachs could slash CEO bonus amid pressure

How to get info on City level elections?

I have my share of problems and heartache in this world

Defense Department Prepares for Climate Change as Security Issue

Are we borrowing more today from foreign sources to finance our economy?

"There can only be one winner, folks, but isn't that the American way?"

More Wetmore/O'Keefe Advisor: Dirty Tricks Robocalls-To Sway The Elderly-By Impersonating Obama

From the state of crazy: Democrat lies so he can get publicity

Defense Department Prepares for Climate Change as Security Issue

Nutty Right-Wingers try to oust atheists from office in North Carolina

‘No Religious Test’ Tested

NASA Streams Video From Space Station

President Obama: ‘Pretty Rank Politics’ Delaying Gitmo Closure

N.J. judge says state's voting machings safe, reliable

Mo. bill ties drug testing to welfare

Britain Warned Businesses of Threat of Chinese Spying

Reid To McCain: Get Over Being A Loser (VIDEO)

I wonder if we could do a little 2010 jiujitsu and pick off a Republican seat where they least

TSA supervisors under investigation - board game targeted minorities

TSA supervisors under investigation - board game targeted minorities

Israel Finally Admits to Using White Phosphorus in Gaza-has reprimanded two senior officers

Do NOT Contribute $$$ To DNC!!!

HORRENDOUS-Repub Budget Proposal: Shift Risk From Federal Government To Seniors Themselves.

"Action plan for the implementation of a full repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

Breaking: Ajira Flight 316 from Los Angeles to Guam, loses communication, believed to have crashed

Breaking: Ajira Flight 316 from Los Angeles to Guam, loses communication, believed to have crashed

Another Mr. Fish Classic Toon

'Accidents Happen, Baby'

Watching Squint and the Meat Puppet this morning.

Do you bank with a "Too Big To Fail" or a smaller regional or local bank?

Torture is awesome & the rule of law only applies to Al Gore, Bill Clinton's penis

UAW wins ruling against Daimler Trucks (jobs & back pay)

Military Dog Surge in Afghanistan-dogs are having a tough time getting enough food

The Most Trusted Name in News

As a Ford retiree I hate to lose him but I think President Obama needs to hire Alan Mulally

New Zealand girl, 14, uses body-board to fend off shark

I'm still trying to decipher this post I saw from a Republican on Facebook:

By this time next year, who will be on top of the heap?

Ronald Reagan Flunks GOP Purity Test.

Obama scraps Constellation moon mission

Repetition, my friend, repetition...

James O’Keefe and Ben Wetmore Get Married

Headline: front page in our local rag: Obama's budget has $1 trillion in tax hikes

Krugman: Fiscalizing Failure

The Rude Pundit: Words to Use to Explain Why You Kicked Frank Luntz in the Balls

His or Hers Jealousy? New Explanation for Sex Differences in Jealousy

Pee-wee Gets An iPad!

A Golden Opportunity for the Democrats, if they'll take it.

Last time we heard ''Change takes time''? The Civil Rights Movement

Hunting Dog Shoots Master

HuffPo - "Melissa Bean: A Democrat Bankers Bank On, Wall Street's Favorite Democrat"

Officer Messages 'Embarrass' Sanford PD-"I'm looking for young females under the age of 13"

"The days of our invading a country for no reason whatsoever may be at an end."

Epitaph for the USA: "We had to destroy our country in order to defend it."

Epitaph for the USA: "We had to destroy our country in order to defend it."

Thank You Stephen Colbert for going after that empty suit Dennis Kucinich

Thank You Stephen Colbert for going after that empty suit Dennis Kucinich

"Allowing Gays and Lesbians to serve in the Military is the right thing to do..."

Obama's Junk Economics: Democrats Say "Bye" to Populist Option

Republicans Claim Credit for Clinton Surpluses

Gov McDonnell, lunatic, promotes charter schools by threatening to withhold state education funding

Toyota Says It Will Start Fixing Recalled Cars

Device may allow people to walk on walls

Biden upcoming on Andrea Mitchell (didn't catch what the topic will be). Just

Biden upcoming on Andrea Mitchell (didn't catch what the topic will be). Just

*** Public Option Whip list ***

RE: Hensarling's fix for the budget deficit from "Hardball" .

Evan Bayh makes me puke in my mouth!

7 Questions for GOP Con-Man Andrew Breitbart as AP Investigates...

Chinese diplomat: Ties with US deteriorating since Obama

White House Calls Senate Republicans Out Into the Open

Something I noticed when talking with a conservative today....

Passing Health Care Reform Will Not Hurt Or Help Democrats

on DADT..."alternative forms of lifestyle"

Heads up: Don't Ask, Don't Tell Hearing: C-SPAN3 12pm ET

Global warming update

Iraq Veteran-who happens to be straight-2 Term Dem From PA-Leads 'Don't Ask' Push

Iraq Veteran-who happens to be straight-2 Term Dem From PA-Leads 'Don't Ask' Push

Karl Rove Thinks Harold Ford Jr. Is 'Attractive'

Is repealing DADT the path to FEDERAL recognition of same sex marriage?

Lancet retracts 'utterly false' MMR paper

Goldman Sucks

Another reason the Senate sucks: Kit Bond

In which state(s) will Diebold first run for Congress?

i'm getting the drift...republicans can try terrists in nyc, but democrats can't

If Pay as you go was policy under Clinton when and how did that change?

Henrietta Lacks’ ‘Immortal’ Cells

Super Bowl advertising: Equal time petition (MoveOn)

Study: Food bank use up 46 percent

Is anyone else sick of those HUGE ads that open up and move your content way down the page!?

Dude.. Where's My Job?

Republicans deliberately run up deficit spending to sabotage Democratic governments

Why is Lindsay Graham SOOOO adamant that KSM not be tried inside the U.S.?

Okay. I'm ready to start shipping Republicans to internment camps now.

So true...

So true...

20 Things That Happen In 1 Minute

Capt. Phil Harris suffers stroke while offloading his ship, the Cornelia Marie.

Anybody else getting an ADOBE Flashplayer 10 error message at DKos?

John Murtha back in the hospital, in intensive care

Report linking autism to vaccines is retracted by medical journal

The Triangle of Life

HEADS UP: Obama doing town hall in Nashua, NH - on MSNBC shortly!

Backdoor taxes to hit middle class

Krugman: A Depressing Budget

CNN DADT report misses the point

Corporate Healthcare Reform: Bad Policy, Bad Politics

You can stop wondering if we're going to lose Congress and the Presidency

Fannie, Freddie Kept Off Budget, Dividends Counted (Update3)

What is Admiral Mullen's position on DADT?

Should Charlie Crist run as an independent in Florida's Senate race?

A friend got a job with the census.. just in the nick of time

How are those books sales going Palin???

White Roofs May Successfully Cool Cities, Computer Model Demonstrates

Boozman Way Ahead of Lincoln in Arkansas, 56% to 33%

Statement: Sanders on President’s Budget Proposal

Obama seeks $200 million to fund 9/11 trials

Obama seeks $200 million to fund 9/11 trials

And now for some of the weird news of the day

Gas Drilling In Appalachia Yields A Foul Byproduct

Can She Save America?

So a friend sent me this NY Times article on Christian Fight Teams

Obama wants to go back to the Clinton policy of direct student loans

i've been watching andrea mitchell and here's the spin....'the democrats are in disarray'

PALIN Calls For Rahm Emanuel To Be FIRED

Which is Greener: Paper or Digital? The Answer May Surprise You

Umm. SIT DOWN and SHUT UP Rick Sanchez...

Haiti earthquake: voodoo high priest claims aid monopolised by Christians

News Flash: Democracy Critically Injured!

Robert Reich To Conservatives- Forget Big Government- We SHOULD Worry About SHRINKING DEMOCRACY

New-home sales: ‘The industry has been basically obliterated’

'Boston Legal' actor Mentell dead at 27

The 2010 Daily Kos Poll Explains Why It Is Impossible For Elected Republicans To Work With Democrats

Use of Twitter, Facebook rising among (dumb) gang members

Karl Rove: Harold Ford, Jr. Is 'Articulate, Attractive'

Senator Judd Gregg is off his meds!

Florida DUers -is there any truth to the rumor that Charlie Crist

Early draft of the Constitution found in Phila.

Feds Arrest GOP Clerk of Court - for Selling Dope

A wordless editorial on the US Supreme Court from the Tucson Citizen

"Here's a delusional man-child with a pancake on his head"

Let's settle the Palin call for Emanuel to step down or be fired.

How come republicans didn't reform health care years ago??

China Warns Obama Against Meeting With Dalai Lama

To Review: Palin can get an apology from Rahm, but "liberals" CAN'T

Arne Duncan apologizes for saying 'dumb thing'

why do the republicans oppose trying terrorists in open court

My invitation to American conservatives (I posted this on another forum)


Joe Lieberman Supports Repeal of DADT!

Americans United Urges Obama To Keep Promise To Fix 'Faith-Based' Initiative

Hubby Wanted -- For Health Care

Chinese ambassador praises St. Louis cargo hub plan, warns against protectionism

Early draft of the Constitution found in Phila.

Chuck Schumer: Undoing the damage of the Citizens United decision

'Why I am not a Republican' - Bruce Bartlett (former Reagan advisor, Bush Treasury official)

A disturbing list of republicans!

Chris Matthews: "...Admiral Mike Mulligan..."

'Avatar' and 'The Hurt Locker' Lead Academy Awards Nominations With Nine Each

Lawyer: No laws against cat tail docking

Turn on GEM$NBC - Ed Shultz is hosting Ratigan's program

Despite crappy weather, turnout was pretty good at my voting/polling station today. (Illinois)

Obama will have televised Q&A session with Senate Democrats

The reason the Republicans are so adamant about not cooperating for the good of the country:

If you're a trained auto tech, do you go to work for a Toyota dealer?

"Don't burden our kids with debt!"

In the last few days I've heard several discussions in the media about the teabaggers.

reaching younger voters

Ohio Supreme Court sets 3 execution dates

Federal agent says he may have erred in Ohio sting

Ajami: The Obama Spell Is Broken

A Road Less Travelled

Ethics watchdog group urges President Obama and Congress members to skip National Prayer Breakfast

ACLU & Lambda Legal suing the State of Hawaii over civil unions: "Enough is enough".

NFL Welfare Queens: A new roof for Dolphins Stadium....courtesy of taxpayers?

Tea Party Profiteers: How Republican Operatives Are Exploiting Economic Anxiety For Power, Cash

Obama Interested In Televised Question Time Rematch With GOP

Film exposing dolphin slaughters,nominated for Best Documentary

Is Congress going to continue listening to the "boots on the ground" when it comes to DADT?

Program Cuts, Agency-by-Agency

Groundhog's Day Budgeting: Again, Obama Underfunds Job Growth

Ask Obama a question for Thursday, FEB 4th!

Who "jammed" Landrieu's phone lines?

scientologists behaving weirdly (a redundantly phrased Subject title)

U.S. Attorney, Letten, Steps Down From O'Keefe Case

good intentions, bad language skills

You think this would ever happen under a repub president?

Another Congress Member Backs War for Obama

Ford Sees 25 Percent Boost In January's Sales; GM Up 14 Percent

Jon Stewart Bill O'Reilly Interview: "O'Reilly Factor" Welcomes "Daily Show" Host Tomorrow Night

US Financing Its Own Liability: Alvaro Uribe

IT majors to go on a hiring spree

Politico's Josh Gerstein, in a radio interview with WTOP: Sexual Disorientation - er - Orientation

My LTTE on High Speed Rail in FL will run as "My Word" Op-Ed in Orlando Sentinel tomorrow!

Ok, WHEN will we see legislative reforms

Racial issues intensify Illinois gubernatorial primary

Well, look at this. Sarah's Facebook writers were on the payroll...

'Jaws' producer David Brown dies

The future of Apple

I have to tell you my Mormon story.

Defining Creations Of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld-Are Now-The CENTERPIECES Of Democratic & Media Consensus

"If Palin's spending on clothes had been accurately reported during the campaign"

Haiti three weeks later (bigpicture)

Michelle Malkin calls guy who loved Bush's flightsuit, smell of Thompson a "White liberal TV host"

Obama: "I'm a big believer in net neutrality."

This is very encouraging.

Fur coats become animal nests in recycling bid

Clare Short: Blair misled us and took UK into an illegal war

Do These People That Oppose Ending DADT Know How Bad It Makes......

NASA Fiscal Year 2011 Budget Overview

Next in military technology: Unmanned Black Hawk?

Poll confirms what you already knew: Repukes are batshit crazy bigots

Anti-government protesters to march against imaginary gun-grabbing liberals

my stupid state...Ron Ramsey unsure if Obama is a U.S. citizen

Darpa’s New Plans: Crowdsource Intel, Edit DNA

Darpa’s New Plans: Crowdsource Intel, Edit DNA

Agree or Disagree?

Keith Richards gives up the grog

Obama Nashua HCR Standing O

Abstinence-only programs might work, study says

OMFG Peter Sprigg on Tweety

This completely sickens me: 9 year old Chinese girl gives birth to baby boy

Enough! Time To Do A 180º On What It Means When The Groundhog Sees His Shadow

Jenny Sanford: Governor asked her advice on affair

"Biting recession leaves ever more Americans hungry" - that damn Obama!

I Voted.

Sarah Palin magazine >Just what we need! (NOT)

DU this poll on James O'Keefe

So anti-incumbency means you elect the people who brought you catastrophe?

Blackwater winning contracts using different names:

3 Calif. children mauled by pack of escaped dogs

The House Will Vote to Eliminate Health Insurance’s Anti-Trust Exemption

Vengeance.. How many deaths will be enough?

Just for people following Sarah Palin scandals...

First Lady Michelle Obama meets with Cabinet and Congressional members about childhood obesity -pics

Guilty verdict in Oregon's faith-healing trial

Investment Advice Guru Who Gave Big To GOP Accused Of Ponzi Scheme

94 Democrats have signed the Polis-Pingree letter urging the P.O. be passed through reconcilliation

TOON: This Modern World secret plan to destroy Democrats...

Why is "Democrat" (instead of Democratic) an insult?

Why is "Democrat" (instead of Democratic) an insult?

While attempting to return his truck to Toyota, man's gas pedal sticks, strikes Toyota dealership

Make a Child Smile - Something easy you can do to help

Do *you* think the Americans accused in Haiti of trafficking in children were ......

Birth month affects future health, fitness and sports ability.

The Republicans' Reagan Amnesia

Mythmakers: How The GOP Created The 'Deficit Crisis' Narrative And Everyone Else Bought In

Code Pink displays signs as Geithner testifies before the Senate Finance Committee - pics

This is NOT how life should end

Child abuse drops sharply in U.S.

John McCain on DADT, '10 vs '06

Krugman: Good and Boring (Canadian Banking System compared to the US' system)

Drug-Sniffing Dogs To Patrol School Hallways

The Oscar Nominations are out 8:30 in the morning.

If I were a CORPORATION, here's how I'd spend my money (hint: it's been done)

"John Edwards Sex Tape"

Wow, "The Golden Girls" turned a generation Gay?

Pre-Trial Hearings begin for activists arrested a couple days before Republican Convention 2008

Is everyone aware that the agent in "Entourage" is based on Ari Emmanuel?

Pentagon's Black Budget tops $56 billion


Robert Reich: too many decisions being made in secret, harms democracy:

" I'm especially interested in hearing Liz Cheney trash her own father's administration"

" I'm especially interested in hearing Liz Cheney trash her own father's administration"

Blue Wing (by Tom Russell)

The Bush-Cheney Energy Plan Was A Failure-Yet That's Exactly What House Republicans Are Proposing

Time for more nuclear? A Quarter of U.S. Nuclear Plants Leaking Tritium into Groundwater


LATimes: Hospital puts endangered green sea turtles with tumors on fast track

Study: Hunger in America jumps ‘unprecedented’ 46 percent

“Doing Civil Disobedience for Single Payer” Carol Paris MD

I am a proud combat veteran of the US Army, so it gives me no great pleasure to say this ...

Scary Statistic-40-60% of Architects are Unemployed.

Detained Americans appear in court, Haitian officials say

Check out Sen Gillibrand's pathetic challenger, Bruce Blakeman

For GOP, embracing Florida's Tea Party movement is like "trying to hug a jellyfish"

OK, i'm ready for the magic trick.

If you haven't voted in this DU poll on nuclear power or renewables please take a moment

Tax question - re tuition expenses.

Chris Floyd: Have Bush's "rank crimes" been converted to Obama's "practical politics"?

Apple co-founder says his Prius accelerates to 97 mph on cruise control, suspects software glitch

Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Claims Software to Blame for Toyota Prius Acceleration Problem

Everyone needs to ask Republicans *WHY* they think letting gays in the military will cause calamity

Palin's Signature in the $100 donation to SarahPAC books are apparently FAKE!

Warning to job seekers: Stay away from Primerica!

US Terror Suspects in Pakistan Allege FBI Torture

The Lancet retracts autism/vaccine study

I was watching Barney Miller today. Normally I love that show, but this episode

I stand with PETA on this one:

President Obama Quietly Resuscitating 'Fourth Branch of Government'

Seems like yesterday: Alan Grayson just keeps on coming

If Obama succeeds in killing the NASA Constellation project, what then?

The Kos poll of Republicans: The wingnuts are even nuttier than you think.

Why Are Americans so Passive as they lose the American Dream?

Va. Senate bans health insurance mandate

Major Flight Test *Fails to Intercept Target* as US Expands Missile System in Gulf

New Federal Hate Crimes Law Challenged on Constitutional Grounds

I did a little bit of sniffing around about Stan Dai

A challenge to any homophobe/Freeper lurkers.. Why didn't Jesus condemn gays?

SOTU Analysis, One Week Later: "The Audacity of Obama's Political Philosophy"

WTF???!!!! National Public Radio is giving that consummate

Newfoundland premier travels to U.S. for heart surgery

MR. PRESIDENT: You keep claiming you want our good ideas: MEDICARE FOR ALL!!!

DNC *ADMITS* they gave $500,000 of YOUR donations to air anti-HCR ads

Monsanto Purchases World’s Largest Vegetable Seed Company

Hasselbeck blurts out the truth: GOP opposed to open trial because of fears that "Bush"

Blocking War Funding Just Got Easier

What is wrong with the country/world?

Angry Voters, Right-Wing Populism, & Racial Violence

China: $7 billion for Las Vegas to Los Angeles maglev train

"Peace Prize President Submits Largest War Budget Ever"

Senate GOP to Obama: Thank you, sir, may we have another?


Target going the way of Circuit City - Surprise company wide elimination of ast. department managers

Target going the way of Circuit City - Surprise company wide elimination of ast. department managers

Conservatives Fearmonger About Repealing DADT: It Will Lead To The Draft And ‘Mortally’

National Prayer Breakfast: The Family's Attitude To-wards Blacks. page 140

Homeless veterans programs get billions

Palin attacks Rahm Emanuel for using the word 'retarded'

California Supreme Court upholds law restricting where sex offenders live

Full-time living expenses , in a part-time world

more on the idaho-based baptist baby-snatchers in haiti

Post reports tax-averse Colorado Springs streets to go dark; comments thread lights up

CIA Interrogation Tapes DESTROYED!!!

Many Thanks For All The Kind And Encouraging Words, Ladies And Gentlemen!

Keith Olbermann's ratings plunged 44%

Why would you take children out of the country without documentation?

The Poverty Scorecard for 2009 is out. How did your state do?

The Poverty Scorecard for 2009 is out. How did your state do?

A few words about civility and how we moderate the DU discussion forums.

Reps Edwards, Conyers Just Put in Constl Amendment to Overrule SCOTUS

How Obama Could Pass A Single Payer Bill: John Marty, Democratic candidate for Governor of Minnesota

The Pitfalls of Liberalism by Stokely Carmichael (Kwame Ture)

Is the U.S. military involved in mass murder in Colombia?

John Edwards Sex Tape Spurs Legal Wrangling

'Allo, 'Allo, DU!

The new podcast is up!

Is it Dupe yet?

How many people are on dregs?

What I thought was a blood blister turned out to be a benign tumor

Please, Please, Please, Please, Please Twins.,,

Kindle question:

Bob Schieffer thinks Scott Brown biggest thing since loaves and fishes

I just filed a complaint with my State Attorney General's Office against Symantec, but...

I've decided not to text and drive at the same time anymore

Anyone see "Crazy Heart?" It was great!

Baba O'reilly/Teenage Wasteland - The Who

interesting Facebook group/fan page names

Beanpot hockey: Go BU

Dear Penthouse...

" Heathers" on IFC!

I want to create a thread that never lies.


I think I need a bigger subwoofer amp

The Courtesy Flush

( o ) ( o )

I see this whenever I close my eyes

My son was in a car accident today

so, it's Groundhog Day.

A gallery of bliss...

'Avatar,' 'The Hurt Locker' Lead Oscar Contenders

Okay, campers, rise and shine, and don't forget your booties 'cause it's cooooold out there today.


As we get older we also get _____________________.

Bill Watterson, creator of beloved 'Calvin and Hobbes' looks back with no regrets

Leaked "Lost" Episode Spurs Surprising Fan Reaction.

Good morning Lounge

Following Michael Steele's lead, I, Yellowcanine rule out a 2012 run for President.

Moments ago, I had everything. Now, I have a cow in my nose

Post your Oscar rants here....

What part of the word triscadecaphobia don't you understand?

Erin Esurance is a foul temptress!

Breaking: West Philadelphia youth to move in with auntie and uncle living in Bel Air.

It's a shame Tiny Tim never got to perform with Lady GaGa

For those who use podcasts, what are your favorites?

Conan O'Brien to pay his former 50-person crew 6 weeks severance pay from his own pocket

Well ya pass around the pipe and y'all get high,

Yes, I am having a WTF moment. We are watching Magnum, PI.

Breaking: Reported notorious New Jersey mobster seeing therapist.

Razzies announced

The Zomby Woof Semi-Nightly Pottery Break, 2/1/10

I can't find two of my posts from earlier today.

I'm alerting.

It's Groundhog Eve

Took my fam'ly away from my Carolina home

Breaking: Bad teacher contracts cancer, starts selling drugs to compete for Emmy

Nuoc mam. Yea or nay?

uh-oh CHUGGO'S got some competition

I have a funny feeling about Oscar...

Breaking: Architect with three sons to wed local woman with three girls of her own...

A tribunal of mercy by Terry Pratchett

Natasha Bedingfield These Words Dwele Remix

Breaking: Formal naval intelligence officer announces plans to serve as private detective in Hawaii

i know where i`m going this month......

Anti-Republican Jokes: Post 'em if you got 'em!

Oh that Jesus...

One person you would not mind never seeing on TV again...

Astronaut returns to Earth and finds a hot blond who'll grant his every wish

What's your opinion of online comments on newspaper website articles?

Breaking: Ajira Flight 316 from Los Angeles to Guam, loses communication, believed to have crashed

A diverse group of quasi-militaristic over-achievers travel from planet to planet causing mischief

Do you like Mogwai?

City dude with a swanky foreign wife both retire to a rural lifestyle

Breaking: San Francisco widower finds out his daughter is actually a set of twins.

Boston Legal Actor Dies in Wisconsin Car Crash

Incredible iPad presentation. (Pretty funny)

I thought DU was broke because I kept seeing all of these ads

I'm still trying to decipher this post I saw from a Republican on Facebook:

Patrick Stewart to reprise Simpsons role in new "Star Trek XI: The Paddling of the Swollen ***" film

Is there free tv..

Everything old is new again....

I am watching Idiocracy for the first time.

Punxsutawney Phil? Fuhgeddabouddit! Chuck G. Hogg from Staten Island says spring's comin' early.

In Skinners new era of civility

America's favorite rodent predicts long winter.


Big Spider Attacks Daddy

What's the fourth-best James Bond movie?

I think Picard should have always referred to O'Brien as "the drunk" and other Irish slurs.

The post in which I make a timely suggestion on how to improve the next Star Trek movie.


Scalia is posting on Twitter!

Funniest Youtube ever - "Drinking out of cups"

In the new era of civility, I would like to thank LynneSin for Delaware erecting

Check out the Gorn Forum!

Teenagers on Salinger


Avatar's up for Best Picture? What The Fuck has the Academy been smoking?

Pee-wee Gets An iPad!

I have a funny feeling about the Oscars....

Train versus plane

Remember when...

Man hurt using explosives in backyard sledding stunt

Today's epic fail

Does anyone remember "Fat Man in Patagonia on a bike"? on PBS

I had to look up literaly to see if I was spelling it right.

If You Marry a NEBRASKA Girl!!

LOL...Toyota CEO apologizes and then leaves in an Audi

Lee Mercer is back!

My friend SHOULD have been celebrating her 50th birthday today

PSA: "World's Greatest Dad" is NOT what I consider to be a "comedy". No spoilers.

Breaking: Alarming rise in deaths of young mothers; most kids today being raised by widower dads

What music is playing in your elevator ride to hell?

Homemade sledding rocket explodes

Vote for La Causa/ Youthbuild to win a grant! It involves dropouts and the environment

Had my yearly checkup today at the doctor's office.

Post the silliest thing you got in your photobucket

Whatever happened to the Screaming Trees?

Do you like sardines?

Insurance Spokesbabe Smackdown

Someone please post a clip from Avatar that actually looks real.

Peanut butter sandwich

Canadians are smarter than Americans. They've known for years what to do with fundies

The abysmal state of Top 40 music

Idiomatic relics of an earlier age

okay. talking sex robot on the market. 7000 dollars.

Capt. Phil Harris suffers stroke while offloading his ship, the Cornelia Marie.

Krolicki: 'I can beat Sen. Reid'

Sarah Palin Endorses Rand Paul In Kentucky Senate Race

In other words, they hold all the cards.

Photos: The Obama Presidency, February 1, 2010

Dems Say Sen. Ben Nelson's Deal Was Setback For Health Care

GOP looks to challenge Murray

Poll bump from Obama's GOP Retreat ass-kicking...

"That Time You Interviewed the President"

Australia-bound: President Obama invited to address Parliament

Rep John Campbell, CA (R) said "People should be panicking"

I know what I'd do if I was President Obama...

Make way for the Republican narrative: Carnahan 'Disappointed' In Obama's Lack Of Fiscal Discipline

New GOP Agenda Debuts: Cut Benefits And Privatize Social Security

First test for progressives in Illinois 18th District Primary Tommorow

U.S., Russia near new treaty to reduce nuclear arsenals

Most of DU AGREES with Sarah Palin

MSNBC President Obama Question Time Brings In Huge Ratings!

I think I twigged on how Obama's working things

The Republicans have a filter for their new members .. They must be Bullies, Abusers, NPDers, and

OK. So we close GITMO as a military installation, make a civil court there.

DNC Defends Spending $460k On Nelson's Anti-Public Option Ad

They Never Learn

"Fire Geithner Now!"

Obama's Budget Assumes Passage of Health Care Bill

A proposed Democratic campaign slogan: "The GOP. They want to f*** you over."

So, what's up with Health Care Reform?

NYT: "Obama got the budget right, congress must follow"

City still waiting for reimbursement from Obama's 2008 visit

Gates & Mullen Firmly Support ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Repeal

Ed Schultz Hosting Dylan Ratigan's Show

Van Hollen: Senate Bill’s Brand May Be Irrevocably Tarnished, So We May Go Reconciliation Instead

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Peter Orszag: We're making tough choices

PPP polling: Dems better off pasting health care before Nov. election than not

Reuters pulls its own Obama hit job article on middle class tax increases

GALLUP shows Obama bounce. Approval at 51/42 versus 47/46 one week ago.

Levin: Repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell. McCain: 'now is not the time'

Neocon(Daniel Pipes): Obama Can Save Presidency By Bombing Iran

Sarah Palin Is The New Voice Of Progressives...LOL

Obama's budget would boost funds for health research

Mullen tweets support for ''Don't ask, don't tell'' repeal

Melissa Bean: A Democrat Bankers Bank On

Tony Perkins (bigot-"Focus on the Family") just said...

CNN, would 'someone who's consistent on debt worries' vote for both of Bush's unfunded tax cuts?

Why doesn't the President just start calling the rethugs theparty of no in his speeches

Iran Slams US Defense Missile Deployment in Gulf

Statement from Human Rights Campaign on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” U.S. Senate Hearing

Economist Michael Hudson: Obama's Junk Economics

Obama Budget Includes 7-Month Extension of Unemployment Benefits

Newt Comes Through for Bennett

Howard Dean coming to Oregon to raise money for Bradbury

Governor's Race Gains One Republican Candidate, Loses A Democrat

Senate Republicans say NO to the Jobs Bill! NO to using $30B from TARP for small business loans.

Hayworth Sets a Date

Ensign PAC gives $10k to Heck

Modest Momentum to Moran in KS GOP Primary for Brownback Senate Seat:

What's in the defense budget

Jonathan Chait: The Dem Base and Health Reform

Tea Party Profiteers: How Republican Operatives Are Exploiting Economic Anxiety For Power, Cash

Durbin, Schumer prep for fight (for leader if Reid loses) with donations to Senate colleagues

Chris Matthews Finishes Off What's Left of "Jim" Hensarling

Obama Interested In Televised Question Time Rematch With GOP

Anyone see this Lynne Sweet who's in Chicago talking up the DOOM and GLOOM of Dem's

McCain shifting stance on 'don't ask, don't tell' policy? (WaPo)

Faux news concerned about how many times Obama says "I" in NH, I am serious

If this years budget deficit was 3.6 trillion but led to 8% growth...

Crazy eyes at it again with her bullshit

HuffPo: "Obama Will Do Another Q&A--This One With Democrats" (Set for tomorrow)

Here's How History Gets Rewritten

Obama’s 2011 Budget Proposal: How It’s Spent ($3.83 Trillion Visualized)


Cranky McCain Chastises Mullen And Gates For Expressing Opinion On DADT Before Consulting Him

Since when has government "created" jobs?? this question was...

Harry Reid to John McCain: 2008 'is over'

The 2010 Comprehensive (& Startling) Daily Kos/Research 2000 Poll of Self-Identified Republicans

Why don't the republicans trust the American judicial System?

Obama to meet Dalai Lama despite Chinese protest

Kerry Announces Plans to Introduce Constitutional Amendment on Campaign Finance System

Evan Bayh: Best Friend Of The Rich

Atlantic's Marc Ambinder: Why is McCain Red Hot on Don't Ask, Don't Tell?

Gallup Approval 2/2: Obama 51(+1), 42(-2)

Why do I get the feeling Peter Orszag is a lot more competent than Geithner?

Ax: "We're going to look for every opportunity we can to have constructive dialogue." (with the GOP)

The bowing, the pulling out the chair, the letting the other person go first..

Was the "Landrieu phone caper case" really a bug retrieval mission than planting one???

Palin Calls For Rahm Emanuel To Be Fired...because there are reports he's a potty mouth.

Poll: Majority of Republicans believe Obama is a 'socialist'

I knew this was going to happen: LVRJ says, "Obama dings Las Vegas — again"

Sullivan: Republicans war is not on Al Qaeda. It's on Obama

Sarah Palin Calls on Obama to Fire Rahm Emanuel for Offensive Comment

President Obama will do another Q&A - This time with Democrats

"Unit cohesion"

Yesterday this Morning Joe person called Obama arrogant and narcissistic

Oil industry shrieks over White House budget plan

The Dem Base And Health Reform

Pelosi: ‘We Are Very Close’ to Passing Health Care Reform

Obama to unveil small biz lending plan drawn from bailout funds

Chris Matthews Does it Again

Who stepped up to the plate today and cosponsored S.752, Fair Elections Now Act? Senator John Kerry.

What's the opposite of "populist"?

REMATCH! Obama Interested in Televised Q&A with Senate Repubs

Sarah Palin needs to shut the fuck up.

Goddamn it. I was wrong. I apologize to my GLBT friends here at DU

Kerry And Feingold Slam Supreme Court In Hearing On Campaign Finance Ruling

The Plumline: Obama to America: Go Out and Make Congress Pass Health Reform

Who was president and vice-president of the U.S. when you were born?

The teabaggers aren't expressing populist anger, they're lunatics

Why aren't the republiCONS worried about..

Kos Poll: GOPers Say Palin More Qualified Than Obama

Game Change, page 375

Federal prosecutor in New Orleans removes himself from Landrieu phone caper case

President’s Budget Assumes $150 Billion in Savings from Health Care Reform

John Edwards Sex Tape Spurs Legal Wrangling

Obama: "I'm a big believer in net neutrality."

Abstinence-only programs might work, study says

In a first step, nations pledge to fix global warming

Afghan Leader Seeks Saudi Help on Peace Talks.

New Zealand girl, 14, uses body-board to fend off shark

Obama Puts Money to Close GITMO in the Afghanistan War Supplemental

Mining company CEO buys Sun Ranch near Yellowstone


Study: Hunger in America jumps ‘unprecedented’ 46 percent

Study: Hunger in America jumps ‘unprecedented’ 46 percent

Iraq inquiry: Tony Blair ‘lied’ and misled Parliament, claims Clare Short (former secretary)

Dictatorship exists in Iran despite revolution: Mousavi

Iran will deliver telling blow to global powers on Feb. 11

China Warns Obama Against Meeting Dalai Lama

'Avatar' and 'The Hurt Locker' Lead Academy Awards Nominations With Nine Each

China opposes Obama meeting with Dalai Lama

Obama, Family Plan Trip to Boyhood Indonesian School in March

Sarah Palin Calls on Obama to Fire Rahm Emanuel for Offensive Comment

Rep. John Murtha hospitalized in intensive care

US attorney leaves Landrieu phone caper case

7 plead not guilty in NY insider trading probe

U.S. court tosses sentence for millennium bomb plotter

Medical journal retracts study linking autism to vaccine

Iowa Computer Breach Points to China

Obama seeks DOE funding hikes for 2011 clean energy

(Defense Secretary) Gates: Fewer gay troops will be dismissed

EnerDel to invest $237M in Indiana lithium-ion battery plant

Arrest of ex-Neo-Nazi sought in Auschwitz theft

Obama seeks money for nuclear weapons work

Obama team draws sharp Hill questions on budget

Iran president Ahmadinejad accepts nuclear deal terms

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday February 2

Arabs play hard to get on Australia's UN bid

Brennan: All Transferred Detainees Who Returned to Terrorism Were Released by Bush

Pope Benedict attacks [UK] government over Equality Bill

Curveball Alters Talks on Wall St. Reform

Waxman: Toyota Told Us Gas Pedals Were Not the Problem

Abdulmutallab starts talking again

Ahmadinejad proposes prisoner swap for US hikers

Iraq inquiry: Claire Short says UK cabinet misled on war legality

Fate of Obama’s aunt to be fought behind closed doors

Pope faces protests on British visit over attack on equality laws

Reuters Pulls 'Backdoor Taxes' Story

(Senate Majority Leader) Reid plays national security card on GOP

Rep. Murtha in intensive care

Calderon Says Mexico Violence Stoked by U.S. Weapons

Reid hails end of Yucca Mountain project

Imam killed in FBI sting was shot 21 times: report

NHTSA Considers Imposing Civil Penalty Over Toyota Recalls

Clear way for Manuel Noriega's extradition to France, U.S. asks

Steny Hoyer: White House rethinking Guantanamo transfers

Unemployment rises in most metro areas

N.L. Premier Williams set to have heart surgery in U.S.

Lancet accepts MMR study 'false'

The Water Pirates in California aka Corporate Farmers and Developers

Obama on YouTube: The Lost Questions

We Were There - The Greensboro Sit Ins

Rush Limbaugh -Dancing Fool (00:40) left side of the screen

Rachel Maddow- Prayer breakfast and Obama

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow - guest Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA04) discusses Wall Street reform

Countdown: Arianna Huffington Discusses Faux's MO, "Appealing To Our Lizard Brains"

William McNary: Progressives Must Win Because It Is Best For the People of America

Republicans Flip-Flopping All Over Themselves To Avoid Agreeing With Obama

William McNary: Ordinary People Are The Ones Who Make Change Not Politicians

Anne Feeney singing Have You Been to Jail for Justice

DADT Hearing (2/2/10) Secretary Robert Gates Opening Statement

TYT: Obama Ok With Insane Banker Bonuses?

"Keiser Report" No. 13 - Guest: Barry Ritholtz

Why are banks reluctant to modify loans to President Obama

Mullen: ‘It is my personal belief’ that repealing DADT is ‘the right thing to do.’ »

Progressives and the Democratic Party

Hijinks or Undercover Ops?

Money For Nothing -TYT Interview - Corporate Boards Destroying Business w/ Author John Gillespie

Time's Joe Klein: 'Glenn Beck is pedaling a lot of hateful crap.'

William McNary: How We Win Healthcare NOW

GOP Rep: Let's Privatize Social Security And Cut Benefits

Bipartisanship will only help the GOP

Roof Top Revolutionary Part Two

TYT: Leaked Memo - How To Protect Banks & Screw Taxpayers!

James O'Keefe Explains What He Was Doing In Senator Landrieu's Office pt.1

Joe Klein To O'Lielly: "Glenn Beck Is Peddling A Lot Of Hateful Crap"

Stimulus Money Put To VERY Good Use!

Keiser Report on US banks financing terrorism

Move Your Politicians

Finally, J.D. Salinger Seeks Publicity, for 'Catcher in the Sky'

Fred Kaplan: Too Big To Fail? ... largest defense budget since World War II.

Bernanke Is a Drag on the Economy and on Democrats

President’s Budget Assumes $150 Billion in Savings from Health Care Reform

Sign a (Anti Gay Rights) Petition, Don't Disclose Your Name? (LA TIMES on SCOTUS' Doe v. Reed case)

The US Game in Latin America

J.D. Salinger (1919-2010): An appreciation

Obama budget halts IT growth, cuts data centers

Tim Pawlenty: Not Ready for Prime Time

Flock Is Now a Fight Team in Some Ministries

Study: Hunger in America jumps ‘unprecedented’ 46 percent

The Paranoid Style in American Politics (Richard Hofstadter, 1964)

Howard Zinn: "We Should Not Give Up the Game Before All the Cards Have Been Played"

Haiti's inconvenient truths

Robert Reich: Our Incredible Shrinking Democracy

THE INFLUENCE GAME: Health lobbying gears down

Reid says Repubs endangering our security by holding up appointments to top security positions.

Woman Who Was Denied Insurance Due To Pre-Existing Condition Looking To Get Married For Health Care

Campaign finance: Corporations, the high court and the Fourth Estate

Copenhagen - the Munich of our times?

In Session: Liberals find backing in poll numbers

Word choice

Pentagon’s Black Budget Tops $56 Billion

NYT examines how Advanced Placement classes may take place of real learning.

Gates Shakes Up Leadership for F-35.

Honor Killing by Any Other Name

The Phony War

How Bipartisanship Hurts the Country (But Helps Corporate America) Cenk @ Huffington Post

Rahm Emmanuel gets tough with the wrong people. He doesn't get that appeasement doesn't work with

Americans Trafficking In Haitian Children

Why Are Americans Passive as Millions Lose Their Homes, Jobs, Families and the American Dream?

President Obama's YouTube Interview - With State Of The Union Q&A From Voters

Atmospheric Dry Spell Eases Global Warming

Secret, horizontal lithium mines being dug in Canada

Great Lakes Cleanup: Obama seeks 300 million

AgriBusiness Giant Westlands Moves to Kill California Central Valley Salmon:

US firm kicked out of Peru mining group for pollution

Shell Pushes Brazilian Ethanol After Scaling Back Wind, Solar

Drumbeat: February 2, 2010

Australia moves forward with hemp

Goteborg University - Mediterrenean Surface Temperature Spike; Likely Problems For Nile Delta

Another Die-Off Likely For Last Wild Whooping Cranes With Collapse Of Blue Crabs Along Texas Coast

India steps up scramble with China for African energy (oil)

Big Oil Takes Over Marine Protection in California:

California Receives $2 Billion Grant for High-Speed Rail

January 2010 Warmest On Record For Seattle

Canada's Boreal Forest at Risk from Oil Sands Projects:

Steorn free energy Orbo - snake oil or real deal?

More Than 25% of US Nuclear Reactors Leaking Carcinogen Into Groundwater

DOE doubles loan guarantees for new nuclear plant construction

Building a Smarter Window

Right-Wing, Intelligence Ties to Landrieu Office Bugging

Gilbert Arenas Op-ed Apology in the WaPo

NFL Welfare Queens: A new roof for Dolphins Stadium....courtesy of taxpayers?


NFL concedes on "Who Dat" trademark claim

Hamas: Dubai assassins were likely Arabs, not Israelis

UN find challenges Israeli version of attack on civilian building in Gaza war

Dutch pro-Palestinian socialite: Jewish lobby plays on Holocaust

Jordan arrests militants in connection with Jan. 14 attack on Israeli diplomats

Gaza militants say beach attack avenges killing

Israel Finally Admits to Using White Phosphorus in Gaza-has reprimanded two senior officers

Gaza rocket strikes open field in western Negev

Jordan criticized for stripping Palestinian rights

Holes shot in armys denail of gaza attack

Just the Facts: The 2011 foreign aid request

Plan Colombia unmentioned in US 2011 budget proposal

Colombia: indigenous communities targeted in war —again

Human Rights in Colombia: Rep. Jim McGovern (D)

The United States Misreads Brazil's World Policy

Calderon Says Mexico Violence Stoked by U.S. Weapons

US Financing Its Own Liability: Alvaro Uribe

Salvadoran Anti-Mining Activists Risk Their Lives by Taking On ‘Free Trade’

Colombia's Uribe Signs Security Pact with Honduras' Lobo

Re-posting of "Is the U.S. military involved in mass murder in Colombia?"--in GD

Hey folks. Skinner has posted that we need to be more civil. That means

Breaking... I just got the decision I spoke of back in Nov.

Today in Labor History Feb 2, 300 newsboys organized to protest a cut in pay & more stories

Economic Report: California, New York Lead States In U.S. Union Membership

your feedback before I submit my first pro-labor ltte

It Took A Year, But Workers Forced A NY Billionaire To Pay Them Owed Wages

Crosspost RE: Indiana State Teachers Association day at the Statehouse

State of the Shooting Sports Industry ...

Is ther hope yet for the UK

Toronto Crime Wave Thwarted by “Project Safe City”

A nugget of historical perspective on the second and 14th amendments.

Can anything be done about NYC's draconian gun laws?

Man fights off four opponents...

It's time to reconsider concealed-carry law

Two dead, one wounded in Westford, MA, domestic shooting incident

Gun Control advocates favorite "Wild Wild West" mantra, laid to rest at Boot Hill

Arizona Bill Seeks to Make Permits and Background Checks Optional

Quiet Neighborhood Scene Of Grusome Shooting: Three Found Shot In Westford Home

Important thread in the Editorials section

U of Oregon Gay & Lesbian Student Alliance Office Vandalized, Neo-Nazi-Style

Good News for the Day, if a Little Late

GOP Attitudes about gays exposed in Research 2000/Daily Kos poll

I crossposted this in GD..

Lawmakers ask Boy Scouts to end anti-gay practices

Freedom Forgotten by Bishop Harry R. Jackson, Jr. (opposes equal marriage, Washington D.C.)

Apparently the buzz to repeal DADT is gaining steam. I think it's at the point of inevitability.

Admiral Mullen goes out swinging against DADT.

Pentagon to announce 'yr long' review of DADT-incl whether DOD will recognize gay marriage

The Geek Group...

Best Fluid Motion Pictures Named

Troops in Afghanistan Will See Through Walls in 2010

Hubble view of the aftermath of an asteroid collision

50 years ago

do you think they mean this?


This was completely accidental

Color or Black and White?

Girl with no vagina gets pregnant after oral sex and stab wound


Alternet article about a Bruce Lipton book "Spontaneous Evolution". (very up our alley!)

Need some thoughts today

Bank Debt Swaps Exceed Corporate Insurance by Most Since Lehman

The creditor and The Plastic Duck Junkie.

U.S. Economy "De-evolving": An Industrialist's Plan to Revive American Manufacturing

Study: 1 in 8 get help at food banks

On His Way Out, Sen. Chris Dodd Gives Giant Middle Finger To The White House On Volcker

Study shows Fish Oil may prevent psychosis and schizophrenia

Does anyone know some key distinguishing characteristics of Parkinson's....

The Miracle of Vitamin D: Sound Science, or Hype?

Report linking autism to vaccines is retracted by medical journal

Consumption Of Whole Grain Falls Short Of Guidelines

Some good comments about RTTT from MO NEA

Playing to Learn

My day at the Indiana State House

Beijing warns U.S. Obama against meeting with Dalai Lama

If you could know the date of your death, would you want to?

Girl with no vagina gets pregnant after oral sex and stab wound

Man Accused of Killing, Dismembering Girlfriend Because She Was a "Warlock"

Notes On Cooking Potatoes

Who can help me with beans...

A gadget that I'm tempted to try, please talk me down